Fairmans Disarm Scientology Disconnection

Michael, Sky, and Joy Graysen Fairman have delivered a big, effective legal blow to Miscavige and Scientology Inc on the subject of DISCONNECTION.

Shortly after Michael and Joy declared independence from the church, two Scientologist doctors informed them that they and their daughter Sky were no longer welcome as patients at their medical practices.

Joy and Sky

Michael and Joy diligently attempted to obtain a rational, lawful explanation for the sudden terminations.  None was forthcoming from either Dr. Benest or Dr. Thorburn.

Michael and Joy decided to take a strong stand to vindicate their civil rights and assure others were not similarly abused in the future.  They retained a seasoned litigator, Bruce C Gridley of Kane, Ballmer & Berkman in Los Angeles.

They sued Charlene Thorburn, Doctor of Chiropractic, her Thorburn Chiropractic and Wellness Center and Dr. Lisa Benest and her professional corporation in Los Angeles Superior Court for:


(see the first lawsuit here)

The suits were not based on any animosity the Fairman’s held against either doctor, who were considered friends, but on the fact that they appeared to be guided by the church’s policy of ‘disconnection’, which the Fairmans’ find abhorrent.

Michael Fairman

On March 14th 2012 the Los Angeles Superior Court entered judgment in favor of Michael and Joy and their daughter Sky against Thorburn.

More recently Dr. Benest settled the Fairmans’ case against her with a stipulated judgment and dismissal.

The Thorburn case – complaint, pleadings, and final judgment – can be obtained from the LA Superior Court under case number BC474478 (2011).   Those pleadings and final judgment could be used as precedent by your own counsel should you suffer any of the harms alleged in the Fairmans’ case by the application of DISCONNECTION by members of Scientology Inc.

Michael, Joy and Sky did everyone a great service.

I, for one, am eternally grateful to them for standing up for their rights and the rights of all of us.

Thanks to Michael, Joy and Sky for making things change.

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  1. Well done, Fairmans! Let’s hope this wakes up a few more people to the fact that this type of behavior actually IS a hate crime, and in no way, shape or form is it “the greatest good”.

  2. Wow! Michael, Joy and Sky, you are giant thetans in this community. LRH would be proud of you for smiting the evil dragon and his evil edicts. Thank you all again for you bravery.

    Tom M

  3. Let the sunshine in! I have one question: Will you be going after the legal fees?

  4. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Speaking of doctors, maybe this is a good point to interject that, following the death of Lisa McPherson, koolaid drinking doctors were ordered by the “church” to avoid any kind of “alternative” treatment modalities and stick to the textbook doctor stuff they learned in school.

  5. Superb, in all ways. Simply marvellous. True mettle in action. A deft, and penetrating blow to suppression on a truly universal scale. Well done to Joy Grayson and Michael Fairman and all concerned.

    (And for a personal reward, from me, next time I’m in LA, bring a Nerf Bat, a large one cause I’m 6’2″ and over 200 lbs, and you can smack me over and over again, till we both laugh uproariously. Big wink, and a sincere respect to you both.)

  6. Congrats. My question is, have the doctors come to their senses?

  7. Michael, Joy and Sky well done!!! It is unfortunate this had to happen in the first place. Good news, it is on the record and exposed for all time. For those of you still left who feel you are above the law…think again!

  8. Winning!

    Great work! This will benefit many others down the road. Thank you all.

  9. Nice Michael. You’ve really plowed some important ground here. The CoS has it’s parishioners break the law in this regard. They are now on notice. Scientology’s brand of discrimination has legal consequences.

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  11. I would hope they would be more respectful and humane in the matter of collecting legal fees that the CoS has been. There is no need to BE the CoS in order to deal with the damage their policies have caused.

    Congratulations Fairmans! You are among the first in a new message: Scientologists will not let people get away with the CoS violating human rights. We will fight back!

    Thank you for fighting the good fight.

  12. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Six two, huh? So is Slappy tall enough to sniff your pits without his elevator shoes on?

  13. Sabine Waterkamp

    This is so cool!

    Thank you for standing up for all of us!!!
    Love you guys!

  14. Well done, more of this kind of thing!

  15. Thank you, Michael, Sky, and Joy for your resolute and determined efforts.

    The practice of disconnection is abhorrent and can only be stopped when brave people like yourselves take decisive action, throwing caution to the winds and making a principled stand. I admire you all.

    Andrew Robertson
    Wellington, New Zealand

  16. First, my hat’s off to you Michael, Sky and Joy. Thanks for taking the time and commitment to give a blow to this disgusting practice of disconnection.

    I do think I understand why DM thinks he must continue this perverted policy. With the information I have now I think I could send a Miscavologist spinning within a few minutes just by asking a few questions ( I can’t bring myself to call them Scientologists any longer since they don’y really practice the subject). I would ask them the following: “How do you feel about all 8 of the Class XII auditors made directly by LRH having been declared by DM?” “How do you feel about 38 of the 52 Class XII auditors on the planet having been declared by DM?” “How do you feel about at least 37 of the 50 staff at the original ST Hill having been declared by DM?” “How do you feel about DM changing the definition of a floating needle?” ” How do you feel about the massive fund raising being done when LRH policy specifically says do not do fund raising?” “How do you feel about the fact the dozens of top Scientology management execs have left the church and come forward with specific crimes they witnessed by DM?” .

    The only reaction I could imagine from a Miscavologist is that they would eventually have to run and hide. By using disconnection they can run hide before you get a chance to ask these questions and DM can survive a little longer.

    Do I have my facts straight here? Anyone who’s better informed, please correct me.

  17. +1 forever!

  18. Very,very well done!
    George M. White

  19. This is a very significant win. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time the disconnection policy lost in court.

    I am inviting opinions whether this means we could now go after the Co$ itself.

    Some of the causes mentioned in the law suit were emotional stress, and tortuous interference.

  20. Congratulations on winning this suit. It will be helpful for others and maybe a lesson for those doctors.

  21. Michael, Joy and Sky: Thanks for taking a stand and refusing to compromise your integrity. I believe your actions will have far-reaching, positive effects for the free exercise of scientology.

    Here are just a couple of relevant quotes from The Way To Happiness:

    Set a Good Example.

    There are many people one influences. The influence can be good or it can be bad.

    If one conducts his life to keep these recommendations, one is setting a good example.

    Others around one cannot help but be influenced by this, no matter what they say.

    Don’t Do Anything Illegal.

    “Illegal acts” are those which are prohibited by official rules or law. They are the product of rulers, legislative bodies and judges. They are usually written down in law codes. In a well-ordered society, these are published and made known generally. In a cloudy—and often crime-ridden—society one has to consult an attorney or be specially trained to know them all; such a society will tell one that “ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.”

    Any member of society, however, has a responsibility, whether young or old, for knowing what that society considers to be an “illegal act.” People can be asked, libraries exist where they can be looked up.

    An “illegal act” is not disobedience to some casual order like “go to bed.” It is an action which, if done, can result in punishment by the courts and state: being pilloried by the state propaganda machine, being fined and even by being imprisoned.

    When one does something illegal, small or large, one is laid open to an attack by the state. It does not matter whether one is caught or not, when one does an illegal act, one has weakened one’s defenses.

    Almost any worthwhile thing one is trying to accomplish often can be done in perfectly legal ways.

    Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others.

    Tolerance is a good cornerstone on which to build human relationships. When one views the slaughter and suffering caused by religious intolerance throughout all the history of man and into modern times, one can see that intolerance is a very nonsurvival activity.

    Religious tolerance does not mean one cannot express his own beliefs. It does mean that seeking to undermine or attack the religious faith and beliefs of another has always been a short road to trouble.

    In my opinion, The Way To Happiness was LRH’s final word on how the church and it’s people should conduct themselves in their dealings with eachother and society. There are a large number of so-called scientologists who should take another look at that booklet and ask themselves how well they are doing at applying its principles.

    One is either with LRH on the road to personal happiness…or one is with miscavige, on the the road to spiritual oblivion.

  22. BDA, I did not know that! Thanks!

  23. Great news! This is so encouraging for those of us who are adverse effect of disconnection. This provides slight, gentle cause and makes a world of difference. We will have justice.

  24. Interesting that the money donated to one person to help win a case comes back in so many ways, whether they pay you back, or the win sets precedent for further wins, or they just go out and help others. This snowball is picking up speed!

  25. Big thanks to the Fairmans!!

  26. These Doctors now face being told that they pulled this whole thing in and have overts and just need to buy a few intensives of sec checking to clear things up. The real truth is they are PTS to the Church and their ridiculous policies.

  27. Well done and I am glad the F airman family came out on top and dealt the C of S a blow on this one.
    The above said I feel some sorrow for Charlene Thorburn. I know her to be a good a decent person at heart. She treated me for many years and extended my longevity in the blue collar work- a- day world by keeping my back strong through her chiropractic care. She, like many others still in the church are blindly caring the water for the church. It’s Scientologist against Scientologist in this matter with the C of S sitting right there between them as the third party creating the pain.
    The Fairmans’s are good and decent people –Charlene Thornburn is good and decent as well. David Miscaviage on the other hand is evil.

  28. As the DeMon’s web unravels, this type of litigation should be agressively maximized and escalated with about 1/3 for attorneys, 1/3 for plaintiff and 1/3 for Marty’s legal fund. This will put the DeMon in the position of accelerating his own destruction. Get that law firm on board. All such business transactions apply; turning the tables on fair game.

  29. Yay Michael and Joy!!!!

  30. “8. To support true humanitarian endeavors in the fields of human rights.”

  31. Well done guys!

  32. This is great news. Good for you for standing up to the monster that no longer has any teeth. Just a big bark that gets fainter and fainter!

    That news just made my day. THANK YOU!!

  33. You slimy wormtongue. Your words are poison. You are being misled by a “posse of lunatics”. Read Freedumb magazine for “the real truth” behind these bitter, defrocked apostates that control your mind. Don’t you know that the church is expanding like never before? Look at all the new books and lectures now available, and all the amazing new buildings…sorry…ORGS opening all over the world. No, I won’t read these LRH policies. If COB doesn’t state it during an event it isn’t true! You are a hater. I hate you. This conversation is over.

  34. David Miscavige’s space as a Thetan shrinks and shrinks. You mind say it starts to adjust to the space in is mind. With Big Lies L Ron Hubbards percieved “blessing” he expanded his Space, now his space is imploding to a doghouse.

    Cat Daddy

  35. Congrats and “thank you” to the Fairman family. This is wonderful news and sets a precedent.

  36. Fantastic news! Congratulations to the Fairman family for standing up and fighting! I would send this to my former friends in the Church but they have all disconnected from me. I did post it on my FB page! Winning is right!

  37. Way to go, Fairman family! Thanks for standing up for your rights. Your court case will set precedence for the future similarly stupid disconnection situations…

  38. Michael Fairman

    Joy, Sky and I thank those who, a year ago, contributed to getting these actions off the ground. There was no comm lag or question, just “here, go to it”. All have been repaid with a modicum of interest. Our belief is that the true “interest” earned will be an end to the destruction of family and friendships by a policy and attitude that belongs to the “Dark Ages”.

  39. It’s not possible to beat the Church as an individual. One can only beat it as a group. And what a group we have today. Every battle has pulled us closer together. How is it we operate together without even any formal architecture or orders? The clue is in the LRH datum: orders are only necessary when responsibility fails. Taking responsibility is the only way to become an Independent Scientologist. Consequently, our members know what to do… and do it! And you know that has to infuriate DM. We are making a safe environment and also demonstrating who’s got integrity. All around the world more and more standard auditors are starting to deliver auditing from the bottom of the Bridge to the top. Look at the numbers climbing in the Indie 500. From auditors to administrators we are using the tech and picking up the CoS’s abandoned hats. What a victory! Thank you Michael, Sky, and Joy!

  40. Hi Ann,

    (Spoken gently and with NO animosity whatsoever)…that group is not Scientology, does not represent Scientology, is no longer even similar to Scientology, and should not be referred to as Scientology. It is Miscavigology, pure and simple.

    True disconnection…as practiced exactly per the Ethics policies, is a very sane move. And that means, when you are confronted by a real suppressive person whose motivation is one of distinct and compulsive harm towards anything and everyone, whether real or imagined, and you cannot use any reason or common sense with the person, the only road available it to disconnect.

    The problem is, the definition of a suppressive act and also suppressive person was altered by Miscavige and others. It is NOT a suppressive act because something someone does is similar to some item on the list of suppressive acts. It is a suppressive act because it was knowingly and calculatedly designed to bring destruction to real Scientology or Scientologists, per the policy.

    And then, even if a person did commit a suppressive act, he wouldn’t be declared suppressive unless the evil he did outweighed the good that he did…exactly per the reference. Nor would he be declared until he had been contacted by HCO and allowed to come to his senses, per HCO PL Certificate Cancellation…if he would allow himself to be contacted.

    The entire subject of Ethics has been so perverted by the Church of Miscavigology that it is unrecognizable to any trained Scientologist.

    Let’s not make the mistake of confusing Miscaivgology for ANYTHING that Ron wrote.


  41. Addendum: Disconnection isn’t the end phenomenon. It’s a temporary solution until one can get the Suppressed Person’s rundown to permanently handle the antagonism toward you by the person who is suppressing you.

    It is an odd and bizarre fact that the C of Miscavigology has never used the Suppressed Person’s Rundown (that I know of) to deal with attacks against the Church that will not respond to logic and common sense. Nor that the C of M would EVER consider that it caused the antagonism through out-tech and misapplications of ethics and admin.

    Thus, my statement that the C of M is not even remotely similar to real Scientology and therefore does not represent Scientology in any way, shape or form and should not be called such.


  42. KF, we felt sorrow for the same reason. Charlene Thorburn was our friend and helped me for years with migraines and lower back problems. She has a kind heart and IS a good person. We felt very torn to be in this position but ultimately felt that if disconnection could not be proven legally in personal life situations, at least we could try to expose its use in professional situations. This was not an easy decision on any level and we feel sadness that this heinous policy exists and that is why we needed to do what we could to expose it. I hope others will avail themselves of their human rights and will call Mr. Gridley, if not another attorney, if they find themselves in a similar situation. Despite the fact that this suit did not go directly after the C of S it will become more and more obvious to the most casual observer that these actions were not just “coincidences” on the part of the doctor…People are not blind and the dots are glaringly connectible…

  43. Thanks Michael, Sky, and Joy Graysen Fairman for standing up to Indies rights!

  44. well done to the Fairmans – just what is needed !!!

    As a practicing dentist that is shameful for the doctors involved to just terminate the doctor patient relationship. In most states it’s probably illegal, if not unethical.

    I almost got asked something similar a few years ago, but in this case there was no declare and I saw nothing in writing. I know I can’t just disconnect from a patient and I didn’t.

  45. Michael, Joy and Sky: Thank you all for taking a stand. And for making it stick! What a precedent!!!!! Step by step, the monster will be brought to its knees. (Hint to DM and OSA, there is a hidden reference to you in the previous sentence. OSA people, get out while you can. DM, I’m afraid you are stuck.)

  46. IANAL but my guess is this case is a president for those who have been professionally disconnected and suffered “harm” as a result. Family and friends is perhaps a different matter.

    Also what does this mean?

    “More recently Dr. Benest settled the Fairmans’ case against her with a stipulated judgment and dismissal.”

  47. Great work guys!

    To me, this is simply a court validating what I have known all along.

    Your personal integrity is irresistible, invincible, unassailable and indomitable (I borrowed some words from POB that are actually appropriate here, as opposed to his use of them).

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  48. Niels here, keep your favorite Enemy around for onley 58 dollars. Isn’t that a bargain. Yes we are cheap attenton whores. Proud to be one.

    Cat daddy


  49. Li'll bit of stuff

    Michael, Joy & Sky, just a fabulous win all round for you!
    This is another massive torpedo into miscavige’s unsinkable
    “Satanic” and as the realization hits home, that the demonic
    captain expects the passengers AND crew to go down with
    the rapidly sinking “mind control vessel” (CO$) while he puts
    up another pathetic show of “fund raising”, is destined to
    cause a REAL WAKE UP CALL! The torpedo symbolically
    referred to here, is merely a play of words to emphasize
    salvos of TRUTH which have the same end result anyway!

    Moral of the story—-All persons who wish to save their “soul”
    are not going have it happen by going down to the bottom
    of the ocean with the insane captain! He wants you chained
    to the railings so that your escape is impossible.

  50. Fantastic news! Very well done! Thank you!

  51. Great job Fairmans! My oh my, the tide sure has turned. I wonder if it’s dawned on the dwarf yet that he’s got a serious problem. Silly me, of course it hasn’t.

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  53. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice one Steve! And you’re so right about the infuriation of
    Herr Kapitein Misscavige. What probably sends his B/P
    way up into the stratosphere, is the dawning realization that he is losing his grip on outright control of his once
    abundant supplies of “sheeple,” those unfortunate souls
    who were kept in a permanently tractable state by the
    ruthless application of the kool-aid and other reverse
    Scientology /Dianetic tourniquets squeezing the life-blood
    out of his victims. What probably terrifies him the most, is
    that for the first time, “everyone” is closing in on him! The paranoia is quite palpable, judging by the relatively
    lame fights he is putting up lately. By continuing to take
    a pummeling in the “ring”, at the hands of the vastly more
    skilled and experienced Indie’s adversary, this little scrawny
    brat has more than met his match. Keeping up his charade
    just means he’s going to have to keep taking blows to his
    nose, ribs, chin and solar plexis. Being an insane psycho,
    he’s not going to give up until he is just a bloody pulp!
    His choice of swansong. SOLID comm! (no surprise at all!)

    Really looking forward to the post-miscavige time period.
    Real Scientology where WE can freely flourish & prosper,
    while delivering Standard Tech, training & auditing in an
    atmosphere of high ARC and devoid of any elements of
    suppression or even MORE importantly, of SP’s

  54. chiun,
    Exactly, on the fact of a suppressive act to BE in fact suppressive, no matter whether it’s on that list or not, is CALCULATED, INTENDED to harm or suppress a being of good will, a real Scientologist or real Scientology, etc., just like it says in the actual LRH issue. And always, the being’s worth, their capacity and fact of help, must be considered and weighed, along with a full and exhaustive search for evidence of a majority of characteristics, social or anti-social.

    Miscavology does at best, lip service to any of these data, and at worst completely reverses them.

    It is NOT LRH’s Scientology. It is not the Scientology I study, duplicate and apply as it works.

    What we witness today in Miscavology is a belief system, a cultural set of dogma, a sort of “everybody knows” way of viewing and behaving that is as far from the top of the Chart of Attitudes and free and able beings, looking with integrity, and acting with compassion and good will as could be.

    Nazis. Yep. That’s the Jungian archetype, the Platonic idea, the R6 valence. That’s Miscavology.

  55. Hi Joy, believe me, I completely get you. It’s clear that the real bulls-eye here was always on the C of S.

    Charlene may not know it know but you did her a favor because this action was an application of the greatest good for the greatest number and strikes at those (David Miscavage) who would stop her from reaching OT states. You’ve raised her chances to actually make it someday.

    I am sorry you lost a friend (for now) but broken affinity, diminished reality and the severed communication line are sadly simply day to day operations for the church under DM. These stats really are straight up and vertical along with reams of paper used to write declares on and highest ever decibels blasted at attendees of events.

  56. Chiun – the mis-use, alteration and re-definition to completely alter policy has been used in many ways. I saw your request for a reference on “Enemy Line.” Your reference by LRH is HCO PL 9 June 1975 PR Series 26 The Enemy Line. As usual how LRH defined and how the current regime likes to portray it don’t match up.

  57. LDW – you wrote this so well I won’t try to say it any other way.

    +100 and congraduations to the Fairman’s.

  58. Michael, Joy and Sky:

    Congratulations on the win!
    And thank you so much for your eternal vigilance.

  59. Ok, maybe I’m out of touch. Things could be worse than I thought. Rational common sense reasoning may not apply here.

  60. I’m sure these actions are reverberating far and wide in ways not yet fully realized.

    Michael, Joy and Sky said no to the bullies and the bullies lost. I’m sure these caring, yet cowed health professionals can now see that it doesn’t pay to discriminate or to carry out the dictates of a mad man. That, most likely jacked the cognitive dissonance meter up to “11”. Good job.

  61. Great job Fairman Inc.!! and to Marty and others that encourage people to make a stand for human rights and fairness.

    I work day in and day out with clients regarding this age old evil practice. Maybe those who are “under ground” will be able to start coming out to the light from the good works being done here.

  62. Joy, is there a “next step” in terms of your relationship with Dr. Thorburn?

  63. It means that Dr. Benest settles. Most likely gave a check. And the settlement agreement was signed by the judge.

  64. Even if she is a decent person, she has violated the Code of Honor. Thus a little justice action was in order. You actually gave her the ammo to go back to OSA and tell them she cannot / will not disconnect from patients any more.

    This is well done by you and Mike.

  65. Thank you Michael. That is well stated.

  66. good on them! not taking any shit. Time to stand up and be counted!

  67. Wow! Michael, Joy & Sky – you hit that one out of the park!
    Your dedication and tenacity for freedom is absolutely remarkable & inspirational. You just did life a great service – thank you.

  68. Well done for fighting discrimination. Disconnection will be ruled out at the end. As it was the last weapon of Miscavige, he will fall. Next year without Miscavige?

  69. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! ha! ……….. I salute the Fairmans for putting on their department 21 hat! We do not have to suck up suppression because of who we are and what we are. When people actually begin to punish you for exploring Scientology, they are wearing the hat of suppressor. A doctor’s sacred oath is to never do harm.


    “If I keep this oath faithfully, may I enjoy my life and practice my art, respected by all humanity and in all times; but if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my life.”

    In the Church of Scientology culture a doctor would be required to abandon their oath.

    Is nothing sacred anymore in that crowd?

  70. Joy, I hear you. She violated her oath as a health care professional. That is a sign of lack of integrity. It is not about you in the big picture. These things are never about one person. It is always about many more who will be spared the suffering. There is a universe out here that separate of the Church. The Church should be in alignment with other conditions. It is clearly OUT OF ALIGNMENT with society. You only made AN ADJUSTMENT!

  71. Excellent. It is a great example of “you can be as cowed and fearful as you want to be in your private life, but if you want to do business in society, you need to confront the fact that there are people who differ with you.”

    Great work. It is a shame we need to do this, but it needs doing.


  72. “Really looking forward to the post-miscavige time period.”

    Thank you for your future vision Calvin. Long Fall Blow Down!

  73. You speak for both of us.

  74. You are a fine poet.

  75. Once the word gets out, parishioners will feel no need to cling to their business connections involving Scn Inc. Rather, they will simply fade away in larger droves, at an accelerating rate.

  76. What is the ethics office oath by the way? Do they even have an oath?
    Can you imagine if they had to swear to do no harm? Instead of putting the short list of items HARM ATTACK OR SUPPRESS ? CHOOSE ONE! GO DELIVER AN EFFECTIVE BLOW! YEHAWGY! GIT YOUR OP TERM GAME ON! in front of the member to choose from?

    Meddling in medical issues and practices has backfired more than once.

    When the ethics officer told this man to “handle” his son, with no understanding of medicinal powers, or health conditions, how “ethical” was that?

    “A church ethics officer then told Thomas Brennan to direct his son to leave the apartment and to “handle” him according to Scientology policy, records say. Thomas Brennan locked his son’s Lexapro in the trunk of his car. Kyle Brennan was dead within 24 hours.”


    This is just another “out of alignment with society” red flag.

  77. The mentality with the business’ and the cash in the Scientology arena is this. You have a business, O.K. you have a business. You are a Scientologist, you come to the Org, you meet other Scientologists, they habit your place of business. That came from US, Int Management. You owe us 10% in taxes for all of your clients now. In addition to the taxes you pay the I.R.S.. And the Scientology ones are only shared. If you op term us we will yank them all back and out from under you. And if have an enemy, we expect you to inherit our enemy also. It is a form of BONDAGE. And by the way, how abouta 250 K dono next week? You couldn’t tie your shoe laces if it were not for us……….

  78. Congratulations to the Fairman Family on setting an important precedent that will stand for many years to come. I hope Dr. Thorburn and Dr. Benest have come to see that one must abide by the law and that no one or organization is above it. And that disconnection is discrimination.

  79. May more step up and use the laws of freedom that this great country has given us as a gift.
    Use that freedom and bring them down, bring those who spit in the face of human devency down.
    Every broken family, every broken heart is a price that this disgusting ideology will pay.
    Use that freedom, stand up for it, demand it. It is ours to right. It is our life!

    “and the first shall be last and the last shall be first”

  80. Gerhard Waterkamp

    I really want to thank Joy, Sky and Michael personally. Great job and you helped me a big deal. Thanks to your efforts I only had to threaten a law suit when the church ran their slander campaign against me and my family and also went to business associates and had them completely back off. You showed them where this would go.
    Great job, you did all of Scientologists a great and valuable service.
    The function of “disconnection” is a tool for the COS to control. It is not motivated by any other reason. The purpose is to blackmail individual Scientologists to speak their mind as if they do they are faced with the consequences of losing family members, business associates or employees.
    The other side of the coin is if you are in good standing with the church and do not disconnect the church will levy hefty fines on you in form of tens of thousands if no hundreds of thousands in heavy sec checking.
    So this legal decision puts COS parishioners between a hard place and a rock. – If they try to follow an avoidance strategy. (Avoid the church penalties and disconnect as the simple solution). It will force them to look for themselves and do the right thing rather than the easy one. There is now equal pressure on the other side of the coin and I hope that Michael, Sky and Joy execute their legal victory to the full extend and collect as much damages as possible from the defendants. Too bad it is them, especially as Lisa Benet is not a bad person. But they did do commit an evil act instead of sitting down, study up on the references confront the subject and make the only correct decision possible per LRH,- tell the corrupt MAA to shove it.
    Being a sheeple and let oneself being instigated into disconnection should have its just penalties. I hope the plaintiffs see it the same way.
    So this legal victory if fully executed has not only the real potential to end disconnection, but can also force a number of sheeples to really confront the situation. This could be a real cornerstone for the final collapse of the church as it will weaken their control of the herd and may awake a number of drones.
    Thanks again.

  81. Your courage and stand against the despicably evil practice of disconnection is very admirable. You have done a great service for all of us.
    Thank you!
    As a side note, Marty, you are also definitely creating an effect on the Demented Dwarf. Very recently, when our daughter disconnected from us due to our disagreements on how the church is being run, she had obviously been coached not to use the word “disconnecting”. In fact, she repeatedly stated, “I am not disconnecting from you, I just can’t have this [disagreement] in my life.” Purely semantics.
    The above with the Fairmans is very encouraging. Thanks again.

  82. Thank you Gerhard! I also believe the purpose of disconnection is to stem the bleeding of truth IN to the parishioners and staff and the bleeding OUT of sheeple as they realize the heinous deception they have fallen prey to and move in exodus…

  83. Anon-onyourside

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when their malpractice insurers learned the two doctors had refused treatment to their patients because DM had mandated they do so. So many violations of their oaths and the law. . . German doctors were forced by the Nazis to refuse to treatment to their Jewish patients. The similarity is clear.

  84. Michael, Sky, and Joy,

    Thank you for stomping a steel-towed boot on the neck of this wrecking crew led by this nefarious sociopath, David Miscarriage.

    If prayers are appropriate, you’ve got mine.

  85. Thank you so much to everyone for all of your support and validation. We stand together with you in ACTION – to end this tyranny. We felt we needed to ACT and damn the consequences.
    If we believe the same things, that is a start – but change is not made until we ACT. Please, each and every one of you – ACT. I know many, many of you already are and I applaud you. It is the right thing to do.
    Please, the time is now. The beast is wounded. Every slingshot and arrow will make a difference. STAND UP! I know you can do it!

  86. This is such great news! So happy that the courts got it right this time!!!

  87. This is good news. When I was last in LA, I believe it was Joy & Sky that sang at an AOLA graduation night. This was truly beautiful what I heard and I was also saddened as I knew I was leaving LA for good. This news changes that loss.

  88. Steve, Love your insight and your ability to express so well what is occurring and its implications. Your writings always nudge me up just a little more on the tone scale. Thank you and much love.

  89. Congratulations Joy, Michael and Sky. Now Joy you’re going to have to sing “Flag Is NOT Here” with its suppression, aberration and disconnection. I’m a Clw local and attended many graduations and heard your beautiful voice many times there and the early days of Saturday Night Cafe at the Sandcastle! What a treat. Well Done on your victory. Choosing to go after a former friend is NEVER easy…and never a clear-cut decision…it has to weighed-out.

    On a separate note…This film, The Master, about LRH that was released this week…if Misgarbage had any real balls he’d file suit to protect LRH’s name. Isn’t that that one of the functions of RTC…to protect the name and trademarks? No…his style is go after people who don’t have resources to fight back. Taking a stand for real justice with someone or some group (Harvey Weinstein) that would come out swinging hard…Nahhh…he’d rather hide in the bunker and “kick the cat” on his dwindling inner circle!

  90. Joy, Michael, Sky: Thank you for your courage and effectiveness. Clear to me that you probably hated actually doing this; that you really liked your doctors and didn’t want to do them harm. My hope is that the rumor lines are ablaze and that other professionals are frightened s..tless that the next process server will be at their door for agreeing to disconnect from business clients with no better justification than corp church direction to do so. I suspect you have helped others way beyond whatever you may think.
    Love to all of you, Yvonne

  91. …….”steel-toed”………

  92. “DM, I’m afraid you are stuck.” dk

    Indeed. To my mind the monkey man could not do enough amends this lifetime for me to sign off.

  93. Hey Jimmy,

    Can I get in on that too! I’ve always liked hitting cartoon characters with big over-sized cartoonish bats.

  94. Nicely done guys! As Marty mentioned, it may indeed be the precedent in future battles for freedom.

  95. Michael,

    Nobody deserves this type of treatment. That you recognized the problem of Church of Scientology enforced “disconnection” as having implications far beyond your immediate interests speaks highly of your consideration for your fellow man.

    We all owe you a debt of gratitude for putting your neck on the line and seeing this discrimination lawsuit through with a resounding win!

  96. Li'll bit of stuff

    You’re welcome, Cat.

  97. What is so amazing to me, is I know that the Fairmans love LRH.

    They are NOT fighting against LRH.

    They are thinking sanely, like probably LRH even would want ALL Scientologists to think.

    So this is an excellent job, well done, a pass on innumerable Scientology Course Checksheet “practical” drills and essays, all those drills and essays which ask the trainee Scientologist to go apply the principles out there in life.

    I’d have loved to sign off the Fairman family’s checksheets, for their deeds above, counting these deeds as real life applications of the sanest principles of what they learned in Scientology.

    What a twist, that Scientologists have to leave official Scientology, go legal, and win legally, and thus demonstrate the moral higher ground of the principles they learned as Scientologists.


    Pass for the Fairman family on application of what they’ve learned in life!

    What an interesting historical moment, a true blue ex official Scientologist family, but who are still Scientologists, winning over extremist and irrational Scientology behavior.

    And a celebrity family, to boot!

    If there were an Independent Scientologist community award to be given, then the Fairman family should get that award!

  98. It is interesting that the Co$ did not back the loyal followers who obeyed the command to “disconnect” or your destiny is gone! No attorney’s to bully them – maybe this will be the key to the future. Go around the cult and make the individual Scientologist’s responsible for their decisions to act so inhumanely. They may think twice. It would be great if the Fairman’s could do another mass e-mail to all Scientologist’s everywhere. It certainly will make them think twice before disconnecting. Maybe they will wake up and get out themselves before it turns on them. No one escapes the criminal activities of the Co$ – no one in is safe!

  99. ROTFLMAO!!! 🙂 That think is so true. It’s justify, justify, justify, then hate, hate, hate, and then blow the conversation.

  100. What is the source of that information, please ? This is the first I’ve ever heard of it and I’ve been doing Internet research on that subject for some years.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  101. Joy, Michael, and Sky,

    “Our belief is that the true “interest” earned will be an end to the destruction of family and friendships by a policy and attitude that belongs to the “Dark Ages”. – Michael

    Thank you so very, very much!

  102. Regarding filing suit to protect LRH’s name: you cannot libel a dead person according to the existing laws throughout the United States and most of Europe.

    *I am not a lawyer*

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  103. Cece Kruchko Smith

    Very well done Fairmans!

    “Standing with a bland look while Joe sticks pins in someone or something is not good manners, it’s idiocy!”
    “If it is present, when that is cured, the group will become a joy to be with and work will become a breeze.”
    L. Ron Hubbard HCOPL 22 July 1982 Knowledge Reports

    LRH would be very proud of you all!

  104. 🙂 Thank you guys!
    now I just wish they’d actually practice what they preach and disconnect from me!

  105. Me either. News to me.

  106. one of those age-old protection rackets, imported from Philly by the DeMon?

  107. Ahem………that was sarcasm.

  108. LOL! You have so much power they are scared to disconnect or their lights go out and their knickers deflate. I always enjoy it when you stop by. Thanks!

  109. As previously, forgive me for going off topic, but the following legal news may also be of interest.


    Tampa Bay Times: Church of Scientology paid two private investigators millions to trail David Miscavige’s rival, lawsuit claims


    “Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige ordered surveillance on one of his former church rivals in a secret operation that lasted 25 years and ate up millions in church funds, a Texas lawsuit alleges.

    The two private investigators who filed the suit say the church hired them to conduct intensive surveillance on Pat Broeker, a church leader who worked closely with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in the 1970s and ’80s. Broeker was ousted by Miscavige in a power struggle after Hubbard’s 1986 death.”

  110. Love your handle “more than a stat”

  111. How could they? You’re irresistable.

  112. Indie-saurus-rex

    Jason, from the fire you put into your on-screen performances (and youtube interviews), you seem like the kind of guy that’d make Miscavige shit his pants if he ran into you, alone, on the street. I’d pay money to see that.

  113. dear michael and family,

    great work! so happy to hear the news. in celebration the wife and i pulled out our dvd set of firefly and watched “the train job” in your honor. and may we say your role was great, love your acting, as we love your actions.

    best wishes

  114. That would be asking too much. I think they have spread it around that you are just on an L.O.A..

  115. Well done for paving the way!!

  116. Ronnie, I read it as sarcasm and I got a good laugh. But I got to thinking, even if it was intended as sarcasm, is it? if you only focus on one question, “how to you feel about DM changing the definition of a floating needle?”, a Scientologist would have to jump through hoops to justify that. The floating needle is the EP of auditing! When you change that you change auditing and that’s called squirreling (I know you know that). After 2 years of DM style abuse, I went off lines in ’94. It’s been 18 years and I never would have imagined things would deteriorate to where they are today. I actually don’t know if Mwesten’s comment was more truth than sarcasm.

  117. Well done to the Fairmans . I think the corporate scientologists are stuck back in some incident , maybe germany in the 30s and 40s !

  118. Really! Didn’t know that either.

  119. It’s a typical response I’ve come across. Thought stopping mechanisms kick in quickly (“criticism” = “entheta” = “SPs” = “squirrels” = “Marty Rathbun” = A = A = A) and then its all downhill from there. No effort is made to actually look. It becomes a “handling”, and when its apparent you (as the truth seeker, asking honest questions) are unhandleable, the churchbot stops communicating. That’s not to say those questions won’t impinge. That’s why it’s important to keep asking them. When the churchbot is particularly rattled about being regged for the squillionth time, or is mistreated in some way, s/he might just remember that there are those, like you, claiming all is not well, and finally decide to find out what it’s all about…

  120. Awesome, so glad for you guys and for everyone that this will help to get out of the dark ages of Miscaviage’s viciousness.

  121. Welldone!

  122. me too Bro

  123. flirt!

  124. I’m a lurker. 🙂

  125. back at you.

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  127. Pingback: Combatting Disconnection « 31 Factors

  128. Dear Michael and Family,

    Thank you so much for standing up for all of us parents whose children have disconnected from us as a hate crime, just because we had the integrity to realize that staying with the church of lies would be the greatest harm we could do to our kids by example. We would be saying to the prisoner in jail, no we are not interested in helping you to become free instead we will continue to enable you to stay in the prison.

  129. PreferToBeAnon2

    Speaking of disconnection, Jenna Miscavige just announced a tell-all book with the title,”Beyond Belief: My Secret Life inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape.” It is to be published by Harper’s imprint William Morrow in January.

  130. I beloved as much as you’ll obtain performed proper here. The sketch is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. nevertheless, you command get got an shakiness over that you would like be turning in the following. unwell unquestionably come more until now once more since exactly the similar just about a lot incessantly inside case you defend this hike.

  131. That is so awesome!!!!! Why can’t these educated professional value the laws of the land and their ethical duties?? Also, why would you let anyone decide who you can and can’t communicate with!

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