Scientology Inc. Private Eyes Come Clean

The Tampa Bay Times has published a rather startling expose’,  Scientology Inc. Private Eyes Come Clean.

Notice that David Miscavige’s denials confirm pretty much the entire story.

When Paul and Greg asked CO OSA INT (Linda Hammill, head of Scientology Inc.’s intelligence operation) what the church was going to do when I exposed this operation in 2009 to the Times (see, segment ‘Spying on Pat Broeker’ at Marty Rathbun Tampa Times videos), she said that David Miscavige’s plan was to “blame it on Marty.”   Greg and Paul knew then and there that Miscavige and his crime syndicate had lost any sense it might have once had.

Incidentally, this week Greg and Paul helped a documentary film crew video an ongoing Scientology Inc. electronic surveillance operation in my current neighborhood.

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229 responses to “Scientology Inc. Private Eyes Come Clean

  1. Oh, this is rich:

    Responding to questions from the Times, the church acknowledged the men “provided various services” as independent contractors. But spokeswoman Karin Pouw described the lawsuit as “nothing more than a transparent shakedown effort.”

    She characterized virtually their entire narrative — their tales of following Broeker, the sums they were paid, their accounts of dealings with church officials — as “inaccurate,” without giving specifics.

    The investigators never met Miscavige but say they were told he was calling the shots. Pouw said church lawyers supervised them and Miscavige had no involvement.

    “Any allegations to the contrary are malicious fabrications and compete balderdash,” Pouw said.

    “Balderdash”? Bwahahahahahaha…….

  2. So the two PIs are in settlement talks? No doubt there will be a strict gagging clause if they agree to settle. Too bad as I’m sure they have got a lot more to tell. Still, if anyone doubted David Miscavige’s “Church” is a paranoid malicious and deceitful outfit, they won’t now. The lies just continue to pour forth.

  3. martyrathbun09

    Compare the sequence of events in the Debbie Cook case, then review the sequence of events in the Arnold/Marrick case. Then realize that you ought to be celebrating rather than commisserating. Man, it is sometimes a thankless job.

  4. I reckon “the Duke” is having a bad night.

    “Karin Pouw” (read “the Duke”) has reached a new low of absurdity in the responses to this article. But this sentence really takes the cake (trying to justify their surveillance of us and taking our trash):

    Spokeswoman Pouw said the church seeks intelligence on Rathbun and Rinder because it has “an ongoing program to eliminate all relationships” with people who worked with or were associated with them.

    OMG. I think this admission in itself may give US a cause of action! I would guess this is a civil rights violation….

    I think the Duke has taken a gut shot and is delirious as consciousness and rationality slips away.

    It sucks to be the Duke.

  5. Karen Pouw calls Marty ” a shameless self-promoter ” and then says:

    The ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion has guided the Church to an entirely new level, making available all basic Scripture, completing all of Mr. Hubbard’s training films, opening more than thirty Ideal Churches of Scientology now at a rate of more than one a month, establishing state-of-the-art publishing and dissemination facilities with a new television station and our magnificent new Super Power building soon to open in Clearwater. This is in addition to guiding the Church through its most difficult times to an era of peace and overwhelming public interest in the religion today. For accurate information about Scientology see

    Don’t they have any clue as to how looney they look to anyone reading this? Forget looney, stupid actually. They just come off as stupid.

  6. TO — good observation! This matter is WAY WAY WAY above “Karin Pouw’s” pay grade. This self-serving, self-promoting idiocy is written by the Duke himself. He would not trust anyone else to respond to this. I guarantee you 100%.

    Funny, the Duke could give PT Barnum lessons on self-promotion.

  7. The church’s response is so pathetic! The only person who gets anything out of it is the Duke. Nobody else reads that and even understands it!? What does it mean? To an average guy on the street “completing LRH’s training films, opening new buildings and a television station” justifies having PI’s follow somebody around for 25 years? Huh? What wall? What planet? What are you talking about? The only person who thinks this sounds good and great and wonderful is the Duke. So pathetic.

  8. Marty — I bet Joe and Tom must have found it uncanny how the stories were all so consistent. Even down to me writing to my mother.

    As I am sure they recalled — I was unwilling at first to go on the record with them for fear of creating a situation with my 80 year old mother. The church of course took care of that soon enough, conning her into writing hate mail to me and whisking her out of the state when I went to try and visit her in Old Age home in Melbourne.

    Funny how the small details of the utter lack of humanity of that MEST being Miscavige eventually turn everyone he comes in contact with against him.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  9. There’s a blurb at the bottom of the article relating to a video, but there doesn’t seem to be any link there. Has the Tampa Bay Times been stopped from releasing it because of the new settlement talks with Marrick and Arnold?

  10. Ronnie — I watched the video fine. It was right at the top of the page on the Tampa Bay Times website.

  11. TroubleShooter

    The Puke. I am sickened by the latest description of cob being “the ecclesiastical leader”…this is IMO the lulling of the public to see Puke as Source of Scientology and to eliminate LRH from the scene.

    “Spokeswoman Pouw said the church seeks intelligence on Rathbun and Rinder because it has “an ongoing program to eliminate all relationships” with people who worked with or were associated with them”.

    WHAT??? Did she really say what I think she SAID???!!! ANOTHER FOOT BULLET IS FIRED!!! Maybe the pressure is getting to Pouw?

    Well cob, david miscavige, I just have this to say to YOU – as an independent auditor and CS my pc attested to an action today and said he finally handled what he got into Scn to handle – 25 years ago!!! YOUR LOSS cob and LRH’s gain.

  12. Boy, this weather! Must be a…

  13. Thanks, Mike. It didn’t show up the first time, but it was there after I refreshed the page. I thought something was up for a minute.

  14. Yeah, ain’t that the truth.

  15. Is church spying a valid “tax exempt” religious activity, which needs to be subsidized by the American taxpayer?

  16. From
    -n. a fist.
    -v. to hit or beat with the fists.
    -n. a dialectical (Scotch) form of duck.

  17. Toot Toot, another shipload of hush money coming into the harbor.

  18. What is amazing is what is admitted to. Karen Pouw, at least in name only, has admitted that a church is spying on an ex member for 25 years. Trying to distance by the statement they were independent contractors is worthless – she might (or DM might) as well as have said they acted as privately hired mercenaries attacking any target we named. This has NOTHING to do with goall of scientology to make a better world, a better member of society, or a more ideal future.

    So much for the statements of Marty and Mike and many others being lies. This is proof that their statements are true and the only thing “Karen” can say is they were independent contractors. I suggest those concerned at OSA restudy some of the PR series especially those policies LRH wrote regarding lies in PR – they will ONLY backfire on you. The rest of RTC, COB, or OSA that cannot duplicate – my only comment is you are walking down the path to hell and eternal darkness. ONLY the truth shall sat you free – no lie, no matter how you word it, shall ever set you free. A lie does nothing but fix you into that mental picture or thought and continue forward in time with you. Your life is, and will continue to be, miserable to the degree that you lie, support the false statements as though they were true, and attack those that do nothing but state the raw truth.

    The facts are you hired someone to go through a US citizens trash for religious harassment purposes and the only thing you can say is you have opened a newly renovated building, built printing presses in the age of digital information, etc! That has NOTHING to do with the religion or spiritual aspects of Scientology. This is utter bullshi…

    If LRH were alive, and in a position to do so, he would have you ass on the street and you would have a written description of what you had to do to redeem yourself as a eternal being. I get disgusted every time you lie, make public statements or include any statement of how you represent the “church” of “scientology”. You are nothing but a suppressive squirrel organization who only has the intention to stop others, to lie, and to create pain and suffering to all who connect with you.

    Remember, you only get upbraided when you have out-tech. In others words you are ALTERING the technology of Scientology and mis-representing that you are a Scientology organization. Every Independent Scientologist that I know is more of a symbol of what LRH expected that you are.

    We/I, don’t worry -in the end you will be a bad memory and we shall still be here. The inherent goodness of all members of mankind will ensure this. In all cultures, all languages, all people – there has always been an inherent repulsion of evil in the final outcome. This game shall be won for all of mankind because we are basically good. You cannot change that fact.

  19. Ironically, there is one true statement in the Church’s standard denial patter, that there is “overwhelming public interest in the religion today”. Hardly a day has gone by this summer that Scientology wasn’t a headline news story. And just today, I’ve read Tony Ortega’s new blog, Marty’s blog twice, and went to see The Master. Great movie, by the way.

  20. Right! Furthermore it bleeds incompetence.”Pouw said church lawyers supervised them and Miscavige had no involvement.” Was he so distanced and not involved that he didn’t realize a $32,000 knock to the financial statements each month? What competent executive would not be aware of such a thing? I guess it is to the point where denying involvement is more important than shining the light their own ineptness.

  21. Li'll bit of stuff

    Take heart Marty. Videos are all hard evidence, and in the
    case of delusional david, there is no coming back from the
    depths to which he is sinking!
    You will recall the protracted, melodramatic scene in James Cameron’s “Titanic,” where we witnessed the stern rising upward, in a towering show of “defiance”, before plunging into the icy depths of oblivion awaiting below!

    Agonizingly, the scene playing out with the modern day
    equivalent , the “Satanic”, with david miscavige in the leading
    role, is showing the same futile resistance to the inevitable!

    Karma? Unavoidable!

    Only in the delusional mind of david miscavige!

    Patience, you are certainly imbued with it Marty! And similarly
    to the abundant ocean in the scenario above, one may choose to remain quite unfettered, as the fragments of this once gallant,
    seemingly invincible monster creation, slip away into oblivion.

    Thank you for your determination to see this cycle through.


  22. Anyone going to one of his events knows what a self promoter he is. Anyone bumping into him in Sea Org Uniform with 30 pounds of metal on his chest knows what a self promoter he is. He promoted HIMSELF to COB and “Leader of the Church”. He self promoted himself to posts there are no hats for or check sheets for that are “senior” to Sea Org posts! “FOUNDER” is at least on the Org Board!

  23. Miscaviage versus truth.

  24. Great video pick Scott!

  25. Li'll bit of stuff

    A very timely and thorough admonishment, indeed, SA!

  26. SA — yeah, the dumpster diving is pretty disgusting (and as Haydn James will well remember, our trash man in 2011 came knocking at our front door to tell us he had been paid by people to give them our trash — they told him they were “DEA Agents” who suspected we were drug dealers and he knew that wasn’t true — but he felt so bad about it he wanted to alert us.)

    But even more disgusting is their admission that they have done all they could to destroy “anyone associated” with Marty or me. Confirms the numerous postings on this blog — most notably in my mind Lori Hodgson and Robert Almblad’s stories both of which were covered on this blog and by Tony Ortega. The church acknowledging this is significant and typically stupid.

  27. TO: Well, the irony is that he has promoted himself to the hat of Founder (of the Church of MESTology).


    The PIs have been employed by Scientology Inc. almost as long as the Super Power building has been “soon to open.”

  29. Bravo, Calvin. Great post.

  30. It just keeps on coming, It’s relentless and I have some evidence that OSA INT are hunkered down in a seige mentality.
    Good that they responded to Tampa Bay Times (only to try to cover DM participation) but mostly they are not returning phone calls to media.
    I have been interviewed 7 times in 7 days,
    When OSA is called for response. No answer ! no ack !
    Steve Hall and I are quoted very nicely on on Tom Cruise in this United Press International Press Release ~~ UPI is a Global News Service
    And the Church is paying for a Narconon Ad on the site !
    Kudos to Ray Jeffrey and all concerned.

  31. Every lie requires a lifetime of maintenance. I actually know a few people right now who are willing to invest their life savings and everything they own into maintaining lies they published on the Internet,which can easily evidenced as lies. The lies will eat up everything they have. The lies have developed a power of their own to take away everything these people have.
    They are investing everything into maintaining the lies. This lying business is a worse habit that gambling. It is a form of not is. To maintain them, you have to invent more lies. There isn’t anyone who does not know David has been lying. There isn’t anyone that doesn’t know these other people are lying. The point is they start to LIE TO THEMSELVES that they can actually peddle this stuff. Their own black magic recoils on them, as black magic always does. Absolute elsewhere is where they dwell.

  32. What happens to people who lean on self promotion:

  33. + me too.

  34. Gerhard Waterkamp

    $12 Million for tracking Pat Broecker to assure the Dukes good night sleep. My guess would be another $12 Million for lawyers and settlement payments. So roughly close to $25 Million all in all. Now let us translate this into what this means for the average middleclass income parishioner.
    This is an equivalent of roughly 100 middle class families loosing their home. (We all know many cases)
    Or no college education for children of Scientologists as the college fund was raided by the IAS to save the planet for roughly 500 sons and daughters.
    Or in terms of tax payer money per the churches own promo they say parishioners can save up 50% of taxes. In that case the US tax payer would have sacrificed the equivalent of roughly 250 teacher salaries for one year.
    My sympathy is with the parishioners that live in a shack because they lost their home to have the Gardener watched and with the children in a crammed classroom because the school has no money as the taxes got to the Dukes special projects.
    Oh Boy, when will the IRS wake up.

  35. Reading a bit between the lines here: I am inferring that there is no “OT IX through XV”. Even after all of the LRH “Research materials” were removed from the Creston Ranch, they claim PB stashed money and “valuable documents”. What else could it be other than LRH upper level research notes?

    Given that Miscavige is “withholding vital technology” through the SuperPower scam, this just underscores the fact that he is bereft of any further levels to “deliver”.

    There is an LRH tape I listened to recently that describes this whole “mock-up” to a “T”, but I don’t have a full transcript of it currently.
    The tape is “Final Talk on First Course” – 13 Nov 1952, from the 1st ACC.

    “Now once in a while it is a great temptation, enourmous temptation, to go in to something else. And that is into the “wise man act”. And nothing is more tempting than to become a very wise man to a person who has been indoctrinated in to mysticism. Nothing is more tempting. Because it is the one aesthetic sort of emotion..they picked that out as an aesthetic. And you get very broad and very grand about what they should do about things at large and talk indefinitely and with many hidden meanings, you see, and it practically spins anyone who uses it. Now there are many cults, churches and temples that have survived, however, the many last thousands of years simply by using this emotion of “the wise man”. This is not reallly an emotion, it is sort of an over bearing, slightly, just faintly accusative, superiority. And it is “well, you know you are really to fault and to blame for the whole thing” sort of thing……”
    There is more to this in the tape, if you have access to it.

    Further, the hypocrisy of this statement is just astounding: “Spokeswoman Pouw said the church seeks intelligence on Rathbun and Rinder because it has “an ongoing program to eliminate all relationships” with people who worked with or were associated with them.”

    Guess that explains the 24/7/365 PI’s and Squirrel Busters. How this is tax-exempt activity stretches my credulity into areas never conceived of before.

    And finally, Marty, I “get” the plus points in getting closure for these guys.
    No matter what the “outcome”. Rock on…

  36. The “Duke”?!? LOL!!!!! I can think of a more suitable name that starts with “D” and has four letters….

    I would bet that Miscavige has PIs watching Tom Cruise 24/7 and reporting back. My guess is that it is just a matter of time before TC asks to meet with Marty so as to better understand how Miscavige played, used and ruined him.

  37. With Annie gone, David Miscavige got tired of paying $10,000/week to Arnold and Merrick, but no way does that mean he’s not every day in fear of Pat Broeker. Miscavige must have found some low rent PI’s to keep up the rituals of pawing through Broeker’s trash and stalking his girlfriends.

    If Broeker is 007, who is SMERSH?

  38. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes indeed TO. It should also be quite clear to readers
    of this site who are not already familiar with the reasons
    for this ” pomp & ceremonious ” behavior. Not only is his
    abhorrent self promotion thrust into the faces of whoever
    still attends his pathetic gatherings to celebrate his victory
    in establishing his charade ” church ” (of miscavology!!!)
    but it is to inculcate the conditions under which the cult
    may (he hopes!) flourish and (gag,puke!)–prosper!
    That’s right! under the pre-requisite of total mind-control!
    Courtesy of reverse scientology & black dianetics, induced
    whilst under the administration of “kool-aid,” to dull the
    senses into compliance! Inevitable result? That highly
    prized VFP—An abundant supply of unquestioning, willing,
    deep pocketed, “sheeple!” And of course— let’s not omit
    the even more important, ego-satisfying, long range goal:
    re–L.Ron Hubbard —“Oh, him? He’s no longer relevant!”


  39. Dear Mike,

    [Whoa, whoa, whoa! You need to go easy on Dave — this is a delicate and unstable situation. Sometimes he’s “The Duke!” But other times he’s “Karen” or “Dave” or “COB” (even though there’s no such imaginary post — we must humor him). I must remind you that while I am not actually a professional psychiatrist, any caring person could actually see we are dealing with delusional personality disorder — very shaky situation here — a raging obsessive/compulsive schizophrenic megalomaniac sociopath with “tiny willy” syndrome. Poor Karen/The Duke/Dave/COB. Anyway, you should be sensitive when sanity is gone — like this: ]

    Ah-hem. Hi “Karen” so good to see you. (Oops! I think he’s The Duke right now). Hello, The Duke. Let me compliment you on your horse riding in True Grit. What pony-riding perfection. You really showed them how to shoot.

    Which ever one you are, Karen/The Duke/Dave or COB, I just want each personality to know I realize it must be hard to be four people at the same time. No wonder you objected to the media characterizing Dave and Tom as a “bromance.” Probably TomKat was in love with “Karen” not Dave, right? I’m not sure. What I do know is no one wants to hear “it sucks to be you” when actually “you” are four people we know of. That is like four times as much sucking than with just one person. I’m telling Mike to go easy on you at this delicate time.

  40. Perhaps Miscavige is the one who is the “bitter defrocked apostate” and “shamless self-promoter”. There’s no way that could be true, because then it would necessarily follow that Miscavige is also the one who is guilty of physically assaulting his subordinates.

  41. What a heavy-duty song! Thanks for the reminder.

  42. MR – and we are supposed to believe that there is no policy on disconnection: “their admission that they have done all they could to destroy “anyone associated” with Marty or me. ” Please note the word “destroy”. Is this anywhere in LRH policy that the purpose of OSA, Church of Scientology, RTC, etc is destroy other spiritual beings who don’t think the way you do? The answer – NO! You are the evil psychs on the time track of mankind.

    Pure evil. An admitted attempt to force a disconnection of communication from another person simply because of their religious beliefs. The common word for this is discrimination. And when this discrimination is for a religious belief the person is often called a “bigot.” So Karen Pouw is not an admitted bigot and you do not believe in religious freedom, yet you are the international spokesperson for the “church” of “scientology.” Is there something wrong with this concept?

    Yeah, and Al Capone and Hitler were really good guys that the world didn’t understand! It is all a lie. Karen Pouw, your statement is a blatant lie. Your boss is and has evil intentions. You are anti LRH and anti scientology so dont both making any more public statements on behalf of Scientology.. Just STFU and stop making a bad scene worse.

    I get rather upset that this internationally approved concept is so opposite to the goals, purposes, and intention of what LRH as the founder of Scientology thought about and wrote about.

  43. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, guys, as were yours!
    Indeed–just imagine the hopelessness of it all!
    It’s a long way down, to the bottom (of the ocean,) david!

  44. Mike, I’m sorry you are forcing me to correct your math. Please see my post above. The correct wording is “It sucks to be 4 people 4X as much.” Standard psychiatry tells us we must find out what personality exactly we are speaking to — you can ask, “Hello is this Karen? Are you The Duke?” See which one responds. The others will ignore you. Today he was “Karen.” Validate HER. Compliment HER hair style even though it is really Dave. Or if he is currently “The Duke,” you can marvel that he must have put on some height? “How tall you are looking The Duke, Sir” Sure, each identity sucks like an elephant’s trunk — this we know. But to address all four personalities as a set — this is not routine sucking of being a complete crumb, but a schizophrenic clusterfuck of sucking. Please do not be indelicate. Try to be accurate in personality assessments otherwise he could rapidly devolve into many more personalities. Mike, please. You know better. It may already be too late. They always come too late.

  45. Theo Sismanides

    There are too many things happening at once. There are admissions by the church that people have been spied on, constantly and being tracked on their every day life, all the details down to (their) garbage “scrutinization”.

    Ray Jeffrey is being chosen again as a lawyer for an against the church claim by two non Scientologists and obviously he is now privy in data that relates to things that I and many others dedicated our lives to and CANNOT have because of all the stupid, secret games DM and “that” Management decided to play, at the time against ALL of Scientology and well intentioned Scientologists.

    Ray Jeffrey is a person who can be contacted by the Indies and asked to cooperate with us to reveal truths that every Scientologist should know. He, apparently, does not have a clue, of what Scientology means really but we do.

    We are an entity here, I have been saying this, and we do have some say, all of us, in this. Scientology is not just for the big wigs. They are there to SERVE…

    Same goes to Pat Broeker. Now is your chance, Pat, to prove you are a Loyal Officer. Whether you finally decide to come out or not will not shake me from what I know about Scientology but it will definitely tell me that some people didn’t make the Grade.

    Pat, you got to come back and assist your 3D.


    Too much is happening now and this is the right time for you to come back as the person who would have done it all again in a better way. A lot of things have to be answered too.

    Don’t waste this chance, Pat, as we have all been in some dire straits because of misuses of power. OTs do best with OTs.

  46. Yeah, Oracle. David Miscavige has invested so much in his lies that he’s become an inverted billionaire – an erianoillib! And all of this is occurring because he’s just trying to get someone to stop him.

    Dave, we won’t stop you. Don’t worry, we won’t even try.

  47. It does not matter. 007 worked for MI6, a quite suppressive organization.

  48. Great point, DC2!
    What kind of Chairman of the Board would let his church spend $1,000 DAILY for 24 YEARS (about $10 million so far, but not including pending hush money) in parishioner donations and then deny involvement in it?
    Oh, I know! A Dumb-Mass!

  49. Hi Karin,
    Your quote regarding Tom Cruise was eye opening. Even though it was right before my eyes, I had never noticed that Cruise appears to be acting like Miscavige in his attitudes towards others more and more as time goes on. I hope for his sake (and for the sake of others) that he snaps out of it.
    If he did, he would have to eat a lot of “crow”, but crow isn’t too bad when washed down with a nice tall glass of refreshing Truth. 🙂

  50. I sure hope TC gets a clue but time is definitely running low for him.
    These PI’s seem very straight forward and believable. One more wave before the tsunami drowns all that had a chance to get out before the water got too deep. Hint, hint to those on the fence! There really are no questions, it’s now just a matter of confront, as in FACE without flinching.

  51. The Church used litigation and money to handle Debbie Cook. It doesnt seem these guys are in the same situation. Maybe they can be handled with money, but if thats what they want why are they coming out publicly? Maybe thats a recent successful strategy for getting a lot of $ from the church? It would be nice if these guys werent doing this for a payoff.
    Thats the only thing DM can do unless he’s got something on them- some other way of crushing them, but I don’t sense that.

  52. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    The Great Leader, DM, has guided the Church through its most difficult times to an era of peace and “overwhelming public interest in the religion today”. You can say that again! Even here in Denmark the church is constantly making headlines, creating overwhelming interest!

  53. It’s always a joy to have the truth come out however much there is of it.

  54. Li'll bit of stuff

    You know, Mat, it would be interesting to know just
    how MANY of us formerly oblivious ex-COS’s were
    in the exact same position, as the by now rapidly
    “severe reality check “-ing TC??
    Like you, I remain optimistic that your prediction
    will happen! Though for him, with the public glare
    constantly focused in his direction, it is going to be
    doubly difficult, if not torturous to confront!
    Never the less…..whatever it takes!
    For everyone involved, it is imperative that he does
    FINALLY decide to do the right thing!

  55. yeah, that phrase, ‘an ongoing program…’ is an absolute gift.

  56. Beautiful analogy Calvin! And the Titanic was considered unsinkable – yet sank!

  57. Trying to “eliminate all relationships with” = disconnection. But they don’t do that! But they do. And they spend money on lawyers and PIs to do it. Note to media: now there is an admission on record.

  58. I couldn’t believe that was part of the Church’s official statement. Absolutely stunning.

  59. This would be a nice time for the IRS to step and say, “Wait a minute. No more spending Church money on settlements until we get some questions answered”.

  60. It’s too bad that DM has the “misfortune” of surrounding himself with bitter self promoting apostates. It must be tough knowing that the people working under him today will be him enemies tomorrow. You carry a heavy burden Davie.

  61. Wow! This is some major substantiation of some pretty major truth here!

  62. Lest we forget:

    There is another facet to this story that Marty, in his astuteness, published on this blog on October 11, 2011, “Settin’ the Record Straight.”

    The pieces of the puzzle just keep falling in place and we will soon have a complete picture of the absurdity which took place on, around, and following LRH’s departure.

    Duke, my foot! Rachel

  63. The long game: Build that chain of evidence, knowledge and intent. Get it on the record – the public record and the court records. Together it all tells the story. And then …. 🙂

  64. If this was a bank or any other company, there would be calls for the CEO’s resignation. When it comes to the “church” its sheeple carry on about their business, happy to look the other way. The “CEO” issues yet another press release denying any involvement, that it’s all lies invented by a “posse of lunatics”. Broeker brushes up on his Biology whilst Debbie Cook tops up her tan somewhere in the Caribbean. The IRS, meanwhile, wallows in its own incompetence, another SO member is beaten or tortured, another public is defrauded and another family is ripped to shreds. Just another day for the “church” of “Scientology”.

  65. Arnold and Marrick (and Ray Jeffrey) are shrewd. They just produce enough dope to get media attention and make the RCS reel, and then they wait. The RCS panic, try to smother the fire with a tattered used kleenex, issuing a lame rebuttal that all but spells “guilty”, and frantically call Jeffrey to make a deal.

    The same thing happened with Debbie Cook. In exchange for her silence, she got millions and is now living happily in the Caribbeans, on French territory, where she is relatively safe – the French being RCS’s worst enemies on the planet. How much will Arnold and Marrick get is anybody’s guess. 10 million? 20 million? It all depends on what records they kept over the last 25 years. And if they are as smart as I think they are, they must have kept plenty. Otherwise they wouldn’t be suing.

    Who’s going to pay? The International Association of Suckers.

    You can bet your sweet bippy that you’re soon going to be flooded with new “call to arms” emails from the IAS to save the Alaskan beavers that were all but eradicated by the psychs who, as will be dramatically revealed by Our Glorious Leader at the next IAS event, are the SPs responsible for global warming.

    Expect a standing ovation.

  66. The top of the criminal org board plant trash that is false infortmation to throw off the dumpster divers( enemy) Its a two way street, very famous case is Allies dressed a corpse in military appropriate uniform with official messege pouch loaded with false dispatches that looked perfect in english channel for Nazis to recover. This worked so well that it shaped the success of D Day, the rest is history.

  67. Oh no – this is a cause for celebration indeed! The two fellas have done a great service by saying what they’ve said. And you know Marty there are few people on this earth who value and appreciate what you do more than me, surely. My “thanks” tend to go in the form of disseminating the truth as far and wide as I can in my area. A process incidentally that will be taking a rather sharp acceleration soon.

  68. Wow, it’s been a fun summer keeping up with all the latest and greatest Scientology news on this web site, but this story is right up there with the best of them for its comical nature. After spying on Pat Broeker every hour of every day for 25 years, following him from state to state and even for several years that he lived in Eastern Europe, and what have we learned about him? Imagine three mice sitting at the round table discussing their findings: “Well, for the past 25 years we have been following him, he always worked some sort of job, always lived a quiet normal life, everybody around him loves him, and we never saw any evidence in his life style that he ever really stole the referenced 1.8 million when he left Scientology, Inc.” And of course then there is the greatest irony — that the Private Eyes are later asked to spy on “apostate” Marthy Rathbun, who is the guy that they directly reported to on Pat Broeker for a decade or so. LOL! That is really funny, if you just step back and look at it. It’s cartoonish. But that’s Miscavige for you. He has no clue what a complete monkee he looks like. And these are the back alley dealings of a CHURCH, eh? Hey man, that ain’t no church, that’s a bunch of new age NAZIS right there! Spokeswoman Pouw said the church seeks intelligence on Rathbun and Rinder because it has “an ongoing program to eliminate all relationships” with people who worked with or were associated with them. A veritable admission of the Disconnection Policy, yet the Church publicly disavows that there is any such policy. I guess that was a prank call, and not my real ex-wife who called me earlier this year to say I had been declared a suppressive person and that she could never talk to me again. Ha! Ha! Problem for Spokewoman Pouw is that the list of current and former inside people associating with Rathbun and Rinder just WON’T STOP GROWING. Spokewoman Pouw must be wringing her head in her hands!!!!!!

  69. blissfulldreams

    in reply to karen pouw

  70. Dear Thetabop,

    Correct in your assesment, spot on. At first I had mixed feelings about Debbie Cook but now I see that her ordeal dictated to take the money.
    I hope she owns the island and developes it into a 5 star resort.
    When the C of $ promotes with Banner headlines that No Money was involved or exchanged, you know it was in the hundreds of millions.

  71. blissfulldreams

    na he’s a “bitter frocked apostate” he’s yet to be defrocked and put out with all the trash he has collected from everyone over the years

  72. Spokeswoman Pouw said the church seeks intelligence on Rathbun and Rinder because it has “an ongoing program to eliminate all relationships” with people who worked with or were associated with them.

    Maybe it’s time for a call to the ACLU. Get a big enough case going with enough noise and the IRS might start taking a look at this “church” that’s been conning them for years.

  73. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, Wendy, and maybe on the sea bed he
    hopes to find a rock covered with enough sea
    urchins, poisonous eels, and other unfriendly
    anemones to shield him from Marty’s insidious
    laser like vision, that seems to cut through any
    and all barriers, no matter how much he tries
    to protect himself. Then, and ONLY then, will
    he finally be safe, (he thinks!) and can slither
    out of sight for what he always promised every
    one ——“Eternity!”

  74. “If he did, he would have to eat a lot of “crow”, but crow isn’t too bad when washed down with a nice tall glass of refreshing Truth.”

    Great line, Espiritu.

  75. Nice article Karen and Steve! You two know how to communicate!

  76. Wow!! Thanks for putting that into perspective. dm is a very sick individual.

  77. Now THAT is priceless. The Celtic “public sarcasm” as ethics gradient by a master of viewpoints.

    It sucks to be who? (Duke, Pouw, POB/COB, Founder- as in run agrounder…et al).

  78. Erianoillib.

    (Scott, somethings are just so funny, they hit this high harmonic of “funny” and it’s more than laughter can express, you just sort of squint theta-wise in awe. Erianoillib – an inverted billionaire. Sweet Fancy Moses.)

  79. Yeah, doesn’t sit too well with a recent assertion from “an official church spokesperson” that they never hire PIs to snoop on people.

  80. Mike says: “But even more disgusting is their admission that they have done all they could to destroy “anyone associated” with Marty or me.”

    Typical miscavige. He tries to cut your comm lines and destroy people associated with you and if you check it out…everyone associated with you guys is flourishing and prospering across the dynamics and you two have probably the most expansive comm lines of just about anyone in the wacky world of scientology.

    How’s a dedicated SP gonna win when everything he does comes out the opposite????
    Poor dave.

  81. Another resignation email from a prominent Scientologist just hit my in-basket…

  82. non-scientologist

    I recently finished Janet Reitman’s book. Lets assume that Pat Broeker misused church funds in 1986-1987 to buy an ultra-light airplane and some racehorses. (see p. 152) He shouldn’t have done that, and these purchases were used against him. Anyone want to guess however, how much money Slappy has looted the church since then to pay for his own toys? Slappy’s cure was worse then the original cold.

  83. Martin, a couple of observations to note:

    Debbie Cook originates (a comm); CO$ slaps a restraining order on her; court appearance and diving for $ settlement by the POB.

    CO$ originates a no comm (breaks long standing agreement); PIs slap a lawsuit on CO$; bypass court appearance and diving for $ settlement by the POB (assumed in PT).

    The vectors have reversed and this game has changed forever. It’s 4th and short. Do you go for the sure short yardage play and a fresh set of downs………..or lob it into the endzone…… and CELEBRATE???

  84. Reading a bit between the lines here: I am inferring that there is no “OT IX through XV”.

    No Tom, there is no OT IX to XV. Never was. And according to some OT VIII friends I spoke with, the current OT VIII delivered on the Freewinds is a worthless pile of crap. They told me to stay away from it. One of them calls the level Autist VIII.

    I also got a couple of OT VIII friends who spend tens of thousands of dollars on reviews to handle chronic somatics. Every time they stay aboard the Freewinds, they get VIP (Very Important Patsy) treatment.

    So the question is, once we complete VII (standardly, outside the RCS, it goes without saying), what’s our next step casewise?

    The only game left for current and future OT VII’s is going to be processing others. They will have plenty of time on their hands to become auditors and deliver the lower and upper levels. They will have the task of helping mankind reach higher levels of conscience all the way up to VII, which is a pretty good game.

    But let’s face it, there will always be this nagging feeling that we didn’t quite make the grade and that there are higher states to be achieved – except we don’t have the technology.

    Maybe the time has come for us to roll up our sleeves and continue building the bridge – because we still have a long way to go before we achieve the state of full OT. That’s what we signed up for in the first place.

    The dream is still alive.

  85. Now, that’s a step in the right direction, good point.
    As Church money doesn’t actually belong to Miscavige personally, surely there must be some sort of check and balance situation that can relate his tax declared income as to the limit of his spending – the word embezzlement comes to mind. Be wonderful to see the bucks stop flowing to non religious/Church actions and accountability for monies spent thus far explained in the light of tax free status.

  86. I watched the Pat Broeker event where he announced LRH passed but left all of the OT levels.

    He was licking his lips and appeared very nervous. He was very nervous and appeared to by lying.

    It is possible that Miscavige was told by Broeker that Hubbard left nothing – and Slappy did not believe him. So he threw him out, gagged him w/ blood money and had him followed. Nothing yet. 25 years later … nothing.

    The key is getting Pat Broeker to come clean and tell the world – deliver the blow and give the truth. Why is he not speaking out. He would feel so much better.

    I don’t think the parishoner’s who filed BK and lost homes due to IAS donations will be very happy to hear that their donos went to following one many for 25 years. Betrayed again!

    Mike and Marty and any others who are anon – thank you for not taking the gag money. My hat off to you both. You are delivering one blow after another and it needs to be done now. Thank you!

  87. Well Chris, read this and the previous article again. These guys were promised lifetime employment by the church, and have spent the better part of their careers living up to their side of the bargain. They’re essentially suing the church for breach of contract.

    Unlike many S.O. members DM kicks to the curb, these guys have the means to fight back. That’s why you see them talking in the press. That’s their leverage to get DM & Co. to stick to the deal. Apparently, it’s working, because the parties are now in settlement talks.

    What’s really stupid about the whole thing, is that the church could have just settled up with these guys to begin with, and avoided the foot bullets and negative PR the press accounts and Marty’s blog postings are creating. It’s suicide by press, but they just can’t seem to help themselves.

  88. I reckon John Wayne “the original Duke” would be turning in his grave being associated with the likes of DM. “It ain’t very neighborly Pilgrim…”

  89. Gawd only knows what those wascally wabbits; wathbun and winder have in their bullpen. Can ya guess davey? What’s next? Who’s next?
    What person that you think you have totally under your suppressive, hypnotic spell will be the next big headline? Next big payoff?

    In the old old days, davey, you used to be a pretty effective implanter. You’re getting weaker and dumber by the day, son. Time to get yourself cleaned up by a competent auditor. I’ll “volunteer” for about 10 grand an hour with a no-refund policy. Sec check style davey…everything is actionable.

  90. I want one! Can you post it here? Please!!

  91. My jaw dropped on that one as well. “Ongoing program to eliminate all relationships?” I’d love to see that line in full context. It is irrational as reported – and yet confirms disconnection (in a weird way since they are “eliminating” the relationship by staying connected via surveillance).

  92. The concept is called “private inurement”. DM isn’t supposed to personally inure any private benefit from a not-for-profit corp. Any benefits he does receive must be declared on a 1099 and he pays the tax. This money was spent for HIS PERSONAL benefit and not for any church benefit. Just more evidence of criminal intent and behavior.

    The IRS does look at this type of thing and has acted on it in the past.
    “In PLR 20113041, the IRS revoked the tax exemption of a public charity based on excess benefit and private inurement issues revealed during the course of its examination. This ruling highlights practices that charities should avoid in order to maintain their tax-exempt status. This ruling also confirms that the IRS is paying close attention to what charities are doing in their “back” offices.”

  93. Thanks for the ROFL, Oracle!

  94. “So the question is, once we complete VII (standardly, outside the RCS, it goes without saying), what’s our next step casewise?”

    The original OT levels IV – VII. Then, if not already done, training all the way up to class VIII with lots of auditing others. Then, a thorough review of the PDC (for practical application–not just glib). There’s enough material there to keep you busy for a few hundred years.

    There’s also fishing, skiing, sailing, scuba diving, mountain climbing, running a comm course, training others, working out ways to integrate the tech in an accpetable manner with various groups in society to bring folks uptone…

  95. Oh, Dumb-Mass! Good one! That has to be “an area of the mind that is so highly charged that it has accumulated mass and made the bearer incredibly stupid.”

  96. Oracle, concerning the statement about DM leading the church through its most difficult times to an era of peace:
    a. HE created the difficulty himself (by disconnection, altering the tech to ruin results, etc.) in order to make parishioners pay up to handle it b. He did NOT handle it. He’s only gotten in deeper. What he has set himself up for in the way of further church difficulties will make the last decade look like a walk in the park.

  97. Good question, Safe. I imagine other churches hire detectives, but the IRS is known for looking at expenses and comparing with what they think is a normal and customary amount. Example, the church of SOandSO has 50 million members and spends $30,000 a year on private investigators. The other businesses we have looked at average $2000 per year,” You notice I used the term “business” because there are many aspects of the church which may be reclassified as business activities rather than spiritual activities sometime in the future. Just speculating…

  98. You nailed it. Thanks.

  99. Yes, Oracle, when Davie or anyone lies, he has to throw up a shield between himself and the receiver of the lie so that he won’t see that he is not being believed. He has to throw up another blanket to avoid the receiver now looking at him to perceive the truth. This gets a guy covered in “blankets” which results in being very unobservant, living in a fantasy, etc. etc.

  100. Ah there you see Pat stole Hubbard’s original super power building plans which makes hiring PIs to get them back a legitimate business expense deductable from the super power building account. Now you know why it’s never been completed. If Marty had done his job properly the church of scientology would have cleared the planet by now. (Allergy warning: the previous statements may contain traces of Miscavige style stupid.)

  101. Aeolus, so you are saying that the statement, “overwhelming public interest in the religion,” is TRUE, but it weasels around the fact that the interest is scornful and negative instead of something that brings people in to start on services? ROFL

  102. Wendy, you think this one has already hit the iceberg and is taking on water rapidly?

  103. I’m sory, Li’ll bit of stuff, but you are starting to sound a bit Shermanesque!

  104. Real Taekwondo guys do not pick fights or brag about being trained, black belt, whatever. But DAMN, you don’t want to be a bully on the street picking on one of them!

  105. Karen, the church paying for Narconon ads on the site is like the buses in Seattle carrying Cof S ads below the rear window. Too little, too late!

  106. Miscavige must be totally off the rails (if he ever was on any rails). This stuff dont make no sense. He’s establishing a pattern of buying peoples silence after they have already spilled the beans.

  107. Since any questionable expenditures or (if any) crime short of murder are presumably too long ago to be actionable, I can’t see much of a downside to Pat in coming forward. Maybe he’s waiting to make his big splash by announcing the book he must surely be writing.

  108. I actually think it is more important for Marty and Mike to continue exposing things like this, than to go head-on in a lawsuit and end up being given the choice to settle for a lot of money but lose their right to speak out.

  109. Did Tony Ortega’s departure from the Village Voice have anything to do with the church’s “ongoing program to eliminate all relationships …?” I mean, the fact that someone is talking about you, especially casting the light of truth on you, means there is a relationship, so it follows you would try to eliminate that connection…

  110. I’m trying to figure out exactly what that means. I guess it would mean that one does whatever is necessary to stop the free speech and civil rights of anyone who disagrees? Spying, harassment, whatever it takes.

  111. The funniest part is figuring out how to pronounce it!

  112. The church was once fiercely litigious, but has accumulated so many overts, withholds and missed withholds, that all one has to do is threaten to divulge some embarrassing truth and they are whipping out their checkbooks.
    Dangerous precedent. This might get expensive…

  113. You don’t need to worry about us being silenced. Already turned it down.

  114. Too funny with the word!

  115. +

  116. …precisely and exactly Ronnie. Watch the video and decide for yourself, but I don’t get ulterior motive from these guys. Who wouldn’t seek being made whole after 25 years and promise of lifetime security was breached? This is however not just another drop in the bucket for the Monkey Man, nor get rich quick scheme for them, it was a lifelong career endeavor and they have Miscavige once again on the defense, big time news, helpful to us. If we’re keeping up, suspect more to come. I’d be fine if they come out big time winners.

  117. Love this comment.

  118. That will be up to the individual involved. I can tell you he is a Power FSM and a 35 year vet. He is as hard core as anyone I’ve ever known. Note to Shreff: I sent you a copy though you probably already got one. I highly recommend you forward to your database.

  119. Well, if the wrote a tell all book they would probably make as much or more money than they will get in a settlement and will not have to put a gag on their free communication. I can’t imagine my not being able to say something no matter the price I was paid. I must have a huge disconnect between my mouth and my bank account. Maybe if it was considerably larger (my bank account) I might feel differently. I guess LRH left out one of the methods of implanting in HCOB Implants, Types of, (or whatever it was titled).

  120. Definitely!

  121. Ummmmmmmmmmmm…STEVE

    The correct spelling for Karin Pouw is with an I.
    Not an E,

    It is Karin Pouw.

  122. Yes, Kevin! Or, even for Church members in good standing to step up and say the same thing: “No more spending Church money on settlements until we get some questions answered.”

  123. Absolutely Les,

    You are living proof that all of these thing can and are being achieved and exemplify a true model of HCOB 10 June 1960, “WHAT WE EXPECT OF A SCIENTOLOGIST”.

  124. Lynne,
    Per “The Washington Post” news story of 24 September 2012, “The Village Voice” is being sold.
    This may have something to do with Tony Ortega’s departure…just sayin’.

  125. Li'll bit of stuff

    Why sory, Lynne?— I’m not!

  126. And I guess David spent 12 mil to find the 1.8 mil Pat supposedly took.

  127. Mike, glad to hear that. But what I mean is, if you end up in a lawsuit where you have to take the “silence” terms to settle, that will put you in a quandary of not being able to settle. I suppose at that point you would just bite them harder…LOL

  128. I somehow do not think Pat Broker is the key to anything. David invested 12 mil in watching him and got nothing in exchange. While keeping hard working staff barely alive on food not fit for a dog. The people at CLO Italy were eating pasta for YEARS. ONLY pasta. David has become the Central Intelligence Agency and the Int Base has become the Internal Revenue Service. Copies of another government.

  129. I hope it’s Tony Falcaro.

  130. Definitely! +1

  131. I think it is very interesting to find out that while Pat was going to medical school to learn how to heal people, David was at the Int Base beating people up.

  132. “HCOB Implants, Types of, (or whatever it was titled).” That made me laugh, Dan, coming from you.

  133. I took it to mean that if I was in contact with Marty or Mike, they wanted to cut their relationship with me. It is slightly ambiguous.

  134. Makes sense but how does the IRS get woken up to the obvious? What trigger do they need? Surely the Devil’s luck must eventually run out, DMs corruption hides in plain sight.

  135. Marty and Mike,

    What was Miscavige’s twisted reasoning that caused him to have Pat Broeker watched and tracked 24/7 for over 20 years? What concerned him so much about Broeker’s whereabouts and activities when (so far as I know — which isn’t very far, I’ll admit) he has not tracked anyone else that assiduously or that long?

  136. Speaking of Debbie Cook, when you are in that deep on the inside of a criminal activity, (IAS ponzi scheme and 100 people held against their will at the INT BASE) and you take the money and run, in exchange for keeping your mouth shut everafter, you are in cahoots with the criminals. I don’t believe any circumstances dictate (justify) that you take the money and run, when there is so much at stake!! She BLEW it man. She was not strong enough. She turned her back on everybody and said “fuck it man, I’m done.” She QUIT, and in this fight YOU CAN’T QUIT. What is the value of one small lifetime compared to the value of bringing Miscavige down with WHAT YOU KNOW? if Debbie never comes back and tells all that she knows, she can go to hell in my book. Kudos to Rinder and Rathbun for NOT doing so. The private eyes will take the money and run for sure, but they were never even Scientologists to begin with, were they? And by Scientologist, I mean STAFF MEMBER.

  137. martyrathbun09

    He has tracked me far more assiduously – even though it will not be for as long, since Miscavige won’t be around for that long.

  138. LDW you said.
    “So the question is, once we complete VII (standardly, outside the RCS, it goes without saying), what’s our next step casewise?
    Do original OT levels IV-VII”.
    Question: Should a person do the two versions of OT levels? Are the original OT levels, the unaltered version? Can you explain this for me. Thanks.

  139. Not yet anyway…

  140. This whole thing is scummy. I don’t even want to elaborate on it.

    I will say that I find it harder and harder to identify myself as a Scientologist when this shit has been going on so damn long with the support of members. Honestly, it makes me wonder about how far Scientology really goes, and what is missing. There are gaps. I know what I got out of Scientology, and it was very positive. But it amazes me that some people can look at the same books and HCOBs and PLs that I look at and come to completely different points of view about the world.

    To me, the ONLY thing that is Scientology is Red on White, and the tech backing it up. EVERYTHING else is supporting stuff – Admin and Ethics. Admin and Ethics tech are not Scientology to me – they are structures there to help get Scientology delivered. They are EXPENDABLE. If you look at the Admin Scale and cussing get it, you will agree. PURPOSE is SENIOR to POLICY. The POLICIES the church have been following have SCREWED THINGS UP.

    If you look at KSW #1, Ron is very clear: it is all about the technology and nothing else. “Having the correct technology.” etc.

    When I was on staff at Flag when I was a kid, I saw all these CMO brats who were running around who were completely untrained and had NO CLUE about life and about Scientology. It was a lark for them. It was a fun cussing game. They did not know the first law of L&N, let alone what ARC really is. They were trained into the “ethic presence” bullshit valence way back then. Cussing babies having the nuts to berate producers twice and three times their age. This has been going on for years – and is going on now. People who have NO CLUE calling themselves “Scientologists” who nonetheless do “roll backs” and “gang sec checks” and “Knowledge Reports” on their mommies and daddies and “to abort the fetus is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” and all the rest of it. This is what people call “Scientology”!

    David Miscavige was one of the CMO brats. We all know that no one said no.

    Why the cuss not? What is wrong with Scientology that we could not stop this bullshit? Why are we now rooting for a couple of ex-cop bastards who took us for millions who now cry like babies when their gravy train stops? I am sorry, but that is how I feel about these assholes. Big cussing “yay” for them to spill the beans, but we all know they are looking for payoffs.

    What the cuss is our goal here? Does Scientology really work? Because I am not seeing it working. What we are seeing is a long, long history of abuse, neglect, and criminality on the part of some of us, with self-deception and “denialism” and reasonableness on the part of the rest of us. So, okay, some of us are figuring it out. But in so doing, what of the actual subject of Scientology will remain? I don’t know.

    Mark Patterson

  141. Mike, as always, you have such an eloquent way of stating things-LOL

  142. Yeah, but you’re dangerous. 🙂

  143. That would be huge, but I doubt it.

  144. An applicable quote to you both: “Your character is your fate”. I recently pondered where things would be if you two hadn’t taken on the task a few years ago of deposing a madman- it wasn’t good. Thank you for your efforts and results.

  145. Steve Poore has announced – see link on right side of this page.

  146. Link may be down. See Thoughtful’s web site.

  147. Good point Mark, but this is a classic case of Black Dianetics. Dave wants you to believe Scn/LRH/philosophy/tech, whatever you want to call it is no longer the case in the Church of DM? He thrives on people leaving disgusted and disgruntled for life with Scientology.

    I have many friends who are in the same boat and I still will be friends with them. That’s my take

  148. M30 – Maybe I can give some data that will help. The current OT VII was called New OT VII. Don’t know why that was dropped. The 1978 grade chart had the pre-req’s for OT VIII as NOTs completion AND full OT VII (the original full OT VII). The original OT IV through what was called Full OT VII is currently not being done at all except in the Indie field.

    I believe LDW is saying once you do the current bridge through all of the NOTs stuff (current/new OT 5 thru 7) then you can do the original OT IV through original Full OT VII. LRH did not cancel any of that from anything I have ever seen.

    You aren’t doing two versions of OT levels. The confusion comes from the fact that the same OT level titles were used for both. If they had simply left the name as OT III, then NED for OTs rundowns, then Solo NOTS, then continue with OT IV and on up the line. If those were the labels on the levels you could see you aren’t doing different versions, but instead doing a completely different action.

    I assume I have either helped you or made you more confused. Hopefully I have done the former, and helped you. We have more material to better ourselves with than we have time to get through it in my opinion.

  149. Exactly, Lynn. When NBC runs a Scientology story on Rock Center, it’s because they know it will boost the ratings. And when the topic appears on the Huffington Post, Radar Online or any of these other blogs, most of the commenters have never set foot in an Org and never will, but man, are they interested! When Tony Ortega announced he was leaving the Village Voice, his readers begged him to keep his Scientology coverage going. Yes sir, public interest in Scientology is straight up and vertical!

  150. one of those who see

    Hi Mark,
    Totally understand your anger. And it’s totally cool to rant. Been doing it myself! My answer to “what do we have left of the subject of Scientology:” What works, what you loved about it. I’m back on the bridge in the Indie Field and it is wonderful. ARC, no big runway to get in session, F/Ns !!, Results. Acceptance of the spiritual (past lives, abilities) No people in lounges or hallways to avoid. Reasonable pricing, the intention to free beings. Real Friends.

    Re: the ex – cops coming out – well more truth being pulled out from under the rug. And that’s good. Interesting that they saw nothing wrong with Pat Broeker. He was studying to be a Doctor for goodness sake.

    Thanks for being a safe terminal for me early on. I hope to follow in your footsteps and be out in the open. And I hope I can do it soon. It would take a bit of a miracle, but they seem to be happening out here in freedom.

  151. That’s an easy one. If the terms of a settlement dictate silence, then you don’t take the settlement. So far this has worked for the dwarf.
    You can be sure he dreads the day when someone refuses to settle & instead goes to trial and he, Miscavige, has to take the stand. There’s not enough Valium made to calm his nerves should that day come. I can just picture him sitting in the witness chair with boxes of Kleenex having to continually wipe the sweat off his face with shaking hands and his beady eyes darting back & forth. In other words, terror. A cornered rat will look tame by comparison.

  152. Dear me yes, erianoillib.
    Simply brilliant.
    Sucker of life in all of it’s forms: erianoillib.

  153. That would be DICK, capital letters.

  154. Yes. They (Miscavige) are trying to prevent it from spreading. So anyone who has any contact with Marty/Mike etc must be immediately cut off from friends, family in the church. They must be immediately verbally declared and a black pr (dead agent) package prepared and shown to anyone who might be influenced by the person. It’s like agressively treating cancer with surgery or something.

    It sort of gives the viewer a glimpse into DM’s mind and what he thinks of people and how he deals with them. Lets see, where is that on the Chart of Human Evaluation?

  155. Yes, it is Steve. More to follow. This is getting fun. Note to OSA: I just put my garbage out by the curb. Have at it.

  156. non-scientologist

    “The Oracle | September 30, 2012 at 4:17 pm | Reply I think it is very interesting to find out that while Pat was going to medical school to learn how to heal people, David was at the Int Base beating people up.”

    Evidently shortly after getting tossed by DM, Pat realized he needed to get some new skills and improve himself. Something DM never had the humility or self knowledge to realize.

  157. Hi Mark, Following is the goal:

    “I went thru life being programmed by other people. Self Analysis helped me undo my life being controlled by others. I was critical of myself and always questioned my own decisions. I was my own worst enemy. I have become kinder to myself and less critical of my decisions about my life. I have found a new freedom and I will remember only the important things over the years. I don’t question myself as much anymore. I like the person I have become and gotten to know that I never knew until I came to LEC.
    I read just a few days ago that fits how I feel now “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter.”
    I will remember my last exam with Anita pertaining my attesting to ARC Straightwire. The end result for this is as follows: “freedom from deterioration; knows he/she won’t get any worse.” I feel like this has helped me to heal from my past. I will always remember that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift.
    I feel that God has blessed me with wonderful people to help me thru this journey. I am grateful to my 2-D who gave me this special gift. I also appreciate Les, Anita and Linda who have helped me thru this process of Self Analysis and help me through the completion of ARC Straightwire. God Bless all of you and the LEC.”

    This lady is new to scientology, is in her 70’s, is a christian and thinks scientology is great. She completed ARC Straightwire last week and is now on Grade O. She’s a doll.

    Now, the monopoly is broken and no-one really “owns” scientology philosophy or the technology.

    I’ve always dreamed of being able to simply help people in a theta environment without all those ignorant, entheta, dev T, pricks and bitches from “uplines” spoiling my fun.

    Welcome to the Independent Field.

  158. Debbie jumped in with a blistering email that caused many previously bind people to look and to see. Then she got up on the witness stand and did what no one has done be

  159. (sorry, my finger slipped)

    … what no one has done before, with gut-wrenching testimony. She hit one out of the park, and then, maybe to try to heal her body and soul, said “enough” and retired. What more do you want?

  160. Do you have a cat?

  161. I don’t get ulterior motive from these guys. Who wouldn’t seek being made whole after 25 years and promise of lifetime security was breached?

    I got the same read off Marrick and Arnold. Nothing funky in their space. Two guys just relating the facts. They didn’t even seem to be holding a grudge, although they’ve got every right to be tweaked about Miscavige breaking the deal.

    Did you catch the part where Greg Arnold talks about them being sec checked by the church? He called it “using the e-meter like a lie detector”. If Marrick and Arnold had gone south, it would have been revealed in the sec checks. They’re clean.

  162. Is Marion Pouw (the one who works with Mike Sutter) her sister or an in-law. She is also a fine piece of work.

  163. “For accurate information about Scientology see”


    And for accurate information about safe ways to invest your money, go to

  164. Oh, don’t forget Minerva. It’s 5.

  165. I think COB is getting entangled in his own COB-web (TM).

  166. Mark,

    I feel ya’ man, but to me it’s just a point of differentiation. I mean, what are you going to do? Stop “knowing how to know”? Impossible.

    No, my friend, I’m afraid that once you’ve gone down that road far enough to know what you are and who you are, there’s no turning back. Sorry.

  167. Wow, the Independence Announcement by Steve Poore is brillant!

  168. Yes, there is a german proverb, “he who shows with one finger at you, is showing at the same time with 3 fingers at himself”.

  169. What Les said. Perfect.

  170. What Les said. Perfect.

  171. Has Marty or Mike R tried to get in comm with Pat Broeker?
    Pat IS the key to the puzzle. He can answer all the questions, regarding LRH’s real final condition, and If OT levels IX-XV really exist. I also have a question for Dan Koon, why were the original OT levels removed from the grade chart?

  172. Li'll bit of stuff

    Outstanding post, Mark! Thanks for blasting it across..
    You sure have intention, bro’.

  173. You’ll have more questions than when you began asking, guaranteed.

  174. Awesome is spelt with an “A”. A fucken “AYE”.
    It just keeps gettin better 😀
    Nod if you agree. NOD YOUR FUCKIN’ HEAD 😀

  175. Oops, restricted play back…. Oh well 😀 Nothin’ like seeing Busta Rhymes and Dr Dre riding a STEAM ROLLER though, worth the watching. The dudes raps so fast he could start a fire.

  176. … this likely resonates as extreme entheta to the dimrods, er, demigods, but what they fail to get, and what they will continue to fail to get, is the actuality of it all.

    After all, one would have to look, to get what is being said.

  177. Is it possible that Pat is no longer the bad guy he was?

  178. Isn’t it so, that LRH announced the original OT VIII (eight) over and over again from late 60’s trough 70’s and after the NOTs developement he annonced that he finally had the “missing piece of tech” and OT 8 was soon to be released (which didn’t happen)?
    What happened to this level?
    There was also a mention in LRH writings of at least 15 Levels above OT VII (in form of drafts), but at some point we never heard of it anymore.
    I understand your above sequence (except you forgot the current OT Drug RD). But what ever happened to the other 15 steps?

  179. Thanks for the info, OPW.

  180. Bob, she TOOK THE MONEY from an SP in exchange for her silence, and that makes her complicit in the crime, don’t you see that? Can Justice ever be served if that’s how all of us react in similar circumstances?

  181. Thanks for that Les. Of course, that’s what it’s about, isn’t it? I am very glad for her – very glad. Well done, and thanks again.

  182. Thanks, O. It is true – “What works” – so, we need to understand that not everything that was ever written or uttered by Ron works. Of course, he mentioned this and revised/refined his work all the time. He tossed out Creative Processing, for example.

    We need to be fearless in making our own assessment of it, and be willing to chuck out the dross. Of course, one man’s dross could be another’s life-affirming revelation, so this must be done with intelligence. One thing to note about what I just wrote – It’s not what Ron intended – or well, perhaps a better way to say it is, it is not what Ron planned, but it is what Ron intended, in that it is the ONLY way Scientology will move forward, and Ron did intend that.

  183. I get you Scott. I am a pilgrim on this orb, and Ron has taped a good chunk of the way. But there are gaps, and if these are the aims:

    “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.”

    then we haven’t been doing it, and if we care, we will need to know why. Why, with the tech we have, has the church failed? There are one or more fatal flaws. On the other hand, if each of us walk the path and help others to do so, that is a worthy enough reason. I have to say, I am very happy to see the strength of the Indies.

  184. Yes, sure, but we collectively knew about Black Dianetics more than 30 years prior to DM pulling his tricks in the early ’80s and yet, here he is.

    Here’s my take, and it is a reiteration of my declaration. We are each 100% responsible for the tech. We each own it 100%. And that has never been the mindset about the subject in the church, even though it truly is a requirement to Keep Scientology Working – isn’t this the message behind KSW #1?

  185. I didn’t know he was ever considered a bad guy. I thought he was just living life on his own terms. He was a friend of Hubbard’s, or so Hubbard decided. I don’t care that he didn’t run with the herd. I don’t even care that he spent money. I don’t care that he went his own way after Hubbard moved on. I don’t think he owes anybody anything. He wasn’t going to bow down to David Miscavige. That doesn’t make him a bad guy. It just made him a very interesting guy to David Miscavige.

  186. Hear, hear!

  187. Thanks Sapere Aude, it´s more clearer. Now, you are saying: “If they had simply left the name as OTIII, then NED for OTs rundowns, then Solo NOTS, then continue with OTIV and on up the line”. Ok, so basically OTIV (OT drug rundown) came originally after OTVII or are you referring to a different OT levels named the same? Thanks.

  188. SKM – I know what you are talking about. I don’t know if we, or anyone, will see what was on the original OT VIII. When the current one was released it was called “New OT VIII”. The LRH notes and written materials that have not been released – where are they? I would like to think they are at least intact in the vault. Who knows?

    My response was to what we had that we could do. To me the OT DRD is just a rundown and would probably fall after III and before the NOTs rundowns.

  189. Thanks SA.

    I also think DMs objective was to obtain the materials and bring them out of sight (dramatizing the Valence of a Vatican Pope).
    Re Pat Broker, who have seen the materials Miscavige obtained from him?
    Can we really be assured he doesn’t have the full materials?

    I doubt LRH would write a promise of “15 Levels above OT 7” without having something in the drawer. And he did it more than once.

  190. Gern Gaschoen

    Can you say totally fucking Squirrel Rollback tech?

  191. martyrathbun09

    You all are playing right into DM’s hands. If you do through OT VII honestly and conscientiously you won’t be left susceptible to wolves in gurus clothing. If L. Ron Hubbard was kidding about ‘if it is not in writing, it isn’t true’, then worrying about what he did not publish before checking out is rather naive and gullible.

  192. It’s not naive if you consider that there was a comm line supressed for too long.
    Look at all the HCOBs rewritten (re: Disconnection for example) and signed with LRHs name.
    And this was with LRH being still alive.

    I don’t think it is all naive.
    There is more to that. I am sure.

    But I agree with you about the wins of OT VII.
    I am sure, once we achieve this plateau things will look differently.

    In the meantime I won’t delete this possibility (DM hiding LRHs original writings) from the register.

  193. Other than Marty & Mike, IMHO Debbie did more to move the football than anyone else. What she did continues to reverberate and will do so for a very long time. I could care less whether she took money or not. Actually I do care as I rather she have the money than have it sit in DMs coffers collecting interest. I will tell you this: She wanted to pursue the case but was advised to settle but those who cared about her. More power to her and I hope she finds the peace she deserves.

  194. martyrathbun09

    Maybe not naive, but guaranteed forever at effect. If you are looking for the final clarification of LRH, welcome to an infinity of listing.

  195. I think this video interview is phenomenal documentation and evidence of the inner workings of the Miscavige MEST church.

  196. Thank you for the reminder Marty.
    But you’re not particulary at effect if you KNOW, that you DON’T KNOW.
    There are lot’s of things we don’t know.
    What exactly was LRHs intent about compilations vs. the crap DM released.
    Study itself is a journey of contradictory sources (it’s not everything LRH in the box even if his name is written on it).

    I am sure we will handle the random stupidity crossing our ways to truth.
    I think this is what any Scientologist should do – independently. Because this is what study is about.
    And if the truth then can be made known to help others. Good.
    That’s why I thank you for the work you do in running this 3rd Dynamic Session.

    Next time trough, more things popping up. Definitly.

  197. You’re right re Debbie, but nothing has had happened without Marty having run the 2rd Dynamic engram.
    He reported extensivley about the abuses of Debbie Cook at the INT Base month (years?) before she wrote her e-mail.
    This really is Group Dianetics in application.

  198. This is 3rd Dynamic, not 2rd, of course 🙂

  199. “Did you catch the part where Greg Arnold talks about them being sec checked by the church? ”

    Yup. And good point, if they were funky it would have been over for them, then. I didn’t even need an e-meter and could tell the same. 🙂

  200. Needed to be said, Mark.

    The inclusion of Admin in KSW assumes that policy is infallible. I, personally, have come to question the workability of much of the Green on White. Without a doubt there are some gems there; but collectively does it deliver what is promised? By observation and experience I would say “No”. Some will argue “They’re just not applying it right”, okay, but I’ve known some pretty smart chaps, OEC/FEBCs over the years, many of them running orgs, and at best they were just getting by.

    Regarding, DM being a CMO brat – I don’t know DM, so I don’t have direct personal experience concerning this behavior. I am of the opinion that DM is a product of the Scn 3rd dynamic. I would suspect there are others within the Sea Org that act and behave similarly. What makes his behavior more pronounced and more destructive is the altitude where it resides.

    Regarding CMO brats – this is just plain bonkers, but does offer some type of explanation why Scn Management is in the state it’s in.

    What solidifies this madness is that Kool-Aid drink staff members are utterly convinced that their admin “technology” is far superior to any of that “wog squirrely admin”. Tell that to Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, etc. They are delusional.

    I have yet to see a truly successful, ass-kicking, blow-me-away company that operates solely on Scn Admin Tech. I’m totally willing to be wrong on this point.


  201. Thanks Kevin. I fully agree with you about Debbie.

  202. The response seems oriented towards an internal audience rather than the general public. CofSers seem to eat that sort of thing up while ignoring the most blatant craziness.

  203. Yes, StatPush – There are all levels of policy. One of which was to not use Simonize products on LRH’s cars. This was in 1964 or thereabouts. So, okay, at the time, this may have been good policy, but things change, conditions change, and policies that made sense in 1964 may not make sense in 2012. Ron even has policy on this: HCOPL 13 March 1964, “The Structure of Organization – What is Policy?”

    In the ref above, the whole idea of Policy is to forward the basic purpose. This makes the basic purpose senior to policy. What is the basic purpose? In a nutshell, freeing people. Boy, has the church screwed that up. But, to the point, any and all policy is expendable if it does not forward the basic purpose. This is specifically called out as “bad policy.”

    So, how does the policy of disconnection help free people? It does not.
    How does the RPF free people? It is supposed to help the person out, but it does not. Therefore it is bad policy.
    Ideal Orgs, so called, are A. pretty much against the whole Finance policy series, B. waste money and resources, and C do NOT free people.

    But, the tech behind, say, Missed Withholds is universal. The tech surrounding Service Facs, Stable Data, ARC and ARC Breaks, etc. is universal and is NOT expendable. It just is.

  204. Agreed. I would also add: intelligent application of policy requires perception and judgement – and if needed, disagreement if policy does not forward purpose.
    Judgement requires the individual think for himself. That is pretty much illegal now. Perception requires space. Try maintaining your space while having your face ripped off. Disagreement requires balls, something in short supply.
    Looking at it now, policy was probably the easiest to subvert.

  205. You bet. She’s someone I would definitely go to the mat for. I’m sure there’s many, many others who feel the same way. Now about that OT VIII who just called me…LOL!

  206. I don’t think anyone on either side of the field has any doubts about Marty’s impact to what is unfolding. That’s something I think everyone can agree on!

  207. Mike,
    In other words Karin Pouw-wouw talks of continuing the “spiritual genocide”
    they have had going for several decades…….

  208. Right on LDW,
    Plenty to BE, DO and HAVE on all dynamics, just keep going!

  209. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  210. constantvigilance

    I was so saddened to hear about Johnny Lewis’ psychotic break and death and murder spree. I personally knew him and both his parents. He was such a good kid and his star was rising. It angers me so much that the church has now removed his picture from every Narconon promo or picture and they publicly lie saying that he never ever did the Narconon drug rehab program (when he did). But one bright hope was the one line where they quoted his dad, Michael Lewis, as saying that after Narconon didn’t cure him, they put him in a regular rehab place and that seemed to be working and that he improved there. So if Class VIII, OT VIII dad, Michael, saw fit to put him in a “wog” rehab place after Narconon didn’t work, that means to me that maybe there is hope that Michael wakes up, looks, and leaves the DM church of Miscavage. At least Michael was willing to place him in a treatment center that wAS NOT Scientology run. That tells me maybe he could actually look and see and know the truth. We can hope can’t we?

  211. why do people have to use dumpster language to communicate? its gross

  212. constant vigilance

    Bohawk, what do you mean “dumpster language”?

    To continue the thread on Johnny Lewis, the word going out to the reporters is that “Johnny had not done any Scientology in years,” to try and distance him from Scn. Yet I know he was a Class IV auditor by age 16, and was Clear and had possibly done some OT Levels above that. The parents are asking that no one post about it on the Razz Line or FB as they want to keep it quiet. The loss of this incredible being and also Alex Jenzch and many others are all the more reason we in the Independent community need to come together as a group, galvanize, and finish the job of clearing the planet that Ron started.

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