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“Only Scientology Law Applies” – Radical Corporate Position


By Mike Rinder

At the same time Miscavige’s minions rushed into court in Texas attempting to enforce their unconscionable “contract” with Debbie Cook, they sang a different tune in Pinellas County, pleading that courts have no jurisdiction in matters of religion.

See the article by Joe Childs and Tom Tobin reporting on today’s hearing (which occurred coincidentally with the hearing in Texas):  Lawyer tells judge: “Only Scientology law applies.”

The Tampa Bay Times report is accurate and objective.

There is no doubt a great deal of law indicates courts should not intrude in religious matters.  But here, where the church has long proclaimed how fair and generous it is in returning money to dissatisfied customers, the new “policy” of refusing to return funds is being challenged and scrutinized.  Until fairly recently, the church lived up to representations made to the Internal Revenue Service to gain tax exemption that it was “easy” to get your money back.  But it seems there are so many dissatisfied customers that they had a change of heart, and are now refusing to even return monies on account while stating “if they had just followed the procedures they would have had their money by now” with a straight face.  I wonder what would happen if a bunch of SPs showed up at the FSO to “do their CVB Routing Form” – imagine the panic that would spread.  And if each brought a witness…. I think the FSO should be careful about what they say.

It was rather humorous to watch the church try to claim a 7 page fine print contract is “Scientology law.” Clearly, it was drafted by lawyers, not religious scholars, to be used in court and it even says so in the enrollment agreement.

But the most amazing position for the church to take is “tough luck pal, it’s our rules and if you don’t like them you can’t sue us.  Not for anything, ever, because you signed away your rights in order to participate in church services.”  But here, they didn’t even participate. No services were provided.

There is little doubt this will be a long battle.  The stakes for the church losing are a catastrophic run on the bank.  But fighting this will focus more and more media attention on the vulture culture and how far removed it is from what the IRS was told that convinced them to grant the church tax exempt status.

Miscavige is walking a tightrope while juggling and doing backflips in a high wind:  trying not to let a dollar out of his grip while at the same time defying what he personally told the IRS about church policy on refunds and repayments, while trying to use the judicial system to enforce contracts to protect his ego and out of the other side of his mouth protesting that his contracts cannot be enforced by any court.  Good luck with that.

His contradictions are not lost on the world and as he proceeds down his arrogant path of self destruction, they will catch up to him. He is convinced he is the smartest man in the world and he can play anyone and everyone for his benefit. The truth ALWAYS prevails in the end.

A tip of the hat to Bert Schippers and Lynn Hoverson and Luis and Rocio Garcia for stepping up to the plate and paving the way for justice and equity for many who stand in the same place.

Rinder: Open Revolt Against Vulture Culture?

 The following interview of Mike Rinder was published in the most widely circulated and influential newspaper in Germany, Sueddeutsche, over the weekend.  It is informative and gets more integral differentiation going out worldwide.

Thanks to Greta Alexander for translating for us.

Scientology-dropout about leader of sect “He beat me, he made me clean toilets”

 January 14, 2012, 15:57

Interview: Marc Felix Serrao

For 20 years Michael Rinder has led the feared secret service of the Church of Scientology. In 2007 he dropped out – because he could no longer deal with the totalitarian methods of the sect leader.  Since then his own family despises him. In his first interview he explains why an open revolt in Scientology is only a question of time.

Over the past few days all hell has broken lose in Scientology. In an email to thousands of other Scientologists a devoted member named Debbie Cook has voiced sharp criticism about the leader of the sect, David Miscavige and his supposedly wasteful dealings with donations. Such sound bites have so far only been known to come from dropouts and not from the inside of the organisation. A unique happening? Not at all, says Michael Rinder. There are few people  who know the sect as well as this 56-year old Australian. Rinder grew up in a Scientology family. He was spokesman  and for more than 20 years was the boss of the Office of Special Affairs, the infamous secret service of Scientology. He left in 2007 because, as he said, he could no longer deal with the totalitarian methods of the leader of the sect. In his first interview appearing in Germany, he explains that an open revolt in Scientology is only a question of time.



The Scientology building in Hamburg: The sect is almost nowhere else as disputed as in Germany.

SZ: Mr. Rinder, is the Church of Scientology stuck in a crisis?

Michael Rinder: Indeed. And if you want to know why, you have to know who Debbie Cook is. She has written this critical email – and she belonged to the Sea Organization in Scientology (Note by editor: That is the name of the sect’s elite-unit; the members wear military-looking uniforms and address their superiors with ‘Sir’). Unlike people like me, Debbie was still a member of the church. She was loved, she enjoyed  great deal of respect. That means that most members would have read her email.

What Debbie wrote appeals to Scientologists: She quoted the policies of L. Ron Hubbard (Note by editor: The still glowingly worshiped founder of the sect by the members who died in 1986). And she remarks that much of what the current leadership of the church does today is in gross contradiction to that.

SZ: According to Scientology Debbie represents a single opinion, stemming from a “small, ignorant and uncleared look at today’s world”.

Rinder: That’s a lame PR answer. An attempt at damage control, no more.

SZ: And how big is the damage?

Rinder: Considerable. The reactions following that first statement show that too.  Now Debbie is even being called an apostate. This may sound bizarre to you but that is a message specifically directed to the members: Debbie is an apostate, do not believe anything she says!

SZ: What do you think how many members secretly share Cook’s criticisms?

Rinder: The majority.

SZ: Seriously?

Rinder: Yes. If parishioners could openly talk to you, each one could tell you a story about the ‘vulture culture’.

SZ: Vulture culture?

Rinder: The obsession to squeeze as much money out of people as possible. This thinking has permeated the whole organization. And when Debbie pokes the finger into the wound any Scientologist knows what that means.

SZ: Then why aren’t there thousands of such protest-emails?

Rinder: People are in fear, especially from the media. Debbie had not intended that her mail would be known.

SZ: Do you know what is happening with her now?

Rinder: No, I am not in touch with her.

SZ: But if someone knows how Scientology deals with a critic it is you.

Rinder: That is true. I have quite a good idea of what is now going on. First the face book police are  activated. They inform all members that Debbie may not be anybody’s Facebook ‘friend’ anymore. Following that she will be given the label of “suppressive person” – and disconnection. And then you will see more and more attempts to position her as a liar, as someone who has no clue. As an apostate with an axe to grind. That is the standard procedure.

SZ: And does this work?                                                                                                             

Rinder: Not as good as it used to. Many, many staff members of Scientology live in a totally isolated way. They read no press. They shut themselves off from anything that could be critical. But now this is reaching the parishioners – and through them the criticism reaches the staff members. For any parishioner asking questions, they need someone to deal with it. Anyone doing so will be confronted with the criticisms – and when this repeats, sooner or later the staff  member will start to ask questions himself. That is the beauty of Debbie Cook’s criticisms. In the short range it will only produce an echo in the media. In the long term the consequences are enormous. Doubts are sown. It will bear fruit.

SZ: Let’s talk about David Miscavige, the chief of Scientology and best friend of Tom Cruise. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of his rule?

(Michael Rinder led the secret service of Scientology for 20 years. Then he dropped out.)

Rinder: No, that began way back. But what is happening now will speed up his demise. His power depends on people listening to him. That they believe that he will lead Scientology into the land of milk and honey. When this image is shaken, the whole structure of the church starts to shake. The church is in his image. Nobody can do or decide anything without Miscavige’s consent.

SZ: A dictator?

Rinder: Absolutely.

SZ: How well do you know him?

Rinder: Oh, I know David Miscavige. We have worked together very closely for a long time.

SZ: What kind of a man is he, on the good as well as the bad side?

Rinder: Clearly, the bad dominates.  But the good…He is an extremely fast study and there is almost  nothing he cannot deal with intellectually. But he uses his intelligence to manipulate. He is  incredibly  vain and very resentful. When you question something he says he’ll teach you a lesson. He keeps everyone around him off balance and in fear. His punishments are often arbitrary. You never know when you have to clean the toilet or get beat up.

SZ: Did he beat you?

Rinder: About 50 times. He had me clean toilets. I had to sleep on the bare floor. I was put into “The Hole.” Stuff like that.

SZ: Have you ever defended yourself?

Rinder: I only raised my arms in front of my face. I really wasn’t the only one. There are many reports about his attacks.

SZ: You supposedly also did some of that.

Rinder: Yes. David Miscavige told me and others: “Go and beat so and so. And if you dont’ do that I will do it and will give you a beating afterward.”

SZ: Scientology rejects what you say. Your own wife described you a liar on CNN.

Rinder: Out of fear, people like my wife say anything. They start marching like good little robots and spout what David Miscavige dictated. There were several ex-wives of defectors on CNN. Two even used the exact same formulation.

SZ: It is being said that Miscavige has a dog and staff members must salute it?

Rinder: Correct. The uniform is blue with gold stripes.

SZ: You call yourself an “independent Scientologist”. What does that mean?

Rinder: I believe that Scientology philosophy can help people lead a better life. However, the organization uses this knowledge to pull money out of their pockets.

SZ: Do you yourself not wish to annihilate critics and dominate the world?

Rinder: No. And I know that especially in Germany this is a huge topic. This arrogance: We are superior, we alone know the way to happiness. It is David Miscavige who is responsible that Scientology and its members are considered radical. While this image really does not match the truth of what Scientology stands for, it is reinforced when the church proceeds against critics and journalists like you and treating them like dirt.

SZ: You mean the infamous “fair-game”-rule, the merciless dealing with critics. That, by a long shot, is not the only fundamental, why Scientology has such a bad reputation. Such rules have always existed. They are the invention of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Rinder: That could turn into a long discussion. I can also understand that you see it this way. The fair-game rule should never have been written in such a manner and has been badly misinterpreted. The same goes for the “disconnection”-rule…

SZ: The duty to break off contact to people, who in the eyes of Scientology are “suppressives”

Rinder: Right. But if you were to read all that Hubbard wrote about that, you would see that this was considered a last resort. Disconnection is designed to allow someone to lead a happier life. When you are in an abusive relationship it is best to cut off the contact. That is its purpose. It is supposed to be a tool for the individual not as a political tool of control where the church tells people who they are not allowed to talk to.

SZ: When one listens to you, it sounds as if Hubbard had been innocent. Ronald De Wolf, the oldest son of the founder of Scientology, who passed in 1991, described his father in an interview as a sadistic, violent and paranoid occultist, who, contrary to his own teaching of purity, drank like crazy and took drugs.

Rinder: First I know that Nibs (Note by editor: nickname of De Wolf) later retracted this statement. And number two I have spent myself a lot of time with Hubbard. He was the most brilliant person I ever had the pleasure of meeting. Yes, he had a temper and could get angry when something went wrong. But was that always like that? No. Did he treat people like Miscavige does? Not a bit. Did he take care of his own family? Absolutely. Did he take drugs? Absolutely not. Was he polite? Incredibly so. Was he humorous? Very much.

SZ: All that sounds very terrific. But it was Hubbard who made this steel hard differentiation between the supposedly spirit-liberated Scientologists and the rest, the “wogs”, the “raw meat” the “suppressives”. This worldview of black and white, friend and enemy is Hubbard in pure form. And you, Mr. Rinder, experience it yourself since your exit. You are now one of the bad ones. Even your family has declared war on you. How do you get all that under one hat?

Rinder: I do that by pushing that kind of thought about the church out of my life. I see it as you do. This attitude that we fight against the rest of the world and have to deal with any critic as an enemy is wrong. You may possibly find passages from Hubbard that you could use to support this.  So what? There are many favorable passages that say something completely different. I am not a full-time explainer of Hubbard that has to think at each sentence how to defend him. I only want the abuses to cease that are now the order of the day in the church.

SZ: Your wife describes you as a man that hates children. Your daughter calls you a bigamist. Does that hurt?

Rinder: Of course it hurts. But I know why they are doing it. They think they have no choice. My goodness, they even visited my 86-year old mother in an old folks home and got her to write me vicious letters. But I know who I am. I know how I live. I now have a 5 year old step son that I love tremendously. We have a great relationship. If I was such a fiend why would Cathy stay married to me for 30 years? You know, I don’t even read any more all of the dirt that is being dumped on me.

SZ: Do you see any chance that you and your family could make peace at some time in the future?

Rinder: Only if they wake up. Only if they recognize that they had been brainwashed.

SZ: If you summarize all of your experiences, how do you see yourself then: as a perpetrator or as a victim?

Rinder: I am not a victim. I harvest only a part of what I have sown myself. For that reason I will contribute my part to end the abuse of this organization.

SZ: There are few countries where the Church of Scientology is dealt with in such a critical manner as in Germany: as a dangerous cult ruining people financially, knowing of no freedom of opinion that attacks critics and dropouts without regard. In short, as danger.  Can you comprehend this criticism?

Rinder: Clearly so. I’d like to plead though to differentiate.  It is the organization and the command personnel that are the problem, not the simple parishioner. That latter should be allowed to think and believe what he wants without being branded. In many cases these are the same people that are being abused by the church, by extracting money out of their pockets and are being controlled with the threat of disconnection.

SZ: The German Agency for the Protection of the Constitution is also very interested in that last point.

Rinder: And correctly so.

Champions of Human Rights — Yeah Right…

by Mike Rinder

How ironic is the latest Press Release from the RCS?  Once again, you are warned to put down any hot coffee and grab yourself a barf bag.

The arrogance of asserted superiority and “facts” in the face of stark evidence to the contrary is not limited to POB at his international circus tent performances. Apparently the assertions know no bounds and are being spewed into the broad public arena too. Like the infamous “Comical Ali” (Saddam Hussein’s propaganda spouting spokesman) it seems the RCS thinks that if they pronounce obvious, massive lies with a straight face, the world will believe them.  And, like Comical Ali they are oblivious to the fact that everyone is laughing at them.

But really, it should come as no surprise.

In 1981 LRH wrote the HCOB entitled The Criminal Mind. In it, among many other things, he says the following:


Apparently they add it up this way: “If I accuse him of robbing, then it would be assumed by others that I have not robbed a bank.” By loudly voicing a condemnation of a crime, the criminal, with a crooked think, supposes people will now suppose he is above bank robbery and won’t suspect him.

Now, with that in mind, check out the latest church Press Release.

I have not included the entirety of the rambling, self-congratulatory puff-piece listing numerous false stats, as nobody should be required to read such drivel. But here are a few salient sections (in italics) with my comments following each:

On the 63rd anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Church of Scientology urges mandatory human rights education as the key to its full implementation of the Declaration. [The RCS would do well to educate itself on what the UDHR holds – so many of its Articles are being violated daily by the church. Remember “If I accuse him of robbing…”]

Human rights are the rights that belong to everyone without exception—to people of any color, creed, age, ethnicity or gender…. [Except anyone who dares express an opinion contrary to those held by David Miscavige and his clubbed seal followers.]

The United Nations estimates that 2.45 million people are trafficked each year, nearly a billion live in hunger, and almost half the world’s population subsists on less than $2.50 a day, making it clear any momentum generated this year must continue and that education and insistence on human rights has never been more vital. [Right… “victims of human trafficking are not permitted to leave upon arrival at their destination. They are held against their will through acts of coercion and forced to work or provide services to the trafficker or others. The work or services may include anything from bonded or forced labor to commercialized sexual exploitation. The arrangement may be structured as a work contract, but with no or low payment or on terms which are highly exploitative. Sometimes the arrangement is structured as debt bondage, with the victim not being permitted or able to pay off the debt.” Does thing ring any bells with anyone?  And come now — $2.50 a day would be a raise for those in the RPF…]

For more than four decades, the Church has worked to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights broadly known.  The Declaration appeared in the first edition of Freedom Magazine, the Church’s human rights journal, in 1968…. [Ah yes, wouldn’t a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights look just swell in one of the modern day Freedoms “exposing” the pc folder data of “apostates” alongside the cartoon caricatures, photoshopped images and name calling that Mad magazine would reject? Surely you jest about Freedom mag – can anyone imagine someone from the United Nations reading one of those recent rags? They even turn off KoolAid drinkers and they can stomach almost anything.]  

“There are many examples in history of what individuals can accomplish by demanding their rights and insisting on the rights of others,” says Rev. Robert Adams, Vice President of the Church of Scientology International…. [Is this the absolute pinnacle of irony or what? The unknown VICE President of CSI is making the pronouncement on behalf of the International Church about its largest worldwide campaign on Human Rights Day. And it is the VICE President rather than THE President because?…  Well, we all know the answer to that, the President, in keeping with the great traditions of upholding human rights and dignity that the church has become so well known for, is held in the Hole, incommunicado for a decade. He has been “disappeared.” And POB doesnt dare announce the fact publicly, or appoint a “new” President as that would make it obvious Heber is “gone.” POB has Heber held incommunicado until he dies and then he can make a grand pronouncement about him. This is no idle speculation, after keeping Mary Sue in similar circumstance for years, Miscavige was thrilled when she died as she was no longer a “problem.”]

The arrogance required to make these statements boggles the mind. But then again, this IS what the Criminal Mind does. While strangling babies, Jack the Ripper is on TV campaigning for children’s rights. While violating human rights and destroying people’s lives daily, engaging in human trafficking and stealing money with false promises and hope, Pope on a Box is loudly announcing to the world that HE is the champion of Human Rights (and I mean this literally – check out the website and you will see all magnificences are directly attributed to the most magnificent one of all).

As a public service to one and all, but especially to POB who probably has never actually READ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, following are some of its 30 Articles. It doesn’t take a double digit IQ to scan through these and determine whether the RCS is upholding or is in direct violation of them.

Article 1:  All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 2:  Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

Article 3:  Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 4:  No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Article 5:  No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 7:  All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Article 9:  No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 12:  No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 18:  Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Article 19:  Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Article 20:  (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. (2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

Article 30:  Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

So, here’s a challenge for the RCS. How about educating YOUR people as a first step? All those little booklets and videos are really cool.

But of course, that would also mean telling them the truth about what you are actually doing with Heber Jentzsch, what sort of dirty tricks you are employing against those who expose your abuses, and letting everyone know the truth about what is really going on with Scientology expansion.

I’m not holding my breath.

Miscavige’s Idle Fraud – Taiwan

by Mike Rinder

Some of you may recall the Taiwan “Ideal Org” building, purchased by the IAS in 2005 accompanied by much fanfare and hoopla from POB himself about this being the first org in China. You may recall the CGI fly-through showing the grand lobby and the courserooms and auditing rooms.  100% smoke and mirrors.

Below are some shots taken within the last month of that building.

Not only is there still NO org, the building has sat empty since it was purchased 6 years ago.  And every year since then the IAS has paid the taxes on the building because the Mission cannot afford to pay them. Does anyone think the money they give to the IAS is being used to pay taxes on empty buildings?  Is it possible to even contemplate how much hard earned cash is flushed down the toilet in the name of POB having something to show at an event that maintains his pretense of “massive expansion”?  This huge building (far larger than what could possible be viable) was bought when the market was high for an org that did not and still does not exist (and POB personally ordered that Kaohsuing Mission was NOT eligible to be turned into an org in spite of months of work by a lot of people under Guillaume Lesevre’s direction to try to make it happen) and 6 years later they have still not even started the renovations.  It is NOT because there is a lack of available cash in the IAS.

Even More on Missions

By Mike Rinder

This small excerpt from the IAS event provides an excellent glimpse of the entire circus performance.  Little King David in all his diminutive glory, Shermanspeaking with his strange, vaguely hypnotic cadence and almost comical accent on words, spewing forth lies and trickery almost faster than its possible to ingest.  There is another 2+ hours of this torture. But when you can slow it down, pause the video, really SEE what is being said, it presents a very different picture than the veneer of slick smoke and mirrors that gushes forth.

Gabriel recently posted the Birthday Game standings from the Mission Network and in doing so highlighted the sorry state of this network.  It’s a bit harder to see from watching the video real time, but believe me, the efforts to wallpaper over the moldy, mildewed and crumbling walls of the Mission network just don’t cut the mustard.

First, just look at the stills of Mission openings that accompany the hype and you will see the following (and presumably there are many other false reports that I am unable to verify):

And remember, this is the BEST that POB and the full time Gold staff that work on events could come up with to demonstrate 10 years of massive, straight up and vertical growth:

1.  Here is a CURRENT photo of the Santa Monica Mission that is shown in his video with smiling faces at the ribbon cutting.

2. The “Old Tampa Bay Mission” is also no more.  Strange they put two Missions in the two largest Scientology fields in the world in the video and they no longer exist! Tells you how hard up they were to come up with ANY shots at all. And certainly throws a LOT of doubt on the other supposed Missions that are “flourishing and prospering” in locations around the planet that nobody can easily get to (which it seems is where the vast majority of POB’s wondrous activities occur — I wonder why???)

3.  The Dublin Mission shown as opened “since the Wake Up Call” has been there  since before 1993 (it’s in the WIS book).  And it’s not that this is a second Mission — if you look on the website you will find only ONE mission (and no orgs) in Ireland.

4.  The shot of the “Athens Mission” is the “Athens Org” as I believe our Greek friends can confirm – again the website lists only ONE Scientology org or mission in all of Greece. And its the org. There is no Mission.

5.  The Missions shown in Hungary are not on the website (though the Mission is Szolnok was listed in WIS, probably closed down subsequently), the “Mission of Genova” is not on the website, nor is the “Mission of Montpelier”. That pretty much wipes out every “new Mission” shown in Western Europe.

6.  Pakistan is worse – the “Mission of Islamabad” is not on the website, and neither are the 4 missions in Pakistan that were in WIS back in 1993. The “Mission” in Thailand and the one in Malaysia also apparently no longer exist, not appearing on the website – and in fact, the Mission that was in the WIS book in Malaya seems to have vanished altogether.

7.  Africa looks sick too – the “Missions” shown in Cameroon and Mali are not on the website.  “Norwood” is, but it’s the same one that was in the WIS book in 1993.

And that is apparently the best he had to show. And it tells you they are REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel. This is 10 YEARS of Mission expansion and to cover one minute of event time, they used numerous shots of Missions that DO NOT EVEN EXIST. I can assure you, if there were a ton of new missions being opened the level of hype would be ENORMOUS. If there was massive expansion with huge flourishing Missions, he would have shown that (and not tried to fake it with “new Missions”).

Now, for what else you DON’T see.

The ONLY Missions apparently opened in the United States are in California, 2 in Louisiana, one in Florida (no longer open) and one in Bangor, Maine.  Not one ANYWHERE else in the entire US!  There is a LOT of the United States with NO Scientology org or Mission.

And not a single Mission opened anywhere in the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland or anywhere else in Western Europe except the phantom mission in France and the phantom in Italy.

There are whole swaths of the world not mentioned at all in this 10 years of explosive, straight up and vertical expansion.

But on top of that – here is the REAL masterstroke from the bard of bullshit.

POB NEVER talks about JUST Missions these days. It is ALWAYS “Groups and Missions” so he can SHOW Missions (as there are no visuals of “Groups” as they do not exist) and then when talking numbers, start spouting off figures of “thousands” leaving the impression he is talking about thousands of Missions. If you are a fan of David Copperfield or Siegfried and Roy, you would really enjoy this big stage style “watch me make the elephant in the room disappear right before your very eyes.”

If (and that is a big “if” given the evidence that is so easy to uncover) there are 400 or so missions (more likely in the range of 100 that are open more than 3 hours a week), the other 3400 “Groups” are even more of a mirage-than the Missions.

Those groups, for the most part, are complete fabrications: POB counts every Volunteer Minister as a “group” – orgs spend hundreds of hours every week trying to confirm these “groups” by calling Scientologists and asking them if they were “active” that week.  And that definition is malleable if not criminal – “Did you use ARC this week?” “Good, you count.”  It’s the same with the “Dianetics Groups” – they don’t need to actually practice Dianetics or deliver any auditing, just attest to the fact that they are still in agreement with the principles of Dianetics and that qualifies them for “Active Dianetics Group” status. Those 3800 plus “Missions and Groups” exist ONLY in the imagination of little King David.

But if you present it fast enough, in hyperventilating Shermanspeak, with enough asserted certainty and accompany it with rapidly changing gaudy crap on the screen surrounded by baroque frames, well…  POB is doing a pretty good job of proving that you can fool most of the people most of the time – at least those that have been guzzling the Kool Aid.

As I said in my earlier post about the “Ideal Orgs” – POB has mastered the art of turning theta into MEST. His path of mayhem and destruction is becoming harder and harder to camouflage as the yellow brick road he claims it is.  His “Golden Ages” are truly the Dark Ages of Scientology — but as with all regimes that seek to suppress truth, creativity and beauty, they eventually meet unpleasant ends. And no matter how loudly he shouts, how exaggerated his claims become, how many denials he issues and how many people he pays, the green curtain is disintegrating and the facade of the Wizard of Oz is collapsing.

The Circus Comes to Town

By Mike Rinder

Having just seen the latest annual IAS circus featuring Chairman of the Board IAS (and nobody else,  including L. Ron Hubbard), a few thoughts sprang to mind (apart from the fact that I felt I needed to take a shower after being slimed).

Firstly, for an association that promotes itself as “open to anyone” and with such pressure brought to bear to get people to attend the event, they are awfully shy about letting the world see all their “good works”.  Earlier efforts to maintain the “security” of the DVD’s that go to the orgs are now completely  over the top. Less precautions are taken with State Secrets in many countries.  What is POB so worried about?  That his hype will be exposed for what it is? Or even worse, his over-the-top claims about the astonishing inroads in Guatemala, Pakistan, Colombia, Congo, Papua New Guinea  blah, blah, blah will be seen on the internet in those places and official responses will Dead Agent his bullshit.

Secondly, Shermanspeak ® has reached new lows.  Right out of the starting gates POB bloviates thusly: “We meet again in the kingdom of the IAS. And should anyone wonder what foresight and fortune brought you to this place that was always waiting – this place we were destined to reunite since the first tick of time, well, allow me to reiterate just who we are: We have come to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology.” If you can make sense out of this, you have obviously been subjected to a reverse Scientology rundown available only in the RCS.  It went downhill from there like a southbound train on a rocket ride to eternity.  I was going to count the number of times POB began sentences with “Given” or “Notwithstanding” or used the phrase “says it all”, “which is to say”, “all of which” or “which in turn brings us to this,” but it was just too painful.

As a sidenote, the “Kingdom of the IAS” seems to have been a theme, but more appropriate would have been “Circus of the IAS” – as it featured (literally) fire-eaters, stilt walkers, galloping horses dressed in medieval costumes, a big tent and a barking ring-master in a tuxedo.

Thirdly, it was rather evident watching his “Grand Opening” that there isnt much to talk about. Believe it or not, he showed the opening of NN Arrowhead, Applied Scholastics, WTH Fdn etc AGAIN and the conjured “stats” that bust out the top of graphs have become ludicrous.  How these people keep buying it is a wonder of the modern world.  A snaking pipe bursts out the top of a graph described as “Number of Disaster Sites Responded to by VMs” — 164 SINCE the wake up call!  Talk about Merchants of Chaos!  The more disasters there are, the more POB can hype his cumulative false stats!  Or this one, “2893 Governments On Board with Our Programs” since Wake Up Call.  Another smashing “Affluence” of unverifiable horseshit.  The Missions I will leave for another post as that was just comical.

His shermanspeak rendition of org “expansion” was presented as this: “10 fold expansion in sheer size and scope since Wake Up Call.”  The “graphs” come on the screen and crash and bang and nobody has any idea what they are really showing — they just give a general impression there is massive expansion occuring of some type, somewhere.

But his Grand Finale took the cake:  “If the Wake-up Call was ultimately about opening eyes to the necessities of Planetary Clearing , then what has since been accomplished says it all – Scientology sectors across the world now delivering help at a rate 70 times higher than in 2001.”

This is an all time whopper.

So, I thought comparing what the great man said in front of his loving audience to RCS PUBLISHED information would be interesting.

Of course “delivered help” would be reflected in org growth, so let’s begin there (I am sure if ever challenged to justify this statement he would say it is “all delivery” meaning counting every employee of any company that has had a WISE seminar as someone “helped”, but even given that sleaze, if it really increased 70 times in 10 years it would HAVE to show up in orgs).

As has become his predictably boring habit,  POB made a big deal about Ideal Orgs – promoting Inglewood and the seemingly jinxed “Jaffa” (Tel Aviv) Ideal Orgs with lavish fly-throughs, announcing them “complete” even though Jaffa cannot open because they do not have permission to occupy the building.

It’s well known the RCS doesn’t make information about stats from the Ideal Orgs (or any others) available to anyone.  Occasionally something leaks out, like stat graphs from a disgruntled San Francisco staff member (both an Ideal Org AND a SH Size Org) or eyewitness reports from visitors to the empty Ideal Orgs in London, New York,  Madrid, Pasadena, Malmo and others.  All one has to do to check up on POB’s bs is walk into any of these orgs.  No matter how many times he repeats that they are “the embodiment of the Bridge itself” or “each one a monument to civilization” the fact remains they are more like empty MEST monuments to POB’s insanity. But of course every KoolAid guzzler falls for the old trick – if they see the org they are in empty and failing they just know all the others are booming and their org is “out of step” and out ethics to boot.

So,  as Dan Sherman might put it, let’s take a “grander view from above the planet, straight up and vertical, three feet back of civilization.”  And for this first look, let’s stick to the orgs. And let’s stick to the data the CHURCH makes available.

There is a great baseline provided by the church for comparing relative growth. The 1992 edition of What Is Scientology? — perhaps the last broadly available accurate and honest information about the church of Scientology.  No doubt POB regrets it enormously, for it contains a list of all orgs and missions in the world, and the dates when orgs were first established.  If you look at the site these days, it is deliberately designed so it is virtually impossible to make such a list, though I am sure if you spent enough time you could. But for the purposes of this review, there is really no need.

Let’s analyse the “70 times” expansion with a very simple criteria.  How many orgs are there?  As POB keeps repeating, it is orgs that are the “islands of sanity bringing LRH tech to their entire zones.”  So, one would presume with 70x expansion there would be MORE orgs bringing LRH tech to their “entire zones.”

WIS lists the following:

NEW ORGS OPENED in the 1970’s: CCLA, Munich, Plymouth, Buffalo, Boston, Vienna, San Diego, Portland, St Louis, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Malmo,  Manchester, Montreal, Ottawa, Sacramento, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Milano, Bern, IFA (Mexico City).  22 in all.

NEW ORGS OPENED in the 1980’s: Brescia, Cincinnati, ACD (Mexico City), Edmonton, Phoenix, Brussels, Novara, ITD (Mexico City), Birmingham, IFA (Mexico City), Sunderland, Albuquerque, Columbus, Bogota, Basel, Angers, Berlin, Canberra, Rome, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Valley, Kitchener, Padova, Oslo, Polanco (Mexico City), Geneva, Pordenone, Madrid, St Etienne, Tel Aviv, Harare, Quebec, Joburg North, Caracas, CCLV, Winnipeg, Aarhuus, Barcelona, CC Paris, Torino, Verona, Clermont Ferrand, Tampa, Lyon, Orlando, Lisbon, Kansas City, New Haven, Brisbane, Brighton, Ann Arbor, Guadalajara, Hamburg, Zurich, Long Island, Orange County, CCNY, CC Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Steven’s Creek, CC Dusseldorf, Monza, CC Portland, Nuoro, CC Dallas, Lausanne, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hanover, Atlanta, Stuttgart. 72 in all.

NEW ORGS opened from 1990 to 1992: Catania, Salt Lake, Mountain View, Puerto Rico.  4 total.

From there, the information is based on my memory.  I believe St Petersburg, Moscow, Athens and Budapest were opened in the late 1990’s, or at least prior to the “Wake Up Call.”

SINCE the “Wake Up Call” – Inglewood, last month.

So, in the 3 decades prior to POB’s kick off point for his 70X expansion, 100 NEW orgs opened. Since then ONE. Maybe he just got his numbers/words inverted and he meant to say 70X contraction? Or 1/70th as much expansion as in previous decades? Or something???

But, let’s slice this cake of a cleared civilization another way.  Of the 10 largest metropolitan areas on the planet, only 3 have orgs – Tokyo, New York  and Mexico City. The 7 others  don’t even have a mission – Seoul, Mumbai, Jakarta, Sao Paolo, Delhi, Osaka and Shanghai. 70X expansion? Really?

Ah, but Dan and Dave could say that 70X expansion came about with the EXISTING orgs.  But back to the trusty WIS? book.  Prior to the Wake Up Call, the following orgs were declared St Hill Size:  Orange County, Munich,  Hamburg,  Zurich, Milano, Stuttgart, Stevens Creek, LA Org, CC Paris and Budapest. Since then, POB has bestowed that status on Joburg Day, Tampa Day, SFO Day and Moscow. There are a whole slew of his “Ideal Orgs” that have not qualified for “SH Size status” including some of his most grandiose – London, Berlin, DC, Brussels.  Surely, with 70X expansion generated by only the existing orgs, every single org would by now be SH size?

And finally, on the subject of orgs – what about some of the places POB has hyped over the last decade, showing grandiose “fly-throughs” depicting “completed” buildings that have never come to pass:  Harlem is the crown jewel of his Ideal Orgs dunces cap, but its flanked by some other gems:  Battle Creek ring a bell, New Haven? Sacramento? Kaoshuing? Copenhagen? CapeTown? Toronto? The list is almost endless. That is a demonstration of 70X expansion?

To borrow another favorite from the bard of bullshit – when you add it all up, you come to this:

Since 1990, under the direct personal orders of Mr. Scientology himself, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. David Miscavige: the international network of Scientology orgs has been steadily shrinking in terms of reach and help provided (theta), while steadily increasing in terms of buildings and the always supremely important “square footage” (MEST).

Or, to put it another way, David Miscavige has truly perfected the skill of turning theta into MEST

More on the Vulture Culture

by Mike Rinder

In light of the ongoing St Pete Times series, here are some further thoughts on the subject.

Some Background:

David Miscavige has a long history of financial rape extending back to his days as “Chairman of the Board Author Services” in the 1980’s.  There he oversaw the Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth “special editions” and “signed artwork prints” exorbitantly priced rip-offs  sold as “investments.”  Anyone who owns these virtually worthless “properties” knows how much they are worth and how much bullshit hype accompanied their sale.

Miscavige also directed the pillaging of org book accounts, forcing orgs and missions to buy bookstocks that they did not need (many of them rotted in basements and eventually became worthless when the “new editions” came out) as the income to the Pubs Orgs resulting in increasing HIS stats at ASI (and consequently his bonuses).

And let’s not forget the International Finance Police, launched under his personal supervision, who went to orgs and missions and “fined” them for imagined transgressions and took the money from their accounts without any recourse.

But these were just warm up rounds to prepare him for the multi-million dollar scams to come – the IAS, “Basics” and “Ideal Orgs.”


In late 2006, David Miscavige ordered Janet McLaughlin (President IASA) and her executives, who were in Los Angeles at the time, rounded up and taken to the Hole.  Janet’s husband, Colm, was sent to the Freewinds under guard where he was put in lockdown.  Colm remains there to this day, separated from his wife for 5 years. He has reportedly tried to escape, but was gang tackled on the dock and dragged back to the ship (Security telling the Port Police that he was “drunk”).

The IAS had appeased Miscavige with extravagant gifts and vacations over the years (and he in turn had been the chief fundraiser for the IAS – he liked to announce to anyone in his vicinity that “he could raise more money with his pinkie, and without ever uttering the word “money” than all the IAS regges put together).

Huge amounts of money were spent by the IAS to cater to POB – and it was funded through a scheme whereby the staff of the IAS were paid “bonuses” that they turned over to form a slush fund for POB/Tom Cruise jaunts/parties/food/gifts.

Despite the well-known arrogance of the IAS executives, their shopping sprees in London, Paris and Los Angeles, their bonuses and perks….  President IASA had become disenchanted with the over the top extravagances of POB and especially with respect to his best friend and “Deputy COB,”  Tom Cruise.

Being in disagreement with POB was a one way ticket to oblivion, and Janet made her disagreements known. In fact, she was in LA as she had asked to meet “COB” face to face in order to air her disagreements.  He in turn had her tailed by PI’s, her car had a tracking device installed on it, her phones were monitored.

Her “disaffection” gave Miscavige a justification for taking her out. The operation was executed in typical Miscavige total overwhelm style. 30 people descended on the IAS Offices in LA  to round up the 5 women and separate and contain Colm.

Concurrently orders were sent to the Freewinds, executed by the RTC Rep Lurie Bellotti, CO CMO Ship Sue Price and Miscavige’s favorite hitman, Captain Freewinds, Mike Napier. All IAS staff were herded into the Starlight Cabaret, their phones, beepers and computers were confiscated and they were all made to “confess” to their crimes against Miscavige (i.e. any agreement with Janet that Miscavige and Cruise were overly extravagant).  The only ones that survived the purge were those who were loyal to Miscavige. As a separate note,  Mike Napier is widely hated by the staff on the Freewinds.  He is a Miscavige pet who has been protected even though he had out 2D with a shore terminal, and also with the Bookstore Officer Freewinds, while married. He was not beached, nor sent to the RPF, or removed from post.  In fact, his indiscretions were  kept quiet and dealt with by Sue Price and Lurie Belotti . Napier is a real piece of work, hypocritically vicious “I am unreasonable about 2D out ethics”, including requiring Freewinds staff to get his permission to marry, which he would often withhold simply out of cruelty.

With Janet and anyone in agreement with her out of the way, Miscavige began running the IAS personally.  He was in daily communication with IAS Regges (though he falsely claims in legal filings that he has nothing to do with the day to day operations of the church and nothing at all to do with the IAS).

Since late 2006, with nothing but POB sycophants in the IAS , it has become his personal  “SS” (the few remaining in RTC and the CMO are his personal “Gestapo”) and as a result the IAS has taken over Scientology like a cancer taking over and destroying a body.  Today, the IAS are beyond criticism as “everyone knows” if you mess with the IAS you are “messing with COB.”

The IAS specialize in doom and gloom briefings accompanied by intense pressure to suck blood out of the stones that pass for Scientology public these days. It is ironic that the guy who is running them stands on stage at his international extravaganzas proclaiming massive expansion and worldwide acceptance of Scientology at “unprecedented, unparalleled, unreal and unbelievable” levels.

These days, everyone is fair game for the IAS – more and more SO members show up on the rolls of patron gluteus maximus as they become older and eventually inherent from their parents, along with former SO Members trying to buy their way back into good graces.

And even the RPF are now prospects for the voracious regges. If someone in the RPF has money, all the rules of the RPF are set aside.  Regges take people out of the RPF to hit them up (often at 2 in the morning when they are trying to make a quota and there are no other people around, so they happily roust RPFers out of bed to gang reg them). Some have even been convinced to pay over their inheritance to “make up the damage” for supposed offenses that caused them to be assigned to the RPF.

Under COB IAS the pressure to increase income has increased dramatically. The FSO quota  for the annual IAS event was $10 million a couple of years ago, its probably more by now.

COB IAS has morphed the IAS, which is not contemplated in any policy, into a massive parasite immune to any efforts to curtail its insatiable appetite.

The Basic on The Basics

When Miscavige originally ordered that the manuscripts be gathered together for all LRH books and compared to the published editions, Jon Horwich and myself were assigned the job of going through the books.

We had a time machine order from Miscavige to get a book done EACH DAY. It also included putting together a glossary for each book.  This of course was insane, made doubly so by the fact that Jon and I were spending almost as much time answering questions from Miscavige’s personal staff and his other sycophants demanding to know what we had done and whether we would “meet the TM” as we were working on the books.

In the end, people were assigned to stand over us to keep us awake – we were sleeping a maximum of 2 hours a nite because it was easier not going to bed than being woken up constantly by idiots demanding we get out of bed because we were “behind TM, and if COB says it can be done in this amount of time you are proving you are CI to him and LRH if you don’t meet the TMs and go to bed instead.”

Eventually, Miscavige busted us off the project as “CI” he “personally took it over” because “nobody else could do it.”

He then spent 2 years completing this job (virtually 24/7 if you believe the statements the church makes to the media) he had ordered and beaten us to get done in 2 weeks!

But then, “because COB had put so much time and effort into it” it became the MOST IMPORTANT thing in Scientology.  Every part of it, from the editing of the text to the typesetting, cover design, what words are in the glossaries, setting up the printing presses was “personally done” by “COB.” Of course, this is how everything goes in his world – nobody can be trusted to do anything right, so he has to be the only one.

The real tragedy came when the books (and lectures) were released.

Now it was a personal affront to “COB” if the sales were not “highest ever” each week as this was “the MOST IMPORTANT THING in the history of Scientology.”  He set his usual unreal quotas – it goes like this.  “There are 8 million Scientologists in the world, every one of them needs at least one set, so we need to sell 8 million and if that doesn’t happen I will find who is CI and blow them away.”  And thus the insanity ratcheted up to a level never seen before.

Staff everywhere became “book consultants” with quotas that had to be met each day or they could not go to bed. This included ALL OF MANAGEMENT, including WISE, SMI, ABLE and OSA.  RTC became the booksales quota police, enforcing that nobody could go to bed without meeting their quota.

In this era the criminality on book lines reached new lows.  Huge numbers of people had books debited from their accounts without their knowledge. People were regged to buy sets for others – and they subsequently showed up on the doorstep of unsuspecting public who had separately bought their own copies. It even descended to “loaning debits” – people would be convinced to “borrow” others APs to get sets of books and then “repay” the persons’ account at a later date.  SMI and ABLE began taking reserves accounts from the few remaining missions and groups. Mission Starter packages that had been donated in previous stat push campaigns were “converted” into Basics packages.

Of course, the criminality was applauded when the “stats” were reported by the RTC Rep (the RTC Rep ILO, Tracye Danilovich is one of the most incompetent people ever to rise to a position of authority in the church – her ONLY talent is telling POB what he wants to hear and screaming at others that they are “CI”) and then subsequently when the criminality was exposed that same RTC Rep would be indignant that anyone would sink to such levels of out ethics.

The DM Birthday Game

See earlier posts on the subject of Ideal Orgs:

This is the third prong of the master propagandist who sucks the lifeblood out of anyone in his vicinity.

The LRH Birthday Game, as covered in LRH ED 339R and 339R-1 is to make all orgs the size of Old St Hill – and in so doing, make being on staff viable and move all staff up the Bridge to OT.

But POB had a better idea as that was just too damned hard.

Convince Scientologists that what they should do instead is buy fancy (often out of the way) buildings, and call these “Ideal Orgs.”  This of course required NO management structure, no Universe Corps of auditors and C/Ses to move the staff to OT and the PUBLIC could be made responsible for getting it done through the “OT Ambassadors.”  But even more amazing – they would raise the money and buy the building and it would then be turned over to Int Reserves.

And the side benefit – keep showing the Kool Aid drinkers buildings and keep pounding in that this equates to “expansion.”

Today, all that is required to “demonstrate” expansion under POB’s watch is to buy more buildings (or sell more Basics).  No delivery needed.  No new people in. No raw public booksales.

The crown jewel of this strategy is been the “Super Power” building. They have convinced people to turn over enough money to build the “cathedral” 3 times over, telling them that the “last money is needed to complete the building this year” for at least 5 years.

This, all by itself, is a massive moneymaker. And without the need to deliver a single hour of auditing or course – in fact, it probably makes more money empty than full!  Though POB promotes that this is the tech that will “make planetary clearing a reality” (KTL which was the earlier touted solution isn’t mentioned any more and isn’t even sold or delivered, and there isn’t much talk about 10,000 on Solo NOTs handling the planet either ) he will not complete the building as to do so will result in 2 things:

  1. A drop in income
  2. Exposing that the place is a cavernous morgue as he cannot fill it up and it will be apparent to ANYONE.

The DM Birthday Game is about MEST and money.  Auditing and training is long forgotten in the world of the RCS.  If Miscavige is the Pope, Money is the King.
What Your Fees Buy:

This is what LRH said about money given to the Church. It is something that used to be broadly distributed in the Church but is now hard to come by (for obvious reasons). These are excerpts that make clear just what you were buying when you paid for auditing and training, when there was no separate IAS regging, no Ideal Org regging, no CCHR regging or “donations to libraries” regging. EVERYTHING was paid for through the sale and delivery of Scientology SERVICES.



By L. Ron Hubbard

So the fees you pay for service do not go to me.

A Sea Org member draws only about four pounds a week and his room and board. We run our ships and stations at a cost that would make a cost accountant disbelieve it. So not much of your fee goes to them even though they bear a full burden of management of pure services.

Org staff members over the world work for so little that Execs occasionally get letters from their landladies demanding orgs increase their pay level so staff members can pay their rent.

So not much of your fees goes to them.

Occasionally some org or franchise goes on a big kick of high pay. We very soon pull the rug out from under that. So if your fee went that way for a brief period we corrected the outness fast as we frown on money-motivation like a thundercloud.

Some fringe fellows know that if you had a complete monopoly on the only workable mental technology on the planet you could make billions. That’s why they’re on the “fringe”. So we prevent your fee from going in that direction.

Then where does your fee go?


Since 1950. So-called  “mental health” groups have fought to discredit and decrease the power of Dianetics and Scientology.

So a portion of your fee is spent on patching up the damage done, keeping going in spite of attacks and nullifying the actions against the West of a very choice lot of bad hats. If we didn’t have the documentary evidence I wouldn’t dare mention it.

It costs money to bring cases up to US Supreme Court level as we have. The legal defense expenses we have in a dozen countries is not small.

So a portion of your fees goes to keeping the subject available to you and to the world.

We work very hard to keep tech being done well.  It is nothing for us to put two people on a fast plane and send them half around the world to straighten up the Case Supervision and auditing in an area so you can have confidence in the service you get.

It is routine to send the highest class people we have to handle “ARC Breaks of Long Duration” in the field or on admin lines or to see they get handled.

Your fee supports a long and complex set of communication lines by which tech and admin can be cared for rapidly.

A portion of your fee just the other day began a survey of a backward country to introduce high speed educational processes to bring their people quickly from the stone age up to present time. The “Peace Corps” was also there on cushy government funds building houses for a big construction company at a nice profit. But we, unsupported, began the effective work actually needed there to help the people.

A tiny bit of your fee neated up an area ruined for Americans by the American Navy.

Small parts of your fee heal up a lot of things over the world.

But the biggest part of your fee stays right in your area. It is used to make training and processing and data available to the next fellow first by keeping the org there and second by letting him know about it and third by making as sure as possible that the training and processing he gets is standard and effective.

Your fee keeps the nearest org alive and functioning and the environment safe.

So little by little, using the fees you give us for your service, your training and your processing, we create little by little areas of sanity.

I doubt that anyone is surprised that this is no longer available in the Church or in the OEC Volumes?

The Vulture Culture is a creation of the COB IAS/COB Pubs/COB Ideal Orgs/COB BS.




Is David Miscavige a Threat to the Public At Large?

If you think the Petition to President Obama has nothing to do with you, your friends, your family, and even your neighbors, think again.  What follows is but one of many stories about how the taxpayer subsidized, mafia-like tactics of David Miscavige pose a danger to society at large.  Ratchet up your confront of evil a couple notches.  David Miscavige with a billion tax free dollars is capable of – and is trying his hardest to achieve – a tremendous amount of chaos and hurt  even to those who have never heard of Scientology. If you don’t want advances in the sciences and particularly health sciences to be squashed like the Dark Ages by a well-heeled sociopath then go to and sign the petition now – then get five other people to do the same. 

– Marty

Robert Almblad with one of his grandchildren

by Mike Rinder

Why doesn’t David Miscavige, the self-appointed leader of the Church of Scientology, want the world to have clean, safe ice?

And just what is “safe ice” and why is it important?

It’s a dirty not-so-little secret in the world of food service, hotels and hospitals that commercial ice machines make “dirty” ice. Numerous studies have confirmed this.  Seven  years ago a high school student in Tampa, FL made national headlines by taking samples from fast food outlet ice machines and toilet bowls.  Testing showed the toilet bowl water was cleaner 70% of the time. Hospital administrators are aware that ice machines are a source of hospital acquired illnesses (HAI’s) – more than 100,000 people die in US hospitals each year due to HAI’s, many more contract non-fatal illnesses they did not have when they were admitted.  But until now there was no technology to solve the problem.

Enter Robert Almblad, an internationally known engineer and inventor, who lives and works in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Robert solved the problem of “dirty ice,” with an innovative solution that could potentially save lives or prevent the spread of illness.

This was big news and welcome news to those aware of the problem.

Not so to David Miscavige.  He perceives safe ice as a threat to his “empire” and Robert Almblad among the top 3 on his “enemies list.”

Why? Because Robert Almblad dared to associate with Scientology whistleblowers Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun.  And even worse, Almblad retained Mike Rinder to work for him.

In the twisted mind of Miscavige, he is determined to force Almblad to disassociate himself from Rinder so Rinder is put into a “more amenable frame of mind” without a job and will therefore cry “uncle” and stop exposing the abuses of Miscavige.

But when Almblad refused to bend to the pressure, Miscavige implemented a plan to destroy him utterly – and along with it, his safe ice invention.

Miscavige’s pattern is a familiar one. Numerous media reports document his ruthless and unethical acts in furtherance of his desire to maintain leadership of his cult.

And so, Almblad became the subject of a widespread, expensive and incredible campaign of harassment.

His friends, family and neighbors were contacted, asking them “questions” like “What do  you know about your neighbor being a criminal?” Of course, there was no evidence of anything of the sort, but merely asking the question throws doubt in the minds of people that don’t know someone.

Robert was followed everywhere for months on end.  Walking the dogs. To restaurants. Stores. Doctor’s offices. Literally everywhere.  It’s a familiar pattern – see the Corpus Christi Caller Times articles documenting the harassment campaign against Marty Rathbun in Texas:, and

He was followed when he went out of state,  Miscavige and his gang gaining access to airline reservations and dispatching their henchmen as far away as Seattle, Washington.

The staff of his company have been harassed and followed. One staff member, never involved in Scientology, in a now also familiar pattern, is being prosecuted based on false reports filed with the State Attorneys Office after he was approached by Miscavige agents at his home.

Miscavige’s minions set up an office across street to surveil Almblad’s office 24/7.  And because three grown oak trees obstructed the view, someone took a chain saw to them in the middle of the night and left the trees blocking the road.  ONLY the three trees in front of Almblad’s office – no others.

One of the chainsawed trees

From this vantage point, they noted everyone who visited Almblad’s office, and they too would shortly thereafter receive visits from “reporters” or “private investigators” now “investigating” Robert Almblad on behalf of the Church of Scientology.  It got so bad that a Church operative, “Freedom Magazine” hack Jim Lynch burst into a private hotel meeting room in Miami Beach to attempt to intimidate businessmen Almblad was meeting with.  Lynch of course left the scene of the incident before the hotel security could get police there.

These incidents had only one purpose in mind – scare away anyone from doing business with Robert Almblad. And in the process destroy the safe ice business and drive him into bankruptcy. With that, Almblad would be taught a lesson and Rinder would be unemployed.

The campaign to break Robert Almblad failed.  He refused to cave in to their intimidation tactics.

He sucked it up and continued to do his job.

Then, another familiar tactic – numerous websites purporting to be “Robert Almblad”  sites  appeared with outrageous lies and innuendo, intended to sour anyone from doing business with Mr. Almblad.  And then a “special edition” Freedom Magazines further libeling him.  Of course, Miscavige knows that as Robert Almblad finances his inventions himself, he will run out of money before he could recover anything from a protracted legal battle to disprove the lies and sue for contract interference.

It’s a game Miscavige is familiar with – bully with an unlimited budget squashing anyone he sees as a threat.

But Almblad still refused to buckle.  He bought a throw away phone. Rather than flying, he drove from Florida to business meetings in New England so he could not be followed. He used a different name so Miscavige’s agents couldn’t spread lies about him before he could get his foot in the door.

He was not going to give in to the bully.

And while Miscavige spread all sorts of untruths about Robert Almblad being a dishonest, money-motivated scam artist, his actions have proved the precise opposite. By refusing to buckle under, by standing by Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun in spite of every reason not to, he has demonstrated a level of personal integrity and courage that is rarely seen.

Will he be able to get his safe ice invention to market? That is not clear. If he does, it will be in the face of tremendous odds. And if he doesn’t, Miscavige still won’t win as Almblad, Rinder and Rathbun will not be deterred from exposing his crimes. But the world will not see the benefits of safe ice machines thanks to the machinations of a megalomaniac cult leader bent on the destruction of anything that does not forward his agenda. And every person who gets the flu from eating unclean ice in a restaurant or contracts a disease in a hospital will know who to thank – and perhaps who to sue.

On David Miscavige’s Behavior — Part 2

By Mike Rinder

A recent discussion with Jim Logan and Christie reminded me of a section in Self Analysis that I then pulled out and read in a new unit of time.

It offers insight into the oft posed question: How is it possible that competent and able individuals in “international management” are apparently so incapable of doing anything about Miscavige’s insanity.

I suspect anyone who has ever been in close proximity to POB will read this and wonder how LRH could, in 1951, describe someone in 2011 SO precisely.

This is “Part 2” to an earlier posting concerning PAB 13 titled On DM’s Behavior:

In the interest of improving conditions, I also include the list that accompanies this chapter in the book, so if you read this and feel the need, LRH’s solution is right here for you to avail yourself of.

I laughed when I read the first question. Oh, how prescient LRH is.


            Aberrated individuals use two distinct and very aberrated methods of controlling others.

            The first consists of forcing the other person to do exactly what is desired with the mechanism of recrimination and denial of friendship or support unless instant compliance takes place. In other words, “You do exactly what I say or I am no ally of yours”. This is outright domination. Additionally, it seeks by anger and outright criticism, accusations, and other mechanisms to pound another individual into submission by making him less.

             The second method might be called domination by nullification. This is covert and quite often the person upon whom it is exerted remains unsuspecting beyond the fact that he knows he is very unhappy. This is the coward’s method of domination. The person using it feels that he is less than the individual upon whom he is using it and has not the honesty or fortitude to admit the fact to himself. He then begins, much as termites gnaw away a foundation (as in California) to pull the other individual “down to size”, using small carping criticisms. The one who is seeking to dominate strikes heavily at the point of pride and capability of his target. And yet, if at any moment the target challenges the nullifier, the person using the mechanism claims he is doing so solely out of assistance and friendship, or disavows completely that it has been done.

            Of the two methods, the latter is far more damaging. A person using this method seeks to reduce another individual down to a point where he can be completely controlled and will not stop until he has reduced the target into a confused apathy. The lowest common denominator of nullification could be called “invalidation”. The nullifier seeks to invalidate not only the person but the skills and knowledge of his target. The possessions of the target are said to be not quite as important as they might be. The experiences of the person being nullified are minimized. The target’s looks, strength, physical capabilities and potentialities are also invalidated. All this may be done so covertly that it appears to be “in the best interest of” the target. The nullifier seeks to “improve” the person being invalidated.

             The first question of this list should be, of course, how many people have you known who have sought consistently, under the mask of seeking to aid you, to tear you apart as a person and reduce your future, your hopes, your goals, and the very energy of your life?

 Can you recall a time when:

 1. A person much smaller than you resented your size.

2. A person bigger than you made you feel inferior.

3. A person would not let you finish something.

4. An object was too much for you.

5. You found a space too big.

6. You were pushed back because you were too small.

7. You didn’t make the team.

8. You found you were adequate.

9. You found somebody had lied about how bad you were.

10. You discovered you had been right, after all.

11. You found your decision would have been best.

12. You solved a problem nobody else could do.

13. You discovered there were homelier people in the world than you.

14. You found you could ignore somebody’s opinion.

15. You found somebody else thought you really had done something good.

16. You were admired for your looks.

17. You overcame a machine.

18. You accomplished arduous journey.

19. You discovered somebody who slurred you was dishonest in other ways.

20. You found yourself bigger and more powerful than an animal.

21. You discovered your competence.

22. You bested somebody thoroughly.

23. An enemy cried for quarter.

24. You drew blood on somebody else.

25. You took the lion’s share and kept it.

26. You made your weight felt.

27. You were too heavy for somebody.

28. You killed something.

29. You won.

30. You were able to get away from somebody who invalidated you.

31. You discovered you were right and the old man was wrong.

32. You found you could get better.

33. You got well when they had no hope for you.

34. You surprised yourself with your own endurance.

35. You discovered you did understand.

36. You did a job nobody believed possible.

37. You were proud of yourself today.

Rome Smolders While the Phoenix Rises

After public humiliation at Ingleside on the Bay, the star of a recent post – Miscavige’s prize “OT H8” Ed Bryan – was shuffled off with a group of 8 other Miscavige operatives to Miami.  Reference: 

They were flanked by Miscavige shill Jim Lynch impersonating a reporter for Freedumb along with yet another crew.  For more on Lynch and his shill status see:

Their mission: attempt to disrupt a trade convention attended by Mike Rinder in an effort to destroy his livelihood.

The result?

Lynch’s hired camera crew abandoned him after they were told about Bert Leahy.  Lynch lost his composure and busted his way into a nearby hotel meeting room rented for the ocassion.  Apparently, he didnt notice the hotel had security cameras.  Lynch was thrown out, hotel security called the police and they cited him for assault (though he had fled the premises by the time they got there).   Will update should the fugitive raise his obnoxious head again.

But there is no doubt what happened next in Miami.  Ed Bryan was arrested for TRESSPASSING and failure to pay entry fee at the convention center:

Dave Miscavige is mocking up one nasty GPM (a Goal, in this case an evil one, colliding with a counter flow Problem, in this case one of Miscavige’s own creation, with a resultant ugly, nightmarish Mass).

Meanwhile, Rome smolders.

And the Phoenix continues to rise.