On David Miscavige’s Behavior — Part 2

By Mike Rinder

A recent discussion with Jim Logan and Christie reminded me of a section in Self Analysis that I then pulled out and read in a new unit of time.

It offers insight into the oft posed question: How is it possible that competent and able individuals in “international management” are apparently so incapable of doing anything about Miscavige’s insanity.

I suspect anyone who has ever been in close proximity to POB will read this and wonder how LRH could, in 1951, describe someone in 2011 SO precisely.

This is “Part 2” to an earlier posting concerning PAB 13 titled On DM’s Behavior: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/on-dms-behavior/

In the interest of improving conditions, I also include the list that accompanies this chapter in the book, so if you read this and feel the need, LRH’s solution is right here for you to avail yourself of.

I laughed when I read the first question. Oh, how prescient LRH is.


            Aberrated individuals use two distinct and very aberrated methods of controlling others.

            The first consists of forcing the other person to do exactly what is desired with the mechanism of recrimination and denial of friendship or support unless instant compliance takes place. In other words, “You do exactly what I say or I am no ally of yours”. This is outright domination. Additionally, it seeks by anger and outright criticism, accusations, and other mechanisms to pound another individual into submission by making him less.

             The second method might be called domination by nullification. This is covert and quite often the person upon whom it is exerted remains unsuspecting beyond the fact that he knows he is very unhappy. This is the coward’s method of domination. The person using it feels that he is less than the individual upon whom he is using it and has not the honesty or fortitude to admit the fact to himself. He then begins, much as termites gnaw away a foundation (as in California) to pull the other individual “down to size”, using small carping criticisms. The one who is seeking to dominate strikes heavily at the point of pride and capability of his target. And yet, if at any moment the target challenges the nullifier, the person using the mechanism claims he is doing so solely out of assistance and friendship, or disavows completely that it has been done.

            Of the two methods, the latter is far more damaging. A person using this method seeks to reduce another individual down to a point where he can be completely controlled and will not stop until he has reduced the target into a confused apathy. The lowest common denominator of nullification could be called “invalidation”. The nullifier seeks to invalidate not only the person but the skills and knowledge of his target. The possessions of the target are said to be not quite as important as they might be. The experiences of the person being nullified are minimized. The target’s looks, strength, physical capabilities and potentialities are also invalidated. All this may be done so covertly that it appears to be “in the best interest of” the target. The nullifier seeks to “improve” the person being invalidated.

             The first question of this list should be, of course, how many people have you known who have sought consistently, under the mask of seeking to aid you, to tear you apart as a person and reduce your future, your hopes, your goals, and the very energy of your life?

 Can you recall a time when:

 1. A person much smaller than you resented your size.

2. A person bigger than you made you feel inferior.

3. A person would not let you finish something.

4. An object was too much for you.

5. You found a space too big.

6. You were pushed back because you were too small.

7. You didn’t make the team.

8. You found you were adequate.

9. You found somebody had lied about how bad you were.

10. You discovered you had been right, after all.

11. You found your decision would have been best.

12. You solved a problem nobody else could do.

13. You discovered there were homelier people in the world than you.

14. You found you could ignore somebody’s opinion.

15. You found somebody else thought you really had done something good.

16. You were admired for your looks.

17. You overcame a machine.

18. You accomplished arduous journey.

19. You discovered somebody who slurred you was dishonest in other ways.

20. You found yourself bigger and more powerful than an animal.

21. You discovered your competence.

22. You bested somebody thoroughly.

23. An enemy cried for quarter.

24. You drew blood on somebody else.

25. You took the lion’s share and kept it.

26. You made your weight felt.

27. You were too heavy for somebody.

28. You killed something.

29. You won.

30. You were able to get away from somebody who invalidated you.

31. You discovered you were right and the old man was wrong.

32. You found you could get better.

33. You got well when they had no hope for you.

34. You surprised yourself with your own endurance.

35. You discovered you did understand.

36. You did a job nobody believed possible.

37. You were proud of yourself today.

181 responses to “On David Miscavige’s Behavior — Part 2

  1. Jonathon Barbera

    Awesome article!

    People wouldn’t have to be 1.1 with each other if they felt free to just be themselves.

  2. Mike, excellent recommendation!

    You will cause case gain in all quarters with this post.

    Thanks for all that you are doing.

    David St Lawrence

  3. This is an important point that I left out of my earlier post. When the Captain Freewinds was railing at my wife for starting this “reunion shit” when I was trying for 6 months to get approval to go to my parents 50th wedding anniversary the things he was saying were so gross and false and discusting to me that I sneered or made an involuntary reaction. He then, in a brilliant display of 1.1 said,” I totally agree with you.” His meaning was that he was agreeing with me that my wife was as he described. It was that which caused me to write the second report to the RTC rep on what he did. To have failed to act and let that stand would have shattered my relationship with my wife.

  4. DM is a wholetrack SP and LRH clearly saw him coming and gave us all the tools we needed to deal with him and others of his ilk.
    No wonder the POB hates LRH and hates Scientology and made it his mission to destroy both.
    Too late. We have woken up.

  5. Mother of Grendel

    Damn, Mosey, you are good!

  6. Mother of Grendel

    (Actually, I just watched the videos from the previous post and that’s what I’m commenting on… but Mosey is so good it just carries forward!)

  7. So typical of LRH, pulling someone up from being an effect to being cause.
    Quite a guy!


  8. Thks for the quotes Excellent.

  9. Thank you Mike. A great list to run on kids that are having a rough time too!

  10. Tony DePhillips

    It’s interesting how the leader of a “church” can use “helping” Sea Org members and public to become “more OT” and “tough”, when really, he is doing what LRH is talking about, invalidation and domination by nullification. He is using the tech which was primarily disgned to help, to now chop people up.
    It is extremly evil.

  11. Good post, Mike.
    Sharpening the senses in spotting such personalites is invaluable.

  12. Mother of Grendel

    I had a realization the other day. I was looking through the latest Scn News – on this summer’s MV. Same old same old… until I got to the stats. All square footage, basics courses, blah blah blah – all the fake stats that appear to be expansion, but cover the lack of real VFPs – auditors and satisfied PCs. But one stat stood out – number of Solo NOTs sessions. The only actual “Bridge” stat. Then it all fell into place… push for 10,000 on Solo NOTs, overlooking all the out tech and out ethics to get stats of Solo NOTs auditors, roundup of OT 3s, 4s, 5s… Miscarriage needs more and more Solo NOTs auditors because they are the front line goons on his personal crusade against anyone and everything that crosses him.

    Only the Solo NOTs OTAsses are compromised enough to buy into this crap. They have either bought the line that only through Solo NOTs can they assure their eternity (wait, I thought thetans were eternal???), or they have invested so much of their time, money, families, lives into this pursuit, that they don’t dare admit to themselves or others that they’ve been had – so they jump when told to jump, and tell us its command intention.

    The Solo NOTs line is the recruitment eternity for the Miscarriage vendetta brigade.

    Please – to any OTs reading this – you know that I am not referring to you as you are reading this! These are my personal feelings based on what I’ve experienced in my own life, and I do not wish to belittle or insult anyone on this blog (except OSA Trolls).

  13. Really nails it down ,,,, exactamundo! Excellent post!

  14. I read the Self Analysis book by L. Ron Hubbard when I was in 10th grade. It had a lot of questions that covered just about any aspect of themselves a person might wish to examine more closely. I did not need the permission of any Church of Scientology to read it then and I still don’t need such a permission today to re-read it if I should so choose and apply the information in. The information in this LRH book creates abilities in anyone that can be attained at home. The Church of Scientology is a group that cannot be relied to help one overcome the kind of obstacles through the kind of tech LRH wrote. Simple. Who could ask for anything more? 🙂

  15. Scott Campbell


    Observation of this “Domination by Nullification” behavior in others is a good guideline for “How to Choose Your People”.

    That section of Self-Analysis and the accompanying list is a very useful tool for spotting any SP or Anti-Social personality who might be on your lines. Thanks for posting this.

  16. Excellent reference to the scene as it exists. Invalidated F/N’s anyone? In light of the above reference, it explains the alteration of the definition of an F/N as even more deliberate an activity than I had envisioned. Most enlightening and relieving. Thanks Mike and kudos to Ron.

  17. Good reminder, Marty. The whole book is a masterpiece.

    With simple yet elegantly-worded questions, LRH sought out the ‘rightness’ in a individual. Ron’s entire output was geared to this one thing.

    It’s funny how it’s not answers Ron provided us with, but the questions!

    It takes a fearless man to free others.
    And it takes a fearless man to free himself.

  18. Right on Lawrence. And that’s the case with all the tech — you dont need no stinking church to avail yourself of it….

  19. Good post Mike, and the first question did make me laugh.

    Funny, when I first was around DM – gee he was a swell guy. Nice personality and a great smile.

    Then when I was working under him (I was Construction Management Ops CMOI) he turned into a turd. I could never get a win working that close to him, even though I was cranking out excellent products, I found myself in trouble all of the time. I realized I was constantly getting into trouble because I was constantly on His lines.

    ML Tom

  20. Interesting post Mike, and this is what brought me out of the c of mestsavige after seeing several OT VIIIs in DM’s valence acting like little SS officers, blatantly lying to get me to do what they wanted (so they could have the stat for DM – hee hee, specifically trying to get me on to VII). I thought, if this is the product of VIII, why would I want that????
    Having just read the “saving scientology” letter insisting on an independent audit I want to encourage everyone to send that letter in and perhaps we will stir this up a little and bring this SP down and out. I, for one, am willing to have him run away with a $ million or 2 so that the world can see who he really is and not honor him as some martyr for the cause. Then let him spend his life trying to evade prosecution. That ought to assist his pyschosis into the grave – the mest he loves so much.

  21. Good post. I was thinking about how much lucre 10K folks on Solo Nots would generate for FLB. At least 200 million a year. Not bad eh?

    Curious to know what their stat was on number of sessions?

    I would also like to know how many solo nots comps there are in the indy field. We have three in our house. Comps are a bit more relevant to me than #of sessions.

  22. Excellent post, Mike.
    Probably De-PTS a few folks with this one.
    It’s fascinating how LRH tech focus is on improving the strength and self determinism of the individual as the primary objective.

  23. Mother of Grendel

    Sorry, LDW, its already out in last week’s recycling.

  24. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Again, nail on the head!

    I must say these questions play out like that question one learns from in 6A or 7A in the Key To Life course ….. Conceptual Understanding. Remember the section which covers CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING?….. Think of a cat? You get an instant picture of a cat right!!; as long as one understands what a cat is.

    Well…. those who wander down the path of trying to understand why David Miscavige does what he does and why you, I, others and those still there didn’t call the police, stand our ground etc… DO NOT CONCEPTUALLY UNDERSTAND what has happened and DO NOT CONCEPTUALLY UNDERSTAND what to do to address the problem at hand.

    Unfortunately a generality of conceptual understanding(s) about what has happened persists by those who were not there. These generalities brought forth to ones eyes and ears generate a lot of upset and much to say about nothing type input.

    When specific conceptual understanding(s) are brought to light by those that were there brings about resolve and forward progress.

    A simple example of how effective this has been is the difference in audience, public, media etc.. attention when the wacky “Xenu” media reports stopped and delivery of the TRUTH began.

    I could give a story of my life at the Int Base 37 different times with just the questions above.

    I applaud what you do Mike, you are one good man!

    Every time you deliver such “Conceptual Understandings” I get the picture of you doing so while sipping on a cup of tea, totally relaxed and clearly set on exposing what actually needs to be communicated to the ill informed world and that is TRUTH!

    I am honored to call you a close close friend. Hell, your my brutha with anothua mum!

    — Jackson

  25. George M. White

    Interesting that you bring up Self-Analysis because it was the second book I read in Scientology in 1973. It was my Bible for years. I remember sitting on the steps in the “Village” in NYC reading the book while the Village Voice was making mildly critical remarks about Scientology because the mission was not far from them. I remember thinking. How can that be? This book Self Analysis is really great. In fact, I was interviewed years later by some SO marketing people who told me that very few who did personality tests continued unless they read Self Analysis. I remember the book came with a little green “wheel” that you kept rotating.
    Of even greater interest, is that when I met Mr. Miscavige in 1989 on the Freewinds, it was the book Self Analysis which gave me the perceptions necessary to reject him. After years with that book, I could spot outpoints 100 miles away. My question from the book which kept ringing in my ears was “Where is the mature Scientology management?” Since I had been trained by the book to examine emotions carefully, I could see that there was no rational answer to the question.
    Additionally, when I read the POB in 1996 by Miscavige the white-hot criticism hit agaiinst the structure of the book Self Analysis again. In this particular case I could see Mr. Miscavige’s real personality literally laid out in space in front of me in the form of a mirage. This is why I again walked away from the irrational. Self Analysis really has a way of calming the environment; in the case of Miscavige he was just enturbulating the environment. Mr. Miscavige could easily use 5,000 hours with the book. I think it would do wonders for him.
    Much loving-kindness,
    “May all beings look after themselves with ease” The Buddha

  26. Sam,

    I’ve got a feeling that an unauthorized biography will be written about this little creep titled, “Mission into Slime”.

  27. Excellent post Mike! Great references and by extension or directly this would make one and all, in that little hell hole they call a church PTS and influenced by a true psychotic. Domination by nullification is right, thinking IAS reges, Sea Orig recruiters, Basics sellers, shall I go on?)

    I know that since I sent my letter of resignation to the Advanced Org well over a year ago, many of my former wins have resurfaced and I am pleased as punch to be able to actually apply, “What is true for you” as I choose.

    Coupled with Tony Ortega’s current series and the exponentially expanding list of people leaving the church, I see great success for the Independents and all those that are fighting the oppression, cruelly, human rights violations and crimes that are the daily fare of Corporate Scientology.

  28. +1 this certainly had me look!

  29. Incredible find, Mike. Describes Miscavige down to the molecule.

  30. Tony Dephillips

    I was on Solo Nots inside the cult.
    It is the “final solution” for those who haven’t buckled yet. Its also a great money scam. It is also a great way for them to build a dossier on you.
    Without the sec checks, squirreled f/n tech, adding in of major actions that are out tech, insane money demands, etc. Solo Nots could be fine.

  31. This is a very enlightening post, and very appropriate for today, as we celebrate Labor Day.

    Today I am reminded of my thoughts while reading Dianetics for the first time –”this book could change the world.”
    Today I am reminded of the exuberant excitement I felt every time I went to course to try to squelch my inexhaustible thirst for knowledge.
    Today I am reminded of the many wins, cognitions, and spiritual enlightenment I experienced using Scientology. From the early realization that I was not a body, to the glorious amazement of finding myself again and knowing I was cause.

    But I can’t help to also be reminded of all those that cannot celebrate today… or anything. Those who have forgotten what Scientology is and does.
    How can I be truly happy when others are suffering in the CoM, even if they are willing victims? How can I live with myself when the wonderful legacy of LRH is being misused to cave people in. How can I watch this and do nothing?

    I will continue to do everything within my power to help end the nullification and the perversion of the Tech extant in the church, well knowing that anything I do will not ever be enough.

    Thank you, Mike. Most excellent post.

  32. Thanks Mike for a another great article. I especially liked the SA quote and list. Fun to run. This dovetailed nicely with the earlier piece you wrote.

    I then reread “Story of a Squirrel”, SO ED 2344 INT
    20 August 1983, and found myself wondering if it had been edited and originally written about POB. Hmmmmm………..

  33. Thank you Luis. Most excellent comment!

  34. Jackson — the feeling is mutual. If my life was on the line, you are on the short list of people I would want standing beside me. You are a man of honor Jackson.

  35. Mother of Grendel

    Isn’t it interesting that the previous incarnation of the PE course included a a full study of SA and an SA co-audit to result!
    I don’t think it’s on the current version.
    And the SA course on the Basics is just reading, no auditing (how can you study SA and not apply it! Ack!!!).

  36. “I thought, if this is the product of VIII, why would I want that????”


  37. And, let’s not invalidate DM. He has been evil in a BIG way! He is a BIG bad man!

  38. Oops, sorry Mike

  39. Les-When auditing is standardly applied, that is the product. Ron and his Tech gets attacked for that very reason. SPs and PTSs in the valence of an SP overtly and covertly undermine the most powerful tech on this planet, because they erroneously fear these powerful people will destroy them.

  40. Really great post Mike! SA is timeless and it’s really fits POB to his black Muscle T!

    SA is an incredible piece of work by LRH enabling case gain to be experienced anywhere on the bridge. I recall that application of this book on the HQS course was the first taste of being an auditor and helping people using Tech and seeing them winning from the processes. Really made people be Scientologists with gains from it applying it and getting straightwire from it.

  41. John Fennessey

    Mike, exactly. The 1999 move “Stigmata” gives an entertaining account of this same message as it applies to the Catholic Church. Any organization where the message has been surpassed in importance by the messenger and its MEST are examples of the same. There are plenty of them.
    Central authority can be a very dangerous thing. Political and religious examples are many. There are many independent scientology groups and practitioners all over the world. There will be more and more going forward. So when the first person comes out with the idea to organize them under a central AUTHORITY, I trust the wounds they received and lessons learned on the road they had to travel will be a reminder that it is not a good idea.
    LRH always mocked authority. He was too close to his own creation to see the danger “authority” might pose to it. LRH was the teacher. Its up to his students to see what went wrong and aviod it a second time. That would be a tribute to the teacher.

  42. Mike, Those five paragraphs of LRH’s demonstrate to me precisely how Janet Reitman pulled off what I consider an impossible feat with her book, “Inside Scientology.” She manages to be right on the mark yet at the same time miss the boat. I owe her a book review for the copy her publicist sent me but that is the essence of it in my opinion.

  43. Bill,
    Ya done good, mate. All around.

  44. to,
    For me this one indicated:
    1. A person much smaller than you resented your size.

  45. Wonderful Sinar.

  46. Tony,
    On the violation-of-CS 73-sec checks, DM ALTERED the actual procedure of doing them to say nothing of interfering with a well-running pre-OT in the first place.

    So, not only are you subjected to an out-tech interference in the NO INTERFERNECE ZONE, but the procedure to do this interference has this little gem in it:

    There is NO such thing as a clean needle, a null needle a no-reading question. Yep, in point #20 of the 26 August 96 revision (by DM with zero, none, nada, NO LRH data to support this squirrel and suppressive alteration) of Confessional Procedure DM has decided that if there is no F/N on a question then there is a ‘withhold on it’.

    GONE is a clean needle. Since it is no longer valid, then cleaning a clean is the order of the day.

    Add to that arbitrary, no F/N = charged question, the nonsense of so many arbitrary swings to an F/N and voila – cleaning cleans AND ignoring any F/N you get anyway!

    DM has targetted IN PARTICULAR, those on NOTs and Solo NOTs with these arbitrary and suppressive alterations of LRH tech, AND he’s cancelled as well, along with the cancellation of a clean question, what LRH terms in the ACTUAL NOTs materials as the ‘best’, ‘ideal’ and such like adjectives, technique and fact of auditing at that Level.

    He’s also omitted on his squirrel Confessional Procedure done ‘FPRD’ style to boot, one of the critical components of any auditing at these levels on how to handle reads on an OT III or above.

    Take all that suppressive out-tech, beat the shit out of people on those Levels and you’ve got the DM Implant Station, better known as The DM Implant Station – Guaranteed to by-pass charge, inval your ability, give you missed withholds of nothing, and overall pack you up nice and tight.

    The LAST place on earth or anywhere else you wanna do NOTs is under anything to do with David Miscavige Tech ™. (Dave that ‘tech’ is all yours. Believe me, you’ll be able to safeguard those marks. Unless of course you are marketing to…well, we know the kind of people you favor.)

  47. Hey Mike, the C/S in you is shinning through.
    Only an auditor’s viewpoint and actions can change conditions in the harshness that life can and often dishes out.
    It is said the auditor is the most valuable being in the universe. It is so nice to see a positive post that creates auditors. An auditor made on any gradient is indeed – an auditor made.
    In the internal universe of many reading this blog motion has surley occured. You may never know exactly what occurs at the other end of the communication line but positive results and increased awarness are pretty much guaranteed even to some degree on the not quite bright. Self Analysis lists are a great thing to put into the attention of others who have only ever guessed at, “what is Scientology?”

  48. John Fennessey

    LRH could see the truth. He could communicate it. But he couldnt always apply it to himself or his creation. The old adage comes to mind, “do as I say, not as I do”. He was human like the rest of us.

  49. Great article, Mike,

    Question #1. LOL!

  50. Mike has helped me get the concept of what has gone on in the church and at the Int base. He’s always willing to answer my questions personally, and the more information I get from him, the more conceptual understanding I get of what’s going on and why. (As a Sup I realized a high value in conceptual understanding, hence I chose the nickname “GetTheConcept”.) Mike has been very helpful in my desire to really get that concept.

  51. Tom M,
    That’s EXACTLY what happens!

    ” I realized I was constantly getting into trouble because I was constantly on His lines.”

    Bingo! THE definition of being connected to an SP.

    That’s Gold, that’s CMO I, that’s RTC, that’s CST, that’s…well, the list goes on.

    What a beautiful description of the simplicity of the phenomenon.

  52. “Having just read the “saving scientology” letter insisting on an independent audit I want to encourage everyone to send that letter in and perhaps we will stir this up a little and bring this SP down and out.”

    +++++++ PLUS!

  53. You are correct MOG…when I did the BASICS my course supervisor stopped me from self auditing on “Self Analysis”. I was getting such wins that I continued my auditing in the privacy of my home. Great wins with SA. This was one of the major outpoints I observed while doing the BASICS and I believe this is when I started looking around discovering more outpoints at FLAG.

    Great post Mike

  54. Whenever I see this poster — I am reminded of Billy Strasser …

    I wonder where he might be and how he is


  55. Me too Jackson.

  56. GTC — Thanks. Truth brings duplication and understanding. I am happy to help unravel some confusions/mysteries. Those are the stock in trade of POB.

  57. Mike and George: Self-Analysis was my favorite book. I bought it in early 1972 and would spend hours doing the various lists. It truly shifted and changed my perspective on life.

    This would be a fabulous book to get into the hands of those suffering from PTSD, loss of a loved one, suffering under the suppression of another (would be great for those currently IN) — endless possibilities.

    I’m betting the independents will be doing this and are already starting.


  58. Tony Dephillips


  59. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks for that Jim.
    Truth always has a sweet ring to it.

  60. Jim,

    Excellent, excellent points! Auditing Solo NOTs using David’s Mangled tech is guaranteed to scramble a pre-OT/OT’s case. LRH designed the way to handle your case in a SAFE and SANE manner. I know it works if done correctly with ARC. The way “the little guy” does it will hurt you and has if you’ve done it “his way”. I mentioned on a previous post here on Marty’s blog about observing Bad Indicators on public and staff at Radical Scientology Orgs. Again, look at LRH’s (pre-DMangled) “Science of Survival” Chart of Human Evaluation and the Auditor’s Code, and see for yourself if the “Church” is actually producing viable products of auditors and sessions that create happy and healthy beings. As the saying goes “the proof is in the pudding”.

    As Sam mentioned earlier here and as I’ve expressed numerous times before, David Miscavige is a WHOLE-TRACK Suppressive Person! If you don’t think so, then please review ALL of the wonderful things that f_ _ king leader of Corporate Scientology has done for this planet. Please write them down on a list and then write down ALL of the things he has done to LRH and thetans in general. He’s affected almost ALL parts of LRH’s Tech and Organizational policies so that NO possible life enhancing products are created. His real stats are “How many beings have I destroyed today/week/month/eternity” Those are his ONLY “Straight UP and Vertical” statistics. AND he’s laughing all the way to his bank!!

    P.S. The first question Mike listed is right on the mark.

  61. Les,

    “It’s fascinating how LRH tech focus is on improving the strength and self determinism of the individual as the primary objective.”

    That’s right! The only person who can fix you is you. Only you can AS-IS your problems. I don’t think Mest will do that. 🙂

  62. John, it is my opinion only, that if the government of the United States by itself was to assume control of tech delivery in this country instead of the church and make church services available from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday only, the governments stats would be 5,000 x what the current church lies that it does every day. Instead of an RPF you get a summons or you don’t. Just like people do in normal life. With the exception that people do actually get to Clear and OT with more than 1 day off a year. That is just my opinion of course.

  63. Thank you Mike, S/A is perfect! It’s one of those “jewels” of LRH’s Tech. If the lists in that book were run honestly on public and staff at the RCS Orgs, DM would AS-IS!! BWHAHAHAHAHA! ;)–sardonic laughs at davey’s expense are fun!


  64. George M. White

    Yes, this book has “endless possibilities”. It never goes out of date; it has no religious, political or social overtones; it is easy to apply and it creates positive reward.
    This book could is a gem!

    Much loving-kindness,

  65. George M. White

    This book is a gem!

  66. Yes Mike, the first question IS rather appropriate.

    Reminds me of the only time I was actually face to face with L’il Davey. I was shocked when instead of returning my grin (inane though it probably was), he looked away with an exaggerated gesture and totally ignored me. Obviously it must be very disconcerting to be unexpectedly confronted by an over-sized oaf who is over a foot taller than you, but I expected a bit more friendliness / granting of beingness / serenity of beingness from someone who was supposed to be so OT. Even at the time, I couldn’t help but compare his reaction to the one I might get from say, the Dalai Lama, who always seems so cheerful and serene.

    OK, so we can see that ‘international management’ or what is left of them need to do some Self Analysis. I’d agree with that.

    But does this answer the question of how so many supposedly OT beings (the most able on the planet remember) have let a nasty little tyrant hold them so completely in his thrall?


  67. Very excellent post Mike! I haven’t had much formal auditing but have spent many hours with Self Analysis.

    Whenever I run across someone online or in life who is interested in Scientology but has heard s/he should stay away from the CoS, I always recommend they get a copy of Self Analysis and use that for their own benefit and that of others.

    And I like to mention that they can really have a lot of fun and make even more progress by finding a friend to “co-audit” the lists with.

    I believe the book DMSMH, a good Comm Course whether the original TR course or the STCC done right, and the Self Analysis book are enough tools right there to achieve “a clear(er) planet” in the true sense of the words – a place where people are actually helping themselves and each other become happier and more able to improve things.

    I see it as being right in line with the Buddha’s behest to work to reduce the arising of undesirable(negative) states of mind like apathy, fear and anger, and fostering the arising of desirable states of mind – calm, hope, happiness and positive constructive activity.

    I think it is very well done of you Mike, to bring this book back to our awareness, because the many who wish to know more about Scientology but (rightly) don’t want to go anywhere near the CoS, need to know this book is available for anyone to use privately and entirely on their own determinism without any pressure or brainwashing or spending any money at all beyond the price of the book, and it can be purchased inexpensively through eBay or Amazon, for example. And probably downloaded free as well.

    I have always believed DMSMH actually contained the entire Bridge within it; I feel Self Analysis does also.

  68. If all these alterations are annouced and documeted that have been made on the tech materials and people didn’ty even question, or wouldn’t for fear as to waht would get throw back at one, It states the obvious it was obvious DM had the tech terminals under his wing, even then .
    If thats the case then why wouldn’t any one try make an issue to Dm about this , He is not trained, Not a CS and had no right to make any type of judgement on tech, Especially having openly made it known he showed a purpose to alter and to use the tech how he thinks it should be for want he wants as a result . Its blently obvious shown the squirrel use of it , He should have been pulled up Leader or . Dicator regardless.who the hell he thinks he is . Just because he surpose to represent the church makes no right to think he can do just what he likes , How the hell does he expect any one to stand along side him unless they are fools to themselves.
    One thing for sure is He’d be blown up in one shot if LRH caught this. whether it be DM or any one else caught doing it, DM wouldn’t have even have thought it, or dare to think, he’d be in a sec check because LRH would have known and he would have made sure any and all witholds would have been gotton be fore throwing him overboard. . DM makes a laughing stock towards LRH and people that are in trust to apply standard tech . let alone the misuse of it. Its a mockery of LRH and his Tech !! Its so utterly disgusting NO words can be put down strong enough to adjust ones private feelings to wards the betrayel to LRH on this .I have to say surely any one tech trained would have had first right above DM to challenge this , Or were they so scared over that wip , OH So injust so wrong if they knew it, and didn’t atempt to , or perhaps did and failed , What am I missing

  69. Dont know where the link is , I think Uk at least myself had hassle to link the link any chance again to try again.

  70. You’re a big man! My twelve year old is bigger than me! I had never seen this list before but reading it my childhood really flashed before my eyes in 3D! Maybe I’ll grow a little bigger now?

  71. Wow Wow Wow
    I am so glad I had two confessionnals before this out tech arrived, as I had a lot of wins with theses actions,having only the reading questions audited,and taken to EP with F/N VVVGI.
    Or I could say:no wonder I never had wins after this….
    I also realised the omitted tech on how to handle reads on an OT III or above but luckily it did not have too much impact…my last “auditing” being in 1999….
    Let’s find an auditor now…


  72. Slap a picture of his face on the cover of the future Independent Scientologist PTS/SP Course Packs.
    Job done.

  73. Jim, I think if one were to run on this on every kid in a juvenile detention center we would see a dramatic drop in crime statistics. This really could have been a step one in the Narconon programs.

  74. Wow !
    Will you write an Issue with all the false data you found for anybody to look up. It makes much sense !

  75. V — Very much agree with you on the value of SA and the case gain and wins that it can bring about.

  76. Thanks for the reminder. I love how the list brings you uptone as you proceed through the questions.

  77. Jim.
    Thanks for that. It puts the massive squirreling into perspective.
    But it doesn’t just happen on Solo NOTs. The squirrel suppressive auditing happens at all levels of the Bridge.
    My 12 year old daughter got the gamut of suppressive auditing while she was on OBJECTIVES. Lot’s of ‘correction’ and lots of suppressive ‘sec-checking’ under the guise of pulling withholds so she could get case-gain. 12 intensives to ravel her case into a ball.
    I’m not going to begin to describe what I endured between OT III and V – let’s just say the ‘set-ups’ included all that you describe above in addition to Clear Invalidation and NED implanting.
    You’d think a ‘trained auditor’ would know better wouldn’t you? Well you would had the training not also been so badly squirreled.
    Both sides of the Bridge have been f&*%£cked with from the bottom to the top. The church isn’t quite dead yet. It is alive and well and destroying thetans with DM’s implanting tech.
    OSA I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. What you are doing to support David Miscavige is treasonous to LRH – you are supporting and contributing to the destruction of that which you are sworn to protect as Sea Org Members.
    We are cleaning up YOUR mess now. I hope you can find a way to do the right thing or you will never be able to look LRH or any of us in the eye on your future track.

  78. LDW,

    This is drivel is from a recent propaganda email from the church:

    Which HGC produces
    4,725 sessions a day?

    Which HGC produces
    197 sessions an hour
    24 HOURS A DAY,

    Which HGC produces
    1,101 hours of auditing every day,

    ANSWER: The Flag AO Solo HGC—
    where a Solo NOTs® auditor starts a new OT® session
    every 18 seconds!”
    Comps? Nah… they don’t say anything about that. Total number of people on Solo NOTs? Nahh. If they did state the number, people would actually see it decreasing from month to month. I just heard from another friend that he got fed up and quit the level. 16 years on it… he had enough. Now he is starting to look and will find the truth very soon.
    Comping them decreases income. “Nahhh, let’s keep them on for a few decades more.” TC started Solo NOTs in the summer of 2002, 9 years ago, and he’s still on it. I know people that have been on it for 12, 15, even 18 years.

  79. Jim-It is so hard to imagine an auditor delivering this suppressive drivel-I couldn’t do it.

  80. Now, the question remains Sam WHICH picture is the best one?! 🙂 I had a hard time picking a picture of him for my web site because most of them had mustaches drawn on them or were images of him in bed with Tom Cruise! 🙂 So, you have to find one first! 🙂 LOL

  81. Jim, awesome post. Anyone auditing Solo Nots DM style god help him/her.

  82. Mike,
    Your post is so appropriate to something that happened today.
    After 15 years in the Cof miscavology, a guy gives up and drops the subject.
    In 15 years he had completed no major actions on the bridge. He finally gave up after a trip to the “Meca?” with no auditing and a bad taste in his mouth.

    After hearing about the independent field he decides to give it another try.

    So we clean up his past bad auditing, and the BPC from “no auditing,” do a short life repair and then get him on ARC SW.

    Well, he had done quite a few intensives on himself on the Self Analysis lists while he was out in never never land…feeling a little guilty that he wasn’t getting exams or C/S’d or anything, just doing the lists over and over to keep himself somewhat keyed out.

    Well, we just finished his ARC SW and it went really fast because he was already DONE with the SA lists. Wide F/N, wide smile, back on the bridge and happy about it. Knows he won’t get any worse.


  83. Windhorse,

    I am right here and I am doing fine.

    Love Bill Straass

  84. It is with much Irony (and sadness) that one recalls the Hollywood Palladium LRH death Memorial Event.
    To thundering applause, and to the belief of the crowds that took these words .SERIOUSLY, Pat Broeker announced ~

    There is only one source of Scientology and Dianetics tech, and that is L. Ron Hubbard.
    The existing tech — the body of knowledge that LRH has issued in HCO Bulletins and HCO Policy Letters — stays exactly like it is.
    One more thing, which is very, very important: There is — not “was”, is — only one Source. It is very important that you understand that. Source does not pass from LRH to Management or to any other thetan. Source is Source.
    What is it about LRH that made him Source? His technology — the Grades, the OT levels, all of his discoveries. Nobody else — nobody — ever discovered it. That is what made him Source, and we still have that.
    Therefore, Source is with us and it is him.
    You know whose books to read and whose material to apply. And if you do apply LRH’s materials, then you’re there. It’s as simple as that.

    Compare those words to the complete PERVERSION and INVENTION of Miscavge Technology.
    Yes, the pretense that he is the new Messiah. The anointed one who can dramatize ASSAULT and BATTERY while inventing new definitions of E-meter reads and new ways to scam SOLO NOTS auditors.

    Source INDEED !

  85. What about the fact that Life Repair has been removed from the grade chart and first steps now are sec checks (happiness rundown) and purif? The drug rundown before ARC straightwire.


  86. Luis-It is wonderful that you along with others are doing something about the suppression-it means you didn’t go into apathy -if you had dm would have won.

  87. He ignores people as a ser fac. It’s a ser fac. Probably the ruin of his life.

  88. I never asked for approval for anything. Because I never agreed to surrender any of my rights to become a Scientologist. I just did whatever I wanted to do and didn’t leave the door open for anyone to run a “can’t have” on me. If I had ever “asked permission” that would have opened the door for someone to think they had authority over me. When I was in the Sea Org, staff were actually CSWing to get married. Can you believe that?
    Asking for a right they already had.

  89. If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.

  90. Fabulous Les.

  91. Valkov,

    I want to acknowledge your beautiful post. There is the magic of those early years. They were, and are, truly electrifying. I would include everything up to and including 1953-5 for a whole picture of what LRH then had to set about to undercut (and thus manage). IMHO This is not to deny your observations. Actually I agree. Like Mike pointed out: It’s getting back to the real ‘Basics’.

    ML, Tom

  92. Les, awesome!

  93. mrinder, outstanding post. Truly spot on and thanks for posting it.

  94. This is beginning to give me those tingles from the mid-70s. Just beautiful Les!


  96. one of those who see

    Triple bravos Les!!!!!! Very exciting!!!!!!!

  97. Thanks Luis.
    This means that if they are still forcing Solo Nots auditors to do 5 sessions per day, then they have fewer than 1,000 actually auditing on the level.

    Even if they only force 2 sessions per day, then they have about 2,000 on the level.

    Last I heard, back in 2001, they had 3,000 on the level. Which means more glowing but false reports about their unprecedented expansion.

    Honestly, the glowing but false reports are about the only thing that is straight up and verticle in that place.


  98. Ingrid,
    If they had any idea just how FREE folks are getting out here, they would crap in their diapers.

  99. AWESOME News!!!! Thank you.

  100. Thanks Mike! SA is the most mentioned book by LRH if one were to search for it among all the writings and taped lectures by LRH and that tells you how important that book was for LRH.

    The exact section you laid out above is the exact section which made me first realize this is exactly what DM and his automatons are doing. I didn’t understand why but nonetheless could see that this is exactly his prime method.

    Having witnessed dispatch after dispatch, meeting after meeting, briefing after briefing turning every known tech terminal into incandescent dust, leaving him the ONLY one who “knows” and “understands” anything about the tech, left little doubt as to what was going on.

    When Ray M. was declared by DM I knew there is something seriously wrong. Ray may not be perfect, but he is a genuinely compassionate and caring fellow and so far from an anti-social personality it is a joke.

    Through the years DM managed to convince the entire Int/Gold that EVERYONE, including all Cont Senior C/S’s are criminal, out-tech SP’s or DB’s and he is the ONLY one who truly understands tech. Mike, you understand this but if you haven’t been there personally it is hard to imagine how someone wouldn’t just rise up and protest, but when you are on the scene yourself, there is so much fear and invalidation present and so much personally to lose you just don’t speak up.

    Later I got the pleasure to interface with Richard R from Flag, another very compassionate and intelligent and caring individual. When DM said he was an out-tech incompetent it started to become absurd.

    How could this go on in front of everyone’s noses without anything being done? Because DM gradually painted the picture that EVERYONE at Int/Gold were incompetent SP’s and/or DB’s who were stupid and refused to do anything effective, and DM himself was the ONLY one (outside of maybe TC and a few other staff members – maybe 5 – which he highlighted early on, but even them ended up on the shit list later).

    So one started to believe that you and everybody else are incompetent, stupid SP’s and DM is the only one doing something about it. Top that with his constant complaints of how hard he works, never sleeps and having to do ALL the work of the entire SO tech and management hierarchy. Wow – he’s God and everyone else are NOTHING. I believed it and so did almost everyone else. Those who didn’t, at least those who dared communicate anything to the contrary ended up in the Hole or got off-loaded. It had nothing to do with their competence or whether they were truly anti-social, NO, if you even had a bad thought about DM you were considered an enemy as DM = Scientology and hence you were an SP. All the people in the Hole had one thing in common, they had expressed something or done something which was against what DM had ordered. Most of the Scientology exec structure ended up in the Hole, i.e. most of those execs who were known previously for being able to do something, who had some actual competence, were removed and talked about openly by DM as a bunch of SP’s, leaving him as the sole person “doing something standard”. This was ingrained over and over and over again throughout the period of about 7 years.

    It was a brilliant propaganda campaign that made some 700 hundred staff members believe that DM was all and everyone else (themselves included) were nothing, and most of them would give their life to defend this disposition.

    This then extended to the OT Ambassadors and DM “let them in on the secret” that he is the ONLY one doing anything and all other prior tech and management terminals were incompetent and SP’s. This would in the past be considered “bad PR” but DM turned it into a scenario where he became awed and looked upon as a God, worthy of sacrificing your life to. Carefully planned, no doubt. Would LRH have placed the most senior execs scrubbing the Freewinds decks in front of all the OT ambassadors? I don’t think so, but DM did to ensure EVERYONE knew who’s the boss.

    Tech terminals used to be known for being caring compassionate examples of great human beings. Now, a “great” tech terminal has the attributes of an SS officer. Witness the uniforms and attitudes of all the RTC reps. With the changed tech since 1996 ANY dissent, “bad thoughts”, non-compliance to DM, even a comm-lag means MISSED WITHHOLDS. All other tech is replaced with sec checking which is then used against you. The reference of knowledge reports in sec checking justifies spreading all the disclosed overts to other staff members, which was at least partially the subject of every meeting with DM – the disclosure of someone’s overts. This of course made people even more restrained as they had similar overts of their own and hence became more conscious about not doing what the other guy had been found out about. It also added to discredit the other person, especially with DM’s very eloquent and colorful way of describing another person to the point of you believing he was the worst in the universe. And with every step DM secured his position as the ultimate God.

    I know you Mike know all of this personally, but I’m bringing this up as a reminder of how deeply suppressive DM actually is but at the same time brilliant in his application of reverse Dianetics to dominate and invalidate everyone else to the point of making himself God with everyone else being low-life slaves – and they believe it too.

    Hopefully the time will come soon when all those good people in the SO, the large majority, who joined because of very constructive reasons, and who are highly capable people as evidenced by the fact that they made it in the first place, can read blogs such as this and not immediately reject it as “propaganda” (which the vast majority would do now if they got so exposed) and actually be able to reverse the campaign which has reduced them down to nothing over the last many, many years. That would be the greatest reformation in history!

    Hitler is chump change compared to the invalidation DM is capable of. Hitler was more powerful because he made it into the running of a state. Could you imagine how a country would be like if it had DM at the head? Hitler would turn in his grave for having worthy competition.

  101. Mike-this has been a great post !!!

  102. As a footnote, those execs who made it out of the hole (very few) were not those who proved to be worthy of being an exec, but those who would follow DM to the letter and emulate his very being. Those individuals who had lost every bit of self determinism and ability to think freely. Those individuals made it out and put in useless positions where DM could continue to hold the only-one position, but get their help in further black-mouthing those still in the hole or for whatever reason blew or got off-loaded. No new strong execs will ever be posted in the current Scientology church again. No new faces will appear on events. It will be ALL DM because that’s how he wants it. It has nothing to do with what’s best or most survival, it has to do with DM wanting the ultimate power where he is ALL and everybody else are nothing.

  103. But are you Billy Strasser? Parents lived in the Caribbean?


  104. Holy shit Jim! Thank you for your obnosis on the out tech. Especially this line…”He’s also omitted on his squirrel Confessional Procedure done ‘FPRD’ style to boot, one of the critical components of any auditing at these levels on how to handle reads on an OT III or above.”
    I am still blowing down several minutes after reading this 🙂

    Which brings up another point; How many MAA’s (and other terminals occasionally) that are BELOW OT III put people who are OT III or above on a meter and ask them sec check questions (or any questions for that matter) and don’t have a CLUE how to handle the read? I can remember being so pissed off at an MAA who put me on a meter and asked me a question. My answer was, are you a Class IX? Because if you aren’t, then you are not going to ask me ANYTHING on a meter. I am on NOT’s and what you are doing is not ok. Which brings up yet another point: I know there is a policy (sorry, I cannot remember the name of it) where LRH stated that all MAA’s must be at least OT III and should not be on that post for more than six months at a time, due to the amount of enturbulation they have to confront. Yet, FSO has numerous MAA’s below OT III. WTF?

  105. EXACTLY Karen!

  106. hadley, try this link. Then scroll down about a third of the page and click on the Letter of Support: http://blog.savescientology.com/2011/08/action-series-1-cst-independence/#more-825
    If that doesn’t work, here is a link directly to the letter that you can print out and mail: http://www.savescientology.com/support_letter1.pdf

  107. Perfect. Thanks for posting Mike 🙂

  108. Astute that you are…
    And one of the sure fire ways to accomplish this is to degrade the educational system.
    Magna Carta–English history.
    Bill of Rights–American history.

    And so the monkey is made.

  109. Yikes!
    Had no idea.

  110. Excellent post, Jim. My last Flag visit for a 6 month check was in October 1997. As bad as the tech for those cycles had been in the previous 10 years, on that trip it was the worst I had ever experienced. I decided then I would never be back and a few months later I sent in my solo materials. After that, I continued auditing but this time with no intermediaries whatsoever. It’s been a great journey since then.

  111. hadley,
    What are you missing…

    Can’t say for sure.

    Take a gander at the Opening Piece.

  112. It was my daughter’s birthday yesterday.

    That’s the fourth one I’ve had to miss because the c of m says I’m ser-facing because I won’t do a to e. That means I have to lie and say I had evil intentions I didn’t have, committed High Crimes that aren’t and they don’t even have the integrity to send me the issue. The ‘justice chief” did admit the original comm ev was off policy, the one I had a copy of. The second comm ev did find me not guilty of the high crimes the first one found me guilty of…

    The good I did, stacks of commends, is unimportant and ‘bad’, complaining about no service, unforgivable.

    Happy Birthday, Rita. Hope you aren’t on the RPF. I know you want to help LRH bring Scientology to others, I just wish you knew why that’s so hard… I love you.

  113. Thanks for this, Jim. It helps to put factual pieces together.
    I always trusted my gut feelings…for decades I wanted to get onto 7 but everytime I seriously contemplated it, I’d get the willies. Just seemed a bit invasive…I guess that would be a socially acceptable word for what the spiritual Nazis had in mind. I mean, who wants to live with a periscope up their butt? And subject to vigorous twisting at that.
    That, and God bless my little hidden standards, I didn’t much care for the products I was observing.
    One of the things people must have to do before routing onto that pile of ^%$^3! is to give complete consent to every part of the regime and it methods. Consequently they’re screwed the moment the pen hits paper when routing on. That is antipathetic to what their intentions were in the first place so right then the proverbial sh*t sandwich (aka GPM) is made.
    A dog’s breakfast for sure.

  114. LO,
    I’m working on that article. First thing I found when I heard of this gibberish was the issue 30 Nov 78 Confessional Procedure, (notice that date, LRH was very much alive and that was a significant Tech Release year) which had been altered on 26 Aug 96 to eliminate a clean/null/not reading = no charged question. Notice that date, no LRH there. Only David Miscavige and his minutiae parsing identity think.

  115. Mike, what happened to my post?

  116. Sam,
    You’re right, this sort of thing isn’t reserved for just Upper Levels. He’s hit at the whole Grade Chart with F/Ns, un-charged questions being taken up, invalidated case gains so perpetual overruns, protest and the gamut of ‘STOP’ on various flows which BUILDS bank.

    What a piece of work this guy is. He APPEARS to make these great leaps of logic when he’s spouting off, extrapolating one datum to some other datum that makes NO sense, and has what SEEMS to be a galaxy of space between them, when in fact, the things he’s on about, IN HIS MIND, are so closely related, so miniscule in any gap, as to be virtually identical, that he’s actually just expounded the difference between the dot you put over an ‘i’ as opposed to the one over a ‘j’. In other words, this idiot is the ne plus ultra of IDENTITIFICATION.

    There are no leaps, just one non-existent step from A to A with his space utterly collapsed and everything is everything else – and must be stopped.

    I think he’s altering things just to have SOME tiny bit of movement in time.

  117. Ingrid,
    Neither can those who try.

  118. Count,
    In DM’s universe he IS ‘one’, so you can estimate everybody else is too.

    This guy…

    (I can’t give you a date on the ref you mention, I don’t recall that particular one offhand, but there are clear references on Auditor Assignment and crystal clear references on handlings for OT III and above. E.g., CS Series 107R, 21 Dec 79, AUDITOR ASSIGNMENT POLICES/CRAMMING ASSIGNMENT POLICES.)

  119. Count,
    One specific point made in the above HCOB, in d) under actions that MUST be done by and with the specific handlings for OT III and above, on the Debug Tech Checklist “O. Out-ethics and O/Ws”.

  120. NOTE: that extra ‘TIT’ in identitification, though a typo, seems apropos.

  121. Glad that was made clear Hope all get it.

  122. Raul,

    A lot of what you say is true, though I would not consider Marty or Tom DeVocht to be people who were not worthy of being an exec or had lost every bit of self-determinism.

  123. Well done Les!!

    And well done to that fella for stickin’ it out, and auditing the meanwhile.

  124. Axiom142 — I saw HIM at Flag after recently being widowed. I said, “Hello, Sir!” He looked at the ground and mumbled “hello.” That would have been in earlier 2005. I’m 5’2″ so I really wasn’t a threat size-wise. Rachel

  125. Great write up, Raul.
    It gives a lot more perspective to those of us who weren’t there and didn’t see it first hand.
    I would imagine that any exec who ultimately refused to completely deny his own beingness will be posting thier own story on these pages eventually.

  126. Mike, sorry if my post came across in such a way. I meant the people who are still in, and especially those who rather shut a blind eye and go with the flow, i.e. kiss DM’s ass, than those who made it out. Marty, Tom and you and others are not included in this. Not sure what the mindset is of Heber, Guillaume, Marc, Ray, etc at this time as they used to be good execs and they have gotten the hardest treatment of anyone still there. While we’re into name dropping I would say that people like Jenny and Lisa Allen would be prime examples of people mentioned above. They are not only kissing his ass, but they have taken on his valence and try to walk his every footstep (when they are not in trouble and are just the down trodden pie faces everyone else there exhibits with a few exceptions.)

  127. Raul — 100% agreed. That’s what the section from Self Analysis is all about. So too the earlier post about PAB 13. Mike

  128. Tony DePhillips

    CP said:”Just seemed a bit invasive…I guess that would be a socially acceptable word for what the spiritual Nazis had in mind. I mean, who wants to live with a periscope up their butt? ”

    If you can imagine having all this out tech and then keeping worksheets on your solo sessions. If you have uncertainty of f/n’s because of the 3 swing thing, or trying to decide if you were “VGIs” after just having been spiritually raped on your refresher and not wanting to lie on your worksheets because it might come up on the next sec check. It got to the point where it felt like I had a little bot ethics officer sitting on my shoulder watching my every move. I better not do “that” the bot ethics officer is watching. It is very hard to “be in session” when you have that kind of invasiveness. It is a good thing you had your radar up Cowboy.

  129. Tony DePhillips

    AND I paid dearly for it too, which is real hard to swallow.

  130. Tony DePhillips

    Sorry to hear that Blue Bonnet.
    I believe you will get your daughter back one day. It’s better to keep your integrity in the process, you don’t want to lose yourself as well.

  131. Story’s coming up in the near future.

  132. Mother of Grendel

    Churches don’t force family members to disconnect from each other – only cults do that.
    Churches don’t condone actions that destroy families – only greedy corporations do that.
    There is enough real tragedy and loss in this world without having our “church” fabricate more.
    BB – I hope this is the last birthday of your daughter’s you have to miss.

  133. Wow, Marty,

    I’m out of pocket for a couple of days and BAM. Great posts.

    I happened to read that section out of Self Analysis about a year ago and sent it to my FSM, on OT7 (going on 20 years or so). I got no response. I was mystified as he is usually very perceptive.

    It is very real to me that many in the CoS have unknowingly transfered their belief and loyalties from; LRH and the Tech, to the Church and DM.

    It was a slow and unobserved process for me. One reads some LRH, maybe gets some auditing and recognizes the value in the Tech. And why not, they are having cognitions about life. They want more. As this cycle continues a trust in LRH and the Tech. builds. This trust transfers to the Church and to DM without any consideration or examination. A substitution has taken place outside of their awareness. A shift in a Stable Datum. This is an A=A but none the less occurs in otherwise intelligent people. They then defend the Church and DM as they would LRH and the Tech.

    Add in the mechanism from the Self Analysis quote expressed in its many forms, i.e. financial stress and pressures, potential family and business disconnections, bad auditing and altered Tech, a strong desire to do the Bridge and stay in good graces and you have a DM bot. They have not examined the A=A that DM is NOT LRH and DM is NOT the Tech. It is unexamined suppression.

    It was evident in Joannes Wheatons reactions to Mooseys statements. The introversion on recognition of those truths by Joanne nearly sucked me into the computer screen. (nicely done Moosey, nothing like a dose of truth)

    NEW STABLE DATUMS for any who are uncertain.

    1) LRH is SOURCE — DM is NOT LRH

    2) The Tech IS the Tech — The Church is NOT the Tech

    3) The truth shall set you free — The truth is not what Church management says it is

    4) YOU, are responsible for your own Eternity — The Church does not hold your eternity captive, unless you agree to it.

    5) Only YOU can set yourself free — It will not occur because you curry favor with Church Management.

    6) Time’s a waisting.

  134. Raul-it is so sad what has happened-from”Psychotics”, 2Feb. 66 “The true psychotic brings about an hysterical, apathetic or deranged mental condition in others. He or she does it for “many good reasons”, does it for no reason at all, or doesn’t even notice that he is doing it”

  135. Firebreathing Frog

    Hello Mike,
    Great Post.
    I have re-read part one which I read long time ago, and this is brilliant.
    Your last paragraph:
    “Every person who sees the truth and steps out of the shadow of this aberrative personality tips the scales a little more towards the end of the insanity and a return to a true Golden Age of Scientology where freedom of thought, action and belief once again reigns.”
    Yours and Marty actions are making sure Scientology will survive and gives everyone so much hope.

  136. All I say to that is LOL

  137. Your help appreciated dowloaded and pirnted and will be mailed Thankyou !

  138. Raul, here is what a country run by DM would be like. This is a 60 minute documentary you can watch in 6 segments on Youtube. It’s all there – Ideal Orgs, starvation, information control, disconnection etc.

  139. one of those who see

    Hi Karen,
    I still don’t have the answers regarding Pat and where he was at. But this part of his speech was right on the money. Interesting that he then was gotten rid of.

  140. one of those who see

    Hi Blue Bonnet,
    Tears in my eyes. This evil will not continue. I have a child on staff. We are getting together soon. I will think of you and all the other Mothers, Fathers and children that have been separated from the ones they love.
    You wrote “I know you want to help LRH bring Scientology to others, I just wish you knew why that’s so hard… I love you.” From your heart to all our loved ones ears.

  141. Been there, seen that, you’ve got it right.
    However, I believe OSA trolls can’t be insulted – feeling insulted is way to uptone for those terminals, they just respond to stimulus like Pavlo’s dogs.
    It still stuns me to think that the greatest crime ever to be committed against mankind has, as per the number of people of Earth who actually know about it has quielty slipped by in the past 30 years.
    To suppress, alter and degrade a workable technology capable of freeing the human mind from the insanities that create war, hunger and sorrow currently in high volume and litter our history is simply mindboggling in itself – it takes confront to whole new level…

  142. Thanks TD and MOG,
    I tried to figure out if I could sacrifice my integrity and lie, saying I was bad, to get back in good standing but Scientology was/is too important and it would have put me more out of comm than the declare. It would have been a suppressive act, acceptable maybe to the c of m but not to me!
    She’s a very good person and I do understand she’s doing what she thinks is right. Too bad she is being lied to and is not allowed to look.

  143. Great post. My first time commenting here.

  144. George M. White

    Excellent observations about Self Analysis. It does to some extent align with meditation.
    Much loving-kindness,

  145. George M. White

    Thanks for sharing this information about DM. It is so well-expressed and I feel so relieved to have rejected him.
    Much loving-kindness,

  146. Cowboy Poet, how totally true. Degrade and inval the education system to keep staff and their kids from learning a damned thing. I am seeing the effects in staff kids now. They’re not prepared for life and they’re very easily duped into joining the S.O. or working for people who tow the line and take advantage of them.

  147. Thank you, Jim. Excellent points.
    I’m sooooo glad I’m outa there!

  148. LDW, that cracks me up because it’s so damned true! A couple more thetans in my house admire LRH tech. I’m back on the Bridge. Hahahahahahahahahaha – nanny nanny boo boo to the lil babies.

  149. Welcome Pietro.

  150. Thanks Valkov,

    I am familiar with North Korea and though I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, I would tend to agree with you that this country is the closest to the DM dystopia at the Int Base, minus the beauty – North Korea is lacking in that department and the Int Base is made to LOOK idyllic – but this is like everything else DM touches – MEST made gorgeous and people made into nothing.

  151. Can’t disagree that he is a psychotic, but I am afraid he is 100% aware of everything he is doing and the consequences. He plans years and years ahead and he knows exactly what he is doing. What the basis is for his decisions only he can tell.

  152. Good for you. Wecome to the free world!

  153. Welcome Pietro!

    Mike, thank you for this article, it’s a good one.

    Jim Logan, you certainly got a reaction from me on your post above (a good reaction–as in indication of the correct by-passed charge kinda reaction), about the alterations on the OTVII tech. Your insights are always valuable and much appreciated.

  154. Rachel,

    You missed his withhold on Third-Partying the good doctor – and yourself – perhaps ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  155. JL, Now that explains a LOT. Thank ou!

  156. Who would know? Everyone in the Sea Org has been sec checked to death over the last three decades except David Miscavige. David Miscavige does not get sec checks or auditing or cramming.

    He has placed himself senior to the tech. And senior to everyone else in Scientology. Not much of a chance we would ever know his withholds if we didn’t read this blog.

  157. Good one Ann.

  158. Thanks for the references Jim 🙂

  159. Raul,

    – “When Ray M. was declared by DM I knew there is something seriously wrong.” –

    …When I saw Ray M. sitting on a bench (wearing a boiler suit) in the control room of the Freewinds engine room (eating his meal which he had on his lap) right after the Maiden Voyage Annivarsary 1998 –
    I thought:
    “What the f*** is going on here??? Something is very wrong here!!!”

    I couldn´t understand why the Sen C/S Int, such a high and admired tech terminal, was getting degraded in this way- and let himself degrade.
    It was a sad and disturbing image to behold. But that also gave me the feeling that I really had to get out of there.

    Thank you Raul for your thorough explanation. Now in retrospect I can understand that puzzling and disturbing situation.


  160. That’s a beautiful speech Karen. Thank you for forwarding it.
    It’s amazing to see what was Pat’s frame of mind was at the time – I am assuming he meant what he was saying due to the fact that David Miscavige game him the ‘evil eye’ at one point during the event.
    Easy to see the one-two knock out DM needed in his bid to take over the church (something he has oft been witnessed accusing others of).
    1.Get rid of LRH
    2. Take out Pat Broeker.

  161. Oops missed the last step:
    3. Hide all the dead bodies and kill/silence all the witnesses.

  162. Yet again I have noticed One Bonus of Marty being tied up is the is the editorial style and content offered by Mr Rinder in his absence!!

    Great article Mike, to the point on DM, but more importantly to me something i can waive under the nose of my dear ‘handler’ !!

    Thanks again Mr Rinder

  163. Raul,
    Thanks for adding your very honest and very accurate observations of the scene at the Int base and the way DM operates. I concur with you in every possible way. Not only has he mis-used technology to make himself all and everyone else nothing — but he also specialises in getting others to emulate him — making it virtually impossible to label him as the Who — as there is a small army of him — carrying out his orders, and he can sit back and drink Scotch as his army marches forward with his SP destruction. It has been that way sincethe mid 90’s. When you are in that scene — living it day by day — it drives you into apathy and introverts you beyond the beyond.

  164. Expelled 4 Life

    Blue Bonnet: I fully understand. Same situation here. The main reason I was declared was that I resigned even though I resigned privately. I have been told I can do A-E and don’t need to be a member when I complete the steps. It would be easy to do so except I would be living a lie which I simply can’t do. The Comm Ev results were so silly and full of outpoints I simply can’t grant it any beingness by doing A-E.

  165. Lana,
    That’s a perfect manifestation of how the SP generalizes. It’s meant to disperse attention, by making it appear all over the place, anyplace, but exactly where it originates – the out-of-valence David Miscavige.

  166. did you get the mail Sam?

  167. HI Jim,
    Every time you list out major DM TECH ALTERATIONS two things happen:

    1) I realize once more how important it is to thoroughly expose this madness, and
    2) get pissed off all over again.


  168. Mike — You are likely quite correct. But also, I didn’t jump at the chance to raise my status in the IAS after Dr. Denk’s departure by taking out a home equity loan as suggested by Howard Becker. Howard told me at the time that “COB has a really big situation.” Perhaps because I didn’t jump at the chance to help COB I was assigned some lower condition, even if in his own universe. This kind of stuff ties in totally to the topic of this post and the earlier post “on dm’s behavior” written by Mike Rinder. Rachel

  169. Rachel,

    I think Howard Becker may have gotten something right for once in his life.

    But of course, his solution (money) is insane.

    “COB’s really big situation” is easy to resolve. All he needs is a rock (I will happily donate this to the IAS to help out), a quiet place and a lot of time.

  170. OOTWS, Have a wonderful reunion with your child.
    E4L, It’s not possible to do A to E, you need to train, and not be a member. I was told lots of things too, like the ‘justice chief said he knew I wasn’t an SP. I asked him how he could allow the church to publish lies.

    Prior to what happened to me I would have said it could never happen. Not in MY Church. I figured it was just someone making a mistake and it would be ironed out in short order. I wrote the reports and did all the right things.

  171. Brillant Les, loved reading your post.
    I’ve always maintained any being who has their heart in the right place is only ever a cognition away from greater happiness & ability. And the funny thing is, it’s always accompied by a smile…

  172. Dead Right !
    It also shows a clear view of How Pat Broeker likley knew already then the chances likley hood as you please of DMs tactics with the tech but not may be known to any one else,Wonder if Broeker even chanllenged it along side Daid Mayo whould n’t put it past either , and heavily suppressed . Pretty open for questioning.Its no wonder Pat and for the various other reason he wanted him out fast . Blood destructive.

  173. Geeze, what a write up… well done Raul, it paints a good picture of the insanity which is very difficult to duplicate in it’s depth. To degrade senior tech terminals in such a manner puts the scary aspect of what sort of treatment do others get… geezes!
    Yes, Nazi(esk) values parallel such a being, but to be evil intentioned with the tech – Himmler would be salivating.

  174. American Psycho.

  175. Yes wonder if it will be the same as who wrote Bare face Messiah .


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