Rome Smolders While the Phoenix Rises

After public humiliation at Ingleside on the Bay, the star of a recent post – Miscavige’s prize “OT H8” Ed Bryan – was shuffled off with a group of 8 other Miscavige operatives to Miami.  Reference: 

They were flanked by Miscavige shill Jim Lynch impersonating a reporter for Freedumb along with yet another crew.  For more on Lynch and his shill status see:

Their mission: attempt to disrupt a trade convention attended by Mike Rinder in an effort to destroy his livelihood.

The result?

Lynch’s hired camera crew abandoned him after they were told about Bert Leahy.  Lynch lost his composure and busted his way into a nearby hotel meeting room rented for the ocassion.  Apparently, he didnt notice the hotel had security cameras.  Lynch was thrown out, hotel security called the police and they cited him for assault (though he had fled the premises by the time they got there).   Will update should the fugitive raise his obnoxious head again.

But there is no doubt what happened next in Miami.  Ed Bryan was arrested for TRESSPASSING and failure to pay entry fee at the convention center:

Dave Miscavige is mocking up one nasty GPM (a Goal, in this case an evil one, colliding with a counter flow Problem, in this case one of Miscavige’s own creation, with a resultant ugly, nightmarish Mass).

Meanwhile, Rome smolders.

And the Phoenix continues to rise.

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  1. YES, YES, YES! I say guilty on ALL CHARGES!!!!!!!! Right On!

  2. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    Ha! It’s only a matter of time. Truth always prevails.


  3. I’m a big fan of this blog. But I find these kinds of posts the least interesting by far of what you do here. There’s kind of a pissing-on-the-corpse mentality to them, which just isn’t as interesting as hearing about all the people who are finding each other outside of Scientology.

    Everyone knows the fork’s in Scientology Inc. I think this blog is best when it focuses on its title: moving on up a little higher. All these petty shenanigans are kind of uninteresting.

  4. I don’t know if I should laugh or weep. I guess there is no limit to how far one can fall.

    Of course, they do deserve it, no denying that.

  5. martyrathbun09

    That’s funny. You never commented on the the ones about moving on up higher. Based on comments and statistics you get what you postulate. Stay tuned for the book, that ought to appeal to you.

  6. Wow. LMAO at how stupid they are. But hoping somebody can open their eyes and see straight for at least a minute too! Suppose this will get spun for them to be “martyrs” no doubt. Stupid asses believe they’re above the law in every circumstance. Well, David Miscavige & Company have convinced them of this. It just ain’t true boys. Find out where you are and you will realize this.

  7. Desperate people do desperate things.

    Mike and Christie,
    I hope the convention was a successful one for you. I wish you much success in your business ventures!
    ml, Laura

  8. I disagree, these posts are what makes Marty’s blog real interesting.

    In fact, they are necessary to document the tactics the Co$ employs in order to destroy people that it designates its enemies.
    Besides, they piss off Miscavige. And when people are angry, they make mistakes.

  9. Keep the heat turned up Marty. The first to flee the ships are the Rats in sheep’s clothing.

  10. Tom Gallagher

    Goes to show that desperate people do the stupidest things. POB is such a loser………..

  11. Sounds like a BUMMER for “OT H8″ Ed Bryan and POB David Miscavige.

    Well, I guess that Ed Bryan will not have a particular Corporate Church of Radical Scientology lawyer available for his expense, err… I mean defense:

    Helena Kobrin has left the boat!!!

  12. +1

  13. I would’nt be surprised to find out that the little troll will be skewering Lebow and Allender for this little fiasco, BUSTED!

  14. I’m very interested in the book, and all of your posts. Even these have a kind of guilty pleasure in them.

    But on day 4 or 5 or whatever of the Bert Leahy videos, it’s just like, “Who is this helping?” We know these guys are assholes. We know how they run things. So, I dunno. I guess I just don’t really see the point, except to highlight the obvious: Scientology Inc. is crumbling.

  15. Yvonne Schick

    Jim, I suspect there will be several replies to your comment.

    I, too, love the posts that demonstrate we are flourishing and prospering as individuals and as a group; for example, the previous post that was a very uplifting poem and acknowledgement of a Grade II completion. Those make my heart sing.

    None the less, these bright moments cannot occur if we are not free to practice our religion. DM’s org wants to stop that free practice of Scn. His strategy seems to be take out Marty and Mike and that will cut the reach somehow (he is wrong but that is another thought path). Most of us feel we share the responsibility to keep the free practice of Scn available. Having knowledge of the progress toward this goal helps us to fulfill that responsibility. So we are interested in what is happening and can take a pleasure of sorts in a battle won even if that was an arrest that allowed Mike to continue with his business matters uninterrupted.

    A game requires a certain amount of offense and defense. While we certainly want to keep our primary focus on the offense – freeing ourselves and others and improving the quality of our lives – we cannot neglect what defense is necessary to make that possible.

    ml, Yvonne

  16. Yeah, I guess that’s a valid point. Documenting their tactics, and exposing their silliness to the light of day is a worthwhile activity. For what it’s worth, my favorite moment out of all that stuff was when Marty just went up to them and asked them to keep it down because there was an auditing session going on inside. Their meek reaction was priceless.

  17. I love the smell of TOASTED TROLL in the morning!! 🙂

  18. Watching Eyes

    ***Note to Dwarf:
    When your own attorney bails on you, it’s a sign that you’ve got MAJOR problems. Thought you could keep it a secret, didn’t you?

  19. Jim the derailer. Must be a hot topic.

    ML Tom

  20. Thanks for the kind wishes Laura. In spite of their antics — and they get more irrational and bizarre with each passing day — the show was a great success.

    What is amazing and sad at the same time is that these lemmings have caught Miscavige’s disease — they are unable to see (confront) the world around them and therefore their only reference point is their own (POB’s) viewpoint. They dont even appear to recognize how the world looks at what they are doing. And as a result, they are creating ill-will for Scientology (as people don’t at first glance differentiate between the corporate church and the subject).

    Apart from the passersby who stopped, took photos and snickered to one another about the antics of the “SquirrelBusters” wearing their silly hats and acting like a swarm of crazed mosquitos, shouting out things completely incomprehensible to everyone that heard them, they managed to destroy whatever reputation Scientology had with:
    The Miami Convention Bu
    The Florida International Medical Exposition
    The hired outside Security Force of the Convention Center
    The hotel executives
    The hotel security force
    The Miami Visitors and Convention Bureau
    The Miami Beach Police
    The Miami Beach Fire Rescue Department
    In addition to assorted executives of corporations at the show, the ladies selling coffee in the lobby and numerous others.

    And all to accomplish what?

    These guys have the stated purpose and intention of provoking Marty and me so we will be arrested.

    I guess they’re not really winning at that game….

  21. I disagree with you, Jim.

  22. martyrathbun09


  23. Wow. Like, wow! Kudo’s to you Marty and Mike for staying the course, being real, and letting these fools hang themselves. It is so past pathetic. I kinda feel sorry for all of these guys, at the direction of their madman. I really do hope they all wake up. When decent people are turned bad….its the worst.

  24. Props to you Yvonne.

  25. Awesome! Do the perp walk baby!

  26. Mike, the point is that Miscaviage IS out to destroy Scientology. That’s why he does crazy things like this in the open. Per the Rollback directive LRH says “THINGS GOOD OR BAD DON’T JUST HAPPEN, THEY ARE MADE TO HAPPEN”. What’s amazing about all of this, which you point out too well, is that a man can go all the way up the “bridge” and not have his own viewpoint anymore. That’s really sad.

    While going free they are brainwashed.

    Argh, we have so much work to do.

    ML Tom

  27. Tom Gallagher

    Yvonne- Not only are you articulate, you’re a class act. Thanks!

  28. Yvonne,
    That says it all! ml, Laura

  29. mrinder,
    David’s disease, yes, indeed. The “stats” you listed here being the symptoms.
    I’m happy to see you flourishing and prospering in spite of the distractions! ml, Laura

  30. Good point Tom. There is no doubt that POB will destroy everything around him in order to “save himself” — his lifestyle is more important than his integrity….

    I used to ridge at the word brainwashed, but I see these maroons making absolute fools of themselves in public and they are so “certain” that they are doing the right thing, that there is no other term that correctly describes their state. They look like the guy in the phone ad who starts to do the “flash mob” dance in Grand Central Station 30 minutes early because his text message was delayed. Everyone stops and stares and thinks “an idiot is on the loose.” In the case of the SB’s, as soon as you say “members of the Church of Scientology” everyone “gets it” — “Oh, yeah, those people are crazy like Tom Cruise”. Sad.

  31. martyrathbun09

    I suggest you read the 31 factors – a select button on home page of blog. I do not believe there is anything I have posted that is not squarely relevant to that statement of affairs and objectives.

  32. Some other Co$ lawyers may realize that they would do best to put a stream of crocodile tears between themselves and the ‘antics’ of the Co$. Their money may dry up as more orgs close.

  33. Mike and all,

    Well done on helping these mad dogs to bite themselves in the ass every time.

    The quality of belligerence is the hallmark of anything Miscavige. He forces it into everything touched by the Church — it’s in his speeches, Scientology promo, TV spots, videos — everywhere. Even in his OT VIIIs who are supposedly a product of the Bridge, but who have become mini-SPs in themselves.

    In the promo it is cloaked in over-the-top gleaming, glowing columns and bridges — none of this is the proper character of Scientology. In his staff, it is cloaked in their “cold chrome steel” arrogance — NOT the character of Scientology. In his speeches DM’s belligerence is written into his Shermanspeak psychobabble, “Given that notwithstanding that’s not to say for how we roll it out when we do: that’s just pocket change on the flipside… and THAT’s what we call ‘Operation: Verbal Beat Down.'”

    What IS the proper character of Scientology? It’s the auditor. Being there comfortably, confronting, intending to help the pc, in ARC because he or she possesses that most valuable commodity of all: understanding.

    Understanding is the rightful commodity of Scientology. Yet Miscavige has supplanted that with belligerence.

    I didn’t fully grasp what it was years ago, but in the mid-90s I noted that Miscavige expected everyone around him to “come up to his reality.” This “worked” on the Int base to a degree but Miscavige also expected it to work on public lines. At the Int base most people tried to go along with it, thinking maybe DM knew best. After all, he was the leader of the Church. But obviously, the approach doesn’t work at all and only produces chaos and confusion. So it’s not a matter of the world “coming up to DM’s reality.”

    DM’s “reality” is totally delusional. He doesn’t actually share any reality with anyone — “reality” meaning agreement. The world is never going to “come up” to that, because it’s not “up.” It’s down! Straight down as far as anyone can go.

    So what we really have is not the CoS slowly “getting in ethics” on the world at large (DM’s black PR line) with an expectation that the world is eventually going to “get in step” with DM; what we have is DM foisting off his own delusions and belligerence on others and the world at large rejecting him (and his supporters) wholesale because they know a Hitler when they see one. Miscavige is factually insane, defined clinically by LRH as “the overt or covert but always complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy.”


  34. Yo Gary, nice……..

  35. I think they’re funny as Hell. I LOVE it when a Koolaid drinker gets P’wned!

  36. martyrathbun09

    I concur.

  37. These goons just don’t think! They truly live in their own world. Well done to you Mike. IT is nice to see you are flourishing! ML Carol

  38. The Squirrels are getting their nuts busted.

  39. the classic Overt/Motivator sequence, grin.
    When will he (DM) ever learn?

  40. Sara Finning

    Is there anyone since Marty left who can say to DM, ‘that’s such a bad idea…’ or even, ‘that’s NOT how grown ups behave…’ Even my 5 year old knows that tantrums don’t work and she needs to use words.

    The tactics are straight out of Home Alone where a child runs rampant with no adult supervision. It’s a bit like that, albeit with a big expense account.

  41. By the time one has paid a million dollars for the Miscavige Bridge To No Where, if it hasn’t killed you, there is always the opportunity to work for OSA to publicly display your hate and insanity.

    I’m not surprised that “church” attorney Helena Kobrin has asked for her “donations” back and has walked out. I always perceived her to be a strong willed and intelligent woman.

  42. Steve — Thoughtful and insightful as ever.

    “Understanding is the rightful commodity of Scientology. Yet Miscavige has supplanted that with belligerence.” Perfect summation.

    And you are of course absolutely correct — POB believes that everyone else needs to see things his way and that anyone that doesnt is lower level being with huge overts and evil purposes (many of them directed at him). His life is “My way or the highway” — but “my way” is a self-inflicted hell of asserted insanities foisted off as great wisdom and accomplishments that are only unappreciated because people “dont understand.”

  43. Yes Yvonne! Beautifully articulated! I have sometimes felt that the name calling, though hilarious, though viscerally satisfying, -is better left to the “un-enlightened”. We have a higher understanding of the chess board so we should act like adults, but what you have described is 1,000% accurate in my opinion. We NEED to know how this war is evolving. That is a vital part of our momentum towards throwing off the yoke of suppression. Thank you for your insight!

  44. martyrathbun09


  45. Compliments to the good sense of the film crew that left Lynch hangin’ out by hisself.

  46. I have to say that I feel sorry for those being forced to do the dumbest things for Miscavige. Remember, it is the cult personality that is behaving badly, and the true, compassionate person still lies beneath. Exposing the ridiculous is good, but don’t forget that many more can only come out if their true personality is coaxed from the cult mind set.

  47. Sara,

    No. All that are left are broken people who have no will or thoughts of their own.

    They are the cowed and ill associates who remain associated with POB. And they are all convinced that their incompetence, unhappiness, illness, hopelessness and despair is because they have not yet disgorged enough overts, withholds and evil purposes against Dear Loser. And that is NOT an exaggeration.

    Now, if ever there was a case to be made for disconnection….

  48. Hi Jim,
    As a WOG (not offended by the term) I disagree that there is no point to these types of posts. The reason is because a WOG has NO IDEA what the COS can and will do. The general public needs to be made aware of what the “church” does to people it does not like. Why? So an educated and informed decision, based of truth, can be made. I bet if you told a true WOG about what was happening to Marty and Mosey, they would not believe you. They would more than likely think YOU were crazy!

  49. Hahaha! YES Mike! That commercial describes their antics to the T!!! Hilarious and heartbreaking all at the same time.
    So glad you are doing well!

  50. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  51. Exactly. 🙂

  52. Yvonne,
    Nice post. Both actions – tech deliver and external actions are correct and needed. Two different departments and two different awareness characteristics. Dept 20 – awareness Existence. Dept 19 – awareness conditions. Moving people on up is changing conditions. Handling the external crap is to maintain the existence. We have the Dept 21 Source materials. Dept 20 is to push back the external to create a vacuum into which any org can expand and deliver without the undue external influences.

    The current game is being played in a true Pan-determined fashion. Continual create and production for all areas and not a fixation on only minute stuff like the current CM group does. I love the success stories and I know there are many other delivery terminals and units around the world able to deliver and get people moving on up a little higher.

    I think you and I agree that without the external ethics handling on the suppressive external influence the Indie field would have a harder time maintaining that delivery. Mike and Marty are perfect for this. The know and understand the tech to be delivered and also how to maintain existence. Playing the piano with a wonderful end result it tis.

    This blog, this community, this group exists here and now. This truly is ground zero in the effort to maintain the existence of the means to get people truly moving and moved up a little higher. Enjoy the game – we all win in this one!

  53. Gary, what was your refund amount?

  54. Mike — good observation. Jim is trolling here. The LAST thing these OTAsses and Miscavige want is to be exposed. They show up in public, but are terrified of the media and the internet…. Why if the Squirrel Busters are so intent on “getting their message out” arent they jumping at the chance to talk to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times?

    Exposing their insanity reduces their ability to continue hurting people. Simple as that.

    What is really remarkable is this:

    IF the Church of Scientology was truly expanding at the enormous rate claimed by Miscavige, and IF the purpose of his activity was “Clearing the Planet” — then why do they devote ANY time or money to Marty Rathbun? Its just not the correct orders of magnitude IF things are as Miscavige and Tommy Davis say. They should be devoting ALL their time and effort into the growth of the church and helping people as a result. Certainly, Marty Rathbun, even in their eyes, is not doing more to impede the progress of planetary clearing than the fact that there are a billion people in India and a billion people in China and there is not a SINGLE ORG for one third of the planet’s population. Certainly he isnt as big a problem as declining education standards? Or proliferation of drugs? How about the pimps that are outside Miscavige’s headquarters on Hollywood Blvd? Why not send some of his OT Asses out there to camp out and make their lives “hell”?

    The answer is simple. It’s just professional courtesy — the pimps dont expose him, so he doesnt expose the pimps. Marty’s biggest crime is to say anything disparaging about Dear Loser. If he was just auditing away, like so many others around the world are doing, he would be ignored.

    Miscavige’s crimes need to be exposed for the world to see.

  55. I told Kobrin over a decade ago that she had so much experience in intellectual property law that she could get a legitimate legal job working for Disney (or similar). Maybe it finally sunk in.

  56. Nicely done Mike and so close on the heels of the Mosey Filleting, both caught on video. A good double play.

    Boy, does OT8 Ed Bryan ever need to step out from under that cloud of confusion he’s created for himself.

    Ed apparently couldn’t stop himself so he arranged for Security to do it. The truth of the Tech on display. Ed has some basic goodness still working otherwise he would have not gone to so much trouble to be stopped by another. Unfortunately there are others for whom that basic goodness is buried much deeper.

    I think more Mosey on them might do the trick. :>)

  57. Hi Jim;
    If you consider that there are many, many who are in the clutches of the CofS, and know something is wrong, but not what, then a quick glimpse here, and elsewhere, will bring about understanding in them.

    Yes, if you already know all about it, then those type of posts don’t really serve much purpose, but if you don’t know, then these posts are an enlightenment.


  58. Mmmm, another day at the office for POB.
    Had an interesting thought reading this thread. On the one hand you have this head of an international ‘Church’ with unlimited funds, lawyers and everything money can buy getting his followers to do the most degrading and publicly humilitating things to themselves and their cause… for what?
    Then, on the other hand you have people who with all the expense of a laptop, cup of coffee and perhaps under the watchful gaze of a pet cat or something similar putting a few words on a screen that really piss this guy off and drive him to acts of insanity.
    Very good example of where power actually lies and how it is a slippery thing that can be well greased with money, making it very hard to keep a hold of, but has an innate ability of turning around and biting the abuser in the butt. Remember Soltan Gris from Mission Earth?
    (Irish accent & a green hat) God bless the little people.

  59. ‘Jim’
    ‘Petty Shenanigans?
    I hope that trolling the blogs is the only activity you’re involved in for your criminal boss (David Miscavige).
    One of your buddies just got arrested while engaging in criminal trespass.

  60. I swear, if she ends up posting on here, I’m going to have a heart attack!!

  61. Jim,
    My money says you are an OSA troll. This tactic of ‘boring’ or ‘no value’ is a hallmark.

    I’ll give $10 down, you be a trollin’.

    Mikes’s comment below is cogent. Distract attention from the Failed ‘Ops’ and the fiasco that these suppressive acts represent.

  62. Ha ha ha ha!

    Another ARS enemy wakes up! Good for her. I hope she comes here someday soon.


  63. Mr. Rinder, thank you for your post. I do not think at cos member would have taken the time to address me, but a real scientologist would. I should have also included your name, as you have been stalked and harrassed by your former church as hard as anyone else. I remember when they ambushed you with your family in a parking lot and am sorry that this is something you are dealing with. My gut tells me that in time, all the pain you and others have endured due to the cos will do more to clear the planet (your words) than the cos has in the past 20 years. I am not the biggest fan of Scientology, or Islam, or short redheads, but what the cos is doing pisses me off. Thanks again for responding.

  64. Tom Gallagher

    +1 Logan. Spot on.

  65. Marty and Mike;

    Any chance of some police reports on these incidents being acquired? How does one do that, anyway?

    What about the film crew that bailed, are they reachable?

    It must be dangerous to walk in DM’s footprints right now, so radioactive from all the footnukes.

  66. Ed.
    If you’ve made the courageous decision to actually read this blog after your wake-up call (or if you decided to find out if out what kind of effect your arrest created) I just want you to know we understand why you did what you did and there is only help and compassion for you – not retaliation – when you finally make it out the other side (you must be having serious doubts by now).
    On a personal level, I understand why you (along with others under similar orders) sent emails to all of my ex-husband’s friends urging them to disconnect from him and I understand why you held up signs and tried to harass me when I went to see Marty. I understand that you thought you were doing the right thing and I don’t hold it against you.
    You are under suppression. Time to get out buddy. Take Joanna with you. She’s looking really stressed out now.
    The Bridge is waiting for you.
    Real Scientology and the Bridge is everything Ron promised it would be and more.
    Whatever it is you’re afraid of, shake it off. There is nothing to fear but the idea of fear itself.

    To ‘Jim’ the OSA troll who turned up earlier trying to cast dispersions by trying to paint this post and others like it as petty. THIS is what we do here. We help. Bringing Truth where there are lies and applying Scientology to our lives is all part of Moving on Up a Little Higher.
    Here’s a helpful hint for you. WTFU!

  67. Steve,
    “The spirit of Scientology is one of help…

    “The atmosphere of Scientology is a lot more important than new buildings and modern furniture.” LRH, Policy, 27 DECEMBER 1963 THE “MAGIC” OF GOOD MANAGEMENT.

  68. Tony DePhillips

    Hillarious!!! What a nice way to start the day!!

  69. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!! You kill me bro.

  70. Tony DePhillips


  71. Tom Gallagher


    Like for example when POB is referred to having all the charm and charisma of a RUTTING BABOON?

  72. Simply Revolting

    The title of a 2002 German film leaps to mind:
    ‘Was tun, wenns brennt?’ – ‘Brennen lassen…’
    (‘What to do in case of fire?’ – ‘Let it burn…’)
    Nero has fiddled for far too long, and his slaves are overdue for liberating…

  73. Better late than never! Wish I had seen the epithet sooner to describe the listing paddleboat…..”Ship Of Fools”!! LOL

    (I just read the comment on a link from today’s blog!)

  74. Hi Marty. You had asked me to send you any time, place, form and event of org beatings yesterday.
    I have also had the notion that there might have been a postulate at the missed earlier beginning chain. Judge entirely for yourself:

  75. Yvonne Also the famous quote,” first they came for the “.

    The price of freedom is eternal viligence! Marty is the target now. If they take him out it will be us. He is the strongest presence at the moment so they spend all their resources on him. If he were gone they would divert those resources to the next target.

  76. Mike,
    Really great to have you come back to a computer to communicate & achieving what you set out to do in Miami. Your points are totally valid as to the absurdity, and sheer lunacy of the POB.

    There is a new bottom line now , even the most dedicated Kool Aid addict out to wear the OT Asses hat would think twice. To do POB’s insane Mission Orders one would either: End up in the Pokey or get cited for Assault. That amplifies the question – why would anyone follow the Dear Loser and play the game where everyone loses???

    Perhaps the SQBs and hired pimps in IOB on their golf carts don’t know the consequences due to them due to the POB’s standard control of information and we would have to brief them.

  77. TroubleShooter

    pardon the sidebar here Mike but did you get the email I hushed to you?

  78. Flight to Miami, about $400.
    Registration at a convention booth, around $1000.
    Video of one of DM’s street creepers being led away in cuffs, PRICELESS!
    And, like the aftermath of the famous fire in Rome in 64 AD, the mad emperor Nero used the event to spend lavishly on rebuilding projects that looked great but nearly bankrupted the city state. Key among these was the Domus Aurea, or, golden house, that was built on the current site of the colesseum. It was a lavish, over the top estate built with stolen public funds to service the greed and corruption of one man. Perhaps we can classify it as the first “Idol Org”, because it was largely empty and unused, but it looked great. Nero was eventually forced out of power and later opened his neck rather than face his justice.

    The parralles to the current emperor of the Corporate Scientology Empire, is chilling, just shy of him opening his neck.

    DM: Author of OTH8 Truth Concealed.

  79. Mike’s right — “Jim” is a troll doing what 1.1s always do: where they can’t overtly stop, they attempt to nullify, covertly.

    And regarding what Marty and others are doing in the Indie movement, exposing CoS out ethics IS the right action for every Scientologist. And while I’m not trying to criticize particularly, that’s what I see as wrong with earlier movements. They think they can just go on up the Bridge while the hapless 4th dynamic is being betrayed. IT CAN’T BE DONE. It’s suicide. You can’t grab up a bunch of OT abilities for yourself meanwhile refusing to help others. The dynamics are all connected! Responsibility, knowledge, control — and thus OT — go hand in hand.

    The road out is the way through and that means getting yourself up both sides of the Bridge, learning the knowledge, AND all while doing everything you can do to kick DM’s sorry Seed of Chucky ass back to the stone age. It can be done and it IS being done by many.

  80. If this is true (have no reason to doubt you) then Int may end in disaster.

  81. Jim the OSA troll: you’ve been ID’d and your actions are a total failure.

    Jim the MOQ: Happy Birthday!

  82. Mike Beautiful! You hit the nail on the head. Another beautiful example of the boomerang effect of cutting a theta line. It blows up in your face. And the overt motivator sequence. He got exactly what he was trying to cause in another!

  83. Same here… and this one is especially rich!

    Well played Mr. Rinder, well played!!! /golfclap

  84. Well said Steve!!

  85. “These guys have the stated purpose and intention of provoking Marty and me so we will be arrested. ”

    These POB reverse Tech specialists need to know that results also are in reversal, backfiring in their own arrest and citation!

  86. delicious dox are delicious… and yummy like cake! Thank you Gary for sharing – Made my day seeing these!!!

  87. I can’t help myself with quotes from Ron. The one I’m about to show I think really lets us know what is going to happen,because it is already happening.
    From “The basics of Ethics”:No matte how criminal an individual is, he will be trying , one way or another , to put ethics in on himself.
    “This explains why Hitler invited the world to destroy Germany. He has the whole war won before Sept 1939, before he declared war. The allies were giving him everything he wanted; he had one of the finest intelligence organiizations that ever walked; he had Germany well on the way to getting her colonies back and the idiot declared war ! And he just caved himself and Germany right in. His brilliance was going at a mad rate in one direction and his native sense of ethics was causing him to cave himself in at a mad rate in the other direction.”
    We are seeing historical moments right now being played out.

  88. Happy Birthday Tigger!!!

  89. martyrathbun09

    No, I didn’t Norm. You’ve got a little case of dub-in going.

  90. Gary,

    Thanks for your posts, even the sharks are disconnecting!

    It seems like the POB’s walls are crumbling…

  91. Steve, You have nailed it again. And I will add that what DM did in spades was force things on people that they did not want and deny them things that they did want. In other words, he ran an Enforced Have/Can’t Have on people as a 24/7 operation.
    Examples: via his long since extremely-renditioned wife Shelly, the females in RTC had to wear certain types of make up and wear certain clothes, conservative, drab business attire. Shelly would then sell her old clothes to RTC women by having Laurisse take them to Shelly’s room to try stuff on and close the deal.
    DM enforced the music he liked on RTC and Int (primarily) people such as Chicago after they turned completely wimpy, Kenny Loggins after he turned wimpy and George Michael who, as far as I know, was always wimpy. No Bob Marley or Bob Dylan or even The Police was ever heard in his vicinity. DM enforced golf on some people who had no taste or aptitude for the game such as Marc Yager. He enforced shooting on people who had no interest in guns.
    On the flip side, he denied people, the entire base, the things they DID want, such as Scientology. At one point there was a successful staff co-audit running on the base. People loved it. DM cancelled it with the rationale that the base staff should have only the best tech so he was going to train up the Qual auditors to be the best and then get the base audited. Twenty years later there are only anecdotal cases where people have made it up the Bridge to any degree. In 1996, I personally told him that the best way to handle the base would be to put everyone on Tech Training five hours a day. No, he said, the real solution is to hat them for their posts, which, true to his fashion, he compulsively cross-ordered year after year with an unending stream of cockamamie study orders or orders to watch the same impossibly over-the-top event video five times.
    I recall one year on the Maiden Voyage, it must have been June 1996, where passengers was called to a special briefing that began with, you guessed it, the 99th replaying of the GAT Tech Release from the previous May 9th at Flag. The minute the video came up on the screen, more than half of the audience walked out, saying “I’ll be back after this is through for the second part of the briefing. I’ve seen this more than once already.”
    Enforced Have/Can’t Have is DM’s credo, motto and the anchor by which he is dragging Scientology down.
    LRH discusses the principle in the PTS Rundown materials.

  92. It was hard for me to even use the word “brainwashed” the first several times, but it effectively communicates to non-Scientologists what is going on in the CULT.

    Other than that, I really stick with the simple message that out of one wisdom can come many practices.

    “Someone who is passionately devoted to practice rather than wisdom – there are two different things here that embrace religion – would argue with you. But you’re not interested in arguing on that line, because we can make this a very, very clear differentiation right here and now.

    The word “religion” itself can embrace sacred lore, wisdom, knowingness of gods and souls and spirits, which could be called, with a very loose use of the word, a philosophy. so we could say there is a religious philosophy and there is religious practice.

    Now, religious practice could take the identical source and by interpretation put it into effect and so create various churches, all dependent upon the identical source, such as Saint Luke. If we think of the number of Christian churches there are and we look at this one book, Saint Luke, and we realize that just this one book, Saint Luke, was productive of Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalians, Catholics – and here we go!

    We have this tremendous number of practices basing upon one wisdom. So let’s get a very clear differentiation here when we talk about religious philosophy and religious practice. And someone who comes to you and says “So-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so is actually the way you’re supposed to worship God,” you can very cleanly and very clearly and very suddenly bring him to a halt by merely mentioning to him that he is talking about religious practice and you are talking about religious philosophy.”

    Scientology It’s General Background Part II
    19 July 1954
    Phoenix Lectures

  93. New code name for Mike Rinder is the “Teflon swan”.
    Nothing sticks to him and he just sails off into the sunset.

  94. Thanks Sinar. On the Be-day. It’s good to be. Real good. More fun than I’ve had at any other point on the entire track. Dang! Even the boiled peanut heat of Georgia in August can’t sap this kinda insouciant, and satisfying, enjoyment of the company of some of the keenest beings I’ve ever known.

    ALL OF YOU!!!

    P.S. Allen S. I got the Vinnie joke. The second one too. That tune, Herbie Hancock’s Imagine project with Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks and Space Captain, well, you know just how in the pocket and out the park that hit was. Don’t Give Up with Herbie, John Legend and Pink is wonderful too. So’s, even to you Al, yep, Happy Be-day.

  95. Ann, Ed Brian must have gotten something out of his OT8 auditing. LRH said “any auditing is better than no auditing” I figured out exactly what he did gain from OT8! It was the speed of motivator response increased amazingly! What a win! Miss Mosey puts ethics in on him and almost the next day he gets arrested! Somewhere in his murky universe he knew his actions were countersurvival across the dynamics and he stopped himself on the spot. Now that shows the power of auditing! All beings are basically good and although Ed’s rational mind had gotten all fogged over with Miscaviches brainwashing underneath it all his basic goodness put the breaks on the whole show and he did the right thing. Getting arrested!

  96. Everything is happening as it should. These DB’s are getting exactly what they deserve and will continue to do so. They truly are DB’s because they only work for SP’s. It’s like reading an HCOB and watching it all come about! The Tech is AMAZING!!!! 🙂

  97. Steve,

    You’re bang on the money one again, as usual. I often wonder how you do that 🙂

    Looking back at my years on staff, I see that we continually made the same two basic mistakes ove(and by “we” I include “me”):

    – hugely underestimate the intelligence of the average person out there; I know I’m smart but there’s lots of other r and over folks just as smart or better
    – the only thing we’ve really got to entice people to walk in and look around is to be nice and have good manners. People detest pretensions and especially detest arrogance

  98. Nice work ΘTater/GaryLerner !

  99. Mike, can I offer a clarification to your post? It’s professional courtesy alright; one pimp to another!

  100. Bobo,
    I love your comment ,”It must be dangerous to walk in DM’s footprints right now, so radioactive from all the footnukes.”

  101. Michael Fairman

    Moving up a little higher is also facilitated by scraping the mud that sometimes clings to the wings of the noble bird soaring at the top of this blog. Bryan’s arrest video is a speck of mud being scraped.

  102. This is truly hilarious! The C of M’s own attorney not just leaves the church, but asks for a refund also. Then, the C of M emails proof of this to Gary Lerner who is asking for a refund and has a blog. OMG, it’s like watching the three stooges.

    Thanks for sharing Gary!

  103. TS — Yes, I sent you a reply but it said your inbox was full. That happens with free hushmail acounts often if someone sends you a message with an attachment….

  104. Jim, this rolling diary of harassment by Corporate Scientology Nutballs was not possible only a few years ago. Marty can have video up on YouTube & a post on this blog before the golf cart crew get back to Harassment HQ and get changed – it’s excellent and we applaud Marty for being so truthful

  105. You’re welcome.

  106. We will get the police reports when they become available. That is normally a few days. If there is anyone in the Miami area that would like to go down and pick them up, let me know. Miami Beach PD dont have their reports online so you can ojnly get them hard copy.

  107. Marty, remember that part in the Ethics Presence PL where LRH talks about people complying UNTIL the pain of complying (wrapping around telephone polls?) starts to outweigh the other factors?

    I wonder how long until the tipping point is reached and the Rat can’t find anymore people to pull these illegal stunts.

  108. BTW Mike, I think your gut speaks sooth…

  109. Ed is not a corpse just because he is Criminon public now. He just needs some character building.

  110. “Miscavige’s crimes need to be exposed for the world to see.”

    Mike, that is exactly what needs to be done. The only way to remove POB is to show the world the lies that he perpetrates on every one he hisses on. You and Marty have known him personally (my condolences for the entheta you have received from that pecker-wood) and have the docs and proof and above all the conjones to stand up to David Miscavige and his blind cohorts RTC/OSA/Cof$.

    Thanks guys for your endurance and Theta!!!


  111. Yvonne Schick

    Sam, a beautiful display of your generosity of spirit. You truly have a big heart – no a gigantic heart.

  112. Steve,
    You said,
    I didn’t fully grasp what it was years ago, but in the mid-90s I noted that Miscavige expected everyone around him to “come up to his reality.” This “worked” on the Int base to a degree but Miscavige also expected it to work on public lines. At the Int base most people tried to go along with it, thinking maybe DM knew best. After all, he was the leader of the Church. But obviously, the approach doesn’t work at all and only produces chaos and confusion. So it’s not a matter of the world “coming up to DM’s reality.”

    This is priceless! Coming up to DM’s reality can create a helluva ridge on the bridge! Thanks, ml, Laura

  113. I agree Jim,

    That was a priceless Kodak moment.

    Showing who was a Scientologist and who was not.

    If we were a Christian sect.

    It would be much like Satan or the Anti Christ riding in on a golf cart.

    Yeah we’ve got a lot of policies and HCOBs on what an SP is.

    But in my opinion interrupting an auditing session that is a Pastoral Counseling session is about as suppressive as it gets.

    Something on the order of breaking into a Confession booth.

    What really is a suppressive is someone who tries to prevent auditing or training and that is basically it.

    All this BS about morality is just BS.


  115. Thoughtful-You said it so RIGHT!!!!! It is suicide to not expose the crimes. Unfortunately, crime and suppression do exist and until we can confront evil, evil will continue.

  116. Great points as usual Yvonne. Your high levels of responsibility and caring really shine through. As always, thanks!

  117. Well this was certainly another Squirrel Buster/Freedom Rag operation that
    turned into a total train wreck: Ed Bryan was arrested, Jim Lynch is now on the run from justice, and the camera crew bailed.

    This collapse of this little fascist operation is a microcosm of the collapse of the larger Cult of Scientology.

    Look at the big picture: Fail Cult International supposedly has $1.5 billion in reserves to destroy the Indies. Yet, the only “talent” its money can buy is the hack Jim Lynch and the raging, decrepit OT8 Ed Bryan. Throw in the addled, confused Joanne Wheaton and a few loser PI’s and attorneys and you can see why the Lunatic Antichrist of Hemet is foaming at the mouth: All of his money cannot buy real talent or real results. Everything COB touches turns into a disaster.

    No one with any real talent or self-respect wants to work for a vicious, insane cult. Hence, Jim Lynch with his cheap shoes and rumpled suit is all Freedom Rag can get as a “journalist.” Ed Bryan is all the “OT horsepower” Miscavige can muster.

    Even the “Ice Queen” Monique Yingling has been reduced to going on television for Miscavige to explain that the “Papal beatings” at Int Base were handled internally. Never mind that COB should have been arrested for assault; Monique ignored that like she ignores all of the human rights abuses and criminality in the Cult. She allegedly makes a few million dollars a year to handle Cult of Scientology atrocities, thus making her as guilty and sadistic as Miscavige.

    The Cult is corrupt and stagnant as it continues its headlong descent into the lowest levels of Hell.


  118. In Sherman speak:

    “Now that’s PR Area control!!!!!”

    Sheeesh 🙂

    I suppose OSA is now busy tallying up all the press they got or will get from this one incident for the next “Triumph of the Will” event where Bryan and Lynch “Medal of Valor” or some such award or whatever before they do their time.

    Maybe they’ll include their other potential jail bird Jan Pedophile Protector Extraordinaire Eastgate.

  119. Pingback: Marty: Church of Scientology OT8 Ed Bryan Arrested for Trespassing

  120. Yeah, wow just move on a little higher, all of you !
    I love it !

  121. Tony DePhillips

    Mike Rinder said: “The answer is simple. It’s just professional courtesy — the pimps dont expose him, so he doesnt expose the pimps. Marty’s biggest crime is to say anything disparaging about Dear Loser. If he was just auditing away, like so many others around the world are doing, he would be ignored. ”

    Perfect and lazer precise Mike!!

  122. Tony DePhillips

    Great point Dan. A true SP is there.

  123. Tony DePhillips

    +1 Tom M.

  124. I don’t particularly like the term “brain washed” because it was a neologism devised by CIA’s Edward Hunter as cover and justification for their own “brain washing” more precisely mind control operations that Ron exposed in Science of Survival under “narcosynthesis” and its covert uses by the Intelligence Community long before John Marks landmark book “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate”.

    A word favored by former Mk Ultra and Artichoke alumni like Martin Orne, “Jolly” West and currently by Steve Hassan to claim all “cult” members have been “brain washed”.

    Besides its inaccurate since their brains or more accurately minds (since the brain is basically a piece of meat) haven’t been washed, rinsed, dry cleaned or simonized.

    Instead they are being manipulated and controlled to respond or react this way by the reactive mind or bank.

  125. The only “tipping point” Davey Boy will reach is when the Feds come to lock him up.

    As someone with an antisocial personality disorder, he is immune to the suffering of others-and he will put as many “others” out there to suffer to keep him immune from any personal suffering for as long as he can.

    (Hear that, OSA? That means YOU!)

  126. To paraphrase Andrew Dice Clay:
    Helena blew? She needed the money!

    That works in both the WOG and Cof$ sense of the word. Think about it.


  127. Only one word:


    Thanks for the breaking News Gary.

    Things must be getting *BAD* if the Cobra is scurrying down the Rat Lines

  128. I geuss they didn’t order a Clown at the convention center 😉

  129. Thanks, Jim. I’ve been searching on them some more since you posted that. Truly excellent. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    And Happy BE DAY!

  130. Sam,
    The power of words. You have a big heart m’lady. Enjoy this, the message is really well done. The difference between an Independent or a Churchie – both based upon the same tech (or they should be.) I think our message is the correct one – but I might be biased as I think you are too.

  131. Mike and Marty ~~
    High Fives on posting this.
    Super useful for Law enforcement in other jurisdictions.
    I filed a complaint with LAPD on Ed Bryan stalking my home in Los Angeles as a “Squirrel Buster” 2x with the infamous
    “doing a documentary” hogwash.
    I forwarded the link of this page to my detective and this page was VERY WELL RECEIVED by those concerned.
    Ed Bryan ~~ an Interstate stalker “OT 8” DM enabler.
    Interesting that no Sea Org members, no OSA STAFF, no Jenny de Vocht and other SO types (the kind that ambushed Mike Rinder in the parking lot) are used for these “Missions”.
    So they are not Sea Org ~~ they are “volunteers” moving interstate to disrupt/harrass/stalk “Church” whistleblowers.

    Does it really fool anyone that these are Miscavige directed operations ~~ orchestrated personally for him and by him ?

  132. K #1,

    As soon as I have the police reports I will send you copies for the LAPD.


  133. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Jim.
    I love all the posts.
    In the whole scheme of things all that really matters is getting rid of muddcabbage and his clones.
    There are those that will “rise above” the name calling and those (like me) who won’t. It all helps and is all good IMHO. I KNOW that Man is basically good. But when people exhibit bad behavior they need to be shown the error of their ways. Justice is a gradient scale of force to either get a person to correct their bad behavior or have them prevented from doing the bad behavior if they are not capable of self correction.

  134. CD — No, they showed up without an invitation. But they did provide laughs and entertainment for some of the attendees!

  135. DM needs to be in a little cell 4 by 4, in an orange jumppsut and have LRH lectures piped into him 24/7.

  136. When you go after the wrong target, what you get is decrepit, down-tone fools who go ahead and get themselves arrested, not to mention abandoned.

    You can be the leader of a cult with a billion or more dollars at your disposal. But, if you are psychotic and if your purposes are destructive, you won’t be able to hire effective people to do your bidding. Effective people are simply too high-toned to pull it in or to stay for very long at all.

    Just witness the now world-wide joke known as The Squirrel Busters.

  137. Hi Sam;

    As you know, PTS people make mistakes. Ed and others are making mistakes, and they are denigrading the view the public has of Scientology and LRH, making it harder for they themselves even in the short run.

    If only they would look they’d see consequences, maybe it’d help them recover from the false data upon which they are operating.

    If they ever need to reach out, even on the back channels, there are many here who would be most happy to assist them.


  138. If she is available for consulting work this could work out very well.

  139. (Helena Kobrin)

  140. Jeez–I LOVE seeing this stuff. Always great to learn about another screwup on their part. It’s part of the truth to be revealed and it’s not petty.

    The word needs to be gotten out over and over again. “Everyone” does NOT know the fork’s in Scn Inc. If they did there would be no more KoolAid to serve up.

    This blog serves a lot of purposes and revealing these goofballs’ screwups and incompetence is just one.

  141. Keep in mind that a legit way to leak information is to “accidently” send someone an email earmarked for someone else.

    Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis should be well aware that there are plenty of people on the “inside” that are just as disgusted with what’s going on. After all, where does all the leaked information come from?

    DM has been busy installing screen do0rs on all his submarines!!

  142. +1 Ed, it would be better to get the heck out now and not return to LA or anywhere near the int base. Who knows what sort of hole exists for failed Squirrlebusters and how you could be conned into going in there. It’s not worth any more of your pain and mental duress and misery. Just being logical here. Good luck.

  143. That’s not a golf cart, RJ, that’s a Pope-Mobile.

  144. Very accurate, Steve.

  145. Wasn’t Moxon working with her? There’s even a Wikipedia article about them:
    This must be pretty huge.

    Is there a chance that Helena is so important, that they will refund her but she will be allowed to continue to work for Miscavige’s cult at least as a lawyer? It’s somehow difficult to believe they let her pull out of this as easily as these documents posted suggest. Maybe, they have come to some mutual understanding, involving, as usual, agreements of silence?

  146. Well put Sam!

    BTW “Wake Up Call” would be a more appropiate title for your comment than those turgid and unreadable bloviations issued forth by his moronic majesty where he showed his complete ignorance of history while trying to capitalize on 911.

  147. Considering her environment, that’s probably a normal comm lag.

  148. Maybe some time in the pokey will do these guys some good.

  149. Good un CD 🙂

    Yeah they send in the clowns and they are escorted out in hand cuffs or end up on the lam.

  150. Well in a sense they are Squirrel Busters in a way.

    I mean didn’t two Squirrels get busted at a Miami convention.

    To paraphrase Pogo:

    They have found the squirrels and it is them.

  151. Michael Fairman

    I always look forward to your insightful comments — fresh points of view of never having been A Scientologist.

    Just a word or two about the word, “wog”, which I personally find despicable. This from the “Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary”, by L. Ron Hubbard.

    “WOG, 1. worthy Oriental gentleman. This means a common ordinary run-of-the-mill garden-variety humanoid. (SH Soec 82, 6611C29) 2. a wog is somebody who isn’t even trying. (SH Spec 73, 6608C02)”

    The way I used the word and heard it used around me for twenty five years was: we are Scientologists, everyone else, are wogs, living in a wog world, on a wog planet. If a Scientologist didn’t act according to a Scientological standard of Ethics, his or her behavior was labeled “wog-like”. The definition is bigoted enough. It’s use in context is deplorable.

    This said, if you are not offended by the word, so be it, Your comments remain insightful and valuable.


  152. Well .. I sure hope this is true. But I get the sneaking suspicion that it was more likely an admin mistake (an unsurprising common occurence in the CoM considering all the suppression from above), and Kobrin was not asking for a refund. On the other hand … if she ends up posting (or the subject of a post) here, that would be amazing.

  153. Sam-This is the one time he needs to read the blog-There is real help here!

  154. You know J Swift, every time I go back and watch that video where Mosey is giving it to Mr. Ed the talking Horse’s ass (of course, of course), it just makes me laugh. Way to go Mosey — thanks for saying what we all wish we could say to that dolt. The strange thing is, this whole situation with Ed Bryant being very difficult to talk to was predicted in the original lyrics to the 1950s TV show named for Mr. Ed!

    A horse is a horse — that’s “ass” — of course,
    And no one can talk to an ass of course
    Unless of course, the ass’s horse is the infamous Mister Ed.

    Go right to the source and ask the horse
    He’ll give you the answer the Pope endorsed,
    He’s always on a wobbly course,
    Arrest old Mister Ed.

    Squirrel Busters yakkity-yak the street and waste your time of day
    But Mr. Ed will never speak unless he has nothing to say

    An ass of a horse, that’s Ed, of course,
    And this one’ll talk ’til his voice is hoarse.
    You never heard of a talking horse?
    Well, listen to Mister Ed.

  155. Rome (Int) when up in flames years ago. There may be some exploding caskets of gunpowder or two yet as things smolder, but any semblance of “Int” being a functioning leadership entity ended years ago.

  156. Steve — Absolutely priceless!

  157. Wow, brought tears to my eyes…

  158. David Lingenfelter

    Karma’s a bitch DM.

  159. Dan, just a super post! So much clarity from your details. Thank you so much.

    As a woman, it makes me ill to visualize how S.O. women were 8-C’ed to buy Shelly’s hand-me-downs. When women are prevented from exploring and creating their own aesthetic style, that’s scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    In fact, that whole scene is sick in a whole-track way — how S.O. are forced to ape the leader and his consort.

    Oh, wait … it is a CULT!


  160. Mr Fancy do you suppose we are approaching our next big “house cleaning” as was done with the GO earlier. Where OSA is publicly declared to be operating completely at odds with the Pope and loaded with infiltraters actively creating bad situations “completely unauthorized and unknown to COB(POB)” and creating such horrible scenes such as those continually posted on this blog and elsewhere resulting in the need to “completely disband the current OSA” and establish the “Office of the Scientology Pope” to handle things properly in the future. Note the new abbriviation “Office of the SP”

  161. Mike and Christy,
    I’m soooo happy you all got video of the perp walk. What a gas!

  162. Jim-Happy Birthday!!!!!

  163. Karen, I must have a soft heart because aside from the obvious relevance of your post, that picture of you is one of my favorite pictures. I like you so much. 🙂 And you are one of the best auditors in the world. You leave me breathless.

  164. Sinar,
    Good points! It seems another way to get rid of these guys is to communicate to them. All Mosey did was communicate with Ed Bryan and he was sent out of IOB to Florida. I guess being arrested is not as bad as being communicated to! 🙂

  165. Watching Eyes

    An admin mistake could/would be one person sending the docs to Gary. But when the person from the ship chimes in with an email validating that the money is Kobrin’s, then it’s something else entirely.

    Usually the simplest reason is the right one. What I think happened is that the the requests were in a pile on top of each other, perhaps even in alphabetical order. K for Korbin and next in line, L for Lerner (Gary’s). All it took was one suppressed, over-worked, exhausted Chaplain and the mistake was made; the mistake being that her routing form was sent to Gary.

    If Kobrin wasn’t asking for a repayment, why would her home address be on that second letter from the Chaplain? It wouldn’t.

  166. Batting 1000+ Steve!!!

  167. Yeah that pretty much covers dear dave ‘cept for the “brilliance” part.

    Miscavige is about as “brilliant” as a burned out 2 watt light bulb.

    I always thought the little guy was a total moron.

    I’ve since revised that to a complete and utter total moron.

  168. Additionally, with the stultified and dysfunctional intra-communication among the staff/SO of the CoM, the name “Helena Kobrin” wouldn’t even be recognized by the run-of-the-mill FSO staff who might be preparing these refund forms. I’m betting it was an unintentional admin mistake.

  169. Robert — you are not too far off.

    This is the exact sort of thing POB does all the time. Micromanages things into the ground, its FUBAR and he then needs someone(s) to blame, so there is whoilesale bloodletting of one or more scapegoats and he moves on to create the next disaster.

    Pretty soon there will be an official “Office of COB” in all orgs (“Department 21”) and that will soon then become known as “the Pope’s Office.”

    And this is NOT a pie in the sky joke, this is closer to reality than anyone realizes.

  170. Tom Gallagher

    9pm Eastern. Live from Cincinnati:

    I’ve found a theme song for all of the KoolAide Drinkers. Rehearse this and sing in unison (especially you Ed)…………….

    And does this work for Logan, too? On his barfdaie?

  171. Tom Gallagher

    Happy Birthday Jim!

  172. TroubleShooter

    ok I learned another new thing today. I’ll be in touch.

  173. Steve, your song begs to be made into a YouTube video with words and music. “Mr. Ed the Yapping OT” is a joke. I suspect if we looked at Ed’s backside (not a pretty sight) we would see the COB’s hand shoved up there to work Ed’s mouth.

    This latest OSA “F*ck Up in Florida” reminded me somewhat of Watergate. If you recall, Watergate started with a bungled amateurish burglary that eventually toppled President Nixon.

    You never know what bit of amateurish lawbreaking will topple Scientology’s Faux Pope. Maybe the “F*ck Up in Florida” cascades into something bigger. Maybe not. Maybe it’s the next episode of “OT’s Gone Wild” that gets the Faux Pope a set of matching bracelets. We can only hope.

    Steve, that video of Mosey handling Mr. Ed like the old nag he is just keeps getting better with each viewing:

    Mr. Ed: Grrrr, your blog is disgusting!

    Mosey: No, what’s disgusting is you standing here as a friggin OT8 in this get up!

    — Mosey righteously slams Mr. Ed!
    — Mr. Ed gets arrested in Florida!

    Stay tuned for the next episode of Mr. Ed and his owner the Faux Pope!


  174. Mr. Fairman! See, that’s what I`m talkin about! Do you think a cos member of your status under the cos would even address me? We all know the answer is NO, just a waste of time. But, an indi treats me with respect, the way a hindu would even though I stuff Texas brisket down my throat even when I`m not hungry. The reason why I don’t mind being called a WOG is because I`ve learned that no matter who you are, or what you believe, someone thinks your going to heaven, someone else thinks your going to hell, and the rest don’t care either way. BTW, LOVED you is Sons of Anarchy, and thanks for addressing me!

  175. Actually a dope-mobile with a buncha dopes ridin’ in it.

    Miscavige is as much the “pope” of Scientology as Anton LeVay is the pope for the Roman Catholic Church.

  176. Hope you’re right, WE. Would be big news.

  177. As the Church of Miss Cabbage grows ever more exclusionary, this is a good chance to re-examine some of these labels and discard those which are not helpful. OSA seems to publish endless lists of derogatory labels, all of such behaviors should be able to be handled by a proper auditing program. Of course, OSA staff don’t audit people.

  178. Ingrid, good one. “historical moments right now being played out”. indeed.

  179. RJ, now all the Squirrel Busters need is a sign that says “You Are Publishers Clearing House’s 100th Million Dollar Winner” and 6 red balloons to make the cycle of action complete! 🙂 It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  180. Hey I got the picture Lawrence what a scream 🙂

    Reminds me of “Landshark” back in the ol’ SNL days.

  181. Robert,

    I hadn’t taken my thoughts to the next logical conclusion, but I think you’re on to something.

    And if Mike Rinder says you’re on to something, I think that speaks VOLUMES.

    I can only hope that when the midden hits the windmill, that is scatters far and wide. The more folks that get thrown under the bus for this, the more people that are likely to get out of the CoS.

    I’d like to say I feel sorry for the folks that are going to be in legal trouble for this, but I’m just not that big of a person. They deserve to be punished for what they have done.

    But, I will say that I hope they realize just how amoral and stupid that they’ve been, leave, and make amends to all the people they’ve hurt.

    I’m still getting popcorn, though…

  182. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Mike said: “These guys have the stated purpose and intention of provoking Marty and me so we will be arrested.”

    Well, it is reverse scn, after all. So, naturally, their products are the reverse, too! Eddie-boy goes after Mike and ends up getting arrested himself. Perfect reverse tech – they’ve really got it down pat.

  183. Mike,

    According to Chuck he already calls himself “Dept 21” and has been calling his sorry megalomanic ass that for quite a number of years.

    Honestly I was convinced the CIA is putting LSD in the Koolaid over at Int Base when I found out that COB was synonymous to “leader”!

  184. Tory Christman

    Good job to Marty and Mike and Karen, too! Gawd I can hardly believe
    Ed stooped this low. It shows how twisted things have gotten. We knew the more people that leave, the heavier it’s going to get, inside. To any lurkers…….I’m NOT kidding: Get your ASSES out of there TONIGHT.

    As I’ve posted for 11 years, *I* was one of those volunteers, so I know the drill. It’s tricky, because it is it’s own manipulation.
    “We just need ~~you~~ to do_____”

    My analogy is this: A C of $ Executive calls you in:
    1) “This is TOP SECRET–You cannot tell anyone”
    2) “It’s VITAL we get ____ done”
    3) At 3:00 I need you to put this envelope in the mailbox at___Street.
    4) Say NOTHING about this, to anyone. My view?
    “Seems like no big deal—ok, will do it as long as it’s helping my “church”
    Now The same Exec goes to Another:
    1-4 all the same, except “Put this box in the mailbox at 5:00”

    Now you both are watching the TV, in different homes of course, and you see *that* very mailbox blow up, at 6 PM. HUH? “Didn’t *I* put something in that mailbox? Well….I’m sure it has nothing to do with me”. (and of course you’ve promised not to tell *a* soul).

    Granted, Ed’s actions are WAY worse than the different things I was asked to do, as this IS criminal. I only mention this…as IF people are lurking, and still “in”..if you hear ANYTHING like the above: RUN!
    — It is NOT “Vital”
    —It will NOT help your “church” (Think about it)
    — Many of us left once we realized what they were *really* doing
    —Follow your heart, and the LAW.

    Love to you ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  185. Jim, it may not be “interesting” to you. However, it is to many others and it basically serves a purpose as well, which is exposing what DM and his troops are doing. It’s not enough just to “know they are assholes”. We are talking about a major religion that has helped a lot of people over the last 60 years that went sour. So I doubt that anybody who is now on the “outside” is willing to sit and just watch it go beyond sour and not do or say anything about it. The bottom line is that DM has to be taken down. Period, end of story.

  186. Tonearmdown, not to invalidate your quote, but LRH has a quote too. “The price of freedom is constant alertness, and constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price.”

  187. Happy Be Day as well from Valkov!

  188. Jim, thanks for the quote. Been looking for it for awhile! It is so true. I remember when the atmosphere at Flag was very theta and there was so much comraderie you couldn’t kill it with an axe. Yet, the Fort Harrison was basically a shambles at the time. It was an absolute pleasure to be there. Now it is nothing but a business under fancy roofs. (I have nothing against fancy buildings – I like them, but it is not a priority as DM has made them). Oh, and Happy Birthday Jim! 🙂

  189. Great analogy Mike. LOL!

  190. Wow! Helena Kobrin? This is very interesting. As others have commented below, we’ll see if she shows up here. I noticed the date of the letter regarding a refund was 4 Jan. 2011. That’s 8 months ago. Makes me think that maybe she was “paid off” (in addition to a refund) to keep quiet.

  191. That is one thing Monique Dingaling will never do. I don’t know that she has ever even opened up an LRH book despite years of taking millions for her work in protecting DM and furthering his agenda.

  192. Sad, but true Mike. It’s actually mind blowing to see so many people go PTS to the little midget.

  193. Exactly Ingrid. Perfect quote to fit the situation.

  194. “I’d like to say I feel sorry for the folks that are going to be in legal trouble for this, but I’m just not that big of a person. They deserve to be punished for what they have done.”
    I understand your viewpoint Mr. Fancy, however, “punishment” does not work. Never has, never will. That is why LRH developed ethics and justice the way he did.

  195. JL,

    Congrats – Many Happy Returns ! 🙂

  196. That BDed but good!

  197. Tory Christman

    Count me in for the book. Take a tip from BlownforGood and get pre-paid purchases. He did, for some months before it came out. That way once it did—it popped, and has remained on the Top 5 list at Amazon, since. I’d suggest starting a web site just for that…with a paypal so people can pre-pay, etc. Just a suggestion.

  198. One of those Anons

    The report had been dug up and posted over at WWP. I quote the relevant bit here (all caps as per original, sorry):



  199. martyrathbun09

    Yes, as someone else noted, they are succeeding at busting squirrels. Flow 0.

  200. RJ, Thank you for this. I haven’t liked the word “brainwashed” either, and didn’t know why. You are correct, it is a term used by those who actually did mind control operations using the reactive mind as their breeding ground. Wonderful post!

  201. Thank you, Michael!

    I have the same concerns about other terms. One being the use of “Flunk” outside of training drills. It usually is used to demean the other person.

  202. Tumblin like Jericho!

  203. Just want to clarify that I am not a troll, and I don’t even know what a 1.1 is. I forget that the primary audience of this blog seems to be Scientologists. As a non-member, most of the jargon and acronyms go right over my head. But I read this blog because I find it a compelling documentation of the reformation of Scientology.

  204. Wow Thoughtful (a very apt screen name) Steve.

    That is brilliant and thoughtful comment.

    It also explains why the Sea Org members I ran into mindlessly followed his insane illegal and cross orders without question.

    And the blank stares or out right antagonism I got when I asked for the exact HCOB or Policy Letter they were allegedly applying.

    I mean it’s “command intention” or whatever didn’t work on me or many of the other Non SO staff who worked at SO Orgs.

    In fact what you wrote here pretty much explains one of the reasons they started handing us our pink slips.

    Seems we weren’t into the blind obedience, unquestioning “compliance” thang and the other *authoritarian* bull shit that went along with the new regime that really got rolling after they ditched Broeker.

    Personally I think Miscavige is only part of the problem which is why the lil’ CICS won’t as-is.

    Ahead of him is the total restructuring of the Organization and the elimination of the checks and balances that would have prevented it.

    I know that many here have bought Miscavige’s Black PR about the GO but it was one entity that would have prevented the power push and grab that Miscavige was able to achieve with a little help from his “friends” since it was autonomous to the Sea Org.

    Another one was the Advisory and the International Council of which Mary Sue , Diana, Suzette and Arthur where all members of.

    He or his “friends” had to discredit make sure that Ron’s family were discredited and relegated to obscurity and eliminate any power that the GO and Ad Council had in order to succeed.

    The next target was WW or World Wide which still controlled the Franchise Network by nullifying their Franchise Charters and placing them under the SO’s control.

    Those who didn’t go along with the plan and the blatant *extortion* that was part of this take over were declared and expelled.

    Finally in order to prevent CST from taking its final option he or more likely they had to change their original charter making it a condition that all trustees had to be in good standing with the “Mother Church” which was now controlled by RTC.

    In other words the fox was now watching the chicken coup.

    Now all that was needed was to turn the Boards of Directors into a Reichstag rubber stamp ala the “Enabling Act” after the Reichstag Fire which in this case was the GO’s Chainsaw Massacre and the deed was done.

    The Scientology corporate structure and Org Board was replaced with a virtual dictatorship.

    Anyway thanks Thoughful Steve for your insight on this.

  205. Nor will the Moxons because of Rick’s dirty deeds committed when he was in the GO.

    Hey Rick and Carla if you’re reading this.

    There is a statute of limitations.

    Like your friends in CIA.

    All you’ll suffer from if your crimes are exposed is maybe some embarrassment.

    Do the right thing like your Law Partner Helena and get the hell away from the Church of Satan.

    I’ll even audit you myself if you need and want some auditing.



  206. “Indeed” as Tilk would say, nodding his head sagely.

  207. Cool Jim. All of the jargon we use is in books written by L. Ron Hubbard. If you want to know more, start by reading Dianetics The Modern Science Of Mental Health. It was the first book published that everything is based on.

  208. “I think this blog is best when it focuses on its title: moving on up a little higher. All these petty shenanigans are kind of uninteresting.”

    It does but does it have to do it all the time?

    Marty is just keeping us update on what’s happening.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a video worth?

  209. How does that old saying go:

    “Hoisted by their own petard”.

  210. “his lifestyle is more important than his integrity….”

    In end, he will find himself without either.

  211. The first step to ending their suppression is for them to realize that they are being suppressed.

  212. Pingback: Brainwashing -- The Proof | Mike Rinder's Blog

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