Is David Miscavige a Threat to the Public At Large?

If you think the Petition to President Obama has nothing to do with you, your friends, your family, and even your neighbors, think again.  What follows is but one of many stories about how the taxpayer subsidized, mafia-like tactics of David Miscavige pose a danger to society at large.  Ratchet up your confront of evil a couple notches.  David Miscavige with a billion tax free dollars is capable of – and is trying his hardest to achieve – a tremendous amount of chaos and hurt  even to those who have never heard of Scientology. If you don’t want advances in the sciences and particularly health sciences to be squashed like the Dark Ages by a well-heeled sociopath then go to and sign the petition now – then get five other people to do the same. 

– Marty

Robert Almblad with one of his grandchildren

by Mike Rinder

Why doesn’t David Miscavige, the self-appointed leader of the Church of Scientology, want the world to have clean, safe ice?

And just what is “safe ice” and why is it important?

It’s a dirty not-so-little secret in the world of food service, hotels and hospitals that commercial ice machines make “dirty” ice. Numerous studies have confirmed this.  Seven  years ago a high school student in Tampa, FL made national headlines by taking samples from fast food outlet ice machines and toilet bowls.  Testing showed the toilet bowl water was cleaner 70% of the time. Hospital administrators are aware that ice machines are a source of hospital acquired illnesses (HAI’s) – more than 100,000 people die in US hospitals each year due to HAI’s, many more contract non-fatal illnesses they did not have when they were admitted.  But until now there was no technology to solve the problem.

Enter Robert Almblad, an internationally known engineer and inventor, who lives and works in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Robert solved the problem of “dirty ice,” with an innovative solution that could potentially save lives or prevent the spread of illness.

This was big news and welcome news to those aware of the problem.

Not so to David Miscavige.  He perceives safe ice as a threat to his “empire” and Robert Almblad among the top 3 on his “enemies list.”

Why? Because Robert Almblad dared to associate with Scientology whistleblowers Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun.  And even worse, Almblad retained Mike Rinder to work for him.

In the twisted mind of Miscavige, he is determined to force Almblad to disassociate himself from Rinder so Rinder is put into a “more amenable frame of mind” without a job and will therefore cry “uncle” and stop exposing the abuses of Miscavige.

But when Almblad refused to bend to the pressure, Miscavige implemented a plan to destroy him utterly – and along with it, his safe ice invention.

Miscavige’s pattern is a familiar one. Numerous media reports document his ruthless and unethical acts in furtherance of his desire to maintain leadership of his cult.

And so, Almblad became the subject of a widespread, expensive and incredible campaign of harassment.

His friends, family and neighbors were contacted, asking them “questions” like “What do  you know about your neighbor being a criminal?” Of course, there was no evidence of anything of the sort, but merely asking the question throws doubt in the minds of people that don’t know someone.

Robert was followed everywhere for months on end.  Walking the dogs. To restaurants. Stores. Doctor’s offices. Literally everywhere.  It’s a familiar pattern – see the Corpus Christi Caller Times articles documenting the harassment campaign against Marty Rathbun in Texas:, and

He was followed when he went out of state,  Miscavige and his gang gaining access to airline reservations and dispatching their henchmen as far away as Seattle, Washington.

The staff of his company have been harassed and followed. One staff member, never involved in Scientology, in a now also familiar pattern, is being prosecuted based on false reports filed with the State Attorneys Office after he was approached by Miscavige agents at his home.

Miscavige’s minions set up an office across street to surveil Almblad’s office 24/7.  And because three grown oak trees obstructed the view, someone took a chain saw to them in the middle of the night and left the trees blocking the road.  ONLY the three trees in front of Almblad’s office – no others.

One of the chainsawed trees

From this vantage point, they noted everyone who visited Almblad’s office, and they too would shortly thereafter receive visits from “reporters” or “private investigators” now “investigating” Robert Almblad on behalf of the Church of Scientology.  It got so bad that a Church operative, “Freedom Magazine” hack Jim Lynch burst into a private hotel meeting room in Miami Beach to attempt to intimidate businessmen Almblad was meeting with.  Lynch of course left the scene of the incident before the hotel security could get police there.

These incidents had only one purpose in mind – scare away anyone from doing business with Robert Almblad. And in the process destroy the safe ice business and drive him into bankruptcy. With that, Almblad would be taught a lesson and Rinder would be unemployed.

The campaign to break Robert Almblad failed.  He refused to cave in to their intimidation tactics.

He sucked it up and continued to do his job.

Then, another familiar tactic – numerous websites purporting to be “Robert Almblad”  sites  appeared with outrageous lies and innuendo, intended to sour anyone from doing business with Mr. Almblad.  And then a “special edition” Freedom Magazines further libeling him.  Of course, Miscavige knows that as Robert Almblad finances his inventions himself, he will run out of money before he could recover anything from a protracted legal battle to disprove the lies and sue for contract interference.

It’s a game Miscavige is familiar with – bully with an unlimited budget squashing anyone he sees as a threat.

But Almblad still refused to buckle.  He bought a throw away phone. Rather than flying, he drove from Florida to business meetings in New England so he could not be followed. He used a different name so Miscavige’s agents couldn’t spread lies about him before he could get his foot in the door.

He was not going to give in to the bully.

And while Miscavige spread all sorts of untruths about Robert Almblad being a dishonest, money-motivated scam artist, his actions have proved the precise opposite. By refusing to buckle under, by standing by Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun in spite of every reason not to, he has demonstrated a level of personal integrity and courage that is rarely seen.

Will he be able to get his safe ice invention to market? That is not clear. If he does, it will be in the face of tremendous odds. And if he doesn’t, Miscavige still won’t win as Almblad, Rinder and Rathbun will not be deterred from exposing his crimes. But the world will not see the benefits of safe ice machines thanks to the machinations of a megalomaniac cult leader bent on the destruction of anything that does not forward his agenda. And every person who gets the flu from eating unclean ice in a restaurant or contracts a disease in a hospital will know who to thank – and perhaps who to sue.

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  1. Robert,
    Thank you for standing by Mike and Marty and not giving up, and for everything that you have done so far to help expose the crimes of Miscavige. You will win out in the end, there is no doubt. Much love.

  2. Outrageous. Thank you Mike for making this public.

    POB is the man who has hot and cold running servants to clean and polish the glasses he drinks from, the plates he eats off and the toilet seat he sits on. POB is the man who drinks only Evian bottle water — never water from a tap. He is the man with expensively fitted out kitchenettes in every location he goes to, with top of the line dishwashers, fridges, freezers and cookers — and stewards and chefs on stand-by to make sure his every meal is served fresh and hot (or cold), every 2 hours — 6 times a day.

    And POB is a man who KNOWs about food service and hygiene. I mean heck, HE is the man that determined that the Int base kitchen that serviced hundreds of staff 3 meals a day did not need cleaners, so he offloaded them in 2003. I do use the word “serviced” as the numbers at the Int base has gone from 800 down to only about 200 per the info I have.

    POB is the man who knows that people who work on food service lines are second rate citizens. That is why when he removes people from post in RTC,CMOI or Gold, if he really wants to make a point, he posts them permanently in the Galley, to wash dishes or serve or cook.

    And, POB knows, that food service people are “backlines” people — so when ordering who is to get new uniforms, the kitchen staff are left for years with no uniform, having to buy their own from their measley SO pay. Probably still do to this day.

    POB is the man who knows that staff are just scum and don’t require food — I mean heck, they don’t produce anything any way do they? So money that should go to feed the crew is used for other things and the kitchen staff have to try and feed staff with less than $1 a meal per person. Meanwhile, the king has over $1000 worth of food spent on him and his entourage on a weekly basis. Every meal has 2 options (choices) and all prepared by a chef and assistant, with the top of the line organic imported produce.

    You see — POB really does know about food service lines.

    And IF, god forbid, there was some contaminated food or water that made it into his holiness’ mouth (or the mouth of his guests) — let us say, just for the sake of a story – a SHRIMP that was contaminated (ie. off) got served to Tom Cruise, resulting in food poisoning — well POB deals with that promptly! IF such a thing was to ever occur, then the staff member that touched the packet (not the shrimp) and defrosted it, would be offloaded from the Int base (after 13 years of service, separated from husband with no chance to even say goodbye), and that staff member would be denounced to the entire base as the WHO and an SP.

    But then… I digress… that of course must be a story and could not possibly be true. After all, POB, the master of all knowledge, knows that the only way to correctly defrost frozen shrimp is under cold running water. And to remove the head of a dedicated SO member for something they did not do would of course be an injustice. And POB knows that

    Yep — POB is a lucky man. He is so in control of his environment he does not need new inventions for clean ice.

    Nope, if he has a problem with dirty ice, he just murders the steward that served it to him — or throws them under a bus — or sends them to hard labour for years — or some other appropriate handling. He has no problem with dirty ice. His ice is clean, clean, clean.

    Such a lucky man.

    (all bow)

  3. It seems to me that the Board is already legally liable for the actions of the Chairman and it would be in their interest to limit future exposure.

  4. What a treacherous piece of shit David Miscavige is. He can’t get anyone to buy his contra-survival invention (Miscavology) so he tries to destroy other’s pro-survival inventions.

    What a waste of space.

  5. Floating Needle

    Just when you thought his dramatizations hit bottom… you find that the hole goes even deeper.

    Well done to Robert and Mike and Marty!

    True American Heroes! (and if you think that’s a little over the top, read the story again)

    If Scientology parishioners only knew that their money is being spent to make the world a sicker place through tactics like these – a complete dichotomy of why they donate— WOW!

  6. This is the type of story that must be told …

    And when talking with your friends, explain this story. Explain how those still IN, actually never read the internet and think that this gov. website is an invention of the independents.

    People cannot believe what is going on in and with scientology. Just take one outrageous story, make it real to them and then say — please, take the time to sign the petition.

    I had a friend call me today to apologize for not signing it yet but her internet went down and promised she would.

    I sent a letter to 45 of my friends and have personally started calling those who haven’t signed. So far I’m up to 8 signatures. I’m going for at least 20.

    PLEASE. Call.

    It has everything to do with you.


  7. Mike,
    Mighty interesting on the perils of ingesting ice, had no clue there was a situation and public hazard! In many commercial operations ice is also used for food service, thereby increasing risk of food contamination if the ice is bad. Very glad to hear of the safe ice solution, very well received to the Industry in the recent trade show. Kudos to Robert Almblad for this product and for maintaining his integrity & position!

    Thanks for exposing the truth on the harassment of well meaning people. It’s simply incredible how far South PoB has gotten on his nuttiness to persecute people, those who he perceives supporting M & M who are his biggest foes in this sector of the galaxy!

  8. Free and Clear

    Down the rabbit hole people. And this one goes waaay down deep. This is pure evil, restrained only by fear of the FBI, already breathing heavily down his neck. Can you imagine what he would be doing if there was no FBI at all? Screw the heavy breathing, we need some real action. If the FBI were to actually get off their asses and do something, tons of additional people would suddenly pop up and give testimony. The problem is simple. No physical evidence. No tape recordings, no video tapes. For every one person that says DM struck someone, DM is able to round up 50 sheeple to say its not so. (wow, so many people in the room??) The FBI is not going to pursue a case that they know is not going to fly. If only the FBI realized that if they would actually step up to the plate, so would a lot of other people, and they would get some defectors as well. If the FBI steps up, DM will go down. Of course if there was just one person with video or audio evidence that would go a long way. And now you know why cell phones are verboten at the Int Base. Just one defector with a cell phone recording and it would all be over. Anyhow, all Scientologists owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Almblad.

  9. Tom Gallagher


    When is Your book coming out? I want to read yours and Marty’s back to back.

    Then again, you both could co-author a piece, equally thrilling.

    As such, the lilliputian SP, dm, must be sweatin’ bullets about now. Just keep it coming. Thanks to you and many others for not compromising on this piece of trash, this wannabe punk thug.

    He better get a good feeling about cell blocks. His day’s coming.

  10. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Lana, every word of it truth. For newcomers, “POB” refers to David Miscavige self-annointed head of Corporate Scientology.

  11. This reign of terror is being financed with tax-deductible dollars. He thinks he is above the law, hiding behind the cloak of “religion”. This will end. Even big mafia bosses get taken down. Whoever is protecting DM will, in time, bail on him. Remember, even his atty, Kobrin, said adios. Whoever thought that would happen!

    Here’s the petition site:
    Then contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that oversees the Justice Department and the FBI.

  12. Man! This one really pisses me off! What a frickin’ a-hole Mucusavage is. 3rd Flow Fair Game? Disgusting! Looks to me like Robert Almblad’s new ice-machine technology could end up saving people from countless illnesses and even deaths. And wouldn’t you know it, here comes practically the Mother Of All SPs, suppressing the crap out of a harmless entrepreneur and his important invention.

    When DM attacks an Indie, at least there is some sort of twisted logical thread to it. But by attacking a non-Scientologist for the “crime” of associating with MR & MR, DM shows that he really doesn’t give a f— about the public image of Scientology. He has to be either a complete idiot or one Evil MFer, or both. Of course, plenty of accounts posted here have provided testimony that both are true.

    Mr. Almblad, if you are looking for investors at all, you could consider letting Marty post the info here, as there would seem to be many who would support such a beneficial project. I salute you, sir, for such an innovative and high-minded endeavor. If you want any other people to pull on your end of the rope with you, I think you will find many here.

    My god! Egads! What an excreble piece of crap! What a miserable soul he must be. Makes me feel like there is some yucky stuff I need to scrape off of the bottom of my shoes. Just repulsive. Unbelievable. Not the worst thing he has ever done, per the stories posted here, but shockingly out of line and utterly devoid of any possible justification.

  13. Glad your employer is a good guy standing up for you against these tactics.

    In my “activist” years I chose to work for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, so if Scientology came after me, then my employer, the Merchants of Chaos, had a handy story. And of course the media aren’t going to fire you, they will welcome Scientology’s ongoing dirty tactics as new stories for them to publish.

    Mike, you and Marty for sure could get jobs at any of a number of major media firms, if you ever need a fallback career!!

    And finally, years ago, I heard a rumor that a senior partner in a large New York City law firm promised to help any whistle-blowing ex Scientology leaders pro bono, who needed legal help! (That guy might not be able and willing now, but there are always others out there who might be willing to help legally pro bono.)

  14. Sorry — I should have clarified the term POB.
    POB = Pope on a Box
    David Miscavige calls himself the Pope of Scientology. David Miscavige is also very SHORT in stature and when standing at the podium at events requires an apple box to stand on so he can see over the top of it.
    Thus POB (Pope on an Box.) is very appropriate — and far more appropriate than the post title he has created for himsef (COB = Chairman of the Board), which is not an LRH created title or post.

  15. Mike Rinder,

    Where there any security or traffic cams that could have recorded the tree vandals? It would be interesting if the City could walk that back to the c$s (no caps anymore from me).

  16. Oh, and by the way — somebody just chainsaw-massacres three oak trees in the middle of the night? It’s murder! Not quite as bad as a horse’s head in the bed (The Godfather), but — an additional low, low level of disgusting.

  17. Tom Gallagher


    I don’t imagine it could be said better. And no hyperboles.

  18. Robert Almblad

    It’s been a genuine pleasure to help save LRH’s Technology.

    Kindest personal regards,
    Robert Almblad

  19. Barney Rubble


    Good post as always. I also took careful notice of your post about Sandy Wilhere, whom I worked with and respected for many years. Her death is an example of many CLXII’s beng taken down.

    Man, this is gettng very, very disturbing and is making me pissed off and depressed. At this point sign the damn petition (I did). If you hate Dave then just do it. I can attest he destroyed me and my family.

  20. Dear Pat,
    At the risk of repeating myself over and over, I want to post a simplified way of signing the petition.
    Some people give up in frustration. I estimate 1000 signatures have bee lost because the navigation on the petition site is not user friendly:::::::

    1) Click this link to sign up for White House account to register::::

    2)THEN Cut this link

    3) Now paste the link above and sign the petition

    You do NOT have to fill in a zip code.
    You do not have to give your name if you prefer not to,
    (Marty prefers you do)
    for example someone signed as
    “EX S” or “S.P.” LOL
    Please sign ~~ we need everyone aboard.

  21. Mr. Almblad,
    Thank you for your integrity. I wish you all the success in the world

  22. To all you eloquent writers on this blog. Based on this post, I have decided to contact friends who are not on my day to day contact list. I’ve composed the following letter to be sent by email to everyone I can reach.

    Just for fun, I thought I would post the letter here and ask for feedback, especially regarding how well, or not well it communicates.


    Dear ,

    I am going to ask a favor of you.

    I have never passed around one of these requests and may never again.

    The following is my opinion based on my own thorough evaluation of data gathered over the past four years and my many years as a staff member and auditor.

    It is my opinion that the statements made by many ex-Int executives regarding the toxic environment created by David Miscavige are true.

    It is my opinion that the reports that David Miscavige beats his staff, incites others to violence and locks dedicated scientologists in “the hole” are true.

    It my personal knowledge based on my own experience that confessionals and auditing sessions are no longer confidential and that what one says in an auditing session is seen by many people and data can and does get used for extortion and humiliation.

    It is my opinion that Miscavige has usurped complete control of the executive branch of scientology, completely in opposition to LRHs wishes. (see

    It is my personal knowledge that Miscavige is grossly falsifying the statistics of the church and grossly altering the technology to make it unworkable. (see

    It is my personal knowledge that Miscavige uses disconnection to ensure that people who are unaware of his crimes, remain unaware of his crimes.

    It is my personal experience that the Flag Service Org delivers altered technology, to the detriment of many people, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars for what I’ve personally seen is squirrel tech.

    It is my personal experience that when Knowledge Reports are written on the gross out-tech at Flag, that RTC (David Miscavige) refuses to investigate and blames the PC or Pre OT rather than cleaning up the tech which is obviously out.

    I have been made aware that church of Scientology parishioner money is being spent to destroy the lives of people who have never had any connection to the C of S. See recent post at

    I am asking you to do something about David Miscavige’s criminal behavior. His behavior is not just destroying the church, but is making a mockery of the subject of scientology.

    It is my opinion that no one inside the church is able or willing to curtail Miscavige’s criminal actions and that many have tried. It is my opinion that if Miscavige is not brought to justice, that he will destroy the church, the tech, and possibly our right to practice our religion in any form.

    I’m asking you to please do the following.

    Go to
    Register with the website
    Get your email that has your personal password
    Log back on to the website and sign the petition asking for an FBI investigation into the criminal behavior of David Miscavige.

    Please pass this letter on to anyone you think might care about the future of the tech and our ability to apply it freely, outside of Miscavige’s monopoly.


    Les Warren

  23. Dear Robert,
    Many Kudos to you for your friendship and support to Mike and Christie.
    Many who have been close to Miscavige for periods of time have posted how dark and how evil he can be.
    This story of the malicious actions against you only proves he truly is the AL Capone of Religious Leaders.

  24. Karen, I’m glad you posted this. Thanks.

  25. David,

    Unfortunately, no there were no videos.

    But the police and the landlord know the full story.

    May just post some photos of the goon squad set up across the street. They occupy a 3500 sq ft warehouse and claim they are a “computer security” firm, but their doors are always locked other than when someone brings in the food. They are there 24/7 in an “industrial park” building. It’s about as subtle as a sherman tank parked in a children’s wading pool.

  26. Tom Gallagher


    I think of him, psycho-boy, as someone akin to Pol Pot.

  27. Great letter!

  28. one of those who see

    To be honest, I had to think awhile about signing. I am very much into limited government and so was stopped in my tracks with “do I want the government involved?”. Maybe there are others out there with similar views. I also had all the words to look up: human trafficking, Rico etc.. I did so.
    However, I was reading some of Ayn Rand this weekend. Here is a quote from “Man’s Rights/The Nature of Government.” by Ayn Rand
    “Since the protection of individual rights is the only proper purpose of a government, it is the only proper subject of legislation: all laws must be based on individual rights and aimed at their protection.”
    And I realized that although I favor more personal responsibility and limited government -there is a role for government. Ayn Rand states it beautifully above.
    Where as freedom of speech is denied to Scientologists with loss of family and friends and their bridge as punishment
    Where as Sea Org members are confined at the Int base
    Where as Americans are routed to the RPF where their already limited communication lines are cut further and they are on hard labor some times for years.
    Where as even once the decision to route out is made, doing so properly is a torturous thing and takes forever which is a violation of “Leaving and Leaves” by LRH
    Where as there is a Dictator running the Church of Scientology with access to millions of dollars, who is harassing American citizens and has been for almost 30 years…
    I have signed the petition #1968

    To Mr. Almblad,
    You are a man of Integrity! I am very excited about your invention and wish you much success. You have very strong allies in Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun and they are definitely-The Good Guys.

  29. Michael Fairman

    Another sickening chapter in the Life and Times of David Miscavige.

    Mr. Amblad. Thank you for your courage and fortitude in the face of
    extreme evil. The dangers of ice machines are well documented and I’m sure your invention will soon be in use..

    As for Miscavige, let’s take up the “message” suggested by David LaCroix in his post on facebook. — as a first step towards the POB’s exile or imprisonment.


  30. Michael Fairman

    Sorry, that’s Mr. Almblad.

  31. I lived in Clearwater for over 3 years and I took care of a HUGE piece of property, a small estate, and I know what you do and don’t do, and it is against the law I believe in Florida for ANYONE cut down ANY tree that is not VERIFIED DISEASED if the trunk is over 2″ in diameter? Overts? Illegal activities? 5th Dynamic out ethics? Who? David Miscavige and company? Of course, they are Sea Org members! 🙂 Don’t make me barf! 🙂

  32. I don’t think the board is necessarily liable for DM’s actions. The central idea of a corporation is that it has existence and legal status separate from its employees, its management and its investors. People are only personally liable for the actions of a corporation that they’re affiliated with if they engage in criminal acts or if they fail to operate in the interests of all the shareholders. Let’s face it — the directors on Scientology’s board has to be a sea of utter puppets or they wouldn’t be serving on it. So as nice as it would feel to see the directors of the Church of Scientology hauled off in leg irons for DM’s behavior, that would only happen if they knew it was criminal behavior and they conspired to help him do it. Most directors on corporate boards find it pretty easy to claim that management hid stuff from them. DM would be more likely to have to face the consequences of his actions alone. The upshot of all this is that it’s unlikely that the board will stand up to rein in Miscavige — they have survived this long by being complete puppets, and they’re not likely to be liable personally for his behavior in the legal sense. This is not a board that works like the board of a normal corporation…

  33. Graham Berry

    I applaud the courage of Mr. Amblad and his perseverance. IMHO he has a good case against DM and CoS for economic interference and other torts. However, as we know, that could be an expensive quagmire. On the other hand, with M & M on board as witnesses, even as expert witnesses, it might be a very different litigation story.

    I also applaud Marty and Mike for continuing to speak out as they have been doing. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” and it benefits us all. Congratulations.

    Meanwhile, my thoughts and best wishes are with Mr. Amblad as he fights the dark side.

  34. I was thinking, regarding a source of signatures for the petition, there are people here who have on facebook large numbers of ‘friends’. Perhaps they can put an appeal to all of them to go and sign up. Maybe those persons already have done so.


  35. Les

    Sounds real good Les. Hope it “grows legs”.
    Thanks for all your help.

    Eric S

  36. Robert Almblad

    Mr Bob Dobbs,

    In fact it was exactly like the horse’s head in the Godfather. We were shocked when we saw it in the in the morning! Wow, cutting down three 16 year old “live oak” groomed trees… They cut down 3 out of 6 in a row in front of our office! Huge violence at 2 AM…

    The Tarpon Springs, FL police classified it as a felony and then the Federal Government required our landlord to plant new trees, because they were a Federally protected species and they didn’t care who cut them down.

    This felony will come back to haunt David Miscavige… someday, we will connect the dots from Church detective lumberjacks to RTC to David Miscavige and then we will find the little man behind the curtain….

    “Hey Toto where are you? Dorthy wants to know who is behind the curtain.”

    I can hear the barking in the distance… Toto is coming ….and David Miscavige will be doing that perp walk in the not too distant future. Hey, Dave: Orange jump suit becomes you better than the 1960’s tux you are stuck in.. good grief, get a life. You look like the Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior hour… Dean had class, Sammy was funny, you got neither.

  37. one of those who see

    Excellent. You have kept your own council and operated on your own determinism. I appreciate the time you took to look into this.

    Thank you.

    Eric S

  38. Would the Florida ACLU get involved? It’s worth sending in a complaint.
    At some point, someone/group WILL get involved.

  39. For those keeping track … all 50 U.S. states are now represented. We got someone from the last state, Rhode Island, a few days ago.

  40. Please make sure the Village Voice is aware of this story, Marty. As imperfect as they are, they seem to be the only ones to have the guts to speak against C of $’s corruption.

  41. Correction: the Village Voice seems to be the few major media outlet/newspaper with the guts to go against the corruption of the C of $.

  42. Thanks for the compliment; and that’s funny! I think you might be right. What you said made me LOL, but — how sad that I could say those things and really not be exaggerating. I had to look back to see if you were right, and you are.

    And that sad fact actually brought me to experience a flash of grief, for the victims of Miscavige. This case of trying to ruin an obviously totally innocent bystander for some reason just makes it so very easy for me to see with another level of clarity how deeply criminal is the behavior. Certainly most here refrain from focusing on being a victim. And most of us believe that it’s possible to be wronged and yet, by finding a way to look straight at it and take responsibility for what happened — maybe just for winding up in the time and place where it happened — can yet emerge later absolutely and perfectly unscathed. Nonetheless, what he has apparently done to people fucking HURTS!! Use of the term victim is entirely appropriate, though here are my hopes each has then shifted to victor or will be able to very soon.

  43. Thank you Robert for your integrity.

    DM vacillates between trying to destroy Independent’s and trying to destroy the Church. Sort of a jerking back and forth motion, or should I say a slashing back and forth motion.

  44. 🙂

  45. Les,
    Your letter is great but you may lose 95% of your audience with your chosen heading. “WHY I THINK THE FBI SHOULD INVESTIGATE DAVID MISCAVIGE” and get deleted before your comm is even received.
    Why don’t you try something like, “Frustrated with your bridge progress?
    The Why Has Been Found! Must read!”

    Then a bit of a gradient into what you’re going to talk about (for example a number of how many LRH trained Cl XII’s or OTVIII’s have left the church and then hit with the facts.

    Also, the more links you include to back up your statement, the more potential you have of getting duplicated.

    That’s what I see. Hope it helps.

  46. Robert —
    Oh, wow, I am so glad to see you in such great humor about it! That was funny as hell! I have always wondered about the tux thing also. What the hell? Steve Jobs dressed in black jeans and a sweater or something like that — he kept the focus on the products he was trying to sell. I think Werner Erhard did basically the same thing — agree with him or not, at least he had something to say. Miscavige gets up there and says …. not much. He’s gotta have a $4000 tux and a stage full of huge props to make it look like anything is going on at all. OK, I guess I just figured it out.

    Really sorry about your horse, I mean your trees, but I (seriously) hope that some nice furniture was made from the oak, or that it was at least chopped into firewood and will warm some from their fireplace.

    Thanks again for showing how strong are the innocent, and for making me feel better by seeing that you have kept your positive attitude in spite of the ridiculous and damaging assaults.

  47. It’s slashing. Comes towards the end for those who practice the scorched earth method in relationships.
    Aint pretty.

  48. Google White House
    Click on open and account
    Make up your “secret name” here if desired
    Wait for he e-mail confirm to arrive
    Click the link in the e-mail
    Make up password (write it down)
    Now you have an account
    Exit the website
    Enter the website
    Click on the petitions page (or paste the …/4Os link)
    Click on any petition you want to sign

    The above worked fine or me, using Internet Explorer.

    It’s fun to sign petitions – I signed the one on wolves, but skipped the one’s on visa’s, and skipped the one’s on legalizing pot (out of spite for those who “tried, but didn’t inhale”. Signed a couple of other (can’t remember which ones, but they were good).

  49. Dear Graham,
    It is really good that you are tracking these stories
    The continuous intention to harm and destroy via THUGGERY.
    And a 501 C3 and hoarded $$$$ for nefarious acts.

  50. I agree. Many people instinctively shy away from “the FBI” (don’t want to “get involved”) and many shy away from anything associated with the Co$. Both of those together in a headline … isn’t inviting. Honest, but not tasty. A link to the lead article
    gives some background info in an easy to read press format.

    Be sure to include that the White House privacy policy prevents divulging any identities, that one can sign as Charlie C. Alienbeing, and that many petitions can be signed with just a “click” of a mouse, so there is virtually no personal security compromise. As one guy once put it, “all they want is a name and e-mail account … both are plentiful.”

  51. Yes. Excellent. We live in a free country which allowed LRH to develop his theories and speak and act. What emerged IS devoted to freedom of the individual. Both and each call for freedom of speech at the very least, and the petition is a step towards restoring that to those miserable souls still entrapped in the Co$. Freedom of speeh has TWO sides: one is to speak, the other is the freedom to read an listen. The abridgement of EITHER is full-blown suppression of EACH.

    Even if you don’t feel like signing to find out why the FBI investigation into alleged abuses at the Co$ was “muted” to nothing, you can still sign to support the wolves, sign for concealed-carry, sign for Wicca, sign for freedom for the guy at wikileaks, heck, sign to legalize and tax pot if that’s what you support – but while you’re there signing, why not ALSO sign to find out why the FBI investigation of the Co$ was “muted” to nothing.

  52. Barney, you are a good friend, and I love you like a brother, but I need to correct you: He did not destroy you and your family, he just pissed you off. You and your family are too good to stoop to his level and play his stupid game, so don’t ever again grant him the beingness to destroy that lovely family of yours. Okay buddy?

    ML Tom

  53. Robert-Thank you for keeping your personal integrity in. You are helping us all. I had a PC quite a while ago who had a crazy therapist who committed alot of overts on her. He was killed by a branch falling from a tree. DM -don’t keep messing with trees.

  54. For all foreigners,only the city appears.If you want your country to be known,you have to put the name of the country in the town space: Paris,France.For US residents,it is automatic you put Paris for the city and TX and it shows Paris,TX….That’s why very few foreign country names appear.

  55. sara finning

    “first they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win.” Gandhi

  56. How to deal with an unwanted group? Put in some spies here and there and manage that the group uncovers some of them. The group members start to wonder who is who. This reduces affinity and communication in that group. Put in some more until some sort of „witch-hunt“ starts. This is done to protect the group. The members of the group devide more and more and as one result of that this group will split into smaller groups. Now you can put your people into position in that group and finally take over that group as your people are in power positions now. Repeat that same operation any time you may feel you loose control. This can be applied to whole countries or small groups.
    Even the United States had been effect of it during the cold war and the communist „witch-hunt“.
    I signed with my real name some time ago. I wonder why I am still not contacted and made wrong for doing so. To those still in that might feel to harass me for doing so: read above carefully and remember the witch-hunt in 82/83. We have to re-establish affinity and communication amongst us.

  57. Robert,
    Clearly Miscavige considers you worthy of annihilation
    In equal measure I consider you worthy of my respect and admiration. Thank you for all you are doing and for refusing to back down.

  58. LOL – now I understand why you and Mike get along so well.

  59. Repeat away! – I actually needed a reminder to get back on to this.
    I’ve still got people I haven’t spoken to about the petition as I’m sure many have. I don’t have my full attention on it as I did for the first week or so but I haven’t stopped and neither have my friends. The numbers are still rising and we need to keep putting attention on it.

  60. I’m putting another posting on Facebook and sending out a new round of emails.

  61. We’re two signatures off the 2K mark now. Almost halfway there!!!

  62. Picture of POB here:

  63. Ari Donovan (25K)

    ‘Just checking in to say………(And trip the ‘ol vis-o-meter).
    “Hi DAVE!” (You ARE going to FAIL!). The truth is upon you…
    One last act of public defiance, on my part;
    David Miscavige SUCKS!

  64. Like David Miscavige would care if someone lived or died? If he could suck the oxygen off the planet we would all be gone. The man has never worked in an Org or mission let alone managed one. He takes over the Church at 21? He is a loose cannon. He has gone into Caligula mode.

  65. Freedom Fighter

    1 ARC is your stable datum here. If your message does not contain enough reality, the comm line will evaporate. Rather than starting with things like Miscavage beats his staff, a gradient of information that is in-R will be more effective.

    Mary Jo Leavitt’s e-mail/knowledge report is what did it for me. It was full of things she’d experienced herself that I, too, had observed. It was my online search for more info on her that led me here.

  66. scilonschools

    I have alot of sympathy with Mrb Almblad! The methods of the CoM are so destructive and seem to offer NOTHING back to the world in return, the greater the Golden Age Tech takes hold the less creative and entrepreneurial ability is left (enslaving relies on those corner stones of buisness to be removed), If DM had his ‘cleared planet’ it would also be cleared of anyone left to generate employment , cash and healthcare for the entire Planet!!!!

    Well done Robert, and sorry you were dragged into a fight that wasn’t ‘yours’!!!

  67. scilonschools

    POB – Pope on Box?

    Here i thought it stood for something else like
    “Peanut of Board”
    Or several other words starting with ‘P’, but there may be young people reading this blog so i wont quote those:)

  68. “And because three grown oak trees obstructed the view, someone took a chain saw to them in the middle of the night and left the trees blocking the road.”

    The Buddha thanked the fig tree under which he attained enlightenment for providing shade and protection.
    Mr. Miscavige’s minions cut down three trees while harming living beings.
    This violates natural law.

    May all beings and trees be well and happy!

  69. Mike,

    I knew Miscavige was using PIs to harass Robert, saw some of it with my own eyes while in Florida, but he has clearly escalated it to a whole new level of depravity. And it hit me while ready your post that there will be no hiding place for the OSA staff and PIs involved in this, they have no protection, just as there was no protection and no where to hide for the Guardian’s Office staff that crossed the line, decades before them, some of whom did actual jail time. Eventually, the truth will out, and with Indies throwing their weight behind measures to get the government to act, they will all be brought to account. It happened before, and it will happen again. It looks like history is destined to repeat itself.

    On another note, apparently Miscavige’s PIs are starting to replace rats in experimental labs. There are three main and highly logical reasons for this: The lab technicians are becoming highly attached to and fond of the rats; there are more Miscavige PIs than there are rats and let’s face it, there are some things rats just won’t do!


  70. No respect for life of any kind!

  71. LDW – How about a “headline”:





    Just a different angle that might make it easier to look at.

  72. It’s really quite violent!

  73. Thanks all of you for your responses. I agree with the concept of getting the ARC into it at the top.

  74. Les,

    Might I suggest: shorter is better. You want the recipient to act rather than think. Appeal to indignation works better than appeal to reason in getting someone to vote. Think Karl Rove getting GW elected. Use hooks and teasers to evoke interest and create reach. ~

    The audience here is filled with analytical thinkers willing to examine strings of information. It’s an atypical audience.

  75. Thank you, Mike, posting this. It makes my blood boil.

    What is baffling to me is that at this point there has been only one person going public with what they saw from the inside (the videographer from Texas, I don’t remember his name right now). I’m sure there are more that once they put two and two together quietly walked away. Not all people are willing to stick their neck out with name mentioned all over the internet. But what you can do is you can post here anonymously or you can report to the police asking they don’t reveal your name. This is some F***** up S*** that no matter how good the paycheck is, no honest person should be involved in. No law-abiding citizen deserves a treatment like Almblad. The fact that he’s an innovator and an entrepeneur, who has invented something that’s beneficial to mankind just makes the crime so much worse.

    Shame on you, David Miscavage, you f****** little piece of s***.

  76. Haydn,

    Thanks. You are well right (as they say in the old country).

    It’s already the case in smaller jurisdictions — ie local law enforcement. They cannot be so easily influenced by lobbyists who/influence peddlers as they are on the ground and the top of their org board is actually involved in the community. It is evident with the local law enforcement in San Patricio county where Marty is and its becoming more and more evident in this area too. Of course, the RCS still hires “big hitter” local law firms to try and influence things, but the closer to the action the people yuoui are trying to influence are, the harder it is to do. So, the erosion takes place from the bottom up… Jim Lynch and his OSA handlers know not to have him show his face around here, its no longer a “safe environment.” The insanity and abuses will be brought to an end, its unfortunate that this will come as a result of external pressure and not internal, but the culture has been created within that unless POB says its wrong, its right. And if he thinks its OK, we will all go along, and even defend it. And his idea of right and wrong is based on ONE thing, and it has nothing to do with the well-being of anyone or anything else, not family, friends, group or mankind.

    I know what you mean about the rats.

  77. Ziba Feulner

    Robert, your invention sounds very good. Thanks for not giving in!!! Way to go…

  78. Graham,

    What are the rules/laws for paying someone to collect “signatures” for something like this? Seems that most petitions succeed by hiring a professional company.

  79. I had no idea about ice being so bad. Since we go to restaurants a lot, I think I’ll start asking the managers about this. Yuk!

  80. LOL…. sorry sir, but I can’t but laugh, when I should not, that’s not funny. I understand that overt investigations should be in comparable scale to the threat being investigated, and they’ll even remove mother Theresa statue from the line of sight if necessary, but from comical this is getting demented, who is that tunnel vision one-neuron brained moron who is now in charge of 4A in OSA?

  81. Hi Mart and all,
    This particular thread and the whole thing in general is making me think of some questions:

    Where is PoB’s Billion dollar war chest tucked away?

    WHO is protecting/backing/helping Miscavige in his effort to continue his SCAM and destroy anyone seeking the truth?

    Surely he’s not clever enough to be running this complicated machinery on his own.

    And, isn’t it time to use more draconian methods such as posting a WANTED poster and offering a tempting enough reward for information/evidence that can lead to his arrest?

    Am I dreaming the dream of the deluded?

    Just thinking….


  82. I forgot to say that I don’t think appealing to PoB’s minions humanity is going to make them turn around and look, because I believe they are being well PAID to do what they are doing i.e. mercenary work.
    Oh yes, sorry for the typo Marty.

  83. Another Layer

    Even with not so many FB friends, this does work very well. I started with a personal email to friends and family, none of them Scientologists; then followed with updates on FB. The outpouring of compassion and help has been beautiful and heartwarming. Some of the signers have started forwarding the petition along to their friends! That I’m aware of, I’ve been averaging one signing per day. Not huge, but I’m thinking that lots of others are doing the same, and that makes all the difference.

  84. Your humble servant

    An interesting story about ice, and no, the psychopath DM doesn’t care a fig whether people have clean ice or not. He is just so psychotic that he believes he is perfectly justified in destroying Mike Rinder because Mike had the audacity to leave his twisted, sick, psychopathic domination in the official Church of Scientology and to then criticize DM publicly. Most bizarrely, in the throes of his psychosis, DM then also believes he is perfectly justified in destroying by any means whatsoever anyone and anything that has helped or might help Mike Rinder.

    DM is manifesting a level of psychotic dramatization that is hardly seen in the world apart from absolute political despots such as Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Josef Stalin, Robert Mugabe, Saddam Hussein, and other psychopaths that somehow bargained, bullied and terrorized their way into cruel, despotic power. It is amazing that he has the audacity to dramatize his madness in such a fashion here. Does he really think he can get away with this?

    The cutting down of the trees stunt reminds me of Germany’s 1938 Kristallnacht, another psychotic product and harbinger of worse to come. Here though the thuggish stunt seems only a childish imitation of that madness.

    My thanks to Robert Almblad for his courageous resistance to DM’s insane thuggery.

  85. Robert, you are a man of integrity and strength. Thank you for who you are and for what you do. This tyrant’s reign will come to an end and he will pay for all he has done and continues to do to all mankind.

  86. I signed the petition using my real name. Should I expect crazies coming to my work, talking to my neighbors, etc.?

  87. victoria,
    Yes, violent. Think of the birds and small animals that lost shelter.

  88. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Surely Int Base is already well equipped with audio and visual security devices? (How else could his semi-trusted minions watch his untrusted peons?)

    If so, then he should worry that someday one of his watchers is going to walk out with a collection of home movies and not come back. (A 16GB MP3 player is also a 16GB disk drive.)

  89. DM’s attitude toward all other human beings is no different than his attitude toward, and handling of, trees. And if anyone wants to know what that is, I refer to the photo in Mike’s article. Thank god some people like Robert Almblad have indestructible knees made of hardened titanium bone, able to withstand any number of chainsaw blades.

  90. I applaud Mr. Almblad for not caving in to the pressure he had to endure. I believe, what he suffered from would have convinced most people to let go of Mr. Rinder, if they were in his position.

  91. top of the vale

    I really appreciate you going to bat for Robert in the way that you have. Like you and Marty, he has the balls of a giant. I all the other posts had not inflamed me b4 this article topped it off.
    It’s not only the dwarf and his inferior minions(morons) that have to be taken out but any public that engages in the bidding of osa ‘fair game’ tactics as within the letter of the law. Any scn public that is doing anything for osa that violates the law needs to have his head examined or thrown in jail or both.
    The tired excuse of “But they are saying bad things about my church!” comes from one who false attested a Major Stable Win on TRO Bullbait.


    I am so tired of the lame bs that OSA is the law abiding entity that has replaced the criminal GO. H E L L O! Wake up, same guys, different name.

  92. Thanks. I’m wondering at what level of open disagreement that this happens. If I post with my real name here?

  93. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for being a stand up guy Robert.
    I am getting in comm with a few people today to get more signatures. I have one person going to do it later today and will probably get a few more.

  94. Yes, DM’s actions seem like a crazy, irregular left-right
    slashing motion 🙂

  95. Claudio Lugli

    Dear Robert,
    thank you for your courage and for your integrity. This is not an easy battle, and you are right there on the front line togheter with Mike. But you know as I do that this is not a minor game, this has to do with freedom and finally restoring it to every being that exists in this universe. David Miscavige, doesn’t want that to happen! We do – and we are not giving up.

  96. Tony Dephillips

    Damn Lana that impinged.

  97. Tony DePhillips

    Damn B!!

  98. I know Robert well. Let me tell you about some of the more noteable things he has invented. If you go to Taco Bell for smoothie, you are using technology from one of Robert’s patents. If you go to McDonald in Europe and sip a smoothie, same is true. If you’re a Canuck, your lunch sandwich is kept warm by one of Robert’s inventions at Tim Horton’s. If you get a key cut a Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Menards to name a few. Yours in one of more than a hundred million keys cut on machines of Robert’s design and finally for the Thoughtful English Girl (Corrrect me on this, if I didn’t get it right). You can go to your largest ASDA/Wal-Mart and have a key cut with a machine that uses a low intensity laser in the process. These are not by any means all of Robert’s inventions, just some of the most noteable and current. Now that little Davie knows that the latest invention is pro-survival and will, in fact, save lives, I’m sure he will redouble his efforts to thwart it. My money is not on the dwarf.

  99. top of the vale

    The fact that the dwarf is acting like the troll under the bridge(pun intended) and that his intention is to prevent LIFE SAVING inventions from keeping people alive and happy, it’s only going to be a matter of time before one of his inventions gets used by multiple US Government officials and ‘little davie’ is going to really start PISSING THE RIGHT PEOPLE OFF. I KNOW HE IS PISSING ME OFF FOR ONE WITH HIS BULLSHIT SHENANIGANS.

  100. Pissed off bumbler?

  101. I believe that the board of directors are totaly complicit with the actions of POB. POB serves at their pleasure, whether they know it or not. The board could at anytime remove POB from post if they so desired.If you think they are all suffering from Munchhausens Syndrome think again..POB isn’t the only SP at the top of what’s left of the Org board. If the actions of POB have so harmed the church and the board didn’t approve POB would be gone! If anything POB is acting with full cooperation and at the behest of the board, Who better to shield the board.

  102. Barney Rubble

    Thx Tom. There are some more details you don’t know about. Another day.

  103. Word to your mother.

  104. Sam and Everybody.
    I discovered today that one can use the same computer to sign the petition as long as the Email address is different.
    Example : Husband and wife live together. Each can sign the petition from the same computer as long as they have a UNIQUE Email address.
    The system seeks a unique Email address for each person signing the petition.

  105. Tom Gallagher

    Marty & Mike,

    To answer your first question: Is David Miscavige a threat to the public at large?


  106. Tom Gallagher

    “Sign the petition now – then get five other people to do the same.”

    Sage advice.

  107. Tom Gallagher

    Signatures needed before October 24 = 2,047 as of 9:50 pm EST.

  108. martyrathbun09


  109. Tom Gallagher

    World wide. Let’s pour it on.

    Get Shorty.

  110. Tom Gallagher


  111. God damned son of a bi_____g bas___d! Dave you are f_____g delusional, “greatest good for the greatest number”, you are once sick puppy and the world is seeing that more and more and your little puppets that follow you like a bunch idiots. I’m already in but now inspired to get 10 more signatures!!!!

  112. Yo, Vanilla Ice is apropos…
    DM’s crap has got to go..

    Hit the ignition,
    Sign the petition,

    Get the President
    In the know…

  113. Tom Gallagher

    Best succinct statement of the situation I’ve read. Thanks David.

  114. one of those who see

    From the latest Freewinds Mag: Interview with New OTVIII Tzu-Ling Jean Lin

    Freewinds: How did the Basics assist your Bridge progress?

    Jean: “I’d read some of the books prior to the release of the Basics and felt that something wasn’t quite right at the time…”

    Freewinds: What was your successful action for getting up the Bridge?

    Jean: “…Another key successful action which worked for me was: I emptied my bank account. I found it was not dangerous to empty my bank account for The Bridge. The moment I did so, I was committed. I had to move on. So besides continuously moving on The Bridge, that’s what I did. That was a very good strategy for me . It worked. I’m now a New OT VIII.”

    If anyone needed another reason to sign the petition.

  115. Komra Moriko

    no problem with that.

  116. David,

    It sounds extremely likely that the board of directors of Scientology is utterly complicit in DM’s mischief. I wasn’t trying to imply otherwise.

    The point of my earlier comment was simply to caution against getting hopes up that the legal system would hold the Church of Scientology board legally responsible to the same degree as DM for the Church’s actions, when/if the day of reckoning arrives.

    There are tons of tricks that boards of directors can (and do) pull to keep the blame pinned on the CEO or the guy at the top so that they can walk free no matter how much they might have encouraged the CEO to push the limit. I spent a lot of time in looking at executive suite power issues/games and I can’t remember any “real world” instances where a member of the board of directors went to jail for the same offense that brought down a CEO. They always say “he lied to us” or “he kept us in the dark.” And there’s usually never enough evidence to prove them wrong.

    Board packets are set up with just enough information provided by the CEO which has the effect of almost guaranteeing that the Board will decide whatever the CEO wants them to. And board members are discouraged or even forbidden by policy to contact random people in the company other than specific members of top management to check and see how top management is doing. So most boards make decisions in a specially designed vacuum with only a minimum amount of information. That’s the basis of the “we were duped too” defense.

    John P.

  117. To be accurate, Robert Almblad, was in the C of S and is at least OT V. Marty’s preface does mention non-Scns being damaged, such as Robert’s staff being harassed and followed and one being prosecuted based on false reports…. not to mention the effect on innocent people that rely on him if he were to be crushed by the tactics described.

    Go Robert!! You ARE a hero!

  118. I signed the petition!

    Hang in there Robert! Flourish and Prosper with your business, that will drive the Miscavige nut even more nutty.

  119. Tony Dephillips

    When I hit the link the first time I saw flesh eating zombies. Lol.
    I thought that was applicable too.

  120. Tony DePhillips

    I just got another person to sign the petition!!

  121. The board of directors of COS was initially set up with a chairman of the board, His function was to conduct the board meetings his special powers, none. He had one vote that was it. basically each and everyone of the members of the board including the chairman were equal. Unless the entire board is convicted of malfesence none will be convicted. The CEO or the CFO are entirely different matters since they conduct day to day business. Each of the members of the board can be convicted of crimes they commit outside regular board business individually.


    If we do not get 5,000 with this petition, any next one will likely have a threshold of 25,000 (or higher). The threshold for petitions may be changed from time to time. The current threshold for NEW petitions is 25,000. This is not retroactive to “our” petition.

    This has been an alert from your local emergency blogging system (also noted on other blogs)..

  123. Oh. OK. Nevermind.

  124. Thank you for your careful and intelligent conclusions, and your humble and sincere allegiance.

  125. Holy crap! I thought you were joking! This is seriously a quote, isn’t it?

  126. There is no “board” within the CofS. Yes, it does exist as legal paperwork, but any theoretical names mean nothing. POB is the ultimate dictator and anyone at Int knows this. Any theoretical board members are so beaten into submission, if not in the Hole themselves, that regardless of any SP characteristics in of themselves, it doesn’t matter. There are NO decision makers outside of POB and there is little to no chance anyone will take any actions to sack POB. It is a worse state than Nazi Germany whereby at least some fellas tried. The only things organized against POB to this writing are thoughts, and the thoughts were caught and thoroughly crushed – witness Janet Light and others, and with the current state of fear of that of ANY staff members at Int, the likelihood of anyone attempting such is next to zero.

    The only effective measures will have to be taken from the outside, like those currently taken by Marty and Mike and others.

    Sad but unfortunately reality.

  127. Bob Dobbs,
    Yes, this is an ‘old registrar’ technique that I had contact with in the mid 1980’s. I’m not sure where or when it started I’m surprised that it is still around. I attended several briefings about this ‘bridge technique’ I listened to a ‘financial expert’ from flag give a 20 minute justification. The idea presented was that if you empty your bank account, you create a vacuum and the energy(money) flows back into your account by itself. Needless to say, we all rejected the idea.

  128. TroubleShooter

    For two days since I read this article I’ve been upset all over again. Robert you’re a tough, resilient and tenacious man to have overcome the obstacles that the church set upon you. The maneuvers used to stop you were nauseating. THANK GOD for the internet. This and all the other shit that’s been exposed by Marty, Mike and all who were in the St Pete Times series and since can not be stopped from reaching the public – it just can’t be stopped. Thank you. I signed the petition and got two more to do so.

  129. Robert, it is rare to read about such unselfishness. You’re an impressive man. Thanks for not allowing evil to prevail. God bless you.

  130. Wow – in writing even.

  131. Hang in there Mr. Almblad. We definitely need your product!
    I’m still shocked at what people will do for David Miscavige. WTFU people and quit being zombies.

  132. one of those who see

    Hi Bob,
    Yes, I want to confirm. It is a quote! Right out of the most recent Freewinds mag.

  133. Robert Almblad

    Hi Sam,

    I was so busy I didn’t get time to read these comments after Marty and Mike’s post until it was all over… I don’t know if you will get this comment, but I just wanted to say it is so nice to be recognized.

    I have followed with great interest your many, many wonderful comments and even your original post back a few years ago. Anyway you are an early encouragement to me and many others I am sure.

    Thanks so much,

  134. To say David Miscavige is a threat to the public at large is giving the madman too much credit. He is a pest at most, but only to those that take notice. He’s a threat to parishners of the Church of Scientology and is a violent threat to anyone who directly works under him.

    But to the public? To individuals he singles out maybe, but as we have seen recently when larger organizations or groups defy DM and his policies, he and Co$ handlers have shown to be like a toothless wolf. The handlers howl and bark and get annoying after a while, but does it get worse? Only to those who react in a way their lawyesr can exploit. And that is rare.

    This is illustrated by the fact that the Church of Scientology is not that much of a high matter to John Q. Public. And maybe that is a good thing.

    DM is not Charles Manson, and that is very much a good thing. However, should DM awaken the sleeping giant, it wouldn’t matter how much money he made or how many lawyers he had. The public at large can and will squash him like an ant.

  135. I think this might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It has to be obvious now that the CO$ is not a church and hasn’t been for a very long time and the person getting tax breaks is doing so with false protection. This is not how any religious order behaves, these are the tactics of an organized criminal enterprise. If that were my building I would have wireless eyes with high res digital tapes all along the street, at other businesses if they will let you so you can get plates and faces of the people harassing you – for everyone’s protection, because this will not stop until the people responsible are arrested. How long is it going to be before David Miscavige murders someone? His behavior is accelerating while his mind is deteriorating. Is it going to take a death before he is imprisoned and finally stopped for good?

    I will post a link to this story and the links to the petitions at every other blog I visit to see if this can spread, twitter and FB could go along way to getting the story and links out there, the more participation the better. Good luck with this clean ice project, it’s much needed technology and should be successful because it’s so needed. It’s hard to even believe how low DM has slithered in this life.

  136. Reading this for the first time after so many replies have already been left, I have little to add that has not been said. Thank you, Marty, for exposing this via this post and thank you, Mike and Robert for staying strong against this nauseating little man who is spending the money off well-meaning and conned individuals to achieve his own sordid means. Can not wait to see him in handcuffs.

  137. Tory Christman

    Gak! Are you serious? He calls himself the Pope of Scientology? That is
    d i s g u s t i n g! Thank you, Mike, for posting this (and Marty, too), and of course, thanks to Robert!
    I saw POB (DM=head of $cientology organization….formally known as a
    “church”) send a friend of mine and many, Tony Clock, to the RPF
    for one simple reason: Tony had asked him if he wanted a different
    Dave the slave driver said: “I don’t like his tone level, send him to the RPF”. Tony, like many, had been working at the Sandcastle for many years and was loved by all I knew. After, he was sent to Narconon, (Paid by his wife, not C of $) and then kicked out due to having a heart problem. I don’t know if he’s still alive, but Tony, IF you are..bless your heart and I love you greatly.

  138. Tory Christman

    PS: Yes, please sign this petition!!! We all know there are thousands
    of horror stories from this mafia-like organization, and it needs to be
    looked into, and hopefully the abuses busted wide open. (Waves to OSA____WTFU, you idiots, and Bail While You Still Can!) Tory/Magoo

  139. I love just how you have managed to convey things so effortlessly here. You should be proud!

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