Daily Archives: November 4, 2009

Harassment of Haggis – it will backfire


church goes Old School Cold War on man of conscience

If anyone listened to my interview on CBC radio last week, you may recall I said the church would not be foolish enough to mess with Paul Haggis. Well, my friends in and around the OSA Network and within the journalism community have informed me of facts that have disabused me of the notion that the church retains any smarts.  Apparently, I sorely underestimated DM’s level of desperation and madness.

OSA has instituted a Cold War era operation wherein Paul’s counseling files have been culled for “transgressions” the church thinks might make news. Tid bits have been leaked to “independent journalists” (who in fact are not independent and are not really journalists). It is being done in a J Edgar Hooveresque manner, making it look like  “reporters” have on their own initiative found some cracks in Paul’s armor and “old friends” have had some come-to-Jesus moments where they feel compelled to talk about Paul.

As much as I have underestimated DM’s depravity, he has underestimated our resources.  We are watching this unfold and when and if it comes to what DM considers fruition, he will be hoisted by his own petards.