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Uncertain about Clear for eternity

This pic signifies that we are back for the time being. I apologize for a number of responses to this post being nuked by hackers.  There were a dozen or so pending when the attack occured.  Since this is a hot topic, apparently affecting many please resend any comments you can easily reconstruct.

Here is the original post in full:

A number of people have come to see me to help sort out arduous, extended mind-games the church has played with them concerning the subject of Clear.

It is quite remarkable that the church has had such success in confusing so many people about a subject that is simplicity itself.

The basic on the chain is the McPherson case. In the summer of 1995 DM personally wrote an extended C/S r-factor to Lisa McPherson that denigrated all Flag tech terminals on her case and falsely declared her as Clear. Apparently having recognized herself she was not experiencing the calm that others had described the state as including, and having lost all faith in anyone beneath the COB himself sorting out what he had declared sorted out, Lisa became increasingly frantic and desperate about what was going on. Within three months Lisa had a psychotic break and died after a seventeen day squirrel Introspection Rundown at Flag.

After McPherson died, Miscavige successfully withheld from even those handling the criminal and civil cases that he in fact had initiated the chain of events leading to her death. Then in his inimitable every-outpoint-is-a-why style of evaluation, DM instituted a number of arbitraries to make the attestation to the state of Clear an engramic episode. He created a pendulum swing whereby it became an increasingly complicated process to attest to Clear.

DM briefed Flag tech terminals and tech and admin staff in a number of SO installations that there was no such thing as past life Clears. He said that all past life Clears had long ago been accounted for. Anyone with much technical training knows how specious and illogical such a claim is. But, for the many staff and public who were caught up in never ending Clear invalidation at the hands of the church, and subject to non-stop propaganda about DM’s immaculate conception, it seemed their confusions about Clear would go on for eternity.

Two people who were directly invalidated by such Miscavige briefings have visited me, had their confusions about Clear sorted out, attested and quite happily moved on.

Another trick perpetrated by DM is to pester those who have already attested to Clear with doubts and never-ending interrogations about their states before allowing them onto OT Levels. He’s got the tech heirarchies at Flag and AO’s programmed to program such people with endless sec checking. It seems the EP of those sec checks is not to have someone certain about Clear, but instead to become “certain” that DM is Source.

Two people who were subjected to that type of treatment visited, were easily sorted out and are now solo auditing their OT levels.

DM has g0ne so far as to redirect public who have been on the OT Levels for some time back onto Dianetics auditing; a high crime of some magnitude. This is particularly suppressive when one considers LRH devised a simple C/S to handle terminatedly anyone who might have gotten onto the OT Levels absent certainty about his or her Clear state.

A bloke who had been put back onto engram running after NOTs visited, the LRH C/S was performed, and he no longer has any doubt or reservation about his Clear state.

If five people thoroughly confused about their Clear states, all of whom sorted out next to instantaneously, could find their way to the middle of nowhere to get resolved – I fairly wonder just how many there are similarly situated within the C of Mestology.

There is no reason to be confused about Clear for eternity.

DM agent – Pablo Lobato

Over the past couple weeks  Pablo Lobato gained the trust of former Capt AOLA Ivan Obolensky under the guise of having mutual reality on the C of Mestology’s need for reform.  While lying about his intentions, and tacitly granting Ivan full assurance of confidentiality, Lobato reported Ivan’s  thoughts and feelings to his OSA handler.  After Ivan shared with Pablo that he intended to come visit me in Texas, Pablo  set up a meeting with Ivan.  Ivan met with Pablo with the intention of helping Pablo with his complaint about how DM’s disconnect policies were effecting Pablo. When Ivan arrived at a location Pablo designated for the meeting, Ivan was ambushed by RTC agent Hansuili Stahli who accompanied Pablo. Hansuili then spent an hour taking his best black propaganda shot at me in order to dissuade Ivan from visiting. Ivan politely listened and the next day flew to my home town. We had a very productive three day conference.  You will be learning more about the fruits of that early in the coming new year. Ivan is a powerhouse unleashed.

A note to Dave: Your boy Pablo is blown. Everybody who matters now knows who he is working for.

Another note to Dave:  You made yet another big mistake in attempting to use your Cold War intelligence tactics against a very able, experienced, popular and intelligent SO executive. I am aware of a number of other similar ops you are engaged in in present time. I assure you, most – if not all –  of them will similarly backfire on you. While you obsess on my humble abode winds of change are being seeded around the globe.

A note to readers:  It is becoming increasingly easy to detect DM’s agents. The telltale sign is their awkward discomfort at acknowledging the WHO behind the C of Mestology’s decline and fall, and their proclivity for attempting to finger LRH and his writings as cause for this.

A further note to Dave: We have documented how your registered agents are out attempting to convert former staff and public’s ARC breaks with you into generalized hatred toward Scientology and LRH.   You may succeed in burning your own organizations to the ground. You may succeed in bringing me down. But, I promise you  – try as you will – you will never succeed in destroying LRH’s legacy of the tech. It is too late for that.

A final note from the Tao Te Ching:

Men are born soft and supple; dead they are stiff and hard.

Plants are born tender and pliant; dead, they are brittle and dry.

Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible is a disciple of death.

Whoever is soft and yielding is a disciple of life.

The hard and stiff will be broken.

The soft and supple will prevail.

This blog has been hacked

This blog has been hacked by the forces of censorship.  Those who have been following might find the timing interesting in light of recent direction of the blog, and particularly since draft posts about strategies for 2010 were on deck.  Until you see a photo of Amy Scobee and I sitting together (not a photo shop job), do not trust anything you read on this blog as coming from other than those wanting to continue the Dark Ages.  Word press service is out for the holidays so it may be several days before we go up again.  I’ll be communicating through other means in the interim. Happy Holidays. 


What your donations buy in the UK

In terms of sheer incompetence I do not believe the OSA NW has ever sunk to a lower nadir.  This little photo narrative will help illustrate.

Here is their Sir Don Trump Wannabe masking his face with a mug while surveiling Mosey and I at breakfast:

Here is some of the fun the Donald missed in Oxford after we ditched him in London:

Next morning, Sir Don dodging the camera with his assistant Ivana the Ice Queen:

Some of the fun in London Don missed out on after we ditched him again:

The Donald storming off with his bag of electronic surveilance equipment when we decided the gig was up:

While we’ve only shared footage of the Poor Man’s Donald, he was one of an elaborate network of fools assigned to watch our every move.  In all, they missed entirely the most important business at hand.  They may come up with a shot or two of me downing bitters. But hey, when in Rome…

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Concerned Citizen is a regular contributor to this blog.  CC suggested that today we post something concerning the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since Mike and I have spent the past 24 hours evading a network of PI’s attempting to usurp our human rights in a number of ways, CC’s request piqued my interest. I then did a rapid review of the 30 articles of the Declaration of Human Rights and  counted no less than 25 articles that Miscavige’s organization is regularly violating.  His use of celebrities and childen to front for his serial, institutional violations  is  intolerable and should be put to period.  CC’s submitted post follows:

I would like to contribute a post, since there was no post today and it is the 61st Anniversary of the Universal Declaration Human Rights.

You see, today across the world people are gathering to talk about the pressing issue of human rights, globally. Many important issues are discussed and put forth for great minds to formulate plans that will improve the lots of those whose human rights are violated in so many places around the world.

But the subject of the Church of Scientology’s international management and their abysmal record on human rights is hardly mentioned in any media. Since the Church is fond of promoting its laudable activities on behalf of human rights, even going as far as to re print the declaration, and since I know most Scientologist are genuinely concerned with human rights. And since it thinks itself, somehow as the only exempt body on earth, with the power to set these rights aside. I thought it appropriate to mention it.

Someone has to mention it. It has been recorded with meticulous time place form and event in thousands of pages within the group of blogs and sites here listed. I know many people will consider these stories the delirious hallucinations of a very sick group whose overts and crimes have driven them to dream up all this horrible stories.

I know they will think this, because I would normally dismiss all these allegations that exact same way, even after I myself was subjected to a lot of the humiliation, slander, and other violations well documented in the various pages of this blogs and sites. Make no mistake, everyone has experienced the occasion when his words or actions, were misunderstood, twisted, or mis-represented. It could very well happen. But this many times, by these many people? What are the odds of so many people’s stories matching so well?

Suffice it to say that today I’m a different person, today I see these people differently, everyone raising their voices and those perpetrating these un-thinkables. I’m aware of those whose hate and crimes drive them to fabrications, I can spot those a mile away. But I can also recognize that the large majority of people speaking up and protesting herein, are not sick with hatred and delusion, instead I see these people as people I failed; I and those still in and supporting the corrupt management after witnessing the decline, the abuse and standing by explaining it away.

Even anonymous, god help me, I see differently. I don’t agree with them in many things, but I see them as a group of people trying to force this formidable machine into compliance with the human rights it professes to cherish. I also know the majority of Scientologist are not aware of the abuses, of the treasonous disdain they are regarded with by the management. And would not in their right mind, and with the full information from which to derive the inevitable and truthful conclusion that these are not empty accusations, condone them.

It is possible to look at something and not see it, it is possible to hear something and not listen, and that is what is essentially occurring inside the Church. To all of you loyal Scientologist I say, I understand your reaction, and your anger when reading my words. I understand that without knowing me you will decide I’m so ridden with guilt, that I make all this up to assuage my agony. But when at last these abuses reach you, when you too come to realize these stories are true, we will be here to help you get back on your feet. In the mean time, let us all consider the value of Human rights and make a conscious decision not to ever again stand by while watching any of these rights being violated or set aside by anyone for any reason.

Here is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Here are the Church’s Youth for Human Rights videos explaining these rights. They are great videos, if only the church would follow its own advice and respect these rights they understand so well, they can explain them masterfully. How ironic

Here are the Churches own videos explaining these rights.

UK Observation Mission Report

There appears to be plenty of pretty MEST and a derth of Scientologists in the C of M UK.

St Hill

          Independents on base on Monday reported the car park was less than a 1/3 filled and that years ago when delivery was humming it was packed regularly. The org was sparsely p0pulated. However, the next day when Tommy and Jessica Davis (ne Feschback) showed up to tour a non Scientologist writer, dozens of faux students and pcs, and happily mingling public were bused in for the show. While DM has the UK SO staff eat gruel his boy Tommy is reportedly staying at the five star Claridge’s in London.

London Test Center.  Quite apparently posh as can be. Tuesday night during prime time we found it literally empty.  Flashy flat screen videos rolled, with not a soul watching them. Wednesday morning between 9:00-9:30 as thousands streamed by the Center, the lone person in sight within was a staff member standing stiffly behind the closed front door.

London Test Center Morning Prime Time - Empty

 The Celebrity Center London was similarly bereft of people mid morning on Wednesday.

Celebrity Center London - Empty

The London “Ideal Org” had no sign of life on Monday evening. On Wednesday afternoon only one soul schlepped in the door during the forty-five minutes we observed the entrance. 

Mike and Marty in front of empty London "Ideal Org"


Of course, the two private security chaps in vintage Miscavige black outfits  standing at the front door made entrance appear to be a risky proposition.

Knuckles and Bronco barring public from entering London "Ideal Org"

     Summary: It appears that Miscavige’s neutron bomb strategy has been quite effective in the UK.  Buildings unscathed while all signs of life have been annihilated.

ARC is sacred

Thanks to Old Auditor I now have a brand new set of the Management Series volumes.  Look what jumped off the pages of the first PL in the first volume!

LRH from An Essay On Management (9 January 1951):

He who holds the power of an organization is that person who holds its communication lines and who is a crossroad of communications. Therefore, in a true group, communications and communications lines should be and are sacred. Communication lines are sacred. They have been considered so instinctively since the oldest ages of man. Messengers, heralds and riders have been the object of the greatest care even between combatants on enMEST missions. Priesthoods hold their power through posting or being communication relay points between gods and men. And even most governments consider cults sacred. Communication lines are sacred and who would interrupt or pervert a communication line within a group is entitled to group death – exile. And that usually happens as a natural course of events. Communication lines are sacred. They must not be used as channels of viciousness and entheta. They must not be twisted or perverted. They must not be glutted with many words and little meaning. They must not be severed. They must be established wherever a communication line seems to want to exist or is needed.

Any management of anything can raise tone and efficiency by establishing and maintaining zealously, as a sacred trust, communication lines through all the group and from outside the group into the group and from in the group outside the group.

The most vital lines of a group are not operational lines, although this may appear so to management. They are the theta lines between any theta and the group and the goal maker and the group. Management that tampers with these lines in any way will destroy itself. These actually have tension and explosion in them. It is as inevitable as nightfall that these lines will explode, when tampered with, at the exact point of the tampering. This is a natural law of communication lines.

A line is as dangerous to tamper with as it has truth in its channel. It is safe and even preserving of a line to cut it when it contains entheta. For example when a true line is cut, it charges a little power into the cutter and he has authority for a moment thereby. But it is only the authority of the cut line. If the line is thus made to perish, the cutter loses his authority. If there is much truth in that line, it does not give authority to the cutter, it explodes him.

A group has the right to exile anyone it discovers to be guilty of tampering with any communication line.

A management which will pervert an affinity or sever one may gain a momentary power but the laws here are the same as those relating to communication and an affinity tampered with will lower the tone of a group.

A management which will pervert or suppress a reality, no matter how “reasonable” the act seems, is acting in the direction of the destruction of a group. It is not what management thinks the group or the goal maker should know, it is what is true. A primary function is the discovery and publication, in the briefest form which will admit the whole force of the data, the reality of all existing circumstances, situations and personnel. A management which will hide data, even in the hope of sparing someone’s feelings, is operating toward a decline of the group.

A true group must have a management which deals in affinity, reality and communication and any group is totally within its rights, when a full and reasonable examination discloses management in fault of perverting or cutting ARC, of slaughtering, exiling or suspending that management. ARC is sacred.

ps: Mosey moderates Sunday.