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Massachussetts Independent – Ken Urquhart

It is my honor to introduce to you, from the cradle of American Independence, Ken Urquhart:


My name is Ken Urquhart and I am an Auditor. Here is some information about my background.

A friend of the family introduced me to scn in 1957, and it has been by far the most important element in my life. My brief scn background is this:

I did basic training the the London HASI in the late fifties and early sixties. In 1963 I started work at Saint Hill and did staff tech courses there. I worked as LRH’s Household Officer, saw him every day, and he would chat to me about many different things — including his current R6 research (which became the Clearing Course). Between 1965 and 1968 I was mostly on LRH Communicator posts at SH or World Wide. LRH called me to the ship in 1968 and soon made me his Personal Communicator. As such I was his principal executive and administrative aide (but had nothing to do with the running of the Guardian’s Office, which was Mary Sue’s hat). Later, he created the post of Staff Captain to take the burden of executive support.
Of course, I closely observed, and learned a very great deal from his operations but what I found most revealing and valuable were his activities as Senior C/S on the ship. Now and then he’d take the crew c/sing into his own hands. When he did that, he liked to have me sit with him. He’d tell me what he observed as he started looking into a folder, what he would then look for, what he’d find, and what he was going to do about it. What struck me most was the infinite kindness he would show towards pc, auditor, and crew c/s, while at the same time remaining loyal to the highest standards of ethics, tech, and admin. It remains a delight to this day to remember experiencing LRH enjoying his great competence as a Senior C/S and the great power of his intention to mold the delivery line into what he saw as the Ideal. I try to carry that kindness into all my sessions and do my best to uphold ethics, tech, and admin as I know them.

In 1978, I moved over into tech delivery, and became a Flag NOTs auditor in early 1980. In 1982 I was the top-performing auditor in the NOTs HGC, averaging over 40 Well Done Auditing Hours a week, with 6 pre-OTs or more on my daily line-up. When David Mayo did a tech mission on the NOTs auditing at Flag, he commended me for “good metering, good TRs, and excellent TR4.” Many of the pre-OTs that came to me had had their NOTs setups in the Class XII HGC. Some of them voiced the opinion that I had to be a Class XII since they found my auditing “so smooth.” Of course, I corrected them, but the error continued into the 80’s and 90’s as I was usually listed amongst the “original Class XII’s” that the Sea Org had kicked out. In pointing out my pre-OTs’ misconception, I mean no disrespect whatever to those great Class XII auditors whom I cannot hope to match.

Since leaving Flag, I have audited at David Mayo’s center at Santa Barbara, then on my own for many years. I have done a lot of different kinds of projects but I enjoy auditing the most. I audit most levels, but not Power Processing or the L’s. I’m happy auditing any level and consider myself a specialist in NOTs and related actions.

I am available for some traveling to clients. I live in Western Massachusetts. I would be happy to be part of a delivery community somewhere but am not making any decisions about that for the moment.

Please feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading this. 🙂

Ken U