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Ok, a final thought on Health Care

by L. Ron Hubbard (6 June 1955):

“A society is sick as it has sick people within it. The way to make it well, however, is not necessarily to work only upon the sick and make them well. If the members of that society were sufficiently well and able themselves, they would never apprehend the slightest difficulty in pulling out of the mud any fallen fellow. Pulling people up and back into the ranks is not a function of an organization, it is a function and responsibility of Man himself. Pulling people back up into health and good fellowship and the game is not dependent upon a group of specialists. It’s dependent on Man.

“And when helping one’s fellows becomes a specialized action to be performed only by the annointed, to be performed only by somebody who wears the right star, badge or sign — Man is dead!  Because the best of Man comes into being when he is willing to aid and assist any of his fellows and is permitted to do so.

“We allow any dog to come around and sympathize with us when we’re hurt, and even in a cave society they let a dog lick the wound to help heal it. But not in this society! And when men are made to feel that they do not have the right to aid and assist their fellows but that Joe or Bill or somebody down the street is the only one who should be permitted to wave a magic wand or rattle a magic healing crystal, somebody had better look at the society real good, because it’s not a well society. Do you see that clearly?

“Now, it does not immediately presuppose that because a person has a right to heal that he is able to heal. That doesn’t immediately follow, does it? But today we are at a level of understanding in Scientology sufficiently good that almost any human being alive could be put into possession of enough of that data to make anyone around him better and happier, including himself. And that is the goal toward which we are trying to win. And we are winning, using some of the artificial supports of the society which already exist. And one of those supports is organization.

“But I would be a very sad man to realize, after years of work, that we had created not a greater freedom in the society but a stronger and more powerful organization in place of existing organizations…”


church vs health care, part II

For those c of s apologists who dismissed my last post by defending Wiseman’s motivations for opposing the health care legislation as being purely to save us from barbaric psychiatric treatments, below is the latest CCHR/c of s campaign material being blast mailed across the internet. I submit it evidences that either the c of s campaign is merely using the psych button to elicit broadside objections from Miscavologists because they are carrying out  DM’s right-wing politics, or they are soliciting broadside objections as a tactic to sink it because they really object to the psych appropriations. Either way you look at it, I believe their tactics are deceitful and unethical.  Other views are welcome.

Sent: Thu, Nov 26, 2009 1:29 pm

Dear ,
As you all have probably figured-out, the vote on Saturday nite was simply a proceedural vote to allow the Obamacare Bill to be DEBATED in the Senate.
The Debate will begin on MONDAY, 30 Nov.  HOPEFULLY the debate will last into NEXT YEAR (2010) when NOTHING BIG will be passed as it’s too close to elections and we might “remember” who voted for it!  But they’re set on passing it THIS YEAR.
HOWEVER, we need to get enough of the Dems to be AGAINST it or various items in it so it can be made into a NOTHING bill.  We need at least 3 or 4 to stop a philibuster.  Hopefully MORE!
It’s really important that we FAX the Senators (it’s far more noticeable with a floor full of faxes) and give them some good reasons to vote AGAINST the Bill.  And make sure they KNOW that you’re ANGRY about what’s happening! Don’t be RUDE, but Let them KNOW.  That makes points with them.  They don’t like angry constituants, especially in an election years!
Give them talking points:
GOVT TAKE OVER of health care (“Public (HA HA) Option” (HA HA)
Our freedoms being taken away
IGNORING the Constitution
Abortion (BIG button to have Feds pay for it),
too much money to pay for it,
PSYCHS (unfortunately this is not a button that I’ve HEARD from THEM, but we can certainly GO FOR IT, as it’s really the KEY for those of us who understand),
forcing those who do NOT WANT insurance to pay anyway,
Illegal Immigrants being “covered” by insurance for FREE,
Write about whatever YOUR button is!!
Note that if the Bill is passed, IT won’t take effect till about 2014, but we’ll start PAYING FOR IT in 2010 or as soon as they can change the tax laws!!
The biggest items for them appear to be Public Option, Fed-covered Abortions, Illegal Immigrant sponsoring, and spending too much money (of course they’re happy to TAX us in advance to pay for it as above as a solution).  Some will vote for ONE of the above but won’t vote if ANOTHER of the items above is included.  We have to get them ALL out and KILL THE BILL ALTOGETHER!!
You have the whole weekend to mock-up your letters and fax them!  DO WELL!!  Save your letters for when the debate is OVER and they’re ready to VOTE on it.  Then we send them AGAIN.
Love, Judy
In a message dated 11/20/2009 4:15:38 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, spagmann@gmail.com writes:

Below is a targeted list of U.S. Senators that could determine the
outcome of Saturday’s vote on the Health Care Bill which is LOADED with
psych programs. Even if you have ignored past ‘calls-to-action’, this is
the one you cannot turn your head AWAY from. Its been made very simple!


1) Call TODAY (or fax) the 13 Senators on the list below. Minimally the
first 3!

2) When the receptionist answers all you say is, “I would like to leave
a message for the Senator”. Then say: ” Let the Senator know that I am
opposed to the Health Bill and want the Senator to vote against it.”

3) Pass this email along to all your friends!