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Story of a squirrel – Part One

A Squirrel: “A squirrel is doing something entirely different. He doesn’t understand any of the principles so he makes up a bunch of them to fulfill his ignorance and voices them off on a pc and gets no place.” – LRH

Some close friends of mine have recently received notice that they are “declared”.  They did not receive a written declare order. They were not informed of the alleged declare by staff members. They were told by public – DM’s new cannon fodder.  Both of the most recent declares by rumor mongering and innuendo said that my friends were going to, allied with or somehow supportive of a squirrel.  No particulars, no specifics, just pure generalities.   To get a glimpse of what I am talking about visit this link:


DM’s inability to confront and communicate with the situation that confronts him is indicative of the EP of the “Scientology” his church now practices. We aren’t like that in the independent field. We give particulars, evidence and name names. And right now, I am naming David Miscavige as I tell the first in a series on his well-earned title as the mother of all squirrels.  By the time we complete this series, I believe it will become apparent that those who are currently being “declared” are being declared for the very crime the public who are informing them of their declares are guilty of. That is those public are remaining connected with and supporting with money and irrational zealotry the world’s biggest outright Squirrel.

Let’s start with basics – a word being given a whole new meaning by the man Tommy says “gives a whole new definition to ‘religious leader.'” Grade Zero has quite apparently been taken out of the line up. Anyone who knows the first thing about the Bridge knows that absent having one’s Grade Zero IN, one might as well not shell out another penny for the rest of his 1/2 million dollar Bridge. If one has not attained the ability gained from Grade Zero and continues, he or she is literally on a bridge to nowhere.   One certainly belongs nowhere near an auditor’s chair who is not a complete, thorough Grade Zero completion.

First, the church’s Mecca (Flag Service Organization) has been coerced into short-circuiting all orgs on the planet by ripping off their Grades pcs and potential Grades pcs. Once at Flag, pc’s are being so quickied that the pcs are in no shape for the rest of the Grades, and are easy marks for years of overwhelming mind games on their Clear statuses (subject of another part in this series) and a seemingly endless OT VII along with its expensive six month sec checks and gang bang regging sessions.  DM is so proud of this state of affairs that he has Flag committing serial violations of  HCO PLs Technical Degrades  and Keeping Scientology Working – and a host of C/S Series HCOBs – by promoting quickie Grades.

DM’s STASI-like execution of his own brand of “Disconnect” exacerbates the inability-to-communicate situation. With virtually no justice apparatus remaining within the Church, there is a vast network of rumor and innuendo keeping the faithful in line with verbal declares, statements that some are not in good standing, “so and so is disaffected”, etc.  In order to survive among the Scientology public sector one must become adept at watching what he says, watching with whom he communicates with, watching what he reads and watching what he watches. If you tiptoe artfully enough around the omnipresent egg shells, why, you’ve got a chance to make it along the Bridge.

But, at what cost?

Below are video’d success stories of three recently attested “OT VIIIs” aboard the Freewinds.  Here is the living proof of the EP of Miscavology’s Bridge to nowhere. I have never seen such petrified, solid, controlled, and nervous “success stories” in my life.  To be fair to these “VIIIs”  in the videos – they are being forced to read from prepared statements that were obviously coordinated, stacked with pat acknowledgments and, if you look really closely, in a way downplay LRH to the “the most famous name in Scientology” and/or his org that doesn’t even exist.  Their obsequious promotion of such off Source DM inventions as “Ideal Orgs” betrays their slavish adherence to the party line; even anti-LRH and anti-Scientology ones. That they submit to and comply to such indignities speaks volumes about their EPs.  If you think I am over reacting, and that you’d like to attain the independence, presence, communication skills, and reach of these fellows, then don’t bother Q and Aing with your doubts any more. Just head on into DM’s church and learn the lock step.

OT VII Success stories: