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D.C. Independent – Tom Felts

Tom Felts has been very active as an independent Scientologist for years in the DC area. Tom has contributed a lot of good advice and wisdom to my blog which is very much appreciated. He has also brought his great sense of humor – he does stand up comedy as a hobby. Laughter, being a universally accepted valid therapy, is welcome here. Tom’s brand of wit is refreshing – satrical, but with class.  Tom’s insouciance is refreshing. For those in the greater DC area in need of a terminal to help you navigate your way through shark infest disconnect territory, I can’t think of a better equiped person than Tom. Independents going to the nation’s capital on business or vacation will have their lives enhanced by making his acquaintance. Here is Tom’s statement:

I was a CL V staff member for close to 15 years, and have had many great wins applying LRH tech (both Red on White and Green on White) to myself and others. I have found many answers to many questions through the application of LRH Tech, and really enjoy helping others through the same. There is a lot of “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt” out there concerning LRH, Scn Tech, the “Church of Scientology” and so on, and if questions can be answered and rationality resumed, then I consider the job done.

I would also love to see some real delivery being done, on whatever level can be achieved. It will depend upon resources at hand as to what we can accomplish, but I am a trained HPCSC and Word Clearer.

I was a fairly new staff member back when David Mayo (what is it with these DM guys, btw?) was declared. There was an SO ED issued at that time that contained a purported excerpt from an LRH advice that said, in part “You cats better start learning to spot SP’s…” I did find it remarkable that someone who had trained with and under LRH would be found at this late date to be an “SP”, but I was still naive in that respect and thought organizational Scn had to do with case gain and betterment, not Stalinesqe purges, so I filed that datum in the back of my mind and went on with my post.

Fast forward a number of years. I had been removed from post by an SO mission with NO justice actions. I took an LOA and requested a Comm Ev. The Comm Ev never happened. I returned from my LOA after 6 months, and was sent to LA for Tech Training. It was revelatory to me in a number of ways. The biggest revelation was a brief face to face meeting with David Miscavige, where we passed each other in the hallway in PAC Base.  I “knew” at that point that I would never be able to peacefully co-exist with that being in that state. The earlier LRH advice flashed in my mind, and I resolved at that point to quietly finish up my contractual obligations and move on, which I did.

The incidents that occurred publicly in the following years only confirmed my earlier observation: 1) The IRS win, which was a huge group win in the US, was used to promote an individual, instead of the group; 2) The confidentiality of the “Upper Level” material was fully breached (a primary purpose of the SO was to protect such data); 3) The death of Lisa McPherson, at the Flag Land Base, no less. Tech was out in a major way, which means that ethics had gone out earlier; 4) The “Golden Age of Tech”. “When people can’t get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree. The most trouble in the past two years came from orgs where an executive in each could not assimilate straight Scientology.” – KSW 1. Need I say more?; 5) The positioning of DM as ‘source’. This was done both through visuals in different magazines, and his “Basics” evolution. You can no longer buy an LRH book at a Scn Bookstore. Think about that. 6) Confirmation from multiple independent sources of Miscavige’s internal “Terror Regime”. There were early hints of this coming down the management lines with the introduction of “SRA’s” or “Severe Reality Adjustments”. The true extent of the abuse is only now coming to light.

When I left I had attested to Clear. While basically successful in life, I had things going on that I knew needed to be handled. I have since completed Solo I-III, received OT IV, and all 3 L’s outside the RTC regime. I can only say that it has been a life saver in many respects. Late last year I went for a routine medical checkup and was found to have high blood sugar and high blood pressure, as well as being overweight. Through a combination of dietary changes, self-education, addressing of emotional issues (auditing) and some discipline, I have dropped 30 lbs, my blood pressure is normal, and my blood sugar is completely under control. My primary physician wants to make a model patient out of me, as he has never seen these changes in a person before.

But apart from the physical personal changes, there were other dynamics in play. As an early contributor to ESMB just getting an itsa line in to people out there brought forth an amazing amount of information, TA, true data and in some cases healing. Breaking the conspiracy of silence is the way to fight oppression. Once others realize it wasn’t “just them” the train starts rolling. It was only after the Anon scene burst forth that the noise and troll cannons arrived and tried to bury that board. But the stories fed the Anon phenom, both on ESMB and Ex Scn Kids. While I could speculate at length as to what that was *really* all about in the theta universe, just let me say that in the early days of FCDC (where I was on staff) those people would all be on a comm-course eventually if not right away. Perhaps it is the 4th dynamic protesting the “lack of results”?

I was declared shortly after the first Anonymous protest in Feb. of last year. I went to it as sort of “my own Private Switzerland”, (a neutral party to both sides). I was called by the EO a few days later, where we had a very long conversation about LRH tech, wins, incidents that indicated major problems of mutual interest (the death of Stacy Moxon Meyer, for example; Carla Moxon was one of my very first auditors) and my position vis a vis management, which was that DM was an SP, and since I had no avenue to handle that, I had to dis-connect. My declare came out 2 days later. “We have to protect the group” was what I was told.

My upset is that I do want others to have the same wins that I did.  At least the same opportunity to have them.And I don’t see that happening.  And since the group is no longer there to preserve, protect, deliver the tech and verify the results, then I shouldn’t really care. But for some reason I still do. Maybe I will get that handled some day…. Maybe WE can get that handled some day.

Hopefully this isn’t too long, and gives you a better idea of where I am coming from.