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Story of a Squirrel Part II – Black PR and Disconnect

The Mother of all Squirrels is now butchering LRH justice policy and even public relations and external affairs policy. While his henchboy Tommy Davis is out telling media outlets that DISCONNECT has been canceled, DM has Church staff and public applying PR Series 18 – How to Handle Black Propaganda Campaigns while literally coercing DISCONNECTION.  Just as he has reversed Scientology tech to introvert, belittle and control staff and public, he is now reversing policy. In this case, instead of defending against “whispering campaigns” and outright attempts to destroy by making minority group members social pariahs through false propaganda (which LRH accuses the criminal ilk from the very best persons’ set of doing to Scientologists in the PR Series HCO PLs), DM is directing staff and even public to carry out such campaigns against dedicated Scientologists.

DSA Orange County has been busy-bodying all around SoCal on a whispering campaign against Independent New OT VIII Mary Jo Leavitt, spreading rank generalities that are allegedly the basis for a declare which nobody has seen. When that failed to put a dent in Mary Jo’s resolve,  the Church sought to directly split up her family, beginning with attempting to alienate her intelligent and gracious son Greg.  The Church put the screws to the “OT” parents of Greg’s fiance.  The pressure was upped until the fiance was coerced into threatening to disconnect from her future husband. When Greg refused to agree to throw his mother under the bus, the fiance called off the wedding and disconnected from Greg.

Laying waste to a future generation of Mary Jo’s family apparently was not good enough for the DM crowd.

Public Miscavologist Jojo Zawawi was rolled out by the Church after  running a similar disconnect black propaganda campaign against Independent OT VIII Sherry Katz.   After being exposed on this blog for running that dark operation, she found time to attempt to undermine  Mary Jo and Greg. The church’s tactics have gone from cowardly to sub-sniveling.   Jojo joined the fray by recently writing to all of the Facebook friend’s of Greg urging them to disconnect from Greg because he did not comply with ORDERS TO DISCONNECT FROM HIS MOTHER.  Here is is the message verbatim:

“Greg has joined his mother (Mary Jo Leavitt) in leaving our
church. Mary Jo is publicly attacking the church and is being
I have personally verified this with OSA Int. I recommend you
delete your Facebook friend connection. If you have any questions
on this, you can contact your local DSA / OSA representative.


Neither Mary Jo nor Sherry Katz have received an official declare order. Yet, dozens of erstwhile friends have disconnected from them based on the Black Propaganda whispering campaign waged against them. Three other close friends of mine have been similarly dealt with; nothing but rumors, black propaganda – and a lot of disconnection. They have heard on the grapevine from now-former associates that they have been declared without receiving anything in writing.  That is a direct violation of a number of Hubbard justice PLs.

DM doesn’t want to issue  written declares because it will expose that he has nothing on these people. All any of them has done is speak up about DM’s escalating attempted cancellation and  nullification of LRH (LRH Policy, LRH Tech, and even the memory of LRH) from his Church. If he issues a declare the recipient is entitled to a comm ev by a panel of his peers  per the Suppressive Acts PL  and DM doesn’t want his closely censored minions being exposed to any of the tomes of evidence of that that the accused possess.

All of the alleged verbal declares though have one thing in common; all recipients have been told he or she is an SP for being connected with an alleged  squirrel.

To Mary Jo, Sherry, Christie, and my other friends whose names will appear here soon: Don’t you ever doubt that you are in better standing with LRH than anyone still pledging allegiance to DM will ever be. If you ever receive that Golden Rod, wear it like a badge of honor. To we in the know, it will always signify that you stood up for LRH by refusing to do precisely what you were accused by the Church of doing.  You refused to remain connected to a squirrel, in fact the mother of all squirrels.