Get ready, ’cause here I come

Because OSA is in the know as to my travel plans, I think it is appropriate that all Independents also know. I’ll be in the UK from this coming Monday until the following Tuesday, the 15th. When I travel – or anyone else on OSA’s flight surveillance list – the church knows about it in advance. That is because of their institutional practice of invasion of privacy through improper use of the airline reservation computer network. That is why you only ever hear Private Investigator stories from me after I have traveled by airline. They don’t have the cojones to come near my home.

The OSA network is frantically scurrying across the United Kingdom in preparation for my arrival. Tommy Davis is even venturing over the big pond to hunker down in defense. DM’s inimitable anti-Data Series think predicts that Mike Rinder and I are up to all sorts of mischievousnous that we are not up to. It is remarkable how much power they have granted us. But once again, their over-reaching paranoia has already pushed a number of erstwhile Loyalists out of their own camp.

If anyone in those parts who did not know about my trip wants to get together, get hold of my man Martin Padfield (contact information under Independent Scientologists section of this blog) to coordinate. Maybe a bunch of us can spend a convivial evening together in celebration of the holidays and independence. That I am sure will go a long way in sending further red herrings DM’s way. You all might even get your picture in “Freedom” with some inane caption. Ultimately, it will do wonders for your ethics presence.

My sincerest advice to my old comrades in the OSA network – from Sun Tzu:
There are roads one does not follow.
There are armies one does not strike.
There are cities one does not attack.
There are grounds one does not contest.
There are commands of the sovereign one does not accept.


38 responses to “Get ready, ’cause here I come

  1. You are FANTASTIC!! made me laugh…
    have a great trip!!
    Jewel T.

  2. Well, you could take the Eurostar to Paris to join the demo at CC Paris on December 12, but you’ll probably do more damage in the UK.

    France has already pretty much decimated the criminal cult.

  3. Apparently OSA is poorly educated on individuals who have indeed changed the course of events.

    Ghandi brought down the entire British empire in India with the steadfast and singular idea of non-violence.

    What Marty has brought to the multitude of individuals
    who have left scn but who were not previously aligned with this external group or that external group – is a steadfast and singular idea of non-violence.

    India continues today to be an independent nation, created in 1947 by a widespread non-violent resistance.

    It’s impossible to slay an idea. Easy to tear down a brick and mortar empire built on the backs of others, that tears at the human fabric of family and loyalty and cripples the self-determinism of an individual.

    I’m thinkin’ there is no “get ready” — for indeed the seeds of independence have been sown and they are growing globally. In other words – it’s too late!


  4. EPIC WIN, Osa is really down to trolling these days. I love the way you just put out the information about your trip.

    Wow you visiting Martin. So much win is produced these days.

    Ghandi-Tech is what Mark Bunker preaced to Anomymous back in the early days of Chanology.

    It just shows: When you are armed with the truth you will eventually prevail.

  5. Kathy Braceland


    If I were to be there, I would roll out the red carpet for you. I hope someone does that in my stead. Have a smashing trip!

  6. martyrathbun09

    Kathy, thank you. But, it’d be a waste of nice fabric. I prefer gritty concrete. Righto!

  7. martyrathbun09

    WH, what a gift you have for making the mundane seem poetic. The universes you create are a pleasure to experience.

  8. If this transparency campaign of yours continues on its current trajectory, freedom of expresion may infiltrate the cloistered walls of the Church of Perpetual Not-Isness.

    Truth delivered on unstoppable channels is like multiple laser cannons used on cobwebs. The cobwebs of deceit and deliberate unknowingness will simply go poof!

    It is only a matter of time before the field is considering offering an amnesty for church staff and executives on the condition that they stop committing overts on the Tech and the public and do an appropriate amends program.

    Truth will prevail eventually and the surest way to guarantee a future for the Tech is to announce an Amnesty and a fresh start for all concerned.

    My prediction is late 2010. Your estimates may vary.

  9. martyrathbun09

    Old Auditor, right on. As Thoughtful likes to cite, Axiom 19 “Bringing the static to view As-is any condition devaluates that condition.”

  10. Fantastic!

    You know I am in the UK, and if there is anything I can do to assist you while you are here, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    My offer to show you the Highlands – the spiritual home of all real Thetans – still stands. If your schedule can handle it, you should take me up on that. You will treasure the memories forever.

    I recommend that all UK independents who can, should attend the party Marty mentions.

    It is one thing to read the blog and look up the data, and quite something else to talk to Marty and get all your questions answered – no comm lag, no ‘PR angle’, no thinking about how to say things that are uncomfortable – just the truth.

    Try asking OSA staff or org execs about why things are the way they are. Personally I always feel they are either talking down to me, or that they are hiding something. With Marty it is ‘right between the eyes’ no bullshit truth.

    If you are up for some of that, then take this opportunity and meet with the man. You will never regret it.

  11. Does that mean the Blog will go dark? Or should we expect updates while you are over the pond?

    Have a great trip. I love the UK, the people are so wonderful. Yeh, I guess we could put an amnesty in Chairman Dave’s stocking for Christmas, but something tells me he would not be able to totally have it right now. Too many PTP’s….or something like that.

  12. Tommy Davis is coming to the UK?!

    Now that sounds like a tempting opportunity for another ‘Axiom142 gets berated by a crazy CoS supporter video posted on YouTube’. 😉

    Marty, I’ve already spoken to Martin, so hopefully I will get an invite to your soiree?

    Getting a mention in ‘Freedum’ , er, ‘Freedom’ would make my day! 🙂


  13. martyrathbun09

    Ax, I’d love to meet you.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Tom, I’ll try to keep the updates going.

  15. Hi Marty,
    Would love to meet you. 🙂

    I’m in London.


    Just connected Martin up to an ex Flag course sup today.

    Would love to meet you and Ax etc.

    How best to put this?

    Be there or be square?


  16. Silly man. I’m up late, now and seems you are


    Call me quick before I go to bed. 🙂


  17. Sounds exciting! Well, as always, have a safe and productive trip and may you accomplish everything and more than you’ve set out to do.

  18. I was thinking today about the parallelims between the Mormon church and scientology. LRH and Joseph Smith were very similar creatures. Joseph’s successor Brigham Young and DM have very similar successes (?) as far as taking a church to a different level than the founder. Brigham Young of course had Porter Rockwell and DM had Marty.
    I shared this with another ex of both who also was in the SO for many years and she totally agreed. Interesting time to be alive and be able to witness the events of the past year

  19. Have a fun and productive trip Marty! : )

  20. Marty, Tally ho and away!! This is going to be the best Christmas ever. I have the best gift ever. I have Scientology back. The real, simple, no additives, theta thing.

    BTW, the other day I drove past a billboard with the classic Santa Claus your grandfather designed. So cool, so wholesome! You know he’s loving you!:)

  21. WH,
    In case you weren’t aware, the aftermath of Indian independence was anything but peaceful.

    “The partition was promulgated in the Indian Independence Act 1947 and resulted in the dissolution of the British Indian Empire. The partition displaced up to 12.5 million people in the former British Indian Empire, with estimates of loss of life varying from several hundred thousand to a million.”
    Here’s a Time magazine article from October 1947,9171,854810,00.html

    “Mahatma Gandhi’s confidante, ex-secretary and the present Indian Health Minister, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, testified: ‘Gandhiji is very sad today. He has told me repeatedly that he is experiencing the pain and anguish of a thousand daggers pierced in his body.'”

  22. Perfect image. Have a ball, Marty.

  23. Thanks for the cold shower but in any case, India to this day is independent. And perhaps IF we could be slightly less dismissive of one another then perhaps a global paradigm shift can occur whereby peace can be accomplished without such pain and suffering.

    The Tibetans have lost their country and millions were killed and yet the core of their tradition remains: non-violence in body, speech and mind.

    When you fired off this response to me, did you feel slightly irritated? Upset? Wanting to make me wrong?

    I’ve had to rewrite my response about 3 times to take as much of the edge out of it – my knee-jerk reaction at being made wrong and what appeared to be an obvious intention to miss my point.

    Aggressive patterns are hard-wired and require LOTS of self-reflection. Perhaps we can try to be friendlier and kinder with each other?


  24. martyrathbun09

    TP, I’m on the run. Get hold of Martin.

  25. Marty wrote:

    “Because OSA is in the know as to my travel plans, I think it is appropriate that all Independents also know. I’ll be in the UK from this coming Monday until the following Tuesday, the 15th. When I travel – or anyone else on OSA’s flight surveillance list – the church knows about it in advance. That is because of their institutional practice of invasion of privacy through improper use of the airline reservation computer network.”

    Is this a crime?

  26. martyrathbun09

    Eldon, What you relate occurred despite Gandhi, not because of him. Have you considered how many Indian people died at the hands of their occupiers? Here from the Wiki entry on British Raj – deaths indirectly attributable to British rule in two periods alone, “During the British Raj, India experienced some of the worst famines ever recorded, including the Great Famine of 1876–78, in which 6.1 million to 10.3 million people died[27] and the Indian famine of 1899–1900, in which 1.25 to 10 million people died.[27] Recent research, including work by Mike Davis and Amartya Sen,[28] attribute these famines directly to British policy in India.” Perhaps you can look up how many Indians were slaughtered by the British during its reign. Under your logic, I suppose abolitionists are responsible for the nearly one million casualties during the Civil War, and Martin Luther King created all violence since 1960 attributable to racial strife in America. I think I see the truth of WH’s reply to you.

  27. The UK is overdue for some more people to stand up and be counted – they are there, they just need to feel they would not be alone in doing so.

  28. martyrathbun09

    Alanzo, you would think that with the tens, if not hundreds, of billions we’ve put up as taxpayers since 911 for security that this type of activity would not only be prosecutable but impossible. Wouldn’t you?

  29. I agree – it’s absolutely outrageous that they are able to get flight information on anybody!

  30. Traveling mercies Marty. Thanks for being transparent.

  31. WH,
    I didn’t initially mention why I thought you might be poorly educated on twentieth century history, but now I will: You misspelled Gandhi’s name “Ghandi.” Yeah, you couldn’t even get his name right.

    Have you ever read his autobiography? Highly recommended. But if you liken his achievements to the forthcoming “independence” of Scientology enthusiasts, or have the temerity to draw an analogy between Gandhiji and Marty Rathbun — then I suggest you compare the size of the Indian subcontinent (including Pakistan) to Scientology’s acreage and square footage. Include the whole city of Clearwater if you like.

    Recent estimates place Scientology’s membership somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 worldwide, so even in the event of major carnage, it shouldn’t be all that devastating by comparison.

  32. First I’d like to say have a good time in Merry Ol’ England, we’re going to miss you here on the other side on the pond.

    Regarding access to personal information, such as travel information, banking information, what is known as biometrics, etc. Thanks to the PATRIOT act, access to this sort of information has become easier not more difficult. Privacy has become a thing of the past thanks to the 911 Commissions “findings” which really had nothing to do with finding the actual cause of terrorism and opened up the door to access to what was once considered private information not only to Government Agencies but to their contractors as well which would include PIs who ostensibly are working on the Government’s behalf.

  33. Eldon – I haven’t read Gandhi’s autobiography, but have intended to for some time.

    My point was and continues to be — an idea can change the course of the world.

    Rather than get off into spelling, acreage and body counts – let’s see if we can agree that indeed an independent movement made up of individuals who are respectful and caring of each other would be a terrific thing.

    And if many continue to use the teachings of Scientology – that is their own choice based on their decisions. If others have decided to follow a different path – that too is accepted.

    None should be shunned. May all sentient being be free from suffering.


  34. “Truth will prevail eventually and the surest way to guarantee a future for the Tech is to announce an Amnesty and a fresh start for all concerned.

    My prediction is late 2010. Your estimates may vary.”

    Maybe this is the big paradigm shift scheduled for 2012. That would be a lovely thing indeed.

    Great article choice Marty, I always wondered how this got relegated to the back seat, when it IS the tech (not policy) of management.

  35. Marty,
    You cited two famines that occurred in India during the ~200-year British Raj that ended in 1947. Those two totaled about three years. Did you notice that dozens of famines have been recorded there dating back to 650 AD?

    Do I smell omitted data?

  36. Martin Padfield

    I can confirm – Kingpin has landed! And in rude health and excellent humour! It’s looking like some time later on this Friday in London will be a good time to have a little soiree. Anyone else who can come along, let me know first please. .

  37. I’m sure they had Graeme Wilson pulled off the Saint Hill RPF especially for you. It would be very interesting if you should go on TV and he turns up in the CoS corner because you’d cream him with ease. I knew him and UK OSA and they’re totally inept, cross-ordered and an embarrassment to the Church and an example to the great British public (an any public of course) of how a person ends up after years and years as an SO member under DM these days. They are text book PTS and of course if you’re a CoS member and you try to point this out you get into all sort of trouble with those robot MAA’s they’re got now at St. Hill.

    It’s great for you to be in the UK. Make no mistake, A LOT of people will be watching. Bruce Perry being one of them. Remember him? Great guy screwed over by saint hill.

  38. WH,
    I don’t doubt your good intentions in the least. But I don’t get how you think Marty’s “steadfast and singular idea of non-violence” is relevant to anything. Would dissident former members be shooting rocket grenades over the fence into Int Base or forcibly occupying the Super Power building if Marty hadn’t shown up? Nope.

    The only physical assaults I’ve seen or heard of were committed against critics by out-of-control Scientology staffers. Or, if you mean “verbal violence,” you can find some stellar examples on Mark Bunker’s XenuTV site. The people protesting the actions of the criminal cult –whether Old Guard or Anonymous– are civil and mild-mannered by comparison.

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