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Remember the BIG LIE that Mike Rinder alluded to a couple weeks ago in his article on this blog? That LIE serves to perpetuate DM’s ghastly reg machine tactics. That lie justifies habitual felonious behavior on DM’s part. It justifies asking for ever escalating “donations” to DM’s war chest to protect him from the “ogre” that might eat his enterprise up. It justifies his very existence. As his boy Tommy puts it to the media, that lie is the alleged “explosive expansion” the church is experiencing. Sadly, some people are so invested in DM’s game that they want to believe the big lie. The truth is that the Scientology Network is in its sickest state ever.

While the evidence of contraction is plain in virtually any city where Scientology once flourished, some interesting documentary evidence recently surfaced. Now, imagine for a moment that the once-mighty Church of Scientology Mission of Davis was literally begging public for hand outs to pay the staff and cover the rent. Unimaginable, right? Wrong. The proof follows in an email from the Mission Holder of the Mission of Davis to the field. Don’t buy the other propaganda that I or any other independent is “gloating” over this. Quite to the contrary, I find it heartbreaking.

One enemy line DM has broadcast far and wide against me is, “well, he isn’t doing anything about it. Marty isn’t producing a goddamn thing.” Well, I’ll tell you this much. I have personally delivered far more Scientology in the past year than the Mission of Davis. I can say the same of dozens of “Missions” and even some orgs. And I did not beg for a single red cent to do it. Moreover, I know of dozens of independent Scientologists in the field who have done so as well.

I’ll share another fact. If Steve Ferris asked me for guidance, I wouldn’t charge him a single red cent. And I guarantee you if he implemented 1/10th of what I advised, he’d have his place in the black in no time flat. First order of business would be cutting all comm with SMI, IAS, CSI, WUS, OSA, RTC and any other suppressive external influence on the Mission. Second order of business would be to have everyone study and apply Vol 0, OEC. Third order of business would be putting on a single-hatted Treasury Sec to sanely deal with the insane amounts of income they’d be shortly overwhelmed with in exchange for service delivered.

My gratuitous commentary aside, please make sure you are seated before you read the following email from the Mission Holder of the Mission of Davis:

Subject: FW: The Davis Mission Update

      We all survive across the Dynamics in our own unique way. But one thing that we have in common with every person in the human race, is we all depend for our ultimate long-term survival upon one special type of person. The auditors and the support staff that keep them behind the e-meter. They clear the planet, while we do our nine to five jobs. They clear us.
       Where would we be without the caring staff who got us up to our respective points on the Bridge?

       Where would the Bridge be?

       We owe a lot to these self-less beings. They don’t ask for much. Except that we flourish and prosper. That seems to be their paycheck. And that we have is dependant upon their having made sure that we won on course and in session.

       As you know, a little more than a year ago, the Bridge touched down in a community that was without Scientology for 25 years. Our 1st year anniversary went quietly here in Davis. We had several new starts and the Academy has more students now than it’s ever had.

       We are growing!

       Our auditor in training, who’s also our supervisor, Mariette Stratton is pounding away at her interneship. And we’re seeing more and more public in here every week. There is no thrill like ushering a new person onto the Bridge.

       But to continue putting Scientology back in Davis is taking a bit of energy. Green energy. Money. Cash. Coin of the realm. And we’ve run a bit low. The nuts and bolts of it is, we need a purif (which takes money to get going–ouch!) or an auditor to cover our monthly rent and utilities. Mariette is interning her little heart out. Until we have that nailed down, and perhaps for a while to get the lines grooved in, we depend upon the kindness of the Old Davis Hands scattered across the Planet.

       Many of us have raised children. It’s not a short term project. You don’t kick a kid out the front door when he’s 8 months old with a couple of spare bottles of milk and a box of Pampers. You raise them up until somewhere in their late teens or mid-twenties. At that point the expenditures end and you have an independent self-supporting adult.

       Starting a mission is like raising that kid. But there is a difference. It doesn’t take 20 years before you begin to get a return flow. We’re getting one now. But it will take a while before that flow is sufficient for the mission to be self-supporting.

       Each month we are a little closer to being self-sufficient. In 100 months, we will be flying solo. 50 months from now? We’ll be about half-way there. But our staff can’t be trying to line up money every month to pay the rent! We need to work on what will make us self-sufficient! Getting public on and up the Bridge. So what is the answer? It’s been a real puzzle.

       I figured it out while I was singing in the shower. It was that old tune, “100 bottles of beer”. You know the one. “You take one down, pass it around, 99 bottles of beer on the wall etc.” At about 96 I realized that I’d hit on something!

       If we can find 15 people to pay $100.00 a month (in March). We’ll cover our FP. But in April, we’ll do a little bit better, so we don’t need $100.00 in April. $99.00 will work fine. And May? $98.00. And each month $1.00 less. That’s what we need. 15 people who care enough about Davis to stay with us as things gradually get better. As we come off the tricycle and get on that two wheeler with training wheels and finally when 15 people write their final check for $1.00 the training wheels will come off and we’ll pedal down the road under our own motivation.

       In August we needed 15 people. But now, thanks to Diane Swann, Lisa and John Doughty, Kelly and Lynanne Melhaff, Eric and Mariette Stratton and Phil MacDonald we only need 10 more people. Ten more people to assure the Bridge stays in Davis. It left once. We need your help to make sure it stays here forever.

       Our staff is devoted to helping out the students and people of Davis. But they’re not going to be able to keep doing it without your help. However, each month, we’ll need a little less. Each month, it will be a little easier for you as we get a little stronger.

       Davis used to be the biggest mission on the planet. 3 Freedom Medal winners call Davis their Alma Mater. The future is bright. But in the short term, it’s still a little overcast.
Davis staff needs your help. And you can help.

        Call me or email me right away, please. Time is of the essence.

     Steve Ferris


       Church of Scientology

       Mission of Davis 



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