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A new Old School declaration of independence

  I’ve never met Glenn Samuels. However, I learned a little something about him in 2001.  At that time I visited world renowned recording artist and producer Stanley Clarke at his home. My assignment was to recover him to the Church so that Chick Corea could participate in a reunion of Return to Forever. Stanley was very gracious and sincere. He told me he was impressed with all my arguments, but that one fact made him hesitant to return. That fact was that his friend Glenn Samuels had been declared for no apparent legitimate reason in the early eighties and he was unwilling to disconnect from a true friend.  RTF ultimately did reunite for a tour last year. How they dealt with the matter of Stanley and how he dealt with his friendship with Glenn I do not know. I do know that Stanley seemed awfully sincere in 2001 and I was impressed with how impressed he was with his friend.  So, I was intrigued when Glenn contacted me with his declaration.  Please read it thoroughly. He imparts some perspective I think is valuable to all of us.


I would like to commend you and the other independents on what you are doing. It takes courage to leave the Church of Scientology and take an independent stand against a vengeful and unrelenting force. I’m happy to see that there is a new independent movement.

 I left the Church of Scientology in May, 1982 after being held under guard. Two former COs of the CMO were also under guard at the same time, we would wink at each other as we passed in the hallway. I got my car keys from the not so bright guard and took off.

I left behind all my belongings, my wife, my sister, all my friends, my group and my dream of a safe and sane planet. Most of you who are reading this know what I am talking about. It is a rough and courageous thing to do and I admire you for doing it.

In the early 80s it was important to Miscavige and the Broekers to get rid of anyone who had his own voice in Scientology. The people who built Scn. up from tiny orgs run in some major cities in old homes in bad neighborhoods and ugly industrial buildings to having admirable structures in all the major cities in the world were selectively and systematically expelled. Top International Scientology Execs and Senior Messengers were kicked out or sent to “Happy Valley” where most of them were made to run around a tree for months, do menial work, and then got declared. On the tech side almost everyone who trained directly under LRH was targeted as well. They also got rid of a lot of popular Mission holders and took their missions away from them. It was important to the three in-charge to have no voice within the organization more popular, senior or convincing than their own. Also it was important for no one to have more power or knowledge in any area, such as the tech. When R was alive he protected the tech hierarchy and their sovereignty. After the removal of the top tech people and the removal of the top execs who knew not to mess with the tech the remaining tech personnel were easy to manipulate.

R’s order was for Scientology to become a juggernaut, something that would run on its own after his death. The way that order was implemented was callously brutal with human rights violations. I left because of the human rights violations. I was on a CMO Mission that ordered people thrown out on the street in Clearwater. These people were my friends, good, sincere and hard working Sea Org members, not deserving of any of that nor being labeled “Suppressive Person.” It is a subject of debate because of the stranglehold that Miscavige and the Broekers had over the communications in and out to R what he knew or didn’t know at that time. But I know for a fact that LRH loved some of these people that were rounded up and cast aside. One was my ex-wife, Maureen. He was crazy about her; he photographed her, loved being around her on the ship during the dance troupe days and trained here to run Flag Bureaus on the ship. He told her that there was no way to take a bad picture of her… She was crushed by seeing a message supposedly from him that said she was an SP. It is hard to believe that R could call someone he loved so much as SP. It didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t just her; he was also very fond of Mayo. He trusted him. Mayo was the Sr. CS at Flag when he was sent to Int. when LRH was near death around 1978. It was through Mayo’s care and precise auditing that R recovered. That auditing led to the release of NOTs. It would be hard for me to believe that anyone could be so callous as to throw out and denounce someone who helped save their life. Nevertheless it did happen to Mayo and others that were R’s beloved friends. Miscavige wrestled control of Scientology from the Broekers and you have what is going on now.

For the most part when LRH or one of the top execs would go off on someone sooner or later justice would be restored. Now there is no sense and sighting of justice. When a leader of a religion is unbalanced and receives lawsuits or a court summons, they tend to blame and purge anyone near them. This is what is happening now; people like Rinder, Marty and Amy Scobee are current examples of that In the past there was always recourse for those who wanted it, now there is none. The whimsy and commonness with which someone is called an SP these days is staggering. An SP is a very specific type person, they are not very common. Most of the top execs and auditors were Clear. By definition can a Clear be an SP? It is an important question to consider to anyone in or out of Scientology.

Some of my friends who recently left the church told me that the meter has become more important than the person sitting in front of the auditor. They told me that auditors and examiners stare at the meter looking for a floating needle, over run processes for weeks and wrap people up in blankets with heaters for the sake of the tone arm. The whole operation has gone sour due to the administrative leadership. It tells me that the auditing is not centered and focused on the person, but now exists for ulterior motives and sundry purposes.

When someone would come to the Apollo for auditing the intent was to “crack” their case and send them back to their org or to just get on with life. LRH called us the Case Cracking Unit. That same intent was carried over to the initial days in Daytona and Clearwater when we landed. We were hand picked and trained by LRH to do expert interviews, CSing and auditing so that when a person came for auditing it was done in a matter of an intensive or two. They would have their case cracked. If they chose to stay and get an L or do an advanced level in Clearwater that was their choice, but not the main intention. It was all about precision, economy of time and superlative results. There was no plan to keep them at Flag with endless unnecessary rundowns or intensives of sec checking to be sure, nor did OT 7 cans cost $380.00!

 There was a lot of excitement when we did the first NOTs course and opened up the first NOTs HGC in Clearwater. I CSd in the first NOTs HGC. At that time Clearwater was a fun place to be and those getting auditing became friends for life. I have been told it is no longer that way. It is a sad state of affairs. I am happy that people like Marty and other independents are around to give those who want auditing in a safer “client-centered” environment the chance to get it.

In the 80s there was an independent movement which eventually failed due to harassment, endless litigation, and multi-million dollar pay offs from the church. However, Sarge Gerbode did stand up to the church successfully, but it cost him a lot of money. He developed what he calls TIR, traumatic incident reduction. He went toe to toe with Miscavige and won the right to deliver parts of the tech in the name of his new organization. He has done good work and has associations around the world, some funded by counties to help the abused. It is good to see that. And also I am glad that there is a new desire for people to get auditing where it is all about the help and not about anything else. I have audited off and on since the 80s but have decided to focus on counseling once again. I have expertise in “cracking cases” and it was and is my main purpose in life–to help people.

 If anyone wishes to contact me and discuss getting sessions I can be reached at: I’m currently in the San Diego, Ca. area, but will travel.

 Good luck,


Recollections of LRH, part 3


by Sarge In the fall of 1976 I was a courier at WHQ. Couriers would take LRH’s com from LEC and do tail shakes (make sure we weren’t being followed) and drive to the ‘Manor’ in Hollywood. We would go to the top floor of the Manor to the GO (Guardian ) offices, drop off com, pickup com and take the com and any passengers back to WHQ. Talk about a great job. I wanted to do that forever. Well, I did that for a month or so when one day a messenger came and told me I was now Supercargo WHQ. I thought, that’s ok, all I have to do after my courier runs was help load and unload stuff. During study time that day I sure found out what an S/C was and I also found out what HFA meant. Now, I was also visibly green. Luckily I had Source. Both green on white and via many many messenger runs. The Old Man took time out of his busy day to help me, to ‘train me up’. I would do com runs to Rifle and when he saw me he always asked how I was doing and would give me encouragement. First order of business was to establish an org board that was workable. The Old Man worked very close with me on that. One day while doing Chinese School on the crew, I thought it boring so I tried to lighten it up with my humor. Although I was proud of myself for being clever I soon got my first admin cram. The Old Man was very patient with me.

You all know what gradients are. The Old Man handled me with perfect gradients. Soon I was walking with the swagger of a fully hatted S/C. The Old Man had a wayof saving some stuff. Well, while everyone was sleeping there was no one looking out for the place(s). He told me there needed to be night security guards. He also told me, in way of an apology I think, ‘if you want something done, give it to a busy man’. (gulp) again. Only now I had big shoulders. By this time, if the Old Man would have said ‘Sarge, dig me a ditch’ you would have found poor ole Sarge in the morning laying on his shovel in a mile long ditch.

The Old Man had the purchaser buy me a duplicator machine and a manual typewriter. He didn’t know I didn’t know how to type. Enter the OODS (orders of the day). The Old Man and Mary Sue and others would post regularly. Sorry, again that was fun. One time I got a very polite reprimand from Mary Sue about a post that was off color. On a com run I apologized and she gave me a little cram…’ Look up the word.’ Good God I liked her. Mary Sue was like a queen. Mary Sue and Nikki , her communicator, used to kid me about Suzette,often. Sorry Suzette but they really did. Woulda, shoulda …..“stupid is as stupid does”.

I had problems with ‘personnel’. I had folders sent me from a terminal in PAC of prospects to go ‘Over The Rainbow’. Problem was no one passed the GO filter. The GO did the right thing I know but I got caught in a ‘catch 22’. By this time, although the Old Man could be patient, he also wanted things done ‘yesterday’ so he could operate. I just didn’t know what to do. I knew he wanted people very much but he had a freeze on key personnel. (that was my justifier for those slow to pick it up). What happened next surprised me. The Old Man did an eval (checking data for whys and whos etc). He bypassed everyone. I was reassigned to courier (whew). I did danger. The Old Man never assigned me a lower condition. The Old Man never yelled at me, EVER. I’ve seen it happen to others but never me and ya know, I used to screw up often. Maybe he looked into my heart. I think. Conditions were meant to help you, not invalidate. Conditions are personal. Get help to sort it out but please don’t accept someone else’s viewpoint unless it helps YOU.

After the eval (evaluation) we got people! We had to switch from Datsun 210’s to station wagons. I was a courier but now on nights. Life was good. I would deliver com to the GO, then walk to the FOLO and sleep for a few hours, then get a wake up call and walk back to the ‘Manor’ about four AM to pickup the com and any sleepy people and drive back to WHQ. One day I walked to the FOLO, left a wake up call time and went to sleep in the stinky FOLO men’s dorm. I was suppose to be an SO missionaire. Next thing I knew there were people running around like headless chickens and the sun was up; I was way late in getting up. Boy am I in trouble! I knew I was headed for the RPF. Rule One: Don’t mess with LRH’s com. I got dressed and went down the hall. Everyone ignored me. I left the front door and men in suits said you can go, have a nice day.

What was happening? I walked down to the ‘Manor’ and decided to use the back door as the front had more suits. I decided to use the stairs and saw no one. Apparently the FBI raid had just happened. It was about 6 AM. When I reached the top floor and walked into the GO offices I got whews that almost knocked me over. They told me that I was a hero. What? Didn’t mean to be, but its ok. They told me that no one could find me. No one could find me to wake me up. The GO sent people, even the CO was looking for me. No Sarge. I thought I was first bunk on the left bottom. Guess not. The GO guys said that because I didn’t show up it kept people there and on alert. When the raid went down, they gathered up some sensitive materials and got them out of there. I met Chuck Adams at a ‘drop’ site and brought com back to WHQ. I told my story and, lo and behold by pure accident once again, Sarge was a hero. Life is good again.

Miscavige’s War on the Media

DM’s henchmen Mike Sutter and Hansuili are criss crossing the world telling Scientology public that “everybody knows” the SP Times just “has it in for Scientology.”  They’ve argued that the fact that hardly any national media have run the Times’ stories on Scientology that is  proof that the St Pete Times made up the facts for their several series on Scientology published since last  June.

Now the Washington Post has reported that DM has hired “award winning” journalists to investigate the SP Times.

To understand how devious and unethical Tommy and DM have become, I highly recommend you listen to this radio show on the matter. Listen through to the end. While these “journalists” signed contracts that required the Church to release the entire report or none of it, Tommy  has already breached the contract, leaking to the media his characterization of it, saying it is unfavorable to the Times.

Why do I refer to the church’s hired “journalists” in quotation marks?  Because the whores never did an investigation. How do I know?  Because they never bothered to interview Mike Rinder and I who were central participants from the outset in the Times’ series.  I have worked on PR lines and with 60 Minutes, 20/20, NY Times, LA Times, and a host of others for 22 years – and never, NEVER, have I witnessed a media outlet more thoroughly investigate (down to multiple cross-corroboration, anad dotting i’s and crossing t’s) as the St Pete Times has done over the past year. NEVER.

Now, to fully appreciate what a depraved rat Miscavige is I am going to repeat some background. I have said much of this before, but sometimes the rudiments bear repetition.

In 1998, I spent several months lobbying the SP Times, and preparing them for an interview they had requested of Miscavige.  Mike Rinder and I spent many days plying Joe Childs and Tom Tobin with documents and tours of facilities, and many stage-managed and rehearsed interviews with pre-selected staff and celebrities for this all-imporant profile on Miscavige.   I probably had on the order of several dozen meetings and phone calls with Childs, Tobin, and the Time’s Publisher trying to spin and control the matter.

Of course, anyone who has read the June 2009 St Pete Times series knows that Mike and I both lied for Miscavige during that 98 profile.

Ok, so the profile of DM runs on the front page of St Pete Times in late 98.  DM is infatuated with it. He thinks it has capture what a bad ass, tough guy, no nonsense executive he is.  DM ordered hundreds of copies be distributed all throughout the FSO/FLB orgs.  DM had dozens of copies shipped on the first flight from Clearwater. He had the fr0nt cover, with his tough guy mug shot, pinned to bulletin boards, and easels throughout Internationa headquarters. DM made a special trip to the St Pete Times to profusely thank Mr. Childs and Mr. Tobin for their jounalistic prowess.

Now, Mike Rinder can confirm all that and the following.  Once the “product” was gotten, DM – as is his habit – wrote Mike and I out of the history of the evolution. DM ranted to a full WDC/CMOI/Exec strata conference room on numerous occasions how he, DM, was the ONLY guy who could handle a PR cycle – he was the ONLY guy with such a product: the St Pete Times profile on him. He explained that he worked for years to win over Tobin and Childs to understanding just what a powerful guy DM is.

Now, in May 2009 when the Times asked for DM’s interview to answer to what I had disclosed, DM went on the lam. That is right, he has been hiding from the Times and me like a fugutive facing a murder rap. I was just at the Int Base last week for an hour and a half.  DM has built himself a NEW 2 million dollar compound withinm the compound, with new towering , thick walls then surrounded by his existing electronic metal perimeter fence.  In one and one half hours there, not ONE, NOT ONE, staff member showed his/her face. Even the guard booth was shuttered.  If you watched the video interviews of me on the SP Times website, you’ll know I spent nearly a year of my life awaiting the promised confrontation with DM on the subject of Black Dianetics. The punk remains a fugutive from me, going on six years now.

Now, DM has bought off and intimidated Time Warner and its branch CNN, shuddering them into silence. I am investigating his buying off Associated Press and CBS. You WILL DEFINITELY be hearing particulars about these matters. I don’t have the slightest back off; I spent three years in indy media investigating the buying off of the US media over the past two decades. It was one of the reasons I chose only to talk to the Times initially. They are one of only a handful of large media outlets not owned by for profit corporations dedicated to suppressing news that might reveal their own greed and crimes.

Now, for this punk (and I am sorry if that type of language offends anyone, but after a walk by the boat canal to cool off, I still can’t come up with a more appropriate term for this guy) to have the moxie to hire “award winning journalists” to investigate and black PR  the ONLY media outlet (but for ABC Nightline) that wasn’t for sale, and went ahead and investigated his serial, habitual FELONIES and HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS – I am sorry, even though I am a busy individual, I am going to see to it  – one way of the other – that justice prevails.

Rinder and I have said from the beginning that this story is like Watergate. The evil and corruption involved in the cover up will far overshadow the underlying crimes (as unconscionable as they are).

Two Very Essential Rights

Here are some thoughts to consider in the establishment of rights of community. The following excerpts are from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #10 Specific Parts of Self-determinism, Spacation.

 “For a thetan there are two very essential rights: One is the right to his own sanity, and the other is the right to leave a game…”

 “…Probably the hardest thing a man has to take is when he has to enslave himself to something which is not of his own choice and permits himself to be placed in time and space not of his own choice…”

 “…Two very essential rights, and that is: the right to his own sanity, and the right to leave a game, which boils down to the right to have an exertion of self-determinism, and the right to locate himself in some other universe if he suddenly chooses to.

 “It’s all right for people to have a right, but if they don’t have the capability, the right is meaningless. So the right depends to some extent, in any case, upon an education about the right. Well, therefore, you restore these things – you get freedom, and that’s what we’re trying to do. And you should ask yourself, once in a while, when you’re processing preclears, are you sending them in that direction? If you’re sending them in that direction, you’re being very successful.”

 Seems to me this is a great index to use to determine whether one is delivering or receiving Scientology processing or Reverse Scientology. Is the processing being delivered with the intention and toward the direction of clarifying and strengthening these rights?

 Whether one formally recieves or delivers processing or not, I think these two essential rights ought to be validated and honored in our dealings with one another. It is a handy index. Does your third dynamic encourage sanity? That is, does it assist you to better percieve differences, similarities and identities? Or does it attempt to dull such perception by continually forcing upon you propaganda that requires you to check your perceptions at the door? And when your personal integrity is being so tried, is the felony compounded by discouragement of your right to leave a game, or to relocate yourself?

Shane and Chrissie Pearlman Weightman Prevail!

  I attended a very important event last Friday at Mary Jo Leavitt’s home in Los Angeles. It was the wedding party of Chrissie Pearlman and Shane Weightman.

 Do you all remember the level of energy Chrissie created when she announced on this blog that despite the C of M’s best efforts (and war chest to finance it) she was going to walk out with her boyfriend Shane? If not, here is the link

 Well, the party was befitting of the OT achievement Chrissie pulled off. Thirty independent souls made it a night to remember. Personally, I’ve never attended a more fun and fullfilling event. The atmosphere was like a Scientology Mission public party from the seventies – and so much more. I had the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with just about everybody there. No cliques, no downtone j and d, just pure theta from a bunch of extraordinary folk.

a good portion of the crew

 At one point I heard loud voices on Mary Jo’s front balcony overlooking the street. When I went to investigate I found fifteen people lustily cheering Mary Jo’s son Gregory , her daugther Joanna, and Chrissie’s daughter Breyana. The three were in the street below confronting the well manned PI’s corps DM had sent. And the PI’s were speeding off like cockroaches stunned by the light.

Mary Jo not only raised two extraordinary offspring, she has created a home where everyone feels welcome and special. She is one charming, warm, and theta being. 

Host Mary Jo with the bride and groom

I was honored to be chosen to toast Chrissie and Shane.

at the original toast

 I was caught by surprise and did not really do it justice. So, I decided to write one befitting the ocassion:

 To Shane and Chrissie, and for that matter Sam

who braved the entheta, stood and said “no” to the man

 With Shane firmly in their suppressive physical grip

the C of M thought they would pry Romeo from Juliette

 But they underestimated Chrissie who arrived in the UK

over the Atlantic by jet she came to save the day

 Waves of lies and alloying of affinity did Shane withstand

because a woman on fire decided DM wasn’t strong enough to take her man

 Independent and United! Raise your glasses to Chrissie and Shane

now a legendary example of the power of the spirit of play!

Finally –  for Chrissie, Mary Jo, Mosey, and the many other strong women in our universes:

Happy Birthday Mosey!


 I’ve been planning to acknowledge her on her birthday 23 Feb.  It is hard to describe just how special this being Mosey (Monique) is.  After failing to find the words, I decided to share a short chapter of a book I’ve been working on. I think it gives one at least a glimpse of what I am talking about

  Chapter ___

She said I need you to hold me

I’m a little far from the shore

and I’m afraid of sinking

You’re the only one who knows me

and who doesn’t ignore

that my soul is weeping

 – Jamie Houston, Buck Johnson and Damon Johnson

In the Spring of 2006 I lay dying in bed. I hadn’t moved for a week but to occasionally struggle up to use the bathroom, and perhaps ingest a bit of sustenance. When I did rise the entire room swayed as if I were aboard a vessel in a stormy sea. Within minutes I would be so exhausted I would stagger for the bed to lie down once again. For forty-eight hours I hadn’t risen at all, having no more appetite there was nothing to expel from my body. The entire time Chiquita sat on the corner of the bed, looking at me sorrowfully with her usually perky golden ears now drooping like a hound dog. At first she tried to revive me by licking the side of my face. When she failed after several days of effort, she stopped eating too. By then, lying down did not stop the dizziness.

Monique tried to persuade me to see a doctor. She thought perhaps I had West Nile fever because of all the tromping around the local bayous I had done with my camera and dog in tow. Bayous had been my sanctuary, where I’d go for space, contemplation and solitude. But, I knew there was nothing physically wrong with me, technically. By then I was not aware enough to pinpoint it precisely, but the cause later became clear; I was dying of a broken heart and spirit. It started when I decided that I had placed myself in an untenable position and had utterly failed.

I had reasoned that I could not totally commit to Monique. Yes, she was the light of my life. Yes, she was the embodiment of the unconditional love that each of us harbors a longing to obtain, even if kept as a low burning desire deep down within our souls. It was the ultimate in dichotomy. The closer we became, the more guilty I felt for denying her access to Scientology. I was a Suppressive Person (an excommunicated one) according to the Church, meaning anyone connected to me would be automatically denied access to Scientology because of it. I could imagine under no circumstances reconciling that split. I had earlier ultimately decided the only way I could possibly impinge on Scientology’s leader Miscavige to reform his escalating sadistic conduct was to create a shock by leaving. Even if I had a desire to return it was impossible to do without becoming a prisoner because of what I knew – something I was unwilling to ever again become. Because I had seen indications that my leaving had precisely the opposite effect, and Miscavige had instead accelerated his madness, I recognized that I had accomplished nothing.

In fact, it was worse than nothing, because as long as Monique remained my partner she would be unqualified to participate in Scientology. If ever there were a special being who deserved to sample the spiritual gains possible through Scientology, it was Monique. Matter of fact, from the few writings she had read, and the teachings I passed on to her in conversation, she was far more of what Scientology founder Hubbard defined as a “Scientologist” than just about anyone I had known in my twenty-seven year experience within the organization. But as I had become more familiar with her life I knew she, like any one else I had ever met, would benefit greatly from formal auditing up the Scientology grade chart.

It did not become clear to me till later that I was removing myself as her problem. I loved her so much that I unwittingly willed my own death so that she might one day experience that which my very existence was denying her. This was no high minded martyrdom going on. I was not even consciously aware of the decision. All I knew at that time was that on one particular morning the body was going to complete the process of shutting down, I (the spirit) was going to slip out and move along. Monique’s hurt and Chiquita’s mourning were painful, but for the greatest good I knew I was simply an impediment to the advance of a far more gifted and wonderful person.

Monique kissed me on the forehead before taking off for work that morning.

Man, I felt bad about leaving – but I resigned myself to the fact it was inevitable. I felt like I was living in a surrealistic haze. There was no sound, but the occasional low, muffled whining of Chiquita – she sensed something was wrong. There was no time, no space, no energy, and finally no matter. All I felt was absolute exhaustion and weakness, no ability to even maintain involuntary nervous system function. Then, I began to sense myself slowly rising through the top of my skull. I could faintly make out the room from a point of view a foot above my head. It was all ethereal shadows. Chiquita’s whimpers startled me and held me in equilibrium; I was in suspended animation in that spot for some time. Finally, I began to ever so slowly float above that spot, I could see the room with my own body lying in the bed below all in black, white, and gray shadows.

Suddenly, I – me, the spirit not part of the body – sensed an urgency some distance off. Just then, the sliding door between the living room and driveway opened. Seconds later Monique appeared in the doorway. She looked toward me, not the body. She said “Mark, don’t leave me. I need you to please stay with me.” I had never experienced more love directed at me, ever. In a heartbeat I was back just above my head, comfortably. Monique was holding my head to her cheek with her hands. I felt an indescribable warmth and life force course through my body, starting with the head and flowing to my fingers and toes.

Monique pulled back, continuing to hold my head in her hands, she looked directly at me, face to face. Suddenly, I could see with perfect clarity. First, the physical beauty. Then as we continued to gaze at one another, I perceived a spirit and it occupied the entire room. While my body was still weak, I felt more alive than I ever had in my life.

Stepping out of line

Do not confuse the Reformation with the reform of the Catholic church. The latter was a consequence of the former. The Reformation refers to the reforming of the religion of Christianity. That entailed the breaking of the monopoly the Catholic church held up to that point on Christianity the subject. Reformation began by pointing out to the Pope and Christians what was wrong with the monopoly, setting forth its abuses so that they might be corrected. The all powerful monopoly reacted much like the C of M of today. That is, rather than reform itself it branded the reformers as ‘heretics’, prounouncing them guilty of “blasphemy”. Instead of accepting the labels and conforming, the founders of the Reformation recognized they did not need the church in order to practice their religion.

 The “Counter Reformation”, wherein the Catholic church begrudgingly began to change some protested practices, occured long after the Reformation was in full bloom, only when it became clear that the monopoly had been broken and that in order to survive the Catholic church would have to compete in the marketplace of ideas.

 In the early 16th century Martin Luther didn’t consider then-reigning Pope Leo X was such a bad guy. He recognized however that the Curia and the priesthood had been so thoroughly corrupted over time – and its vested interest in keeping matters corrupt so precious and innate, the only reform of the institution would come as a reaction to enough people refusing to continue to empower and enable it. That is, discontinue lemminmg-like compliance to the church’s anti-Christian practices, and cease contributing to its vast building fund and war chest coffers.

 Luther’s attitude toward Leo X serves to demonstrate how the Scientology Reformation is that much more necessary and inevitable. In contrast to Leo X, Miscavige himself is the author of Reverse Scientology. He micro manages every action and utterance of Scientology management, ruthlessly controlling his kingdom with an iron fist.

 If you think the Catholic church analogy is far out, consider the fact that Miscavige doesn’t. He has directly ordered both Mike Rinder and Tommy Davis to position Miscavige as “the Pope of Scientology”.

 If you believe that Scientology managers will magically arise, topple Miscavige and right the ship you should consider the following facts. The last three people who I witnessed advise Miscavige contrary to his own spontaneous evil impluses on matters of importance were myself, Shelly Miscavige and Mike Rinder. When Mike Rinder told Miscavige which way was up, he was subjected to dozens of ruthless beatings and torture in the Hole (yes, torture by any current, civilized definition of the word). When I attempted to advise Miscavige against insane dictates one too many times, he threw a several hour tantrum at Int HQ whining that nobody in the Sea Org, no public, no media, not even the Internal Revenue Service backflashed him, but I did. His handling was to sentence me to the Hole jail house, where he tried to turn me into a mouse. Mike and I opted out of the game when it became apparent to us that independent thought had been oppressed into oblivion on the Int base and was about to be extinguished in ourselves. Shelly Miscavige was similarly handled by Miscavige. She was sent to do years of hard time at the Church of Spiritual Technology fortified compound near Lake Arrowhead, subjected to personal invalidation to the point of apathy and silence.

 There has been no, NO, check on Miscavige’s evil impulses since. None. The people who remain at Int have long since be neutered of the notion they could ever confront Miscavige. Those who dream of an internal uprising are whistling past their own graveyards. No one is left in Miscavige’s perimeter but mice.

 The idea of declaring independence from the C of M was not an arbitrary one. From long, hard experience we learned that the only way to break free of DM’s stanglehold on thought is to discontinue investing DM with power. In his 1998 profile interview with the SP Times DM defined power as “will people listen to you?” He rose to power on that principle and continues the practices of imprisonment of body and soul on the same principle. To play DM’s game requires you let DM win. He innately and instinctively applies the most ruthless and violent measures to squash dissent or even percieved disloyalty in his environment. This is a man who cannot even play a game of cards without overtly cheating.

 Exercise of independence, both physical and mental, is the historically proven solution to overcoming tyrany. It worked during the Reformation, it worked during the struggle for American Independence, it worked for India following Gandhi’s lead, it worked during the civil rights movement. It is working now.

 It was the factors outlined herein that prompted us to encourage people to overtly declare their independence. The initiaters of the Protestant Reformation did not publish in anonymity or shyly sneak around in the shadows. Nor did the American founding fathers. Nor did Gandhi. Nor did Martin Luther King. They didn’t hide in little cliques and natter about how victimized they had become. A victim causes nothing but his own continued suffering. The only way to ultimately handle oppression and suppression is to turn around and face down the demons that have been hunting you. Only then do suppressives lose their power. Their only strength lies in others’ reluctance to step out of line.

 If you want to be at effect, stay in line, hunch your shoulders and remain silent. If you want to move on over to cause, step out of line with authority and sound off.

OSA Third Party Operation

Mike Rinder’s article on the Third Party Law was very timely.

 I’ve been on the road since Tuesday. I’ve noted before on this blog that the OSA operatives always come out to play when I hit the road. They have my name wired into their airline agent reservations computer system so know in advance where I am headed. Like clockwork, 48 hours after my reservation was made and 36 hours before my depature the attempt to terrorize me into canceling my plans was launched:

 First, a locksmith arrives saying he’s got an order to change all the locks in my home.

Then, the pizza deliveries I never ordered start arriving.

Then, dozens of calls from an internet ad soliciting casual sex put out by OSA with my number.

Then, dozens of calls from an internet ad OSA put out under my name and number offering free computers.

 But all this is a distraction for the more insidious ongoing program. That is, COINTELPRO. That was the title of the “counter intelligence” program J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI ran in the sixties to disrupt and destroy anti-war and civil rights groups throughout America. In essence it is a Third Party Campaign run to cause internal dissention, jealousies, and and ultimately betrayals within the targeted groups.

 I was informed by two reliable sources in the fall – both of whom were Scientology public recruited for this program – that this was THE main line of attack being invested in by C of M. We have picked up a lot of corroborating evidence since; and even managed to out OSA operatives involved.

 The past week has been chock full of anonymous emails arriving with Independents and people who frequent this site directing attention to black PR on myself and other independents. Amongst friends this usually has very little effect when one can rapidly side check facts and rumors with one another. The trolls are fairly easy to spot.

 However, having been inundated with a number of projects and not having the time to keep in the close type of comm everybody that I’d like to, I’ve noticed a couple people getting effected by the operations.

 One in particular involved an OSA operative phoning the wife of a friend claiming to be a member of “Anoynmous.” The caller enturbulated the wife with a story of how independents had been instructed by Marty to start harrassing members of Anonymous and now this individual was going to make my friend pay somehow.

 Of course, as every single independent knows, the story was manufactured. But, the friend – apparently subject to such a targeted barrage of black PR – thought maybe there was something to the story and began to treat me in a weird, distant manner.

 Remember, when order goes in, CONFUSION blows off. The CONFUSION in our case is complicated and exacerbated by DM’s troops intentionally creating more, injecting THIRD PARTY from multiple channels, and covertly and overtly harrassing the AUDITOR (who is US).

 If you begin to feel the slightest bit alienated with any of your independent friends, I suggest you re-read Mike’s article ,, and look up LRH on the subject of the THIRD PARTY LAW. See if it might have been put into play on you. It is in knowing, forceful application (and as has become the habit of C of M it is being applied in REVERSE to enturbulate, rather than to disenturbulate). 

Don’t think that all of this is not a wonderful indicator.   A number of LRH lectures on the confessional process (which some OSA troll accused me yesterday of not knowing or not applying) will tell you that this kicking, screaming confusion is a great indicator to a confessional auditor dealing with a particularly criminally inclined pc.

The Reformation

October 31, 1517 - Martin Luther posts his 97 Theses outlining Catholic Church leadership's corruption.

I’ve been reading up on Will Durant’s History of Western Civilization (an LRH recommended text) and am finding the parallels between the Protestant Reformation and what we face today uncanny. All quotations in this post are taken from that work.

What prompted Martin Luther to denounce the Curia as the “Synagogue of Satan” and the Pope as the “Antichrist”, and thus spark the social revolution that put Christianity back into the hands of the people in the 16th Century? 

First, it was the Curia practice of  the selling of indulgences. The Papacy gave a pass to Heaven to big shot sinners for a price. Regardless of how suppressive they might have  been to how many, for a price they would be officialy absolved.

The Pope’s Chief Reg was a fellow by the name of Johann Tetzel.  By 1517 the reging for what would become the most outlandish cathedral of all for the Pope in Rome had hit a fevered pitch. Here is what Tetzel dished out for those Patrons Maximus with Gargoyle Claws and Diamond Encrusted Buzzard Beaks who donated substantial funds for new buildings:

“May our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on thee, and absolve thee by the merits of His most holy Passion. And I, by His authority, that of his most blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and of the most holy Pope, granted and committed to me in these parts,do absolve thee, first from all ecclesiastical censures, in whatever manner they may have been incurred, and then from all thy sins, transgressions, and excesses, how enormous soever they may be…so that when you die the gates of punishment shall be shut, and the gates of paradise of delight shall be opened…”

Can anyone see the parallels to how the Church of Miscavology’s ethics and justice systems have been fixed?  But while Indulgences (and vast financial irregularities) became  the primary issue as far as mainline historians tell it, something more subtle and yet more intolerable, cut to the quick with common Christians – the undermining of Source.

The Pope further authorized Tetzel to deliver sealed letters stating “that even sins men were intending to commit  would be forgiven. The pope, he said, had more power than all the Apostles, all the angels and saints, more even than the Virgin Mary herself; for those were all subject to Christ, but the pope was equal to Christ.”

Have you seen indication that Miscavige is similarly attempting to bring the name of L Ron Hubbard down while elevating his own?   One publication (Freedom) in 2009 had seventeen photos of Miscacavige against a postage stamp size reproduction of a film cel of LRH.  I submit that since at least the 2007 Golden Age of Knowledge event, Miscavige has been positioning himself not merely as LRH’s equal, but instead as his superior.

The second major protest against the Catholic Church was its monopoly upon interpretation of Scripture and its alteration to increase its own power, wealth and comfort.

Luther referred to it as teaching with the “knowledge of popes and cardinals” in the place of the original word of Christ, and was not meek in calling it for what it was:

“If Rome thus believes and teaches with the knowledge of popes and cardinals (which I hope is not the case), then in these writings I freely declare that the true Antichrist is sitting in the temple of God, and is reigning in Rome – that empurpled Babylon – and that the Roman Curia is the Synagogue of Satan…”

The abolition of Method 9 word clearing of Source material in favor of “COB” ramblings and his IG NW Orders, the plethora of arbitraries enforced by Miscavigie and his Curia in the name of removing them, the re-orientation of Management to “COB” orders over LRH policy, all make the the Papacy’s squirreling pale by comparison.

And of course Luther and others of his ilk, were beset by endless harassment and labelling as “heretics” (read Catholic squirrels) for having the temerity to protest.

I think most of us who have had this campaign run on us would agree that Martin Luther’s  words from A Sermon on Indulgence and Grace in response to such allegations couldn’t have been better stated nor be more applicable today:

“If I am called a heretic by those whose purses will suffer from my truths, I care not much for their brawling; for only those say this whose dark understanding has never known the Bible.”

Why we haven’t progressed

 by Haydn James


I know from my days in London Org in the 70s the truth of LRH’s observation that 25 book sales to non-Scientology public results in a Scientologist being made. But I also observed that this was no longer true in the 90s onwards. In Birmingham we were making one Scientologist for every 100 books sold, at best — one Scientologist a week in fact because we got up to selling 100 books in a week. And we were one of the better orgs. Many orgs in the world made absolutely no Scientologists week in week out, for years.

In Birmingham, we tried with all our might to make more than one Scientologist a week but we just couldn’t do it. Sure we’d get a ton of new people on course but they would leave within a week or so, never to return, only to be replaced by a host of new people the following week that would also leave. Only one a week would stick, on average. It’s what I came to call the “Class V org revolving door effect”, a strange phenomenon.

There were two main reasons for this “revolving door”, a double whammy, and both were created internally.

Firstly, the public courses were not biting. It wasn’t like the 70s where with just hard TRs on the old Communication Course public were blown out of their heads, or they found they could communicate for the first time in their lives or their drug masses moved off or a host of other earth shattering wins. I mean, do you know how many people came into Scientology during that time period despite a continuous barrage of government instigated anti-Scientology media? It was phenomenal. But it certainly wasn’t like that from the 90s onwards; the Div 6 courses were positively ho hum. Of course we blamed ourselves; it was “poor performance” or some such. And it didn’t click with me until years later when my wife and I returned to international management that this problem of making new Scientologists was a planet-wide problem, one that had existed in all orgs, unhandled for more than two decades.

Now I’ve catalogued in other articles Miscavige’s destruction of Scientology management starting in the early 80s, with his main work done between the late 80s and the summer of 1990 (international stat crash) and that such suppression has continued to the present so I’m not going to repeat all that here. But what you have to realize is that LRH developed a highly technical, OT system of managing over a long distance communication line. Quite in addition to individual org evaluations, one of the vital things this system made possible was the detection and handling by management of international situations – problems common to all orgs, things that needed to be fixed in all or most of our orgs (such as a glaring and widespread inability to make new Scientologists). In point of fact, per LRH, this was the real hat of management.

When I was in London in the 70s evaluations of international situations and the resultant handlings happened regularly. But with Scientology management made dysfunctional and then totally neutered or destroyed by Miscavige these international handlings ceased. In the 14 years I was in Birmingham I can’t recall one and I know of none since. So whatever was wrong with the public lines in all our orgs is still wrong today along with any other unhandled situations because a management capable of spotting and handling worldwide situations was put out of commission by Miscavige. The lack of this vital management ingredient has halted Scientology in its tracks and sent it hurtling backwards.

But that’s only one side of the story, there’s another part to this double whammy even more destructive. Something blew the new Scientologists right off the lines, the public courses just didn’t bite hard enough to prevent it, and it came from the ever more popular Internet.

Now Scientology has always had a small number of critics and government attacks and it never really affected our stats and certainly not our expansion, probably because people don’t really listen to governments or newspapers. But this was something new. This was now an ever increasing series of our own people speaking out saying nasty things about how they had been treated. Ex big mission holders, ex top executives like Executive Director International or Inspector General in the case of Vicky Aznaran, ex top tech terminals like David Mayo, major insiders like Vaughn Young and a host of others that Miscavige’s heavy handed tactics and power games had alienated to the point of making them an enemy. This Miscavige-created army of enemies was speaking out, loudly, and fanning the flames when it came to things like the Miscavige instigated McPherson tragedy. And the growing popularity of the Internet in the 90s finally gave them the channel they needed — an ever widening circulation. And this wasn’t a government to whom no one listens; these were OUR people speaking out. And maybe only a portion of our existing public listened and left, but the new public listened or their friends or relatives told them about it, and the majority promptly went into doubt and stayed away. We experienced it week in and week out for years; it’s still happening today; in fact it’s worse now than ever before.

Now, having been at International management and having known some of these attackers, my wife and I had some success in reducing the damage in Birmingham but it was limited success and very few orgs in the world had international management executives running the show so they were decimated by it.

Yes you can handle black PR with the steps of PR Series 18 (HCO PL How to Handle Black Propaganda) but how do you handle the truth with it? Sure you can try but it doesn’t really wash and the public see through it.

It has been said that the emergence of the Internet in the 90s would be Scientology’s “Waterloo” or “Vietnam” or some such. I beg to differ. The real why was the fact that Miscavige created an army of enemies out of our own staff, people who knew how best to hurt us, people with stories of grave oppression to tell — the Internet only provided the means. If they had been dealt with decently, if real Scientology had actually been applied to them, the disaster would and could not have occurred.


It was Miscavige that savaged these people and totally alienated them to a point where they hit back and then he said to us: “look they are attacking you; they are attacking your church!” And so we fought them. But later, unseen to you and me, he quietly paid them off. Vicky Aznaran was paid $625,000.00 with Miscavige directly running the pay off operation.

And the stories of abuse and torture of Scientology staff by Miscavige displayed on the Internet just get worse and worse. Do you seriously think that someone toying with the idea of becoming a Scientologist is going to read International Base Musical Chairs Parts One and Two and say “yes, that’s the group for me”? Only a masochist would join.

And if they didn’t look at the Internet but told their friends or family they were going to join it would be instant objections and a whopping “PTS situation”. Who can honestly blame them? Why do you think there are so many “PTS situations” these days? The world at large now thinks Scientology is made up of nut jobs and with some justification, although there is only one nut job if you ask me, he just happens to be running the whole show so we are all tarred with the same brush.

Between org situations going unevaluated and unhandled for decades, and a self inflicted stream of heavy criticism of Scientology from our own people flowing right into people’s homes via the Internet, Miscavige caused a serious exodus of potential new as well as existing public. Consequently, Scientology staff members have been swimming hard against the surging tide of public opinion for decades, fighting bravely to try and reach the shore but they are further away now than they’ve ever been. And of course they were painfully aware of their failure to expand Scientology so when Miscavige came along to cover his ass and sold them a bill of goods about how their “why” was the fact that they didn’t have big shiny new buildings and lots of expensive equipment and LCD panels of course they breathed a huge sigh of relief, embraced his wrong why with open arms, dropped their important posts like a hot rock and went off to demand the public donate the financial equivalent of their first born son to handle the “real why”.

And such may have temporarily assuaged our staffs’ feelings of guilt but Miscavige’s wrong why, held firmly in place by the staff themselves, depressed org stats even harder and problems with our plummeting membership only deepen.

So what about all those missing members? Well, based on my 14 years on the front lines witnessing the carnage, the wastage, I have to say that the majority were never made into Scientologists, they were blown off the lines by entheta before their full interest could take root, which process has accelerated these days as you can add injustices, gross out tech and heavy crush regging to the pile of things that bar the doors to Scientology organizations. They were turned off by what they read, saw or experienced. And maybe we could turn them back on again, perhaps they are “latent Scientologists”, but things would really have to change for that to happen.

And don’t think that the loss of existing Scientologists isn’t now colossal too because these same problems are causing huge damage on that front.

Instead of having a popular, expanding religion with at least 2 million members, doing lots of good work in the world, we have an incredibly unpopular, small elitist group paying apparent homage to Miscavige whose numbers now dip well below 30,000 and continue in their free fall (even die-hards are starting to get fed up with Miscavige’s antics).

And it’s not going to change until Scientology changes and for that Miscavige has to go.

Only those who are utterly cause blind (unable to see cause) would think otherwise.

The real numbers don’t lie.

In the words of L Ron Hubbard: TIMES MUST CHANGE.