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(Failed) Mission Review

On Monday night a dear old friend and SO comrade of mine arrived in the Corpus Christi bay area. I put him up at the Best Western Port Aransas Texas. I checked him in under my own name, knowing the blow drill would have dozens of DMbots calling every motel from LA to here and beyond asking for my friend by name. He had ditched the vehicle he left the base in and made his way by circuitous means. Nonetheless, within thirty six hours of arrival, four SO missionaires ambushed my friend before six a.m. on the motel balcony when he went out for a cup of coffee.

Tommy Two Tone lead the charge. He was accompanied by WDC Idle Orgs, Angie Blankenship, and two of DM’s Int Landlord Idle Org construction aces, Bob Wright and Laurance Stumbke. They peppered my guest with unkind thoughts about me and how damaging it would be for him to connect up with me.

My guest managed to juke them, get back into his room to phone me. I threw on some clothes and headed from my home on Ingleside on the Bay. As I pulled my pick up around to head in the right direction, four rental cars blocked the entire road before me. I pulled to the side of the road in front of my home as sixteen doors flew open and people began piling out and approaching my truck. Tom Cruise’s long-time personal assistant, double-hatted as DM’s spy into Cruise’s personal and professional life for fifteen years, Michael Doven lead the charge. Unable to look me in the eye, Doven mumbled “Marty, let’s talk”. As I reached for my video camera to record the event, I suddenly realized why they were there. DM had dispatched those he thought may be able to “impinge” on my friend, and separately sent a team to try to distract me while the “Ace Team” at the motel did their business. So, I got right back in my truck, ignored the stray dogs yapping at my wheels and headed for Port Aransas.

I phoned the Port A police who went to the motel and debriefed my friend, helped him gather his things and stayed with him till my arrival. By the time I arrived, there was not a sign of Tommy and the Shondells.

The police escorted us out of town and back onto my turf. By then there was no sign of the sixteen (there were four people in each of the four cars that assaulted me first thing in the morning). My guest and I then proceeded to the airport to pick up Mike Rinder.

As we arrived at the airport I received a cell phone call from Michael Doven begging me to chat with him. The entire Doven conversation was recorded and the link to it is at the end of this post. I encourage all to listen to the entire conversation. It is very revelatory on a number of levels. Think of the mentality of the individual who pitted Doven as his best shot against me. Think of the mentality of the individual who would send Cruise’s long-time assistant along with Celebrity Center stalwarts Micheal Roberts, Michael and Denice Duff and Chris Smith to “handle” Mike Rinder and I. Consider the mental state of an individual who would send twenty people (including two Freedom Medal winners) half-way across the country in an attempt to commit human trafficking.

At the end of the phone call you will hear me approach Mike Rinder at the arrivals gate. He was being assaulted by some CC punk with a video camera in his face, Chris Smith, Marla Filidei (CCHR spokesperson), Jan Eastgate (CCHR Freedom Medal winner) hollering in each ear. When my friend and I arrived, the two women fled (along with a third unidentified one) the camera boy turned the camera on me while Smith started goading me. You can catch the beginning of that exchange at the tail end of the call with Doven.

Finally, some thoughts from our friend: “Tommy, Angie, Bob, Laurence and anyone else who reads this: I’ve seen a lot of indicators over the years and things that I just could not rationalize, but I did somehow rationalize them and figured out how they were “right” (as it was taboo and guaranteed doom to ever voice my true conclusions while in that group). All my successes in my Sea Org career came from the application of real Scientology and an unshakable faith in my fellow group members. If you ever worked with me on some of my larger projects you will know what I mean. My decision to leave, when I did and how I did was carefully thought out and calmly decided upon and executed. Was it difficult? Damn right it was. Did I have a “good life” up to the last day? Yes, in a materialistic sense. I wasn’t in trouble, I was in good standing and trusted. But I have 8 dynamics and I could no longer support actions that were diametrically opposite to all I learned in the SO and Scientology over the last 34 years. My leaving gave me no personal immediate advantage. Quite the opposite actually. I did it for the 3rd and 4th dynamic. I love people and want to help them. The world out here awaits you, without recrimination and nothing but genuine support of true Scientologists really applying LRH tech. You can change your environment to one that lets you apply what you know to be real Scientology, instead of daily experiencing all four flows of the opposite being enforced. Once you honestly realize that for yourself, your need to continuously rationalize the outpoints you see will vanish.

Rathbun/Doven conversation link:

If they have nothing to hide…

Twenty DMbots descended upon Corpus Christi Texas on Wednesday.  They were despatched to recover a veteran DM insider who only days before blew from Int. The individual headed straight for my place. 

Mike Rinder flew in from Clearwater as reinforcement.  The three of us were able to repel the twenty.  DM has gotten so desperate for resources he sent CCHR execs, and CC public with his shrininking corps of  “trusted” SO members. It’s tough for them to be effective when all they are able to do is repeat the same tired lines they hear at events like DM is the almighty one who has never done anything wrong and only has the best interests of everyone at heart.  One little problem,  many of those who spout his PR bs weren’t there and haven’t experienced the “non-public” DM for themselves.  Others, like Tommy Two Tone,  just blantantly and obviously lie. It is like trying to persuade a concentration camp survivor that the Holocaust never existed.  

Further details will be forthcoming as they unfold.

Uneasy lies the head of the guilty.

Miscavige Meltdown and Tommy Two Tone

Tommy Two Tone knows only two tones and the gradations between them; 1.o and 2.0 (all within the lying band).  As such he will likely go all the way to the bunker with Little Adolf.


by Mike Rinder  There have been many comments in response to my original posting, including a great deal of support and many good wishes from friends too numerous to count.  I wish to thank you all.  It would have been literally impossible to respond to each person individually.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office completed their report about the incident last Friday and it contains some interesting information.  Cathy Neal/Rubio/Rinder/Bernardini told the sheriffs that it was all just a big coincidence.  Apparently she just happened to be driving around Clearwater with her friends (my brother from Australia, daughter, her and Sue Wilhere from Los Angeles) and in a stroke of pure coincidence saw me and decided they wanted to make the point to me that I should be communicating to my family.  Strange though that she omitted to mention that Jenny Linson, Guillaume Lesevre, David Bloomberg and two PIs were also present?  Or that the doctor’s office is in a secluded glade and can’t be seen from the road and is at least 10 miles away from the closest Scientology facility. There was also no mention of the fact that my brother had said after the melee that he had seen me the day before? Another coincidence?   Also strange that she claimed to be upset about me not communicating to my family when she was screaming at me to “leave Benjamin (my son) alone” (because I had gone to the Fort Harrison the week before to attempt to see him). Also strange that she was the one who wrote to me on 4 July 2007 when I had communicated to the Church that I wanted to see her, responding “Fuck You” and that the divorce papers would be forthcoming (they were and she was the petitioner, with Jeanne Gavigan In House OSA attorney filing the divorce).

No doubt, there will be more spin control attempted on this matter as the St Pete Times are writing a story following the release of the Sheriff’s report.  Of course, the Church will have to come up with some sort of justification for the insanity.  Based on what is in the sheriff’s report, their response is predictable: claim that I caused the graze on Cathy’s arm (the sheriffs took reports from everyone and concluded that her injury came about as a result of “incidental contact”), that I broke my brother’s finger (being the crazed lunatic that I am, out searching the streets for my family members so I can corner them 7 on 1 and launch an attack) and that this was all just a “family matter” (with Jenny Linson leading the charge accompanied by 3 other non-family SO members from International Management there?).  DM only has one response:  never defend, always attack even when the facts are plainly contrary.  

It is a foregone conclusion that they are going to shoot themselves in the groin yet again as whatever they say is going to be reported by the SP Times, even if it isn’t believable.  But that will leave the door wide open for the BBC to prove them liars once again. DM cannot see beyond today.

If the real purpose was to talk to me, it really would have been so simple for my brother to just call me – as he wanted to do but didn’t have “permission.”  Or my daughter.  If they honestly wanted communication,  why send nasty letters from the IJC address telling me that I am the worst kind of SP, have no concept of Scientology, make no case gain and various other nasty things obviously written at the prompting of others. And coincidentally (there are a lot of coincidences?) the first series of letters arrived after Monique Yingling’s failed attempt to silence me in Denver where I told her that communicating with my family was EXTREMELY important to me, but I would not let it be used as a method of control over me.  No doubt DM saw this as a “weakness” and has been trying to exploit it ever since.  The second round came right after the BBC interview (which was filmed by Church PIs) where I expressed the same sentiment.  Perhaps I should give those letters to the media and let the world decide whether the C of M really has any concern for the unity and well-being of my family.  I haven’t done so up to now because I don’t think my family acted on their own but are trying to protect their lives and families by toeing the DM party line as they know the consequences of not doing so. The unmitigated hatred that is displayed in those letters is not the brother, sister, mother, daughter or even ex wife I know.  It’s sad to see people who I know to be kind, decent and caring lose all humanity. 

But this shall all come to pass.  DM cannot continue to run an empire based on lies and operating through fear.  The more drastic the responses, the closer it is to the end.  A cornered rat becomes most insane and lashes out the hardest when the coup de grace is about to be delivered.


by Mike Rinder It was a beautiful day in Pinellas County, sunny and warm.   I was standing in a secluded parking lot in shorts and flip-flops talking on the phone while I was waiting for Christie to come out of the doctor’s office (nothing wrong, she consults on nutrition).  I was not really paying attention to anything but was engaged in conversation.   I turned around and suddenly there were 7 people dressed in “business attire” walking towards me, now about 10 feet away:  Jenny Linson, David Bloomberg, Sue “David Miscavige is Scientology” Wilhere, Guillaume “on no post but from International Management” Lesevre, Andrew Rinder (my brother), Taryn Rinder (my daughter) and Cathy Rinder/Bernadini (though she uses another name she kept screaming that she is my wife?). They looked more than a little out of place in their “power suits” (except my brother who was dressed in a polo shirt and looked normal).

They started right in — it was just like being in the hole — 7 people surrounding you yelling and screaming   “You are a fucking SP”,  “Stop doing what you are doing”,  “You are going to die”, “You are trying to destroy Scientology”, “You are hurting your family”, “You disconnected from your family”, “You are killing your mother”, “Stay away from Benjamin” (this last was a little strange given the statements that I refuse to communicate with anyone in my family)  etc. etc. etc.

The rabble was led by Jenny Linson and Cathy Neal/Rubio/Rinder/Bernardini  –  doing a perfect imitation of DM frothing at the mouth and yelling obscenities.  Guillaume said virtually nothing. Bloomberg tried to be Mr. Big and told me several times “Stop what you are doing.”  Sue Wilhere said nothing.   My brother who is an OT 8 but not a Sea Org member was the most civil and sensible and actually seemed to want to communicate something other than screaming “You’re an SP”. My daughter Taryn is a Gold staff member and is indoctrinated into the wonders of Ideal Orgs and I feel some pangs of guilt that I raised her in the SO and that she is now caught in the web of lies.  And of course, lurking in the background were the ever present PIs in sunglasses.

When I told my brother that I would talk to him without the assembled peanut gallery, the screaming only increased with “Tone 40” commands from Jenny to “Shutup and listen” and “you ARE going to hear us”.  I think he was a little surprised to see what he had gotten himself into.  Little does he know what really goes on – but perhaps he is going to now realize from personal experience that the “goodness and light” image that DM tries to portray isn’t quite what it seems.

But, DM couldn’t have foreseen that his little ambush squad would approach me when I was on the phone with John Sweeney from the BBC in the midst of a recorded interview!  So, everything the DMbots said was recorded as it went down by the BBC.  Of course, they were under strict orders from DM about what they were to do, so they just barged ahead with their craziness.  That’s the breaks when people in fear are operating on orders  – they cannot make a decision if something changes.  No “think for yourself”….  In fact, when I informed them they were being recorded by the BBC they seemed to take it as a challenge to their manhood (womanhood? bitchhood?) as if I was trying to trick them (cunning SP that I am).  So, it was all recorded (audio only unfortunately) and they couldn’t have done a better job of convincing the BBC of Miscavige’s insanity and that everything that is said about how people are treated by him and that they will sign perjured affidavits is absolutely, utterly true.  You often hear “he pulled it in” – a much overused justification that some (including DM) use to explain their overts on others – I couldn’t help but think that DM just “pulled it in.”

Jenny kept screaming about how I WAS going to listen to them (I guess she thinks I take orders from her or else she is going to take away my eternity?) and I told her and the assembled others to “Fuck Off” (if this ever airs on US TV there will be a LOT of bleeps though they will get the unadulterated version in the UK).  I then attempted to get in my car and leave.  A scuffle ensued with Dave Bloomberg, Jenny and Cathy holding the car door open as I tried to close it to drive away and my brother taking my keys out of the ignition as I grabbed his hand and bent his finger back (until he told me I was going to break it and I let go).  It wasn’t good odds.  So, I got out of the car to go into the doctor’s office to call the police.   More scuffling ensued as I tried to make my way 50 feet to the door. My sunglasses were knocked off and someone trod on them (my brother later insisted I take his nicer glasses to replace them).   

By this time, the doctor and her staff had heard the ruckus outside and she came to the door and told me I could come in and nobody else was welcome.  Cathy and Taryn barged their way into the doctor’s office saying “he’s my husband” and “he’s my father”.  She told them she didn’t care who they were, it was her office and they weren’t welcome (the rest of the gang were blabbering incoherently at the door).  During the scuffles, Cathy had somehow sustained a cut on her arm that was bleeding.  The doctor tried to 8C her out of her reception area and Cathy started yelling at the doctor “He’s my husband, and you have my blood on your hands”.  Pretty bizarre.  That was after she had shouted at  Christie in front of the Doctor in her reception area “You, you’re a fucking little bitch.”   

The doctor asked if I wanted her to call the police. I told her yes, as I wanted the record made then and there as no doubt the Church would try to claim that I hurt Cathy’s arm and (of course they waited until there were no other witnesses to approach me 7 on 1).  I have no idea how her arm was grazed, Jenny Linson might have bitten her in the throws of her frothing insanity for all I know.

The doctor locked her doors and she and her staff were too scared to venture outside until the police arrived. They were literally terrified.  She even called her next patient and canceled the appointment.  More excellent PR area control for Scientology in the Clearwater community!

The doctor also called the paramedics due to the blood on Cathy’s arm.  The paramedics arrived within a couple of minutes and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department (6 cars) showed up about 5 minutes later.  Of course, the real chickenshit rats scurried away before the Sheriff’s arrived – Linson, Lesevre and Bloomberg jumped in their cars and drove off as I waved fondly.   But Cathy was stuck in the ambulance, so Sue Wilhere stayed with her. So did my brother and daughter – the only two civil ones amongst them.  Everyone made statements to the Sheriff’s, as did the doctor and Christie.  I am sure Sue and Cathy would rather have left, but they were kind of stuck.

Just before the Sheriff’s arrived, I asked where my car keys were.  The assembled mob said “they didn’t know.” I told them that would really be a problem as soon as the police arrived – and suddenly Sue Wilhere “found them”.  Childish isn’t the right word for this sort of behavior.

Now, for anyone who thinks I should have “pressed charges” I can assure it would have been a waste of time.  This sort of thing is orchestrated to be 7 on 1 (not counting PIs) with no witnesses for a reason. These people will say anything – even under oath – and would simply claim that I attacked someone first (not true) and it would be a long, drawn out procedure that would, in the end, accomplish nothing. And make no mistake, it was a carefully staged (if botched) operation, they waited until I was alone as my brother said they had seen me yesterday (and all I did was ride my bike with Christie and Shane to the park so they were out stalking in the neighborhood).  The police DO have all the statements from the witnesses and they issued a trespass warning to the Church people who didn’t flee. There was little else they could do. 

Don’t worry, because better than criminal charges that go nowhere – it was all recorded by the BBC as it went down. And that is far more devastating in the long run.  

As for my brother and daughter (who I did manage to speak to alone for a few minutes), I told them they both looked good and I was very happy to see that.  I also told them they don’t know what is going on and challenged Taryn about the Ideal Orgs and how off policy it is and whether she thinks Miscavige beating people is acceptable.  And with my brother, I asked him if he knew what inurnment is because Miscavige is engaged in it and he is going to destroy the Church through his out ethics.  Of course, under the circumstances they aren’t going to agree with me.  But maybe they will think about it.  My brother asked me for my phone number so he could call me to have dinner, just him and me “if he can get permission.” I gladly gave it to him and told him any time.  But if he is going to ask permission, it’s never going to happen. One day I hope he will decide to do it on his own.

If anyone needed current proof that the activities of the Hole are still ongoing, it was played out in full living color today.  It was vintage DM, gang-bang yelling and screaming, attempting to drive in anchor points and intimidate.  Problem is that it occurred in the parking lot of a doctor’s office in Clearwater.  The doors weren’t barred. There was no Security Force muscle and there ARE phones with which to call law enforcement.   So, it didn’t work out so well for DM. In fact, as has become his personal trademark, he delivered himself yet another massive footbullet.

Meanwhile, he sits stewing in massive MWH phenomena, lashing out with wild animal reactions, wondering which of his crimes is going to be exposed next.

And he should be worried.

Tonight’s report

The report you will read tonight is living proof of the validity of a very real concern that I expressed a year ago. It was the primary reason I granted an interview with the SP Times. They did not print my reason, perhaps concerned it was too inflammatory. I told CNN too; and they too were apparently afraid to run it. Fact of the matter is, I only gave the interviews at thoses times because I had learned to what depths DM’s house of horrors had slid since I had left. After speaking to Tom Devocht, Mike Rinder and other (whose names must still be protected) about what occured at Int after I had left, I was gravely concerned lives might be in danger. I told the Times and CNN, and I’ll tell you right now, I spoke in the hopes of preventing what I was concerned might deteriorate into a Jonestown situation. I predicted that, left to his own devices, DM could very well become homicidal (in fact already was, but it might grow to overcome any restraint he was able to muster from fully dramatizing it). I doubted that he would have the common decency to do himself in to protect others; but instead would go down in a hail of bullets in response to his own hail murdering as many “treasonous bastards” as he could take down.  In my view tonight’s report confirms my concerns.  Think about the Wild Animal Reaction Of The Missed Withhold. That is understandable, particularly when one knows – as I do and he does – what we are bringing to light over the next several months. Now, consider that DM planned out today’s events, with lengthy and meticulous briefings for days in advance.  Think about the mind that would so act . I’ve studied Koresh and Jones. They were Boy Scouts compared to Miscavige at similar stages in their careers.

Keep On Keeping On

Whatever all you all are doing in the Independent field, keep it up.  DM’s tone arm is rock slamming. Details tonight.

Scientology and Common Sense

by Haydn James  

A pretty business indeed for a man to be allowed  eight hundred thousand sterling a year and worshipped into the bargain! Of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived 

Thomas Paine

Common Sense, 1776

In addition to Miscavige’s lengthening list of crimes, let’s take a look at a subject that has received too little attention over the years, which contributed to his rise to power in the first place: namely Scientology’s lack of a correct form of government or constitution.

In his text on the subject entitled Common Sense, back in 1776, Englishman Thomas Paine took less than thirty pages to utterly obliterate any arguments in favor of a group of people ever using a system of monarchs or supreme rulers to lord over them. Even some staunch royalists read those few pages at the time and thought “well, that’s it then, never again will I allow royalty to rule over me. How stupid to let yourself be ruled by someone about whom you have no say and on whom you can have no effect. How silly to give total power to someone to make whatever far reaching decisions they want whenever they want and there is nothing that can be done, no impeachment, no removal, no ousting from office, nothing, ever.”

Paine pointed out that other than an all too brief period during which a people might be lucky enough to be ruled by a benign monarch (with no means of controlling succession), putting oneself at total effect by investing all privileges, powers and rights in someone who enriches themselves while demanding unrelenting worship into the bargain was a ridiculous state of affairs.

Such forceful arguments plus Paine’s proposals for a viable alternative — a correct form of government containing necessary checks and balances — sparked a successful revolution against the British and the creation of the United States of America. And make no mistake, the American Revolution reverberated around the globe and changed its political landscape forever, finally killing off the last remnants of the western world’s longstanding feudal system. And if Paine had had his way the American Revolution would have killed off all other forms of slavery too but Washington didn’t keep his end of the bargain.

A One Horse Race

Now, let’s look at what we’ve had in Scientology for the past twenty odd years:

Miscavige has been anything but benign, and from the moment he rigged the race and became the supreme head of Scientology he’s had more relative power than the President of the United States because he’s had total control of Scientology’s executive (management), its legislative machinery (policy and decision making) and its judiciary (Scientology’s ethics and justice system) which made it impossible for anyone to ever question or countermand his orders, or pass any Scientology law prohibiting his actions, or impeach him for improper conduct, abuse of power or any other type of violation.

Despite glaring lessons from history, Scientology has had and still has a dictator with supreme power that no one can question because he is the head of all things.

This has resulted in a total lack of checks and balances in the governing of Scientology.

And, a lack of functioning organizations managing it. So is it any wonder we also have:

1. Widespread perversions of tech and alterations of policy.

2. Numerous injustices, abuse of individuals and families.

3. Dwindling orgs and numbers of Scientologists.

4.  harassed public required to fund out of their own pockets the supreme ruler’s unchecked and uncontrolled penchant for unusual solutions and strange projects which make a tax on tea look like chump change.

And make no mistake Miscavige has and does enrich himself at Scientology’s expense, a process that began the moment he had unassailable power and which has continued to gather pace. And the fact that no one within the Church of Scientology has ever dared to ask him how much he has taken proves my point entirely.

Miscavige’s Wrong Target Defense

For self protection against the growing disquiet in the field, Miscavige tries to run the mis-director, the deflecting line that potent objections to his misrule are attempts to attack the church and tear it down. One of the most common lines coming from OSA these days is: “Yes, some things are wrong within the Church of Scientology, but that’s no reason to tear it down” – an accusation repeatedly leveled at the Independents by OSA in their attempts to split my eldest daughter from her fiancé.

Some things wrong? Well, I guess they are correct if by some things wrong they mean planet wide out-tech, a lack of management, widespread injustice, failing orgs, a steeply worsening global image, a strange obsessing about buildings when Scientology was only ever about and only ever will be about people, and a lengthening list of the outraged and the abused who swell the ranks of the Independents.

[As a side note, I do wonder how Scientologists justify getting involved and caught up in this fixation with buildings while people go begging, ignored if not also abused. I imagine that they must tell themselves that they will eventually get to help people way, way, way, way down the line after they have helped Miscavige build his pipe dream of a bricks-and-mortar-audio-visual system that will somehow automatically handle all the people they’ve neglected in the meantime. A dream that will never be realized and shame on them anyway because LRH always said that people can only be helped by “you and me with our sleeves rolled up” and “one at a time”.]

The sad thing is that Scientology is being torn down, but not by Independents, the demolition job is being done by Miscavige and those remaining who bow down before him, fawn all over him and those that propitiate or try to appease him.

If Independents wanted to see the destruction of Scientology all they would have to do is stay silent, sit back and watch.

Another line Miscavige uses is that because Scientology is such a powerful cure for man’s ills that the end justifies his means. Well, quite apart from the fact that his means are destructive and a total failure, I say that it is because he has had Scientology tech at his disposal all these years that his means (abuse of Scientology and abuses perpetrated in the name of Scientology) have been all the more unnecessary and inexcusable.

As part of this he continues to use statements of justification such as “to clear a planet you sometimes have to get rough.” Really? If that were true auditors would slap their PCs while yelling for them to have a cognition. And they are certainly heading in that direction under Miscavige.

No, I say that if Scientology is ever going to help this planet, if it is ever going to be taken seriously then it must act in a manner befitting its technology — its people must use and demonstrate the highest levels of understanding. We must be and should be the greatest proponents of the universal solvent this planet has ever seen. Frankly, the many great men that have gone before us are going to be an awfully tough act to follow in this regard but we do have the technology so we are just going to have to suck it up.

Just think about it, as we stand, how could anyone possibly reconcile Miscavige’s homophobia, enforced divorces, coerced abortions, and his lack of care for staff, children and families, his completely over the top rapacious collection of money and his ridiculously tough stance in the media with the greatest movement on earth? Well, they can’t.

But the most insidious play in Miscavige’s wrong target defense playbook is the fact that he holds over us and would have us accept that exposing his crimes to the world at large would cause “untold harm to Scientology”. Well, quite in addition to the fact that untold harm has already been caused to Scientology, I say that the very fact that it is Scientology means his crimes MUST be exposed to the world at large, that Scientology must fix itself and the world must see it do so or there is little hope it will ever regain a correct image or achieve its purpose. LRH never said Scientology was perfect but he did say it was workable, so the world witnessing such workability in action by seeing Scientology overcome its own internal problems and then implementing needed reforms has many great advantages.

The last major line in Miscavige’s wrong target defense is that prominent Independents just want to take over from him so they can have all the power for themselves.

It’s no surprise that such a power hungry creature as Miscavige would think that way and by myopically making the accusation he misses the fact that it is an admission of guilt, an admission that anyone grabbing his power would be able to dominate Scientology. But what Independents would like to see is an end to dictatorship (and all forms of abuse) and a system put in place that prevents a single person or clique from ever dominating Scientology again, a system that would allow the power of the tech to shine through and carry out the simple purpose for which it was designed – to help the people of earth, certainly all those that wish to be helped by it.

A Better Way

Surely a subject as broad as Scientology contains within it the answers to the riddle of its own correct government. I certainly think it does so from what I know of Scientology I carried out a brief exercise to see if there was a way of governing the Church of Scientology that would be better than the tyrannical mess we have and that might prevent such destructive domination from ever happening again.

I believe there has to be some form of governing body for Scientology, but that a prospective member of such a body would have to qualify in a number of ways. They would have to be experts in Scientology technology, policy or jurisprudence and they would have to exhibit the very essence and nature of Scientology (understanding, pan-determinism, the granting of beingness as well as other qualities unique to Scientology). In short, they would have to be highly trained and experienced OTs.

As LRH points out in Ron’s Journal 67 and elsewhere, OTs work best when organized with other OTs so the governing body of Scientology would have to be a well organized group of OTs. And it would be wise to form a number of such OT organizations, each with their own duties to perform but each with an additional responsibility to cross check or police the performance of the others. In that way no one person or organization could become too powerful, too out of control or stray too far off track or go criminal, what Thomas Paine would have called “checks and balances”.

Such a set up (these three organizations simply working in concert) would represent the highest toned government possible for Scientology as confirmed by LRH in his masterpiece, HCO PL An Essay on Management, in which he states:

We are examining here, if you have not

noticed, the tone scale of governments or companies

or groups in general from the high Theta

of a near cooperative state, down through the

Theta of a democratic Republic, down through

“emergency management”, down through

totalitarianism, down through tyranny and

down, if not resurged by a new goal finder

somewhere on the route, into the apathy of a

dying organization or nation.


Near cooperative state

Democratic republic

Emergency management”



Apathy of a dying organization or nation

But this is just my take on things, my brief and humble attempt to solve the problem which shows there are potential options, there are better ways. I am certain that if Scientologists put their heads together and use what they know, the problem of going forward with Scientology and how to prevent tyranny from ever happening again will be solved. But that debate is for another time and another place.

The Task at Hand

The immediate barrier we are faced with is the fact that the current dictatorship ruling Scientology bears a greater resemblance to pre-1776 colonial America than it does to the technology and policy of Scientology.

But don’t sit back and expect someone in corporate Scientology to do anything about it. The Church of Scientology has been subjected to tyranny for so long it has dropped far down the organizational tone scale and is now experiencing apathy of a dying organization. And within that apathy there is blind acceptance of the assertions from Miscavige’s wrong target defense. So we have to grow up boys and girls, L Ron Hubbard is not here to bail us out, it’s up to us to take responsibility and put things right. But we move forward comforted by the knowledge that whatever comes after him, it will be a great deal better than Miscavige.

And since Scientology is a “closed shop”, mis-run by a dictator with no effective form of remedy open, there is but one course of action left – to withdraw any and all support from the tyrant, the same position Americans found themselves in circa 1776, when one of those great men I referred to wrote:

TO CONCLUDE: however strange it may appear to some, or however unwilling they be to think so, matters not, but many strong and striking reasons may be given, to shew, that nothing can settle our affairs so expeditiously as an open and determined declaration for independence.

Thomas Paine,

Common Sense, 1776

Haydn James (AKA T Paine)

Independence in Germany

Anyone who watched The Beginner’s Guide to L. Ron Hubbard will appreciate just how brave and significant this announcement is. Anna Shultz is the first announced German Independent.



My name is Anna Schultz and I´m since the end of last year not
anymore a member of the CoS and now I want to be an Independent

I came into Scientology in 1987 . When I read and studied my first
courses and had my first auditing I knew that this was what I
wanted to do.

No matter who said something against Scientology, no matter what
newspapers wrote , no matter what trouble came up in Scientology on
myself,  I stood tall. Because I knew from my own experience that
Scientology works.

I experienced when Hamburg (biggest Org in Germany at that time)
crashed in 1995. Survived having attested to Clear in 1998 and then
Clear was cancelled in 2004.  Went in the S.O. and out again
because I could not bring together in my mind what I knew of my
studies of LRH and the tech which was not applied.  Or promises not
kept. This – by the way – has happened quite often.
If one has paid for service or whatever the promise was forgotten
or other things were more important as to keep the promise.
In the last years this was more and more the case.

Also it seemed nobody was really interested to help one going up
the bridge. It was always more important what the next target was
to fulfill for the staff member – collect money for the libary
campaign, sell books, collect for the IAS and, and… If it was known
one did not have any money – one was ignored.

But to get me right – not all the staff were like that but many
were driven into this kind of behavior because of the huge targets
they got.

When I found out about the abuses from David Miscavige in the upper Management through the Truth Rundown it was – after the shock – not any doubt that this would not be the truth. In my own time in the S.O. I did not experience violence myself but I heard S.O.members screaming and downgrading their fellow members in a way I never heard it before outside Scientology Organisations. The Leaving Sec Check had also a very, very good effect on me – I started to not hold back any more. I tell my disagreements and I´m not “afraid” getting SP-declare or losing my future.

I was telling other Scientologists about this and instead of
looking themselves I was told not to spread this.
The DSA and MAA at St. Hill tried to tell me what I should think
about all this and that this would be the effect on me from what I
saw on the internet. I did not take their suggestions and here I
am because I can think for myself and decide what is right for me
or wrong. Still being in the Church and knowing of all the abuses
is for me a “No Go”.

After now a few month not connected to the CoS I´m very happy to be
outside. I´m very happy to apply my freedom of speech.
And my dynamics start to align after all the years concentrating
more or less mostly on the third. There is a life – and not a bad
one at all – a freer life outside the CoS.

I´m in Germany and if somebody wants to connect – my mail is


Scientology Philosophy and Practice


Religions consist of philosophy and practice. They are two distinct, separate things. LRH explains this in detail in the lecture Scientology, Its General Background, Part II, 19 July 1954 (The Phoenix lectures). He also explains how a “Saint” can come along and create a whole new practice based on an existing philosophy and, voila, you’ve got a whole new church:

Now, religious practice could take the identical source and by interpretation put it into effect and so create various churches, all dependent upon the identical source, such as Saint Luke. If we think of the number of Christian churches there are and we look at this one book, Saint Luke, and realize that just this one book, Saint Luke, was productive of Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Catholics – and here we go!

We have this tremendous number of practices basing upon one wisdom. So let’s get a very clear differentiation here when we talk about religious philosophy and religious practice. And someone who comes to you and says, “So-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so is actually the way you are supposed to worship God,” you can very cleanly and very clearly and very suddenly bring him to a halt by merely mentioning to him that he is talking about religious practice and you are talking about religious philosophy. Even a Catholic priest hauls up, so that you smell his brakes on that one.

You would think that all the DM-bots being forced to study the “basics”, including the Congresses and other 1950s lectures might one day come to the realization that Miscavige’s training PRACTICES and his solo auditing PRACTICES and his ETHICS/JUSTICE PRACTICES and his Fundraising PRACTICES bear no resemblance to, and in fact are quite contrary to, the religious PHILOSOPHY of Scientology. Wouldn’t you? In my view, that they do not is testament to the BLACK DIANETICS, REVERSE SCIENTOLOGY nature of Miscavige’s PRACTICES.

Whatever you do, do not ever invalidate your knowingness and livingness of the PHILOSOPHY of Scientology. It is the wisdom of the subject. Without the PHILOSOPHY there is no purpose for PRACTICE. Practice that is not conducted in a manner so as to attain the philosophy is bad practice. PRACTICE should always lead toward realization of PHILOSOPHY or wisdom.

Don’t ever let a DM bot make you feel guilty. Do not ever be embarrassed or tongue tied around a DM-bot. All he or she will ever make you wrong about are DM’s PRACTICES. Arguing about his PRACTICES is fruitless. It is an argument they are not allowed to think with. So, why bother with it? Instead, talk to him or her about the PHILOSOPHY of Scientology. It is something not only not achievable in the C of M, but something DM’s practices drive people further and further away from. If you talk to them about the PHILOSOPHY of Scientology you are liable to stop them in their tracks so fast you’ll be smelling their brakes.