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Reverse Indulgences – the final purges part 6


After escaping Flag and securing a rental car, Debbie and Wayne did like every self-respecting erstwhile slave has done for centuries, hightailed it north. They drove toward Debbie’s father’s place in North Carolina. They attempted to remain low profile. However, OSA spared no money in hunting them down. Debbie and Wayne were located in a coffee shop in South Carolina. While Security and OSA sources debate the truth of it, at least one of them insists that the OSA operatives on the scene used a car to block Debbie and Wayne’s in its parking spot in the lot. Kathy True (who ironically has lately taken to telling lies habitually) from OSA Flag entered the coffee shop and tried to convince Debbie and Wayne to return. They finally agreed to at least route out “properly” so they would not be declared. Debbie insisted her father was awaiting their arrival and they were going to see him first.

True received a brutal toasting for letting them leave South Carolina headed north. Consequently, True dashed to North Carolina and immediately began pestering Debbie and Wayne to return to Flag.

Debbie and Wayne only agreed to return under the promise that they do NOTHING but route out rapidly. They returned after True had accepted their terms as authorized by DM through his RTC Rep Flag.

Craig Jensen’s daughter got the assignment to sec check Debbie. She was an RTC sec checker, despite being a relatively green SO member, perhaps because of daddy’s elite IAS donation status. Debbie was put in “session” and was immediately interrogated. It was an out-tech dog’s breakfast, Nazi-style badgering ordeal.

When Debbie had finally had enough she threatened the RTC rep that if she was not out of custody by the next day that the Clearwater Police would arrive to release her.

Lo and behold, Debbie was finally speaking DM’s language. Suddenly, Debbie was being listened to. An OSA team came in and delivered DM’s life ring for Debbie and Wayne to avoid declares and lost hope of ever using or seeing Scientology at any time in the future. Some “bullet-proof” termination contracts were drafted by OSA attorneys. The contracts called for heavy monetary fines should Debbie and Wayne ever disclose the seriatum violations of State and Federal criminal laws they had witnessed and were subjected to. In order to make the contracts “binding”, they were given modest severance pay in exchange for their non-disclosure promises.

That’s right folks, DM’s latest “solution” to holding onto his precious withholds is paying people not to disclose them. I call it Reverse Indulgences, after the Medeival Catholic church practice of accepting money in exchange for exonerating folk for their confessed crimes. The practice was so abhorred it served as the primary motivator for the Reformation. DM’s Reverse Indulgences is a far more pernicious practice. He pays money (parishioner’s donations) to prevent folk from confessing his own crimes.

Now, our legal team (yes, we have quite a formidable one, all sub rosa for now of course) has done plenty of research on the matter. Their conclusion is that DM’s silence contracts are NOT enforcable for two primary reasons:

a) Contracts that silence the disclosure of felonious behavior are a violation of public policy and are thus unlawful.

b) The contracts we are familiar with so far dispense such a pittance in exchange for silence (and are entered into with a party who has no opportunity for legal representation) they are unenforceable contracts. For example, in the case of Debbie what do you suppose reasonable severance compensation would be for a Chief Executive Officer who brought in 1.75 Billion dollars during her tenure (yes One Billion, Seven-hundred and fifty million dollars)? Believe me, she got chump’s change. So did the other subjects of “contract tech.”

At the same time, recognize that Debbie, Wayne and others similarly situated are suffering from an intentionally created in terrorum effect. That terror is the knowledge that for all practical purposes they do have their backs against the wall because Miscavige WILL spend however many millions he has to ruin his opponent.

I call it the Time Warner effect. We sued Time Warner over their 1991 Time magazine cover story. After eight years of expensive litigation the dismissal of the case was affirmed by the highest court in the land. The press duly noted Time’s “victory”, while DM laughed all the way to the IAS patron’s ball. You see, we knew that Time had spent so much money defending themselves from our punishing over-litigation strategy that during the course of the litigation Time had exceeded their insurance coverage. First they had to dig significant amounts out of their own coffers to see the case through. Second, they had hugely increased premiums when they finally found a carrier after their then-current one dumped them like a plague infested rat.

DM literally giggled for years at how Time began to treat Scientology with kid gloves, steering clear of  any Scientology controversy. And while his mirth is more twisted and spasmodic of late, he still feels a measure of confidence with the TW boys.

So, if America’s largest media conglomerates can be made to kow tow to the menace, what do you think a single, middle-aged wreck, with no viable job history and no assets feels like?

Please recognize that when dealing with people who have been subjected to “contract tech” or Reverse Indulgences. At the end of the day, the more folks who step up to the plate the safer it will be for them too.

It puts me and some of my friends in a very tough and vulnerable position to carry on with the work we do. But, hey if life were fair what kind of game would we have?