Daily Archives: March 19, 2010

Idle Orgs update


Am I imagining it or does this promo piece communicate that C of M has lost touch entirely with Scientology and reality?  First, “The Bank of Spiritual Freedom”?  Has the membership become so conditioned to think in terms of money that joining staff (which to my recollection LRH always referred to as a mission or a crusade) has to be positioned with writing a check?  Then, when did joining staff becomg a “privilege”?   Last I recall, LRH didn’t promote that having a bunch of “statuses” (especially bought ones – such as Silver Meritorious Patron) was required (or even desirable) to becoming part of the team.  Finally, the Ray Bans and the DM-influenced Crusian over-the-top pose  are supposed to appeal to whom?  At this rate they will wind up with an elitist club, not an org.  Is this what Tommy means by “pinch me” material?