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The healing game



Regular commenter Virgil Samms submitted the following wise observations in italics below. My additional observations and opinions follow in regular text:

From: Science of Survival, Pg 338.

“There are, one could say, four distinct sources of aberration. The first is occasioned by phrases in engrams which specifically dictate certain obsessions, compulsions, repressions, delusions, neurosis, and psychoses. Such phrases, however, have command value on the analyzer, which does not know they exist below it in the reactive mind, only to the degree that the case is charged with entheta. …

“Therefore, there is a second type of aberration source which is simply the amount of charge there is on the case. This might be called mechanical aberration. It does not stem from specific commands but stems from mental inefficiency by reason of cumulative entheta….

“The third kind of aberration is environmental and is the result of aberrated persons and situations in the individual’s present time environment. This is normally temporary, but cumulative environmental entheta has a chronic effect in the case. …

“The fourth type of aberration is educational, being the cumulative entheta of the culture in which the preclear was raised, the irrationality and bad data he has received as a result of his education – by parents, in schools and by experience.” – L Ron Hubbard

The first type is, of course, handled by auditing out the engrams.

The second type is handled with destimulation, auditing, assists, word clearing and so forth.

But paying attention to the third and fourth kinds of aberration explains being in the Sea Org from the 80’s forward. The amount of entheta was unbearable but I also found myself dramatizing the aberrations that now seem to all stem from DM. I want to point out to the people who post on your blog that there is a good chance of there being cumulative amounts of this type of entheta on their case. This is handled by looking at the truth in what was and is there in the Sea Org.

We all know that we found what we had been looking for to solve our own questions as to our unique existence on this planet and what was happening on this planet. Ron explained ARC=U to us and we were suddenly Understanding that our heretofore behavior was wrong and needed to change. We found TRs and learned how to communicate properly to another being. Then we practiced ARC with our TRs and life was sweet because we were treating others with respect and dignity and received the same in kind.

Then we got onto staff in order to salvage this planet and we ran into heaping amounts of entheta. The dichotomy was this: The closer we got to the top of the org board the crazier life became until we found ourselves doubting whether we were suppressive or not.

But look at what LRH intended for us to be like and then what you envisioned yourself to be like. Then throw away what you were socially and educationally taught in the Sea Org. Sure we all learned to be tough and how to get products and all of that, but there is a way to be tough and in ARC. Read HCO PL Ethics Presence and look at what he is saying there. He is talking about ARC! DM was NEVER in ARC. He might have acted like it but I know I never got a warm fuzzy feeling around the man.

Understand, there are the 3rd and 4th types of aberrations as per the above and understand that we have gotten a lot of aberration from the Sea Org and from being on staff or just plain being a public at FSO going OT.


Virgil has made some powerful and truthful observations in my estimation. I think you can add to the resolution of all of those types of aberration the three valid therapies. Those are change of environment, exercise-nutrition-health, and education. Don’t ever forget the powers of those. You don’t need a formal auditor, you don’t need a formal org, you don’t need a formal anything to get inestimable gain from the application of the three valid therapies.

Virgil cites from Science of Survival. I highly recommend reading, or re-reading, that text as fullfillment of the education step, or as a therapy in and of itself. If one fully grasps the theta-mest theory set forth in SOS, one can very neatly consolidate one’s gains attained through the 3D engram running we are all engaged upon, the three valid therapies, and whatever other therapy – formal or informal – each of us may engage in. The more enturbulated theta one frees – BY WHATEVER MEANS – the more free theta one enjoys and commands, and thus the more entheta one can disenturbulate. Of course, that process continually increases one’s store of free theta. It begins to work like an ascending spiral – sort of like the dwindling spiral in reverse.

Thanks Virg.