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Reason or Force?

From PDC 10: Specific Parts of Self-determinism, Spacation by L Ron Hubbard:

People recognize that, and although you will see a tremendous tendency on the part of the slave to assume his chains and wear them, and wear more chains if possible, you always have a greater number who in the end will turn on the master.

The masters of the slaves die. They have always died in this universe and they always will, and so may too a universe die.

But the point we are making is simply that force was never any weapon with which to combat reason. And every time force has been applied to reason in this universe force as come the cropper, not reason.

Sooner or later the reason would go around and through because there’s on…force, you see, can’t go through sixteen-foot bastions and barricades. You have this enormous citadel sitting on the high crown of an untouchable mount. And it is garrisoned and provisioned and watered to withstand the siege of centuries. And its garrison is well-trained and well-armed. Not a signle shaft or a bolt or a lightening flash could go through that citadel.

But by the water carrier or some other means an idea can go through the wall of any citadel. When you ask, “what is the strength of this citadel?” you always have to ask “what is the loyalty of this garrison?” That is the other factor, and force was never able to win against it. It could win temporarily, oh, yes, but never completely. Now in a reaction against force, people quite often will assume a no responsibility for the whole universe. That’s going downscale against force.

Want to point out to you that there’s an up scale from force. A high one, and that goes up toward the reasonable thing to do. And people very often, who are trying to go up scale toward the reasonable thing to do, will find themselves caught with specious reasoning and will find themselves dropping down toward the weak thing to do.

Reason which is afraid of force, and reason which exists to keep force from hurting one is not reason. That, too, is a form of slavery. But reason which exists to go up from the level of force must first be able to confront force. Only then can such reason take responsibility for those things which reason alone can produce.

And so you find a society, just before it goes out, taking its last effort to escape force by being reasonable, but that reasonability consists normally of an assumption of slavery of one form or another – not an assumption of freedom. They will lay upon themselves various restrictions and…out of fear.

Now that man who is able to take responsibility for force, yet who does not employ force, is much more terrible than man who can apply force alone. And the man who applies force alone is, of course, much more terrible to a lower scale on the chart than those who can only cluster together in terror and hope that the mass of their numbers will restrain the hand of force.

You want to remember then you’re looking at harmonics, when you’re looking at this on a tone scale. You’ll find groups which cohese solely because they are terrified of force which may be applied to them. And in that cohesion they simply seek protection of the individual by the group.

That group almost never advances. Now that group which can be free in each and every individual matter is yet the only group that can act and reason and with cause. For a group to be cause it must consist of individuals who themselves are cause.