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I am no angel

 Since DM has been making such an enormous effort to discredit me to actual and potential independents I thought I might finally weigh in.  I’ve heard of people attempting to defend me during church gang-up confrontations. Let me tell you what I’ve told them. I am no angel. I never purported to be one. To try to make me out to be one is a losing proposition.  It is much more productive to demand answers to questions you have formulated by what you have directly observed yourself.  C of M spokespeople will deny everything I have said, regardless of the strength of evidence. The world is flat, and that is that.  Then they will overwhelm you with unending stories of my alleged crimes.  They will even attempt to portray me as acting like I never did anything wrong in my life, precisely what they are falsely asserting about DM and  have no power to deviate from.

What they won’t tell you is that I never claimed to be Little Lord Fautelroy in the first place. Just as I told the St Pete Times the first time they reached out for me. I told them right up front that I had engaged in my share of physical violence in the church, that I had violated the confessional procedure by feeding DM’s black dianetics process of making people guilty of their overts (real and imagined), that I designed and operated systems for keeping people locked in to DM’s nightmare compound. I told them about an illegal act I commited in the McPherson case (which contrary to claims by some, very well could have been prosecuted had the State Attorney had the inclination to). Other crimes were confessed. I wasn’t in a confessional, so didn’t recount every transgression on my track. But, I made it crystal clear I wasn’t purporting to be speaking with clean hands. Because I was not.

In fact, all the church bruhaha about me and my alleged crimes bolsters the credibility of my accounts. Though authorship and ownership is falesly attributed by the church, their utterances confirm the picture of Int Base being the house of horrors that I have described – backed by over 20 public accounts at this time.  Fact of the matter is, if one were squeaky clean one could not have been in a p0sition to observe it. As Robert Bonner (former Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration) once said, “With a plot hatched in hell, don’t expect angels for witnesses.” 

 When I got hit with DM’s barrage of robot responses trying to hang me with his crimes, I had two major answers:

1) First, in my rough estimation 25% of what they alleged about me was true. 25% was embellished. The remaining 50% was manfuctured (much of it accusing me of what DM personally did with his little paws).

2) The BIG LIE in the entire Church presentation on me is the notion that DM was gone from the Int base for much of two years leading up to the end of 2003, when he returned to the base and dropped his jaw in horror at the “reign of terror” the Kingpin had created.  Why do I call it the big lie?  Because in the 42 months leading up to my February 2004 departure from the base, I was OFF the Int base entirely (far away) for 34 of those months. I wasn’t hiding either. Plenty of people saw me at CC Int between July 2001 and April 2002 full time handling Tom Cruise, Jason Beghe, Isaac Hayes, and driving the org into a two year unbroken affluence by insisting upon implementation of HCO PL How To Boom An Org Through Training. If you doubt the latter, ask Dave Petit about it (note his facial expression when he tells you it isn’t so).  Between April 2002 and late August 2003 I was in Clearwater almost continuously and I was plainly visible there. I was handling the McPherson Civil case, a PRO area control program, getting Cruise through OT VI, and helping DM’s sister evade suboenas from the Security and Exchange Commmission investigation into her and Brian Zwann.  During that entire time, DM was primarily at the Int base. How do I know? Because I had to report to the queen of micro management many times a day by phone during that entire 2 1/2 year period. In fact, it was I who came back to the base after a long absence to discover the Jonestownsian cult compound DM had created.

That’s it.  Otherwise, I am guilty and complicit in the gross out tech, empowering DM’s black dianetics campaign, and yes physical violence that had become rampant on the base. It sickened me to the core, and it lead to me leaving  exactly as stated in my video taped interviews now available on the St Pete Times web site (see the link on the right hand column on this blog).

 That DM is currently sending missionaires around the world to trot out my secret declare order and 250 pages of affidavits from 25 top Int robots to demonstrate my evil, while to this day denying EVERY single fact we’ve disclosed (which is now backed by more than 20 on record witnesses) about his own conduct is I believe testament to what I’ve been communicating on this blog. That is, there is very little chance for change within. There is no room for independent, decent and pro-survival initiative to reverse the course.  It is testament that DM is using his iron grip to prevent the possibility of case gain for C of M’s top managers – and of course himself – and increasingly so for even public – by enforcing they live and forward LIES. 

I believe Scientology is all about redemption. I subscribe to LRH’s view that ANYONE can trim his or her sheets (sails) and live a productive life.  That is what I am trying to do now. I think that is what a lot of us are trying to do now.  Let us never forget what LRH wrote in Data Series 23, “The heart of Review is HUMILITY.”

Back to the issue at hand.  Don’t try to defend me.  It is a losing cause. The Lord knows that – and  if you listen to what I’ve been saying you’ll know it too. If I can help people to look for themselves, I’ll keep doing it.  But, if you are going to make a decision to leave the grips of the monster, do it based on your own observations of what you witness. If you are in doubt, go look more deeply. Question authority.  But just don’t simply hang your hat on me; it is liable to get shot full of holes.  Then they’ll sentence you to  purgatory forever. 

Instead, apply the Code of Honor and LRH’s definition of Personal Integrity. If you do so for real, I guarantee you’ll be in fat city (in a spiritual sense) from here on out.