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Suppression of Truth and Freedom of Speech and the Press

Take a look at the chain emails C of Mers are sending around, and the uninformed, crass letters they are soliciting to bombard CNN with.  Now, recognize this.  Anderson Cooper’s investigation has been ongoing since July 2009.  The C of M has put him under unrelenting harrassment since. They have sent reams of paper and letters from high priced lawyers coast to coast. They are chock full of outright lies.  They are also chock full of threats. They have used their celebrities to pull strings with CNN and parent company Time Warner executives. They have run  a campaign to discredit Anderson and his producer. Both have worked far more than any two professionals should have to to report on serial felonies committed by a man who has collected 3/4 of a billion dollars by falsely portraying himself as victim of outside oppression. A man who spends those billions to have slick videos produced using children and unwitting celebrities to promote the church as a defender of Human Rights, while Miscavige himself violates Human Rights on a daily basis.  A man who has spent millions attempting to buy off  Anderson’s bosses with advertisement placement while hammering them with unending threats predicated on lies. A man who stooped so low as to have Tommy literally stalk Cooper in an attempt to intimidate him into silence.  OSA even began investigating and leaking lies and innuendo about Anderson to stop his investigation from airing.  I can tell you from personal experience that Anderson did a real journalist’s job. He didn’t just listen to me. He pressed me hard with every allegation the church made about me. He made me produce witness after witness to corroborate every fact. And now, Miscavige is having his Kool Aid drinkers telling Anderson’s bosses he is a bigot and tabloider?  If you have detected a hint of militantism creeping into my writing voice recently, it is this type of travesty that is causing it.  I don’t apologize for it.  If any of you feel you need to balance the organized lobbying that is going on by speaking up yourselves, I strongly suggest that you make your missives far more professional and informed than the garbage that C of M is attempting to make stick on CNN’s walls.

THE C of M campaign:

Dear Friends and Family,

Anderson Cooper is doing an bullshit “expose” on our church. I have
written the mucky-mucks at CNN a letter (see below). We must act on
this. I urge you to write your own letter about this disgusting
piece. In fact, here are the email addresses for you:


Send a copy to each of these guys. If you want to see what they are
doing the show about, here’s the link.


PS. Please send me a copy of your email so that I can forward it to

Dear Mr. Cooper,

I would have thought that you of all people would stay far away
from tabloid journalism. I found out today that you intend to run a
piece on my church that is by definition “tabloid fodder” and was
shocked by it, to be honest. I have always respected your honest
and forthright approach to journalism, and would never expect such
titillating type gossip to come from you.

Salacious reporting has no place in a newsroom. This piece that you
are doing isn’t news, it’s gossip that has been forwarded by ex-
members who are a bunch of cry babies and losers. Their ethical
standards did not live up the credo of our church as set forth by
its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. I am a parishioner of the Church of
Scientology, and was raised to be a Scientologist, as both my
parents are Scientologists. I have known life both inside as a
church member, and outside as a non church member. There was a
period of time as a young adult that I chose to take my own path
and see what other religions had to offer me. I was never
persecuted, or harassed, or followed or kept. I was wished well by
many very gracious and lovely people. My parents, both upstanding,
long-time Scientologists, did nothing but SUPPORT my decision, and
even encourage me to see what else was out there.

I had, of course, done many of the Scientology religious services
so I had a good picture of what Scientology had to give me. I
studied many religions, and even gave Agnosticism a try. But
ultimately, I came back to Scientology. In all my searching, I had
never and still haven’t found a group more open to accepting me for
ME, or more supportive of my thirst for knowledge. I found that
Scientology consists of a really good group of members who want to
help. And that is the group of people that I wanted to be a part of.

You go ahead and feed the masses your slops, they, I’m sure will
gorge on it. But know that you are not presenting the true picture
of Scientology. You can’t possibly know the life that a died-in-the-
wool Scientologist lives until you see one of us in action. Don’t
compare the honesty and integrity of true Scientologists to
lowlifes who are bitter and unhappy because they were booted out of
the group.

Thank you,

Jenny Good