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Ordinary People Are Extraordinary


Hi Marty,

I just wanted to let you know I’ve sent personalized versions my “opt-out” notice, below, to the Scientologists I’m currently in touch with and to the Mission and Orgs that consider me a part of their field.  I’m also sending a copy to the MAA at KSW.com, in case there’s a count being kept.

 I don’t have any expectations or grand delusions about this having any effect, other than for my own health and well being.  Up until recently I was of the mindset that any kind of a public announcement from me, regarding leaving the Church of Scientology, would be of so little consequence that it wasn’t worth doing.  Why risk creating any ill effects when no positive effects could come from it – such a tiny pebble tossed in the water that any ripples created wouldn’t even be seen, let alone felt.

 See, I was just a member, just a parishioner.  Not a celebrity nor a big status donor.  Not a business owner, nor influential in any large circles of Scientologists, either public or staff, or non-Scn VIPs.  Haven’t witnessed any crimes or illegal malfeasance the CoS leadership would want me silenced about.  Not a creative writer, nor public speaker, who might be sought out by media.  Apparently, I am not in a position to be of any significance to the CoS.  Just a parishioner.  No threat = No value to CoS. 

There’s also no reason for anyone in the church to come try to keep me because I don’t command a big income, commissions, bonuses.  I haven’t received any inheritances nor been given any large monetary gifts that I’m “withholding”.  I’m in the latter part of my “income earning years”, and what $$ of any size I did have, I’ve already donated to the IAS, the local Ideal Org campaign, and paid for auditing or the purchase of shiny new replacements of books and lectures. I’m the “common-man” work-a-day gal.  As an ex-Sea Org member I’m not eligible to join staff and I don’t live close enough to the local Org to be a prime volunteer candidate.  Church loses nothing, based on its current values.  No potential big bucks or cheap labor = No value to CoS.

 I’m fortunate not to have any family left in the CoS and nobody where I work gives three figs about Scientology, one way or the other.  Although, I’m sure there will be some Scientologist friends and acquaintances that will choose to keep my “enturbulation” off their lines by disconnecting, the whole reason for sending this notice out is to get the BS behemoth’s enturbulation off my lines.  I’m disconnecting from them.  What a HOOT!  Quit calling, quit emailing, quit sending print mailers in epic proportions, and quit coming to my door.

 I step away with my values intact and I keep my eternity.  Life is Good.

 Thanks to you and the other bloggers, commentators, ex’s, non’s, and anon’s – it’s quite the little intervention and rehab gig you’ve got going!  

 Marta L. Willson


I’m sending you this email, not with the intent to create upset, but out of respect for our past relationship.  I don’t want you to be blind-sided hearing it from someone else.  And so that you can take whatever action you think is needed as a result of the information.  I’m writing to let you know firsthand that I am leaving the Church of Scientology.  I have been a Scientologist since 1969, completed through grade VA on public lines, and solo-audited to Clear and OT as a Sea Org member and executive – prior to 1980.  I have had personal gains in Scientology that words just can’t do justice.  But, it is my experiences and observations over the past eight years that bring me to this decision.

 I’ve always been a steadfast supporter of LRH and the Scientology philosophy, so I didn’t arrive at the decision quickly or easily.  Yes, there are an abundance of reasons for my decision, but I won’t go into them here.  Suffice to say, that my personal values and (in my opinion) the fundamentals of the Scientology philosophy, do not align with the current operations and practices of the Church as it is currently organized and managed.  What I see is that the Church is producing far more BS and self-promotion than any other product or service, and is leaving as a by-product a wake of toxic bad news and ill repute the half-life of which is anybody’s guess.

 Until there is significant reform in the Church’s organizational structure, management style, and operational practices – I’m opting out.


Marta L Willson 

To Marta and the rest of the extraordinary ordinary people among us: