CNN AC 360 – Part V

It’s finally over…

Well, at least for now. DM has begun a broadside on Anderson Cooper on all the Anti-Marty blogs and the Religious Freedom Watch. His black ops unit is sending out salacious, slanderous email blasts about Anderson as well. I can’t imagine that R6 reaction to a program that gave him more time to respond than was even given to telling the story will not have serious repercussions.  We shall see.

164 responses to “CNN AC 360 – Part V

  1. The church protested the women not getting their full interviews aired and so they showed them in full tonight.

    One clip of Tommy Davis you may have all missed: 😉

  2. Oh and great job to all the guys interviewed. Very Well Done!

  3. Virgil Samms

    I’ll bet. Here’s where it is going to get fun. Keep in mind that each of his actions are going to result in Glutz PR. It will actually get to be fun watching what he does. He will wrong target like an engraded dog guarding a bitch in heat.

  4. Mockingbird6

    So all of the accusers were actually the ones who did the beatings and they were kicked out of the church for it.

    WAIT A MINUTE! Did someone say Amy Scobee? Did she beat anyone? Did she see anyone attacked? Why isn’t it noticed that not all the accusers were also those who inflicted physical violence?

    This is definitely a string which was not pulled.

    The other string which was never pulled is: “Where the hell is Mrs. Miscavige? If she does not show up within 24 hours without bruises or a canned story, she must be dead!”

    I should be on CNN!!

    Love, M6

  5. Well done and thank you to all who have spoken out. I do hope that Anderson follows up and does more coverage.

  6. Let the games begin….
    Can’t wait for the follow up segments that will inevitably ensue with David McMinimum attacking Anderson.
    Didn’t DM study the Welcome to the S.O. tapes where LRH goes over what heppens if you attack someone that everyone likes?

  7. Marty, Jeff, Amy, Tom, Christie, Steve, (and off-camera Mike and walk-on Mat),

    Each of you did a wonderful job representing the truth on CNN this week. Thank you for your bravery and your efforts and putting your lives on hold more than a bit to do the AC360 series. This was a big contribution, and you all deserve big kudos. Thank you!

    And now, heeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Mike!

    Just Me

  8. Best show yet.
    Anderson set the ladies up with softballs and let em hang themselves with the outpoint/contradictions.
    Then the guys came on and knocked it out of the park.
    Cool, calm, rational and merciful.
    The grace and class the guys displayed was a masterful exercise in the art of PR but more importantly, truth being told.
    I salute you all.

  9. That’s funny. The whole interviews with the ladies was just as dumb as the original edit. I just can’t get over how all combined interview footage shown over 5 hours of program amounted to about 20 minutes worth. What gives? They also never showed the proper Norman and Guillome interview, only the “here’s a sample of what’s coming up clip. I was REALLY looking forward to that.

  10. Thank you all for your persistence and success in showing us what “dear leader” has been up to.

  11. Hats off and many thanks to you Marty, Tom, Jeff, Steve, Mike, Amy, Christie, et al. I am very grateful for your courage and professionalism. And I do mean PRofessionalism. Authentic. Palms open. Again, with love and appreciation, thank you from the bottom of my heart and top of me’spirit. Namaste.

  12. That was a great grand finale – saved the best for last – DM’s big lie of kicking everyone out when in fact no one could stand his BS anymore!

    Very well done Tom, Marty and Jeff! I find it very interesting that AC had a subtle “handing the torch” mini ceremony to the BBC similar to the Olympic games & possibly promising interviews with Mike.

    I think he may be welcoming any personal and ad hom attacks as he needs more ammo for the next series!

  13. Thank you, Marty, Jeff, Tom, Steve and Amy, for being such good people, and for doing a tough job. That goodness really came across in the interviews with AC, that basic decency, the rationality, the earnestness.

    I only really know most of you through the blog sites and some emails, but I am very proud of that connection right now. Very proud.


  14. Yes, you should!

  15. Redneck Thetan

    Excellent job, all of you. You addressed what needed to be answered and treated Anderson with respect, which is much more than the exes did.

    I sincerely hope that all the parts that were cut because the Ex-Wives Club made their last-minute appearance will end up being used in a follow-up or are added to build a weekend Special Unit Investigation. I can’t help but feel concern that TD will try to spin this as a success because CNN had to change gears.

  16. I looked for that and couldn’t bear to read more than a few sentences into the Religious Freedom Watch — The Church of Miscavage has found its branding nitch: nasty, bitter, mean, catty, petty viciousness.

    Their objections do not have the noble rage of a lion, rather the tone is the sniveling, skulking cowardice of a hyena, kicking below the belt — well, they are so small they can barely reach Anderson Cooper’s shins, but still, that’s no excuse for the petty, carping pot shots and attempted slams.

    Tonight’s segment made two very important points in the name of Truth:

    1) The whistle blowers were not “booted out” as Miscavige is trying to characterize — many had to escape.

    2) Those fidgeting, amped up, stressed out women lying so stridently are under a lot of duress to lie.

    The contrast between the hostile, barking ex-wives and Marty, Mike and Jeff was obvious.

    The sham Scientology “officials” are a monument to the squirrel mishmosh going on in the guise of religion and Scientology withint the compounds that are being built through coerced funds and slavery and abuse (felonies).

    They have established their BRAND: lying, deceptive, manipulative, amoral, vicious.

    Let no one be fooled — THAT Brand has been identified and brought out to the open: it is *not* Scientology.

    They are the impostors that have tarnished Scientology, misrepresented it and usurped it for personal gain, thereby depriving society.

    Even though I knew what I knew, observed felony fraud of a friend, this show evidenced the insanity of those within the compound in a way that I had not fully fathomed before. It’s sickening. But it’s been exposed. and I’m not looking the other way. Neither is the world.

  17. That was the icing on the cake!!! My gratitude to Marty, Mike, Jeff, Devo (Tom), Amy, Steve, Christie et al. You’ve all done a superb job. As stated earlier, all replies (defensive) from the Church reps were all rehearsed and madly drilled. But the interviews tonight blew a lot of lies out of the water. Yes, most if not all of you, left on their own determined will; yes most of you were hardly even physically living with your wives for any length of time; and … who needs to “collaborate” when there is only truth!? — Obviously a new concept for those who only lie …

  18. Marty, Tom & Jeff were excellent tonight! You all are so natural. You expressed pity, compassion and even fondness towards your exes while laying out the truth. This added to your credibility and in contrast the ladies were pale, aggressive, and had prefab answers. Pathetic. It’s really excruciating to watch them lie so blantantly.

    Marty’s point on the fact that the “accusers” were not kicked out but left on their own accord was perfect, and I’m so glad you got that in there.

    Great job guys!

  19. Freedom Fighter

    Ya know, it takes far less effort to live with the truth, than it does to deal with all of the angst perpetuated by lies. I’m worn out just watching these guys from the Church.

  20. Freedom Fighter

    BTW, Marty et all, VWD!!! The amount of TA action that’s occuring is proof that you guys impinged like hell. Yee haw!!

  21. Marty and all… not from concentrate;)

  22. War and Peace

    High Fives, Salutations, Commendations and Congratulations.

    Marty, Jeff Hawkins, Tom, Steve Hall, Amy, Christie.

    Take a bow.

    It was no walk in the park for you to have to hear your ex-wives squawk so loudly for DM.
    Village Voice calls them “utterly unhinged”

    St Pete Times remindsus all that THEY broke the story:

    Colbert makes DM a cartoon character of beatings in modern pop culture—david-frum

    and the National Enquirer just jumped in

    Thank you so very much. Super Well Done to all concerned.

  23. ★I salute you!★ infinite gratitude ∞ ♥

  24. Rory Medford

    Wow!!! What a great ending the show and the beginning to people opening their eyes to the insanity that Marty, Mike, Tom, Jeff, Amy and many others had to endure during their tenure while in the Sea Org. My hats off to all of you for taking a stance and sharing your stories. Now that is INTEGRITY. You guys have more INTEGRITY in your pinky toe then all of the Sea Org staff AC interviewed had in their entire bodies put together.

    Thanks again for sticking your necks out and not being afraid of DM or Scientology. In the end no matter what the church says, you guys came away much more believable, likable and way more credible. Excellent job and I’m sure this is just the beginning of many more exposes to come.

    Thanks again for sharing!!

  25. Marty, Mike,Jeff, Steve, Christie, Amy, Matt, Tom And everyone who is contributing to get the truth out and put an end to DM and his church, YOU are my Hero and I love YOU!

  26. WomanSetFree

    From my husband of 16 yrs, who has never been a scientologist:
    “Anderson gave those ladies rope and let them hang themselves. They think they are better than everyone else, don’t they? The men by contrast are real, sincere, authentic. I predict it will get soo hot for Miscavage that he disappears. And who shows up to an interview with stacks of affidavits anyhow?”

    Me, I noticed that Jenny shot a beautiful foot bullet in the Marty was demoted and kicked out argument herself:
    “days later he (Marty) took off”
    So now he did leave on his own determinism… Okay well thanks for letting’ us know, YOU LIE!!

  27. Yes. Thank you Marty, Jeff, Amy, Mike and all … for everything you each and all went through alone in sorting out the Truth from intense duress and illusion, for the courage it takes to not know in order to then look and see, and for giving truth and rightness a voice.

  28. Freetothink

    Congratulations Marty! You guys should all take a huge win! This was the best media coverage I’ve seen yet where the Scientology philosophy was not attacked at all. The focus was really on the abuses. It must have been tricky re-arranging the shows after the Church accepted to do interviews at the very last minute. What a bunch of creeps! At least AC gave you guys the last word.

    The beatings & physical abuses although important to expose & be covered in the interviews might not be totally convincing for people that haven’t witnessed them. It’s so hard to confront that it could be going on in “our” Church. I believe you guys but it took me a while to be able to look at that as a potential true datum.

    On the other hand, disconnection is a clincher. Any Scientologist that has been around knows that disconnection exists. To see representatives of the Church so vehemently deny it, I bet will really impinge on many. Any Scientologists on the fence watching this will no doubt wonder “what else is my Church lying about?” just like Paul Haggis did.

    Just recently, the local OTC members were told during a meeting that they should not talk to us. A friend was also told that if we were to show up at his party that all staff members would stand up & leave. In a matter of weeks we went from being OLs & top contributors financially & participation wise to total outcasts. That was even before our resignation. After we turned in our resignation, the MAAs flat out told me that unless I come to my senses & recant, I would loose all my comm lines in Scientology & the IJC would be my only terminal. They were clear that any Scientologist that would be in comm with me would not be aloud on services. My only crime: I decided to stop drinking the Kool-Aid 🙂 .

    I’m really at peace with my decision & although I don’t need any re-enforcement this whole series on CNN confirmed that I have made the right decision. I think it will impinge strongly on Scientologists still in the Church & will serve as a red flag for any people considering joining the Church. In my view, AC made it clear the philosophy is not in question & the alleged abuses go against the philosophy.

    I salut all of you that have participated in the production of the series.

  29. Marty,

    I don’t think you particular like me; and we haven’t seen eye to eye on topics in the past. But I wanted to thank you for speaking up this week and I really do feel for you having to be attacked by someone that you loved enough that you married. I’m not sure if this comment will be published or not. I don’t care – it is more for you. The more DM attacks the better you are doing. I don’t particularly agree with your approach to life (keeping with scientology) but that is really none of my business. Keep doing what you need to do. And if DM is going after AC then lets all have a laugh because that is going to backfire on him.

    As always, I do wish you the best.

  30. beautiful, Truth. DITTO that ♥ !

  31. The men: Individuals with honor, doing the right thing.
    The women: Trapped and isolated, doing the wrong thing.

    The comments about how the men have lost all their power and are now without a life and are therefore bitter… Boy is that telling. I think I’ve got it…..David Miscavige is a theta trap! 🙂

  32. Great series. All the Indies were wonderful. Geez, all anyone has to do is compare any of these people to the MestSavagites to know who is truthful and who is lying, who is real and who is out of valence.

    And now, there is so much more to do! Anderson Cooper just nicked the top of the iceberg. I wonder if he realizes this? How can we make him aware that this is only the smoke and he hasn’t even seen the fire?

    The overts and abject suppression, the degradation of SO members by DM, and the *extreme* degradation of the highest Int execs, and on and on and on . . . How can we get news networks to dig even deeper and tell more of the story?

  33. Marty,

    Well done on your high confront throughout this series.

    Now, I seriously would like you to consider this: Contact Mike Rinder and have him issue a public challenge to David Mestsavage to meet him face to face on the BBC interivew he is going to do in the future.

    Suggest to Mike that he consider making that challenge publicly. My reasons are as follows:

    1) DM has had his lackeys deny that he EVER hit anyone.

    2) Anderson Cooper found a chink in the armor of the denial of the beatings. The chink was the ex-wives club fumbling on the issue of whether or not DM knew of your supposed beatings of staff. They were caught in a lie, and it showed quite clearly.

    3) Exploit the weakness by issuing a challenge to come forward and face the so-called liars, look them in the eye, deny the beatings and call them liars face to face. In such cases, the liars are easier to spot and most people instinctly sense who is lying.

    Now, we know DM would not show up, but the momentum of the battle would shift just on the issue of the challenge alone – Rinder called him out, in public, and he refused. Consider that effect on current CoS field. After all, Mike was well regarded with the field. He was no daisy.

    Only cowards hide and skulk in the shadows when accused of crimes.

    I know you probably won’t suggest this to Mike, but hey, I wouldn’t be the Agitator I/C if I did not suggest it.

    Mike, if you are reading, think it over. Not trying to bypass, Marty, just a shameless use of the blog in case you are in the kitchen making dinner. 🙂

    Centurion (purveyor of tactics and fine dining)

  34. Freedom Fighter

    “I noticed that Jenny shot a beautiful foot bullet”

    Exactly!! I thought Marty was “kicked out”, Jenny. Now you say he “took off”. Man, not only do you guys suck at running a Church where the route is prety much mapped out for you; you suck at lying too!

  35. Well, it’s over for now. Great job to all! Did anyone see the Bill Maher HBO live show from Raleigh, NC back in February? Naturally he talked about religion, naturally he had to talk about SCN. ~

  36. “Any Scientologist that has been around knows that disconnection exists. To see representatives of the Church so vehemently deny it, I bet will really impinge on many.”

    This was a good product, lots of Scientologists will wake up from it.

  37. Thank you CNN, Marty, Amy, Jeff, Tom, Steve, Mike and anyone else who helped – great series. Between the nightly segments and various comments on Marty’s blog, it’s got my wheels turning. Definitely stirred things up. I was outraged at these ex-wives and other DM slaves – should I pity, forgive, hate, try tough love or just never mind ?? – I’ve had crazy dreams all week! But doesn’t “confronting something and figuring out what’s true for you” always win over denial and hiding? No matter what spiritual beliefs one might have?

    On that note, I am going to go enjoy a nice Easter weekend with several generations of family. (Yes. Several generations of FAMILY – all in one place enjoying ourselves, celebrating whatever God we believe in and no one questioning anyone else. Imagine that.)

    Peace all and Happy Easter!

  38. becomingAware

    The game has gotten much larger thanks to all that gave up time and expenses to participate in the show and this and other similar blogs. The light is getting brighter and those under the control of COB are scurrying around and continuing to layer lies. Getting up in the morning and looking forward to the day, seeing and smelling the Spring flowers and being happy has probably not been experienced by them for some time. They can have it back. Just get the spine to walk away from COB and be.

    Thank you all that have spoken the truth for having and showing your INTEGRITY.


  39. Veritas!
    This was perfect! You’ve done it again.

  40. Redneck Thetan

    The beauty of this is that we now know Mike will be part of Sweeney’s BBC follow-up, and Anderson said at the end that he will be talking to him after the BBC. Which means there will be a follow-up by CNN down the road. I hope disconnection will be a bigger part of that one. Keep sending to your documents their way!

    I can only imagine how much time this has taken up for Marty, Jeff and Tom this week with the follow-up, as well as the interviews over the past months. Thank you for opening yourself up and speaking from your heart.

  41. Let the dmettes say all they want, each time they open their mouths is further proof that what the “Justice League” ( I liked that analogy!) is saying has much more weight on the side of truth than what the dmettes are spouting and asserting.
    Same thing goes for whatever the Religious Freedom Watch is posting. Make themselves unbelievable–they protest too much, methinks.
    All of it is Uzi aimed at foot stuff, otherwise known as glutz PR.
    Christie, Marty, Steve, Tom, Jeff, Mike have all done a much more professional job of presenting their sides. I think AC has done an excellent job keeping to his original stated plan, present the data and let the public make up their own minds. AC is not the butt of jokes on TV and internet, only dm is. I think that is fairly good evidence of what side the public came in on
    Looking forward to the next installment on BBC.

  42. Thanks to everyone! Two things: (A) I’ve published on Scn-cult the vicious email campaign being circulated by the Church of Miscavige. It’s truly vile and you’ll find it in the new article called “Mafia Mentality.” (B) Next, just when you thought it was over, it isn’t. I’ve been saving something all week and it’s going to be unleashed SATURDAY. A new author, 20 year vet from the Int base, has decided to come forward and their first article is a bombshell guaranteed to make David Miscavige grow pale thanks to his crime-filled soul. So, put on your dark goggles and lead apron, drop in tomorrow to Scientology-cult and open up, “Why Church Members Keep Lying” by BACK TO LIFE. I will put it online tomorrow morning ~ Steve Hall

  43. Marty, You Jeff and Tom were great tonight.
    Now that its over there is a little place in my
    heart that feels sorry for the ex’s. I couldn’t
    help but think ‘wake up! please, wake up!’ I’m
    sure it was very hard on them. Haven’t we all
    been forced to do things we knew were not right? I know I’m going to get a little grief about this but last I heard compassion is a virtue.

  44. Sorry, didn’t mean to leave out Amy–you are great, too!!!

  45. It’s been pretty depressing watching the Int Execs lie on national television. I’m sure every Scientologist noticed as soon as they began to deny dissconnection. They are liars to the world now. That is the product! Worse, it is an injustice towards the people telling the truth. Most Scientologists will not want to contribute to that, as per Hubbard, Injustice always recoils on those that deal in it.

  46. Mark Fisher

    I will echo all the thanks and congratulations to Marty, Mike, Tom, Amy, Steve, Jeff and Christie. Also to Anderson Cooper who did a very even handed job in just presenting both sides of the story and letting the viewers decide based on what they were seeing.

    I know how hard it must have been for you Marty, Mike, Tom and Jeff to have your former wives who you loved, come on international TV and attack you personally. Your responses tonight were compassionate while at the same time pointing out inconsistencies with what the ex wives were saying. It was done in a very respectful way.

    It was great to see you tonight Tom after all these years. You were great with AC and made a key point that you and y0ur wife were not even together for all those 19 years. As former Sea Org members know, one of DM’s ways of controling people is keeping married couples apart for long periods of time.

    I also liked Tom volunteering in a casual way that he would take a lie detecter test in a heartbeat (better yet, have both sides get on a meter with an experienced auditor with a TV camera on the dial and see who really is telling the truth).

    Marty your analogy of former Sea Org members and independent Scientologists being like former soldiers or prisoners was spot on. There is a bond there that cannot be broken and we do everything we can to look out for each others safety and welfare.

    It was sad really to see Jenny Devocht/Linson state that she thinks the motivation for the ex husbands was because they were bitter having lost glory and power and now had no lives, no jobs and were leading worthless lives. This undoubtedly is DM’s viewpoint and what he personally most fears….losing his power and position.

    The fact is that every former Sea Org member I have seen over the last 20 years has been extremely happy to be living a life in freedom, enjoying the company of their famlies and friends again.

  47. I have nothing but admiration for all of you…Marty, Jeff, Tom, Amy, Christie, Mike, Steve…I’m proud to call you friends.

  48. Anderson asked if there was any evidence of the beatings such as photographs.
    Obviously, in that environment no one would have even considered documenting it.
    However, are there no written reports, KR’s or Things That Shouldn’t Be, etc?
    Surely some were written and copies kept by the individuals.
    How useful would such a document be if it existed?

  49. I can’t wait for CNN’s follow up with Mike. It would be really nice if Anderson would present a much longer interview with Mike or Marty or one of the others in which a more complete comm cycle could occur, and therefore a more complete understanding for the audience. There’s so much to be described that can’t possibly be developed in small sound bites.

  50. I wasn’t that impressed with the AC 360 coverage.. yes, AC was able to push Tommy to make an utter ass of himself doing what he does best – lie, but AC didn’t dig enough into the background of the Miscavige’s bio and how he evolved as LRH’s assistant to becoming the COB of Scientology. The documented history & pathos of that journey would clearly show David as a mentally unstable, narcissistic individual, that got great pleasure out of beating staff members and enjoying the power behind the victims afraid of hitting back. Despite my past history with Mike Rinder when he was in charge of OSA, I met with him in Los Angeles in 1997 and saw another side to Mike; one that was very human, a very ethical individual dedicated in his beliefs and I admired him for that. To now hear of the extent to which he was battered & maligned angers me to the bone. The sociopath deserves to live the rest of his life locked in a chain locker. That said, I commend Marty, Tom & Jeff for having the courage & humility to speak up and tell the truth.

    I was not impressed with the ex-wives at all. As a long time paralegal, that has sat in countless depositions and court trials, one learns to read body language and facial movements quite well… in my videos of talking to Scientology handlers, I often zoom in on their faces and tell the viewers to look at the eyes… it speaks volumes. Did anyone notice tonight when Cathy Rinder spoke in length about Mike’s “lies,” Anne & Jenny sat stiff & posed looking straight ahead towards AC.. generally, when someone’s relaxed and a member of their group is talking, they would turn around and look at the person talking.. Catherine Fraser did this… Jenny & Anne were stiff as ice cubes… clearly a demonstration that they were drilled to look focused on camera, but they came across as rigid and acting like they were hiding something.

    I hope the AC 360 series leads to more positive opportunities for you brave souls to speak out…

  51. “DMettes” — I love the name you gave them. We might also call them “The Mad Wives Club.” 🙂

  52. All the Indies came across as sincere, honest, in valence and in PT because they *weren’t* rehearsed. Of course, when you’re telling the truth, there’s no need to rehearse. But lies have to be rehearsed, and the DM Maddies demo’d that PR “tech” expertly, huh? How to look like liars on national TV.

  53. Each night I felt there wasn’t enough, but it built up very nicely over the week. Thanks Marty and all of you for what you’re doing.

  54. Sarge, I don’ t think you’ll get any grief on this.
    When all this excited chatter dies down, everyone here who ever had any real scientology should understand the value and power of redemption.

    That’s a good note to go to sleep on. Sweet dreams.

  55. Dear Sarge, I’m feeling that too. Deeply. For them, and for the dashed hope I held for orgs as an oasis and sanctuary.

  56. Has this last part been posted yet I can not find it! Help!!

  57. Ooo, what a tease! Can’t wait for BACK TO LIFE’s story. 🙂

  58. Sarge,

    Indeed — while all members of the Mad Wives Club were rabid about their ex’s, Marty, Jeff and the others expressed compassion and ARC for their ex’s. Isn’t that part of “What is Greatness?” The difference (starting with several full points on the tone scale) between the free men and the enslaved women was just so obvious.

  59. Theo Sismanides

    I just posted this on Anderson Cooper’s blog comments site.

    We should keep that interview and promote it to all channels:

    Anderson, have a look at this video link, it’s a discussion between Tommy Davis and Larry Anderson who left Scientology. It’s very interesting to hear what Tommy Davis says about disconnnection.

    Hope this is going to clarify thigns for you”.

  60. We are all so incredible as a Group.
    To think, we are just STARTING.

    I was completing my D of P Form sent to me from my CL VIII Auditor tonight. Next week I’ll be in Session. So long over due. …Twenty years! How stupid.

    In answering the Qs. Something came up I’d like to share with you.

    Q) “2) Any troubles on your 1st Dynamic 2nd Dynamic? 3rd Dynamic?

    A) “Third Dynamic; If I have a major loss on my third Dynamic, it is with the Church of Scientology. And the betrayal over a FLB that they have made me wrong for, for 20 years. I kept my integrity intact. But it still cost me a very hurtful delay in where I could of been. They squandered my life away, like I was disposable! And I can’t get over that.”

    This is the greatest CRIME on Earth today.

    God bless you all.

    In Our refreshing New-Unit-of-Time; LRH:

  61. To me, watching the shows with non-Scientologists, Davies and Co. only exacerbated the idea of a bullying culture at the top of the official church through their behaviour in these interviews, thus shooting even bigger holes in their feet. Great PR move Davy!! [not] And you really showed your worth Mr Miscavige by NOT showing up. You’re a yellow-bellied coward through and through and everyone can see it. Well done to you Marty, Tom and Jeff and everyone with the nads to speak out.

  62. Their TR-L is out.

  63. I decided to look up Monique Yingling on the internet to see what kind of an attorney she is. As we all saw for ourselves it seemed rather odd having her there for the interview, because she seemed very disinterested.

    What is the church doing bringing a TAX attorney to a PR battle? For whatever reason DM needs to understand there is a difference between a legal battle and a PR battle. He may want to turn everything into a legal fight, but a PR fight is far more damaging in the court of public opinion, something the best attorney’s on this planet can not win for you!

    Law Firm: Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger
    Title: Partner
    Department: Taxation
    Practice Areas: Federal Tax Litigation; Tax-Exempt Organizations; State Tax Issues; International Taxation; Corporations
    Education: Vassar College (A.B., cum laude, 1973); University of Tennessee (J.D., 1977); Georgetown University Law Center (L.L.M. in Taxation, 1984)
    Phone: 202.973.7928

    Monique E. Yingling focuses her practice in the area of tax controversy. She is experienced in litigating tax controversies with the Internal Revenue Service in federal court.

    Prior to joining Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger in 1985, Ms. Yingling was a Trial Attorney with the Tax Division of the Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. from 1978-1983.

    She is licensed to practice in the District of Columbia and the State of California.

    Ms. Yingling is also admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the Federal Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

  64. Last night was the icing on the cake! Marty, Jeff and Tom rebuttal to their claims was priceless that all walked out on their own and were not kicked out or defrocked for violence was the perfect end to the allegations. All three did not blast the wives club for their actions or their lies was commendable; it showed a lot of class.

    A huge thank you goes to Marty, Mike, Jeff, Tom, Amy, Steve and Christie for their courage to stand up and tell the truth about the insanity happening behind those gates of hell.


  65. Perfectly stated, Veritas. I love the way you express yourself!

    We are looking straight at CoS now, no flinch. Ugly, very ugly, but not unconfrontable. We are theta.

  66. Never mind I found it!! Just a delay on posting it on CNN.

    First thank you so much Marty for finally saying it!!! I was going crazy. None of your were kicked out! You all left on your own accord. That lie alone was driving me crazy!!

    Tom Devocht, I thought you did a great job you were direct but sincere and kind. Though jenny deserved to be thrown under the bus you resisted you are a better man than I.

    Jeff Hawkins, you are just calm and cool all the time. I remember working with you and it was a pleasure. I spoke to your wife a few times while I was there and I remember her catching me in the hallway of bldg 36 and talking about you and how worried she was that you might leave. Almost in tears! When you came back the 9th time I remember saying to you how amazed I was that you had 9 lives.

    Even if nothing else happens you have put out the truth and the light version at that. The actual beatings were the easy part of that whole scene the mental torture is what really sticks. dave is smeared in the publics eyes and if anyone knows him almost nothing could be worse. His ego is his main driving force.

    Can’t wait till the BBC Series.

  67. Missed Friday night’s AC360. To the person who invented the TIVO….thank you.

    This CNN series was an OT8 “Truth Revealed” experience for me.

    The number one reason why I walked out of the COS in October 2009 after being a member for 40+ years was because I did not want to be associated with a group who abuses their members.

    I have always be in awe of anyone who would join staff for “out exchange” wages, lousy food and sub-standard living conditions so they can help distribute LRH technology to the world.

    Becoming a “Whistle Blower” is how I keep my code of honor in and my integrity, “Rock Solid”

    A special thanks to Marty, Mike,Jeff, Steve, Christie, Amy, Matt, Tom for keeping their integrity, “Rock Solid”

    I thought Anderson Cooper was professional and stayed out of the story. He let both sides give their view points.

    I will be intervied tonight on KSW Radio at (8:00 PM EDT)and I will comment on the AC360 series about COS abuses and respond to questions from the host Jonathon Burke.

    I too have a view point and I am looking forward to this interview.

    Happy Easter all………There is a new sunrise every morning and for me today’s sunrise was very, very sweet.

  68. Thank you Anderson Cooper, the CNN team, Marty, Amy, Jeff, Tom, Steve, Mike, Christie and anyone else who helped on this project. You are a role model for the article below, Personal Integrity. Thank you for being my voice regarding the need for change within the church.

    As for those church representatives who still wear the chains of suppression, having clearly lost their belief and confidence in self, no longer able to say what they have observed, you can change all of this by simply walking away. And each time you say what you observed another layer of suppression is lifted, not only for you but for Scientology as a whole. Again, THANK YOU to all who have had the courage to observe and to tell others what they have observed.

    PERSONAL INTEGRITY by L. Ron Hubbard

    WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU is what you have observed yourself.

    And when you lose that you have lost everything.

    What is personal integrity?
    Personal integrity is knowing what you know –
    What you know is what you know –
    And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
    And that is integrity
    And there is no other integrity.

    Of course we can talk about honor, truth, all these things,
    These esoteric terms.
    But I think they’d all be covered very well
    If what we really observed was what we observed,
    That we took care to observe what we were observing,
    That we always observed to observe.

    And not necessarily maintaining a skeptical attitude,
    A critical attitude, or an open mind.
    But certainly maintaining sufficient personal integrity
    And sufficient personal belief and confidence in self
    And courage that we can observe what we observe
    And say what we have observed.

    Nothing in Dianetics and Scientology is true for you
    Unless you have observed it
    And it is true according to
    your observation.
    That is all.

  69. The series pointed out one thing very clearly. The church’s believability is questionable even to the firm believer.

    The fact that the church has chosen to deny common understandings withing the church policy is what will raise this doubt in anyone who has the confront and courage to look at the series.

    I don’t know of any Scientologist who hasn’t experienced disconnection in one form or another. By now many have experienced disconnection via school environments and facebook accounts. Anyone declared has it written on their goldenrod. Your only terminal is IJC. A person is free to leave whenever they want but if they were on staff, they will most likely be declared and will thrown into a state on non beingness by the church, I was. Starting over and not being able to use a single work reference for the past twenty years is challenging to say the least.

    The other point regarding being kicked out when one actually left. The church will take incredible measures to recover blown staff. Anyone who has ever been on staff knows this. I was much lower on the org board than any of those who spoke, yet my org invested a lot of effort an energy to try to find recover me. They relentlessly called every known friend or relative looking for me. It is unbelievable that they were kicked out.

    When one is confronted with such blatant alterations of truth it is easier to digest the idea that maybe these independents are telling the truth when they say they were beaten. As outrageous as it sounds, maybe it did happen.

    To get any public to arrive at the point of questioning their stable datums is golden as it eventually helps to bring about more truth for Scientology and the renaissance of case gain.

  70. Antoine,

    Hooray, you are going back in session!!! VWD!

  71. Prior to this series airing I was thinking that it might just be a repeat of ABC’s Nightline two nighter that aired back in October of 09′ and I brought that up some while back on Marty’s blog. That said, I certainly did not consider that as a negative as it was the Nightline report that was key in sending me to the internet to start looking for more info on what was going on with my church. But, I was hoping for more from Anderson and more I got. Anderson Cooper delivered!

    Being able to observe and compare the two groups, those representing the church and those who have left the church was of tremendous benefit. In the Nightline report there was only Tommy Davis representing the church but with Anderson’s 360 report we had a group of exwives and a couple of church execs sent in on the church’s behalf. Then for a bonus, we had a cold, calculating, condescending attorney and Tommy Davis. And watching individuals from the two different groups responding to Anderson’s queries was tantamount to observing insanity on one hand and sanity on the other. It was that black and white. Also, as a side note, thank you Anderson for not once bringing up Xenu and volcanoes.

    Every person who spoke from the group of those who have left the church group did a wonderful job of being there comfortably and demonstrating excellent TRs. All appeared healthy, bright, rational caring and sensitive. And, though the TRs were in, one could look into the eyes of any one of these beings and see the veritable pain, hurt and disappointment that comes with having lived such a saga.

    Jeff, without question was the anchor for the group outside the church and Anderson did well in giving him the most air time. The exchange between Jeff and and his exwife, Catherine, via Anderson was incredibly powerful. And, like others have already pointed out, when Anderson read to Catherine (after her rabid invalidation of Jeff’s character) what Jeff had to say about her…the valence was for an instant disabled and “I” caved-in. Then, the valence quickly picked up the reins and went back on the attack. That moment, as breif as it was, IMPINGED! And, IMO, that moment was not “accidental” timing on Anderson’s part. He knew exactly what he was doing and he set it up.

    The group representing the church was a pitiful display of humanity. These individuals did not look healthy, were not comfortable, were not sensible, were obviously not in control and they were all about force. Indeed they reminded me of a pack of dogs that have been confined in a small pen, hardly ever see the light of day, kept in a constant state of hunger, never allowed to rest and continually, in some way or another, antagonized. Then a day comes that requires their keeper to take them out of their pen, put them into their dog cages on a truck and deliver them all to the CNN studios to be interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Now how could that not go well?

    Tommy Davis and the attorney chick are in their own category. Those two are a couple of reptilians posing as human.

    While I am unable to say for sure right now, my sense is that this 360 series on the history of violence in CoS is going to have far reaching ramifications. IMO, it is the biggest alarm clock going off to date. We have all participated in a historical moment of no small magnitude on Scientology’s timetrack.

    Those scientologists who are still ‘in’ and who watched this program must be reeling right now. If what was displayed on that program by the church was not a stable datum vaporizer, I don’t know what would be.

    It was smart of Anderson to let sanity (the husbands) end the program. And the expression on Anderson’s face at the end revealed what he was thinking i.e., “these guys are okay. These are good guys. And they aren’t lying.”

    Much thanks to you Marty and, of course, Jeff, Tom, Steve, Amy, Paul, Christie (hope I’m not leaving anyone out). You are each courageous beings of high integrity who are willing and able to confront and expose evil. And I have no doubt that your actions reverberate way beyond the confines of the CoS.

    All labels aside, I am very proud to be associated with this group of incredible beings. It is my group and I don’t have, nor do I need to have, a label for it. That said, there is a word. The word is COOL. My group is way COOL!

  72. It’s because the church is being run by the IRS, probably on behalf of a black op that wants to see if you can kill a goat by staring at it.

    Seems to be working, just found out two MORE members that a friend of mine knew in the SO have dropped over from sudden onset of very invasive cancer.

    I think she may have wanted to invite them to her upcoming wedding, of course they may have chosen to remain disconnected from her, but I’m afraid this falling over dead disconnection that’s been going on for twenty plus years is a lot more difficult to patch up.

    Marty I’d like you to give RJ my e-mail address please if you don’t mind. I am not sure how else to get in touch with him.

    I’ve got a story, not one I so much want to tell as to try to piece together what the meaning of it is.

  73. Some friends of mine were just joking that the kind of attorney the Church really needs to hire is a “Gloria Allred”.

    I think DM has an MU on public relations – go and get a dictionary!

  74. The road to freedom includes knowing the truth.

    Thanks, Marty.

  75. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Good comments Mark. I like all of this except the e-meter part.

    What value would there be in having anyone on a meter on TV in the context of “who is lying”? What value would those reads have? I think the Independent Scientologists should stick with the idea that the e-meter is a private aid between an auditor and PC as a guide only to help the PC. The squirrel use of the meter by DM’s church is wrong, produces incorrect data, and teaches people to fear the meter.

    If we did what you suggest above with a meter, how would we determine what the read we got was about? TRs, the situation, knowing we were on camera? Would the definition of “in session” even be in?

    The meter is not a lie detector – it is a confrontable charge detector. There is a difference.

  76. Mike Hobson

    Great Ron Hubbard lecture, but the background video and music is added inapplicable emotion and altered the significance and importance of the words.

    Michael A. Hobson

  77. Boy, you know Mark, the churchies several times said we were “bitter”…

    But who was it that actually looked, acted, sounded, tasted, smelled super-size BITTER with extra bitter sauce heaped on? Cathy Fraiser was so bitter she nearly leapt off her stool to strangle Anderson while saying we were bitter.

    Then you look what else they said: that we had no power, no game… It’s actually their exact situation. Under DM, no one has any power or game. It’s a no-win, no-games condition.

  78. Well, as to the mindset of “our” guys, LRH calls that greatness!

  79. becomingAware

    Nice job Lucy. Perhaps those are the only type of lawyers COB knows well, those that are helping him with his skimmed money.

  80. craig houchin

    Thank you, Marty, Jeff, Tom, Amy, Steve, Mike and Christie.

    You guys are eloquent, sincere and courageous and these qualities come through in your presence and in your speech. They are qualities of truth.

    Thank you for telling your stories.

  81. Thank you, Steve. They’re really disgusting.

  82. Kathy Braceland

    Antoine! Sweetie! I’m so happy to hear you’re going in session next week! You’re going to have a blast young man…fasten your seat belt for an incredible, mind blowing rocket ride!! Please give your auditor big hugs from me and keep some for yourself.

  83. Kathy Braceland

    To you wonderful people — Marty, Jeff, Tom, Amy, Steve and Christie — with all my heart, thank you for boldly stating truth and facts to millions of people. What a great series!

  84. Steve, I just read the post by Back to Life and
    I am still shaking (with Anger). DM has to be
    stopped! I now feel bad about berateing others
    for not coming out. Bless Back to Life and all
    others who had to endure the Demon from Hell!

  85. Nomnom,

    When you jump out the gate as Tom recounted, paperwork and so forth don’t fit in the bag of essentials that you leave with. Security does go through your personal effects and confiscate any papers, photos and personal notes – there is no privacy.

  86. Virgil Samms

    I just read Back to Life’s write up about Why Staff Keep Lying. It all makes sense.

    But I am still in awe of the actions of the Desperate Exwives and Guillume. I understand Starkey, he can be bought with money. He’s easy.
    But Guillume is from the streets. He’s a tough bastard. Kathy Rinder was also from the streets. She knows better. So how did DM get them to bald faced lie to all of America?

    I pretty much know how it went down. If you ever met a Marine, a Green Beret or a Navy Seal you will learn real fast how fucked up these people are. These are killing machines that it took months to implant and mold. I met a Scientologist who was an ex-Marine, not much auditing and screamed at him: “What’s your purpose soldier” his immediate response: “To kill, Sir!”.

    What has happened is these execs have been put through the perverbial mill. They have been humiliated and reduced to lower than “bug shit”. DM used old military ploys such as sleep depravation, repetative commands and broke them right on down. Then, once broken, he built back up to being what he wants them to be. This is military 101. How else can you get men to charge machine guns to certain death? Implanting. Then the shit hit the fan and key execs blew. Oh oh. So then he ended the abuse and made it all look good ala the movie “Training Day” with a humane talk to them as a group. It went like this:

    “Okay guys, if you read KSW you will see where LRH says not one bunch of namby-pamby dilletants never amounted to anything…. You guys survived my worst and I am proud of you. However, what you underwent was more than any Green Beret or Navy Seal ever underwent. You guys are now the toughest of the toughest and you did it for LRH. I am sorry I had to be tough on you, but I had to weed out the weaklings like DeVoct, Marty and Rinder and all those pussies. You guys are the tough ones. You survived the worst. And I am truly sorry I was so tough on you, but you will appreciate it more later. So now, we go forth as a team! We will be able to salvage this planet now. Three cheers for LRH.”

    I am sure that’s how he got them to lie like that.
    That’s the only way. Othrwise it don’t make sense.

  87. martyrathbun09

    Virgil, You are a damn genius.

  88. On behalf of other people who have suffered the cruelty of cult abuse, thank you.

    You survived for yourselves and now live to survive for others.

  89. Hello Marty,

    Well done! AC360 went so well for you all. Unfortunately for the ex-wives they were clearly Miscavige’s ruin. I say “unfortunately” because if what I have read is true, they may suffer consequences after that performance. Their aggressive and clearly coached demeanour was in stark contrast to the ex-husbands who appeared composed, spontaneous and above all else, honest.

    We currently live in the UK and if CNN AC360 can get the attention of 11 people for 5 days straight at 3:00 am in the morning over here, that’s got to be a good sign! This will be a good year for you! BBC Panorama will be baying for blood I’m sure, so Miscavige will have that to look forward to! 😉

    I find it personally very sad that if Miscavige & Co hadn’t created this abusive, very sinister and corporate image for Scientology, they may well have achieved that huge growth in numbers they now purport. Believe me, so many people have been dissuaded because of that!!! The idea of disconnection leaves me cold! I don’t for one minute believe he’s truly a Scientologist. I expect he’ll disappear into the ether with his $millions in off-shore bank accounts when things get too hot!! How sad for him! Really! In any religion he’s damned!

  90. Three words that will never pass DM’s lips: “I am sorry.”

  91. Virgil Samms

    Why thanks Marty.

    That little bastard watches movies all the time and learns “cool” scenes. Then he acts them out. I seen him do it. He has all of those stable datums from movies that he holds onto dearer than stable datums from LRH. Like Heartbreak Ridge: He couldn’t wait to try the T-Shirt game on RTC staff. We all heard about that one at CMOI. He lives out scenes in movies.

    You know, if we find a good scene from a movie where the scene makes the protagonist turn himself in or maybe even….

    ML Virg

  92. Raining here all day. Read ‘Back to Life’ post.
    Upset. I asked for someone to lead me out of this dark place and the sun just came out. Just
    sharing some sunshine with my friends, Feeling better now.

  93. Wise words Sarge

  94. I’ve got both part A & B of part 5 up on Youtube. As you might know, Youtube limits file upload size to 10 minutes and the part 5 segment of Anderson Cooper went over 13 minutes.

    It’s interesting to note that in Part A of Part 5 at about the 2:44 mark, Marty’s ex wife Anne refering to Marty said “when he left” and “when he left in 2004”.

    Was this a slight slip up? Haven’t they been saying that Marty was booted out?

    Part 5a

    Part 5b

  95. Victoria maybe this will be helpfull

    N A T I O N A L







    Public Research Foundation (PRF) has recently disclosed that
    Scientology organizations are being governed in accordance with a
    closely-guarded “Tax Compliance Manual” (PRF PRESS RELEASE, “THE ‘TAX

    The manual was created in 1993, the same year that the Closing
    Agreement was secretly signed by IRS and church officials. The Tax
    Compliance Manual is published by sanction of the Church of Spiritual
    Technology (CST)–the senior corporation which owns all the copyrights.

    The manual reveals that IRS has been a knowing party to the
    establishment of “Tax Compliance Sections” to govern every Scientology
    church and mission, bringing about an unprecedented closure between
    church and state.

    The Tax Compliance Manual says:


    “The Tax Compliance Section has been formed in the
    Corporate and Legal Rudiments Branch of Office of Special
    Affairs International. It is staffed with veteran OSA INT
    crew who are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in tax
    and finance matters. There will also be a Tax Compliance
    Officer in each Continental OSA Office. A primary function
    of the Tax Compliance Section is to ensure that all churches
    and missions comply with all requirements of tax exemption.”

    Office of Special Affairs International (OSA Int) is merely
    a part of Church of Scientology International (CSI). And CSI (as
    represented by its President, Heber Jentzsch) is a signatory to
    the Closing Agreement, subject to the mandates of that agreement.

    The Closing Agreement verifies that IRS is a party in
    informed consent to the creation and operation of these “Tax
    Compliance Sections” inside the church. The Closing Agreement
    requires annual reports be submitted to IRS, and part of the
    requirements include:

    “6. Reporting of any ecclesiastical modification or the
    restructuring of any entity. The Annual Report shall
    include any changes…to the ecclesiastical management
    structure of the Church…”


    “9. Reporting of any amendment of any directive concerning
    the treatment of funds. The Annual Report shall disclose
    the issuance, modification, amendment, or rescission of any
    written material relating to or involving the handling of
    funds by Church personnel.”

    The “Tax Compliance Manual” treats extensively of the
    handling of funds by Church personnel, and constitutes a
    definitive modification and restructuring of CSI to include the
    organizational “Tax Compliance Sections” within OSA

    If IRS had not been informed of the Tax Compliance Manual
    and of the addition of the Tax Compliance Sections inside
    churches of Scientology, then the Church Tax Compliance Committee
    signatories would have been in violation of terms of the Closing
    Agreement, and therefore liable to extreme penalties outlined in
    the agreement.

    But the Tax Compliance Manual also says:

    “The Tax Compliance Section is concerned with the
    activities of church organizations throughout the world–
    not just those located in the United States. Recognition of
    tax exemption by the IRS opens the door for similar
    recognition of local orgs and missions by tax authorities in
    many other countries.”

    Having already established that “There will also be a Tax
    Compliance Officer in each Continental OSA Office,” this means
    that these extensions of IRS, there specifically and only to
    enforce compliance to IRS codes, are now situated on foreign
    soil, but camouflaged by their existence inside the churches.

    The IRS’s new power over the church’s activities is perhaps
    best summed up in one chilling sentence from the Tax Compliance

    “Any question as to whether a post qualifies as a
    ministerial capacity should be referred to the Tax
    Compliance Officer, Office of Special Affairs

    In the next part of our series, PRF will explore the
    relationships and power of the church’s corporate officials.

  96. War and Peace

    Virgil ~~

    Talking about military killing machines ~~ a certain SO member Andre Tabayoyon had killed with his own hands several in Vietnam, even strangling them slowly to death.

    This is not private pc data. He bragged about it within the SO often with intimidation as a warning to not cross him.

    Given your time track you might even know him.

    I did decks up there under him and it was hell.
    He was DM’s “PET” for a while and he enjoyed slamming deckies against concrete walls.

    Here’s a blurb on Tabayoyan in Wikipedia::::
    Andre Tabayoyon is a former member of the Church of Scientology who is primarily known for an affidavit in which he describes the inner workings of the Church. Among other things, he states in his affidavit that he was formerly in charge of security at Church’s Gold Base near Hemet, California.[2][3] He gave testimony about the COS in a sworn affidavit[4] introduced as evidence in the case Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz.[5]

    In his 60-page[6] affidavit, he states that the COS trained him in psychological techniques to create obedience through the use of terror.

    His affidavit is long, but it corroborates a lot of articles on

  97. Oops! Slightly misleading comment! I should have explained the 11 I referred to were just my friends and family. Not the whole UK but I expect you go that! 🙂

  98. 3 feet back

    Sinar, You’re right.
    But weren’t there incidents of Miscavige’s violence outside of Int? How about at other SO orgs or Cl V orgs?
    Didn’t he attack a mission holder at the Mission Holder’s Conference in 82. Maybe Jesse Prince remembers.
    Would any documents like that be useful anyways? There are so many testimonies now that it may be moot.

  99. Well said Monte!!

    I will jump on this band wagon, I couldn’t say it any better!!


  100. Wow Virgil,

    That made me almost lose my lunch…

    I can see it happening that way, a true implant!!


  101. How about the Gomer Pyle scene in Full Metal Jacket?? The one where Pyle is in the bathroom with his rifle…if you get my drift…

  102. I know that if I ever really wanted to get a fair and accurate assessment of someone’s character the most reliable source I’d seek out would be the person’s ex-wife-especially if they are in a cult.

  103. Guess what. Those reports do exist. Debbie sent several reprtd to a friend on the outside to make sure someone had the truth regardless of what happened to her. Several people have read those reports. I’m sure nothing would be leaked unless Debbie allowed it.

  104. re: Exwives nicknames.

    I like to amuse myself with calling them “Miscavage Patch Dolls.”

  105. I saw them trip up a couple of times and the other women would titter in with their keywords,
    Complete and TOTAL whatever it was!
    They were creepy really.
    Marty’s ex looked drugged, I did a couple of screen shots and her pupils were just really dialated compared to the other women. I don’t know, they just act so bizzarre that even though I know how one would act while still on the inside they just aren’t managing it. They are terrible PR.

    Sarge I am glad you are feeling better;) And you know those April showers are just setting up May flowers.
    Cliche I know, but so true, cause nature really makes sense!

  106. I don’t want him to enjoy that ill gotten money. I want him in jail.

    Just in jail.

    Just a little space for a little man who took up too much space for too long to the point it crushed other beings, to the point of out of existance sometimes.

    Jail is the consequence for abusing your freedom.

  107. His offshore money isn’t that safe anymore with some of the new laws that are pushing through.
    It could even come down to all churches losing their tax exempt status also.

    I guess that’s why he doesn’t even bother to send in good PR to a mainstream news channel. As long as he has his tax attorneys.

    My guess is Miscavige will end up with nothing and he’ll realise he’s been playing with the big boys and he wasn’t as clever as he thought.

    I thought all you guys conducted yourselves really well regarding the ex wives club. You all seemed truthful and sincere.

    Thanks for all that, I know it took a lot of work.

  108. Thanks Emperor is Naked.

    I agree with you. I may not have been clear. I thought it might be a good thing to challenge DM and the others to get on the meter with an experienced auditor and video the session to see who is telling the truth. I didn’t mean live on TV on the AC 360 show. Tom’s lie detector comment was a good one and more understandable to the general viewing public anyway.

    Of course DM wouldn’t come within 100 feet of an auditor or an e meter because he knows his witholds will show up and be pulled. We know this because he doesn’t even go into session for regular auditing and he is the “Pope” of Scientology????

  109. Marty gets a break now as the COS tries to gut Anderson Cooper. The lashing out reminds me of a cornered dog. How anyone can watch this and believe the insiders accounts is beyond me.

  110. Should have read as the “insiders rebuttals”

  111. I’ve been having a hard time processing all of this, along with the late nights (I go to bed EARLY) …

    so I took the day off. Went for a long drive, bought some plants for my garden and decompressed.

    I cannot imagine the exhaustion the Marty, Jeff, Tom, Steve and Amy must have gone through this past week (and earlier) … and stress.

    I am so very thankful for all of you who have not only taken the enormous steps of going public BUT also going to the media, with the unrelenting drive to expose the horrors extant within dm empire.

    You are my heroes!!


  112. The attacks on Anderson Cooper can be construed in several ways. First, from the first observations of the Tone Scale in DMSMH, the guy confronted by a grizzly bear goes down through the tones. Well, the CofM confronted by this grizzly, us, is going down tone and dredging the bottom in its dramatization.

    Another, it’s a mistaken attempt at Dead Agenting. Unfortunately rather that be that, it is actually an attempt to lessen the target of their overts, to make a person a ‘pig’ and thus lessen THEIR overts on that person. It doesn’t work. You just get this natter that we see.

    Anderson Cooper is an example of the principles outlined in Science of Survival in that that guy has gone through hell and back, just like every other being on this earth, and rather than condemn him, it should be recognized what strength he has natively endowed to be able to carry on with reason and compassion AND what the CofM is missing, the ability to see what’s in front of his face on this series of interviews for this show. That speaks of the theta endowment of the being, that which Scientology is there to help free of those things which when freed, would give the planet an even more powerful being.

    These feeble attempts to discredit this man and thus his reporting, are just more Reverse Scientology. This is sort of a ‘cereal box’ Scientology. A few catch phrases gleaned from others, misunderstood and passed on as ‘knowledge’.

    You have to actually study this subject to understand it and have that understanding translate to effective action. You can’t get it by ‘picking it up’ from an aberrated version dramatized by a group bank run by an SP.

    Sounds too obvious. I’m sure Anderson gets that, unlike his befuddled, nattery detractors.

  113. W&P,

    Andre brought my name to the Web through those “affidavits” and both references were utter complete lies. Just so you know.

  114. Exactly Jason, and your very own well paid tax lawyer of two decades!

  115. TimH,

    Thanks very much for those YouTube versions of the shows – they’re very good quality and I’ve sent them to the guys who can’t watch CNN worldwide.

  116. Virgil Samms

    War & Peace;

    I knew Andre well.

    ML Virgil

  117. War and Peace

    Sinar ~~

    Fully understood. Andre was quite psycho and mad. BUT he was selected by DM to run the decks at INT. And he instantly became the senior of anyone out of favor with DM who was decked.

    And I wanted to show the context and time frame of all the insanities and for how long this has gone. 3 years of “isolated incidents by Marty” on CNN is such a tissue of lies.

    The violence and madness goes back, back, back in time.

  118. It reminds me of the women in last year’s story about the Yearning for Zion cult in Texas.
    Check out this picture and the story from People magazine.,,20196152,00.html

  119. Friend of Ron

    This article by BACK TO LIFE on Scn-cult is a must read. It is the most succinct and powerful post — at least for me and for my background — that I have read in a long time. It fills in so many holes and dove-tails with a lot of my own observations and assumptions of what must be going on at mis-savage’s personal org.

    It is way above anything AC 360 exposed and makes one cry, because the details and factual first-hand knowledxge displayed here is so powerful.

  120. Wow!
    I hope Debbie decides to release them.

  121. Scientology is complicated. LIFE is complicated. Good and evil. Happiness and sadness. Right and wrong. These things are the breath of life. We all feel it. We all understand it. We all make our own decisions. And we end up where we are as a result of our decisions.
    I am an independent. Period!
    A tear drifted down my face, after seeing the “ex-wife’s”, most that I knew.
    I love you ALL independents and you too 40% of Church of Scientology ”believers” . By the way, when did “belief” become part of this whole game vs direct experience??????
    I recognize the love and courage of Amy, of Jeff, of Tom, of Steve and of Marty .
    And life goes on, as Scientology goes on………..and where do you stand?
    Be well tonight, my fellow independents.

  122. Friend of Ron


    Spot on and it makes complete sense. I bet we will see a lot of changes now — release of Superpower with announcements that “the toughest days” are behind us but now the SPs are out and now we finally can release the next stages essential to “clearing”.

    mis-savage will play the tough Jack Nicholson from “A Few Good Men” except this time he/she will have Tom Cruise on his side to make him right.

    But just like Jack in a “Few Good Man” the law and the courts can break him, no matter how many thousands cheer for him.

    Someone mentioned somewhere how mis-savage likes to act out scenes from movies. Here is the one from “A Few Good Men” , which fits right with Virgil’s post. I bet his speech to Norman, Guillaume et al was scripted right against this:

    “Jessep: You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives! You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall! You need me on that wall! We use words like Honor, Code, Loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline! I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just said “Thank you” and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to!………..”

    First the protest PR, more people speaking out the truthg and then the law of the land and the court’s that will break mis-savage, just like it happened in the movie.

  123. Thats right!

    They stated that all the people accusing David Miscavige of beating people were the people doing the beatings.

    But wait a minute.

    Didn’t Amy Scobee also state that she saw David Miscaivge attack Jeff Hawkins and Mike Rinder?

    Does that mean that are saying that Amy Scobee was also beating people?

    More holes in their stories.

    Sure wish Anderson had called them on this.

  124. I think someone should make a list of all the contradictions and holes in the stories those representing DM and the church in this series.

    I think if one was to start looking, they would find more than they think.

  125. Marty,

    After having processed all the show, I must say that you have done a lot to end the abuses within the church of scientology.

    Thank you very much for all you have done.


  126. Curious onlooker

    Wow!! Thanks to all contributors. It really went well.

    A non Scientologist friend called me to say urgently that I should communicate to execs that he needs to fire everyone on the Show who was representing the church, as they are very lousy PRs and that Dave should also be fired.

    I tried to explain that DM is not fir- able, and he could not understand that? Is there no board of directors? Surely someone can fire him…
    Why are things in the church so complicated and bizarre that anyone outside of it cannot fathom them?

    Another non scientologist asked how is it possible that Kathy can state that this time period was the best time of Jeff’s life? or that Anne can assure the world no one knows Marty better than her? They are asserting they “I know how you think, feel etc, better than you yourself do” And is it really lost on them that Kathy responded corrosively to the “He said you have a heart of gold” statement.

    What kind of human being can presume such arrogance? Answer, one who considers themselves different and better than the remainder of the human race.

    Did anyone else thought how it is really weird that Jenny did not call security or try to stop Rathbun from using his knee on Mike, but instead she had a conversation where Marty said “I’m going crazy” and she said “We can help this man with Scientology”? how disconnected is she from reality that she can’t see the impossibility of such a statement?

    Boy I could spend the next 5 hours pointing out the inconsistencies. Great job everyone.

  127. Monte,

    This is wonderful recap of the series. You’re a good writer! And I agree — our new group is way COOL. 🙂

  128. Sarge,

    Remember that you’ve got lots of friends here who have the whole C of M scene nailed and intend to make things right. Real Scientology will flourish yet on this planet. 🙂

  129. Beautifully put, Jim! (Just had to say.)

  130. Andre has embraced Buddhism as far as I know and seeks to make peace in his life.

  131. Tim H,
    Jeff has one for one of the episodes. It’s priceless. Check his blog, Leaving Scn.

  132. Very very good job for all the people who were interviewd.. this was a masterpieace.

  133. By the way, at the Scn-cult site there is a poll where readers can vote for which side of the story they believe, the church or the independents. The church isn’t faring too well at the moment. Here’s the link:

  134. martyrathbun09

    Paolo, thanks. Hope to see you on Independents Day.

  135. Mirrored by RFW no doubt with totally reverded stats.

  136. “Answer, one who considers themselves different and better than the remainder of the human race.”

    The most Ethical people omn the planet.

  137. “A non Scientologist friend called me to say urgently that I should communicate to execs that he needs to fire everyone on the Show who was representing the church, as they are very lousy PRs and that Dave should also be fired.”

    Would it not be Heaven if things worked that way.

    This is why democracy is better.

  138. Thank you Alex and tone 41 for your kind words.

    I had considered that my recap of the AC 360 was complete but this morning I had a bit of inspiration (the playful breath of life) flow in. And as a result I have two interactive videos for you both and anyone else who might want to join in.

    The way these two videos become interactive is accomplished by the viewer superimposing mock-ups over the performer(s). I have experimented with this and in so doing brought myself much entertainment and hearty laughter. As I watched the videos I superimposed mock-ups of Marty, Jeff, Tom, Steve, Amy and Christie over the singer. Then over the back up singers I superimposed mock-ups of the exwives. And just for fun I mocked-up Anderson and had him doing some dance interpretation of the songs (that was funny!). Oh yeah, one more thing…I had them all wearing a diversity of clothing from SO uniforms to skimpy swimwear.

    Okay, there’s the instant hat. Have fun. Like to hear how it goes.

  139. When (and where) is independents day?

    I didn’t know about this. Is is going to be 4th of july?


  140. Hi Victoria,

    You can reach me at the following safe and secure email address:

  141. martyrathbun09

    Paolo, Yes, July 4th weekend in Pinellas County – near Clearwater. Get hold of Christie for details. Be there or be square.

  142. Thank-you Cat Daddy. I guess the IRS in general and nasty audits that could land people in jail in particuliar are often used for strong arming an agenda.

    RJ thanks for your e-mail address!


    This is massive!

    Just Me

  144. Moving Forward

    I was thinking about the Church’s “PR handling” on this show and the whole expose being done and why it is so glutz.

    I hadn’t read through the policies on handling Black PR in some time, so pulled out the PR series and started reading HCO PL ‘How to Handle Black Propaganda’. I laughed and laughed because the campaign being run by ‘the Church’ (read DM) against those speaking out is actually a Black Propaganda campaign to the T. They can’t run an actual handling for ‘Black PR’ because there is no way to apply the first 3 steps that LRH lays out: ‘

    “1. Fill the vacuum of omitted data with factual data.

    “2. Prove all false utterances heard are lies.

    “3. Discredit every rumor encountered.”

    I can’t retype the whole thing here because it spans pages and pages, but recommend to anyone here reading it if they can get a hold of it. I wanted bring up a few points I thought were particularly relevant.

    LRH, in describing how Black PR campaigns are run, says about the person or person against whom such a campaign is being run:

    “No person, company or nation has totally clean hands. That is left to the saints… Childhood is quite lawless and the teenage period is often a revolt against the closer and closer fitting straitjacket of “proper social conduct.” One marries the wrong spouse or goes astray with another in some incautious moment, or commits various large and small sins of which society disapproves.”

    “Any of these things tend to make one vulnerable to attack, upon his past or repute.

    “A person comes to fear bad things being said about him. In the face of a whispering campaign, real or imagined, one tends to withdraw, tends to become less active and reach less.

    “Thus, unless one knows how to handle such an attack, one can in face be made quite miserable and ill.”

    In describing ‘The Attacker’, LRH says”

    “The world is full of madmen.

    “The basic characteristic of extreme madness is perpetual attack, attacks on anything, attacks on person or things which contain no menace.

    “Extreme, not petty, crime is at the root of such an impulse.”

    In discussing the handling for a Black PR campaign, LRH says:’

    “1. Fill the Vacuum.

    “First of all, cease to withdraw. It is proven conclusively that in public relations handling of black propaganda, only outflow pays off. Saying nothing may be noble in a character but it is fatal in public relations. Yet even “experts” advise it (when they are doing their clients in).

    “Blunt denial is crude and can be used against one as a sort of confirmation.”

    It seems that the only ‘handling’ being done is blunt denial and an attempt to discredit those speaking out ‘using’ step 6 of the handling for Black PR:

    “Use the knowledge of the source to impede or destroy the source of the black propaganda by noncriminal means.”

    Now, I know some people are likely to jump all over this as ‘proof of fair game being per policy’, but let’s not throw the whole of tech out with the bathwater. To me, this is where it gets really interesting. Just attacking and discrediting someone who is speaking out when those things being spoken about are true will backfire big-time because one is just perpetually attacking, which LRH says as per the above is a characteristic of extreme madness.

    How about actually reading what LRH says about the whys and hows to do this? I think one really key point is:

    “The usual action is a counterpropaganda campaign based on truth.”

    Let’s see how this plays out:

    “It is a long-to-find and hard-earned fact that people who engage in black propaganda have big bursting crimes to hide.

    “They do not have little crimes. They have BIG ones.

    “One’s own ability to confront evil may be too low to really grasp the black propagandist’s crimes or believe they exist.

    “Such people are often sanctimonious hypocrites. They are usually arrogant and will not parley (have conferences with a foe). They appear so terribly sure they are RIGHT that it fairly shakes one’s confidence that they could ever do anything wrong.

    “Thus the black propagandist is not detectable as such in many cases. The lordly institution, the lofty society, the glittering country are far, far above such a nasty psychotic trick as a studied, financed, expertly run campaign of vicious lies.

    “Thus they are believed. Or their servants are believed. And their campaigns can be very effective.

    “But this makes them hard to suspect or detect. And it makes it hard to get anything bad about them believed.”

    “Bad guys tend to get rid of good guys. Sometimes for what they consider good reasons, sometimes for imagined reasons, sometimes because the bad guy just can’t stand a decent bright person.”

    Doesn’t this all sound very familiar?

  145. Maxim Zbitnoff

    I wonder what would happen if Anderson kept at it as go-between for the ex-spouses. How long before the tearful breakdowns and the hugs.

  146. I thought you might like to hear the party line regarding the Anderson Cooper series: The evil drug companies are behind it all. Marty et al are being paid by the evil drug companies to do this. And this is happening because the Church is expanding. No generalities here. Hard facts backed up by irrefutable evidence. Makes a person proud.

  147. Waitaminute!!!!

    Marty you told me I’d get a cut!

    I distinctly remember you telling me I had the Lilly account.

    I asked Mike and he said he spent the money already.

    Jeff’s not returning my calls….

    I’m calling my lawyer

    “Monique, babe….

    “I understand you can’t talk with your mouth full…

    “Yeah, I’ll get back after you’ve finished ………. the COB…”

    Poor girl has to hold two jobs.

    Luckily they’re pretty closely related.

  148. OMG DM is really going for the “bunker” thing

  149. Redneck Thetan

    I wonder if they have any clue how rich Anderson is from his family. He’s a freaking Vanderbilt! He could work at CNN for free with no pain. Might be helpful to point that out to anyone who actually believes that.

  150. You are a riot, RJ!

  151. Thank you very much Karen. I am sooo looking forward to it.

  152. I agree. As a Promo piece for Hope of Man, it’s not that bad. But the message for me, has much greater meaning.
    Nevertheless, indeed, subtitles with just b&w images of LRH fading through appropriate tones accordingly would of been better. I think you nailed it, “altered the significance”.

    I have to say, whoever’s voice used to introduce LRH in his many Lectures. I’d like to Commend.

    I hope he did them all. And that never changes…

    “This is a Lecture by L Ron Hubbard given on the 9 of May 1950. The Title of this Lecture is…This Lecture is 59 minutes long”.

    Love that!

  153. Kathy, I am so grateful for your help.

    You know, He’s going to think I’m gay after…

    I’ll even kiss him for ya! 😉

  154. Good you let me know so I can arrange for the planes.

    I’ll be there.


  155. Nice job, Marty and all.
    My wife (a non-Scientologist) and I avidly watched the series of interviews.
    It’s the first time I’ve watched AC360 and I am impressed by Anderson’s non-bias style of reporting, and how he leaves the decision to the viewer. Judging by the body language, assertive and almost desperate answers from the church crew; it was very plain to see which side was desperatly holding the lies in place. I’m curious as hell how many on-line Scientologists saw the show and if they came to the same conclusion.
    The part that stuck with me the most was how courteous Marty, Jeff and Tom were toward their ex-wives as opposed to how the ex’es were. To be honest, I was hoping a little feeling would come from their side, but no, not at all…although perhaps I did sense a little from Marty’s ex. Her lying seemed a bit more against the grain than the others…like she was really trying to show her colors for her own safety.

  156. I really like you, Sarge.

    I want to add my appreciation for all those who have spoken up already – Marty, Jeff, Tom, Amy, Steve and Mike in particular. It can’t have been an easy week for you guys, but you triumphed.

    Can’t wait to see Mike talk openly with John Sweeney. That’ll be sweet.

  157. And Christie! Your statement about disconnection was absolute GOLD.

  158. Thanks, Monte, cool idea. I apprecitate the insouciance and I’ll play around with it. 🙂

  159. Someone made a good point on YouTube which is this:

    The ex-wives of Mike, Tom and Jeff all say that they never saw any bruises, scratches, etc. on these guys.

    Ummm…..didn’t they all sign affidavits that they OBSERVED Marty BEATING these guys?

    Can you say “CONTRARY FACT”?

    DM and his foot soldiers have violated the NUMBER ONE rule in PR: Don’t lie in PR.

    It’s only a matter of time before the tyrannical DM and his regime collapse under the weight of their own O/Ws and lies.

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