Free Heber

The Heber we knew!

I know that I speak for a lot of similarly minded folk when I say that Heber Jentzsch is one of the most special  people I have met and worked with.  Mike Rinder feels the same way. Mike has written an article describing what became of Heber at the hands of Miscavige. I was witness to much of the pre-hole history he recounts. I was gone by the time Heber was jailed by Miscavige and Mike recounts that sad history. For those who knew Heber this will hurt. Sometimes, truth does hurt. But, at the end of the day, it is truth that will set us free. This particular bit of truth has motivated me to dedicate a portion of every day from here on out to freeing Heber until that is accomplished.  If some internal personnel with a conscience comes across this, please communicate to Heber that my house is his – we’ve got a room for him on the water, in a place where he can sing to his heart’s content and reconnect to the thousands who love him.


 by Mike Rinder

After watching the AC 360 series many have wondered: “Where is Heber?”  His absence  was magnified by who Miscavige did send forth as cannon fodder to respond to his crimes:  four obviously rehearsed ex-wives who made fools of themselves by repeating lines given to them by Miscavige and received unanimous derision on the AC 360 blog;  “Teflon” Tommy Davis who has been caught in more lies than Baghdad Bob and looks more and more like (dare I say this, after he made such a big point about me selling cars for a living) a sleazy used car salesman;  and a bored, disinterested looking NON Scientologist tax attorney there to field the “tough” questions about Scientology tech and policy that Tommy couldn’t handle.  As everyone knows,  Heber is far more accomplished, competent and likeable than any of Miscavige’s new puppets.

So, where is Heber? Why isn’t he out there representing the C of M?

The answer is simple:  Miscavige hates Heber.  He has said many times that Heber portrays the wrong image of “his” Church.  Heber is too old (but not too old to send to the Hole….).  Heber doesn’t feel the need to dress like a window mannequin for Barney’s.   Heber is “stupid”.  And Heber knows too much.  Unlike Teflon Tommy,  who was never at Int, Heber has not only witnessed Miscavige brand physical and mental abuse ™, he has experienced it firsthand.  Miscavige cannot afford to put Heber front and center because he might just tell the truth.  And I know how that goes – me having to lie to the BBC about Miscavige beating people was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I walked out while in London.   (So much for me being removed from all positions of authority and kicked out by Miscavige when he found out all the terrible things I had done – I was the International Spokesperson for the Church and on the Board of CSI when I blew.  It is true, I didn’t have a post – but then again NOBODY in management did, and it appears to be that way still as Guillaume Lesevre was presented at the “Barnum and Bailey” March 13th spectacle  as “from International Management”  rather than “ED International” because he hasn’t been on post for at least 5 years!).

Heber bore the brunt of much of Miscavige’s ire over the years.  I have seen Miscavige strike Heber on at least 10 occasions.  Miscavige had dolls made in the likeness of Heber (and me).  These were very elaborate reproductions that looked like ventriloquists dolls.  Miscavige would make Heber sit with the doll on his lap and Miscavige would address himself to the doll instead of talking to Heber directly.  This was to demonstrate the “fact” that Miscavige thought Heber “wooden” and “unresponsive.”  (Anyone who knows Heber can attest to how ridiculous this is).  It is all part of Miscavige’s Joking & Degrading and constant denigration of people around him, especially those he considered were some form of threat (and Heber’s popularity with staff and public was a very real threat in Miscavige’s eyes).

The dolls were even flown to the UK for the IAS event where Heber endured endless cruel bullbaiting at the hands of Miscavige.  I only saw Heber snap once, when after hours of Miscavige brand taunting and belittling ™, Miscavige squirted Heber’s face and glasses with contact lense fluid and then blew powdered coffee creamer into his face. This is the level of behavior of the so called “leader” of Scientology.  

But that wasn’t all that happened at IAS event time.  Heber, along with myself and Guillaume Lesevre were assigned to MEST work.   It was surreal, donning a tuxedo to do an international event and then a boilersuit to do MEST work in the woods next to the Saint Hill Manor lake.  And then being thrown fully clothed in the lake (in November).  Miscavige then decided it wasn’t good enough to be “hidden” by the lake and moving us to do MEST work next to the Stables where all Saint Hill staff walked to eat their meals.  It was there that Heber slipped on a log, fell and quite badly injured himself.  Of course, Miscavige blamed that on Heber’s “out ethics”.  (And just a final note on the UK, not really on topic – Guillaume Lesevre and I were assigned to clean the toilets and sweep the halls in AOSHUK , watched over by Security Guards – plenty of public witnessed this).  

Heber is banned by Miscavige from making any public appearances and isn’t allowed  to be in Int events any longer.   So, he has become a “non-person” and is kept out of sight at the Int base.

Heber was the first person from outside the Int base to be sentenced to the Hole.  He was there when I left in March 2007, and for all I know, is still there. I do know NOBODY has heard from him for years.  And while he was in the Hole, regardless of his years of service and his progressing age, he was treated like everyone else:  living in the CMO Int trailer along with 100 others, sleeping on the floor, eating standing up in an office with no tables and chairs and only leaving for 20 minutes once a day for a communal shower in the garage  (unless DM was around, in which case some days there were no showers as nobody wanted to risk DM seeing the SPs in the Hole being frog-marched by security to the garage because it would “enturbulate”  him – though he demanded daily reports to keep track of “juicy” admissions coerced out of people).   Heber was stood in front of the 100 people and “forced” to confess (an activity which I am ashamed to say I took part in) and then derided about his Mormon upbringing and his relationships with other religious leaders (he was labeled a squirrel).  Heber never complained though he was the most senior person in the Hole and the living conditions took a greater toll on him than anyone.

And like everyone else, he was not allowed to communicate with anyone outside the Hole at all.  Not even his own family.  And that for Heber was perhaps the hardest thing to endure.  Anyone who knows Heber knows above all else his high communication level and how many friends he has made over many years.  He is loved by so many because it is impossible to know him and not see the goodness in his heart and his real concern for the well-being of others.  I believe the cutting of his comm lines was the greatest penalty Miscavige could impose on him.

And I must also note that while virtually every prominent executive left in Scientology has put their name on perjured declarations saying that all that has been exposed about Miscavige’s reign of terror ™ is lies, there has been no word from Heber.  When you stoop to the bottom of the rotten barrel to trot out ex-wives to respond to allegations of mental and physical abuse by Miscavige, isn’t it odd that the person with perhaps the most credibility with Scientologists and with the media ISNT heard from?

So, why is he still there?  Well, read the excellent blog by “Back to Life” recently posted on Scientology-cult which incisively explains the circumstances and mindset that keeps good people chained inside a bad scene. And beyond that, Heber is getting extra-special attention.  Because of his popularity and credibility, he has to be kept out of sight.  Imagine the nightmare for Miscavige if Heber was ever freed and able to speak his mind? 

That is why you don’t see Heber. 

And yes, something DOES need to be done about it.  He is 76 years old, has served LRH and Scientology with distinction and dedication for many decades and in the winter of his body’s life should be living a peaceful existence, pursuing activities that give him pleasure.

So, if you have an opportunity, ask Scientologists, the media, law enforcement or anyone else who may have an interest:  “Where is Heber Jentzsch, the President CSI?”


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  1. Marty, again, thank you for posting this heart wrenching piece. And Mike, thank you for writing it. I’ll write more when I can form words coherently again.

    For now, I’m adding that my husband and I have a room to offer anyone seeking asylum from the SO anywhere. And we can help find more. We’re in the Seattle area.

  2. Yep, the earth shook on that one.

    Everything you say about Heber is true.

    I even went to Portland and worked hard on that protest for Heber.

    I had already slowly and as quietly as possible started distancing myself from the church. As far as I was concerned I was out. But when Heber stood on those ASHO steps asking us all to come to Portland, I did it for HIM. Heber has true integrity.

    I am so worried about him too.

  3. Marty,
    You know we are ready to do whatever it takes: up close and personal.

  4. one of those who see

    first time I am writing, but I have been reading for months. Nervous. Family on staff. Will be writing more. Thank you for writing about Heber. My search on the internet started with “where are…?” When I started only seeing DM at events. Scientologist for 28 yrs. Listening to LRH every day. If one is wondering where the Theta is… It is here. Thank you.

  5. Theo Sismanides

    Mike, Marty I am writing “where is Heber Jentzsch, the President CSI?” to all Greek Scientologists I can find on Facebook.

  6. Virgil Samms

    I am going to spring Heber, no matter what it takes. And for every time the f—-ing midget struck Heber, I will….. well, percieve my wrath and get the rest from my mockups. I’ll try to keep the violence down here on the blog.

  7. Yes, free Heber, and for Miscavige:

  8. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Theo.

  9. martyrathbun09

    one of those who see, welcome.

  10. War and Peace

    Shock and AWE.

    Marty and Mike, this is the Flagship of the unspeakable DM atrocitites.

    For those of you that want to do a bit more than just post on this blog here are some Media Emails addresses I just harvested. You can send this blog on Heber to ~~

    Time do SOMETHING more…

  11. I’ve known Heber since he first got on lines at CC on 9th St., and wat his “coming out” on stage, doing his Tiptoe Through the Daisies. For all the other posters who recall the outrageous Heber, and picturing him ,as Mike described, right now, how cannot one be grief-stricken and consumed with rage fo the little cockroach who imprisons him.

    Marty, what a totally fine purpose. I can feel a tsunami of theta intention building as each one of us reads the above. I can think of several effective and rapid ways of freeing Heber – damn the cost. But I could have some law enforcement official pounding on my door later on. More level-headed poster will think of practical ways of pulling thi off.

    But let me suggest this: can someone open a bank account with PayPal access so that we can start contributing to the “Free Heber” fund. All
    monies go to freeing him and, once free, the remaining funds are given to him and his family to help with the recovery. I’m sure there will be medical expenses along the line.

    Thank you Mike, for the post, and Marty for keeping Heber in full view.

  12. Marty it’s heroic what you are doing here! Because I don’t know, I must ask….is it proper to call or email the FBI? What can we do to get Heber either out or at least to confirm he is alive and hopefully in good health? Should a hundred or more of us indie’s flood the authorities with requests to investigate immediately?

  13. I’ve known Heber for thirty years, he is one of the most decent and kind people I have ever met. He even went out of his way to say hello when I was in exile in England most likely while undergoing the kind of treatment at St Hill from Miscavige that Mike describes. But that is Heber for you, he had What is Greatness? in abundance. A quality Miscavige knows nothing about and that fact alone would mark Heber’s card horribly of course.

    Heber is a dear dear friend and this hurts, it hurts a lot.

    If there is anything I can do to help free Heber, anything at all, count me in, I don’t care what I have to do or what it costs me. And I know a number of others who feel the same way.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Kingair, I was hoping someone would originate taking some responsibility for this. Thank you. I suggest that someone get in comm with me. I’ve got several channels moving forward right now. But, I don’t have the time to administer a fund or handle enrolment. We do need people though. And if someone can open up a simple web page, or blog, and collect names and contact info for all who are willing to step forward overtly to make his release happen; we’ve got plans.

  15. martyrathbun09

    W and P, thank you for your vigilance.

  16. Miscavige is totally cookoo. OSA why don’t you handle the external threat, it’s Miscavige. He isn’t a Scientologists.

  17. I hope someone or someones come forward with current information as to Heber’s whereabouts and well-being.

    I too would love to see him free, amongst friends and family once again. I saw him last at the opening of the NYC Ideal Org

  18. martyrathbun09

    Maybe you can collect the names, location and contact info of those willing to step up and participate – will have to be identified to be of service on this one. You know some of the planning and as you know we need people to step up.

  19. Anons have been informing the FBI on a number of occasions.

    People get Organized. Set your mind to it if you want things done. Do not expect quick results but set up a Gameplan or Protestplan or something like that. Set up a messageboard for coördinating your efforts.

    I heared you all say that doing something is better than nothing. I am sure that even if you want to picket you can plan it around anonymous pickets.

    Grind that stone untill you get your message home. The FBI has been known to listen on occasion to Anonymous.

    Imagine that.

  20. Thank you so much Mike for this heart breaking write up and thank you Marty for making it known.

    I am still shaking after reading your post! This is not right. We MUST do something about this.

    I received my Power FSM award on stage from Heber a few years ago. What an honor it was! I can never forget his beautiful, kind look as he was shaking my hand. I love Heber and want to see him free NOW!

    Please let me know what is it that I can do to help on this important matter?

  21. I will never forget the first time I ever saw Heber. I think it was 1977 and it was at an event and he played the flute and did a rendition of Jonathan Livingston Seagul. It was wonderful, very asthetic.

    The last time I saw Heber was in 2006 at ILO when I sat across from him and we ate lunch together. He was so friendly and talked of his family.

    Heber is one of the most respected and endeared Scientologists. Of course Miscaviage was jealous of this and had to take Heber out of the public eye.

  22. It might be worth the readers of this blog printing up what they consider to be the most impinging essays and making them into little booklets.

    Even better might be to copy the pages you feel communicate the best to disc and then get a print shop to make up a couple of hundred booklets. Then distribute them to the Scientologists you know.

    For me a “WTF IS this?” attitude gets more comm back than total certainty.

    Of the three Scientologists I’ve communicated to, none has overtly agreed we need to get rid of DM yet. However two of them made very guarded statements that showed some understanding of the problems.

  23. It might be possible to call the Sheriffs Department in Hemet and ask for a ‘welfare check’. It would be best for the request to come from a family member, but possibly a real close friend would suffice. I am not familiar with the requirements in California, but it is one possible avenue. Reading this also makes me want to ask the Red Cross to interview all current “hole” prisoners to ensure their Geneva Convention rights are being upheld….

    I also am ready and willing to help in any way I can.

  24. In ther past there have been “free the xyz” movements to free political prisoners in opressive countries where Amnisty International and other freedom groups helped. Does anyone on this blog have commlines of this nature. Heber’s inprisonment is a political one as he knows too much etc. This is happening in the USA even though within the religiously protected principality of DMsilvania. It would seem that criminal false inprisonment would be of interest to the authorities. There could be marches with signs. Protests.

  25. I hear you Marty.

    Anyone can contact me at or if they want to add their name and contact info to the list of those willing to take part and get this job done.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Haydn, Great. I am going to add your contact info to the post.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Truth, I know you have comm lines to Amnesty International. Perhaps you can put them in comm with me.

  28. My guess is nearly every Scientologist in the world is asking themselves “where’s Heber?”.

    A true hero to and beloved by everyone…the cry “Free Heber” should be repeated relentlessly until he is released and safe.

  29. The night of the Rodney King riots, students of the International Training Org (I.T.O.) were called out of class and all the guys surrounded, first the HGB building we were in, then the entire city block. Did that all night long.

    Standing on the corner of Hollywood & Vine with several of my friends, we saw a group of riot police marching down the sidewalk across the street from us. Directly diagonal to us was a big black man with a machette, guarding his store by himself, and doing a good job of it. As we watched in shock, the riot police surrounded this guy and proceeded to arrest him.

    HEBER, God bless the man, came running down the street, leaving a trail of media and flunkies behind him. He marched right into the MIDDLE of the arresting officers and stopped them! After several minutes of conversation, here comes Heber back across the street headed to the HGB, the riot police were proceeding on down the road, and that big guy with the machette was STILL THERE! And now, he had a little buddy of his with him, and he had a baseball bat!

    Heber Jentzsch became HERO of mine that night. I don’t know what he said, but it doesn’t really matter now does it? He Got The Product! Which is a helluva lot more than I can say for CSI these days.

    “Hollywood & Vine, the most famous intersection in Los Angeles is now also the SAFEST place in Los Angeles thanks to…” Heber. That was what the world heard from the international press that night.

    Heber’s product. He deserves better than whatever he’s getting now, that’s for damn sure.

  30. Theo Sismanides

    Haydn, I e-mailed you on this one. I am here to help.

  31. This is beyond sick. I’ve said this before: MestSavage’s level of sadism is such that I think he would be another Hitler in a different time and place. I guess he’s being the best Hitler someone can be in America in the 21st century.

    He had the entirety of Int management living like rats whle he enhoyed his multi-million dollar palace-like structures, built just for him. But that’s just one of his many suppressive acts. I’m too speechless to enumerate the rest of the list.

    I wonder if there’s anyone with access to the Int base who would have the courage to print this out and sneak it in to Heber. Probably not, but we can hope.

  32. I remember seeing Heber at CC in the mid 90’s, at the examiner. I think he was doing some word clearing. Not really sure.

    I have not seen him since, although I think he was at an event last year, according to the IAS magazine.

    Mike, I know you will certainly deliver some truths of huge magnitude when you give your interview to the BBC.

    By the time it’s done, Mestsavage will have as his only friends, his wooden dolls.

    Centurion (with apologies to Charley McCarthy)

  33. It’s great to see you here, One of Those Who See. A lot of us are in the same boat, risking disconnection. I’m glad you see! Enjoy the theta, because you’re right, it’s here. 🙂

  34. I got your mock-up, Virgil! I’m sure most of us here are also trying to control ourselves.

  35. oooo, nice!

  36. Wow, when it fits with your plans to let us in on them, we’re all ears!

  37. A common goal. I know that there are artists who are now out. A song made about Heber I am SURE any Scientologist still in wants to listen to that even when they are forbidden. A song or songs of protest. You have producers, artists I wonder if JT and TC met the man or any celebrity that is still “in”.

    Anons and critics have suffered arrests and lawsuits and jailtime protesting at Goldbase. Even if nothing happens there your PRESENCE is really something. It says we are NOT afraid.

    March up and down L. Ron Hubbard way in the thousands on the Evil Queens 50th (DM)birthday or something like that.

    Be creative and industrious. Every opinion counts to be heared, Every Idea can be discussed. Even bringing some information to the tabble is valuable.

    Even if authorities do not listen they can NEVER say they did not know. If you live in that county riverside claim your 3 minutes of speakingtime.

    Every effort is meaningfull how small you may percieve it. Even if you are not capable to do something the support you give has meaning and your viewpoints can help.

    Now Who is going to write that Free Heber song that will go straight to the heart of all Scientologist inside and outside of the church.

    With stoutness CD

  38. Mike & Marty;

    Count me in. I knew Heber back in the day in LA when he drove a VW Van…wore his hair long and would talk to anyone about anything. Big, big thetan. Always a smile and that special twinkle in his eyes.

    For many, many years he was Mr. Scientology…Yes it is time to free Heber.

    I like the idea of a fund where we can flow money to get the ball rolling.

    Marty & Mike, thanks for shinning the light of truth about Heber. If we can quickly get this organized I think we could ask Joe Childs the Managing Editor of the St. Petersburg Times to write an article about some gutzy independents working hard to free Heber.

  39. It’s a good time right now, they’ve just had a series of quakes out there.

    However, asking for a check on Heber, being a senior citizen would get a response from the police, but they would be handled at the gate.

    (“I know every square inch of Hebers body!”)

    I can just hear it now.

    Miscavige knows that mest crumbles eventually. And he’s been living on a fault line for years.

  40. Freedom Fighter


    “ChipIn is a Web-based service that simplifies the process of collecting money from groups of people. We make this process quick, easy, and secure, and we provide organizers with numerous ways to get the word out about their ChipIn event.”

  41. The last time I saw Heber was at CC Int on August 20th 2008. He was the MC for Isaac Hayes’ memorial.

  42. Toby,

    This is a very good idea. Of course, if someone is in CW, I wouldn’t suggest using a print shop right there if you’re still underground.

    “Free Heber” might be a good title for the booklet, as it instantly communicates and instantly arouses curiosity. What Scientologist could resist reading to see what it’s about?

    Maybe piles of these booklets could be left in retail businesses around Flag. Of course, SO members will get rid of them and they’ll have to be constantly replenished. And many local retail businesses in CW are either run by Scientologists or by merchants allied with the church. But somehow there should be a way to distribute these booklets in CW and around the complex in LA.

  43. martyrathbun09

    Bozz, that is vintage Heber.

  44. Catdaddy,

    To paraphrase (?), “The millstones of the Indies grind slowly but exceedingly fine.”
    DM, think “dust!”

  45. lowprofileforthemoment

    Dear Marty,

    Thank you for your bravery.
    I truly admire your courage.

    I first met Heber when I was quite young at the old CC on 8th St. He drove me out to a party on the beach in Malibu for CC public and sang the whole time. That day, he spoke of his acting and singing and granted me tons of beingness. My confidence level, at the time was not that high, having only done a bit of bridge.

    He was a very good man and for years, whenever I saw him, he always remembered me, nodded, smiled or said hello. I remember when he was married to Evone and they always looked so happy together.

    In reading your introduction and the words of Mike Rinder, I cried like a baby, for someone so good to be at the hands of someone so evil. My heart aches to even think of this level of degradation. I truly prey that Heber is OK and still with the living and yes, I want to help.

    The last time I cried like that I was reading a book about Aushchwitz.
    This SP needs to have his lines cut, cut and cut again, so he can go crawl in a hole somewhere and rot and harm no more.

  46. I too will support actions to help free Heber. I have worked closely with Heber for years and know him to be one of the kindest and nicest people I have ever met. While I am no longer a scientologist, I am a human and I would like to see Heber a free man again.

    To any OSA folks reading this who may be torn by the abuses you see happening, you can remove Miscavige if you have the courage. The big bad corporate structure of organized scientology was designed to withstand attacks from outside of the structure. It is not so well designed to handle moves from within to oust bad and abusive leaders.

    Check out this post of mine. Maybe just keep it in mind:


    One way I know to free Heber is to oust Miscavige. Just thinking out loud.

    Larry Brennan

  47. Welcome, One! Thanks for joining in, your first post was great. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  48. OSA wonders why we do what we do. Well, every time I think I can get on with my life and forget the Church forever, I hear something like this and I have to say “it ain’t over yet.” OSA, you want to know why we don’t quit? Because you will do nothing to stop the atrocities of your Church leaders. I’ll lay down my sword when I see staff and public Scientologists pick up theirs.

  49. martyrathbun09

    I watched the Defiant Ones last night – an old black and white with Tony Curtiss and Sidney Portier. It made me think about a comment someone posted the other day here noting you and I don’t see eye to eye on Scientology, and yet when it comes to what happened on the inside that doesn’t matter. It is more than that. When you’ve been there you are going to do whatever it takes to help someone else who has been there too. And doubly so if you can do something for somebody who is still subjected to it.

  50. Here, here, Jeff. Here, f*ing, here!

  51. Apparently enough of us felt the horror of this post —

    And a 7.2 earthquake in Baja California was felt in Hemet.

    Continue to shine the light …


  52. AlexMetheny

    Hello One of those who sees. ( sounds like an indian name…dances with wolves.. 🙂 )
    Great to hear you being there and communicating!


  53. AlexMetheny

    Good one John!!

  54. Hi Mike and Marty,

    Heber has a HUGE family in Utah. Just about anybody with the name Jentzsch in Weber County, Utah or Salt Lake City is related to him. Can somebody call some of his relatives and check if he is alive and well?


  55. one of those who see

    takes courage to speak up and against dmon.
    good for you. welcome.

  56. Must have been a written request in the will of Isaac. Or it can be somebody that knew Isaac well that pulled strings to get him there.

    If one could find that person that had that influance that would be helpfull.

  57. rotfl…lmao!!!
    John, that was priceless and I’m sure what will piss him off the most seeing that post is the cheap tie and suit…;)

  58. Marty,

    We just e-mailed you regarding Amnesty International. We will do anything we can to assist and free Heber soon.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Truth, thank you!

  60. there is a will and a way….

  61. Heber had ethics presence. He was respected. Hard to imagine that somebody would do such things to him but DM is really weird… Heber doesn’t need a room guys because he has such a big family and many are LDS and DM disconnection rules don’t apply to them. Mike and Marty, please ask his family if he is okay,

  62. Marty,
    I have the way to do it. And have already put it in motion. If you email me I will let you know what I have done and plan to do from here.
    Kingair…that’s a great idea. Could use some ready to get some of it done easier and faster.

  63. David LaCroix

    Been meaning to make a grand announcement of my “independence” for some time but the time for dramatic announcements is past. We need action.
    Suffice to say I have a long history with the subject: 1971 Detroit, ’72 – 2005 LA,
    Much gain: grad 5, original 7, new 4, super lit., KTL, PDC, Pro TR’s more
    Much Contribution: approx. 1k hours in the chair, Prof Sup, started mission, GAS member (guardian auxiliary staff), founded annual golf tournament for CCHR ($500k), Professional FSM- sole occupation (12 yrs – $5-7mil, 200-300 OT’s made) …more
    Started distancing myself and disentangling myself around the time of GAT release. Suppression on dissem lines was also a disincentive.
    I knew Heber (and Yvonne, Ray M, Gelda M, the whole gang at CCLA on 8th St.)
    Heber would always say hi over the years and despite the fact I sometimes felt embarrassed by his media antics (would dive into rants about Nazzi’s at the drop of a hat…lol) he is beloved in my mind. His courage is probably greater than any 20 or 30 of us put together. He went to jail rather than compromise and was on the front lines taking the bullets for all of us for many, many years.
    Now we need to stand up for him.
    Nothing less than Heber out of Int. and in a safe environment where he can feel safe to be, do, have whatever HE chooses.
    Tonight I took it upon myself to register:
    I will pay for web hosting and will rely on Marty to forward my email to the appropriate Indy’s who have web-dev skills and content contributions…if others would like to use this site as a focal point to rally support???
    David LaCroix

  64. martyrathbun09

    David, You are a champ!

  65. I genuinele believe this will be the Achilles heel of the Church as we know it. I’m going to speculate that if Heeber was willing to be part of the cover up we are currently seeing, then he would be. I think we can assume that he hasn’t bent at the knee like those pansies (never thought I would say that) Starkey and Leserve. He’s just too damn old to jump over the fence! I’m concerned though about the mention of him MC’ing Issac Hayes’ memorial. That’s relatively recent. Could that mean that Heber is willing to put on the Happy face, but then crawl back to the hole at the end if the day?? I sure hope not. Debbie left when the opportunity arose. Marty did. Mike did. Even Al Baker said enough is enough and actually routed out on normal hhhjchannels. I think when Mike talks to the BBC, and if Heber ever winds up out of the Sea Org…the public will no longer just secretly read the blogs. They’ll just start saying to the MAAs, “No more. I’m not coming back as long as DM is COB. You can’t declare all of us, so what the he’ll are you gonna do about it?” This Heber issue has legs. Long ones!

  66. And if one can find out to what lenghts they will go to get Heber out that would be input for future planning. A family member at the gates of Gold on camera even if it is local media would be something.

    What celebrities are long time friends of Heber. Ann Archer ? That would be Ironic.

  67. Kathy Braceland

    I’m in. I went to Int Base a few weeks ago and left my name and home phone number with a message to Heber to call me. Of course I knew it wouldn’t be given to Heber but I thought at the very least, it would spread across the base that someone asked about Heber.

    I’m in…whatever it takes.

  68. Thanks for posting this guys!

    Anything I can do to help get Heber free.

    Just ask.



  69. Me too, I know Heber personally. My wife is still remembering and citing a simple encouragement he gave her when OSA was trying to bring the world down on us.
    I have friends, (my Ex FSM –OT VIII & Class VIII) who knows him well as well. In fact their son got married by Heber while being at RTC compilation unit. This son, also did the KTL and supper power with Heber as his twin.
    Yes I will join forces to spread the word – maybe get some “high up the bridge people” like my ex FSM (they are after all the only ones who know Heber due to length of time in SCN) cog and join us in ALL our Quests.
    As I have told Mr. Missmanage many times in my KR’s – “this is my SCN too, and you don’t mess with it”
    Well, just like in the LRH training film where the peasants in France take over. Mr. Missmanage has no clue what happens when those peasants are pure and raw OT’s. We the independents!
    I will keep you informed of my actions such as major and targeted -mail campaigns as well as campaigns to the surroundings of Orgs, and much more.
    By the way my web site has been compromised.
    This never happened with any other site before – do you think OSA is at work?
    Any suggestions?
    I am not worried as I always can put them sites up faster than he/they (OSA) can take them down –even if I have to choose a different domain name all the time.
    In any case, I was a bit quiet since announcing my fight 6 weeks ago. But quiet does not mean sleeping and forgetting.
    Just caching up on personnel enhancement and on preparations – meaning flourishing and prospering.
    Mr. Missmanagment has not seen nothing yet, from what he will experience out of my wife’s and my camp.
    And that is a promise.
    I hope you all had a great Easter 🙂 🙂
    Heber – I will make sure that I help to make your absence speak louder than your presence.
    (Which can only be done because when you and while you did speak you where loved and loved and loved!)
    PS: did you guys hear about the meeting in Norway which Geir Isene seems to be putting on mid May?
    Hellen and I are working on being there 🙂 🙂

  70. Heber Jentzsch is the official president of the CSI. Shouldn’t he have the legal authority to call the shots in Scientology?

    Is DM entitled under the law to run the C of S?

    If HJ would confirm the abuse by DM, it would probably sink DM’s ship but we don’t know what HJ will do. But what we can be sure of is that Heber will keep Scientology as his religion.

  71. FIRST,
    Al Baker routed out??? OMG, if you have a contact for him, PLEASE let me know! Baker, supervisor ITO? I would LOVE to catch up with him! Best super I know, miss that dude!

  72. Watching Eyes

    I agree that the Sheriff’s office should be called and asked to do a welfare check on him. Anyone who actually witnessed the Dwarf physically abuse Heber would be a good one to make the phone call.
    You’ll need to request that they actually see him and if possible get him away from others so he’s free to talk. Maybe the Sheriff’s deputy can let him know there’s a large group of people waiting to help.
    Secondly, the freeheber web site is a great idea.
    Third: of all the news outlets listed above the Drudge Report packs the biggest punch. It reaches an enormous number of people. I’m hoping that if enough people email Drudge maybe he’ll go with the story.

  73. First, I had the same concern re the recent memorial, but I would say it was another example of the grace that Heber exhibits in carrying out his task as a spokesman for the Church. We have all heard at least one story about Heber that would make us want to know him even better, I would guess.
    I ran into a quote from Martin Luther King today, who I knew only too little of until Marty’s postings and it is: ” In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Hey, maybe, Heber hit “the Hole” because he was trying to emancipate others and wasn’t being silent. I agree with you, he could be the achilles heel for this regime.
    There a lot of things that each of us can do to no longer be silent, even if still “under the radar”. One of my children and I got some needed LRH materials to Marty. Effectively quiet but in no way silent.
    To Heber!

  74. QuietDisobedience

    What about the ACLU? There are so many civil liberties being violated on that base I wouldn’t know where to start.

  75. I wanted to break a lance for the Children alsoo. Free Heber and Save the Children !

    Children are used as cheap labor and they to have to clean out sewerpipes standing in extrament.

    My nick name now links to UNICEF. harpoon the chapter in your country with your stories and plights.

  76. Tom,

    The “welfare check” is a great idea!

    In the case of Scn. a TR3 with the local police maybe required for physical proof of welfare.

    Also the state Social Services may also help with abuse of the elderly.

  77. michaeljrinder


    Thanks for tne information — this is the last sighting of Heber that I am aware of.

    I am sure he was there because it would have been noticed by the public had Heber NOT shown up at CC for a major memorial service like this.

    There is some precedent for someone being let out of the Hole — Norman Starkey was let out of the Hole to perform the wedding ceremony for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Unfortunately Captain Morgan Starkey had a few too many drinks at the reception and started hitting on Brooke Shields. Her husband got upset and complained about the behavior of the Scientology Minister. Can you imagine what happened to him when he was returned to the Hole? He was the crap on the bottom of the shoe of the SPs in the Hole. And not only that, Miscavige used Captain Morgan’s out ethics to “prove” that everyone in the Hole really was an out-ethics scumbag SP out to destroy him (of course, Starkey was only drinking when he was with DM at the wedding, not when he was in the Hole).

    I am sure Heber conducted himself with dignity and grace at Isaacs memorial, unlike Captain Morgan.

    And who does DM send to defend his crimes on national TV? Captain Morgan of course. And he looked like he had been drinking….


  78. “pansies (never thought I would say that) Starkey and Leserve.”

    This is not a loving attitude. Remember you are free they are not.

  79. LOS ANGELES — The leader of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, was named in a lawsuit yesterday for human trafficking, labor law violations and unfair and illegal business practices.

    Representing John Lindstein, a former Scientology employee, attorneys Barry Van Sickle and Graham E. Berry filed the suit with the LA County Superior Court on Wednesday. Named along with Miscavige in the lawsuit are the Church of Scientology International and the Religious Technology Center, Scientology’s top corporate entity.

    According to the filed lawsuit, Lindstein began working for Scientology at eight years of age. He worked 15-hour days by age 10. With his academic education considered complete by age 12, Scientology’s Golden Era Productions, an audio/visual production company that produces Scientology films and recorded lectures, employed Lindstein.

  80. David,
    Welcome. Thank you. You move fast!
    Earlier post put up ChipIn as a means to raise some funds for this and to have funds for Heber and his family when he is free. This could be linked to your so folks can make donations.

  81. 26th of november 2009

  82. Heber has been the rallying point so many times for us on important matters. I do believe that this will be the “straw to break the camel’s back”. Don’t know any Scientologist who wouldn’t step up to help him. Making public his incarceration and abuse will incense the field like nothing else could possibly do. Truly an achilles heel for der fuhrer…I like it!

  83. Bozz, that’s a beautiful story.

  84. Helmut,

    You should contact Host Gator and let them know your site was hacked. Your passwords were most likely captured by a keylogger, most likely installed on your computer by someone on behest of OSA. Once they can log into your Hostgator account, they can erase the site info.

    Make sure your home computer is virus and malware free. Then if you have your site backed up, change your passwords and then upload it again. I cannot impress on you enough to make sure you have good security software for your computer.

    I am sure OSA has hired some top notch hackers to attack all whome they feel are enemies of Mestsavage.


  85. Hello david,
    nice to see you here.
    GAT, was definitely a big one – did 3 levels (being a Class V from the good old “blind leading the blind” era) and Drew in the hat !
    The suppression on the disem line and the off PL handling of my selectees should have made me leaving years ago but … as “Back to Life ” on SCN explained well.
    The way Mr. Missmanage applied the gradient scale on getting us where we are is fantastic. Imagine if he would use this skill for the good?
    Welcome, and thanks for reviling your identity,
    Love Helmut

  86. I agree, First. Just a few days ago, an on-lines Scientologist who is still a kool-aid drinker mentioned to me that she hadn’t seen or heard from Heber in years. She was wondering if he’s out of the church. While she’s still a kool-aid drinker, she at least noted Heber’s absence as an outpoint.

    To long-time Scientologists, Heber is a beloved OL. If he were to leave and begin speaking out, it would greatly hasten the collapse of Mestsavage’s regime.

  87. “O! ye that love mankind! Ye that dare oppose not only tyranny but the tyrant, stand forth!”

    -Thomas Payne

  88. DM you are a sick twisted little man.

    Anything I can do to help free heber I am ready!

    Love Carol

  89. Mike

    Thanks for bring our attention to the situation of Heber Jentzsch.

    I’m all in for Heber.


    That’s wonderful of you to provide sanctuary for Heber. I hope your offer reaches him and is accepted.

    P.S. because of your efforts and other I have made 3 of my Scn. family member aware of the what’s truly happening with our church and have had positive feed back.

    Thanks to all for your input to.

  90. Should Heber be trotted out for the upcoming May 9th event, we can attribute it to the power of this post. When Heber was jailed in Spain, he apparently had the whole place pretty much in the palm of his hand by the time he was released. I wonder if DM has asked him for a hat write-up just in case . . .

  91. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    It is good to hear some information. I am so glad that this is becoming a priority. Please let us know what you need and want from us independents as we progress. You have my complete support.

  92. You really ought to post that on the more prominent ex scientologist message board, the “exscnforum” is a pretender and not well read…

    It is a great piece of advice from someone who would know…

  93. Great story…I’m sure one of many. Thanks for sharing it.

  94. I agree. Don’t soften it just tell it straight, like this article. Public and staff will believe you. It could be the beginning of the end to Miscavige if you do it right. You’ll be asked why didn’t you report to police etc and just say it’s complicated but Miscavige isn’t LRH and DM’s gotta go so stfu and next question please. The orgs need the cancer removed at all costs.

  95. Yesterday on “This American Life” Ira covered the story of a sincere catholic priest.
    (Free MP3 here;

    I will tell a little of the story, if some are reading that don’t have access to the MP3.

    This priest was smart and handsome and seemingly angelic in the way you would wish a real priest to be.
    He was incredibly well loved by all.

    This having been noticed at an hierarchal level he was snatched up to smooth over child sexual abuse cases.

    Being the good and astute priest that he was, he spent many hours learning canon law.
    In his job as a “smoother over” he realized that in order to do his work properly he had to stand on the other side. So he left the church.

    He did his work from the “other side.”

    This wasn’t easy for the priest… he was well cared for inside the church, and on the outside he really didn’t even know how to find a job. But he soldiered on, because he knew his mission.

    He did fine, it didn’t take him long to surmise that being a “fixer” was the most highly sought skill on the planet.
    (Okay, maybe he didn’t realize that, just saying SO members shouldn’t fear for lack of work out here in this mess!)

    In the end, this priest strikes me as the kind of person that knows what his vision is, and can also see that, division, distractions and “sides” are the most useless, dangerous and annoying form of Q+A!
    And the easiest to create really.

    I know there are lots of us, on both sides of some invisible fence. The brick walls and which way the wire blows in the wind at the int base means nothing.

    Let’s get insouciant, it’s a good word to describe the light touch and the energy best suited for clear vision. Mesty ridges are not the stuff that ends up being called magic, is made of.

    And this is obvious… if I would go to Portland and sleep on park benches in the rain by the courthouse for a week for Heber, I’d be happy to come to the desert. At least it’s a dry heat!

    Heber, who is such a poet in motion, to just be in the presence of him could inspire one to step lightly on, to what we all knew was a really hard job.

    Yes, dancing on his toes…that is how I remember him and how he lifted the crowd and tones level came UP…VGI’s were WAY in, and the next thing you know, you’re in a car full of people going to Portland and you wonder why you ever doubted that this was the right thing.

    I know this is such a long post, and deep down I guess I could have cut it a lot shorter to simply say; this breaks my heart if Heber is not okay.

  96. In my concern for Heber I mentioned that he had not been seen publicly for a long time and I wanted to know what was happening with him. I was then told, by an OT 8, that she saw Heber on the ship in February of this year. She said she saw him exercising and that he appeared to have lost a lot of weight. She said she thought that he looked good. This was all that was said.

  97. David you’re like Gandalf at Helm’s deep on the fifth morning. Awesome, I hope you do a full profile article.

  98. Mike, while you are on the subject of what happened to you in UK, please tell the story of how Bob Keenan would physically abuse you guys during the 2006 IAS Event. Apparently he is back in UK after having been in USA for awhile (ostensibly he was there on a project to “handle the bad media”). Is that why he has returned to UK, to “handle” your upcoming BBC interview?

  99. I knew Heber for many years. I also knew his first wife, Yvonne, who founded Celebrity Centre for LRH. Two of the most phenomenal OTs one could ever care to know.

    It is tragic if Heber spends the final years of his life in denigration and captivity after literally building the CofS, and defending it from attack since the early 70s.

    He is not the only Thetan who has been abandoned and condemned by DM and every other so-called Scientologist who tolerates such suppression.

    His help has been betrayed. He deserves whatever assistance he can be given. Count me in!

  100. European ex-So

    Heber was extremely popular in EU as well. I served quite some years in CLO EU and AOSH EU, and this is my first post here. I am not a Scientologist any more, but I do respect Marty and others who seem to practice a sane form of Scientology and I am happy to see more and more independents.

    I have been thinking so much about how to free people from the SO, people who are suffering every day. Although I was never beaten, I saw several brawls and cried many times as an SO member. It was the worst period of my life, by far. Even though the tyranny of then CO Walter Kotric is no match for what Miscave does, there are plenty there of who make life very miserable.

    But how do you free someone? Especially with communication lines all cut?

    The thing is the person has to open his eyes HIMSELF. He has to decide that something is wrong and have the bravery to LOOK and SEE. And as all ex-SO know, this requires bravery, big time. You are facing so much evil.

    Until Heber has a need to be freed, he will stay at the base. But taking care of him after he finally comes out is a great idea, and I am touched to see so many offering their help.

  101. Just heart breaking.

    My mind weakly resist to believe that dolls description.
    This is bizarre for any human being.
    Even for one of the kind of David Miscavige.
    Wrong hands are holding the hopes of hundreds of Scientologist arround the world.

    A couple of years ago a lot of us were asking:
    Where is Marty?
    Where is Mike?

    Now is the turn for Heber.

    Count me in for the fund for him.
    I have the money.

    Libertad y Justicia!!!

  102. Hello Mike. Thank you for the article on Heber. There are a group of “MIA’s” in the C of M. Heber and DM’s wife Shelley are both MIA. Can you others please create an MIA list for the public? The public needs to know about the “Disappeared Ones” in the Church of Scientology. When a tyrant begins to make people disappear, that is a very bad sign. When Indies discuss Miscavige’s abuses, they need to add in the MIA’s so the public can see the whole picture.

    Mike, on another note, it is good for a critic like me to see a former “Shadowman” like you communicating in a very public way. When you blew, that was something I thought I would never see. I am glad that you are no longer working for Dave. Of course, Dave always destroys his best people because he is an SP.

    Mike, please don’t take this the wrong way, but Tommy Davis is as bad at dissembling on camera as you were when you worked for C of M. People on the outside can see right through it, which leads me to ask: What is like to be forced to knowingly lie on camera for DM? What was going through your head when you were forced to do it? Didn’t it leave you feeling demoralized and ashamed? Would DM compliment you in any way for doing his dirty work?

    What goes on behind the scenes in a C of M Hill 10? Who decides on the story line? For example, who decided to bring out the ex-wives? Is there a PR firm that does damage control or is it all DM’s singular genius? I ask because crisis management is done so poorly in C of M that one wonders just how deep the unreality in DM’s head goes.

    Mike, again, great to see you communicating. I look forward to hearing more. It takes courage to do what you are doing and I salute you for it.

  103. Heber was a friend of Sonny Bono (though I don’t know if they were close). Maybe Sonny’s widow, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack might be a foot in the door.

  104. David LaCroix,

    Thank you for making yourself known. You are definitely a valuable team member and I am glad you are rolling your sleeves up and helping to free Heber J.

  105. Thank you for publishing the truth, Mike. On feb 4 this year me and my wife sent postcards to Int, addressed to Heber, asking him if there was anything we could do for him. Today we do it again. We plan to write every week from now.

  106. I don’t want Miscavige, the bastard, to think that he can hide this good man Heber.

  107. If you live close then I suggest you form a group and go there, asking to see Heber in person. Bring him a gift or something. Bring a policeman.

  108. Theo Sismanides

    David, thank you so much. I feel happier and happier every day! Welcome!

  109. Mike,

    Thank you for these latest revelations of what is really going on in the CoS. It seems than when we think we’ve heard it all, more stomach-turning details emerge.

    I take it that Heber and the others in The Hole are no longer allowed out of the country?

    I am very glad that you got out and are now telling the truth, but the question I have to ask is: “Why did you stay in for so long when you could see that things were so wrong? Surely it must have been obvious that Miscavige was destroying the church?” (OK, 2 questions 🙂 )

    I’m not trying to apportion blame, after all I remained in for 20 years. And maybe I’m being a little naïve, but if I had witnessed a tiny fraction of the abuses that have regularly occurred at the top of the church, I cannot help but think that I would have left in disgust a long time ago.

    Yes, I saw many things that were wrong, but I kept telling myself that it was just my org, or my area where things were wrong, and that everything was much better ‘at the top’ and that it would all work out right in the end because we had a lot of on-source and OT beings running the show.

    In any case, I hope to hear a lot more from you in the future.


  110. haydn, I am an Ex Scientologist and critic of Scn. I’ve emailed you to help free Heber. I don’t have a lot of money but am willing to send you some to help in this effort. I’m not one of the Independents but I hope you will accept my help.


  111. CD,
    As far as these types of suits go, you have to know that the First Amendment in the US offers religious/non-profit organizations certain rights and priveleges. The tax laws for instance give them leeway on Social Security issues and such.

    The rationale behind it for some of these things is that the society benefits from good work done by them.

    The CofS is a recognized, bona-fide, religious organization if one takes it according to LRH materials.

    The present issues deal with a person, David Miscavige, who has certain `protections`. The Headley suits not going forward on Labor Law fall in the category of these protections.

    Not to take the wind out of the sails of any person pursuing what they feel they must.

  112. Me too Marty. Thanks.

  113. At this point there is no excuse. Those are two intelligent men who would thrive in the “outside world”. It’s one thing to stay in hoping for better days. It’s another to let yourself be marched out and defend DM. They worked for LRH for crying out loud.

  114. Great point.

  115. You’ll see him on facebook. Just search his name. You’ll get him.

  116. Toby

    Let the CW folks help. Pass them out to people at the beaches and mercants. As soon as they see the words “Scientology” and “Free Heber” they’ll be all over it. The SP Times might show some interest, as well.


  118. I agree! If there is someone on this blog who has PERSONAL observations of Heber in the “Hole” and being mistreated, this is where it needs to start. Abuse that was personally observed of a senior citizen will impinge on Adult Protective Services. And if there are multiple reports from more than one observer, this adds weight to the concern. My parents had someone come to their house from Adult Protective Services based on a report from someone that they were being financially taken advantage of. I don’t know if this fits in with Marty’s plan but it should get someone in to see if Heber is OK…Vicki

  119. Axiom142 — you were in an org which by comparison was paradise.

    Mike was at the top — which was a prison camp.

    Getting out of paradise is pretty easy. Getting out of a prison camp requires some moxie.

    Prison camp – paradise? Not the same. Requires a different mindset to even fathom.

    I’m sure you can try though to see the differences.


  120. Not with children I hope Jim.

    I do not believe that the rest world believes that children are just “Thetans in little MEST bodies”.

    Several violations to the minor have been done. Once children services get a foothold in there a world of hurt is coming Miscaviges way. And that dipshit Wally Hanks should not be left with me in one room either.

    Any Scientologist at Gold Base that takes and took part in enslavement and abuse of children are to be scrutinized.

  121. Great show sir. Look around at some messageboards allready up to get an Idea of what the best set up is.

    Any smart young scientology computerwise folk lurking here who want to help ? This is the time you can make a difference.

  122. This just made me cry………can his family request an investigation,or demand that he be freed?

  123. You Scientologists always amaze me. What happened to man is basicly good ?

    Personnaly I do not have the believe that having worked fore someone makes you any different from you and me.

  124. A list of famous or influencial Friends of Heber could be made. Than a campaign of mailing them by independent Scientologists can be set up. With or without a short little personal expierience.

    But don’t wait for that people. If you have an Idea or Contact or Insight act up on it or set things in motion and use your friends or family as sparringpartners for your Ideas if nescercerry.

  125. Hello Fellow European, Welcome on board. Glad to hear you escaped the toxic enviroment too.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  126. That’s the spirit, working on different angles and contacts with endurance. If it at first doesn’t work keep at it. I am still waiting for anyone to come up with that LRH qoute about his definition of courage that I misplaced.

  127. Jeff to qoute a protest sign “It is worse than you think”

  128. Eleanor Gehrig

    Mike Rinder is now on my list of favorite authors. Write more soon, please.

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Heber several times in NYC in the 80s. What an incredible human being and unlike any other person I have ever met.


  129. Eleanor Gehrig

    Thanks for this, Bozz!

  130. wow Mike…what an inside scoop of mr. Morgan.

    The LAST person I think should have gotten any “black P.R.” from the church should have been Brooke Shields, and at the hands of Starkey, too funny. Is he still married btw? I met him and his wife way back, he came to my dad’s store in Beverly Hills to buy a few suits…then saw him a few times in ’03 though the Audio building at INT.

    That CC Int Memorial was a huge event production. They brought back the entire CC Gala stage, audio and visual, blocking the streets surrounding CC. DM did the entire speech with Tommy announcing what a big deal was that DM was actually doing it personally.

    TC and Connor were on the front row. I said hi to TC and it was funny how Connor behaved in a completely different way in from of his father…”too proper” I’d say if I was english.

    I said hi to DM actually that night, and I told Tommy (because it was just after the BBC came out), how I’ve been seeing his face on TV lately, and asked him how is it to work right under the boss?…He gave me a nice look with a little funny chuckle + smirk that said it all 😉 I guess now I have full conceptual understanding of what that meant.

    The Memorial ended with Heber doing the actual ceremony. He was announced just as the minister.


  131. Me three, Marty.

  132. OK, I’m studying the London Spring Lectures of early 53. They are describing the mechanics of space creation, energy, havingness/co-action/time and the particle of admiration and its role.

    From an issue in Tech Vol 1, 15 April 53, Admiration Processing he says: “The particle or flow of ADMIRATION should be slightly of the
    frequencies of WONDERMENT and ACCLAIM.”

    I cleared up admire, ad-to and mira-smile and with the above def from the above issue, worked out the particle with a little practice.

    The above issue gives this axiom as well; “Those things which are not admired, persist. Undesirable conditions persist until ADMIRED.”

    As can be seen from the recent revelations of Janela Webster, Back to Life (see the Scn Cult article recently posted by BTL), the above data on Heber, the circuit cases from Int on the AC 360 show, the various godawful descriptions of the suppressive acts perpetrated under DM and what’s bound to be even more in the coming days, and the inanity put out by the CofM to respond to these revelations, there is lots of stuff that is pretty hard to admire.

    There’s the rub. In the absence of admiration, that particle in a communication line between the terminals posed as above, the ‘uck’ over there as bad and you on the other side of the comm line, well those terminals ‘close’ and the unadmired uck comes and lands on you. Admiration opens them up again and you can discharge the ‘uck’.

    I’ve found it tough to admire this sh@# but as soon as I was able to separate the terminals and get admiration going between them, phsssttt, it dissipates and is no longer stuck to my face.

    That makes it easier to confront the next barrage. I figure we’re all going to be facing some even nastier uck until this suppressive is handled so I wanted to offer a suggestion to my buddies to make it easier.

    OK, back to study.

  133. War… Wonder about Greta’s email address? Her boss’s? those working near her? That would be interesting.

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  135. Just a thought; independents might consider “taking it to the streets,” to borrow from the song of the same name.

    Protestors with signs reading “Free Heber” carried by independents outside of local orgs would attract considerable attention on the part of the public, not to mention within the orgs themselves.

    Just think of the wordwide attention garnered by protestors with signs that read “Free Mandela” back when Apartheid was in full swing. Those efforts helped to educate worldwide opinion and in part lead to the downfall of that particular oppressive regime.

    Protesting Scientology does not carry the risks that it used to, thanks to the global efforts that have continued for more than the last two years.

    It could be the campaign that leads to the final downfall of DM.

    Just sayin’!

  136. Mike and Marty,

    When I read all those stories (AC, nightline, all the entheta that is hitting the fan, etc), I wonder:

    Isn’t Miscavige preparing an exit strategy?

    Of course he acts a bit stupid lately, made gross PR mistakes (like sending an accounting lawyer to represent him in a pr show…) but I am certain the guys is not completely stupid.

    What’s, in you view, the strategy is he pursuing? Do you think he still believes that he can fight and win against you, anonymous, the independents, the old guard, all the blow sea org members (who eventually will start to post)?

    I am certain he has read Sun Tzu. Isn’t he preparing an exit strategy? If I were in his position I’d start to evaluate my options…

    What do you say on this?


  137. In 1992 I was on full-time training at ITO when the Rodney King riots spilled into Hollywood. Course was called to a halt abruptly that afternoon and all the male students were sent down to the street level to form a perimeter around the HGB , the Knickerbocker (full of elderly residents) and nearby businesses.

    I was manning my position on the street, and happened to be standing just behind Heber while he briefed a local reporter. He said, “We have setup a perimeter along the street here and we are providing security for this area.”

    The reporter asked, “Who are these people?”

    Heber said with considerable authority, “These people are Scientologists! The police have left this area, but we are staying here to make sure everyone is safe.”

    I was very impressed to say the least. Heber is one of a handful of people I’ve met in Scientology where I’ve thought, “if that is what it means to be OT, then sign me up!” No one else in Int management inspired me like that.
    He commanded respect without demanding it. If this treatment he is receiving it in fact happening, that is tragic and a crime against all Scientologists.

  138. Marty did you get my message.

  139. J. Swift, in all fairness to Tommy Davis, his job appears to be much more difficult than Mike’s when he was the spokesperson. After all, Mike did not have to deal with the significant number of high-ranking former members that Tommy does. Tommy is obviously way out of his depth on this one; he simply doesn’t have the smarts or speaking ability to match people like Marty or Jeff, let alone several top level exes.

    Add to this that Tommy HAS to lie, KNOWS he’s lying and has to sell that to the public and a less accepting media.

    Tommy is certainly earning his $50 a week!!

  140. I’ve had a brief comm cycle with him recently, he hasn’t cognited yet and plans to do his solo Nots asap. God help him, he’s read my story and decided to disconnect… very sad…

  141. We must have met perhaps do you remember me? I left in 1994 to FSO

  142. My favourite Heber story is during Portland 85 when JT came to town to lend support. Obviously there was a bunch of media guys and it was a bit of a circus, but the local police were getting in a flap about very little, doing “crowd contol” on a crowd that needed no controlling. Heber just went up right up to the senior officer who was barking out unneceassry orders to any who would listen and asked him with perfect TR 1 “what is it you’re trying to stop?” It was just the perfect question to the right terminal. The officer snapped out of something and straight away there was calm and order. Heber, wherever you are, God bless you. There are many loving arms waiting for you.

  143. No. Heber was willing to honor his long-time friend Isaac Hayes.

  144. Contact has already been made with someone in Hemet. Random calls is not the way to go.

  145. Moving Forward

    I don’t know Heber well, but I got to work with him for about a month while I was on a project in the late 90’s. He’s a really amazing being and engenders admiration and respect naturally. I can totally see DM being jealous of this and of his position as an OL for Scientologists.

    I can’t do much, but I’m still connected, so I can start asking around about his whereabouts and why he hasn’t been seen publicly in so long.

    As for the memorial, I don’t believe that Heber would consider paying respects to Isaac as doing anything to tow any party line.

    I read a comment on one of these sites (possibly, I don’t recall now) about a woman who was dropping off or picking up her SO son at the Anthony Building and saw Heber. Her son didn’t even know who he was!

  146. You second paragraph does not apply in the UK. No tax-exempt status here for the reason that the Charity Commssion did not see the Church as providing a benefit to society. I’m curious – did Mike mention Heber when he spoke to BBC Panorama? AC360 have an invitation open for Mike – would it not be possible for him to edge it in – I’m just thinking along the lines of publicity!

  147. Human Rights

    Writing letters to Scientologists does not work well, because Facebook warns you after a couple of letters.
    Making groups like
    “Free Heber” or “Where is Heber?”
    would work better. Than looking up Scientology related groups like
    Than sending out invitations to join for the members of these groups and the friends of these members.
    The data page should be straightforward and with the least possible amount of “entheta”. Only facts in a very short way.
    You can send out large amount of invitation before you get a warning sign.
    Please, keep in mind that other Scientologists have wins from applying the tech, so let them have wins, do not enturbulate.

  148. I had wondered what happened to Heber. I last saw him in 2006 when I had a meeting with him at OSA Int. I sensed something wasn’t right then but couldn’t ask. I have worked with Heber since the late 70s on numerous activities via OSA Int. I am in to help in anyway you need it!!! I would defnitely classify this as an atrocity and one that needs immediate action.

  149. We need to get bumper stickers and T-shirts done … “Free Heber” and “Where is Heber Jentzsch?!” and note of a website people can go to and maybe sign a petition for law enforcement to investigate the matter.

    More CURRENT CoM members need to know about this. Anyone loyal to the subject and LRH is a friend of Heber. Make it known their OL is being held and caged by a tyrant!

  150. An additional note:

    The more and more I hear of David Miscavige the more and more I liken him to the false emperor in Gladiator. You know. You can be a loyal and dedicated Scientologist and still stand back, with half a brain and say, “ok this guy has ALL the money anyone can want, he can make people bark, beg and crawl on command, he has the MEST he wants, he has his fingertips on the priceless tech, he’s got celebrities as friends, he is one of the most powerful people in the world and likely so esp. with the tech under his rule. So ask yourself is there ANY ONE PERSON on this planet that can handle that much power and remain 100% in ethics? The short answer is NO.” Imagine the false purposes you are gonna pull in with that much stuff at your command with that much unhandled case, lack of admin and tech training … hence my thought about the corrupt emperor in Gladiator.



  152. DAVID!!! Wow…you did it! Good on you guy. You’ve helped so many people avail themselves of Scientology over the years and I know your value to any cause you deem as worthy. Great to see you here.

    Let’s talk soon.


  153. Dear Larry,

    Thank you so much for your post about the SCN corporate structure. For some reason, I had it in my head that there was no way to get DM off post from the inside. That idea came from info I got off of internet reports, that DM had undated signed resignations of all those top Int managers around him, and would immediately force anyone’s resignation if they voiced or were thought to be against him, (for any reason). This is in addition to being shipped off to far posts in Africa, or the RPF Gulags, or the SP Hole, or whatever other sadistic evil punishments he metes out for offenders to his evil plans. So I am so glad that you have posted here, so that I could change my postulate about how he could legally be removed from his “post”, that he created out of thin air and for his own megalomanic desires.

    I have been wanting to get in comm with you for a long time, as I have been very interested in the corporate structure, especially as regards CST. I am familiar with the names of those terminals that were used to set things up there, but how would one get data as to who is in charge of CST now? CST is this very “mysterious” entity to me, and I would very much like to know more about it, as probably would many other aware Scientologists.

    The other thng I am concerned about, is a post that another highly trained former FSO Tech terminal and long time Scientologist said: that he had it on good authority that DM has been socking away money,
    personally, in offshore accounts. I am assuming that would be accounts in his personal name in banks that would NEVER reveal his identity or allow anyone else to mess with these accounts except the account owner or holder. I personally know that LRH, through the original Flag Ship service and accomdations org, had bank accounts in Lichtenstein in the mid-seventies, as I cashed checks on the Flag Ship Apollo, and months later these cancelled checks would come back to my bank account marked with stampings of these banks in Lichtenstein. These are some of the most secretive and secure banks in the world, where the ultra-rich keep their money. Couple this with other reports about how, while LRH was on the Apollo and later, that DM was the courier for funds for LRH, and knew where all the bank accounts were, and my guess is that these accounts are set up in PT with him as the sole signatory, and with the possibility that he is the only one who knows where they are. I am afraid that he will “run off” with hundreds of millions if he blows, or is removed, and damage Scientology’s financial situation and SO Reserves. Any data on this or where it can be obtained?

    I believe that Scientology could quickly recover no matter how many millions DM would or could steal, but it bothers me that he has the capability of doing this, and spending hard-earned working Scientologist’s money, including mine, (I donated over $40,000 a few weeks before my “burn notice”), and I would like to know how this could be prevented, and you did touch on this in your post. I was very tired at about 2:00 AM while reading your post, and I will study it further, but if you have data on this or where to get it, it would be appreciated. I can be contacted through

    Thank you for your posts and for your concern for Heber. I met him and Yvonne Jentsch at the bare beginnings of CC when they were in a warehouse, and gathering from comments here, that would have been 8th or 9th street in LA. I would see him occionally over the years at various events, including the Call to Arms at Portland, and always considered him my friend, and he was always friendly and had interesting things to say to me.. The same with Yvonne — I would hear her speak at events and would always talk with her afterwards. They were two of my favorite people in Scientology at that time, and it is horrific to find out that Heber could have been, or still is in the “SP Hole”. What a travesty of human rights and human dignity and what an injustice!! I would do ANYTHING (financial or otherwise) to help get Heber out of there, and if anyone on this blog needs my help, just e-mail me at the above address. Count me in to FREE HEBER!!!!!!!!!!
    Heber, don’t worry, The Posse is coming to RESCUE you. You will soon BE OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!

    All my love to Heber, and Yvonne, (where ever you are),

    Lady Minn

  154. Patricia Curtis

    In 2008, Marc Headley provided a list of potential SP Hole occupants. Message board poster Little Bear Victor coached Susan (I’mGlib) and me to get as close to the CMOI trailer as possible during our protests at Gold and to address the inhabitants, in particular Heber Jentzsch. He said Heber would be touched by that. So, that’s exactly what we did. We took megaphones and in between chants of “Free Heber Jentzsch!” we personally addressed each person on the list. We said things like:

    To Mary Arbuckle: “Did you get the post cards and Christmas cards that were sent to you?”

    To Russ Bellin: “You didn’t screw up the e-meter. It never worked in the first place.”

    To Alison Biggs (Knapmeyer): “You have a friend on the outside who remembers the rugby team full of Sea Org members that you were on. Your friend misses you!”

    To Angie Blankenship: “You once tried to talk Jenna Miscavige out of blowing but it didn’t work. Now she wishes you would blow!”

    To Dave Bloomberg: “Your friend Jeff Hawkins told us what a nice man you are! He says you’re a big, dynamic Australian and you were very good to him at a very hard time. He can help you get your life back on the outside. You have friends who can help you start a new life!”

    To Pam Bolstad: “We know you’re not directly related to Maureen and Corrine Bolstad but you should know that Maureen is out and she’s is VERY happy! She was out here protesting just a few days ago, fighting for the right to see her twin sister.”

    To Pat Lawrence Buglewicz: “Your friend Chuck Beatty calls you the hardware guru of all time for INCOMM. There are good jobs available for you on the outside! You don’t have to stay here and be treated like this!”

    To Rick Cruzen: “No one should be forced to wear shackles! Get out of the Sea Org and be treated like a human being, not a slave!”

    To Russ Greilich: “Where is your wife Linda? Did DM force you to divorce?”

    To Greg Hughes: “You’ve been declared suppressive. Why stay here? Why not come out and join us free citizens and enjoy the rest of your life? Declare this base suppressive and get the heck out of there!”

    To Liz Ingber: “Liz, are you in there? You were once the Commanding Officer CMO Gold! How did you end up in the SP Hall? Liz, you’ve been in Scientology since the Apollo days – you knew Hubbard. If you’re in the SP Hall now, you KNOW this isn’t how you were supposed to end up.”

    To Mark Ingber: “Internet guru, everyone knows what’s happening to you in there thanks to the internet! You should see what comes up NOW when you search the word Scientology!”

    To Susan Koon: “The Key to Life flap was not your fault and you should not be paying such a huge price for it. This shouldn’t be happening to you!”

    To Kathy Lemmer: “You rose to the highest ranks on Scientology and now you’re locked up in the SP Hall. Is this ok with you? Is this what you got into Scientology for?”

    To Robert Lemoine: “You were forced to divorce your wife Suzie. THAT’S NOT RIGHT! We are out here protesting because of people like you – people who should NEVER be forced to divorce their spouses or abort their babies. Robert, GET OUT OF THERE! This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be!”

    To Guillaume Leserve: “Here’s what we know about you, Guillaume. We know that David Miscavige has physically assaulted and violently battered you — one of the highest ranking Scientologists on earth. Does that seem right to you? Guillaume, you are a leader and you know what to do. Get those people out of that room! This isn’t right!”

    To Janet Light: “Are you still hitting people? Get out of here and learn to be nice. People out here still care about you! Janet, did you know that thousands of people were exposed to asbestos poisoning from being onboard the Freewinds? You need to get off this base and get yourself to a doctor!”

    To Jenny Linson (DeVocht): “Jenny, listen to your heart. Stop lying to yourself and everyone else. The world has fallen in love with Jenna Miscavige because she had the courage to tell the truth. Jenny, stop making excuses for what Scientology makes people do and get out of there. The world will fall in love with you too!”

    To Aron Mason: “Remember Jesse Prince? He’s still out and he’s still happy. The same for Astra Woodcraft. The people who escape are happy and healthy. They haven’t died of pneumonia and they aren’t imprisoned in a cramped building and pooping in plastic bags. Aron, this isn’t right and you know it.”

    To Marc Yager: “A woman from the Film Area was ordered to run you down in her car. You had to jump over a wall to avoid being run over, and you broke your ankle in the fall. Is Scientology really working for you? You don’t have to take this any more. You have friends on the outside who will help you. Get out of there!”

    Anyway, the list goes on, but I wanted to mention that the next time we protested at Gold, Miscavige had installed those giant speakers around the compound that blasted us with the “Gold Tone” at about 120 decibels (7-second clip here: It was excruciating, but it didn’t stop us. The sound would cut out for a few seconds about every 10 minutes while the recording reset and we used that brief opportunity to shout “Free Heber! Free Heber!” The next time we came out to protest, the reset pause had been fixed and there were no longer the brief breaks. I’ve always felt our initial attempt to communicate with the Hole occupants must have been successful based on Miscavige’s aggressive response: acoustical weaponry. He clearly did not want anyone to hear what the protesters had to say.

    I am so glad to see this outpouring of love and concern for Mr. Jentzsch. I am especially glad that you are raising this issue among Independents. I don’t think protesting at Gold would ever accomplish Mr. Jentzsch’s freedom, but I wholeheartedly believe this group of people working together can and will do it. Best of luck to you all. Those being maltreated at Gold Base are never far from my thoughts and prayers.

  155. Haydn,

    I’d like to pitch in. I’ve sent you an email from Germany. I could translate…
    ML, Fidelio

  156. one of those who see

    If anyone inside is reading this. Please give Heber a hug from all of us. Tell him it is from the thousands of people who love him and appreciate all he has done.
    Thank you Mike for all the info. My God, what a wrong indication that horrible treatment must be for all of you. You, who have given so much, taken so much responsiblity.

    Some lyrics for Heber from “No one is Alone” from the show “Into The Woods”

    Sometimes people leave you.
    Halfway through the wood.
    Others may decieve you.
    You decide whats good.
    You decide alone.
    But no one is alone.

    …Witches can be right, Giants can be good.
    You decide what’s right you decide what’s good

    …Hard to see the light now.
    Just don’t let it go
    Things will come out right now.
    We can make it so.
    Someone is on your side– No one is alone.

    Love you all.

  157. I sent this to Jane Jentzsch, Heber’s ex-wife who left staff after she was denied any contact with Heber for months. Hopefully she will find the courage to stand up for him and speak out. She can free him.

  158. I can’t blame him being screwed up out of existance.

  159. Maggie,

    Freedom of Religion was one of the many reasons we Declared Independence from Britain.

    ( not all were listed in the intolerable acts)

    Personally, I take affront at the fact that the Church of England is considered a “religion” while Scientology isn’t, despite what is going on currently with the Church.

    The fact is that the case is being heard in an American court and courts and Government here tread lightly when dealing with issues that may violate the “supreme law” which is the Constitution.

    Sure there are those who will hide behind the cloak of Religion, like scoundrels who seek refuge in “patriotism” and by wrapping themselves in the Flag, but they are few and are a small price to pay in exchange for Liberty.

  160. Yeah I remember when Heber was busted in Spain.

    A lot of the old GO guard said “here we go again!”. Harkening back to the days of the Scientology 11 but then Heber pretty much handled the situation on his own with remarkable poise and grace.

    Tommy is such a poor substitute to Heber but then again the whole Organization is nothing but a “shoddy substitute”.

    Check out the havingness scale.

  161. Victoria, it’s an excellent comment. Thanks for taking the time to express it, and I really found the parallels interesting. It’s interesting how the details may vary, but the basic principles (BANK! Tone Levels, Theta vs. MEST) are the same.

    Marty’s and Mike’s account about Heber has been sitting heavy in my heart since I read it. I am at a loss for words … now that’s not usual.

    It is the ultimate tyranny when amassed wealth is used to control by buyout, blackmail, and manipulation in the name of Spirit. add to that some knowledge of how the minds of men work, and the Evil is a formidable one.

    In the end, though …well, suffice to say that this very evil is also, unbeknownst to itself, working hard to do itself in. We can help it along by everything from shining the light to muscle. And a wonderful theta community to catch the thetans as they fall.

  162. <> Add to those what MACHIAVELLI mapped so well. 😦

  163. Yes it is < / 3 !!!!!!!!

  164. WOW! ☹

  165. I just saw that video again of you lot shouting Free Heber when that darn noise was playing.

    “Chanology works and helps people”

  166. Fellow Traveller

    You are telling me it’s tough to confront! There’s another killer reference from the 1st Melbourne ACC I think where LRH says that to cure a broken leg you must be willing and able to create a broken leg. I wish I had the exact reference; however it does follow directly from those axioms.

    I am on board to Free Heber. Now I just need to work on my ability to admire and be willing to lock up and (attempt to) degrade such a magnificent being…

    Thanks for some applicable tech here, MOQ.

  167. Thanks Cat Daddy …..Wow! I had no idea that such an org chart existed. Awesome! A wealth of information.

    Always love your comments. Keep ’em coming!!! My gratitude, again, for the org chart.

    ML, Lady Minn

  168. Freedom Fighter

    I took this to mean any SO members seeking asylum, not just Heber. Very cool offer, Marta!

  169. ☼ Love knows no limits. Love is Life. ☼

  170. Theo Sismanides

    Jim thanks! That’s so radical!!

  171. Elizabeth,

    Thanks, I had heard that as well.

    It would make sense as the Freewinds would be harder to get out of, except for the story of Don Jason as reported on the St Pete Times
    Man overboard: To leave Scientology, Don Jason had to jump off a ship

  172. Because OSA obviously reads this site and passes on information to Miscavage, I am worried that Miscavage might even have Heber killed to prevent him from getting out. I think it is important to move as quickly as possible to prevent this. My suggestion – and this already may be being done – is to contact as fast as possible, District Attorney and Prosecuter’s Offices, every government agency dealing with human rights violations, senior abuse, human trafficking, false imprisonment, etc.; missing persons organizations, independent human rights organizations. Do this quickly and in such volume that Miscavage will hold back on any further abuses to Heber because of the much greater chance that he will be found out and prosecuted. There will be so much attention put on Heber and this situation that Miscavage would feel that his hands were tied and that he couldn’t commit any further crimes without risking incriminating himself further.

  173. Axiom,

    You’ve asked a fair question — “Why did they stay so long?” I’ve wondered that many times myself.

    But as I’ve read more time/place/form/event accounts written by people who were in these gulags and under these levels of suppression–people who also could not let go of their original goals and loyalties to the group and their best friends–I began to understand better what they experienced.

    One of the best stories I’ve ever read that explains how they adjusted and adjusted and adjusted some more to ever-worsening conditions was written by “Back to Life.” Steve just published (her?) story at It’s very well written.

    BTW, I always like your posts.

    Just Me

  174. David,

    I know you! How wonderful to see you here.

    I have a lovely “dress-up” picture of you, me and six of our good friends at a table for eight at a SoCal CoS event in the late 1980s. Don’t worry — you were NOT my date. :=)

    I look forward to hearing more from you at Marty’s blog.

    Just Me

    P.S. BTW, your independence announcement here was plenty “grand.”

  175. RJ

    “Society, thirsting for more control of more people substitutes religion for the spirit, the body for the soul, an identity for the individual and science and data for truth. In this direction lies insanity, increasing slavery, less knowingness, greater scarcity and less society. Scientology has opened the gates to a better world. It is not a psycho-therapy nor a religion It. is a body of knowledge which,

    when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard, “The Creation of Human Ability”
    Los Angeles: A.S.H.O., 1971, page 251

    (This was later removed from later editions circa 1974)

    Scientology only will be a real religion when it outgrows the church.

    When it is stripped of all dark enterprices I see no difference between Scientology and any othe religion getting some tax exemption. But where it stands with this Maffia like cult that calls itself a church I will have non of it.

    Freedom of Belief-System is more accurate a description.

    If Independants an Freezoners want to practice their beliefs they have that Freedom.

  176. I miss Heber. He was always a good guy when I knew him, unflappable, well spoken, and a great storyteller. At one event he spoke at, he sang The Impossible Dream. Whole new meaning to that now.

  177. Is that the same person as Karen DeLaCarriere who used to be married to Heber? I saw her respond to some post not that long ago.

  178. Not waiting!

  179. Veritas,

    Beautiful. ….”Even if saving you send me to heaven” Love it!

  180. Sinar,

    I thought about that too. We could speculate that possibly this is a good sign that he would be sent somewhere where he couldn’t blow from as this could indicate he voiced wanting to leave. This we do not know.

  181. Compassion with stones.

  182. Throwing an idea in… “free Heber” t’s, sold via and/or cafe press. All the money going to the help Heber fund. Could make for nice coordinated wear at anon protests…”Free Heber” on the front; “free yourself – call 1-866-XSEAORG” or something along these lines on the back.

  183. TheEmperorIsNaked

    He may have some power. But he is still afraid. He is still surrounded by FBI agents and Martians. He still can’t complete a cycle of action.

    He has already pulled that in, and this performance will only amp it up. I almost feel sorry for him. But he has to go. And he will help.

  184. Nope. Different person. Heber remarried in late 80

  185. She has a blog … but I think she blocks anything with the word “scientology” in it…

  186. Welcome David!

    I’ve just registered and pointed it at

  187. Here is a new post on ESMB, that I think is very empowering for people who want to take action but are not sure what they are legally empowered to do. I have copied Alanzo’s OP, and the empowering response:

    Originally Posted by Alanzo:

    “TEoS, with all due respect, and I have a lot for you, I see this kind of apathy and misownership of repsonsibility all the time.

    As citizens, whether a crime is prosecutable is not our problem. That is the job for a prosecutor, and a grand jury, to decide. Not me or you.

    Our job as citizens is to report crimes to law enforcement when we have knowledge of them.

    In cases of domestic violence and other similar types of cases, prosecutors do not need for the victim to testify against their violent spouse in order to bring charges or even get a conviction. They can bring charges and win cases based on evidence. They do not need the victim to bring the charges or to testify.

    Abused spouse syndrome applies heavily here, and I would think that law enforcement would know that.

    Because law enforcement has been so ABSENT regarding all these crimes of the CofS, too many people think they have to “wear their hats”. They don’t.


    I have to strongly and completely disagree with this part of your post:

    “As citizens, whether a crime is prosecutable is not our problem. That is the job for a prosecutor, and a grand jury, to decide. Not me or you.”

    Quite the contrary, it is anyone’s problem. Many countries, including the United States provide for anyone at all to make a Citizen’s Arrest.

    In the US in particular, any felonious conduct such as assault, is open to Citizen’s Arrest.

    I see the “tell the authorities and let them handle it” attitude you are promoting as encouraging passivity and an abdication of the true responsibility of citizens which is to actively intervene in lawless actions they see taking place.

    You yourself are exactly promoting “apathy and misownership of responsibility” with your statements that “it is not our problem”.

    Miscavige could long ago could have been arrested for real by anyone who saw him assault another. Since he often did this in the presence of witnesses, if people were fully informed of their rights under the law and the Constitution, they could have jumped him, tied him up, and delivered him to law enforcement at any time, years ago, and it would be completely legal.

    Unfortunately, the government and the law enforcement “authorities”, in their zealto create a passive and easily managed “spectator” populace, have for decades been “educating” the American public away from responsible action and towards passive acceptance of crime, so most people are not aware any more of the realities of their rights to make this kind of arrest.

    Here are some links relating to “Citizen’s Arrest”:
    Edit/Delete Message

  188. I second that beautiful “Even if saving you send me to heaven” Thanks for posting it.



    by Heber Jentzsch

    Do you remember proud Elisya?
    Do you remember the space cookers on the other side of Mars? The roar of winds that rushed before the war dimmed the stars?

    Do you recall the fall trees of Jupiter when they spread their branches above the Spaceport wall of the great ships? And do you remember when we all gathered and sang the songs that shook the halls where we shook our secret grips?

    Do you remember Jupiter in the light of the four moons before the serpent came? The proud men of Lo, Callisto, Europa and Ganymede who had never lost the battle game? Remember proud Elisya who rode the mother ship, the proud eagle of Lance? Bright Elisya who broke the bore and crushed the battlers with a glance?

    Do you then remember her consort Diadon who swore the fealty oath on the glaxay rim? When all of us stood holding the purple robes and the silver probes to Coradin? Diadon was the admiral brave who led us through the black brimmed haze. Who found the way among the broken ships and stars and solved the electronic maze.

    We were proud then before the storm of fire.
    We were brave then and would never tire.

    We were few but hardly small.
    We fought them on the mall.

    Now we have come from out the long sleep and follow him who never slept. We have come from across space deep. Into time again we have stepped.

    And there is the game!
    There is the Game!
    And there is life!

    This is life!

    And we climb the spiral stair
    Following the flaming hair.

    We lift from the face of earth.
    We have regained our loss of mirth.

    We fly against the rage of hate.
    We build, we know, we create.

    And this is the game!
    It was ever the Game!

    Do you remember Proud Elisya and Coradin?

    This was in ADVANCE mag issue 76. It has always resonated deeply with me.

  190. bob Johnson

    FOS – You’re absoultey correct about DM being in the valence of a Roman emperor. They have a lot in common. Here’a a video clip of how Miscavige would beat any one (via a subordinate) who dares to laugh in his face:

  191. bob Johnson

    As a sort of tribute to Heber, watch this video clip. The Heber-related part starts at about 4:35 into the video. Heber’s doing what he did best. And yes, I was there too.

  192. AlexMetheny

    Helmut you da MAN!!!

    It would be great if you could have Helen write me at


  193. Would this be a good Heber rendition?

  194. Virgil Samms

    So, If Jane Jenchz is out of the Sea Org we need to get a hold of here and I mean ASAP. Anyone got a lead on her at all? She is apparantly not on facebook. How can we find her?

  195. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Dave Miscavage has rocked his own boat so savagely , all he see’s are loose cannon’s amongst him. Heber being one of these loose cannon’s, has been placed “securely” in International Waters. This is Dave’s only means of ensuring that particular cannon will not fire off and shoot him wickedly in the ass like Marty, Mike, Amy, Tom, Jeff, Myself and the many others who have and continue to shoot! I suggest someone radio the Steve Irwin and ask that it divert and set course to the Freewinds and toss a few of their “stink bombs” on deck. If the public were only aware of the obvious…. How Dave Miscavage has flipped the use of the Freewinds from “Going OT in a completly disctraction free environment” into “The new SP HALL in International Waters completly away from Law Enforcement and Legal Threats”. Don’t think for a second Dave has not realized how conforting for him it is to have the Freewinds ALWAYS in International Waters where he can use it primarly for the hoarding of Int Base/ Int Management loose Cannons! — Jackson

  196. I’ll be emailing you, Haydn. I’d definitely like to help.

  197. Soon as I get a chance I’ll put together something that can be printed. Then anyone who wants to help can print some up and distribute them in CW, in LA near the complex, in E. Grinstead, and near any other org.

  198. Uh, that’s “enjoyed,” not “enhoyed.” Maybe enhoying is what happens when the enjoyment is ruined by your overts. 🙂

  199. A song is a great idea, CD. Any song writers out there who want to take a stab at this?

  200. That gave me shivers….of angel wings.:)

  201. Bob Johnson, thank you for posting this tribute to DM. That is pathetic and hysterical at once. The Gluteus Maximus Award, quick! a round of trumpeting arses at once.

  202. “Scientology only will be a real religion when it outgrows the church.”

    Great post, CD.

  203. I read the story about Don Jason. The SP Times documented it nicely. Anderson Cooper should read it before he does any more reporting on this scene. So much for the people speaking out having been “kicked out.” It’s quite the opposite, of course.

  204. Heber was in Clearwater two years ago filing suit against a starbucks employee and 50 John Does… He looked pretty free when he went to the courthouse…

  205. I agree that he should be free from this oppressive regime reminiscent of the old communist and fascist systems.

    But who says that he is INTERESTED in getting out of CofM?

    We have a lot of OPINIONS on his behalf, but what are the FACTS?

  206. RJ,

    I’m well aware the case is being heard in a US court! I was alluding to the fact that perhaps if a similar claim or claims were pursued in the UK in future there may be a different result and not a good one for Miscavige!

    I don’t understand why you feel it necessary to start attacking my country and other religious organisations when I simply came to Marty’s blog to offer support. My country has “freedom of religion”!!! If the “mafia-like cult” image was removed from your Church and they ceased acting more like a business by charging its parishioners thousands of dollars to acquire knowledge within that religion (not just the price of a bible) then they would be recognised as providing a benefit to society in the UK!!

    As far as I’m aware The Church of England does not have prison camps or prevent its parishioners from leaving either physically or mentally by using blackmail from information garnered in confessionals!! The Church of England does not send out “handlers” to insult and bullbait people who protest against abuses, or take photographs of them so they can track them down and “fair game” them. I’m not a member of the Church of England but I can confidently say there is no sense of fear surrounding them!!

    Marty – I hope you know what I think about you as a person and I wish you and your family peace and happiness and success in your fight for Heber’s freedom. I think it best if I don’t frequent your blog in future!

    FYI – Heber’s name has come up many times over the years on WWP – it’s one of the many reasons Anonymous protest – for people like him!!! How ironic that Tommy Davis et al refer to Anonymous as a “hate group” when they are anything but.

  207. Martin Padfield

    At 2.03, carrot-top fella was on the RPF at the time!

  208. Dear David,

    Well, it is great to meet someone on this blog that got into Scientology around the same time I did! I read DMSMH, staying up a few days and nights, and then went into the nearest org, 60 miles away, on September 30, 1971, where I signed up for a Pro-TR’s course, and the next day, came back and bought two intensives of auditing. I commuted every day for months to do the training, was put on the HAS course, followed by the Pro Tr’s and started my auditing. By 1973 was original OT IV at AOLA. Those were the days!

    Things have changed a lot, otherwise we wouldn’t be here on this blog. Welcome to the movement to reform the Church back to the way it was in those days: Days where the main emphasis was on getting the technology delivered and where one was cared for as a being, instead of how much money one can donate. The spirit of those days is here on this blog. For me it has been a healing experience, and I feel cared for as a thetan, and know that you will, too.

    Thank you so much for Some day we will be reunited with him and I am sure he will be very grateful for what you have done.

  209. Free Heber now

    I’m with you in the name of Ron. 2

    Jean-Baptiste MICHAUT
    3 rue Raoul Nordling
    92200 Neuilly sur seine

  210. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words!

    This is the picture — the picture of my postulate for DM!!!

    You have done it, THANKS!

  211. How very sad to hear (I believe) the strong voice of Norman Starkey as the narrator on this Portland clip, juxtaposed in my mind to the whining shrill voice I heard on the recent CNN 360 series.

    How very different was the spirit only a mere 25 years ago. Everyone who could came to Portland. Others willingly gave money, financing others to come.

    dm would be hard pressed to get 30 people together to put on a protest.

    Heck, the voice of scn, Heber Jentzch has been silenced. Pat Gualtieri, major event coordinator, has been declared along with many of the key Portland players.

    Looking ahead to the next 25 years — let’s make sure our voices are heard positively to revive this spirit and wish for freedom for all.


  212. Dear Cat Daddy,

    I absolutely loved that quote!! When I think of Scientology in it’s purest form, I think of it as a body of knowledge. That quote was so appropo!! It saddens me to think of it as being edited out. Do you think it was because it says Scientology is not a religion? We probably can’t blame this edit job on DM. Do you know who edited it out?

    Just realized that I had an older edition of The Creation of Human Ability, published by Pubs Org, 1976. The only words edited out are “nor a religion’, in the sentence “It is not a psycho-therapy nor a religion.” So I guess I have answered my own question about why it was changed. I then looked in the current edition of this book, one of the new Basics, and it is the same in there: “It is not a psycho-therapy. It is a body of knowledge, which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.”

    Thanks for bringing this quote, and the change, to our attention. It is very revealing.

    The original copyright of The Creation of Human Ability was 1954. I don’t know what the time was for Scientology to become a “religion”, but I cannot thank you enough — it is one of those bits of data for which I treasure this blog.

  213. God I Love this group!

  214. Dear Jim Logan,

    Your posts are always so great! Thank you very much for this one. I was experiencing the phenomena you descibed of the “uck” getting stuck to your face. Your reminder of what admiration does with your references is handling this for me. It made me think of the Scientology Axiom 24: ” Total ARC would bring about the vanishment of all mechanical conditions of existence.” I was trying to think how I could get higher-toned about all of this, and I think your admiration references are the way to go, along with “What is Greatness?”

    Also, in your earlier post after the Tommy Davis statement that “there is no disconnection policy”, you got very angry and cussed and then apologized. I wanted to write you then and say “Don’t apologize”. You used the same words I would like to have used and would have used if I didn’t have the word “lady” as part of my blog name. I also said some very strong things in anger. When I watched the show I actually went into a rage. you may have seen my post about the Disconnect Letter that my son wrote to me when he was 14. What I want to say is this:

    My viewpoint is that we are all coming uptone as we progress here, and I have been coming up through anger and rage and antagonism band, that’s for sure. But it is so much better than the apathy, covert hostility and the unexpressed resentment that I was in. I got angry enough to finally create the website Mom’

    As we come uptone, we will get into those bands, if we haven’t already, where we can as-is the things we are objecting to: the abuses of the tech and the mistreatment of staff and public. And the band where our postulates work, as it appears they are beginning to do. With your wonderful knowledge of the tech and your posts you have definitely brought me uptone, to the point where I don’t feel I have taken sides; we (Scientologists) are all on the same side; we want to Keep Scientology Working. Those of us inside or outside of the Church, whether by our choice or being kicked out of the group, are doing what we can to preserve the technology in it’s purest form and to keep LRH’s Legacy of the Tech alive for the future of all. You have done so much to get me out of those lower bands and for this I thank you from the bottom of my thetan.

  215. Having slept on it, I wonder if “Free Heber” is the right slogan — the right rallying cry.

    Heber was/is one of the most causative beings we’ve known. Yet the above slogan makes him Effect. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you really want people telling you: “You are effect. A victim. We are telling you that and we want you to leave.”?

    I know I wouldn’t.

    Perhaps a more effective slogan would be:

    “Help Us Heber!”


    “Heber, We Need Your Help!”


    “Heber, Miscavige Is Beating People”

    Let’s appeal to Heber’s innate causativeness.

    My 2 cents.

    p.s. I felt this way about the “Free Katie” and other appeal-t0-victim slogans for anyone. People hate being victims — it’s not their true nature. So let’s appeal to who they really are — causative beings. Not with blame, shame, regret … but by inviting them to look and take causative responsibility.

  216. Patricia C,
    The speaker blasts are a dramo of Fac One (that’s a whole track implant).

    While I appreciate the idea of freeing the guys up ‘inside’, having been inside I’d say all that chanting with its mixed messages, was successful in restimulating Mr. Mind, the reactive mind, on both sides of this equation.

    It’s sort a like the court cases that attack Scientology or the CofS. While there are wrongnesses to deal with, mix up that with some destructive intention and the frequencies are dissonant, and less effective thereby. You end up in that contest with ‘win/lose’. Those that win will lose, those that lose will win. It’s rigged that way.

    If, as anonkatdaddy has alluded, this is ‘chanology’ applied, it doesn’t ‘work’ and it doesn’t ‘help’ people.

    Affinity, Reality and Communication would up if the message had R for those ‘inside’. They are Scientologists and Sea Org members, Scientology is their R.

  217. His name is on Facebook, he is there.

  218. Maggie,

    You are absolutely correct on the points you make.

    I wrote to Miscavige and others from the UK some years ago telling him he was dreaming if he thought we (C of S) were ever going to be approved as a charity, we just don’t fit that pattern as things stand. Needless to say my letter didn’t go over too well.

    I also pointed out that the correct channel was to re-apply under the Places of Religious worhip Act.

    I did however point out that exiting British law afforded Scientology certain rights and tax exemptions (Value Added Tax for example). Years later Miscavige came around to that idea and Scientology got V.A.T. exemption in the UK but instead of returning the millions of pounds in refunds back to the British parishioners Miscavige stole the money.

    I was also involved in gaining and maintaining property tax exemption for our church in Birmingham based on both religious and educational grounds. The local government had no problem with that once they saw the materials.

    Britannia’s multi-cultural freedoms are there to be enjoyed, she has come a long way in that regard and her hospitality is second to none. If an American were visiting Britain and happened fall ill or break a leg in an accident they would receive medical treatment and be released when well with no questions asked and at no charge. The British people pay for the treatment of the visitors to their country. That is not the case in other countries.

    I love the place. Taxes aside, it’s the most free place I know.

  219. i am not nor ever have been scientologist, as a matter close to 40 years ago i took a preliminary test and when they came to talk to me after was asked to leave and never come back. not sure why. i love Life and am full of appreciation for this opportunity to Be. i have a farm close to montreal and would like to also offer space as sanctuary to anyone who feels persecuted and needs a place to chill. must be legally in country and able to help around a bit. love to all. Ladyd

  220. Dear Patricia,

    Thanks for the data above. I met Greg Hughes one time at a WISE seminar at Flag before he joined the SO, and had no idea he was at Int. It is hard to imagine him being there under those conditions. He struck me as a decisive, action oriented fellow. I so hope he gets out.

    Thank you for your protest to help all those people. That must have taken some courage and nerve. You were right there at the Devil’s Door. VVWD!!!!!!

  221. Great memories. Being from Berkeley, I thought we were going up there to riot but I learned that there are other ways to change conditions. Which is what we are doing today.

  222. Dear Bob,

    I was there, too. Watching this video rehabbed so much for me. Also, Parts 2 and 3 on YouTube. Thanks – didn’t know this existed!

    Also, WH, thanks for the data that this was the voice of Norman Starkey. Also, knew Pat Gualtieri, and did not know he had been declared.

    I wrote hot checks to go to Portland, and started making them good while on a layover in Denver, getting an A/P on some services from a client over the phone. Also became a lifetime member of the IAS while there. I was already a lifetime member of HASI. Wrote a hot check for that, too, when told it would take a long time to get back to my bank. Months later, when the check came from England it was good. It is amazing that Scientologists like us would get declared. I put myself at financial risk so many times, for Scientology, over and over. When I got declared, I had just spent over $40,000 (not including expenses, in donations to Flag and several other entities, and when they comm Ev’d me a few weeks later, I had to write a hot check for the copies for my Comm Ev. This may be too much information for most of you, but I have a lot of charge on the financial hardships I put on myself, my son and my family, only to be declared after doing so. I know those others at Portland who gave so much of themselves in time, money and effort who have been declared, feel the same way. But, we did show up and we did win, and we got validated by LRH in an ED called WINNING, and THAT, David Miscarriage (of justice) can never take away from us.
    My love to all who were there in Portland, and to Heber, who was our leader there, and to all those who stayed behind and manned the orgs and did the all night vigils., you have my very best postulates and wishes for the brightest of futures.

  223. Bhudism is not a religion either in the strict sense that one worships a creator and it gets tax exempt status in most countries around the world. It is a religion by proxy meaning it acts as a religion wanting to better men and the world by providing a system of beliefs to live by. I will leave you this qoute.

    Albert Schweitzer:

    “Let me give you the definition of ethics: it is good to maintain life and to further life. It is bad to damage and destroy life. And this ethic, profound and universal, has the significance of a religion. It is religion.”

  224. Somehow I picture Judge Judy for it.


    Two independents have secured the domain names of and
    I have secured What we need now are ideas and expertise to covert these into useful vehicles. One idea someone mentioned was the creation of a petition website people could to and sign the demand that Heber be freed. Sounds like a good one.

    Anyone with other viable ideas or the ability to make these ideas a reality should contact me at or and I will string the lines between the different contributors.

    As you may gather, independents are not strong on collecting donations, perhaps we now have a natural aversion to such. What we would rather accept is active participation.

  226. If Heber is indeed being held against his will in the “SP hall” or “the hole”, something needs to be done about it. I just hope that if someone from the outside asks him if he’s being held against his will, he will say “yes”.

    One of the biggest enemies we will have to combat to putting things back to right, now and in the future are OSA’s black ops. I’ve just written an new article on another way to detect them you might find useful.

  227. For some reason this seems appropiate :
    “I am He as You are He as You are Me
    and We are ALL together” by The Great
    John Lennon.

  228. Patricia Curtis

    Hi Jim. Thanks for your response. I’m not sure why the ‘chanology’ reference was made because I am not Anonymous (as much as I love them). I’ve offered my real name from the start (hence, no anonymity for me). I am and always have been a human rights activist, and my work in protesting has been focused NOT on your religion but on the alleged abuses.

    To tell you the truth, I don’t fully understand the concept of Mr. Mind, the reactive mind. I have a very good grip on my mental facilities and I can deal with blips and upsets in life quite efficiently. I struggle with the idea of having to carve out an area of my mind in order to do this. And maybe that makes me naïve in the Scientology was of thinking. And maybe we screwed up with our chants out at Gold. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I believed the stories that were coming out of Gold and I did everything in my power to raise awareness, both publicly and politically. If I did it wrong, I still had great intentions, and I still worry about those people every single day. This is an abominable example of man’s inhumanity to man – using a person’s eternal salvation as a tool to control them. Mr. Rinder’s portrayal of Heber Jentzsch’s treatment makes me ill. I did what I could to stop it, but as I admitted in my original post, protesting at Gold is not the way to effect Mr. Jentzsch’s “freedom”. Your voices are all that can make a difference now.

  229. Lady Minn,
    From the bottom of my thetan, you are welcome.

    It’s kind of tough rising up the Chart of Attitudes and gaining a pan-determined view of all this, especially when there are times where you wanna just hold a couple of terminals in proximity and apart and well, just let it fly at a nice crispy making frequency.

    Admiration as a frequency works much better to terminatedly handle. Phhsssst, bye-bye charge, bye-bye terminals, bye-bye mechanical conditions of existence.

    We’re all moving on up a little higher and it’s better.

    Again, my sincerest welcome and to you thanks.

    p.s. I think I’ll make some crispy at some point on this disconnection bs. Wink! As an ‘angel’ I have two-faces 🙂 otherwise no randomity.

  230. You made me smile Jim. you still get caek and hugs.

  231. Well Maggie,

    Then you should know that Guy Fawkes, the man whose mask you wear at protests was a victim of Religious intolerance perpetrated by the Church of England against the Catholic minority which was the reason for the gun powder plot that is celebrated in the movie which is based in the graphic novel “V”.

    Maybe I was mistaken but you seemed to take pride in the fact that Scientology was not recognized as a religion in Britain.

    So I thought I’d retaliate with some counter-jingoism.

    Not to reignite the American Revolution or anything like that but you got to understand some of us are touchy on Constitutional issues and recommendations by foreigners that we abandon certain aspects of it.

    A big one these days seems to be the second more than the first.

    Anyway we are definitely in agreement on the point that the Church of Scientology is currently not acting as a religion but as you say more like the Mafia with Miscavige as its Capo.

    That said. The fact is we should distinguish these crimes from the religion itself, since they are not the Religion of Scientology.

  232. Chuck Beatty

    Thankyou Marty and Mike for this report on Heber.

    I’ve relayed it to scholar/religious leaders, asking them to consider doing a group letter to the LA Times asking for Scientology to let Heber go.

    Mike and Marty, I’m inviting those religious leaders to speak to you both, and particularly you Mike.

    Hope you both will brief them on Heber personally.

    I’m sure those who are Heber’s long term religious friends will find some words to say about how he’s been treated.

    Scientology if it’s going to be a religion has to behave like one.

  233. The Idea Jim is to plant a seed of doubt. Doing nothing is no option.

  234. Barack Obama:

    “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”

  235. WomanSetFree

    You know I’ve been wondering about Heber for years…even before the SP times and Nightline interviews. Thanks for all the info, everyone. Count me in too – FREE HEBER, NOW!!!

  236. WomanSetFree

    Religious FREEDOM, NOW!!

    Takes on a new meaning in light of current events…

  237. War and Peace

    No Maggie, NO.
    Please do not leave this community and BLOG.
    The whole point of a blog like this is the multi-viewpoint system which permits a 360 degree view and you made some excellent points, your viewpoints are valuable to the many.

    Yes, the Church of England would NEVER ever have a “BLOW DRILL” ~~ a mechanism designed to send a bunch of staff to capture you back to the base. It is a sort of kidnap with co-ercion and threats that you will never be able to talk to family again and be disconnected from everyone you ever knew and so on.

    COS blow drill staff act as if they were designated US Marshalls with the power to recapture you.

    MAFIA CULT is a good phrase for what the current Church under Miscavige has morphed into.

    I enjoyed your comparisons with the Church of England.

    Please stay with us on the blog.

  238. one of those who see

    Monte, Thanks so much for the poem by Heber. Already have read it twice. Love it! Really hit home for me too.
    And Bob, thanks for the Portland Video. I was there too. Kind of a new Scientologist at the time. When I saw Melanie – I thought “this is like Woodstock without drugs! Fell in love with the Italians from Milano Org in Portland. Love their spirit. Marty. Thanks so much for creating this Blog and for initiating freeing Heber.

  239. one of those who see

    Perfect, Sarge!

  240. My apologies if in my enthusiasm I created some misunderstandings.

  241. “I like the idea of a fund where we can flow money to get the ball rolling.”

    @Jack Airey:

    Dennis Erlich might be able to help out with this. He has a tax-exempt church by the name of inFormer ministry. He has said before on ARS that he would accept money that would be tax-exempt to the giver, and would forward the money to Anonymous. I’m sure he would join this humanitarian effort for Heber.

    His e-mail address is

  242. Perhaps WE WANT HEBER !

  243. Jackson, the “Steve Irwin”?

  244. Patricia,
    Wow, what an incredible answer! First thing on the ‘chanology’, I took that from CD’s response, my apologies for assigning it to you.

    Next, the reactive mind is an analogy, same as the analytical mind. It’s all ‘mind’, that is, pictures and machinery to pose and resolve problems related to survival. In the Original Thesis of Dianetics the analogy of these two minds is made.
    I heartily recommend that thesis as a fundamental to the whole of the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.

    So, it’s not like there is a distinct ‘thingie’ somewhere in your head with a label ‘reactive mind’ but it’s the totality of the traumatic experiences in life. They can influence your present calculations, thoughts, computations about what’s going on around you.

    As far as your help to those at Int, I apologize again for any diminution of either the intention or the action.

    I know a whole lot of that list of people you had and comparing what was said to my own reality on those people I can say that it would not be wholly real to them, since they are there out of a strong and sincerely felt purpose as Scientologists and Sea Org members. In other words, any negative Scn stuff well, it ain’t gonna fly pretty much with a surety.

    Anyway, Patricia, from your post here, I can tell you with surety, I have great respect and affinity for you as a being and I’m sure we can tweak these efforts and likely get across to those you want to get what it is you want to get to them.

    You can write me at my home email and I’d love to help with what you are doing.

  245. You look up “insouciance” in the dictionary and you see a picture of Greg Hughes. If anybody knows his whereabouts I would dearly love to say “Hi” to him and Debbie.

  246. I heard that Greg Hughes is out of the Sea Org and was not declared SP. I do not know his current status or his current views.

  247. Patricia,
    One little note on my post. There is a Tone Scale in Scientology that has way down on the thetan plus body tones a point called propitiation. I’m not there.
    In my apologies I intend to acknowledge my miscalculations and any wrong indications to you. Not kiss your…well, you know the rest.

  248. Awesome!!

  249. One of those who see, You see good! MLV

  250. Monte that was awesome!!

  251. Freedom Fighter

    This site offers free petitions:

    and even has a category for human rights. It could be linked to from

  252. In reading all the warm loving compliments and memories about Heber expressed here, I’m reminded of a saying out of on old movie. A movie I’m sure most of us all know well and love, a movie called “The Wizard of Oz”:

    “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.”

    What does that say about how much heart Heber must have?

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  254. War and Peace

    Government Agencies respond to a NUMBER of Complaints. A little trickle does not cut it.
    The volume of repeated reports on criminality, no matter how big the organization leads to downfall.
    Giants like EnRon, Madoff with his billions, fell on whistleblowing reports.
    AIG is currently being threatened with it and has capitulated in propitiation.

    When criminal actions are filed against an organization it is often a death sentence, bankruptcy can be survived, criminal prosecution can be death knell.

    Combined with multiple reports the media are really onto the abuse. This makes Law enforcement feel more comfortable in pursuing action, as the public is on their side.

    It is not right that in the 21st century, some 400 people are kept captive at INT BASE under the power and whim of a monster.
    Marc Headley, Little Bear Victor, have been reporting the sadism for YEARS

    For those who want to report CRIMES and ABUSE , your report counts.
    Click here ~~

    Then click your city and fill in the form.

    Number of reports = Results.

  255. Jackson,
    A vessel can’t remain at sea always.
    Freewinds must put in for fuel and stores, to receive and debark passengers, etc. At that time they are subject to the national immigration and customs laws of the port of call.
    If Heber has signed aboard as crew, these laws apply to him.
    Any legal or human rights issues (such as crew not being paid, someone without a passport or someone the police, for instance, want to talk to) will cause the port authorities to detain the vessel until same are completly cleared up.
    Once, a former shipmate reported the vessel I was working on to Interpol (the crew were a bunch of drug smugglers, she said) and they took her seriously enough to start an investigation, which only went as far as the cops contacting company headquarters.
    But if she had reported that a crewmember was aboard whom the owners were hiding from US authorities seeking to verify his welfare, that they were keeping him from leaving ship by taking his passport away, and who was a senior citizen to boot, well…

  256. Someone earlier on the comments section talked about how the US legally views religion and their tax exempt status VS. England. I wonder of those So members who are based in England, where the church is not recognized as such, could they have labor claims? Doesn’t it put a whole different spin on things legally because England doesn’t recognize the church at all? This would also apply for all the other countries that haven’t granted religious exemption to the Church.

  257. Tim H said: “If Heber is indeed being held against his will in the “SP hall” or “the hole”, something needs to be done about it”.

    Forgive me if wrong, but I think it does not matter if Heber’s being held is AGAINST his will or not. What constitutes the crime is the ACTUAL CONDITIONS and TREATMENT itself.

    Earlier posts said to call various agencies and report them. Even if Heber and all the people held in SP Hall, the Hole, whatever agreed that it was OK, it is NOT OK in the eyes of the laws to treat people like that. Then you add on top of that the “against their will” which is simply ANOTHER crime.

  258. Rory Medford

    What do you get when you add DM + SP?

    Dingbat Midget who Silences People

    add your own, feel free to great creative

  259. Patricia Curtis

    @”Not kiss your…well, you know the rest.”

    LOL!!!!! Darn! 😉

    Jim, thanks for the clarification. It actually makes much more sense to me now (in the context of the analogy). My own personal process for dealing with traumatic life experiences draws heavily from pre-Hellenistic Christianity and post-classical philosophy. I can see now what a handicap it was going into those protesting situations without a better understanding of Scientology and the mindset of Scientologists on the scene (whether it be occupants of the SP Hall, the guards, SO members, publics, etc.). But we didn’t know. I think we got better along the way, but some of it probably did sound pretty awful to those on the inside – and for that *I* apologize. I have officially retired from protesting, but I appreciate your extension of good will. The feelings of respect and affinity are mutual. Please let me know where I can be of help to you. I really do hope to see Heber living a better life soon. It seems all of you here are doing so well for yourselves!

    ❤ u, Cat Daddy.

    Thanks for your kind words, Lady Minn. (Btw, can you tell me what VVWD means? Is it another Scientology thing? I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary, but if *that’s* the meaning you were going for…um…thank you?) (lol!)

  260. Ken Hoden. I last saw him in 2008, he lives somewhere around the PAC Base. He looked awful and when I made a motion to move toward him so we could speak he deliberately turned away with that little smile of his. He looked beaten. Does anyone know what happened? Now I wish I had been more assertive.

  261. CD,

    In my opinion, Lesevre and Starkey deserve all that has been said about them. The moment they come to their senses and act on the side of truth and justice, they will deserve a loving attitude and I’m sure we will greet them with one.

    But at the momenet they are aiding and abetting a monster who is violating the human rights of thousands. Yes, Lesevre and Starkey are victims of DM. But they are not only victims, they’re also knowing perpetrators. People do have a choice. Lesevre and Starkey know they are lying, they know they are looking the other way as DM beats people, incarcerates them, humiliates them publically, forces fake confessions and forces others to ridicule people for invented crimes. Yes, they are weak, they are being vicimized, but they have no excuse for condoning and aiding in the abuse of countless people, including themselves.

    To put it differently, it is possible to have a loving attitude while holding them responsible for their participation, seeing them as they are, and evaluating accordingly. As soon as they leave the dark side and come over to the side of justice, I will welcome them with open arms and so will many others.

  262. CD,

    We all want to do something, and none of us think doing nothing is an option. So there’s plenty of agreement with your point. I think Jim’s point is that a communication that addresses the reality of the SO members would be much more effective at planting that seed of doubt.

    If an SO member hears the kind of chanting descirbed above, they are likely to stiffly discount it, to assign it to SP natterings, to consider it mere enturbulation. They will not then get the intended point. They simply won’t hear it. But a different communication, one that really speaks to their reality level, might be quite effective in awakening them.

  263. Patricia,

    I love your posts and I love Jim’s answers. What a great conversation!

    “VVWD” means “very very well done.” I don’t know what the urban dictionary thinks it means, but when Scientologists use it, that’s what it means. It’s a strong acknowledgment for good work or a good effort.

  264. Split, I think this is a great idea!

  265. Patricia C,
    We be chillin’. Do write if you like too.

    On VVWD, that’s very,very well done.

  266. Wow, great video and great memories! I was there too. Heber had strong, theta intention and was a great spokesman.

    But I can’t listen to Norm Starkey’s voice without hearing him slander the Indies and lie viciously on CNN. He’s going to have one hell of a long liability formula to do when he finally wakes up!

  267. JR, What was that suit about?

  268. Maggie,

    Please continue contributing to Marty’s blog! Your viewpoints are valuable and appreciated. Differences in viewpoints can occur when people are impassioned about the subjects discussed, and sometimes tempers can flare. But please be patient and stay with us. I (and I’m sure most of us) value a variety of opinions, data, and ideas. 🙂

  269. Good point, Margaret. Let’s try to think of something as catchy as “Free Heber” that doesn’t make him a victim, but that would do just as good a job of arousing curiosity.

  270. Free mind, what a beautiful offer!

  271. You’re so right, Sarge! But for some reason, all that makes me think of is a walrus. 🙂

  272. Excellent point, Tim.

  273. Lady Minn and Jim Logan wrote: “for this I thank you from the bottom of my thetan.”

    That’s like saying endless thanks, right? 😀

  274. Way cool!

    Jim, since reading a previous post of yours, I’ve been having great fun smiling at things. 🙂

    ” And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
    – And God saw the light, (WONDERMENT) that it was good:” (ACCLAIM)

    Then after that, dividing light from darkness, comes persistence.

    I feel great relief that so many of us have come such a long way. We deserve to acknowledge: we really went THROUGH this, and OUT the other side. Here we are! I have a lot of respect, pathos, compassion and admiration for the courage it took for each and every individual in the respective stories and adventures I’ve read. That was not an easy puzzle and maze to get through.

    In retrospect, with every trap or aberration from which I’ve unplastered myself, it was the theta, the aesthetic that got me every time. That was the same with the current atroocious state of the Co$. The Theta and Help, the dreams that candy-coated and honifies the evil.

    There’s another thing at work here with the Independent field, and that is the truth that the moment one can doing *anything* about it (exact reference please?) it is less suppressive.

    And also about OT, it’s no less OT to go over and swing a door open with your physical hands than all the other goodies effortlessly aligning in the universe by postulate (whcih is going on beaucoup mucho big time with us all! Sweet things in the works)

    And we can admire the “Uck” and “Ughs” by realizing that the ultimate Game will be the delivery and uplifting of all Life. WOW. That is some formidable trap muck to handle (wonderment! :-0 ), and it sure hurt like hell going through it, (ACCLAIM!) and we’ll DELIVER DELIVER DELIVER till there is no more roof…and eventually get to the more stuck ones.

    Just a thought.

    I guess. (to quote Marty and Marvin Gaye) 😉

  275. About this –> “it was the theta, the aesthetic that got me every time. That was the same with the current atroocious state of the Co$. The Theta and Help, the dreams that candy-coated and honifies the evil. ”

    really I can honestly have a lot of WONDERMENT over how they “got me” …and now that I SEE (ACCLAIM) Whoa. Now that we’re out if everyone, was that some trap or WHAT? All that Theta and aesthetic goals is what keep us there. What a formidable thing, using theta to trap! Wel, how else can a thetan betrapped!? I never went for cheese myself. But if cheese was wrapped in a sparkling luminous beautiful noble lovely package!? CHOMP, I’m there!!! and wondering why the indigestion 🙂

    Anyway …we need to take a huge win on sorting this all out — each by taking the first step to be true to INTEGRITY, and then, even at the thought we would be alone…voila` we found others, and the integrity was vindicated. And continues to be vindicated by snowballing truth everyday in the culture.

    and we’re not the only ones realizing that most of the crap that gave LRH and Scientology a horrible social perception is and was just that: crap, i.e. NOT Scientology.

    And we still have Scientology!

  276. Elder Abuse.

    Here is a website with excellent information about elder abuse. It definitely applies to Heber.

    In what locale would the jurisdiction be for Heber should a concern report be filed?

  277. martyrathbun09

    V, What’s going on?

  278. Patricia,
    On the analogy of the reactive mind I’ve given a longer answer on the new topic, One Million. I felt as if I’d given you short shrift in my response so I’ve added to it over there.

  279. It was Scientology suing to stop the Anonymous protests, by claiming they had received bomb threats and other threatening communications from the members of Anonymous. The suit was thrown out right away, but Heber was there at the courthouse to file it, and his picture made the ST Pete Times.

  280. Maggie, your presence is welcome here as far as I’m concerned.

    There’s more than one opinionated old fart here, of which I am one. Sometimes we shoot our mouths off first, then must explain ourselves later.

    Don’t take it personally, we mean well.

  281. I was to understand Guillaume Lesevre was declared suppressive and not in scientology. Then when he is seen at events he is in sp hall taken out for events. Now he is on ac 360 why wasnt he representing the sp’s? It doesnt make sense.

  282. Marty, ? are you asking about my comment here (hope I didn’t express anything unclearly in my rush?) or earlier email comm?

  283. WH,

    I spent most of my time at St Hill and I’m sure that you are right in saying in was a paradise in comparison to what went on at the Int Base.

    But that’s the point isn’t it? If a place feels like Hell, then how can that be Scientology? I was always told that anywhere with a bunch of on-source and in-ethics OTs would be so Theta that it would be a wonderful place to be. If someone is being a tyrant and handing out degrading and humiliating punishments to anyone who offends him, then this is clearly not consistent with the stated aims of Scientology.

    The real problem is not that Heber and all the others are being held against their will, it’s that they CHOOSE to remain there. If they truly wanted to leave, they could find a way. That’s why sending in the Feds or writing to your congressman won’t work – like the battered spouse, the victims will just say there is nothing wrong. That so many good, caring and able people have been so degraded that they cannot face up to the truth and say “No more!”, is the most sickening part of this whole situation.


  284. The conditions there is not the main factor. If he can leave at any time he wants, why doesn’t he leave those conditions? The police or any other authority will say: “yes, the conditions are bad here, why don’t you just pick up and leave?

    The question is not the conditions, the question is whether he’s being forced to stay in those conditions. There’s a lot of places on this earth where the conditions are real bad, the questions is, can you leave that environment or those conditions if you want to? If you can’t, then you are being held prisoner and the law is being broken. If Heber doesn’t want to leave, there is nothing anybody can do on the outside world.

  285. ” If Heber doesn’t want to leave, there is nothing anybody can do on the outside world.”

    Unless the authorities deem somebody, how do I put this gently, Not in a good condition to judge for himself.

  286. To Cat Daddy:

    “Unless the authorities deem somebody, how do I put this gently, Not in a good condition to judge for himself.”

    Right, if they feel he’s not in his right mind, then they might put him a state run facility. You have to watch out for that too or God forbid, a Psych.

  287. @41 I agree. My at random chanting was not a good example for what is actually chanted.

    The signs and little phrases have changed over the years at protests. It is very valuable to have people at protests who talk the language and understand what hits home. Exes in Australia have been valuable in that way as alsoo Terril Parc or Aida Thomas of the Free zone.

    It is known that the closer we come to the collapse of the church Exes and Indies and Freezoners are needed to get the ones out that are frightened and still in being held by false promisses and reign by fear.

  288. The question is always going to come down to: “if Heber is being treated so badly and the conditions are so bad, why doesn’t Heber leave?”.

    There is only three possibilities here:

    1. He want’s to leave but is being held against his will. At which case, the law is being broken.

    2. He want’s to leave but is not of sound mind and is saying that he wants to stay even though he doesn’t.

    3. He doesn’t want to leave.

  289. Smoke and Mirrors and acceptable Thruts. It is obvious the web of lies is untangeling and Mr. David Miscavige doesn’t have enough fingers to plug all the holes.

  290. It would be a temperary asignement of that condition.

    Tim now a days you can act as a guardian for such a person Especially Family members.

    Unless time stood still for 40 years in the states.

  291. I alsoo think it is better if he decides for jhimself to get out of there if he can. I certainley do not think Slappy will ever let him out after CNN.

  292. Ok, that’s good, I was just covering all the bases and throwing all the possibilities out there.

    Do you think Heber is not of sound mind and would say he want’s to stay even though he doesn’t?

    Which one of the 3 conditions I’ve listed above do you think is the case?

    Of course, there’s a 4th condition but I shudder to even bring that one up.

  293. A person who protests at Gold Base went in front of the Riverside Counsel on April 6th and presented part of the Anderson Cooper video to the counsel to try and wake them up on what’s going on:

  294. Thank you for your kind words, Just Me.

    I have my own ideas as to why people stay around for so long, even after suffering the most horrible abuses. But I’d still like to hear explanations from the individuals themselves as I think that this is the most important question to ask – and have answered.

    I’ve read ‘Back To Life’s’ story and it is very moving and goes some way towards providing an understanding of how this all is allowed to happen. But, surely we are talking about the most OT, aware and able beings on the planet here, how did they ALL go effect?

    Plenty of people say that Scientology is the most important thing on the planet, and yet no one seems to be able to prevent the destruction of the church being wrought by just one degraded being.


  295. I am trying to remember one of the vets in the SO who was a RA and a Kha Khan. He wished me good luck when I was routing out of the SO (1st time) in 1993. I then stupidly returned twice for more abuse. HE was a nice guy.

  296. I think he decided long ago not to desert his fellow inmates.

    but that is my estimation.

  297. Is it my Imagination or did Tommy Davis say at the end of this Video: “….whether you want to call yourself a Scientologist or not that is that’s a personal decision.”

  298. @ Tone 41 That was a very good argument. I can see that my oversimplification made me miss the point.

    I can see the craziness in their eyes though.

    You know what is being held over their head by DM.

    They are so immensly far gone.

    Now Tommy Davis and Tom Cruise those who live in LUXERY and LIE are the real pansies.

  299. Is there a way for those of us who don’t have PayPal accounts to chip in?

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  301. Michaut that’s good news. Add your name to the Indie 500.

  302. Why don’t you write to Citizens Commission on Human Rights, or CCHR ?

  303. CD,

    Agreed! TD and TC are certainly the real pansies.

    I’m not without empathy for Lesevre and Starkey and the rest. We know the suppression they’re under. It’s just that they are doing their part to pass it along to others.

    I like talking to you. You’re easy to reason with. 🙂

  304. CD,

    Good point. With all the Scientologists here on Marty’s blog, there will always be people to run things by, and we can help make sure the communication will hit the reality level of those still in the church.

  305. JR,

    Thanks for explaining.

  306. Theo Sismanides

    Parallely with the Free Heber campaign, Marty I think we should address another very important issue in the SO:

    It’s the out 2D “activity” in the SO.

    And yes there is out 2D. Only it doesn’t have to do with sex and promiscuity but it has to do with abortions and maltreatement/malraising of children.

    If this does not fall under the definition of out 2d then what does?

    Abortions we all know about.

    Maltreatment of children: it’s a big issue. I have seen the children in Corona in Denmark and how they were deprived of everything. I am sure the scene is the same if not worse now.

    DM is getting millions and the children do not even have a library, nor any attention by their parents or the organization.

    No theatrical plays, no parties for the children, nothing.

    Parents’ time is a joke and it causes heartbreaks and built up misemotion by parents and a lot of bad things in the raising of children.

    My 7 year old daughter yesterday was asking (she never asks for anything but books) for a book on ancient Egypt and its history. A children’s book.

    I was happy to get her 2, one on Egypt and one on Cleopatra.

    My 9 year old is playing Farmville on Facebook and is happy to have 2 cats in the house and he loves them. If we were in the SO….? I don’t want to think about it. Children and parents are at effect or better under persecution there.

    I mean when I think of the children I used to see in the Sea Org, I thought at that time that this cannot be true.

    I compromised though with that awfully bad scene. We never paid attention to the children.

    Why are they deprived of so much? No money from the parents, no gifts, nothing. Their havingness is very low.

    This is far from what LRH would have done with children. With all those means (children’s books, internet, games, toys and on top of those the study tech.

    I got my children to read the books on Egypt and get them play with the Playmobil pyramid we had bought and do a demo of the Egypt books with that pyramid with the Playmobils.

    I got my son the other day to study the Troyan War with his Playmobil, playing and demoing the book.

    There are so many things for children and we can use the tech in combination with those.

    It is an issue. Please think about it and maybe a new campaign can begin for the malraising (If I can just coin a word) of the children in the S.O.

    Thank you

  307. Theo voiced my concerns in a way that hits hoime with Scientologists.

    Homo Ludens or “Man the Player” (alternatively, “Playing Man”) is a book written in 1938 by Dutch historian, cultural theorist and professor Johan Huizinga. It discusses the importance of the play element of culture and society. Huizinga uses the term “Play Theory” within the book to define the conceptual space in which play occurs. Huizinga suggests that play is primary to, and is a necessary (though not sufficient) condition of the generation of culture.

  308. Likewise tone tone 41, as long as we sometimes agree to disagree the rest is open for debate.

    Right now it is assessing the current situation to form a kind of plan to achieve freedom for those who are not.

  309. First, I was at the Isaac memorial (I was staff at CCI at the time) and it’s important to know that DM was in his royally set up room about 5 feet from where Heber and the other people marched out of Int for the memorial. As a note on that memorial, DM required an entire private green room be built for him with couches, rugs, flat screen TVs, pictures, mirrors, a coffee table, etc. that was all exclusively for him. I had CMO minions specifically running me and yelling at me about it having to be perfect because “COB” was going to be there and it had to be to his standards. Ridiculous. He definitely kept a close eye on Heber that night.

  310. Absolutely true.

    Could it be that many of us don’t trust the status quo, ptb or the media though?

    That’s kinda how I feel about it.

    Man, it’s disturbing that we would think it will take law enforcement and media to put the ehtics in on our sh*t.

    Seems like it’s come to that, but it stinks.

  311. :-)))

    Gianluca, you’re too funny!


  312. This description of Heber reminds me of another good man: Robert Vaughn Young. I was not amused when Heber DA’d me to employers multiple times, but when guys like Rathbun start talking, I better understand where Heber was coming from. – Ebner

  313. TheWeekendWarrior

    I definitely would help you with that, even though I’m trying 2 write songs

  314. Mike and Marty,

    A big THANK YOU to you for everything you’re doing. I sent Mike’s article to a internet pen pal, and it opened up her mind enough to realize that the CoS is a CULT. (OK-that, and some shenannigans going on at her Scientology group…)

    But still, thanks! I’ll never be a Scientologist, but I applaud your efforts to make Scientology an ethical religion.

  315. Heber is insane. But that doesn’t give DM any right to lock him up.

    Release Heber!

  316. Dear H2O,

    What do you mean by “Heber is insane. But that doesn’t give DM any right to lock him up.”

    Do you mean insane like psychotic insane, or insane like some of the wild capers he would pull, or as David LaCroix said above: “Heber would always say hi over the years, and despite the fact I sometimes felt embarrassed by his media antics (would dive into rants about Nazi’s at the drop of a hat. . . lol) he is beloved in my mind.”?

    I am asking because I have known Heber since the early 70’s, (1972,1973,) and I don’t want to be stuck with this datum, “Heber is insane.”, without understanding why you think that. (Did the Data Series Evaluator’s Course.) Your statement qualifies as an “opinion” for me, and I would like to know what data you base that statement. No make wrong, here, just want to know. If he does have mental difficulties such as insanity, then that would be a factor in trying to free him from his current environment, if he is in fact, being held against his will. You can e-mail me at, if you prefer.

  317. Yeah, even I have to admit that those were relatively fun and exciting times and that the Portland Crusade was brilliant in both conception and execution. This probably isn’t politically correct, but do you know who was behind it? David Miscavige. I know because I was there, and by “there” I mean “in the room.” CO OSA Int had just offered (in all seriousness) to personally murder Julie Christofferson; DM mulled it over for a minute, then said, “No. This is what we’re going to do …,” and laid out the Portland Crusade on the spot. I think Marty was there, but I don’t remember for sure.

    Within minutes, it was starting to happen. I wasn’t directly involved, but I had every indication that he micromanaged that as closely as he did anything else.

    I no longer feel that the result of it was right or just, but I doubt the Church of Scientology has ever had another PR success as great. Lots of triumphs that got them what they wanted, sure, but not that actually made people LIKE them on such a large scale.

    DM also was in charge and micromanaging, over a number of other watershed PR and Legal victories for COS. Maybe he took *some* undue credit, but he was behind a lot of it, and he certainly didn’t prevent the wins (and he could have), and the COS did benefit.

    What’s my point? Certainly not that DM is actually a good guy. But it’s both easy and dangerous to paint an enemy all one color and thereafter think of him that way. It leads to underestimating him, which leads to wrong tactics. It’s the exact mistake he’s making now in fighting Marty and Mike (well, other than making life so intolerable that they left in the first place, and in the second place fighting them once they did leave).

    It’s important to also realize that there’s a reason other than fear or toadyism behind the lingering loyalty to him, particularly among those who haven’t yet been personally abused by him.

    I’m not saying change anything — the crazier he gets, the bigger and more newsworthy his mistakes become; but if it stops working, that’ll be why. He’s not as stupid as he sometimes appears.

  318. martyrathbun09

    Dan, In fact, there is a much different story about his involvement in many major events. Much of it requires some context to fully appreciate, which I am working on. He is an utter genius at Machiavellian power plays. Problem is he has committed so many overts along the way – and so carefully hidden his underlying intentions to direct them all toward consolidating his own power – that the motivator end of the overts are running. It is as inexorable as the receding end of a rising tide. It cannot be stopped. Yes, people should not be irresponsible and giddy, but at the same time they should not be in fear. He is the author of his own demise and it is well in progress.

  319. I agree with Marty, Dan.

    Any sociopath or psychotic can appear “brilliant” at times even someone as stupid as Miscavige whose power is derived from various conspiracies, cliques and claques that he’s used to establish his own dominance over the Scientology network.

    How he maintains power is by a perverted application of the ‘Simon Bolivar Policy’ and is willing to climb into bed with any Government agency or suppressive group, in order to maintain it.

    For instance in his ’93 speech to the faithful regarding his Carthaginian victory over the IRS by having InterPol disseminate it.

    He’s done nothing but sell out the organization and the subject to the highest bidders (see the list of some of his biggest patrons) who themselves have questionable connections.

    That said under his “leadership” the Church is going down the tubes despite all agitprop to the contrary and soon for Miscavige there’ll be hell to pay when his former “friends” hang him out to dry.

    Of course he’s too stupid to know that blow back is a bitch.

    If I were him I’d start packing my bags and booking my ticket for Venezuela.

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  321. Isnt there anyway to file a missing person’s report, and get the police involved?

  322. Oh, that is too funny – and sad, but true.

  323. Thank you for the post Mike. I’ve been wondering for years where Heber was. I miss him.

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  325. Hello,

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on the site or commenting, but the question of our beloved Heber nags at me.
    Is there any current news of him? How did the “project” to get in contact with him go?

    Love, Nic

  326. Thanks, appreciate it.

  327. Heber slipped on a log near the Stables in the Saint Hill Manor area? Sorry, but I got that small detail just now.

    To get to the Stables there are two ways: follow the path or cross a small ditch with a wooden log across it.

    The log is always wet, due to the UK Weather, and many EPFers fall many years, injuring the upper part of their leg and body whilst falling.

    Having a limited lunch time, the most obvious choice is to cross the dreaded log, which works most of the time. It did work with me.

    Whoever fails is deemed to be PTS. My info is dated early nineties.

    There are another couple of those small annoyances there. Is this sort of setups legal?

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  329. Looks like it has been a couple years since the flurry of attention about Heber Jentzsch’s incarceration. Is there any news? Was an investigation ever launched?

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  332. I reported about this case las year in my film
    “Chasing the Outsiders” about OSA going after Ex-Members. for German NTV.
    As I know Heber still has Family. If the FBi or Police is here the right thing I don`t know. But it should be within the law of the US that they make a report to at least get prooved that Heber ist there on his own will or not.
    If Ex Scientologists are able to send Lawyers for Legal to get their money back, they should also be able to get a Lawyer here.

  333. Any up date on this poor man? My heart goes out to him.

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