Cruise Missile or Scud?

For those of us who assumed Cruise was wisely distancing himself from Miscavige, I’ve got news.  DM is still deploying Tom’s lawyer Bert Fields as an attack dog.  After his failed attempts to shut me up Fields is now trying to shudder Amy Scobee into silence.  I have included a link to a letter recently sent from the august Mr. Fields directly to Amy.  TC 4.6.10 L-Amy Scobee

Now, I have some unsolicited advice for Fields (and by extension his nominal client Tom and his de facto client Dave):

Re drugs. Amy simply recounted a conversation wherein DM’s wife and Assistant Shelly Miscavige  told Amy that Tom was “so gung-ho” that he wanted to join the Sea Org but he didn’t qualify because of his previous drug history. Bert, you “doubt” Shelly ever said that? Then why not talk to the wife of your client’s best friend and find out? She is at the CST Mile High property near Lake Arrowhead California. She has been under constant surveillance by my former wife whom DM has turned in to a prison guard. But, I am sure Tom’s pal DM can get you brief visitation.

Re Break up with Nicole.  Amy doesn’t cover it in her book because  she did not have any first hand information about the circumstances of their break up.

Re Tom’s money being lost by Scientologists.  Amy covers her first-hand experience with Alan Hollander. He was sent to Amy to get him to join the Sea Org (even though he had huge pressing debts). DM had Alan immediately put in the bilges on the ship for punishment – for what reason, Amy did not know at that time. When Alan served his sentence and resurfaced, he told Amy he had been assigned to hard labor because he messed up on some investment for TC. She then was ordered to post him in CC Int. She complied, but he had to leave the Sea Org shortly thereafter because his debts were so bad and were not getting handled.  Bert, first check your facts with Hollander and your client. Then what you need to do is apply some “varying of the question” and ask DM about the Feshbachs. DM got Tom to invest a bundle with them as he had also done personally. The F brothers were making DM so much money personally from their short selling DM wanted to impress Tom with the caliber of his brand of OTs.  The Feschbachs lost  Tom’s and DM’s (new) investment money. In order to stay in with the in-crowd (perhaps so that their progeny might one day pimp for DM) they put their own money up to cover both Tom’s and DM’s losses.  It seems the more DM tries to muscle people, the more he refreshes my memory.

Re church paid staff working for Cruise. Amy did a project to hire Scientologists for TC’s household.  Amy went to Tom’s house and Jenny Gaynor (LRH Household Unit staff member) was there working for TC at the direction of Miscavige. Gaynor told Amy that Amy was replacing her on all the functions she was performing for Tom… (executive housekeeper, maid, cook).  Again Bert, why don’t you ask Jenny whether that is true, or DM, or Shelly, or perhaps even your nominal client?

It would appear to me that all you have accomplished for your client over the past year is to write letters that position Tom as being as  paranoid and aggressive as the cult leader he apparently follows.

Bert, I have some more fundamental advice for you.  You damage your client’s reputation more each day by aggressively pursuing DM’s agenda to bury TRUTH than by any TRUTH that Amy, or anyone else for that matter, might impart. 

As Mr Hubbard put it: truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails.

PS: Don’t bother bitching to Amy about this post. She simply forwarded the letter for informal advice, since I had dealt with you qua DM’s lawyer in the past. I decided to post this on my own initiative, because I find your cover up tactics (particularly after being put on notice so thoroughly by me) are deplorable.

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  1. Carol Kramer

    Great letter Marty. In fact this attorney appears to be a bit out of his league here. this is why people despise lawyers . Hired guns for sale. I have never seen a lawyer produce a thing.

    TC wake up, step back and get into valence.


  2. Mr. Fields is as arrogant as the company he keeps. Please do not allow him to intimidate you, Amy.
    I look forward to reading your book and I’m sure this publicity stunt by Mr Fields will do nothing but enhance the sales.

  3. Thanks Marty. I am completely dumbfounded at what has been going on.

    What I find completely despicable is that DM has so much time to “invest” his own money with public Scientologists and let them “make large sums of money for him.”

    It used to be called “other fish to fry” when I was in the Sea Org and any Sea Org member who was doing this themselves would be removed from post and put in the RPF and made to return any money made as punishment.

    I have heard several stories over the years of DM making ED Int Guillaume Leserve sell his new BMW that he bought with family money.

    Yet it is okay if the “Pope” of Scientology does so.

    Talk about “exterior influences”????? What kind of power could someone like the Feshbachs hold over DM if they were controling his personal income?

    The statements attributed to Amy’s book are so minor in comparison to the financial irregularities that DM is involved in.

    What other financial irregularties has DM been involved in?????

    Where is Don Larsen and the Finance Police when you really need them??

  4. Amazing that even Cruise’s (aka DM’s) lawyer would lie so blatantly.

    Amy, this all needs to be exposed, and you are contributing to bringing down this corrupt regime by doing so. Don’t let these criminals intimidate you! I’m looking forward to reading your book (as soon as it’s available for the kindle) and learning the truth, uncorrupted by DM and TC’s PR lies.

  5. War and Peace

    There are many startling facts.
    Marty I sure liked your tone level in addressing Bert

    This one stood out for me ~~
    Using the personal comm line of the Feshbachs to make COB money to feather his own nest.

    FSO auditors and other SO members have been thrown in ultra heavy ethics for accepting a small gift from public.

    I remember the buzz when Peter Cook, an FSO auditor before he went to GOLD was RPFd and threatened with declare and just about banished from tech for accepting a stereo system from a public.

    But it’s OK for DM to use the Feshbachs to make money for him ?

  6. Cruise needs to wise up, but is probably so entwined in the net dm has cast for him that he won’t open his eyes and look until the moment dm throws him under the bus. Rude sort of awakening but some people need that. Looks like tc is one of those. Pity.
    Must admit that it is quite shocking to learn how far afield dm goes to violate decency, let alone LRH policies for Scientologists and the Sea Org.

    Bad days are coming for he who betrays the trust of so many.

    All the more reason to continue to shine the light of truth. Thanks Marty for doing that.


  7. Marty uses the term short selling in this post, but a short explanation will cast the investment strategies that the Feshbach’s have used to make their millions in something less than a good light.

    As I understand it, the practice of short selling is basically like counterfeiting. One version goes like this: An investor buys shares of a company’s stock but leaves them registered with his broker, which means the broker can make these same shares available for another investor to buy (and also sell). Putting both lots of shares on the market will obviously drop the price of the shares since the supply has been artificially (and criminally, in the Scn sense of the word, though not so in the world of high finance) inflated. The price of the stock will therefore drop. The investors can now buy the stock back at the artificially depressed price and make money when the stock price adjusts back up to its actual level.

    Personally, I find this kind of a hard concept to wrap my wits around, but the guys who created the Great Depression of 1929 came in and bought up assets at 10 cents on the dollar after the bottom fell out of the market and their heirs are doing the same thing today in our Great Recession.

    You can say that the Feshbachs are just smart investors who understand the market and that everything they are doing is completely legal and above board. That may be the case until you factor in the morality of such a practice such as the human cost of jobs lost, companies raided in hostile takeovers, markets artificially manipulated by speculators, and everything else that comes with a further gutting of the middle class and greater consolidation of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people who are becoming richer and richer at our expense in this zero sum game.

    That’s why it was nothing for Joe and Matt to each pay (oops, “donate”) a million dollars apiece to receive the Super Power pilot at the Int Base in the mid 1990s. They had a lot of millions to spare.

    From what I understand, the short selling strategy is a big part of how they have amassed their wealth. In a world where people were senior to money, this would be frowned on. In a world where money is everything, it’s all good.

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but I get the distinct impression in that letter that Bert Fields IS trying to distance Tom Cruise from Scientology.

  9. Moving Forward

    What’s crazy about the Feshbachs is that they are so lauded within Scientology circles, but when I first moved to the Bay Area, there had just been a bunch of negative articles about them as short sellers and some scandal they’d been involved in. They were not respected members of the community, that’s for sure.

    I learned what short selling was and I was pretty shocked. It’s rather unethical and yet, because it made them a lot of money, a sizable portion of which they poured into the Church, they were considered VIPs.

    One of the Feshbach wives (sorry, don’t recall her name) left her post as an auditor at Los Gatos Org to start her own Mission. This was okay’d simply because she was a Feshbach.

  10. Marty, This is one of my favorite posts from you. You are DMs and his Cronies CONSCIENCE. The dirt you have on this man is wonderful-you must have him squirming all day and night. Instead of getting defensive you attack right back with the real truth. Quite Masterful. I sure am looking forward to reading Amys book. This will probably sell a whole bunch more right off.

  11. I love the fact that Mssr. Fields states that he has never read the book, therefore he operates on heresy. OH those Flashbacks! Such sneaky little devils they are. Many moons ago I admired them for their financial prowess. Today I abhor them for their spawns of Satan who thrive on flesh and blood. Hmmm…Fleshbach’s. ~

  12. Wow, this is like the Icemberg hitting the Titanic…. thanks Marty, I was wondering where Shelly was. By the way, I had always wondered why your ex wife could not stand me. She never made a positive comment for the whole time we had been in close proximity and her video critiques used to be nasty invals if not worse. When you where critiquing my sessions none of the above was present and the critique was very accurate.

  13. All Scientologists need to be openly asking management questions. We’re just about at that point now where you can ask questions openly, and when that happens the floodgates open. Ask Miscavige if it’s true he’s brokering stock trades between public Scientologists, and did LRH give him that hat?

    Hearing this about Tom changed my opinion of him, I’m near the boiling point right now. Is Tom just a fake? PTSness is no excuse when he’s been wheeling and dealing like this with who he thinks is the brave church leader, and permitting the Feshbacks to take the loss? That’s not good. No wonder Tom is too blind and afraid to confront this.

  14. Who is Bert fooling? TC told many people that he had a drug & alcohol history and he was promiscuous before and while he was with Mimi Rogers. And there are enough witnesses who were around time during those days. It would be interesting to see how many of TC’s past flames will surface and attest to the fact that Tom “partied” with them and experimented with drugs.

    The truth always wins. Thank you Amy and Marty for standing up for the truth!

  15. Lawyers –

    The only person they wouldn’t sue is the undertaker that burries them.

    To Amy Scobee: I was amazed to learn that you were related to Dick Scobee, the commander of space shuttle Challenger. I remember watching that unfortunate incident live on the morning it happened.

    We need more men like your uncle, and less lawyers. I am sure you will always remember Uncle Dick with great pride.

    Explorers are who we owe our gratitude to when we wake up one day and hear of a new frontier that has just replaced the last, which once again makes us dream bigger.

    I cannot think of one lawyer who inspired anything but paperwork.

    Give me LRH and Uncle Dick over any lawyer, anyday.


  16. I think Tom Cruise seems to be a good guy. He’s a great actor with lots of passion, and that passion might perhaps drive him into too much single-mindedness sometimes. A Scientologist is e.g. not THE ONLY ONE who can help when driving by a car accident.

    I’ve been singleminded about Scientology as well. I still think Scientology is great, but nowadays I believe it doesn’t have to be so extremely focused, because that in a way is fanatism.

    And most people have problems with fanatism, even if the reasons for fanatism would prove to be right and appropriate.

    DM seems to be very much the “my way or the highway” or “you’re either in our out” type of guy and I don’t think Scientology should be practiced that way.

    Why? Because we have to be a part of society, not distance ourselves from it.

  17. It seems that TC hasn’t yet cognited on the fact that that battle is lost already before it has begun. Even if they whip up law suits against Amy, the general public will present him the bill at the box office latest.

    Every move so far he did – most probably under the “competent C/Sing” of DM – is just more artillery fodder at the hands of DM’s former TOP lieutenant who obviously has an excellent memory anyway. So what when that wealth of information is even more unburied by refreshing that memory and further enhanced at least tenfold by the multiple viewpoints around him enabling him to connect the dots?

    How detached from what is going on can you get, TC?

    Very interesting study though.

  18. Bert Fields like Tom’s former PI Tony Pellicano has Mob and Agency connections or do I repeat myself.

    These are the type of people Tom and by association Miscavige (though I heard he was in like flin with Robert Gray a few years back and probably Robert Crowley) are playing in the sand box with and it is a very dirty sand box.

    Personally, I do not know if Tom had taken drugs but I’d be surprised if he didn’t. Since most of the Hollywood crowd was into them especially back in the early 80’s.

    Me thinks that Tom through Fields doth protest too much on that point.

    Anyway what Amy puts forward is mild in comparison and doesn’t cover the well documented fact that Miscavige turned CCI into a virtual Brothel on behalf of his buddy TC.

    Or that Miscavige facilitated Tom’s illicit affair with Nicole while he was still married to Mimi and other interesting factoids that makes what Amy seems to be revealing mild in comparison.

  19. Marty, your letter is chilling. Bert’s is a burp.

    Your letter has teeth and legs. Bert’s is boring and whiny.

    Your letter will be shared by your readers with their in-scientology friends and family.

    And you are right — tc loses. As it is, the enquirer et al
    malign tc constantly. He is not popular.

    And for good reason – he cannot see. He is self-serving and moreover — he’s just not kind.

    No one admires an arrogant person.


  20. Marty & Amy, don’t forget my maxim when being pushed by lawyers (or threatened with a vexatious suit): “discovery should prove interesting.”

    Face it, they don’t want to have discovery on this matter, and a lawsuit would open them up to that.

  21. BTW — a SO couple, friends of mine, invested a bunch of $$ of family inheritance with the Feshbacks — lost it all —

    Feshbacks didn’t bail them out.

    Not a dime.

  22. Carol,
    For the record so to speak and of ethical lawyers, I know several.

    I don’t know Mr. Fields 🙂

  23. Mark,
    Excellent point on the ‘exterior influences’. I just read the Scientology Policy Directive issued under DM on ‘Moonlighting’ in the pack Cat Daddy put up. Hell’s bells, DM was flipping out about the ‘exterior influence’ of In N’ Out Burger down the road from the Devonshire where guys would go on Saturday night for a cheeseburger and a shake.

    Imagine, cheeseburgers, fries, choclate shakes and the out-ethics involved in those ‘exterior influences’!

    I suppose if staff hadn’t gone to In N’ Out they could have invested really, really short with the F’s with all the money they would have had left.

    Ahhh, but no, that activity is for the elite, exclusive, select, not the hoi-polloi.

  24. “You damage your client’s reputation more each day by aggressively pursuing DM’s agenda to bury TRUTH than by any TRUTH that Amy, or anyone else for that matter, might impart.”

    This is the kicker Bert. Your client’s BFF Miscavige has committed felonies and crimes aplenty, and there are many angles you could approach it from. I’m sorry, but Mr Cruise IS complicit in these, also in some of the most egregious and sickening human rights abuses of recent times. And I know – I personally wrote to Tom on this very matter last October – a hand routed letter I know he received.

    However it is never too late to do the decent thing Bert. If you were to actually look at the facts and evidence that is widely available, and start campaigning for truth instead of harassing decent folk like Amy, you would be seen as a hero before too long. Those who carry on defending the indefensible are going to have to shoulder the burden of their part in the matter. It is only a matter of time before the full facts will be out, and justice will be done.

  25. What an odd letter!

    Why would Mr. Fields write such a letter proscribing—and thereby highlighting—the exact assertions he wishes to prevent Amy’s book from publicizing?

    Does he truly not understand how World Wide Web operates, particularly the Web 2.0 tools now being used by the Co$’s opponents and that letters like this are likely to be published for all to see? Perhaps he might have had a clue this might happen from the fact that his letter to Marty last year was published at this blog.

    There are at least two possible interpretations of this odd letter’s appearance:

    1. Bert Fields is a smart cookie. Maybe he’s just as disgusted at this whole Co$ mess as we are. Maybe he wants his client to wake up and smell the coffee and distance himself from the Co$ before worse things are revealed.

    2. Or perhaps, at 80+ years of age, Mr. Fields isn’t as sharp as he used to be and this was just an unfortunate misjudgment. If so, perhaps he should ask one of his associates to explain how Internet v. 2.0 works.

    Just Me

  26. Wow. I bet pre-sales on Amy’s book go through the roof. You couldn’t buy better PR. And this is Tom Cruise’s lawyer!

    I have to wonder though, as any litigation could involve producing Shelly Miscavige as a witness, if that is part of the reason for his reticence to “litigate”.

  27. Dear Mr. Fields,
    Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, maybe even an ‘honorary’ Sea Org member, and in any case is here, in Scientology, on the same terms as the rest of us.

    He made a video a while back where I personally saw he had ‘arrived’ or what we use to say as staff and S.O. Members he had ‘cogged’ and was ‘on-purpose’. It was good to see frankly.

    Now comes the real deal however. Not just lip-service on a video.

    While I for one appreciate Mr. Cruise’s efforts with his Purif program and other forthright, ethical actions, in the present situation on the departures from Scientology perpetrated by his close friend, David Miscavige, there is a bid for a different mood so to speak. (Mr. Cruise may or may not be familiar with an LRH policy entitled Current Planning and the ‘bid for a different mood’ reference).

    There are those of us who have done very long, very active ‘tours of duty’ as Scientologists, staff and Sea Org members. We’ve got the Comm Evs and ethics files to prove our worth (again, Mr. Cruise should be familiar with the Welcome to the Sea Org tapes). As such, we are getting the chops to play this piano. Mr. Cruise, having opted in to this game, is going to have to learn more than ‘chopsticks’ to actually be a player.

    Otherwise, he’s an audience. A ‘spectator’.

    If he’s gonna play the piano eventually, he’s gonna have to practice and today’s Existing Scene, with DM as a factual Suppressive Person, one of the very few, is the factual application of what Mr. Cruise has studied so far in Scientology. It’s the real deal actually, not PR, not another movie, not something ‘cute’ or something to do for lack of something better.

    Personally, I think Mr. Cruise has what it takes to be a Scientologist and Sea Org member. His baptism of fire has already begun. He may need a Comm Ev or two to earn his stripes though.

    Jim Logan, MOQ

  28. Joe — as far as I know — short selling is THE ONLY way the Feshbacks have amassed their wealth.

    Short-selling is buying stocks (rather it is the intention and commitment to buy at a FUTURE date) – for a set price. Putting up a fraction of the money now.

    THEN when the future date rolls around, you buy the stock and IF you have researched and (sometimes scared the bajesus out of stock holders) … the stock will be LOW – and you buy it for next to nothing.


    A despised practice by many investors. Feshbacks do not walk the Hall of Fame of honor. Most cringe at hearing “short selling” — even their brother Kurt seems to have bailed and is doing something different now.


  29. Virgil Samms

    Jim, re: Moonlighting. I remember in PAC we weren’t allowed to buy anything off of the base. Hell, even if we walked off of PAC base, security was on us: “Where did you go?” At the time I thought, “Damn, we’re in lockdown, you know, just like during a prison riot.”

    But now I see what’s going on. DM is just like Soltin Gris from Mission Earth whereas he spends his entire life and every living action covering up for his own overts and suppressive acts. DM locks down the Sea Org for fear they will be approached by someone, or see some tidbit on TV talking negative about him when anyone of them is off base. That’s why it’s impossible to take libs or LOAs.

    Did you know that when the SO moved to Clearwater in1975 LRH had ordered that a bus be provided for Sea Org on Saturday and Sunday to take them to the local mall and to the local theaters for those on libs. That was LRH. He liked Sea Org members.

    David Gris doesn’t like staff at all because of his overts on them. And David Gris has withholds like making a fortune off of Scientology so he has to keep the Sea Org sequestered lest they find out about him.


  30. Amy’s book is already getting picked up by the media —

    Well done Bert!!


  31. ……and as an P.S (if you don’t mind, Jim):

    Then Mr. Cruise could read about Mr. Miscavige as an astute textbook example of an SP HE MET for real in our history books.

  32. You know, I was thinking while reading Mr. Fields’ letter that Amy’s book sounds REALLY interesting. I may have to advance-purchase more copies!

    I have already seen some of the allegations about tc that Fields denies in his letter; they have been printed for years on the covers of magazines and trashy tabloids in the supermarket checkout line.

    Imagine the flury of publicity among all those publications when Amy’s book is released and they can quote an ex-church member of Amy’s caliber on the exact time,place, form and event!

    That’s a lot of bad pr for mr. cruise. But he’s probably starting to get used to that by now.

    The other thing that occurs to me it that Mr. Fields seems to be forming his concepts of future realities based on a world without the internet. Because in THIS world, the one WITH the internet, the world immediately knows not only that he wrote a threatening letter to Amy Scobee about her book, but also exactly what is in the book that buyers might be interested in reading about. And while his strategy of waiting to litigate until “after the book is on sale” may have worked when books were just sold in bookstores, there is no such time in this world with the internet. Any litigation or threats of such will immediately be all over the internet, where Amy’s book will ALWAYS be for sale. Threaten Amy? Book sales will go up. That crazy internet!

    And I don’t suppose it’s lost on anyone that the Feshbachs, like dm, make their millions at the
    level of criminal exchange. These are the people, btw, who are at the pinnacle of the c of s status hierarchy. These are the “upstats of the upstats.”


  33. Virg,
    There is an LRH written Base Flag Order, 226 as I recall, entitled ‘Senior Policy’. It is all about schedules and includes 2.5 hours per day study, 8 hours production, hygiene time, 8 hours of sleep and…LIBS! (and 3 week leaves too!)

    Well, me being a genius at realizing the LRH policy was the trump card in any negotiations I had with various seniors or ‘authority figures’ and having this horrible recalcitrant, ornery streak in me to actually read and apply this stuff, everytime Libs came up at the Int Base, I’d have this scene to confront; ‘oh my god, if you take the half day that Libs is now become off post the entire future of the universe is going to possibly end and what the hell do you think you are doing?’

    Back there at Int, we had the Team Share system. You had these cards to validate your status as a team member in terms of contribution. When this system was in, and not arbitrarily dismissed or abused by DM, if you had your cards and upstats, you’d get your Libs. One little problem though; you had to write for approval to get the afternoon off.

    Now, I never much cared for that ‘approval’ thingie since BFO 226, written by LRH, said I got Libs if my stats were up. I figured that was approval enough. So, I’d write the request for it, but never really gave a darn whether or not it actually was OKed. I’d just not come on the bus and would wander around or sleep in, or ride my motorcycle or do whatever I felt like. Heck, I’d even have a beer the night before!!!

    This may sound rather revolutionary to some. And there is one catch. I was found guilty of a Suppressive Act for taking a Libs. Small price to pay for seeing the country side that day.

    DM’s efforts are to cut one’s reach and space. Make them MEST objects so he controls them and they can’t ‘get him’ which we are going to do anyway. That’s why he cuts lines, on all echelons, from staff to staff, staff to public, public to public, and the whole gamut.

    Of course it’s completely opposite to LRH and the entire aim of recovery as a being: to reach out and embrace life!!!

    OK, I think I’ll go check my mail box for some communication that DM has absolutely no say whatever about. It may even be from somebody really close to him! Ooops… shhhhh about that one.

    I wish we had In N’ Out up here 🙂

  34. The deregulation of the stock market under Reagan that was furthered under Bush sr and Bush Junior alsoo deregulated short selling.

    In some countries short selling is forbidden.

  35. DragonFly I hope the air is cleared now between us.

  36. Money makes monsters out of men

  37. I remember a well know world”leader” saying once: “You are either with us or against us”

  38. Reading the piece I see the hand of my bretheren in that.

  39. It’s easy to vilify Bert Fields and by generalization “all lawyers”, but Mr. Fileds is the wrong target. Fields is bound by the State Bar of California to zealously advocate for his client, Tom Cruise. So, TC should be the target.

    A defamation suit by TC would be DM’s worst nightmare – among others, Shelly Miscavige would be subpeonaed to testify, and I bet DM doesn’t want that. Also, as other posters point out, Amy’s book sales would only increase if TC sues.


  40. Thanks Jim. Never thought having a Double Double at In’ n Out Burger would be considered an external influence! I heard a similar story regarding Vons and Wal-Mart being off limits and the Base crew having to buy everything at the Base Canteen with a joking and degrading sign put up on the door saying “Vons” at the orders of DM.

    Having thought about DM and his “other fish to fry” and “external influences”, I have some honest questions for those OSA and Sea Org members who are monitoring this blog, including Mike Sutter, Hansueli Stahli and Marion Pouw:

    How do you REALLY feel about DM making over $100,000 salary a year for the past 17 plus years? Over $2 million dollars at least with no expenses while you are paid, if you are lucky, $50 a week, working ungodly hours each week year after year?

    How do you REALLY feel when you find out that DM used his connections with the Feshbech’s to invest his own personal money and have them “make a lot of money for him” using their stock tactics? Do you think that is fair? Shouldn’t you be able to do the same thing?

    Many of you in OSA and especially Mike Sutter, Hansueli and Marion were around when LRH issued the advices and policies on “external influences”. Many staff members got in serious trouble for “moonlighting” with businesses run by Scientology public. People were declared SP.

    How do you think LRH would feel if he knew that DM was using his connections to the Feshbechs to line his own pockets? Those of you around when LRH was alive know the true answer to that question.

    I want you all to listen. There is a way out. You do not need to stay and put up with this serious out ethics. Find a way to leave. Many have and are leading happy and successful lives in the “wog world”. You have many friends out here.

    You will not end up working at “McDonalds” as Mike Sutter told me when I finally decided to leave for good.

    Or do you want to end up in your later years like some of the elderly Sea Org members who were offloaded by Fitness Board after years of loyal service, with nothing more than $500? Too late at that time to get your life restarted?

    Or worse yet, end up like Diane Morrison or Uwe Stuckenbrock who died in the Sea Org when they had terminal illnesses reportedly in the RPF?

    I guarantee you that DM has enough money socked away somewhere based on your years of slave labor to take care of himself for the rest of his life.

    Can you say the same for yourselves?

    You know the answers to these questions. It is time you did the right thing for yourselves. There is help out here for you. There are family and friends who are here to help.

  41. The only drug history that I recall that would keep someone out of the Sea Org was the use of LSD and every Sea Org member or Scientologist ever recruited for the Sea Org knows this.

    Mr. Fields needs to be careful if he brings action regarding this. He opens his client to discovery.

    There are enough records in his PC folder and ethics folder to prove any drug history. Not to mention deposing Mr. Cruise himself or Shelly Miscavige.

    Same with the Nicole Kidman questions. Imagine seeing her in deposition? I am sure under oath she would have some things to say.

  42. According to Bertram, Amy’s facts are “demonstrably false”. Fine. Lets get it to court and have all the interested parties demonstrating the facts: Tom Cruise, David Miscavige, Shelly, the Feshbacks, Amy, Marty et al. Should be quite a party.

  43. How did Bert find out what is in Amy’s book?

  44. nonscientologist

    Speaking as a nonscientologist and as a member of the public, normally I couldn’t care less if TC used drugs at one time. It’s Hollyweird! Most of us who read people magazine assume that a quarter to half the “stars” are lit on drugs or alcohol on a regular basis.

    However by having Tom’s lawyer go after Amy, it implies a certain defensiveness which makes one wonder if such use (if it exists) is relatively current. Tom’s approach should be “I don’t have time to address an unspecific allegation of drug use from over a decade ago, seriously guys, its not even worth commenting on, what are you going to drag in next week!.” But by doubling down, he’s reinforcing that couch jumping image.

    Oh, well, back to the drawing board.

  45. This post is for the OSA morons reading and reporting to their slavemaster. I’ve just recovered another pre OT butchered by your services, he runs like clockwork with me and is very happy to be audited in a suppression free environment! How do you like that? Another finger up your…!

  46. In reading some of the responses, it looks there are some MUs regarding short selling. It is not “counterfeiting money” or anything like that. It is simply the selling of the stock before one actually buys the stock in the future. It is done with the anticipation that the stock price is going to come crashing down soon. Investors will “short” a stock when they believe based on some information or research they’ve done, that the stock price will come down in the future. Short selling is the selling of a stock you don’t own. When you short sell a stock the broker lends it to you from their own inventory or perhaps another brokerage firm. Eventually you’re going to have to buy the stock and and return it to your broker. If at the time you buy the stock the price of shares has dropped, you stand to make a huge profit. If the stock price has risen however, you stand to lose money. So it is a very risky business, and ethically questionable, it is completely legal.

    Shorting stocks in the US stock market goes back to at least the nineteenth century and was blamed from causing the great Wall Street crash of 1929. Regulations were enacted by Congress subsequent to this as it was felt that short selling would prolong a down market. The Feshbachs made a lot of money in the 80’s, especially at the time of the market crash of ’87. They eventually got out of short selling at some point in the early 90’s, as short selling doesn’t do well in a bull market.

    In 2001 Matt Feshbach started an “activisit” fund but liquidated it in 2007 after experiencing heavy losses:

  47. Heey Miscavige go sue the heck out of this instead lol. A bit of sloppy reporting but heey David you are in the spotlight don’t you like that anymore ?

    “Their camp particularly took offense at claims that Cruise and David Miscavige, the leader of the church, have a “drug history” together;…”

    Read more:

  48. At 2:00 pm today Eastern time, this was the top “Scientology” story on Google News:

    New York Magazine: “Tom Cruise Doesn’t Need the Church of Scientology to Help Him Pick Out Maids”


    Yes, Mr. Fields — do invite one of your associates to explain to you “the Streisand effect.” Then you can bill Tom for two lawyers’ time — while you learn how better to represent clients’ interests in the Information Age.

    Just Me

  49. Wow – that was fast. This blog article has only been up a few hours and the columnist is already quoting it. Typically and unfortunately not very theta about Scn. Guess that’s understandable given how hard Dm has worked to undermine it for 25+ years…

  50. I’m very suspicious about all the “donations” for the idle orgs, sp bldg, library & basics campaigns. Where is all that money really going and who owns it? (Larry Brennan, any ideas?) It would not be a shock to learn that TC is involved (along with Feshbachs and others) and that, quite aside from the proposed purpose of expansion of the “church”, the money is being used in investment strategies for their future personal profit (all fully justified, of course.) IMHO, TC and others have long since jumped in bed with the devil and they all have Hell to pay.

  51. There is nothing bad or wrong about short-selling. It’s part of the markets and keeps them “working”.

    Not trying to defend the Feshbach Bros. Just saying that short-selling isn’t bad… this is BAD:

    “the [Feshbach] brothers are the terrors of the stock exchanges. In congressional hearings in 1989, the heads of several companies claimed that Feshbach operatives have spread false information to government agencies and posed in various guises — such as a Securities and Exchange Commission official — in an effort to discredit their companies and drive the stocks down. Michael Russell, who ran a chain of business journals, testified that a Feshbach employee called his bankers and interfered with his loans. Sometimes the Feshbachs send private detectives to dig up dirt on firms, which is then shared with business reporters, brokers and fund managers.”

    Source: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power, Time, 1991

  52. It’s true what you say about explorers. My Uncle Dick once said, “ONLY AS FAR AS WE DREAM, CAN WE GO.” This quote is posted in the schools named in his honor. He was a very brave and loving man.

    I am lucky to have a wonderful family.

    My Aunt June served in the White House on the National Board of Education.

    Click to access Scobee%20Rodgers.pdf

    My cousin Col. Richard Scobee (Richie) selfishly serves the country.

    My cousin Kathy works for the Mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee as their Special Project Manager.

    My brother is the Senior Computer Scientist in NASA and also a very skilled musician.

    My mom and dad are the most loving parents anyone could wish for.

    And I’m just me, but what I do have to be very, VERY proud of is my personal integrity and my wonderful friends and family — ALL of them.

  53. WH,

    Joe is correct. Selling short is a practice where you borrow stocks you don’t own from a broker and sell at a higher (hopefully) price with the intention of buying it back & returning the stocks you borrowed after the stock crashes or goes down. It’s still the same buy low sell high method of making money only the sequence of sell and then buy is different.

    Joe Feshbach has been some kind of a hedge fund manager for a while:

    Last November, I told part of my story to the St Pete Times –

    Worked as Chef for TC when he first arrived to the Int Base and also went to Telluride, Co to serve at his wedding to Nicole in ’90. Never got paid by TC, though lodging and car rental was covered and my then wife and I got SO pay to cover for food and additional warm clothing we had to buy. I guess Bert didn’t know about SO members working for the Scud.

    I did observe that a Scn org board was devised by DM for TC and Alan Hollander brought up to meet TC and appointed as head. Also that the Feshbachs met with TC and handled some personal investments, as introduced by DM.

    At one point I had to meet up with TC’s interior designer in LA of a house he was building in Pac Palisades to make sure the kitchen design was adequate and would work well. Other SO staff like Steve Marlowe did quite a bit of work in the design and installation of a personal cine theatre at this house.

    Even did a whole large Thanksgiving dinner at the Int Base for the family, mother, stepfather, sisters, kids etc. & Paula Wagner. Some time after Thanksgiving – Lou (Laurisse, COB Comm) had said that TC would pay me for catering the wedding in Telluride but then after we got back (after using my credit cards with the expenses) that DM decided we would not be.

    I think that the Tommy Davis lines of denial, denial, never happened, seems to echo from other’s mouths.

  54. Amy,

    You, Mat and entire family are very cool people!

    Any assistance or testimony needed are yours for the asking!

  55. Speculating on negativity must make one a cynical person.

  56. martyrathbun09

    You just made the case 5 times more extensively than Amy even covered. In fact, Amy just told some facts and never claimed “church paid staff to work for him.” But, it looks like you made that case in spades.

  57. Right ON!

    We should send DM the bill for all the auditing hours we are doing cleaning up HIS ARCX’en field!

  58. No, it’s not just you Margaret. I had a similar perception, that in a weird PTS kind of way, this is a defensive maneuver on Cruise’s part……

    It very much brings the Shelly situation between them as an opening gambit.

  59. I believe this was based on stopping the killing of innocent human beings. I’ll leave religion out of it for now.

  60. GM I did say “my bretheren”

  61. Redneck Thetan

    I find it very ironic that the CoS seems to have no problem with printing and distributing confessional materials by former members, but when someone plans to publish something told to them by a specific source outside of confessional records about a parishioner in good standing, then it’s time to call in a lawyer to threaten a libel suit.

    Via Wikipedia:
    “[P]ublic figures could win a libel suit only if they could demonstrate the publisher’s ‘knowledge that the information was false’ or that the information was published ‘with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.'”

    Since to do that they would have to bring Shelly Miscavage in to testify in open court with a distinct chance of perjury charges being levied if there were collaborating witnesses, this is a pretty empty threat. The worst they could do is use delaying tactics to make her “unavailable for testimony” and try to milk Amy’s money supply. Which would make the suit liable for dismissal.

    It would probably be tougher if he attempted to sue under UK law, since the burden of proof lies with the defendant there, but since Amy doesn’t have a distributor there, that’s not an issue.

  62. Obviously, Bert Fields and Miscavige have never heard of the “Streisand Effect”
    “The Streisand effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of causing the information to be publicized widely and to a greater extent than would have occurred if no censorship had been attempted.”

  63. Jim can you stick a date on that BFO ?

  64. Pingback: More Tom Cruise Scientology Revelations, Courtesy Of Tom Cruise’s Lawyer | Defamer Australia

  65. Mark,
    I’ve got a different suggestion for Mike and Hansueli (same goes for Marion but I don’t know her): get in your own personal ethics and handle the suppression whence it comes. Confront and handle your own mutual out-ethics with DM and then confront and handle him. THAT is what you signed up for. THAT is your duty. THAT is what LRH expects. It’s what you expect of yourselves and it is the way forward.

    Hansueli, you know me. I know you. You are better than this. Climb back to battery and we’ll all take a win and move on.

    DM is an SP. That’s the way it is. You aren’t, I’m not, he is.

  66. Actually short selling comes pretty close to stock manipulation. It’s almost right up there with insider trading.

    The Feshbecks actually borrow the stock through an intermediary like a brokerage usually on a margin. They sell the stock at the strike price or while its still high.

    Now here comes the fun part:

    Since they’ve “borrowed” the stock they have a certain amount of time till they are called (yeah I know its a lot like playing poker, that’s why some of us call it Las Vegas on the Hudson), meaning they have to cover the stock.

    What the short seller does is try to drive the price of the stock down in the interim this can be done by shaking confidence in the company that owns the stock, say like having one of their planes happen to crash into the side of the World Trade Center or something like that.

    With a “done sir!” on that they can either exercise their option to buy these now worthless stock or return them.

    Either way they make a profit on someone else’s misery.

    Most investors consider this practice unethical as hell but it’s not illegal, unless you are caught manipulating the stock in some way or are proven to have foreknowledge of say a terrorist attack supplied to you by your “friends” in the espiocracy or something.

    I know the term “short selling” seems confusing because the short seller sells the shorted stock long and may end up buying it short with the one really taking it in the shorts being the company that was shorted who may now have to file a “Chapter 11” and lay off thousands of employees as part of bankruptcy agreement or merger but that’s not the short seller’s problem.

    Anyway it is interesting that the Feshbecks were another group of individuals that I wrote an ethics report on and it was explained to me by some Sea Org member that what the Feshbecks were doing was actually “ethical” because they were mainly shorting the evil drug companies by driving down the value of their stock using various Black Propaganda tactics to scare off investors.

    In other words he admitted to me that the Feshbecks were indeed manipulating the market but they were doing this for the greatest good.

    In other words “the ends justified the means”.

    Gee I wonder where that think came from?

    Anyway there’s the background on one the Church of Scientology’s fêted “VIPs” and “Patron”, who of course is a personal FAD that is “Friend of Dave” .

  67. Virg & Jim,

    The guys at the Int Base don’t even get any shopping time before Xmas, let alone time off.

    There also was a Beer and Cheese party during Xmas that staffs and SO had which LRH put in. Had heard that this was canceled at the Int Base.

    Jim, the problem with the Team Share system was there were no real rewards and only was used as penalties. A “senior” not even my direct senior and in the same org cancelled my libs at one point even though my stats were up, had all my cards and so forth. That was another nail on the team share coffin!

  68. Thanks Marty, glad to help….

  69. Notsaware,
    Well done! Ahhh, relief is nice 🙂

  70. Mark you speak from the heart.

    “Mike Sutter, Hansueli Stahli and Marion Pouw”

    People that feel safe enough now and know these people now is the time to send your message of sanity to them any wich way you can.

  71. Not only bad, illegal. Impersonating SEC officials?

    I also understand that short selling is an acceptable part of “the game,” but it’s also a perfect example of wealth made with no exchange given. Again, not illegal, but nothing to be proud of, either.

  72. Virgil Samms

    Oh I have first hand information on PAC Renis renovating TCs house in Pallisades CA.

    Jim, I wouldn’t have lasted. I’m glad I went when I did because someone would have gotten hurt.

    If you want, I can freeze an In ‘N Out Berger and overnight it to you. I’ll buy the burger, flash freeze it and overnight it if you pay for the overnight. I’ve done it b-4.

    ML Virg

  73. Hey NonScn,

    I totally agree.

    Also I loved the way Obama responded when asked if he ever inhaled?

    “I thought that was the point.”

    Even as a Libertarian I’m starting to like the guy 🙂

    At least he’s honest unlike his former counterpart who claims he never inhaled.

    Yeah whatever.

    Anyway “Drug Free” Tommy’s claim is just as lame and just as disingenuous.

    I betcha the guy was snorting 8 balls through hundred dollar bills, before he became “Tea Tottling Tommy”. Maybe still is with his buddy Dave.

    After seeing the video that went viral on the internet I had the feeling the guy’d been smoking crack or was hooked up to meth.

    My thought was the guy was either on drugs or was stuck in some heavy drug restim. What you NonScn folks call a Flash Back.

    Any way the Ol’man was a supporter of either Drug Legalization or at least decriminalization. His view was that it was purely a technical problem.

    Anyone who doesn’t know this fact obviously hasn’t read Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health pg 362 ( in reverence to Jeff Hawkins’ Book 1 ad campaign).

    I imagine that he’d look in horror on the fact that Miscavige has turned the organization into a more corrupt and perverted version of the WCTU in league with their “friends” in the DEA in support of CIA’s maxim that keeping drugs illegal makes them more profitable.

  74. crashing upwards

    Amy Scobee’s book may make it into the NY Times best selling list. The truth is comming out and these attemps to stop it just add fuel to the fire in the age of the internet.
    Unfortunately, Scientology’s reputation has crashed and burned for the most part, and deservedly so. Many of us share some responsibility for allowing it to happen. How did we get to this place where clearing the planet is about as likley to happen as hitting the lottery in all 50 states at the same time. As Jason Beghe said, “at these prices you couldnt clear Beverly Hills”.
    This whole mess is like a huge GPM. Whats the solution?

  75. No it was the same sentiment and my government got suckered in.

  76. Carol Kramer

    Cat Daddy I was thinking the same thing.

  77. Also PCP (Angel Dust) will keep one out of the SO.

    Additionally, any drugs that would make one an illegal PC, I believe, but I may be wrong on that.

  78. What great points, lunamoth. I guess they’re trying to wish the internet out of existence. Good luck with that!

  79. Mark,

    And another point for the OSA folks: There’s real Scientology out here, too. Really real. Much better tech than what’s offered in the suppressive environment of the C of M.

  80. Unfortunately, TC is in DM’s valence. That makes it really hard for him to wise up!

  81. Sinar’s comment on short selling is correct.

    There is nothing inherently unethcial about selling short. It’s simply a bet that a stock will go down in price, just like buying long is a bet that a stock will go up in price. Selling a stock short (that is, borrowing stock in order to sell it before you buy it) can depress the stock price if done in large enough quantity, just like buying a stock can inflate the price if done in enough quantity. The practices of buying long and selling short are ethically equivalent.

    Of course, any practice can be used unethcially. Stock can be manipulated, unjustly driving a stock’s price lower. It can also be unjustly manipulated to drive a stock’s price higher.

    If a company has bad business practices, or a bad product, or unethical management, then it deserves to have its stock price decline.

    I don’t know enough about the Feshbacks’ activities to know if they manipulated stock prices or not. However, my impression is that they have certainly acted unethically w/r/t their overall business practices. And they have certainly benefited from their OL status with the church.

    However, I wanted to try to clear up the confusion about short selling. While it can be abused and used unethically, it is no more inherently bad than going long in a stock is inherently bad.

  82. Notsaware,

    Thank you so much for what you are doing to keep Scientology working.


  83. Wow Amy, how inspiring! You know, the apple does not fall far from the tree. What you are doing is HUGE! We will only know the true effects of all these efforts down the line. It is very fitting that you are part of a lineage of adventurers — brave and selfless people who love to serve and help! I am so happy to know you and be your friend.

  84. Amy, and that personal integrity shines through.
    Awesome family and awesome you.
    *admiration & appreciation*

  85. Beautiful, Notsaware, you and Marty and others are proving that real Scn is alive and well outside the church. Stats are up!

  86. What irony of ironies — DM and Tom Cruise crying “defamation”?

    Hold side by side
    A) the accounting of facts and experience by former staff and members for the purpose of regaining integrity in their lives and the subject of Scientology to

    B) the OSA smear campaigns orchestrated and published via blogs, social media and email that are personal attacks/name-calling, uncorroborated generalities toward perceived threats. Sadly, the public has come to know that defamation, with full, knowing intent to defame, is casually and regularly employed by the Co$.

    Marty, you’re a true friend.

  87. While we are on the subject of short selling….

    Back in the 80s, many will remember the national ad campaign being run by the C of S against Prozac and it’s maker – Eli Lily.

    I heard a rumor that while Sea Org Reserves was financing this ad campaign and many of us schmos were franticly contributing copy and art, that Yager and Miscavige were short selling Lily stocks and personally making a killing on the stock decline based on the adverse publicity stemming from the ad campaign.

    If true, get the conflict of interest? How about insider trading?

    Anyone who knows more about this, please speak up.

  88. Re: the title of your post

    Yikes Marty, the Church went after Keith Henson with jackboots when he made a similar ‘joke’ about Cruise.

    I know the organization doesn’t have quite the same power and influence these days but still…

    stay safe ❤

  89. Yes, like Sinar, I did my share of unpaid personal services to Tom Cruise as did Marlowe, Jarchou, Lew, Baker and many many others.

    There are many of us who can back up Amy’s claims.

  90. Sinar,

    I hadn’t read your story before, very well communicated. More proof that “staff can leave if they want” isn’t an easy task at all. In the common society, no one would ever dream of having to go through what you guys went through when they no longer wanted to work for someone. It’s unimaginable, yet staff expect this to occur if they decide to leave. Thank you for including it in your post.

  91. That is how the Feshbechs have made their fortune. This was known about for years. Don’t you remember the NY Times article that covered their story -my recollection may be slightly off- something about $10 million made in 10 minutes? Be that as it may- that is what they do and they are excellent at it. I can’t fault them for doing this and doing it well. The major issue is that the “leader”of Scientology goes in on it with them as a practice and drags another Scn into it….. And that I am sure he KNOWS he won’t lose any money because he uses his position to garner benefits of his investment – to the point that the Feshbecks feel they have committed an overt by failing to produce or yield expected return on his investments and so have a WH from him and have to make the investment right by covering it up and forking over their own gains.

    I am sickened by the double standard: “Do as I SAY,NOT as I DO.”

    He lives off base in lavish quarters yet he ordered that any SO member who lived off base (for whatever reason) back within 24 hours – they were all “disaffected”. Sea Org members who own cell phones or have private sources of funds, own credit cards or who question the status quo are investigated, harrased,etc. God forbid they should gamble on the stock market with a public Scn like the Feshbecks, or go gambling during their off time in Las Vegas, etc. They get put through the wringer, stripped further of communications with “external influences”, and shame, shame shame on them for fratenazing with the public! It just goes on an on.

    My heart goes out to all those Scientologists who sincerely believe that the pearly gates of a better eternity are there for them because they gave so much money to the church and tolerated so much insanity. I think they are going to be in for a seriously rude awakeing (no pun intended).

    Meanwhile this man hangs around with Tom Cruise- another external influence, and all the rest. I believe it may be “justified” by claiming that its all for Public Relation value for the church. Which if so, then why he doesn’t “share the love” and let all the SO members under him do the same.

    This all just makes me SICK.

  92. When I was the Treasury Sec Flag Service Organization (FSO) family members of Tom Cruise received over $100,000 of FREE auditing.
    This is despite the fact that church policy is very clear that no public is ever to be given free auditing. Staff knew that if they even made a peep about the situation they would be history.
    The family of Tom Cruise could have carried the
    furniture out of the hotel and put it on a truck
    and any staff member with a half of brain would have smiled and held the doors open.
    I wondered why a rich celeb would allow their family to recieve free service, provided by church staff barely getting paid.

  93. War and Peace

    Biga Watts~~

    Here are 2 examples of BUYING and SELLING Real estate
    The Church bought the historic Stevens Building in downtown Portland, amid much breathless fanfare and hype, in January, 2008. At the time, the Portland Business Journal reported:

    “After a years-long search for a building to call its own, The Church of Scientology of Portland has acquired the historic Stevens Building in an all-cash deal for $5.38 million.
    “The sale was fueled by donations from church members.

    MUCH HYPE OCCURED at an INT event on this acquisition.

    Then, on March 31, it was suddenly announced in the Daily Journal of Commerce, Oregon, that the Church was selling the Stevens Building.

    As the Church spins it, they found the building “unsuitable” for their needs. After two years.
    2)18 Feb 2008 — Scientology Church Bringing a Boston Landmark Back to Life
    The Church of Scientology of Boston has purchased the Alexandra Hotel at Washington Street and Massachusetts Avenue, a former luxury hotel that first opened its doors in 1875.


    Now see this ~~

    Church of Scientology lists Boston Back Bay headquarters for sale

    This was also touted at an INT event. One has to wonder about the buying and selling ~~and if profit is made in Real Estate in selling, where do the funds go ?

  94. David LaCroix

    Let not your heart be troubled dear Crashing.
    I think there are a lot of good things coming out of all this…actually.
    the “brand” recognition is soaring and despite it being negative at the moment, people love a story of redemption (Tiger Woods) and when DM is gone and the church does its appropriate Mea Culpa’s (google it) the public and media will move on.
    As a professional FSM I believe the “handle” step will be quite straight forward in a post-apocalyptic…I mean post-DM world.
    Why? Well, that would be quite a dissertation and maybe a post for later. Just take it from an old timer and somewhat of a savant in these matters…all will be well.

  95. Well I know for a fact that money raised for our Ideal Org was used to pay for the Golden age of knowledge machine that we had no choice but to buy. The fundraiser I/C (a public) refused to raise any more $ after that.

    There was also a rumour that a very large donor for the Canberra Org’s money was used for something else. Have no actual proof of that but where there’s smoke there’s fire

  96. AMEN sister- you come from good stock! Let your family’s honor be par of the fortress of strength for you. I remember you from a long time ago. You are a beautiful, dynamic, intelligent woman. Don’t for one second make them feel you are anything but.

  97. I had this thought as well.

  98. Tom Cruise is a friggin’ dupe. ‘Cuse me….. He has grabbed when he was moving up to stardom. We know all about grabbing the young promising stars on their way up- catch them early and build relationships with them-take care of them, help them and bank on their star power paying you back. He was married to Mimie and she brought him into the fold and unfortunately she posed a threat to his unwaivering commitment to Scn and so it was maneuvered to get him away from her. His life has been so manipulated its not funny – all via the second dynamic. His biggest blind spot.

  99. CD,
    As I recall it was 1976.

  100. Sinar,
    The Team Share thing was so abused it was painful. It may have lived its life and was way past done. I’d have to read it all again in a new unit of time.

    But what what happened to it, and the whole thing was not just abuse. It was complete contradiction to basic Vol O policy, let alone the Team Share system. I pointed up BFO 226, Senior Policy above and I would bring it up on post and get this sort of blank look and ‘that’s nice but that’s not what is agreed upon and the group agreement is all and will you shut up Logan!’

    When basic LRH policy, which is nothing but sense, is applied things work. That’s how far off the rails the Base is, Senior Policy is construed as ‘Counter-Intention’. Arrggghhhh.

    I mean, I know per the Data Series you have to learn to think like an idiot, but that doesn’t mean become one!

  101. Virgil,
    I’m very, very tempted to get the double double and a shake even. Man, those were so good on a Saturday night. I’d run off the bus, jam our laundry in and go to In N’ Out for the burgers, come home and by that time she’d be home and it was 2D night!!!

    As you guys who have been in Scientology know, there is nothing like the real free theta of Scn to make the interwaves between the girls and boys fly at such a beautiful level it’s almost impossible not to make babies despite any and all contraception. That’s what a free thetan creating can do.

    When Scn is cooking, the dynamics fly. DM be damned. He’s nolo contendre when it comes to us moving up.

    Maybe I’ll just come and visit and get a fresh burger. Oh, I miss In N’ Out.

  102. David L C speaks sooth. All will be well, in fact, it’s pretty darn good now for those of us on the top of this cresting wave. Thanks DLC 🙂

    Thanks Ron. Good game and so much more fun with the epistemology of it all.

  103. Don’t know! Possibly from an interview with Us Magazine (upcoming issue)… Maybe they tipped him off, since what they were really interested in covering were tid-bits about Tom. I guess that’s what sells! Bertram Fields said he didn’t read the book, so he must have been told what the magazine’s story is going to cover. That’s my guess.

  104. “There are enough records in his PC folder and ethics folder to prove any drug history. Not to mention deposing Mr. Cruise himself or Shelly Miscavige.”

    You don’t think the church is going to turn over their real PC folders do you?

    Some altered copies is what I would expect.


    This is true.

    Today a dream, tomorrow, reality.

    Can we really ever achieve our dreams if we don’t know what they are?

  106. Jim,

    That’s a great solution – come visit! There’s an In N’ Out right by LAX and one right by Ontario Airport. First stop after coming in on a flight back to So Cal!

  107. Thanks BP!

    I doubt if Luigi and Jeff Baker would speak the truth, unfortunately for them.

    However, this letter just seems to be a threat and it’s not likely that circumstances be created that would drag Shelly out of seclusion by a subpoena.

  108. Nor would Antonella and Nucci (Pinucchio) Tisi speak out, even though they were made to divorce after decades of marriage and a child. Nucci did the wedding cake, which was a classic French cake.

  109. War and Peace

    From the very first day I posted, I nailed it on seeking out DM’s Financial Irregularites.

    Not just living like a Rock Star using Parishoner donations (innurement) but as more comes to light
    using Public comm lines like the Feshbachs to line his pockets.

    A Sea Org member would be sent to the RPF’s RPF if they talked the Feshbach’s into investing for them But COB ~~ Wow ~~ what an example of good conduct…

    I am astounded at $100,000 free auditing for Cruise family.

    But why should I be ?

    ++$400,000 Birthday bashes on Freewinds documented in the book “Blown for Good” for Tom Cruise.

    ++SO members at INT BASE working around the clock with sleep deprivation to renovate the Gs
    G Units (small houses at the far end of the property near the Gold golf course) and plant pretty flowers so Tom could impress Nicole.
    ++All hands would lead into the night and morning would come with staff still planting, cleaning, painting, ditch digging, curb painting with massive SLEEP DEPRIVATION.

    all for Tom Cruise

    ++++Greg Wilhere, SO member spends SO time on the set of “Days of Thunder” ~ the Religious Oath of a Billion Contract for pampering a movie star

    ++++Read more of illicit slave labor used by DM for Tom Cruise’s pleasure

    Not to mention the call for Scientology actresses to submit a video so “Office of COB” could find a 2d for TOM after the divorce from Nicole. The Sea Org becomes a dating service at the behest of COB.

  110. Marty,

    You realize that we’ve only scratched the surface of “church paid staff to work for him” – two decades ago.

    How about a whole ship crew doing a Birthday party for him in the last decade? Along with ridiculous expenses that it took? I’m positive quite a few could attest to that.

  111. Wow. Talk about a witch hunt. Talk about MU phenomena. Is buying stock because you think it’s undervalued and that it’s price will rise in the future criminal? Is that out exchange? Is a business owner who is in Phase 2 and makes a living off the work of his staff criminal? Is that out exchange? Is it MORE honorable to buy a stock because you think it will go up than it is to SELL a stock because you think it will go down??? You guys bashing short selling sound like like a bunch of capitalist hating commies, and I’m sorry Joe, your characterization of shorting is all wrong. The only thing that would demonize a short seller is if the person doing the short selling actually took measures to hurt the company’s performance. Shorting a companies stock does NOT hurt the company IN ANY WAY. Don’t demonize the Feshbach’s for having honed the skills of spotting companies that are mismanaging growth and can expect the value of their stock to decline. It’s a skilll. If everyone could do it everyone would. So get off the bandwagon. If we all believed everything the church said about those who post on this blog where would we be? So can we knock it off with all the “OH MY GOD!” in here about the things being posted about the Feshbachs?? Blame COB for leeching off of some high-powered Scientology investors in a way that would get any other SO member instantly declared. Don’t blame the Feshbachs for being skilled stock managers. Amy wasn’t accusing them of anything! A bunch of you guys just picked up the ball and ran in the wrong direction. That’s a bunch of BS!! How do YOU know what was written in Time about them was true?? Did you think everything ELSE written in that article was true???

    Shorting works like this…I think the stock of company A will go down. I’ve done a lot of research that has lead me to this decision even though the company says everthing is great. My broker has a TON of shares of company A that belong to other people but he has permission to loan those shares out for a small fee. I say great, the shares are worth 100.00 each right now on the market. I think it will go down to 50.00. So loan me 10 shares. I’m going to sell them on the market to anyone who wants to buy them for 100.00. They are betting the price will go up. I’m betting it will go down. After I sell the shares I borrowed to someone who WANTED to buy them, I have 1000.00 in my hand and owe my broker 10 shares back. I have NO deadline to get those shares back to him. The company reports its earnings for the quarter and it was lower than what wall street guessed it would be. The price goes down to 50.00. I buy 10 shares. And return them to my broker. I have 500 left over to keep minus whatever I had to pay to borrow the shares.

    Now, if you had inside information that lead you to believe the earnings would be bad, then THAT is bad. But you can commit the same overt by buying stock because you have inside information that the sales were going to be GOOD.

    So for those of you who are shitting on the Feshbachs because you think shorting is bad, clear your MUs. For those of you that are doing it because you think the stock market is bad, move to North Korea. For those of you that are doing it because they invested for COB, select a correct target. And unless you think people should believe everything your enemies post about you, I suggest you knock this kind of crap off. It’s embarrasing.

  112. Carol Kramer

    Matt, that is so disgusting. Gawd I hope that was added to the book!This is just such blatant theft.

  113. Lunamoth wrote: “And I don’t suppose it’s lost on anyone that the Feshbachs, like dm, make their millions at the level of criminal exchange. ”

    Isn’t Tommy Davis’s wife a Feshbach?

    you wrote:
    “These are the people, btw, who are at the pinnacle of the c of s status hierarchy. These are the “upstats of the upstats.”

    Criminality leads to blindness. God could have walked into Celebrity Centre (and did in many variations:-) but if not dripping ostentation and dropping $$$ into the criminal DM coffers would be a “downstat” and “nobody.”

    and the score is:
    Truth 10
    Oppression 0

    Firing Dud Missiles is risky business.:)

  114. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Jimmy Boy and Mr. Fischer, Oh, lets not forget about the many times I and my guards would escort him into town during Bowling Night at the Hemet Bowling Lanes. It was there he’d smuggle in, time and time again, In-N-Out burgers for himself. I say smuggle because it was against HBL policy to bring in any outside food, just as it is in movie theaters etc… and they literally were hidden in unmarked bags. One thing you couldn’t hide was the smell of the burgers!. Anyway, not a crime but hell, he’d always make the envoronment fit to HIS needs without respect to local laws, policies or moral standards. One other thing I rememberd this past week, you guys remember those satin jackets he bought for the RTC crew with the RTC Symbol and the staff members name embrordered on them?? Did you know that after a couple of years when the staff became bored of them and he upgraded to the nicer wool jackets, well I spent WEEKS staying up night and day tracking down the bum who dug one out of the Vista dumpster and was spotted wearing it around town. Imagine how upset he was hearing there was a transient ( or as he put it “DB”) , running around town proudly wearing one of HIS ideas and gift to his crew. I learned the damdest things about the sub-culture of transients in the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley. It belonged to an RTC staff member, who left their name on the lapel and that staff memeber was made to pay cash to the transient to claim the jacket back once I locateed him. The guy wouldn’t give it up – can’t blame him as we are well aware of how cold it can be out there at night. Anyway, one thing I do know David and I do still have in common is that In-N-Out RULES!

  115. So as not to generalize, I am referring specifically to Lunamoth, RJ, Joe Howard, Moving Forward, DragonFly, WH and Jason.

  116. Nice to see! Like Marty said:

    “As Mr Hubbard put it: truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails.”

  117. I have been a stock broker for many years. Short selling is neither good or bad. It certainly is not illegal. The key point that has been overlooked is that if the Feshbachs covered DM’s and TC’s losses, then the Feshbachs violated several SEC, NASD and FINRA regulations and that is illegal and is a serious red flag. One could only imagine the pressure the Feshbachs would have been under having blown up TC’s and DM’s accounts. Now that would have been an interesting conversation to listen to.

  118. …actually, a more apt analogy of inverted “value” in DMs status-driven hierarchy, one that demonstrates the rampant poverty of the red velvet, gold festooned glossy photo oped IAS (International Association of Suckers)

    is how auditors and staff are treated within the compound.

    I love accomplishing the impossible and learning I can endure anything. I’ll always be grateful for the gift that my time on staff gave me, it was an honor and a privilege.

    However, Tough and *Crush* are very different drills for Sea Org and staff. The later has become rampant. How’s that for recognizing value and upstat? What does that tell you?

  119. I’m with you, freespirit. Just because duplicitous, double-standard, corrupt practices are prevalent enough to be considered “ordinary” doesn’t make them healthy, sustainable, or palatable.

  120. martyrathbun09

    First, Saying that someone who disagrees with short-selling is a capitalist hating commie is ignorant. Read Adam Smith – the founder of capitalism. Capitalism was never intended to be a casino for the rich and comfortable to leverage obscene gains – for no product produced and exchanged. It was intended to provide a means to provide needs of a community and raise general prosperity.

  121. Ivan….any statue of limitations on such a violation? If not, maybe the SEC ought to know of this, yes??

  122. Well, I strike that part. The rest stands.

  123. PlanetaryClearing

    Donate Donate Donate / Crap Crap Crap: “Therefore, in the name of planetary salvation, clearing and the state of OT, the IAS hereby announces the PLANETARY SALVAGE AWARD!”

    10 April 2010

    For a quarter of a century, the IAS has safeguarded our religion and has supported huge advances in bringing LRH’s solutions for planetary salvage to society.

    As we enter a new decade, the IAS is being counted upon to support larger and more far-reaching programs and campaigns. With this comes increased need for donations to the IAS. We need every Scientologist to move up the membership and Honor Status levels this year.

    Therefore, in the name of planetary salvation, clearing and the state of OT, the IAS hereby announces the PLANETARY SALVAGE AWARD! This award is extended to all Scientologists for their next membership or Honor Status level and is as follows:

    Annual & Lifetime Membership 10% award towards the entire membership fee

    Sponsor & Crusader 15% award toward the remaining
    amount of donations needed to move
    up to Sponsor and Crusader status.

    Patron to Silver Meritorious 20% award toward the remaining
    amount of donations needed to move
    up to Patron, Patron with Honors,
    Patron Meritorious and Silver Meritorious.

    Gold Meritorious and higher 25% award toward the remaining
    amount of donations needed to move
    up to Gold Meritorious and higher

    The Planetary Salvage Award starts now and will end at midnight on the day of the 2010 Maiden Voyage IAS event in your area.

    If you need to know how much you need in order to complete your next membership or Honor Status, call me at (323) 953-3490 or email me at


    Selina Frick
    IAS Administrations

  124. It’s very common for magazines to contact the other sides pr people for comment after doing an interview. My guess is that they approached TC’s people for input.

  125. Amy,

    Thank you, so, so much for your comments to my remarks about your late Uncle Dick.

    You indeed do possess the greatest of treasure…friends and family who love you, and vice versa. And what an accomplished lot they are!

    In memory of Dick, Mike, Christa, Judith, Greg, Elison, and Ronald……all who LIVED large and are most likely on their next great adventure!

    And Amy, I do not know you, but I hope you will accept my admiration and thanks for standing up for what you know is true and right. You are my friend, and I yours.


  126. To illustrate Marty’s well brought viewpoint in this, in China of all places the stockmarket as it is now a days, IS viewed by the chinese AS a Casino. Oh Irony Oh Irony.

  127. Just to clarify one thing . . . there actually is an exchange involved in the various activities performed by traders and investors in the stock market, and in other financial markets. It’s a bit much to try to get into here, but provision of liquidity is one of the values provided by market participants. If anyone is really interested, I could try to find a reference . . .

  128. To eleborate it ARE the new emerged Chinese CAPITALISTS who play the stockmarket for entertainment purposes like they were in a Casino.

  129. First,

    Let me tell you that I’ve been a card carrying Libertarian for many years and only quit the party when it was hijacked by the Neo-con faction. The ones who call themselves “‘Pro-War’ Libertarians” as if such an oxymoron existed!

    Any way enough about morons.

    The fact is that short selling stock has nothing to do with free market economics and is nothing but a parasitical form of Capitalism.

    Capitalism has nothing to do with free markets as it is an economic system controlled by a central bank (anyone heard of the Federal Reserve?) that has a fiat from the Government to issue currency.

    Most short sellers don’t just sit back and watch companies fail either they are actively working towards their collapse or they have insider information that a collapse is eminent.

    The “unfortunately lucky” investor is a fiction created by the 9-11 Commission and others who support what would be considered theft or at least a confidence scam outside of Wall Street .

    How do you justify or rationalize selling someone stock that you know or are at least anticipate will be worthless?

    As far as I’m concerned it is out-exchange in the extreme!

    Does it help the economy in anyway to have some business fail and a few get rich off its carcass, like a bunch of jackals?

    If you think it’s a cool thing to do then that’s your prerogative.

    However, such practices as far as I’m concerned are what give Communists and Socialists the Agiprop they need that the Capitalist system is corrupt and failing.

  130. What in the world is a “Golden age of knowledge machine”?

  131. And to add to this … the Feshbecks minimum back in the 80’s was $50K — meaning, either DM HAD 50K (hmmm, odd for a SO member making maybe $50.00 per week) OR they allowed him into the fund without insisting on the minimum.


  132. I can confirm from first hand information the above. TC sister was being audited for free, I sow it with my own eyes.

  133. “I swear upon the altar of God, eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” –Thomas Jefferson

    happy birthday thomas jefferson

  134. The string I would like to pull is relating to how deep this connection between the Feshbachs and DM goes as regards monies being invested with them.

    The Feshbachs were skilled at detecting fraud and then had their bets placed on the stock going down before other investors were selling the stock. One could compliment their investigatory skill and all that, but is it possible leaks were coming from a source (DM) that had access to many secrets?

    There is the story about one company ZZZZBest, which was shorted by the Feshbachs. They made tens of millions on it due to a pump and dump operation by the owner of the company, who fraudulently bloated the assets of it. It appears the owner of that company may have been a Scientologist. More info on the story here:

    We know what kind of person Miscavige is. I find it hard to believe that the Feshbachs were THAT good, time after time, unless they had leaked information they could count on. In other words, insider trading. There were undoubtedly other sources, but the DM source is the one of interest.

  135. Jackson,
    Well I may have figured since we were forbidden to go to the plaza and get In N’ Out, the DM maintained his luxury. Bowling to boot! How apropos.

    I recall the silk jackets. Of course I’d never heard the ‘lost’ one story. That’s hilarious.

  136. And could this possible unethical connection between the Feshbachs and DM explain why they have donated tens of millions into the church?

  137. crashing upwards

    Thank you David. As an FSM I know you see the upside to branding and I agree there are a lot of good things happening as we free minds imprisoned for so long. I never liked the word “brainwashed”. But I realized this morning that is what we were and what many of our friends still are. And these are people of no inconsiderable mental abilities. But they cannot or won’t look. And there is fear involved for each of them in one way or another helping to reinforce the wall which keeps them in prison.

    You mention the type of campaign which will restore it all “Post -DM”. That leap in time post-dates the question I truly had in mind when I said “how do we handle this?” My real question is how does DM become and ex-so member?
    If I had a dollor for all the situations I have observed persist when I felt for sure they were going to be rectified I would be rich. And this included years in the SO as well. Many things tend to persist despite all reason they should not. DM has power. He is holding his position. Its a fact.
    I suppose we have to look at the various laws of the universe such as karma or “pulling it in”, etc and hope it comes sooner rather than later. And in the meantime spread the message of truth, increase in numbers, create the agreement and reality of the situation and be patient. But actively patient.


    The Daily Beast has an interesting article about Catholics who are totally denying child abuse and cover up in the Church. To paraphrase the article, the followers are so committed to believing in the Church that they deny there is anything wrong despite all the proof. Reports from the victims are “just for money” and “the media is just attacking the Church for money”.

    There are some interesting parallels to the remaining DM Scientology faithfuls.

  139. Sent to:

    Dear Mr. Fields,

    When I was young, I wanted to be a lawyer. After reading your letter to Amy Scobee on behalf of Tom Cruise, I’m rather glad I didn’t. Perhaps you don’t know that you’re lying on behalf of your client. Perhaps you do know. Certainly many, many other people DO know, at least, that you ARE lying. There would be no shortage of witnesses to support Amy’s assertions — I know of several. So consider this a friendly reminder to add to your “due diligence” folder. The Depositions of those people who smoked pot with Tom will surely make for interesting tabloid fodder when you’re frantically trying to make the point that he has no “drug history”.

    Your letter to Amy has inspired me to purchase a dozen copies of Scobee’s book and donate it to local public and school libraries. I will make said donations under the names “Tom Cruise and David Miscaviage”.

    You’re Welcome.

    -Ray Randolph

  140. The PR department appears to be going nuts with a bunch of press releases this morning (check google). It certainly appears that they are trying to “bury” all the latest Tom Cruise news.

  141. Fellow Traveller

    The Old Man’s point of view on capitalism:

    “And get no idea that I beat any drum for capitalism. That too is old-old-old hat.

    “Capitalism is the economics of living by non-production. It by exact definition is
    the economics of living off interest from loans. Which is an extreme of rewarding

  142. I am not sure. I suspect that it has expired but I do not know. Just the same if that fact became broadly circulated someone in a regulatory agency might be moved to investigate.

  143. Here is my first-hand experience with Joe & Cindy Feshbach: we too invested with Joe and lost most if not all our money. After we moved our money we received a letter from Bear Stern asking if we wanted to join a class action suit, unfortunately we declined, because at the time a Scientologist certainly wouldn’t go against another Scientologist, boy was I glib!

    Then over my husband & my objections, our son was coerced to join staff. Consequently and fourteen years later, we don’t have a relationship with him. He now has two children we’ve never met. Oh but don’t call it disconnection, as according to the former wives on Anderson Cooper’s show~there is no such thing!

    This one is funny. During my last stent at Flag the Feshbach’s tried to claim they were my FSM (sent there by them, to handle the fractured relationship they created with my son), what they didn’t know was I went with and stayed with my best friend and FSM Carol Kramer!

    My thought at the time, wow, this is an example of an the “new GAT” OT 8, not for me, thank you very much!

  144. That makes sense Sharon. I hadn’t know that you did a magazine interview Amy. Good for you!

  145. It’s very true FT, what Ron says about these people. Many who Miscavige considers his “friends” and are Patrons of the IAS. Therefore they contribute to the corruption of the Church of Scientology.

    Interesting that most of these people are not subjected to constant harassment by ethics. In fact it is the opposite. Anyone who reports on their corrupt activities is usually subjected to ethics.

    They have so perverted the meaning of “upstat” within the Church to anyone with lots of money. Meaning that someone like Rockefeller would be considered “upstat” under their “new and improved” definition.

    What I found interesting was that the Feshbach Brothers walked through the whole pump and dump of ZZZBest completely unscathed by the SEC. Yet it’s very obvious just from doing cursory research that there was insider trading involved with the whole operation and that Minkoff was such an obvious patsy.

  146. Centurion – Wow, who could ask for more? Thank you so much and feel free to write me any time. Love, Amy

  147. First,
    Having lived my entire life with no or comparatively little money, I feel eminently qualified to expound on the subject at length.
    But I won’t do that here.
    You seem pretty savvy on the subject, so let’s find a point of agreement: short selling and its truly criminal evil twin, naked short selling, are merely festering boils on the ass of the foul system we know as debt-based money.
    You can lay probably 99% of the world’s problems squarely at the doorstep of the world’s money systems that are based on increasing debt.
    Every dollar in circulation carries with it a factor of debt. If governments issued their own money instead of borrowing it from banks at a cost there’s be —- well, look at it this way, one of the few remaining states without serious budgetary problems is North Dakota which has had state bank since 1920.
    Are we tracking?

  148. Sinar,
    Well, we had 2 1/2 hours shopping time on the Sunday morning before Xmas in 2003. I made good use of the time by giving myself the gift of freedom. Maybe it got cancelled after that.

  149. What a very well worded and interesting..ah..rant there freespirit! I find a good rant very therapeutic every so often myself. Good on you.

  150. RJ,

    I know you’re a really smart guy and a great Scientologist, but you have a lot of fase data, as conspiracy theorists often do. (You also don’t sound like much of a libertarian.)

    How much do you know about professional trading? Like, have you ever been a professional trader?

    *Nearly every* professional trader shorts stocks. And every professional trader goes long in stocks. Professional traders tend to go both short and long equally, with no insider knowledge, and with no intention to *push* a stock up or down or to manipulate stock prices in any way. Professional traders short stocks because, looking at the same information every other public person has available, they predict that the stock will decline in price. They do nothing to cause that to occur, they are simply reading the tape.

    None of that is to say that there are not *also* unethical people who commit illegal acts to manipulate stock prices. There are criminals in any field where there is power to be had or money to be made. And these criminals can act equally on the short or long sides of the market. But such criminal activity is the exception, not the rule.

    As I said earlier, short selling is simply a tool, just like buying long is a tool. Ethical, professional market participants go long and short more or lesss equally, and with no criminal or unethical intent. Criminals, on the other hand, can and will invade any activity and use its tools for ill-gotten personal gain. That has nothing to do with the tools of the market, which include going long and going short, and which are used ethically by the majority of good people, and unethically by the criminal few.

    And, by the way, it there is no social benefit to artificially propping up a company with bad or unethical management. And it does actually benefit society to allow such companies to fail, and to promote the hiring of their employees by productive, efficient, ethical companies who over time usually act to raise the standard of living of their employees and of their customers. And that, by the way, is a libertarian take on things. 🙂

  151. Mexican curse: May your life be filled with lawyers.

  152. Beautiful, Ray!

  153. Let,

    Wow, what a sad story about your son! Very good for perceiving the truth and trusting a true friend, Carol, and not the PR artist Feshbachs. I hope your son is infected with truth very soon so you can reestablish the relationship the church severed!

  154. Your not writing about Libertarianism you are writing about Objectivism ala Ayn Rand. They are two different things and obviously you don’t know the difference between the two.

    Also you post is just about as long as John Galt’s speech and almost as annoying.

    The Libertarian take on things is “Free minds and free markets”. First a fiat currency does not enter that equation at all, since it is scrip approved by the state.

    Remember the cult of the state is the enemy of a true Libertarian, which you are obviously not because you wouldn’t be including stock manipulation as part of the “philosophy” which short selling basically is.

    Yeah you can pretty it up any way you want but it’s still putting lipstick on a pig.

    Short selling has nothing to do with buying short and selling long. It is fraud by any other name that is why unethical stock brokers participate in it.

    You are perpetrating a scam on the buyer by selling stock to them that you know will be worthless.

    It as I wrote earlier is out exchange.

    Obviously you accuse others of having false data when you yourself apparently seem to be operating on some here.

    You seem to be manifesting what a Psychiatrist would call “projection”, here.

    Please tell me how selling someone worthless stock is in exchange?

    Seems you have the same idea about stocks and Miscavige has about the tech.

    If a company is going to fail and you know it is than you don’t invest in it or fix it but don’t give me the old Malthusian rationalization or justification of “survival of the fittest” for profiting off of its carcass. It just doesn’t work with me.

    Oh yes I have my Libertarian creds intact. I personally met Ron Paul when he ran for Libertarian candidate back in ’88 and have written articles for and David Nolan’s site.

    What have you done other than rip people off by shorting stock and calling it “Libertarianism”.

    Also it is a “theory” when it is purely hypothetical not when it has been documented.

    Much of what I have written here is documented.

    ZZZBest is a real incident not a “conspiracy theory” and the Feshbachs should have been investigated by the SEC but they weren’t.

  155. WoW! ..Now I am accused of having MU phenom. by some one who’s doing an inval and eval on me. Love it!! Well, just for the record, my father played the stock market for years. Lived w/ a Scn, who was a short seller. Saw both lose their asses. I reg’d Kathy and Matt Fleshblood. I was in the SO when the “rumor” went around that Matt was being delivered Super Power. I talked to Kathy about how Matt made his money. She explained it to me, and it’s short selling to a T. I remember when Matt Pesch was married to Mary. I met you Matt, but I am sure you don’t recall me. I worked with the PES Jim Wavell, under Cpt. Mick Davies. Amy: Read your very impressive bio. Your Uncle Dick is a very famous man and no wonder you are proud!! I am going to buy your book.

    ARC/KRC …


  156. thecountesskrak

    If Tom Cruise really, badly and factually wanted to be a part of the Sea Organization he could have easily petitioned his friend David Mis-anthrope, Chairman of BS and it could have easily gotten approved despite LRH policy, like some people have done and gone ahead and joined. (He could have always stated that he didn’t know exactly what the substance he took was, didn’t know where it came from, etc.) But Davie, of course, wanted TC out in the limelight so that he could befriend Dustin Hoffman, attend Harry Potter premiers with TC and his family, ride on his private jet and in general fraternize with celebs. Little good is this doing to both.

  157. Tone 41:

    Thanks for the ack.

    I am a firm believer in ‘whats true for you it true for you’; we’ve all cog’ed in our own due time.

    As for Carol, she has been my friend/confidant since the early 80’s & such a stable datum! I thank LRH for her, and Marty for her recent transformation. Wow, is she back, watch out she one dynamo thetan!!!

  158. p.s. Please expect our crush IAS reg’es (i.e. now every post in the CoM) to make surprise visits at at your door at any time of day or night when they are “just in the area”. ML, Selina.

  159. crashing, DM has removed all internal controls from his position in CST and RTC, such that there is no legal, internal way (from a Board or Bylaws perspective) to remove him, such as “voting him out”, “firing him”, etc.

    Therefore, the only way I see to remove him is through the criminal court system. The more people that come forward with first-hand accounts of criminal activity (i.e. real criminal activity such as felonies, including financial irregularities, blatant lies to the IRS, etc.), the sooner it will happen. He is hiding behind the veil of “religiosity” and so will likely be able to get away with things like “throwing people in the swimming pool” and “making SO members work 3 days straight, with no sleep”, since he can claim that they did it of their own volition, as part of the SO, etc. — and will also have many people coming forward for him, saying that they in fact do do it of their own free will.

    But actual physical abuse, financial and other prosecutable crimes … those he will have a hard time defending against. An ideal venue would be a Class Action lawsuit … and I do hope that that is in the works. There certainly seem to be enough firsthand accounts coming forward of physical and financial abuse. I hope the firsthand witnesses have some physical evidence. (Remember the “blue dress” …)

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  161. No kidding. He made the same offer to Dan Sherman years ago but Danny turned him down. Hey, where’s that LRH bio anyway?

  162. You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.
    – Eric Hoffer

    I came accross this quote today and thought of you….

  163. Wait! Virgil, you have first-hand evidence of slave labour being used to renovate Tom Cruise’s house?


  164. Mike Lemeron

    I can only imagine what would become of TC if he did, in fact, join the SO. Let’s see, based on what I have personally seen in the past of wealthy or famous people who have joined up around DM. He would become one of the little people. No pun intended.

  165. To clarify on the situation with Boston’s Back Bay headquarters. The Back Bay building is owned by the local Boston Org. Boston then purchased a totally burned out demoralized building that had been vacant for at least 30 years. There is literally no interior worth salvaging. The sale of the Back Bay building is being done to finance the restoration of the burned out building. Like that is going to go well.

  166. Nice post Ray… 🙂

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