Idle Orgs – The Great Ponzi Scheme

by Mike Rinder 

To quote David Miscavige (in classic Dan Sherman speak) from the recent March 13 event :

Our theme is relentless expansion, which you might also describe as both astounding and astonishing – and you can add staggering and even bedazzling…”  

 Not to mention “utterly incredible” as in: adjective not credible; unbelievable.

First, let’s examine one aspect of this incredible expansion. The Theory of Expansion is to put a stable point there and expand from it. LRH laid it out — open groups around the world to provide introductory services which expand and graduate to Mission status at which time they can move people up through higher levels of training and auditing. The Missions in turn expand and become new Orgs, the stable points in society. Missions cannot Clear anyone and more importantly, they cannot train auditors, that can ONLY be done in an official Church of Scientology Class V or above Org. Of course, without auditors, you can’t do much (though you can reg for building donations, IAS donations, book donations and staff pay donations); to generate real expansion of Dianetics and Scientology there must be an ever growing number of Orgs. In 1992, the Church informed the IRS that there were 156 Scientology Orgs around the world. In the ensuing 18 years of bedazzling expansion there has NOT BEEN ONE NEW ORG added to that total (There was a new org in Greece and maybe one in Taiwan, but there were a couple that shut their doors elsewhere).

Second, the big fudge stat that DM trots out is “more than 8,000 Groups, Missions and Orgs on the global map.” But with 150 or so orgs, about 300 Missions, no more than 100 Narconons, a couple of hundred Applied Scholastics Schools and groups, no more than 100 total CCHR, Criminon, Citizens Commission on Law Enforcement groups (according to the official websites) – he is thousands short. Sure, there are some Dianetics groups. Let’s take the wildest estimate of 1000 around the world (try and find one in your local area, just look them up in the phone book). Still “short” more than 6000. Perhaps there are WTH groups somewhere? One would imagine even if there were 1000 of these you would see SOME result, but let’s take 1000 WTH groups. Dave, you’re still “short” 5000. Add Volunteer Minister “groups” — they probably count a couple of thousand of those, though every time there is a disaster it seems the same people are rounded up to go off and put on their yellow t-shirts. So, presumably the balance must be thousands and thousands of “WISE groups” that have nothing to do with getting people onto and up the Bridge. So, the 8,000 plus orgs, missions and groups is less than 500 orgs and missions and more than 7500 uncategorized “groups.” But, it is impossible that with this many “groups” there aren’t hundreds of new expanding Missions and from that a dozen or two each decade would become an Org? Would ONE new Org a year be “bedazzling” expansion? Is ZERO?

Somehow, Dave, it just doesn’t add up.

Third, the results of the International Birthday Game leaves a bit of a credibility gap for the discerning viewer…

The best Mission in the world and winner of the international Birthday Game (evidencing the greatest expansion rate over an entire year) for the THIRD time is the Mission of Los Feliz. But the oddity is that if they have had the fastest rate of expansion for 3 years, why do they only have 25 staff? There used to be Missions with more than 100 staff back in the 70’s and 80’s? OK, let’s ignore that and move on.

The World Champion Class V org is the Idle Org of CC Nashville. And who was on stage to accept the award? None other than Sea Org member Renee Duszak, known to many in the LA area from her time at AOLA and CC Int. This seemed a little strange, but then I met someone who was recently an outer org tech trainee at the Friendliest Place in the World. Here is the bizarre tale of what happens with those outer org trainees unlucky enough to be sent to Flag for training. Upon completion of their training, INCLUDING internships, they are put onto “apprenticeships” in the Flag HGC and are required to get 5 public from lower orgs arrived to do Grades before they can “graduate”, or they are made to do a “Div 6 apprenticeship” supervising “Basics” courses. But the worst fate for an outer org trainee is to be sent to the newest undermanned Idle Org (and believe it, they are ALL undermanned). The tech resources for the “Idle Orgs” are manned by staff imported from other orgs and they are there until they replace themselves. The Flag Outer Org Trainee weekly staff meeting announces how many staff have been recruited for Idle Orgs by other orgs (“Sacramento recruited two tech staff for Las Vegas this week”). The Hey You that has been the norm at International Management for years (Guillaume Lesevre “from International Management” – NOT “ED International” – presented the Birthday Game Awards) has become the standard operating procedure in the orgs now too.

But, how low does it go on perverting everything in the land of DM? The LRH Birthday Game has now officially been reduced to a farce. They list the winners for each Continent and of course, if there is an “Idle Org” in that Continent they had to win, otherwise Emperor DM would have been standing on stage with no clothes. So, the biggest and best org in Europe was the “Idle Org of Malmo”, somehow managing to beat out Milano, Munich and Moscow (not to mention all the other letters of the alphabet). Anyone who saw the report from Dan Koon when he visited the morgue in Malmo knows how “astonishing” this is. The top of the heap in the UK is the Idle Org of London Foundation. I saw the empty, dead London Org several times in December and if this is the biggest booming org in the UK then the “bedazzling” expansion is really something. And the WUS winner was the Idle Org of Dallas. Again, eyewitness reports show the place to be empty – what happened to the hugely booming San Francisco? Mountain View? Orange County? LA Org? Surely Dallas isn’t the brightest star in the entire Western United States?

So, the Ponzi scheme rolls on, with Scientologists around the world being hoodwinked into giving money for the Idle Org strategy believing that this is what is going to expand Scientology in violation of all LRH policy on the subject. Those orgs are being manned with SO members Hey-You’d from management and staff from other orgs sent to “apprentice”. And when the video is shown at the event, the resources are poured into the next org to be video’d. Anyone been to Buffalo Idle Org recently? San Francisco? Madrid? Or any of the other “old” Idle Orgs? They are not booming. The bright lights of the video crews are gone and they are back to the small, failing orgs they were before DM breezed into town to bask in the limelight.

In his usual rousing finale at the March 13th event, DM rather aptly described Scientology as “a southbound train on a downward slope”. Freudian slip?

Sad as this whole scenario is, I must thank Dan Sherman for providing at least a little humor. Get a load of this passage that must take an honored place in the Hall of Shame of Ridiculous Hype: “This is the occasion when we celebrate Source—utterly and emphatically. It is also an unqualified and unconditional occasion, which means this is nothing else except unbridled celebration. While just for good measure, it might even be called an unequivocal and uncompromising celebration, especially in a world where the economic and political gurus will tell you the global recession is not a depression, it is the decline and fall of Western civilization.” Phew…

A picture tells a thousand words

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  1. Mike,

    You are a very welcome asset to the Independent Field of Standard Scientology.

    When someone starts staticizing the membership numbers in the IF, I am quite sure our stats are way better than the corporate squirrel version of Mestsavage-ology. We are able to get more people up and through the advanced levels, wouldn’t you agree?

    And in the end, that is what Scientology is here for. Not for fundraising or real estate projects.

    Thank you again for your professionalism and your dedication to helping to preserve the legacy of LRH.


  2. Many thanks for DM confirming (recent March 13 event) that Guillaume Lesèvre is not Ed Int International anymore but a member of “Int Management”.

    ps: GL still under watch (hole).

  3. The uniforms are hideous. The’re like banquet waiters. It’s so over the top it’s campy. Imagine how awful they will look when they ALSO wear down. It’s one thing when they look sharp and new, but just cheesy. It’s another thing when they are supposed to look snazzy, but the elbows are worn and the org can’t afford new ones. Kind of like all of PAC’s clas A uniforms. Awful.

  4. Mike, thanks for this eye-opening article. The Church no longer publishes address lists of Orgs and Missions as they used to – the only way you can count them is to go through their online “org locator,” area by area, which I did last year. My count? 143 Orgs, 230 missions. And as to the thousands and thousands of supposed groups, I tried in vain to find any of them online. I could not find a single one. If you check it out, most of the TWTH groups, CCHR groups and so on have the same address as the orgs. They no longer show actual stats at Int events. Those of us who ever attended those event meetings know that if they had booming stats, they’d show them. They don’t dare show the stats.

  5. Marty

    You forgot the volunteer Ministers. On their website and in all publications they talk about 200 000 Vms worldwide. The biggest rescue organisation on planet earth. Bigger than the red cross (dm said that once).
    This makes about more than 1300 VMs per Org alone.
    Why are only a bunch of them in Haiti ?
    While the Us army has over 10 000 soldiers helping there ?
    malmo org is making its stats with staffs from all over Europe being send there for training and apprenticeship !


  6. Hey! They can’t name those buildings after ME!!! 🙂

    Well done getting the video of you reaching out for your son, Mike!

    In the end, you will be reunited with your family. That’s my postulate and I’m sticking with it, as are all of us, I’m sure.

    Joe Howard has my contact info and a few promo examples I just sent him from Portland that make even the above one from Seattle look tame by comparison.

  7. Virgil Samms

    Good writeup Mike.

    Herein lies my pet peave: Org stats. I learned from LRH long ago to ONLY MANAGE BY STATISTICS. Stats for delivery are kept far away from the birthday game events. That’s because they have been downtrending for YEARS.

    In 1983 LRH saw that the WDAH were downtrending for 3 months. He jumped on it. Had us at the FB find the NCGs on delivery lines and get them the hell off of delivery lines. The WDAH turned around and went “straight up and vertical”.

    I never listen to the crap from these events. I havn’t for the last 10 years. I knew that the delivery stats sucked because I had been in the ghost orgs called Pasadena, LA Org, Valley Org, Tampa Org, Santa Barbara Org and ten others. They were empty and still are.

    The insane thing is that these orgs could be turned around so easily, but DM, in his own infinite wisdumb, chose the non-LRH path to “boom” the orgs and it is not working.

    Management terminals must have put up the good fight, hence the hole. He over rode them and threw them into the hole to shut them up.

    LRH says in Data Series 23 PROPER FORMAT AND CORRECT ACTION that “The heart of review is HUMILITY”. If DM was a sentient being he would review his Ideal Org program, find out that those who resisted him are right and would scrap his program before this planet blew itself and all of the rest of us up.

    But SPs can’t afford to be wrong, and especially cannot afford to show any humility and have to be right while they drive the whole mess all the way into the ground.

    So we have to change this before this man kills us all.

  8. Excellent post. I think more posts like this, ones that show the big whopping lies of the “expansion” are needed and the data gotten to those still stuck in the trap.

  9. Thanks Mike for the data. In the current circus run by DM the only thing that’s expanding in a straight up and vertical is his insanity and stupidity.

  10. Wow a headless suit and a clenched fist, that really does sum it up!

  11. “In his usual rousing finale at the March 13th event, DM rather aptly described Scientology as “a southbound train on a downward slope”. Freudian slip?”

    I think it is more likely a prophecy for the church.

    Thanks for the data on the last event, it puts everything in perspective once again.

    Any adventuresome Seattle Independents up for crashing the opening to get the true reports on the latest Impotent Org grand opening?

  12. Mike Lemeron

    This is another blatant example of DM doing the opposite of LRH – rewarding downstats and penalizing upstats. His intentions are very clear. The CofS doesn’t need outside critics and external influences to tear it down; it has DM.

  13. Idle Org Grand Opening, May 28, Pasadena Org.

    I’m thinking that this means that once the event is over and the artificial life support by int management is withdrawn, we will see the already long decline of this org hastened toward its inevitable collapse.

    Perfect metaphor for the “death by help” being run by dm across the dynamics.

  14. I live very near Buffalo and I went by the org last month and it looked dead as a doornail.

    My friend and I had to go buy it to get to the art store. No cars and no activity of people going in and out and it looked closed. It was a weekday afternoon.

  15. And of course there’s the false stat of “straight up and vertical”…

    Ever try to graph straight up and vertical? Cant be done. (hint, you’d be graphing infinity).

    So every time miscavige uses that hyperbole in stead of a real statistic, he shows his true direction.

  16. There is an old saying in U.S. politics, that goes something like this, “you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.”


    PUT LIPSTICK ON A PIG: If people put lipstick on a pig, they make superficial or cosmetic changes, hoping that it will make the product attractive.

    Seems to me, The Emperor with no clothes uses way to much lipstick.

  17. This is so ridiculous! We are talking about a church! What does the promotion communicate? Some kind of steakhouse perhaps? I mean I look at the picture and my mouth waters and I think of food when I see that… And then realize they’re talking about a church… Suddenly something’s very wrong with this picture. It looks like some butler’s uniform EXPENSIVE and isn’t going to church supposed to be free or in our case a donation? If I wanted fashion I’d go to the mall… It just doesn’t communicate the image that a church should have – it does communicate the very opposite to meaningfulness and spirituality – it communicates material opulence and BLING.

  18. Mike, excellent post. Very well written. Most importantly, it points out the contrary facts and just shows what the real situation is.

    Your data regarding Flag OOT’s are very accurate. Just to add a bit more: OOT’s usually are on Sales 3 hours a day while they attend course. They are pulled out of course anytime there is a quota to be made. Most OOT’s are behind target.

    Those who finish the courses go to the internship. They usually get thru it no matter what. After all, Flag needs to brag that they train auditors. After the internship, they are sent to apprenticeships for a while. Mike, I don’t know what your source was but, he/she is playing nice. Auditors are sent to the HGC’s and lef there for months. I have seen some who has gotten at least 10 public THRU the grades, but they were kept there. In fact, I know of three OOT’s who are still there after 7 months on the apprenticeships. There is no knowing when they will be fired to their orgs. There is no policy or set limit. Just when RTC decides.

    If my memory is not failing me, 80% of the OOT’s who were fired to their orgs were the new Idle Org staff. Some didn’t even do apprenticeships.

    DM knows the orgs are idle. He knows they need to staff. He know he can keep them at Flag to procure public.

    Sups supeing Basics courserooms. They can finish the apprenticeship if the attendance goes over 1500, and if they recover some 50 students.
    This takes at least 6 months. Four OOT’s I have known were on the apprenticeship for 8 months.

    Re: the photo. No comment. It’s so obvious.

    Mr. Webb

  19. Who the hell is DM talking to? Anybody who’s been on any service at any level or who’s been on staff at any level knows better than all this bedazzled BS.

  20. Thank you for this excellent write-up Mike of the real situation (including actual statistics) of the scene in Scientology today.

    Undoubtedly, Scientologists around the world have wondered where are the actual statistics of expansion, not just “theetie-wheetie” (glib) exclamations by DM that the church is growing by leaps and bounds that is “pinch me” material.

    Behind those crashing statistics one indeed finds DM actively creating them. Shifting importance onto MEST, altering sequence of training onto “Basics” courses and off Academy levels (verified recently to me by a new defector), wrong targeting parishioner money into IAS slush funds instead of their next Bridge service, adding infinite time to getting completed vital programs such as a new tech dictionary or Super Power, adding arbitraries to what it takes to get past Objectives and the Purif (impeding progress up the Bridge), quickying grades and shifting their delivery over to the FSO, and the list goes on. Not the least of which is musical chairing tech staff, as you point out, over to other orgs.

    LRH had this to say about musical chairing. Anyone can find this by looking at the list of high crimes (ie. Suppressive Acts) in HCO PL 23 Dec 65RB SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS:

    “Musical chairs (transfers of persons around an org) is THE SINGLE MOST DESTRUCTIVE ACTION TO AN ORG’S STATS.
    “A stupid or suppressive person will tear up Division A to get personnel for Division B. These errors are of long duration, and they do more to destroy an org than any other action: (A) Making a hole in one place to remedy a hole in another, (B) Training a person for tech but not admin and putting him in admin, (C) Using the Technical Divisions as personnel pools from which to man other divisions. (D) Rapid shifts of post, (E) Leaving areas in an org unmanned. These personnel error (or crimes) cause every staff member to suffer in terms of lowered income, lowered pay, lowered facilities, lowered success.”


    “The individual statistic of any organization (except SH) is:
    “The individual statistic of Saint Hill is:

    The basic truth as to why orgs are failing is the quote above. There are no new auditors being made, and the ones that do exist are leaving.

    LRH says in HCO PL 3 Dec 64B BOOMING AN ORG THROUGH TRAINING that “A boom depends on training, not processing.”

    And make no mistake, that training was referring to AUDITOR training. NOT “BASICS” COURSES.

    LRH brings that point home in LRH ED 67 INT “HOW TO RAISE STATS” where he states:

    “Auditors are valuable. An org is valuable if it audits and trains auditors. If an org is valuable, it will get paid by the public to be there. But it is only valuable if it audits and trains auditors.
    “Small livingness courses, defense, policy, the OEC, promotion, all these are valuable too. But only to the degree they get people in to get audited and trained as auditors.

    “That’s the heart of it. A 49-man org with only 3 auditors and one Supervisor will flop. In a 49-man org 17 or more should be auditors and Course Supervisors.

    “That gives the org purpose – for only auditing can clean up a community. That gives action. That gives income.”

    Much more could be said on the subject of how Miscavige has effectively UNMOCKED orgs and effectively crippled them from being able to expand.

  21. “(There was a new org in Greece and maybe one in Taiwan, but there were a couple that shut their doors elsewhere).”

  22. Mike,

    I was at the Shrine when Miscavige kicked off his “Idle Org” scam and I remember him saying that “gradients didn’t apply” .

    So not only do you have this concept of “Ideal Orgs” which are in fact Idle Orgs but Instant Idle Orgs as as well or “one shot orgs”.

    In short a delusion.

  23. The Seattle Ideal Org poster is appallingly copying the Anonymous headless symbol – please pinch me, is it real?

    Mike, thank you very much for the data!
    The whole spook will implode very soon.

  24. Arminai fainted! Hugo Boss quit! Ralph Lauren left the room.

    Nope — no way would this suit be called the least bit fashionable.

    Note the LACK of dimple in the windsor knot.

    The wrinkle in the dress shirt.

    The cuffs that exceed the suit jacket by about 3 extra inches.

    AND WHOEVER would wear that tie? Two toned. It’s not a car for gawd sake.

    If Samuel Goldwyn were invited to this affair, no doubt he would be heard saying “Include me out!!” (even from the grave)


  25. Dear Mike,

    I take it from your post that you were there at the event. Was it held in Clearwater at the Ruth Eckerd Hall as in past years? Did you have any trouble getting in, or with security identifying you and asking you to leave? In the past I would make special trips to Flag to attend the LRH Birthday Event, and thought about going. If you did in fact attend the event, VVWD!! More indications of the courage and confront that you have, in addition to asking for your son at the front door of the Ft. Harrison.

    Once again, you have my very best postulates for getting back in comm with your son. I hope to be reunited with my son also.

  26. Well, what about straight down and vertical aka free fall?

  27. Speaking of wich I am salivating over those cufflinks and Scientology Cross pin, they would complete my anon atare.

  28. Victoria


  29. The C. of S. has become a total falsehood very very distant from the values and the principles that orginally got us to join in many years ago.

    Thanks Mike for the great and clear article.


  30. I think one of the most jaw-dropping changes made to the “Birthday Game”, is that one of the key stats for winning it is now how much money is raised for their Idle Org. It’s therefore no coincidence that all the newest Idle Orgs are winning the birthday games. It’s now a rigged game, courtesy of DM and “International Management”. I guess they figure they can continue to fool and scam people this way for at least the next 30 years.

  31. John, No worries ( sarcasm). “Musical chairs” has been removed from the list of suppressive acts in the newest edition of the Ethics book. Not a joke.
    I agree with you wholeheartedly; musical chairs has been his stock-in-trade, with the resulting destruction. Unmock is the key word.
    Good observations re the current scene onyour part.

  32. Hmmmm. Ever notice how many times in a speech DM throws in words that will be misunderstood? It’s like Jesse Jackson. Lot of weird, extraneous verbiage designed to “bedazzle” and confuse. And most of us know what happens after a misunderstood: person goes blank. And what happens in the blank mind when being hit with all this stimuli of a
    DM event? Ah, implanted messages that go unevaluated. Hmmmm.

  33. War and Peace

    Thank you Mike Rinder for shedding light on the outright lies and falsities spouted by DM at these events.

    Imagine INT BASE goes through sleep deprivation for 5 days prior to an INT invent to support COB prattling a tissue of lies.

    Outer Org Trainees are treated lower than Gold on Int base. They are treated more like Gold staff on decks.

    DM’s dog is treated with more respect than an Outer Org Trainee. (DM”s dog according to DM can “sniff” out ethics and must be saluted to and addressed as” SIR.”)

    Miscavige has changed the Church from an organisation that delivers auditing and trains auditors to a status cult for those who need a status and a plaque whether or not they had any kind of spiritual resurgence or trained to help another. The old saying, “A Fool and his money are soon parted”.

    Meaningless certs that appear no where in policy for credit card charges putting public into future debt. This is the Church of Miscavology.

    Another fabulous post, thanks Mike !

  34. Spot on

  35. Moving Forward

    The musical chairs are nothing new, either. When LA Day ‘went St. Hill Size’ in 1996 (it most definitely did not really achieve that), I recall that the ED of Mountain View org was ripped off (ahem, I mean ‘recruited’) to be the D/ED at LA Day.

    The ‘new idle org’ in SF was also declared ‘Saint Hill Size’ in order to ‘prove how Idle Orgs expand’. I know from personal observation that the org did not make it. There was a big mission to ‘make it happen’ and, with a huge amount of effort, some expansion did occur. However the video showing all of the ‘explosive, incredible and amazing expansion’ was a total lie. Groups were formed for photo shoots and then immediately ceased to exist (although I’m sure they are still counted in that ‘8000 groups’ stat). The same people were used in group after group. Several missions were ‘opened’ with maybe 2 part time staff and those never even got off the ground. Staff pay didn’t increase the staff either have to moonlight or have a spouse who supports them.

    From what I recall, a total of about 500 public were rounded up to contribute to the whole effort of getting the org ready to move, yet most of these people disappeared right after the move. There was a huge amount of ‘disaffection’ in the field that the SO mission was trying to handle.

    The following is something I mentioned this in a comment on Jeff’s blog, but I think it’s worth saying again here: almost immediately after the org moved into its new building they were told that millions more needed to be raised to buy an additional building as the one that was purchased was not big enough.

  36. Theo Sismanides

    Mike, thanks a lot for another elaborate write up from you regarding expansion.

    I didn’t know about the OOTs and the musical chairs happening. This is stealing the work of another to promote DM’s illusions. The Emperor is naked and we are the only ones who can utter this and say it loud. And it’s an ugly sight. So, we better scream and say to the world of Scientologists, do not pretend anymore, just observe what you observe.

    Now, 2 things from me:

    1) Re the Athens Org. First of all, so that people know, there were 2 missions here in Athens back in 1989 and one (mission Athena) was closed down by Michel Czimbalmos and Elena Alevizopoulou (ED and HES of the other mission, called Athens Mission at that time) around that time. All of the staff of Athena mission were ripped off and the city of Athens was left with… one Mission.

    After so many years of translations work and other work Athens Mission had just around 30 staff. It never moved higher. Let’s say it got up to 40, no more in the 90’s that I was in the Sea Org.

    Now the interesting thing is nobody knows why around the year 2001 the attention was put on Athens mission to become a Class V org. One may not believe this but Athens mission became an Org just after I did 6 TV shows here in Athens.

    I appeared on all major TV channels saying that I was an Independent Scientologist and that Scientology had gone off the rails.

    Just about that time Athens becomes a Class V org. Coincidence? Not for me. All was made up so that people would be put back on the rails by this big “success”. In Greek we say “to throw ashes on one’s eyes” meaning to get one to look at something we want and not let them look at something we don’t want them to look.

    You were still the CO OSA Int at that time. I’d like to know if you knew and had reports on me appearing on national TV and other channels.
    You must have had such reports. I was a big danger for Athens around that time.

    Those shows had great success! People were watching and calling at the TV station saying that I was just one and they were 6 people against me on the panel. They thought this was unfair and then I met people in the streets telling me I spoke very logically and with common sense. They liked that.

    Katerina Diamantara (the DSA Athens Org) did one show with Panos Panagiotopoulos a reporter and politician who run a show on a channel called EXTRA channel and it was a sheer failure. She said on the air that they don’t have more than 100 members in the Org to justify that they were not dangerous to anybody!! A big PR fiasco.

    So that’s the story on Athens. After me and my wife Olga Vernardou left the translations we had to be proven wrong by Int Mgmt. Many translations were sent down on an immediate basis. Translations Olga and Elia Anastasopoulou had done for years and were kept by AVC for no reason and never sent to the mission/org !!!! Total fucking Suppression.

    And when we left the translations were immediately released because I was making noise in Athens against Int Mgmt. I was even calling or meeting Scientologists in the street telling them that I was declared for insisting on HCOBs. Then the TV shows started and Int Mgmt panicked.

    As I said, if you add some data on that Mike that would explain a lot.

    So that, for me, leaves only Taiwan Org to have become an Org just by its own strength and power for all those years and there may be someone who knows more about that because it is really impossible that only two orgs were made and one of them in my opinion received a lot of help by Int Mgmt and also was on the grounds of expediency as explained above.

    Now my 2nd point:

    I get it about the idle orgs and I have an idea. What we do here is we communicate. Actually you guys went to Flag and videoed the whole incident there. You introduce a new way of communication to DA all the lies.

    Why don’t we get videos of those Idle Orgs and upload them here and on You Tube?

    Just show to Scientologists what is the real scene after the Hollywood lights take off.

    Just a suggestion that is going to show a lot of stuff that is not happening.

  37. Very correct and precisely stated. Thank you, John.

  38. Mike,
    A friend of mine said he checked out Frisco, LV and Nashville. He said they were doing well especially Frisco. You mentioned Frisco not doing so. Are you saying Nashville is doing well?

  39. No org or mission for that matter is doing well.
    Parking lots are empty with just a few staffs 2-3 all over the globe. People are reading the internet and are becoming aware of the fraud called Church of Scientology and David Miscavige.

  40. Why would any Class V Org in their “right mind” ever send a trainee to FLAG with that BS of rip offs to other “Ideal Orgs”??? I never would have as an OES! The arbitraries are amazing, stops abound. Utterly Mind blowing! Any poor bastard sent to FLAG will never be seen again in his home town. WOW!

    Boyd Hutchins is on the KSW Radio Show tonight at a new time: 8 PM CST / 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST Don’t Miss it!

  41. anonymous….define “doing well”.

    Last month I went to PAC, Santa Barbara and South Bay Orgs……all were like like cemeteries, except for the aliveness of the wonderful staff who are the only true and worthwhile assets left to the Cof$ and the handfuls of public in each location. That was the week of the LRH Birthday Event, should have been bursting at the seams, don’t ya think? Oh, did I mention that I was also at the event in LV the following week? There must have been at least 100 public for the 150+ staff and SO to deal with, including the OSA guys.
    Did I also mention that on the Weds, just before dinnertime, before big B’day event at Ruth Eckerd Hall there was only ONE public that came into the FSC office in over an hour, which is how long I was there? When I worked with them less than 4 years ago the place was packed on such a day, literally standing room only.

    Pathetic attempt to make Mike look the liar when cob is the champion at lying.

    Thanks for this exact analysis. It is spot on. One only has to LOOK.


  42. Also, many of the public used in the making of the Ideal Orgs in the bay area were actually public from other orgs. If you look at the staff and public working on them and at the grand openings videos, they are the same people. This is true for Stevens Creek, Los Gatos, Mountain View and San Francico Orgs as well as Soma and Palo Alto missions.

    Not unlike the number of Scientologists being based on CF files in each org. They are counted multiple times and then again each time they purchase at a higher org.

  43. It is very simple to get the stats on this. Go to the link given and search on corporate name (omg) and fill in Scientology and you get 151 results. Mission or Church (Org) active, suspended or disolved.

    Results of search for ” SCIENTOLOGY ” returned 151 entity records.

    Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process











    “And so on and so fort”

    Anyone intrested to fleece through these “stats”

    number of suspended

  44. Theo,

    I think your onto something here.

    A little Youtube activism is definitely in order.

    It would have to be done surreptitiously or covertly since there are kinds of horror shows of people filming in front of the org who were harassed by security or OSA or a combination of the two as if they were filming a Mafia funeral or a Top Secret meeting.

    So here are some links that might help:

    might give you lurkers some ideas.

    Yeah I know 2 to 5 hundred dollars is pretty high end but think of it as an investment in never having to buy another level of the IAS or being extorted to support the “Idle Org” scam.

    Aside from the fun when OSA is driven bug shit crazy trying to figure out where the leak came from 🙂

  45. Thanks for exposing the lies, Mike.

    I was outside Melbourne org yesterday and it was dead, as usual. And it’s undoubtedly the biggest Cl V org in ANZO.

    The building has been put up for sale three times in the last few years and then withdrawn from sale at the last minute because the “Idle Org” building is nowhere near ready to move into (and probably never will be – it’s in a totally off-Source location for a start.)

    The Faithful are still propping it up somehow despite all the insanity from above but it’s doomed regardless – Anons outside on the street have no difficulty getting passersby to sign petitions asking for Senate inquiries into Scientology.

    And last weekend, an Anon was assaulted by an on-lines Scio outside the org, resulting in charges being laid, fairly extensive media coverage of the incident and even less control of the environment by the org.

    How long can the farce keep limping along with the pretence of “unlimited expansion” being accepted by the Faithful?

  46. David Miscavige is instructing (implanting with laser light shows) the audience how to perceive him:
    “Our theme is relentless expansion, which you might also describe as both astounding and astonishing – and you can add staggering and even bedazzling…”

    Staggering, yes.

    In 1992, the Church informed the IRS that there were 156 Scientology Orgs around the world. In the ensuing 18 years of bedazzling expansion there has NOT BEEN ONE NEW ORG added to that total

    DM claim: “more than 8,000 Groups, Missions and Orgs on the global map.”
    Actual Math: circa 700 (generous round off to 1000)

    Third time consecutive year winner of “the greatest expansion rate over an entire year”: Mission of Los Feliz. Fastest rate of expansion for 3 years, yet only have 25 staff. (Yikes, What does that say about the other orgs & missions?)

    Undermining and impeding Tech training and delivery with arbitrary agendas to $ell basics, stalling auditor training, blocking Bridge, musical chairs posts

    Bedazzling? No sunglasses needed for the glaring black hole.

    We are LOOKING, not listening.

  47. Anonymous, define “doing well” please?

  48. If by “well” you mean haven’t closed yet.

  49. “This is the occasion when we celebrate Source—utterly and emphatically. “ DM

    Huh? (I personally do so by Tech application)

    “It is also an unqualified and unconditional occasion, which means this is nothing else except unbridled celebration.” – DM

    What’s an unconditional and unqualified occasion? I thought Life was. Or is he rolling in the bacchanals and all hail Bacchus.

    “While just for good measure, … ” -DM

    (incase my previous B.S. wasn’t con vincing enough)

    “…it might even be called an unequivocal and uncompromising celebration,… DM

    Huh? Is there even such a thing as an equivocal celebration? or a compromised celebration?

    “… especially in a world where the economic and political gurus will tell you the global recession is not a depression,…” DM

    Ahhh, I get it. DM be talking $$$$. Well, sheesh, no thousands were spared in getting your last dollar, spray painting columns and party hats, no matter how tough the times.

    “it is the decline and fall of Western civilization.” DM D.M. Doom Monger

    Mike wrote: Phew…

    Phew! is RIGHT

  50. Well it wasn’t THAT creepy until you described it! Victoria – You funny 😀

  51. Concerned Citizen

    Frisco is doing well? It most be a recent development because it was not al that long that I visited and the place was deserted. I walked in and it wasn’t till about 5 minutes after and once we had found the second floor that someone showed up. I got tour after virtually being interrogated, asked why I was here and if someone had sent me in. My non Scientologist companions were quite ticked off by these reception.

    It was a Wednesday afternoon, I remember that because anyone who has been on staff knows the significance of such a day, the place was empty, not a single soul staff or public in the bottom floor. Saw a single student on course, I mean just one, I saw the course room but was of course not allowed to see the HGC. We saw all we could, were not allowed to take pictures. I was there for about 2:00 hrs and it was really dead, 3 other staff members showed up but no tour or anything. I was invited to see all their audiovisuals. I visited 4 orgs and 15 missions in the last 12 months and they are all in similar states,

    I can’t give you an exact date, obviously, but it was not all that long ago, so if it is doing well, it is a very recent development. I think it was maybe just over a year ago.

    I second Theo’s idea, let’s have a place so that when people visit an org, mission, etc, they can report it’s state, if they actually get video or pictures of all known orgs, fantastic, but it is not as easy.

    Since I was in fact there as a Scientologist wanting to disseminate and still I got the Gestapo interrogation greeting. (So much for disseminating) we can expect others will encounter similar procedures.

    But if we do this, may be we can get some truer picture that way. It may not be complete as we want it, still, some actual data is better than just even hype and defectors reports.

    Anonymous may be able to provide their videos on org’s sidewalk activity too. That would be very cool.

    As for Dan Sherman, is his stat number of superlatives or pompous adjectives in speeches? One would think so.

    Thanks Mike again for doing what you are doing and in spite the heavy personal harassment you knew would result. It takes guts and real purpose. I really appreciate it, if not for Marty and You and Tom, I might still be confused, trapped and introverted into why I can’t make sense of things. So we all owe you guys all a lot

  52. This is an excellent report, Mike.

    The magazine cover …obviously an epic bedazzled FAIL.

    I just yesterday posted, without having yet seen this, only tuning into a fake aesthetic wavelength, and I repeat –>

    God dressed up in polyester gold lamé holding a rhinestone studded donation basket engraved “Give”

    and when you deposit all your money, you get a light up plastic halo in the Hall of Glutamonious Maximus DorkusMalorcus.

    Not even a waiter would be caught wearing this. it comes across like imitation Esquire, like tacky Chippendales meets Las Vegas Casino Magician (keep you eye on the gold ascot and you won’t see me grab your $ with my fist). With a cross on it. And gold piping. And an ill-fitting, crumpled starched shirt.

    Noooooo! Is this for real?

    It’s a costume, not a uniform. ☃ It’s pure buffoonery.

    I don’t want to be unkind, but it is a clown suit and a mockery, sadly another mirror reflecting how DM wants to see himself.

    Is Tommy Davis gonna be wearing this?

    Does anyone have info on the speculation that Katie Holmes designed the “church” costumes?

  53. ‘astounding, astonishing, staggering and bedazzling’…
    Word of advice to Dan Sherman – skip the awe-inspiring, hypnotizing, razzle-dazzle, stunning, incredible, prodigious, jaded and fatigued synonyms (better still, buy yourself a thesaurus).
    You’re making Scientology sound like a cheap circus show. Gross!

  54. Anonymous,

    What exactly what does your friend mean by “they were doing well”?

    Me I live in the LA Area, you know the center of the Scientology Universe and the orgs here aren’t doing well at all.

    In fact LRH Way formerly North Berendo looks deserted. Very few if any public or staff. Their parking lot is usually one half to two thirds empty. The last time I went into LA Org there was no one in reception except the receptionist.

    Though I never went into ASHO or AOLA (too many people know me there), from what I could see there was no or very little body traffic. Either entering or leaving the building.

    No PCs or Students in the Cafe area outside of the canteen.

    No Pre OTs hanging out in front of AO. No students on the steps in front of ASHO.

    In other words the place is a ghost town. Kinda spooky actually.

    I suggest your friend give us more detail on what “doing well” actually means.

    I’d report about CCI but now they don’t allow just anybody in there who isn’t a “celebrity” or a Feshbach.

  55. Just to fill in some R on the groups stat. A number of years ago I was at Flag for service and there was a big board up in the groups walkway with a staff member asking if we wanted to form a Dianetics group. Who didn’t, so I signed up. I went back home and gave it a good try and actually did get a few new people to at least one meeting. For whatever reason I couldn’t keep up the momentum and the group petered out. My name did go up on that board and is probably still counted as a group stat. How many good intentioned folks did the same and how many other good intentioned folks didn’t even get that far? I also know of an OT8 who promised as part of his OT Ambassador deal at the Ship that he would open a group. Never did but I’m sure that promise was counted also. After all, there were no controls on the field groups so the only record of it being formed were the promises and signups.

  56. Uh, is the promo piece a picture of a headless person praying, or am I seeing things? (!)

  57. Great post Mike,
    Well statistically, once again, it is evident that DM is THE block to any Scientology expansion. He has altered LRH’s tech, policy, management references and strategies at each echelon and at just about every level to forward his very own agenda.
    Quite evil, quite selfish, quite psycho-puppy.

  58. We have here contrary data. Anyone over there in Frisco, LV and Nashville? All that would be needed is a video time stamped at the normal time before courses and after courses of the front door. Are there lots of people going in and out or not? To be even more fair pick some other random times but be sure to pick some times when there would normally be a flow of bodies. Let us not be unfair. We are seeking the Truth. If DM’s new policies are actually working to create real expansion we need to support him as he obviously has discovered new natural laws that LRH missed. remember LRH said “make a better bridge” Maybe DM is. And if that’s the case he should be acknowleged as we acknowlege LRH for discovering natural law on how things really work.

  59. Mrs Pattycake

    Hi Mike,

    thanks for the data … it sounds like those events are just getting worse and worse .

    I remember sitting in the Sandcastle IAS office lounge with Barb, watching you on video giving some speech. She told me that she was very worried about you, you had lost weight and she thought you didn’t sound yourself.

    She said that she had called you and you had told her that it was all ok and that DM had you on a special diet and exercise program ( good shore story LOL ). I look back at that now and realise how perceptive she was – it was like she was trying to reassure me and herself that it was all ok.

    I often think of her and the rest of your family.
    I spoke with Andrew about you, when I was deciding to officially leave the church – quite a decision as I was the most recent OTVII comp in ANZO.

    I realised that I would put him and the rest of your family in risk if I persisted. Also I did not for one minute buy the shore story he gave me about your departure from the SO … though many have.

    Would love to com with you in private. If you like please email me or pm me on ESMB.

    Looking forward to your BBC interview.

    ML Vick

  60. John,
    Great post!

  61. Perfect, Jack! That’s a picture I’ll treasure – The Emperor, no clothes, too much lipstick, and an apple in his mouth….ready for the spit.

  62. and STATUS, don’t forget that. To the Nines!

  63. Freedom Fighter

    Anonymous, define “well” . . . as in specific numbers of course comp (Grade Chart actions, not “Basics” comps), Grades completions, and Clears made. Ugh! I’m so sick of PR spew! “Things are going great!” “We’re expanding like never before!” BS! What are the hard core stats?

  64. anonymous,
    Well, that clears that up, SF is doing well. Ummm, errrr, can ya’ sort fill that in a bit there, maybe, jus’ a tad, a doodle, a l’il tiny bit.

  65. I have called a dog and pony show several times.

    But its more like a Game Show where nobody wins anything in reality.

  66. Freedom Fighter

    “one of the key stats for winning it is now how much money is raised for their Idle Org.


  67. Fidelio, Cat Daddy, ROTFLMAO! I noticed the obvious coincidence, too, but you guys make me roll!

  68. Since my find got posted I opted to ad a little visual aid.

  69. michaeljrinder

    Minn — the security at these events isnt so good. They spend a lot of money and take a lot of precautions, but if you want to get in it is easy. Doesnty take much to disguise yourself so the people checking at the door dont recognize you, and of course they practially beg people to go to the events, so procuring tickets is no problem. Anyone that wants to witness PT Barnum in person can go along and partake in the full multi-media extavaganza!

  70. “body traffic” It sounds like somebody is shipping corpses somewhere or that zombies walk the earth.

  71. martyrathbun09

    Ya think Anonymous might be a troll? Wouldn’t surprise me since his namesakes are going stark, staring DM on me since the events of this week.

  72. I am going to bite. Opions within the collective are divers. Some penis envy can’t be ruled out.

    This Anon supports your Clearwater action.

  73. Good job Eileen…


  74. Hahahaha! Gandiguy, you crack me up!
    Say some more!

  75. In essence he is talking to himself.

  76. Bob,

    You are totally correct in saying that the birthday game is now a rigged game. I was in Joburg as a Sea Org member in 2005 when they were given their Saint Hill size trophy. They had been playing the birthday game with all their might and had definitely WON the game. I know, because we were all tracking the points down to the wire and I was heavily involved in the org activities. Dave wanted Milano to be awarded with some kind of award at the event, so instead of announcing the fact that Joburg had won the birthday game – he announced that they were Saint Hill size, and instead gave the birthday game trophy to Milano which was announced as the birthday game winner. Obviously he was trying to add to the fluff of the “bedazzling expansion” that year by showing off both orgs. This was a huge ARC break for the field in Joburg that had worked their butts off to win the birthday game (which they were really dedicated to even more so than achieving Saint Hill size.) The ED of Joburg Day, Albert De Beer told me that in a briefing from Dave, while he was still at Flag, he was told “You know you did win the birthday game.” He was sent home with two trophies, a Saint Hill size trophy and a birthday game trophy, but yet the whole world was led to believe that Milano had won and the ED Milano was also sent home with a Birthday trophy. I saw these trophies with my own eyes. It is a scam – Dave says who the winners are, and that’s it.

  77. I was in an Org today and the tension and stress level was a little bit lower then I have seen in a while.

    I wasn’t asked to by anything or do anything. True! A bit of theta had replaced the previous vampire valences.

    This maybe due to the effect of Marty, Mike and many others here and around the world.

    Maybe DM’s attention is tied up with his imagined enemies that his suppresive and cross orders are off.

    This indicates to me that even the slightest diversion of that SP’s attention off Org lines has some benefit.

    The TRUTH has been set forth like vaccine entering the body has a way of affecting the whole body putting in check the virus.

    Let’s keep the daily dose (Truth) up until the virus (DM) is gone.

  78. Mike ~~
    I am a Los Feliz resident and have visited the Los Feliz Mission 3x in the last year. It is dead as a doornail. At the most one person was on course.

    3-4 staff members on duty. Knowing the reality of a dead mission and hearing they won #1 when I attended the INT events made me realise they were making up stuff.

    Or maybe the AFFLUENCE is counted if the 3x their stat. One student on course to 3 on course is tripling the stat.

    It is not even open to the public but for certain hours.

    Actor Patrick Renna bought the building and pays the property tax and utilities. It would not survive without the sugar daddy.

    There is no GI or public to speak of.

  79. I got “fleeced”by the hive mind. Seems there where thourough stats allready on it. REAL thourough.

    Anybody intrested in making Pie Charts of that ?

  80. Well thanks Marty. You just lost a supporter with that statement. I believe you guys and defended what’s been said here to that friend. I was just trying to resolve the contrary claims. I noticed you took out my post answering RJ.

  81. Thanks Marty. You just lost someone who’s been defending you and trying to change minds. I was just trying to reconcile what that guy said. I noticed you took out my last post answering RJ.

  82. Dear Mike,

    You are absolutely right! Orgs/Missions around the world are in a very bad shape and DM still pretending a huge “expansion” at the events.

    I know for fact our local org is suffering big time and one of our mission holder, OTVII, who was running 3 missions has been punished by DM and taken off the level. As a result, he has left the church. Only one of the 3 missions he was running, is currently open and the other 2 are in non-E.

  83. I saw this somewhere on ESMB

    “David Miscavige is stuck in an Anonymous incident”

  84. Speaking of Dan Sherman, “The LRH Biographer” and defacto full time DM speechwriter for the past 15 years at least–Hey, Danny, you are about to be bypassed on the LRH bio. Others besides Sarge are writing up their recollections of LRH and these are going to begin appearing here and elsewhere. Call it a multiple viewpoint bio of LRH. Someone has to fill the vacuum and if you won’t do the job that you were expressly brought to Int to do but instead allow yourself to be illegally cross-ordered off onto speechwriting, then you are truly in a condition of Danger, at best. Get a move on!

  85. Moving Forward

    Karen – I’d actually forgotten about that. You’re totally right. Public from the south bay did go up to San Francisco and either joined staff or helped with the evolution. SF supposedly has one of the ‘bigger fields’, too.

    As for recent news, on a Saturday afternoon within the last few months the org was really empty (not just as seen from the outside). Not sure about the HGC, but there were maybe 10 public otherwise.

  86. Moving Forward

    I agree with you, but I believe it goes deeper than this, though. Management by statistics doesn’t mean anything if actual management isn’t being done. What you get is a lot of stat pushing and false stats. It’s been going on forever. At one point in the 90’s, almost all of the stats at LA Day and Hamburg (two of the ‘biggest’ orgs) were false, big-time false.

    None of these orgs are expanding through actual management. It takes a big SO Mission to force stats up long enough for Gold to get the videos done for the events, and then after they leave, things crash again. This, too, has been happening for a lot longer than the ‘Idle Orgs’ program.

    And management can’t be done as the Flag-FOLO-Org line was mutilated. Orgs are supposed to be managed on individual org evals, not the whim of a crazy person who issues arbitrary international orders for all orgs. Evals are almost never done and, on the very rare occasions they are, they demand a fully realized ideal scene at the end of the eval program, in total violation of the policy on the subject. LRH said that Programs Chiefs should be doing evals on orgs in HCO PLs on the subject of the Flag-FOLO-Org line, but that was nixed in favor of an ‘eval corps’ (I’ve been told the ‘eval corps’ was implemented based on LRH advice…) and that was never allowed to function, either.

    Sorry for the long rants… This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I wondered for the longest time why org management was so screwed up and now I know. I love orgs and the staff and am so tired of seeing them run into the ground by this suppressive crap!

  87. Troll for sure Marty,

    Guy thinks “doing well” is the best revenge 😉

    Probably the reason the “anons” are going “stark staring DM” is that they’ve been infiltrated by OSA.

    CD, I’m glad you are with us.

    My suggestion is you have Boris give you guys a briefing on Counterintelligence and Counterespionage.

    Your friends are being played if they are going after Marty.

  88. Ron the Phantom

    “Last night I got busy, went around a bit and installed permanent hidden live cameras outside ALL orgs on the planet….

    Oufff… took me a bit but from now on you guys are going to enjoy live streaming video of any org you’d like from now on. I did it as a tribute to this site and this movement. Hurray!!! ”

    Thank you all.

  89. I believe DM has no choice but to lie. The truth would have most staff leave within days. So don’t be so hard on the boy.

    And I am pleased to announce there’s now a Mike Rinder fanclub in Sweden (2 members), impressed with you Mike still standing, telling the truth, still being a scientologist after all that stuff going on when you were on staff, being beaten by a midget, having to lie about it on camera, now the stuff with your ex-wife hitting on you on international TV, the CoS spreading lies about you. You didn’t choose the dull road this time, I think. Our hats are off to you, good man.

  90. ups !
    I meant mike !

  91. Marty,
    Yes, a twoll, who wives under the bwidge. This is easawee cowwobowated.

    Cat D,
    Penis envy? Why is it always the penis? Can’t there be knee envy, or even soft lower ear envy? Shoulder blade? Back yard? Shoes that fit?

    Always the penis. It’s downright Ancient Egyptian.

    I’m sharp lawn mower blade envious!!

  92. Mike,

    The church response to your visit shows unmistakable signs that their tenuous hold on parishioner loyalty is failing.

    In the distant past, when disaffected people demonstrated, loyal parishioners were visible and were even recruited for counter demonstrations. I and hundreds of my friends marched on the streets of LA during the Wollersheim trial as we sincerely believed we had to defend our church from the “Antichrist”.

    Today, three of you show up to see a family member and the place is in lockdown mode.

    Maybe those requesting repayments from Flag should show up in person with video cameras running and ask for a progress report on their repayment cycles.

    Since there are hundreds of parishioners either in the midst of these cycles or contemplating them, it would send a message to staff that could not be ignored.

    On the other hand, they probably would not have to show up at all if they said they would like to make a personal visit and hoped they would get a better reception “than Mike Rinder did”.

    It will not take much more before Flag will have locked doors and only admit those who have signed passes.

    I hope your son will be free to communicate with you soon. This situation cannot last.

  93. I’ve been collecting completion stats from Scn mags for 10 years. I know longer receive the mags as the C of S stopped sending them to me when they found out my identity.

    If anyone still receives mags and would like to help out or contribute to getting the completions stats known, please contact me at
    As you can see, the AOLA completions included the BASICS completions for a while.

    Advance 197 [ circa May 2008 ]

    Quick Stats:
    577 completions
    274 individuals
    36 different services <— lists BASICS Books courses individually

    Advance 198 [ circa September 2008 ]

    Quick Stats:
    634 completions
    312 individuals
    39 different services <— lists BASICS Books courses individually

    Advance 200 [ circa March 2009 ]

    Quick Stats:
    242 completions
    209 individuals
    11 different services

    AOLA NEWS 002 [ circa June 2009 ]

    Quick Stats:
    87 completions
    46 individuals
    12 different services

    Advance 203 [ circa December 2009 ]
    Los Angeles

    Quick Stats:
    185 completions
    89 individuals
    12 different services

    Advance 204 [ circa March 2010 ]

    Quick Stats:
    172 completions
    81 individuals
    12 different services

  94. They can’t show the face. It’s a Guy Fawkes mask.

  95. Man has always had a strong obsession with second Dynamic activities Jim.

    Interesting you talk about the Ancient Egyptians. they had entire rituals involving the dead Faroa having it on with the stars while his mummy wore a fake fallus on it for the ocassion to make sure the universe got created again.

  96. RJ, I am not my brothers keeper in this case. I am not going on a crusade.

    I am onley going to follow my path in this. Boris does the same. Not every Anon is charmed about him neither by the way.

    There is one goal that binds and that is to “dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form”

    Mark Bunker has more reach than I have. He did a video that I like to post on the boards named “Big Clanking Balls”

    When asked though I will state my opinion. And when I see something I do not Agrreee with I will vent my opinion.

    And regarding the spy stuff, It is mostly about personal safety but:

    “We are allready in your Orgs stealing your documents”

    I can qoute this because we want Slappy to know so he can put on his tinfoilhead

  97. Cat,
    The Ancient Egyption ritual you mention and the phallus as the source of creation was the description of the 2D as creation. Here’s a bit from the Journal Of Scientology, June 53,

    “These dynamics could be subdivided as follows: the first dynamic would be that
    one most intimate to the universe which could be said to be the dynamic urging the
    survival of self. The second dynamic would be that one of the persistence of admiration
    in many forms in one’s own and the other’s universe. This admiration could take the
    form of sex, eating, or purely the sensation of creation such as sex and children. In the
    physical universe it would be that light emanation similar to sunlight.”

    Admiration is a particle created by the Static and is one of many of ‘types’. The Static puts it into his creation and gets sensation from it. It’s one of the ‘reasons’ he creates. It’s a basic on setting up terminals and communication. It’s a basic on what flows inititally on a line between those terminals. It is also the universal solvent. It is also ‘scarce’ and hence valuable. Everything persisting does so due to lack of admiration. Maybe it’s scarce so we can continue to have stuff and get a l’il tiny bit of it. Just enough to keep sensation happening, but not enough to ‘poof’ it all.

    Yep, those Ancient Egyptians. Maybe you’re right CD, it IS ‘penis’ envy, if one considers a penis a weapon of condensed admiration particles.

  98. QuietDisobedience

    It’s insane, whether you’re in the Class V org or in Management. The number of programs being run in an individual org at any given time is insane and feels so completely uncoordinated and psychotic. And we’re not talking about Org Program No. 1. We’re talking about programs for dm’s latest whim, IG Network bulletins, pgms making sure every single person has multiple sets of Basics, getting ready for the next event where you have to take pictures for a CR to prove that you put up a poster promoting the event in the reception area, and the list goes on. It’s impossible to produce, between running all these unnecessary programs and answering all the telexes you get every day, there’s no time left to do the normal. The orgs are so micromanaged and if they don’t follow management’s every advice, they’re not exactly well thought of.

  99. QuietDisobedience

    They do more trades and transfers than the entire MLB. I got so sick of people being referred to as “coins”. These were people they were talking about! Whose lives they were going to drastically change without a second thought if it meant getting a higher trained person. It was cold and heartless and, truth be told, those people they were so desperate to trade 3 – 4 (or more) people for? Quite often, they ended up being traded again to fill the next need Int Management told them they had.

  100. CD,
    Butting in a bit on your comm with RJ and the comment “There is one goal that binds and that is to “dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form””.

    The Church of Scientology in one shape or form, is in essence an idea agreed upon by a whole lotta beings. It won’t be dismantled. THAT is NOT going to happen my man. Not you, not anonymous, not DM, no trial, no law suit, no government, nothing, can dismantle it – it is an idea agreed upon by beings and they can just keep creating it, in one shape or form or another.

    The target for those in the independent Scientologist field, which is every Scientologist fundamentally, is getting in ethics on DM and his suppressive bullshit and then getting the Church of Scientology back to BEING what it was postulated to be and wrested from the taint of Miscavology.

    Taking the ‘penis’ analogy on another line, you’d best take your penis, the phallus of creation, and rather than piss in the wind, envision the actual creativity of this blog and this movement. It isn’t destruction, it’s creation. That’s what’s so attractive about it and why it is winning.

  101. CD,
    Just a note on the creation. We are involved, us Scientologists, in the ACTUAL Cycle of Action: create, create-create-create, create counter-create, no creation, nothingness. NOT the apparent Cycle of Action; create – survive- destroy.

    It will be a long time coming before we get to ‘no creation, nothingness’. So, get on board, create, create, create.

  102. QD,

    You posted an exact statement of the current scene with manangement…no time to do the normal.

    Program CR’s occupy way too much of the execs and staff memeber time. I was the HAS for a short period of time and was so overburdened by external orders that there wasn’t much time to do my post. I happily gave up that post for something that I could actually have a win at.

  103. That’s just sick. Everyone works so hard to win a birthday game and it’s all a scam. I had my suspiscions but had never had anything to back them up.

    Joburg is overdue for an uprising.

    Just curious, was Milano even in the running for being the winner?

  104. Because they get orders uplines to send a certain number of people to FLAG for training with a TM to get it done, then get hounded until it’s done.

  105. Jim I said Church, I did not say Scientology itself. I concluded long ago , long before Chanology started that it is futile and counterproductive and even fascistic to want to do away with another persons belief-system by supressing it in the sense that its done by violence and criminality. That said such belief-system, mine or yours should not undermine the rights of others or socïety as a whole. I do accept that there are people who think all belief-systems are to be done away with. In a free socïety they too get a voice. But for me.

    Mohandas K. Gandhi:

    “I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stiffled. I want all the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.”

    Having watched the Video Marty put up here I must say Scientologist look a hell of a lot more normal outside of the boundaries, yes I said BOUNDARIES, of the Church than inside. Much more themselves and having more fun. The thing is Jim you seem to be the kind of guy that is able to stand up for himself in a mildly confining envirement bound to get you in step. There are people that do not have your “thoughness” and are easily crushed and swallowed up by an entity that knowingly or unknowinly drifts towards homogenity that is anorganized religion.

    I am glad you have your rebellious nature as you said but that does not help those who don’t.

    Scientology will be around with or without the church.

    And the Church is a far cry from what it once was. I too want to put the Ethics in. No more OSA, no nore RPF, Get rid of that inhumane BS.

    Things always change Jim but:

    “You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an Idea”

    Medgar Evers

    And dismantled in its present form does not mean it can’t re-appear in another less people-crushing form.

    You didn’t grasp the entirety of that sentence.

    “it is an idea agreed upon by beings and they can just keep creating it, in one shape or form or another. ”

    This what YOu said was ALLREADY included in the meaning of that sentence.

    And last: yes the positive constructive creativity by all the people on this blog and the Independent movement are atractive and that is why your fellow scientologists flock to it ineed.

    The same lightness of creation is why the protests are still going on around the world.

    That is what’s live is about Jim, and DM will never get that. He is a Vampire sucking the live out of anything or anybody.

    With ligtness of being, CD

  106. But, anonymous, I was gonna make espresso…

    (For the Young Frankenstein fans.)

  107. Jim, thank you for your write up of a Scientologists viewpoint or rather wording of the act of creation or being of creation.

    Marty created something being at the Fort Harrison. Some can’t even bring themselves to acknowledge that fact.

  108. Carol Kramer

    Lots of people put their own personal monies into these “Idle Orgs”. People sold property, took out loans on their homes, sold their collector items, etc. What I want to know is who truly owns these buildings and what will be the return on their investment? Also, are these buildings who were paid for by individuals paying rent to the COM?

    Where will DM be when these contributors have nothing left…on an island somewhere laughing at what he has accomplished. Gawd payback’s a bitch.

  109. Cat,
    I gotta tell ya, for me, that is one helluva a great response. Muchas thanks for your contribution to the creation 🙂

  110. Who here remembers Int Strat 86-3?

    It was something along the line of “Push production until it runs in to blocks…handle the blocks with Ethics while reforming new management lines…..”

    We all see the current block to production…..
    Mr. False Stat Overt-Product maker takes the lazy, non-confront route of making products “whatever he says they are”….
    Exchange is out. Tech is out. Ethics is out. Its all just one massive cluster of “glowing PR” hiding overt products and criminality.

    Karma is a B*****.

  111. Jim, you need to give meaning to the phrase “in its present form”.

  112. Karen…isn’t this a form of cannibalism as you describe it? Not only in the physical/monetary sense, but mentally/spiritually as well? The cannibals need some enlightening up and it will happen in time.

    In fact, I see a “quickening” happening, a speed-up in becoming de-indoctrinated, with each post like this one of Mike’s speaking “truth to power” as they say in the world of political awakening.

  113. Carol

    Most Scientologist have been depleted of cash and credit and don’t have anything left. One OT 5 at the org wished he had a car to get to jobs but has no cash or credit, another OT filed bankrutcy, etc.

    Only a handful of people show to few fundraising events and the donations are much smaller then before $10, 20, 50 and a couple whooping $100.

    All Orgs into Ideal Orgs will be another DM incomplete cycle of action and some new campaign will evolve to handle “expansion”.

    But I think these campaigns have all ran their course, people are done with them.

    DM will not be able to get his stats up and will blow. This will be the begining of a new era for Scn. hopefully for the better.

  114. Speaking of Seattle, pictured above, I have several pairs of eyes reporting to me from that portion of the world.

    Seattle pounded its field for about 6 years. Extracted about 14 million dollars from a fairly small field in that time. Several millionaires chipped-in. That’s the only way it was able to get done.

    On an average day the courseroom has roughly 6 public and several staff (if the staff haven’t yet been sent to Flag, that is). And that’s in a major metropolitan city after more than 50 years.

    The promo pictured above is solely for recruiting purposes now. “Join us and you get $20-$40 per week and you get to dress-up for a nice Liberace concert, complete with candelabra.”

    Okay, I’ve got another pair of eyes (close friend of Amy Scobee), who informed me that the construction crew is falling behind on the proposed May 22nd grand opening there. The org is now calling out to public who know how to build things, to help!

    An aggressive SO Idle Org recruitment team, constituting over a dozen people, is putting the thumbscrews on the public there. Sec Checking and string pulling, as well as massive recruitment pressure is now the order of the day.

    OT’s are literally having small, Civil wars between themselves because some have cognited on DM and some haven’t yet. (Several who read and comment on this post can easily confirm all that I claim here. Feel free to chime in where you see fit, guys).

    Upon querry, my first pair of eyes reported that after several intense months of recruiting, approximately 10 people have actually signed a contract.

    The org has about twenty staff on Day and twenty on Fdn. They need to get to 100 each. This doesn’t include the Testing Center, which had to be purchased in a high foot-traffic location to make up for the fact that the Idle Org’s location is in a meager business district with almost zero pedestrian activity.

    The Testing Center is located on what the Seattle Times recently sited as the most dangerous intersection (drug/violence) in Washington State. (true story). It is twenty feet underground with no windows, other than a window on the street level entrance. Numerous additional new staff will be needed to body route, stress test, hand out promo to the lunch crowd passing to and from the local Starbucks, etc.

    Can any of you nice people reading this post please join staff up there in Seattle? They really need your help! 🙂

  115. anonymous ( again and not the group)

    I answered RJ the best I could but it was removed without being the one who visited those orgs. Again, these are NOT my claims but the claims of someone challenging what I told him from here is all. I know the deVocht family, well. I will tell them how you’ve designated me a troll ( very introverting) and that asking a question is met with the same treatment you’ve railed against.

  116. Theo Sismanides

    Come on Anonymous, put in the comm formula and manners and stop spreading entheta and accusations of how bad it is here. Just communicate in a way that can be acceptable. It’s called A-R-C.

  117. anonymous ( again and not the group)

    Wow! Just wow! I thought I did that at first. I simply responded in kind to an out of arc comm. Ya’ know the way LRH says will happen in TWTH.

  118. Idle Org,

    You bring up some good points. I was just thinking today the double trajedy of an org having to have a testing center because they are off the beaten path. This happened to Mountain View and I think the only reason Steven’s Creek escaped it was because we had a year round Dianetics kiosk in a very busy mall. These orgs with testing centers have double rent/lease and utility expenses…ouch!

    As for putting it in a dangerous environment, it is a guaranteed losing proposition. Look at what happened to the SOMA mission which was originally placed in a high drug/violence area. It has now moved and is much smaller.

  119. I hope the attire isn’t copy-written? It would be intersting to see anons show up in Co$ garb.

  120. Dingdingdingding. Yup.You were there, you communicated and you took a hit. Then you sent a punch back. I see some blood. Good fight boys. Now grin that missing-tooth grin, shake hands and let’s get on with the job. IMHO.

  121. Once Upon A Time

    I Hit one of those in the latest LRH Birthday Event Mag. It is paragraph four on page six. It states; “But the only number LRH himself ever counted was the one that rides beneath the total number of those helped through his programs. And that one is now equivalent to the tenth largest nation on Earth or more than 134 million.”

    I gotta say, I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about, and he never says what the stat actually is, just where it supposedly lies.



  122. Hey Mike,

    Do you still think all psychiatrists are evil?

  123. Mike, I liked your piece on the Idle Orgs. Keep writing. I am always interested in reading what you have to say. BTW, if DM is spending $5K a day following you, that is $1,000,000 every 200 days. That is a lavish waste of parishioner money. It shows how scared DM is running these days. At what point will DM’s PI expenses become the biggest line item in DM’s budget? How many people does COB need to have followed before he feels safe?

    “Astounding, astonishing, staggering, bedazzling…” It is a good thing glowing adjectives are not copyrighted or the TerrorMidget would owe wordsmiths a lot in royalties. One dirty little secret of PR hacks under a deadline to an idiot client is to use numerous flattering adjectives. It pleases the client to read such florid prose about himself and his dirty business or corporation. Danny Sherman is tearing through thesauri these days in search of dramatic adjectives to heap on empty buildings. DM’s appetite for praise demands billions of bedazzling words that are all Basic BS.


  124. yeah, even best friends have their bad days. kiss and make up, will ya guys?

  125. I don’t think he will blow , You will have to pry his hands of the controls.

  126. I give up! What the hell? That’s some mumbo-jumbo right there and it’s cracking me up!

  127. For the record:
    9432 Common St.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70809
    C of S Mission of B.R.
    Building bought by L.D. and Michelle Sledge with life insurance money received from the death of his son. Back section was converted to an apartment for Mission Holders and/or staff.
    3 staff vehicles and 1 possibly public vehicle in the parking lot…

  128. “We are allready in your Orgs stealing your documents”

    Ain’t it the truth CD baby!

    The orgs right now are leaking like a sieve.

    It must be driving the Clown on Board batsh-t crazy 😉

    I mean just because he’s an agent of influence doesn’t mean he knows tradecraft.

    Take OSA.


    The only person who was able to run them with some semblance of professionalism has now defected to our side.

    His trusted lieutenant Marty now with us.

    Nothing left for Miscavige to mismanage but Frick and Frack.

    CD don’t get me wrong I like Boris too.

    I have a soft spot for spooks since I audited a few of them.

    All said and done. You got to admire Marty, Mike and the gang’s in your face approach.

    That must be causing Dave to chew the carpets in his RTC mansion. I betya he’s briefing Tommy boy right now, which should trigger some more flaps aka foot bullets!

    Hey Marty I propose “Idle Org World Tour 2010”!

  129. Karen,

    Yeah, the situation with double rent (Testing Center and Idle Org), is rediculous. Placing the testing center in the most dangerous street corner in WA State (that according to a recent Seattle Times report), is both tragic and foolish.

    The Idle Org is in a dead spot. A big nowhere in Seattle. Hard to get to, find, park, etc. I took a drive up there recently and checked out the location. The rush hour traffic one needs to brave, just to arrive at the org, is insane.

    In a new update, former parishioners who have moved to different parts of the country are being contacted by Seattle terminals to come back, get enlightened and join staff. “We’re cleaning up and enlightening the field.” is the line being used.

    The SO Idle Org recruiting team is not in an enviable position. They’ve been at it for months and have barely signed ten people.

    Regarding the above photo……”Check please, waiter!”

  130. 100 or so Narconons? No. I think perhaps 20 at the most planetwide. Oklahoma closed, so did 13 others in the U.S.. If you look at these sites these are “Drug Prevention Centers” most of them. Offices that might have some promo. Do you see how many are actual rehab centers?

  131. Can someone define the Birthday Game for me, please?

  132. Hi Caliwog,

    I cannot give you a real answer to the Birthday Game question. Somebody who can will most likely respond and comment here soon enough.

    Unfortunately, for me, the Birthday Game represented quickie grades in the courseroom to get points.

    When I once told the supervisor that I sometimes like to read through a PL a second time if I deem it particularly important and/or if I struggled through significant MU’s the first time through, the sparks really flew.

    But, I didn’t care. Afterall, number of times equals certainty. And I was studying for the purpose of actually making improvements in my life and the lives of others. Not to score points or to be politically correct.

    Anyway, please chime-in anybody who does in fact have a good explanation of the Birthday Game.


  133. **Marty** If you don’t want to post some things I wrote on those back entries that’s A OK with me. I was just blabbing away since I had this open comm line. I type super fast… Thanks!

  134. Titus Andronicus

    All apologies for commenting so late on this diary — I swear my comm lag is not so great.

    The fact of the matter is that I keep revisting the photo and cannot shake my initial reaction, which is that I am looking at a rather cheesy advert for a once five star-ish restaurant that has seen its day but won’t move on, wake up, change, what have you.

    And that’s being kind.

    More, I found the Seattle Org’s premises or building ironic — the Seattle Labor Temple.

    Labor Temples dotted urban United States. They were built as locations for labor unions under one roof and were a place for the workforce of a given city to meet, organize, and find blue-collar work — the backbone of this nation.

    I am sure that the irony of DM and Friends purchasing the Seattle Labor Temple was not lost on the little man and that more likely than not more than one harsh joke was shared amongst between cronies about it.

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  136. Ah, THIS is what it is… sloppy photoshop job on my part but it was WAY too easy. Took three minutes tops.

    That fist is just waiting for the dollars.

    I knew it reminded me of something but I couldn’t quite place it. It’s THIS;
    The cover to the 2009 film “Plunder : The Crime of Our Time.”

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