Keep On Keeping On

Whatever all you all are doing in the Independent field, keep it up.  DM’s tone arm is rock slamming. Details tonight.

25 responses to “Keep On Keeping On

  1. Tease.

  2. Ooooooooooooo Marty, you are the KING of suspense!!!I love it!

  3. Oh, good…I’ll be here just spittin’ and whittlin’, waiting on this!

  4. Yeah Team Independents!!! I can just picture Misciviy bouncing off the walls yelling, screaming and spitting out his venomous threats to no end…..hahaha to no end! Can’t wait to hear and whatever you’re doing Marty “We love it” and thanks!!

  5. rory medford

    Mystery sandwich, love it!!!

  6. Tssss, we keep it up anyway, whatever happens!

  7. Right on! a mystery sandwich. I can only imagine!

  8. Awesome…

    Tonight we will have our own Tea Party in celebration of the tyrant’s meltdown.

    Brewing up the tea now. (Green Tea with Chocolate Mint. Mmmmmmm!)

    Centurion (Dodging Cowboy Poet’s spittin’)

  9. martyrathbun09

    You guys are living proof Thetans love mystery sandwiches. If I had time I’d do it right now. One small clue. DM, try that stunt in Texas and lose some missionaires for thirty days at least.

  10. “the puppetmaster” at work. Anything involving a DM footbullet makes me gidy as a little schoolgirl on a sugar high.

    David Miscavige if you ever show your face in my country prepare to be “egged”. I am intending to ruïn your mascara you slaphappy, wiskey guzzling, money grabbing, make-up wearing, perverse selfloving Drama Queen.

    But you probably will hide behind a wall of tarp wich makes me kind of sad.

  11. Marty,

    It looks like the Mike and Marty show in front of the Fort Harrison a few days ago got right under Miscavige’s skin, and up his nose, and … hark … I think I can hear the frothing from here.

  12. Marty;

    Tonight is my poker night and I don’t know how to spit and whittle much. If I go to play poker I will be thinking about this, “Mystery Sandwich” and try to draw to an inside straight on an all in call.

    Not easy being an independent.

    LOL Marty!!!

    I think I’ll stay home, watch the NFL draft and the Tampa Bay Rays win another game…Don’t post to late I will need to get to bed early to calm down my anticipation.

  13. Well!

    Thanks, Marty. Just in time, you’ve answered the urgent and important daily question, “What’s for lunch?”

    Mystery on wry! Mmmm.

    I’d ask for a pickle to go with it, but I’m guessing Dave’s the one with the pickle right now. A big, fat, spicy dill, right where it will do the most good.

  14. I would pay a ten man mission to knock on my door.

  15. Come on !
    What’s about us in Europe !
    We can’t stay up the whole night.
    Couldn’t you tell the story , just for europeans.
    We already are thinking about going to bed !

  16. No mystery sandwiches please, I’m in one of them special diets!

  17. To wait or not to wait, that is the question.

    Oh the hell with it, I’m going to go plant the dozens of flowers I just bought to go around the koi pond.

    As Candide said, “”Il faut cultiver notre jardin.”

  18. I don’t, going to burn this one.

  19. Keeping on here!!!


  20. Theo Sismanides

    going to bed!!! no way, LO !!

  21. Hahahaha…
    got you

  22. I’m just back from a full month of touring europe auditing flat out, what else would you want an sp auditor like me to be doing! I can’t help it….. I know DM is Rock slamming, never doubted it. Perhaps the one used in the tech films has been filmed while he was holding the cans!!!

  23. Unfortunately for the MestSavage, all his evil deeds are now being mirrored back at him! Wow, that must be mighty unpleasant. First he thinks this stuff up, then he commits his continous suppressive acts, then he has to read about it on the internet. He can’t escape from himself! He has to live in this s**t all the time. No wonder he’s going Type 3.

    Keep it up, Marty, Mike and everyone. As Marty said, it’s working. At some point the TA has to come down.

  24. I hate to say it, but the more they do this, the more they are found out. The more evidence there is. Glad the police came to help you guys. Damn and they USED your family against you! That is so sick, and I hope your family (still in) realizes that.

    I am wondering and waiting everyday they will do that to me.

  25. froghopper

    Great work Marthy Keep us posted and support you have

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