Clear African Americans Convention


The latest promo out of Flag is below. I find it troubling, but not surprising.  I suppose it is DM’s answer to my publishing evidence of his disdain and treatment of African Americans as some group to be conquered for his own PR and self-aggandizement, see

His answer is not to do what Isaac Hayes told DM to do through me more than ten years ago.

The answer is to come up with a way to disseminate to a particular ethnic group. 

Note, they are going to have either Sonja Jacques or Capt FSO Harvey Jacques tell them how to get up the Bridge. I guess it all depends on whether Harvey is on too big of a crush reg cycle on some Mr. got-bucks or not at the time.

Note, DM is not doing what Isaac suggested, because this convention is clearly not aimed at the people Isaac wanted most to help.  Some tell-tale signs are the Jacques “briefings” and a “closed door IAS briefing” at the end.  You got it. They have zero discrimination against any race, color or creed – just as long as whatever your race, color, or creed is you’ve got a fat bank account.

I’ll tell them exactly how to disseminate to African-American people – even though it will not have the slightest effect, because clearly DM is in violent disagreement with it:

Stop being so fucking high and mighty, holier than thou, cliquish,  haughty and – last but not least – greedy, that you cannot face a person of any race, color or creed, locate the being and treat him or her like the spirit he or she is.  You don’t have a problem with disseminating to African-Americans. You have a problem with disseminating, period. You’ve got a problem with disseminating because you do not practice Scientology so you do not attain and maintain the gains available if you did.





Thursday June 17th Registration Begins

Friday June 18th Seminars/workshops

Saturday 19th Free Case Analyses

Juneteenth* Awards Banquet:

Sunday June 20th Harlem & Inglewood Ideal Orgs Briefings

Sunday Service Wrap-up



Sign in Registration




10:30 am Doors open

10:30 am Sign in & Registration

11:00 – 11:10 am Welcome and Overview

*Juneteenth – Two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation, on June 19th, 1865, the slaves in Texas learned from Northern soldiers that the Civil War had ended and that all slaves were now free. That was a cause for a celebration which became known as Juneteenth. On January 1, 1980, Juneteenth became an official Texas state holiday. The successful passage of this bill marked Juneteenth as the first emancipation celebration granted official state recognition.

11:10 am -1:00 pm Seminar – How to disseminate to African Americans

a) Gung-Ho policies, OT zones, Disseminating to Christian

ministers by Milton James

  1. How to be a successful Scientologist Disseminator/

Navigating the Grant Process/How to reach African Americans with ABLE programs and get exchange

1:00 – 2:00 pm Lunch

2:00 – 3:00 pm Special briefing

Rev. Alfreddie Johnson & Minister Tony Muhammad

3:00 – 5:00 pm Seminar – How to use the technology of Public Relations to

reach African Americans

  1. What are the basic sub-groups within African American

communities? Are we all one big group? by Public Relations Director, Church of Scientology FSO Pat Harney

b) Ethnics, manners and other aspects of PR within African Americans by Pat Harney

c) How to reach African Americans when religion is a barrier Rev. Alfreddie & Minister Tony & Rev. Kennedy

4:00 – 5:00 pm Questions and Answers

5:00 – Dinner

8:30 p.m. Flag Graduation



9:30 am Doors Open

10:00 – 11:00 am Seminar – Get up the Bridge Yourself

Captain Harvey Jacques or Sonya Jacques

11:00 am – 4:00 pm Bridge Consultations/Free Case Analysis

5:30 pm till Awards Banquet

AWARDS: Lifetime Achievement Award – Stephanie & Amanda

FSM Awards (We are creating special award categories for Ebony Awakening)


CONCERT: Teena Marie




9:00 am Doors Open

9:30 am Seminar: Briefing on Harlem by Phyllis Mack

10:00 am Seminar: Briefing on Inglewood by Juan Bogan and

Michael Roberts

11:00 am Sunday Service with Rev. Alfreddie

12:30 am Lunch

2:00 pm Wrap up – “Where do we go from here?”

IAS closed door briefing

Slick promo piece that goes with it: Clear_African_American_Convention[1]

159 responses to “Clear African Americans Convention

  1. Watching Eyes

    How totally nauseating.

    Want to push some buttons? People should picket this conference with big signs that say “C of S makes SLAVES out of it’s workers”.

  2. I can’t believe he is doing this. It’s so transparent.


  3. This is completely over the top. This is so offensive. A picket is in order…”Revisit Slavery Join the COS.”

  4. As soon as I started reading this I thought “Whats in it for “Super Dave?”
    Well the final item on the itinerary pretty much sums up what the whole event is truly for.

  5. Quicksilver

    Ugh … this smacks of discrimination just by the fact of singling out a particular group (in this case African Americans) as somehow ‘different’ and we have to have some ‘special’ tech to disseminate to them.

    This flies in the face of any minority simply wanting the same opportunities & to be treated no different than anyone else.

    No mention of Afro-Canadians, the Afro-Swedes, the Afro … well, you get the picture.

  6. That was the same thought I had reading this post.

  7. That the C of M would promote something like this speaks to how out of touch with reality they are.

    I’m fluctuating between being embarrassed for them, and feeling offended at the same time.

    This one was one of the worst: “Navigating the Grant Process/How to reach African Americans with ABLE programs and get exchange”

    My jaw dropped on that one!

  8. UnEnCucumbered

    Saturday runs the gamut from aweful to excellent. “Get yourselves up the Bridge with Harvey and Sonja” (Steve and Edy?) straight to the opposite end of the spectrum, that evening — Teena Marie in concert. Love to crash just to see ‘Lady T’.

    Not even going to touch the “Ebony Awakening” FSM awards as some things are just too insulting to be made fun of.

  9. Marty,
    One of our favorite movies is Undercover Brother. Here’s the opening tune from George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic.

    We Want The FUNK!

    Not this cracker bullshit.

  10. This could get ugly.
    Here’s a clip of Super Dave vs. Mr. T

  11. I didn’t realize there was such a thing as an African American thetan.

  12. Back in the late 80’s there were these posh special events held in the ballroom — every 6 months or so aimed at a particular public.

    Artists for Scientology or some such name. Dennis Dubin was part of these and those with money were regged HARD to buy a table which would then be given away to a special public.

    I remember telling Dennis that I thought it was a nice idea. WHICH I guess means — I’m committing to a $5,000 table. And so they printed out the invites with our name on it as $5k contributors.

    To which my ex flipped. I called Dennis on it. Nonplussed he said — well — the invites have been printed.

    And I said — tough.

    Not sure how these events all ended but they were pure BS. I think one of them was for Native Americans and a few big tribal leaders were invited. (I certainly have never heard of study tech or anything else being given to those in need in the various Indian reservations)

    Anyway — this latest horrific promo piece is just one part of what is so wrong with dmology.


  13. Typically, this looks like a seminar for a white audience on “how to disseminate to African Americans.” I’ll bet the majority of attendees end up being white.

  14. When is the Clear white American Convention?

    Lets play fair here!

  15. Redneck Thetan

    I can’t wait to see what stereotypical way of dissemination that involves “showing off the bling” this involves.

  16. Keep bringing it low DM…this “shorty” goes low…low…low…low…and lower!

    Did you guys notice that everyone in panel is black, but the ending “Where do we go from here” part is by the white CC INT VP Shane Woodruff?

  17. CONtrived. CONdescending. CONvoluted. CONfusion.

  18. Ne Obliviscaris

    Absolutely clueless.

    /White collar conservative flashing down the street

    /pointing their plastic finger at me”

    – Jimi Hendrix

  19. War and Peace

    Good info Marty.
    Possibly you or Mike Rinder have information on Heber Jentzsch’s work into the Black community and Black Churches which was done with true Altruism.
    All gone by the Boards with Heber off those lines.

    On another note.
    I want to offer you CONGRATULATIONS on stats.

    Marty’s Blog ALEXA Rank
    78,363 Global reach out of the top 100,000

    18,905 USA reach Rank

    Ex Scientology message board some 3 years older with 2781 members.

    Ex-scn message board

    Rank in the top 100,000

    Rank in the USA

    Comparison graphs can be done, one laid above another.

    This is very significant in just how many visitors a day and how you rank WAY above that site.

  20. Marty


    The link to the promo piece is missing the 2nd page with the “IAS closed door briefing” part on it.

    What a devil. Hah!

  21. Interesting tidbit: When I was at ITO, around 1994, black Scientologists reached out to Louis Farrakhan of Nation of Islam fame and as far as I know had some very productive meetings with him. An OEC/FEBC trainee from Detroit, a very theta black gal, was involved in these meetings and told me that Farrakhan had been a tremendous influence on her at an earlier time in her life and that these meetings had quite and impact on her. She said that during the meetings Farrakhan stated, “after learning about Scientology, I am a Scientologist.”

    Not that what she told me needed confirmation, but a few months later I saw Farrakhan with several members of his Nation at the cafe at CC Int.

  22. Sounds like fun!
    If it weren’t for the rest of the S..t going on in the Organization.

  23. crashingupwards

    What a crock of sh-t. An attempt at political correctness. Networking due to there being a black president. Bring up the percentage of blacks who are clear. This goes nowhere. Blacks cannot afford auditing anymore than other races. “Ebony Awakening”, oh please.
    This would be more humorous if it wasnt so pathetic.
    Let me sum up all the valuable points covered in 3 days;
    1.Observe 2-way comm
    2.Grant beingness
    3.observe local customs.

    The workshops on talking “jive” and learning “ebonics” can be cancelled.

    Most blacks are christians or muslims. And most can see through a line of BS pretty quick. Maybee thats why their numbers in the church have never been high.

  24. How utterly embarrasing. How to disseminate to black people? The gliuz PR of it. How do you disseminate to someone? You talk to the person with reality. What? You have no reality with a black person? Then disseminate to someone you DO have reality with!

    What? You DO have reality with a black person? Then you probably don’t need a freakin seminar on how to talk to him!!!

    Is this like a safari? Are they going to take a bus of white FSMs on a drive through Tampa and say “Theres a black man!! Disseminate to him!”

    I’ll tell u what, if Issac and Doug E. Fresh have not made meaningful inroads into the black community…a bunch of eliteist white FLAG OTs sure as hell aren’t. The barrier is prices. Usher and Jamie Foxx could promote SCN 24/7 but as long as SCN continues to be expensive it’s going nowhere.

    There are not “affluent black suburbs” because affluent (educated) black people do not consider themselves as “other” from white people. They live in the same suburbs as educated, affluent white people. The “black communites” per se are urban communities.

    They cant pay for the services just like poor white people can’t. It’s not a race problem. It’s a socio-economic problem.

    Further, they have GOT to stop using LRH quotes meant for black people IN AFRICA during apartheid and using them for AMERICANS whose distant ancestors happen to be from Africa. It’s really embarrasing. It’s not even remotely the same public.

  25. O-M-G puhhhhleeeeezzzze!
    I can see some major ARC breaks in the making with that.
    Excellent points Marty; he can’t even spot the being without the wallet!
    African American Wallet Rundown/RipOff…

  26. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Marty or Mike,
    Do you think DM actually reads this blog or does he have someone else do it and brief him on the details? Just curious.

  27. You’ve got to be kidding!

    Looked up the co-sponsor Ebony Awakenings with Flag on the promo piece and it’s an non-profit organization started by Amanda Abrose, an ABLE type of entity in LA. Their most recent newsletter and event was in 2006, with similar faces as touted in the current Flag promo.

    Is this a joke or Mission Impossible for the call in and ASRs?

  28. Is the closed door to keep people in or out?

    Well, I just briefed my wife on the whole scene. I started easy on a gradient. I told her that some higher-ups at Int level management had left and were speaking out against COB. Then I briefly covered the major points as I see them. I got to the violence/beatings and other “high gradient” stuff towards the end.

    She was a staff member at our org, as was I.
    She’s not the type to go looking for data on the internet like this or believe it if she did, but immediately she originated that she knew something was wrong.

    Her response was that COB needs to be handled with auditing or something. She was a little pissed that this whole thing was not handled internally and that it is bad PR for Scientology.

    She was concerned for COB. If I duplicated her totally, she feels that if someone is going off the rails theres something going on with their case and they need some auditing and handling to straighten them out and straighten the area out. That he should be bypassed and probably replaced and audited. She said he probably works so hard and has so much recponsibility that he doesnt get auditing.

    She said how could he have so much control of Scientology that no one internally would step up and handle him.

    She didnt understand how or why Int Execs would go along with his behavior. Basically, why they chose to come out publicly instead of handling it internally.

    I’m just relaying her viewpoint. I dont know if I agree or disagree. But talking to her did shift mine a bit.

    I feel different about the data now.

    We shouldnt feel out-ethics or like were going to get shunned for communicating. A sane response to this data (SP Times story with videos, other interviews and data on here and elsewhere, etc) would be to talk about it, call the org and ask if they heard about it, ask your scientologist friends and associates, etc.

  29. Mockingbird6

    Did you notice the sentence that talks about “Navigating the Grant Process/How to reach African Americans with ABLE programs and get exchange” Does this imply that African Americans can’t afford Scientology but you can get the government to pay for it with grants? Whoooo!

  30. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, what about the Afro Greeks, there are thousands of black people now in Greece, no one is taking care of. The problem is nobody has money yet. They just start to move into society here.

    This is a complete joke and it is nauseating indeed.

  31. Theo Sismanides

    This is so nauseating, disseminating to a particular group !!! My God h

    ow hypocritical.

    Now DM is going to disseminate to Chinese and the Japanese and then the Russians.

    Oh, a New Era of Dissemination!! What a bright (nauseating) idea.

    The problem with C of M is they are so phony and so greedy. They have a huge organization that needs to be fed and they have no way to disseminate in the millions as should be for the organization to work properly so they just cannibalize the public and now races.

    Athens “Org” should have at least 20 missions around it and all over Greece. They have none, zero, nada. This is the grimmest joke on dissemination. They don’t even do body routing anymore.

    Of course, their reach has been cut off. Cannibals start introverting after a while. Them, too.

    Marty you pinned it down:

    You don’t have a problem with disseminating to African-Americans. You have a problem with disseminating, period. You’ve got a problem with disseminating because you do not practice Scientology so you do not attain and maintain the gains available if you did.

  32. David Miscavige sees the African American community as just another demographic to bilk for money. In 2006, CoS made a big, pandering push into the Nation of Islam. From Scientology News of April-May, 2006:

    “They (The Nation of Islam) virtually invented black pride and black unity in the face of white discrimination, and they also adhere to a pretty high moral code and learning is all but sacred. But without LRH tech they can’t realize it…So that is why the World Literary Crusade, headed by IAS Freedom Medal winner Alfreddie Johnson, launched a pilot program to bring LRH study tech to 30 instructors at the Nation of Islam mosques, and now, by mandate from The Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, the WLC will deliver LRH tech to 50,000 members of their congregation in every mosque across America.”

    CoS had the gall to say that the Nation of Islam cannot achieve its goals with Scientology. CoS’ claim that no person or group can attain its goals without Scientology is absurd. Hell, CoS cannot even attain its own goals using Scientology and is in fact falling apart.

    Alfreddie Johnson failed miserably on the 2006 CoS initiative with the Nation of Islam. Of course, that failure was never reported. DM sweeps all of his failures under the rug or beats someone for them.

    Memo to DM: Fix CoS before you try to sell its failed programs to other groups. You can start by firing yourself!

    This gets even worse: ABLE is looking for ways to get grant money to “help” the African American community so that there is exchange! Such greed on the part of CoS! What happened to altruism, to doing a good deed as its own reward? Under DM everything has a price tag and must bring DM good PR.

    Marty, did you see Dave’s new self-glorifying website where he paints himself as LRH’s “Trusted Friend” and the guy who has singlehandedly preserved LRH Tech for all of eternity? It is here:

    David Miscavige is now trying to position his legacy as something other than the Psycho-Fascist Trainwreck of Abusive Insanity that is has been. Good luck on rewriting your bio Dave!


  33. theystolemychurch

    This is the MOST racist promo piece I have EVER SEEN. How to disseminate to black people is the same way we disseminate to ALL OTHER PEOPLE! Unless of course, you have never actually disseminated, yourself! I am completely disgusted.

    I know Juan Bogan. He is a good guy. I have known him for over 18 years and he has had many holiday meals in my home. You see he has been on staff for over 25 years and lives the life of a pauper… no money for food and no family. Not that he actually does not have family, he never had the time to interact with them, so he came to my house for the holidays, no questions asked, because we “understood” how things were. He was able to just have some time off, even when we had to pick him up from the org at 11:00 pm for Christmas dinner…..

    the dwarf should go shoot himself and the horse he rode in on…. okay maybe not the horse, horses can learn and change…. I am so pissed! a**h***!

  34. As a white middle aged South African male, I find this promo to be ESPECIALLY offensive.


  35. This is amazing! I didn’t know that black people needed a different tech to be disseminated with Scientology. DM has no limits in his squirreling activities

  36. Chairman of the Bored

    A lecture on how to disseminate to Black people? Really? Is this some kind of Ebonics seminar?

    Sunday wraps up with an “IAS closed door briefing”. We all know what that means. The public will be picthed on how they need to achieve their next honor level in the IAS and that the money will be used to pass out Way to Happiness booklets in Harlem. $200,000 will be raised at the event; $3,000 will be used to print booklets. A photo opportunity will be done with Michael Roberts walking around Harlem in a Way to Happiness tee shirt. And the scam continues…

    As an aside, given that Miscavige referred to Yager as a “f*ckin’ Jew”, one can only imagine how he refers to Black people when the cameras aren’t around.

  37. Found Rev. Alfreddie Johnson on Facebook!
    Feel free to communicate – Here is the link:!/profile.php?id=100000558226805&ref=sgm
    and here is the message I just sent to him:

    Dear Alfreddie
    I met you many years ago when I was a supervisor at CC Int. I admire and respect you deeply and because of this I want to let you know that LRH, the man we both so love and deeply respect has been betrayed. David Miscavige, the self-appointed leader of our church has slowly eroded the fundamental spiritual values of our church destroying the repute of Scientology and it’s founder L. Ron Hubbard for society at large. As with all great religions we have been hijacked by a greedy and selfish dictator who is interested only in shiny buildings and money.
    How are big expensive buildings truly going to fulfill what Isaac Hayes dreamed for the downtrodden people of Haalem and Inglewood when they cannot afford the basic help which LRH would have offered freely with love and without the necessity of raising vast sums of money first?
    Please go to to to learn the truth. We have been betrayed and I know that you would not want to support this. We are fighting the greedy moguls and money motivated corporations to win back our freedom to practice our religion. Please help us by caring enough to learn the truth.
    You can also contact Marty Rathbun at for more information.

    All my love
    Samantha Domingo

  38. Marty – Anyone wanting to to to the link I sent for Alfreddie needs to copy and paste the whole link. for some reason only the first line works when you click on it.

  39. This is so sickening.

    GREAT IDEA about the picket! Question…has there been any organized pickets within the Independent movement? Just curious.

  40. WH: As I recall, those events were called “Celebration of the Arts”

  41. That’s some interesting trivia. I heard a lecture by the Minister Louis Farrakhan on YouTube and he mentioned L. Ron Hubbard by name and mentioned the lecture series “All About Radiation”. When I heard that part of his lecture, I nearly toppled off my seat. It struck me as so bizarre that Louis Farrakhan would be familiar with anything by LRH.

  42. Watching Eyes

    I’m not Mike or Marty but will throw my $0.2 in anyway.

    My guess would be that the dwarf is obsessed with this blog. Why? What else would a vain, psychotic, control freak do? He has NO control over this blog. That fact alone would glue him to it. I can just imagine his Blackberry ringing every time there’s a new posting or comment.

    Make a comment about his hair and you know he’s off running to look in a mirror. Talk about his puny biceps & muscle tee’s and he’ll be flexing his mucles involuntarily. While reading a comment about his height, or lack of, and he’ll stretch his spine trying to look taller. Count on it: obsessed.

  43. “I’ll tell them exactly how to disseminate to African-American people – even though it will not have the slightest effect, because clearly DM is in violent disagreement with it:

    Stop being so fucking high and mighty, holier than thou, cliquish, haughty and – last but not least – greedy, that you cannot face a person of any race, color or creed, locate the being and treat him or her like the spirit he or she is. You don’t have a problem with disseminating to African-Americans. You have a problem with disseminating, period. ”

    Well said. Actually, the world would be a far, far better place if everyone treated everyone they came in contact with as “the spirit he or she is”.

  44. All answers are basically simple.

    So here’s an idea, Mr. COB, sir (hail!), why not just APPLY SCIENTOLOGY?

    apply [əˈplaɪ]
    vb -plies, -plying, -plied

    – (tr) to put to practical use; utilize; employ
    – (tr) to bring into operation or use

    from Old French aplier, from Latin applicāre – to attach to

    [Source: Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003]

    I assume you know what “Scientology” is (that thing that LRH (remember him?) developed, organised and codified? Ring any bells?) To avoid any confusion this may cause, this actually means applying the actual LRH (him again!) policies that HE put in place, including those to MAKE SCIENTOLOGY AFFORDABLE FOR ALL. [1] and then, and I know it’s a bit of a gamble, perhaps start delivering the tech as it was meant to be? Not some squirrel cr@p that you thought might work more favourably (what ARE those stats telling you, Oh Leader of Leaders?), but 100% pure, unadulterated LRH tech. The stuff that people WANT (what you and RTC were supposedly “entrusted” with to safeguard, remember?) .

    Remember, a good quality product will sell itself. Your squirrel tech, at the prices being charged, clearly is not offering value!

    This isn’t rocket science. (Don’t believe me? Check the stats again).

    “If advertised products don’t have good word-of-mouth they don’t sell.” – LRH, HCO PL 14 Aug 1963 SCIENTOLOGY FIVE PRESS POLICIES.

    Something to think about, perhaps?


  45. I think it was a Ving Rhames interview where Ving said of Tom C, ‘he doesn’t see color’.

    I’m not sure the same could be said of DM.

    He sure doesn’t get Isaac Hayes’ work or reality. That much is evident in this promo piece and its ‘color’.

  46. Ne,
    Soul Vaccination,
    all across the nation,
    keep you from catchin’ honky pox.

    When you get the notion,
    Tower’s got the potion.

    Tower of Power.

  47. Lucy James

    DM is a barbarian.

    Definition: A savage: a member of an uncivilized people. A crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement.

  48. Two words: Will Smith

    Eight words: This is what Miscavige thinks will impress him.

    One word: Not!

    Just Me

  49. crashing upwards,
    I had a sister-in-law that went to the Baptist church. It was in fact a black Baptist congregation as it turned out. One Sunday we were visiting, we were invited to church. When I was a boy this life, I went to church on Sunday, to a Catholic congregation. I’d never been to a Baptist service.

    We got our Sunday clothes on and off we went. The parishoners were a mix of all races, predominantly black. The Minister was so much more alive than any priest I’d ever seen at service that I was drawn to his sermon. It wasn’t the droney sort of perfunctory ‘homily’ but an honest to goodness expression of the message of love.

    Then various members of the congregation started to jump up and shout out. By the end of the service the entire group, me included, was out of their seats singing loudly to a band playing and if it had gone on for much longer I swear I would have been in the aisle testifying.

    The service ended and the Minister greeted all who left at the front door. It came my turn and he put his arm on mine and reached out to grasp my hand. He held it firmly and I felt the rush of his life through me. He looked me straight in the eye and said ‘Hope to see you come back’. He knew I wasn’t a regular member. He knew I was there. He reached to me personally.

    Now, at that time I had been in the S.O. and a Scientologist for just under a decade. But this man was so compelling in life, well…who knows. I play drums and I coulda been in the band.

    Ever since ‘church’ to me means that service I went to in that church. It’s Sunday morning, in your Sunday clothes, and the community rejoicing at the prospect of a better world and ARC among us. AND the band playing with people singing out full tilt.

    I’d rather go to that service any Sunday, than go to DM’s robot/video game Div 6. I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment.

  50. Fellow Traveller

    Amen Brother James.

  51. DFB,
    I agree with your wife. This should be handled internally. On my own cycle, I worked for well over a decade to do just that. I exhausted every avenue available, even making some up and trying them just so I could handle it internally.

    In the end, I was ‘deadfiled’. NO LINE left. Save one – a nine foot high board fence.

    I suggest your wife continue the journey you have now set upon. Exhaust the lines, write the KRs, write the Orders Query’s, take it to the Chaplain, take it to ED Int and write petitions per the policy on them. If that all fails – find the nine foot high board fence.

  52. Tara,
    I think based on what you have written on this blog I am close to you in the deep south, close to where all our pristine wetlands are being threatened. I am a independent since a few months and have been following this blog since Oct. 2009. I thought I was the only independent in this ‘neck of the woods’ but perhaps I am not!! I would like to try to get in comm with you. I need some uptone comm lines . I look forward to hearing from you. Please email me @

  53. Watching Eyes

    “Two words: Will Smith”

    Good point. If Will Smith has two brain cells in his head, he’s spent some time on-line researching this “church”.

    Three words: Run, Will, run.

  54. Jimbo: Your advice is sound. I know you know there is no ED Int on post. See article here — even the non-Scientology world is noticing the “from International Management” moniker.

  55. Sam,
    Your letter is so inspiring to me and so well written I took the nudge you gave and wrote the following to Reverend J.

    Dear Reverend Johnson,
    My name is Jim Logan. Many years ago, as a young man, I rehearsed and performed a concert at the Flag Land Base with Amanda Ambrose. I am a Scientologist and a professional drummer.
    At the rehearsal for the concert, I was playing a bit loud. Amanda stopped the rehearsal and told me that I should be able to hear every word she sang, every nuance, the soft, the fortissimo, and if I did then I would be playing the right volume. The rehearsal continued and I did what she coached me on. I completely forgot I was playing drums and became part of the music and naturally, with no effort, my dynamics on my instrument were right. She smiled broadly at me and I was in heaven.
    On the night of the performance in the Flag auditorium the hall was packed. Some thousands of people in the audience. I was in the wings back stage and very, very nervous. Naomi, Amanda’s daughter, sidled up to me while I fidgeted and stepped back and forth on my feet. She quietly said ‘Don’t sweat the little ones’. LITTLE ONES! I blurted out ‘She’s toured with Harry Belafonte! Little ones?’
    Then Naomi told me to ‘be nervous’, that is, causatively ‘be nervous’. I tried it and in moments the whole thing left me and I was at ease, eager to play.
    I have never lost or forgotten the above, from Amanda or Naomi, and I have never had stage fright again and if I do, I just work ‘be nervous’ and it’s gone. I have also, when I’m doing it right, always been able to keep the exact right dynamics in my playing and many times since have had singers comment on it.
    Today I am writing to you as I have just read a sincere and compelling letter written to you from Samantha Domingo. She, as you may or may not know, is the mother of Placido Domingo’s grandchildren. He, like Amanda Ambrose, is one of the true artists that have graced our world with his voice. Sam’s letter struck a deep chord within me, reminding me of the above story related to you here by me, and more. It reminds of the real message of L. Ron Hubbard and the genuine succor and help that is Scientology.
    I am asking you, sincerely, and with no agenda other than to see a better world, to respond to Sam and open the door to a dialogue with her that can help those of us concerned at the direction our movement has taken to resolve some very real, very important issues .

    Thank you for reading this, if you have, and thank you for all of your work to improve this culture and our lives.

    Jim Logan

  56. Watching Eyes,

    Where to?

    I’m not sure that aspect of the Black Panther Mechanism is the indicated action. How about, Confront, Will, Confront. That makes things easier in my experience.

  57. Mike,
    I know it, you know it, lots of others know it. DFB’s wife needs to find out for herself. She will soon enough.

    I hope she finds the fence when she does, with her integrity intact at having followed LRH policy. Just like you and I and these many others.

  58. Thanks for a great write up Marty – this is indeed disgusting! The tag line for this group should be “Apparent help with vicious intent”. They could even trademark it!

  59. There’s so much that’s wrong with this. In addition to the racial issues raised, from my perspective as a Christian I find it so hard to swallow that the answer to spreading a spiritual message of salvation is thought to be GETTING THE PR RIGHT!!! There’s no relationship or caring to be found in marketing. God forbid they should try to inspire people to just go out and be the kind of friend who knows and cares for their friends through thick and thin.

    This is another photo opportunity, so DM can “prove” his critics wrong.

  60. That’s a great memory, Jim. Church – “ecclesia” – is a gathering of people, not individuals or couples, and a gathering together for spiritual purposes. I’m glad you got to experience that brief moment of fellowship. To me, Church is celebrations like that and the quiet relationship moments throughout the week of being in each others’ lives and bringing glory to God.

  61. DFB, what a big step you’ve just taken. Your wife can see the problem. She’s not in denial. That’s huge, right there. Congratulations. Give it time and you’ll come through this together. Yes!

  62. First,

    Those quotes don’t even apply anymore to CURRENT black people living in South Africa, never mind Americans.

    What Ron said back then was relevant only to then, and those times have long since passed by.


  63. The thing is, This Barbarians Intelligence is up and running. Mind of a Shark.

  64. ” It’s not a race problem. It’s a socio-economic problem.”


  65. Ask Jesse Prince

  66. I know Amanda Ambrose very well. I’m sure that she would roll over in her grave if she knew about this disgusting attempt to “Patronize” (pun) African Americans.

    She once told me that she regretted being born into a black body because it prevented her having opportunities as a performing artist, in a country founded on ethnic fascism, that she might have had otherwise.

    Her contributions to Scientology and art, in spite of what she considered to be an impediment, are a testimony to her OT abilities. She is truly a very big, able being without parallel — body or no body.

    “Disseminating Scientology” to a “race” is a contradiction in terms. Whatever happened to Thetans? I guess the C of M doesn’t “do” Thetans any more. It just does money.

  67. Where is the stock photo of Miscavige smiling down (slightly) at us all in the promo?. This is offensive, err the promo piece and Dave’s smiling stock photo.

  68. earthmother

    Years ago I was in Savannah, Georgia with my family. We enjoyed a dinner at the home of a black Baptist preacher my husband was working with, and we were invited to attend Sunday service the next day. We were both raised Catholic, and were at that time practicing Anglicans. I had never been to a Baptist church. I think you and I could have been at the same service! There was a band, the preacher was all fired up, but it was genuine, not a show. The singing was so full of joy, not at all what I was used to, and before I knew it, I was up on my feet clapping along and singing loud! We were the only white people there, and it totally didn’t matter to anyone. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in a church! After the service, nearly every single parishoner came up to welcome us.

    Thank you for stirring up fond memories!

  69. I spoke to someone the other day who told me that there are currently around 30 Nation of Islam students on study at LA Day. He personally saw them. They are there, on study, right now. I thought this data should be known.

  70. earthmother


    So true…”What Ron said back then was relevant only to then, and those times have long since passed by.”

    That quote can be applied to so many things Ron said.

    To me, it’s like quoting the old testament laws …as if they could be enforced today. I at least know and understand that most of the Bible is a collection of campfire stories, handed down verbally until someone gathered all the stories up and published them. We know how well that turned out. I am of the camp that believes just because something is written, doesn’t make it true forever.

  71. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Vicky, heard of the NOI alliance. Makes perfect sense. DM and Louis F, in many ways, are like peas in a pod. Just as Louis has Malcolm X’s blood on his hands, DM has L. Ron Hubbards on his.

  72. martyrathbun09

    That is another chapter in my book. How DM got to Louis and how it is in a certain way a match made in heaven.

  73. Dennis passed away from cancer a couple years back.

  74. Virgil Samms

    Well, I believe you do have to disseminate differently to African-Americans. The dissemination is like this:

    “Anytime white people put on any sort of benefit for Afro-Americans, realize they just made you “different” and all they want is for you to be made different. Just that particular group wants to make you different.”

    Next: any time you see white men putting on a benefit for the ‘poor black people’ realize it is they who will benefit from this ‘benefit’.

    Next: “Anytime you see the C of M putting on a ‘benefit’ for anyone or any class of thing, realize that the C of M is completely lost and hasn’t a clue as to what a thetan is.”

    ML Virg

  75. Exactly.

  76. PlainOldThetan

    I hope that someone reports back to us the “stats” of this event. Like Number Of Attendees.

    And what happened to LRH’s concept of “doing the Usual”? You know, like getting people on course, they cognite, they disseminate?

    That’s the usual, isn’t it?

  77. I wish it could have been handled internally. I assume most people do. I wasnt there so I cant really comment or judge on that aspect. I assume it would be hard to do things correctly in that environment. I can understand just gettingout of there and then wanting later, after you disenturbulate a bit, wanting to handle it from the outside.

    Right now, I think the best thing would be to get everything out there. Communicate the data, with ARC and not exaggerate anything. Just the straight cold facts. That will in the end clear everything up one way or another.

  78. “There are not “affluent black suburbs” because affluent (educated) black people do not consider themselves as “other” from white people.”

    Well, you’re right that there’s no affluent black suburbs, but I do believe you are wrong about the reasons for that.

    First: since discrimination in housing (in the US) is prohibited by law, this means that even if there were affluent black communities, over time they would be affluent mixed-race communities.

    Second: it is not true that affluent blacks do not consider themselves as “other” from whites. In fact, they are reminded that they are “other” in subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways all the time. Please google, for example, the term racefail. That should keep you busy for a while….

  79. Mockingbird6

    They were also giving tours recently to extremely upstat-looking black people. Were those the NOI’s?

  80. That bio is DISGUSTING.

    What the hell is ‘THE SCIENTOLOGY RELIGION”?

    Is it some kind of corporate entity?

    Yes, isn’t it mysterious how LRH changed his will the day before he dropped the body… I guess a guy like him just doesn’t think things through till the last minute.

    As the big picture of all this starts forming more and more clearly in my mind I have had more than my fair share of moments of pure devastation.


    I wrote a long post about these “clears of colour” last night but it must have been sacrificed to the gods of the ether.

    I’ll just sum it up simply;

    DM, keep your dirty hands off the African Americans.

  81. Heather G

    Your remark was so refreshing. Yes, where is the real spirit of help, addressed to the spiritual being?

    It’s pretty gross.

  82. earthmother – I agree.

  83. ✇Demographically Targeted Salvation $old Here✇

    (you got a soul? we’ll sell it to you)

  84. Veritas,

    There is if you have “thetan” and “genetic entity” confused. A=A=A. It’s all the same.

  85. Where is Mike Harney? Luten and Alethea Taylor? Frizell Clegg?

    I know a local area NOI leader, who recently gave another locally influential friend a copy of the old Psychiatry Kills book. There is a ploy going here for sure.

    J. Swift had it right:”David Miscavige sees the African American community as just another demographic to bilk for money”. But also, the “good folks” who go to the convention with honest intentions are going to be regged like crazy for some new program donos – let alone the idea of grants.

    Can you imagine: “Sponsor an African-American up the Bridge”….. MY BLOOD IS BOILING.

  86. High on Life

    I’m looking forward to the (de)Clear COB Convention…

  87. Amadeo is my real name. I was fighting against you here under the name of “Snowhite”. Using my real name in any other way than in strong opposition to you all here, can`t be a coincidence. Stop it!

  88. I am going to not agree on this and leave it at that.

  89. …”Revisit Slavery Join the COS.”

  90. Amadeo the answer is no to my knowledge unless you count Freezoners Terril Park and Aida Thomas as well as Marty and Mike with Christie and Mareka outside the Fort Harrison.

    Terril ML to you man ! Aida you are a fiesty ball of fire !

  91. BTW, wondering… is the sudden Tom Cruise affiliation with Black Eyed Peas hip hop rap in the news this week part of the Miscavology target AfricanAmerican bullseye campaign?

  92. Thanks Jim – beautifully written letter.
    Alfeddie is a great man. Even if he doesn’t respond I’m sure it will sit with him.
    As ‘Impartial English Girl’ so aptly quoted:
    “Softly, softly, catchee monkey” – Lord Robert Baden-Powell.

  93. crashingupwards

    Hi Jim. Nice memory.

    I got what you said. Lots of the black baptist congregations are very lively, soulful, connected. Not for the faint of heart or someone who considers an empty beach or a mountain lookout as their “church”. But they work in their own way.

    Personally, I like the deserted beach and mountain lookout. I grew up with the Latin mass and corporal punishment. Those lonely places and perches work for me, just fine. I can feel religious, or spiritual, there. NO, they are not churches by some definition, but they allow for connecting to something higher. And that fits in with the latin root definition of religion.

    I hope you didnt misunderstand what I said about low numbers of blacks in the church. I didnt mean Baptist churches, I meant CofM.

    Christian churches and to a lesser entent Black Freemasons have been a large part of the fiber which kept black communities together and from totally disintegrating under conditions few if any of us could ever accept.

  94. This is just ridiculous. Laughable.

  95. DFB
    I tried to handle internally. I went up and up the org board all the way to RTC (even used president’s lines) and no change – nothing happened. I finally realized that the last line of defense was the SO#1 line (you can always write Ron). Only I knew that there was no ED Int on post. S0 that left…… well…… me…… and you.
    Some survive asking questions internally. Others are slammed down before they get out of the starting gate and shut down quickly. Do all you can to handle internally. We’ll still be here 😀

  96. This is truly disgusting and typical of the utter arrogance of the C of S. A prime example of how out of touch management is with reality. I am just happy not to be part of that group anymore…embarrassing to the extreme.

  97. Black Dianetics for the blacks? I don’t like this.

  98. DFB,

    Closed door and IAS in the same sentence means you won’t get out the door if you still have a shirt on.

    Good for you to have taken that step! Can’t argue with cold hard facts.

  99. How to disseminate to African Americans? Is that what the promo said or am I hallucinating? How to disseminate to African Americans??????????

    Well, who thought the nail in the coffin would come like this? They are like…SUICIDAL!

  100. Dave Adams

    Your story Jim, or that of Randy McDonald re: the church and taxes and changing policy via junior issues (SPD’s), or the Barnes and the fight about 6 month checks and changes to HCOB’s, are all fairly well publicly documented examples of people believing in the system and staying within it till the dead end. Sad that anyone needs to go down that path. It will certainly be true for them after they do!
    “It was an illegal issue-type. It had no official status or power according to standard Scientology policy, but it was being used to stop people’s progress in Scientology. So Randy McDonald wrote it up to senior-most management, expecting that it would be cancelled forthwith.”

    “Greg and Debra Barnes discovered that someone was re-writing Hubbard bulletins and they they were excommunicated for making that discovery.”

    By all means DFB and wife should do what their reality and integrity demand. I hope they end up stonger for it.

  101. Awesome letters, Sam & Jim : you guys rock!

  102. I will also respectfully withold overheard conversations from a certain South African Executive with regards to the racial benefits of being a white man in South Africa when it comes to justice. Unless I build up a little more courage….
    Which isn’t likely.

  103. That is exactly right!

  104. Hello Amadeo (aka Snowhite)
    Welcome officially to the Independents! We know you follow this blog avidly and I’d like to thank you personally for all of your great contributions. I find your posts highly amusing and very entertaining.
    Not trying to push your buttons – honestly.

  105. Dave Adams

    Quoted from the above link.

    “No Church executive in history ever received more direct communication from L. Ron Hubbard than Mr. Miscavige.”

    What, measured in square inches of the paper used to print the traffic out?

    I wonder if the “disappeared” Mary Sue Hubbard wouldn’t qualify better as that record holder?

    Miscavige was only in the sea org for about 10 years concurrent with LRH being alive.

  106. DFB – you sound very unsure of your viewpoint in many of your messages on this blog (I’ve gone back and reviewed quite a few of them).

    “how or why Int Execs would go along with his behavior. Basically, why they chose to come out publicly instead of handling it internally.”

    “how could he have so much control of Scientology that no one internally would step up and handle him”

    “I’m just relaying her viewpoint. I dont know if I agree or disagree. But talking to her did shift mine a bit.

    I feel different about the data now.”

    “A sane response to this data (SP Times story with videos, other interviews and data on here and elsewhere, etc) would be to talk about it, call the org and ask if they heard about it, ask your scientologist friends and associates, etc”

    “he probably works so hard and has so much recponsibility that he doesn’t get auditing”

    “She’s not the type to go looking for data on the internet like this or believe it ”

    Aww heck. I’m just gonna call it…

    DFB – are you a plant? Because I’ve been going over your posts and there are a lot of contrary viewpoints and ‘I don’t know buts’…..

    In one post you’ve managed to put out just about every single line OSA ever came up with. If this is really just your wife’s viewpoint then why do we need to know every single detail of her ‘disagreements’? It would be a neat trick to do this and then pretend it that it’s what someone else thinks.

    It seems a little contrived to me.

    I would feel a lot more comfortable if you would tell us who you are, who your wife is and what org were on staff at.

    I know that I didn’t take the step of writing on this blog until I was damned sure.

    Once again, ‘just sayin’.

  107. crashing,
    I got what you were saying. I suppose I was extrapolating to a different scene. I meant to communicate that ‘church’ has a different meaning than some beautiful building, with no personal contact or interest, to most people in the community, and maybe particularly in the black community. As the other contributors mentioned, the experience in those community’s churches, at least in North America, seems to be very similar.

    Even in Preston, Nova Scotia, a community with roots back to the Black Loyalist exodus, and beyond that, to West Africa, has these kinds of services.

    Your post made me think of the difference in R that each church seems to take in.

    I think that in my church, Scientology, that somewhere along the line, we lost site of the one on one real interest in the well-being of each other. That’s the way it was on staff in a lot of cases. You had your head down concentrating on your part of the ‘production line’ and as efficient as that may have been, it didn’t account for something. Something was/is absent in that model.

    The model of the Ford factory, the assembly line, doesn’t fly when beings are the ‘raw material’. Enlightenment isn’t achieved on a factory basis.

    This is the ‘tech/admin’ ratio I suppose, in part. But, in any case, THE activity that is the most spiritual is the auditing/training. These are where one gains the knowledge and their own truths/observations of that knowledge. They gain themselves with the help of others.

    What seems to be lost, in all that policy that is available, is, Senior Policy, is that the whole thing is for that one on one, one being helping another. That personal touch in ‘delivering what is promised’. That, restored, will lead to what I’d like to see for a change – a Sunday service that emulates the most rousing, rejoicing, full-on service of the ones experienced at ‘church’ in the black communities of North America. Tha’s all.

  108. Jim,

    Great story! I have always wanted to attend a Baptist church service for the exact reason you stated, the amount of life and energy that is an inherant part of the service.

    To me, a religious experience should be a joyous one.

  109. Poor, poor DM. He’s such a sorry little guy. No one really wants to play with him, no one really appreciates him for what he is. It’s so sad. At least he gets to have others put his events together, order people to attend them, demand applause on cue and feel a little compensated for all he has done when the big bucks roll in. And he gets to read blogs like this one and have a few laughs at all the effects he’s creating. Perhaps that helps him to feel a little better. Poor, poor dave. It’ll be okay, you’ll see. Go ahead now and have another drink.

  110. Freedom Fighter

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

  111. Marty,

    I hate to go off topic, but I’ve long wished the details of LRH’s final days.

    The injection marks in LRH’s buttocks, on the coroner’s report, and with apparantly Dr. Denk in Las Vegas at the time of death, my final final speculation was that someone possibly close to LRH was unDoctorly doing his injections of whichever medication/drug(s) he was taking, Vistiril is one that was listed.

    Do you know the details, since your above comments made me want to ask.

    I’m sure this not be necessarily told now, here, but eventually I hope the final days details, who was where, who was ordered to go take the time off at Las Vegas (if that was the case), who was actually with LRH and who did his final injections (and had that person had a history of doing injections, etc, etc).

    I myself thought his death was natural, and the final injections were done by Dr. Denk or whichever close person with LRH that LRH had already allowed give him those same injections.


  112. Well here is a question for tom.

    “Where Is The Love?”

  113. crashingupwards

    Jim, I like what you say. We do need 2 people talking. Its a two terminal universe. Change will rarely happen unilaterally. We actually do not need churches at all. And if we do have groups organized, the smaller the better in my opinion. The biggere it gets, the more it can become impersonal. We all know what thats like.

  114. Watching Eyes

    Trust me, the Dwarf doesn’t laugh when he reads the blogs. Fire shooting out of his head would be a more expected reaction.

    He wouldn’t look at the blogs from the viewpoint of the effects he’s creating because he IS effect.

    He’ll get to the point where even a drink won’t numb the terror. He’s probably at that point already.

    note to Dwarf: I’m right, aren’t I? 🙂

  115. Marty Rathbun,

    I sure hope you decide to complete the book and publish it. Just from reading this blog ,it’s obvious that there is much you can share. In fact, there are probably a couple books you could write that would turn the whole society of Scientologists upside down.

  116. PlainOldThetan

    “The latest promo out of Flag is below. I find it troubling, but not surprising. I suppose it is DM’s answer to my publishing evidence of his disdain and treatment of African Americans as some group to be conquered for his own PR and self-aggandizement, see”

    Marty: If it’s true that this “project” is DM’s response to your Isaac Hayes report, then the good news is: “DM thinks people believe Marty and not DM”. People like me, I guess.

  117. “Convince a man that he is an animal, that his own dignity and self-respect are delusions, that there is no ‘beyond’ to aspire to, no higher potential self to achieve, and you have a slave. Let a man know he is himself, a spiritual being, that he is capable of the power of choice and has the right to aspire to greater wisdom and you have started him up a higher road.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  118. Speaking of African-American scientologists, whatever happened to church spokesperson Pat Harney? She was interviewed quite alot a couple years ago and now that I think of it, it is as if she vanished?

  119. Pingback: Top Posts —

  120. Oh, the poor thing.

  121. You said it, Jim. We Scientologists don’t run, we confront. Scientology is great. Will will benefit greatly of it if he doesn’t fall for DM.

  122. I have a girlfriend who was born in Zimbabwe. She is Jewish. She is blonde. She has recently migrated to America within the last 15 years. This is an African American.

    I wonder what they were thinking?

  123. Marty is very generous allowing all kinds of people to post. I’m fully aware that many non-Scientologists post here too. But I think that calling DM bad names as “dwarf” is the right thing go, Watching Eyes.

    We Scientologists don’t invalidate people on looks. I am sure that the name “dwarf” for DM was not created by an Independent Scientologist but by somebody who never was one.

    It is not DM’s height that worries us but some of his activities, which indicate that he is not a Scientologist.

    The world is watching this blog and as a Scientologist, I’d like to say that we don’t stand for name calling based on looks of a person.

    As for the picketing, it is done since decades and did not change DM but applying ethics and justice and DOCUMENTING HIS ACTIONS and proving him being off policy or/and in violation with the law that might result in reform.

    The winning street is not hatred and invalidation but proofing with proper evidence and arguments that DM isn’t a Scientologist.

  124. WH & mrj: It was called: “Evening in Celebration of the Arts”. I was the I/C of those events. I was supposed to work in tandem with Diana Dubin, Dennis’ X who left him to join the SO, and Dennis. Was not a good thing, as they were not in good comm, and it made my post a living hell, as it was hard to maintain my position in space between those 2 fighting all the time, and Dennis trying to do all of the regging so he could get the commission. I did enjoy the events though. Michael Jackson’s father came to one of was during the month of February (can’t recall what we called it, as each month had a different theme) albeit he was pretty drugged up. I met him, and took him to his table.

    Veritas: Awesome comment!! I feel the same way about thetan’s. My 2 grandchildren are white/black plus a nice mixture of several ethnic backgrounds to boot. I’m more concerned about their cases and their spiritual freedom. I love child dianetics, apply it and always wanted to audit children. They are our future. Granting of beingness goes a long way.


  125. My apologies: mjrinder not mrj…ooOppsss~

  126. crashingupwards

    OO, I recall hearing Luten Taylor died a long time ago. If i am wrong, my apologies Luten.

  127. It sounds as if DM is using this to get some major credit among black community, especially with Obama and the White House.

  128. From the Bio:

    “So forgive me for not managing the Church when it almost fell into hostile hands. It all came out all right. Why? Because real Scientologists made sure it did. My faith was justified.”

    “That real Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard spoke of was David Miscavige.”

    I was going to say that whoever wrote this needs to retrain KTL. “Real ScientologistS” [plural, more than one] and “that real Scientologist” [singular, one] in the very next sentence? The writer must truly believe that readers are morons. Then I realized that whoever wrote this did so with full knowledge of what they were doing.

    It further shows how out of touch that organization is. And how supremist. This deserves one of those “Reeeaaaallllyyyy???” on SNL Weekend Updates. I mean, it’s ludicrous. If it wasn’t so frightening, it would be funny.

    I know this has been discussed before, but the man is truly, truly, truly mad. I mean, if I built a 20 story stone structure that said “wtf” it wouldn’t begin to represent.

    Those on the fence, just read those two paragraphs. How can you NOT ask “wtf”? Sorry to rant but sometimes you step away for a few days and then look at things anew and they are more bizarre than ever.

  129. Cured Robot

    So right…I use to be a member of AIM (American Indian Movement)…I was very against most white people and all the injustices…with a big chip on my shoulder for all the degradation our race encountered. Then came Scientology and OT TR O – wham right out of my head! What a surprise it was to discover that I’ve been all these races at some time or another and I came into valence and could grant beingness to “thetans”. And it didn’t take a special event of “How to reach Native Americans” . Just the good ole fashioned Comm Crse and an FSM who knew how to find a ruin and it wasn’t the race card that pulled me in. This whole Clear African Americans is pretentious beyond belief and playing the race card. IDIOTS – JUST MAKE IT AFFORDABLE FOR ANY RACE AND GET YOUR TRO IN ON THE THETAN IN FRONT OF YOU! Ok now I’m being 1.1 – DM you should mock up an event called HOW TO CLEAR THE RICH AFRICAN AMERICANS! As that is what is about for you, you can strut back and forth in your thousands of dollars suits, shirts, shoes, etc., that should get ’em and impress the shit out of them! Wham dissemination complete w/o even finding a ruin. IDIOT, read the Millionaire Next Door and you will find they are just the down to earth frugal people living next door that don’t strut their 70 million dollar office buildings – because they aren’t stupid enough to blow their money on it (in your case the parishioners money that you didn’t earn)!!!!!!!!!

  130. Sam,
    That’s pretty darn perspicacious.

    I figure it this way, you and I both did what reason called for to deal with the irrationality that is present. We wore our hats as S. O. members, Scientologists and people to correct the egregious departures. We didn’t come to the position we are in lightly.

    I would give that same advice to any person.

    Sooner or later, the DM plants that post here or attempt inroads privately, if they are confronted with reason and the usual, seem to blow off. That’s too bad, cause it’s really very much nicer on the outside of that nuthouse that is called DM.

  131. I am so sorry to hear about Luten passing. And Alethea?? She was LRH Personal Secretary – she told me the only person who could type faster than her (130 pwm) was LRH.

  132. Good time to start an alliance with anonymous.

  133. Truth – yeah, tell DM good luck with that. I don’t think he’d survive an elevator encounter with Mr. Obama. Maybe with Sarah Palin, but our Commander in Chief, no. Light years out of his league. (sorry, couldn’t resist. need humor.)

  134. OK, I take part of that back and sincerely apologize to Ms. Palin. My bad. Seriously.

  135. martyrathbun09

    I am with you on this.

  136. Dave Adams

    Co(S)M and the Obama administration seem to share a connection, Williams & Connolly. Now that is scary stuff.

  137. Cured Robot

    Jesus, this is like the perfect storm created by DM and his bots unknowingly that some beings would escape and find freedom and free some others along the way.

  138. There’s also 20 or so NOI on course at CC Int. Very up-stat. The women’s clothing is tailor made with matching headdresses and designer shoes and handbags. The smoking policy in the Rose Garden outdoor area has been modified because “smoking is against their religion.” Huh? Don’t get me started on that change in policy!

  139. Doc "Smith"


    I was at Flag in 2006 when the event was occurring. I happenned to be going through the lobby of the Fort Harrison and heard the speakers in the ampitheatre. Rev. Alfreddie Johnson and some of the other ministers ( It was an interfaith event, like Heber used to host), were speaking, and I couldn’t tear myself away. To some degree that night was like the above mentioned Babtist church meetings, as there was lots of life , prayer, etc. I don’t know the outcome, but the part I saw was a keyout. It was more about handling literacy and empowerment than the Bridge.

    I’m sure the closed door IAS reg event at the end killed the theta.


  140. He He…seems we’re getting more and more down here in the swamplands! I just got in comm with a Class 6 down the road today! WooT WooT! Hi Kye!

  141. Sam, my main concerns and cause for uncertainty in jumping on ship with you guys are:

    I fear the goals currently too easily align with the goals of Anonymous and the Anti-scientologist.

    I am uncertain of any specific goals which I could evaluate and agree with or contribute to.

    So far, this blog is about remembering outpoints and communicating them.

    It makes for interesting reading and has helped me fill in missing data that explains doubts I’ve had for many years.

    I think there are some people here I could be in some sort of group with and some I would not.

    I dont want to have anything to do with Anonymous or people who are whining and complaining. If thats the group you’re in, then thats your group and I’m probably not going to be in it. I do not place Marty or some others in that group.

    I relayed my wife’s reaction because I think seeing other viewpoints is a good thing and it tweaked mine slightly.

    I’ve not gone back and reviewed your posts and I’m not familiar with you particularly so dont take this post personally.

  142. I’m waiting for the invite a Jew to the Comm Course Convention.

  143. Zana, I hope this community will make it possible for your wonderful granting of beingness to reach many children! That’s a happy future. I could feel your enjoyment watching beings bloom and shine ❀❀❀! Thanks for expressing it.

  144. DFB,
    Well, that response sews it up, wha’. Sam, as in Spade has solved another one. Good one Sam 🙂

  145. Sews what up?

    I’m not a “plant”. I think we just arent totally on the same page.

    I would like to preserve and reform the Church, but probably COB should step down, OR convince me of his innocence. I was convinced by the SP Times story and Marty’s words and others. I am not convinced by the response from the Church. Some reform needs to happen.

    Some of you guys want to hang COB and talk about it a lot. I’m not really into that aspect of the blog. I just would like to handle the outpoints and correct the situation in an effective, even handed OT manner and would participate in a group that had that as it’s goal.

    Sam said “I’ve been going over your posts and there are a lot of contrary viewpoints”.

    Like what?

  146. You know what else is funny? They are calling a center a “Harlem” center. DM announced the opening of a Scientology place in “Harlem”!

    I don’t know who he sent to open that place, but for the record it is nowhere near Harlem. It is on the upper East Side. I mean, that is how spaced out someone is up there, sorry for the generality.

    They are stating it is in Harlem and calling it the Harlem place and it is not in Harlem or near Harlem . It is on the upper East Side of Manhattan.

    Would someone in OSA please let DM know? There is no Scientology Center at all in Harlem and I think someone should let DM in on this.

    What a laugh! Too funny!

  147. Church of Scientology of Harlem
    16 East 116th St.
    New York, NY 10029
    United States

  148. “We are located at 2250 3rd Avenue. We are open Monday thru Friday – 1pm to 10pm, Saturday & Sunday – 10am to 6pm. Everyone is welcome.”

  149. Mustering something as Independents tottaly owned by the movement will be more spiritally rewarding I think, after all the messages differ from tone.

    Not saying that it will never be an option though.

  150. one of those who see

    OMG, you’re not joking! they are actually having something called The Clear Afro Americans Convention!! How about the Clear the Puerto Ricans in Spanish Harlem Convention – that would be fun. Or the Clear the Jews living on the Westside of Los Angeles Convention! Israeli dances are wonderful! Wow, don’t we all have our cultural differences?

    You got the answer right, Marty: “…locate the being and treat him or her like the spirit he or she is. You don’t have a problem with disseminating to African-Americans. You have a problem with disseminating, period…”

    Beautiful. That’s the joy in diseminating, isn’t it. Really communicating to the thetan in front of you. Then enlightening him on the bridge. Remember when we used to use the word “enlighten.” No force in that word, no gang bang sec checks, no blocking doors and elevators.

    If you could improve something about yourself or your life. What would that be?

    Uh, well I could be more confident. I’m really nervous alot of the time.

    Got it. I know how uncomfortable that can be. Dianetics can help you with that.

    You see, there is something called the Reative Mind…

  151. Clear the Jews?

    Do not want.

    That really highlights the problem.

  152. one of those who see

    Sorry, Heather – did not understand. Was that a remark against Jews?? Please clarify.

    My point was how rediculous it is to have a convention to learn to diseminate to a particular Race.

  153. Clear African Americans Convention

    This is just so retarded.
    They’re getting awfully desperate now.

  154. Theo Sismanides

    This is from my nephew, Robin Skouteris, a mix dedicated to African Americans and their good fight for Freedom.

  155. yeah, where’s the single white mom events?

  156. Dragon Fly,
    You must be Ellie Bolger and you are sooo full of it.
    Just like you to alter is.

  157. There were 50 American Indian chiefs brought in and introed to Narconon and the Tech resulting in Chillocco opening.

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