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Ralph and Jim and others exchanged some ideas about community on this blog recently.  When we came up with the idea of  creating Independence communities and community, I posted some ideas, after long, careful evaluation – knowing the nature of the beast – about how  ultimately creation of community was our greatest strength and most effective means to free the subject of Scientology.  I suggest that while the beast is mustering all the force it can to extinguish our postulates and dreams, community is more important than ever. Believe me, it is going to get more desperate and ugly in the coming months.  I think it is high time we determine to reach out to others,  congregate, strengthen our bonds and protect one another’s backs.   Listening to PDC 23 ARC, FORCE, BE/DO/HAVE prompted this message. Here are some applicable excerpts:

Force begets force, and he who lives by the sword will die by one. I promise you!  But, funny thing is, you have to be able to have enough force to use an unlimited quantity of  force, before you can pass over into a higher band of ethics. One cannot retreat from and cower back from force, under any pretext whatsoever, and still have a beingness above the level of this universe.

When you stop and think right now, perhaps, of being hit in the face, in the MEST body, with a hundred thousand KW lightning bolt, it is possibly not a comfortable thought, But I assure that that is a small amount of juice, compared to what you as a thetan can take. You ought to be able to pick your teeth with a million KW lightning bolt, theta wise.

If you have ever seen the mercy of the very strong, compared to the sympathy and fear of the very weak, if you’ve ever watched these two things, you will see the mockery of bottom scale trying to echo the top of the scale. A person has to be very, very strong before he can be ethical and completely merciful of his own free will. At the bottom of the scale a person has been forced to be, and everything affects him. He has been an effect of this and an effect of that, and so on. He’s still carrying along with some of his capability; there’s still theta there at the bottom of the scale, but not much of it. He has crossed over, you might say, crossed over the span of force on the band, successfully. But bluntly, nobody ever crawled out of this universe through the bottom of the hole. Nobody ever got out that way. That’s a grave. The only way out is through.

You have to be able to conquer the full use and control of any factor of the first dynamic, and having conquered that the full use, control of the factor of the second dynamic, and the third and so forth. You have to be willing and capable, and in full control of those dynamics, before you are free of them. Because always lingering in the back of your  mind, no matter how esoteric you may think your ambitions may be, always lingering in the back of the mind is something you can’t do; which is always a disability.

The capability of a thetan is not simply force. You take every saint on the calendar as represented as having a big bright aura. What do you think that aura was representing?  That was representing something very interesting. Raw energy.

Now whether or not these boys could weild energy or not, I don’t know. But they certainly represented them that way, and have continued to do so ever since. Tell you something interesting: Right there. Force. You want to be able to heal somebody at a distance, you have to have the capability of charring them into charcoal at a distance. And don’t mistake that one either, because the ability to produce force is the ability to make  a strong postulate. And the ability to make a strong postulate alone is capable of controlling the health and beingness of others.

So all force is, is the shabbiest shadow of what can be done. But unless you can make a postulate strong enough to handle force, it is highly unlikely that you can make a postulate strong enough to pervade all through the beingnesses which you would like to help. Tells you a lot about force. This is a force universe. And don’t EVER make a mistake about that. And if it was the only universe there was, God help all of us!  It is a force universe. It’s built on trickery, and it’s built on force…

…The strong man who uses force, fort main, as his sole criteria of existence is nothing but a brute. He is nothing but a brute. Nevertheless, the strong man who is able to make something in this universe must be able to protect it. ‘Cause this universe doesn’t care. He looks around, no matter what he does for anybody, no matter how much he tries to help, or anything else, in this universe with MEST force on the loose, and relatively uncontrolled, it makes no difference whatsoever. It is that remorselessness, that crushing capability, without discernment as to a finer quality, that breaks him at last.

He think in this unverse there ought to be such things as love, and goodness, and he thinks these things ought to repay. And you find somebody working himself to the bone, trying to be a good guy. Trying to be a straight guy and so on. What do you find all around him? You’ll find pitfalls waiting for his tiniest error. And he will go crashing down.

And who will push him?  The people he helped most. It’s a great universe. It is debased and degraded, really, that the better capabilities of  theta, the better capabilities of beingness, almost can’t exist in this universe. They are here in the flimsiest possible form…

…Theta’s greatest potentialities happen to be the ability to agree, which makes for groups. The ability to have affinity, to love and appreciate, and to feel sensation. And that is affinity. And the ability to communicate. And that’s communication. And the communications which are here in this universe are done through MEST. And these three manifestations are in action in this universe, in the form of MEST. But it is theta, handling MEST in a peculiar way, that gives us ARC. And the MEST handles to give us three conditions of energy, which become Affinity, Reality, Communication…

– L Ron Hubbard

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  1. I was reading a story about how back in the 70’s, I think it was, Scientologists from all over rallied in Portland and had a big gathering there when they were “under attack.”

    I’m not hippie, and Woodstock we don’t need. But I think a huge gathering like what they did in Portland would be cool. It would be positive, be a media gang-buster, would fly right in the teeth of DM and put a good light on just how many independents are out there and how far off the rails the C.o.S. truly is.

  2. Miss Bridgett

    So inspiring! This totally classifies as one of the best motivational speeches ever written! I am polishing up my sword and my shield and preparing for battle. The Force is with us!


  3. Agreed.

    I’ve always considered myself an “Independent” of sorts.

    I don’t mean Scientologically (though now that moniker fits). I mean in a general sense.

    Group think, 3rd dynamic agreement, etc. was never my bag. I could cheer and hurrah! those 3D actions being promoted but still felt apart.

    My own bag was my game. Fortunately mostly that own bag of mine was that of LRH’s.

    I think it’s been my “independent” nature that has allowed me to maintain some sort of dignity/ integrity over all these years working with a group that I’ve only in the past year or so, come to realize the depth of it’s corruption.

    Greater it would seem are the numbers of people for whom the group is all and their “independent” nature hasn’t been strong enough to overcome the force and lies of management.

    Not really sure what my point is in all of this other than to agree that we do need coordination and a coming together as a group.

    Never again though must we allow this aberrant group think and SP induced blindness to pervade.

    We MUST retain our independent viewpoints that have been the defining attributes of those who have spoken out.

    LRH stated it quite well in KSW 1: “So constructive ideas are *individual* and seldom get broad agreement in a human group. An individual must rise *above* an avid craving for agreement from a humanoid group to get anything decent done.”

    We, it seems, are a group of *individuals* who have had a good idea (take back Scn and restore it!).

    Somehow we must retain our healthy individuality, while fostering a healthy group of OTs.

    Count me in!


  4. martyrathbun09

    Free Scn, I am with you on this.

  5. I love this post Marty. I love the group idea…which gives us power and strenght.
    Great quote of LRH.

  6. what an incredible reference! If this were to become the “anthem” or stable datum of our group, then how could we lose? DM operates on the trickery and force energy of this universe. We will operate on the ARC energy of this universe and thus create the most powerful group imaginable, completely unstoppable. But is is important to remember that there are the pitfalls, waiting to crash us. Pitfalls (imo) in the form of hatred, enforced reality, invalidation, nullification, cut comm, etc; anything out of ARC. We have to be alert to the possible pitfalls and and build a strong alliance that is based on the higher energy of ARC; protect each other, nuture each other and help each other. Then we can win.

  7. Yes, nice article that of LRHs, Marty. So true. So,so painfully and abjectly true. Paragraph second from last.

  8. Community Support Yes this is good !!

    Back in the mid 1980’s People were hiding and wondering who might know they left, then suddenly people started to speak. Secret talks talk place in private houses simliar to those that have left since then and long after. Now we are on about the eight or more even Stage of leavers since the mid 1980’s,
    The ones leaving now are the core of the structure that have seen the situation change from LRH dying , MarySue frozen into exile and Diana held and under current control along with others and Names can still be mentioned who they are “Asking where are they ”

    We need to help them.

    God help them !!


    The Free Zone was quickly started Thanks to Bill Robertson, and we back then made sure loads of group talks were done along with events and lectures known now as Indept Free Zone, and Rons Org adding to that Conventions now take place in England and Madrid /Marbella and Europe and the USA and still today take place yearly for at least the last 22 years or more.

    It all started with indept little groups of people meeting up and it got bigger and bigger, and obvioulsy stronger and back then queries and investigations were going on about the church .

    Whilst that was going on Delivery took place and confidence started to come back and people got less afraid, and trauma’s could be dealt with
    the aide of Indept Delivery and help and the people’s sanity brought back.

    The message for those inside if any access at all
    to outside blogs like emails web views, freinds inside that have commline’s outside what ever way your getting if at all information and thats IF AT ALL !!!?? who knows!!

    The Message is that YOUR NOT TRAPPED out side if you leave for contact with Scientology Locations of Information are widly available on website’s and many leads for helpful information are on hand.

    Speak out Be there for those that are in need leak up the Community connection and Spirit to continue to gain the Freedom for Scientoloy for all.


  9. Felicitas Foster

    Marty, thank you for all the posts of the last days. Great information – even when it is hard to digest.

    I would like to have a common goal and a common purpose: Free Scn is good but that is way too vague in a certain respect. Then everybody can come up with what he is willing to contibute to the overall goal(s). From my viewpoint a way to align our forces and moving towards that goal will give us the florish and prosper effect.

  10. Virgil Samms

    Y’know, all along this whole scene reminds me of the book/movie – The Last Castle.

    The story was about an Army General sent to prison amongst the military’s riff-raff. The colonel in charge of the camp was a brute and an SP. He wasn’t afraid to abuse prisoners and murder prisoners in front of the newly incarcerated General. The General did what he does best and used the entire prison (mest and prisoners) against the Colonel until the Colonel was taken off to jail in handcuffs.

    DMs “castle” is his downfall. General Patton once said that ““Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity.” DMs precious mest is his stupidity and arrogance. This is what brings him down.

    We will not build castles or fortifications but we will unite. Look amongst us all at the talent here and believe me, the talent that is still under the radar is breathtaking.

    Patton also said “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

    Thank you Marty for being there and thinking.

    ML Tom

  11. OK so this has me sort of reeling, to think I can influence so much, which of course I can, but at the same time use force to affect an effect within my sphere of influence.
    I can be in ARC with everyone here.
    I can (and have) contacted the trained auditors I’ve known locally and now I will work on us getting our forces together to each get onto and through our next steps on the Grade Chart, as LRH intended.
    And as part of that, our kids…mine are LRH all the way but via me (and perhaps previous experiences) and they haven’t been exposed to the insanity of CofM, which makes it easier to do LRH-proper from the start.
    How to live life AND ensure the future of LRH at the same time~the postulate to do so is senior to the doingness(reminding self).
    There is no organized group to fall back on. There’s me. There’s you. I’d imagine I should operate somehow the way people did back in the ’50s when DMSMH created the postulate for everyone. People got together and applied it to each other…bottom line. Expecting something like what the CofS is supposed to be is setting myself up for a fall. That wasn’t created overnight and quite frankly, it hasn’t worked! Duh!
    Simplicity~I can handle that. Keep it simple, stupid! (another note to self)

  12. Marty,

    For me you could have started your post with the words: “I had a dream.”

    Community, real community has been the dream down through the ages. From William Blake and Thomas Paine to Dr. King it has been a revived dream since the dawn of the industrial revolution but goes way way way back.

    Many of us have dreamed the dream but had no real way of making it happen for everyone that wanted it. With Scientology (and the LRH you quote is a shining example) we have technology to make that dream come true. It’s no longer just a hope, it’s a very attainable dream, not just in overcoming the dream-breaker (Miscavige) but in the wider, broader sense — the real mission.

    And speaking of William Blake, my personal feelings and determination on the matter are best summed up in a short poem he wrote in 1804 called Jerusalem, which is a metaphor for Heaven – a community of universal love and peace. Similarly, any reference to “fighting” is metaphorical.


    And did those feet in ancient time.
    Walk upon Englands mountains green:
    And was the holy Lamb of God,
    On Englands pleasant pastures seen!

    And did the Countenance Divine,
    Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
    And was Jerusalem builded here,
    Among these dark Satanic Mills?

    Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
    Bring me my Arrows of desire:
    Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
    Bring me my Chariot of fire!

    I will not cease from Mental Fight,
    Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
    Till we have built Jerusalem,
    In Englands green & pleasant Land

  13. Tony DePhillips

    I have always loved that reference Marty.

    I had some good cogs re-reading it.

    I really like the idea of creating Islands of sanity with the Independents. This would be more like positive gain sprouting from the third dynamic engram running session.

    Also if it was all done “loosely” then it would give no target for the Merchant of Chaos to go after.

    Thanks again for the spot on reference.


  14. martyrathbun09

    Tara, what a wonderful opportunity. I live with someone who is the greatest, true model of a pan-determined Scientologist I’ve ever known: someone who too had no C of M viruses to begin with.

  15. martyrathbun09

    Breathtaking is an understatement. Wait till you meet the Spanish Angel.

  16. ~To those who have been delivering and receiving LRH training and processing outside the CofM~
    I want to acknowledge you and apologize for not being a part of that movement sooner! I know you’ve been doing it and living it all this time and have devoted tremendous time and energy to getting people up the Bridge! Thank you!

  17. By the way, this was made into a great Anglican hymn.

  18. The Muffin Man

    The last time I mentioned something along these lines, I was accused of being an OSA plant. The reason? Because forming a group would create a “target” for DM to attack.

    I love the idea, and I’m glad that it’s finally been voiced by someone like you, Marty.

  19. Virgil Samms

    Can’t wait, you tease.

    ML Tom

  20. Fantastic Reference!!!! — loved it on many levels. Also had a huge win on “You have to be able to conquer full use of any factor of the first dynamic….because always lingering in the back of your mind is something that you can’t do, which is always a disability.

    I have an incomplete cycle!!! This reference gave me the courage to go ahead and JUST DO IT!!!! — don’t want any disabilities hanging around!!!!

    For me the sense of community formed by this blog had been the most important aspect of the independent community. This was due to feeling so alone, degraded (by the lies told about me), the guilt of feeling that I had majorly Fucked Up, the invalidation given to me by others due to having “fucked up”, and the huge PTP that always existed of feeling that I should return to C of S group, but always knowing in the back of my mind that I felt better outside the group, having the feeling of continuously blowing charge on being “outside”. This blog allowed me to know there were others like me who loved LRH, (and his family), and the Tech. The courtesy, compassion, honor and respect shown to me by members of this blog have pulled me out of the deep pit of depression and apathy that I was in. Every day I would feel more and more like I had a group, and that I was not alone.

    I was able to get back into communication with my son, and take back my life out of the pit of degradation that I had found myself in, and start being CAUSE again. The C of S had taken away my friends, my son, my reputation (with all the lies promulgated about me), my money, my havingness (trips to Flag, etc, etc,) my auditing, (I had just completed paying for 4 intensive of NOTS and had not had any auditing in 15 years), my high tone level which went away dealing with all of the losses, especially that of my son.

    Well, I got some of my old friends back, I have lots of new friends, (you guys) I got my son back, I know I can get all the standard Tech auditing that I could possibly want by some of the mostly highly trained tech terminals in the world, some of them trained by Ron; and NOW I am getting my money back. My havingness is up again, my tone level is high again, and my new friends grant me the beingness and respect I feel I deserve because I DO USE LRH Tech every single day of my life, and use it to help others. I have had numerous wins lately diseeminating to new public, including the Administrative Assistant to 5 of Dell Computers top managers in the world! I was able to handle the pain and bruising from a bad fall in the parking lot of her job with Touch Assists and Nerve Assists to rave results!

    From being Total Effect of the Church of DeMonology, I have come back to CAUSE over my own life and beingness. It has been hard with lots of tears and grief and apathy coming off, but now I am in the sunshine again. And I have Marty, Mosy and my new- found friends to thank for this. Yes, we have community and WE ARE A COMMUNITY!!! Also, from data in the various comments, we are World Wide!!!! The sun never sets on Friends of LRH!!! And I am confident that as a group we can restore the confidence in the peoples of earth in the body of knowledge that IS Scientology, so that LRH’s aims of a world without criminality, war and insanity can be attained. On this point I have total certainty.

    Thanks to all for being there for me, and I hope to be there for you with anything that you need. I want to help others out of the pit.

    Love always,
    Lady Minn

  21. Thank you for the lovely LRH quote on force Marty.

    It got me reflecting on why I come back to this blog over and over…

    I only post on your blog occasionally, not because I do not agree and not because I do not wish to add my voice to the conversation, but because I only speak out when I feel that my contribution will somehow enhance the thread, or provide some more insight, or somehow give others some relief.

    Since 2005 I have slowly started to gather back friends from past times. Persons, in the same postition as myself (declared SP for leaving the Int base or for no reason whatsoever). Persons who I worked with at Int. Persons, who I love the company of and who I have affinity for.

    When I first made contact with them, I was full of bypassed-charge. I also had tons of questions. What happened when I left? How did it happen that way? Was there information that I had not been privy to (of course there always is) and I had wanted to somehow get to a point where I could end-cycle on the mess at Int. I wanted to stop the nightmares. I wanted to stop wondering about friends I had lost.

    The conversations I have had over the last few years have been the best — and I thank each of you (including Marty) who listened as I wrote dissertations and lengthy emails about what had occurred and how things had been so wrong and off-policy.

    This is where COMMUNITY comes in.

    I did not always get the answers I was looking for, and sometimes responses were a long time coming — but each one let me rest a little easier and allow me to put my attention on to now and the future, rather than caught up in the past mis-emotion, problems and in-justices.

    I feel very much part of this community.

    I have felt that way for many, many months.

    I have posted under the name of Solace, NOT because I am scared of the force or underhanded techniques of The Church, and NOT because I have connections that would be impinged upon by speaking out (I lost all those connections back in 2005), but because here, where I live, I have been rediscovering my OT abilities and I have been having unprecedented success in life. I simply had the idea that by communicating my collaboration with the community here, it might endanger my happiness on the homefront.

    In reviewing this, particularly against the quote from LRH that Marty has posted, I can see that through communicating and affirming my affiliation with the Independent Scn Community, it will simply bolster my own ARC and my own power — and there really is no danger.

    It seems the longer I stay disconnected from The Church of Scientology, the better life becomes and the more I rediscover the real me. By the time I had left I had been pounded down the tone scale and invalidated to the point where my own faith in myself, was at an all-time low.

    I have been reversing that process over the last number of years and have been rediscovering how I can make my postulates stick, how I can use ARC to improve situations and how the only limiting factor is my own considerations (which I have been identifying and removing).

    As a result, I would like to announce my independence.

    My name is Lana Mitchell. I am an ex-Int base staff member of 10 years and a former Sea Org member of 15 years. I worked in CMO Int and then in RTC. I also worked for several years as a cook for DM, and his entourage and celebrity guests until 2003. Some of this journey was good. A lot of it was shockingly terrible.

    I will not at this time include a long account of how I came to be declared. I am actually over it at this point and feel no need to rewrite it. It would also just enturbulate and upset those who read it — so what it the point?

    What is important is the fact that I have confirmed for myself, in the last 5 years, the workability of LRH technology, I have confirmed for myself the power of my own postulates, and I have rediscovered that life is theta, exciting and a game.

    I am currently living at home, in Australia, in a beautiful house my husband and I just built, with 2 lovely baby boys (one 4 years old and one 8 months old) who fill my daily life with theta and enthusiasm.

    I am very happy here. and I am very happy to state that I am an Independent Scientologist and support this community.

    If you wish to email me, you can do so at

    OSA — Hi Kirsten (and Vicki)– I am sure you already had me in your little black book, but if not, you can now add me in. It might be a little difficult however to have my phone tapped and have me followed around, as I am live on a large rural block with a driveway of over 1 km and the closest house is almost as far away. Also — we have several large dogs, so you might want to call first befor anyone comes visiting (hee hee!)

  22. What a beautiful reference – the powerful, beautiful simplicity of source. This is Scientology to me, this is why I got in, this is what it was like doing my first course, this is what it was regging somebody off the street on to his first course – and seeing the beaming thetan 2 weeks later. I’m sitting here beaming inside. This can be done. Thanks Marty.

  23. Marty, Great point re Mosey’s lack of viruses; lots of positive ramifications for the future and newcomers.
    Without tipping your cards on what is coming down the pike in the coming months, are you anticipating more heat in your general direction or at those still under the radar and demands for allegiance; ie, you are either with us or agin’ us type of questioning and demands. I think more of the latter is coming our way due to the increased “civil disobedience” that is mounting.

    Thanks for being there.

  24. LRH says this is so many ways and is such a variety of references.
    There are 5 tapes one listens to when one joins the Sea Org. They are called “Welcome to the Sea Org”.
    Don’t have them to hand, but in one of the early ones, he is talking about being strong, and individual and a group member. It climaxes with this (not verbatim) question and answer:
    ‘So how does one become a group member and maintain his individuality at the same time? Well, he just comes uptone until he can do it.’
    Nice. We can do this!

  25. Also, Marty, what happened to the list of Independents that was part of your blog? Periodically, I would go over this list. Recently wanted to contact one of them over a Tech issue, and it appears to be gone. Did the contact info make them targets? That was my guess as to why it would be removed. That, or you were updating it.
    Let me know.
    Thanks, LM

  26. I recently created a networking site at entitled “Independent Scientologists.”

    “Ning is the social platform for the world’s interests and passions online. Millions of people every day are coming together across Ning to explore and express their interests, discover new passions, and meet new people around shared pursuits.” (Source:

    Ning is an online platform for people to create their own social networks. The word “Ning” is Chinese for “peace.”

    Ning has many cool features and potential. With a forum, videos, photos, music, chat, blogs, links, event calendar and more, it can be a great place for all of us to network. It also seamlessly integrates with Facebook and Twitter. My research into social networking sites showed ning to be best suited for our purposes.

    There will be a need for administrators (trusted names from this blog would be ideal), help on design (I welcome input on how to improve the site), and most of all, members!

    Members are invited to add their own music selections, video selections, blogs, forum discussion topics and comments, listings for materials and services or other items, photos, etc. There is also a live chat window for members currently online.

    Also, anything one does can be put into their Facebook or Twitter feed seamlessly and easily, directing their friends to the entry via an easy link to click on.

    Using one’s real name is not a requirement. Sign-up is free and one just needs to give an email address that is accessible.

    I hope the site can serve to help build a strong community of Independents. I welcome feedback on how the site could be made better and more in alignment with what is needed or wanted.

  27. Who could possibly regulate two beings sitting down to apply materials they’ve read and help each other? Seems to me that postulate is pretty real, two beings, maybe groups of two, in somebody’s living room say, reading, drilling, doing. (Note: and not waiting for the 3 swings or missing a valid Instant Read and taking up prior or latent NOT CHARGED items.)

    I was in a program once where we did just that. It worked pretty good I think.

    Another consideration bound to arise again is the question of ‘authority’ to do what Tara above suggests, and Tony is putting forth.

    Aside from the ‘license to survive’ issues (i.e., NOT needing one) there are technical points of law to hash over. Now, I’m not a lawyer but, it seems to me that it is very clear that there are today, as we speak and write here, many, many people applying these materials and DM can’t , yes CAN’T do a bloody thing about it.

    One reason, HE HASN’T. In other words, the cat has gotten out of his bag, and for some time now, and the fact is nothing has been done. That my friends is important to view. In order to protect and maintain certain thingies, they have to be vigorously and in a timely fashion so protected.

    The latest attempt that I can see is the failure to cut off Deeen’t work now did it. (My Spanish accent).

    That was a ‘fair use’ issue yes, but still, it’s about the only activity on the whole area in months, maybe years. That isn’t ‘timely’ enough.

    If it comes to it though, imagine a case pursued now by DM on ‘copyright and trademark’ and how that would actually play out in court. Imagine, now, as opposed to the only other two cases, the Vien case and David Mayo, DM facing the very real possibility of losing ANY claim to the marks.

    In a case today, all the facts will come up, including the checks and balances LRH put in place and how they are now a sham with DM the one responsible.

    All the facts are something DM does NOT want coming up in court. Losing is something he cannot do else RTC, by the very checks and balances LRH put in place, will lose and then my friends DM has nothing. Factually he has only the Lake Tanganyika shadows now. He’ll lose even those.

    For those interested in another view, Hank Levin wrote a marvelous essay on the subject. Here’s the link

    In any case, I’m a Scientologist. I study and use Scientology every day. I apply L. Ron Hubbard’s material, Dianetics and Scientology. I’ve been saying this for years now, ‘timely’ has long since passed Dave.

    I’m quite sure of this too; I’m Spartacus.

  28. Mike Hobson

    The band Emerson, Lake and Palmer set this to music and it was wonderous.

    Michael A. Hobson

  29. I think you are referring to the Portland Crusade of ’85. Yup, that was fun. IMHO, one of perhaps the last honest moments of the CoS, before it sold its soul.

  30. martyrathbun09

    Spartacus you are!

  31. I believe that if this will ever become a real group then we need to join forces and do something, accomplish something as a group. This will make us proud and we will become a group.

    I suggest that we start with freeing Heber.

  32. martyrathbun09

    John, you are a man of initiative. Thank you.

  33. MEST and force. I was thinking earlier about DM building these huge, magnificent palaces and the big impressive MEST all over. Theres something about that with fascism and that tone level. Hitler- all these fascist dictators have a thing for big fantastic MEST with no theta. They treat the people like MEST and want them to just walk in line and wear the same clothes and tow the party line, or else handle with force.

    I saw this in @ 1999, but your words made it more real to me. I realized years ago that I would not want to live in a Scientology world. If that was the goal, or what a “cleared planet” would look like, then I didnt want it. I realize now, that it wasnt a Scientology world, it was DM.

    I was watching the first two Star Wars movies with my kid and realized there is a recognition of this as a whole track thing. This lower toned MEST obsession with big, towering, sterile, lifeless -monuments to force.

    Look at me, I can command and control people like MEST and make them build monuments to me.

  34. martyrathbun09

    have to check it out; been remiss on admin for a while that is for sure.

  35. Oops, meant to link this:

  36. martyrathbun09

    Lookinigin; it is pretty focused on and around me. Very conservative estimate, $75,000 a day is being spent on theta exterminators on and around me. JB and Rinder are getting the brunt of it at the moment. And DM is smart enough to spot a common denominator; and knows there are others nearing the warranting of troops of exterminators of their own.

  37. rory medford

    Go Independent!!!!! Detach yourself from the chains and go SOLO!!! Come join the Independent movement, its liberating and truly SOULFUL and a helluva lot more FUN then the alternative.

    Go Independent!! Go Solo!!! Become Free!!!

  38. martyrathbun09

    Hey Lana! You hit a home run with bases loaded. I put this up on the front page as its own post.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Lady Minn, thank you for being you and for communicating it to us. Keep on keepin’ on Lady.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Finally? Dude, you need to catch up on the more than 300 posts on this blog.

  41. We all go to the next IAS EVENT at ST. HILL and when Miscavige comes onto the stage we shout:
    ” we want LRH !” “We want to see DIANA”

  42. Count on us too. We are on target !

  43. Well said. I think I should point a wrong indication that has been laid on many a Scientologists.

    People who stood independently were classified in many degrading terms. If you did not join the Sea Org or staff you were lacking in some manner.

    However, in the managment series (need Terrill to come in again with the reference), “Associated terminals” is higher upscale than “Grouped terminals”.

    Right now we are on a higher ground as associates than the Sea Org is as a group.

    Being independent and associated with people is as high as it gets on that scale.

    We don’t have to move up, we only have to hold a position in space and move forward.

    Hubbard never put himself in a grouped position. He remained above it all as an associated terminal.

    This is evolution and dissemination.

    Look at the second dynamic, people grow up and stand on their own. If everyone huddled under their mother’s skirt and spent their life there , we would be seriously handicapped right now as a peoples.

    And this entire evolution is natural dissemination.

    That is all it is.

    The womb got too crowded. The most able popped out. The ones still in there afraid to stand alone and take responsibility, are eating each other up from malnutrition.

    Contrary to popular belief, Hubbard never suggested to stand aside from the laws of this universe with nature. He encouraged understanding through his outline of the dynamics and the conditions explained in the ethics book.

    If you look at his explanation of MAGIC and what it is, it is understanding forces (the dynamics) and conditions (ethics).

    Thew current Church is so anti dissemination “external infuences” is a term used to keep staff 100% out of communication with the environment.

    WE were supposed to BE the EXTERNAL INFLUENCES. Go out and be cause over the environment, not hide from it!

    You cannot be cause over something you are out of communication with or hiding from.

    There are laws of nature here that flow, and dissemination is key is all dimensions here.

    Yes! Be Independent! Thank you very much! Very much appreciated!

    The only crime we are all guilty of here is moving upsscale from grouped terminals to associated terminals.

    All we did was evolve!

    There is NOTHING WRONG about us climbing out of the womb and standing on our own two feet and becoming a source.

    There is EVERYTHING RIGHT about us and who we have become.

  44. Wow! I am beside myself hearing this…..its like one of the old NOT’s graduations….only BETTER!

    Congrats lady Minn….keep on rockin..

  45. By the way, everything written in the green vols is for GROUPED TERMINALS.

    It is a system for a group.

    There is nothing written for Associated terminals because at that level you are expected to become source!

  46. I missed any mention of “group”.

    I got “community” and “independence”.

    I just got ungrouped with the help of OT3.

    I think at that level you are supposed to move forward not backward.

  47. Thank you so much for your post. I was in the SO for a little over 10 years, on the front lines at what was then CCLA in Hollywood (prior to that I was on staff at Santa Clara Mission for 3 years). I worked in Div 6 my entire staff career. I began to doubt myself and my abilities in the early 80’s, ironically after finishing OEC/FEBC at Flag. I was not understanding many of the directives coming down from Int, and soon began to feel a failure after so many years on staff. Outside the Church, I gradually began to take responsibility for many areas of my life, and have had happiness and success along the first 3 Dynamics. I feel that all of this can be attributed to the knowledge and abilities I gained from LRH’s tech, without a doubt. Now all these years later, this blog, and the contributions from people such as yourself is enlightening, heartwarming and extremely validating. Many of us endured hardship in the SO, some far more than others. But as evidenced by this blog, we are together.

  48. Marty, Mosey please don’t post the above video.

    I see this kind of rhetoric on both sides and it bothers me.

    Please just watch it and see what I’m saying here.

    Good luck.

  49. martyrathbun09

    Chris, Thank you! Glorious.

  50. Thanks for posting that Marty. I am reminded of what LRH said about revitalizing purposes:
    From HCOPL 14 January 1969 OT Orgs…
    “All you have to do to restore life and action is to rekindle the failed purpose. The stops will at once blow.”
    There is quite a bit written on how to do this in the tech vols under rehabs and rehab tech.
    Well done to John on setting up the ning site – I just joined it.
    Felicitas suggests that we need a group goal and purpose.
    It is my view that LRH had no intention that the technology of Scientology become the sole property of a monopoly.
    We could discuss and adopt longer term goals but I see the priority as getting people freed up from the false data and stops of the DM regime and progressing with training and auditing in a relatively safe environment.
    I think the first thing thats needed is for us all to issue ourselves with licenses to survive and apply Scientology to help ourselves and others without paying dues to anyone. Throughout the ages priests have placed themselves between man and God to levy their taxes. DM is just the latest in a whole string of manipulators who misguide people into lining their coffers in their search for spiritual freedom.
    In the early 80s the idea was introduced that anyone who applied Scientology had to pay taxes to WISE or IHELP or the buy DM a helicopter fund.
    LRH originally defined a Scientologist as someone who applies Scientology in their life.
    DM & Co redefined it as someone who continues to remain in good standing with the spiritual taxman.
    I would suggest that our first purposes are:
    1. Creating a global awareness that Independent Scientology exists as a separate and distinct practice from the Cof$.
    2. Providing support and facilities to assist those who wish to practice Scientology Independently to be audited and to audit and train themselves and their friends to higher states.
    Lets get moving on up a little higher and help others do so.
    Lets create a group that makes it safe for people come out and hold a position in space as an Independendepent Scientologist.
    I think thats enough goals and purposes to keep us busy for a while.
    The power of a thetan stems from an ability to hold a position in space.
    One of the most powerful things we can do is to simply and unequivocally state that no-one has even the slightest little speck of power or capability to interfere with our self given right to apply the technology of Scientology to the betterment of ourselves and others.

  51. martyrathbun09

    Bunkai, thanks. Well taken.

  52. The Muffin Man

    I am actually an avid reader of your blog.

    I am willing to be wrong, but until recently, it seems like it’s only been about what’s wrong in the Church and how DM has destroyed it. Only a short while ago did it seem to take on the flare of actually forming up a group (or community) of Independent Scientologists.

    I wrote to Thoughtful about such an idea via his blog and his response was to write an article (Latest OSA Strategy) about how OSA was trying to infiltrate and try and get a group formed up so that it could be attacked. I was not only insulted, but quite confused.

    Of course this has been clarified now, and I’m happy to see it. That’s all I’m saying.

    Keep up the good work.

  53. ” Creating a global awareness that Independent Scientology exists as a separate and distinct practice from the Cof$.”

    Exactly whay I was thinking, along the lines of a formal Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

    A formal signing by representatives from EU and Canada and the US. Marty, Mike, Ralph, Trey, Pierre, Chris, Terrill, people from different areas standing up for those regions .
    Heavy publicity about it. LOUD AND CLEAR.

    We will have a group of BENEVOLENT KINGS sign off on it. We can have Trey write up the rough draft if he is willing, then coordinate with the other chosen ones. We can sponser one person to take it around the world and get it signed off. Mike can bring it to the attention of the media.

    That was my thought!

    That can be backed up by a Bill of Rights for Independents that WE WRITE.

  54. Hi Oracle,
    I think the reference you are looking for is HCOPL 16 Feb 1971 Org series 23.
    I don’t see anything wrong with using the term group. DM wanted a “group” which was introverted and caved in to the point where they would unthinkingly support him.
    That isn’t a group – it is a collection of thetans held together by a mutual engram.
    DM has so many overts that he cannot contact other beings. His havingness is so low that constantly craves inflow from others. His acceptance level is so low that he can only accept a very degraded inflow. His tone level is so low that you would need to hire cockroaches to audit him because an average thetan has trouble sinking that deep.
    LRH talked about real groups who support each other across the dynamics. Such are quite different from the jaded and debased substitute which the thing that crawled out of the Abyss would have us stick to.

  55. Wow, luv those mysteries!

  56. Marty,

    The Indie 50o list is here:

    It appears to be fairly up to date given that the last entries are for Conny and Ing-Marie Lundberg.

    — Kha Khan

  57. Excellent points! 🙂

  58. Oh, and the point I was looking at exactly. Obviously I cannot do it like I did while on staff. This is a new independent viewpoint connected or associated with other inde viewpoints. The exact point I was grappling with of how to apply policy ~ can’t do it as written because the basic of having the other posts to do it with aren’t there. They can be in the future, but NOW in present time…not.
    Again you make an excellent point for me to cog on! 🙂

  59. MsBlabOLotta>Me>
    I was still grouping myself with them so when I disagreed with the group, I banished myself “from” the group. Dumb because I’m NOT grouped with them. I wasn’t then and now I choose not to associate with them!
    OK, shutting up now.

  60. Re-wrote a post over and over but still couldn’t find words to express myself fully.
    So finally this was all I could think of was:

    For being strong, forceful, ethical, true and honest friends THANK YOU Marty and Mosey and Mike and Chrissie and Christie and Shane and Amy and Jim and Cat Daddy and John and Chris and Sinar and Sarge and Lana and WH and Ralph and Martin and DFB and Bruce and Stefan and Lucy and Haydn and Tom and Marika and Kat and Jeff and MotherNature and Victoria and M6 and ThoughtProvoking and Ron and LO and Maria and Maurice and Lunamoth and War and Peace and Roger and Joe and Jackson and Revenimus and xcststaff and Brandon and Aeolus and Lookingin and X Sea Org and Bobo and Kingair and Theo and Virgil and Kha Khan and Eileen and Quicksilver and Fidelio and Notsaware and ex-SO and Ann and axiom38 and gandiguy and Murray and Kirsi and LadyMinn and WatchingEyes and Tara and Ne and dagny and Silvia and Mary Jo and Mary Joe and Meisha and Centurion FreedomFighter and Veritas and Heather and GM and Exilo and Mina and Marta and Nightmares and Janis and Mark and Leonore and TheEmperor and Beebercat and First and Interested and Climbing and Concerned Citizen and becomingaware and Foremost and Mike(s) and First and John and OTater and Archer and Maurice and Kathy and Tony and Tara and IdleOrg and ImpartialEnglishGirl and freespirit and Carol and MrB and froghopper and Louise and ASGARD and nancy and OldCuff and WomanSetFree and Jack and CuredRobot and Margaret and Darla and Doc and SK and McGwire and …….
    Damn! I have too many friends to write all the names down 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Oops – didn’t forget you snowhite 😉

    My cup runeth over.

  61. Great John – I just joined.

  62. That was awe inspiring!
    I can totally duplicate what you’re saying – not just cuz I got that ability on KTL…haha…but because on a lesser level, I have experienced the same thing.
    A de-PTSing to something so incredibly suppressive.
    That was a fantastic description you shared! WoW!

  63. martyrathbun09

    Sam, you are so appreciated.

  64. martyrathbun09

    You want to be Independent, then post your damn declaration here. You make it clear yourself what the hell you stand for. We don’t need no stinking Kings.

  65. Good point!

    Walk the walk!

    I am hereby Independent!

  66. Spartacus is my hero.

  67. You are sooooooooooo right! When something is just so incredibly the correct indication, I’ve decided the ack I’ll give is
    it means spot-on, precisely, exactly all rolled into one!
    Your step 1, I did realize and this is prexactly what kept me from reaching, kept me isolated, etc.
    So I created to put it out there (and I know how to use keywords and such) to anybody looking. I want to keep them away from the entheta with this too.
    Your point 2, this group has provided and I can work on providing as well and is VERY needed of course.

  68. DFB,

    You are absolutely correct. In his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) published in the 1920s, Hitler spends quite a few pages going on about buildings and their importance. Like Miscavige and other dictators he was fixated on the subject.

    My wife Lucy read it not long ago and remarked how similar Hitler’s think was to Miscavige’s on the symbology of structures.


  69. I just realized who you are. We were on staff together at CC on La Brea – I knew your wife (ex?) as well.

    So gals to hear you are happy and doing well – I remember you as someone who didn’t have a mean bone in his body!


  70. I feel the need to clarify a bit here about the beginnings of the Independent Movement back when Bill was around.
    In 1983 we used the term Independent Scientologists. In the UK the movement grew quite quickly. Bill had little to do with it. In the UK Steve Bisbey set up the biggest group with the help of quite a few others.
    The destruction of that group did not come from the CofS. It came from the squirrels and money grabbers.
    Bill sent in his “missionaires” to events which Steve paid for to recruit them to the “Galactic Federation”to fight his imagined wars against long gone enemies.
    Neville Chamberlain who posts vilifications of LRH on ESMB under a pseudym sold 8 page write ups on the OT levels for GBP500 and charged high rates for the obviously needed review auditing.
    Renee Mumford started Dianology based on her misunderstoods of the few Class 6 tapes she studied involving 100o item goal lists.
    Robin Scott started denigrating LRH and the State of Clear eventually serving a term in prison for drug dealing.
    Numerous people started channelling Dr. Peebles for enlightenment.
    The major enemy in that sequence of events was not the CofS. It was the same enemy that let us become the effect of DM – in our basic goodness we find it hard to face the depths of evil that some sink to.
    Please let us not repeat the mistakes of the eighties Independent Field – although DM is without doubt suppressive there is not just one in our midst.
    I thought long and hard before posting my support of Marty. I knew Mike Rinder years ago when he was CO CMO CW. I remember his open friendly smile.
    Over my 28 years outside the CofS I have built up a fairly hefty bullshit detector and I must say that neither Marty nor Mike trigger off its alarms.
    I am happy to consider them my friends and ally myself with them.
    The continued survival of this group will depend on our vigilance in defending our friends and not getting drawn into the sometimes appealing enticements from those who would have us wander from Scientology.
    There will be attacks against the group and the worst attacks will not, if history is reviewed, be from the CofS and DM.
    They will come from those who infiltrate our ranks having their own agenda and slowly with covert innuendo introduce denigration of KSW, LRH and our technology.
    There seems an impulse in human nature to appoint our executioners. LRH is the sanest being I recall meeting in this universe. He had his foibles but wtf I can’t imagine anyone living a few million or trillion years in this universe not picking up a few.
    I have seen too many cases ruined by a few who set themselves up as authorities and then abuse the trust.
    I don’t want to have anyone go PTS to what to what I am saying or create a dangerous environment. I would just like to have people maintain a vigilance.

  71. Gee Sam, I better stop just reading everything and start contributing more so I can get on that nice big friends list of yours :->

  72. Here is a growing Independent Scientology Community:
    All you need is to be active in KSW – auditor, ethics specialist or admin – practicing in PT.
    Here is a shared community Success Stories, Wins & Testimonials website:
    Here is a list of Community websites, that represent members as Scientology Practitioners:
    See it for yourself and join us!

  73. Thank you, Oracle (that sounds weird)

    I wan’t aware of the “associated terminals” and
    I like it, a lot.


  74. Shit man! I’m glad YOU made it! And I’m glad I was over here oblivious in my little swampland of the world! 😉
    Point taken. Thank you, Ralph.

  75. The people were honest, the managements motivations behind it were not.

  76. Thought Provoking

    This gives new meaning to “constant alertness” as does the above LRH reference.

    I guess my take on this is that there is always going to be good and evil and theta and MEST in this universe and it is up to us to learn how to use theta to create ARC with MEST.

    We now have the opportunity to get a more accurate estimation of the force and intelligence equation with regards to Scientology. I guess when you have something as valuable as Scientology, you really have to expect that there will be opposing terminals waiting for an opportunity to take it out.

    This has a similarity to the second dynamic in that it has to be continually created, will experience obstacles that need to be overcome resulting in expansion of theta and more ability to control MEST. It in itself possesses the life quality of the theta/mest universe.

  77. Sam has a huge heart, so there’s plenty of room for many more friends, in fact, as the saying goes where I’m from, Sam is ALL heart.


  78. Muffin Man,

    My understanding from others posting here is that a community has been forming since the beginning. Several posters have voiced this. A lot of emailing and connecting is going on outside of this blog and others.

    You have theta creating new minds and forms, and assembling resources into workable units. Social organisms are forming. Been happening for a while. And those organisms are connecting with others.

    One constant of this blog is the expression of theta connection occurring. All the case blowing off as we look, cognite and F/N. Those connections manifest with friendships being made or reestablished.

    Like a large family, we don’t all get along. And we often disagree, embarrassing ourselves with petty arguments. But, the conflict is part of learning. And part of connecting.

    We’re working our way up.

    And out.


  79. Lady Minn,

    I just adore you.

  80. Thought Provoking

    Absolutely wonderful news, Lady Minn!

    What a stellar come back from the chains of suppression…flourish and prosper!!!

  81. Redneck Thetan

    I also never had the CofM experience, thankfully, and although I don’t have the shared experiences and extensive comm to each other that most of you seem to have, I do feel like I’ve found the community I need, that LRH would want for me as a pc.

    I have a hard time believing there are very many people who have come upon the tech in a thoughtful manner and originating their need to start their Bridge are going on course at orgs now, just because anyone with any sense would do some research via Google and find the true Scientology community here and on other indie sites and find what true growth and theta are about and who is willing to share it without a plan to make money off of them. I’m so grateful there’s an alternative.

    I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – thanks, Marty, for being here and teaching and not shutting off your comm, even from strangers, because of what OSA has tried to do to you and yours. It would be so easy to assume anyone you don’t know personally is up to no good, but you haven’t. And I’m sure I’m not the only newbie that has learned from that.

  82. Thought Provoking


    That brought tears to my eyes (good ones!).

    Here I was still thinking I’d lost all my friends about four years ago and you have to go and write down all my friend’s names and wave it in my face for me to see the completely obvious.

    I have more friends now (true ones) than I have ever had in all of my 40 years in Scientology.

    Cool, I’d say that’s expansion!

  83. That’s me, and yes, ex-wife. Those were some very good theta days on La Brea, and a lots of public in the org. When were you there?

  84. The Oracle:-

    “However, in the managment series (need Terrill to come in again with the reference), “Associated terminals” is higher upscale than “Grouped terminals”.”

    Part of the issue:-

    “There is a scale concerning Lines and Terminals.

    Handling flows and correctly changing particles.

    “Any organization and any individual staff member thereof is
    somewhere on this scale.

    “The trick of the scale is the awareness factor. At a position on the
    scale, the being or org is NOT AWARE of the scale levels above him.”


  85. Thank you Ralph –

    I feel this is valuable comm!


  86. Aw, thank YOU, Sam.


  87. Communing with my community…

    ♫ get up everybody and sing!♫

  88. Theo Sismanides

    Sam, you are so original and creative! So many good friends! This is our community and it is strong!

  89. Concerned Citizen


    Thank you very much. This post is indeed very helpful. I have in fact often thought about this.

    Your post draws a lot on the same perspective with which KSW was written. Oh that people would truly understand the spirit of such a vital reference. If we DO SCIENTOLOGY, if we actually stay true to it and to our own decency, there is no doubt we will win, since that is the game LRH played, the game he gave us designed as the game in which everyone wins.
    DM is an afterthought, other than his underhanded attempts at shutting people up, who he knows, know way too much, and his suppression of those who follow him, he is truly irrelevant to our continued application of the true tech.

    Someone very close tome asked, but how do you know what is real or not? It is tricky, what with Dave’s having hogged that one comm line in the end and having the ability to falsify LRH’s signature, which I doubt he refrained from doing.

    But Jim Loggan provided the best answer, you take full responsibility for your own knowledge and understanding, you read and understand LRH, you word clear and demo and use all the tools at your disposal to achieve the understanding of what he truly said, as in the case of the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. What does that really mean? I assure you it does not mean “the end justifies the means”
    If you do understand it’s basic data, it’s axioms, study tech, the learning drills, the conditions, the theta mest theory etc. Then you can actually decide what is true and what is not true on the basis of that stable data. And you can know whether you are getting standard tech or not. And here LRH said it best too. The proof of the pudding is does it work? Not do you feel elated after session, but are you surviving better? Are you improving in your estimation?
    There is an inherent risk in pursuing the Bridge outside the Church, in my opinion it is a risk that is inherent to any pursuit of enlightenment. The person that asked opted for not trying and abandoning the whole thing. I could never do that, It is worth the risk a thousand times, if the improvement I’ve experienced is any prelude of what’s to come. But the pitfalls are there and cannot be ignored.
    I know for example that some practices have been mixed with Scientology to the detriment of many. I bear no particular ill will towards Bill Robertson and his friends, no BPC there for me, but I assure you I wouldn’t let that man anywhere near my case. I would however give him a standard introspection RD which he was in bad need of. Why did people fall for his brand of squirreling? They did not understand Scientology in the first place, that is my opinion and I know it might ruffle some feathers. But I’m afraid that is what it looks like to me. So long as we rely on what other’s interpretations are, or what others said, or choose to let others do all the learning and opt for just being a PC we are very vulnerable, but if instead we go for real understanding, real application in our own life, we really go at it with all we have, our chances of making it are that much greater, because right there we are at cause and OT.
    So thank you for that very important observation. It is one of those I’ll write in letters of fire inside my skull.

  90. Just an attempt at being funny there on my part Ralph. Nothing wrong at all with groups. You can’t build a house without a group. You can’t run a school without a group, as there needs to be a teacher and at least one student. Web Definition: any number of entities (members) considered as a unit .

    I have stepped aside from my hat as comic for too long. My trademark “funny voice” has become unrecognizable these days.

    Peace, love, magic, and miracles, T.O.

  91. In my early Scientology days I couldn’t wait to get in to the Org as it was an island of sanity.Many years later i couldn’t wait to leave,leading me to do numerous OW write ups as “I must have overts”. When that didn’t work I wrote up KR’s to everyone uplines including DM pointing out the obvious departures from LRH ethics, tech and admin. That made me feel better, but of course nothing was done about the squirrel shit and guess who became the target?
    Well I have finally rediscovered that island of sanity in this community and now i can’t wait to read this blog and throw in my 2 cents.
    Sometimes you want to go..where everybody knows your name…and they’re always glad you came..

  92. Whoops.That should have been a reply to the original post, not T. Baklanova.

  93. Ok Oracle. Lets leave Terril out of the equation as he supports Bill Robertson’s squirelling. Regarding Pierre he will have to accept that he is not a God and that he does have peers.
    I don’t know Trey at all despite his reputation. I have not seen anything that suggests that he is anything but an excellent auditor with good intentions.
    I have had no communication with Chris Black for years. The last I received was fairly obnoxious but I’m not unwilling to let go of it.
    I think part of the point that Marty was making is that it would be good if you posted your real name and came out.
    When are you coming over for some auditing?

  94. Geez now i really added to the confusion by posting a video above Bunkai’s comment.
    For those reading I posted the cheers video after Bunkai’s comments…
    Maybe i should just stop digging… 🙂

  95. I would like any independant scientologist in western Canada or the NW of US and A to contact me.
    Just click on my Axiom 38 above and leave me a message on my blog.
    And Hey don’t judge me by my blog, mostly I redirect people to other great sites like this one.Why reinvent the wheel? 🙂

  96. LOL Sam! Thankyou, Ditto!! and You just did what I’ve wanted to do more than once: name and hug each one of us! THANK YOU 😀 😀 😀 Smile is so big it’s offa my face!

  97. My Gawd i did it again! Off to take my B vites now!

  98. Ralph, I did get what is wanted a needed.

    To come out of non existance and produce what is wanted and needed here, would put me into treason elswhere.

    So I am freefalling into the wonderful abyss of non existance.

  99. Ne Obliviscaris


    Do you like movies about gladiators?

  100. crashingupwards

    Axiom 38 wrote:

    “In my early Scientology days I couldn’t wait to get in to the Org as it was an island of sanity.”

    I remember that feeling. And the goal and purpose was to expand scientology so that there were more and more islands out there which could connect. And ,through them, little by little ,raising the sanity level in society.

    And it worked for awhile. And then it all sort of went sideways and downwards until we have the current scene .

    It will be interesting so see where this independent community goes, how it grows, etc.

    I look forward to someday walking down a street in a big city and seeing an Independent Scientology center or bookstore or meetinghouse. Sort of like a Christian Science Reading room. They are everywhere, and they don’t body route.

  101. Thought Provoking

    Awesome video!

  102. Besides, I’m a L.I.P..
    Least Important Person.

  103. Quicksilver

    Ralph …

    I’ll vouch for Chris Black any day … I know him well

  104. Ne Obliviscaris

    From, “Scientology: A new slant on life”

    “The member of a true group must exert and practice his right to
    contribute to the group. And he must insist upon the right of
    the group to contribute to him. He should recognize that a
    myriad of group failures will result when either of these
    contributions is denied as a right.”


  105. Quicksilver

    Thanks Sam!

    Back atchya! 🙂

  106. Magnolia
    If you’re here, you’re on the list.
    Just didn’t want to take up all of Marty’s blog!

  107. Kathy Braceland

    Excellent post and perfect reference Marty. The more ARC the better. Man, I love this group of incredible individuals. I love life….

  108. Well Sam, this looks like a community to me. And I’m happy to be a resident.

  109. You’re Spartacus?! I’m Spartacus!!

    Oh, what the heck…

    We all here BE Spartacus!!

  110. As this group grows larger and starts to coalesce into a real community, we need to keep in mind the difference between a hierarchy and a network. If we create a formal hiearchal organization, everybody is somebody’s senior and somebody’s junior, except the guy (gal) at the top who is everybody’s senior. That person is also a target, because you can cut off the head and possibly kill the group.

    On the other hand, if the group has lots and lots of comm lines running horizontally between equals, it’s much stronger, less vulnerable,and if one member does get attacked or suppressed they are connected to many others who will provide support and come to their defense. Kind of reminds me of the church I belonged to as a child, actually.

  111. Bodyrouting does have its plus points! I was a PES in the late 80’s on Fdn and I had about 15 first starts which was the same as the week before.We were renovating the Org and it was about 11 pm. Damn I needed one more FS so i walked out onto the street and saw two guys standing by a bus stop half a block down.I yelled to them to come and see me, they came over and i brought them into the org got in comm with one of them and got him signed up and routed onto the comm course. We are friends to this day!
    Sometimes necessity level and testicular fortitude trump “now we’re supposed to’s”

  112. Wow Sam, what an awesome friend you are! Thanks!

  113. Thank you Sammy!! (I know it’s Sam but every once in a while a little theta-bump with your friends (and yes you are and I am glad to be on your list) is good for the heart. n’est-ce pas?


  114. Freedom Fighter

    axiom38, I rather like your blog. Nice pic at the top, too. I’ve added it to my favorites.

  115. Hi, as you can see by my website, we have a community already–but a community of auditors. Independents/freezoners, whatever they call themselves.

    So I’m not sure what kind of community you are looking for.

    We have several different lists, where people can stay in touch including this one.

    There is no war with the COS-that has gone down the pipe. It is on its way to self destruction.

    We expose the SP’s in the COS to the best of our ability, and outside of that we need to keep the show on the road and Flourish and Prosper. I’m sure you have heard that line before, but it is so true.

    With understanding, Pat

  116. E-mail OK, blog no.

  117. TO, you posted:

    “By the way, everything written in the green vols is for GROUPED TERMINALS.

    It is a system for a group.”

    That’s not necessarily true and a bit of a generality – the Data Series in in the green vols and is used in all aspects of life in terms of logic – individual and group.

    (I had the url wrong…sorry!)

  119. WomenSetFree

    Wow Sam!! Love to you from me ❤

    And all ya'll too!!

  120. It’s a tough one.

  121. Well said !!!
    Most excellent post.

  122. Because forming a group would create a “target” for DM to attack.

    Its all business. The dwarf probably loves it.

    Roberts & Pomerantz are probably back out there hitting the pavement coercing another $ 100 million from the membership fabricating yet another dire emergency that the viability of Scientology is threatened by “an organized network of squirrels trying to seize Scientology, and losing the tech for all eternity” (Or some shyte like that).

    He then sends out his P.I.s to dig up some dirt on key players and next event, another exaggerated “Scientology Win” presentation over the bad guys, and so now everybody has to re-pay for their Joburg in order to EP on the Purif … lol

    But its wearing thin …

    The 1985 Portland Crusade had nothing to do with any freedom. They just regged everyone to pay off Wollerscheim, and probably pocketed another $ 10 million in the process. Good business.

    Nevertheless, its actually very easy and inexpensive to attack back if need be. Despite all the intimidation, DM does not have the upper hand.

  123. Ralph, I believe Pierre is a God.

    Any person that can deliver NOTS is a God.

    One definition of God: A person with supernatural powers.

    By that dictionary defintion, you are also a God, and so is Marty. Let’s not disparage the magic that we know is possible and true.

    Terrill supports everyone. That is good for everyone.

    Trey’s reputation speaks for itself.

    Chris has been very chipper and accomodating these days.

    There is a lot of good to celebrate. My havingness on good company is sky high.

    I have more or less been a complete nobody of unimportance on this stage called Scientology. Everyone knows I am just a muse. I am non political and my joy is in amusing others. That is my only talent. I only aim for pleasure and to be a pleasure moment. When the going gets tough or uncomfortable I just relocate. I’m the first to blow when the going gets tough. If anyone took me seriously here I have misled already.

    Otherwise I am unpredictable, irresponsible, only around as it suits me, non commital, and only support the men that amuse me back. I have no debts due anywhere. I’m flush at all times. The complete definition of a dilatante. To suggest anything else would be complete illusion.

    I would like to say I have reams of success stories here about you from my last referral to you. I know you hate to promote yourself BUT REALLY NOW….

  124. “We don’t need no stinking Kings.”

    Well Marty, you just speak for the guys here alright?

    The woman you live with needs a King and you are IT. Trust me, she sees you as a King.

    If you can convince everyone of this one you are going to be out of a job real quick.

    And just remember, you need a Queen.

  125. God help the King without a Queen.
    A King should have everything, mostly, a Queen.
    To say you are not a King is to deny your wife’s status.

    What the hell, didn’t you read fairy tales or what??

    Let’s inject some aesthetics here brother or what???

  126. Cause if you are going to create the next episode with no aesthetics and no royalty, scandal, big names blood, money, and all that, you are not going to last through season four.

    Damn didn’t you read Hubbards advice on being a good writer?

    Not that you need to post this.

  127. Dear Ralph, I’ve mailed you on fb asking for some data you might have. The message is from me as well as my private mail. ML Ignazio

  128. War and Peace

    I am proudly your friend.
    One of these days we will meet….

    War and Peace

  129. FreeScn:

    You hit the nail on the head. It’s always been that way. As LRH says, we’re perhaps the last group of free beings here. It’s a good hat to wear. And in the back of my mind (as I also keep my blade honed and shield polished), I keep hearing this refrain: We Shal Prevail!

    Good hunting!

  130. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, Thanks for pointing that out. A huge false datum exposed. It goes far beyond the Data Series too.

  131. Sam — you are the coolest cucumber and the hottest tamale and the biggest theta potater all rolled into one happy meal. 🙂

  132. thank you Sam, I am proud to be in your list, thank you again.
    arc Mina

  133. Concerned Citizen

    Dearest Sam,

    It is my honor to be your friend, you certainly are mine and I’m so much richer for that.

    I love your impetus bythe way.

  134. Notes for writers.

    I can’t recall exactly where I pulled this from.
    Perhaps someone here will recognize the words.
    I had it in a folder a references.
    But as people are writing books these days I thought I would pass on this quote:

    “Every best seller had these things in common:
    Story Rules

    Harm (Blood, violence, damage, death, scandal.)



    Big Names

    The story must be written to INVALIDATE something.

    The story must contain controversy.

    The story must contain two opposing forces.


    Contains all of the above elements.


    We are against something (A).

    Explain how harmful something (A) is.

    Explain the sex aspects of something (A) or omit.

    Give figures as to the huge sums connected to something (A).

    Give big names connected to something (A) and what’s wrong with them.

    Be sure to invalidate something (A).

    Explain that something (A) is controversial and exactly what about it is controversial.

    As mentioned above be sure to define that you as a force oppose something (A) as a force and you have a fully designed “News story”. ”

    Given this and the number of grade zero’s about, I think some fascinating books are likely.

  135. Just passing on some great words:

    “So, to say offhand that an individual must get in and must play vigorously and must play life desperatly, is not true. That’s not true.

    To say that because a man plays life desperatly, he suffers from it, isn’t true either.

    To say he must be calm, isn’t true. To say he must be active, isn’t true. What is true?

    That if you have played a game, admit it.”


    So true…..

  136. A good stable datumn on being vigilant:

    “You can therefore know your eneimes by those who seek to knock out any part of your:

    A) Power

    B) Authority

    C) Personnel

    D) Wealth

    E) Property”

    That one is very easy math to think with.

  137. TheMuffinMan

    MM – OnceUponaTime

    Very true. I like how you relate it to a large family. 🙂

    You’re right – we won’t always agree. I sometimes slip back into my days of the C of M think and forget that we have the freedom of thought and speech, and we have every right to communicate our viewpoints whether they’re accepted, rejected or opposed.

    It’s funny, but the little disagreements kind of force you to THINK for YOURSELF and say what is true for you. It’s one of the most liberating feelings in the world.

  138. TO, you posted:

    “By the way, everything written in the green vols is for GROUPED TERMINALS.

    It is a system for a group.”

    That’s not necessarily true and a bit of a generality – the Data Series in in the green vols and is used in all aspects of life in terms of logic – individual and group.

    Sinar, I am so busted! Thank you for correcting this one! I had to think about it for awhile. But if you were the only person on this planet and devoid of any grouping, this would come in very handy in science exporation. If fact, it would be neccesary to create. I’m putting that stuff back into my travel bag.

  139. Sheesh,

    There once was a label of “Kingpin” and thus a joke of “Queenpin” came about… Not a good connotation to associate with.

    We don’t need no stinking Kings & Queens! It’s not a chess game.

  140. Well, Sinar, if you don’t need a King you certainly don’t need a Muse!

  141. Another Layer

    Hi Oracle,

    Wow! Great quote! Do you have the reference for it?

  142. Another Layer

    Hi Pat,

    We met waaaaay back when in LA when you c/sed for a short time at LA Fdn. Best to you and Ray! (I’ll contact you via your website.)

  143. Sam, Mr. Steve loves you .

  144. Excellent idea Ralph. I love the purposes.

    I would suggest that we dust off the Creed of the Church of Scientology. It would just need a wee tweaking of minor terms: “we of the church believe” to “we independent Scientologists believe” or something along those lines. I mean, SOMEONE has to use this fabulous creed.

  145. Tara, your site is lovely! I have never seen that middle picture of LRH with the baby!!! Where have I been?

    I would suggest you change the font color to something that contrasts with the white and blue background. Your white font gets drowned out by the white parts of the background.

  146. TO,

    Very true – then again we’re not in Xanadu.

  147. Ralph,

    I’m so glad that you’re among us. I love your posts, and I was aware of you (and was impressed) even before Marty started this blog. You’re always a voice of sanity.

    By the way, do you know what psuedonymn Neville Chamberlain uses? ESMB is a rat’s nest so I’m not likely to go there, but it’s nice to know who is who just in case.

    Thanks for this post!

  148. Redneck Thetan,

    You’re so right — your community, the real theta community that cares about your progress, is right here. So glad you found it!

  149. Lana and Chris,

    What a key out to read both of your posts and to know that we’re all members of the same group!

  150. Also a community on my radio site now with 125 plus members, just like facebook plus some other neat features.

    Lise O’Kane this weekend on the radio show Saturday.


  151. Doc "Smith"

    Wow Sam, amazing. Let’s keep growing that list ’til you can’t read it in a day. I’M honored to be on it.


  152. Doc "Smith"

    I also missed that feeling, as for the last year or two it wasn’t comfortable just being in the org, as a reg or recruiter wouldnt let you just hang out before or after course.

    On the bodyrouting thing though, I was originally routed into an org in 76, and then after going back to college for a few years was routed into a mission in 1980 (I stuck that time).
    It takes a bit of work these days to get past the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ implant.

  153. Sinar, I do not know what Xanadu is.

    I am a Scottish Rite equivilant of a Queen. I have two princes. A King. And live in a small castle.

    But for the record, I threw out the phrase “benevolent King” to remind people of what L.R.H. said would be a desired leader. Only for people to see the contrast of what the Church has as a leader. And David Miscavige in no way approximates a benevolent King.

    The message was a bit too far out there I see now.

    Please pardon my suppositions.

    I will do some research to find out what Xanadu is so I will understand your humor.

    Best, T.O.

  154. Thank you Sam. You do indeed have many friends, bright shiny ones, the best kind.
    For once, I am pleased to see my name on a list… haha.

  155. Doc, from what you say I guess their Div. VI is in a shambles.

    I was body routed in, more of a lure really. Some really goofy looking guy, tall lanky and handsome as hell with his large sqaure wire rimmed glasses always inteligiently sliding off his nose:) Richard Beers.

    Star bookseller in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.
    That boy could sell a book to a stray cat and talk enough nonsensical wisdom that would set your mind whirring, checking the back of the book you bought to make sure you had these peoples phone number.

    Surely many have heard of the famous Richard Beers.

    Later, I body routed in Austin… always remembering the sense of awe I felt when I met Richard. And keeping in mind, at the very spark, it is all magick… when beings are truly contacted they are availible.

    The don’t talk to strangers implant is another manifestation of the reversal of the tech.

    I don’t have a policy handy, but the real DIV 6’ers know it’s about firstly… their are no strangers.

    And the general concept is, you talk to ALL thetans.
    They’re everywhere, lying in wait.

  156. Concerned Citizen

    not to belabor I point I have made befor, but Stefan we are most of us here, doing someting, the 2 most vital somethings in fact.

    1) shining te light of truth on that SP at the helm of our former Church
    2) Flourishing and prospering by applying LRH, actually aduting and trainig.

    Now as far as freeing Heber. I believe an intiative was already on the way.

    Also feel free to create and propose theta games.
    I’m just not interested in chasing after some guy who is slowly but surely walking on the thinest limb of the tree.

    I have no urge to bring the church down, they are doing a fine job of it themselves, I need not help break the dreams of so many. Like I said, they are doing it very well all on their own.

    But I am interested in preserving Scientology, I’m interested in applying it and using it to improve my life, that of those around me, the survival of my community and of all communities, of the world, the universe.

    And that my friend I work on dawn to dusk, day in and day out.

  157. Concerned Citizen

    And by the way,

    In no way am I suggesting that we don’t expand our sphere of influence, in case anyone reads that into my comm.

  158. Thanks tone41.
    He goes by the name Dart Smohen.

  159. Ralph Hilton commented:-

    “Ok Oracle. Lets leave Terril out of the equation as he supports Bill Robertson’s squirelling. Regarding Pierre he will have to accept that he is not a God and that he does have peers.”

    Perhaps it may be pertinent to give the true
    history of the FZ/ Independant community.
    Most here don’t know it.

    Marty’s blog is a relatively new additiion and he
    has many comm lines and has gained/ created many comm lines that the rest of the FZ independants have not been able to access.

    FZ net activities were started, best I know by Homer Wilson Smith,
    declared, who started the usenet forums
    ” Alt clearing technology” and also I believe
    the critical forum ” Alt religion scientology.”
    In the nineties. David Mayo for example posted on these forums.

    11 years ago a yahoo forum, still in existence,
    but rarely used now was initiated by Cathy Tyler, sadly deceased.

    10 years ago another yahoo forum was initiated by Tommy Thompson. I jumped on claiming div 6 lines. My first course ever in COS was an FSM course. Ralph was the senior C/S of Tommy’s forum. To cut a long story short My forum

    is the worlds largest pro tech forum. Its the fourth incarnation of the original. Ralph Hilton let another lapse and I created the third. Ralph
    by covert means destroyed this and I had to create the current one. Lots of work.

    Note that Marty has posted on his blog the secret OSA plan to destroy the Russian FZ
    and their relation to their senior C/Ses in germany and Switzerland. he has also posted the
    ” Beginners guide to L Ron Hubbard” the brit
    channel 4 TV program filmed in Rons orgs which is to date the only pro tech TV program ever aired.

    Note that Rons Orgs in Russia has around 50-60 groups and the last stat I have created 45
    class V’s in one year.

    They are completely standard in their course rooms as per an ex, declared, flag course sup who studied there.

    With regard to Ralph and Pierre I attempted chaplain/ intermediary communication between them. and for that matter between both
    and several, other tech terminals each.

    Ralph may wish to leave me out of the equation. Others may wish a more rounded view.

  160. NOTSaware – could you email me at please. I don’t seem to find your comm.

  161. Yes, but it holds liabilities of its own. Many are succeptible to the smooth talkers who have spent their lifetimes learming to manipulate others. There seems to be more integrity here than exists in some “Freezone” lists where people who suggest training entities to audit power processes on one’s breakfast and where such are allowed to corrupt LRH’s legacy.
    I think the way it will settle out is a level field where people gain respect due to demonstrated competence.

  162. I think the most important thing to do as a group is to apply Scientology.
    We have quite a few like minded individuals here.
    I personally find blogs much harder to navigate than forums.
    In order to facilitate communication I would suggest transferring operations to a forum.

  163. ok – it seems necessary to answer Terril here.
    Regarding Pierre I did have considerable problems with him in earlier times. Having examined his stats I decided that despite disagreements with him, it was better not to engage in public denigration of each other. We got into communication and established a peace.
    Despite Terril’s assertions I consider that he did not in any way contribute but actually delayed and hindered that agreement.
    Currently I see that Terril is seeking to equate Independent Scientology and the “Freezone” of Bill Robertson. He is a supporter of Bill Robertson “tech”.
    I have decided that the term “Freezone” is better left to its creator Bill Robertson and that associating myself with it was a mistake.
    Lots of confusions have occurred around the 2 terms “Freezone” and “Independent Scientology”.
    Back in 1983 “Independepent Scientology” was used by those using LRH tech and “Freezone” was used for those following Bill Robertson’s telepathically transmitted from the mothership at Galactic Headquarters version.
    I did, some years ago, try out Bill’s version. I found it unworkable and destructive.
    I currently consider Terril to be more of a destructive influence than a positive one in that he pulls people off the LRH bridge and redirects them toward Bill Robertson’s rather strange beliefs.
    I consider the “Beginners Guide to LRH” that Terril promotes as a denigration of the tech. It is totally unrepresentative of the tech standards held by Independent Scientogists.
    If a “rounded view” involves Bill’s Robertson’s telepathic seances then I suspect that most here will choose to leave such out of the equation.
    I had good gains from LRH tech. I suggest that we follow that and leave Terril and his buddies to run Power Processes on their breakfasts in accordance with the teachings of Bill Robertson.

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