Int Mgmt Bulletin 116R – Solve It With Scientology

To anyone who has been regged to pay a penny (or millions of dollars)  for IAS, Idle Orgs, Super Power, or any other “project” that was touted as more important than paying for auditing and training services, I highly recommend that you read Int Management Bulletin 116R.  Just press the link here for a pdf copy.


Twenty-one years ago when there was such a thing called “International Management” and ED Int’s Int Management Exec Committee, there was semblance of consideration for LRH policy. This issue was written by one Jens Urskov as Gross Income Exec Int. He may have been holding that position from above. For many years Jens was D/ED Int.  That was because the guy knew policy cold, and was deft at applying it to situations.  In fact, I believe he was the one constant holding IMEC together performing the irreducible minimum through a perpetual and sadistic game of Musical Chairs DM played for twenty years with IMEC.  Just about anything relatively sensible Guillaume ever issued in his own name was more than likely written by Jens.

Jens therefore was hated by DM.  He was belittled into horrible health  and a state of  spiritual invalidation. I’d like others who were familiar with IMEC and Jens to weigh in here. These are my impressions, and I spent more time away from the base than ever did at the base.  I also find it interesting the date of the revised issue coincides with a small minority of International Management executives attempting to nip the incipient, fledgling IAS crim regging in the bud.  Paul Grady – who I believe was Action Chief CMO INT – went down about this time for objecting to IAS crashing FSO gross income. 

In either event, here is an International Management Bulletin that explicitly makes the same policy argument we’ve been making for a year as to the criminal and off source nature of “straight donos”.  It was not issued once. It was issued twice, in 1987 and 1989.

For anyone trying to sober up a severe kool-aid case, you should be able to go to town with this issue.

Have fun.

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  1. My Internet Explorer blows up every time I try to download the management bulletin…

    Is there any other way I can get a copy.

    Also, I have a much higher incidence of IE crashes on this site than any other.

  2. Virgil Samms

    Right on the money, Marty.

    Jens not only knew his policy cold, but he was a sharp evaluator with the ability to see where no one else could see. He was also one hell of a nice guy and sitting with him going over orgs or handlings for orgs was like sitting with a wise old man, inflowing the pearls of wisdom that floated off of him. He was the essence of Exec Strata.

    When I was running the Sea Org sector I spent a lot of time with Jens. I rarely worked with Gillume because he didn’t neccessarily know what he was doing. He was horribly untrained.

    Peter Specker was a lousy chief off who yelled and screamed at the Exec Int staff and kept them cowed.

    Jens, however, held it all together. I never seen him get ruffled or perplexed. He was calm and cool like Clint Eastwood.

    Jens and Grady worked together and were a formidable team. You won’t find a better action chief than Paul Grady. I loved working with him.

    ML Tom

  3. Marty, I remember Jens as one of the sanest execs at the Int Base. Quiet, unflappable, brilliant at evaluation. Not surprising he spotted what was happening and took measures to head it off. And no wonder he incurred Miscavige’s wrath. I don’t remember what happened to Jens, maybe someone can fill in his history. Seems he was just one of those people who mysteriously disappeared.

  4. Because of Epic Awsomeness reposted

  5. am curious to know what’s up with Jens and Anna Kirsten Urskov these days?

    Are Jens and AK out?

    I see Jens’ initials, and he must have been holding GI Exec Int from above and wrote this, based on a GI eval, my guess.

  6. Wow Marty! Very good. Thank you. Publics can print this, and throw it in the face of the corrupt registrars & tag teams.

    I was on staff in Québec City org when IMB 116R was re-issued in 1989.
    We implemented it, promoted to the CF, got publics in the auditing chairs, in the Academy, on basic services, and got a resurgence. It worked wonders. Québec org did well at that time. (we were crushing our rivals Montréal in the Birthday Game too, ha ha ha) 🙂

    The utmost amount of $$ that people would contribute to the IAS then, was for a Lifetime Membership, mainly because it provided a discount on materials and books (which were priced way too high in the first place).

    The referenced HCO PLs are just plain common sense. Even a carpenter who promotes and DELIVERS her/his products will be solvent and will have food on the table.

    Great find Marty.

  7. Jens could detail the steady decimation of Exec Strata.

    Paul and Janis could detail WDC’s unmocking.

    It’s so evident that experienced execs were hit hit hit, rather than allowed long range hatting.

    All traces to insane top leadership which has no clue of how to made the long range top two councils of Scientology (WDC and Exec Strata).

    I’ll bet it was Marc Yager who was the driving force behind the Int Base Staff Statuses, which was the long range hatting program that simply never was done, to make WDC and Exec Strata and top Int Managment people into long range successes.

    DM’s short range and psychotic.

    Only thing he’s done is make buildings, rather waste money, since buildings are the least of Scientology’s problems.

    Jens and Paul and Janis and Mark Fisher ought to do some “evals” for fun, and publish them for the history books.

    A protester in Pasadena today, I heard, is carrying the sign:

    Comm Ev DM

  8. This tears me up. I feel like going off in ten directions at once. Then it hit me. I could get nailed for passing on LRH to someone in good standing! I anticipate “where did you get this”. A KR for opposing Command Intention. An ethics interview with a roll back. Then the shit hits the fan when I refuse. An HCO order to arrive and a declare for refusing. Playing fagan is the shits!

    On the other hand I am accumulating return address pre paid Church envelopes and this makes a great filler! Of course I mail them in another city on my travels. And then there is the project of putting together emails of guys in good standing and emailing from a blind address and putting the Bulletin title in the subject.

  9. Thanks, Marty. Good reference.

    Interesting how they actually based these issues on LRH advices and policies, and even gave the LRH references, unlike today.

    Also interesting how it squarely labels DM a squirrel, in it for his own gain, ripping public and staff off alike. Totally out-exchange; totally criminal.

    Here, we’re following Jens’ advice of solving it with Scientology. It won’t solve using DM Tech. And as Jens said, the least we can do is use the tech. I’m so glad to see it’s widespread application here in the free world.

  10. Nightmares Getting Less

    I remember Jens, what happened to him?

    This is a spot on issue, I plan to use it as needed. Thx to whoever provided it.

  11. Yep,

    Another example of Camera Operator Boy trying to get rid of eveyone around him so he can be safe.

    What a travesty.


  12. I would still appreciate help downloading 116R.

    Perhaps it’s just my own computer – but I have tried directly downloading 116R by examining the source code for Marty’s site – but there doesn’t seem to be anything odd about the link within HTML.

    I REALLY want to have this issue.

  13. OTVIII,

    You can download Adobe 9.3 for free on the net and read pdf’s from that point on.

    Perfectly legal to do so.


  14. I right clicked and “save link as” and opened it with adobe 9.0.

  15. Freedom Fighter

    OT VIII, do you have the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE 8.0)? If not, you can get it here:

    Also, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and view the bulletin. You can get that here:

  16. Email me and I will reply with it as an attachment.

  17. Jens is Danish, so am I. (I used to post as Scie-no-mo but I’ve revealed enough that those who want to find out who I am, can easily do so. My husband objects that I use my last name but he objects even more that I call myself Scie-no-mo so here I am with at least my real first name).

    Jens Uhrskov is everything that makes up an incredible person. He’s sharp, competent, compassionate, witty – I cannot say enough good things about him. He was the CS back in DK org and he 100% lived by CSing for the PC. He never ridged up if asked to Quickie something through – he just quietly did the right thing. I thought that was how everyone in tech behaved and later on when I found out that PC data did not only some times get spilled out but used against a PC I was shocked out of this universe.

    Jens later on became the ED and he lived by this issue. He did not boom overnight (and crash the next week). He just did the right things, applied tech and policy the way it is supposed to be applied and steadily built up the org. He was loved, admired and respected by everyone he was in contact with in any capacity. I hope he and Anne Kirsten are allright. You will never find better people.

  18. Freedom Fighter

    Oh, boy, how I wish I’d had this everytime someone tried to hit me up for a building donation, donation to keep the Org’s doors open, donation to help get the phone back on, etc. I knew all of these donation requests were wrong (really, it’s just common sense), but just didn’t have the ammo to back that up. Well, I do now.

    The references given in this bulletin are priceless and spot on. For any of you reading this and thinking this is a prime example of using policy to stop, no, this is a prime example of using policy to stamp out and abolish the squirrel activities rampant in the church these days. Need a reference? Here it is (thanks, Steve):

    “So it doesn’t always work that the message goes through straight, but it is the answer, it is the answer. If you have hatted according to policy and not hatted off a lot of squirrel, offbeat actions; if you have made sure that you don’t have using policy to stop; they can do that by the way by always applying the wrong policy letter. All you’ve got to do is take the policy letter that applies to A and instead of following that, find another one that really doesn’t really apply to A but find something in it that can be construed as to apply to this and they say, “Well, you see we can’t do that.” Policy was designed to tell people things they could do and when it tells them not to do something, it’s trying to put edges on the channel so they won’t go off of it. But what channel? The channel of doing something right. When you say this is a high crime PL it means we’ve had enough of it, it’s been too prevalent, this why is big enough and prevalent enough and has been in the past to become a policy why, so don’t. But that doesn’t stop anybody from going down the main channel.

    “Now, if a fellow doesn’t know the policy that gives him the main channel and only knows the policy that tells him to stop, then you will get people using policy to stop. Do you follow? There is always policy that tells them how to go on the channel. If they only specialize in stop, that’s terrible. Well, there’s one thing that you must know that any group of thetans can get best agreement on a stop, they will most readily agree on a stop, that’s any group of thetans. It’s one of the reasons democracies don’t work. That’s what you know as group think. That’s a very funny one and that’s how they all get sort of frozen. If you’re not able to put in the public lines and if you can’t get a student into and out of an org, you know then that you have a group think and it’s a stop think. They don’t know the ways to do things and they’ve only agreed on the ways to stop things. So you want to get a lot of do policies going right away. You’ll see that, you’ve seen it in the past, you can’t fire somebody, can’t finish the guy up on his course, he always gets recircled in some way and so forth. It’s just an unhattedness, the guys don’t know the purpose of the thing. “

    – L. Ron Hubbard, Esto Tapes: F/Ning Staff Members (Part 1)
    Tape #: 7203C06, 6 March 1972

  19. This was one of the things that used to piss me off so much before I ever read the policy. I remember being in the waiting area at Flag where a couple others were routing out too. It was this little room with some books and lecture and dictionaries. I sat there for about 3 weeks all day and just read and thought about how great it was going to be to get up the Bridge and I was so excited about getting a job and just working flat out and just doing that.
    Then I got the 25000 plus freeloader debt, which I found out later was a cross order to LRH policy on how you handle the debt which DM had changed. Paid that off but along the way there was another 15000 or so in IAS donos and other local unusual donos, then another 5 or 6000 for the basics and library donos, even though I already had practically the whole catalogue of materials at my house except the OEC and tech vols from before I joined the SO. I’m just blue collar, everything plus debt was going into this. I was told dono’s were expected on a liability formula which I didn’t even want to do, I wanted a review comm-ev, and I would have won too as long as I didn’t get fruit loops.
    But finally I’d cleared up space to just pay for the Bridge. I’d have the whole thing paid for, at least on the processing side, in about 7 more years. I was kind of doubting the economy would hold up so it felt like a death mission but I kept soldiering on. I’d set up my life for this purpose and living costs were very minimal, and you can do allright as a trucker, especially when you have one goal. The other thing was I wanted to make so business decisions so badly which were small risk and would speed this up and I was so sure of it, but I didn’t dare get off a conservative path towards the goal because it was so close. So the whole situation had me in a mild state of franticness for years straight. I’d realized we’re probably screwed with the SO at this point and there was no way to fight it, that’s why I was doing this. The CLO was using bailing buckets to bring water ONTO the deck, and the Flag I saw was basically the same thing although I could be wrong. I don’t know enough about how Flag operates to really make an informed judgement. Flag could be so much better so easily, but a lot of that depends on the Class V sector getting it’s act together, is the best way to say what I perceived. It wasn’t booming in 04′ but It definately wasn’t struggling. Flag was fairly booming with outer org trainees, not public. But outer org trainee call-in unit was an animal house too, with RTC reps standing over me as I interned in there about how calling orgs was great and so on purpose. So there was some evolution going on I think. It’s an uninformed opinion about Flag, but in my mind it was a staff training facility more than anything else, but it rips apart orgs with arbitrary personnel demands and Outer Org Trainee call-in, then Flag’s orgs (they’re all theirs) pay for the plane flights and training money and living money on top of FP. It happens all the time, but too much is the point. It’s called an org TTC, sups can two way comm anywhere in the world outside of CW too. It’s really a nightmare how much damage they do and giving staff the Flag training experience doesn’t outweigh that. Flag is the slapping pimp and the CLO is the weak husband of the orgs but he doesn’t know she’s making money like that, something like that.

    Anyways, finally I paid for 12 intensives at the org but then right after that found these websites. But 26,000 won’t get me up the Bridge on even one side, that’s just the start. I’ve got to run and I really didn’t get into what I wanted to fully so I’ll just say: I’m like the top 1% of people as far as dedication and I can’t do it in 6 years, how the fuck are we supposed to Clear the planet? It’s forever out of reach in the current system. If prices were realistic and you had a clear goal of X amount of money to get on OT 7, and your havingness for that goal wasn’t cut because there’s required donos on top of everything else doesn’t make the goal get kind of blurry (you could pay double the bridge these days to get up it – it’s the long term financial sec check to make sure you’re REALLLLY dedicated), everything would be great.

    I started setting aside money for auditing with Trey, and it’s reasonably priced, and I can’t believe how good it feels to know the Bridge is actually attainable. Multiply this story by thousands of others, and keep in mind this is crystal crystal crystal clear with DM. He knows exactly what I’m talking about 1000 times over. So that’s a whole lot of Theta NOT unleashed worldwide, and a lot of suffering. I mean is DM an SP or not folks? Give me a break. The org pattern, going way beyond what I’m describing here is in shambles. This is why I get a little annoyed with some of you not posting your name, or posting it here and not putting it on the Indy 500. You’ve got to contact Steve, it’s a voluntary list. But I’ll try and keep my cool, I know a lots of people are trying very hard to wake the dead and some do more than me. I feel like I’ve been leaning forward to the point of almost falling over since I got into Scientology, waiting for my own case gain, and for the group momentum to start. And to find it’s this little piece of shit who’s been convincing me he has some mystical squirrel path really, and I sort of fell for it all this time, well, pssh, fuck me. It’s like the bull who gets taunted by the cape and just wants to stab the wall eventually. OSA can you just please handle this internally, FORCEFULLY! you DIPSHITS! I’m begging you. If you can’t get a team then go nuclear at base briefing. Don’t stop till they call the cops. The world is going to hell man, why not? There will be no tomorrow to sort this out slowly, read about the IMF rapesters, coming to YOUR house, in the US, oh yeah.

  20. Hi OTVIII,

    Go to and download firefox. Takes a minute to install.

    Let me know if you need help.



  21. tom,

    I think Jens was a Class 6 like was AK, and he more exemplified that old LRH Flag Ship Order, the “Command Intention” point of at whatever distant date, LRH expected all Sea Org members to both be Class 8s and OEC so as to be Commanding Officer caliber.

    It takes someone who still knows that the bottom line is auditing (one on one talk spiritual therapy relationship that makes case gain).

    Agreed on all you said. My year doing the routing forms project, and getting ED Int okay on each routing form submission, ED Int would yell “Jens!” loudly, almost on each submission, and question Jens on every point that ED Int didn’t know which way policy was. I had to prove every single line in those damn routing forms.

    From my admin training (OEC/FEBC Course sup viewpoint), then and now, I see that Exec Strata positions were and still are a huge leap of KRC of LRH’s admin and tech (tech lines, tech procedures which are intertwined with tech lines) in the orgs.

    LRH ED 339R Int puts the bar very high for Exec Strata members’ knowledge, and few even came close to that bar. Not to blame them, in hindsight I think it takes a LOT more tolerance in letting those people who really WANT to do those positions, the WDC and CMO Int people HAVE to give those that have the potential, a lot more TIME to really learn their hats.

    Exec Strata positions people have no clue what it takes to become really the experts LRH expected of those positions as laid out in 339R Int.

    I’d say there’s been a massive long range failure to man up the top echelons of Scientology, and the solution is NOT going to be quick to fix that.

    It’s gonna take years or decades, and NOT in our lifetimes.

    I think this brings up a longer range issue.

    If LRH’s admin writings and orders for the top ecehelons are to be followed, it means that those positions, like WDC and Exec Strata DO still need to be filled, longer range, properly.

    That’s MORE qualifications and time in training and experience, and a whole different longer range attitude and strategic thinking in the personnel (Establishment Exec Int) zone.

    Rebuilding top management is gonna take 1-2 decades.

    Jens ought to be AVC Int, in a perfect top management world.

  22. Boyd – Your post is spontaneously, beautifully, sudden.

    “and I sort of fell for it all this time, well, pssh, fuck me”

    This one captured my head-bang moment, best yet!

  23. More evidence of DM’s reverse Scientology:

    State Of Man Congress
    “Why People Don’t Like You”
    2 Jan ’60

    “So this leaves us with an organizational responsibility heavier and bigger than we have ever had in the past. We’ve now got to go all out and make sure that a certificate means, wherever it is to be found, that confidence can be reposed in the person as a confidant. Isn’t that right?

    That organizationally, the information passing over organizational channels and so forth is inviolate–we have to be able to guarantee that, right?”

    “…one of the first things we ought to do is to make sure we are a third dynamic which is sufficiently trustworthy, sufficiently strightened up and dedicated and representing what we say and do in ourselves to a degree that it will inspire confidence.

    That’s all you have to do from there on out. You talk about dissemination programs, that’s the key dissemination program of all time. Isn’t it?”

  24. DFB aka Dfb99

    Hey, that is pretty good….

    On the text I inserted: I think some of the Anon folks liked the song and I’m just not ready to go there yet. Hey, maybe one day I’ll be mad enough to go in front of an org and scream at people, who knows. I just suspect we have different goals.

    My goals:

    I want The Church of Scientology fixed. I have known a lot of really amazing people. The quality of people you dont meet much in this life, in such concentration anyway. Imagine a sup or an auditor working away with virtually no pay except a knowledge that they are helping people. Guys who work 16 hrs a day, 7 days a week for the sole purpose of making things better in this world without thought of self. Theres a lot of these people in the Church.

    It has become apparent they are being betrayed by upper church management.

    I want the Church back to LRH. The wrongness that has been done can hopefully be corrected. The reforms that are needed are obvious to those who know the tech and are able to look at the truth.

    If this is posible, I dont know.

    One thought I’ve had for quite some time is that the covert redirection and alteration of Scientology had a purpose. Namely to stall until conditons in the U.S. and the free world could be changed and freedom to practice Scientology could be eroded.

    If there is any way we can be on the side of correction and away from destruction, I fully support it. That is why I do not support Anonymous. I believe their goal (as stated) is the destruction of Scientology.

    That is also why I support Marty and the independents to the exclusion of others seemingly “fighting the same fight” (ESMB, Anonymous, etc). I believe Marty and friends are about getting out the truth and as-is’ing things.

  25. DFB aka Dfb99

    This is spot on. It’s a obvious attempt to handle a major outpoint in Scientology and should open eyes of anyone who isnt hypnotized and blind.

  26. DFB aka Dfb99

    One thing that is amazing and must baffle COB is that people still make it all the way through. Despite all the arbitraries and alterations and the astronomically exorbitant and supressive cost, people still go all the way through.

    The OOT program at Flag is pretty messed up. My org would just send the same people over and over. It was silly.

  27. There it is.

    “If the org slumps during this transition period, don’t engage in ‘fund raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more money with Scientology…” LRH

    Anything besides delivery of Scientology is correctly labeled in IMB 116R as squirrel systems.

    Well it makes sense. If you’re a doctor, you don’t sell birdhouses or start a Mickey Mouse club with paid membership to keep the office open!

    Yet here we have the gold- gilded IAS holding American Idle org Ho downs (“BarBQ fundraisers”)

    Int Mgmt Bulletin 116R should be broadly disseminated.

    But these are no dummies. It begets the question WHY?

    The current corporate brand that has hijacked Scientology is obstructing delivery (undeer the hysterical charade of “expansion”).

    If the “Church” standard procedure now extant is requiring OT8s (the top of the Bridge) to get “ethics permission” to speak to people, what message does that send? It shouts the underlying attitude and management modus operandi: OTs and all people are unworthy scum not to be trusted to observe and make ethical choices?

    Well, it tells me this: that’s not a very theta attitude at best, and SP at worst. So is an organization that regards its members that way going to GIVE people what can make them more powerful and independent?

    The current sham of a “Church” does not tolerate free and thinking individuals! The game inside the hijacked “Church” pretending to be Scientology has become just the opposite of delivery … to stall cases, and prolong “delivery” … puffing smoke and mirrors and Wizard of Oz pontificating fartings while the vacuum hose is deftly affixed to members’ bank accounts.

    How can the off-policy not be intentional? It’s not an oversight.

    LRH policy, the Scientology policy on the matter could not be more clear. Provide service! Help people! Deliver! And yet…the IAS American Idle org hodown is in full swing.

    Why? because Scientology itself really does empower and free and assist people to be themselves, by themselves and of themselves. and that is one thing that terrifies the HoDown BarBQ incharge.

    Great post. So good to read that bulletin. Thanks.

  28. quote:
    «Seems he was just one of those people who mysteriously disappeared.»

    His “disappearance” like all other Independents’, is reminiscent of the exodus of the upstat producers in the novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand.

  29. Great reference — a blast from the past. Of course, the funny thing is it wasn’t really necessary. It was basically an issue telling us to apply policy — and listing them out.

    I’d really really really like the backtrack on what was happening at this point with DM. Because obviously the IAS came on strong shortly thereafter and following on its heels every other imaginable donation-based activity.

  30. Dear Bodil, Thank you very much for the info!

    Θ → Let’s help Jans and Anne Kirsten to find this Theta Blog and write a few lines. Θ

    If I, a commoner, could find this blog in a fluke, following a trail of link-clicks from Wikipedia and other sites, I’m sure they can find a way too. Θ

  31. A lot of you know of DM’s nutty and nazilike habit of investigating every “non-smiley” face at one of his briefings. Unfortunately like many of his other completely crazy stuff, they get copied by out of valence executives and eventually come down the org board. So when the Ideal Org strategy hit the orgs hard, I think it was around 2003, Ditte Nielsen, the very long term ED of DK-Day (over 25 years I believe) was seen to be “BIs”. I was sent to talk to her and then was supposed to report back how disafected she was. (I am cutting out the swearing about her that came with the order). I loved Ditte very much. She had seen it all and she still stood tall because she cared about her public. Real care and love. She was (and I hope still is) like the mother of a large portion of the field. I went to speak to Ditte knowing very well that I would not end up writing some scathing report on her to make myself look good. (another widespread evil habit in DM’s group). We closed the door to her office with a coffee and a cigarette and I asked her what the deal was. She regally answered “I will not have my public pay my rent. I am supposed to get them up the Bridge”. She then started to talk to me about Jens Urskov. She was from the same “school” and they had built this org together. She pulled out the issue above.She said she had written to Jens to get cleared up. We had a long talk. I had to come up with something as otherwise some other goon would be sent and I mainly wanted to protect her. I ended up reporting that she was not disaffected but did not know how to do it all, or something like that. And because I had to reg her public for Ideal Org all the time, I tried to make it up to her by helping her each week with her service GI. She liked that and we had lots of fun doing it. I can’t believe how convoluted all this was, looking at it now. Anyway, Danish independents like Bodil above or anyone else reading this, please ask Marty for my mail. There are a few people I’d like to apologize to and try to blow charge for, over there. Tak!

  32. @ BOYD H.

    I fully understand what you are saying. And I do duplicate you being really pissed off.

    Co$ has wasted enomous chances in the last decades. And other wolves in the world have not been asleep during that time.

    If you make the org repay your money you already own a major part of the bridge ( due to the decent pricing of independent Scientologists ) ! You see, you are actually one lucky guy 🙂

  33. How does a horribly untrained person get posted by LRH as ED Int? Or is that just legend?

  34. The link is a special WordPress format and could cause you problems. Here is the link tidied up and simplified so you can paste it into your browser:

    Click to access imb_116_r.pdf

  35. Yep, Jens was probably the sharpest guy in the Exec Strata. He did a tech eval in the late 1980s that I didn’t see until about 10 years later and he pretty much nailed everything that went on in the intervening years with declining tech staff.

    I was on the decks with him in 1999 (many base execs were on a sort of sub-RPF type program during that year, Jens among them) and I enjoyed working with Jens. You can count him among the many, many stellar people wasted by you-know-who for probably no other reason than they were stellar beings. AK was likewise wonderful and a very fine tech terminal on the base.

  36. Internet Explorer sucks. I got so used to the constant crashes, glitches, errors, etc., I thought that was “the norm” for web browsing. Until I tried something else, that is. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are my personal faves. (You can download them for free).

  37. If all else fails try Mozzila Firefox

  38. martyrathbun09

    Chuck, here’s one for you. You have been demonstrating to me that you are more qualified to hold COB than the faker holding the position now. Your analysis is spot on

  39. Everybody follows his ornher own path. Mainly it is DM gone and the Abuses stopped. This we can agree on.

    “I want The Church of Scientology fixed.”

    If your read this blog you will find that even the blog-owner thinks it has trangressed to far into something sinister and dark.

    The best thing you can do is COMMUNICATE with other Scientologists as to the WHO and the WHY. Get them to LOOK and SEE beyond the little show that DM puts up for them.

    The most difficult thing is to reach the Sea Org Members that are used as slaves. Being under constant stress means the hippocampus stopped producing new braincells and has shrunk because of an overflow of stress-hormon called cortisol. It is just to much for it. Their critical thinking gets impaired and their frontal lobes shrink. Diffrent thoughts get difficult to process and are discarded and onley “church” doctrine gets in.

    There is always stress and never serenity and this must be what it is to live in hell.

  40. First. I think being the target of as you call it “a real SP” can effect your perfiormance.

    I do not know when Leserve got the post but something tells me DM was allready on Hubbards lines.

  41. Do you have a copy of the transcripts to the ESTO Tapes? I have the original reel-to-reel lectures and no tape player to play them on. I don’t even know if they are any good. The ESTO (Establishment Officer) lectures are my favorites, and hve been looking for a way to get playable copies, casettes, CD’s, or transcripts. You said above “Here it is (thanks, Steve):”. I would love to contact Steve if he has these transcripts. I also have the same situation with the FEBC (Flag Executive Briefing Course)lectures on reel-to-reel recordings. Was planning to take them to a audio place to get these put in some other format. I know that the International Training Org had these lectures on casette and had transcripts. Please advise. Your help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Love, Lady Minn

  42. Hello Naomi

    Didn’t recieve any answer to my last mail to you.
    Got the impression you’re rather looking for infos on independent Scientologist.
    Just a little bit cautious.
    Est ce que tu comprends ?

  43. Anonymous always delivers(even the Tech)

    “The never-before-leaked CD-ROM electronic index and
    complete collection of Scientology admin tech materials”

  44. Hi LO, Je comprends and I am sorry I did not answer your last mail. I’ll do that right after this. Sorry also you started to fill the vacum I left with caution, as you call it. You obviously do not know me. That’s also ok. Speak to u by mail.

  45. Your humble servant

    Chuck, there is a Jens Uhrskov (I believe that’s the correct spelling) on linkedin ( that could be the same guy. You can even see a photograph if you sign up for free membership in linkedin. Please check it out and let us know.

  46. “I have the original reel-to-reel lectures ”

    Be very carefull with it DM wants to destroy every bit of history. It may be MEST but it is of historic importance.

  47. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Don’t know about Jens. AK in and on post as a CS at Int base.

  48. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Lady Min,

    The “True Source Scientology Foundation” website has the FEBC and ESTO transcripts. Plus a whole lot of our LRH material. The site is excellent! (thank you Max 🙂 ).


  49. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Lady Min,

    On the True Source Scientology Foundation look at the right side frame on the web page and you’ll see the “Library” link. That’s where the materials are located.

    Gary 🙂

  50. ΘTater/GaryLerner There is that dutch website again I see 😉

    Paraphrasing a quote.

    “Although I may not agree with your Ideas but I will fight for your right to have those Ideas”

  51. Hi Bodil, I believe we’ve been working together in a few parts of this planet. Do you remember me and my ex wife Cristina?

  52. Your humble servant

    Boyd, you were certainly a capable person to have made all of that money! Your post was sudden all right, and good. (Oh, yeah). Your points are well taken. Yes, of course DM is an SP, obviously so. Just go down Ron’s checklist and there he is. What damage has he done to the planet by getting rid of all the competent, honest, un-PTS executives (and many other such staff), ruining the reputation of the subject all over world, and effectively denying the planet Scientology on an increasing scale for the past 25 years? What he has the world believing is Scientology actually is rather cult-like and evil, although actual Scientology is the remedy the world most desperately needs. Among whole track overts, his is a big one.

  53. Hey Tom,

    What ever happened to Peter Specker? He was the Senior CS at AO in 1981-82

  54. Great post and great reference, Marty. Many thanks.

    All right – now you’ve got me thinking there’s something worthwhile I can contribute here. Gotta play day job right now, but will be back later with a weigh-in on Jens, and on life in the Exec Strata. (Oh – sorry. Typo. That should read, “…and on ‘life’ in the Exec Strata.” It was life, but not as we know it.)

  55. “I believe their goal (as stated) is the destruction of Scientology.”

    You are wrong the stated goal is:

    “To dismantel the Church of Scientology in its present form”

    The Statement brought out is what protest Anons could agree on because they are divers.

    What I will agree on many Anons and Ex-Scientologist want to see scientology destroyed.

    I think this is a foolish goal in the light that one cannot destroy and I dea. And you should not be so afraid (PTS) to that notion if you believe the following is true.

    “You can kill a man but you can’t kill an idea.”

    Medgar Evers

    (United States civil rights worker in Mississippi; was killed by a sniper (1925-1963)

    I myself stick to the “official” anonymous statement. “Dismantel…in its present form”

    As I said earlier on this blog “As long as there are people practicing it, Scientology will never die”

    Don’t be afraid of something that will not happen if you will not let it happen.

    With regards CD

  56. jus a very silly question:

    How does one get out of the C.O.S without any big fuss and troubles?
    Does one write a letter of resignation of the membership to each Org one is getting mail from ?
    What’s about IAS ?
    Write them to cancel the membership ?
    How does one get out of any adresso and databases ?
    (no more letters, promos, magazines, e-mails etc…what a relief)
    Is there any gentle way of achieving that purpose ? Without having to enturbulate ?
    I’ve never seen a policy about it from Lrh.
    Just a please delete my membership everywhere and if you found some money on an account give to the red cross” ?
    I want to get out now without having to justify it or waste my time with it by sending letters all over the world or discussing it.
    Is is at all possible ?
    We are trying to get out of email databases since 3 years, it works for some months and then they start again sending e-mails as their system is nuts.

  57. Could I ask them to destroy any file (cf, student, treasury, ethics, pc) of me ?
    Or will they keep it for eternity ?
    How are the laws about it ?

  58. DFB aka Dfb99

    Ok, thanks CD.

  59. DFB aka Dfb99

    CD, I just dont like the tone of Anonymous

    “Anonymous has therefore decided that your organization should be destroyed.”

    The tone of Anonymous (not you) has always appeared to me to be @ 1.2 or “No Sympathy” on the Tone Scale. It’s really not (on it’s face) a positive group. I’m basing my opinions on LRH writings (Science of Survival and others) that you might not particularly have the same reality with.

  60. Jens was a very stable terminal in Exec Strata. His evals raised stats. DM took Jens out. He black PRed Jens stating that his evals “stat” pushed. This was a trick DM then used for years. If you got stats up you were targeted as just “stat pushing”.
    I remember distinctly when Paul Grady went to flag and when he returned the black PR campaign DM ran on him. DM took out anyone who got in the way of his “money” making machine.

  61. Virgil Samms

    And I agree with you Marty. I have seen a lot of brilliance from Chuck on this blog and on his site. He KNOWS his stuff and can USE it.

    Chuck you are a Scientologist in every way. You use the tech.

    ML Tom

  62. Virgil Samms

    Hi Dean;

    He finally routed out. He is in New York right now.

    That’s all I know.

    Are you back in Detroit?

    ML Tom

  63. DFB aka Dfb99

    Wow i can’t believe you posted that. No symphathy for an Organization that abuses it’s followers and continues to do so. No symphaty for the RTC. No falsehoods are in this text. It holds thruth now as it held thruth when it was concieved. The church has made the Internet Angry. It has agitated the supporters of free speech on the net since the times of USE-Net.
    We are the Geeks and the Nerds bringing the fight home to the doorsteps of the church.
    The text is Ingenious and the Impact was world news. I stand by it.

    It is aimed at the leaders (MJR at that time was one of them)

    A dutch saying is appropïate

    Zachte heelmeesters maken stinkende wonden.
    ◦Literal translation: “Gentle healers make stinking wounds.”
    ◦Meaning: “It is better to treat a problem thoroughly even if the treatment is painful, otherwise it may get worse.”

  64. Nice quote FF.

  65. I’d take Chuck anyday over DM.

  66. Thanks Marta!

  67. YHS, it’s not that big a deal because that was all I was doing the whole time, I made the money over several years of stumbling along, even rolled a tractor trailer over once! But thanks.

  68. I probably should, it’s unused money and so not a refund, but I don’t know if I can handle asking the ED, who’s my friend. I just don’t know about that. I kind of believe in the guy and that he’ll fix things, or rebel against DM eventually with his org.

  69. If that’s the tone level percieved it matches up with DM’s so he can understand it. 😉

  70. One comfort. You will not be making money for COB his botox treatments any longer. Passadena grand opening pictures shows another face than the last openings. I told you narcistic men passing 50 feel death breathing down their neck.

  71. CD,

    Anon suffers from the same problem all anon groups eventually sink into – massive noise to signal ratio.

    Too many people just shooting their mouth off saying whatever comes to mind, and a high percentage of those come across as juveniles. Same as /. and I stopped reading that a long time ago for the same reason. (Yes, I’m a geek too. I make the internet work when I do my job.)

    Whereas the original intent of Anon is fine – there is an abuse that must be ended – they have a basic problem that must be faced sooner or later. Anon is not “for” anything, they are “against” something. What happens when the thing they are against no longer exists? What do they intend to replace it with? Do they currently think they will congratulate each other heartily on a job well done, pack up shop and go home to the wife and kids?

    Life is not like that unfortunately. HCO PL “Responsibilities of Leaders” lays it out real nicely – “when the game is over you’d better have another game lined up otherwise the game is going to become getting you” or words to that effect. You can see it in history too – just look at any set of armed Freedom Fighters and what happens to them when they overthrow the oppressor. They continue to need an enemy to survive as their purpose is to be against something. Unfortunately, they all too often choose their own sane leaders to be the new thing to oppose.

    So I do understand Anon’s outrage over what the church is up to currently, and that it must end. But I can’t support the movement as it stands as I believe their reason for existence is an inversion.

    I’ll match your Dutch saying with one, appropriate in the same way but with a local ZA flavour:

    Die wat nie will leer nie, moet seer kry.

    [btw, I believe you still owe me a case of Holland’s finest brew 🙂 ]

  72. LO,

    I don’t know how to stop orgs sending you post. You can try sending a comm to each org’s Addresso, occasionally they do dead file people. I often held the Addresso hat in my org when I was on staff and would delete people who asked off the list once a week. I usually asked them for the details on the address label if they were getting mail from upper orgs and would pass that info along. Sometimes it worked, usually it didn’t.

    Dealing with email is easier, just put every org domain in the spam filter. If you use gmail it’s even easier, they have a page where you list addresses and domains that must be deleted on receipt. My spam mail dropped drastically when I just blocked every domain I could find.

    My final solution for postal mail though was to stop renting an apartment and buy a house to raise a family in. Then not reveal the address to any staff member ever 🙂

  73. “Anon suffers from the same problem all anon groups eventually sink into – massive noise to signal ratio.”

    Anonymous is the massive noise and far from a group. It is just that it on occasion produces a signal wich is Protest Anons who are just a part of the whole. A video that explains the origins.

    “What happens when the thing they are against no longer exists? What do they intend to replace it with?”

    They will go back into the Internet. There is allready a much bigger foe to the Internet called ACTA.
    Another part of Anonymous is bussy with Project Freeweb although there is ovelap. Allready Anonymous has struck a blow againts the plans of the Australian goverment. Humor me and Google: Operation Titstorm.

    “Life is not like that unfortunately. HCO PL “Responsibilities of Leaders” lays it out real nicely – “when the game is over you’d better have another game lined up otherwise the game is going to become getting you” or words to that effect.”

    First of all Anonymous has no leaders although we protest anons have Tommy Davis as our enlightened leader. Hail Tommy Davis leader of Anonymous who brings us the Lulz.

    Unsencored Internet that is what all Anonymous binds. Anonymous is no one and everybody.

    Protest Anons in particular: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly.

    “Die wat nie will leer nie, moet seer kry.”

    Wie niet horen wil moet voelen

    We don’t seek your support we merely want you to act.


  74. But keep in mind: ANONYMOUS IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. The Individual Anon can be on occasion.

  75. I would use that business reply comm line to get in touch with staff and SO with references and facts. That data will stay in your CF folder and many will see it over time. Actually thinking about that, if we’d all started a campaign of this a year ago we’d be further along now.

  76. Also I wanted to say I understand HGC prices are higher per policy to push people onto auditor training and I know prices need to be realistic so an org can survive. I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about no re-evaluation of pricing which is too high, it’s an argument about degrees of rightness. There’s no infinite valued logic allowed on this issue, just stubborness. WDC found Scientology was pricing itself into oblivion in a 1980’s eval. Yet prices again and again were raised beyond what LRH recommended in the early 80’s solution to inflation eval. But my main point was about the mandatory dono’s cutting across the bridge. For all I care leave the prices high and cut out the IAS donos etc and I’d be happy, it would make a boom.

  77. 6 Feet Back of COB's Head

    “A protester in Pasadena today, I heard, is carrying the sign:

    Comm Ev DM”

    Hi Chuck:
    I heard a similar thing- but not being sure it was true I decided to go look at the official media disseminated from HCO / COB to find confirmation. After all, if you can’t trust the COB’s own messengers with Reality- who can you trust?

    There was one picture (reproduced here) that showed something a little odd, just behind DM.

    (a closer look)

    Chuck? I think you might be on to something…
    Silly Anonymouses 🙂

  78. Naomi,
    On behalf of the Danish scientologists, apology accepted. I might not be the right person to say that though. I’ve lived in the US for the last 23 years. I met my American husband in Portland in 85.

    Ditte is another person I only have extremely good things to say about. She is Anne Kirsten’s (Jens’ wife) sister. It makes my blood boil to hear about your “behind the scenes culture of trashing good people”. How on Earth can anyone reconcile the fact that here’s a person who’s sacrificed everything for Scientology her whole life – and yet she’s to be made out to be the scum of the Earth. Good for you, you got around it. So Ditte still smokes. Back when I worked there in the 70’s and 80’s you were almost a social outcast if you didn’t. When I take my American children back to Denmark it’s an absolute culture shock to them how people smoke everywhere.

  79. Thank you Marty, It is the sordid thruth and it must eat DM alive that a bunch of Ass-Clowns are burning his ass.

    It shows how far the CofS has strayed from its own Creed and Keeping Scientology Working Series 1

    “So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High
    Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

    L Ron Hubbard

    Click to access hcopl-keeping-scientology-working.pdf

    And if one enjoys what one is doing like dismanteling a church one is simply enjoying the game or in anonspeak doing it for the Lulz. What was that word, o yes Insouniance.

    EtymologyFrench from in- ‘not’ + souciant ‘worrying’.

    [edit] NounSingular

    insouciance (uncountable)

    1.carelessness, heedlessness, indifference, or casual unconcern

    Or in the words of LRH

    “Life is a game.

    “The word game is used here advisedly. When one is mired down in the sometimes titanic struggle of existence, he is apt to discount the fact that there is joy in living. He is apt to disbelieve that such a thing as fun can exist. Indeed people, when they reach into their thirties, begin to wonder what happened to their childhood when they actually could enjoy things. One begins to wonder if pleasure of living isn’t itself some sort of trap, and one begins to believe that it is not a good thing to become too interested in new people and new things, since these will only lead to heartbreak. There are men who have decided that in view of that fact that loss brings so much pain, they had better not acquire at all. It is far superior according to these to live a life of only medium privation than to live a life of considerable luxury, since then if they lost what they had the pain would be much less.

    “Life, however is a game. It is very easy to see the game in terms of cricket or football. It is not so easy to see life as a game when one is forced to rise before the sun and reach his home only after it sets, after a day of arduous and relatively unthanked toil. One is likely to dispute that such an activity could be a game at all. Nevertheless, it is obvious in various experiments which have been made in Scientology that life, no matter what its emotional tone scale or lack of it, is in essence a game and that the elements of life itself are the elements of games.

    “Any job is a game.

    “A game consists of freedoms, barriers and purposes. There are many more complicated factors involved in games, but these are all listed in Scientology.”

    —L. Ron Hubbard, The Problems of Work

    Thank you for playing the Game Gregg Housh and Others.

    With insouciance, Cat Daddy

  80. SPLOG, Can you refer me to the comm we had about that ?

    [btw, I believe you still owe me a case of Holland’s finest brew ]

  81. “To be happy, one only must be able to confront, which is to say, experience, those things that are. Unhappiness is only this: the inability to confront that which is.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  82. That’s a good sign

  83. John Peeler

    I’ll say something about Jens Urskov – he WAS IMEC and the brains behind Guillame – IMO, Jens was the brains and Guillame was the brawn. I never thought Guillame was the sharpest tool in the shed, but Jens balanced him out.

    For a while, the Gold MAA’s were given the task of being the MAA’s for Exec Strata instead of CMOI. This was based on Gold’s function to service the base through HCO and Qual functions.

    As D/ED Int, Jens always worked with me to make sure that the others in IMEC had their basics in – BP’s, graphs, etc… Guillame and Diana regularly gave me a hard time for being up there doing my job, but Jens would always back me up and point out that it was a needed function to keep operations smooth – especially when I’d find traffic stuck in Pending baskets for months. Doh!

    I know for a fact that Guillame, Jens and other members of IMEC were run directly by DM and were overworked by him due to the many late nights that they’d be working with little to no sleep. There were many times I tried to enforce that they secure at a decent hour so that they’d get some rest which was impossible because I’d always get the “I’m working on a COB order that has to be done tonight.” And when still pushed for them to secure, CMOI or RTC staff would tell me to basically buzz off and that I was cross ordering COB.

    Besides being a very sharp guy and hard worker, Jens to me seemed to be an all around great person. I feel lucky to have had the pleasure to work with him during that time.

  84. martyrathbun09

    John, Thanks for this perspective. It is very accurate from the viewpoint I occupied in those days.

  85. Hmm. Between all the comments here, Amy’s book, Mike’s posts, and so on and so on – it’s welllllll covered – I’m out of anything new or valuable to add. !

  86. Well I was still waiting for your post and input on Jens and ESI in your days! Different viewpoint, different stories.

  87. *What are patented combs?*
    Is there some significance to this other than the definition of the words themselves?

  88. Often attributed to Voltaire, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”

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