David Miscavige tries to keep up with Tom Cruise

For background, I recommend you pull up my video’d St Pete Time’s interview posted almost a year ago at: http://www.tampabay.com/components/video/?bcpid=26806137001&bclid=26821275001&bctid=26948342001 

This is the interview segment titled “Command and Control”. Please watch and listen to a one minute section, 05:39 to the end of that segment at 06:39.  I discussed how David Miscavige had a personal tanning table in his apartment in Clearwater especially for events.  He made a practice of making other Int speakers work around the clock for days, with very little if any sleep, and no contact with the out of doors sometimes for months leading to events. Miscavige, by contrast, would get his beauty rest, and apparently to make himself  look like the picture of health compared to the other speakers he would take a number of carefully scheduled sun baths under his special sunning table.  

Miscavige recently ordered the renovation of the three Villas that used to serve as RTC offices, his offices, and berthing for a number of RTC and Int execs. The top Villa is now exclusively his personal living quarters. The middle Villa houses his personal staff. The third Villa is a specially appointed space for his guests, mainly celebrities and N.Y. and D.C. attorneys.  The Villas were re-constructed to the highest luxury standards and they are blocked off from the road by an imposing eight foot wall.   The cost of Miscavige’s personal space on the Int base alone far exceeds any individual space LRH ever resided and worked in, yes, after adjustment for inflation.  And Miscavige has similar haunts in Los Angeles, Clearwater, St Hill, and the Freewinds; not to mention at several of CST’s remote vault locations.

Back to a relatively narrow  point.  Miscavige – despite living in a desertous environment where temperatures regularly top 100 degrees – ordered his Villa outfitted with the latest, most outlandish sun chamber station.  Well, here it is:

And to ensure he always looks fit and can flaunt his biceps in his tailor made muscle shirts in order to intimdate Int and Gold staff Miscavige had a state of the art gym constructed for his own self.  The one he constructed for himself and Cruise in the nineties was perfectly servicable. But, as is Miscavige’s wont, he wanted all the latest, high-tech equipment in a specially constructed room adjoining his quarters. He so reactively must keep up with Tom Cruise that he continually, blantantly puts the church’s hard-won tax exemption at risk by building temples everywhere he walks so that his precious feet may never touch the same ground walked on by what he considers mere riff raff.  The evidence follows. Note the punching bag.

Understand, I like the sun too; great source of vitamin D and energy.  But, there is plenty of free sunshine on this planet to provide that. I also like to work out. It costs me 20 bucks a month at the community center.  Well, you gotta mix with regular folk, but if you like people it’s a pleasure.  At 20 bucks a month I calculate that it will take church public 50,000 months to pay off DM’s gym bill.  That is more than four thousands years; or about how long it took the Western civilization to evolve from hunting and gathering to where we are now.

As Miscavige might put it (as scripted by Dan Sherman), “Now that’s building a new civilization!”

Of course, like all else, DM will blame it on LRH. Let me guess. He’ll say it is per LRH ED 339R, THINK IN FUTURES.

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  1. Watching Eyes

    The dwarf can get as tan as is humanly possible and buy out the world’s supply of muscle tees yet there’s still one thing he can never fix; his diminutive size. Yup, “dimi Dave” is stuck with that one.

    In fact, as people age they tend to shrink a bit. Just think, an even shorter David Miscagive. What will he do then? A stretching machine?

  2. Marty,

    good that you remind us again of the Truth Rundown and call attention to it newly. Smart move on removing the criminal at the helm.


  3. I think that those of us with lesser minds have failed to grasp what He-Who-Has-The-Greatest-Mind has come to understand: government officials are humans too. They, as humans, need someone to worship also.

    Scientology is a religion. And what is a religion without a God? And what good is a God if He isn’t Worship-Worthy? Would we want a God who was just a slob like the rest of us?

    Hell no.

    I want a tanned God. I want a fit God. I want a God that stands above the rest.

    When I argue with Christians, I don’t want to be standing in line with cap in hand explaining how my God is a mere mortal with a crappy tan that depends on his god’s sun to get that special bronzed glow. I want a God with a tan that has nothing to do with the works of the so-called Christian God.

    No way.

    My God must be the best.

    And have the best.

    My God would use a Tom Cruise as a play thing. Across all the dynamics. Starting with one and pausing at two.

    So, all I can say is: Leave my God alone. You just don’t understand greatness. LRH didn’t understand greatness. Look at that odd piece about loving others even when they give you reasons not to.

    Who needs love when you’ve got a bitchin’ gym? An a good tan? An fancy digs? You got those things and others will love you. Look at how rich guys get the hot chicks.

    Others will worship you if you’ve got the Right Stuff.

    And admiration is the most valued particle of all.

    And my pockets are filled with admiration for my God.

    Uh, no. That’s not admiration. Nor my pockets.

    Excuse me. I’m getting a bit old. I have to go change my Depends.


  4. Nice gym!
    Hey DM could ya give Cara Golashesky a quick call. She’s the ‘FLB Justice Chief’ (whatever that is) and she’s giving me the run around on my Flag repayment request. Also give the IAS a quick buzz about my IAS refund. You’ve got some really incompetent people working for you who don’t seem to understand the law. Seeing as you’re the top dog I thought maybe you might want to save my lawyer a bit of time and energy and give ’em a nudge for me.
    Thanks ever so much 🙂
    Keep working on those biceps – you look simply gorgeous darling.

  5. Tom Sencien

    Nice. But even nicer would have been you to put up your recent mugshot!

    Face it, Marty; you’re a failure. You’re no use to anyone, and certainly not a role model anyone should be looking up to. Redeem yourself. Go to the Feds and spill your guts. You’re just a laughing stock these days. I’ve already witnessed some of your independents cursing you out in private.

    Micavige is a criminal cunt, and so are you. Pay your dues to the people you wronged and tell the authorities EVERYTHING.

    Grow some ball, criminal.

  6. Remorseful Contributor

    Wowza, One single exercise machine I recognize in the very back of the gym is $15,000!! It is called a ROM (4 minute complete half body work out). I own one.
    Marble floors, flat screen TVs when SO members are not allowed TVs, I don’t think you are far off the mark with a million dollar price tag for that setup.
    Motivates me to recover some of my fraudulently solicited donations! What a criminal use of resources for a “church” and a “non profit”.

  7. …but such are the burdens of altruistic leadership.

    DM would GLADLY step down from his post if ONLY there was someone competent to replACE HIM!

    Camera-boy makes good. Plus he overcame his dwarf-handicap to become Ron’s successor!

    One good thing? He’ll never have a kid. His “line” ends with him…and just think how fast he will become a non-person in the regime that succeeds him

  8. And if you look closely at the punching bag, you’ll see one of the Int Execs neatly tucked away inside it.

  9. Remorseful Contributor

    Marty, you sure that is a tanning bed? Looks too short … unless he had one custom made for little people … even more pricey.
    To me it actually looks like a giant Jaffel Maker/Iron.
    Can I push down on the handle when he crawls in, please??

  10. Virgil Samms

    I got his futures.

    It seems Patrick Howsen is on our side. The LRH quotes that he doles out monthly are timely indeed. Check out todays quote. It is tailor made for todays posting:

    “All right. Now, look. When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. You can put that down. One way or the other, this individual is trying to control you; that’s a mechanism of control. …

    “Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human being is lying to you. Not is just going to—is lying to you. Check up the facts, you’ll find out they’re always true; that person is trying to control you, he’s lying to you. He’s got to tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody anything close in to truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So you can’t control somebody without telling them a bunch of fibs.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

    Wow and Thissaviage has the biggest lie machine ever since Adolf and company. He must have known this datum and using it, of course, to control instead of freeing.

    And so it goes – Thissaviage uses tech to control and trap. This blog uses tech to free because the turth “releases” one.

    ML Tom

  11. UnluckyPatron

    This dude is the quintessential example of a kid who never quite beat his Little Guy Syndrome. Poor soul.

  12. He’s probably laughing right now while his massage boy applies the lotion “HaHaHa it doesn’t even matter Marty! Scientologists are too afraid to do anything, the idiots believe ABLE programs mean expansion and they even stick up for me on facebook! It’s not worth it dog. After this I’m watching the Phillies game in my 70 million dollar RTC office, then taking my girlfriend scubadiving. Every day, every hour counts.”

  13. It’s nice to see that donations are keeping DM fit and tan So donations are really spent for charitable purposes, like giving food to the poor or helping people who have no more unemployment benefits to pay their rent. How wonderful that the CoM is so benevolent. I’m most certain that will be reflected in Mr. Xenophon’s inquiry, which will serve to show that the CoM is all about the cash input, not the cash output.

  14. When I was on the RPF at INT I helped to build the old gym. This was state of the art for the 90’s It even had a boxing ring in it.
    Were you refering to the EXEC log cabin up at the Rim forest base? I know there is a 3,500 sqft home for LRH up at the base. There is also a home for LRH at each remote site. I know this as I was in charge of getting them built. I did not know of any David Miscavige homes on any of the remote sites? is this something new?

  15. martyrathbun09

    Those homes are Dave’s homes, just like the one on the base he uses as his own.

  16. gabio Florence

    If LRH (with new body) ever would show up at Int, DM would kick him out by security let alone have him move in that building.

    You make a lot more sense when you are sober, keep it that way because DM had a field day with you getting drunk.

    Does DM drink?

  17. You sir are the thing I scrape of my shoes. Who the hell are you anyway but a misarable puny little guy sticking a feather in his own backside for getting all “though” with words.

    “I’ve already witnessed some of your independents cursing you out in private”

    Proof or it didn’t happen.

    Well the onley thing you acomplished is rendering more support for the blog owner.

    You silly Troll you. Oh I found a picture of you.

  18. crashingupwards

    Hi Tom Senscien.

    We need someone like you every once in a while whose so dirty and nattery it keeps us all grounded to the reality of the human condition.

    Your post was additionally appreciated for its comic value. A good chuckle. Now do yourself a favor and get cleaned up.

  19. Aside from the main point of your article, Marty, one thing really comes to mind for me:

    Nice Pictures. Ya. You’ve somehow gotten photos of the inner sanctum. You’ve gotten a picture of the tanning bed where Miscaviage lays naked.

    And without a doubt, you didn’t have to pay a cent for them, let alone $50,000.00 a week of parishioners’ money.

    Nice work. And thanks to the courageous person or persons still there.

  20. Remorseful Contributor

    Does DM Drink?
    Is the Pope Catholic?
    Google David Miscavage and Scotch.

  21. Watching Eyes

    This could only be coming from OSA.

    This post must have stuck a huge nerve for you to write such a vitriolic comment. Are you afraid the IRS won’t like the appalling mis-use of parishioner donations? You can be sure they won’t like it one bit.

    This reminds me of Jim Baker. Remember him? He was the tv minister who was eventually busted and carted off crying to prison after he was convicted of DEFRAUDING his parishioners. Don’t think it can’t happen to DM.

  22. Tom you need to ask yourself why you’re having a meltdown exactly when DM’s high crime money wasting habits are being exposed to the whole world. What kind of timing is that? Do you bike to work because the IAS broke your bank? DM is probably on the floor in convulsions right now “Mu hu Mu hu, Muhahahahaaha! Go Tom your my bitch! Rodrigo! clap clap, GRAPES!”

  23. Marty, you are being quite unrealistic with your idea that DM lay out in the sun by the million dollar pool at Int Base to get a tan. Everyone knows that the pool is too crowded with Sea Org members swimming, playing, and splashing in the pool all day long and well into the night.

    DM also cannot tan outside because his biceps would not get uniformly tanned. He needs the optically correct curvature of a suntanning bed to precisely tan his biceps.

    And as for the idea of DM paying $20 a month to work out at a community fitness center! That is blasphemy! No one is a $20 a month community fitness center is a celebrity or a multimillionaire who can donate money to Dave’s IAS. There are no IAS Platinum Stupidtorious Patrons to flow admiration to DM in a vulgar $20 a month community fitness center.

    BTW, the tanning bed looks like the Wolff Sunvision Pro 28 Series. The bed would of course have the optional Wolff SolarMax IFT face tanners. The bed is ~$6,000. The bed is 7 feet long to give you an idea of the size of the room it is in. Session time is 20 minutes.

  24. Very expensive European Scotch , I had communications with an Ex SO girl who had to stack it when she was still in.

  25. WTF? Did Snowwhite send out for reinforcements from one of the dwarfs?

    At least this one can kind of spell and capitalize correctly.

    By the way- DM’s tanning bed looks like a casket from the Star Trek props department.

  26. WomanSetFree

    Can you spell, Malignant Melanoma, boys and girls?

    No postulates here, mind you, just potential consequences of behavior. You reap what you sow

  27. Always flabbergasted at how you get the pics. LOL

  28. martyrathbun09

    THanks for the specs.

  29. Funny how Anderson Cooper gets mocked by the CoS for his “silk t-shirts and designer jeans”, when our very own DM wears $5000 tailored suits, takes sun beds, and is regularly preened, plucked and moisturised. Does he wear expensive cologne as well? (I’d guess he’d be a Clive Christian No.1 kinda guy) And if so, would this not be in violation of SO rules on scented products?

  30. I’m sure they’ll have a gym in his future prison, where his new special friend, Bubba, can spot him on bench press. Hopefully they’ll have a squat machine. Bubba likes tight gluts!

    Probably not a tanning bed though.

  31. “One good thing? He’ll never have a kid. His “line” ends with him…and just think how fast he will become an example of a real SP for generations to come”

    I fixed that for you 😉

    You are about to make a mistake, to learn from history it needs to be studied. Here is a classic example. The Scientology Boogy-man

    “Go to bed or DMs thetan will get you” :p

  32. “The bed is 7 feet long”

    What a waist of space

  33. should be titled: What Your Donations Buy!

  34. I had to see it to believe it. Wow. Cheering for all the Independents, greetings from Wisconsin. This does not look like something a respectable religious leader would do nor does it look like it should be tax exempt. *shakes head* This is what it looks like DM is all about, appearances. Appearances don’t count for nothin, we all get old and wrinkly away! Facades of pretty buildings fade and crumble over the years, yet faith and truth are timeless.

  35. Marty, ahhh, Marty, I well recall the SO Day softball game from many years ago, the sun, the girls, the O’Drools non-alcoholic tinkle-beer and David Miscavige in Right Field.

    It was like the run, kick and throw like a girl Olympics out there, in RF. Out went a grounder, well a dribble really, through 1st and 2nd base, rolling in the grass like a potatoe, out, out and betwixt the legs of Ted Williams aka David Miscavige. Ooops, turn and run for it he did, tried to pick it up with that oversized glove, dropped it, tried again and finally just stood over the ball and scowled.

    Meanwhile Leroy rounded third and headed for home.

    I won’t begrudge the man his machines, including the ‘tanning bed’ (looks suspiciously like an Orgasmatron). After all, like his buddy Ted Williams, I’m sure one of his closest have already set up the Cryogenic Freezing so we can bring that body back to life someday, way, way, way, way, way, way…way up the line. Some might even think of it as an electronic prison. Others, a frozen pie-face. Still others, Ramset the IV, forever ours in popsicle.

    (If the above seems flippant, good. How else can one respond to the absurdity that is David Miscavige’s effort to impress Tom Cruise with thingies.)

  36. In my brief visits and times at Int, I knee jerk presumed David Miscavige’s even then (1983-1995 period) “facility differential” “excesses” for his 1st dynamic (which I took as a Sea Org member to be “our” 3rd dynamic “wealth”, him being such an effective no nonsense leader, realize this is my then justification viewpoint for his behavior).

    I always compared DM to say Billy Graham, the Pope, Dali Lama, Tony Alamo (now in prison, but you know what I mean).

    The “top” guy has some perks.

    DM’s not a good role model to say the least.

    I wish we had a live feed from his brain, so we could watch his thought processes live.

    He’s in a unique world, and someone creative should WRITE a Soltan Gris style narrative speculative fiction story giving DM’s viewpoint, “unplugged”, for us mere mortals.

    It’d be interesting to hear his inner voice(s) guiding him.

  37. Rules don’t apply to DM. For he is the Lord. Rules are for the little people, the Martians and the FBI agents all around, infesting the land upon which DM and TC walk.

    Taxes? We don’t need no stinkin’ taxes!!!

  38. The upper Villas used to be LRH’s Office, music room, MonD office, Film & Equipment before being taken over by DM and RTC.

    After the film Battlefield Earth was completed, DM entertained the director- Roger Christian, JT and Kelly with a 5 course fancy dinner at LRH’s 30M mansion built by David Miscavige. His buddy Tom Cruise has stayed there.

    So LRH house or space? David Miscavige is beyond all that.

  39. Good point JS – you also get tan lines at the pool.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sinar – you are absolutely right.

  41. Miscavige: none of that equipment will make you the least bit more beautiful on the inside, nor will it do anything for you after this life.

    Probably just as well given what you’ll be pulling in.

    P.S.: I never got a copy of my SP declare. Surely you can arrange that.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Jim, I am now fully recovered – and only now that I read your comment. Wait a second, Leroy Turner hit an inside the park home run on a grounder to right? I gotta hear Dan Koon weigh in on this one.

  43. Sam , Marty and anyone wanting their $ on-account back:

    I’m not sure if it was Cara (in 2000) who was the Flag Justice Chief, but after I left, and returned home, I found my home ransacked—and all gone, including my receipts, computer stripped, ALL videos stripped, all books and meters, photos, etc. GONE. (*My now x-husband even cut himself out of the photos of our wedding!)
    I know Yaude and/or OSA had something to do with this, as my X doesn’t know how to turn on a computer, let alone strip it.

    Ok, I wanted my receipts so I could ask for my $$ back, on account. I knew some BIG “SPs” I’d met hadn’t gotten their SP declares, so when I called Flag for my receipts, I was routed to a 18 year old girl calling herself the Justice Chief.

    She asked me, “Do you want to know why you’re talking to the JC? (Now remember, I had not had ONE “Ethics handling”—no “Ethics”, Fitness board, Comm Ev—NOTHING, but I knew how weird DM had gotten re the tech, so I figured this was typical). Note: they never even told me I was declared SP. I *only* found out, because I called Flag and asked for copies of my receipts from Treasury there.

    So I asked, “Why am I speaking with the JC?
    She: “You’re a declared SP”.
    Me: “You MAY be too young to know this reference, but LRH wrote a bulliten:
    “If it isn’t in writing, it isn’t true”.
    Since I have *nothing* in writing—that’s not true, per the tech. (I wanted my SP Declare, and yes, knew that would push her buttons, and hopefully she’d send it).

    “I’ll have it to you in 24 hours”—and she FEDX’d it to me! 🙂
    So yes, I have my SP Declare.

    The Int Justice Chief (now as an “SP”—my only terminal) wouldn’t answer my communications for 6 months, so I joined Pre-Paid Legal on-line. I spent hours explaining on account, vs. $ spent at COS. Once the attorney got it, she wrote them a letter, and then I got my $$$ back within 24 hours.

    I got back my $$$ from ASHO and IAS.

    Hope this helps you some. PPL is only about $20 to join, and they’ll write the letter for you.
    My experience IS that trying to “handle it” yourself is an endless dead end street.

    Marty: Great shots, thanks! I always wondered how he got such a tan. This explains much. I love “What your donations buy”—great point!
    Best 🙂

  44. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    You do have a skewed and oddly wondrous view of Our God Of Fluff. I can see that “Glow” in your eyes as the blinding light emanating from DerDimminiHim.

    Eeenie Onoonie Wannie …. Oh My…. damn! Just crapped my toga. :{


  45. Wow Jim,

    What a picture – Leroy on the same diamond as David Miscavige allowing the former to score?

    Would’ve paid good admission tickets to that one, unfortunately I was busy working on those SO days – though being there with the guys having fun is pretty infectious!

  46. wow Sinar that is some good info. While I was at CST the CST advices spoke of LRH comming back and that he would be at CST. There were tun of CST advices all signed R. Now I wonder if LRH even wrote the advices at all?

    The main base has a LOG cabin that was built for the INT execs, I.E. Norman and the IG’s. It was my undestanding that they would only come to the base 1 if LRH did return and 2 if and when the end of the world came. All the staff were told that the homes were for LRH. There are rooms for support staff etc in the LRH houses.

    It was also my understanding that COB would not show up at CST as that would be a huge PR flap. Funny how things change.

    If I was on staff and COB showed up and stayed in a LRH house I would not know what to think. It for sure would be a ARC break.

    It pisses me off that he can just shite on LRH like that. Does he also use the LRH offices in the orgs?

  47. Marty,
    Love the pics. I am amazed however that there aren’t more mirrors. Best to you,

  48. The more I learn about Miscavige, the more I realize how deeply insecure the man is. Everything he does screams “overcompensation” – the lavish lifestyle, the luxurious quarters, the expensive clothes, the elaborate event sets. He probably doesn’t realize that his actions are revealing more and more his own deep, intense feelings of inferiority and insecurity. Truly strong, confident people don’t act like this.

  49. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Get in line.

    “Now serving #52!”

    “Yes, that’s right just pull down the lid and press the button.”

    “Mmmm, can you smell that?”

    “Ooooo…. I love the smell of burning flesh in the morning!”

    ΘTater/Gary (a “villager” waiting his turn)

  50. Ding ding ding ding ding! You hit a button Marty! Here come the trolls. Must’ve been another post about DM and money.
    Cat Daddy you’re dangerous dude!

  51. Hi Tory
    Thanks for the advice 🙂
    I’m just asking politely at this point. Will bring in the bulldozers if they aren’t nice to me. What do you think the chances are? LOL.
    Wow you’d think I was asking for money that didn’t fully rightfully belong to me because it was never used wouldn’t you?

  52. Nightmares Getting Less

    You’re not allowed to wear cologne in the SO or perfume, but he probably does just like he breaks the rules he enforces on others all the time for his own benefit.

    This guy is obsessed with his body, wierd very wierd.

  53. Nightmares Getting Less


    Someone told me he was a nasty dirty little player on the basketball court too, true?

    Of course he probably never called a foul on himself, and likely called ticky tack fould on his opponents. ” How dare you call a foul on COB”!

  54. I keep thinking about that, but I figure it’s just lesson learned. I dont have much on account. Maybe a couple thousand in different places.
    I would like my IAS donations back.
    That would be pretty sweet.
    I felt the last block of auditing I got was a waste. Now I know why- the auditor was probably taking prior reads and bypassing fn’s on lists. I was sitting there watching the hour$ tick away.

  55. Gary, you are too funny.

    I was thinking it was a hamburger press. George Foreman or something.

  56. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    CD, Not really. You can get Davey M. and Tom C. in there at the same time.

    (Sorry Tom C., you had your chance to come clean and leave DM. Now you’re “stuck” to/with him. Now THERE is a waste of SPACE, the two of you permanently “twinned”. )

  57. For Tom Sescienwabfoofoo (or whatever),
    You’ve obviously never been to a real Bosun’s Party. Why, I’d figure 95% of the old crew would have a ‘mugshot’ at one of those. Us, standing there with a mug of hot buttered rum.

    I was playing a gig at the wedding of one of the daughters of the former Premier of my home province. Nice party, lots of beer in a canoe filled with ice.

    At the end, since she married a Swede, I had the opportunity to flirt with another daughter and one of the groomsman, another Swede. I found myself in a challenge, from the large Swedish young man, to down Skana, a spiced vodka from his native land. One. Two, and three, bang, bang, bang went down this most disgusting spirit.

    One, two, three splat went I. On my back, half dead.

    The Premier stood over me, a compassionate look on his face and remarked ” they did the same thing to me last week”. I replied ‘ evil Swedes’ just before I began a two hour wretch.

    Now, here in my province one gets a ticket for ‘public drunkeness’, like a parking ticket. There is no ‘mugshot’ and no ‘record’. One pays the ticket and that’s all she wrote.

    In other places apparently, Carry Nation is alive and well and t-totalers rule. Hey, who woulda thunk the home of Second Line funk would be so wound up about a guy doing shooters on a Saturday night, but, apparently they are.

  58. In a suntanning bed session, this is the correct way to do it if you want a maximal tan with minimal erythema (sunburn). Wealthy people use a personal assistant, so my guess is that DM needs someone to help him out here. Let us imagine a COB tanning session:

    1. Shower first: Dave can do this on his own. The skin must be clean for optimal tan.

    2. Exfoliate: Dave lies on a massage table while someone loofas his ass and other every square inch of his entire body. All dead skin cells must be removed for a max tan. “COB Tan Assistant” has been fully hatted to exfoliate all of the dead cells from his leathery, reptilian body.

    3. Application of pre-tanner. This is a lotion that moisturizes the skin and shields against some of the UV-A and UV-B coming from the tanning lamps. “COB Tan Assistant” massages the lotion by hand onto Dave’s ass and every square inch of his body. Since Shelly is gone, someone else is presumably “COB Tan Assistant.”

    Warning: Lotion, nakedness, and privacy can lead to out 2d situations!

    4. The bed has to be sanitized after each session and before each session. This is a spray and wipe to clean the clear panels of dead skin, lotion, and to allow maximum light transmissivity.

    5. COB, wearing only UV googles and earbuds, lays in the bed. He plugs in his earbuds and has his assistant turn on whatever music he wants. My guess: Queen/Bohemian Rhapsody is looped as he relives that crowning moment of glory when he humiliated the entire base. The rhapsody sends him soaring!

    6. The lid is closed and the timer is turned on.

    7. His COBness lies immobile and quiet for 20 minutes. This is rare window of time when he is not yelling at or beating anyone. Scientology itself is safe for those 1200 seconds.

    8. Post tan: Post tanning lotion is applied. This is another lotions that moisturizes the skin after exposure to the UV radiation of the lamps. Again, COB Tan Assistant must rub post-tanning lube, err, lotion, onto the nekkid COB.

    9. COB emerges from the tanning chamber in his now tanned birthday suit.

    10. Because he is a malignant narcissist, COB steps in front of large mirrors and admires his body. He flexes in the nude to impress anyone in the area. This posing will last for 20-30 minutes until COB has a F/N w/VGI’s and cogs on his innate superiority and perfection over anyone who has ever existed or will ever exist.

    11. By now, COB has not had a cigarette for perhaps as long as 60 minutes, so his body is craving nicotine and scotch.

    12. DM thus dons a monogrammed black French thong, a special gift from a certain actor. He then puts on a silk robe adorned with kimono dragons. This robe features a concealed shoulder hostler in which a loaded SIG P-210 9mm, a piece known for its stunning accuracy, The clip is loaded with 147-grain Swiss FMJ hollow points. This sidearm is needed in case an SP penetrated the labyrinth of security. Of course, COB may just want to shoot at silhouettes of the Messrs R&R. COB has been known to shoot at silhouettes of his engrams.

    13. Thus attired and armed, COB has his assistant light his cigarette using an S.T. DuPont cigarette a lighter, an $8,00o0 gift from an admirer who may be, ahh, the same person who gave him the silk thong.

    14. COB’s assistant then pours him a large dram of Islay Lord Robertson Single Cask. a rare bottling of only 202 bottles. This scotch was air-freighted in from Scotland to Int Base only yesterday.

    15. COB needs this post-tan moment of relaxation and solace in his private luxo-bunker. He needs this break before he must suit up to confront the latest flapping flap or statcrash.

    16. “COB Assistant OMG WTF!” suddenly breaks this Zen moment by rushing in to announce, “Sir, you will never guess what Marty/Mike/JB/Marc just posted on the internet!”

    Cue sound of COB sphincter tightening.


  59. Clarification for the Rainbow Coalition, I was flirting with the daughter, not the groomsman. He was firting with the daughter too, and I suspect put me effectively out of the picture with the spiced vodka.

  60. NGL,
    Now that you mention it, I’d love to see David Miscavige get the shock of veritas’ skim the net slam in ping pong. And all with that angel presence, and heels 🙂

    He can’t fish either.

  61. Virgil Samms

    Oh don’t get us going on the Basketball Tournament on Sea Org day 1991. My my. DM was the referee. RTC got their asses kicked. So did ASI as did CMOI. They all got beat by Gold (Fred Houck, Steve Willet and Gary Modrus to be specific). What a game ASI/Gold was.

    ML Tom

  62. Sam what does everybody scrape of their shoes ? 😉

  63. Sinar,
    As Sam can attest, there is a line that I WILL cross, and this is no exception; tan lines.

    OK, here’s the image, David Miscavige at the Star of C pool, with the ever present worry of ‘tan lines’.

    Sit: Tan lines.

    Data: Need to have the St. Tropez look for my visit to well, St. Tropez.

    Solution: A new COB THONG. To cover, the COB ‘thing’ and yet provide a full ass browning.



  64. Great photos, Miscavige must be furious that these are posted. Way to go Marty. How on earth do you do it? Rhetorical. Miscavige must feel like there are spies everywhere. He he. I suppose there are.

  65. Any person has a right to have whatever they want and can create — but not to the detriment of, and not on the backs of and by the scamming, usurping, theft and invalidation of other people’s work and decency.

    This beats the vomitoriums Roman senators had built in the empire at the height of Rome’s corruption. It wasn’t enough for the corrupt self-worshipping egomaniacs to eat one meal, they had to eat and go vomit in the trough just to eat again, and again, and again all night long — while riff raff peeled grapes and plucked hummingbird tongues .

    No wonder the “Church” pretending to be Scientology constantly rants and rages hateful over-the-top fabricated diatribes against anyone who raises an eyebrow or says “huh”? Davey’s tanning booth and lifestyle and alteration of Scientology is a huge continuous missed withhold (a transgression against purported actions and beliefs that is “almost found out”). The world almost finds it out every day and it is missed by anyone who questions or protests or says “What a minute, this is not Scientology.”

    Seeing these photos focuses into crystal clarity why David Miscavige is always on the “attack” against people of the earth. He’s defending and rationalizing why it’s okay to worship himself on the pedestal of his vanity — spending millions of dollars and embezzling members to pump himself up.

    Such WASTE.

  66. War and Peace

    The private benefits for the Reptilian Monster David Miscavige are now in the process of being exposed and I mean

    According to the law on 501C3 tax exempt entities no one officer can reward himself and loot the piggy bank ~ neither can DONORS (such as Tom Cruise) personally benefit from the 501c3 status.

    So what about the multi-million dollar renos done with Sea Org Labor for Cruise ?

    There is so much info on Sea Org who signed RELIGIOUS CONTRACTS, personally working for Tom Cruise enhancement, it is mind boggling. (data from ex Sea Org members)

    There is something called INTERMEDIATE SANCTIONS. This is punishing the abuse of using a 501C3 for personal benefit.

    If Tom Cruise got $1 million dollar renovation enhancement the penalty to the IRS is $2 million and so on.

    But worse, it will be UGLY for the world, the entertainment world and the movie industry to learn just how much Sea Org Slave Labor was used to enhance Tom Cruise privately for his own benefit.

    Even now, Sea Org Members under a{” religious contract” work for an Actor !!!

    Blown Ex Sea Org are talking with Time, Place, Form, and Event.

    As Marty says……stay tuned…..

  67. martyrathbun09

    You just convinced me; I am definitely reading your book.

  68. Time to bring out the troll spray. I’ve got a new one. It’s “Psssss OFF, Troll”.

    Michael (OUaT) – I like your sense of humor. No untanned clay feet for our god.

  69. I have an image in my mind that is both reassuring and scary.

    Imagine CD wearing an Ethics Officer hat.

    You know you are going to come out the other end squeaky clean and shining like a newly minted penny. You also know that you are NOT going to get anything past this MAA 🙂

  70. martyrathbun09

    I would give anything to have you J Swift, Jason Beghe and Marc Headley join me next year.

  71. Fellow Traveller

    Contact Assist!
    Count me in, if I may be so presumptuous.

    Bruce Pratt

  72. martyrathbun09

    Bruce, by all means.

  73. Redneck Thetan

    Are you the lovely person spamming people with Marty’s mugshot and arrest warrant on Twitter too? If so, grow up. And learn the difference between singular and plural nouns while you’re at it.

  74. I don’t think they give out SP declares anymore. I know more than a few who haven’t received theirs though I have read a few of/concerning the very people who have reported never receiving them even when requested, they are tightly coveted these days by HCO and DSA.

    Something about “too many of them end up on the internet” …

    FWIW …

  75. xcststaff ;

    “While I was at CST the CST advices spoke of LRH comming back and that he would be at CST”

    On the Class VIII course, there is an HCOB wherein LRH tells of what he will be and do when he comes back. I don’t have a copy of it, but if someone here does have one, then that would clear any questions anyone has on how LRH intended his return.

    There are conditions that he insists must exist before he will return, and he comments on what they are.

    Incidently, this is the HCOB where LRH refers to Jesus having some character faults. I think it is called something like;
    ‘Secret: Operating Thetan 8’.

    Get it and read it.

  76. martyrathbun09

    Bobo, the “Jesus” document was not written by LRH. Nor was it written by anyone in the church.

  77. martyrathbun09

    Jim, your hushmail is kicking stuff back. Did you let it expire or something? Got another address? Email it to me.

  78. Wow, how disgusting. David Miscaviage tries to live like Tom Cruise using church charitable donations!

    How degrading and humiliating. Each day he wakes up and looks at the mest around him and knows that it came from charity. And the people donating think their kindness and compassion is being used to help the fourth dynamic.

    The crime is two-fold; the disgraceful action of living off the hard work of others and then lying to parishoners as to where their hard earned money really goes.

  79. I noticed the ROM too. Cruise and Travolta are said to use them, so it’s no surprise.

    What’s funny is that the alleged exercise benefits of ROM are complete pseudo-science and have been debunked.


  80. Marty,
    With photos such as these being posted, DM’s busy just trying to figure out how it happens. I’d bet even his uniformed dog’s been gettin’ kicked around lately.

    Fido/Line-Charge/ or whatever your name is—You can always blow, you’ve got friends out here.

  81. Sam, You’re most welcome! I wouldn’t wait too long, as they’re using your money each day. That was my point to the attorneys: It’s *my* Money–just like a Savings account.

    dfb99—-My suggestion is get your money.
    IF *every* Scientologist asked for their money on account, it would be a massive amount. Get it (my opinion)… as remember: DM is using it to pay the very attorneys and PI’s who are screwing all of those who speak out.

    FOS: That was why I wrote my story. They (Co$) weren’t giving out SP declares in the 90’s as it was a huge “out PR” deal way back then.
    I got mine because of what I said. Good luck 🙂

  82. Martin Gibson

    As an aside, per Dianetics, diminutive stature and asthma are signs of ‘stuck in birth’ aren’t they? (humour, rhetorical). I remember seeing DM in an event after Guillame spoke and thinking my god DM is just the picture of OT well being and Guillame looked half dead from no sleep and exhaustion, why did they even let him on stage. I felt guilty when the truth came out.

  83. Bobo, I was just relaying what I had read and seen for my self. There are quite a few CST advices written about the return of LRH.

    I was not trying to make you or anyone wrong I was just trying to clarify and understand.

    To my knowledge all of teh CST advices were writen by LRH. I will stick with my reality on this.

  84. War and Peace

    Lucy ~~

    One of the best things about the slave labor $50 a week SO members working for Tom Cruise’s real estate assets and so on, is that the tracks can’t be covered up.

    What was that phrase in Shakespeare’s MACBETH?

    “What’s done, cannot be undone”

  85. Chuck, have you ever seen Return of the Jedi? You know at the end, when the Emperor is grinning with evil glee while electrocuting the good guy, Luke Skywalker? How he’s happy as a pig in sh*t at himself, watching Luke suffer.

    I imagine Miscavige’s brain to be a little… ehh, a LOT like that.

  86. Marty, I have a question. Do they make this tanning bed for normal-sized people? 😛

    But for seriousness, I wonder if Miscavige realises tanning beds cause melanoma more often per use than sunshine. If he gets skin cancer from tanning, will he have to offload himself, put himself in an indigent community home?

  87. Jim Logan – if the Swedes got you so easily…

    Don’t go to Finland! 😀

    Hope you recovered OK.

  88. Thought Provoking

    J, Swift,

    This is absolutely hysterical! I can’t decide whether to laugh until my sides hurt or cry because there is probably more truth than fiction in this tale!

  89. Hi Marty;

    If that ‘document’ was not by LRH, then I would definately request that my post refering to it be deleted from this blog!!

  90. OMG seriously boys?
    Mosey – you’d better start rounding up some wives ready for damage control.

  91. XCS,

    Unlike the Exercise Building at the Sportsfield which you helped to build along with Gold Estates crew, these new Villa facilities including LRH’s BV Mansion & DM Office building are all outside contractor built – which means top dollar per square foot rate (not taking into account re-dos which are inevitable!)

    DM apparently does not want the Int Base regular crew to know what’s in his Sea Org Berthing space.

  92. Marty,
    The file you sent overloaded it. I cleaned it out so try again.

  93. Jake,

    The exercise rooms I’ve seen have tons of mirrors, along with big loud Music and video systems – no expenses spared. Heaven forbid sub par boom boxes!

    I’m guessing that the photos were taken at angles so you could not see the photographer.

  94. W&P,
    Much thanks for your spot on post. Yes, let’s not tar and feather all Scientologists, every staff member, and punish an entire group with this hue and cry on revocation of tax exemption. Scientology is a bona fide religion, indeed, it is MY religion and that of many of the finest people on earth.

    SO, what to do?

    Select the RIGHT TARGET: David Miscavige and if applicable according to Intermediate Sanctions legislation, Tom Cruise and any other that falls within its strictures.

    David Miscavige is the criminal, not Scientology, not the Church of Scientology and not ethical Scientologists.

    Let’s not dramatize David Miscavige’s irrational wrong targetting. Nail the prick with Intermediate Sanctions cause he’s prime. More than prime. Beggin’ for it. Yep.

  95. Marty,
    NO SKANA!!!! God I hope they don’t have that in New Orleans.

    I’d love to see the Meters or any downtown, greasy, ‘in the cracks’ groovin’ band in a nightclub, where guys like me can sit in and ‘chop wood’ to see who can really cut.


  96. Lucy,

    Perhaps that is the “normal” viewpoint from one who has their personal integrity in.

    I believe that David Miscavige is fully convinced he is following the Simon Bolivar policy – section on Facility Differential as he’s worth the tons of lucre gotten in for Mestology whether it’s direct donations or regular donations. Just like getting good bonuses from good GI for selling soft porn while COB ASI,

  97. Or scarface Tony Montana with his mest.

  98. Question for you Marty:

    Is David Miscavige PTS to Tom Cruise?

    Not to lessen the cruel sociopath that DM is, but…

    Is there something we don’t know about Cruise’s personality traits? VIP demands? Expectations?

    What’s the overall message here? Fancy motorcycles. Fancy homes. Fancy gymnasiums. Fancy new orgs.

    Is DM spending our money to keep up with the Cruises?

    Is Tom Cruise “Bling” happy? Arrogant? Spoiled?

    Or is DM just crazy-MEST-happy all by himself?

  99. “I don’t think they give out SP declares anymore.”

    FOS last one issued was a few dats ago inbroad daylight on camera to protester AnonSparrow in front of DC Idle Org. Sparrow was over the moon and got it laminated.
    The next ploy they are trying to get rid of Sparrow is Kim Bellati bawwing to the police Brain Scares her and she wants a restraining order.

    Shameful as there are women that really are stalked. She should get written up for filing a false report. But heey Sparrow is ready for his day in court if it comes to it.

    Dancing with sparrows, CD

  100. The church does fit the definition of a criminal organization as it operates in present time.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Tom Cruise is PTS to DM, but gone so far into his valence that he might be PTS to himself by now. DM has always been PTS to himself, as far as I could tell.

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  103. I get that.

    I’ve had the priveledge of meeting Amy Scobee several times now and upon asking her about Cruise (whom she met numerous times), her indicators were not good.

    The one phrase she shared openly was “Believe me, there’s a reason TC hangs out with DM.”

  104. If Dianetics claims that I will have none of it.

  105. Dude! You’re on vacation! Go become a tanned god.

    Just Me

  106. Hi xcststaff;

    There was no ‘make wrong’ any where in your post. I hope I didn’t phrase anything that caused you to think that I felt that way, because I don’t.

    Thatyou had the opportunity to read LRH CST advices makes me envious, it’d be like being fly on the wall!

    I don’t suppose you or anyone here who had read those advices from LRH could give the rest of us some morsels…

  107. becomingAware

    He is using LRH spaces as his own!

    Just when I think I’ve got myself wrapped around it somewhat, it goes to a new level. Disrespect for all except himself.
    Time for him to move to a nice little island somewhere with lots of mirrors so he can admire himself and work to brainwash the sand crabs.

  108. Chuck, the only facilities and “perks” DM had in the 1980s when I worked for him was number one – me.

    I had a staff for him which was myself and 2 people at Int and 3 people in LA who also did work for ASI people. Marty’s first wife worked for me and handled DM’s laundry, room and other needs in LA.

    He had a nicer office than the other execs, but not much nicer. He shared it with his wife Shelly and there was another desk for Pat Broeker, who never used it. My office was adjoining his and there was the usual office equipment and computers.

    He had a new car every year, as did other senior execs, and he had access to the Black Van which was used to meet with Pat Broeker. DM drove himself. He never had a driver.

    His room was in the Villas and was the same size as the other senior execs until he took over RTC. At that point, he added the large “Officers Lounge” which was really his living room.

    His expenses were no way outrageous during that time. He flew commercial and rarely went anywhere prior to the RTC reorganization. He probably started flying first class at that time.

    Schedules did not mean anything for him. He went to bed when he wanted and got up when he wanted, usually working all night. His staff however had to get up on time and be at muster and study in the morning.

    From my view, his extravegence began when he befriended Tom Cruise. That was when he started spending more on himself using Church funds. Marty and others can verify this, but that was the truth from what I could see.

    The exercise building was built at that time and was supposed to be for Officers, but it meant it was for DM and the IG’s use only.

  109. Sammie,
    Fully hatted on the bail out routine…ready when you are 😉

  110. J Swift, that was amazing!

    Just Me

  111. Pekka,
    I’ve a good friend, a former Danish national champion, whose sister is married to a Finlander. My experience with them is slim, a cold winter night in a sauna with birch bows, snow dips and stuff that isn’t ready for this audience.

    No wonder the Vikings scared the shit out of the planet!

  112. Sam,
    I’ve a certainty that no matter the adventure, or perhaps mis-adventure I could get into, one look from you would let me know how to come back.

  113. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea since I listened to a lecture by David Mayo where he says LRH gave him a writeup on what to do after his death and that he would return in 25 years, which would be be 2011.

    I dont know what to believe on David Mayo, but it was interesting

  114. CD,
    Bullshit. Nebulous generalities. Hone in kitty.

  115. Jim, I love it! Leroy scores on DM. What ever
    happened to Leroy?


    WAO Marty, this is really great information and I’m sure DM will flip seen the pics….
    He has another Gym top of the line in the Hacienda in Clearwater…. nothing of this surprise me, only tell me more of what we by now know….what a PTS!!!! guy

  117. Seems to me this is flat out fraud? Soliciting “donations” for this, that and the other thing while spending millions on something else?

    I hope the following isn’t too long, but feel it is important to say.

    Last month I attended an event where the author of “The Shack” (William Paul Young) was speaking. That’s the book Marty recommended to us in his “briefing from the Shack” video on this blog.

    The event was held in a meeting hall at a local college. They had a roughly constructed plywood “stage” which was really just a big box about a foot high. Single microphone. No lighting or backdrops. They had cookies and coffee / water as refreshments. A couple of tables were set up for book signing and purchasing. And there was a donation “plate” to help cover the cost of the event. Just like in church. Otherwise it was free and no one asked for anything. I mean, you had to go FIND the plate if you wanted to contribute.

    The MC was a sweet girl, former Miss Oregon and Miss USA contestant, casually dressed. She held her own cue cards/script. Paul Young came out in a polo shirt and jeans, no make up, cue cards or anything. He spoke for maybe 60 minutes, and then opened it up for live questions and responses. Then he met one-on-one with people to sign books and chat. No entourage. For all I could tell, he came by himself.

    Young has sold some 12 million copies of his book and helped an untold number of people take a fresh look at the 8th dynamic and their relationships with God and others.

    Yet he still works a normal job and lives in a rented house in a non-luxurious Portland suburb. He’s one of the most approachable people I’ve met, he hugged me at first meeting and I knew it was genuine. He’s so humble, one of the things he said about the success of his book was that it was God’s work, he (Paul) was just “grateful for the chance to participate.” If you’ve read his book, you’ll know that is an amazing statement in itself.

    If you check out Young’s website, (http://www.windrumors.com/ and http://www.windrumors.com/the-foundation/) you know where his money goes. He has a foundation. Its purposes include but are not limited to: “the establishment of youth services programs that will provide one or more of the following: food, access to clean water, clothing, shelter, social programs and / or educational programs, to homeless, low-income and/or marginalized youths. Other youth oriented support purposes include programs involving orphanages, the establishment and ongoing facilitation of education and literacy endeavors, programs focused on issues involving human trafficking, leadership training and the promotion and expansion of involvement in the Arts and Humanities; these may be both domestic and international.”

    While he never set out to be one, Young has more spiritual “leadership” in his little pinky than Miscavige could possibly conceive of.

    By the way, he didn’t write the book to make money or garner followers. He wrote the book as a gift to his six children one Christmas. Printed 15 copies at Kinkos. Once people started reading, it took on a life of its own and he eventually published. It sold so fast he could barely keep it in stock. All with no marketing plan whatsoever. It was word of mouth.

    I’m not comparing these men’s respective religions or beliefs, just comparing how each approaches his “ministry”.

    Anyway, sorry so long, this all just struck one of those chords, you know?

  118. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    ““COB Tan Assistant” has been fully hatted to exfoliate all of the dead cells from his leathery, reptilian body.”

    Laughing My Untanned Ass Off!!!!!

    :O —–Mwahahahahaha

    Your are good, JSwift!!!


  119. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    “Probably not a tanning bed though.”

    Nope… They have a “Reverse” tanning machine.

    It gives you just the right shade of “Prison Palor”.


  120. This is great. I am sending this posting to all of my fence sitting friends so they can see for themselves where their money goes. Very soon the people sitting on the fence will be jumping off the fence onto the little midget to take their milk money back.

  121. If Camera Operator Boy is ever deposed, I hope the next person in charge will make a full accounting, from top to bottom, of all the off policy extravagances and send it to COB as a one and only TRUE freeloaders debt, if there ever was one.

    All out policy assets should then be liquidated and the money sent back to all who donated with a note that should read along the line of:

    “This time you were lucky that SOMEONE ELSE stepped in to straighten things out and get your funds back – funds that you thought were expanding Scientology. Next time, make an effort to challenge off policy actions from now on, ok pal? Its called KSW.”

    God, I am so pissed right now. I hope Camera Boy gets his willy caught in the Nautilus machine. On second thought, he is most likely not likely to get that thing caught in much of anything, except his own zipper, if extremely lucky.


  122. martyrathbun09

    I think the earlier beginning is when LRH died.

  123. Jim: “Still others, Ramset the IV, forever ours in popsicle. ”

    OMFG Jim…that is the best fucking line I’ve read in a long, long time.

    Sir, you are a piece of work! I cannot even articulate what that image has done for my perspective on life at this moment.

    I bow to your genius.

  124. Cat Daddy, this guy is what I’m talking about.
    I dont get what this accomplishes. It’s just gets people responding in that tone level of hate, and that doesnt ever lead to a good place. It never has, ever.

    I dont get what the purpose of this is. If it has any positive purpose it fails because it’s bad PR.

    The people at that org are not what is wrong with Scientology. It’s a wrong target.

    Local Class V orgs are a wrong target. Anon guys like this “Sparrow” think they are inside plotting against him. It’s just some people studying and doing some auditing and really benign stuff.

    It seems this guy thinks all Scientologists are the same (A=A=A) and they are all evil and all plotting against him.

    If this guy has some greivences why doesnt he present them in a sane and reasonable way so people can receive and understand and evaluate his opinions? Screaming through a megaphone the same stuff over and over (XENU!! LISA MCPHERESON!!)

    I think that he is keyed in. (see HCOB “Nature and Formation of the GPM”)

    Who keyed him in and who is keeping him restimulated is the question.

    Dont take this personally. You seem to be willing to have some ARC and be reasonable, which is actually the opposite of what I’m talking about here. I do wonder how genuine some of your posts are considering you (I assume) have hopes for Scientology that are more in agreement with Anonymous than with most of the posters here, being ex-staff and members of the Church.

    At my org, I would be “On Course” (in study) with like 10 other people who mostly come in after work a few hours a night and study through their courses. I would look out the window and see Anonymous with their freaky masks, dressed in black yelling at everybody. It just wasnt right. It was a wrong target.

    There was one guy who would just go nuts, he sounded like Hitler or something. He would just screeam at the building for about an hour. He would bring his wife and young child who would stand there and watch him.

    The Class V orgs are not the problem. They are supressed and cannot function properly. They are forced to host events and IAS reges that support COB, but other than that it is just some people who are working a lot for no money because they want to do something about our society in decline and help people.

    So, to sum up- I think protesting the orgs is a wrong target.

  125. Bingo bango.

  126. PTS?
    On a good day! Having done all three of the PTS courses, having read every entry on this blog, scientologycult.com and other sites, I would confidently offer up David Misgavige as suppressive person.

    He will not go in session and based on what I have read that was real to me, he has not been in session for a very long time. He attacks and crushes anyone that he thinks might expose his numerous and continuing crimes. He is delusional beyond all get and even you Marty, in earlier posts, said his outbursts were totally unpredictable. No one ever never knows when his wrath will reveal itself. From the many write-up I have read of very upstat former staff members, this sorry excuse for a human being invalidates any up statistic that is presented to him or steals if for his own glory. Betrayal is his normal operating basis. And of course, the ultimate give-away, he is so 1.1 (covertly hostile) that he is a superstar to the unenlightened. Apparently he has a social tone to die for, literally. My best pun ever! As LRH said, “They can be very convincing.”

    He ruins lives, takes the most dedicated SO members and RPF’s them. Yea, the guys with enough integrity to speak up or write KR’s were the first to get knocked out, including many of the formerly upstat mission holders. He splits up families, kills little babies before they are born…has his venom in one of the most successful celebrities ever in the history of Hollywood…and continues to suck his blood. Another name, another reference; “The Aberrrated Personality”, if you recall the PAB (Professional Auditors Bulliten) issue of that title. He is psychotic. The psychologists call it, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He is living, breathing and emulating evil intentions and the outcome of his actions are the proof. Ruined lives, dreams, and hopes of spiritual awareness and helping others.

    Stuck, stuck, stuck. Look at his products. Sick and dying OT’s. Dead registrars. A gulag at the Ind Base.
    I will add this caveat in deference and respect to you Marty. I have not read any tech data on L12 but from all that I have read by LRH, I do truly believe this guy is a stone cold SP, the likes of which would be very devastating to many more…if his false reign of power were to continue. I believe it’s time to run for cover Mr. Mistrust as the truth in this case will not set you free. Thanks to Marty, Mike and the other brave souls that are speaking sooth.

  127. This is interesting. I personally don’t know DM and have never met him, so I can’t make an eyewitness account on how he operates. For all I know, he IS a kind, benevolent leader. I do know that when I was in the SO as a lowly foot soldier at AOLA, his direct actions brought a lot of pain and suffering to different terminals at the org and other Sea Org members from other Orgs, even me on a few occasions. I won’t get into detail on that point.

    Because I had dedicated around 5 years of my life in Scientology on staff or the Sea Org(in my young to mid 20s nonetheless), I am much interested in what goes on in the church. I read pretty much everybody’s accounts on DM who worked with him, and also the Church’s accounts on how great he is. I see a bunch of lies from the Church, not because I am dissafected, because I observed a much different scene then the Church promotes. (unhappy staff, divorces, lots of shouting, disconnection, out 2-d, people not moving up the bridge, most staff seemed to be on the “ethics side” of the bridge, etc.) shoot I never have done the purif, since I was on the road travelling alot(not totally a bad deal actually). The people who speak out against DM, seem to have their stories aligned well and I tend to believe those folks alot more, as I see their stories come from the heart, and have experienced that culture somewhat. I know staff members will lie to cover DMs behind.

    Anyway, last night I was reading the Bhagavad Gita, since I am planning a trip to India and would like to learn more about the Hindu religion before I travel there, I ran into an interesting chapter. Its chapter 16 “Two Paths” but reading it some verses describe DM as Marty, and others I have read describe him, it kind of hit me, as I now understand, why he must be stopped, and who he is. Then today this blog comes out and I thought I would share it, I’m not going to write every passage, just a few key ones I thought were applicable to what has been talked about DM for the past year or so but I recommend reading the whole chapter(sorry its not LRH, and sorry if this passage has been covered before somewhere), this is Krishna speaking to Arjuna:

    4-Other qualities, Arjuna, make a person more inhuman: hypocrisy, arrogance, conceit, anger, cruelty, ignorance.

    7- The demonic do things they should avoid and avoid things they should do, They have no sense of uprightness, purity, or truth.

    10-Hypocritical, proud, and arrogant, living in delusion, and clinging to deluded ideas, insatiable in their desires, they pursue their unclean ends.

    12-Bound on all sides by scheming and anxiety, driven by anger and greed, they amass by any means they can a hoard of money for the satisfaction of their cravings.

    13- “I got this today” they say; tomorrow I shall get that. This wealth is mine, and that will be mine too. 14- I have destroyed my enemies. I shall destroy others too! Am I not like God? I enjoy what I want. I am successful. I am powerful. 15-I am happy. I am rich and well-born. Who is equal to me? I will perform sacrifices and give gifts, and rejoice in my own generosity. This is how they go on deluded by ignorance. 16- Bound by their greed and entangled in a web of delusion, whirled about by a fragmented mind, they fall into a dark hell.

    17- Self important, obstinate, swept away by the pride of wealth, they ostentatiously perform sacrifices without any regard for their purpose. 18- Egotistical, violent, arrogant, lustful, angry, envious of everyone, they abuse my presence within their own bodies and in the bodies of others.

    There are other passages that are interesting in the chapter also. But this is just my 2 cents. Hope everyone has a wonderful week:)

  128. This little prick, dm, has caused more harm and angst than is measurable. Where does it end?

  129. Cured Robot

    I suppose his tanned appendage is making him more desirable to Lou and Jennifer and w/e sluts he’s accommodating in his unchecked insanities. Can you imagine LRH being so vain? Never would he stoop to such means with parishioner money, yet here we are, up front and center witnessing this atrocity.

    Very sick obsession, he must think he’s a movie star who has to go to extremes to glorify his body to attract the masses. My guess is he’ll try to appear in one of TC’s productions. But unlike the DMbots so hypnotized by his “power”, the general public will see right through this charade of his innately ugly cold hearted bloody vengeful soul and his tanned appendage won’t help him.

    Face it he is no heart throb but possibly could win the SP of the year award by reenacting some of the atrocities committed at the Int base in a movie. Well possibly he could outdo Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs and become Sir David Miscaviage but the Queen of England would never stoop as low as there is such a thing as real life vs. acting and the midget has over stepped those boundaries.

  130. I used to come down from CST and work with the HU people around that time, as we were finishing up the LRH houses at the Rim forest and trementina sites. I remember seeing TC’s Porsche from time to time parked infront of CMO GOLD. I think that is when he was first really getting into Scientology? The only way i knew that it was TC’s is that it was the “buzz” around the base.

  131. Joe Pendleton

    And the beat goes on. Throughout history, you can depend on kings/dictators (from the Pharoahs to Saddam Hussein) loving at least two things: Erecting buildings/monuments to themselves and living in the lap of luxuty. And if they like chicks, also surrounding themselves with as many women to use as they can. And so it goes with Chairman Dave.

    Of course, he can only do it if he’s got the cash, baby. And apparently, church members pretty much can’t say no. And Davey is very, VERY clever about money, believe me.

    When I first joined staff in 1970, the org had to sell services to make money. And remember, people did no do “repeat training” in those days. $500 for HSDC, which took up to a year or more for some people to finish, and then they were regged for their Academy Levels, which were $1,000 (a big tab in those days)- that’s $1,000 total for all five levels, which I think were $250 each if you got them separately. A big mission like the Davis mission made lots of money by getting TONS of new people in and after a comm course, selling them Life Repair ($1,500 package as I recall) and then the HSDC.

    And….satisfied pcs also bought auditing, and usually many intensives. In the late 70s, we had the center fielder of the local major league baseball team walk into the org off a radio ad and buy a whole string of intensives, delivered from our top auditor (and we had many cycles of affluent folks buying lots of auditing).

    I mention all these in terms of what Miscavige did to “re-route” this money flow. You can refer to the infamous 1982 San Francisco mission holder’s meeting (easily found on the internet) as Miscavige crushed the mission holders, kicked out the great disseminators like Samuels and Wimbush and their “indpendent” base of money and power in Scientology. And then on a very steady gradient, the Flag Land Base was established as a substitue for delivery of Scientology to ALL affluent public around the world, supplanting the orgs. Flag Registrars were stationed at orgs to get the money re-routed.

    Not only to Flag. It was soon established that if you wanted your metering or internship certs recognized by the SO, you’d have to do them at an SO Org. Thus began the myth (and the money-making enterprise) of “Flag Trained.”

    ALL of this taking service delivey and money AWAY from the orgs and TO the SO service orgs. All MORE money moving to Miscavige and company.

    Almost the final insult – the step in the OT Ambassadors Program of 2009 for the OT Amb’s to route pc’s to Flag for their grades (superior auditing of course).

    Dig? Orgs arent’s even supposed to deliver grades in the HGC anymore (and they can’t deliver eligability and many other actions either). GET THE MONEY TO THE CENTRAL LOCATION. The org not only has to send a large part of its GI uplines anyway, but now has to forfeit its public (again, this has been going on for 30 + years).

    And of course, TONS of potential money that public might donate to the org, they are forced to give to the IAS, Super Power, Book donos, etc.

    Anyone still wonder how Dave gets his money?

    And he did it all step by step, one step at a time…and an earlier post was right – one is not even allowed to “not be enthusiastic” about all this or you’re called on it. To ethics, OWS, Sec checks (MONEY!!!!)

    This all needs to be hit on the legal front and on the PR front.

    The PR buttons are abuse of children and child labor violations, breaking up families with disconnection, forced divorces and abortions. THESE are the buttons that need to be pushed with any and all media outlets.

    Mis-appropriation of religious funds is VERY hard to make stick (free exercise of religion clause in the First Amendment to the Constitution), but can sometimes be done, as in the Jim Bakker case (I like Bakker by the way – he takes money, but is NICE to people and gives them pleasure and comfort at least).

    Get some interested lawyers willing to sue to get back ALL donations on the basis of some fraud. EXPOSE all the mis-use of money – embarass the hell out of Tom Cruise.

    Listen – it’s certainly fine with me that people have nice things (I have a different viewpoint in my own life – personally I have hardly any mest – I use my money to travel the world, but that’s what I enjoy) – LRH had stuff, but HE EXCHANGED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!BIG TIME!!!!

    Miscavige gets his stuff by making offers people can’t refuse – capisce?

    (And I LOVE Italy by the way).

  132. Joe Pendleton

    And now I can’t get the term “COB THONG” out of my head – jeez!!!!!

    That’s not the new release, is it?

  133. Shelly,

    Your post was not too long and very theta!

  134. Mark Fisher

    Well Marty everything rolls back to when LRH died, but he started on a gradient getting more and more out of control. He didn’t just start spending extravagently.

    That didn’t start until later.

    I think as he got more and more people who would object off the lines (former Messengers) and had people like Ray, Yager and Guillaume under his thumb, f0llowed by the IRS tax exemption, he felt more and more comfortable committing financial irregularities for his benefit and his benefit alone.

    At first it was under the guise of “Officers Lounge” or the the Pool Room in MCI was for “Officers use”, when it reality it was for his personal use and the people he let in. The staff at the base at the time could see it.

    Later came the personal drivers, armour plated vehicles, private planes etc etc and now he has taken it to the extreme. He is living like a billionaire based on money donated by Church public.

  135. Your humble servant


    Thank you. I 100% agree with your sentiments here. CD may have a point, but if the church is acting badly in some respects, it appears that the criminal Miscavige is responsible for bringing about those bad actions, with the unwitting or misguided assistance of the many who are PTS to him. Therefore, we should not condemn the church but get rid of Miscavige and set things right–a goal that CD agrees with.

  136. Martin Gibson

    Fair enough Cat Daddy. I thought it might also cover the ‘stuck in the hole’ thing (humour, boarish)

  137. Do you think DM set you up in the bar? Was the waitress paid to spike your drinks? Were those tourists PIs?

  138. Dear Marty, this is a reply to a comment written by BoBo,who claims to know and mentions data allegedly contained in the class VIII materials. His statement is totally inaccurate!!! I suggest he avoids to make such blunders in the future! I know these materials, I doubt he does!

  139. Extortion,Terror, false imprisonment, childlabor, slavelabor, fraud, embezzlement and so on and so forth.

  140. Shelly, thanks so much for this account. I love people like him. His priorities are right. No wonder the event (and the man) made an impression.

  141. Jim
    If I don’t give you that look in time I’ll bail you out after the fact anytime 🙂

  142. J Swift,
    COB Tanning Assistant. Lube, er, lotion. Too much to mention in hilariousnessosity. Superb.

  143. David LC,
    Merci monsieur.

    Here’s another for ya. The ‘IAS’ (It’s A Sin) statue recently removed from SH was an odd mixture of a short man, nekkid, with David Miscavige’s build and a head half him, one quarter who knows, and a smattering of LRH like stuff. It claimed to be LRH standing tall at just over 5 foot, a shield on one arm and a torch held up in the other.

    At first I and veritas looked away at the picture Sam had put up of this ‘thing’. It was too much. Too grotesque.

    As we tried to block it out, Sammy in sweet relief pointed out ‘He’s got no willy’ and broke the black enchantment.

  144. CD,
    Jesus H. Murphy, “If Dianetics claims that…”

    You haven’t even read Book One!? How on earth can you look in a mirror with all the negative bs you’ve posted on ESMB and various places and you haven’t read the first book?!

    Neils, Cat Daddy, Anon Kat and whatever else you go by, that’s slack dude.

  145. Shelly,
    Wonderful post, and just the right length 🙂

  146. Centurion,
    Bang on! David Miscavige IS a freeloader.

  147. Today’s Boston Globe front page center headline above the fold, kicker headlines and pull quotes:

    A Call to Catholics to ‘come home’ again

    Boston Diocese aims ad campaign at inactive parishioners

    “Outreach … is a great thing to do, but I’ve seen too many times them say one thing and do another.”

    “I go to church, I want to talk about Jesus, and all they seem to talk about is money, money, money.”

    My, my. Sounds like a global revolution, doesn’t it?

    Just Me

  148. dfb, awesome post! I agree 100%.

    I sometimes think with “Anonymous” that their apparent lack of organisation could well be their biggest PR flaw. Whether they like it or not, they ARE “a group”, but made up of different people with different issues, with different purposes for protesting. It is all well and good for CD, etc., to post here that one of it’s aims is “Freedom of Speech” (which may well be his/hers), but when a DDoS attack is then launched shutting down a number of websites it just comes across as blatant hypocrisy. In the same way that “Freedom of Religion” is supposedly sought – hearing accusatory screams of “Brainwashed! Brainwashed!” as I walk into an Org doesn’t really fit.

  149. CD, just give it a rest, why do you like being beat up? You don’t know enough about it and refuse to learn more. Makes no sense.

  150. ROTFL. 🙂

  151. Good God, you guys, I can not get up off the floor -laughing, rolling, kicking. I start my day holding these visions and nothing serious can replace them. Hahahahahaha!

  152. Watching Eyes

    I laughed out loud when I read your comment. The term “cob thong” is hilarious but the visual on it is revolting. Uh-oh, now you might get that one stuck in your head! LOL.

    ps. New release? If the dwarf could make money on them he’d sell this little thongs in the bookstores.

  153. Virgil,
    Very appropriate LRH quote!

    This certainly also applies to the US government, especially considering the grotesque lies surrounding the false-flag event of 9 years ago.


  154. Just Me,

    Leaving Friday. Ah, the wonders of the internet.

    Pictures will be forthcoming–maybe I can post a couple on John’s site. Still don’t know how this all works. Have to get my teens to tutor me.

    As for becoming a tanned god: being worshipped sucks–for example, getting drool out of the carpet is just yucky. And the expectations!
    You can’t go out and get drunk without someone yapping on and on, filling the world with doubt. Much easier being a low-life scumbag thug, which makes exceeding expectations very easy.


  155. Shelly,

    Ooops. The above post went to the wrong slot.

    As to your post, I actually wanted to read more. Fascinating stuff.


  156. Just snorted my tea!

  157. “He’ll say it is per LRH ED 339R, THINK IN FUTURES.”

    Well, the first pic DOES look like a fitting casket for DM… 😉

  158. Thought Provoking

    Good post, Joe!

  159. Thought Provoking


    Thanks for your input. Glad to hear that you’ve get your integrity intact through it all.

  160. Man, I’d just sat down with my first cuppa, not even drunk it yet and I read this! Bloody hell, hahaha, almost spit my first sip out. Wot a picture.

    This led me to wonder if there was such a thing as an acronym generator online and sure enough, ask and google shall provide. So here’s what the new rundown stands for;


    Yes sir, I do believe this is what the new rundown is, thong is code for the EP… and all this time I thought those were implant chairs in the so new it doesn’t even exist, super-power building!


  161. LOL!!! Oh my! This is comedy gold. 🙂

  162. It’s a fair question. I’ve partied pretty hard in NO myself, never been fed shots of freakin’ everclear… that’s the stuff a poisoning is made of.

  163. Point taken and learn to spell my name right 😉

    I am on it: http://tinyurl.com/232638q

  164. I am afaraid of the mirror Jim , somebody always stares back at me. 😉

  165. Boyd H. I am talking about the C of S not Scientology as a body of knowledge.

    I agreee with Marty’s view. Church is dead. Build it up from Scratch.

  166. Martin Gibson

    I wonder if Miscavage looks upon Cruise as a fellow artist. I mean those events, his acting is phenomenal. If Tom stayed above DM tone wise DM would cave in or follow. If Tom was too far below they would not have enough reality. I dont fully get the PTS data yet but I recall Marty describing how DM used validation and overwhelming out-exchange flows to Tom to drive him down scale. Add to that David using aesthetics re:tanning re:hair dresser I assume thats a theta trap.

  167. With a freeloader debt of about 200 milion plus.

    blownforgood (BFG) on WWP

    “I saw a blog up recently that had some posts up on what Scilons fees are used to buy. I think that is a GREAT idea. A Scilon might not like to hear about how David Miscavige beats people, treats staff like dogs and is generally a big prick, but that is not necessarily going to make them leave Scilonville. If they are trying to make the payment on two mortgages and feed their kids and figure out where they are going to come up with next month’s school tuition, I am sure they are going to want to listen when they hear where their money goes that they gave to Scilonville.

    David Miscavige controls all of the finances of Scilonville worldwide. Nobody makes a move unless he says and if he says that something gets bought, then it gets bought no questions asked. Just to start this off real good – lets’ make a list of the things that he has directed to spend money on and we will throw some average figures next to these things and start a tally. I am going to list things of that I know were bought. I am not going to list things I do not know about. This is not to say that this is the entire list, but only the ones I could think of while writing this. If I don’t know the exact cost, I will put a questions mark next to it and someone who knows the costs can join in and I will adjust it.

    Here we go.

    Item: Value
    Acura RL – Int Base $50,000.00
    Acura TSX – Int Base $35,000.00
    Mazda Miata $25,000.00
    Range Rover $80,000.00
    Bullet proof GMC Van $150,000.00
    New RTC Building – sitting empty $15,000,000.00
    Redoing Music Studio at Gold – 3 times $5,000,000.00
    House for LRH (Built two decades after death) $10,000,000.00
    Birthday Party for Tom Cruise aboard Freewinds 2004 $250,000.00
    Birthday Party for Tom Cruise aboard Freewinds 2005 $250,000.00
    Flights for David Miscavige & staff for events only (past ten years ) $20,000,000.00
    SP Building in CW $100,000,000.00
    Fort Harrison Renovations $40,000,000.00
    David Miscavige personal berthing building purchase in Hollywood $4,600,000.00
    David Miscavige’s office sound systems throughout the world $ 10,000,000.00
    Custom hand crafted motorcycle custom made for DM $ 25,000.00
    Renovations at Hacienda Gardens for Dave Miscavige berthing $100,000.00
    Average cost of suit worn by David Miscavige $5,000.00
    BMW M6 bought for him by ASI for birthday $110,000.00
    Acura – CW one that sits around most of year $45,000.00

    Total costs of crap bought or ordered bought by David Miscavige = $ 205,725,000.00

    Look on David Miscavige’s face when he sees this list on the Internet PRICELESS!

    Just this short list of what David Miscavige has spent money on in last 10 years would be enough to pay All Sea Org members around the world minimum wage for one year! Now we can see why they get paid so little. David Miscavige claims that he is in the Sea Org and has the rank of Captain. I think he is just rank period.

    Until next time…


  168. Kris,
    Much thanks for the passages and their truths.

  169. Grasshopper

    So, here’s what I think: Why not think of the money on account and in the IAS as a sunk cost, and move on? Or at least, convert it and buy books and lectures?

    An awful lot of time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears can be spent screwing around with refunds when perhaps the better option is to live life?

    It is very easy to get into a games condition regarding all of this – but, I believe that taking the high road is the better option. Just by having the high-powered, high-toned beings here and elsewhere withdraw support and create anew will be enough to bring down the beast.

  170. Sam! I just realized that’s why the SH statue is gone! It’s been taken down to put on a COB THONG of course, because ‘he’s got no willy’!!!

  171. “Another name, another reference; “The Aberrrated Personality”, if you recall the PAB (Professional Auditors Bulliten) issue of that title. He is psychotic. The psychologists call it, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

    Yes PAB 13 (about the Anti Social personality) and Anti social Personality Disorder have many points in common.

    And the Malignant Narcissist is a very special brand: Destructive Selflove to the Max

  172. “…kicked out the great disseminators like Samuels and Wimbush and their “indpendent” base of money and power in Scientology…”

    Really??? Kingsley Wimbush was a squirrel of epic proportions. Just Google “de-dinging”. In addition to that, Wimbush had his own staff members paying him part of their staff pay as part of some “flow power to power” crap. That name still brings about a reaction on the old Stevens Creek staff.

  173. Agree, most Hurricanes call for 151 rum along with a couple of different ingredients and not everclear. However, everclear is cheaper and more potent.

  174. Martin,
    You can look at this relationship from all sorts of angles. Several of these have been posted on this thread, the one from Penny on the technical points of an SP/Aberrative Personality (from the Pro Auditor’s Bulletin On Human Behaviour) as well as the Narcissistic personality. The one from Kris quoting passages from the B.G. and so on.

    Here’s another angle, using the datum from the Factors, that of the particle of admiration.

    This particle, created as is any other, by theta, is quite interesting. Its absence alone permits persistence. It’s presence permits communication, distance, space and so on. Take it away and that space collapses and persists in that collapsed state.

    The whole reason overts and withheld ‘transgressions’ persist is lack or scarcity of admiration.

    Not aware of the ability to create as much admiration as they want, some beings can’t seem to face up to what they’ve done. Take DM. He can’t actually create admiration himself, especially considering all the ooky O/Ws he’s busy not admiring/admitting. Those suck up that ability with the not-is of them. So, who does get admiration? Tom Cruise. Align with him, by a meting out of praise/admiration, and engender with false PR/accomplishments, admiration from him, and you’ve got a hellish two-terminal scenario locked into a scarcity but craving for this particle.

    Now, why would that craving occur? A scarcity. An inversion as they descended the scale on ability to create the particle to a point where they need it from an exterior source to a must having it to a can’t have it as it’s scarce to a rejection of it, since it doesn’t exist in quantity and can’t now be created ( or so they are convinced).

    The solution? A duplication of the exact problem – creation of admiration.

    And especially admiration of those things that are not admirable. That’s why they persist.

    Marty, willing as he was to put up his li’l adventure in New Orleans, made the smart play overall – he faced head-on his actual actions and with a viewpoint of full responsibility for any and all actions, and sufficient recognition of Cause, with sufficient admiration, will as-is the whole thing, and move on.

    DM can’t do that. TC is not doing it and with low-toned ARC with DM, well, there is mass created and aberration persists.

    So, there’s another angle. The bottom line is David Miscavige is a whole track, long-term, vicious and cleverly convincing Suppressive Person. Tom Cruise is PTS to him, for reasons explained in the PTS Rundown and Suppressed Person Rundown. DM can’t as-is bank, lacking admiration, and his attachment to TC is an attempt at gaining some so help with that ossified bank.

  175. “Cat Daddy, this guy is what I’m talking about.
    I dont get what this accomplishes. It’s just gets people responding in that tone level of hate, and that doesnt ever lead to a good place. It never has, ever.”

    Making them face their own being in agreement with RTC. As .long as Slappy is inpower it is a C of M implant station.

    “but when a DDoS attack is then launched shutting down a number of websites it just comes across as blatant hypocrisy.”

    Yes it does and it was the wrong taget but I still find it lulzy

    Hence the Advice the listend to Mark Bunker and the strategy change.


    “Anon guys like this “Sparrow””Alsoo EX-Scientologist specificly Ex-Stafmember at DC-Org

    “So, to sum up- I think protesting the orgs is a wrong target.”

    My viewpoint is diametricly oposed to yours. That’s okay you can do other things.

    “There was one guy who would just go nuts, he sounded like Hitler or something. He would just screeam at the building for about an hour. He would bring his wife and young child who would stand there and watch him.”

    I think you refer to Tommy Gorman who’s wife was raped at age 16 by For my part he shouts that building to smitterines.


    “Who keyed him in and who is keeping him restimulated is the question.”

    If you really want an answer the COS keyed him in his very unpleasant time on staff.

    “In the same way that “Freedom of Religion” is supposedly sought – hearing accusatory screams of “Brainwashed! Brainwashed!” as I walk into an Org doesn’t really fit.”

    I am not my brothers keeper however ther is NO rekligion to be found INSIDe the C of M.

    Ideal Org are an extention of the RTC and there for protestnmaterial.

    It is no Clas V Org any longer it is an Miscavige Implant station.

  176. martyrathbun09

    CD, You’ve made your case. You’ve noticed that I don’t let some of your “raid” videos on the blog. The reason is the very objections some of these guys have raised. This over the top, in-your-face business on innocent public and staff is counterproductive. It not only turns off the participants in this blog, it reinforces DM’s power. Please have a look at the post The Great Middle Path of several months ago. It holds true today. Here we are giving you a lot of give and take. And yet, I and we get very nothing but insult in return. If you spent as much effort tempering the haters as you you do attempting to condition indpendents to their point of view, I would respect you a whole hell of a lot more.

  177. Marty,

    Here’s another song.
    If I shouldnt use these pics let me know and I’ll just take them out.

    I will mix these songs properly and put them on a website at some point.

  178. I dont know how to do it so it shows up in the post. Is this it? It’s the Youtube “embed” link.

  179. OTater/GaryLerner


    Please stop mentioning his “tanned appendage”. It’s giving me the “willies”!

  180. martyrathbun09

    DFB, unbelievable the way you crank this stuff out so fast. Wow.

  181. L-O-V-E I-T !!!!

  182. Hey DFB,

    I like all your songs. I actually downloaded some from youtube and we are listening to them at home and in the car. (Hope you don’t mind)


  183. Fellow Traveller

    Kris —

    Terrific comment and input. Thanks. Universal truths are universal.

    I’m a bit curious about your studies of Hinduism.

    Have you discovered yet that it is a large family of mutually respectful religions? Not really a set of denominations, but much more like a set of religions. And based on my discussions with those from India, most of those religions themselves are in fact monotheistic, but that they respect or recognize in some fashion the other religions’ deity, gets them labeled in the west as polytheistic.

    Boy was my comparative religions course off base on “Hinduism.”

    Bruce Pratt

  184. COB Thong and “every inch of his body” are now indelible classics! 🙂

  185. hush hush right 😉

  186. That was directed at Jim of course

  187. Thanks.

    I am going to put them all in one place with higher bit-rate files at some point.

    Soundclick used to be good for that. I think I still have an account. Later tonight if I can.

  188. European Scotch!!!?

    Cat Daddy – Scotch whisky comes only from Scotland. I don’t think that my hairy-faced, kilt-wearing, Haggis-munching neighbours would appreciate you implying that it is a generic ‘European’ product.

    Apparently DM only drinks single malts – no blended ‘rubbish’ for him!


  189. Mark,

    There are other aspects which was off base which you didn’t necessarily see. I maintained another vehicle, a Nissan truck with a camper shell on it as the Black van could not go to other facilities we had not in LA or Int which was assigned to him. DM was also “R accounts” and controlled & disbursed money for LRH personal expenses, aside from “Mission funds” which we were operating from. This was prior to the IAS and DM’s personal slush funds.

    Not sure if you remember, but Sarge posted this a bit ago: “Gonna get sudden. I have never seen anything more disgusting to me than the way Pat Broeker and DM spent money that did not belong to them. Pat was the biggest’ hobby horser’ I ever saw and DM had his head up Pat’s ass. They were the bobsey twins with gold and diamond everything.

    “Just before I went to Creston Pat and DM ran a money thing on me. I was taken to Beverly Hills to a fancy restaurant, the valet parked the Van. Why? We had a very expensive meal. I was supposed to be impressed. Wasn’t. Then I was told to pull a twenty dollar bill out of my wallet and burn it in the ash tray. They both laughed at me because they said I was too frugal and needed to learn that money was not a problem and to buy nothing but the best. To me that was waste. I know if it were up to them I would not have been on those lines as I was too honest. Had it not been for LRH I would not have been at Creston.” His post is at: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/05/23/all-that-glitters-is-not-gold/

    I concur with Marty on this about the earlier beginning.

    I arrived at Creston the early morning after LRH passed. Most of us were in total shock and suppressed grief. Met Annie after not seeing her for 6 years and she was sitting on the floor of the bunkhouse, talking to Shelly and crying.

    There were two guys who were happy and joking around: David Miscavige and Pat Broeker. What’s wrong with that picture?

    The Officer’s lounge at the Lower Villas was Pat and Annie’s room (who they took over from DeDe Reisdorf, former CO CMO), which DM converted to his own den. It had a fancy hardwood custom wet bar and kitchenette, burgundy velvet drapes and walls, hardwood floors and fancy oriental rugs. It was lined with huge framed event photos, the biggest being the ’93 IRS event. There was also a baby grand piano which I’ve never heard him playing. The audio system had 10K Infinity reference speakers which is top of the line, along with Mark Levinson amps etc.

    Both lounges had big screen TVs with satellite feeds, AV systems which crew were not supposed to watch. He also had nintendo games hooked up which no one else was supposed to have as LRH had talked derogatorily of video games and wasting time doing that. There are accounts among Exs where he was playing video games while others were toiling sleeplessly.

    XCS: Yes, that was Tom Cruise’s custom charcoal 911 Porsche you saw at the Star of Callifornia’s minuscle parking lot. He also drove a Land Rover and a Nissan Pathfinder for those times he wanted to be less conspicuous in 1990.

  190. one of those who see

    Kris, wonderful post. I have a copy of the Bhagavad Gita somewhere. Gonna have to find it.

    I have to admit that my confront of evil has been quite weak. I do have trouble seeing it for what it is. Realized that this really needs to be remedied for my better survival. So, reading and rereading LRH on the subject. This reference you posted is good too. Thanks!

  191. Lol at Glibness

    “Aggressive narcissism
    This is Factor 1 in the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, which includes the following traits:

    Glibness/superficial charm
    Grandiose sense of self-worth
    Pathological lying
    Lack of remorse or guilt
    Callous/lack of empathy
    Failure to accept responsibility for own actions”

  192. LOL. Jim are you trying to flatten DMs buttons you rascal?

  193. >The one phrase she shared openly was “Believe me, there’s a reason TC hangs out with DM.”

    Oh my, is TC the “COB Tan Assistant”? 😯

  194. Jim,
    Think he’d ever agree to a match? LOL
    Wow, you did respect my skim-the-net -slam and table-edge-ricochet! 🙂
    Thank you for framing our exchanged look of mutual horrification over that atrocity on twinkle toes carrying a torch and IAS shield… I have been smiling nonstop thanks to you this morning.
    You are immense and 100% alive. We are like drops of water on the wicked witch of the west.

  195. DFB, another airport lounge and delayed flight — and YOUR MUSIC! You’re in the zone, man. Please stay there.
    Just Me

  196. Well it looks like part of DM’s master plan, dating back to the early ’80’s – was to drive a wedge between orgs and the field, including missions, paint all field auditors as squirrel, and force under heavy ethics threats a continual flow of money to Int. for whatever reason. Speaking of missions – I was a staff member at Stevens Creek Mission from 1972-1975, when Wimbush was the ED. Speaking from my own experience, I did not see him much, I was 21 years old, working in Div 6 with the HAS course under my belt, in the middle of Life Repair. The mission expanded so much in those few years we had to move from the small Harold Avenue building (anyway out there remember that place?) to the Stevens Creek Boulevard location. I do remember John Woodruff though, and he was a real catalyst in the Mission.

  197. Richard Reed

    ‘Love the song, David Miscavige is such a ‘wannabe Tom Cruise… I sincerely regret any money that I ever gave that may have been used to fund this type of nonsense; this is a fine example of how church money should NOT be used to benefit only the “C.OB.”.

  198. Martin Gibson

    Thanks Jim, I dont know what ‘B.G.’ means… I follow most of what you said, its a little difficult for me to duplicate the entire post though. I will take a little time to dissect and digest it. A thought did occur though that to Tom this may be a real friendship, but to DM it is a betrayal of Toms affinity, he is using Tom. When Tom spots that I would not want to be in DMs or the CofS PR offices shoes.

  199. He’s sort of destroying everything starting farthest away until everything is close to him and under his control (grades at Flag etc).

    It’s like the opposite of expansion.

  200. The C of S is an idea and bodies of knowledge too. You seriously think you’re going to gain agreement to burn everything to the ground and start over? There’s no way to do that. Any idea how many people would stop you?

  201. Jean-François (JF)

    OnceUponaTime, Very funny satire 🙂

  202. I really can’t resist commenting on Tommy Gorman and his wife Jennifer, since I knew Gabe Williams very well. He was a roommate at one time, along with his now ex-wife Angela who was really wonderful. This whole episode is so sad, and it could have been so easily avoided if only the staff had gotten basic auditing like even flying ruds. In that org, the staff were regged to pay for their auditing if they ever wanted it, and it certainly forced me off staff in a hurry because of the resulting financial stress. Gabe’s case never got handled, and the result was criminal in more ways than one.

    Tommy obviously feels that he is defending his wife’s honor by protesting with Anonymous. Certainly we can all understand his feelings. OSA, for their part, almost continually dumps gasoline on this fire, rather than handling Tommy with actual Scientology. OK, plenty of people can criticize Tommy for attacking the wrong target. Are there any trained auditors in the Bay Area willing to step up and take some responsibility for handling Tommy? If not, I guess we will let him continue on. That would be sad, since I think the “church” uses his attacks to further the siege mentality in the “parishioners”.

  203. Jean-François (JF)

    At first, I thought it was his coffin.
    It sure looks like one.

  204. I’ll bet Ron Miscavige Snr. had a blast picking out all that new equipment. Ron was/is an exercise freak and we used to talk about different exercises, crazy fitness equipment and strongmen from the past.

    And by the way, is it just me or does that tanning bed look somewhat like a high tech coffin?

  205. dfb99, I am working on lyrics for “The COB Thong Song.” Will you set it to song?

  206. “Stuff that isn’t ready for this audience” ?? Yep, that’s Finland! Even the Russians were afraid…

    You’re a good man, Jim!

  207. Oh gosh yes, Winbush was nuts. Nearly all major city public were de-dinging as if everyone was PTS to everyone. Those were scarey days, lol!

  208. Cured Robot

    I apologize for this, the guy just disgusts me so much, start talking trash, won’t happen again.

  209. Boyh H. LRH said so.

    The Creation of Human Ability, L. Ron Hubbard, 1953.

    “Society, thirsting for more control of more people substitutes religion
    for the spirit, the body for the soul, an identity for the individual
    and science and data for truth. In this direction lies insanity,
    increasing slavery, less knowingness, greater scarcity and less society.

    “Scientology has opened the gates to a better World. It is not a
    psycho-therapy nor a religion. It is a body of knowledge which, when
    properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.”


    Fundamentals of Thought, L. Ron Hubbard, 1956, Bridge Publishing, 1983 edition, p. 55.

    Probably the greatest discovery of Scientology and its most forceful
    contribution to mankind has been the isolation, description and handling
    of the human spirit, accomplished in July, 1951, in Phoenix Arizona. I
    [emphasis added] that the thing which is the person, the personality, is
    separable from the body and the mind at will and without causing bodily
    death or derangement.


    Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter (HCOPL) 29 Oct. 1962, “Religion”

    “Scientology 1970 is being planned on a religious organization basis
    throughout the world. This will not upset in any way the usual
    activities of any organization. It is entirely a matter for accountants
    and solicitors.”

  210. does DM takes steroids?????

  211. I think Dm needs a face lift, he has so many wrinkles, how old is he now???

  212. Hey, Marty. I couldn’t see the pictures very well so I lightened them. If you want them, here’s the addresses.

  213. Lucy,


    And like Marty (and earlier Marc Headley) pointed out several times in the last year(s), DM’s led Tom Cruise into this.

    All this wasted funds should be added to DM’s freeloader debt for real.

    This is really real funds wasting by DM, that serves NO purpose anymore.

    I wonder who DM talks to, confides in, these days.

    I keep wondering where Shelly is, and it would be so good to somehow get Shelly to read this site and see Mike and Marty’s having gone public.

  214. Sinar,

    There’s one particular ASI staff advice nicknamed the “Million Dollar advice”.

    In in, LRH says he wishes each ASI staffer to be responsible themselves, through their jobs at ASI, getting LRH’s “properties” sold and remunerated, to bring BACK to ASI 1 million dollars per staffer. And LRH expects ALL of his ASI staff to “look like a million bucks”.

    DM thinks he’s doing that by the criminal regging for all the straight donations.

    DM’s a money hoarder mentality, and likely he compares himself to the big spender clients that the church top lawyers likely condescendingly implied to DM that DM’s just a small time client compared to their big pockets clients in the “real” world.

    False data stripping DM would be an impossibility, but again, I wish we had a live feed of the things DM thinks.

  215. @ Jim

    Organized crime or criminal organizations are groups or operations run by criminals, most commonly for the purpose of generating a monetary profit. The Organized Crime Control Act (U.S., 1970) defines organized crime as “The unlawful activities of … a highly organized, disciplined association…”.
    Some criminal organizations, such as terrorist organizations, are politically motivated. Gangs sometimes become “disciplined” enough to be considered “organized”. An organized gang or criminal set can also be referred to as a mob. The act of engaging in criminal activity as a structured group is referred to in the United States as racketeering. In the U.S., organized crime is often prosecuted federally under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), Statute (18 U.S.C. Part I Chapter 96 §§ 1961-1968).

  216. That’s hardly a state of the art gym!

    You must not workout much.. lol

  217. Catchin´ up, everyone´s moved on but just wanna print in here – – fabulous create, dfb!

  218. Mark,

    In the 1980s, DM was COB ASI, and believe me, they all had perks there.

    They had their multiple rooms on the 5th floor of the complex (even up to 1992, when I slipped up to ASI, I roomed next door to Starkey’s and DM’s rooms, and while modest, still way more than average staffers), this was in the complex.

    At ASI, the perks and rewards the ASI staff gave themselves, they ate WELL, ate OUT and had their own kitchen to cook their steaks and high end food, compared to average staff.

    The ASI traffic from LRH included a clearcut series of rewards, ASI staff int he 1980s were racking up bonuses and all making over 30 Gs a year, and many had personal cars, investments, gold and silver, art, high end furniture, and the ASI staff had the LRH traffic to ASI as their justification, the “Million dollar advice” from LRH,where each ASI staff was to work out he/she was going to generate from their post at ASI a million dollars a year in exchange for the LRH properties/products or services of their posts.

    ASI staff rewards pretty much died out by the time I got there in May 1992, and I left ASI in Dec 1995, and in that period the ASI lifestyle was only moderately perky by outside world standards, but still way more opulent compared to Class 5 or Sea Org Org standards.

    I”m sure ASI today is still pulling in 100 to 200 Gs a week, since the royalty/legal lease agreements were pulling in automatically 55 Gs a week when I was there 15-18 years ago.

    It’d be interesting to have a fresh ASI defector speak about the ASI stats the last 15 years.

    Marty would know about the financial staff excesses of ASI staff in the early to mid 1980s, them doing their investments, buying up gold, etc, etc. It unfortunately isn’t such a religious like activity, so I’m glad in a way, Marty’s found religion in Scientology over that materialism mindset.

    One of the things at ASI, it’s sort of a walled off little unit, that has that attitude of justifiable expensive accouterments to somehow fit in with the gotbucks parishioners who were the target of selling the highend leatherbound books and fiction book art work, those years in the 1980s when ASI was overselling those “LRH properties” and related properties to make straight income for ASI (to go to LRH and CST ultimately).

    So in that atmosphere, I personally placed DM.

    But DM took the nominal caretaker COB ASI role with him, when he left ASI, and that top position is no longer worn by anyone at ASI.

    DM’s created his top dog role, and when he’s gone, I think what should happen is management power should return to WDC and Exec Strata, and RTC should just butt the hell OUT of the picture.

    The movement will have to just make a public admission to the parishioners and world that the DM created COB RTC top leader decider role is NOT what LRH wanted, and just let top decision making go to WDC and Exec Strata, with RTC doing nominal influence, like via the old RTC Cramming Officer unit that used to cram Int Management.

    No one really oversees ASI, and Starkey used to sort of oversee CST.

    I guess really, it is truly the Coordination policies of the 1982 period, that are the basis for really how top Scientology SHOULD be being run.

    and if there is to be any dominating single “Chairman” role, then somehow they have to work out how to deselect whomever they have as “Chairman” when that “Chairman” starts acting like David Miscavige.

    Between OSA and EEI (I realize both are NOT capable, nor is even EEI on post I don’t think) OSA and EEI should come up with an internal LRH policy based method to appoint and dismiss whomever is to be “COB RTC”.

    And this process of appointing/dismissing COB RTC has to be public, and acceptable to the movement as a whole.

  219. Ewwwwwwwwww!
    Too real for comfort!

    What book?

  220. Awesome!

  221. On the topic of Vitamin D, the importance of vitamin D in the development of cancer was further confirmed by a 2009 study by Sylvia Chistakos, Ph.D., of the UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School. Her research, published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, showed that the active form of vitamin D induces the production of a protein that can stop the growth of breast cancer cells.

  222. Pingback: Portrait of a Sociopath « Leaving Scientology

  223. Brad Greenwood

    It would be “Demi-Dave”, ass-wipe. Don’t blame his being a dick on his height. I am barely taller than him, and am an amiable guy… until a moron like you crosses the line. Be careful that you don’t blur the subject by being over-zealous, it makes you look really stupid.

  224. Pingback: David Miscavige looks gaunt as he wraps up | storiesaboutdavid

  225. Dude you actually sound really insecure about your height. He’s only pointing it out because Miscavige is sensitive about it and a horrible human being. Only in your head does anyone think his height has something to do with what a terrible person he is. Also he says “dimi” as in short for diminutive.

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