The next Great Technical Breakthrough

by Mike Rinder

Every time Dear Leader appears in public, he makes his next pronouncement about forthcoming technical breakthroughs/discoveries/wonders that will “soon” be available that will “open the floodgates to the Bridge,” “give you miraculous, never before heard of wins,” “speed your progress up the Bridge by a factor of 10,” “turn you into superman” or whatever other Dan Sherman hyperdrivel appears on the teleprompters before him.

This is a public warning.

At one of his upcoming Nuremberg Rally Style (TM) events, he is going to announce the greatest breakthrough since DMSMH – the new Mark VIII E-Meter.  He will loudly announce its virtues and explain that nobody could have really made case gain before the advent of this wondrous new meter, and that this is an advance more significant than any other accomplishment and has been dozens of years in the making and is only now available because of the progress in technology that have now made it possible to do what LRH wanted done with the E-Meter.

The technical advances of the Mark VIII are not the subject of this post. I leave that discussion to others. But one thing for sure, Dear Leader has sunk about $30 millon into this project — so whether it is bogus or not, he will pitch it as the most wonderful and necessary item in the world that every Scientologist MUST have (ever heard that before?).

The point here is Dear Leader’s dedicated worship of the almighty dollar.  The Mark Super VIII E-Meter has been manufactured and ready for release for at least 5 years.  Well Dave, if this is such a wondrous breakthrough, and is exactly what LRH wanted, why are the meters sitting in warehouses instead of in auditing rooms being used to achieve the stupendous case gain only available with the miracle meter?

 Because Dear Leader isn’t happy with the colors! 

This is not a joke.

Now, you might ask, what difference does the color make to either the Auditor or the pc/pre-OT — and you would of course also know the answer to that elementary question: Nada. You may recall the posting on this blog about DMTC’s candy-apple red motorcycles parked in front of the RTC building. That was one of the colors developed for the Mark VIII in Dear Leader’s never ending search for the perfect meter color. Man, you have to admire someone that puts that much care into every little detail (well, maybe not, if everyone is being denied the magnificent gains possible because the exact right colors are not being produced).  But there is another reason too for withholding this “vital technical breakthrough” (these will be his words, not mine). Dave has a Marketing Plan and the meter has to be released AFTER other items on his plan or the sales will not be maximized. No good releasing a new item and not maximizing the sales.  My God, the thought of missing a few bucks of revenue in the first week is enough to drive him to drink (or at least another drink).  So, all those auditors out there suffering with the antiquated Mark Super VII Quantum cannot use the wonders of the Mark VIII Hyper Drive Tone Arm Rocket Ship — because if Dear Leader released them now, there may be some that assault his highly tuned artistic sensibilities, and more importantly, there may be some sales missed.

While much of this post is dripping with sarcasm, the facts remain. The meter has been DONE for at least 5 years. Miscavige will proclaim it as a magnificent technical breakthrough that no auditor or solo auditor could possibly live without — yet he will not tell them they could have had it 5 years ago if it were not for him refusing to release it until he felt good and ready.

LRH never held back on any of his breakthroughs. Ever.

PS by Marty:

A word  on the breakthrough he’s holding back. It is no breakthough at all.  I piloted the first needle movement mechanism that came off the assembly line.  In 2003 DM had CO CST (yeah, DM uses CST, that exists solely to keep DM in check, as his new bright idea GI proto type expeditors) put the movement into a Mark Super VII shell to disguise it. I used it for several intensives on Tom Cruise.  I gave the obligatory “Yeah, it seems to be far more responsive”.  It was absolutely obligatory.  In fact, there wasn’t a blessed noticeable difference between the responsiveness in the needles of the Mark Super VII, and New Super Duper Delux Over The Top With Superlatives Mark VIII. Not any. So, Mike is perfrectly right to call the entire thing a marketing gimmick. DM used to consistently bandy about figures to brag to Int terminals how he was going to make $10 million in one event – two meters for every auditor, every solo auditor, and every other gullible public on board.

340 responses to “The next Great Technical Breakthrough

  1. Didn’t LRH research and attain his OT levels on the Mark V and VI?

    I am not saying the Mark VII and VIII are not without merit in terms of technical achievement, but one is not barred from case gain just because they use a V or VI, are they?

    The fact that Mestsavage holds up the release for 5 years is not surprising.

    Seriously, has DM even attested to Clear yet?

  2. Looks like DM will have to alter his sales pitch now that the word is out. Dare he use, “After 5 years of testing…” or “Some of you have heard about this 5 years ago, but we now have the latest…”

    What’s it got? A plasma screen and turbo switch? Is it a green machine with solar/windup/battery/plugin/cow dung power options?

  3. The way David Miscavige attempts over and over to show the public that HIS breakthroughs are *BETTER* than what the Founder discovered are quite shocking.

    *Golden Age of Tech*
    *Basics* re-done books that everyone used for years.
    *OT 8* version after version after version
    Anyone who did OT in 1989 did a complete different OT 8 to someone who did it in 1995
    And a completely different unrecognizable *EDITION* in 2001 and then again a super new different *EDITION* in 2009.

    These OT8s got together and compared notes and could not recognize that they did the same RUNDOWN !

    So who is making up this stuff ?
    Does anyone believe LRH wrote 5 different versions of OT 8 ?

    And now a new E-meter with *Perfect* colors and that nobody previously made case gain without ?

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you CANNOT FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.

  4. I’d rather own a lie detector.

  5. Barney Rubble

    My god, as a long time Auditor I would have ever fallen for this just like GAT. This is absolute BS.

    DM really wants the colors to match the “copper red” color that he has dug into his ground by his 70m mansion in Hemet (see Steve Hall’s blog recently posted on his website we DM utterly losing his mind about getting “charge” enturbualtion” off one’s “case)”.

    This is all sick, sick, sick.

    Dear Leader has lost his mind and by all counts it probably happened when all his former hard workers, left or were blamed (thrown into the hole) for his own leadership failures.

    Note, as documented this idiot has never run and Org, a Cont, yet a lone a real live Org Board Division. And he has never got a video pass as an auditor. Would anyone want someone like this running your “eternity forever”? F no.

    Interestingly he still has to convince his donors to follow him to hell.

    Any OT VII’s and VIII’s who follow these blogs (and I know there are several) DO NOT FALL FOR IT! STOP! END CYCLE! Etc, etc.

  6. All the sarcasm had me rolling on the floor laughing.

    There were some other reports years ago on the Web which mentioned that there was a serial connector to connect the meter to your PC. Unfortunately, most newer computers don’t have serial connectors/cables any more and those are archaic, so I guess DM has to put in adapters for each of those meters.

  7. Freedom Fighter

    You know what would be great:

    get all of these event videos where DM releases the latest and greatest [fill in the blank], edit them all to make one video that strings together him saying things like (Mark-VII) “this is the last meter you will EVER need”, (Mark-VII Quantum)”THIS is the last e-meter you’ll ever need”, (Mark-VIII) “at long last, we have THE e-meter that will rocket your progress up the Bridge” and send it out to the entire CF.

    Maybe that will shake a few Kool-Aid cups loose.

  8. Perhaps, if he applied his own Tech, he might have to redo Clear.

  9. Freedom Fighter

    “The way David Miscavige attempts over and over to show the public that HIS breakthroughs are *BETTER* than what the Founder discovered are quite shocking.”

    No kidding!

  10. I can make meters with a demonstrably much faster reponse than the Quantum for @450 in small quantity .
    I have put meter responses on a computer with high speed analog to digital conversion.
    If I had a spare $250k I could produce 1000 meters that woud put the CofS meters to shame.
    30m is a silly figure. Far better meters than anything the CofS has ever produced can be cheaply made with far better quality.

  11. Serial to usb converters cost around $12.

  12. There is more information on the Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter on Steve’s site:

  13. Hi, check out these stats:

    Rathbun is pulling quite a feat I would say! His “little” website is aproaching the same range of traffic as which is fastastically financed compared to this blog.

    I think is having a little bit of a popularity problem. I´m not surprised.

  14. Michael Hobson pointed out something to me in a comment the other day: “Golden Age of Tech” is a tech degrade. It implies the tech now is better than when LRH was alive.

    That hadn’t occurred to me before, but he’s right.

  15. Its observable that auditors and C/Ses dramatize their own mishandled cases on PCs. DM messes up Clear attests. Need I say more?

  16. Ne Obliviscaris

    Such are the perils of pursuing “Art goals” eh, Mike?

    Once again, I submit:

    DM’s latest briefing to all Scientologists.


  17. Quite frankly, I do not trust any meter past the Mark VI which was still produced under LRH’s direction.
    And another note: for what’s in them, the meters past the Mark 4 were always overpriced. I know this, I’m an electronic engineer.


    Good point Idle Org, good point.
    There is a label at the back of every Emeter as ordered by the FDA. Food and Drug Administration.

    “It is solely for the guide of Ministers of the Church in confessionals and Pastoral Counseling…and is for Religious Use”

    Miscavige uses the E-meter as Police Polygraph machine.

    It is used to “EXTORT” crimes.
    It is used in GANG BANG interrogations.

    Sea Org members like myself were hauled out of bed at 1 a.m. in the morning at INT base and
    without sufficient sleep and food sec checked using the meter as police polygraph machine.

    “Religious?” Don’t be silly.

    Isn’t it time we tell the FDA what they are REALLY using the Emeter for ?

  19. Not just those power options – it’s also FLEX-FUEL! It can run on ethanol! And by all accounts, Dear Leader has been piloting the principle himself for several years now. It’s part of his own personal program of applying the TWTH precept, “Set a good example.” For mest.

  20. Deidre,

    I couldnt agree with you more. And Dear Leader becomes ever bolder in his assertions of his greatness. Below is a short excerpt from his ramblings at the opening of Seattle Idle Org: “Not just a new ideal org and life improvement center, and all in one fell swoop, but all in a place that’s loomed so long in our history that today will forever be remembered as the day we opened a new ideal Church of Scientology Seattle in preparation for the full array of LRH technology as applied across every sector. All of course began with the Golden Age of Knowledge, making available the full legacy of LRH materials that comprise our religion.” OF COURSE “ALL” began with the Golden Age of Knowledge — not DMSMH or anything quite so passe.


  21. This is going to be a big ole FLOP!
    Another HUGE sum of wasted money and time.
    The auditors left inside are not winning with PCs, doubt their meters (tho this may be selling point) and doubt their abilities to apply the tech. It might actually serve as an excuse to quit auditing altogether.
    The OTs left inside are not winning. Perhaps they will be the ones who fall for blaming it on earlier imperfect meters?
    Always the WRONG why!
    And we know what that brings.
    What a shame. 😦

  22. Speaking of the wrong why…
    I realized through your blog, Marty, so many of the wrong whys I had.
    One of the biggest whys for me was the change in the definition of an F/N and that’s where I started to go into confusion and coming up with weird solutions for NOT auditing. My Mark Super VII had absolutely nothing to do with it…just the misreading of.
    I didn’t want to mess up PCs and I didn’t want to false report. I just couldn’t, especially after having so many wins with them at all levels of the Bridge below and up to Clear – I just couldn’t screw them up.
    I totally and completely LOVED auditing~my bonafide certified purpose in life!
    It’s really been a huge loss in my life keeping myself away from it.
    But, here I am and it’s amazing how finding the right whys and the right SP and PTSes have made me peel off my own barriers/stops.
    I can’t wait to get in the chair again! Really! 🙂

  23. A 50 inch Digital television – $900.00. A 12 inch meter, mostly empty space inside – $3500.00. What’s the problem? Of course, if it saves the world….

  24. Dude, it’s more than a couple. It’s like half the freakin’ Clearwater field.

  25. Hi all,
    I normally just look through these posts to see whats going on. Is that lurking? Sorry, I just dont normally have much to say. But here is one that I just couldnt let go by. I opened up one of these wizz-bang super duper the-planets-technology-has-just-caught-up-with-what-LRH-wanted-all-along and do you know what I found? About $15 in parts, not counting the meter movement, I dont know what they cost. I looked high and low for new fantastic parts that just came from the ultra high secret silicon foundry (factory for electronic chips) and guess what I found, nothing, nada all the parts were off the shelf, nothing really that special or even hard to find. What BS!! So if the meter movement is made in house maybe add on another $10 in parts plus slave labor. Say the houseing is somehow really expensive tak on $20. So $50 -$60 max to manufacture. Not a bad profit margin . This is true.

  26. Perhaps the new meter will automatically add 2 swings to every F/N. Then it really would improve case gain by eliminating all those missed F/Ns and the resulting over-runs.

  27. Thanks for the info guys!

    I am laughing…this info really dampens DM’s parade.

  28. Watching Eyes


    That sentence has 60 words in it. 60!! I counted it twice thinking I must have missed a period. Nope, it’s 60 alright. Who talks like that? And as far as what it said, I have no idea. Psychotic ramblings.

  29. The mark V was more responsive n my experience than the mark VI… E-meters ranging in the thousands of dollars and becoming a fashion accessory back in the early 80’s was just another red flag.

    Cany apple red perhaps, but a rose by any other name…

    The Mark V was a good little workhorse meter.

  30. LoL 🙂
    Gimme a meter that reads the meter and automatically puts it down on paper. I type faster than I write, so a meter with speech recognition to boot ~ now THAT would be high tech and worth mucho $$$ to me!

  31. Watching Eyes

    If the dwarf wants to assert that “nobody could have really made case gain before the advent of this wondrous new meter…..” then guess what? That applies to him too!! Gotcha.

    Judging by the way he rambles on & on & on ad nauseum, I’d say the dude’s Grade 0 is OUT. I’m sure he considers himself a great orator but the fact is, he can’t communicate to groups.

    note to Dwarf: you better get yourself on one of those new meters. Maybe it’ll handle that diarrhea of the mouth that seems to flare up every time you make a speech.

  32. Yes, Karen that is so true, every e-meter had the FDA ordered sticker on the back limiting it’s use solely for a minister of Scientology to use in Church Confessionals and Pastoral Counseling. It also states it is for RELIGIOUS USE. I was given the cans to an E-Meter in 1996, and it was not used for Religious Use, nor was it used for my Pastoral Counseling, it was instead used as a weapon to dig deeper and deeper into my mind, to attempt to coerce me into saying things that were not true.

    I was interrogated like this for Days on End, with several times, the Auditor not even touching the E Meter, because she was standing over it to be closer to my face into which she was screaming. She was not using the E-Meter as a Religious article, but as a prop in an interrogation to gather information OSA Intelligence did not feel they could get any other way. This occurred on the 11th floor of the Church of Scientology International building in Hollywood. (This is where OSA International operate from)

    It was arranged by OSA Intelligence Personnel and resulting in the cracking of my mind, a complete mental breakdown, from which I am still recovering. I do wonder if the FDA knows this device is being used in this manner, I’m certain this was not the RELIGIOUS USE they Expected. After my breakdown I was repeatedly told my pc folders with the RTC and there was nothing they could do to pull me out of what they put me in to.

    This is covered in more detail in my book My Billion Year Contract: Memoir of a Former Scientologist, which can be gotten at I should send the FDA the section of my book covering this – along with the other misuses of the E-Meter on myself during this time, that did not make it into the book itself, but would be of interest to the FDA. That Meter was used for Interrogation and as a police polygraph and for no other reason. Nancy Many

  33. Aeoulus, Brilliant!

  34. G. du Houx

    I agree, what proof is there that the Mark VII/Quantum produces more CASE GAIN.

    As a pre & post-GAT auditor & PC I’ll take a Mark V or VI.

    To me these were a better reflection of the PC’s manifestations.

    Any OT’s notice the difference?

  35. non-scientologist

    So let me see if I understand this correctly. The Church of Scientology charges about $4,000 for a machine that has a fair market value of under $250?

    Jason B, was correct, you aren’t going to even clear Beverly Hills at such prices.

  36. Mike and Marty great post. DM is so wacked. Trying for years to get 10,000 solo nots auditors auditing on the level. I can see it now 10,000 auditors x’s 2 meters each x’s an extra 2 to 5 years on the level (more intensives and csing)because they could not have had any case gain due to the fact they did not have the super duper Mark whatever. Then wake-up call everyone now has to do their entire bridge over again! It is the same ole BS.

  37. Coming from the Art God himself, I can’t wait to see the final colour of the Mark VIII.

  38. Did anyone marvel from the exponential case gain results they got after they purchased their MK VII Quantum compare to previous E-meters?

    Anyone? I didn’t think so.

    This will be DM’s most self destructive move yet.

    The public in general won’t go for it again and will shows DM hand as just a BS peddler.

  39. Ooops I didnt mention that this was a Mark VII

  40. I heard about this meter. Could releasing it now be some sort of attempt to distract from other omitted releases, such as OT 9 and 10 or Super Power? (Hey Dan Sherman, maybe you could say these new meters were developed to deliver Super Power!!!)

    One of the things I heard was that the new meters are not being produced by Sea Org members at Golden Era Productions anymore, but by an electronics manufacturer in Japan. Seems the mechanical “wave soldering” done by the Japanese on the meters’ circuit boards is more reliable than having a bunch of PTS and sleep-deprived Sea Org members trying to manually solder the meters.

    I also heard the manufacturing cost was about $100.00 each. And that another one of the major reasons for the 5 year delay in releasing the new meter had something to do with the fact that Gold is making a ton of money on the silver-cert line. Apparently,these new meters will not need to be checked and silver-certified, or checked as often, or they can be updated over the internet? (Don’t know exactly the details, other than the major delay seemed to be related to an anticipated drop in revenue from silver-certification.)

  41. So this new meter costs 60$ max to manufacture and will sell for 3500$? Am I reading this right?
    Great article by the way. Thanks for the info.

  42. But would they look as nice?

    That’s what DM would ask.

  43. DFB aka Dfb99

    When I was still “in” I kept waiting for one of these announcements to actually be something that indicated to me. I wanted SuperPower to be released. I wanted co-auditing gotten back in and a smooth LRH style handling of new people from Div 6 onto the Bridge. I wanted a lot of things over the last 10-15 years.
    Yet, every time COB announced some “huge” next thing like GAT, GAK, the Basics, Ideal Orgs, etc, it didnt indicate to me.

    On a third dynamic something feels wrong about it, but you have to just roll with it. Maybe it’s the right thing for everybody else…

    But you can wait a few years and see the results.
    Did stats go up? Are the orgs booming because of GAT or GAK?

    I remember at the Basics event there was a group of guys, staff and public and several of us were standing together and gave each other an incredulous look. We talked about it in the parking lot afterwards. Stuff like- if the books were so messed up, why didnt LRH ever know? Etc.

    I think COB has gone beyond the point of cooperation on this one for sure. He went by the point of willing cooperation already. They have to force people to buy the Basics, Congresses and ACC’s . This meter might have a lot of people rolling their eyes, but I assume many will go along with it.

  44. For Mr. Dan Sherman, regarding the Mark VIII:

    (Mock up DM’s booming voice here)
    “…and, let there be no doubt, this utterly elaborate and exponentially SUPERIOR new meter will shine the BRILLIANT light of truth on even the most REMOTE regions of the reactive mind! For it’s very conception and ultimate construction constitute an unHEARD of panoply of what can only be described as an unprecedented benchmark of high-tech wizardry that would most CERTAINLY leave ANY M.I.T. professor scratching his head.”

    “Notwithstanding literally THOUSANDS of man hours and a virtual MYRIAD of technological barriers and eventual breakthroughs, the likes of which original e-meter creator, Volney Mathison, would be so VERY proud, we now come full CIRCLE into a new and glorious VISTA the history books of earth will obligingly and undoubtedly describe as the new IDEAL age of utter PERFECTIONISM for ALL mankind!”

  45. At the Maiden Voyage Event DM was positioned in front of a painting that framed him in a way that the sun rays emenating outward from the center made DM appear as you would see in a painting of a Saint with their aura. While the picture of LRH was a totally plain dark background.

    Could that be a sign?

    (No no, I mean like he’s gone more koko)

  46. Golden age of……Marketing!!!!

    I want my scientology on folding tables and chairs back. You know where enthusiastic people sucked up LRH…and the building was adequate.

    Fuck status, new and improved, and David Miscavige.

    I marvel at how absurd it has become. I am begining to admire it, this absurdness….it is quite a creation….destined not to persist, but fascinating.


  47. So everyone who has the Mark Super Vll will need to buy the Super Duper Mark Vlll? Presumably they are still selling the Mark Super Vll currently. I wonder if you buy one now can you get a free upgrade to the Super Duper Mark Vlll or will you just have to throw the Mark Super Vll away and buy the new one?

  48. How about one with a screen that gives the auditor the next auditing command?

    Oh, and a built in video recorder and voice to text (Tara) and burns the whole session on to a DVD and submitted to the C/S at the push of a button.

    The GREEN tree saving meter. Now thats an e-meter.

  49. Marty;

    I share your bitterness toward DM, but please mitigate your venom with a positive program toward “what can we do to open the gateways to bona fide OT”.

    I respect you, and would be willing to lend you any aid I could to push you forward into a true leadership position.

    I lack the charisma and/or altitude-position to do this. Why don’t you make the most of your technical skills, good judgment and abundant pals to re-found a true “Church of Scientology”?

    Forget about recapturing the old one – who would want to count the cowardly/stupid current members of the C of S as “members”.?

    Not me.

  50. Ne: Awesome video and how apropos!

    I’ve heard from many an old time auditor over the years how the Mark V and VI were the best e-meters. I never doubted them. I think it was the combination of the meter, their KSW and ARC/KRC that kept the thetans winning. It certainly is not that shiny apple red, vibrant green and blue, etc. e-meters, nor the tech degrades that are flamingly abundant now.


  51. rory medford

    all the meters will be dark brown because DM is so FULL of SH_T!!! there will be some some edition light brown ones representing the diarrhea that comes out of his mouth and don’t forget about the super special green ones representing all the CASH DM will extort out of everyone from top to bottom

    Oops forget about the special BLACK ONYX EBONY super duper amazing meter that represents BLACK SCIENTOLOGY/dark ages

  52. rory medford

    just one more dagger added to his coffin

    DM is soooooooo over the top he is the laughing stock of the business, religious and of course the hollywood world

    Has he been nominated for an oscar yet?

    and the winner is David Miscavige for Best Actor in a short series in fairytelling and best story teller

  53. Dear Friends,

    I perceive that this new technological dm inspired advancement and breakthrough will insure that there will be three swings of the needle pre-programmed into itself to effectuate those long lost floating needles. Thus, we will all be spiritually free (as dupes) at a much reduced cost. (Seek the advice of your financial adviser to confirm these startling abilities to obtain perhaps a quantriplicateuple mortgage on ANYTHING you may hold title to.)

    This will handle some of the other alleged squirrel prior “new breakthroughs”.

    At least in some environs, like the Idle Orgs, there will be the usual applauding crowds of zombie-like kool-aid drinking fluoride-induced crowds to cheer this on. Like Seattle.

    (Side note: God help us all.)

    I’ll forward a piece of Financial Planning advice to anyone who’s just a lurker or just plain on the fence:

    If I were you I’d wait until The Super Duper Ultimatum Superlative Highlighted Orgasmic Quantum Mark 132 edition E-meter is released sometime next year.

    They will each be individually by signed by your famous star studded leader and for an additional (low) cost you can have one that includes an embedded DNA sample of a special celebrity that Oprah will never forget. Nor the public(s).

    I’m just trying to pass on some heartfelt advice so that you too can cross the Rubicon to Total Goddamn Spiritual Freedom as envisioned by the infallible unimpeachable New Pope of Scientology- David MissCabbidge.

    All I can tell you folks is that I am so relieved that we FINALLY got rid of the goddamn founder’s influence.

    Lil’ Dave is my hero.

    I’ve been wait’n an eternity for his sage advice.

    I think I’ve arrived.

    Where’s Jonestown?

    Sincerely and truly and eternally yours,


  54. Fellow Traveller

    Another leather bound edition, Mike. Absolutely hilarious.

    Of course, with the new meter release, all auditors must redo their metering courses and all orgs will require new simulators in addition to the new meters which will require, naturally, fundraising parishioner donations!

    Bruce Pratt

  55. DM hired a very, very pricey, very prestigious product packaging firm in LA to design the exterior case of the Mark Superduper VIII. I don’t know how much was spent on the design but I’m sure it was into six figures. If I recall, it was the same firm that did product packaging for Apple. With DM, it’s all about exterior appearances. Like Ideal Orgs, like DM himself, it’s all chrome, no chassis.

  56. DM must be so happy that LRH is gone and unable to expose him for the mega squirrel and loose cannon that he is. One could only imagine how much terror the midget would experience if he suddenly found LRH was really back and expecting a report from management on what has been happening for the last 24 years. Hypothetical, I realize. But if that ever came to pass, DM would certainly be shitting numerous bricks. I can just see the LRH ED now….

  57. Oh my! I forgot to mention that a new HCOB that was discovered in a storage shed in Kansas (by Dave personally) also requires each and everyone of us to procure a backup E-meter to backup the backup another backup and of course another backup. . .

    Whew! Guess I’ll preorder at least seven of these suckers….

    Wanna stay On Source!

  58. Would you buy a computer from Best Buy that had been sitting in the back warehouse for five years? Of course not. These meters have been stored in a warehouse in L.A. near the 5 Freeway. There are several factors that attack and corrode electrical components in long term storage:

    1. Particulates from air pollution including metals, chemicals, and even brake dust from cars and trucks.

    2. Thermal cycling (hot to cold).

    3. Oxidation on solder welds.

    4. The desiccant package breaks down after about a year and will no longer absorb moisture. Moisture in the air migrates onto the electrical components and begins to contaminate them. A film forms that attacks the components.

    The semiconductor industry routinely disposes of devices that have been on the shelf for one or two years. These devices are thrown away and recycled.

    I would call the CA Attorney General, The Dept of Consumer Affairs and demand that CoS disclose to prospective buyers that these devices have been stored for five years in a non-climate controlled warehouse in consumer packaging not designed for long term storage.

    I would also contact the District Attorney of Los Angeles with the same complaint. I would to the same wherever DM tries to peddle this old merchandise.

    CoS would have to do a statistically valid sampling of the meters using SEM and TEM on the welds, visual inspection, chemical testing, and performance testing to prove to religious consumers that the pastoral counseling devices had not degraded during long term.

    CoS Parishioners specifically rely upon the E-Meter for spiritual progress. Therefore, CoS Parishioners have a right to expect that these devices have not degraded and will therefore give them false reads in auditing.

    COB’s failure to disclose long term storage and potential defects would constitute fraud.


  59. Nice post MIKE!!

    A little additive info…:

    In April of 2003 I was at the Int Base for about a month when they showed us a “super confidential bonded” video briefing…(public knowledge for a long time now for which the “bond” can pretty much go down the toilette…using Tommy’s fav. via “by virtue of the fact” that has been covered pretty much EVERYWHERE).

    In that briefing at the Flag Auditorium DM gave an ack to the Voice Over talents, on how much we were woking etc. and then was pretty much screaming at the whole Flag top exec crew, and top auditors, including Debbie Cook, on how all Class V orgs are off purpose and Flag is the sole responsible for all that etc…

    After a little DM style rant, he showed the new Mark Super VIII, and described all its details. That is exactly more than 7 years ago!!!

    In that briefing he compared the new Mark VIII to the VII Quantum as “you can literally throw your Mark VII on the floor, brake it and then step on it…that’s the value it has compared to the new Meter”. And soon after he said that this “data” shouldn’t get out because otherwise people would start maybe invalidating their meters and doubting their Reads.

    Well…if this was “really the case”, and it has been shown otherwise, only a serious SP that would not want people to have gains with SCN would prevent its immediate release with its affordable availability for everyone, and maybe following a recall of the previous “kinda faulty” Mark VII Super Quantum…right?

    But that would only be if we’d live in a world without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights…

  60. Jean-François

    … DM’s expensive-Scotch ethanol, nonetheless 🙂

  61. Jean-François

    David Miscavidge will probably price such a converter cable at $750 → available ONLY from Golden Era Productions.

  62. ΘTater/GaryLerner





  63. Mark Fisher

    How about the fact that DM has sat on this new meter for 5 years which is supposed to be better than any previous meter, while the Church has been selling the older Mark VII to the public?

    Where do those public who purchased the Mark VII during those 5 years go to get their money back? Do they get to trade in their old model for the new version? I doubt it seriously.

    He withheld releasing it so that he could continue to sell the Mark VII and rip off more public.

    Now the demand will be for every auditor in the world to buy not just one, but TWO.

    The rip off continues.

  64. I’ve also tested 2 of the pilot meters while on the ship and reported my observations. One had a fault and would have often chronic dirty needles regardless of who was holding the cans, the other was fine, hardly any difference noticeable in performance from the mark super VII. My reports where not much appreciated and got attacked and made wrong by the RTC Rep. It had to be me, not the meter at fault! The faulty one if used by the examiner would have destroyed the stats as it would not F/N, but give D/Ns.

  65. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Karen#1 and Mike and Watching Eyes and FF and Deidre,

    Nothing is coming out of my mouth but babbling WTFs!! How on earth does this massive stupidity continue without any awareness of the public and staff still onlines???

    I’m pretty good with basic historical events on the planet BUT I have never run across such TOTAL HORSESHIT that DerHeil is getting away with. NONE! I mean even Hitler made more sense.

    WOW (and not in a good way).

    Gary (Villager grabbing his torch… Fuck that, where’s my flamethrower?!)

  66. The Mark V with its wooden casing was environmentally friendlier than the plastic casings of later times. But then, that’s a different dynamic – not as important as the third.

  67. So it would appear that the $3500 forked out for the Quantum Meter was just…..well …..just stupidity.

    I wonder how long it will take before it is declared ILLEGAL to use a Quantum.

    Sometime in the 1980s a bunch of SO Missionaires arrived from INT in full regalia parading around like Nazi Storm Troopers around the FSO.

    DM wanted to the find the WHO for lowered FSO stats.

    About 50-75 card tables were set up in the FSO auditorium.

    It was midnight or later. No one could secure or get to sleep for the night.
    It was meter interrogation time.
    Greg Wilhere was my interrogator. Ray Mithoff circled around studying the meters.

    No auditing. No pretense of using the meter for *Religious* purposes. This was flat out Police lie detector interrogations way past sleep time til 2am. or so.

    I mention this to clarify the last sentence above.
    The meter may be used in auditing and then, in a heart’s beat used for interrogation, overwhelm, abusive gang bang tactics and without any power of choice, the SO member must endure it.

  68. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hey, Hey, Hey, Ralph!!!

    Don’t give Schnitzel-Face another thing to market!! Hmmm…. Diamond-encrusted, Gold-No-Not-Even-Gold… Titanium with Flakes of Mangenese Boron Carborundum (I think if you mix these together the planet will vaporize)!


  69. The release of the Mk VIII could be the tipping point. I predict massive resistance on the part of the public to being forced to buy this new meter. I have no idea how DM is going to pitch this in the release speech. There’s nothing substantially different from the Mk VII Quantum, just a few more bells and whistles like no need to send it in for calibration, ability to record meter reads from session and let a C/S play them back. This thing has been in the works for at least 7 years. It’s going to be met by wide public yawns.

  70. The more I read about the latest and greatest upcoming events, accomplishments, releases…the more disgusting it gets. This new meter really takes the cake. The man has amazing nerve…but most crims do.

    Got a piece of promo today about Super Power coming soon. How long are we supposed to believe this total BS.

    1978 was the first mentioned date of release.
    The year is 2010. Millions donated.
    Rip, rip and rip some more as is RIP OFF.

    I say it’s time for a criminal investigation.
    I watched the video of the “new” Seattle Org. How to use 1000 words to say nothing.

    Maybe we’ll all have a lucky day and David Misgavage will just go up in smoke!
    Maybe he’ll overcook himself in his tanning bed or just get so restimulated he just blows up.
    At the rate he’s going, I wouldn’t put it past him. Anyway…a great fantasy.
    I do hope his insanity is put in check sooner than later.

    Good job on the TRUTH guys. Keep it coming!

  71. Gold, with rhinestones on it.

    Candy Apple Red would remind the candyass too much of those circled items he didn’t chomp up for breakfast and spit out into a cog.

    Anything to distract the actual freeing of theta. and his speeches? also the blinged up blather of a con, laid into the public with delivery of a hypnotist implant tonality.

  72. theo sismanides

    Thank you guys, for the data. Now one thing I know here in Athens is that the public do not have the money anymore. They have got loans they cannot pay. I know several who are in bad condition. A thetan as per Q1 is able to create space and time to locate matter and energy in it. Nope. With all the loans the public cannot do that anymore. They are too much into debt. Who is going to buy 2 meters here in Greece? Maybe one or two new publics. This is insanity in the making! Meters instead of abilities!!

  73. This $50 figure tallies with Marc Headley’s data in his book – and he had all the facts and figures at his disposal, and sounds about right. It always grated that one had to max out yet another credit card to buy an elaborate wheatstone bridge in a plastic case. And why did we do it – except that buying from the competition was a “suppressive act”? Perhaps within that question is a far more interesting body of technology than within the meter itself!

  74. Sadly I suspect many will, not least because of the thinly veiled threats that will go along with it. You can bet there will be an “Int Management ED” or some such issue to “staff only” telling them every public MUST have the new meter within such-and-such time frame else they will be subject to re-training or…Then of course there is a significant minority who are still drunk on Kool Aid nectar who just believe anything they are told, and the new VIII will somehow miraculously solve everything, including all the case gain they haven’t been getting the last x years.

  75. Hi. I don’t know what you or others who were in the COS more or less recently consider, but some of us who have been out for a long time are still quite happy with our Mark V’s.
    They are perfectly adequate to do the entire bridge. Remember, some of us managed to go OT on Mark V’s, even Mark IVs even on Pat Flannigan’s American meter 1971 before Delta took over.
    Also, thanks for the article–it was quite amusing.

  76. Yes! when the TA goes up on the Quantum, the sensitivity seems to automatically go way up as well, making it over sensitive to body motion and obscuring the reads. I personally think that was the “big handling” for the supposed “problem of high TA obscuring the reads” that the Quantum was supposed to handle; that is, now the sensitivity just automatically gets adjusted higher whether one likes it or not. I like the mark VI better.

  77. So Mr. Misc. is obsessed about ABSOLUTEABLY PERFECT ( not only regarding the E-Meter colour, but about many other things too ).

    And he is followed by FERVENT BELIEVERS ( who else could bear this BS anyway ).

    Any owner of a 1991 big fat red tech volume can find the above CAPITALIZED ITEMS in a bulletin.

    It’s the bulletin giving the items of the Helatrobus Implant …

  78. Nancy :

    All OSA auditors would have studied this ~~




    So why did they not call you back for repair ?
    because RTC had the folders!

    SHCBC tape lecture:

    You never never NEVER DIRTY a needle, that you do not subsequently take to FN.

    The book you wrote Nancy is the most extreme, most diabolical, most over the top of any OSA interrogation leading into a mental breakdown and this is what I am referring to as misuse of the E-meter into a lie detector/police
    polygraph instrument.

  79. Irrespective of what meter. If Lord Loki Methistopheles Urchin came within 200 metres of it. It would Rockslam ( breakdown)

  80. MissBridgett

    This is so embarrassing for real Scientology…having the tech and all things related to it peddled to the entire Planet like *snake oil*…

    How about we test this *new* innovative super duper MarkVlll e-meter on *Dear Leader* by putting him on it for a public sec check?…on camera…before a jury of his peers…I think it would not matter what color the meter was at all….the outcome would be the same…

  81. Ok, hold the train … a meter now costs $3500?

    Whoa, I had no idea.

    Just Me

  82. The Mk5 and the MK7 actually seemed very similar in response. The Mk6 used a poor quality movement and tended to be sluggish. The Quantum appears to me to obscure smaller F/Ns and overcompenstae on the sensitivity. I’m not sure on the pricing of meter movements later. The Mk5 movements in the US cost around $60 back in 1985. The Mk 7 movement manufacturer wouldn’t supply me in smaller quantities and the movements looked less robust.
    Current prices FOB Hong Kong are around $22.

  83. Gary — the public and staff onlines dont know anything about this meter yet. But when DL thinks the time is right to maximize sales and he makes the big announcement, the lies will roll off his teleprompter in a hypnotically cadenced drone. The Dan Sherman hyperdrivel ™ will spew forth proclaiming the magnificence of the miracle that is DM and his unceasing dedication to the legacy of the Golden Age of Knowledge he has created notwithstanding the efforts by others to guide the cockpit of civilization — all began with a monumental moment in the anals of history when on 30 April 1960 a star was born to save mankind from the horrors of drugs, illiteracy and over accumulation of bank accounts, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….. They will not be told this thing has been sitting around for years or its real value. Eventually all the villagers will wake up from their hypnotic state and start to SEE. Mike

  84. Mike
    Dripping sarcasm not only appropriate to the situation but also highly entertaining 🙂

  85. Clear, not clear, mishandled case whatever.
    All of that is making a pretty wild assumption that DM is able to make case gain in some manner. For me the jury is out on that one. Digging him out of his madness is way down at the bottom of the list of priorities and reserved for some unique being who can find something worthy to be salvaged and dig up the willingness to do it in the face of his betrayal of LRH. I don’t know if I could ever aspire to those heights of ‘greatness’ and those he is damaging would come first.

  86. Mike, you crack me up!

  87. Watching Eyes,
    I think likely the worst TR1 I’ve ever witnessed.

    This droid’s drones are impossible.

    Yes, 60 words in one sentence of inscrutable gibberish. All delivered with a circuit that is a monotone flow and enough of that and one has ‘hypmotize’ any unfortunate to have to be on the receipt end of it .

    Seriously, can any person, independent, ‘on lines’, in OSA, or any other present beingness, deny that is one of the worst public speakers they’ve ever heard? Good lord, FLUNK for unnatural communication. Never mind any gobbledigook being put out. What the hell is that sound!?

  88. When is Dan Sherman – L Ron Hubbard’s “biographer” – finally going to publish LRH’s biography?

  89. Nancy,
    I’m very sorry you had to experience what you did. I understand the enormous stress and duress.

    The meter is utterly useless as a ‘lie detector’ and never, at any time, has any version of it detected one single ‘lie’ in what a person says while on it.

    It is a religious artifact that can only aid the person using it, and the person on it, to find some area that is a source of whatever it is the source of. In other words, when a meter reads, one only knows it read, NOT WHAT IT READ ON.

    That ‘what it read on’ requires looking and verifying by both parties. When what it read on, truly, is revealed to both, the read then ‘cleans’.

    What you and Karen underwent, and I know you know this, is the furthest thing there could be from anything valid in Scientology and frankly, anything valid for any meter on the face of the earth, or any other planet for that matter.

  90. Shortly after the porkers take to the sky. He is busy man, you don’t think it takes effort to write hyperdrivel ™? You try writing a 20 minute speech when there is nothing of note or interest to be said!

  91. First,

  92. And it actually DOES whistle Dixie!

  93. I have a Clarity Meter. It reads, FNs, packs up, falls, adjusts in sensitivity for higher Tone Arm as a selection (on or off) and does everything that any meter I ever used does.

    I’ve not A/B compared it, but I don’t need to. Like I said, it reads, FNs, gets dirty, cleans up and I’m sailing in Solo auditing.

    I studied your stuff on meters Ralph, basic electronics and Wheatstone Bridges, specs for different types of movements and the technical issues, looked at LRH’s patent, and genned in on the whole subject. I talked for hours with the Clarity Meter people, and for $700 got one.

    There are only so many technical points to consider for any meter used. When they are met, then they are met.

    DM’s new meter, well, it can’t DO anything new.

  94. David from England

    If they’ve sunk $30 million into it, how on earth do they expect to get their money back, even at $4000 a meter? This has fiscal disaster written all over it.

  95. Tara,

    This whole ‘meter’ bs is a wrong why. Has NOTHING to do with the difficulties introduced with squirrelling the FN, altering what an Instant Read is, and the butchery of the Auditing Comm Cycle.

    DM has squirrelled the Bridge, now the ‘techies’ and staff and public, in utter confusion are batting at unimportant and false ‘dust motes’ trying to figure out ‘what’s wrong’. That has them on this wierd sort of non-standard ‘listing question’ and it seems they will accept any ‘item’ that DM gives them.

    Now it’s going to be the meters were bad.

    Jesus wept.

  96. The RTC Special Edition Gang Bang Sec Checker version comes in a Cold Chrome Steel finish.


  97. Cowboy Poet

    Evidently there are ENOUGH OF THE PEOPLE YOU CAN FOOL ALL OF THE TIME that this charade is good for a mid 7 figure trip to the cashier’s window for DM.
    Utter buffoonery! It defies gravity.
    After one or two slugs of good Scotch, it all probably just smells like napalm in the morning to him.

  98. Dan,

    you say: “The release of the Mk VIII could be the tipping point. I predict massive resistance on the part of the public to being forced to buy this new meter.”

    Hopefully so!!

    Imagine in addition if the inspite of all sold ones don’t work because they might have corroded in 5 years of storage? Pathetic show.

  99. Joe Pendleton

    Nuremberg Rally style – HA!

    I’ll consider buying a new meter when the following technological advances are made:

    * A little light goes off each time the needle floats (could be done, no?)

    * Meter is supplied with recorded correction lists. When the auditor gives the RF for one, the pc puts on the headphones, the auditor punches in the right code and voila! – the pc hears the 53 being assessed (and let Chairperson Dave do it – he DOES have a good TR1) – the needle is synched to the assessment and if it falls at the exact end of the line…….instant read registered.

    Modern metering made easy!!!!

    Re: the money involved. THIS IS WHY dwindling numbers of folks in the door does not put the church at an immediate financial risk. I read that the IAS has 40,000 active members on the rolls; Dan/Joe Howard said on this blog that it is 30,000. But take either number, multiply by even a conservative yearly average intake from each church member (includes IAS upgrades, services, 6 month checks, eligability, forced accomadations at Flag and the ship, all donos, etc) and you have a TREMENDOUS amount of money, hundreds of millions, billions over time….and add this to the real estate holdings. And you start to see Miscavige’s genius in this regard. He has figured out a way to milk billions in cash/property from church members WITHOUT getting many new people in the church or expanding the religion (AND he does it all when he’s actually throwing the PR of Scientology into the toilet).

    And here’s the kicker: PEOPLE GO ALONG WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even if church membership fell drastically over the next few years to a low of 10,000 – do you realize that 10,000 times $10,000 is ONE HUNDRED MILLION BUCKS! Keep the well-heeled folks, have everyone else mortgage their homes and max the credit cards and a church one quarter of its present size is STILL A GOLD MINE if money is the point (which is usually is in a business). Expansion of Scientology doesn’t even have to take place – in fact, it can contract big time and Davey and Co can still pocket tons and tons of money.

    ……as long as people keep paying.

    *nostalgic note: I bought my first meter in 1971. The staff price at the time (think it was 50% discount) was $104. And believe it or not, I DID NOT HAVE THE CASH (no credit cards were issued for folks like me in those days). I opened up a layaway account at the org for the meter and each week deposited some of my org salary (I was paid between $5 – 25 each week) so that I could have my meter by the time I was ready to audit on HSDC. And I did indeed get it in time to audit.

    Yeah, auditing people was the point. If that STILL was the point, then any new meters would be sold to auditors AT COST (dream on).

    Well, as the Don once said (Corleone, of course)…..”it’s business.”

  100. veritas,
    His speeches are that grotesque statue ‘talking’.

    After the MKULTRA VIII meter, I can see his ‘grounding rod’ device is next. Hold it, and instead of draining charge, it implants it.

    The man is a gibbering lunatic.

    His speeches…good lord.

  101. becomingAware


    You know how much the little guy likes to deliver surprises at events! You’ve got him seeing red through his bloodshot eyes (red from drinking).


  102. IO,

    LOL; you dreamed that up in minutes, didn’t you? So, what is Dan Sherman doing in all those years??? Gawd.

  103. Being down at the mission level far away from those Int. management torture freaks – I’m totally shocked and disgusted when I hear how the meter was used to suppress/crush/obliterate good people like this… Makes me sick!

  104. I ran across this prototype direct mail piece. Evidently Eric Cartman from Southpark is now one of those “Secret Celebrity Scientologists” that train in private. Rumor has it, this Ad campaign is an attempt to get him to proclaim his allegiance. Personally, I don’t think Eric will endorse it and will accuse people of putting words in his mouth.

    (This parody is not endorsed by Comedy Central or the makers of South Park and is a complete rip off of someone else’s comedic brilliance.)

    “The Mark VIII is So Supa-Kewl I Call it my iMeter!”

    Let’s face it. You already know it takes a Wheatstone bridge to get YOU across YOURS.

    And the Mark VIII is THE Wheatstone Bridge to total freedom!

    This sleek design and cheaper electronics trumps up the same ancient physics you’ve used since your first pinch test!

    The Mark VIII Wheatstone Bridge comes in two colors: Wheat and Stone. The Wheat meter is the same color of the wheat that grows in Nebraska – where LRH was born! The Stone colored bridge matches the exact pattern of the bricks laid by the RPF in many of those secret places you still have nightmares about!

    Don’t forget, the Mark VIII uses the number 8! That makes it mega-kewl! Turn an 8 sideways and you get an infinity symbol. There are 8 dynamics and don’t forget, the Eigth letter in the Greek Alphabet is theta! Remember when you write that check that 8 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER!

    When you pick up the cans the improved sensitivity feels so natural that test subjects claim it looka and feels just like their old meters. Yet, at the same time, they KNOW the difference exists!

    Need proof?

    We are so convinced you will see and feel new sensitivity and accuracy, that if you are not satisfied, you get a 5,000.00 sec check and a condition of Confusion because you tried it out with a false purposes!

    So Order Now OR BE REGGED!


    Customer Comments:

    “I was in the hole and when I proclaimed the benefits of the new Mark VIII and now I am the keeper of Dear Leader’s Dog!” – Sea Org Member

    “I was facing an ethics condition of ‘Confusion,’ but when I voiced publicly how amazing this meter was to Celebrity Scientologits. I went straight to Power!” – Joe Public

  105. Watching Eyes

    J. Swift,
    You make very valid points. When the dwarf reads your posting he’ll flip because he’ll know you’re right. And now, thanks to your post, the word is out. 🙂
    So what does he do now; trash them all or have the public pay to have them “recertified” within a week of buying these shelf-worn, overt products? Hmm, anybody want to take a guess?

  106. Chris,
    Costs are more than $60. The movement is expensive, well, say a few hundred (someone correct me if I’m way over or under on this one) but overall, the entire things is several hundred dollars. Add manufacturing overhead and for around $1,000 you have a meter.

    Like I said, I have a Clarity Meter, the simple move-the-Tone Arm version. It has all the quality, including the movement (the needle) that is needed as far as I’m concerned, comparing to any meter I’ve ever used (from the old Azimuth, up through to the Mark VII).

    It sort of looks like a cross between the Azimuth and MK V, but operates like a VI with the option to choose the ‘sensitivity boost’ or not that is on the VII.

    My point is that for some years now, with a lot of credit to Ralph Hilton, the specs and needs of a valid meter have been available on the internet. Like ANY subject, it can be understood and then one is qualified to pick the product. One is not subject to DM’s ‘hidden data line’.

    There are those that seem to like having him as Dear Leader. They will continue to experience his brand of Reversed Scientology. Including this ridiculous pig in a poke, the MKULTRA meter.

  107. Karen#1, Nancy,

    thank you for blowing the whistle again.
    The abuse NEEDS to come to an end for good.

  108. IO,
    Too intelligible. Cut the commas, more circlular speak, and attain that kind of vacuous nothing speak that occurs.

    Sorry mate, you’ll have to attempt to ‘be’ it for a bit and by all means, have somebody else there to pull you back to present time.

  109. because,
    How much more ‘koko’ can he go?

    He’s sitting in a room holding a copper handle discharging suppression he’s getting from Sea Org members past and present.

  110. OT VIII,
    I’ll speak up here. With respect to you, there is a bona fide route to OT. It is in LRH materials, it is the Bridge, both sides done according to those same LRH materials. I’m on it and it’s more than anything I ever could have thought it was before I travelled it.

    All those gullible members are beings, trapped, and they have the same route to travel to be free.

    What exists today, in the Church of Miscavige, is reversed Scientology, masquerading as Scientology.

    This betrayal is something that must be revealed and handled.

    In the meantime, you, me, and countless others now, are going about fixing up the overt products of the DM implant station, and rehabbing ability, skills and purposes in any and every way we can.

    I appreciate some rancor over what has occurred under Dave, maybe even exacerbated by hearing him speak. Take a walk, smile at a youngin’ enjoying a bike ride, take some biscuits to a neighbor, or pull out a meter and False Data Strip some person or help them understand math. In short, reach out, help some other being get a leg up on something and then come back to post here.

    Or, get some better coffee and wake up before you do so again.

    With all due respect,
    Jim Logan, MOQ

  111. We’d be shooting for 100,000 on solo nots at this point if DM weren’t there.

  112. Joe,
    I’ll enter in my own personal consideration here on ‘recording reads’. There is a physical universe ‘comm-lag’. Sound travels at a speed, ‘light’ (that is electro-magnetic radiation of all types) at a speed and this speed is is part and parcel of any recording of it. Add to that the playback speed and there are potentially very subtle differences between what happened when the auditor said what he said, with a good TR 1, i.e. with his intention to communicate and execution of that completely above and beyond the physical universe MEST level, TO the actual being that is the pre-clear, pre-OT and an Instant Read on the meter, witnessed in present time on that meter.

    That circumstance is different than a recording of it and subsequent view of that recording.

    My point is that auditing works based on Scn Axiom 51:

    Postulates, no comm lag. ‘Live communication’, i.e. live theta/attention, no comm-lag, right now directed at ‘dead attention’, i.e. facsimiles, and auditing occurs. The meter, pc and auditor all witness it, right there, in that session. If done right, it is ‘witnessed’ by theta, sans MEST comm-lag. It is ‘knowing’ as much as anything there is in this universe.

    It, auditing, does not occur with MEST. It is not subject to MEST comm-lags. It happens right there, in the session.

    Within limits, recordings of sessions are valid to see what happened. Again, perhaps too subtle considering the speed of light, and that speed is what occurs in electronics, but nonetheless something I consider valid when reviewing a session and or critiquing metering and TRs.

    This whole area is why I think the meter read machine, video, and all this MEST introduced into auditing, is a problem. It has to be, since it is MEST and MEST is a problem. Auditing is NOT MEST. It is Axiom 51.

    No meter, not this new MKULTRA or any other one is a substitute for Axiom 51 and a real session under the disciplines of Model Session, the Auditing Comm Cycle and the fundamental truths laid out in the Original Thesis, to wit, auditor plus preclear are greater than the bank, and a proper use of the additional tool of an operational electropsychogalvenometer – a Wheatstone Bridge.

    My 28 cents.

  113. I have worked on sophisticated electronic devices such as lasers and surgical endoscopes for most of my career. If it were me, I would scrap the entire lot and build new units with updated components. Much has changed in five years. In their current form, these new Mark VIII’s are simply obsolete. If someone wants to give me one for testing, I will test it in a Silicon Valley lab and build a Bill of Materials (BOM) based on inspecting the parts. I can then show how each component in the BOM is outdated and why. I can use an electronic microscope to show weld contamination, chemical films, and who knows what else? Until an impartial third party testing firm tested a valid statistical sample, no one knows if the meters are any good.

    I could be wrong from a contamination point of view. Maybe the meters are clean. But I am correct in terms of saying that are obsolete and that component break down started in year two. Those five year old parts have never been energized. They are brittle, so to speak. I would therefore predict failures in some % of the meters when they are first energized. If I were auditing, I would have zero confidence in the reads from a five year old device that had been stored in a warehouse in L.A. There is ocean air, salt, corrosive particulates from plating houses in Vernon, etc. The contamination and age are issues that concern me.

    For serious propeller heads, and I am one, here is a technical essay on digital vs analog indicators from a metrology firm:

    Click to access Indicator.PDF

    Metrology is the science of measuring by meter. Analog dials are better in some places than digital displays. It is application dependent. An e-meter measures galvanic skin resistance. The real weak point in the CoS design is the hand/can interface. There is a vastly superior way to design an e-meter.


  114. Mike,
    Forgive my sarcastic intrusion – a ’20 minute sentence’ is more apropos. Delivered in what seems to be a different pitch but is actually the same tone.


  115. Thought Provoking

    OT VIII,

    A year ago, I could have easily passed as a current member of the church, despite being declared. I bought into the false PR that DM has craftily painted over the past 30 years. I ignored all of the little nagging outpoints and black PR created by the church. I knew the orgs were not booming despite all reports that they were. I had a comparable magnitude which many of the younger Scientologists do not have.

    There are many good beings that are still in the church in the same condition that I was a year ago. Although my auditor was trained in GAT, he had the essence of auditor beingness down cold and we were an incredible team together resulting in my attesting to clear. Despite all of the corruption in the tech, some people in the church still get results because they truly care, though it is getting more and more difficult with DM’s blanket executive CSing and the FN alterations.

    I would guess that a vast majority of the Scientologists “still in” are just stuck in PTSness. Remove them from that environment, they destim. Give them a chance to get FDSed, they rehabilitate very quickly. Or let them get FDSed so that they can get the strength to walk away from the suppression, either way works. Just look at how this site has expanded in only one year.

    Why would we waste all of those people when we could simply appy the tech to help them? But, for sure, let’s get on with it and get as many people in session as possible now, no need to wait…do both.

    LRH never gave up on me! Despite all of the unworthy acts I’d committed on my track, he gave me the gift of freedom and there were some definite times that I needed reassurance that I deserved it. His compassion for his fellow beings is almost overwhelmingly great, It has not only inspired me to be more compassionate to others but has given me the strength and courage to stand up and speak for LRH’s Scientology and to expose the lies of the pretended tech being doled out by DM and the church. I would glady count anyone who would like to apply standard LRH tech to life as a member.

  116. Unfortunately there is no view to clearing people any longer. It is all about the money.

  117. Joe,
    I’ll take everything I’ve said today on this blog and throw it in the trash after reading your post.

    Youch! That’s got it all 🙂

  118. I think with this meter will come the threats of ethics, then justice for anyone not wanting to buy it.

  119. Jim, I think you typo’d there. You really meant: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

  120. Thought Provoking

    As the church has required regular certification to use each meter, this is a very important point.

    If they were sold as-is, wouldn’t each sale of merchandise count as a single act of fraud?

  121. I’ve also noticed that the variable sensitivity they put in the quantum overcompensates.
    PCs hands get moist, lowering the TA and the sensitivity gets way too low. PCs TA goes up (especially on a hot Engram chain) and the sensitivity goes way too high.
    We have four quantums and I’ve done a lot of hours with all of them and they all mis-respond in the same way.

  122. Joe Pendleton

    Can we special order them with our favorite sports team’s colors? A red, white and blue one with stars and stripes for patriotic Americans? A gay meter with rainbow stripes? A chameleon meter that CHANGES COLORS? Can we collect them too? I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

  123. Mark, if we take DM at face value, then he is a crook who continued to knowingly sell defective, altered LRH Basics books until the very day he announced the new Basics. He knew the new Basics were in development for years, yet he sold altered books for profit. IMO, that could be a class action lawsuit. It is fraud. DM selling inferior Mark VII’s is also fraud. DM does not in good faith. If he were out here in the corporate world pulling that shit, he would be sued and possibly arrested for fraud and misrepresentation.

  124. The Church of Scientology
    227 W. 46 Street
    New York, NY 10036 7/27/2010

    Caesar Alarcon
    PO Box 428
    Indian Lake, NY 12842

    To be posted.

    I herby resign from the Church of Scientology effective immediately. There is a civil war in Church and there are guards in all of our churches. This is not a good scene. It is no more fun to be in the Church.

    I think that LRH’s books and tapes or DVDs are being altered. I have the old material here at home and I looked at the Basis and old books and tapes or DVD.
    The Church is too money motivated and really I don’t see much of their products.

    My contribution to the Harlem Org. was made in 2003 and sitting empty on 125 Street. Why did I donate money to something that hasn’t happen. I could have kept it in my IRA and earned interest.

    That is what I notice.

    I can go on and on. The information is all there the for people to see on the internet.

    I wasn’t a good Scientologist, but neither has the Church been truthful.

    There you go. I can’t be a part of it.

    Caesar Alarcon

  125. Sentence?!!! You mean there was a full sentence in there? Damn I missed that bit.

  126. Yep and anyone who is in need of a fairly brand new surplus of Mark VIIs just hang around the dumpsters. Because the order will probably be to throw those horrible unworkable squirrel things away (like the original LRH books)
    Tsk. Psycho!

  127. Thought Provoking

    J. Swift,

    Great link, thanks!

  128. Mike Rinder;

    Your use of the the ‘Trade Mark’ symbol to describe Dan Sherman’s hyperbole speech writing has not gone un-noticed by this reader.

    My friend you have taken sarcasm to a new level.

    Don’t stop….please more of the same.


  129. David the solutions is obvious. All Scientologist will be required to purchase two meters for every library on planet earth! 😉

  130. Thought Provoking

    In the more than 30 years DM has usurped the leadership of the church, he has managed to prevented and/or split up families, bankrupt public, keyed in cases, tarnished the good name of Scientology and made it completely unaffordable.

    If the money collected for “new releases” and IAS donations alone had been applied to individual grade chart (training and processing) actions based on LRH’s financial policies regarding pricing we would have been well on our way to a cleared planet.

  131. DFB aka Dfb99

    In hindsight, isnt it rediculous that buying an e-meter not made by the church, even if it was as good or better would get you “in trouble”?

  132. I tend to see parallels between Tibet vis a vis the Chinese take over and LRH’s Scientology vis a vis David Miscavige take over and ruination.

    The Dalai Lama could be full of rancor — instead when he learned of Mao Tse Tung’s death, he stopped his talk, put his head in his hands and wept openly.

    Why? Because he knew the suffering – the immeasurably suffering Mao would undergo for countless lifetimes, never having relented or felt remorse against his onslaught against the Tibetans (and others).

    The downfall of Miscavige is inevitable — sooner hopefully rather than later. His fate is sealed (as least for a long time) — our’s isn’t.

    It changes as we change. We are not locked into a fatalistic future. We create our future — for good or for bad. Up to us.

    Like HH Dalai Lama, we must never give up on exposing the tyranny of DM and supporting those still being tortured. (either locked up at Int or locked up in their minds) Exposing how an entire culture could disappear EXCEPT for the willingness of those on the outside to rebuild, to re-teach and to teach a new.

    Too many voices have come forward who were on the “inside” with Miscavige. Too many have shared the horror of what they endured and lived to tell the tale.

    We are very fortunate to have all these voices coming forward.


  133. MKULTRA? Fitting name!

    The Agency CIA) poured millions of dollars into studies examining methods of influencing and controlling the mind, and of enhancing their ability to extract information from resistant subjects during interrogation….
    Jonestown, the Guyana location of the Jim Jones cult and Peoples Temple mass suicide, was thought to be a test site for MKULTRA medical and mind control experiments after the official end of the program. Congressman Leo Ryan, a known critic of the CIA, was murdered by Peoples Temple members after he personally visited Jonestown to investigate various reported irregularities…

  134. ONG, Breath. Oh, you have me LOL so hard tears running down my face in public and people scared to ask what’s up.

  135. Thought Provoking


    Could be a goldmine! I got quite a few series of lectures at the last book burning I attended…for free!

    Shhhh…don’t tell, I was supposed to burn them. Hehehe…and they weren’t even altered.

  136. A few decades ago, meter movements cost $50.00, although bought in volume.

    Once bought, we took them apart to clean out any magnetized particles and dirt from the spring, put on the dial card and then the needle.

    The labour was minimum wage, and was done at HEM by nonSO.

    There is a lot of tech to the movements that must be known about. Often manufactures put a resister in line with the movement to protect it from a surge. This causes meters to not fn or read instantly. So, anyone who builds a meter needs to pay attention to that, no resister, and also very important, to clean the spring area of metal debris, otherwise you can get checks in the needle movement.

    Ideally, the meter will morph into digital readouts with no moving parts to worry about.

  137. DFB aka Dfb99

    Will they “Cert” all of them before sale?

    If they are OK sitting around that long, maybe I wont have to send mine in except every ten years.

    What do they do when you send in your meter now? In my experience, electronics either work or they dont. Can they somehow predict component failure? No.
    I had the idea they open up the case, look at it, maybe blow it out with compressed air, close it back up and ship it. Maybe test the calibration? Clean the jacks and pots? This is stuff I could do myself in ten minutes yet they charge so much for it, I dont understand.

  138. Thought Provoking


    Welcome to the Independents!

    Scientology, as we know it, is no longer available in the church but is alive and well in the field.

    I joined the Independents because I wanted to ensure that there will always be a way to get standard tech. There really is no way to prevent the tech from being correctly applied from here on out.

  139. DFB aka Dfb99

    I love the MarkV with it’s earthy wooden case.

    I always wanted to have a wooden MarkVII, or a wood faceplate.

  140. DFB aka Dfb99


    Hold on there, you havent seen the computer graphics made up to enlighten you at the event.

    Prepare to have your mind blown.

  141. One important point about meters not being used regularly that needs to be heeded is oxidation on the components for the tone knob mechanism and sensitivity knob mechanism.

    These knobs move a metal contact along a ‘resister’, which resists current. As you move the knob, the contact moves across the resister, increasing or decreasing the electrical current, thus causing the needle to move on the dial, etc.

    What happens when that contact point is not moved, is oxidation builds up at the spot where that contact point is touching the resister. So, when that contact point is moved along that resister later, it hits that oxidization spot and that causes an instant glitch in the electrical current and a noticeable result on the needle that can look like a tick or even in bad cases, a brief dirty needle.

    When you store your meters, make sure that the knobs are turned all the way to one side, where you won’t be worried about oxidation on the resister, and when you pick it up again after a while, move the knobs briskly their full left right swing several times to break up and oxidation that may have formed.

  142. DFB aka Dfb99

    I remember being at Flag @2000 and they were making a big deal about the building being almost done. A particular item was “The facade is on site and being put up”.

    Ten years later I open my mailbox and receive a Superpower promo piece stating that “The facade is nearing completion”.

    It does look like a super-nice building though. Only the finest MEST will do. Thats why I got into Scientology. I heard it was about having the best MEST.

  143. Mike Hobson


    I call them as I see them.

    “Tech Degrade” was my first thought when I first heard about “The Golden Age of Tech” from some of my sheeple Innie friends.

    Michael A. Hobson

  144. That last line should read;

    “… break up any oxidation that may have formed.”

  145. you are so correct, the use of the E-Meter for anything other than safe pastoral counseling meant to help the person in front of you, not to gather information as in an interrogation. I kow about the Gang Bang Sec checks and whenKirsten and Donna fist introduced me to my auditor Joan, the four of us crowded into the tiny auditing room and I was certain I was about to get one of those gang bang sec checks. My heart was in my mouth. nancy

  146. There have been some great comments on this thread which bring up analogies to historical events (e.g. Tibet, MKUltra, Jonestown, Hitler, 9/11).

  147. OTHER E-Meters, I know there is an Emeter made for the Able Groups including schools for eductiona nd E Meters made for WISE for the same reason. Aren’t these the exact same insides with simply different outer packaging? These are blatantly not used for Pastoral Counseling, in fact their outer packaging was specifically made so they would not be confused with Scn E Meters…

  148. I watched the Jonestown PBS documentary last night
    OMG !!!! I thought I was looking dm in action.
    At the end 900 people dead!!!! including kids and babies!!

    And the other we watched the movie Hoffa he was a union lider and he went to jail because he was using the worker’s pension funds illegaly.

  149. This is my last post.

    Thanks to Marty and Mosey for letting me post here.

    I wish you all well. I have enjoyed the experience and wish freedom to both sides of this reformation.


  150. DFB aka Dfb99

    I think Quantam meters use sealed pots and switches, but those arent perfect. It’s still asking for trouble to let a meter sit around for five years in a warehouse.

  151. Please do not give more ideas to dm, he will start building this new super duper automatic meters to be release in 5 more years for $10,000.
    Nooooo please!!!!!!

  152. Bobo,
    Good points on the movement. Now, lest the other fellas (OSA) go on a rant about ‘squirrel’ meters, any part, movement, electronic gizmo et al that are used in any meter from the CofS are all the exact same parts available to any other manufacturer. All that needs to happen in any meter is as bobo has pointed out; it has to be set up so that it does give instant reads and FNs and that is a simple matter of the mechanics/electronics of the response of the movement.

    In other words, as long as the thing does what it’s supposed to do, there is no such thing as a ‘squirrel’ meter. One can check the original LRH patent too, and the data on specs and such are well known to various of us out here in freedom land.

    And, as to ‘scooping’ DM’s latest and greatest MKULTRA with this release today – too bad, so sad Dave. This ‘jig’ is up. Tune is played, song is done.


  153. Tiziano,
    Ouch, that one’s gonna hoit. DM, DUCK! Ooops, too late.

  154. Mike Hobson


    Yes, there was a “Word Finder” meter made for this purpose in considerable quantities. I have no information as to what ever became of them – whether they were ever actually distributed or saw service in ABLE schools or to what extent.

    IIRC, this thing had Mark VI guts.

    Michael A. Hobson

  155. Also runs on batteries and is a Hybrid.

  156. bunkai,
    But, but, I was gonna make espresso…

  157. CA,
    The Bridge exists outside the suppression. Hang in there and put out some lines through one of these websites you find here. Your integrity, as shown above, is as good as it gets, THAT is the mark of a real Scientologist. You.

    (Others, of other persuasions, please don’t take offence and consider I’ve suggested you don’t have integrity. I’m sure you do, which makes you a Scientologist as I define it, one who knows how to know. See, I’ve got it covered 🙂 )

  158. Good one, Caesar! It’s nice to know you.

  159. I recall that in about ’78 there was a comparison done between an American Mk V and a British Mk V when LRH was in La Quinta.

    Dan Koon has all the details on this, but the British movement was superior. It was discovered that the other did not show F/Ns! David Wilson who was LRH audio visual at the time converted my MK V American meter to the British movement.

  160. There are “Special Editions” of the Quantum meter in lacquered glossy finishes in different colors with a Halliburton case. These were $10K.

  161. John Peeler

    Marc Headley leaked and posted about the New Mark VIII Ultra and various details about it back in July 2006. Above is a link to the original announcement. Thought you guys should take a look at it because it adds more info about it.

  162. …all you auditors out in the independent field, check out ebay, amazon, craigs list for good, old and now cheap meters as people try to recoup some of the cost of replacing them.

  163. Mike Hobson


    Hyperdrivel(tm) is such an awesomely accurate and descriptive term you have coined.


    Michael A. Hobson

  164. Thanks Mike and as Sinar mentioned above, Free Spirit (ex-Int base staff) published an article on Scientology-cult last Feb that includes 5 different views of the actual design of the “Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter” so you can see how they look.

    Free Spirit did some real detective work to find these images. Miscavige manufactured 20,000 of the meters in 2004 and they’ve been sitting in the Bridge Publications warehouse ever since.


  165. The Church of Scientology, concerned about the potential bad press for cults in general, tried to spin the Jonestown tragedy as a CIA plot against all cults. Freedom Magazine did a whole series on this supposed “conspiracy.” Before you buy that theory, read “Raven” by Tim Reiterman, one of the reporters who was actually there and who did extensive research on the People’s Temple..

  166. Wow Caesar
    For some strange reason that got me teared up. Congratulations on reaching the end (beginning?) of your journey and welcome.

  167. David from England

    …. and that’s how I get such cheap basics books. E-Bay here we come!

  168. John Peeler

    “Learning Accelerator”

  169. Wet hands false TA on the Quantum was always a huge pain. The sensitivity goes to near nothing and so you have to manually shoot it way up. Which violated the “standard” Sensitivity Setting drill which was much enforced. So much for the bally-hooed “variable sensitivity”.

  170. Yes, the reason was that the Sea Org took over manufacture from Delta some years before and started using inferior components. I did write to LRH about it as I felt those meters were very inferior. Around 1978 every meter made by the SO was recalled for overhaul getting back to Delta standards. I found the movements from 1978 in the US meters to be a little more reliable than the British Mk 5. It was covered up PR wise with the institution of silver certing so they didn’t have to say they were recalling them because they were crap.

  171. Thanks, Mike 🙂

  172. With a black swastika.

  173. bobo,
    All meters have a resistor in series with the movement to bring the current down. That is in the original Mk 5 and every meter since. The usual value is around 22k ohms.

  174. I have a suspicion that you will only buy a licence to use the meter. The meter itself will remain the property of the CofS and in the event of one failing to stay in good standing it would be reclaimed.
    I’d even consider an annual licensing fee as a possibility. That’s just a guess.

  175. I’d also like to add my unworthy opinion on this recorded reads point. In my opinion there comes a point where you’re scaring auditors away from auditing. Will they demand field auditors send in their reads and worksheets?

    Recorded reads could be valuable if LRH were on the lines but with DM here and his misinterpretations of instant reads and F/N’s, the all seeing eye of Mordor can see and effect that much more. Scientology only does well where DM isn’t there to screw it up with his personal intervention.

  176. If they have been in storage for 5 years it is quite possible that they are illegal to sell as they might not meet recent regulalions regarding use of lead solder and other toxis substances.
    The solution to moving parts in a meter is to eliminate them. The meter movement is 360 degrees on a sceen. Thus the “needle” never needs resetting. A precise electronic chip measures the PC resistance 300 times a second and the meter becomes hands free after setting up the sensitivity.
    Full specifications are on

  177. Nice job Caesar, you did it because you care. Check out the Indy 500.

  178. Hi Jim,
    The comm lags on the electronics in a good meter and recording system are extremely small. Far smaller than those of a biological body.

  179. I should add that the meter is, in my opinion, a far less reliable indicator of what is occuring with the PC than the perception of a good auditor.

  180. Thought Provoking

    The Learning Accelerators were distributed but I don’t know if they wqere ever put into actual use. During my 17 year tenure with Delphi, they were never used.

  181. Mike-

    “The cockpit of civilization,” “the anals of history” And the recent interview comment about DM’s “extremely unnatural” friendship with Tom Cruise.

    Gee, are you trying to tell us something here?

  182. Yup, I’ve been waiting for this to come out. And just like most every other release, it will tend to invalidate anything/everything done prior to the date of this release — nevermind that Ron and countless scores of auditors did perfectly fine on other meters — THIS one is actually what LRH envisioned, it just wan’t accessible technically in his day…

    Makes me sick when DM invalidates everything prior to the release day of his latest/greatest. What a punk…

  183. Ralph,
    I was much too verbose, blathery and such. Your last post here, that’s my comm. The meter is an aid, not a substitute. Extremely valuable, up to a point and no further.

  184. I am still waiting for a David Miscaviage Biography and video to go along with it!

  185. Just Me, $3500 is the discounted price!

    Or, at AOSH UK, circa $4000 (down from $5200!)

    And yes, these are up-to-date prices! 😯

  186. Than please answer to us, why is it called Security checking? And why it is stated in the beginning that I am not auditing you? In other words: Now, this is not a religious procedure (but actually to find out what is really in your mind that you do not tell to us)…

  187. Hi Jim;

    The guts of the e meter and any such meter are based on a decades long circuit called a ‘Wheatstone bridge’. It is just a circuit that allows a change in one part of the circuit to ‘bridge over’ to another part of the circuit and reflect the change. ‘One side goes up, one side goes down’ type of thing. That is pretty much it. It is a variant on electronic servo-mechanisms that are used for the same purpose such as airplanes to detect change and compensate, as in auto pilots, in cruise missiles and so forth, although I imagine by now it is much more complex.

    But, it is still the old ‘Wheatstone bridge’ at work.

    There are no patents involved that I know about.

    I used to be very deep into electronic circuitry, building and fixing radar and computers and that type of stuff, always fascinating. My buddies at college were involved in the earliest research on what became the first commercial cds.

    Electronics is fun to play with.

  188. When MEST is introduced into auditing like with the E-meter… it is just MEST. You are dealing with MEST. This is some of the paradoxes of Scientology. In Scientology you are dealing with “samsara”. And samsara is infinite. In auditing you are dealing with the infinite cycles of resurrections in the physical universe. That is the reason for not finding a way Total Freedom yet, cause there is no way out through the MEST universe.

  189. Gary,

    WTF!? indeed!

    If you read the article part of it states:

    …”The final product was finalized and produced… not at Golden Era Productions but in Japan to cut production cost and improve profitability (2004). 

    Over 20,000 of the New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meters were manufactured (all with silver color) and shipped to the United States where they have been sitting in Bridge Publications warehouse since 2004.

    “Six years after the final production of those New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meters, they still sit on the shelf.

    “And what happened to those top-notch SO members after DM got what he wanted? He crushed their creativity and integrity and send them all into the SP hall. None of them survived on their post and all have been suppressed in the extreme.” …

    The number of meters put on the shelf 20K six years ago seems to be another WTF!?

    Is Dear Leader thinking that this amount would be enough for the Auditors worldwide who would be required to have two apiece contrary to his PR of 8 Million Scientologists or for the 10,000 people on Solo Nots, or the 8000 orgs, missions and groups??

    Perhaps the PR is a bit of a FIB?

  190. Jean-François

    An HCO PL comes to mind when considering The “Church” of David Miscavidge-ology’ s mind & mode of operation; the release of the Galacticaly improved Mark 8 e-meter, Newest Newer-er New OT 8 and the rest ↓ ↓

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


    Data Series 15


    There is an additional specific outpoint.



    Example: Josie Ann has been sitting in the house reading. Her brother Oscar has been playing ball in the yard. A window breaks. Josie Ann’s mother rushes into the room, sees Josie Ann and the ball on the floor, spanks Josie Ann.

    This outpoint contains the element, amongst other things, of injustice.

    There is another version of this:

    Example: A firm had its premises flooded. The manager promptly insists on buying fire insurance.

    Example: The people of Yangville are starving due to food scarcity in the land. The premier borrows 65 million pounds to build a new capital and palace.

    Example: The government is under attack and riot and civil disorder spreads. The government officials campain to put down all “rightists” for trying to establish law and order.

    Example: A man is beaten and robbed on the main street of a town. The police demand to know why he was there and put him in jail for a long period of investigation.

    Example: The multibillion-dollar drug cartels push out 65 tons of habit-forming hard drugs. A government campains against cigarettes.

    Example: A boy wants to be an accountant. His family forces him to join the army as a career.

    It is noted that the very insane often attack anyone who seeks to help them.

    This outpoint is very fundamental as an illogic and is very useful.


  191. David,

    The 30 Million produced 20,000 meters on the shelves so they cost $1,500 each (with R&D costs added to reportedly $40 it costs per meter.)

    So to break even, 7,500 of them need to be sold at $4K each. Thus the rest of the 12,500 would bring in $50M if sold at the same price.

    That’s if there still are enough people interested in buying a Mk8 Ultra.

  192. Joe,

    You forgot the Flat screen video display of the auditor with lips in total synch to the sound assessing the list, connected to the meter!

    Let’s take the human equation out of it! The person doesn’t even have to be in the same room.

  193. Thank you and WTG! Good Scientologists are the ones outside, mostly and those not supporting the dark side within.

  194. No, Thank you Steve for having the site and having Truth available to all with search engines as their friend!

  195. I also don’t understand the “i’m not Auditing you” so you can be punished for your overts. Because that is not safe pastoral counseling either. May be Karen can enlighten us on how it is being used as a religous artifact, if the auditor first says “I’m not auditing you.” Wouldn’t that be illegal per the agreement with the FDA?

  196. J-F,

    Thanks, it’s a great PL and would like to add another example.

    As regards wrong target: if a so called “why” came up of “the blind leading the blind”, it would be wrong target to come up with GAT as the correct one would be to ask why the blind was leading the blind. It is an actual situation in present time as the why has not found by the evaluator and fully handled!

  197. Overdriver,
    The history of Security Checking was from the late 50s, into the early 60s and was just that, checking on the risk to security of individuals. Unfortunately, the same techniques are used to relieve one of transgressions, overts, withholds and one became confused with the other.

    At one point, in 1968, ‘security checking’ was dropped. The idea of the confessional remained, with the same technology.

    Somewhere along the line, like the late 70’s early 80s say, the whole subject was discussed in an issue called Tech Correction Roundup, and the whole shebang laid out. Shortly thereafter the ‘I’m not auditing you’ for a specific ‘Security Check’ came into play, and to differentiate it from a confessional, despite the same technology being applied.

    What was the reason for this statement and the character of those types of O/W pulling? My reality on it is that it was designed to get a person who was dramatizing an out-ethics lifestyle to take responsibility for those actions he was engaging in and not use the ‘in session’, i.e., NOT actionable aspects of a confessional, to avoid said responsibility.

    It is also my reality that the fine judgment needed to differentiate the two aspects of ‘sec checking’ and ‘confessional’, are sorely missing in a group bank situation.

    I’m sure others, with much more expertise in the area can further elucidate for you and answer the question better.

    P.S. this response is from the hip, so to speak, not from the MOQ hat. I’m in the middle of BBQing steaks. Gotta go.

  198. Awww…

    I’ll miss you guys. Especially you, Jim.

  199. Karen,

    No one can call it a session because it was made into a situation obviously as one is not willing to be there and look:

    PC + Auditor > Bank


    PC + Bank vs. Auditor

    The lie detector operates in the latter equation.

  200. Jean-François

    The Bridge Publications Inc. warehouse is located @ ↓
    5600 East Olympic Boulevard
    Commerce, CA 90022-5128

    Near the I5 and I710 interchange
    Public transit bus # 260
    (I used to do some work & sleepless all-hands there … )

    Lots of LRH books and materials accumulate dust in that warehouse.

  201. Theo Sismanides

    Jim, you wrote:

    In other words, when a meter reads, one only knows it read, NOT WHAT IT READ ON.

    Yes, I kind of knew that (I hadn’t said it so clearly to myself though) when I was sec checked after leaving the S.O. Boy, the auditor couldn’t find ONE thing.

    So, whoever is afraid of sec checks have that in mind. You can always, always, always ALTER the data of what the meter reads on. You can give YOUR data and pretend it’s true. You can make the needle float after you have convinced also yourself…. hahaha, about the truthfulness of your statements, just because you get an enforced communication and enforced auditing.

    So, I did fine and others I know did fine.

  202. Karen, I wasn’t SO (thought my wife was), but in 1982 when the Int Finance police raised their ugly head I was working on the computer project at Flag; someone had found an AOLA address list in the men’s room somewhere on the base and I was brought up to a room in the Westcoast Building and interogated by a guy on the meter with a bright light shining in my eyes and another guy interogating me from over his shoulder. I was really shook up ( and we had nothing to do with AOLA address lists). Only the help of my auditor trained senior settled me back down. I can’t imagine going through that numerous times. I knew it was squirrel and would have walked had they tried it again.

  203. I am very happy now that I wasn’t SO quallified or I may have ended up being put through what many of you were.

  204. Theo Sismanides

    Jimbo, nothing passes Qual if not a product! IO that was a good try but, man, you misses that “vacuous nothing speak” as per Jimbo, the Qual Master. However, I had fun reading Dan Sherman again… thanks IO.

  205. theystolemychurch

    Or would they have the nice color that dm and his meters have? Would you have to put them in a tanning bed?

  206. Jim Logan – you have explained it to me in a round about way in which most changes in Scn have come about and then stuck around. But now they also have auditors writing KR’s to Ethis nd C/S for overts that even came up in a “this is the session” atmosphere. Why is that??

  207. Ne Obliviscaris


    Thanks, did you catch the reference to “Art Goals”?

    It’s from an LRH ref regarding how to handle artists to get them on purpose. Can’t recall the title.


  208. Pingback: Top Posts —

  209. Ne Obliviscaris


    Where you at?

    Pick up the phone.


  210. JS,

    Thanks for the data on stored electronics. Had wondered about that.

    According to a Mark Headley post a year ago: (he was Producer at Gold at one point and so should know):

    …”Old meter cost $400 to make and they charge $3500…

    “New Meter cost $40 to make and price will either stay the same or go up slightly. How’s that for a profit margin?”

  211. TheEmperorIsNaked

    That was hilarious. I give it a 9.

    P.S You could have gotten a 10 if you had just worked in one “to wit”. But awesome on the “notwithstanding”.

  212. Thanks JF,

    Is it an air conditioned/heated and climate controlled storage – if not dust free?

  213. Overdriver,
    I’m sorry but your version of samsara is way too cynical for me. It’s not an ‘infinite’ cycle. Your experience, so far, isn’t all experience mate.

    I understand one can get a failed purpose in this universe. It’s rigged. But, keep at it. Thar’s freedom in them thar hills.

  214. True that. All the tech was available already to fix a blind leading the blind scenario, even though it didn’t exist. No need to introduce knew tech.

  215. “new tech”

  216. Ne,
    I was on the BBQ. Now I’m on the compooter. I’ve some half-laws over. Half cause I’m…well nevermind that part.

    Tomorrow is better. I have to go entertain. And have some pie. MMMM, pie.

  217. one of those who see

    Been away from computer for a bit. I’m back. Jim, perfect! LOL!!!

  218. Sinar and J-F, love the PL ….thanks and Sinar love your response! “Blind leading the blind…yeah right. The only blind one is the one who had this entire charade put into motion.

  219. If these meters are five years old they are already outdated. Technology has moved in strides and bounds in the last five years. They will most likely appear antiquated to anyone who owns a cell phone. This is looking very funny now. It’s almost too pathetic to critisize. You would be hard pressed to find any gadget in any store that was made five years ago. This is too funny. 30 million? That was a donation to some factory, probably China I assume? This is really a red flag on stupidity. This guy should not be in charge of anything. But if he applies for another job, who are they going to call for a reference? They might google his name and see what pops up. O.K. O.K. he could maybe get a gig as a prison warden.

  220. TEG that got me thinking about the three swings. DM demands 3 swings but he can’t pre-program a meter to register an F/N on three swings, because it’s ridiculous and would make it so obvious he ‘s got the F/N definition wrong. But then why is it ok for him to enforce this in training?

  221. Caesar,

    Your letter is so simple, so clear, so beautiful.

    Just Me

  222. However Ralph, it’s only visible under black light.

  223. Half the LA field too probably. Before I got kicked off facebook I started sending out “friend requests” to people in LA and I’d say something in the request like “COB is an SP, do something about”, and I’d put a couple links in there. They’d see all that before they “friended” me or not, and about half the people I sent this to became facebook friends with me. Others wrote and attacked me and of those whoever bothered to stay in comm got neutralized by the amount of info I was sending them, well except for this one guy named Phillip who flipped into type 3 practically over a mild communication. But he was the only one that put up a big ridge.

    I only did this particular strategy a couple times, about 30 friend requests each time, and I had over 30 friends at the end of it. Some friended me very quickly. This is a winning strategy because man was I knocked out of facebook fast. Within about three days. Only problem is you’ll get kicked off fast, so I suggest doing this slow, or find out how Silvia Kusada and Geir Isene do it. They both have lots of friends but don’t get kicked off. Or you can try sending a message to people instead of a friend request, with data and links attached. I was doing the message strategy for quite a while and getting away with it.

  224. Dear Mike Rinder,

    Thanks for this post. The tragedy and hope of mankind is borne out by way of your cogent and tongue in cheek comments.

    I hope you never let up. You’ve got some altitude man. And the attitude.

    Never let up.

    We all benefit. Everyone.

    Logan, Gary, Karen, Marty (of course), Boyd, Sinar, Carol, Oracle, Boyd, Asgard, Ann, IO, DFB, Thought Provoking, Cat Daddy, and on and on and on and on and on, etc…

    You are all good folks!

    Thanks for a return ticket from Jonestown.



  225. Doc "Smith"

    I heard about this new meter a year ago, and knew if it came out I wouldn’t be able to recert my VII’s so got them both certed ( I was still ‘In”).
    Now you guys tell me the beautiful Mk V I got for $500.00 in 1980 is as good or better!!!! What a let down. I better sell my VII’s on E-BAY before the new one comes out.

  226. Sam,

    Perhaps, salvaging the ilk of DM is not so much a matter of greatness as practicality. He’s part of this universe, and part of the environment. This universe seems to be a solution for the problem of what to do with those who don’t share our reality. The solution simply became a bigger problem as solutions often do.

    Instead of becoming a shared reality, the solution became a shared ARC break. An overwhelming experiment in enforced havingness.

    In the end, the solution to a problem lies in increased ARC and increased KRC. Increased understanding and increased knowing-cause.

    Not handling DM is like letting a turd sit on your front porch. Maybe it doesn’t have to be handled. Maybe handling it is unpleasant. But, if you don’t handle it, sitting outside to enjoy the evening isn’t quite so pleasant.

    Just a matter of what you can tolerate and what is practical.


  227. DFB aka Dfb99

    This news got me checking eBay to se what my emeters are worth. I’ve got a MK5, MK6, and a Quantam.

    I’ve never seen one of these for sale:
    I thought someday I might have an emeter “museum” of the old meters.

  228. Jean-François

    Well, the front offices are air conditioned.
    The rest of the warehouse is not. The big garage doors on the side of the building open up for shipping & receiving.

    There is a little kitchen & dining room table. Each person who works there has to buy groceries and bring their own food to eat.
    BPI staff get paid some sort of wages each week since BPI is a corporation.

    Flag Bureaux staff don’t have that luxury. So, when we were brought there for all-hands, we would end up NOT eating, but still forced to work around (and round and round…) the clock with no food. True Church of Scientology International – takes very good care of its staff indeed. → Prison inmates get 3 meals-a-day and sleep every night, by comparison.

    The books are priced WAY TOO HIGH. They don’t sell. They accumulate dust.

    David Miscavidge’s “solution” was then to FORCE publics to purchase books in abundance in order to continue to move on The Bridge.
    No books = No Bridge.
    If you don’t buy books, you get interrogated because “you sure must be an SP, eh?”.

    Plus, according to DM, the ALTERED books MUST be distributed in HIGH VOLUME!
    Yes, Captain Miscavidge ! Aye-Aye Sir!
    (just plain S I C K)

  229. And Cowboy Poet, Sarge, Nancy, Mini, Sam, Jeff, Allen, Rory, Idle Org, Wallflower, Beebercat, NE, LOW, Freedom Fighter, Tory, Russ, Andy, Deidre, MOSEY and Christie, Watching Eyes, Hobson, Maurice, Brendon, Lucy, Tein, Fidelio, Sinar, Doc, Chris……… Whew!!!! Not even done……

    Thanks for the memories and thanks for the reminder of our future. Here in PT.

    It really helps to see through your viewpoints.

    Effective, genuine case gain. Things just get sorted out.

    Once again now: Where’s the examiner?

  230. Jim Logan:

    On the Flagship Apollo less than 5% of all auditing of crew was Sec checking. The rest of the crew auditing was Bridge.

    With David Miscavige 99% of what a staff member receives in his SO tenure is sec checks.

    DM is obsessed with Extorting CRIMES. He has had the folk in SP Hall jump on other inmates for CRIMES in their Int Base *seances*

    This obsession with hidden crimes is a Miscavige special.

    Alexander Jentzsch born and raised in the Sea Org, left after 14 years of service in the SO since a young child.

    In 14 years even though he was the son of the President, he received 1 Purification and Sec Checks. Nothing Else. Not even Grade 0 in 14 years in the Sea Organization.

    He received Sec checks only, inability to see his father for years at a time, and an order to disconnect from me his mother so now he virtually has no mom and no dad.

    A true testament to the “EP” of serving in the Sea Organization under Miscavige.

    SO Recruiters lie when promising Bridge.
    It is Sec checks and Sec Checks and Sec Checks.

  231. DFB aka Dfb99

    You know what? We should be everybody.
    Everybody in the church should have our attitude. If something is not right you should be able to look at it and say “hey, thats not right bub”. Instead, you think you are going to lose your “spiritual eternity” if you so much as think something is wrong.

  232. TheEmperorIsNaked

    But of course we wouldn’t do that because it would be a horrible misrepresentation of the e-meter and it’s true purpose. It must NEVER be used suppressively or punitively by anyone on anyone.

    Maybe someday we’ll get back to a point where Scn and the meter are generally trusted again. Let’s not even kid around about making that road any harder.

  233. theystolemychurch

    Oh Please……. don’t do it……..don’t BE it…. we like you just the way you are…. the crazy dwarf’s valance is so messed up, I don’t even want someone to mock it up!!!!

  234. theystolemychurch

    But, I do not think he actually wants or cares if the meters work… why would he ~~~~after GAT and the “new” definition of the f/n and all the other “improvements”?

  235. becomingAware

    Yes I agree. It is having to have before one can do.

  236. Okay, one more try:

    “…and on this unprecedented night of all unprecedented nights reaching back to the very dawn of the Golden Age of Tech lest I be remiss in shedding light to wit upon the spectacular and no less earth-shattering accomplishments in a line- up you have to see to believe…..”

    (pause for a breath)

    “…notwithstanding this new meter not only marks the ultimate dawn of any dawn ever before, it marks the ultimate triumph in our founder’s legacy of which you’ve heard so many around our planet expound bringing smiles to all and to all ever lasting peace wherupon you may pull out your credit cards exactly NOW!”

  237. Boyd-

    dm is Bevis and Butthead on steroids.

    His viewpoint is through a fast moving particle screen. Totally stuck in present time though a long time ago.

    But then why is it okay for him to enforce this in training?

    Dramatization. He’s ALWAYS under attack or something like that.

    Regular beings can’t comprehend this. I can’t. Neither can you. Right?

    That’s the insidiousness of his reign of terror.

    Those that have the ability, willingness and wherewithal to confront all of this garner the benefits of LRH’s gifts. Otherwise one is a dm serf or slave. I’m not his Plebe. I ain’t PTS to him no more. Or his flying monkeys.

    I know what a floating needle looks like. dm is scared of them. Any and every other being is a threat. He hasn’t felt floating TA in such a long time that it’s beyond his comprehension. For him it’s incomprehensible.

    He is ALWAYS under attack.

    His logic is this: If everyone else is weak then I am strong. If everyone else is dead then I’m alive. Totally convoluted.

    Three swings? From his own rope.



  238. I hear that BP might be looking for a new CEO soon.

    DM, are you paying attention?

  239. This is slightly off subject but has been rolling around in my head and may be of help

    How to talk to your Sci friends about Scientology
    The big button my Sci children and friends have is that any data coming from Marty or anyone that has published or gone public is a DECLAIRED SP and cannot be listened to because one would be PTS if one got onto their comm. lines.
    My solution is: Only talk about LRH and what he said and evaluate everything you say against True LRH Policy.
    LRH said, what is true for you is true. He also said somewhere that, If it makes sense it is Scientology and if it doesn’t it isn’t. He also said, you do not have to have before you can do and that you should do it all with Scientology and wrote the what Your Fees buy showing how proper expansion is organic to your helping others.
    For me any policy that makes sense was written by LRH and anything that has his signature but does not make sense is a fraud written by someone else. It is not Scientology because it doesn’t make sense!
    Taking a portion of the fees paid for auditing and training and using that for expansion of buildings makes sense because any expansion is proof of beings helped. The more beings helped the greater the expansion so that you can help more beings. The organization is a living entity and grows as it helps others and is a physical universe statistic. Taking money without giving auditing and training in exchange doesn’t make sense because of two things, 1. Your expansion doesn’t intrinsically mean more people are being helped and 2. The idea that auditing and training makes the able more able so even though a person paid out a lot of money for auditing and training he has become more able and is more able to earn more money to pay for more auditing and training. If you take money from a person and don’t give auditing and training in exchange he doesn’t become more able as a result and eventually has no more money even to do auditing and training. This doesn’t make sense. The argument that making donos opens up opens flows really is saying that making donos gives you case gain. That invalidates auditing and training as that makes you more able and opens up your flows which are a result of greater ability. If that argument were true Billions of people would be making case gains and opening up their flows donating money to United Way, Cancer Society, The Catholic Church and their local Hadassah for a new star of David window in the Synagogue. All of this is a degrade of the Tech. What makes case gain and opens up your flows is removing the barriers to that obstruction. One does this with Auditing and Training.
    It becomes easy to see what is and is not Scientology and to spot where false or squirrel tech has been introduced. And I am only arguing from my own integrity and observation.

  240. Another way of saying this is:

    Welcome to Dave’s Bizarre Bazaar!

  241. Wow that is an ugly, tracky piece of MEST! Looks like it would be right at home on a Klingon starship!

  242. Interesting.

    In the 60’s, when the FDA was confiscating e-meters, we used to make them in a back room at the Dallas Center. A guy named Don Breeding took an old Azimuth meter apart, went to the store and bought all the components. We set up shop, duplicated the innards, attached them in pastel plastic cases and handed them out at cost.

    Probably no more than $5 in parts. With inflation that might have risen to $30 or $40 by now.

    They worked fine. Too bad I don’t have one because I could probably get $4000 for it on eBay.



  243. Imagine you buy a car. Later it turns out that the car is faulty by design. Then the manufacturer will have these cars serviced – faulty parts replaced – at his own cost.

    This has happened sometimes ; recently it was Toyota.

    Not so in the current “church”. First they let you ride your faulty car ( while they have better cars in stock ). When the time for profit maximation seems ripe, then you have to buy the new car – and chances are that you may not use your old car anymore.

    And every time this trick is performed, it is done under a spakling name like “Golden Age of …”.

    Quite a business scheme.

    For a tax-exempt “non-profit” organisation …

  244. ROTFLMAO!!!!! Thanks, Oracle!

  245. From personal experience, you’ll be lucky to get about 7 or 800 bucks for it as there’s hardly anyone left in the c of s who uses one. independents won’t pay the big bucks (not any more!)

  246. Joe,

    Re: The money involved:

    I think you have hit it right on the head. Aren’t successful, profitable corporations often on the look out for venues for their ‘philanthropy’? Don’t they need to donate large sums of money to non-profit orgs for tax reasons?

    I believe their accountants tell them every year how much they need to donate to minimize their tax liability.

    Thus I would guess David Miscavige focuses a lot on the founders and successful business owners who have made their fortunes and need the annual tax write-off.

    I’ll bet Miscavage drools and ejaculates in his shorts while working out in his fancy gym at the thought of enlisting someone like Bill and Melinda Gates as annual contributors to the Co$.

    His strategy for sometime has probably been to focus on these kind of wealthy donors, who have money and political ambitions, too. For them, each Ideal Org opening is a political photo-op and potential good PR – “Look what I helped establish!”

    The time-honored game of contributing to the building of a Cathedral.

    So Miscavige indeed does not need volumes of ‘little guys’ to be Church members. He just needs to keep some wealthy corporate sponsors lined up an keep pouring out PR that makes him and them look good. And the Hell with anyone actually going up the Bridge.

    Corporate contributors to the Co$ might be a good target for Anonymous, then. Maybe even for campus protests.

  247. What is it about Scientology that makes Scientologists fall for DM’s PR tricks?

    Can’t Scientologists diferentiate between PR, lies and truth? And if they can’t, why can’t they?

    Come to that, what is it about Scientology that allows Scientologists to be abused physically by DM and what is it about Scientology that allows subordinates to mimick DM’s abuse?

    How come the “road to total freedom” doesn’t make Scientologists free of DM’s control and manipulation?

    I know that independents will say they have become free of DM’s manipulation, but why did they allow themselves to be manipulated for so long? Is there something in the subject that facilitates such control and manipulation?

    If there is, have the independents spotted what this is and have they rejected that aspect of the subject?

  248. Richard Reed

    M.R., Thank you for effectively cranking up the volume by publicly exposing this information. And yes, it’s true.

    David Miscavige (Herein referred to as “DM”) is a suppressor of the highest regard – to all of Scientology, worldwide.

    David Miscavige has committed a treasonous act by withholding “the greatest technology ever assembled” that would benefit mankind; DM has singlehandedly allowed this superior technology to rot away in a warehouse in L.A. under lock and key never benefiting the masses for which it was developed, a repression of superior technology that has been withheld now for over EIGHT years! Only Tom Cruise has been awarded said technological marvel by one DM…EIGHT YEARS AGO!, Why only Tom Cruise? Do you think this is right? Did DM throw you all a $350,000 wedding? WHY DO YOU ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE?!? People wake up!

    David Miscavige has squandered $30m (THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS!) of hard earned church donations to develop and produce 20,000 completed units of “the worlds most advanced meter to date” – and has restricted their use to only an exclusive few, hand picked “Special Persons” (Herein referred to as SP’s) “the worlds most advanced meter ever made”- only to let the rest of those 20,000 meters senselessly deteriorate as they collect dust in warehouse in L.A. those 20,000 meters are now useless, due to their deterioration they are no longer viable, it will be folly to think that they can ever be salvaged, much less sold; they must be destroyed – WITHOUT EVER BEING USED.

    – what is going on? How can the self appointed leader of Scientology justify such a grand withhold? Such a grand waste? And allow such limited distribution of such a stellar technology? Realize that this David Miscavige character does not care about you individually or even as a whole, this DM character is exactly what is what you have been warned about from the beginning, and he has risen up and taken over from within.
    Think people. Think for yourself. Because if you continue to let this David Miscavige do all the thinking he is going to squander another $30m and another $30m and another $30m as long as you keep giving him that money you keep enabling him to control your life and your decision making; and for what? He certainly doesn’t care about you and yours, unless your name happens to be Tom Cruise. No, I’m afraid DM’s only in it for the money, the power and the control you give him…over you and your loved one’s lives.

  249. Micheal
    We are actually on the same page here and I completely recognize the need to clean the poop up.
    On some level though I pity him and I don’t know that I really want to do that yet because I he’s doing way too much damage to others.
    So for now I think it’s a case of holding my nose when I walk past the turd and making sure no-one else gets it stuck on their shoes.

  250. Foam disintegrates.
    I had a Mark VI sit in its case in a closet for more than a decade. There is a foam padding inside the case to cushion the meter. When I opened the case, the foam had literally turned to powder, but it also was a very sticky, mucky mess. I trashed the case. It took an hour to clean off the meter. The meter still worked after a recharge.

    — Sidenote: A recent email blast from “idealorgs at” has a main message of : “Call Your Org Today To Make A Donation” towards an Ideal Org.

  251. Nancy, Overdriver,
    I’ve done a bit of study on the subject of HCO Confessionals as distinguished from a confessional as part of an auditing program.

    The references on this begin way back in the late 50s, with the introduction of ‘Security Checking’, go up to 68 with the cancellation of Security Checks, on to 70 with HCO not allowed to do any metered actions save a ‘meter check’, then in 74 a return to HCO being allowed to ‘Sec Check’ (and the 68 cancellation itself cancelled and on to the watershed year for the whole shebang, 1982.

    If you recall, 82 was an important turning point for all sorts of things, including ‘disconnection’.

    On 10 Mar 82 an issue, in both HCOB and PL form was put out, CONFESSIONALS – ETHICS REPORTS REQUIRED. This required a Knowledge Report be written on ‘other peoples’ O/Ws revealed in a person’s session. It doesn’t state the person’s stuff is to be reported however.

    This was also the year the new KR policy was written, as well as CS Series 116, ETHICS AND THE C/S.

    Next up is PL/Bulletin (again both issue types) of 7 Jan 85 HCO CONFESSIONALS, which restores full power of HCO to do confessionals and introduces the ‘I’m not auditing you’ preface to such. It is here where anything revealed in an HCO Confessional can and is to be reported to Dept 3 for ‘action’.

    It is clear to me that the area of HCO Confessionals and the ‘I’m not auditing you’ preface, needs to be reviewed more thoroughly, and with comparison to any actual LRH ‘advices’ from that time.

    This late 81-86 time period is the time period where RTRC was very busy compiling HCOB/PLs based on LRH dispatches and such.

    It has also been made clear that the report line to LRH, from which the dispatches would arise, was compromised by none other than David Miscavige in concert with Pat Broeker and likely to some degree, Annie Broeker.

    Two area, hot and intense in ramifications, ‘disconnection’ and ‘sec checking’ both have a major shift in 1982.

    I’ve addressed disconnection on Scn Cult in an article 3D Engram. I’ll see what I can do on this one of ‘Sec Checks’.

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  253. Theo Sismanides

    On GAT, all I can say is that the lack of Study Tech is the Why. Study Tech has become just another piece of written tech by Ron. Nope! I have sweated and twisted my wits to clarify words and get the concepts.

    Now the laziness of the blind, OK, I can get this. But why didn’t Int Mgmt see to it that such a fundamental is observed with religious order. Sorry homo sap never learns.

    So, this is the real Why. Lack of decent Study Tech application. Oh, I have seen so many lazy students passing exams. But boy, some basic concepts have gone by: Like if there is an HCOB, and not cancelled, then it applies!! Haha, I am finally stuck on HCOBs!

    Low certainty on what one is studying, leads to further and further out-tech as it breeds low certainty on what is on Source and what not!

  254. Joe Pendleton

    Factually speaking, of course.

  255. Karen,
    I think your son’s experience is by far THE experience for staff and especially S.O. members these past few decades.

    This begins in earnest in 1982. That year is significant for many reasons, not the least of which it appears now, the introduction of ‘I’m not auditing you’ HCO Sec Checks.

    This is also the year of enforced disconnection coming on line.

    This is the year D Mayo was found as the ‘universal’ Who. This is the year David Miscavige along with Pat Broeker made their moves. (See the Gang of Five report on Scn Cult for example.)

    It appears a full study, with the references available, and in coordination with various persons (Dan K, Russ W et al) and those privy to any LRH dispatches from the time, is as important as the subject of ‘disconnection’ as squirrelled by none other than Davey.

    The descriptions of ‘gang bang’ sec checks, brutal treatment of persons on the subject of O/W and this aspect of the last 3 decades, all of which defy sense and the rest of the material I KNOW LRH actually wrote or spoke, are without any question whatsoever OUTPOINTS. These will lead to a Situation as defined in the Data Series.

    I’ll be working on this over the next bit and will post a write-up on what I find. Anybody with data please send it to me at

    (Note: I’m aware of the phenomena of ‘gang bang’ sec checking so more stories of it aren’t what I’m looking for. I’m looking for ANY reference that any person has on this. I personally don’t know of any, save one film that I was in at the Int Base where a guy was put on the meter and there were several people there and he was supposed to have Rock Slammed. THAT is NOT a ‘gang bang’ sec check. To my knowledge the scene was from an LRH script.)

  256. Also solar power

  257. The new solar saving energy green meter.

  258. IO,
    Much better. Only one minor thing, the pause for a breath. Watch the master again, he’s on the Seattle opening, and you’ll notice he actually doesnt’ breath. Machines don’t need to do that.

    He pauses for applause, not a breath.

  259. Ensifer,
    I used to use an Azimuth to word clear in Toronto. For me, I taped a piece of paper behind the clear plastic as I was used to a Mark V and that open space behind the dial didn’t work.

    On the other side of the coin, I had no trouble finding Misunderstood words with it!

  260. Ralph, the psychological term for that is projection and it’s something that professionals are trained to recognise and avoid.

  261. Lionheart,
    What is it about Lionheart that he can’t differentiate this blog from ESMB?

    What is it about the Logics that you either haven’t read, don’t understand or can’t seem to apply?

    What is it about making others wrong in the guise of ‘questions’ that you seem to think is not percieved and for fun, put right back at ya, that you aren’t getting?

    Lastly, what is it about Scientology that has you stuck to it like glue. So much so that you are now posting over here where I can pose these questions?

  262. Yes, learning accelerators were used, but the use I observed was very rare and always “low key.” Applied Scholastics schools are always mindful of their public image and the legal separation from LRH and the c of s and didn’t want to “get caught” using what was essentially an e-meter on students. As a matter of fact, the only use of them I can recall (with maybe one exception) was on the children of scientologists. Non-sci
    kids were more of “risk.”

    So yes, rarely used but used with a bit of a withhold.

  263. DFB aka Dfb99

    Same thin ghappend to my Mark VI.

    You can take the foam out of the case and cut new foam if you are good with a knife.

  264. Sam,


    We were on a six mile walk this morning along the beach trail in Navarre and saw a couple of piles of doggie blessings. I wanted to find the owners and kick the holy shit out of them, rub their noses in the crap, put a collar on them and tie them to a post. Vengeance is mine.

    And Dear Leader’s crimes are far worse. Far, far, far, far, far worse.

    So, I’m not trying to be sanctimonious. Just practical. I would entertain some serious vengeance, just because I’m that way. But, I also realize that my nasty inclinations have contributed to the mess of this universe and this planet.

    It’s like I tell the kids: make all the messes you think you can clean up.

    Back on the practical side, I don’t think we can make David any more miserable than he is. Just imagine being so far down scale that you can never really feel compassion and joy and all those higher bands. He can’t even muster enough ARC to understand the simple tech LRH provided. And the basics are pretty simple. And David demonstrates absolutely no understanding (ARC) of these things.

    That’s pretty miserable.

    His havingness level, which is his reality level, already has settled into punishment. It’s just a flow issue. Punishing others. Reversing the flow would be punishing him. Which he would “understand” because punishment is real to him. Punishment is havingness where he sits.

    A thetan in really good shape would be able to experience every level of havingness rather than be stuck in a particular band. Therefore, punishing Davie might just be entertaining for a while. Good havingness on that band. And not aberrative if you aren’t stuck in it.

    Still, you have the cycle of action. So, being in high KRC you would control the punishment and realize the cycle should end. Start change stop.

    Maybe we could all line up, like in that scene from “Airplane” where the women is getting slapped. Each of us could punish him for a cycle. Good control. Bring him up to facing the reality he’s stuck in. Sort of like harsh objectives. “Feel my palm!” Smack! “Feel my fist!” Smack!

    Maybe some creative processing on harming others might bring him up to actual awareness of the havingness level he’s stuck in. If he were aware of it, he wouldn’t be stuck. He could move on.

    But, his exchange level is so far on the debit side that he doesn’t merit any help or positive contribution for a very long time. We’ll be processing out the cockroaches long before Dear Leader deserves our help.

    But, eventually even the worst of thetans will need to be handled.

    Just because.


  265. Martin Gibson

    I was just reading an email about the Seattle Idle Org opening. There was an excerpt of Danger Mouses speech (very roughly and basically paraphrased, and with artistic license. Kind of like events listing expansion… Haha, anyway) he mentions the PR lines as prophecies. What the hell does that mean? The churches PR of stats are actually forecasts? Its worse than watching the weather on TV, at least if the TV weather was that bad it would be helpful… I mean, if Danger Mouse said it was all going to be fine I’d definately grab my umbrella!

  266. Jim Logan,

    Through you guidance I feel I’ll soon have a career in speechwriting!


  267. Freedom Fighter


    Exactly!! I’ve been saying these very same things for a while now. The illogics you mention are things I’ve ranted about for the last few years.

    It’s very easy to dismiss any data that can remotely be attributed to “known SPs”, but if one clearly states specific examples of exact LRH polices and tech that you have observed as being violated, the most they can do is ask if you’ve written those things up. Well, actually, they can (and do) twist what you say and 3-P you as having “attacked” the church (case in point: Greg and Debra Barnes – search YouTube for their amazing story), but there can be ways to head that off at the pass, too, or at least get your side of the story known.

    At any rate, I think this is the best route to take as, actually, one wouldn’t write a KR on what you’ve heard others have observed; you would write one on what you, yourself, have observed. Same thing holds true here.

  268. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    I think that DM is really one of Beavis and Butthead’s alter egos:



  269. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    I counted 83 words in yours. Well Done!

    🙂 !

  270. OT VIII,

    Not sure what you mean about Venom or Bitterness – my perception is that this site is about the truth as that will set you free so you can move up a little higher.

    I don’t think anyone here is up to be “Dear Leader.” It’s the current Mestology concentrating their PIs and resources to effort to quash anyone speaking out the truth with references to and labels of Kingpin etc.

    I apologize if I’ve misinterpreted your posting, but words like bitterness and venom are unlike the ARC and KRC of the Scientology that we knew and had lots of fun with, when LRH at the helm.

  271. Gandyguy,

    You’re totally right. We had about 14 different OTs (8,7, and 6) in the last couples of weeks on our lines and it was very interesting to find out what the best methodology is to come somehow to a viable results.
    I had burst outs of anger, being fully bpc and telling them my truth, I was nice (1.1), I was antogonistic giving them facts, I was high tone giving them facts., I went into apathy and agreed to that perhaps one day we can do it….
    At the end we found out following is the only workable way:
    – Have very high arc
    – Let them brief you on all the latest news and discoveries from David Miscavige, Ias etc…
    Be sure to not interrupt them as propably it’t the first time they can tell somebody the whole nonsense and really while they talk you’ll see how they realise the nonsense (or some will cognite on it some days later) they are telling.
    – give them very kindly LRH data about it
    – ask from time to time with very high Arc when they say Miscavige said bla..bla…Where does Lrh say this ? Whats the reference ?
    If you can keep the comm-line in without giving them “entheta from the evil sps” they start to trust you and suddenly they natter or will tell you a specific problem they have re the whole matter.
    Also then just stay on Source, just give them LRH data that will help them to handle the situation. Be an example of a perfect Scientologist. You will have wins on helping them and they will have wins.
    And the day you’ll announce your independence they’ll know you are not a squirrel or SP but on source.

    I could write about 10 pages of all differents stories we heard or the things we could observe,. They are experiencing sits. that are totally insane.
    there was one person I could see the BDs and a changing of her physical appearance when she itsaed about her exams after sessions, being totally unsure if the needle floats and then thinking nice things so she could go home (period of 3 months). Boy did she discharge !

  272. Fellow Traveller

    “These OT8s got together and compared notes and could not recognize that they did the same RUNDOWN !”

    That speaks volumes.

    Of course Dear Leader will blame this variation on those evil transcriptionists and all the SPs he has had to personally handle. Perhaps Dan S will spend several hours to turn a new trademarked hyperdrivel&trade phrase to explain how this is why DM is the only one who can get and Keep Scientology Pure.

    Keep Scientology Pure — that phrase gives me a gag reflex now. Maybe that is pure something, but it sure ain’t Scientology.

    Bruce Pratt

  273. Thanks JF,

    I guess the MK8 Ultras were stored with the variation of heat and cold as dictated by the weather outside and building insulation.

    That’s an interesting point about Non Profit Corp (CSI) workers having to work in a for profit corp like Bridge Publications with no additional compensation or basic care like food.

  274. Good point Gandiguy. I’d like to add a bit to that if you don’t mind.
    Miscavige seems to be out to prove how much better he is than LRH.
    So, pre-miscavology, LRH acquired the LA complex, the Vancover Org, the Toronto Org, Saint Hill Manor, the Fort Harrison, several ships, and many hundreds of other buildings. He did it all exactly according to his own policies and paid cash for all of them with donations for SERVICE which was actually delivered.
    These orgs were full of theta folks rocking and rolling up the bridge.
    DM’s glowing but empty shells are reflective of his glowing but false PR.
    I remember when the new cans came out and a bunch of idiots were running around praising DM for how unbelievably superior they were.
    Well, for those who are not aware, LRH says “the needle responds in direct proportion to the amount of ARC in the session”. Soup cans on a MK V work fine, for auditors who actually LIKE thier PCs.

  275. Good retirement benefits: According to BP’s most recent annual report, Hayward amassed a pension worth nearly $17 million in his 28 years of service, which is expected to be doled out in annual payments of more than $900,000.

  276. Ha ha ha! Mr. Logan, you can be damn funny! I am still laughing. HA!

  277. Only in the current “church”? I’ve read LRH policy about this. So it was the same in his time. He designed that way.

  278. Karen wrote this was written on the E-meter: “It is solely for the guide of Ministers of the Church in confessionals and Pastoral Counseling…and is for Religious Use”
    So when it is checked if the person comes from the government or secret agencies than religious use is violated. So why the government does not act on the violation of religious usage? The confessional questions are in HCOPLs so they can be accessed easily. The proof is there. So when Moscow says that the Church is promoting anti-state views, they are correct as it can be seen from the security check questions that they consider state agencies enemies.

  279. Thanks for the encouragement.

  280. Most of the Scientologist outside the church that have been declared are better people.

  281. Now, I can be a good Scientologist and do what LRH would have want me to do.

  282. I admit I was on the fence because of the money invested. It not a matter of money anymore.It about some evil that engulfed our church.

  283. Thank you. I was a hard journey. I thought I might never do it. I was ready yesterday.

  284. Thank You. The more information you have the better a decision you can make.

  285. I am free at last. Free from the constant regging and dev’t to move on up a little higher.

  286. Thank you for the support.
    I really appreciate this.

  287. Sorry Idle, that ain’t gonna fly.

    In amongst everything else BP does, they do produce SOMETHING useful – petrol.

    DM is instantly out-qualed I’m afraid…..

  288. Responsibility is to ensure that the public gets LRH’S technology unaltered.

  289. PlainOldThetan

    I’ve pondered what Mike and the contributors have let out of the bag here. It seems I do have a few things to add.

    1) When the Mark VII Quantum E-meter was released, everyone had to get their meter upgraded to a Quantum.

    You couldn’t send your Mark VII in for recertification anymore. The re-cert line only accepted Quantums. This even went so far as Gold sending BACK a Mark VII sent in for recertification with a note saying “homey don’t play that”.

    This marvelous unwritten policy was ENFORCED, and, guess what … wasn’t announced at the Int event where the Mark VII Quantum was introduced.

    This is the kind of thing that is KILLING the Church. The marvelous new fantastic unbelievable incredible ultra-cool thing comes WITH A PENALTY.

    My guess is: we’ll announce the Mark VIII, then refuse to cert Mark VIIs.

    We’ll announce newly verified books and mass printings of same, but you can’t bring those old outdated awful in-existence-through-LRH’s-life editions into the courseroom anymore.

    Oh, and you’re expected to throw away, trash, shred, burn, dispose of all your existing books. We’re not going to set up a program where you can trade your old books in for 50% off the new versions. You have to pay full, inflated, unreasonable price for the new ones *AND* throw away your old books.

    Because anyone who would hold on to those degraded outdated musta-been-OK-with-LRH versions perforce is an SP.

    The same thing happened with the “new cans”. Not only were you expected to buy the new cans, but you were expected to throw away and never again use your old cans.

    Heaven forbid we would give you 50% off a new set if you traded in your old cans.

    Whoops, that can’t be allowed.


    Because every new release is top-secret, up till the crush sales after the Int Event (per what LRH reference?).

    If we sandbag information about the new release, and tell all auditors to bring their meters or their cans to the big Int event, we’ll be letting the cat out of the bag.

    So the only way to maximize opening night sales is to NOT have a trade-in program. Because if we did, we wouldn’t be able to coerce maximum bucks out of parishioners on opening night.

    So, bottom line is: Don’t ever buy anything on opening night. That’ll mess with DM’s highest-ever obsession. And, it might be that three days later, you’ll realize it isn’t something you absolutely must-have can’t-live-without Ebola-will-run-rampant-and-kill-all-intelligent-life-if-you-don’t-get-it.

    And you’ll prove that you can’t be and won’t be swept up in the expensive hyperbole-laden event mania. (Remember the “Think For Yourself” campaign? I do.)

    Even better, so what I did for fifteen years. Don’t go to the event at all, and make it a policy not to pick up a ringing phone for a week after the event.

    Above all, remember that THERE WILL BE PENALTIES and EXTORTION attached to the Mark VIII release. (“Did you contribute to that motion?”)

    2.) Remember that the marvelous reason we all needed to buy a Mark VII Quantum meter was to get the marvelous automatic sensitivity adjustment.


    So, when you’re sitting at the announcement event watching the well-prepared DM video about the new marvelous technology in this meter, toss a mental coin. Because the odds are 50-50 that whatever marvelous thingie he’s showing at that moment won’t work as advertised.

    3.) And, remember, after the release of the Mark VII Quantum, little jack-booted midnight nazis went through every courseroom in the Church (after hours) and left notes in your unlocked E-Meter case telling you that “This Meter is not a Mark VII Quantum and must be upgraded before it can be used to audit preclears.”

    Keep in mind that this little “policy change” was not announced at the event and is not in writing anywhere.

    4.) It’s good to hear that the Mark VIII release was held up because DM didn’t like the colors. As has been pointed out, the case gain of the preclear is DIRECTLY proportional to the color of the electrons coming out of the meter’s circuitry.

    It’s so comforting to know that in a Church where the Founder codified survey technology, that technology is ignored and replaced with the whims of a self-appointed megalomaniac.

    And it’s also comforting to know that DM is paying non-church Marketing and Design firms to come up with these products, subject to DM’s nitpicking micromanaging approval.

    This totally explains for me why the artwork on the covers of the ACC lectures are dim, monochromatic, dark, low-toned, and repulsive. (Yes, looking at some of the ACC packaging actually results in me being physically nauseous.)

    It also explains for me why I hate the CD packaging. Besides needing yards and yards of shelf space, the damned binders CAN’T BE PILED ONE ON THE OTHER.

    Unlike the cassette binders, which you could stack 10-high without fear of any of them falling off the table onto the floor, the current CD packaging is USELESS.

    If you stack one CD binder on another CD binder, the risk of the top binder sliding off the table is about 50-50. Don’t try to stack them three high; the odds are 100% that the stack will end up on the floor in under thirty seconds.

    Unsurveyed. Untested. Undesirable.

    Not what’s needed and wanted.

  290. I think that modern semiconductor packaging is pretty reliable. The problem with corrosion is that it impairs solderability, especially for the lead-free process. The main problem with moisture ingress is the “popcorn effect”, which can cause damage if the moisture is not baked out prior to IR reflow soldering. The point here is, that the meters are pretty reliable once they are assembled.

  291. RR,
    He is the Pope of Scientology. He is infallible. He is our slavation (sic). Thank Bog, he IS.

    $30,000,000 – not even peanuts, more like sunflower seeds. Yes, sunflower, like his countenance, a sunflower of love and understanding. He is the sunflower on a cloudy day, the ray gun of bliss from far away. He IS. Thank you Bog, thankyou Throgmagog. Thank you panoply for DAVE. (And I LOVE the hair.)

  292. Plain Old Thetan,
    A rant par excellance. A thing of complete beauty, unwavering sarcasm and irresistable truth.

    You are anything but ‘plain’. Hats, shoes, socks and bracelets off to you sir; master.


  293. Oh Jim how it drips. 🙂

  294. I smacka my lips. 😉

  295. And roll on the floor 😉

  296. My ribcage all sore 🙂

  297. ATTENTION :


    Gotcha ! Just Kidding ! JOKE
    We are allowed to lighten up and laugh ::::)))))))

  298. Example: Gold Base was flooded by mud. David Miscavige built Ideal Orgs

    Example: The people of CoS are going broke from donating to IAS. COB spends $70 million on a new office building for himself.

    Example: COB is under attack for his brutality and corruption. He orders OSA to Fair Game the Independents.

    Example: A Sea Org member discovers COB’s crimes. OSA demands to know why and puts him in the RPF jail for a long period of investigation.

    Example: The multibillion-dollar C of M pushes DM’s overt products into society. CCHR campaigns against Psychiatry.

    It goes on and on….

  299. Fellow Traveller

    Welcome to this party Caesar!

    MEST is such a problem, ain’t it?

    “It about some evil that engulfed our church.”
    Well stated. Amen brother.

    Bruce Pratt

  300. Watching Eyes

    “Oh, and you’re expected to throw away, trash, shred, burn, dispose of all your existing books.”

    Reminds me of the Ray Bradbury book, Fahrenheit 451. It’s a sci-fi story of a future time when critical thought isn’t allowed. The people had to burn their books. That’s where the title came from. Anyway, I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d see it happening TODAY. But then again, I never thought the church would have a dwarf decimating the tech, the book and the meters.

    ps. I’ve got an original SOS manuscript. Ha-ha dwarf. You didn’t get it! It’s safely tucked away, out of reach from your gnarly paws. It’ll never be burned but will be used when needed to help preserve the tech, something you know nothing about. All you know how to do is destroy. Take that!!

  301. Martin Gibson

    Here here. I also think the part about the soon-to-be-out-dated-50%-off-special run on items that should be 100%-worthless-soon-to-be-replaced-with-something-slightly-cheaper-that-when-bought-will-(added to what you just paid for said ‘special’)-turn-out-to-be-more-expensive-and-an-overt-on-self-for-believing-you-were-getting-a-good-deal!!!

  302. Michael,
    I’ll audit Dave Miscavige. Just because.

    Of course, that’s after the ‘slap line’. Do him good.

  303. Overdriver,
    You ain’t gonna get this, but I’m gonna put it there; get over ‘logic’. It’s way overrated.

  304. Micheal
    Thanks for summing it up for me. Spot on and saved me the effort of articulating 🙂

  305. stole,
    Admiration is key.

  306. PlainOldThetan, great write-up. Says it all. The only thing to do when this new meter is announced is to stand up and leave. Now that would introvert dear leader if hundreds of people just got up and walked out!

  307. LO,
    Merci. You are a wonderful being carrying on in a most positive way. My great pleasure to be aware of you.


  308. OD,
    Not only that, he designed it so you would find out. Which apparently, you have yet to do.

  309. Thank You.
    Jim Logan

  310. Sec Check vs Confessional

    The Sec Check is use to help get the person functioning without O/W manifesations within the group, mainly in an Org, which in turn provides a safe environment in which to operate for the individual and the group.

    The confessional is for individual betterment which increases the beings awareness of cause and effect along with responsibility, as the person without this awareness and responsablity level doesn’t make further significant gains.


  311. Yes there is currently a WISE e-meter for word clearing @ about $900.00. Check the latest catalog.

  312. David Miscavige has missed the marketing window for his stupendous new meter and is planning to sell damaged goods that have deteriorated in storage.

    The future of meters lies in PC-based meters which are made all over the world for less than $1000.

    I have purchased two PC-based Virtual Clarity Meters and they are equal in performance to my Mark VII meters by actual test.

    These Virtual Clarity Meter cost only $495.00 each and they are made in the USA. They have no moving parts and can be used for auditing over the Internet.

    Miscavige has little chance of making inroads with the Mark VIII. The service problems will be a final betrayal to anyone forced to use his new meters.

  313. Your humble servant

    Yes, Plain Old. Thank you for that rant. I have always been suspicious of the automatic sensitivity adjustment feature and wondered, “Why can’t I just turn up the sensitivity if the TA is very high?” And, the truth is I could.

    We did not need the Super duper Mark VII and the Super duper Quantum, and we certainly do not need the Super duper Mark VIII. We did not need thousands of dollars in prices either.

    Nor did we need unnecessary recertification programs for $250 or so a pop. An auditor can tell when his meter is not working properly.

    I would be very happy to go with the ones Ron personally approved of, the Mark V and the Mark VI.

    Also, there was nothing wrong with soup cans.

    The more I consider my experiences of the last few years, the more things I am finding that I strongly object to about the church of Miscavology.

  314. one of those who see

    I was on lines and not yet Blog reading when the order came out to turn in your “old books.” Interestly-I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I guess it was my first “disobey!”

  315. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    “I think it would not matter what color the meter was at all….the outcome would be the same…”

    Yep… With Der MisMinded, the e-meter would be R/Sing till the meter melted from the discharges.

    Or would they be “shorts”? ZzzzzzzztttTTTTT!!!

    ΘTater/Gary (Blowing a fuse!)

  316. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    HolyBatShit!! Being OT you can really mock up EVIL!!!

    I had to body slam myself to get out of DinkDorkoMundo’s valence of GAT/GAK/GAG!!!


    Gary (touching the walls of reality…)

  317. Richard Reed

    PlainOldThetan, Carol wrote a response to your spectacularly observant post above. Carol was far more articulate with writing to you a response than I am able to in this limited time. Therefore I sincerely hope that She doesn’t mind that I quote Her here verbatim:
    “PlainOldThetan, Great write-up. Says it all. The only thing to do when this new meter is announced is to stand up and leave. Now that would introvert dear leader if hundreds of people just got up and walked out!”

    Here! Here! I second this idea.

    David Miscavige, WE have figured you out; and the masses are slowly catching on…

  318. Auditing over the internet is a squirrel practice except for assists.
    I did create a virtual meter for viewing reads over the net but did not intend it for use in general auditing.
    The “Virtual Clarity Meter” is possibly a clone of the meter design I have made available on the net for years. Do you have a link?

  319. Ne Obliviscaris

    How about a meter that projects an image of the dial on the wall behind the PC so that the PC thinks that the auditor is looking at him instead of the “three swings” of the needle.

    That’ll fool em.

    Ne Obliviscaris — Inventor Extraordinaire

  320. POT,

    yes on the Quantum’s flaw re correct sensitivity setting.
    The solution they ran in St. Hill was to send the PC to the bathroom and handle his hands with starch!!! Beside “standard handcreme”, every auditor had a box of starch in his deskdrawer! Go figure on that solution!!

  321. Ralph,

    When I hear “squirrel practice”, It seems like someone still has the church intolerance in his blood. Thought stoppers like “squirrel practice” and”that’s entheta” should die a natural death along with 3-swing F/Ns.

    This is the 21st Century and people have been auditing over the internet for many years. The Internet is here to stay and so is Independent Scientology. We seek workable technology and the proof of that is in the products.

    Those who need the approval of a self-appointed leader can wait while the world passes them by. People need and want honest gains. These do not come from certs, but from auditing by auditors who follow the Auditor’s Code.

    Yesterday’s experts are those who make the first great breakthroughs and get stuck in their wins and cannot see when others have moved on and are creating better mousetraps or meters. Here are just two examples:

    Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time. Nobody will use it, ever. — Thomas Edison, American inventor, 1889

    The radio craze will die out in time. — Thomas Edison, American inventor, 1922

    I have no interest in any particular meter manufacturer. I want the best available no matter where it is built and I want to continue auditing over the Internet when that is the best option for the PC.

    See my further remarks at

  322. PlainOldThetan

    I too am a heretic. I kept my leatherbound “lifetime” editions because…they said “lifetime edition” right on the box! I was not going to trash a $2500 set of books just cuz Davey said to.

    They’ll go in the trash when Davey pries them from my cold dead fingers.

  323. PlainOldThetan

    “Times change and simple patterns have a habit of being deranged.”
    — Problems of Work, Handling the Confusions of the Workaday World

    I remember 22 years ago when a Gold agent came into the Mission I was working at and unmocked our film setup based on the opinion that “it was squirrel”. Squirrel, of course, meant anything that Gold hadn’t ordered.

    Our film area, due to space restrictions, had to be set up adjacent to the auditing rooms. So we set up a headphone system for the public to listen to the films and wouldn’t disrupt the sessions.

    Well, that was squirrel. I remember asking the Gold agent “why can’t we get these films on video?”, and the response was “LRH specified film; putting them on video would be squirrel”.

    What do you know? Fifteen years later Missions were receiving films on laser disc.

    Times change.

    Use of the Internet and personal computers for auditing was not even conceived of in 1965.

    The high-definition plasma television was not even conceived of in 1965.

    The Church decided to un-squirrel on the TV question. That’s a fact.

    There is now technology that allows auditing to occur over the Internet.

    What is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics?

    To force preclears to travel hundreds or thousands of miles, paying massively inflated prices for auditing?

    Or is it to use the technology to open the gates to people yearning for the change that LRH’s technology can offer?

    Perhaps it would be less “squirrel” if you saw it work.

    Or, heaven forbid, perhaps it would be less “squirrel” if a preclear who had done 90% of his lower Bridge over the Internet attested to Clear?

    I like to read HCO PL 31 January 1983 THE REASON FOR ORGS when sorting out questions like this for myself:

    The only reason orgs exist is to sell and
    deliver materials and service to the public
    and get in public to sell and deliver to.
    The object is totally freed beings.

    Although I currently prefer face-to-face auditing, I am also anxiously awaiting reports of the RESULTS of over-the-Internet auditing. Perhaps, if I then look, my opinion will change.

    And, unlike the Church, I am reluctant to label something “squirrel” just because it’s not something I’m used to.

  324. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Welcome Caesar! 🙂 Very Well Done.

    It’s amazing to be out, huh? Welcome to your new Whole Track.

    Being out here is better than being onlines at Flag for free!!!

    And safer too!



  325. Jean-François

    E X A C T L Y !

  326. Tory Christman

    Ahhh, the old bait and switch routine re the meters.

    When will those “in” get what a racket this is?
    Not one new meter: TWO. AND they have to be
    “Silver Certed” once/year, don’t forget, which last I had to do it, was over $250 each. Has it gone up? Another racket.

    I still have my Mark 5 and if I remember correctly,
    LRH audited quite fine on that.

    New meters? Jesse Prince told me David Miscavige and gang used to laugh at public
    who would fork out SO much money.

    Sad, but true. Save your money—get a new car and go see some friends! 🙂

    My best,

  327. Ralph,

    Rather than just your blunt opinion that remote auditing via the Internet is “squirrel”, how about a technical analysis as to *why* this must be so that others can think with and come to their *own* conclusion ?

    One thing *I* can think of that would tend to be violated would be the definition of Instant Reads (because there often considerable (hundreds of milliseconds) comm lag from point-to-point over the internet, round-trip travel time could add 1/4 to 1/2 second or more between the completion of the major thought in an auditing question and the remote e-meter reading showing up at the auditor’s computer.

    Why else do you reckon it’s squirrel, Paul ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  328. martyrathbun09

    It is not self-evident in the material of Grade 0?

  329. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Soooo TRUE!


    ΘTater/Gary (I LIKE my Peeps!! 🙂 )

  330. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    I do believe that you did make it go right despite the FDA! Went to your blog – got a total theta/kinship feeling! Great stories. I’m looking forward to your recollections.

    ARC and what the heck: love,

    ΘTater/Gary 🙂

    P.S. I was at the Santa Barbara mission/org back in ’78-80.

  331. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    I do believe you’ve got the “snaps” down.


  332. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Jim and Tara,

    God the two of you are a riot!!! LOLOLOLOL

    I would never want either of you two to bullbait me with your sense of humor. I’d NEVER PASS!!!



  333. Auditing of David Miscavige can occur in jail. Than he has all the time of the world to practice his Freedom of religion.

  334. Caesar Alarcon

    Well Done, hope many will follow your simple and honest example.

  335. If every Independant Scientologist would learn to build a E-meter than they would have absolute “Cause” over this as a group.

    Meaning not dependant on anyone for having one.

  336. Well *I* think you have to be there, a lambda thing. Mike sometimes I get the feeling you were captain crossbones on starship bloodreaper.

  337. As an outsider, my commentary is limited. However, the marketing strategy reminds me of Benny Hinn’s request of $2million to cover his debt. Same said for DM, he needs to scale back his lifestyle. Not only that, why would people wanna buy anything from this guy? I’m sure the E-Meters that have already been serviced (I would surmise they need some kind of upkeep) work just fine. If it’s not proven technology, then it really doesn’t seem to be worth anything. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it? 😀

  338. FCDC circa 1973. I have my original e-meter from that point on track and it never failed me or my pcs. I agree in that I would not have an e-meter since Ron’s exit. This money hungry Napoleon (my apologies to the original) has wreaked almost all I found good and decent about Ron’s tech. If there was ever a squirrel trying to hoard all the nuts it is DM. I recently went back and started the “retread” but stopped. What an invalidation attempt. I know what I know I can do what I attested to and my library was procurred during the seventies so I am sure DM did not expect me to redo my bridge. I wept when I found this blog, tears of joy. I did not know where everybody went. I agree with y’all and that’s a wonderful reality.

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