Reconnection With Distant Relatives

You may have noticed I haven’t been too active on the blog for the past week.  I’ve been busy and will fill you in here on some of it.

If there is a single policy that can be identified as causing the most widespread harm to independent thought in Scientology it is “Disconnect.”   Its remedy is simple.  Don’t agree with it. Instead of continuing to be shackled by other-determined disconnection, simply and effortlessly reconnect.  As much weakening and uncertainty that other-determined disconnection brings, self-determined Reconnection brings comparable strength and certainty. I have had a week of it and found it beyond invigorating and productive.

We had a most inspiring week along the Underground Railroad of the Great Lakes region.

First, Monique and I spent a couple days with the irrepressible Sarge.

Old compadres at Lake Michigan

Sarge doing street performance; as entertaining as ever.

Sarge and I got to do some exploring along the original, historic Underground Railroad of Southern Michigan.  We viewed the caves where escaped slaves were hidden from bounty hunters on their way along the railroad to Canada.  This outing was inspiring and gave perspective  for our Underground Railroad planning for the region.  Around the Great Lakes our railroad  now has active stop-overs in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, and Ontario. 

Checking out underground railroad cave along the St Joseph river

I was able to spend some quality time with my old comrade Jesse Prince.  Jesse was the last man to security check David Miscavige at LRH’s direction.  Jesse got his withholds and duly reported them to LRH.  Unfortunately, the report never made it because it went through Broeker who was implicated in Miscavige’s crimes. So, LRH was kept in the dark and the rest is our own dark history.  Because Jesse was unwilling to choose sides in the Broeker/Miscavige power struggle he was targeted for extinction by DM.  But, you can’t keep a good man down – and Jesse is a Phoenix if there ever was one. 

Distant Relatives

Jesse marked an interesting sort of tipping point. I calculated the number of years of RTC service that terminals available and connected to Miscavige have combined vs the number of years of RTC service that terminals connected with me in present time have.  Well, Jesse just tipped the balance in our favor.

Our own modern day Harriet Tubman made this underground railroad pilgramage possible.  Those who have done much alternate, common people oriented history study know this is about the highest compliment one could pay any one (for a quick synopsis see ).  Well, I’m paying it. Harriet, in keeping with the original’s expertise at Fabian tactics, will remain unnamed for the moment. 

I learned quite a bit from Sarge and Jesse and other brothers I met with along the way. 

If you are in the mood to invest a few minutes, you can listen the song below. It explains why I refer to Jesse and Sarge and Harriet and all of you as distant relatives.

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  1. An expelled friend said his only terminal was IJC. I said, “Fortunately for you, I’m not a terminal, I’m a person.”

    And yes, we have reconnected. It’s a wonderful thing.

  2. martyrathbun09

    Beautiful Deirdre!

  3. Watching Eyes

    Fun! What could be better than reconnecting with friends and seeing new places. The new Underground Railroad sounds very exciting.

    Jesse, looking forward to reading your posts/comments.

    ps. Loved the pictures. There’s nothing like happy, smiling faces!

  4. Marty, Mosey, Sarge, Jessie, Harriet, how cool 1s this! Wow Sarge I lived many years this lifetime in Michigan.. . born and raised there my friend. Lake Michigan is beautiful! You all look great.

  5. Tory Christman

    I agree, reconnection IS a fabulous thing, when it can occur. However, as long as people are “in”,
    there will be parents whose children will not speak to them, loved ones whose significant other won’t either, as Mike himself as seen.

    This will be the end of any “church” as we know it, I’m quite sure of it. I sat in a room with ministers here in LA, and 3 Scientologists. As we began, the ministers seemed to be
    on C of $’s side.

    After they had lied through their teeth about what the Minister I was with had said, pretending none of it was true, I asked:
    “Well, IF “Man has the inalienable right to Free Speech, as you just read in your Creed, why is it NONE of my 30 year friend and my husband of 27 years cannot speak to me?”

    The room rustled. Gayle quickly said, “Well, Tory is an suppressive person. The lead Minister asked what this was?

    Gayle told them: “There are really only a few SPs: Hitler was an SP, and Tory is an SP”.

    Right. I knew in that second, I had won. The Ministers looked *totally* perplexed. I pointed out “That analogy is utterly false, there are thousands of people declared SP, including many organizations, which you can see, on the Net.

    Showing them the SP declare was the icing on the cake.
    People despise this action. Davey boy, *who I’m quite sure reads your blog)— you will
    ***never*** win as long as you keep this rolling, breaking up families, harming people.
    I told you that in 2000, (on video)- when I first left, and I’ll say it again in 2010: *never*.

    Congratulations on your re-connecting with good friends. May there continue to be more and more and more.

  6. I’m guessing Jesse has even more info on DM and how it all went down. Would love to hear about it!

  7. It was great to hear the story of Jesse Prince. I heard of him and never knew the story. I am glad you told it.
    We need to know the truth.

  8. I hope you come across Bruce Bromley in you travels.


  9. Tory Christman

    PS: That ended their little “Handling”. The key Minister they wanted on their side, who had arrived armed and seemed against me, came over to me.
    He told me he could not believe they would do such a thing as A) Declare someone
    and B) Put it in writing
    But he thanked me for showing him who they
    (C of $ reps) really are.

    He also promised to help me in any way he can.
    Ministers are great people to educated about
    this organization, as once they get it, they have access to hundreds often thousands of people they can educate.

  10. martyrathbun09

    I was able to connect a lot of dots with a number of folks who had different viewpoints of the same events. Take some time to spell it out in context; but I will.

  11. Mark Fisher

    This posting made my year! To see my friends Jesse Prince and Marty arm in arm after all these years is a joyous occasion!!!

    These 2 have been through alot over the past 30 years both with and against each other and in the end, the truth is winning out!!

    I am so happy to see your happy smiling faces beaming across the internet. Sarge’s too!

    Im sure this causing untold indigestion for DM and more sleepless nights!

    Thanks for sharing this Marty.

  12. Mark Fisher

    PS: Marty – when can you and Mosey come to Vegas??? We have a large clan here ready to welcome you!

  13. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mark. Every day is an adventure so its hard to predict. But maybe we ought to start posulating around Thanksgiving.

  14. A fantastic post and it is great to see everyone! Eye opening data on Jesse sec checking DM. I didn’t know that.
    Well like I said, 2010 is the “Year of Re-Connection! “.
    Its a wonderful and very theta activity.

  15. Thank for nice reading for the end of my boring day 🙂

  16. Jesse – needful things…

  17. Mark Fisher

    Sounds like the beginning of a plan. I will get together with others at this end and see what we can come up with.

  18. theo sismanides

    Hey Marty and Mosey, this is so cool. Distant Relatives! Marty thanks. Seeing Sarge and Jesse Prince next to you and Mosey is quite a picture. Looking forward to what you came up in connecting some dots.

  19. Independent Scientologist

    Does anyone have advice on the best way to approach Scientologists who are still inside the church and still being robotic to DM? They are trained to instantly shut out any communication from an “SP” – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. How do you break through that initial barrier to get a comm cycle going?

  20. Marty, I kinda knew you were going to post
    pictures of me. I think I should explain how
    sick I’ve been to my friends. I’ve been experiencing some body dev-t for months now.
    Thank god I’m not my body. I lost over thirty pounds and on some people it looks good.
    Since I’ve always been thin, on me it looks grim indeed. I’ve been in and out of hospitals and I think I know all the doctors in Michigan by now. Through all my stuff I’ve always been
    uptone. There is good news, ole Sarge does
    not give up and although it looks as if I’m at deaths door, I’m not. I’m under treatment now
    and things are looking up. When Marty found me I swear I couldn’t climb the stairs. When
    he left I not only had my color back but I can
    climb stairs with ease. God its good to have such wonderful friends. Marty said,’ we need to put some meat on those bones’. IP, Sir! I have 10x the energy now. My condition is fixable and my target for full recovery is Thanksgiving.
    Spiritually I have never been healthier. NOTS
    is ‘slick’. Thank you my friend I’m still AMing.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Sargio, Sorry for the early part of the trip photos, the only ones I took. But, you always look good to me. Love the announcement of the target date – that way we can pick up and align a lot of OT postulates. Thanks again for everything. I got as much out of it as you did, believe me.

  22. martyrathbun09

    SK, you were spot on – a per usual.

  23. rory Medford

    bit by bit, person by person, fact by fact the truth about DM and his henchmen unfolds

    its a beautiful thing to get to the bottom of a deep seated, deep rooted lie and masquerade

    once you get to the root of things all sorts of wonderful and beautiful things occurs in favor of the people who have been talking about the injustices and lies that have been occurring for the past untold # of years

    Keep the dream alive and one by one the real warriors and heroes will emerge or should I say EMERGED

    VWD boys you have the momentum in your favor use it!!!

    Keep it going the theta is flowing and people are talking and people are leaving the church in droves

    Help LRH continue with the ORIGINAL aims and goals of this technology

    Glad u guys are having FUN it was and is a well deserved vacation

    Let theta reunite with theta

  24. Carol, I don’t know if you have ever been to Saint Joseph but its one of those Theta places.
    Marty knows. It seems we all find those Theta
    people and places the more OT we get. Love.

  25. When I saw the pictures and read the article I had a cognition:
    “Don’t disconnect” is the first step of the Power formula. To disconnect is the opposite of that. It makes you weak.
    Thanks Marty.

  26. Tory Christman

    Jesse Prince is not only one of THE greatest
    people I know, he’s also one of THE funniest!

    He knows I’ve told him for years he’s missing his calling of being a comedian. Combining what he knows from his experiences AND comedy—
    it could be fabulous for all.

    So glad you two connected up 🙂

  27. This chapter of “The Adventures of Marty/Mosey” sounds like your recent trip was interesting, productive and a hoot. Sarge and Jesse both look great and very happy…. both beaming! Thanks for the debrief.

  28. Marty,
    In starting my research many years ago on the subject of disconnection and parental rights, I came across Jesse Prince’s court case affidavits online. These led me to realize something was very wrong. The one about Marry Sue Hubbard turning over her rights to LRH’s estate under duress and coercion was the one that stands out. In the last week I reviewed that affidavit. Funny, hadn’t seen it in years. Glad to know that you found him and reconnected. Had wondered what happened to him. He looks very happy to be with you in that photo.

    Sarge, glad to hear of your recovery. You have my very best wishes for optimum health, soon!

    It must be the “Underground Railroad” is necessary to meet in peace without private investigators and harassment. Wow! Who would imagine that would be necessary in a free society.

    Much love,
    Lady Minn

  29. Tory Christman

    Sorry to hear you’ve had to go through some
    body problems—Happy you and Marty
    got together, and things improved.
    To me you looked happy, and that’s the most
    important thing. As you said, “you’re happy you
    are not your body”.

    Plus, your T-Shirt is all time great!

  30. Sarge
    You should look at those photos though our eyes.
    I saw what Marty saw “the irrepressible Sarge “

  31. Gosh, this was riveting! It was wonderful to see Sarge, and to meet Jesse Prince. Thank you!

    This kind of information is priceless and reinforces my opinion of David Miscavage as someone who doesn’t trust the tech because he is an SP.

    I’m also glad you and Mosey are on a roadtrip! They make the BEST honeymoons!

    Sarge, you have my theta flows for full recovery by Thanksgiving. As a nurse I know the power of theta flows in helping folks overcome body problems. With the crew associated with this blog you may feel better by Halloween!

    Love, Vicki

  32. Is that Jesse in the pic??

  33. Go Bears!

  34. DM here’s an ‘SRA’ for you (‘Severe Reality Adjustment’ for any uninitiated into Miscavigologese):

    ‘WE COME BACK’ means exactly that.

    Oops! looky over there!
    There they are again!
    And worse!
    Now they’re all together!
    Pesky thetans!

    Marty, Sarge, Harriet and Jesse – together you exude theta, life and… maybe just a little bit of mischief?
    Feel like I know you all so well.
    Perhaps we are related? 😉

  35. Sarge, never been there. Looks beautiful. You have inspired me to make plans to go and visit.
    Love Carol

  36. martyrathbun09


  37. Nice you were able to chill out with distant relative s as you rref it, ( smiles) and also thanks for sharing the photo’s Very Nice

  38. Great action on connecting the dots Marty and Woohoo Jessie is back!

    Many of you here for, obvious reasons, never got to see many of the videos produced in the first year Anonymous started to protest but Reconnection was very much a theme. The author of the one below has several outstanding ones on their site.

    Now for whatever it’s worth I appreciate that the Indies may not all be “fans” of Anonymous but, as varied as snowflakes are, so is Anonymous. Truth, however it is attained, is still powerfull and constant.

  39. Sarge, you look great to me! I am truly glad that you and Marty got to spend some quality auditing time together.

    Love Carol

  40. No kidding. Marc Headley mentions him in his book. Hilarious anecdote.

  41. Whoa, Sarge! You must be in the Chicago part of Michigan. (Though I can understand you forsaking the hapless Lions. But I remember them when Bobby Layne was QB and they were ass-kicking everybody back then, long, long ago.)

  42. You my friend are too kind. Love!

  43. Vicki, I have never been a good victum. I
    admit I have beat the hell out of this body but I
    am in no mood to give it up yet. I bounce
    good! All this wonderful Theta sure helps.
    Thank you. Hey, how bout Labor Day!

  44. Sam, I have NO doubt!

  45. Thought Provoking

    What a pleasure to see the old guard and the new elite corp standing on common ground.

    Absolutely beautiful to see, a magnificent strengthening of forces in the recovery of truth and the restoration of LRH’s legacy. 🙂 🙂

  46. Sam, Every time I looked at Marty he would give me one of those looks that just made me laugh. What a cool guy. I admit I yacked a
    lot and Mosey never gave me one ack to shut me up. I know why Mark loves her so.

  47. Tory Christman

    Yes, that’s Jesse Prince with Marty, in the picture.

    (Mr. Prince in the yard with his sun glasses, with
    Professor R and his white shirt with Jesse). 🙂

  48. Sarge,
    You aw stiw the most wascawy of wabbits and vewy, vewy handsome on top of dat!!!


  49. Carol, We did a session, went for a walk. Did
    a session, went for a drive. He let me have my wins! In the ‘Church’, I would have been regged
    between sessions. The days went by so fast.
    I’m going to Texas!

  50. Marty,
    Superb! Brilliant! Reconnection. God, I love this shit!

    OSA guys scratchin’ their heads. Huh? Reconnection!? Who came up with that?! (Clue, red hair, big arms, lots a presence and hooked up to the mainline of truth.)

    God I love this shit!

    I love you too, and all these wonderful life sources.

  51. Tory ~~

    I am compiling a Compendium of “Church” Dirty tricks run on ex-members right through time to PT…see your private Email.

    It is quite stunning.

    “Shooting down enemies of Scientology has been like shooting ducks in a pond” David Miscavige 2001 IAS Event.

    Aaaaaah the arrogance…….

  52. Greetings Jesse ~~

    Old comrade ! So much water under the Bridge…..

    Warm welcome to this community !


  53. Sarge ~~

    I am almost tempted to come visit with you when I see that image of you and Lake Michigan…..

    Also, thanks for the wonderful communications.
    Congratulations on such amazing recovery.


  54. Love this Deirdre!

  55. I completely agree with Tory. Jesse is not only an intelligent man, but he is in fact one of the funniest people I have ever met too.

    He was always a joy to be around. Especially when we used to play raquetball together early in the morning. He remembers those games!

    Even when I got in trouble one time and he was sent to handle me, he did it with compassion.

    One Cool Dude!

  56. Jim, You are so full of shit. Love it! I Love the Fudd! Marty and I talked a lot about you and others. The scarey thing is we couldn’t find any flaws.

  57. Know what you mean Sarge. Mosey is heavenly. But I happen to know she was loving every second of your company. That’s why she didn’t stop you 😉

  58. Wow! So great to see you radiant lovely lively beaming people.

    Hello Jesse Prince love the mirth sparkling all around you!

    Sarge, You look great!
    I posted the following in the Russia (yesterday’s) post so forgive me for a duplicate post but in case you don’t read the back post, here it is:

    Sarge I rested better last night I went to sleep with a lighter heart, thinking about you AMing. What a great feeling knowing delivery — real delivery — is happening. I sensed how well deserved and long -deserved it is — for anyone, and especially you! who were and are so true.

    Beyond personal gain and release that really is snap crackly pop living lightning, I also had the same increase (if possible!!) of Love and Respect for the LRH. Just seeing it in action from an empirical, technical point of view, was in itself a marvel.

    It’s like someone put a rachet screwdrive in my hand and pointed at the screws to turn … Okay. Then the lid comes off and Whoa…no question that tool was devised properly and those were the right screws. Beyond wildest hopes/dreams and simply…beautiful. My admiration for the tenacity, dedication, love, courage and genius of LRHs research was already empirically confirmed, but this took it to a whole new level.

    Sarge this is just fantastic … it is exhilarating joyful and your being rewarded is sweet justice. There is a sigh in infinity and beyond. Thank you because I am enjoying this as if it were my win … and LRH felt the same way about his friends.

    I’m celebrating you Sarge!! Happy AMing. Love you ∞

    Marty I salute you. Monique, everyone here, big Love.

  59. P.S. Harriet, I salute you (and your namesake)

  60. Glad to hear things are doing well. “Body Dev-T” — I like that phrase. Unfortunately, I know its meaning all too well.

  61. Marty, could you please forward this by e-mail to the person who posts as “Independent Scientologist” above. It is from a mail correspondence between myself and Steve Hall about my successful actions on informing scientologists about DM.

    Hi Steve,

    Like I mentioned I think it is crucial to tell people that the Bridge is available outside the church, but I always start with referring to the insane “defense” of the church in Freedom Magazine.

    This is what I tell them:
    “A few weeks ago I checked the net for whats going on in scn at the moment, and read the freedom mag on their website.

    The last issue (Now under Past issues:
    At the Helm of Scientology’s Explosive Growth)
    had a headline called The story that SP Times refused to tell.
    It was about some former execs at int who accused David Miscavige for beating staff members. But when I read the article I got absolutely chocked!

    The church says in the mag that it was actually the defectors (Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, high ranking RTC officers) that had done what they are accusing DM for doing, and that 22 individuals have been beaten by them at 50 occasions! The church is actually admitting that people in the upper management are beating each other up! It did not say: Well, we had an incident where an executive lost his temper and hit his secretary once, but of course we fired him immediatly. It says that 22 individuals have been beaten at 50 occasions!”

    This is also the true story of how I myself got to investigate the matter further. I could not believe what I just read! The worse defense I´ve ever seen, admitting that 50 incidents of violence had occurred at int! And that is normally the reaction I get when I tell the story. What, you gotta be kidding! Are they really saying that, it sounds totally insane!

    Then I recommend the person to read the mag. I have found this a good starting point, reading the churchs own magazine must be safe, right? And the next step, to check out the interviews on SP Times is not far away. If, or when, the person is curious or willling to look, I give him the links to rediscover, martys and friendsoflrh and point out that the sites are run by people who are pro scientology and pro LRH.

  62. Perfect! 😀

  63. Jean-François

    Congratulations on your recovery, and continued success!

    Θ→ The Canadian Thanksgiving is October 11th.
    Thou shalt be in PERFECT health by then! Θ

  64. Jean-François

    Oui !

  65. Karen, I know I don’t have to say it again,
    but Thank You! You are wonderful!
    Much Love, Sargio

  66. In Science of Survival Lrh talks about that an auditor auditing lowtone pc’s must be very high tone and have his auditor codex in and shouldn’t run hard stuff to confront before the pc is also uptone.
    So use high arc, good comm cycle, no evals or invals and suddenly they ‘ll start to talk about it !

  67. A bit off topic, but not entirely.

    Does anyone have the exact LRH quote concerning the fact that if its not fun, its not Scientology. It encapsulates in a sentence what is wrong with the C of M.

  68. Marty,

    Your photos leave me speechless.!

    Despite your comments to the contrary, Sargio, you always look great!

    Damn, Jesse doesn’t look like he’s aged a day in 20 plus years. (We should all be so lucky.) Many, many fond memories.

    With all the road work, how is Chiquita holding up?


  69. Seconded!

    I was quite astounded – and happy to see the two of you arm in arm. Godspeed! 🙂

  70. Over the past two years I have been getting immersed into this whole topic and have heard and read many of these stories of the past. I wasn’t there when it all happened. And still, I am happy to see how colleagues of old are reconnecting, and how almost every day people are announcing their departure from the “church” of Scientology.

  71. Sarge, Marty, Mosey, Harriet, Jesse,

    Sarge, I swear I didn’t even notice you had lost weight. You look so happy with your friends around you. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    Jesse, you are one of my long-time heroes. I’ve read online so many of your stories and depo transcripts and affidavits. You’re such a truth-teller.

    Harriet, you revolutionary you! I would love to think of you as a long-lost sister.

    Marty and Mosey, I totally forgot about this trip to Michigan. I’ll be home tomorrow. If you guys want to stop by on your way home, just let us know. Either way, enjoy your road trip back to Texas.

    Happy thoughts to all of you — great post!

    Just Me

    P.S. Mike, I don’t know the source of “If it’s not fun, it’s not Scientology.” But if you can’t find an LRH reference, why don’t you just attribute it to Sam. Or Harriet. Or Veritas. Or Marie-Joe. Or any of the other hundreds of fun-loving girls who hang around here.

  72. one of those who see

    I have to agree. It is so wonderful to see that Marty went out to visit Sarge to do what he does so well – Scientology. So well deserved. You do look great in the pictures, Sarge. You shine. Wishing you the best with your health. With all these postulates, you’ll be feeling like a 30 year old by Thanksgiving.

    This is great. And very cool about the Underground Railroad.

  73. Fellow Traveller

    Would some one please clue me in on AMing?

    Is that the first person progressive tense of be used as a process noun? Which would sorta kinda make it the highest condition one could be in. And it sure sounds like lots of fun, especially in company.


    Bruce Pratt

  74. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Independent Scio,

    My recommendation is to apply the ARC triangle. Find out what is real to them that is an out-point and validate their observations. Then start working over the “button” is it ok to look at out-points in the church? Does it really mean you have overts if you see out-points in the church?? What about the data Series, that tells you to look for out-points right?? Etc. If you stay in comm with them this should get you pretty far unless they are a very PTS Bot or some are even Super Bots. If so, just get away from them and start at the beggining with a new thetan. You will find an uptone one soon enough.

  75. Jean, I’m not going to argue with that postulate.
    Thank you. Love

  76. Your humble servant


    I don’t know, but it’s been around a while. I saw it posted in the New York Org in 1968. I was impressed by it and always remembered it. Hope you find it!

  77. Sarge,
    My Friend, spending time with you was an absolute pleasure moment. Thank you for showing off your beautiful town. Sam is spot on…enjoyed the comm so much….didn’t want to cut it. Our visit reminded me of something LRH said in the Clearing Congress..(forgive me because this of off the cuff) he talks about how you can ask someone “how are you doing?” and the person’s reply was something like “the body is not so well, but I am feeling just great!” Our visit reminded me of that part of the lecture! You are great!! Loved having fresh blueberry ice cream with you at the farm 🙂
    Now it’s your turn to come see us….and I can show off our little town and take you to the best fishing spots you’ve ever seen!
    Lots of love
    A special thanks to our very own Harriet! 😉

  78. martyrathbun09

    Veritas is source of that one. I’ll leave it to her.

  79. martyrathbun09

    Finally found someone with infinite patience who can handle the girl; so she’s doing fine. Sarge and I were fantasizing about a Central American rendevouz. Some day…

  80. Sarge,

    It’s great to see two awesome old friends together smiling away! Great you were able to meet the better half as well.

    I’m very glad you made the trip in spite of your very busy and pressing stuff on your plate!

  81. Thanks again for sharing your life with us. Great photos. The Jesse Prince Tapes were what flipped me out of the illusion. Great to see you two together!

  82. Jean-François

    Welcome to our beautiful Great Lakes region!
    Great post. Reconnection sure is awesome.
    Thanks for the happy pictures.
    Θ JF

  83. Hey this is fun! I had a call tonight from friends I have not heard from in 12 years. It was really funny ….the person sent me an email with hints from the past, stated he/she had been reading Marty’s blog. Also said, “We are new to all of this, however, we know it is true”.

    These are two very dear people who needed to work out whatever needed working on. It was very cool to hook back up again…it was as though there was never a lag at all. Here’s to many more hookups!

  84. “This outing was inspiring and gave perspective for our Underground Railroad planning for the region…”

    “Our own modern day Harriet Tubman made this underground railroad pilgramage possible. Those who have done much alternate, common people oriented history study know this is about the highest compliment one could pay any one …”

    I just love it!

  85. Mike Hobson


    Real *ministers* are Men of God(tm) and most can recognize Minions of Satan(tm) when given half a chance.

    If Co$ still was run by Men of God(tm), they would not be in so much trouble around the world, I’m sorry.

    Michael A. Hobson

  86. I would only discuss the lack of expansion with these people. Just ask them about how many auditors or Clears their org has made in the past year.

  87. Mike Lemeron

    This is so very Theta!! The people, the pics, the comm and the postulates for the future … all so fabulous! This is really needed at this time. Thank you all. And really great to see you all again.

  88. Herr Doktor,
    You are looking at the vital, beating pulse of life with this ‘whole topic’. You are part of it.

    I answered your last post on the previous thread. Have you given and received any auditing as your next step of immersion?

  89. Sarge,
    No flaws? Now who’s talkin’ shit 🙂

    My pc/preOT folders are full of my flaws. Right where they belong too, with the rest of aberration.

    Out here, well out here is just too much fun without all that stuff. Like looking at you my friend, joy.

  90. When I first got out several months ago, Jesse REALLY helped me not only in his very revealing writings on the Internet but in person. I am very grateful to know him and have learned so much. I thank him for still being willing to help us all when he totally deserves to be able to just put this all behind him and move on with his life. He is very unselfish and funny and loving and kind. WE love you Jesse!!!!!

  91. Marty, good to see you traveling and chilling out. You just know DM is having nightmares tonight after seeing the photo of you and Jesse together!

  92. Sam you are too funny!

  93. resourceful2008

    In regard to Independent Scientologist’s earlier post asking how to reach those people still in the Church, the single best way I’ve found is to send them sections from

    This site has nothing but facts, and plenty of them.

    I’ve used this approach successfully on 8 out of 11 people so far– a damn good closing ratio, especially when you consider that I was working on people convinced not to look at anything negative about Miscavige or the Church.

    I’ve also written to the writers of the site and told them about this. They responded that they’ve had a bunch of other people writing in with similar successes.

    If the Church person you’re working on is willing to check out the whole website, that’s even better than sending just one section. But for those that refuse to read anything they think might be “entheta,” just send them a specific section that you think would be most appropriate for them. (There’s a lot to choose from!)

    Good luck…

  94. Tory Christman

    Excellent, Karen!

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t get that e-mail.
    Can you re-send it, please?

    True, sooo true re the arrogance of the midget.
    My best to you 🙂


  95. That’s great news, Sarge. Keep getting better, Sir.

  96. Jesse spoke at Hamburg this year:

  97. That was said a lot in the org when I first found Scientology. “If it’s not fun it’s not Scientology.” It really is true! As is the converse, if it’s not fun, it’s certainly not Scientology. I’m curious about where it originated too. Never heard it said after 1986ish.

  98. the first person progressive tense of BE

    Yes. It’s even above being;-)
    The term described a phenomenon of pure state of AM as self, no additives, no back off, no vias, no interference.

    Which would sorta kinda make it the highest condition one could be in.

    I like that! It’s like … Thetan Uninterrupted;)

    And… ♫ when you’re AMing, ♪ the whole world AMs with you.♪♫ ☺

  99. Hey, wonderful point, Worsel!!!
    Love it and all the stories here… Looking forward to “Harriet”‘s in the future.
    DM must be spitting fire wanting to know who she might be.
    Love to know Jesse with you, Marty!
    Ah good things ahead! Fidelio

  100. And to Jesse:
    You were fabulous in Hamburg!!!! Just plain and simple FABULOUS!!

  101. Boyd H. Google is your friend. type in Jesse Prince and atach other words at will, like: Interview, Affedavit or Tapes.

  102. Ceasar do a Youtube search on Jesse Prince and atach words like: Raid, Symposium, Speaks or Speech.

  103. It was told to me in 1974 that it is a word created by Diana Hubbard.

  104. Sarge, I wish you Love and Care.

  105. Marty seeing you with Jesse Prince smiling gives me hope for the future.


  106. Reconnecting, building alliances, finding common ground, building bridges.

    Smart, Marty.

    Very very SMART!


  107. Yeah,

    this disconnection “weapon” became very blunt and dull and reconnection is probably the mightiest lever to lift dm out of his saddle. We won’t have to wait long for that day.

  108. Wonderful!



  109. Thought Provoking

    “My pc/preOT folders are full of my flaws. Right where they belong too, with the rest of aberration.

    Out here, well out here is just too much fun without all that stuff. Like looking at you my friend, joy.”

    Now, that sounds like Scientology!

  110. Thought Provoking

    You know Sarge, I looked at the pictures several times and I just couldn’t see it at all. All I can see is one very beautifully animated theta being!

    You must have been very happy to see Marty and Mosey because you look fantastic!

  111. Virgil Samms

    Marty, nce post. Everyone has roots in Michigan. LRH said that he flew Civil Air Patrol up there. I was raised there. Sarge and Jessie from there (Altho Sarge – at least U of M shirt – not Chicago). Great area with great people who come from there.

    ML Tom

  112. Thought Provoking

    Wonderful news! An idea that I would like to see spread like a wildfire.

    Imagine that, disconnection suppression coming off in sheets simply by disagreeing.
    Follows along with what LRH says about breaking agreement with the mest universe quite well, 88008! It really is quite simple.

  113. Fellow Traveller

    Ah. C’est magnifique le state AMing. Queque chose comme “native state”, mais plus poetic, biensur.

    Merci de m’explique mon tres chere thetan!

    (I hope my French is understandable, it seems so much more appropriate for this)

  114. Mosey, Ole Sarge will be there with bells on!
    Can’t wait. Much Love, Sargio

  115. Resourceful,
    That’s a perfect site to refer guys too. I think your stats tell the story. Excellent idea and thanks to friendsoflrh for putting it together.

  116. V, You came up with a gem. It descibed my
    state exactly. Ain’t the tech wonderful.
    You always amaze me. Much Love, Sarge

  117. Ted, Thanks man. I always love comming with
    you. Marty said he does too. You think like
    us I think. Love, Sargio

  118. A friend of mine attended a meeting held by Diana with a large number of div 6 terminals. 24 hours later he told me what went down in the meeting while it was all still fresh.
    A major gripe came up among them, that div 6 was way too serious. At one point someone stood up and said that a friend had once said to him “if it isn’t fun, it isn’t scientology”. A cheer of agreement rose in the meeting, and so Diana said “Well there you have it. If it isn’t fun it isn’t scientology”. Within a couple of months this had been quoted by many as being something Diana originated – but she actually just agreed with it.
    I think it may have just been the wise words of a ‘rank and file’ person but when the words transferred onto Diana’s lips it suddenly got treated as a ‘source reference’, so to speak. In fact it would be very easy for anyone to coin such a phrase after reading anything LRH wrote about survival being pleasure and non-survival being pain. Such would be a good source reference… if what your are doing in scientology is not pleasureable then it is non-survival by definition, so cannot be proper scientology. Simple logic really.
    A bit like the expression you see on the faces of many of those still “inside”. And we all know who is now famous for making a career of expressing his displeasure with everyone around him. Yeah – he’s a ‘true survivor’ alright.

  119. Jesse Prince is a dynamic speaker. I hope he decides to document his experiences in a book. He probably has more to share than most of the Scientologists who are coming out with their books.

    Thank you for this awesome link!

  120. Jesse,
    I figure you’ll be reading this blog so here’s one for you, after all these years.

    I’ve studied the subject too, top to bottom, and used it to boot, myself and with lots of others. I wasn’t in that position when we last saw each other, on the decks, you, Fred Houck, and me at OGH – pariahs all.

    One of the reasons I personally got declared was because one day, on a walk down to the Running Track do do the Running Program (my ‘punishment’ for mouthing off in Music and about the ‘goings on’, that you yourself warned me NOT to do in the Rehearsal Building one day. I did anyway), I stopped and talked to Monica outside the big Gold Building and just down from the main guard booth.

    I always liked Monica and we were passing each other on the sidewalk. Now, you and she had blown, came back and were in bad odor. It meant nothing to me though, I liked Monica so I was going to chat. We did.

    DM rode by on his little motorcycle and saw us. We looked at him, and carried on our chat. She went her way eventually, me mine. On my way to the Running Track, Marc Yaeger showed up on his matching DM motorcycle. He wanted to know what Monica and I were talking about and had been sent down by DM to find out.

    I had an ‘interesting’ conversation with him. It was duly reported to DM, and later that day I had an interview with ethics. This ‘episode’, the chat with Monica, played into my eventual declare.

    I’m still happy I stopped and talked to her that day. It’s a pleasure moment, indelible and hauled up every now and then to my unending delight.


  121. Dan, Although I have a lot of family in the Detroit area I just can’t get into the Lions.
    I’ve always been a big Bears fan even when I lived in California. DM always gave me a hard time about that. Asshole.

  122. rory Medford

    The “NEW” 12 Characteristics of an SP

    1. You don’t toe the line and do exactly what DM wants you to do.

    2. You don’t upgrade to your next status

    3. You have a tendency to go on the internet and read sites that shares the REAL experiences of people in the SO, on staff or blah blah blah

    4. You ask very pointed questions about the technology and why has it changed from the original writings of LRH

    5. You write a KR about the truth and you continue to do so until you get declared

    6. You fail to donate to SUPER POWER, IDEAL ORGS, CCHR, APPLIED SCHOLASTICS, etc etc etc do I have to say more about the crush regging

    7. You fail to apply for a second, third and fourth mortgage

    8. You mentioned to the MAA you want to read other self help books other then LRH

    9. You decide not to attend anymore IAS events

    10. You are theta, uptone and you have fun in life

    11. You become a critic of the out tech and alteration of Scn

    12. You decide to fight back and expose the truth about the corrupt management

    any other traits you guys want to share?

  123. Tom,
    My old buddy Abby Ambron is from sweet home Chicago too.

  124. “If it’s not fun, it’s not Scientology.”

    So, by that token, none of Flag is Scientology, none of the Freewinds is Scientology, and none of the entire Int base is Scientology.

  125. Marty,
    I watched the linked video of Jesse in Hamburg (below, and the other two parts.)

    One thing, a connection of dots, that Jesse mentions and that I can verify from Annie (and this is for John Peeler who was asking the other day, too), DM’s head was moving ever closer to the chopping block by LRH. He was not happy with him and his ‘activities’, not happy at all.

    So much for the ‘myth’ of LRH choosing him as his ‘heir apparent’. What a crock Dave.

  126. Tom, I have a large family so I am also a
    Mich State and U of M fan. I have to say this softly, quitely….Notre Dame. I live thirty miles from South Bend and I love the ‘Irish’.

  127. Goddamn Worsel, that’s an excellent point!

  128. “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy as a cause for withdrawing from a friend” Thomas Jefferson

    I carry this with me always.

  129. DFB aka Dfb99

    It’s theta, an aesthetic feeling I get from things that tells me what is right here.

    I think thats what I have to use as a guide.
    I cannot rely on what I’ve been taught in Scientology.

    Thats what I get when I look at these pics. Jesse was demonized by the Church and there has been a lot of charge, I assume for Jesse and on the third dynamic. Marty, you are cleaning up this charge and it feels good.

    I discovered a couple years ago that much of what I “knew” in Scientology was verbal tech or an enforced enterpretation of tech, or just enforced ideas.

    Communication and listening to people wont harm me. I have the ability to compare what they say to LRH and my own knowingness and decide how to value their information.

    A year or so ago I found an enormous amount of this theta aesthetic in “The Beginners Guide to L. Ron Hubbard”. I highly recommend anyone watch all six parts on youtube.

    Also, I dont know what you guys think of Mayo, but some of his videos are showing up on the internet and I’m getting some of the same feeling.

  130. martyrathbun09

    Well, you are one person who doesn’t need any dots connected for him.

  131. Nancy,

    wonderful maxim!! Fidelio

  132. Jim, You are absolutely correct about how
    LRH felt about DM and I might add Pat. DM
    is very good at fabricating his own PR. Fact is
    LRH was not happy with either.

  133. Yup!

  134. DM is no fun either 😉 hence….

  135. Tory Christman

    I think we agree on what you’re saying. Whatever name you give them, the people I was speaking with are Ministers with rather large congregations, along with the representatives of the demented C of M, as is referred to, sometimes, or C of $.

    However, Cof$ being the flat out liars they are,
    they ~had~ done an excellent job of bamboozling these very Ministers. However, as you say, most can recognize Satan’s work, and once shown that side, their awareness of “Truth” dramatically changed, thankfully.

    I totally agree re IF C of $ were run by people who could even LOOK and think and yes, act as representatives of God, they would NOT be in such trouble around the world.

    Thankfully the Net is a wonderful place where many of us can share views on these very issues. Good for us, very bad for those still “in”, or so they think.

    My best to you and all,

  136. Tory Christman

    Good question, Independent Scio, and one I’m often asked, both by people newly out, and families who are trying to help their kids, or loved once, wake UP.

    My suggestion is similar to Tony’s: Apply ARC,
    and do as he says, re finding their reality.
    I often suggest people start with the Creed of a Scientologist, as that says: “Man has the inalienable right to free speech….”.

    Ok, so ask them: “How do you, honestly, feel about free speech? Where is *your* line drawn, re what is and is not freedom? And who defines that for you?
    As if someone truly is free—they don’t have the endless limitations DM and gang now run.

    I learned from my friend, Andreas, that questions–even a bit hard for someone–are often the best. He asked me: “What kind of friends could those be, if they’re going to leave you because you changed your mind?”

    That one question cracked open *my* personal “Truman Show” as I call it. Was that only it? Hell no. I’d been on OT 7 for 7 years under DM, with he squirreling the tech, and me trying to help sort it out. I’d worked with my auditor, thinking I was helping Scientology, only to find out he (and OSA) were actually stopping (or trying to stop) free speech on the Net. (I left shortly after, once I learned that’s what they were *actually* doing).

    As I said to him then, and I say to anyone lurking: “Is this *honestly* what you got into Scientology to do? This is IT?

    To those lurking, take back *your* life, and all the dreams you hoped for when you first joined.
    Feel the fresh air? Freedom is alive, freedom flows. Enslavement stops. Feel the air—it’s yours. Thanks to Marty and all here and all who help people in this process of waking UP, and reconnecting with their own, personal freedoms.

    Love to ALL 🙂

  137. Fellow Traveller

    DFB — This pretty well summarizes a few sudden moments I’ve had myself.

    “I cannot rely on what I’ve been taught in Scientology.” Maybe that’s told in Scn. What I’ve actually learned in Scn is damn near invaluable. What I’ve been told, now that’s another story. And what a story it has been as we are all finding out.

    In fact, I was just reflecting on the fact that since my “introduction” to Marty in Nov 2009, I have grown incomparably as a being and as well my understanding and appreciation of 1) “The Code of Honor” 2) “Personal Integrity” and 3) “What is Greatness” have reached hitherto untold levels. (That’s ground level for some of us.) Using those simple concepts has helped me personally weather a number of storms.

    These blogs, these individuals present, form the furnace within which those anvils to break all hammers are being formed. If they have not already been formed. Attempting to avoid any inval or eval of anyone here.

    Bruce Pratt

  138. Jesse Prince

    I sure had a good time having lunch with Marty here in Chicago. I seems we could have talked forever and I hope we do. My perspective on my life and experinces thus far have convinced me that it is far easier to treat another human being with indiffernece than it is to show some love to. Showing love is risk that assults our sensibilities. But on the other hand it surely offers the greatest reward. The fact of the matter is Marty is like family to me because of the amount of time we have spent working and living together. We were at is for years. During that time we have agreeded and disagreed just like regular family member do. We have a very large family that is just now starting to get together for the common good of us all. The future is a blessing that continues to unfold.

    Love, Jesse Prince

  139. martyrathbun09


  140. martyrathbun09

    Bruce, I’ve grown from coming to know you too. I think those items you listed are not only “ground level”, but also constitute the top on another harmonic.

  141. Mike ~~

    Similar in concept is “Seriousness = Mass”

    “The more seriousness, the more mass”
    ( LRH )
    Tech Vol III p75

  142. Pingback: Top Posts —

  143. becomingAware


    You’re looking GOOD. Beautiful smile.

  144. Tory Christman

    13. You see …having dug your head out of the sand, you see!

    14.You leave.

    15. You begin your new life, free from moronic controls you never really agreed to in the first place.

    16. You meet old friends, new friends, you communicate freely.

    17. As you meet old members who are still “in”, and they give you filthy looks, you smile and say, “How am I? I’m great! I left, I’m a declared SP–and proud of it–how about you?”

    18. Open for more—:)


  145. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Sarge, Whisper it to your sons and their sons that it’s good to be Irish! 🙂


  146. God what a beautiful song, brought me to tears, great artists indeed, thank you for sharing that.

  147. Ne Obliviscaris

    To your beingness, Jimmy.



  148. I just read the lyrics to this song … so beautiful and appropriate!


    Just Me

  149. Your article seems interesting, i have noted it my digg and stumble account.The point you are making is easy to understand and effective.

    Md.Alamin Khan

  150. Fellow Traveller


    Bruce Pratt

  151. Jesse,

    Hope you become a regular here.


  152. I am no expert, but was wondering about the effectiveness of non-disclosure agreements the COS has used to shut up past members.

    Would an official investigation by a legislative body, such as the US Congress nullify these agreements? Can a non-disclosure agreement be used to force a person to hide knowledge of illegal activity? Wouldn’t an official investigation override these agreements?

    Truth is

  153. Tory Christman


    As always, profound and true.

    Thank you for being you. Thank you for helping me when few would. Thank you for continuing to be there for me, again, when people were pounding me. Jesse has given me the best advice and he knows it. Our laughter tells all.

    Marty, I’m very happy you two have connected up! I’m also very happy so many friends here on your site have re-met, and re-joined with each other. I agree—love IS
    all there is, and once we stop the walls, there
    is that love that we all began with.

    My theory, taught to me by my Dad (re bullies at the time) and of course was acknowledged in Scientology, remains:
    Communication *is* the Universal Solvent.
    Peace to each of you,

  154. Nice Jesse,

    Dream come true for me, seeing you and Marty dialoguing like normal tolerant citizens again.

    I hope a lot of history gets flushed out into the open by you two.

    It would be very historical to have you video tape some LONG get together reminiscence sessions of your years of ups and downs for RTC in the 1980s, and LRH’s final years.

    I’m sure with some sit down pleasant gettogethers, you could stir each other’s memories and dig up a lot of history that shared publicly would help a lot of people see the behind the scenes events. .

    Thanks so much for being normal people! Again!

    I’d love to hear you guys talk about all the “squirrel” handling and delve into the history details in the top ranks position shuffling of the 1980s.

    thanks so much for being all public about all this Marty!

    Can’t thank the internet and all who open up and tell their stories, enough.

  155. Dear Once Upon A Time,

    Scientology isn’t willing to risk losing over these agreements in court.

    I lived through a tiny amount of threat pressure from Elliot Abelson in 2004, see his threat letter, polite as it was, the threat is sitting there all the same:

    I then proceded to email and write all the lawyers who had won cases, there were a whole bunch, like 3 major lawyers, and I asked their “advice”, each said what I said above, and that Scientology of course COULD try to take these agreements to court.

    But they haven’t, and no one expects them to do so at this time, since the risk of them losing would then absolutely make the threat value that these agreements continue to have on people that they still today get to sign these damn things, see mine, it’s typical, these agreements would then lose even their threat value once the word got out that these agreements lost in court.

    But the lawyers told me, one for one, I asked 11 or 12 in all, spread over a year’s time, that Scientology COULD try to use them, but likely they won’t.

    They haven’t, and thus my conclusion is these legal agreements are only another form of “mind control”. It’s like in one of the Basic Books, where LRH says the fisherman in that South America lake, who use the shadows of their boats to drive fish who fear the shadows, into a path that leads the fish into the fishermen’s nets.

    These Scientology legal gag agreements are only shadows of threat. NOT real threats, and no one’s been court attacked.

    I just instantly posted Abelson’s letter to me, as soon as he sent it to me.

    I was willing to lose, and have Scientology suffer the negative publicity of trying to use that gag agreement on me, an ex member, and it also is why I sought then to take a historical view of Scientology and my life in it, and went sort of that route about it all.

    No gag agreement should stop history from being told honestly by the firsthand participants of that history.


  156. martyrathbun09

    Right Chuck. Mike and I drafted a bunch of those. THe lawyers – DM’s included – said to our faces they aren’t worth the paper they are written on in terms of enforcement – particularly where disclosure of criminal activity is at issue. They are drafted and used for in terrorum effect.

  157. Well, look at that … it takes so damned much effort to hold up the shadowy illusion of bars. And in mere seconds they are zapped away.

    Love it, love it, love it!

    Just Me

    P.S. Love it!

  158. Sarge, I did not even notice your body. Seriously. Your theta precedes you.

    But, I am so happy to hear you are better and that the ole bod is being treated. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery!

  159. Soooo true! The internet sure makes hooking back up easy. The cyber universe is here to stay. Count on it. 🙂

  160. My favorite photo is of you in the cave. I love caves. I would love it more because the Underground Railroad went there.
    It’s awesome to see the reconnection going on.

  161. Wow! Jesse was the last person to sec check DM…you know I am wondering what o/w’s he has. Very interesting that Broeker hid the data from Ron. But what about Ron’s perceptions? Hm..gets me wondering.

  162. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Jesse,

    For years now I have been reading stuff about you on the Internet. Now, we have a chance to learn first hand some key things about what happened back then.

    Thanks for being here and for what you did all those years.

  163. Theo Sismanides

    With DM having played soooo dirty, we should at least… make an exception and release this data…. We talk about an SP who has cause a catastrophe of a magnitude here. He is not a normal case from all aspects. We need also to know what connections he has to the “outside” world. This has to be clear, clear, clear, now, now, now.

  164. Alex Castillo (former Flag evaluator)

    Hello Mark and Mike,

    I have no means to communicate privately, which was my intention, so I’m posting this on the hope that I will get some kind of decent answer to a question that has been unanswered to me for the last 29 years. Sort of looking for closure, a subject which I’m sure is very familiar to you guys, within the frame of being an ex Sea Org member.

    First I want to say, from the bottom of my heart , that I trully admire you guys for having seen things for what they were, and having the sanity to walk away from Miscavige’s insane scene. And i also admire and support your efforts (if this is what they are) to restore Scientology to it’s original state, as it was designed by the old man, whom I also respect and admire for what he put in our hands.
    Having said that, I have not been unaware (going back a long time) of LRH’s human failures, but all of that have never detracted me from the clear percepcion of how his benefitted me and many, many others, and still does, if applied based on his work
    I joined the Sea Org in Mexico shortly after reading DMSMH in 1968, my mother translated DMSMH to Spanish at that time (all independently) and we spread the word as far as we could, passing on mimeographed copies of the book to as many many people as we could. The effort paid off and soon there were a lot of people in Mexico City who wanted to know more. That’s how it used to work in those days. Mexico City was boiling with interest born out of the verifiable data written by LRH in DMSMH.
    Flag was still at sea in 1973, but news of what was happening in Mexico soon reached them and so it was that Flag Missonaires Bob and Lyn Visk were sent to mexico City with a project to start the first SO Org in latinamerica.
    I was living in Guadalajara with my mother, after 3 years dedicated to spreading LRH’s work around the country (for free) when we received a telegram from the flag missionaires in Mexico City which read: “LRH needs your help”. And of course an address. I have to say we didn’t ” Q and A” and we eventually left all our wordly possesion behind and joined the sea org.
    In 1976 after having held the post of CO at what eventually became Latam I became a Flag Management Bureau staff. Not to beat my drum, but I had pretty thorough training and apprenticeships on OEC (Org Executive Course ), FEBC (Flag Executive Briefing Course), DSEC, and HEJSC .
    I was a Flag Evaluator/ Org Manager/Continental Manager from 1986 to 1981. I was always drawn to the Admin side of the Tech, so never did Auditor training.
    All the time, between 1986 and 1979, I was an upstat, successful post holder and I felt I was doing the best thing in the world by helping expand scn around the world.
    As an aside, sometime in the mid seventies I was sent on mission to Copenhagen with Sam Liccardi to find a new CO for FOLO EU, and it was at that time when I found myself in Vienna, at the Vienna Org, trying to “reg” the CO to become the new CO FOLO EU. After a week of sweet talking him and his wife Vanessa, I managed to get Guillaume Lesevre to move to Copenhagen and become the new CO FOLO EU. I feel pretty guilty now, because at the time Guillaume was a happy energetic, happily married guy fullfilling his own ambitions of delivering Scn in Vienna, and I led him to become a prisoner in DM’s hole!! However, truth to his personality, Guillaume took that poor and derelict FOLO into heights that had never seen before, and the whole of the European stats soared while he and Vanessa were in charge. Disn’t last long though, because he was soon spotted by someone at Flag and he was eventually made ED Int. I left in 1981, so don’t know how it went for him after that. I do know that when left, Miscavige had already started his coup de tat.

    That’s the background, a background Mike should remember easily. And this is my message to Mike Rinder:
    Hello Mike,
    Well done on breaking away from that crazy world. My name is Alex Castillo. I used to be married to Maude, someone I’m sure you remember (she’s alive and well as we speak). I used to work shoulder to shoulder with Cathy as IMO evaluators. I was always one of those “in-ethics”, “upstat” crew memebers and yet, in spite of that, while holding the post of Flag Land Base Programs Chief, appointed by LRH and answerable to him, Jeanie Williamson, Vicky Aznaran and David Miscavige (at the time CMO CW), took a dislike on me and RPFed my ass for no apparent reason while all of my stats were up or on an uptrend. Clear policy violation. I had done nothing wrong, mate.
    After a while I tried to get proper justice applied but it was always the CMO that stood in the way.
    I got out of the RPF because of an LRH International SO amnesty, still with no justice. Then i was sent to the UK under WDC, to do a string of handling missions on several orgs. London Org (handle Ron Hopkins), Manchester Org (handle Ira Chalef), Plymouth Org and HAPI Org in Scotland.
    When I returned to CW after all my successful missions, I was called to Int by the new CO CMO Int John Nelson and I was asked to go on “garrison” as CO FOLO EUS in New York. I said I wouldn’t go unless my name was cleared from previous wrong charges and guess what, my file was dug out of DM’s desk drawer and soon enough there was an issue stating my RPF assignment had been an injustice. I then accepted the post and soon I was CO FOLO EUS with my wife Maude as KOT EUS. Mo Samuels, newly appointed CO CMO EUS managed to drive me to the point of insanity in a matter of a coiple of months, Maude was never KOT but constantly being sent on missions abroad. After I nearly went nuts under the suppression of the CMO EUS, when Maude came back from a mission in ANZO, we both agreed to leave NY and fly back to the Land base. Big flap. Upon arrival at the FLB we were put on mest work cleaning executive rooms, including
    Cathy Rinder’s room. Not long after that I was put back on evaluator post and it was a warm night in 1981 when you came on mission to IMO.
    I was busy evaluating at about 1 am when you came to ask me to have an interview with you. I think we had know each other for some time, so I was not worried. What follows is my recall of that night and what happened after that. If I remember well, you said to me” Alex, we are aware of how valuable you are and there is an intention to move you to “over the rainbow”, where you can work closer to R”. The only problem seems to be that you are too interested in your 2D and that can be seen as you being 2D oriented. Think about it. Or something of that sort. To me, the most important part of my life, along with mty Sea Org hat, was my wife. And I instantly saw your words as something foreign, not Scientology, outside my frame of mind. After i left you that night, I went back to our room, told maude what you have said, and right there and the we decided to leave for good. We picked up our stuff , jumped on our car and left, never to come back or have any connection with anything remotely connected wit Scn.
    I know I am just a small speck amonst the cloud here, however I sense now that you might be just good enough to try an remember that episode of our lives when were were supposeldy part of the same team.
    What say you, Mike Rinder, can you honestly tell me what you know about why I became a target? It’s OK if you totally can’t remember, it’s OK if you don’t want to respond. I just though I would ask the big question that has been there lingering at the back of my mind for many years: Why did thre CMO take a dislike of Alex Castillo?
    I have been following your actions and your distress, Mike, and pehaps I am being presumtuous thinking you might remember. But if you do, tell me straight up what you do remember. It would help me achieve closure for that part of my distant past.
    I am not interested in splashing this all over the internet, so, moderator, take your pick, make it private or public, as you wish.


  165. Alex Castillo (former Flag evaluator)

    PS to my post. I meant to say “betwenn 1976 and 1981”. Twice. Sorry, it must be my 70 years of age weighing down on my fingers!!LOL

  166. Alex Castillo (former Flag evaluator)

    PPS All of this can be discussed over a private line. My address is I’m not in hiding, so it’s OK to contact me.


  167. Dear Sarge, your OT abilities are showing!
    On 16 Aug I emailed a former Gold staff member, about whom Marty had written, for any info he may have on Chris Byrne, my old SO shipmate and, later, Gold staffer .
    FIVE DAYS LATER, on 21 Aug you posted a comment re “Chris Burns”, undoubtedly the very same person, that showed his dry English sense of humor towards being on the RPF.
    My only question, old chap, Why the comm lag???
    [Marty, please see that Sarge sees this!]

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