Free Daniel Montalvo


Daniel Montalvo's first taste of freedom

About two weeks ago while I was taking a brief respite in the form of  a wonderful evening at the home of Mary Jo Leavitt, I received an urgent phone call from Tom Devocht.

Tom told me that he needed help with the escape of a 19-year-old staff member of Bridge Publications.  Daniel Montalvo never knew the outside world – having been in the Sea Org most of his life.  Several months ago Daniel and the rest of Bridge Publications staff were forced to read Miscavige’s Freedom magazine attacking myself, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, and Tom Devocht.  Daniel knew it was garbage because of what the rag had to say about Tom.  He knew Tom (when Tom was CO CMO CW) when Daniel was a young child and remembered him fondly for being so generous to and tolerant of children, including Daniel himself.

Consequently, Daniel searched the internet and, through my blog he found a means to get hold of Mike Rinder, whom he figured correctly could (and did) get him in touch with Tom.  Daniel told Tom he could no longer take the incessant stat push on books and tapes, the orders to carry out fraudulent practices against Scientology public,and  the Int-like DM tortures now being practiced by CMO PAC messengers regularly at Bridge Publications.  He said he knew nothing about the outside world, and knew virtually no one as never had a life outside the Sea Org.  Tom told Daniel he’d house him and employ him so that he could make a new start if he wished. 

Daniel phoned that particular Friday night because there was a CMO mission running a rein of terror through Bridge for the usual down stats. All staff were being interrogated on the meter for outside connections and influences.  Daniel was certain he could not get away with withholding that he was reading my blog and had concluded that it contained nothing other than 100% gospel truth.

Tiziano Lugli being my host in LA, and being the least PTS person I think I know on planet earth, bolted into action.  The kid only had a hand held text message sender and receiver, no phone.  We coordinated his route out, lost all our tails, and picked him up at a pre-designated spot. 

We took him to a far away Deli and delighted at watching him eat a cheeseburger and fries with his eyes lit up like he was ingesting an eight course gourmet feast prepared by Sinar Parmen himself.

Daniel brought a couple hard drives with him that contained music and may have been mixed with some other Bridge traffic.  We advised Daniel to return them to Bridge which he did via messenger service. Then we got Daniel on a flight to Florida to see Tom DV.

Tom and Daniel were beseiged by waves of Daniel’s family members and OSA Flag staff using every ploy and threat possible to get Daniel to return.  Tom fought them off like a she-gator protecting her young.  After surviving days of the onslaught, Daniel became intent on speaking with his mother.  He phoned the church to arrange this, but reception put him through to Kendrick Moxon – an alleged attorney.  Moxon proceeded to lie to Daniel that the hard drives were never returned, and made a convincing case (not difficult to do with a 19 year old who doesn’t even know the three branches of government) that Daniel would be put behind iron bars for a good long time, UNLESS of course, he returned and cooperated with Moxon and routed out properly. 

Tom sagely advised Daniel that he would face only one of two fates should he return, a) be sent to jail, or b) spend ten years in the RPF.  After several sleepless nights and incessant badgering and threats from the church Daniel returned to LA to route out.

Daniel was picked up by an investigator in a black car with blacked out windows. Instead of being taken to a hotel, where he could route out as promised, he was taken to the Century City Towers.  He was deposited in an office on the 33rd floor where a pricy church lawyer interrogated him for two hours. Only then, did Moxon come in and start interrogating harder, demanding that Daniel finger Tiziano, Tom, and myself as the master minds of his having taken hard drives from Bridge.  Daniel explained that he could not say that because it is a blatant lie. Quite the contrary, Tom advised him not to take the hard drives and I advised him to return them once I learned that he had ignored Tom’s original advice. 

Moxon then said they would need to go the LA County Sheriff’s office to clear everything up. Instead of clearing it up, Moxon pulled out a huge binder with shots and dossier’s on Tom, Tiziano and myself. Moxon plied the Sheriff’s detective with a grand conspiracy theory, characterizing me as the “anti-christ” of the church of Scientology. I guess Kingpin has become passe.

The next thing Daniel knows he’s in a cell where he sat for the next 30 hours.  Had it not been for Tiziano fronting $2,000 through credit Daniel would be there now and for God knows how long. 

David Miscavige – who I promise will go to jail before this is all over – ordered  Kendrick Moxon – whose bar card I am now promising to take away – stabbed a nineteen year old slave in the back the second he got a whiff of freedom. I have never heard of such low-life treachery. And Lord knows I’ve seen my share of it under the tutelage of the master of treachery, David Miscavige.   

Tiziano, Jamie Sorrentini, Tom, Mike Rinder, Jason Beghe and I have been working in a flurry this afternoon to get Daniel out of the LA County (East LA branch) jail.

As of the minute I post this, Daniel walks free once again, at least temporarily, having been bailed out by Jamie and Tiziano.

We have arranged for a competent attorney to represent Daniel at his arraignment tomorrow.  

I have been hesitant to raise money for our cause despite the need – recognizing how former church members have been fleeced to the bone over and over.   However, my rule on that score doesn’t apply to a 19 year old kid facing the penitentiary in thanks for the following sins:

a) Leaving a lifehood of slavery to get a taste of freedom and the world.

b) Refusing – despite every provocation and incentive and threat – to frame three guys who went out of their ways (and dipped into their pockets) to help the kid achieve that freedom.

Accordingly, I am creating the Free Daniel Montalvo Fund.   We are trying to initially raise the 3,000 dollars (bail and airfares) we’ve already personally fronted) and another 5,000 for a retainer for a criminal lawyer skilled and tough enough to take on the church and the LA County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca.  Yes, the Sheriff himself.  Do you seriously think the church could get any other agency in the world to do the kind of illegal, underhanded work they’ve gotten the Sheriff’s Office to do?   They wouldn’t have a prayer without owning the Sheriff himself.  As to whether that is the case, I invite you all to peruse church promo over the past ten years.  Baca has extolled their virtues over and over – in exchange for getting to hob nob with Cruise, Travolta, Alley, etc – even while dozens upon dozens of staff have been continually held in virtual bondage by the very institution – in his jurisdiction –  he lavishes with praise.

For now, if you are interested in contributing, you can go to my paypal account – under the donate section on the front page of the blog,  .  When you are prompted to write a message with any donation, just put in Free Daniel Montalvo Fund.  I’ll keep exact accounting of such designated funds.

 Without you all, this young man would have already been crushed like a bug and forgotten.  With you, he will never be forgotten.  I think this is one of those places where we are compelled by conscience to etch a very distinct and durable line.

Free Daniel Montalvo!

Friday Noon Update:
     You all officially constitute a hurricane!  Cat 3 and gaining mo’.  Last night I noted we were initially looking for 3,000 to recover bail and airplane flights already spend out of pocket and on credit, plus 5,000 for a retainer for the kind of criminal lawyer we need on this.  That is a target of 8,000.  As of noon we are just over 6,000.  That is approximately 65 donors,making average right around 100 dollars.  Lowest donation was $2 and two came in at highest at $500 each.  If this ain’t grassroots I don’t know what is.  I’m gonna be busy for the next couple hours. Then I’ll hopefully have a minute to give another update. After that, I’ll be out of the loop, except by phone for several hours.  No, you won’t find me honky-tonkin’.  Mike has graciously offered to keep moderating. Then late tonight I’ll give another update on the fund.  You guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Certainly beyond my wildest dreams last night when I posted.  I can hear the dictator snickering now about how thrilled I am about “chump’s change.”  Well, this kind of  “chump’s change” will win every time against blood money, no matter the amount.

Update: Friday 1:15 pm: A nice translation of this blog post by Tony Ortega at the Village Voice can be found here,

3:15 pm Friday update: $7,652 via paypal. With pledges coming by mail, we have topped the 8,000 goal. No need to keep donating. Unless the fix is deeper than I think this case should go away with originally estimated retainer. If Baca and Miscavige and/or Miscavige’s lawyers and the D/As office are joined at the hip, then we’ll be in for a longer haul. We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned this weekend for an Open Letter to LA County Sheriff Lee Baca. We’re learning the Sheriff’s Office has gone way outside the boundaries of their mandate in serving Moxon and Miscavige’s LA lawyers. IMHO I believe they have betrayed the taxpayers of Los Angeles county. Hitting the road. Be back on line in 5-6 hours. OSA investigators, chill. As Mosey says, I drive old Lucille like Jed Clampet. No need to put Texas drivers at risk with your magnum PI bullshit fantasies. See ya in H-Town.

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  1. Scott Campbell


    Why did that “DONATE” button at the top of your blog indicate to me before you even posted this?

    Much Love Brotha’.


  2. He looks well nourished. Amy Scobee said on Panorama that the food was great at INT. Is that true?

  3. martyrathbun09

    At Int, yeah. Is this really the comment you felt most important to make on this post, or did you just look at the photo?

  4. This whole sordid incident is the latest evidence of the kamikaze dive into babbling insanity of Dear Leader that is being witnessed by the world. Anyone who doubts that every step of this idiocy was personally directed by the VE himself needs to give me a call as I have some beachfront property in the Everglades that I am willing to sell you for a relatively small fortune. And for Moxon, I only have one comment — I take it you would do the same to your kids if the money was right. Spit.

  5. This is a message for Luis Montalvo, Daniel’s Dad. You know better. You know how insane they are at the top of the org board. I was there in your office when you were getting phone calls daily from Angie Blankenship screaming at you and endless orders that were impossible to comply to day after day after day. Twenty minute meal breaks, endless lower conditions, nonstop entheta. All of this was from David Miscavige being relayed by Angie. You were on the brink of exploding and in so much pain being investigated daily by CMO and put on the meter regularly. You were treated like shit. YOU KNOW. What the hell are you doing? Grow some fucking balls. Your son has now been sent to jail as a scapegoat! He was sent to hang out with hard core criminals in JAIL! Get your ass out of that hell hole. YOU KNOW. I have no doubt that you are dying in there and you want out. Walk out the door. We are here for you, I promise you that 100%.

  6. martyrathbun09

    I’ll add to that. Daniel’s breaking point was seeing you Luis turned from a man into a mouse. You can be a man again. Just stand up, put your shoulders back, and walk.

  7. I considered Luis a real friend and a real strong person at one point. I know the Luis we knew and loved is still in there.

  8. Another horror story from the Church of O/W’s that will require logging for decades to come.

  9. Dusty – First of all, my exact quote was “the food wasn’t all that bad” and secondly, please re-read this post – it is a very serious matter.

  10. Yeah, one of the nicest people anyone would want to meet. But, as Peter Mansell told Tom DV: “We don’t practice disconnection” so I guess he stays there not because he is afraid of losing his wife and family, but because he is a masochist and really enjoys having the shit kicked out of him day in and day out because he has been single-handedly “sabotaging” Dear Leader’s Idle Org strategy.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Because the Theta Universe does, in fact, exist for those who allow themselves to experience it.

  12. Marty and others who helped…. I was moved beyond a normal state of mind when reading your blog about this particular incident. Our minds are so malleable at these tender teenage times and Daniel didn’t have a prayer up against the seasoned manipulators that pass for Scn lawyers and managers.

    As a way to help you all out, after reading this I went right to your PP account and threw in a few bucks. (I’m hoping it was the right one as this ID associated with the account came back on my receipt,, which I thought was an email you once used before you went hushmail.)

    Anyway, hope this will help and especially help Daniel. What a vicious scene the church legal scene has become.

  13. Anonymous SF

    This is really a new low. I confess I sometimes forget how purely evil our adversary is.

  14. Behavior from the lowest bowels of hell.

    I will help. I just need to talk to my husband in the morning (he’s sleeping right now) to see what we can do. I am in tears. I cannot believe how disgusting this is.

  15. How about the messenger service showing the manifest proving delivery of the returned hard drives and shoving them up Sheriff Baca’s . . .

  16. Marty and Company,

    Thank you ALL for the help you are giving this young man! I contributed what I could.

    Hey Church of Scientology members, this is what you are supporting. You will never go free in the Church of Suppression. -10 plus -10 does not equal 100. Wake up, and realize that you are in the cradle of a very suppressive scene. The only standard tech or real road to complete spiritual freedom does not include supporting suppressive actions, which are so egregious in nature that one almost gets sick, contemplating them. Confront the scene, as it is. The facts are here, plain and simple.

  17. Dusty, besides the complete and utter inanity of your comment, your question is totally non-sequitar – Bridge Publications, Inc. is in Los Angeles, not at the Int. Base in Hemet.

    Michael A. Hobson

  18. $40 on its way to you from an Anon in the Midwest.

    And for you other Anons lurking out there: You want to see people freed from Scientology? Here’s your chance- it’s time to man up or shut up.

  19. martyrathbun09


  20. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot Penny.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Well received Mickey. Thank you very much.

  22. Danny! OMG. He finally made a break for it. I’m so happy!

  23. martyrathbun09

    You all are amazing. I am in awe. In just two hours twelve separate contributors have covered almost half the bail amount. God bless you all. Good night.

  24. Too bad he sent the hard drives back. That could have been interesting material to post here.

  25. Yes. Have him post the receipt here. That will prove they are lying.

  26. El Exauditor

    Well done Mickey

  27. El Exauditor

    I trained in LA for several years full time as a public, and I have nothing but respect to how hard these young SO guys and gals work.

    They are great people, I can still remember at night when they would let their “post beingness” down and just be normal people for five minutes cussing and going to the store in front of CC, good times. Back in training forget it, they were all business kind of like robots, you know…

    Daniel good luck man, you can be “normal” now!

    Good job Mike and Marty too, I enjoy this blog a lot, and reminds me a lot of why I studied Scientology so hard and so intense in the first place.

  28. I can’t imagine how insane BPI has gotten since the basics (and new found tax exemption from the Galaxy split)… But I’ll take my best shot.


    I’m guessing the Gross Book Sales stats spiked up to a whole new level for the re-release of the basics, simply because of the all-hands. I’m guessing 8-10 mil worldwide on the first week. Now normally after a big release, you have a hell-week or two while the stats go back to normal, as the all-hands is called off and everyone goes back to post.

    But not this time.

    This time most SO are kept off post (like my sister) to sell the basics full-time. But as time goes by and the good parishioners run out of money, credit, equity and pints of blood to sell… The stats inevitably crash. But not right away and not all at once. Oh no no no. That 2 year graph probably looks just like a waterslide. I’m talking about non-stop, org-wide emergency and danger conditions for everyone at BPI, for probably over 100 weeks straight. Youch!

    And of course the big-wigs are going to send in the Hitler youth CMO to find out which of them are enjoying “liberties” in the shower at night. (Sweet Jesus, not the “lock on an earlier similar” speech again!) Because one thing we know about DM is that the only thing he hates worse than Marty…

    …is a stat he can’t stop from crashing.

    And this poor kid had to ride all that out.

    Awesome! (1.1)

    Oh hai Marty. Yes you can edit out the masturbation joke.

  29. martyrathbun09

    Will, your analysis is very accurate to reality. You’ll see more particulars in the coming days.

  30. There is an evil aspect to this story that might not be obvious to all. Daniel was raised in the Sea Org. He has zero “street experience”. He has been used as slave labor for pennies an hour for YEARS. His parents had little to no control or part in the raising of Daniel as Miscavige cancelled (decades ago) even the one hour a day for “family time” that once existed in the Sea Org. Daniel was brought up with the idea that his duty was to “save the world” by doing whatever job was asked of him, 7 days a week, for as many hours as he could endure.

    Daniel unfortunately got a post where he was responsible for selling the new “Miscaviged” LRH books. Of course the sales of these books has been straight down since their original release and now you can hardly give them away. I have seen full brand new full sets selling for $10 on e-bay.

    Miscavige keeps robotically ordering down the line that the weekly quota is to be Highest Ever and is to be attained using his favorite management tool – FORCE. The result was a nightmare life for Daniel where he had absolutely no possible way to provide what was being demanded = he was regarded and treated as a counter intentioned piece of shit by Miscavige’s
    flying monkeys (RTC and CMO staff).

    Like hundreds, if not thousands before him, Daniel got so desperate to escape the insanity, that he was willing to leave the only world he knew
    with the hope of starting a new life with nothing. I guess you could compare him to a lion that was only raised in a zoo and now was going to try to adapt to the jungle.

    Basically Daniel is now a recaptured slave and is being made an example for all the other slaves by getting locked up in a cage with the most insane, criminal and aggressive animals in the jungle – the Los Angeles jail system.

    I guarantee that the recapture and torment of this poor kid is being run directly by Miscavige and it’s bringing him great satisfaction. This is a reflection of the black heart and demented mind of this “religous leader”
    – SPIT.

    What goes around, comes around….

  31. WHEN ? Is it all going to end, this nuttiness?
    Makes me sick, and most of all these young people brought up with parents shoving this crap at their children. There should be a law against this shit.
    I guess I’ve never been that f’d up that I would put my child on the line of this crazy ass nuttiness.

  32. It’s 2:30 AM — just woke up, decided to check Marty’s blog – figured there would be more comments about LRH’s SOS regarding raising of tone.

    INSTEAD – good god almighty. A tale from the crypt.

    My prayers and some money have been sent to Danny. It won’t happen overnight, Danny but your life is just going to get saner, happier and beautiful. I applaud your incredible courage.

    Just remember — stay AWAKE with uncertainty, you are doing a FINE job of that already. Don’t waver.


  33. (Marty — hopefully you received the $$ — I haven’t received the usual paypal receipt)

  34. martyrathbun09

    WH, well received. Thank you Braveheart.

  35. It is a DONE Marty!!! I also sent you an e-mail.

    Daniel will stay FREE!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  36. What makes you think Marty would have posted material from those drives, when that would have constituted proof of having possessed stolen property?

    Michael A. Hobson

  37. I look forward to it.

    Tell Daniel I said I wish cheeseburgers and freedom-fries still tasted that good. And that he can look forward to a nice long life of over-spending at the market.

    Thanks for being there for all those that need you. Most of whom you’ll never know existed.

  38. MostlyLurker

    The fact that Danel turned to Tom for help escaping the cult and not to his own parents it is indicative that there is no family nor Love, in the Sea Org.

    The fact that they went as far as to jail Daniel accomplishes a few things: set an example to what may happen to others who wants to blow the whistle, force Daniel to break his integrity and accuse you, and again punish him if he doesn’t.

    The fact that his parents are on the side of Miscavige in the jailing of their son it is again indicative of no family nor Love in Scientology and what soul less people Scientology creates under David Miscavige “Little Hitler” dictatorship. (“Little Hitler” is how his mother used to call David Miscavige”)

    Advice to Daniel Montalvo – strike back if you can. Sue the cult for back wages (with the Headley) and for any abuse you received, including no schooling and around the clock slave labor.

    If you thought you were working long hours to clear the planet, think twice. The Planet is much clearer than the Sea Org and no action by Miscavige was meant to help anyone but to extorce money from Scientologists. You have been lied to, as we all have been.

    As in “Matrix”, thanks for taking the red pill.

  39. Tony DePhillips

    This is one sick cult and the M-Fer that runs it. I cannot wait to see this bum fall in disgrace.

  40. I am unemployed for the moment. I just donated a small amount. Whatever YOU can donate will help.

  41. Blessings$$$$ sent ✩ ♥ ❀ ♫ ☺ ❀. ♥ ♪ ☼ ♪ ☼ !!
    My heart goes out to Daniel who endured 2 hours of Church Lawyering without Defense Counsel.
    Born and bred into the Cult, he would not know his Constitutional rights.
    Also I was wondering if Daniel was read his Miranda rights at the time of arrest since it was oh so cozily and smoothly done in Sheriff
    Hope the Messenger service keeps good records ..hoping that will be nailed down ASAP with a paper trail.
    It is really great that y’all have a competent attorney for him.
    After all it is the Los Angeles District Attorney that will decide to proceed or not.
    I am guessing he will DROP the case. REPEAT I am betting the District Attorney will drop the case.
    On the orders of Magnitude of LA crimes this is peanuts.
    But I am appalled to learn that DM’s cruelty is being exported ~~
    the Int-like DM tortures now being practiced by CMO PAC messengers regularly at Bridge Publications……a CMO mission running a rein of terror through Bridge for the usual down stats.
    Sheriff Lee Baca’s shows up at Ideal Org Events in the LA area as guest speaker.
    See what Wikipedia says about his “Church” friendship~~

  42. I donated what I could. I pray that with all of the contributions it is enough.

    On October 16th there is a protest scheduled at the LA Org to demonstrate against the C of $. I hope that some of you who live in Los Angeles will attend and make it a good showing. Protesting as was done in the sixties and seventies was very effective in changing human rights. The particulars are listed below. The people who are still in need to be made aware of this.

    The IAS Event at LA Org (Big Blue)

    Isn’t this where they solicit all those million dollar donations to buy more big, empty ideal morgues to renovate with slave labor? L.A. has more scientologists than any other city in the world. They need to wake up, wise up, and walk out.

    The Place To Be:

    LA Org
    4816 Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90027

    4816 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA – Google Maps

    Date and Time:

    October 16, 2010 5:45 pm (until we move the party somewhere else)
    “Reception” is at 6:00, Event starts at 7:00. So plenty of time for flyering the public.


    * Yourself and your friends! Friends of friends! Family! Coworkers, neighbors, anyone who wants to come (except the local nutcases), anyone else you can persuade, bribe, or blackmail (if you do the latter 2, we don’t want to know about it!)
    * Signs that are huger than XBOX and/or sign making supplies
    * Flyers – We have some opportunity to hand out flyers, and your fellow anons would like to trade with you.
    * H20 and other non-alcoholic beverages
    * Good spirits and a cool head
    * Cameras, still and video
    * Comfortable shoes
    * Music, megaphones, etc.

    There are many potential parking areas within walking distance if you look around.
    local area, see the satellite image and explore.

    Other miscellany:
    * Permit info if you have it
    * Police info
    * Masks are legal
    * Please contact media! especially if you have any personal connections.

    Newcomers are welcome!
    So are people we haven’t seen for a while.

  43. Karla Zamudio



    Jamie and Tiz, God bless you for your generosity….love you guys!


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  45. It’s bloody real – go to this link and enter Daniel’s name as provided on this blog – you get all the details. Sampling: Arrest date: 6 October 201, Arrest time: 15:45, Release Date: 7 October 2010, Release Time: 21:00.

  46. So, what is the law for? Protecting Church abuses? This is a shame.

  47. Beautiful team work! 😀

  48. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Daniel Montalvo,

    I’m horrified and deeply saddened by this attack on you, and am so sorry you are going through this undeserved shit-storm caused by a ruthless, uncompassionate “church”.

    You are showing amazing honor and personal integrity by doing what you feel is the right thing. I am so happy to see you apparently got out of jail last night a 9:00 p.m. YEY!!!

    You have a lot of instant friends here. Just your example alone will likely encourage and inspire other fellow church Scientologists to take that brave step too, and finally leave that utter insanity.

    IMO, you made a very smart decision to leave. I want to acknowledge and congradulate you for your huge courage to do so.

    You are in for an amazingly new freer world and a much safer environment for your own happiness and self development. I can guarantee it! 🙂

  49. Marty, if all the abuse I have read about DM, he is truly responsible for, you helping him to find the way to jail would be only the right, honest thing to do.
    If you will pull it off, your name will be in history books.
    Not that you or I care, but true justice matters.
    Power to you.

  50. Karla Zamudio

    God bless ALL who are involved in Daniel’s case. Marty, Mike R. Jason B. & Tom D. …. You all are very generous, caring and courageous. Keep up the good fight!

  51. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    You and I don’t always see eye-to-eye, but I want to acknowledge your beautiful compassion, along with all the other great compassionate Beings here.

    What a fantastic bunch of good people here! 🙂

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  53. “I have been hesitant to raise money for our cause despite the need – recognizing how former church members have been fleeced to the bone over and over.”…
    Don’t be. The theta call for genuine help borne of unconditional love and compassion bears absolutely no resemblance to the enforced, guilt-driven ‘regging’ from the Church.
    On the contrary. Thank you for giving us the chance to contribute and help.

  54. According to LASD records, Daniel was released Thursday afternoon. Booking No. 2503686. He’s being arraigned Friday morning at the East Los Angeles Courthouse. On what charges?? I hope Tiz and/or Jason is there as a show of support.

  55. Daniel
    An Irish Blessing for you:

    Wishing you a rainbow
    For sunlight after showers—
    Miles and miles of Irish smiles
    For golden happy hours—
    Shamrocks at your doorway
    For luck and laughter too,
    And a host of friends that never ends
    Each day your whole life through.

  56. Hi Marty,

    sent you something. As stated in the “purpose” of the donation slip, use it for whatever you want. I don’t care, though I am certain you will use it for the purpose you described above. But again, use it for ice cream if you need a little refresher.

    This is horseshite to the n’th degree. Gross, bloody f… gross.

    BUT this abuse is seen by a lot of people. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out a way to display pictures here as I would have posted it.

    Did you know that in the last 3 weeks alone there have been

    12, 427 Unique Visitors making a total of
    81,020 Visits to this site?

    This is hot NEWS for the media (but I think you don’t need any reminding).

    I thought about donating to this specific matter even before I came to the point in your post where you asked for it. In fact, I have considered donating something on this blog for while but have refrained from doing so, feeling that you didn’t want to run yet another type of “donation campaign” – and right at the bottom of your post you say just that (I was amazed).

    Any Papas, Mamas, Kids and Friends of someone still “in the Tshurtsh (church)” out there: don’t forget, there’s more than 12,000 of us visiting this blog. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what even a few measly bucks from each one of us will do in total. AND, just for good measures, they will be appreciated for once. Not like being regged for the IAS where you are being continuously badgered to “upgrade your status”. There ain’t any statuses here, buddies. I’m sure Marty would even post an accounting of what the money was used for if required (or not).

    I don’t want to sound like a reg (even though I’m sure it restimulates the shit out of some for we all have heard the battle cry to “contribute to the cause” to only find out later that our “Patron” donations might have ended up paying PI’s to dirtily attack those that have left the church a long time before we did.

    I’m just throwing in what and how I feel.

    I’m one of the “Papas” mentioned above and I do want my kids and other loved ones to come out, even though they still hold onto the rails of a ship that is sinking fast. The whole of organized Scientology appears to me like a big ship with blacked out windows and all staff and publics on board allowed to only hear and see what the captain tells them: “We are hearing for Paradise and are well on our way!” – while in fact heading straight for the ice berg (and nobody on board noticing it).

    I re-post the link to the LA Sheriff’s Department documenting the accuracy of today’s post:


  57. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    David Miscavage,

    I’m laughing at you right now David Miscavage, in a sad and pitiful way.

    Do you really enjoy creating yet even another foot-bullet to destroy yourself?

    It sure seems to me like you’re trying to destroy yourself. Can you see that’s the energy you’re creating against yourself with what you’re doing here with the Daniel Montalvo?

    Do you really need yet even more anger directed at you? There is only so much people will take before you experience serious backflash (as Ron calls it) or blowback (as I like to call it) from The People.

    But your apparent need of … worse, CRAVING of attention (even if it’s not admiration), even if the actions of getting it is ruthlessly evil, seems much better than you getting no attention at all, isn’t that right David? Apparently, even if it’s at the expense of ruining yourself.

    It is this obsession and craving for attention and admiration of yours that saddens me. I’m very angry with your actions, but I truly feel sorry for your state of being. Scientology, can even help YOU! 🙂

  58. I´m with Mat.

    LOL for your “flying monkeys” concept !!

  59. Moxon is a criminal with no conscience. He will lie, manufacture evidence, and commit any crime necessary to do the clut’s evil bidding (or have one of his many “PI”s do it). He needs to be disbarred and put in jail were he belongs. It’s guys like Moxon that give lawyers a bad name.

  60. The many comments here speaks my mind. Marty, Tiziano, Jamie, Tom, Mike and all helping to free Daniel – I love you guys.

    This time may be appropriate to share my observations on Tom DeVocht, dating back to 1991. I had arrived to Flag for full time training from EU and had the opportunity to meet a lot of crew at the Staff College. While I did not speak to Tom (he was CMO staff and would have not been proper to approach him) I saw him studying away many a time (and yes – he was/is very handsome!) and he was obviously being good friends with young Danilovich, whose first name escapes me now, the son of John and Alycia. They had good time together, helped each other on course and had fun. From that point on – the very first point – I have admired and liked Tom.

    Another kid who adored Tom and obviously Tom was fond of, was Sirio, a young kid of about 7 who arrived to Flag as a public with his Mom and did some services. When Sirio later joined the Sea Org I noticed Tom going out of his way to make this young new member feel an important part of the group. And they had fun together! I´ll take the opportunity to make a wish here that Sirio would stop drinking the kool aid stuff, last I know he was out doing “conditions” … He was a good kid.

  61. Two nights ago I re-read a handwritten letter Louis Montalvo sent a few years ago in response to an Idle Org query. It was a handwritten, sincere, and truly decent communication. I am so sorry for what good people are being made to suffer. My heart goes out to Danny, as will some funds.

    Anyone know if this case might be right for ACLU involvement?

  62. Godspeed Marty, Tom, Mike, Tiziano, Jamie, Jason and all who are supporting Daniel.

    Daniel, you showed great courage to contact Marty and Mike and to make a break for freedom. You are not a criminal; you just had a little poor judgement, which you rectified once you got some good advice. You are not a degraded being; you are a beautiful being. You do not belong in jail or in the prison that is the Sea Org; you belong in the wide world, growing, contributing, blossoming, learning, giving, receiving, working, playing, loving, eating, laughing, and sometimes crying, but never again slaving away for David Miscavige’s twisted soul. Your life is about to get SO MUCH BETTER! And it won’t take long for that to happen. So, hold fast to that hope, the knowledge that you are a good person and that you are being supported by many other good people. The worst is behind you, Daniel. ❤

  63. Marty

    You said this:
    “David Miscavige – who I promise will go to jail before this is all over – ordered Kendrick Moxon – whose bar card I am now promising to take away…”.

    On this you have my sword.

    Some of us have been fighting this crap from Moxon and Miccavige since just after Anonymous came on the scene with respect to organized scientology in February 2008 as part of Project Chanology. Immediately Moxon and Miscavige were trying to frame innocent members of Anonymous for made up crimes and trying to get them jailed. Back then some of us posted to raise money for them and all in all we have enjoyed great success in stopping them from getting innocent people jailed. This started with Gregg in Boston and continues to this day with Anon Sparrow in DC.

    What you are doing here to support this young man is commendable and righteous.

    This type of thing by Miscavige, trying to trump up false chares on others and ruin their lives for his own twisted aims, has been going on since 1981. I’m sure you’ll remember when we both were in Special Unit back in that time period. I can remember having to spend countless hours stopping people under MIscavige’s orders (usually Int Finance “Police”) from framing others for imagined “crimes”.

    Miscavige has been like this for almost three decades. I applaud your actions on this matter. Know that some of us are doing the same for others and that where we can work together to stop these abuses and help bring about a reckoning to all concerned I certainly would be glad to do so.

    As for Moxon I did the legal internship when he did in 1974 in Los Angeles. He is a pathetic loser and he is weak. He uses big time organized scientology money to pray on people with little to no money or backing. Some big man! You are right that his bar license should be revoked.

  64. Marty,
    I’ve made my donation. Not much but I hope it helps. Let me know if I can help any other way.

    As for this evil, torturous insanity directed via this young man as a pawn, they’ve plumbed the depths for this one. I thought I’d experienced as swinish as it could be. I was mistaken.

  65. Marty, I openly admit I am suspicious of you as a person. I do not trust you at all, sorry. I am no fan of Scientology, and even less so of the so-called Church which I have been a critic of for over 9 years now (and I don’t have horns, a pointy tail, or anything like that). However, what has happened to this kid is vile in the extreme, and I felt compelled to comment here about it.

    Slappy appears to be trying to plumb even deeper depths than he has before. News of this latest incident needs to be spread as far and wide as possible, and fast. I am absolutely gob-smacked at the amount of hate, paranoia, and criminality that seems to ooze through the utterly vindictive management of what is laughably called a church.

    Now a question; didn’t the messenger service get a signature for the package delivery, and weren’t the contents of the package detailed on the delivery slip/info?


  66. Marty: Thanks for this post. It is long past due that Moxon not only be disbarred but jailed along with Miscavige. I have dealt on a daily basis with more sleazy lawyers than I care to admit; although I have never had the displeasure of meeting the man or the pleasure of kicking his ass in a courtroom, he is certainly in the top ten “sleaziest American lawyers’. I hope your predictions happen sooner, rather than later.

  67. Funny thing with this so called ‘Free Daniel Montalvo’ starting, and friggin rightfully so, is when the Miscaviage Monstrosity decides to even use the means of the Internet, -like that failrag mag-, they will always encounter a slowpoke.jpg and yet another footbullet.

    @Davey M, keep hittin up the masses, via the internet. Even Bubba will ❤ you for that. As will I.

  68. Aaron,

    They put a kid in jail! For f’s sake!

    THAT’S the material posted here. Holy Fu@!

  69. “Consequently, Daniel searched the internet and, through my blog he found a means to get hold of Mike Rinder, whom he figured correctly could (and did) get him in touch with Tom. ”

    Wow. Wonder what the number of Sea Org members who have read your blog internationally would come to. Auditor’s, C/S’es, ethics officers are also being exposed when they are pulling down the details and finding out “What exactly the people read”.

    And it’s a catch 22, because the more the Orgs tell people not to read, the more people read. A lot of people have been exposed by being told not to read it in the first place when they actually had no clue. You can only suppress truth so long….

  70. Tony,
    There is as much rope as this prick needs to finish the deed. He’s got a firm grasp on it.

  71. Marty and Mosey, Tiziano and Jamie, Mike and Christie and sweet Tom DeVocht – and EVERYBODY HERE!

    Thank you for rescuing this young man and for re-rescuing him. And for re-re-rescuing him if we need to. For some funny reason, the phrase that springs to mind this morning is: Something CAN be done about it!

    But most of all – Daniel, welcome to the rest of your wonderful and free life. It only gets better and better.

    Just Me

  72. Marty,
    I am truly saddened by the above posting.

    This is the final straw for me. I’m out-a-there! That is no longer my Church.

    I remember 6 years ago when Daniel was at the Q.I. We were riding back on the bus from a late FSO staff meeting.

    Daniel was playing a video game and otherwise being a happy-go-lucky kid while the rest of us were trying to get some shut-eye. He started up a conversation with me about how things were going to change over his lifetime. I gave him a quick example of how, when I was his age, I used “paper straws”. He about fell out of his seat. He said: “Didn’t they leak?” I then told him that as a small child I remembered watching my grandmother drink from a “glass straw”.

    Daniel’s eyes almost burst from his head and he looked at me and said: “Boy, You Are Ancient!” Everybody laughed.

    That was the theta kind of kid he was (and probably still is).

    Marty, thank you for your blog. It has taken me almost a year to muster up the courage to post on your web site.

    Carol Kramer is one of my heroes for helping me get my L’s, and Claire Reppen is the angel who delivered them.

    So many good people have left. I can imagine how sad Ron probably is.

    Please accept my donation.

  73. Watching Eyes

    Several months ago Daniel and the rest of Bridge Publications staff were forced to read Miscavige’s Freedom magazine attacking myself, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, and Tom Devocht.

    Unintended consequence of the dwarf’s evil deed; he let the staff know where to go for help. You could say Miscavige was hoisted by his own petard. Love it.

    def. Hoisted by your own petard: injured by something you used with the intention of injuring others.

    I’m sure the attorney will consider going after the cult for malicious prosecution, not to mention back wages, slavery and whatever else applies. Seriously. And Daniel’s “record” will need to be expunged so this never, ever shows up when he goes for a job etc. etc. I hope you can bring in the ACLU (civil rights issues) and the FBI. And how about the US Dept of Justice regarding the sheriff? If he’s on the take, the DOJ might want to know.

    Daniel, things may be somewhat crazy right now but just know you’ve got a great life ahead of you. You’re free. Nobody and no “religion” can deny you your freedom. You’ve got a life now!!

  74. The line has indeed been etched. I think of my own boys of similar age and know that one day when Daniel’s parents discover what they have really done, their grief will know no bounds. The destruction of love and human warmth , the broken people who can not allow themselves to feel, integrity long lost – these are the saddest, saddest stories.

    Thank you Marty, Tom, Mike, Tiziano, Jamie and all who stand up for liberty. Thank you Daniel for your amazing courage.

  75. What is next for Daniel?
    I assume while he is out on bail, he needs to stay near Los Angeles. Does he have to stay in the County or can he travel a bit in the So Cal area?

    I have no way to relate to what he has gone through, but when he is up for it, please drive him all over the place so he can really see where he has lived…and not just the sharply defined portions of LA scientology he has likely seen. Take him to see movies at good theatres, meals at great restaurants, trips to te beach…the works.

    I think he needs to be given a great time like a wrongly convicted person who is finally released from jail.

    I am sure he will serve no jail time, whatever Moxon thinks. And I really wish someone else would run against Baca for Sheriif…but he always runs unopposed. I couldn’t even NOT vote for him last election…as the ballot said I undervoted….so I had to select his name for the rest of my voting to count.

    One last thing. I cannot ever imagine my parents trying to pull me back into a place where the best I could expect would be something like the RPF. It is the total upturning of the loving family relationship that pisses me off the most.

  76. Steven Campbell

    Hello Mark.

    I was never in, nor am I anon. However, I read your site every single day.

    Todays post really hit, I have donated to the Fund (Confirmation number: 3RX96789CA468832F) .

    Keep up the good fight, you have earned my respect.

    All the best,

  77. I pray that this young man has the courage and fortitude to continue his fight for personal freedom. He can make a big contribution to exposing the abuse that has gone on for too long. A church without Compassion, exposed for what it is, a vengeful, self-rightoust organization that thinks it has done no wrong.

    I am grateful that “Uncommon Heroes” still walk the earth.

  78. Daniel Montalvo

    “The way out is the way through”

    -L. Ron Hubbard

    Have a wonderful life.

    Cat Daddy

  79. Litigious church is litigious. We do not walk over corpses like the “church” does to achieve goals.

    Moxon, you are a murderer and a coward.

  80. THIS MOMENT is the perfect example and application of the following quote so often cited:

    “They came first for the communists,
    and I didnt speak up because I wasnt a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didnt speak up because I wasnt a trade unionist.

    Then they cam for the jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasnt a jew.

    Then they came for me
    and by that time no one was lest to speak up.”

    Pastor Martin Niemoller

    Daniel Montalvo could be any one of us. He is only 19 and he is leaving his family inside. In part, our literary contributions here may have influenced him. We certainly cannot leave him hanging. In the first Irag war the US urged the Shiites to revolt against Saddaam Hussein and when they did we walked away, leaving them to be pruged and slaughtered.
    This appears to be a time where we have to put our money where our mouth is and ensure this kid is protected and ensured his human rights. He may have to appear in court again. The church may file civil charges against him simply to harrass him.
    We are not being asked to sweat, or bleed, or sacrifice our time or pride. We are just being asked to help in the least personal way. Please do what you can.

  81. Like a wounded animal, DM is even more rabid now than before. I am sure he would love to have a segment at the International Association of Slaveologists(tm) briefing showing the “criminals” behind bars, all the while urging the Slaveologists(tm) to increase their Slave status so they can buy more implant stations, and create more Slaves….to exploit their collective guilt even more.

    Tiz, Mike, Jason, Tom D, Marty, et al…thanks for being there for these guys. I’ll do what I can, and a little bit more….

    – Tom

  82. martyrathbun09

    Steven, Thank you Sir. You are an extraordinary human being.

  83. martyrathbun09

    Mr. Ed, Thank you for your generosity. And thank you too for the little glimpse through the window into Daniel’s soul.

  84. martyrathbun09

    Jim, you contribute more day in and day out than anyone could rightfully expect of another. That you did this is too made me weep.

  85. Moxon’s kids? How can you ever think of Kendrick Moxon without thinking of his daughter Stacy? From what I gather, DM had her locked up in that electric vault as a punishment, and she had written a suicide note which was quickly hushed up. But does he care? What kind of sick, trapped, tormented soul would keep working for the man who did this to his own daughter?

  86. martyrathbun09

    Larry, You and I talked in depth some months ago. Perhaps you will recall we predicted this very day when Miscavige would out of sheer arrogance and hate drive a lot of folk previously bickering at one another together to face the storm. Thank you for all you have done and are doing. Yeah, of course I remember Special Unit. You may remember that Miscavige would pull you and Shervell (Invest Special Unit) over to ASI to give minute by minute orders on Armstrong. Believe it or not, I was out of the loop for all the fireworks that lead to the suit. That is why I have bristled at Armstrong’s condemnation of me for acts I knew not of. Of course, the ball was in my court when it went to court. But, ain’t it funny how what gets around, comes around? The Armstrong precedent will protect this kid. And for that, after all these years, kudos to Gerry Armstrong. That’s right, I said it.

  87. Marty, I think what you are doing is great. I still haven’t officially left CoS but your blog has help confirm a lot of the problems I saw when I was going full time. As relates to raising money, I noticed something from the Ex-Scientology Kids site. They used the service that tracks the amount needed and the amount donated, and displays a thermometer type graph to show the progress. This is a very cool feature, and I think it could be used here to good effect.

    Thanks again,

  88. martyrathbun09

    Tom was and is one quality dude. See my SP Times interview segment where I discussed my own snapping point that lead to me escaping Miscavige’s hell hole.

  89. I have 3 kids in the same age range as Daniel.

    To Daniels Dad, WAKE THE FUCK UP!

    The church turned your kid over to the police, which is blatantly in opposition to its own ethics and justice policies.

    Your obligation is not to a church, it is to truth, integrity and to the people around you. Hope you read this.

    I donated. Lets all give a little.

  90. martyrathbun09

    Samuel, I noted recently in a comment that I was really beginning to like you. Well, you made me right on that score. You are one of those quality people that makes living in society enjoyable and rewarding.

  91. (and I would consider it a personal favor if $5 of it was used to buy him a burger on me! The rest on Justice.)

  92. martyrathbun09

    He wasn’t released until well into the evening. They had the LASO detective continuing to interrogate him without counsel hours after Tiziano arranged bail. Tiziano, being the type of man he is, had to persist and intervene to stop the continuing violation of Daniel’s rights. I’ll tell you, we got serious dudes and dudettes on this team.

  93. martyrathbun09

    Sam, you never had to wait for no chances – and you never did. That is why you are the UK Queenpin – or maybe now it is the UK anti-Christesse.

  94. martyrathbun09

    Bless you too Karla. If you are related to that wonderful man who worked as a steward on the ship in the nineties, please email me. I was especially fond of him during my training stint (94-95).

  95. martyrathbun09

    Yes, and it is the war chest that is used to continue to swarm us with over-priced, thuggish private investigators. Tiziano and Jamie and Mosey and I have had platoons of them on us ever since the first Daniel jailbreak of a couple weeks ago.

  96. Hey Dusty, sounds like you didn’t read the article.

    Daniel was not at INT. He was at BPI over on E. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles CA. If it hasd been INT, he’d be in jail in Riverside county but he’s not.

    Before the CMO invasion and even more since moving away from PAC, BPI staff traditionally had a better time of it than the rest in Los Angeles when it came to berthing, clothes and food. This is due to the fact that many of the staff worked directly with the outside world of commercial business reps and the general public. PR image being so important in the publishing business, you cannot have emaciated staff walking around.

    Besides, the kid is 19 and seems to have the grace of youth on his side to work out to keep in shape for his escape. Good on him for taking care of himself in spite of all the oppression. I pray all goes well for him and he is set free. You should, too.

  97. martyrathbun09

    Karen#`1, as usual, the first and most effective to step up. You are a living demonstration of the Price of Freedom day in and day out: Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back.

  98. martyrathbun09

    Wow. Namaste.

  99. Hi Marty,

    Mary Beth and I sent a donation through the above link. I’m sure every little bit helps.

    By the way, I guess this shows the need for an “underground railroad”. Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

    Sincerely, Tom Gallagher

  100. martyrathbun09

    Truth, your blog name says it all! You and yours are the essence of what is good about humanity.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Yes, and if you need a receipt I can cut and paste and email you proof.

  102. martyrathbun09

    Tom and Mary Beth, yes every little bit does help. Thank you very much. And stay patient on the UGRR – just like the original you never know when it is going to be needed. Just like yesterday’s events.

  103. martyrathbun09

    What’s worse is they used Daniel’s mother to lure him into the trap, and she – wittingly or no – played along.

  104. Just donated for Daniel..not much, but hopefully it will help…Jeeze! he’s just a kid! This will not go well for the nasty nome and company! Welcome to the rest of the world Daniel…it’s pretty nice out here!…….2wolves…:)

  105. martyrathbun09

    Those “facts” you cited are not true. Nonetheless, it was quite clear from the investigation that DM’s draconian policies, as enforced by the IG MAA RTC, were as responsible as anything for Stacy’s unfortunate death.

  106. Haydn & Lucy

    Done. For Daniel and all the other kids who are still enslaved by this mad man. We know what it’s like, first hand.

    Miscavige’s cruelty knows no limit.

  107. martyrathbun09

    Tom, you have already done more than most. So, don’t push it, really. Your first paragraph is more accurate than people who read it might think. But, as per usual man, you are right on the money. I think that is what Tom, Tiziano and myself found the most outrageous. That Daniel was sacrificed without a single thought for Daniel because he was seen as an opportunity to satisfy DM’s blood thirst for taking us down noisily. You nailed it precisely and succinctly, as is your talent.

  108. Haydn & Lucy

    Done. For Daniel and all the other kids still enslaved by this mad man.
    We know what it’s like, first hand.

    Miscavige’s cruelty knows no limit.

  109. martyrathbun09

    Not much is more than enough. Thank you, mini pack of wolves.

  110. I will march side-by-side with Jim Logan for once on this one, let’s link arms and make a front.

    Anytime I think they can not possibly step any lower, the church manages to prove me wrong.

    Would you like Euros or Dollars?

  111. Thank you for whatever you gave and welcome to the party, good Sir.

    Hey midget! Good job on getting another observer appalled enough to take action.

  112. martyrathbun09

    Don’t usually post WWP links. But, you had some interesting comments and questions. Jason arranged counsel and helped coordinate the logistics of bail out. Don’t want to promote it, but I told him soon he’ll be getting calls from around the world from folks in jail cells looking for a way out. In my book he’s a one man Amnesty International. Jason is one quality man. That I naturally turn to him when crunch time comes speaks to what I think of him. While one of you questions Mike’s and my motives and sensitivities, I will say this after perhaps fifty phone calls with all members of the ad hoc escape squad: each and every one of us was most outraged that Daniel was being squashed for the purpose of getting at us with no regard for the consequences to Daniel. I would gladly serve the time for Daniel if it were possible. This is about Daniel and the evil that threw him under the bus without a second thought because of its blood lust obsession to shut us up.

  113. martyrathbun09

    ps: Does anyone know what happened to Kha Khan? I think he did a wonderful service by acting as an Ambassador between our respective forums. Love to have him back.

  114. Tony DePhillips

    This is awesome Dean!!
    Now THIS will rattle the boys cage!!

  115. martyrathbun09

    Boy, I would die and go to heaven to see that.

  116. Incarceration???!!! for taking a couple hard-drives? tears of a momma roll and a snail mail check has been sent, no anymore, and I don’t do net banking, so please excuse the comm-lag and please use the donation as needed to help in Daniel’s freedom process.

  117. “Cuius testiculos habeas, habeas cardia et cerebellum.” 😉

    Hello my Youtube friend.

  118. ME and MYSELF

    Hello everyone,
    I got an email from a friend regarding this article. I am shocked !!! I know Daniel. He was at ASHO Day when I was there. Great guy and so nice. Nothing bad to say about him. How the hell can they say he is a criminal. I read most of the comments here. Well yes BPI was great at some point. Most of the staff, if not all, are awesome people, hard working…. In fact, BPI is GREAT but made that way because of the CMO following stupid orders from DM.
    I used to be there at the beginning of the Basics evolution. It was insane. People don’t get sleep, security standing in the stairwells so people could not go to bed – even the auditors. No sleep, bad food (or bad food because of no production), debits from account = at the end of the week = more debit than GI so…. = no FP = no food = you are a criminal = you are not following command intention 🙂 = you have something going on = we are going to find your crimes = missions = RPF = blows = unhappy staff made to look happy = lies = staff going out ethics = ….. downhill from there ….. and it goes on.
    I know, this is what happened to me and many others I was with.
    Now being out (and daniel will find that out), I am happy, having friends, enjoying life, being even more ethical than while IN there. Execs are lying most of the time in there – not all – but man, the stories being told to the SO members are stupid. What’s about SAVING the planet with the IAS and those incredible campaigns…… well I don’t see them ….
    OK that’s it for now. OK Daniel, enjoy life out of the SO.

  119. Marty,
    Judging from the response I’m seeing on your site, you probably are close or at your goal. I’m sending money anyway because Daniel isn’t going to be the last to need your help. I’m glad you’ve got the folks to cover your back and to help you going forward. Best regards,

  120. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Samuel,
    While I was at Marty’s I was struck with how much he did with apparently very little outside help.
    He runs his blog from home.
    We had oatmeal for breakfast.. (It was very good oatmeal) 🙂
    Marty really didn’t eat lunch.
    He fielded all sorts of calls from people that needed to talk to him.
    He audited me.
    He does not live in luxury.
    He could easily think of himself and try to “forget” the rest of all this insanity but I don’t think that is how he “rolls”.
    Believe me any money that is sent to Marty will be put to good use.
    The guy would probably spill his blood on the street if it would make DM go away. It is actually kind of hard to be around that kind of nobility for too long without wondering “why am I not taking on this much??”
    But don’t compliment him too much , he really isn’t into it. 🙂
    Sorry Marty, I had to say it and if you moderate this out then you get no cigars. 🙂
    My wife said that she was sending in a donation.

  121. I have but two quote’s, that comes to mind-.

    “It takes more courage to reveal insecurities than to hide them, more strength to relate to people than to dominate them, more ‘manhood’ to abide by thought-out principles rather than blind reflex. Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles and an immature mind.”

    Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.


  122. Hi Dean,

    I have flyer art for download at the link on my name… or go to — these flyers are designed to make an effective communication to Scientologists in the church. They are designed to get the message across in less than 2 seconds before the scientologist can use thought stopping to shut down the communication. And this being a major fund raising event, the message on the flyers will be enhanced 🙂 by the IAS event — it being evidence that COB stands for MEST. Hope you find them useful.

  123. Aaron,

    have confidence in life!
    There can be NOTHING on these hard drives which could outperform what plays out in plain air. The betrayal in that showpiece is beyond words.
    Justice will prevail – inevitably.


  124. Like Marty said “the theta universe does exist for those who chose to see it” (or something like that)

  125. David from England

    We’ve all read the horror stories about daily life within the Church, but for me this reaches a new low – perhaps because it’s a kid we’re talking about here; I don’t know. But I salute all of you who have pulled together to help a fellow human being in need – you’re all living proof of the basic decency of man, and how it can overcome and shine through the most degrading of punishments. I can’t offer much, but I hope it’s of some help to Daniel. Give him my best regards.


  126. The mother in me wants to take Daniel and hug and hold him and whisk him away to the beach for a long vacation.
    The bitch in me wants to snuff out the mofos who tricked him, lied to him with their 1.1 covertly hostile intentions to harm him all whilst smiling and acting oh so nice to him over the phone.
    Thanks guys for being there for Daniel.
    THIS is how David Miscavige and Moxon and officials of the Church of Miscavige repay a long-time staff member…yep…try to crush him like a bug. 😦

  127. martyrathbun09

    David, thank you Sir. You are a gentleman in the highest sense of the word.

  128. Anonymous picket sign should read:

  129. What a disgusting, bile rising move by the church of deceivers.

    I hope there is a paper trail showing the return of the drives and that Moxon knew. That should definitely set him up for criminal charges (false accusation, libel).

    There is no good word for dm. Euphemistically calling dm an “ostomy pouching system” would be a degrade of an ostomy pouching system. No, dm is a shitbag.

    Sending my friend Ben to help.

  130. martyrathbun09

    Extortion. I’ll bite the bullet for the cigars.

  131. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. We were close to paying the bail when I went to bed late last night. I’ll do an update soon. I don’t think we’re anywhere near getting that retainer; unless I am surprised in a big way when I look at paypal. I’ll give specifics in an hour or two.

  132. martyrathbun09

    Absolutely. Thanks you Liveswell.

  133. Tiziano Impressive. Is a Complaints going to be filed?

  134. Thanks Marty – I just kicked in some money for this cause. Thanks for all your are doing, and I hope this all turns out for the best.

  135. /APPLAUSE

    Well done on the Rapid Response & Rescue efforts. Baca needs to go, and deserves to be run out of office in full disgrace and shame for allowing shi- like this to happen.

  136. Hi Marty, Money coming your way in the mail. Are there any suggestions on how to get this to the local Hispanic media’s attention?

  137. When I escaped I was 20 years old. I had been in the Sea Org from the age of 14 and acientology from age 11. I had noone to help me and a ran scared for a few years. I was homless for a time and it was a rude awakening into the real world. My family that was in turned their backs on me and left me for dead.

    I’m so Glad that Daniel has people like you guys to help him with this. Tom Dv was my CO in CMO CW and he is the real deal. He is caring honest and a stand up dood. I’m currently in the Vegas area and am willing to help in anyway that I can. I know what Daniel must be going through as I went through the same things. I know that he is in great hands. I’m here at the ready to help with anything in my power.

    A person should be free to leave if and when they want to .

  138. Most are aware that DM’s been working overtime on “divide and conquer” strategy, pitting Indies, Anons, Ex’s, whatever against each other. So

    I’d like to suggest making Oct 16 “Danny Montalvo” Day and declaring a White Flag Truce that day. One day where all of us can suspend the infighting, hurts, resentments and disagreements and instead take up our placards and posters for what we All agree on: Ending the crimes and abuses.

    Imagine the impact of Indies, Ex’s, Anons, critics, and ideally media all showing up on that day to protest. That would require a personal, spiritual donation alongside the financial kind that combined would create an effect that … well, it boggles the imagination. I’m pretty sure the Earth will still stay in it’s orbit. I can’t say it will for whatever planet Miscavige spins on.

    The House of Cards would tumble down at the mere, quaking sight of a protest like this. Then all the slaves would have to do is: blow.

    I’d say it’s time to turn the tide on the Miscavige Reign of Terror.

  139. Karla Zamudio

    No relation to the steward on the ship. But I have a guess of who you are talking about because I met a Zamudio when I first went to the ship in 2007.

    BTW- I met you and Mossey at Lucky Strike a few weeks ago. 🙂
    AKA – K-Zizzle
    That was a fun time!

  140. Oops. sorry, there was duplicates in my posting. If you decide to post, appreciate if you can edit. Will be back to make donation. Not much, but best can do.

  141. Marty,
    In order for me to understand this better, I have a couple of questions:
    What was the reasoning behind him deciding to return and route out?
    What were the threats used against him?
    Is the church accusing him of stealing the hardware or it’s contents or both?
    Is he being accused of stealing anything else from them?

  142. I have been a Scientologist since 1963, 47 years. I spent my 25th birthday on the Class VIII Course as an original OT VI. Knowing the value and workability of the tech is what has kept me in. Now I will tell you what got me out. I encouraged my husband to go to my beloved AOLA in February of this year to do his CC and OT levels, while I stayed behind as a staff member at a Class V org. We both then entered an episode of the Twilight Zone. During his Elig cycle, my own phone conversation with his AO MAA made it clear to me that in order for him to do his OT levels, I would need to divorce him and route off staff. The biggest outness I spotted was ZERO understanding of Axiom 58: “Intelligence and judgment are measured by the ability to evaluate relative importances.” In my clay table of the Axioms, I found that to be cornerstone of my Class VIII understanding of Scientology. Suddenly, all the niggling outpoints I’d observed started gelling. I reread my PTS/SP Detection, Routing, and Handling Specialist Course pack. As I read, it became crystal clear to me. David Miscavige is an SP. On that day, I totally stepped out of the bubble, while maintaining my love and appreciation for my fellow Class V org staff members. May they, too, come to their own realizations. My parting words to my local Dir I&R were “I know how much Scientology means to me, but never enough to come above my sense of personal decency and my own core values.” Decency? It does still exist at the Class V org level, but the higher you go on the command channels, the less that remains, until you reach this chilling total vacuum.

    Michelle Matlock
    Athena Class 8 (in deference to my dear friend Diana Class 8)

  143. martyrathbun09

    Beautifully put. Thank you.

  144. Moxon’s a nasty piece of work.

    Paypal confirmation number: 3FJ84349CD0591328

  145. Sea Org motto should be changed to: Never Go Back.

  146. martyrathbun09

    No reasoning. Fear of prosecution combined with Naivite that they would fullfill their promise he could see his wife and mother and route out in a hotel in four days.
    Threats – jail time for most of his adult life.
    Exact accusation unclear. But my understanding is it is the hardware that allegedly constitutes a crime. And they have falsely sworn the value of that in order to have him falsely charge and imprisoned with Grand Theft.
    No other theft charge.

  147. Marty, I have sent some $$ via snail mail.

    Daniel, you have many, many friends out here. Stay strong and you will soon see what a great life awaits you. And you can do your bridge and help others in so many ways. LRH would be proud of you for taking a stand against the suppression being foisted upon the SO. We’re here for you.

  148. A person’s body weight isn’t a good indicator of whether or not he has been eating properly unless of course they are starved and so look extremely gaunt (as you see in some African countries – and others). Bad food, processed food and lack of exercise can mess up a person’s thyroid and make it sluggish thus making him heavier than thinner.

    I think the importance you have placed on the photo is … hilarious and sad. What’s more odd to me is that the photo looks like it’s taken from a slightly higher position than the subject yet the reflection shows someone holding a camera clearly below him. Must be two shooters.

    But seriously, my thoughts on this. The church wants to distract us, use up our hard earned money and make an example of this kid all at the same time. They also want to spin this as they do with Anonymous by pegging one person’s real or imagined actions with that of the group by issuing generalities (such as in Freedom) about how now we are ALL thieves or whatever they will say to anyone who will listen.

    It’s very low of Moxon, who obviously sold out as was evidenced when he ignored the suicide of his daughter at Int. I’d say I KNOW where his tone level lies. But fine, we can use this and turn it around, document the churches suppressive tactics and make them well known to the same public and more.

  149. Sent you some money !
    Hope he’s doing well and enjoying his freedom.
    It just makes me sad to see Sea-Org parents helping to get their own kid into jail.
    Just………….., I don’t know to say what.


  150. I would tend to trust your version of events. Can you share them sometime? I think it would be very helpful to get the actual time, place, form and event to help as-is some of this. Part of the problem is that lying is official church policy now, which tends to make things very solid.

  151. I cannot fathom a mother willing to see her own son enslaved; I would fight tooth and nail for any one of my kids, like any sane parent. Bless you guys for coming to the rescue and being the caring adults this young man needs and will need for future. A snail mail check is on its way. Pax

  152. non-scientologist

    One of the questions I have, is whether Moxon is mentioned in the police report. You see, if he provided any information to the police concerning this matter, he can probably be called as a witness. He’ll claim that he can’t testify to matters between himself and his client, however by interviewing Daniel he voluntarily placed himself in the middle of a criminal investigation. Even if he is not named by the prosecution as a witness, he may possess exculpatory information that may help Daniel’s defense. Hmm, a very specific motion requesting the production of exculpatory information from Attorney Moxon might be a real possibility. I hope you enjoy testifying Ken, you may have blundered your way into such a role.

  153. David From England

    I wrote an earlier note, but it appears to have bounced out of the stratosphere. Ah well. Just to say, this story sickens me more than most. You can’t treat young people that way. Let’s give what we can – there are a lot of us out here, and I can’t think of a more worthy project. And again – despite what many of you guys have been through, the fact that you can respond with such effortlesss humanity shows the resilience of the human spirit. Please give my best regards to Daniel, and I hope my little helps.

  154. DM is running more than disconnections.

    What he is doing, in league with sherrif Baca, (and the word for “stupid” in Japanese is “baka”) is running a proscription on this young man. And true to form, as in the old Roman empire, the Praetorians were sent to gather up and detain the proscribed.

    Don’t try to convince me otherwise. This is corruption on a scale that would make Augustus Caesar look like a girl scout den mother.

    Wispering in Mestsavage’s ear: “All glory is fleeting”.

    Proscription (Latin: proscriptio) is a term used for the public identification and official condemnation of enemies of the state. It is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a “decree of condemnation to death or banishment” and is a heavily politically-charged word frequently used to refer to state-approved murder or persecution. Proscription implies the elimination en masse of political rivals or personal enemies, and the term is frequently used in connection with violent revolutions, most especially with the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution. The term is also used to express the political violence in Argentina against Peronists after Perón fled into exile.


  155. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Chris!

  156. What is his crime Marty, I fail to grasp. As he not paid his taxes? Is this why he is in jail?

    You had mentioned last week I think, before my graphics drivers went spooky a suggestion of a “nom de plume” instead of my prefered name; The Count. At this time of the celebrative year! are you serious? If so, which of my many faces do you suggest for the exposes? I thought I might wait until after the Thor movie when bloggers have a bit more mass bethor I part with further exmoses.

    I am not certain what the real Loki will consider to a Loki nom de plume bloging here.

    Yours the Count

  157. martyrathbun09

    Friday Noon Update:
    You all officially constitute a hurricane! Cat 3 and gaining mo’. Last night I noted we were initially looking for 3,000 to recover bail and airplane flights already spend out of pocket and on credit, plus 5,000 for a retainer for the kind of criminal lawyer we need on this. That is a target of 8,000. As of noon we are just over 6,000. That is approximately 65 donors,making average right around 100 dollars. Lowest donation was $2 and two came in at highest at $500 each. If this ain’t grassroots I don’t know what is. I’m gonna be busy for the next couple hours. Then I’ll hopefully have a minute to give another update. After that, I’ll be out of the loop, except by phone for several hours. No, you won’t find me honky-tonkin’. Mike has graciously offered to keep moderating. Then late tonight I’ll give another update on the fund. You guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Certainly beyond my wildest dreams last night when I posted. I can hear the dictator snickering now about how thrilled I am about “chump’s change.” Well, this kind of “chump’s change” will win every time against blood money, no matter the amount.

  158. Waves to Mike. What a difference a week makes!

  159. martyrathbun09

    Sorry, I can’t get to my emails till the weekend – I have in the neighborhood of a hundred on three separate accounts. I’ll get to them. Please don’t take the silence wrongly.

  160. Thanks Tony, for this behind-the-oatmeal report.

    I knew it all along that OSA’s FreeZone Magazine was right on the money regarding him. Come on, he’s just a lying cheating cat. Is he doing to others what he is not willing to experience himself? You bet he does and you are my witness! Look through the comments he left today alone and see what he does to others – compliments them left, right and center. Even did it to me and sort of told me he likes me – do I want that? NO! He’s not my “type” plus he’s the wrong gender!

    I think, boys and girls on this blog, that man needs a lesson. And from what I gather from the comments today, he’s getting a good dose thereof. Let’s not forget to put some action behind the words (for those who didn’t do it yet but – personally! – think some is called for) because if it was your ass or mine that was on the line at the LAPD we would understand the urgency a LOT better.

    One thing is talking and the other is walking!

    Tony, I told Marty already several times that he can do with my donation what-the-flying-fuck he wants – I happen to trust this cat. But, to make it crystal clear: Oatmeal is definitely included 🙂

    As a little aside – I’m trying to weave something that brings Daniel’s case into the media with a “Free Daniel Trust” appeal – because I think this would have a lot of appeal with (real, down-to-earth, common-variety, i.e. compassionate) people. Can’t promise it will work out but I’m using my lines.

    Maybe others also have some lines to the media and would like to pick up the idea. Would nicely train those media search lights on the COB and the COP!

    SOB, sorry, COB, craves for attention. Come on, be merciful and give it to him. It might even speed up the SOB getting a new (but rather permanent) apartment (an “org” of sorts) right next to his COP.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, now THAT’s what I call an IDEAL organization! (Rolling Thunder, please!)

  161. Marty, I don’t subscribe to scilion in any way, hubbard or dm’s koolaide, but I got to give you this, you care about this young man. Be happy to donate. Ex-$cilion

  162. I do wish the best of everything for the Dear Boy. Mark, since I have e-mailed the money from Canada it did not have where I could write BC. as a province, please let me know if you got it. Best Elizabeth. PS: If he want to he can come for a visit I would love to show him around.

  163. Marty, could you glance at mine briefly please? Sent to Yahoo acct. Don’t need a response.

  164. Azul_Celeste

    Another small donation going via snail mail, the UGRR rides again! Thanks for the chance to help.


  165. Tony DePhillips

    You got your groove on.

  166. Mike,
    Completely agree with you -this action by the Dear Leader is totally insane! Stay in the SO or go to Jail on totally bogus charges as the latest threat?

    Moxon is supposed to be an officer of the court, being an attorney and as such to hold a position of great responsibility and is obligated to adhere to a strict code of ethics and codes of a Scientologist etc., as well as personal integrity. Wonder how he’s justified throwing all those things out the window? Obstruction of Justice by the VE and VA easily proven by messenger company docs?

  167. martyrathbun09

    A nice translation of this blog post by Tony Ortega at the Village Voice can be found here,

  168. Noted on WWP that Tony Ortega, of Village Voice, has started the media ball rolling about Danny Montalvo. More media coverage is needed.
    Shine the light.

  169. Classic stupidity by the CoS. He was going back, was ready to route out–and they throw him in jail. Ha! Nice work, morons! You just gave a ton of new info for Marty to blog about!

    You guys continue to re-define “fail” in amazing fashion.

  170. I’m in. AGREED.


  171. Hey Marty, Good job on the rescue. I have dropped off some ‘chump change’. Please use however you see fit. I got it back from ASHO after leaving the church, but it was originally hard earned income. You may use in any way you feel the urge to continue the good fight, as you spend so much time keeping us all up to date and running the game against the madman. Feel free to use some to buy your own cigars, no need to be extorted by Tony the Pacific Northwest Acting Assistant Kingpin.

  172. Finally got thru PayPal process. Donation done. Daniel, you have a huge “foster family” out here until your own wakens. Stay strong

  173. Watching Eyes

    God only knows what threat Daniel’s mom was under to do such a thing. Hopefully we hear from her, in time.

    The only reason I can even imagine for the “church” to have Daniel arrested is that they’re hoping to discredit him. They have to be scared to death about what he’ll say to the authorities. Things like child labor, lack of schooling, being held like slaves, no wages, poor wages, lack of medical care, back wages etc. etc. etc. They have to discredit him if they’re to survive this.

    It’s my understanding that “religions” can get away with a lot. That said, no law in the land will allow parents to give their children into slavery.

  174. I just kicked in what I could. Thanks for coming to this kid’s aid. It makes you think of all those kids who grew up in the church that now may want to get out but truly know of no way to pull it off. He’s lucky to have the great support from you, Tom and the rest.

    Love Tony Ortega for being all over this and hope this news spreads far and wide. Keep your children safe and far, far away from this “church”.

  175. Jean-François Genest

    Yes! I testify to all that. Very well described.

  176. Jean-François Genest

    Done ! Θ 🙂

  177. Jean-François Genest

    The morale of the story:
    Once out, Don’t EVER go back!

  178. Marty sent Daniel some funds to help.
    Daniel stay strong young Jedi “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”
    to take you safe to the other side where freedom is.
    You are in good hands with all the people helping you as they are good and honest people that truely care about you. I know because they have helped me too.

  179. Marty,
    Dono sent.

    This is truly despicable behavior for an organization calling itself a Church.

    With Baca pushing on this, if he still is, undue influence can be brought to bear on the D/A’s offices. They deny this, of course, but it is true non the less.

    Good for you in putting the spotlight on Baca for his role in this. Hopefully this will diminish his influence on the D/A’s office, who in all probability doesn’t give a rats ass about any of this except as pressured.

    Readers of this Blog- Send in your Donations- The cause, really is freedom.

  180. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Daniel is being charged with Grand Theft? How much can 2 hard drives be worth?

    Even if they were two high-end Western Digital 2 TB (Terabyte) Caviar Black SATA 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache hard drives, they can be purchased on Amazon for just $176 each, $352 for two.

    And that is only if they are high-end drives which a whopping 2 TB capacity and amazing speed. If the drives are anything less, the prices will be lower.)

    $352 is within the range of Petty Theft in the state of California. I’d like to get Moxon’s crazy math for how he concludes this could be Grand Theft?

    Also, how is Moxon going to prove “intent to permanently deprive that person of their interest in that property” if the drives were returned?


    California Law
    Under California law, theft crimes—also called Larceny—are crimes in which a person intentionally takes and carries away the property of another without permission with the intent to permanently deprive that person of their interest in that property.

    Larceny is divided into two degrees: Petty Theft and Grand Theft.

    Petty Theft or Shoplifting
    Petty theft more commonly known is the stealing of merchandise valued at less than $400 from a retail store, library, utility or person.

    • First-time offenders are looking at a misdemeanor with a maximum of 1 year in jail, restitution and approximately $200 in fines. As a general rule, first-time offenders can avoid jail completely.

    • Subsequent offenses can be charged as a felony and come with some serious penalties. (Petty Theft with a prior constitutes a felony and is charged under Penal Code Section 666)

    Grand Theft
    This is a crime in which a person steals goods worth over $400 or money exceeding $400. Grand Theft is a serious offense and can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

    A felony conviction is punishable by a year in county jail or even 16 months in state prison.

  181. Marty – This my first and perhaps last post ever on your blog, so I hope you will see some value in it being published for your readers to see. In the interest of full disclosure and clear communication and to set the table for my comments, let me be clear that I’ve not been supportive of you given that we see the “tech” differently (and truly, that’s a debate for another time and place). I’d like to set those differences aside.

    Having said that, I want to give credit where credit is due. To you, Tom, Tiziano, Jason and others who are working so diligently and selflessly to help Daniel Montalvo, THANK YOU. To those of you who have donated to his legal fund, THANK YOU. All of you are a blessing in this young man’s life, a blessing that will ultimately help him find a path out of the abuse and reign of terror currently happening behind closed (and locked ) doors.

    Chanology Anonymous members and the Independents are often suspicious of each other, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad reasons, and sometimes due to some significant cultural differences (on both sides). What we do agree on is that the abuse going on with in the “official” church right now must end, and those perpetuating this abuse (Miscavige, Moxon, etc.) must be brought to justice.

    When we can work together to accomplish our shared goals, we are all stronger for it. This is one of those times. While I cannot personally contribute at this time to this defense fund (my extra $’s are already committed to AnonSparrow – another ex – and his defense in D.C.), I did want you to know that I have several media contacts with national media outlets and high-profile Internet sites. I have been somewhat successful in the past in effectively drawing reporters attention to stories related to Scientology (albeit anonymously).

    Before posting this comment, all of my contacts have received a summary from me about this situation along with links to your blog and the Village Voice piece. I seek no credit for this effort (and how could I get any credit since you don’t know my name and my WWP nickname is different from the one I’m using here), but wanted you and your readers to know that these contacts had been made…to know that some anons are watching what is happening and doing what we can to help.

    As you know, there are never any guarantees when tipping off reporters that they will use the tip, but the message has been broadcast. Hopefully that will help bring more light to this terrible situation. If funds are still needed once my next student loan check arrives, Daniel will be getting another gift of support from this anon.

    There are Federal jail cells waiting for Moxon and Miscavige, and the sooner they see the world from inside of those cells, the better.

    So, bless you and yours for what you do. For once, this anon stands with you. Many others of us do as well in this situation, although, as you know, I cannot and will not speak for the entire hive. Keep doing what you’re doing. As we say, you’re doin’ it right.

    Expect Us

  182. Glad you put your foot down Michelle. Hope to see your picture & full announcement on Marty’s site soon. We need to continue the flow of Independance Declaration & keep sharing our stories.


  183. On behalf of Daniel, your kindness is greatly appreciated Ann.

  184. Thank you Luke, much appreciated.

  185. JF — you speak sooth.

  186. JF — your support is appreciated.

  187. Dora — much appreciated.

  188. From WWP – LA Weekly has joined the fray:

    Much ❤ and prayers to Daniel, stay strong kid – your a beautiful human being who doesn't deserve this.

  189. Just want to confirm dono went thru. Had trouble as I had an “old Paypal acct. #6K483694R7948073W

  190. WEyes — The “reason” to have him arrested was to try to get him to save his own skin by giving false testimony against Marty, Tiz and Tom. When the pressure from the attorney didnt break him they took him to the Sheriff’s Dept. When that didnt crack him, they thought a night in jail might get him to break. Just keep turning the screws until he felt he couldnt take it any longer and would say anything to get out of hell. But he had more backbone and integrity than they expected. Miscavige and Moxon, cowards both who would turn on anyone to save their own skins, thought Daniel would cave in and give them something they could use to prosecute or at least Black PR Marty, Tiz and Tom. Daniel stood strong. I bet Dear Leader and Moxon are scratching their heads and cannot believe what happened… The Masters of Disaster have delivered themselves a “footnuke.” By the time this is played all the way through, they are going to be regretting their evil, desperate insanity.

  191. Thanks Pod. Daniel appreciates your persistence!

  192. Pod, I cannot check this. When Marty surfaces he will let you know. I suggest you send him an email.

  193. Michelle, Can I give you a call some time re: our last conversation?

  194. Thanks Doc. Unlike Dear Leader, you earned your “chump change.” It’s what makes a difference.

  195. LA guy — NOt only redefined “fail” but added a new term to pop culture. Footnuke.

  196. THanks Azul. They all help.

  197. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Mike Rinder wrote, “The Masters of Disaster have delivered themselves a ‘footnuke’.”

    ROTFLMAO! 😆 Mike, I will remember that great line from now on, and the lovely word “footnuke”.

    David Miscavage is sliding down the gradient scale of group and self-sabotage, from footbullets to footnukes.

  198. Waves back atya.

  199. My check’s in the mail. As the rest of posters here I thank all involved in trying to help this young man.

    This is the kind of story that would normally enrage Greta Van Susteren and Nancy Grace. Is there anyone here with media connections that can pull these two hypocrites out of hiding and make a stance on this like they would do when the evil-doers are not the Church of Scientology?

  200. martyrathbun09

    3:15 pm Friday update: $7,652 via paypal. With pledges coming by mail, we have topped the 8,000 goal. No need to keep donating. Unless the fix is deeper than I think this case should go away with originally estimated retainer. If Baca and Miscavige and/or Miscavige’s lawyers and the D/As office are joined at the hip, then we’ll be in for a longer haul. We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned this weekend for an Open Letter to LA County Sheriff Lee Baca. We’re learning the Sheriff’s Office has gone way outside the boundaries of their mandate in serving Moxon and Miscavige’s LA lawyers. IMHO I believe they have betrayed the taxpayers of Los Angeles county. Hitting the road. Be back on line in 5-6 hours. OSA investigators, chill. As Mosey says, I drive old Lucille like Jed Clampet. No need to put Texas drivers at risk with your magnum PI bullshit fantasies. See ya in H-Town.

  201. Marty,
    Regarding being an Anti-Christ, you’re in good company.

  202. Anonymous James Bond

    You guys might hate my posting but here are my 2 cents.

    I think Daniel should have taken just his personal property while blowing. He must have taken something else and the police arrested him not because blowing but taking org stuff with him.

    Taking org property is no good idea because they come after those who do.

  203. For future reference, I noticed at least two vulnerabilities here. 1) It would have been desirable if Daniel had cut comm, at least temporarily, from his family save for a letter without a return address that he was all right. His insistence on speaking with him mom, which is understandable, made him vulnerable to their manipulations. Communicating with a hostile source is, well…..covered in the PTS procedures. The CofS uses disconnection so you have to use it back at them. Handle or disconnect but handling is impossible against a hostile source. When a person departs, they have to be genned in on the fact that they are no involved in a personal war with the CofS.
    2) Those who help such victims are prone to inheriting the vulnerability and karma of the escapee. There needs to be a cogent hat write up and how to deal with these issues.
    If Daniel had “ratted” out his helpers to the police, I would have suspected he was a plant but that is not apparently the case. The fact that Daniel was out of state and literally had not stolen anything made him invulnerable as he had not been charged with anything. Daniel was vulnerable to his ignorance of the law and him emotions with regard to his family. Anyone helping such people should be aware of these vulnerabilities and it would be great if a rundown and auditing action could be done which would insulate them from the emotional turmoil associated with leaving a group/family.
    Every T needs to be crossed and every i dotted in such situations or those who help could wind up in jail themselves. Be careful and look out for plants.

  204. It’s easy to see what DM and Moxon’s game plan was, and if the kid had broken, it would have worked. Perjured testimony would have put Marty, Tiziano and Tom in a serious fix with the law.

    But when he didn’t break, they should have just put him in the RPF for the next ten years. Going with the previous plan to take him to the sheriff was the wrong thing to do. Getting wog law involved at all was the wrong thing to do.

    Now the story is going viral and DM has a PR nightmare on his hands. It’s because Moxon could not or would not modify the plan when the kid didn’t break and falsely implicate Marty, Tiziano and Tom.

    If you hear about Moxon joining the folks in “The Hole” you will know DM found the Who.

  205. Marty, I can´t get paypal to accept my registration, grrrr. Any other way to wire you? If so, please mail me.

  206. William Johnson

    Marty, with you and Mike pulling this very same type of op on many others, how is it that you didn’t see this coming?
    Perhaps that is the reason you are here, so DM can keep ‘tabs’ on the indies?

  207. ..Hm, that would be another footnuke, huh? 🙂

  208. Wiki on Baca as linked by Karen:
    “Connection to Scientology

    “Baca was a guest speaker at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International 35th Anniversary Gala in Hollywood, Saturday, August 7, 2004. At that event he acknowledged the Church of Scientology for being active at the forefront of conflict resolution.[16] Baca also made an appearance on a Scientology float in a 2004 Hollywood Christmas parade.[17] He also received an award from Association for Better Living and Education in 2004.[18][19] He was also a speaker at the re-opening of the Church of Scientology Los Angeles on 24 April 2010.[citation needed]

    “Baca’s wife Carol Baca completed Student Volunteer Ministry Courses at the Celebrity Center in 2005.[20] “…

  209. William — Not sure what you thought we didnt see coming? Daniel was told in no uncertain terms what would happen when he went back. Did you expect someone to keep him against his will? The usual tactic was employed — if you don’t route out properly you will be declared and will not be allowed to communicate to your mother and father and rest of your family (all while CO OSA Flag, Peter Mansell was parroting Tommy Two-Tone “We dont practice disconnection.”). So, why dont you give us your brilliant analysis and tell us all where we went wrong. Really looking forward to your insight.

  210. Sorry William but I have to say this is a pretty stupid comment!

  211. See the kind of abuse Tony has to put up with 😉

    Glad to hear you got your check from ASHO Doc 🙂


  212. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    The County Sheriff is the most important elected Law enforcement office in these united States of America. Perhaps nothing is worse than the travesty of Justice caused from a local corrupt Sheriff.

    It doesn’t appear Sheriff Lee Baca has been listening to honorable Sheriff Mack.

    Here is more info on my favorite Sheriff …

    I’ve implored all those I know to buy this book, “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope” by Sheriff Richard Mack.

  213. Thanks Bodil — and to all others who have spoken through action. Dear Leader refuses to confront reality. He confronts a growing and increasingly united front that will no longer tolerate his arrogant heavy-handed tactics. Time to go stare at a rock Dave.

  214. We all have all known for some time that the entity that calls itself the Church of Scientology is a den full of pit vipers and it should be made well known, if it still isn’t realized, that no one inside the church can be trusted. “Oh yea, come on back and you can route out properly.” Uh huh, riiiiight, THAT can be believed! With the track record this racket has, I’m amazed Daniel was allowed to go back. The whole place gets more and more 1.1 the higher you go on the org board. We have met Moxon and even then found him to be a spineless runt. No wonder he hangs out with ther dwarf. Quite a pair they have become, like a pair of sagging tits on a boar.
    When people escape, ‘blow’, route out(if they are able) there should never be any looking back. Once one cuts the line, there’s no retying it. Again, it is just like crawling back into a pit of scared vipers.

  215. Mike, he didnt deserve an honest response. His comm was 1.1 and meant to sow dissent.

  216. Loki– thanks. I guess my cynical streak didnt come through. Trying to be somewhat restrained and uphold Marty’s high standards while I am moderating in his absence. 🙂

  217. Here’s what I said about “routing out properly” on the Leaving Scientology blog, section on Leaving the Sea Org:

    If a person blows the Sea Organization, the Sea Org will contact them and try to get them to “route out properly.” You, and they, should know what this means. The person “routing out properly” will undergo weeks or months of Security Checking. They will meanwhile be on manual labor, under Security watch. The Security Check is deemed complete when the person has confessed to enough crimes or transgressions to satisfy the Church, which is to say, when they have enough “dirt” on the person so they know they can blackmail them into silence should they ever decide to expose what they know. They are then allowed to “route out.” This involves signing voluminous waivers and gag orders, waiving any and all rights the person has to ever sue, and threatening the person with massive fines if they should ever speak out. The person receives no copies of these agreements. They are legally questionable – their main purpose is to intimidate. When all the forms are signed, the person is offloaded from the Sea Organization with $500.00 “severance pay.” The Sea Org makes no attempt to help the person relocate or find a job. They are dumped, quite literally, on the street. That is “routing out properly.” It only benefits the Church, there is no benefit to the individual at all.

    If the person has managed to escape the Sea Org, or wants to stay out permanently after a family visit, discourage them from returning to “route out properly.” They will gain nothing from it.

  218. Bingo.

    What people who don’t live in LA might not understand is that LAPD and the LA County Sheriffs are two separate and distinct organizations. The LAPD are run out of the City of LA, and the Sheriffs are run out of the County of LA. Typically, the Sheriffs only have jurisdiction outside of incorporated areas in LA county. If a crime went down in the city of LA, or the suspect is in the city of LA, it’s LAPD’s problem. There is potentially a jurisdictional issue here.

    Who was the point person at the Sheriffs who Montalvo was taken to? This person should have immediately brought up the jurisdictional issue, and told Moxon to beat feet. Instead, he did his part in Moxon’s scheme, knowingly or not. This information may be interesting in determining whether, and how deeply, the LA County Sheriffs are compromised by the C of Mest.

  219. Mike, you always do a great job. The price you and Marty pay for blog integrity is allowing a snake or rat to get by once in a while. They have a snowballs chance in hell of impinging on this crowd. They should grow some balls and focus on getting their own house in order. It certainly needs it.

  220. The book as shown on the photo – Blown for Good – is very appropriate! And the message of Dear Leader sending him to the legal “Hole” for trying to route out!

  221. This just pisses me off so much I can’t even see straight.

    $$$s coming across next pay check.

    He is an SO member who leaves, comes back to do the right thing, and GETS FUCKING JAILED FOR IT! This is a veteran SO member. A kid who has dedicated his life to the cause, who has put in serious time, blood, sweat, and tears. THIS IS BEYOND THE PALE.

    Luis Montalvo SHAME ON YOU!

    Moxon and Miscavige, I have no words for you, except to say that you are not Scientologists. Stop pretending. Just stop.

    Marty and team: Awesome. As I said, $ on the way.

    Danny: To you. You don’t know me, but I was on staff at Flag in the mid ’70s and BPI in the early ’80s. I routed off staff when I was accused of destroying equipment on purpose and “putting Scientology and Scientologists at risk,” among other things. Of course, that was not true. I will say I was not jailed for it – you beat me there. I was 17 when I was effectively “beached.”

    Please realize that you are okay. You are in good hands. You do not have to give up your bridge or your future. In fact, you are 19 and all you have is future!

    Realize also that you have knowledge and skills that are very valuable. You acted as part of a team, in incredibly tough circumstances, for years. Most kids your age are just starting college, and just left home for the first time. Even kids in the Army are just starting out at your age. You have lived though an experience that most people don’t get to do. You have skills most people don’t have. If you survived years in the SO, you can get and keep a good job!

    Never regret your experiences or your choices. You did not waste your childhood nor your youth. Even though I was a baby when I left home (at 16), I don’t regret it. It was a trying and crazy set of experiences, but the alternative was living in the suburbs, and I won’t trade my experiences with anyone.

    Finally, forgive your parents. Forgive them, and do what you can to keep that relationship, even if they cut it off. Keep in comm with them until they wise up. Send care packages when you can. You will not regret it.

    I had the “opportunity” to disconnect from a couple of my family members when they left the church. I never did, and today our bond is very strong.

    I’m sure we’ll be in touch. Meanwhile, vaya con Dios, Daniel.

  222. Thought Provoking

    The underground railroad is alive and well!

    I don’t know how to do you tube imbedding so here is a link to what I wanted to post for Daniel and all others who follow.

  223. As wwp is apparently down, to all Anons reading this:
    Man the harpoons, the scilon trolls are out in full force all over the place and are commenting everywhere to do damage control.

  224. Marty,
    Thanks very much for the update and the kind words. I did send in a donation earlier which can be used however you see fit.

    Perhaps if others donating for the cause would agree that perhaps funds over the amount needed right now could be used to help Daniel to start up his new life with new found freedom and as many tasty Double doubles he wants to eat!

  225. Unity Mitford

    If I’m not mistaken the situation was Daniel blew Bridge in LA and flew to Florida to stay somewhere safe and then decided to go back to “route out” properly and flew back to LA? Correct?

    When I was discussing this with a former CMO-SO friend of mine they wondered how he got a hold of ID to be able to fly domestically? When he was in the SO they kept his passport/all forms of ID under lock and key unless he was being fired off on a mission that involved travel.

    It’s one of the tricks the SO uses to make sure their “slaves” can’t blow. I was just wondered how Daniel would have gotten a hold of his ID. Hell, considering his parent are both SO members, and he’s been in since he was born, I wonder if he’s ever been able to get any legal form of ID period. I can’t imagine the SO giving their slaves a few hours off to go take their driver’s test – not that they would have ever had a chance to learn to drive or even would have a car to drive anyway.

    I just want to make sure Daniel (unwittingly) isn’t being used to trap Marty and others in some disgusting fashion. DM and his evil thugs probably know the indies wouldn’t turn their back on a SO kid in desperate need – and in fact would do all they could to help him. So somehow they try to use the good will of Marty and the indies, and the innocence/ naivety of a terrified kid to accomplish some dirty covert op.

    Is it possible they are purposely making it easy for some young SO members to escape, hoping at least one would blow and turn to Marty and his friends for help? And then do the worst to use him and hold him up as an “example” to the many restless young SO members as what will happen if you blow and turn to the indies for help? Or let them leave with certain files that have hidden viruses in them and will leave key logger programs on anyone who loads them? You know they are desperate to get some key logger programs on Marty or any of his associate’s computers – and would go to almost any length to achieve it.

    Just looking at all the angles – if there’s an evil on to play then DM and his goons will play it.

  226. Deana Holmes

    Marty–was this in the way of a threat of disconnection by family? Daniel being told by his mother that if he didn’t come back to route out properly the rest of the family would have to disconnect? You don’t have to say anything if this is not the appropriate time.

  227. Freedom Fighter

    I’m getting to this party a bit late, but my dono is on it’s way. It’s not much, but this is one motion that needs contributing to. Use it for Daniel’s defense or whatever as needed.

    Daniel, hang in there, buddy, and well done on keeping in your integrity! LRH would be very proud!

  228. You’re doing fine. I see that most of us, all camps, are finally coming to realize our common ground of ending the horrific abuses. It’s been a matter of agreeing that it’s okay we disagree and more openness in communicating different viewpoints as rational adults. It’s unrealistic to expect no rage in the beginning.
    Those who have been harmed have a right to have a voice and state what they feel they want for amends.

    Few understand how “compartmented” anyone in Sci truly was. It’s just another “too incredible to be believed” aspect. But I think we can all agree that Daniel Montalvo must be the Last Child to be harmed by this cult. Enough. Let’s end this now. All of us.
    All of us together is Miscavige’s worse nightmare and would be a giant force against his tiny war chest. We are the power. He has none.

  229. Freedom Fighter


  230. As Mike pointed out, Daniel went back of his own choice after being properly warned. He had good reasons not wanting to be disconnected from his family and thinking that the would live up to their promises to route him out.

    Of course he will be declared now and if Moxon and a corrupt court can manage it be carrying a felony conviction as well.

    Though it might not go that far. The bad PR is getting worse.

    I wonder if DM will have Moxon flogged? He should.

  231. “they should have just put him in the RPF for the next ten years”

    Remember the human traficking case. The “church” has to avoid the slightest hint of kidnapping.

    I think Moxon did give the advice not to bring the new Independent back. He does do a hell of a lot of Damage control that sly fox. He is keeping Miscavige out of the spotlights.

  232. What a sordid, vile, wretched act. It is beyond contempt.

    Daniel is such a wonderful person. I remember meeting Daniel when I was at Flag in 2005. I think he must have been about 13. He told me who his father was and asked me to say hello to him when I returned to ILO (which I did). Daniel was so full of life! How brave to stand up to these hooligans.

  233. Unity — Dont think so. But if that were to be the case, dont worry, that too would backfire on Dear Leader.

  234. Sound advice GHop. As that wonderful LRH datum goes “Never regret yesterday, life is in you today, you make your own tomorrow.”

  235. I very rarely get angry, but I’m angry now and it feels good! I think others are experiencing this as well. I didn’t just feel it, I gave generously. Does DM realize that he just crossed a line? Even rape the church keeps away from law enforcement. Now they are making an example of a dedicated young Scientologist who has known nothing else? Church staff and public need to read this story.

  236. Harpoons manned Good sir !

  237. You can’t treat young people that way.
    This is sick!

  238. Great to hear you are still standing tall Amigo 🙂

  239. Made a donation. Please use it as you see fit at any time. I plan to donate regularly now on a monthly basis to help you help others who need it. Even though I am mid Grade-1 I feel flat on help. 😀

    All the best guys,
    Stefan in Canada

  240. Hey people !
    Marty told, as he already got the needed money, to stop sending money.
    Keep the flow open. It’s a good acknowledgement for his good work and he surely can use it well !
    Keep donating 🙂 🙂

  241. Joe Pendleton

    I haven’t read all the posts yet, so this point may have been made. But wouldn’t any court case turn out to be the thing the church would most want to avoid? Daniel getting on the stand and testifying. His lawyer able to question people. Is there a lawyer in the house here?

  242. If you call PayPal, they are very good about talking to you and getting you through the process. They are not an invisible voice. Look at their website and tell them your difficulty.

  243. This should be shown and cleared with any defector. If all the potential liabilities are explained to a defector, they will still have the tendency or intertial drive to return to what they know. They need a guardian to remind them of what the consequences would be. This would be a sponsor in 12-step talk. Every defector should have a sponsor which is like a probation officer. One thing that amazed me when I read your book (internet version) Jeff was that after you went through all that bull shit and routed out, you still thought for a while that you had to pay your debt and do A-E. Those of us who are out (and I’ve been out almost 30 years) underestimate how deep the programming/indoctrination is ingrained. I think you should extract your statement, plus any other relevant data you’ve already written in your book for the purposes of an “orientation hat” for the new defector. These guys need mission order for god’s sake.

  244. Waves to both of ya 🙂

  245. Thought Provoking

    “No need to keep donating. ”

    Now that’s something that you’ll never hear uttered in the church of MESTology!

  246. This was handled wisely when they told Daniel to return the tapes. Next time a text to a “Daniel” will say “don’t take anything that could be construed as stealing.” The risks for DM’s team are greater especially if this already went viral. What is even better is that this case gives DM and his team one more distraction which is going to turn into a HUGE distraction particularly if they continue to prosecute it. They could reduce their liability if they jump now. A few more cases like this, all at the same time, will open them for whenever you or Marty are able to deliver them whatever you have alluded to in the past.

  247. Only just saw this. Lordy lordy. Just when you think you’ve heard it all…

    “No need to keep donating”. Oh yes there bloody well is! There will be need for more funds. Anyway all donations are non-refundable right! That’s always what I was told..

    It’s a privelege to help.

  248. Scott Campbell

    Truer words have never been written, my friend.


  249. LOL Marty about how you put it re giving kudos to Gerry Armstrong. Well done:) I was at ASI getting orders from the dwarf many times but not on Armstrong. I’m sure Geoff did though. I was pretty much left out of that “Intel” nonsense as well as much of the litigation. Corporate was always my “claim to fame”.

    Be that as it may, I think it is great how so many are coming together to help point out and, most importantly, try to put an end to the abuses once and for all.

    If we end up working together on this good cause I would enjoy that. It’s been a while!

  250. Pingback: Top Posts —

  251. Dear Reader,

    Back in June of this year when I identified myself I wrote a private email to Marty. I would like to share the body of that comm. I feel it’s timely.

    “When I was a child in the early 60’s, my father’s oldest brother was the pastor of the largest Catholic African-American congregation in Cincinnati. The church was located 4 or 5 miles north of downtown in an older neighborhood.

    The rectory was quite spacious so our large extended Irish/French family enjoyed every major holiday there. At one of these events Father Gene disclosed that a secret basement room had been found by workmen during a renovation project. Inside were found sets of chains and broken shackles. They were identified as having been removed from former slaves on their way to freedom on the “underground railroad”.

    This of course sparked interest in the subject especially for my scholarly mother who explained the rectory was just down the street from the Harriet Beecher Stowe house. Needless to say, we took a few trips to her house as it was set up as a museum in her honor as well as the underground railroad. As a curious kid I sucked it all up and have fond memories of that summer of history. This also provided a good learning background for the civil rights movement that was gathering momentum. A good perspective on the right side of history.

    One last thought: My family shared those holidays with many folks from the congregation. By good example I was shown that we’re all just spirits whatever the window dressing. ”

    Here’s my point- As the Church of MissCabbage implodes some of the good people there are going to need a waylay and care.

    I hope some, ahem, many of you reading this, can prepare for this eventuality and onslaught. The waterfall effect of the demise of the established “CoM” is, in my humble opinion, full on.

    There are a lot of good folks who are going to need our help.

    Let’s open up our own modern version of the Under Ground Rail Road.

    My sister (let me brag, RN of the year) and I extend our offer of refuge for someone(s) who needs it. Compared to the life that’s being orchestrated by the (D)emented (M)idget this place of ours would be considered Nirvana.

    Our guest room/library is available to someone who needs it.

    I am, perhaps, speaking to you, a Sea Org staff member, personally.

    Let’s face it, the reign of terror is over. It’s really up to you now.

    Our email is Or go through Marty. I don’t think he’ll mind.

    We’re in Cincinnati. Travel can be arranged. Don’t worry.

    It’s October. Enjoy winter. Spring comes.


    Tom Gallagher

  252. Tom — you are good people. Thankyou for your kindness, compassion and generosity.

  253. When a “church” starts crucifying its young people for the sins of its elders, that church does not have long to live. Moxon is part of the metastatic cancer eating away at the body of Scientology. He does not care if he ruins a young man’s life in a war between DM and the Indies.

    Here is my appeal: Why doesn’t Tom Cruise show his humanity by calling up DM and intervening for Daniel Montalvo?

    Who wants to see a 19 year old kid’s life ruined because he blew Sea Org?

    Tom, what if this were one of your kids facing felonies for having escaped Sea Org? Would it be okay? Would you confront or condone DM and Moxon destroying one of your kids?

    You wouldn’t. So why don’t you make some calls and help Daniel?


  254. That’s great that we made the goal of $8000.00 but I’m sure there are lots of incidental costs in handling this. Glad to donate what I can. Keep a war chest, buy Daniel some new civvie clothes, whatever… I thank you all for helping do what’s right.
    And Daniel, don’t let the old “you pulled this in” thought derail you from knowing you’re on a path to real freedom. You can do all the Scientology you want (or not) and help mankind all you like (or not) outside the CofS. Self determinism — that is yours now!

  255. Tony DePhillips

    Not a bitch in the negative sense of the word. But maybe in the sense of a Tigress when her young are threatened…Beware of claws…and teeth…

  256. Jean-François Genest

    Very good point Bryon!
    Forced abortions, rape, assault causing bodily harm, sleep deprivation, illegal forced confinement, human trafficking, etc, etc, no big deal for OSA & the Church of Scientology International.

    But when it comes to MEST though, a benign hard drive??? → Oh boy!
    Get the Sheriff! A catastrophe of GALACTIC proportions has occurred!
    A staff is quitting. All hell breaks loose.

    Compare Daniel’s treatment to that of personnel in the Department of Psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente Hospital on Sunset Boulevard across from the PAC Complex … How do they treat a staff who decides to quit? …

  257. Tony DePhillips

    Here’s to you Danny and the whole Indie team!!

  258. Am anon late to the party (some of us do actually have real jobs and don’t live in basements surfing the net and pulling pranks!) and I so want to give $ but will hold on to my checkbook for now – but will absolutely fire it it up if need arises.

    This is a horrendous story, but I am comforted knowing that young Daniel is in good hands. Yay Marty and Tom and Mike and Jason and the hawt Italian Dude (and his Dudess!). Brave kid is very brave. If his parents had any wits left at all, they should be incredibly proud of him.

  259. Just one more nail in the coffin for Scn and its execs! The comedy show continues although the above is no laughing matter.

  260. Jean-François Genest

    Your experience @ Orleans Parish OPP is coming handy now, isn’t it?
    You have an added reality, which you wouldn’t have had otherwise.
    Thanks for helping Daniel out.

    → I hope someone is securely taking care of Mosey back home.

  261. Mike-

    Your acknowledgment means a lot. Thank you.

    And may we extend one to you.

    We just want to see the end of the nightmare.

    Then we can really get on with the game.

  262. Thanks Tom. 100% agreed.

  263. JF — Dont be concerned about Mosey. They are together.

  264. Thank you Gary. Your actions and words are greatly valued.

  265. 🙂

  266. one of those who see

    Hi Daniel, Hope you will get
    To read here at some point.
    You are so rich in friends
    Sweetie. And you have some real
    High ARC, theta tough guys
    Backing you up. The kind of
    Guys LRH wants on his side.
    This is scarey shit,but you’ll
    Be fine. You’re not alone. Even
    In the car with blacked out
    Windows you were never alone.

  267. Scott Campbell

    Thought Provoking,

    Here’s to the Underground Railroad!


  268. This sounds like it it time to consider having this addressed by Amnesty International.

  269. Ditto on the flying monkeys from the wicked midget of the West!

  270. Gary,
    Did you live in Boulder?

  271. When we look at how far the church has gone off the rails it’s easy to forget how many good people are in the organization – people like Daniel; people who joined for the best of reasons and worked hard to do their jobs.

    What we tend to see is the two-and-a-half percent effect, led by the dwarf 2.5 percent-er, himself, surrounded by his most PTS sycophants and co-SPs.

    And while we see instances of (at least temporarily) failed integrity – as in Daniel’s father – we see superior integrity in Daniel’s stand against Moxon’s threats.

    That is the integrity I used to associate with the SO. That it became alloyed in many is a shame, but where it is strong there is a person who will not fold under the likes of Moxon or Baca.

    Heber was imprisoned, Marty was jailed. Both used their knowledge of Scientology and excellent communication cycles to create a safe space around them. Daniel probably would have done so, too, even though he should not have been there.

    From all accounts of DM’s comm cycle, ravings and rants, it sounds like he specializes in gobbledygook. Of course, that may be just fine with his soon-to-be best friend Bubba.

  272. Amy:

    Please don’t confuse this question with Daniel Montalvo’s situation.

    “Would it be outside of the church’s capabilities to DELIBERATELY *expel* someone to get that person into the ranks of people they fear the most to gather information on how to bring them down?”

    Just your opinion. Have you seen it happen? “Abuse at the Top” is about abuse at the top.

  273. Tony DePhillips

    Hot tune Scott, thanks!!

  274. theystolemychurch


  275. There’s an update on LA weekly Blog who’s also carrying the story:

    “Update: Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore gave the Weekly the following time line and background regarding Montalvo’s arrest:

    “On Sept. 24 Montalvo was reported to have quit a Scientology-related job at a warehouse in East Los Angeles, at East Olympic Boulevard and South Gerhart Avenue in the city of Commerce, which the Sheriff’s Department patrols.

    “On Sept. 29, representatives of the church came to the East Los Angeles sheriff’s station to report that when Montalvo quit he allegedly took hard drives with him. The report was taken as a case of grand theft, Whitmore said.

    “On Oct. 6, after having returned from Florida, Montalvo “walked into lobby of the East L.A. station and turned himself in,” Whitmore said. He added that the teen “told us everything he did.”

    “Strange twist: Whitmore originally echoed our report here that Montalvo allegedly took two hard drives. He said, more definitively, that the teen was alleged to have stolen a computer hard drive and a Zip drive.

    “When we asked how — with retail prices in the sub-$100 range for both items — the alleged theft could have added up to meet the $400 state threshold (soon to be $950) for grand theft, Whitmore wasn’t sure.

    “We suggested that maybe Scientology was claiming a high intellectual property value for what was on the drives.

    “However, Whitmore called back to say there were five hard drives worth $200 each involved in the alleged theft.

    “The case would normally be brought by sheriff’s authorities to the District Attorney’s office, where prosecutors would weigh the evidence and either drop the case or press forward.

    “As we noted previously, the D.A.’s office on Friday had no record of the case. That doesn’t mean that it won’t prosecute later, through.

    “Asked if the church of Scientology would have to “press charges” in order for the matter to go to court, Whitmore said, no, but that if the organization were to withdraw its claim of theft and refuse to testify the D.A. might then be forced to back off.

    “Comments here and charges on Rathbun’s blog seem to charge that Sheriff Lee Baca — who has appeared at Scientology events in the past — has somehow gone out of his way to target Montalvo.

    “Whitmore says Baca wasn’t even aware of the case and that “the sheriff has nothin “…

  276. Last line was cut off, should read:
    “Whitmore says Baca wasn’t even aware of the case and that ‘the sheriff has nothing to do with this.’ “

  277. theystolemychurch

    You should email me via Marty……… I know how to get media…. and Marty has my email and telephone number… call me… I am pissed about what they did to this kid and can do something about it.

  278. Thank you Marty. Having worked where you worked when you did for as long as you did doing what you were doing, that you are someone whose opinion can be trusted.

    I really resent people that freely boast knowingly false information and then “tend to dramatically refute it”.

    I think your comment to this person was excellent.

  279. Byron:

    Allow me to just ask a small question here, as it seems you are sort of intent on AS-ISING this solid.

    Do you have copy of or a link to a copy of the suicide not Stacy Moxon wrote?

    That would be a good start!

  280. I apologize sir, I spelled that wrong.

    Do you have a copy of or a link to a copy of the suicide “NOTE” Stacy Moxon wrote?

  281. To AnontherOutragedAnon,

    I was moved by your post and I’m sure all here genuinely appreciate your help! Yes, we all agree that the suppressive and criminal actions of the INSANE David Misgavige and his henchmen are beyond the pale.
    Loved this: There are Federal jail cells waiting for Moxon and Miscavige, and the sooner they see the world from inside of those cells, the better. Just Perfect!

  282. A little Digg never hurts:

  283. GHop – I like that! 🙂

    That’s my favorite quote, from the Code of Honor.

  284. Office of Super Duper Special Affairs That Really Matter

    This whole scene reminded me of a LRH quote where says:

    “So how we are we going to clean this place up… one individual at a time.”

    It’s not verbatim, but I think you get the idea.

    Awesome job guys! Thanks for what you do!

  285. I’m a little late to this post, but will send money order in the morning.

    So let’s look at this comparison;

    1. The most senior Executives and Attorney of a multi-Million (Billion?) Dollar Global Religious Organization are into tricking and imprisoning a 19 year old Volunteer staff member in order to hurt others and to cover their own overts.

    2. Independant Scnists offer to assist any Sea Org member who needs their help and follow through when the need arises. Plus giving sound advise so as to not be in possesion of property belonging to the CofM in order to help the individual avoid trouble in there life. Even when sage advice is ignored and the individual falls down because of it, the Independants are still willing to help all the same or even more, without invalidation of the individuals self-determinisim.

    Is the contrast Clear enough?

    It’s as if after destrying 90% of all possible case gain through the descimation of Scientology all that’s left for DM & Company is self destruction while taking as many others along with him, even 19 year old former staff still willing to follow Policy even if Execs don’t.

    How far will the Insanity go?!

  286. Sinar ~~~
    More on Moxon from Vicki Aznaran affidavit.

    Hendrick Moxon, currently an attorney for Scientology in this
    very case, and a member of the Sea Organization, was a prominent
    participant in the criminal activities of the Guardian’s Office.
    Prior to becoming an attorney at Scientology’s expense, he was a
    Guardian’s Office staff member in Washington, D.C. Moxon was
    involved in the Scientology conspiracy to infiltrate the U.S.

    Vicki Aznaran was posted as the INSPECTOR GENERAL RTC immediately below Miscavige “COB”

  287. Welcome Daniel! Let us know your story when you can.
    Some $ sent. Thanks to Marty and all the wonderful people working on this cycle.

  288. That would be fine with me! If my donation isn’t needed, give it to Daniel to start anew. No question.

  289. Excellent moderation Mike. 🙂

    There is an important lesson re DM’s cult and those that flee (blow)
    This is not the first time that the “Church” PROMISES all will be well if the return to route out.

    It is just a RUSE. It is often a TRAP and BLATANT lie.
    CRUELTY, ABUSE, LOCKDOWN, KIDNAP, REVERSE Scientology in term of BRUTAL sec checking has been done AGAIN and AGAIN on return.

    An Example is Maureen Bolstad who was severely abuse with 4 hours sleep for years, enforced to carry an 18 lb camera on her shoulder after her neck and shoulders were severely injured.
    They bribed her back saying she would see her husband and twin sister on return and that they would treat her better,
    But instead, she was imprisoned at Old Gilman
    House for 3 years in complete and utter lockdown, in isolation breaking many Laws of the Land. When she escaped security guards chased and slung her to the ground and brought her back. This is kidnap which was enforced against her will
    Most moving videos ~~
    recommended viewing

  290. Great idea. I will be there and will bring another Christian brother. Come on everyone let’s protest this.

  291. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I have “unique” idea … 🙂

    What if scientologists apply the science of knowing how to know (scientology) to the very conflict between independent scientologists versus church Scientologists versus non-scientologists?

    Namely … the Third Party Law







    What if the “3rd Party” causing the fighting and misery is an IDEA which has dominated our culture for 1,000’s of years, and is not an actual individual?

    What if that idea, which generates so much anger, blame, guilt, and violence (at and from each other), is the very idea of “who is right?”, and that this constant struggle with “who is right?” causes all the violence … anger and fighting.

    If that could be it, then we’ve nailed down what is causing this unending fighting between these 3 groups (or any fights between individuals or groups). Then, it would only be a matter of finding out what strategy will bypass this constant struggle of who’s right or who’s wrong.

    What if one were to change their playing field and leave their enemy images behind them?

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” – Jalal ad-Din Rumi

    The only place I’ve found that playing field is in Nonviolent Communication. I’ve said this before, “This is the lacuna in scientology.” It has also been the lacuna in the subject of communication.

    Watch this video and you may see what I mean … (from the master at conflict resolution and compassionate communication)

    This education has been a true gift for me by giving me a better way of thinking and tech of communicating with others. I hope you find the same. It’s OK to look. 😉

    (Right click, then click “Watch on Youtube” to watch the rest of the series.)

  292. From this post:
    There is more than one flow in this universe – despite what CofM would like you to believe. I want to reiterate (paste) something I wrote earlier:
    But don’t fall prey to the big lie that CofM runs on EVERYBODY…that YOU are the only one with overts and it’s all YOUR fault and YOU did this to yourself. NO YOU DID NOT. YOU did not do anything to fuck up CofM and make it train people to wait for 3 swings on a floating needle. I have NEVER violated the Auditor’s Code thus calling for my sessions to be secretly recorded. Nope. Who here told public their stats were out the roof when they weren’t? We’ve been lied to and deceived and told WE did it to ourselves. Uh, no WE didn’t.

  293. Mike, Marty and Tom just proved how absolutely worthless they are. Even though they know EXACTLY what would happened (please read Jeff Hawkins definition of “properly” routing out), they allowed Daniel, a naive 19 year old cult member who grew up in the cult, to return to LA. I personally didn’t donate one thin dime because quite frankly this is Mike, Marty and Tom’s screw up. If they are trying to run an underground railroad, then they should know what they are dealing with. They gave Miscavige exactky what he wanted.

  294. Kendrick Moxon is listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Snow White prosecutions at page 7 of this document:

  295. Re: “No need to keep donating” and goal amounts and all that, is anybody maintaining a legal aid fund or nonprofit/foundation to help with situations like this? There’d be huge support for something like that, one would have to think, as long as there was a reasonable guarantee it couldn’t go the way of the C.A.N.

    More power,


  296. A Google search of “footnuke” today turns up 141 results. ALMOST ALL of them are related to the Church of Scientology and are dated from about January 2008 to date. So, yes, David Miscavige is the Duke of Footnuke.

  297. I give Marty full discretion to use my donation for whatever purpose he sees fit once the $8000 expenses are paid.

  298. More to the point, going through with these trumped-up charges will lead to some interesting discovery about Scn’s security measures.

    Discovery is such fun.

  299. Theo Sismanides

    Marty thank you! Me and my wife, Olga Vernardou, will contribute 50 euro for Daniel and all of this crap, and we are with you on this and everything else. It’s just the PayPal account or is there a way we can pay through credit card directly?

    Daniel, thank you and welcome. We are with you!

  300. martyrathbun09

    Theo, only have paypay account.

  301. martyrathbun09

    I guess we should have grabbed him and locked him in a room ala Radical Scientology, eh Meat Body?

  302. MeatBody. Even if it wasnt handled perfectly, and I am not saying it wasnt, Daniel was still in a horrible position and needed help which you did not offer. Your just a cheap prick who will use any excuse to justify the fact. The only thing worse than a cheap prick is a “know best” cheap prick. Get lost.

  303. The name of the 3rd party is DM. We found it out, but the guy doesn’t want to stop.
    What is the handling then ?

  304. For added impact, make it an Independent Scientologist’s sign! 😉

  305. Wow. This page has a soundtrack. I was just re-reading it and suddenly I heard this:

  306. Wikinews has picked up the story, sourced to the Village Voice and LA Weekly:
    Scientology defector arrested after attempting to leave organization, Saturday, October 9, 2010, Wikinews

  307. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I understand that’s the apparency. Of course, the illusion of the apparency of cause of two party’s endless conflict is what the third-party law addresses.

    However, is DM truly the hidden source of the unresolved quarrel that he is in himself?

    Isn’t David Miscavage IN the second party of the unresolved quarrel?

    If the “unknown” third party were correctly indicated and known, wouldn’t the quarrel between independents and CofS start to resolve for BOTH party’s?

    But, clearly, the quarrel is not resolving with either of the two parties. So how could that be if the correct “unknown” third-party source was truly found?

    Isn’t the continuing the blaming of the second party an indicator that the third party remains still yet unknown?

    One party goes, “You’re WRONG!” The other party goes, “NO! YOU are wrong!” This type of communication goes on endlessly, back and forth, back and forth like this, with no reconciliation whatsoever.

    Could it be possible the “third party” could be an existing old idea from a past third party from long, long ago which has fixated and inculcated our modern paradigm of thinking in our current culture?

    What if that archaic fixed paradigm had something to do with this? …

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” – Jalal ad-Din Rumi

    What if that “field” Rumi speaks of were a way to speak the language of peace, instead of the language of enemy?

    What if this new paradigm and language created more peacemakers, instead of peacebreakers?

    Is one creating peace with the second party? Or is one making war?

    IMO, the permanent handling is by using compassionate communication by learning the information in the above video and its other segments, and learning how to speak the language of giraffe instead of the language of jackal.

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  309. Hey Meathead,
    It was the kid’s own mistake, not anyone else’s.

  310. Good comparison.

  311. Pingback: Daniel Mantalvo, Scientology Defector, Jailed in LA - TIME NewsFeed

  312. Pingback: Daniel Montalvo: escapando de la Cienciología para ir la carcel | Noticias -

  313. Thank you, Marty. Dono sent to paypal.

  314. martyrathbun09

    Muchas gracias. By the looks of it they want to start WWIII over Daniel.

  315. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1 Martin.
    Let the donations flow Marty…They will be needed…

  316. Meatbody, “they allowed” ? Daniel is legally an adult. Neither Mike, Marty or Tom have or had any power or authority to deny him going wherever he might wish to go or do anything he might wish to do – regardless of how foolish those things might be. Daniel was warned in plain and clear language what would happen and went anyway.

    Forced Disconnection from one’s family is a very powerful club to hold over someone’s head. That club was wielded by Moxon and McSavage, so why don’t you direct your wrath at the appropriate target ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  317. As long as the help is on a trust basis between individuals they can’t do squat.

  318. I do not know but this particular story is reaching the hearts of all boards, have faith or rather don’t worry about it. It’s gone viral. Some day this kidmight need a ghostwriter for his book 😉

  319. Metaqual

    I do not think that “disconnection” should be done for any other reasons than those stated in PTS Tech. One would disconnect only if the person you are disconnecting from is “suppressive to you in some way”, and only if you are unable or unwilling to “handle”. It should be pretty much a “last resort”. One must be vigilant against “correcting before the fact”.

    I understand your concerns with vulnerability but one cannot fix what one will not confront. I do not advise one to barricade the doors and windows or one may just find oneself in a “prison” of ones own making.

    Thank you again Marty, and all who are confronting this situation.


  320. Now I *know* what the all-hands a.r.s. spamming and wwp ddos is about LOL. Yeah, saw the Ortega article on LA Weekly last night. I didn’t quite put it together as possibly being a point of attack on Marty and the Independents at the time.

    Marty, if I might drift slightly off-topic here: I’m reminded in some way of Keith Henson. Can you contribute any info that may help him seek reversal of his original conviction – of “threatening” Int with a “Tom Cruise Missile”?

  321. Theo Sismanides

    More of those demonstrations should be arranged in other cities of the world as well. This is just a start!

  322. Theo Sismanides

    Yes Sam, you take the lead on that! Wearing your witch hat just put some magic into it and get the people to wake up! Just take away all of their doubts and reservations, we got to be a team again, and now at a distance being ral life examples of true cause over space, time, energy and matter.

  323. Theo Sismanides

    Marty it is obvious that the Cause, Free Daniel, was an emergency that created the necessity level for you and all of us to play as a team. I am happy we are on target and all I can say is that we all care about you and Mike and all of the good people here. that org board will form up and will get things done and its Treasury Dept will have more causes to fund and support as we grow stronger. Letting us contribute is such a holy action as we all feel we can Do something about it, finally. There is Suppression anymore, there is an Energy Department and there are people who will fight for the cause.

  324. Not that I’m suggesting a tit-for-tat reactivation of Henson amongst us… :)~

  325. Theo Sismanides

    Mike as I said to Marty, it is obvious that people want to help you guys and help Daniel. It’s good to see you playing hard here. We all have respect for you but especially when I see you really exceeding yourselves.

  326. Theo Sismanides

    Me too, if it wasn’t for Marty, Mike, Tiziano and Jamie and the rest of the gang, no Daniel would have a chance.

  327. ” but, on the advice of Rathburn, returned them to the Church by messenger service”.

    Sending the discs via USPS as a registered package – return receipt requested and directed to a cheapie non-USPS P.O. box referenced as “suite number” – might have been the better choice.

  328. Yes, 1974-77.

  329. stomach just dropped …

    bridge is where Savanah is … we have not seen her in 8 years now ..
    reading on … thanks so so much Amy… HEART IS LIFTING ..

  330. thanks ..

    as parents never in ..
    we app. all you do 2 support us .. & help get our kids out of the org ..

  331. Wayne~I looked. I obviously haven’t studied the whole series or philosophy or practice.
    I see here the language of giraffe, not jackal. IMO of course.

  332. Hmmmm

    That post was actually from WindWalker.


  333. YEAAAA! I have been looking for you! I stayed at your apt in Portland during the Crusade. I was the only guy there other than you. The last time that we spoke, I saw you outside ASHO. Please google me as my phone number is easy to access. I would really like to talk to you.

  334. I would like to donate to Marty’s cause because I am thankful that for once in the world there is finally someplace I can communicate where I actually DO know and/or remember people from my time when I was in Scientology. To me that is priceless.

    I know what will happen. As soon as Scientology discovers that people like me {innocents in the wings} are starting to donate to Marty and his team, they will dream up a way to exhuast mine and others funds it is a given.

    And I like Marty, because I remember in a photo of him and whole bunch of other Sea Org members here on this link:

    he is the only guy there that looks like he still has any brains left in his head.

    That is why I chose to be quiet and stay on the sidelines for so many years and not take on the identity of walking down public streets with picket signs.

    They {the Posse that is} hire attorneys and I apart and away from that activity called the police and had one OT VIII nearly jailed for whatever it was he thought he was doing for his church. They left me no choice. They never shut up.

  335. Tyler Wiggins

    I 100% agree.

    You can’t underestimate the importance of having a friend on the outside when you are trying to leave. Thank you, Marty, for being that friend to Daniel Montalvo.

    “All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

  336. Thank you Matt. You are correct.

    When I used to read a lot of LRH books, they were all GREEN hardbacks {i.e. Science of Survival, Dianetics 55 etc.}. LRH Tech in that form is very appealing, very affordable and very readable. I enjoyed them especially Science of Survival {the first real information about the Tone Scale and the Theta and MEST universes}.

    Today when one buys any one of the same books, they are 5x times the price they used to be, for same exact if not abridged or without LRH *written* permission to revise. When you open the book you practically get a Flash video playing before you even to get to read the standard intro to each book, it is obvious someone is trying to make money not auditors from the sale of these materials.

    Science of Surival was the second best book I ever read in my life, next to DMSMH.

    And Matt, you know what, when I was at Flag {1986-1989} I used to see you every day walking in and out of the Fort Harrison. I don’t know if you remember me, or remember seeing me, but I used to work across the street in the Gray Moss Inn and on my days off I would sit on the bench across the street in front of the Peter Gillham’s nutrition center. After about a month of sitting there, all the people coming in and out of the Fort Harrison every day made me hysterical with laughter at them and one of the C/S’s came out and complained to Patty’s mother {remember Patty who used to write everybody certs at Flag and she had only stubs for arms?}. So when I went to home to bed one night, the staff came out and moved the bench AWAY from the front door further up the steet facing the Gray Moss instead of the FH. And no, I did not get angry and put the bench back. I recognized you after I saw a photo of you and Amy.

  337. I know from a very good reliable source that Luis is divorce now.

  338. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I see a lot of language of giraffe here by those who are in agreement with each other. However, not a whole lot by those who disagree with each other. The “trick” is learning to communicate the language of giraffe with those whom one disagrees with too … to speak in a language that is not in anger and blames or makes guilty.

    This switching out of this right and wrong paradigm, and showing compassion instead, is difficult. Heaven knows it has been a challenge for me!

    For example, try mustering up compassion and finding the goodness and “what is alive” in David Miscavage. Perhaps that’s the biggest challenge I have here.

    Compassion for DM? Now there is a challenge! lol.

    I don’t want to switch into the jackal valence of DM, or any other inside or outside of CofS. I don’t want to play that game of “enemy” images. I want to be a peacemaker, not a peacebreaker.

    IMO, if more learned and played the role as a peacemaker, perhaps it would even be possible to get in direct comm with DM and truly communicate with him at the feeling and needs level … really communicating to truly be effective at resolution instead of being at constant war with him.

    A true handling of getting in deep compassionate communication and understanding with David Miscavage could reconcile all this mess, IMO. That’s what peacemakers do.

    I’m learning that to make up a posted list of what is wrong with somebody, and then discussing how wrong they are may not be the most effective way for reconciling for peace and fulfulling one’s own needs. I now question the positive survival in doing that.

    IMO, one needs to look no further than the go-to expert at mediating conflicts with warring factions in 35 countries around the world …

  339. Yes Aaron that does sound like a good idea – [sic], and then maybe perhaps he would enjoy being charged with a felony copyrighted computer theft at 19.

  340. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “Here’s your chance- it’s time to man up or shut up.”

    That’s a great example. Thank you.

    I find this same exact type of language of jackal (perhaps below one’s consciousness) going on a lot in the CofS, using one’s innate spirit of giving, and then using guilt to try manipulate another into doing what they want.

    What I’ve also discovered is that the language of anger, blame and guilt are not the exclusive domain for use by the CofS. The inculcated language of jackal is infected throughout our domination societies, including most churches and religions.

  341. I’m sorry Wayne, but you are applying the wrong tech to this situation and you are apparently doing so in order to push the already well debunked “IRS Secretly Controls Scientology” theory, unless I miss my guess.

    The applicable tech is The Anti-Social Personality, Psychosis and all the rest of Ron Hubbard’s tech about people like David McSavage. The only entities “third partying” the Independent Scientologists to McSavage are the imaginary voices in D.M.’s turbulent mind.

    Michael A. Hobson

  342. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “I have seen full brand new full sets selling for $10 on e-bay.”

    One can also find most of the 2007 squirrel versions of LRH “basics” at for just $1. But I wouldn’t bother buying them unless one is using them to compare them to the unadultrated “by L. Ron Hubbard” works (which I do). I certainly don’t use or trust them to study from.

    My concern here is that loads and loads of these squirrel versions are being dumped, then picked up cheaply by the “raw” public, and then are read by them, not ever conscious they are being defrauded by reading adultrated LRH works, instead of unadultrated LRH works.

    What a huge mess concerned scientologists will need to clean up. When will that happen before too many more perverted LRH works are yet to be dumped on the market?

  343. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


  344. Truthiseverything

    Run Danial RUN!!!
    I was also raised in Scientology and slowly got my freedom.
    Looking back I can’t believe I put up with all the absolute nonsense. And I thank all of you that have helped Danial escape from the cult.

  345. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Perhaps mistakes were made by those who are to “blame” and are “guilty” of making human mistakes. Perhaps.

    But surely, causing the effect of raising $8,000, to compassionately help Daniel out, I wouldn’t call “absolutely worthless” by any means, do you?

    To learn more about what is the language of jackal, I suggest anybody to pick up a copy of Nonviolent Communication, by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.

  346. Good point – had this kid been an actual “plant”, he could have done serious damage to some important folks via false testimony. Now, probably a face to face with this kid was enough to ensure his bona fides, but there could be clever plants in the future that exploit this natural desire to help.

    Some folks can’t handle jail – Daniel could have been turned – that he WASN’T is good luck. In Miscavige, his cronies, and his lawyers, you’re facing absolutely unscrupulous people. For them, no lie or corruption is off limits.

  347. Possession is 9/10s of the law – once they have your body in the shop? Look out!

    Nonetheless – I have seen someone, mature, experienced, very sharp in business, naively walk back into a jurisdiction (after promises!) only to be falsely jailed! This person was ALSO strongly counseled against doing this, but went there like a moth to a flame.

    So, if this kid fell for it, be it known that even grown-ass adults can fall for this sort of “come on in, the water’s fine” BS. That’s why my own policy is to never walk into a court or a jail (or an org) voluntarily. If I ever were to meet with an Org representative, it would be in a public place, with my lawyer present, with a running tape recorder in plain sight.

    LRH followed this basic policy (essentially), and as a result, after a brief jailing in Philly during the PDCs, he never saw the inside of a cell again. Toward the end, he would have been tied-up in endless court actions, jailings and process-serving had his location been known.

    Unfortunately, you usually achieve security by cutting comm lines – so Ron was alone and friendless near the end. Had MSH been there, she might have done something as simple as…getting him to a hospital! Instead he was kept sedated under a psychiatric drug for days, until he finally died.

    Wow – what a way to treat the Founder of Scientology…one of DM’s first victims, the Founder himself.

    LRH didn’t “die” – he was (in effect) murdered. Yes, he’d had a stroke, but a stroke by itself is not normally a “death sentence”, you just need to get the victim to a competent hospital.

    Take an older man who has had a stroke – keep him isolated for a week without food or modern medical care, keep him under psych dope – and surprise! He “dies”.

    Where’s the outrage?

  348. In the USA, state-issued photo ID is NOT a requirement for boarding a plane.

    This is a common misconception.

    “NO ID” just means you get searched EXTRA thoroughly. I did this on a domestic flight a few years back, just to see if what I had read on the net was actually true.

    Wanted felons can air travel this way too, domestically, but ordinarily don’t due to the unwanted attention. This might be useful to those who seek to fly (domestically) on a confidential basis.

    You should ask “Where did he get the MONEY for these flights?”.

  349. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Yes, you missed your guess. I’m not clear how I could have implied a “IRS Secretly Controls Scientology theory” by what I wrote above. lol.

    I’m sad and frustrated that I wasn’t able to make myself clear to you. It is one of my needs to be understood by writing clearly. It sounds to me you are angry, and that you may fear the tech is not getting properly applied so there are true understandings which will result in faster reconciliation.

    We may have similar needs in that we both want speedy reconciliation. I, too, want the right tech for the job to create peace. I am angry and tired of the constant warring, and it frustrates me to think the tech that I know which exists, is not getting applied. I know it would result in peaceful resolution.

    IMO, the right hidden 3rd party really isn’t widely known yet. The CofS, way before David Miscavage, has been quarreling with other groups, thinking in “enemy images”, without any reconciliation with the “psychs”, the “critics”, or the freezone and independents up to this date.

    That being the case, I question how could David Miscavage be the “hidden” third party before he was even there when the unresolved conflicts first started?

    David Miscavage is only the assumed “hidden” third party by many.

    That there are still unresolved conflicts for all this time indicates the obvious to me; There must still be a very real “hidden” 3rd party somewhere which continues propagating this never-ending quarrel, if we are to acknowledge the validity of the third party law.

    If the true hidden source were found, the quarreling would as-is.

    What I am suggesting one to look at is to see if this “third party” may actually be an inculcation which is continuing the “held down 7” in these quarrels, the continuing warring factions between CofS and independents, and the CofS and the critics such as anon.

    So what could that inculcation be? I’m trying to help others look a little harder and deeper, and perhaps, expand some viewpoints.

    As always, I suggest to all to learn to recognize the language of jackal, and apply the language of giraffe to empower one to speak peace. 🙂

    Here is another book I recommend for doing so …

    “Speak Peace in a World of Conflict: What You Say Next Will Change Your World” by Marshall B. Rosenberg

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  351. Sheriff Baca is an example of raw ignorance. He does not really KNOW THE TRUE TECH and is vulnerable to the effect of the MEST universe.

    Scientology is a vehicle for him to give a “humanitarian” reputation of himself to the people, even if that “humanitarian group” comprises more criminals than are currently house in the Los Angeles County jails.

    Scientology, on the other hand can then tell the public they are “Endorsed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office”.

    One buy into one that buys into the other.

    Mrs. Baca trained to be a Volunteer Minister at Celebrity Center in Los Angeles? That in itself is quite an accomplishment, not due to the nature of her character as the First Lady of Los Angeles County, but more in the way of a person can expect in the way of services from a place such as Celebrity Center Los Angeles.

    New York City has a Celebrity Center and the last time that I was there, there were only 2 auditing rooms. Let me just say, with Broadway and Madonna alive just a few blocks away, it sounds to me like they are certainly well equiped to handle the kind of celebrity traffic that normally passes through a city such as New York City.

  352. Do not think of an elephant… 😀

    I sent you twenty five bucks, Marty.

    Like many others have said…the poor kid. This got to me.

  353. lol!!!!!!!!

    so true.

  354. What can they accomplish following you? What will they learn? That you helped someone out of a religion he felt was not any longer for him avoid possible problems by helping him to find a job and get food?

    It is not right. They are not mentally sound.

  355. I sent a little money, even though you said there’s enough, been out of work for too long. But I wanted to help. That could have been my kid…

  356. mariachi El Bronx

    Brovo Joy!! Bravo!! I couldn’t agree more !!!

  357. Pod:

    That is a nice idea, but I already know that Scientologists try very hard not only to disrupt the lives of their church’s members, but the lives of non-Scientologist public as well.

    I do not see a reason for a truce with people with whom one is not at odds.

    If you feel that way, perhaps you should do an O/W write-up and give it someone you are not at odds with these days.

  358. Thank you for posting this.
    Lurked, read, researched for 48 hours–then PayPal’d.

    Be strong.


  359. Nancy Many, Marty Rathbun, Jason Beghe and Tiziano Lugli are to be highly commended for helping Daniel.

    I can’t believe how far is David Misvavige willing to go to supress people, sooner or later things are going to fall by their own weight…

  360. A protest was held on L Ron Hubbard Way yesterday. In my video #3, I’m carrying a blow-up of the Daniel Montalvo photo posted on this blog. PAC Sec Chf Jason True saw it, pointed his finger at Daniel & said “criminal” and goes on to making disparaging remarks about him. Watch Jason evade and attempt to justify his comments about Mr. Montalvo.

  361. Pingback: “Return to Route Out Properly” « Leaving Scientology

  362. If this kid needs a safe place to stay.. I live in Galveston Texas. Please contact me via my email & I will be more than happy to help out. I don’t know much about all this but I do know when something stinks.

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