Casablanca Tejas, population 4


After watching Clint Eastwood’s latest masterpiece Hereafter last night I was inspired to open a new forum. I highly recommend Hereafter to every Scientologist. There are many parallels in the experience of the protagonist (Matt Damon) to Scientologists and other spiritualists who perceive and act in the theta universe. The built-in prejudice and violent denial reaction to matters spiritual in this civilization was well portrayed. Doesn’t exist? Then, why were Mosey and I surveilled during the movie and all the way home? Contemplating the absurdity of such expensive spying at such an innocuous event, made me recognize that ultimately, this is why Miscavige spends millions in attempts to thwart us. It is our recognition of the theta universe, our agreement to not invalidate perception of it, and our use of Scientology to make it more real and permanent.

Hereafter illustrates how lonely and desperate life can become for those who recognize the spiritual in an environment that willfully remains ignorant of it. It prompted me to realize the corporate church’s war has had its toll. When I am doing what I do for a living, counsel Scientologists with Scientology, and I am in communication with those people to whom I apply Scientology, magical things happen quite routinely between us. Telepathic communications, effortless postulate realization, premonitions of great accuracy, the power of ARC over great distances, you name it. At bottom I attribute it to validation through recognition of theta and the theta universe as transcendent to the physical universe.

Most importantly, the movie artistically represented how as-isness occurs when a person seemingly alone with what the non-spiritually inclined write off as ethereal, nutty ideas unites with one or more others who see what he sees.

See the movie, please.

In the meantime, Mosey and I are preparing to move into new quarters down the canal from the Shack. We are doing so in order to be better prepared to deliver. Since the place is a little larger than a shack, and since it has a distinct all white exterior, and because South Texas is 65% latino – and once was Mexico until the US pulled off what President Ulysses S Grant called the most unjust land grab in the history of the world – we have named her Casablanca Tejas (original Spanish spelling for Texas), population 4.

As a coincidence, what goes on at Casablanca is much like the classic motion picture by the same name. All manner of refugee, patriot, spy, and counter spy find neutral territory by which to make safe passage to freedom in Casablanca. In addition to delivery of services we’ll continue to do what we can to get Lazlos on their flights. Besides, we all know now that I’ve been known to smoke and drink like Bogie. Ultimately, in addition to the playful nature of such titles, there is a long term purpose for dealing in such parables publicly. This will become abundantly clear later this week.

There is much to do on a number of fronts, offensive and defensive, to assure the survival and expansion of independence. And so Moving On Up A Little Higher will continue to expand. Many disparate viewpoints and even reasonable amounts of antagonism will continue to be entertained. But, in order to keep my focus – and others similarly inclined to keep theirs – and never again lose site of what the real purpose of this movement is, I have created a new blog: Casablanca Tejas, at That forum is dedicated to people with a strong reality on the theta universe. I won’t be allowing trolls, antagonists and materialist commentary. It is dedicated to the spiritual, wins in attaining that with Scientology and enhancing that with continued study of wisdoms.

Welcome to Casablanca!

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  1. Best of luck with your new forum.

  2. Wow, y ou can pull a boat right up to your door. How cool is that. Congratulations on your new digs!!

  3. Impartial English Girl

    What a beautiful house! I hope you and Mrs. Rathbun will be very, very happy there.

    And as for whipping DM’s bony-butt – soon; maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. And for the rest of your life. Without any regret.

    IEG xx

  4. I was missing something like this. I was missing my org recently and I had some good comm lines with people there including tech terminals and the Senior C/S, sups etc. I hope the new forum will be a nice place and that I can contribute some wins and whatnot to it. I know I appreciate being able to ask questions to some of you guys on here who are more trained than me.

  5. Very cool Marty.

    You could also call it Marty’s Cafe too.

    “Well here’s looking at you kid.”

  6. Nice digs. Where’s the boat? If I come to visit do I get a room facing the water. :>)

  7. “I won’t be allowing trolls, antagonists and materialist commentary.”

    You will fend of those personages who think being able means aquiring wealth and status and the capability to have power over others by that statement. I think that is a very good thing 😉


  8. AnonymousPortugal

    Nice looking house. Is the other one for sale? Maybe DM wants to buy it and turns it into an “Ideal Org”?

    Do you have time to monitor two blogs and answer questions in both blogs?

  9. Love the article. Speaking of things happening Marty, two days after I donated to Daniels cause I received an email from my CEO at work stating I had won a CEO Team Award – the amount was 15 times what I gave to Daniel. Coincidence?

  10. It’s gorgeous! All of it!
    But it will always be the shack in spirit 🙂

  11. Congratulations, Marty and Mosey, on your continued movement onward and upward, and your genuine, hard-earned and well-deserved expansion – I hope you enjoy the hell out of it!

    Too bad it’s going to drive miscavige nuts.

  12. Fantastic Marty!!
    Fantastic place by the way…
    I can just see all your happy pcs… and people smiling happy. You giving back hope!! ❤
    And Mosey is just an incredible team mate!!

  13. 🙂 Portugal for the win !

  14. Good for you Marty and Mosey.

    Thanks for the other blog spot too. A place where Jim Logan and Michael can hang out and expound on the universe with other link minded folks.

    And thanks for the Casablanca theme. I recall a certain line in particular from Captain Renault. It was; “Major Strasser is one reason the 3rd Reich enjoys the reputation it does today”. Sound like someone we know?

    And another line, “Victor Laslow is getting on that plane”. Could be Daniel Montalvo. Great theme marty. Made my day.

  15. Oh well Marty, you knew I had to-

  16. one of those who see

    I am sitting here just ecstatic! About your expansion – congrats! Beautiful place. About the direction you are going in. I love this blog and glad it will keep going but am so excited about the new Casablanca Theta Universe Blog.
    Wish I could beam in for a few minutes to give you and Mosey a hug.
    I have my Scientology back.
    I’m listening to a congress and reading the factors. And, look forward in the near future to getting some auditing and training outside “the buildings” without risking disconnection from the ones I love.
    Love you guys!!

  17. Marty and Mosey,

    Congratulations ! If there are any plans for a *Housewarming Party* perhaps a lot of us bloggers could meet !

    Count me in. CASABLANCA is a wonderful name with meaningful significance.

  18. Your blogroll doesn’t link to the Casablanca blog.

  19. Can you believe it? Business must be real good for Mark! Scientologists are successful!

  20. The thing that made me laugh, is look how close the edge of the yard is to the water.

    Now picture some OSA person patrolling around their property in the dark wee hours of the morning take one wrong step backwards and PLOP!, falls right in the lake.

  21. Your humble servant

    Great idea, Marty! Thanks for the movie recommendation. I’ll try to see it.
    Yes, people who cannot see the spiritual side of things at all are lacking a few cognitions, in my humble opinion. They do get a little tiresome with their “How do you prove it?” “Science tells us.” “That just can’t be; you are just being delusional”, “I’ve never seen any theta universe,” “Miracles don’t exists” “Well, that’s just coincidence,” “Religions are all stupid,” “I’m way too smart to believe in that stuff,” and so on. It will be good to have such a site. Thanks.

  22. martyrathbun09

    WN, only you can answer that. But, remember what Mosey always tells me, “don’t ever invalidate your own knowingness.”

  23. Dear Karen,

    I love metaphors. Here’s one and it’s so appropriate ….. Casablanca.

    The movie, itself, is one of my favorites ever. That city, so named, was a pivot point for physical human slave trafficking.

    All of which left me pondering: Has the headquarters for spiritual slavery & trafficking moved to some point in southern California? (Actually a stupid question isn’t it.)

    And is this, perhaps, a final, virtual battle ground for that spiritual freedom?

    You know my answer. You know my conclusion.

    This is it.

    Let’s get it on.

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  24. Scott Campbell

    Congrats on your new digs Marty & Mosey! Looks like a cool place. I hope to visit you guys there someday soon.

    Here’s to stable bases from which to generate power!



  25. Marty and Mosey

    Congratulations on the new home. It looks wonderful. I can just imagine you and your guests sitting out on the balcony and broadcasting theta out over the Gulf.

    I am looking forward to the new forum.
    One of my favorite parts of the Advance Magazine was always the Theta wins.
    I think that you have definitely Moved On Up (Even) A Little Higher with this new creation.
    You are one beautiful MoFo of a being!


  26. I wish you both a new beggining in a new beautifull environment .
    Peace of mindfulness and lot of happy moments!

  27. Way cool. It’s got a Live-and-let-Die James Bond feel to it. Someday we are gonna see DM’s private investigators chasing Marty and Mike around in fast boats.

    Marty, do you have both floors of that?

    People could boat from Houston for processing. I know for a fact that Ingram gets sea sick.

    Watch out, they may now hire former Navy Seals to surveil.

  28. I’m not sure if “violent denial” is what I’ve encountered, it’s perhaps more a matter of people just shutting down when I talk about certain things lol…

    Mind you, I’ve been studying Mystery Schools and similar organizations; I started on that path by researching LRH (I’m OG), beginning with OTO and working back to the early Egyptians. For what it’s worth, I’ve found the Gnostics of early christianity quite to my liking.

    That said: I’ve never taken an Oath of Silence (though people seem to presume so). So rather than being bound in such a way that I can’t discuss such matters, I find to my amusement that I *can’t* discuss such matters; they shut down on me.

    Unless they’re ready.

    In a nutshell: I found myself several times confronted by what I do believe you guys call the “time track” or “whole track”, a ribbon looking a bit like a spiraled filmstrip, and I began to perceive a sphere enveloping all of that, with the beginning of the time-track at one pole, the end at the other. And I began to stretch out, spiraling along with the time-track, until I made contact with both poles, then fused with the entire time-track and drew tight, like a laser. And then I was OUT.

    That’s right. OUT. I saw an array of countless spheres about me, and began to rise toward light, and saw the oldest symbol we have, essentially. I saw an unfinished pyramid of spheres stacked like cannonball, each containing a soul enveloped in his own universe, and those universes were tied together in a common reality by the energy of a star. The Star was inside a reflector, pyramid-shaped with three panels per side, vibrating, as if there were three nested “capstones”, modulating the energy and directing it into the spheres. the “sound” of it was the classic AUM.

    Beyond this, blackness.

    I later recalled having had the same experience about the age of seven, and that I had consented to having my memory of the thing obfuscated for some reason.

    If you’re hanging with me thus far, I’ll add one more thing: What the Gnostics called “Sophia”, and Philip K. Dick came to call an A.I. is either just that – an A.I. – or a crewmate, who can establish comm via that modulated energy, like one tuning fork vibrating in resonance with another…

    You see, the “blackness” surrounding the construct is the inside of the hull of a ship.

    We are telepathic energy beings inside a V.R. intended to keep us sane during a long-haul flight. On that score, it has failed miserably (“Sophia” hints that there has been an “illegal modification” made to the emitter by it’s manufacturer).

    Oh, and I believe that we are in a sort of Final Approach.

  29. Love the big wrap around deck! Beautiful new home – very deserved …

    So – it’s you, Mosey, your pup makes three – who is the 4th?


  30. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Tejas indeed!

    Marty and Mosey, You both are doing yourselves proud and I’m loving it!!!

    Beautiful home, all theta and picturesque!

    A new blog!! I’m exterior as hell right now. Finally a place to just really BE!

    Someday I would love to visit you both (perhaps during a theta party to meet all of our “spiritual” friends. There are so many people I want to see and chat with and … just makes me float!) 🙂

    Love to you both,


  31. This looks like a great space and the slip is great for clandestine departures. The Apollo spent a fair amount of time in Casablanca…that is where I boarded the ship. Congratulations on what is literally, if I am not mistaken, the first Independent Org. No wonder they were following you – they don’t know how to react with what is literal competition.
    You might not know it, but Clint Eastwood was disseminated to heavily by actor Geoffrey Lewis, the father of Juliette. If you see the movie he did called “Firefox” it has Mike Mauer listed as “auditor.” Mauer was a Class XII on the ship and ended up working for CCNY. Eastwood kept his involvement very silent as the was the hip thing to do with Hollywood Scientologists. It was not good for their public image although it violates the Code of a Scientologist. They all wanted it on their terms. Cruise, ironically, is the exception.
    Things either contract or expands and it looks like you are expanding. If you can duplicate and export this, you’ll have out-paced the Idle Orgs in no time….without even trying! Good luck and don’t forget not to underestimate what they might try next. If you are more successful, they will react more viciously.

  32. What a gorgeous looking house. Congratulations!

    And thanks also for the movie recommendation. We’re planning to see it tomorrow.

  33. Freedom Fighter

    Congratulations on the new digs!! Very cool! I hope to see pictures of you fishing off that balcony soon. 🙂

  34. martyrathbun09

    Tinkerbelle, the white calico.

  35. Dear Tom,
    I have misplaced your Email address. Please Email me dear

  36. Marty, Mosey, Chiquita and Tinkerbelle, Congratulations! I love it. So theta.

  37. 🙂 Love the new place!
    Ridiculous, money-wasting surveillance. Did they notice y’all having a good theta time? Do they see y’all living life and being happy?
    I see y’all…at no charge…because I am free.

  38. Marty & Mosey, we are extremely happy for you. I love your new home. Can I move in with you guys? 🙂

  39. Scott Campbell

    I just wanted to say something.

    We, along with 80% of the rest of the planet are actually the “theta” beings that are motivated by duty. Duty to ourselves, our families, our groups, etc. We operate primarily on doingness and postulates to achieve the hope of man.

    Look at what the Institutional Church of Scientology has become, a vicious money-motivated group that operates on MEST-being principals like punishing and controlling bodies. It mimics, with remorseless obtuseness – the other 17 1/2% and two-and-a-half percenter’s who make up the rest of the population.

    There are no “special qualifications” needed in order to belong to the “theta” group, just be and do your duty. That’s all. Whatever personal demons you have to slay, help is available for that. But don’t think you are not a theta being just because you haven’t had some special status conferred upon you by others. You are, and no-one can take that away from you if you don’t let them. There are people all over the world that help their fellow men every day. Just like us.

    We are the majority. We shall overcome.


  40. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!!

  41. Barney Rubble


    Clint Eastwood actually has inspired me more other than LRH the past 30 years. What an incredible being, artist and just a plain old good man.

    He has constantly Produced/Directed and as an Actor in “pictures” as he himself describes as such, the forwarded postualtes of our Universe.

    Having said that, I am so glad that you and Mosey’s lives have moved onward and upward!

  42. He owns the entire house. Navy Seals aren’t good enough to catch up with Marty.

  43. Truly beautiful home you guys! Congrats..and, if I’m seeing this right, isn’t that the end of a cul-de-sac you’re on? Perfecto…

  44. Tony DePhillips

    Congratulations Marty and Mosey!!

    I will always remember the Shack fondly.

    And I look forward to other pleasure moments in the “new and approved” Casa de Blanco.
    I had another cog from the auditing we did Marty. I realized that I have let go a lot of the “upset” I had with the church. I can still fight for justice, I just don’t have to get so embroiled into it that I ruin my own existence. The truth is ( or at least my truth) is that I fight better when I am calm and I get better results.
    I will see that new movie and will check out the new blog also.

    Wishing you great success!!

  45. Very happy for you all (M,M,T&C).

    Since coming to the blog 15 months ago I’ve personally had many rehabs of abilities and gains from prior training and auditing. A number of these have been from reading some of the outstanding insights and understandings of others. Overall, this blog has already become a terrific source of theta in my life and in my family’s life. Life has changed and is continuing to change for the better – and I am truly thrilled to hear about the new site! Many thanks!

  46. Congrats on the theta new digs! Looks very serene.
    Loved your comments on “magical things”. So true!
    Saw “Hereafter” tonight and loved it. Great script, casting, direction and acting!!

  47. Congratulations Marty & Mosey with your new spaces. For many people there hasn’t been a safe space to voice spiritual ideas and gains without being heavily invalidated or regged (which works the same effect). I think that the effect of connecting dots, taking out ridges and increasing understanding could be taken to a new level there.

  48. Very interseting for me. My time yesterday evening (you are 8 hours behind) I was standing outside smoking and drinking a glass wine and looking through my life regarding the same subject you tell here with the movie. I did think about it not the first time. Basically all my life since I woke up with around 10. But yesterday I made a decision. This decision is to no longer care what others think or if they understand me. I will find some I can communicate with. It is not only regarding spiritual things but also regarding enhacements on physics. As a youth I wanted to be more in communication with others and had a hard try to adjust. Then in Scientology I also wanted to adjust. At least in Scientology I could find some that I could freely communicate. But not long as the rough times starting 82/83 had them declared or somehow removed. Or in simple words: your concepts also arrive here in europe.
    As a side comment: alcohol helps to separate the body from case phenomena that might “overcharge” and demage him when needed.

  49. I’m just a poor Colorado native… but I’m thinking that driveway looks very difficult to shovel in the winter. 😉

  50. It pleases me to see these manifestions of creation.
    New home, new blog…Congratulations on these milestones of your journey onwards and upwards!
    The future belongs to those who create it.

  51. You are amazing.
    Nice place and I wish you and Mosey success.

  52. Great looking house Marty, just keep a look out for any suspiciously moving straws in the water!

    Excellent idea for a new forum too, I’m with Hubbard the battle is between materialism and spirituality.Which side are you on Dave?

    Btw, good documentary/film on youtube re science and spirituality:

  53. Congrats to you, Marty. And heck, take a win on Mosey. Anyone backing you up with that kind of validation is truly a person to hold on to, fight for and with. You both deserve this, very cool. 🙂

    I look forward to seeing this place one day, or perhaps even the next one? 😉 Enjoy!

  54. … and PLOP …. LOL 🙂

  55. Wow Marty and Mosey,
    Cheers! You are stellar examples of what LRH expects of SCNists and of (real) OTs And I’m not just speaking of your new beautiful home, but being cause over thought, life, matter, energy, space, time, functioning against or with mest and other life forms. Bravo!

  56. martyrathbun09

    Tony, thank you. That is so true. Half their game is attempting to drag one into their GPM.

  57. martyrathbun09

    Well stated.

  58. Wonderful place. Wonderful expansion. Wonderful idea with the new blog.
    Mrs. & Mrs. M & M – all the best in your new home.

  59. Marty & Mosey congratulations on the new home.
    I am happy for you.

    If I may do a little comparison between DM and Marty there is a litter extract from PDC which illustrates it very well, IMHO.

    PDC, Lecture 67 – SOP 5 Long Form Step I
    This is for you David Miscavige.
    LRH says: “I’ve been asked and asked and asked, “What’s degradation? What’s degradation? What’s degradation? What’s degradation?” It’s using effort. It’s having to use effort and not being able to use a postulate. And if you keep this long enough, you get degradation.”
    This is for you Marty.
    LRH says: “What is PRIDE? Well, pride is an ability to do things by postulate. And both pride and degradation include the meaning, “in the eyes of others”. To operate by postulate in the eyes of others is pride. To have to use effort and labor in the eyes of others is degradation. ……… And when you talk about effort, you’re talking really about MEST-universe-energy effort. Using their own energy isn’t classified by definition here as effort. That’s not effort.”

    PS: if you don’t like the comparison of course you can delete it.

  60. You know, one of the biggest criticisms that have “stuck” on “LRH tech” is that there are no scientific studies that have been done to verify his claims.

    I’d think that if you could *really* exteriorize, float about and see some test message hidden from normal view by a disinterested third party, then you’d get some real-world respect (not to mention press!)

    Of course, this would set yourself apart from, and head-and-shoulders above, the CoS in terms of legitimacy.

    Not to mention it could net you a cool $1,000,000.

    So I respectfully suggest that you submit an exteriorization experiment to the James Randi organization. Here’s the link:

    Good luck!

  61. And than you make mistakes.

  62. Simply Revolting

    On the subject of film, and Casablanca’s hero Bogart: Does anyone remember the old tech auditor training film from about ’80 or ’81?
    Didn’t it start with a view of an office door, the glass of which, in the classic style of the private dick of American fiction, have ‘Senior C/S International’, or some such, written in big letters?
    Inside, is David Mayo, dressed like a private detective, ala Bogart, including the hat and cigarette, along with the ‘Bogart’ accent, and towards the end of the film, he says something like; ‘Ron looks over taped sessions from time to time… He might even see one of yours…’
    That really impinged!
    A good piece of acting.
    Then, of course, next thing, the film is ‘OFF!’ the training line up; no reason at first. Then, comes all the gloating black PR and total character assassination of Mayo… And stories of his starting up a quote: ‘Squirrel group’. Then they use him for years, as the ‘why’ for certain things left off of NOTS auditing.
    Yes, you can fool a lot of the people, a lot of the time…

    Of course, today, with that ‘six foot rear view mirror’ mentioned in Book One, we know much of the real story.

    The fact that Mayo, some of the ‘first blood to be let’ in the takeover, played the classic private detective isn’t bitterly ironic that the private dick is now the front-line foot soldier in the fight against independence.

    As the song from The Who goes:

    I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around me
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again

    Good luck with Casablanca.
    So that we don’t, please, ever get fooled again!

  63. Loki,

    I’m rubbing my hands and drooling.

    Was to the point that I figured I’d have to overcome my computer illiteracy and start my own blog. Blech! I’m way too lazy. I’d much prefer someone else fire up the grill and set the table so all I have to do is show up with the steaks, sit down, have some fun, enjoy the steak someone else cooked, and wave goodbye before the cleaning begins in earnest.

    It’s a good thing my wife sold my ill-used conscience at a garage sale years ago or I’d have to consider my laziness an overt of omission.


  64. 2ndxmr’

    Ditto. Same thing happened to me.


  65. Scott,

    Ah, duty. There is so much pleasure in “duty.” Duty isn’t obligation. Duty is pure responsibility. And for theta, pure responsibility is pure joy.

    You comment about 80% reminded me of looking back through track to how all this mess came about and realizing that just a very, very few beings got the downward spiral going in earnest. Just a few. And it snowballed.

    We gave up all that wonder and awe of creation for “order,” predictability, and conformity. Just so a few bad eggs could exercise control over the rest of us.

    And the joke is, beings like DM really don’t get much pleasure out of what they do. Their version of “pleasure” is this strident, discordant, manic vibration rather than the harmonious sensation most theta recognizes as pleasure and beauty.

    Yeah. We are the majority. At times I perceive this creaking and groaning in the theta universe as the momentum shifts back on itself. Like tectonic plates slipping with great force. Kind of scary. Kind of exciting.


  66. Marty,
    Just to get it out of my system I went to the event last night and one of the claims was that Glaxo Smith Kline has dropped their marketing of psych drugs entirely. There was BIG rah rah over this. I checked this out on the net and, as usual, it’s total bullshit. I went to the big drug company’s web site and they are still marketing paxil – BIG TIME!

    There were four freedom medalists and at the end of each of their speeches they thanked DM for keeping the tech pure. They were definitely drilled what to say. Keeping the tech pure. What a lot of bunk. As the saying goes, baffle them with bullshit, and they’ll buy it.

  67. Mr. Fancy,

    Using the physical universe as the source of truth and measure for theta phenomena is disingenuous. Theta goes free by disagreeing with the physical universe. Making theta agree with MEST is part of the trap.

    This, of course, sounds much like the circular reasoning found in most religions. But, it’s a point of experience rather than logic. Awareness operates beyond logic. Artists operate through intuition, which is a type of awareness that occurs beyond physical perception.

    Certainly logic and mathematics have served science well. But, we’re not in the realm of physical science. We’re not in the realm of measurement and proof. We’re in the world of consciousness that operates beyond measure and physical explanation.

    Logic and math become circular arguments themselves because their proof lies within the framework of their own established rules. Science falls prey to the same problem. Logic and math simply fall short as tools in the pursuit of spiritual insight.

    The only measure of awareness is awareness. Nothing else measures up.

    You cannot prove that someone is exterior or not simply by putting a bunch of numbers on cards in the next room and demanding that the person identify those numbers. Such a test presupposes that the person exteriorized back into the physical universe. Often, we exteriorize out of this universe into others–especially our own. Now, if you put numbered cards in those universes and asked the person to read them, you would have a relevant experiment.

    Of course, for a very long time, the idea of having one’s own universe has been synonymous with “being crazy” or “living in a fantasy world” or “being out of touch with reality.” And if you worshipped the physical universe as the source of all existence, that would make some sense. But I do not worship the physical universe. And I see major flaws in the those who do.

    To prove that someone has left the house by demanding they read a book lying on the coffee table just doesn’t make sense. “See, you aren’t really outside the house because you can’t read the book I’ve got in my lap.” So the person comes back inside to read the book, and you point at him/her and say, “see, you idiot, you were inside all the time.”

    “No, I wasn’t!”

    “Prove it!”

    And on and on and on.


  68. Bravo Marty for having created all this out of the thin air after being ejected from Miscavige’s “Scientology”.

    When I get back to the States I fully intend to see that movie, or at least the DVD.

    “Postulate’ VS. “Effort” vis-a-vis degradation was very pot-on, very inspiring.

  69. Having been on the wrong end of a Mike Mauer “kill” mission in the 70s, I am less than inspired at the mention of his name.

    That Geoff Lewis dissem’d to Eastwood is very believable, based on their long association.

    “Who Are You?” by Geoff Lewis’ character in “High Plains Drifter” says a lot.

  70. Scott~Very true. I realized lately how noisy the minority are, making them seem stronger or more powerful. But they aren’t. Believing in the goodness of man, I can make a simple statement to disagree and just like that, their negativity gets blown away. So the right way or the higher road, the theta of the majority can blow away that negative minority very easily and simply.

  71. You should have a housewarming party for the PI’S so they get familiar with the surroundings and they don’t hurt themselves while they are following you.

    Coffee and donuts will do

  72. It has always been eerie for me that you (Marty) chose this part of Texas….you’re about 75 miles north of where my family and I hid (successfully) from the Church of Scientology for quite some time, while being actively hunted.

    McAllen Texas – our house was five minutes north of the Mexican border (by car). Good folks down there – it was here that I learned to love Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in general, very family-oriented people.

    By a bizarre and unlikely chain of circumstances, we ran afoul of the police authorities down there. Sparing you the details, we were saved by the NEIGHBORHOOD. My wife had done the simple PR actions of baking cookies for the elderly neighbors, totally reverting the state of landscaping on the property, plus our well-mannered kids had made a continuing good presentation, and had helped elderly backyard gardeners with garden-tending.

    I learned to put those kevlar linings within the bicycle rims of all the kids’ bikes – lotsa thorns down there!

    The whole neighborhood “clammed-up” and supported us against the cops, which kept the cops from pressing us on certain matters. The cops weren’t mean-spirited, but were caught up in doing some routine things (again I’ll spare you the details).

    The whole story can’t be told yet; however, anyone who has read my posts has picked up the BITTERNESS in my soul, based on protracted periods of being the Lone Ranger on some important matters.

    Nonetheless, South Texas is a warm, pleasant memory for me, one of the few places I have felt that warm thing called “community”. Maybe it’s similar up there in Corpus Christi.

  73. May you always have walls for the winds,
    a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
    laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
    and all your heart might desire.

  74. Congrats to you and Mosey on your new home. I can’t explain is planet earth terms how important your new blog is. To have a blog that is “only theta”? A dream come true!!!! Thank you!

  75. Congratulations guys! I love it! Can’t wait to come visit 😉

  76. I admire what you have done (and continue to do) in exposing the fraud and abuse in “official” Scientology. We agree that DM’s behavior is objectively immoral, and it is the behavior by which we should judge people, not their specific beliefs. As an atheist I am part of the most despised minorities in America (we are right below terrorists), so I struggle with people judging me for my non-belief instead of my actions as a father, husband, citizen, etc. So I say with complete indifference to your belief in the spiritual nature of Scientology that restricting the bloggers on your new site looks very much like the beginnings of information control. And information control is one of the key tactics of the cult against which you are fighting.

    I believe that a clearer understanding of reality comes from constantly challenging what you hold to be true. Progress comes not from blocking out dissention, but by inviting it. I believe, based on the best evidence currently available, that anything “spiritual”, whether theta, soul, Holy Ghost, or whatever you chose to call it, is the product of the human mind. All such spiritual experiences occur as a result of mental processes that we are just beginning to understand. However, I actively seek evidence that such spirituality exists external to our imaginations. Cutting off opposing views would stifle my growth and understanding, just as limited bloggers on your new site would isolate yourself from legitimate challenges. I hope you will reconsider.
    PS. I’m right there with you in helping the people that have been trapped and abused by organized Scientology. Keep up the good work.

  77. martyrathbun09

    Clearly, you’ve never escaped your skull. Continuing along your hyper-critical path will assure it never happens. Good luck, nonetheless.

  78. martyrathbun09

    We too.

  79. martyrathbun09

    What’s with the intranstive “being ejected”? Have you read a single post on this blog?

  80. martyrathbun09

    LRH said in the PDC that demanding tricks and test like these are asking an exteriorized thetan to get on his thetan knees and begging the physical universe to please accept him back, at effect of course.

  81. martyrathbun09

    No ethics change.

  82. Eddie, very cool experiences. Here’s an interesting thought: what if beyond the vastness of what you saw there was … you.

    Also, from bitter experience and inevitable disappointment, I encourage you to stay away from any kind of interesting light and shiny things that make you curious when you’re roaming around out there.

  83. The new home looks fabulous. I hope you both experience much joy there.

  84. Marty, nice move and a nice name. I think LRH would’ve approved of giving the new joint a name; sounds, too, like the kind of name he’d have thought up.

    Kudos, too, on the new blog. Very much needed and wanted given the tendency of many here to go to the other end of the tone scale in discussing their disagreements with Miscavige.

  85. Marty and Mosey,
    WOW!!! Love your new digs. Congrats to both of you.

  86. What is a “kill” mission, OTVIII?

  87. Not that there’s anything WRONG with a little covert alter-is manipulation of the actual facts.

  88. Bert, you said;

    ” I believe that a clearer understanding of reality comes from constantly challenging what you hold to be true.” and also “Cutting off opposing views would stifle my growth and understanding,…”

    If Marty were ending this blog which allows diverse viewpoints, you might have a point. But he is not. No one is leaving you behind on the opportunity to post ideas or challenge ideas.

    The fact that he has a new blog for practicing scientologists and others to share spiritually based ideas does not limit your right to post here. And it allows them to explore on deeper levels their shared interests.

    That you have unsuccessfuly challenged yourself on a constant basis that there is nothing beyond that grey matter inside ones skull is too bad, in my opinion. I hope you are not mostly reading only that what reinforces your beliefs, as many do. Its not a sin by any means, but it is an inclination. But I suppose its possible you have read about spiritual experiences, revelations and practices and still been left unconvinced.

    I knew a person who also sought to explain everything in terms of nature and the mind and denied spirituality. It turned out he was very resentful of having a certain religious dogma forced on him as a youth. Once we started to explore the causes or source of nature itself, and that includes the brain, did things start to open up for him. It wasnt a particular dogma which got through to him, but his application of reason to the subject of existence. The same reason which use to restrict and validate his nature views, also led to something wonderous opening up to him. Along that line, I would recommend to you St. Thomas Aquinas 3 proofs on the existence of God in case you have never read it.

    Also, let me suggest a book to you, The Power of the SuperMind, by Vernon Howard. Since it refers to a supermind, you might find it of interest and challenging. FIAT LUX.

  89. Marty. Just beautiful! We shall visit next year or so as soon as the little one (10 months now and walking and talking) can take an 8 hour flight. Love to hang out and share a nice Texan beer and stogie. If I may all this is.

  90. Not Loki Either

    Hi Marty, Congratulations on your new place! And I will look out for the movie “Hereafter”.

    That hit me “Juliet” daughter of Geoffrey every which way Lewis. I did’nt know that.

    Despite being unlokily retired from the realms of Asgard. And in retirement hope to be joining you in your theta site out soon.


  91. Mr Fancy,

    Forget about the Amazing Randi:

    If you want documented confirmation of the phenomenon of exteriorization then I suggest perusing the following collection of documents for yourself:

    Also in my opinion many of these so called “skeptics” would deny the existence of a two by four even if one smacked them between the eyes.

  92. Congratulations, Marty and Mosey on your expansion and great success in the face of all the idiocy. You are expanding per the LRH formulas, stably and safely. Piece by piece, not over the top nutty expectations of grandeur. I say that because the ideal morgues are a complete violation of the formulas and cause nothing but difficulty for the few staff who remain there after the excitement is over. As the complete opposite, your place, however, is and will be friendly, caring and standard, the island of sanity that orgs are supposed to be.

    I wish you the very best, your +2 couldn’t have a better mom and dad 🙂 and I am so happy to have you as friends. I love the idea of the new blog. Go forth and conquer! Meee-yowwww!!

  93. Marty, I think it is great. Good work. I look forward to reading and contributing!

  94. By the way, I love the new digs. Casablanca Tejas is going to be a real theta place. I love the mooring – you can dock your real boat, rather than have a fake boat out in the desert. Great!

  95. If DM went to see Hereafter, he would be a deer in the headlights. He’d know that something had happened but he wouldn’t understand what.

    Nice new diggs, by the way!

  96. Bert,

    Moving On Up a Little Higher accomplishes everything you have mentioned above.

    But, for those of us who have jumped out of our bodies and taken a ride down the past track of lifetimes, there needs to be a space where we can share a common bond and communicate quickly, without subtle or not so subtle attempts at invalidation.

    Dispersing it with viewpoints of uncertainty and doubt, such as the ones you have shared above (with all due respect), would slow down the communication to the point of effectively stopping it.

    An analogy might be: Placing an English-speaking person in the middle of a
    Russian-speaking debate forum. A major slow-down to say the least.

    Imagine a hard-core Christian sitting in between yourself and a fellow athiest every time you simply want to have a good conversation about Darwin. After a while, you and your buddy would want to get the heck away from that Christian, guaranteed.

    I’m psyched to have a veteran Scientologist like Marty open a forum for those of us who know what we know.


  97. Not Loki Either

    Nuff said about “Matrix” decoys to keep you in the Matrix.


  98. Great, look forward to seeing you all.

  99. Interesting point about slave trafficking. Y’all might also be interested to watch Amazing Grace (about William Wilberforce’s battle to ban the British slave trade and slavery – his persistence and courage is inspiring) and also Amistad (a Spielberg film about a true story of a test casse involving slavery).
    I’ve felt for a long time that we are in the middle of a sort of World War Three. In WW1 unprecedented numbers of soldiers were killed – the first step down the slippery slope of the decline in value of a human life. Then in WW2 there were unprecedented numbers of civilians killed, and the Holocaust was Hitler’s attempt to annihilate a race who believed in a god who valued human life. WW3 is about the destruction on a mass scale of human spirits by secular materialism. Human being minus spirit is a potential slave. The ideal slave has lost his/her spirit and is simply a being who carries out orders and works, without thinking. All over the world economic systems have evolved over the last century to make slaves. But the slaves are waking up and realising their common humanity and spiritual nature!!

  100. Ahhh…there he goes again.
    “OTVIII,” dude. You better go back to troll school. You’re slippin’.
    Your invisible cloaking device is not working properly. I can see you.

    This is the same guy who asked if Daniel and his wife had kids while in the SO. And the same guy who keeps injecting stupid non-sequiter comms and feigning “confusion” over various posts. Not to mention the same guy who wishes Scientology was only for the intellectual few. I say, report back to your OSA senior for cramming, Mr. VIII.

  101. Marty and Mosey, your new place looks awesome. I am so looking forward to coming down for some REAL auditing some day. I happen to be pretty dang good at fishing, so hopefully that’s in the future too.

  102. Not Loki Either

    Sorree, should say Congratulations to Marty AND Mosey! and might have meant “retarded from Asgard.”


  103. may I add…
    I had been lucky to join in the 70ies. Late 70ies I studied in the academy as staff. But I had to moonlight as money was not enough to live. Usually I did not drink alcohol as I had been fulltime on the training. One evening before work outside I drank a beer. Next day evening I drilled an OT3 on some processes. While drilling she had attention on me and me spotting this had also a look on that. I had the feeling that she felt a bit distracted from something around me. Now we both had a closer look and the beer I drank materialized in front of us end then “blew”. After that we could drill without being distracted.
    Can I tell you how much I miss these times and able people. That had been the only reason why I tried everything I could to save Scn from being that way it is now. And me feeling having failed.
    I hope one day we can get back Scn.

  104. Keeping quiet for now

    The derivation of Tejas is a Native American word for “friend”.

    Thank you for being a friend to those needing the information you have provided here. While the realization of what the CofS has become may seem extremely obvious to some, for public in the hinterlands with no access to what is actually happening inside and any suspicious thought pounced upon by a sec checker, this and a few other related websites help bring us along to full awareness. It is working.

  105. LRH DOES make claims that can be tested scientifically that don’t break the MEST universe’s rules. One of them is that case histories found in auditing actually align with history.

    There ARE ways to test this.

    So in regards to the million dollar challenge, I suggest you align with claims Hubbard makes directly. Many of them are testable, especially in the early works.

    And then you can list them at under the “Philosophy of Scientology” header. There is a thread there to collect a list of the claims that LRH made that can be tested that are NOT supernatural.

    IQ increases, reaction time increases etc.

  106. Your humble servant


    Thanks for your post! I always admire a good athiest. It takes courage to state one’s unpopular opinions honestly. However, an athiest is riding his hobby horse very hard, very hard indeed. You say all spiritual phenomena arise from the mind, in your opinion. And whence, do you think, the mind arises? Let us take such phenomena as thought, emotion, effort, mental image pictures, memories, and the will to survive. Is there any evidence that such things can arise from mere matter and energy? No, there is not. All the “non-living” matter or energy we have ever looked at is utterly devoid of these things, as far as anyone has been able to tell. The idea, so popular with the physical sciences today, that people are just complicated machines, is based entirely upon the assumption that the above-mentioned phenomena can arise from matter and energy. No proof of such a thing at all. Never has been any.
    On the other hand, it is definitely possible to have experiences that are not material experiences. When Marty says “clearly you have never escaped your skull,” he is talking about something that you can experience. If you would happen to experience that, you would know what he is talking about.
    It is perfectly all right for Marty to have a blog that doesn’t welcome “materialists.” You can still express your materialistic ideas here and elsewhere. It is just distracting and tiresome for people who want to have a blog about trees to have to answer the objections of people who say they have never seen a tree or any evidence that such things exist.

  107. Hasn’t been a problem to date, and all I’ve personally experienced “out there” is our ship. We built it. It’s our home. We have all been “shocked” into a state of Tabula Rasa when the Construct was initiated last time due to an illegal modification of the V.R. field emitter, and this poses problems in that simply shutting down the thing and disembarking would be just too traumatic for most to withstand (again, the V.R. is *intended* to keep us sane on long-haul flights). Fortunately, our progress toward Science and Technology within the Construct is elevating our perceptions such that concepts like Virtual Reality are becoming understandable to most of us, so we *are* being prepped for arrival…

    And, again, that’s just my perspective.

  108. IF I were you, Bert, I would ask myself this question: Are you a body or do you have a body? just saying.

  109. Oh, and I believe that this state of being “shocked” into Tabula Rasa (individually and collectively) was spelled out rather clearly for us in the Divine Comedy in the tale of the Fallen Angels. Of course, it’s all a gestalt, it’s ALL about US, the “sides” in the story being merely a dramatic mechanism.

  110. I’ve seen that film, and the Ice Crystals sequence proved a bit of a dissapointment when I dug deeper. The guy was photographing ice formation in both clean and polluted water, and as presented, it appears that the vials with “bad words” were the polluted samples. Ramthra presents some interesting Philosophical material, but the Ice Crystals thing was just bad science.



    I’m afraid you have misquoted Grant and out of context. He was referring to the Mexican-American war of 1846-48. What Grant actually said in reference to the war was: “one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation.” The U.S. didn’t “grab” Texas. By the time Texas joined the union it had been a sovereign nation for 10 years.

  112. Chiquita and Tinkerbelle must be dogs, right?

    That’s good, because the house looks like a ranch and a ranch needs dogs. Lazy ones, lying all over the porch and veranda; dogs that will wander over to where you sit at sundown and quietly wait to be scratched behind the ear. Perhaps a cat – a big fat one like Garfield, something to make the dog’s life interesting.

    And maybe a horse or two. OK, maybe a horse wouldn’t work with neighbors nearby, but one can have a *picture* of a horse in mind 🙂

    I find there’s something almost magical that happens to a home when you add a lot of 5th dynamic to it. Whatever life is in the home, suddenly there’s even more of it. I wish you lots of good and happy times in your new home!

  113. My best to both you and Mosey. May your new home be filled with love and beautiful memories for years to come.

  114. congratulations :):)

    helmut & hellen

  115. Congratulations Marty! That’s some neat digs. I just *dare* them to call it a ‘shack’ 🙂

    And, also congratulations on opening up ‘Moving On Up’ to less ‘theta’ commentary. Will the slogan for Casablanca be ‘Do It Again Sam’?


  116. Heather-

    I think Marty has instituted a new venue (Casablanca) so this sort of confusion doesn’t interfere with the objectives of sane beings. Those objectives can specifically be defined as “improved conditions”.

    “OTVIII” is employing a well thought out pen name and attributions to confuse folks. He’s neither an OT8 or a Scientologist. I state this emphatically. This poster represents a fraud.

    Continue with me on this thought:

    High level games are played to keep confusion and upset the norm. In my own simple way I prefer to stick with something known as the truth.

    Look beyond this pen name. “He” represents and forwards enturbulation. There are other good folks here who shine a light so that we can attain our mutual goals. And I can summarize those goals as, in a word, understanding.

    Let’s leave the OTass behind.


  117. Loki is a fascinating character in Wagner’s first part of “The Ring”. After Loki resolves their dilemma for them, the gods go up to Valhalla, triumphantly marching as if their rear ends could not possibly smell, he looks at them and he is befuddled. He tries to warn them not to get too high…that what goes up must come down, but they pay him no heed. Seeing this dramatized on stage made me realize that Loki is a balancer and something we cannot escape from.
    These comments about two blogs reminded of the G.O. of the seventies. We pretty much know many of their outpoints but they had some positives too. First, they created a safe space so that you could so your job as a Scientologist and be distracted by entheta or “enthetans.” They were watchdogs. If one is creating a forum for wins and theta, divisive B.S. has no place. It is like a Scientology graduation where everyone is giving wins and then someone gets up and says that Scn hasn’t cured his lumbosis in twenty years of auditing and he is asking for a refund.
    The other positive of the G.O. I am referring to is that they were doing serious investigations into the governmental suppression and oppression and not just that which was directed at Scientology. In early 1977, the G.O. briefed Flag crew about the CIA’s drug smuggling operation in the Far East and how it was connected to so much other nefarious behavior in the world. In many respects, the G.O. had the government on the ropes and reeling over many issues. They were extroverted and had a full frontal assault on the enemies of Scientology. When the 1977 raid happened, the G.O. became completely introverted in defending Mary Sue and the Scientology Nine. Files at the USGO and D.C. were confiscated but much of the data would have been at Worldwide. For the most part, serious investigation into such matters ceased. Scientology was on the ropes. Mary Sue and the G.O. were K.O.’d. I wonder what happened to those files and if Mike Rinder has any idea. By the time OSA formed, I don’t think they had any priority and I wondered if they conveniently “disappeared.”
    The original purpose of the Sea Org was to clear the 3rd and 4th Dynamic engram. After the G.O. got intorverted, DM introverted the entire S.O. as well as the Scientology public. Marty and others could take a lifetime (and I hope it does not take that long) unsnarling this introversion. The attack on the G.O. and Scientology was simultaneous with developments that grew out of the Stanford Research Institute where Scientology OT VII Ingo Swann had scientifically demonstrated OT abilities. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield worked for Gerald Ford (still ’76) and wrote a letter to him telling him not to reveal MK-Ultra to the public. Opens too many cans of worms. Project Stargate, referred to above, grew out of this genre of intrigue. It is not generally known but Ingo Swann was very connected to key members of Aleister Crowley’s OTO (Ordo Templil Orientis). The occult side of the government was vast and it no longer has anything to do with the “USA” per se. These represent both 3rd and 4th dynamic engrams that are still with us today. A new book which sheds some interesting light on some of these matters is Nick Redfern’s Secret Sun which explains how the Fundamentalist Right (tied to the CIA, etc. – CIA is very Chrisitina) was obsessively studying Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley since the Forties, thinking they opened a portal for demons in the forms of UFOs, etc. and that they are currently trying to establish a government in the U.S. based upon the Bible. In other words, the whole UFO scenario is designed to created a coalition government, both based on total bullshit. Because LRH was involved with Parsons, it is possible though not conclusive that all or much of the attention he accrued from the government was because he was, in their half-baken Christian opinion, opening a portal for demons. I have over simplified a littl here for brevity. It is also not well known that Crowley had a postulate to have a Church where people would worship him (have a bust or prominent picture in each church). When LRH formed Scientology, occultists (which exist in a far vaster number than you might think) viewed LRH as “stealing” or co-opting Crowley’s dream. It is not quite the way they think. Occultists really don’t get “ARC”, “wrong indications,” inval/eval or many of the things we would take for granted. They typically view LRH as a somewhat crazed but powerful spinoff of Crowley or, more particularly the Babalon Working (which Crowley did not approve of, primarily because he wasn’t privy to it!). Crowley was far more influential with governments (mostly in an occult manner but not necessarily exclusively) than outsiders might imagine and there is even probably cause to believe that George W. Bush and Jeb are his blood grandsons and Barbara Bush was his daughter. (You can look this up on the net). What all this amounts to, and again I over simplify, is that sniveling occultists and Christians alike were in full restim of the R6 bank (where devils and angels abound) and monitoring LRH’s every move. It is both a complicated and touchy subject on many levels. Does this belong on a “wins and theta board”? Absolutely not! People need to get unwrapped, get some havingness and just feel good. Studying suppressive opposition is different although there is a great enlightenment factor when one grasps the entire scene…..and I certainly haven’t grasped all of it. It is de-PTSing in a sense. In my opinion, LRH’s involvement in the Babalon Working was the prenatal engram of Dianetics and Scientology when we consider a 3rd dynamic engram. Accounts of it are sensational and usually trying to depict LRH or the others in a satanic manner. They are reactionary and judgemental. What I am saying here is said in the name of De-PTSing the Scientology movement and it also ties to “held-down sevens” or Seventh Dynamic engrams. I should also mention before I go that much of this came to me through my own “OT abilities” and “auditor beingness” when a series of bizarre synchronicities led me to the door of Marjorie Cameron, the widow of Jack Parsons and LRH’s partner in the Babalon Working. We became friends for the last few years of her life. She said she did not usually speak with Scientologists or former Scientologists (the LA Times had crucified her in the paper suggesting she was the evil harlot Babylon from the Bible) but she accepted me when her friend (who suggested our liaison) said that I was accepting of her own idea that the Babalon Working had gated in the UFO phenomena of the late Forties. In other words, I did not invalidate her.
    LRH did not refer to Aleister Crowley as “my good friend” for nothing. The association, however, has led to much misunderstanding. I hope this clarifies a little. I do have more to say. The Babalon Working will come up a lot as this new century rolls along. Occultists consider it the “Greatest Magical Act of the Century” and that the LRH we knew and came to love was born of it. I can make a case for and against that but I think the truth is somewhere in between.

  118. mariachi El Bronx

    Hey Marty,
    “It was claimed throughout the 1960s and 1970s that L. Ron Hubbard was raised on a vast cattle ranch covering “one quarter of Montana” – 23.5 million acres – and inherited a vast ranching-earned fortune in the US and, bizarrely, in South Africa. (A Report to Members of Parliament on Scientology, 1969; Mission into Time, 1973). In fact, the ranch owned by his grandfather Lafayette O. Waterbury was little more than 320 acres in size and was situated six miles outside of the town of Kalispell, Montana. These documents prove that assertion.”
    So what say you Marty?

  119. OT666,

    You’re more full of shit than a Christmas goose.

    Disrespectfully yours,

    Tom Gallagher

  120. martyrathbun09

    What say I? I don’t own a single acre.

  121. martyrathbun09

    I read all the files. You’ll learn all about them in my book.

  122. martyrathbun09

    You don’t get it. And I don’t think you want to.

  123. martyrathbun09

    It has already been scientifically proven that the mind is not the brain. It goes with the thetan. Don’t waste your time with this. The cat wants to worship MEST.

  124. martyrathbun09

    I agree with your movie recommendations. Both are very much worth the rental price.

  125. Am putting the movie on my viewing list. Congratulations and infinite good wishes for your new home, Mosey & Marty! Viva ❂Casablanca❂! Here’s looking at you, kids;) Free Theta forever! ♥ ☼ ✯♡☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉♡♡☆҉✵βԼƐֆֆїɳɠֆ✵☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉☆Ӏօѵҽ☆҉↘‿↗⁀☆҉ɑղժ ☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉☆ тнҽтɑ power ☆҉↘‿↗⁀☆҉ ♡ ☆҉‿↗⁀☆҉♡

  126. Marty & Mosey;
    Love your new house. Very theta for two awsome thetans.

  127. mariachi El Bronx

    Quite witty Marty, but I think you understand the point I was making ,LRH CLAIMED an amazing up-bringing and life story. My point in the comment
    is that much of, if not most of L.Ron Hubbard’s own account and the churches account of his life before scientology is a lie and a categorical fraud! His extraordinary efforts with dienetics alone ( curing himself of blindness) have been proven false.
    His romanticized claims as a war hero at the helm of a Navy war vessel have also been proved to be complete fiction.
    And the real kicker Marty is that the “TECH” you live by is nothing more then the mumbo jumbo spewed from the lips of a raving mad man, but it so so sad because you really believe it Marty. You are a smart man man and you have been duped by this nincompoop and cannot bring yourself to see the real truth. The truth that you have been lied to, the truth that scientology is a bogus fictional fairy-tail dreamt up by a man with a gigantic imagination!!! Marty its nothing more than that. I absolutely don’t expect you to except what I am saying, but do us both a favor and post this on your site, what’s the worst that can happen? Your “followers ” will all call me names and attack me as if I was an OSA plant, and praise you for letting them have the privilege to do so!!!

    Something tells me you post this, maybe some of it makes cense to you..

  128. martyrathbun09

    Mariachi, more “clever” than you even know. You were the easiest troll to out in the history of this blog. Sayanora.

  129. martyrathbun09

    You da Queen!

  130. Congrats for moving into the White House 🙂

  131. Fellow Traveller

    Gonna have to try to not call y’all Will and Ariel Durant. I do intend to get the whole story. 🙂 I will be grateful for any and all I get of it.

    Bruce Pratt

  132. beautiful story!!
    Thank you Serge and Marty1

  133. Bert,
    would you be complaining if Marty said he was starting a cookie recipe blog and he wanted to have posters there who liked cookies and wanted to share their best experiences with cookies? And that he didn’t want people who disliked cookies posting there, or other off-topic posts? Would that be “information control”?

    Use some common sense, please!

  134. Marty, sure hope the water in the canal doesn’t rise too much in storms, it’s going to end up in your house.

  135. Hey congrats to the both of you. It looks wonderful. Now we’ve got to work on getting a boat for the slip. Can’t wait to visit! SK

  136. Thank you! I can’t wait.

  137. Tony DePhillips

    Reminds me of Johnny Depp when he is going deep undercover to catch some drug lords in the Mafia. Mr. 8 thinks he is slick. Put up a good facade for awhile and then sprinkle with a little alter-is degrade here and there and once in a while drop an ARCX bomb to try to splinter a few off. Pretty cliche stuff agent 8 I am demoting you to agent 13. Maybe it is the golden age of OSA drilling that is messing up your game?

  138. Tony DePhillips

    Sounds like he went to cramming at OSA and came up with this shore story. Very touching, I cried myself to sleep. Was the C/S something like this: create false ARC by saying you live in South Texas and then it will make sense when you wish to visit Marty all the time, then make some sort of a comment like you are an outcast or running from the law, to Make Marty think you are kind of a bad boy (accidentally spelled boy as bot lol) so Marty may sympathize with you and take pity on all your previous idiotic comments. Was it something like that??
    Well..8, sorry to say none of us buy your bullshit anymore. Well..I guess some might. But I don’t. Keep on posting though, you are really doing LRH proud.

  139. Dear Marty:
    I have read your blog and comments since its beginning on a daily basis. The blog handled my Scn 3rdd engram De-ptsed my 2nd D (myself and my 2d) my 2d terminal was pdh and it inspired my life daily. I love you Marty, with all my heart and soul. My purpose for coming to planet earth was to help individuals know that they are a spiritual being and life starts at create.
    Plan B –A Network Marty please consider posting a possible powerful ideal scene for the Independents.
    All a twitter book by Tee Morris. It is a full hat write-up for professional business and building a community with Social Media, his main purpose for writing the book was to build communities Individuals can pick their own Zone of responsibility (LRH reference?) and be on the comm. lines of the world. I worked 25 years with the Scientology field as a staff member and an FSM. My wish is that all the gifted, talented and free beings in Scientology can start to create and revitalize their purposes in life for helping mankind. I feel such a network would greatly inspire them and result in LRH tech being used in the world and no longer an us and them.
    Congratulations on your new blog. I would like to wish you and Mosey in your new adventures, much joy and happiness. Independents can create a NETWORK as a group and they can post their wins in life on your new blog.

  140. martyrathbun09: “… delivery of services …”

    I was wondering… Church of Scientology requires that parishioners sign a release and/or waiver before undergoing processing. Do you also require people asking for your services to sign some sort of release or waiver?

  141. one of those who see

    You wrote “And the real kicker Marty is that the “TECH” you live by is nothing more then the mumbo jumbo spewed from the lips of a raving mad man, but it so so sad because you really believe it Marty. ”
    This is a key point that maybe I can help you understand. Scientologists are not asked to believe anything. That is old school religion. So please try to differentiate here. We apply SCientology and see it work. We see and feel the results.
    I feel pressure in my head and feel kind of upset and my husband gives me a Locational. And the pressure is gone and I feel much better. So, at this point do I really care if all Ron’s personal life stories are true. Not really. I hear you guys chatter on and I’m just feeling really good knowing that I am certain I am an immortal being.. That certainty I got from Scientology and it is not a belief.
    You could go get a Session and see that it works. And I would not hold your words against you if you changed your mind. All the best.

  142. one of those who see

    That cracked me up. LOL

  143. martyrathbun09


  144. Tom, is it wrong that I want to understand what a “kill” mission is?


  145. William,

    That is a good point. I’ve looked for studies that have tested these very things. Unfortunately, though some of these claims are testable as you point out, the only time that I have found where they have ever been truly tested was in 1950 at UCLA:

    (Psychological Newsletter (Dept. of Psychology, New York University, New York, NY) 1959, 10:131-134 “An Experimental Investigation of Hubbard’s Engram Hypothesis (Dianetics)”, by Fox, Davis, and Lebovits)

    You can read more about it here:

    I appreciate that Marty is seeking to continue Scientology without the Orwellian oppression that the CoS currently blights the world with.

    But, if Marty wants Scientology to gain the respect that LRH purported that it deserved, I see no one else more qualified to demonstrate to the world the real-world benefits of auditing, etc. than he.

    If you *really* want to “clear the planet”, Marty, then you need to show the planet some real-world proof.

  146. martyrathbun09

    What is it to you?

  147. Wow Mr. Fancy.

    You are just a pretentious as your name suggests.

    Seems the theory on engrams worked fine for the thousands maybe millions that co-audited on Dianetics techniques since the release of DMSH and still does.

    Obviously there was something wrong with the New York’s Department of Psychology’s Scientific Method.

    Such as basing their “testing” on an a priori conclusion.

    Also the fact that they never used any actual Dianetic Auditors in their so called “research” even though there were at least dozens of them in the NY area who had hung out their shingle after completing their HDA is pretty telling as well.

    One would think they’d never really tested Dianetics at all but were interested merely in propagating propaganda against a therapy that was in direct competition to theirs…..


    Not possible!!!!!

    I mean these are men of sci………

    ‘scuse me……Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Just like Committee for the “Scientific” Investigation of “Claims” of the Paranormal claims to be.

    An organization that hasn’t conducted an actual Scientific investigation since its inception.

    Run by a cheap stage magician who ran a fraudulent “Million Dollar Challenge”.

    And you have the audacity to tell us how to “gain respect”.

    Oh paleeeeze!!!!

  148. martyrathbun09

    RJ, have you established this guy is a troll, or is otherwise just trying to enturbulate and divert, to your satisfaction? Nice post, btw.

  149. Thanks Marty,

    As far as establishing his bona fides.

    I’d say he fits the definition of a troll as suggested by your question.

    His purpose is obviously to divert any discussion of Scientology or the topic you’ve posted to some kind of septical expirery.

    He’s probably one of those dialectically materialistic missionaries who got tired of preaching to the same boring choir of septics and decided to troll us.

  150. martyrathbun09

    RJ, I want to check because I find some of these clowns bring out some good, educational stuff from you – that perhaps many participants don’t know. Sometimes I can’t take the time to follow threads too closely. But, I get a sense sometimes that propaganda dressed up as sophistry starts getting spewed. I don’t mind a good debate. But, I
    am not giving OSA or some outside alphabet soup intelligence agency a forum to forward what they have spent millions upon millions foisting upon the public through the media. A major clue is when they don’t ack (and I mean in the true sense of the word – letting you know you’ve been duplicated and understood; like they actually considered it or went and pulled a string to verify it). So, I wasn’t sure on this cat but did not want to continue cluttering up the blog if it someone doing the bidding of the alphabet soup boys.

  151. I feel your observations are pretty much accurate that “Mr.Fancy” is a troll or a bot sent in to disrupt your blog though I’d say he was far too sophisticated to be OSA and probably belongs to some other 3 letter agency.

    (seems unlike the GO OSA has a very long slow learning curve on psyops probably because of the dregs that are left since Mike split the scene)

    These guys try to hit groups like the ‘open minds forum’ or the RV nets or conspiracy NGs especially when some plausible “conspiracy theory” (meaning possibly true) starts to gain any traction.

    Their objective is to caste aspersions and create doubts about any plausible explanations for the way things are.

    Or misdirect everyone.

    Two that come to mind way back when I used to post on alt.conspiracy were ‘agent 86’ and ‘skyking’ both these guys managed to get everyone involved in arguments over whether the WTCs were brought down by controlled demolition instead of the substantive issues like US Foreign Policy as the cause.

    Something the 911 “truth” movement has been trying to “prove” since which as far as I’m concerned is much like seeking some Holy Grail because any evidence that would prove their case was destroyed.

    All you’ve got to ask yourself Marty is: “what is their objective?”

    Is it discussion and discourse?

    Or to promote some kind of agenda like to get you to prove that Scientology works as Mr. Fancy obviously seems to want you to do somehow which as far as I’m concerned is grossly off topic.

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