Intelligence Network Online, Inc. & Radical Scientology Covert Ops

Recently, I obtained documentary evidence that two unindicted co-conspirators from the DC 9 case are being used by OSA to run warfare against dissent on the internet and in the media. The DC 9 case is US v Mary Sue Hubbard, and eight other high level Guardian’s Office Officials. In 1978 they were convicted of Obstruction of Justice for kidnapping a witness who ultimately blew the whistle on the Guardian’s Office’s ten year massive intelligence ops against government officials and private citizens.

Former Guardian’s Office Bureau One (Intelligence) staff George Pilat and Bruce Ullman started a company in Clearwater Florida several years ago. It is aptly named Intelligence Network Online, Inc. (aka Intnet Online, address: Here is what the sentencing memorandum submitted by the Department of Justice to the US Federal District Court in the DC 9 case disclosed about George:

In February 1977, the Guardian’s Office promulgated Guardian Program Order 1017 entitled “ARM (Anti-Religion Movement) Clean Sweep.” (Document no. 13724.) It was written by unindicted co-conspirator George Pilat for defendants Heldt, Weigand and Budlong, and promulgated by fugitive defendant Jane Kember, the Guardian World-Wide. That order caIled for the placement of “covert agents” for “data collection lines” with anti-cult groups. (Id at 1) It provided, however, that only defendant Heldt and Weigand could authorize the use by other bureaus of the Guardian’s Office of the documents so obtained. (Id at 2)

Ullman was involved directly with the government witness who ultimately was kidnapped and falsely imprisoned by the GO (Guardian’s Office) in an attempt to cover up the hundreds of crimes he ultimately disclosed. Incidentally, Kendrick Moxon, Esq (in house attorney currently for OSA INT) was also named an unindicted co-conspirator for his role in the conspiracy to obstruct justice. The same fellow for whom the recently posted (and all OSA Intel programs) OSA Intel program on Tory Christman justified the stamp “Attorney-Client Privilege”. He, along with Eliott Abelson are the cats referred to in the vital target to “clear all handlings with counsel.”

 For the past couple decades Pilat has done private investigator work for OSA. For the past several years, and continuing in present time, Pilat and his partner are running Internet Dark Ops out of Intelligence Network Online, Inc. Directed at yours truly and friends, and even folks who consider themselves foes of mine (but won’t any longer when the dust finally settles and all OSA trolls and operatives are outed).

 For those who might be getting a tad intimidated by my recent posts on OSA Operations, please keep the following in mind when you read the many more coming over the next couple months. I am target number one of Miscavige’s OSA Intel outfit, and I have zero fear of any of this business. The reason is I created OSA with the remnants of the Guardian’s Office. I know each and every executive and Intelligence staff member better than they know themselves, as I do their ultimate boss Miscavige. I haven’t just been blogging and auditing over the past year and one half. I’ve also been working on de-fanging the rattlesnake.

 While I know all about them, they haven’t a clue about who I am. They can tap my phones, hack my computer, and follow me everywhere I go with directional mics and cameras, and they still will not have a clue. I’ll give you a clue – because they can’t even conceive of a means to make anything of it. I reversed Miscavige’s Black Dianetics that was run on me, and that he continues to run on them. The only way it will mean anything to them is for them to wake up and come out of the spell they are in to one degree or another. When that happens, they’ll find the door. As you might have already surmised more than a few have begun to smell the coffee aroma wafting from the kitchen.

 Given favorable winds, OSA’s entire intelligence network should be largely exposed, and thus rendered effectively dead, by around, say, LRH’s 100th Birthday.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” – Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

Sound memo to Dave and OSA and all your ex-GO B1 operatives:

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  1. I knew George Pilat from back in my NY Org days. He dodged one HUGE bullet back then with the GO mess. I can’t believe he thinks he’s going to get that lucky this time. Go get ’em, Marty!

  2. Marty – Your concept of “reversing Black Dianetics” is spot on. Many people left and some have tried, with varying degrees of success, to do so. What you are doing, however, is something different. Similar perhaps but different. It is becoming more and more evident by more and more people that the CofS has been doing exactly that: Black Dianetics.
    I think you are right about March 13th this next year.
    No one ever thought the Berlin Wall would fall. Next day it is gone. People just sat on the wall, looking stupid. It will be the same thing here. After the Soviet Union fell, the covert apparatus of the USA became the new Evil Empire or perhaps it came more into plain view. It is important to keep them in mind because they will be operating while everyone is celebrating and looking stupid while they “sit on the wall.”
    Good work though!
    In the meantime, Eternal Vigilance is the price of eternal freedom.

  3. One of my greatest treats in the SO was the occasional WONDERFUL cup of coffee I bought myself if I could find $5. I could not stop laughing at the “coffee in the kitchen” comment. Then I turned to my co-worker and wanted to share the story but it would not have been understood. Things are heating up!

  4. As I have long held and believed, your experience while a church exec will be a formidable weapon that DMbots will find almost impossible to equal.

    They may have a bigger budget, but you dont have a raving SP directing your efforts. That is the 800lb gorilla that the DMbots have on their backs as they plod and schlep their way into an investigation of nothingness, and a doingness that will expose their dark beingness as having no havingness.

    I dont think LRH would want any other kind of birthday present than for us to enjoy the freedom he wanted us to have – absent a tyrant. And you certainly are doing your part to see that we have such.


  5. “By his 100th Birthday.” I hope DM didn’t have a spare pair of shorts available when he read that sentence!

  6. I met the people at IntNet some years ago. They were arrogant and shifty. When I was in the Church a lot of SCNists especially from Clearwater were using them as their ISP, but I refused. I thought it would be like having OSA be my ISP. I never installed their stupid NetNanny and never had their “mandatory” Scn clone web page either, even though they must have called me a hundred times about it.

    I found the perfect handling for their insistence that I submit to their computer control and monitoring:

    “I have a Mac.”

    They didn’t have a net-blocking program for the superior operating system.

  7. Am I correct in my understanding that Ullman was sentenced, served his time, and is out again? I am surprised that he was able to secure a license to do intelligence work with that kind of record.

    Anyway, thanks for supplying the “disinfectant” and shining the light on their activities in this part of the Sunshine State. Mike, Marty, Christie and the many others involved in the effort show great strength of character and ability to remain firmly committed. This will ensure your success!

  8. Kendrick Moxon gave false handwriting samples to the FBI. I wonder how he ever got admitted to the bar? I had the pleasure of being deposed by him twice. He is a worm.

  9. Marty- History will be very kind to you.

    May the wind be at your back. Friends are at your side.

    Thank you!


  10. Does your man with the fangs possess an escape tunnel the likes of which I had at the castle. He will rather need a good get away plan rather than face the debacle of being defanged.


  11. one of those who see

    Marty, you are a live demo of the KRC Triangle. Thank you!
    Just speaking to a friend last night. Told her I’m gonna start putting $$ aside for some auditing and training!
    Some of the lyrics:
    Time has come today
    Young hearts can go their way
    Can’t put it off another day
    I don’t care what others say
    They say we don’t listen anyway
    Time has come today

    By the way, I know others have said this before but you and Mike really look great! Young hearts!

  12. Tory Christman

    “The only way it will mean anything to them is for them to wake up and come out of the spell they are in to one degree or another. When that happens, they’ll find the door.”

    Amen! Thank you, once again—for doing what you are doing. Let’s never forget that each person out and able to speak out (self included) is because of many, many people who have previously taken a stand, helping build this long road to ~true~ freedom. Your actions are *huge*…and thank God and the Net and every SINGLE courageous person who is willing to stand up to
    DM’s hatred and abuses.
    I’m sure bells are ringing somewhere—if there is a Heaven or higher place people meet who have fought this insidious organization and passed on—they have to be cheering, today! 🙂 Great job, Marty and all here!

  13. martyrathbun09

    As a matter of common sense, and as a matter of conscience, it is a good idea to advise those in the field catching a whiff of freedom coffee to find another ISP.

  14. Dick Weigend used to live and work in Seattle.

    I met him many years after he did prison time.

    He helped me with some great advice on doing conditions, etc, when I was in my 20’s, and was very favorably viewed around these parts.

    You’re right, Marty. These former and current GO/OSA people need to drink some strong coffee because they are definitely NOT the true SP’s. But they are indeed under his spell.


  15. Excellent. A better person to unravel and unhitch the intell/covert ops from the Scientology subject, I cannot think of a better person or pair, than you and Mike Rinder. That’s definitely a good goal!

    Scientology would make news if they just swtiched gears from the OSA focus to the TWTH and probably even MORE important, if they dusted off CBO Flag Relative Importances, and followed it, and also restudied LRH ED 339R Int.

    But this is excellent, and they’ll stop wasting money on covert ops and dirty propaganda campaigns, and just do their subject (minus the intell stuff, because I wonder, I never saw any orders from LRH to dust off the old GO Orders and turn them into the OSA Network Orders, and even if so, I think it’s time Scientology got away from that whole unreligious crap anyways).

    Thankyou! That’ll change history if OSA can be massively pulled back from its intell gathering/covert ops actions, to just strictly normal legal flaps.

  16. As the actual intentions and activities of Miscavige continue to be exposed and understood, I think we are seeing and will continue to see a division occuring.

    A few bad hats will come out of the woodwork to stand by Miscavige and suppress people’s sanity, personal freedom and human rights. However, the large majority will find ways to unite so as to protect such things.

    The division is occuring from the most remote corners of the Scientology field to the highest echelons of Scientology management.

    Everyday the light of truth spreads even further and there are fewer dark holes for Miscavige to hide in.

    Funny how he always felt that the world was “full of enemies out to get him”. The joke is that he is actually making that a reality.

  17. Tony DePhillips

    This song is dedicated to Marty and Mike and all the other freedom fighters here. I like the lyrics of this song.

  18. … “Tampa Bay’s Quality Internet Provider” … is being managed by two devious and criminal (albeit unindicted) “detectives”!?!?

    =O When deception is the modus operandi of a person’s Internet Service Provider, no customer’s email or computer is safe!! lists Zeus, Cisco Systems and MAC Apple as associates ! ?? Do you think they know who is running it? George Pilat and Bruce Ullman are the “we” of that front site! Wow.

  19. And this is why it is a good idea to info friends, colleagues and family to photograph, document and record any bizarre activities … like people looking in one’s trash can, mailbox, loitering at the phone line or making bizarre inquiries an cracks about you. Don’t globalize the fear, just use smart caution.

    The OSA operatives and employee merchant$ don’t realize they have been being photographed looking through trash, opening mailboxes, placing listening devices, making “casual inquiries”. They deserve the Darwin Awards for dumb criminals.

  20. Gotta love a fight where the win is truly FREEDOM!

  21. I can’t think of a better, more fitting time for DM’s world to collapse than Ron’s 100th Birthday.

    That’s the postulate, people. Put it out there!
    (I would love to be a fly on the wall at that event… watching more people walk out than did Battlefield Earth. 😉

  22. Marty, the hits just keep on comming. This wave is rising.

    I remember when this blog started and there were a few responses, here and there. But the material is so continuously rich and the expose’s so powerful that we hardly spend enough time on some before the next one hits.
    I believe there are more ex-OSA and ex-GO posting here and on the other blogs than there are on the sidelines. That does not surprise me. And the numbers are growing. You said the ones left are starting to smell the coffee. I am sure your right. How in the world can they ignore the reality of the situation. They cannot.
    How embarrassing to be the last one out the door, the last one to wake up, the last to keep supporting an evil empire.
    Once a Jedi, always a Jedi. Even Darth Vadar came back to his spiritual roots and home in the end.

    The truth seems to be everywhere now. Its only a matter of time. The death star is about to cease. It may well be on or before March. There is no one that DM can trust. But he knows that.

  23. Marty,

    “How can they not know who you are?”is probably a question some who read this will ask. God, the people in OSA worked with you and they’ve built up all this information on you. How is it possible? It’s all about tone and awareness. It’s all about the ability to duplicate. The lower toned a person is, the less he/she can duplicate. To the degree that a person operates on fixed ideas, he fails to duplicate and understand what he perceives, what he experiences.

    If you examine the list of awareness characteristics that runs up the grade chart, you’ll find the awareness level of current kool-aide drinkers way, way down the chart. Down below ruin. DM is ruining the Church of Scientology and these guys are not aware of it. They haven’t a clue.

    And with all the Black Dianetics being run on them, they just keep sinking lower and lower.

    The dissemination drill had as a step (to my best memory) to find the person’s ruin and bring the up that chart of awareness to demand for improvement. You wanted to show the person that their life could change. This entire blog is dedicated to demonstrating what is ruining Scientology and moving individuals up the awareness characteristics to demand for improvement and higher. You have to move a person up one step at a time.

    Individuals reading this blog will often find themselves suddenly with Hope and the desire to Help. It’s kind of interesting to watch individuals move up the chart of awareness characteristics. All the cognitions and mass blowing. All the improved awareness of their conditions.

    It’s not that OSA or current members are bad. Thetans are basically good. Most of these guys are dedicated to helping save the planet. It’s just that DM ceased control and ruined the whole thing.

    Of course, that’s too high of an awareness for someone who’s been driven way, way down. His purpose line has been subverted and twisted, his goals have been turned back in on themselves to create mass. It’s all designed to keep them from seeing and being aware. Drive in the perception points and awareness points and knowing points.

    The more overts a person accumulates, the less he can perceive. It’s amazing how much clearer your view of the world is when you’ve handled a bunch of overts and withholds that are holding you back. The world just brightens up.

    DM is getting these guys to continuously commit overts, which continuously reduces their ability to perceive.

    One more comment, it’s one thing to duplicate the words a person uses, but quite another to duplicate the being. You can understand the words, but until you understand the being, you really are not duplicating his communications. You have to recognize and duplicate the Cause aspect of the Cause distance Effect in communication. Understanding the particle that is impelled across the distance is insufficient.

    Which brings me to LRH: not many have duplicated LRH as a being. Lots of us have duplicated degrees of his message, duplicated the significance and words. But duplicating the being is something else entirely.

    And back to Marty: OSA doesn’t have a prayer in hell of duplicating Marty because they’re operating way to low in the awareness bands. They should pull out their grade charts and study the awareness characteristics. If they do, they could pull themselves up a bit.


  24. People get ready…
    “you don’t need no baggage, you just get on board”

  25. @Bob: False handwriting samples of whom, when and in what case please?

    Michael A. Hobson

  26. Tory Christman

    Excellent point, Marty!

  27. martyrathbun09

    One of my favorites. Also, Freddy’s Dead.

  28. Tick, tock…tick, tock!

  29. Am I missing something or did you post any documents / proof / evidence of your allegations?

  30. Michael,

    So true!

  31. Tony,

    You are a true classic rocker, my friend!

    Funny, I didn’t know “declared SP’s” loved and supported the arts as much as you do.

    Go figure!

    Marty, what you’re doing here is so informative, so right and so helpful.

    I’m going to have to invest in copper wire shares. I have a feeling they’ll be going up soon, despite the current economy.

  32. Great post! And for those who are newly lurking, this is a very simple explaination of why people in the church do not see what is going on and act.

  33. There is an interesting thread over on ESMB, that started with this post:

    I do not believe this is indicative of “permanent case change” in the OSA Crim Mind Set overall, but it is an additional indicator that the smell of the coffee is permeating the stink of the Miscavige Mind F*** machine.
    At least in ANZO.

    “Can you hear, cann you hear the thunder?
    You Better Run, You Better Take cover….” – Men at Work

    There is way more I could say about the Mutual Out-Ruds Society known as Int Management and OSA Int as it currently exists. Lets just say that “matching terminals” with criminals has its downside. I think Leonard Cohen nailed the prevailing Ethos of DM and his gang with this song:

  34. People get ready.I love this clip.
    You made my day!

  35. The Great Curtis Mayfield.

  36. Marty — Just to state the obvious. They can and do read my emails, hack my phone, follow me everywhere, hole up in a house to watch us 24/7, access travel info, bank accounts and credit card info, stand in front of my house with video cameras etc etc and it is all an utter waste of time and money. Once you understand that the threat of taking away your Bridge/eternity is an empty threat, and the threat of taking away your friends and family is only the act of childish bullies — they got NOTHING. I wave to the PIs routinely (sometime with a single finger, …but a wave nonetheless) as I am keeping them employed and they know it.

    You are absolutely right — these people will never even see YOU. They operate based on the Vampire Emperor’s orders, and his orders are a result of HIS computations. It throws them so far off the rails. He sees everyone in the world motivated by the same urges that motivate him — greed, a thirst for power, keeping others less able and 2d fixation — and so his assessment is off the wall and his orders follow suit.

    March 13 2011 sounds like a good plan. I would bet my life that this target will be accomplished before the release of “Super Power.” They are so worried about what they read on this blog that they don’t know how much of their bare asses are sticking out of their shorts. They are obsessed with knowing every little detail of our lives, and so are apparently too busy to check on the sewage leaking (gushing?) out of their cesspool. There are so many leaks these days they cannot hope to stick their fingers in all the holes in their dikes.

  37. David Sanborn!

  38. So true Marty,

    Which is one of the reasons we dumped Earthlink!

    Also this is one of the points I disagree with Big Mike with and though I can’t prove it I have a hunch that Moxon and Cobrin do work for the Culinary Institute of America and have done so in the past.

    One thing about these ex-GO is that unlike their Keystone Kop and Ass Clown counterparts in OSA they know how to play the game. They’ve been up against some of the best the IC has to offer in CI (that’s Counter Intel) and are scary good at what they do.

    Problem is….

    That is for the little Corporal who seems to think that he’s in charge of all this is that they tend to be ideologically neutral as most Intel Pros are and their only motivation for working for king Rat is almost totally monetary.

    The “M” in what spies call MICE which stands for Money Ideology Compromise and Ego.

    Many spooks are big on the first and last one.

    Few on Compromise which is what the Idiot Emperor thinks.

    Quite a few are Ideological.

    Especially the one’s posting here which is probably the vast majority who are not hiding in shame.

    In fact there is a funny incident about some KGB Colonel who was caught on camera in flagrante delicto with his mistress.

    The CIA officer solemnly handed the photos over and the Colonel laughed and asked if he could have more copies for his friends.

    Anyway I’m sure working for nut job Miscavige is causing them to take a big hit in the Ego and the way things are going Sugar Daddy Dave is running outa sweets because of the mass exodus we see before us here on your board and Jeff’s.

    So I’d say that having Dave’s Intel Net rolled up by the Ol’man’s Birthday is a very doable goal.

    Because I think the rats are starting to abandon the sinking ship and are ready to turn on their former master 🙂

  39. Tory Christman

    Me too! Love it 🙂

  40. Mike,

    I don’t know the laws of the land regarding what you’ve described above but doesn’t all of this annoyance from the PI’s classify as some sort of harrassment? Isn’t it an invasion of your personal privacy along legal lines?

    Aren’t there any legal means of shutting down that particular activity?

    If so, it would be a huge slap in the face for DM.

    Either way, thanks for all you’re doing!

  41. Tory Christman

    🙂 Oh yeah~~~ For Thursday before 2:00 …this had to bring about
    a nuclear attack within C of $’s Orgs. OSA:::: ya hear us, yet? 🙂

  42. Tory Christman

    So true, Mike! Andreas and I used to laugh…as I began having parties
    once I left. Some people were worried OSA would come. I said, “Bring um
    on—maybe they’ll wake up!”

    We used to laugh that IF they had planted
    cameras in our homes, it was their loss to have to watch our asses move around, basically leading very normal lives. Their 007 worries are in *their* heads, only. Still true, 10 years later. They tried to slime my neighborhood with the RFW lies, in 08. They put it on my one neighbor’s door.
    What they didn’t know is he was an X-JW, and we’d spent many nights
    talking about his Mom still “in”, and my X-husband, and abuses both groups do. So HE and his GF went to every single door, and brought it ALL over to our home.
    I had told OSA that for years: That’s what neighbors do.
    One day they’ll get that they’ve long since forgotten why they joined
    Scientology…and that day, they shall begin the path towards freedom.

    You both are SO right—-they do NOT know YOU. 🙂

  43. Mat: “Funny how [David Miscavige] always felt that the world was ‘full of enemies out to get him’. The joke is that he is actually making that a reality.”

    Yes, and the math isn’t difficult at all, is it, Mat? It’s just that simple. Excellent observation.

    Just Me

  44. Marty, you are uniquely qualified and motivated for the mission you have taken on of reversing DM’s reversal of Scientology. UNIQUELY. Thank you for Being who you are and for Doing what you are doing. It won’t be long before you Have what you intend to get.

  45. “On October 8, 1976, FBI Special Agent Hansen served
    upon Assistant Guardian for the Legal Bureau in Washington,
    D.C. Kendrick “Rick” Moxon a Grand Jury subpoena for all
    original known handwriting exemplars of Michael Meisner and
    the employment application and personnel records of Mr.
    Meisner in the possession of the Church of Scientology.
    That subpoena was returnable on October 14, 1976. Assistant
    Guardian for Information in the District of Columbia Richard
    Kimmel immediately notified the defendant Hermann/Cooper
    of the service of that subpoena. The defendant Hermann/Cooper
    then notified the defendants Heldt and Weigand in an October
    9, 1976 memorandum. (Government Exhibits Nos. 133 and 134 at
    p. 1.) 157/ In that same memorandum, the defendant Hermann/
    Cooper requested approval from the defendants Heldt and Weigand
    for a mission by Randy Windment, the real name of Bruce
    Raymond, the National Operations Officer for the Information

    – ——————-

    157/ Government Exhibits Nos. 133 and 134 were seized by
    Special Agent Brunson from a file cabinet in room 10 at the
    Cedars Complex.

    – ———————————————————————


    Bureau in the United States. Mr. Windment/Raymond was to go
    to the District of Columbia to check the security of the
    Guardian’s Office and the covert operatives who were still
    functioning–namely the defendant Sharon Thomas (also known
    as “Judy”) and Ms. Nancy Douglass (also known as “Pitts”).
    Both the defendants Weigand and Heldt signed their approval
    of that mission. (See Government Exhibit No. 134.) 158/
    On October 14, 1976, District of Columbia Assistant
    Guardian for the Legal Bureau Kendrick “Rick” Moxon, submitted

    – ——————–

    158/ Handwriting expert James Miller concludes that it
    is “probable” that the handwritten initials next to the words
    “mission approved” on page one of Government Exhibit No. 134
    were written by the defendants Heldt and Weigand. Similarly,
    Mr. Miller finds it “probable” that the initials and date
    next to the title “DG Info US” on page one are in the hand-
    writing of the defendant Weigand, and the initial next to
    item 2 (vital targets) on page two is probably in the
    handwriting of the defendant Heldt. Mr. Meisner identifies
    those initials as in the handwriting of the defendants Weigand
    and Heldt respectively, as he does all of the handwriting on
    page three as that of the defendant Hermann/Cooper. Mr. Meisner
    also identifies the signature “Mike” at page one of Government
    Exhibit No. 134 and the handwriting on pages three and five
    of Government Exhibit No. 133 as that of the defendant

    – ———————————————————————


    an affidavit with nine pages of handwritten material. In
    the affidavit, he stated that he was unable to locate a
    personnel file for Mr. Meisner, and that the nine pages of
    appended handwriting were those of Mr. Meisner. However, as
    the defendant Raymond stated to Mr. Meisner in a meeting in
    late September 1976, Mr. Moxon had been directed to supply
    the government with fake handwriting samples in lieu of Mr.
    Meisner’s true handwriting exemplars.”


  46. Alex Braverman

    March 13, 2011, a Sunday….
    How fitting.


  47. Dear ex-SO Person,

    You and I don’t know each other, and you have no way of knowing whether you could or should trust me. Nevertheless, I will still tell you that I and half a dozen other people I know — most of whom have never, ever been inside an org or had anything to do personally with the Church of Scientology — have proof positive that the events Marty describes above and the events Mike describes below are happening. The extent of David Miscavige’s agents’ spying has astounded me and might also astound you. Privacy has been and is regularly invaded. Laws have been and are being broken.

    For that reason, I would never release documents / proof / evidence of these events on this public blog. There are other, more appropriate times and places for that to happen.

    For the last nineteen months, the events described on this blog have riveted thousands of people around the world. But there is more happening and much more at stake here than bread and circuses. The audience here is broad indeed and growing.

    David Miscavige, your days of power and freedom are winding down. Can you hear Tory’s clock? Tick, tock, tick, tock ….

    Just Me

  48. Lenny Pickett.

  49. Just Me,
    So elegantly expressive. So very, very true.

  50. martyrathbun09

    I feel ya. But, I will say this: Rick Moxon disagrees mightily with David Miscavige day in and day out. He really does deep down inside. I’ve seen it up close and personal. Problem is he is bought off – with the flat rate retainer and services. He is not some master of spy technology. He is a decent guy, who is too weak to live by his convictions.

  51. your starting to grow on me marty i dont know if thats a good sign or a bad sign

  52. “Which is one of the reasons we dumped Earthlink!”

    RJ, from personal (as in, I was there) experience, any intimate connection and/or possible control that OSA/CoS had with EarthLink ended in roughly 1997, when new management and Board members were brought in as EarthLink was going public (i.e. IPO’ed).

    And in fact, prior to that, when OSA did try to influence Sky Dayton by trying to get him to “block alt.religion.scientology” from going through EarthLink’s news servers, Sky flatly said “No”. He held his ground and said that the free flow of communication was the way to resolve the conflicts, not trying to suppress or block it.

    With that said, I do know that Sky Dayton was shilling for WISE years later … and so they did eventually convince him to publically say good things about WISE and/or LRH admin tech. (And he did this years after he chose NOT to sign EarthLink up for WISE, in order to stay free of their influence — and costs.)

  53. Mike, love it. You are naked before them and they still don’t know you They don’t know Marty, they don’t know me and they don’t know Tony D and all of the rest of us. They think we are some evil, over-restimulated assholes who went SP and because of our overts and transgressions against the cult and because of that that they completely missed our resolve to remain thetans, free and unchained.

    But that concept is as foreign to them as bicycles are to fish because they haven’t been free for a long, long, long time.

    People get ready, there’s a train a-comin The price of the ticket is your announcement.

    ML Tom

  54. Scott Campbell

    Let’s try that again…

    Justice is served.

  55. ex-SO Person aka OSA agent,
    You can hold the hands still on the clock but time will keep on ticking.
    Tick tock tick tock

  56. @Heather G: I didn’t ask for full dox on this, but thank you.
    Michael A. Hobson

  57. Don’t worry about it ohbuddy. Just hop on and enjoy the ride!

  58. Marty,
    You scare me and I’m fearless 😉
    Thanks for the new birthday game. I think Ron would rather approve of his gift.

  59. ex-SO Person,

    Yes, I think what is missing is the context of this information and what this blog is. You may be innocent and merely asking. You can look over the hundreds of posts of statements by Marty. He makes a statement and does not call it a claim or allegation. It is a statement of truth as he sees it. If OSA, RTC, etc thought this was incorrect they could have sued. No suit of any kind.

    This activity is like an ethics gradient. This information is being discussed with others. I think if you spend the time to review many postings on this blog you will come up to speed. You may be used to a different environment on staff where any little detail may be challenged. If that was applied here, even if he posted the doc, you could challenge is that really the original or has it been altered. There is no end to that thinking.

    As to evidence of these things. I am ex GO. I can attest that these type of activities went on. Many who have posted as ex OSA and can attest to that. None of that matters. After readying, reviewing and thinking on this material – the only thing that matters is what you find to be true. You can then use that new found truth to align further data. This will help you out of the woven web of off policy, lies, alterations of truth, and evil that is behind this.

    Remember and keep in mind, orgs (including their OSA function) are to be there to make auditors and audit pcs to clear and OT. The rest, beyond what is absolutely necessary to maintain the existence of the organization are bullshit games. Somewhere, someone has an evil purpose they are acting on and attempting to run it on any others considered their opponents.

  60. Thanks Heather G. for taking care of that question about Moxon’s handwriting samples. I was working only from memory but I am happy to see that you had the correct information.
    There are few people in this world that I dislike as much as Moxon. Only as a lickspittle of DM does he have any status. Still, I hope that someday he will jump from off of DM’s leaky bumboat.

  61. Loki,
    “How in the world can they ignore the reality of the situation. They cannot.”

    So true Loki. I am ex GO. Think of the following song. In the lyrics change
    anywhere it says USA or government think of COB, RTC, OSA etc. Think of the war as the scientology field (current public, independents and ex’s) versus OSA and DM. The promo to sell us COB as the new source, etc.

    Artist(Band):Jackson Browne

    I’ve been waiting for something to happen
    For a week or a month or a year
    With the blood in the ink of the headline
    and the sound of the crowd in my ear
    You might ask what it takes to remember
    When you know that you’ve seen it before
    Where a government lies to her people
    And a country is drifting to war

    And there’s a shadow on the faces
    Of the men who send the guns
    To the wars that are fought in places
    Where their business interests run

    On the radio talk shows and the T.V.
    You hear one thing again and again
    How the U.S.A. stands for freedom
    And we come to the aid of a friend
    But who are the ones that we call our friends–
    These governments killing their own?
    Or the people who finally can’t take any more
    And they pick up a gun or a brick or a stone
    And there are lives in the balance
    There are people under fire
    There are children at the cannons
    And there is blood on the wire

    There’s a shadow on the faces
    Of the men who fan the flames
    Of the wars that are fought in places
    Where we can’t even say their names

    They sell us the President the same way
    They sell us our clothes and our cars
    They sell us everything from youth to religion
    The same time they sell us our wars
    I want to know who the men in the shadows are
    I want to hear somebody asking them why
    They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are
    But they’re never the ones to fight or to die
    And there are lives in the balance
    There are people under fire
    There are children at the cannons
    And there is blood on the wire

  62. Tony DePhillips

    Frank Sinatra says it well here:

  63. I met him back then too and I was not impressed.

  64. Scott Campbell

    Lyrics to “Living Well is the Best Revenge”

    It’s only when your poison spins into
    the life you’d hoped to live
    That suddenly you wake up in a shaking panic – wow!
    You set me up like a lamb to slaughter
    Garbo as a farmer’s daughter
    Unbelievable, the gospel according to who?
    I lay right down.

    All your sad and lost apostles hum my
    name and flare their nostrils
    Choking on the bones you toss to them
    Well I’m not one to sit and spin
    ‘Cause living well’s the best revenge
    Baby, I am calling you on that

    Don’t turn your talking points on me,
    history will set me free
    The future’s ours and you don’t
    even rate a footnote now!
    So who’s chasing you? Where did you go?
    You disappeared mid-sentence
    In a judgement crisis I see my anecdote for it
    You weakened shell
    All your sad and lost apostles hum my
    name and flare their nostrils
    Choking on the bones you toss to them
    Well I’m not one to sit and spin
    ‘Cause living well’s the best revenge
    Baby, I am calling you on that

    You savour your dying breath
    Well, I forgive but I don’t forget
    You work it out, let’s hear that argument again
    Camera three… GO NOW!

    All your sad and lost apostles hum my
    name and flare their nostrils
    Choking on the bones you toss to them
    Well I’m not one to sit and spin
    ‘Cause living well’s the best revenge
    Baby, I am calling you on that
    Baby, I am calling you on that
    Baby, I am calling you on

  65. Mike Rinder said

    There are so many leaks these days they cannot hope to stick their fingers in all the holes in their dikes.

    Marty described it on an earlier blog ~~ “More leaks than the Titanic” (nice positioning i.e. Titanic going down after the leaks)

    Ahhh yes, the leaks. If they only knew…..all this following and harrassing and PIs are being done to those who know the game and can predict the next move.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  66. Marty,

    Totally understand.

    His wife Karla (?) and I were on the Briefing Course together when I did the (un)certainty courses.

    Rick I believe did the Briefing Course back in the ’70’s and I met him several times.

    A real nice guy and I wouldn’t say he’s some kind of James Bond or even a Karla.

    Helena on the other hand…..


    Well the word spooky came to mind more than once.

    Wasn’t it Moxon and Cobrin who were handling ATG’s legal affairs?

    The company with former NSA Director Bill Odom on the board of directors.

    Of course no one’s going to tell you they are on company business.

    I have a good friend who was working in Biofield research back in the ’70’s when it was highly classified who I suspect was working for the agency but who will never tell me right out that he was but drops the occasional hint.

    He’s a real decent guy as well that I’ve known for almost 20 years now.

    Now he’s a nutritionist.

    Most of these guys are not super spies.

    They just have shady connections in the past or present to the occult world of espionage in some way.

    More like something out of a John LeCarre novel than Ian Fleming.

    I mean some of the spooks I’ve met or communicated to are some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.

    Nothing like the epitome evil you see in the Noir movies or on the X Files.

    They just work for total f*ck ups some times.

    People like….


    David Miscavige 🙂

  67. This is an awesome song – and very apt.

  68. Marg,

    It’s not so much his relationship to OSA that bothers me as much as his connection to the shadowy Carlyle Group through USBX.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    Aside from the fact that now we have a well known “Scientologist” playing footsie with an Icon of the Military Industrial Complex.

    I mean know about AT&T’s close association with the NSA and all of that but it doesn’t bother me as much since at least I know that my fees for service aren’t going to what has become a mind controlling cult under Miscavige and his associates.

  69. Good analogy. Miscavage is Honecker, OSA is the Stasi, the Sea Org is the Berlin Wall. Those who helped create the monster can help uncreate it.

  70. Mike,

    Remember that old saying?

    Be careful what you wish for 😉

  71. “Now the time has come/There are things to realize.”

    Awesome song choice Marty. My best friend (and old Detroit staffer) pointed that lyric out to me. You have to not-know before you can know, and that means knowing there are things to realize.

    Sunshine is the best disinfectant, and we went down the wrong road when we started doing covert ops. Frankly, who cares? This is an interesting problem, because there were legitimate problems to solve from a variety of governments. The raids were not imagination, and they started in the ’50s. The lawsuits aren’t either. Neither were the bans. I know people who lost their meters and books in the ’63 DC raid. But reacting to this by dishing out the same turned out to be a real dumb idea. Look, I know it can be fun playing the 007 game. But, it is a hell of a lot more fun freeing people, and one forgets, Double-0’s have a very short life expectancy.

    It’s like this: The only thing that ever worked was just doing Scientology. Train people. Audit them. Don’t rape them financially or otherwise. That’s it!

    We do not need anything else.

  72. Oh, and by the way, I am sooo looking forward to LRH’s 100th!

  73. I totally agree with you Chuck.

    The only problem with espionage called “the game” according to Kim’s handler in Rudyard Kipling’s book.

    “The game isn’t over till everybody is dead.”

    Either that or find a new game to play like say auditing people and giving them case gain instead of trying to f*ck ’em up in some way.

  74. Superfly! Man! Curtis Mayfield was the true genius.

  75. Theo Sismanides

    Μarty and Mike, you are both 45 now, on the Tone Scale. I just read Mike’s comment waving to the PI’s who watch him 24/7.

    This is now Tone 45 (PDC lecture #1) and more and more of us are becoming IT. Tone 45! A new tone level to handle the hell out of ya and your clonies, DM!

    Go figure out, man, you are toast now. The target is on. March 13th 2011!!

  76. Along with “My Dog, Blue” this was one of Heber’s favorites


  77. Vlad,
    Be scared. See him in action.

  78. Tony DePhillips

    If you get in comm with enough people who left the church of miss savage you occassionally run into a story like this. I know this person and this is his “flag training win” as a staff member. Enjoy….

    Here’s a few tidbits of what supervisor training was like at Flag. I did the Golden Age of Tech launch, though we didn’t know what it was until we got there.

    I never wanted to do it, I was getting married, my wife was pregnant, I was already unsure of how I could possibly properly care for a baby while working 40-60 hours/wk for more or less free.

    I was hard sold for months to go. It was suggested that I put off my wedding so I could go, then get married when I got back. Erm, no, I wasn’t going to abandon my pregnant fiance, I was going to get married as planned thanks. I was called by someone in Watchdog Committee and regged to go. I was regged in person by the Flag Rep WUS. I took time off my moonlight job to come in try to do call in for recruit prospects. I was constantly regged by the ED to go. This went on for three or four months.

    Finally, a few weeks after my wedding I was told that if someone didn’t go right away, we wouldn’t get the new release, and there was no one available but me. I really cared about the org, so I took one for the team and went against my own wishes and agreed to go. Happy honeymoon, honey!

    I was there with several other people from the org, including a newbie Scnist who joined staff to do this training, (name omitted for anonymity). We will call him “Bill”

    While Billwas on course one day doing a “patter drill”, he got up to get a dictionary to look up a misunderstood word. For this, he was physically pushed into a wall by the Chief Officer, thrown back into his chair and then screamed at to “DO THE DRILL!”

    Looking up an MU instead of doing the drill was “squirrel”, and LRH says in KSW1 “graduate them in such a state of shock they’ll have nightmares if they contemplate squirreling.”

    When I was on the Pro TRs, I was having trouble passing TR0. I was told I was disinterested. My course supervisor told my twin to flunk me every time I was “disinterested”. I couldn’t possibly be more interested, but I got flunked HARD every few minutes. For several days. Starting at 8am and going to 11pm.

    The Supe never even looked at me, didn’t give me any coaching, didn’t use any supervisor tools to debug me. It was torture. He was a horrible supe, he didn’t do anything.

    Finally, I saw an RTC rep. I thought to myself, “Oh thank god RTC is here, they really care about being Standard. Obviously this isn’t standard, I’ve never not enjoyed being on course before and now I don’t even want to be here.” So I got up and told her what had been happening…

    The next thing I know I’m off course, in Ethics. Why? Because I said that the non-standard coaching made me feel like I didn’t want to be there – I was blowing and that meant that I must have overts! Tech wasn’t going in! I couldn’t believe that was happening to me, I just wanted help getting through my course. After wasting a day in Ethics trying to explain what was really going on, I got back on course.

    When I arrived, the RTC rep ran up to me got her face really close to mine and screamed as loud as she could “I’D BETTER NOT CATCH YOU SPREADING ANY MORE BLACK PR OR YOU’RE TOAST!”

    I was staggered. Black PR? I just wanted help getting through my drill.

    Luckily, a supe who knew what he was doing saw me and happened to remark that it looked like I was holding myself still. That’s all it took and I passed the drill. Just someone to look at me and actually coach.

    So a week or so later late at night my twin and I are almost done, when the Deputy Captain for Outer Org Trainees Dianne Konneus comes in to watch. There was a very green staffer from back east somewhere, a nice middle aged woman named Donna Andle. She was still on an earlier TR. When the Deputy Captain saw that, she started laying into her, screaming right in her face.

    I have no idea what she was screaming. Her face was purple, her eyeballs were quivering she was so enraged. Donna slumped there crying softly while the deputy captain went on and on and on and on and on…

    I thought to myself, you need to stop this, this isn’t right. But then I thought, if you do you know you’ll end up getting routed off the land base and all the work and sacrifice you’ve made being here will be for nothing, so I didn’t say anything. I don’t even know what happened with Donna, I don’t recall seeing her again, I didn’t really know her.

    Of all the things that happened in CofS, that’s what I’m most ashamed of, that I didn’t do anything. Later on I vowed I wouldn’t ever again not speak up about abuse I saw, but that was much later.

    Dianne Konneus would regularly go around ripping people’s faces off, student and staff. A guy from my org “Jim” told me he made a point of auditing her victims afterwards. He’s such a nice guy. She later put him under security watch because he had a debt with a local business and had him removed from Flag under guard.

    Shortly after, she was promoted to Quality Exec Int, so that gave me a pretty good idea of what sort of behavior was rewarded in CofS and what sort of people ran the church.

    In fact, shortly after that happened, David Miscavige came to speak to us trainees in person. While he was outlining how the GAT came about, he casually mentioned how someone made an error and while he would normally “toast” them for it he decided not to in that instance.

    “Toasting” or “Severe Reality Adjustment (SRA)” is slang for just the sort of screaming I’ve described. He said it so matter of factly, as though it is perfectly normal to treat people who are working 100+ hours per week for pocket change like that.

    “Ah hah,” I thought to myself when he said that, “this verbal abuse stuff goes all the way to the top to Miscavige himself.” I had already suspected so, because it seemed most prevalent the farther up the Org Board one went. I had been told that the RTC rep who toasted me worked very closely with Miscavige.

    More another time.

  79. Tory Christman

    Yes~ I agree with Jim and Just Me–so elegantly expressive. And so,
    so very true! 🙂

  80. underradarOTVIII

    This is just a letter to Mr. Mark Rathbun,

    NOT a post.

    Hallo Marty,

    First, let me congratulate you and your friends on your truly
    great and very important website.
    I’m a European Scientologist (Cl. VI /OT VIII.) I’ve been
    reading your posts and others for quite a while and Tiziano’s
    a couple of days ago. What he says paralleled my situation
    I am ready to move up a little higher.
    I feel it should be done by creating a positive effect though.
    Not just on me (which I’m sure it would!) but on other
    dynamics around me, as well. And there, I feel, lies another
    reason (other than PTSness) why many of us still remain
    under the radar. Add to this the „hope“ that the Church will
    see the light and change, before it hits the brick wall it is
    heading for…
    Anyway, I was thinking of becoming active, not necessarily
    by coming out myself at this point, but for instance by pooling
    e-mail addresses of Scientologists (together with other, like
    minded, under the radar friends) and sending them Louis
    Garcia’s doubt formula for instance, the address of your
    website, or whatever.
    There seems to be a number of things one could do to
    accelerate matters.
    Do you guys have any recommendations on this?
    Straight talk to my friends (most of them OTVIII’s) has only
    resulted in reports, disconnection on their part and an
    „Interview“ by local OSA.
    Now, I’m a novice in this. Don’t even know how safe it is to
    communicate to you on this comm.-line. I, by the way, have
    no problem telling YOU my real name, who I am and what
    I’ve done in Scientology, etc. on a safe comm.-line.
    I don’t know, what I could do or say though, that would make
    YOU feel safe to talk to me.
    Anyway, here goes what might be my first step in moving up
    a little higher…


  81. I’m ex-GO too.

    Scientologists outside the GO didn’t know what the GO was doing.
    GO didn’t know what B1 (Bureau 1, Invest, a “division”) inside the GO was doing. B1 (the “division”) didn’t know what B2 (Branch 2, a “department” inside Bureau 1, the “division”) was doing. It was the super-secret “offensive” (in every meaning of the word) Investigation arm of the GO. (I hope I got the names right, as I’m writing this from memory).

    The inner circle of the inner circle of the GO knew it was doing illegal things on a daily basis. And so did the GO, by extension. Because there were Guardian Orders to use “Euphemisms” in ones dispatches and programs – to conceal what one was really doing (per Wikipedia: A euphemism is a substitution for an expression that may offend or suggest something unpleasant to the receiver, using instead an agreeable or less offensive expression, or to make it less troublesome for the speaker, as in the case of doublespeak. The purpose of the substitution may also be to avoid revealing secret or sacred names to the uninitiated, or to obscure the identity of the subject of a conversation from potential eavesdroppers.)

    There was a “vetting evolution” where “vetting” was defined as “physically cutting out – not merely blacking out – from dispatches and programs and any other paper the names and descriptions that could reveal GO-internal Command Channels or “resources” or anything implying anything illegal. This was followed by (literally) “burning and shredding of evidence” that went on for weeks, if not months throughout the entire GO network, everywhere in the world during the “Extradition Case” (Jane Kember, resident in UK and working from Saint Hill was wanted to appear before US courts).

    Then the GO was “disbanded” and replaced (given a different name) by OSA. Scientologists in general don’t really know what OSA is doing (though they can find out, on this and many other blogs and internet sites). The pattern within OSA duplicates the GO’s with more and more secret inner and further inner circles with fewer and fewer “in the know”.

    And the most “secret secret” behind all those layers of secrecy is (within the CofM, that is) that all is conceived and enforced by one Demented Minion, David Miss Cabbage.

  82. RJ,

    I agree in many respects. I’m sure the IntNet guys smell the coffee. They see everything on the net, can recognize the truth of what has been told by so many. I’m sure they have a pretty good idea of who David Miscavige really is. They have the tools and intelligence to do a reasonable data analysis and estimate of the situation.

    The financial entanglement is a real snare. Hope they find a way through and out, maybe even turn and help preserve LRH’s scientology, not DM’s personal fiefdom.


  83. Very interesting for me that you created OSA. Thus we basically had been enemies back in 84. Or OSA had me on the enemy list. I did not follow their game and pushed against it. (picking out someone staff or public. Telling that they have intel ops data that this person is enemy connected and one has to „find out“ without blowing the cover) They did not present any little evidence about all those claims. I did not know back then about Bill Robertson and that he had been very active in german speaking areas. But what I had in mind without knowing the terminals by name and body that those enemy groups had been a creation and did not come up accidentially. And now (now = back in 80ies) the same group basically that is officially fighting that groups (OSA) had created them in the first place. (a guess of mine. Maybe you know more about it.)
    Just in case you had some serious body trouble in mid november 84. That might have been me.
    The above might explain that we are still a bit suspicious about each other.

  84. Alex Braverman

    “The extent of David Miscavige’s agents’ spying has astounded me and might also astound you. Privacy has been and is regularly invaded. Laws have been and are being broken.”


    ‘Just me’ is your moniker, but you are not alone for this one my friend.


  85. The covert apparatus of the USA is now literally parroting Davey’s suppression technology. Now that Wikileaks effectively blows the whistle on black ops, they resort to the very same denial of service attacks and thought stopping tactics that Davey has piloted for many years. The Pentagon has bought Google to hide its crimes against humanity, you’ll be jailed if you as much as look at Wikileaks and its founder is prosecuted by Interpol for having sex without condom. I’ve never seen America stoop as low as Davey to protect its interests, so it’s time to set a nice example of what happens when you hide, alter, suppress and reverse truth.

  86. When your ethics are subvertable by a paycheque, in my opinion they weren’t actually your ethics in the first place.

    I think people should be judged by what they do, of their own free will, and not by “what they would do if that blasted DM hadn’t offered such a decent deal on legal services” etc.

  87. Thanks Tony, though it is one disgusting story but thanks again for telling it. What a load of horse crap.

  88. Either you are very innocent or just a troll –

    Anyway, I was thinking of becoming active, not necessarily by coming out myself at this point, but for instance by pooling e-mail addresses of Scientologists (together with other, like minded, under the radar friends) …

    Any other bright ideas on how to get “under the radar people” killed fast?

    You use your list of e-mail addresses and each one of us uses ours. Can we settle on that? I sure hope so.

  89. I don’t know too much about the Carlyle connection, other than what you’ve mentioned. I do know that Sky’s goal in the 90s was to someday “have more money than God” and to play in the power circles … and so it’s not surprising that he made the type of connection you mention.

  90. Ex SO,

    Since the internet is rife with stories from former members and critics describing exactly what Marty posted, I’m curious what you are really questioning. And the motive.

    If Marty produced the documents you claim to want, would your next question be, “How can you prove these are not forgeries?” And for each bit of proof, we would hear endless demands for further proof.

    And if enough proof were offered, you could then claim that it’s all a conspiracy, that only the World Bankers or the Federal government have enough resources to manufacture these lies. “The proof that the feds are behind this lies in too much proof.” One of those weird circular arguments.

    You might want to examine what sacred thing is violated for you by Marty exposing this stuff. Take a look at who’s manufacturing your decisions and the data behind those decisions. And what proof is being offered by the manufacturer.


  91. Earthlink may not cooperate with OSA as a matter of company policy, but many, many of their tech guys are scientologists and may have their own agenda. When I first started looking at anti-Sci stuff on the Internet I was sharing research with some like-minded friends, and we discovered that emails with reference to certain sensitive sites and topics were being flagged as spam. Each specific reference would be unblocked temporarily when it was reported to Earthlink, but only stopped permanently after it was reported to the FCC as censorship.

  92. Got it, Tony. Thanks for sharing your experience! Hallelujah

  93. underradarOTVIII — Good job! First you looked, then you originated. I’m sure you’ll find lots of help now. Hallelujah!!

  94. Barney Rubble


    Wait……you were regged in person by the Flag Rep WUS?! Isn’t that alittle off hat?

  95. mrinder — Good job keeping your manners on: “I wave to the PIs routinely (sometime with a single finger, …but a wave nonetheless) as I am keeping them employed and they know it.” H

  96. Hello Chuck. A nice summary and very valid. OSA can have a useful purpose aligned with LRH ED 339R Int, etc. The original Snow White eval found false reports in files being acted upon with further review of the current true good data was stopping the ability to move and act, and expand Scientology. The situation has worsened. There is still some false data being acted upon, there is also current true data of parishioner harassment, suits from staff, the books out, the PR on tv etc. being acted upon.

    The false data was to be corrected with FRC (False Rept Correction) packs of documents to correct the false folder data. But now, the actual true data doesn’t show current church activities in a good light. OSA is now attempting to negate this with false data such as what is put out about the Independents, Mike, Marty, etc. Now there are lies in the files from the government and from the church. It is a gigantic GPM. This is the state of files being used to currently look at church activities. Government agencies files have the original false data and now the OSA created false or misleading data as to the truth about Scientology. Both will act to impede the purpose of orgs and NOT help with LRH ED 339R Int, CBO’s, etc.

    As only the true data will as-is, the clash of false data is going to lock-down this GPM for a long time. This is creating the bank right now in PT. This could affect the Independent movement if any government regulates the subject – Scientology and not the corporate entity activity of the corporation C of S or whatever name they used. Examples of rulings against the subject are the current feelings by some agencies in Russia. Examples of the corporate rulings are current agencies action or hearings in Australia to determine if charitable.

    If the current church would simply end the false war with Independent Scientologists they would at least stop contributing to their downfall by removing true, but anti Church, information from the files. This false war is not based on LRH or the purpose of orgs.

    Suppression and un-analyzed data, aka false data, is creating a gigantic engram. This Third dynamic engram is in the way of clearing. The entire future of the subject could be at risk. Only with suppression removed AND the false or un-analyzed data looked at and made truthful will this begin to reverse.

    The corporate C of S actions contributing to this GPM will make history. But truth, bit by bit, will eat away at the web of deceit and lies. This darkness brought into the light causes it to vanish. The current Church position would be stronger to NOT attack its own members. To work to complete the original snow white eval. To work on real community, TWTH, and VM projects to get good PR and show the good of Scientology so as to establish it as being indespensible and not something that is vile and socially undesirable. Expand the orgs into that vacuum and make auditors, clears and OT’s. Enough said for now.

  97. Underradar,
    You’re a smart guy. You and your collegue underradars instinctly figured out the one and very best action you should undertake: assemble as much email adresses of as much OT’s as you can and go in comm with them to get more. Then send them the Garcia letter, the one that Davey went coconuts about and had Orgs call in public to warn them against a standard doubt formula. Then follow it up with invitations to come to this blog. But do it before March 13 and make sure LRH gets a beautifull birthday present.

  98. “many, many of their tech guys are scientologists and may have their own agenda.”

    The concentration of Scientologists who worked in tech (and management) were largely gone by the early 2000s. For the last 5+ years (at least), the tech area and company overall had no more Scientologists than any other Atlanta-based or LA-based tech company.

  99. Samuel,

    Your memory is good but a few slight errors. Per HCO PL 1 March 1966 one of the functions was originally called Intelligence. Later renamed to Information, now called Invest. Bureau I was Intel/Info/Invest was made up of two Branches. Branch 1 was external operations. Branch 2 was internal operations. Branch 1 ran ops such as IRS, BBB, Clearwater mayor, etc. Branch 1 were the scary spook type. Branch 2 was internal security, liaised with HCO of the org, handled squirrels, ex-members bringing flaps, etc.

    Your summary about super-secret was exactly correct. Even being another GO staff member we didn’t even know someones real name. I have met many GO staff, only to find later, having 2 or 3 names. Sometimes different first name, last name or both fictitious.

    The vetting project was engramic. Even pc folders were gone through in case any other names had been written into the worksheet. The old razor blade came out, outline a box of data and snip. I have never seen such large shredding machines. These would shred an entire folder with everything in it. Running really late hours, 7 days a week. A lot of history is gone – both the good and the bad.

    I, at this time, do not believe there was ever a plan by DM to disband the GO. He made the GO the scapegoat to help hoist himself in status as the savior of the church. Then said they had a standard group to follow the LRH policies – O.S.A. They now have the same Bureau I (Intelligence/Investigations/Information) along with PR Bureau and Legal Bureau. Finance Bureau from the GO was assimilated into the Finance Network. Social Coordination Bureau was peeled off into A.B.L.E. The original Service Bureau to provide Training and Processing to staff melted into the other org functions. They may still have a separate courseroom, but I don’t know.

    I would absolutely say the current OSA is more off source and in violation of policy that the GO ever was. The “bad” side of the GO was almost always directed outside the Church, at against external targets. The “bad” side of OSA is directed against external targets but has really gone straight up and vertical against Internal church targets. It has made enemies out of the public for simply disagreeing with “command intention” or programs like “ideal orgs” with no LRH reference to be seen.

    DM will meet his Waterloo in this internalized war. Like a really bad parasite – he is killing his host. With he attacks and alienates all public there will be NOTHING left to protect. Even the worst of the GO still wanted to protect the subject and structure of Scientology.

    Secrecy then was more to protect the operations, cover for illegal activities, and the organization. Secrecy now is to cover criminal evil intentions by DM and his true dedicated believers. The current OSA secrecy is to hide their bank from the exposure of looking at it and causing it to vanish – and come to the realization that all are not enemies, SP’s or PTS people. That has been invented by some OSA staff and DM.

  100. Funny you should say that, IO.

    When I was in I used to think “Declared SPs” were the most terrible people on the face of the planet, that they were spawn of Satan, and the kind of people Hitler want to grow up to be just like.

    On this blog I have met many “Declared SPs”. And you know what? They are all very nice people, any one of them can pop over to my house for tea and a chat at any time.

    As for the “SP Declarers”, …. well I don’t have to say anything, right?

    How the tides have turned.

  101. “ lists Zeus, Cisco Systems and MAC Apple as associates ! ”

    That means nothing actually. IntNet is just saying they buy kit from those vendors. Cisco will sell almost anything to almost anyone – they are a hardware provider.

  102. Excellent points. The USA gets very reactive when certain buttons are pressed. Yes, they are much like DM and if thousands of years of astrology teach us anything, both institutions will experience a similar fate. Pluto in Capricorn last occurred during the American Revolution so we can expect to see something similar with Scientology and the USA. It has about 13 years before it leaves Capricorn. If not interesting times, and they probably will be, they will be transformative times. Politicians are reaching a point, particularly the Congress, where they are no longer useful. DM is also only useful to himself and the robots who seek to maintain their alliance with him. When someone/something no longer serves a valid purpose, they sooner or later become history.

  103. Thanks for this Tony – I love this song.
    I would rather do things upside-down, all wrong, fall on my head a million times and be condemned to eternal damnation than ever go back to doing things some other person’s way.
    This is the best part about coming out of the ‘Church’ and what makes me feel alive 😀

  104. I wonder who is innocent. The main reason people are under the radar is fear; it may be fear to loose family, friends, income, food, housing, work, Bridge, etc. It may also be fear for being found out to have contributed to non survival or even suppressive acts. Of course fear is the very reason you don’t have good work, friends, Bridge, etc. Fear is carefully installed through reversed Scientology and comes about from non confront, the ultimate being Davey, 24/7 scared even of Martians and the FBI. The ultimate in confront being Marty, complete fearless. If OSA finds out you’re acting as a friend while talking to the enemy, they go bananas and that’s the end of your non confront and fear (you move at least a little higher to 1.5-1.8) The price you (fear to) have to pay might be huge, but you’ll pay more for every single day that you’re unwilling to. Every pc I dePTSed had been scared but I haven’t seen one that didn’t immediately jump a couple of tones after indication of the right item. Not one became worse after increasing communication, none got killed and none regretted regaining integrity; to the contrary, to use a slight euphemism.

  105. lucy,

    Yes! With the goal to win of FREEDOM it is more of a big game than a fight. Almost unfair to the opponent who doesn’t have that viewpoint. I keep this very point in mind every day.

    My motto fits this: Never retreat – just reload.

    (I don’t use mest projectiles, I use words, wit and truth and reload with that daily.)

    I love this from the recent Robin Hood movie:

    “Rise, and rise again, until lambs become lions”

    Robin explains, it means never give up. That is how I see this blog. People post, learn, post and share, learn and grow. The truth communicated changes conditions. At a higher level post, share, learn and more truth duplicated. We start to post as lambs. We share and grow in the spirit of play and see the goal of FREEDOM. We, the lambs, then become Lions.
    The suppression, aberration, and BS from DM and OSA have not a chance against this movement. We represent Truth – therefore we are rock solid stable in our view, our stand and our sanity. We don’t have to be PTS to it.

    Lucy, thank you for being part of this. Once we win I will proud to celebrate with you at your side. I believe you were in this fight before I joined, I bow to you and what you have done.

  106. underradar
    Just buy some Xmas cards, pop them in an envelope and add Luis’ letter as a your present to let them know you care and will not permit your affinity to be alloyed. same with email contacts – send an e-card with a link to the letter.
    I’m going to do this and if others want to do likewise we won’t need any more organization on the matter than these brief messages on the blogs

  107. Tom,

    Thank you very much for finding and posting that thread.

    I met Adrian briefly many years ago when we were both in our early ’20s. I know his ex-wife quite well and met Shane in 2000 when I had my second (and extremely short-lived) foray into the SO at ANZO.

    It’s always good to hear positive news, and when it’s about friends from long ago – that’s the cherry on the cake!

    Alan McKinnon

  108. There is no need to be afraid of OSA. If you evaluate their activities and products they are actually far away from an ideal scene.
    Here is the ideal scene:
    “What the elderly called a clever warrior is not somebody who wins
    it is somebody who wins easily” Quote by Sun Tsu – Chinese General

    In fact it takes them (OSA) years and decades to get something done. (getting rid of squirrels, enemies, critics or even acceptance for SCN)
    And if they get something done its often a poor product, a half done or compromise. I have seen OSA in-baskets(plastic) BROKEN because of the immense traffic in it. Constant lack of personell, bad or no hatting and on top the real good OSA “warriors” I knew did not renew their contracts or were fired.That tells you that they operate in a total state of cope. It also tells you that DM is working HARD on his downfall because earlier
    or later he will have all the OSA traffic in his IN basket. *loooool
    (He should write a book “Broken Baskets”)*g
    Lets look what the scene is:
    Paulette Cooper is doing well better then ever before, Caberta is there, Gerry Amstrong, Cynthia Kisser..Arnie Lerma
    Karin Spaink…….and and and. And now Waterloo is coming: Marty, Mike, Jeff…… From a PR view its a desastrous occurance because you are
    Opinion Leaders (even for WOGs) pointing out the correct target the correct out-points and the correct outnesses. The truth can´t be DAed, and thats the real problem for them. They need to find or create something in order to blame or sue you. Its part of propaganda carried out in public and usually degenerated to fuckin´horseplays. (the Cointelpro-stuff). The real outness is that there is a mix-up between intell and PR activity.
    Its a fatal mistake, off policy and so it will fight back. The Cooper case is still being discussed around the world though almost 40 years are gone. And of course a church should not act this way.

    OSA did not get the simple message of LRH when he said about (the real) SCN-enemies:

    Find their crimes (overts).
    He says FIND (not construct). This should be done SILENT, always! It was intell principle for eons, it was clever, smart and efficient. Intell business is, was and will ever be a 1.1 business and it is being performed silent. No noise, no fight in the media. The guy-the enemy explodes and he does not
    have a clue who is behind.Thats how real clever warriors operate and on top you won´t have PR damage for your group or country. Or did you every read intel stories about the chinese or japanese ? *lool
    I have been working in this business for a long time (back on the track, not this life) but all my knowlege and ability has been rehabilitated by SCN. The field of knowledge available regarding intell is very extensive
    and cannot be discussed completely on this blog but I´d like to give you some advise:
    Marty, the only way you survive this warefare is that you keep track of all your daily activities including all evidences and witness. Keep track of the truth. Exact place, time, form and incident. This makes possible that nobody can trick you or construct lies because you will be able to DA every false accusation. Keep cool, don´t present them love-hate buttons because they will use it to drive you crazy.
    If you intend to do something which they should not know, work out a cover or better cover the cover (causes confusion).
    “The first principle of warefare is deception” (SunTsu)
    I personal would become even more bold by dealing with them. A reverse flow makes one more causative.
    Although it does not seem to be a funny game, make it funny.
    “Send me more PI´s I just saw two yesterday in front of my house”. “Why is no PI here during the nights, don´t you have enough money?”
    Or to become really sarcastic hand out some rubber dolls to OSA staff.

  109. This type of unnecessary horseshit screaming goes back a LONG ways. I experienced it at Flag in the mid-70’s directly from Senior C/S Int Jeff Walker who was notorious for screaming and ripping people’s faces off. He was a walking GPM because on the one hand he was a psychotic screaming terrorist and on the other hand he was lauded as being the most technically competent person in all of Scientology, an insane dichotomy that made my head jerk like a cartoon quadrupletake.

    Truth is that LRH actually set the example on this, as evidenced by the Class VIII tapes where you can hear him melting the microphone, but I think the difference was that he could put the ARC back in quickly afterwards, an attribute that others who followed in his executive path have utterly failed to realize the importance of.

  110. u.r.,
    I gotta tell you, if you are the least bit honest in this post, then I hope you read it again. But this time, read it from the viewpoint of the biggest being you know. Then read it from DM’s perspective. Then one more time for you personally.

    It will never cease to amaze me, how someone who is OT VIII, can feel afraid to communicate. Fearful to reach out. Scared to get in touch with another being. If ANYONE has the ability to BE THERE and COMMUNICATE… it should be you. And yet you wait for “something positive” before doing so. Do you not know the Be, Do, Have cycle? Re-read that.

    And what does Ron say about communication? If you are Auditor trained, you know the importance of comminication. How can you be trusted as a safe terminal when you don’t want to reveal who you are, what you are doing… except under certain circumstances?

    Do you not see the irony in saving a “church” from smashing into a brickwall, when the man driving the bus into that wall has LESSENED your own abilities? And you are freakin’ OT VIII!!! Imagine what he did to all the LITTLE beings around here! Oh, but you want to do something positive.

    Do something positive!


    You don’t need our permission. If you need hatting, I’ll gladly put you on post. We’ve got some word clearing to do first. But I’ll gladly Esto you on post as an OT working to help get others “under the radar” out. Marty can do it. Whoever you like.

    But the first step is going to be word clearing, followed up by a lot of work on confronting the present, and finding your Why for the lack of confront. Once that’s done, you’ll look back at this post one more time and you’re gonna laugh your ass off! Trust me. Gains will be had. Just don’t kick yourself too hard when we’re done here. DM’s done that enough for long enough.

  111. Tony DePhillips

    This didn’t happen to me, it happened to someone I talked to and I asked them if I could post it here.

  112. Christmas cards!
    I love it!

  113. Seemed to me that the intention was to wind up (translation please!) Marty to such an extend that he retaliated with spilling auditing/ethics confidential data, hence the letter from Ableson, the email to Mosey about her Clear status, information from Marty’s pc/ethics file being made public etc.

    Think the fact that Marty is being true to the Auditor’s Code and behaving honorably means that he isn’t doing the Church’s job for them, namely acting like a total lunatic, which makes a very convenient DA pack.

  114. Considering the way his daughter died I fail to understand how this guy can possibly back Miscavige. If he was once decent, there is not much decency left now.

  115. Had to laugh. The post was very good. OSA has gone so far as to merge the technology of PR and Intelligence and now have confusion on both.

    Some quotes from PR Series 2 13 Aug 1970 II …
    Thus the law NEVER USE LIES IN PR. …
    … Serving mad masters, a PR hasn’t much chance.

    from PR Series 7 Black PR …
    “About the most involved employment of PR is its covert use in destroying the repute of individuals and groups. More correctly this is technically called BLACK PROPAGANDA. Basically it is an intelligence technique. It can be a serious error to cross intelligence and PR. These are two different fields. They have two distinctly different technologies.
    … When you gather information by intelligence procedures and at once employ it for PR, the result is likely to be poor. …also it is an act of desperation. PR IS OVERT. INTELLIGENCE IS COVERT.
    …Intelligence trembles on the edge of PR, when filched data explodes a storm in the public. It recoils when the authors are then known. … So PR enters intelligence in this way: One finds who set up the black propaganda and explodes that into public view. This use of PR is almost that of an auditor to the group. One is disclosing hidden sources of aberration.
    …By definition intelligence is covert. Under cover. If it is kept so all the way, it is effective. When intelligence surfaces, it becomes very ineffective. Threat and mystery are a lot of the power of intelligence. Publicity blows it.
    …Exposure is the basic threat of intelligence. PR is the willful broadcast of information. The two don’t mix well.
    …When PR goes into black propaganda (hidden source using lies and defamation to destroy) it has crossed intelligence with publicity. They don’t mix well.”

    By putting PI’s in front of the house, etc the basic intelligence staff that have been hired are being used to do PR. Now easy to Dead Agent by simply stating, that because I left the Church after exposing their dirty deeds. This was intelligence being overt. PR goes and tells lies in Freedom mag etc and this recoils.

    Someone needs to see Jim Logan in cramming. The intelligence staff at OSA are running PR ops and the PR Staff are trying to do intelligence. This is a giant FUBAR.

    Of course, as my first quote stated from LRH “serving mad masters, a PR hasn’t much chance.”

  116. “It’s like this: The only thing that ever worked was just doing Scientology. Train people. Audit them. Don’t rape them financially or otherwise. That’s it!”

    Thanks GH – truer words were never spoken. They would make a great mission statement for the independent field.

  117. Samuel & Sapere Aude — Thanks for these great comments … helps clear up some stuff for me. Hallelujah!!

  118. Underradar,

    You want to do something positive?

    Apply Scn. Axiom 10.


  119. Fellow Traveller

    +1 🙂
    Bruce Pratt

  120. @George:
    You said, “Just in case you had some serious body trouble in mid november 84. That might have been me.”

    In other words, you ran Black NOTS against the person you are addressing, who appears to be Marty Rathbun? Is that what you are saying without really saying it?

    Michael A. Hobson

  121. metaqual,

    Very nice post. We can even do something to make this wall fall down.
    Some who read these posts can’t understand and it looks like whining. Some understand but still have confusions. Part of this is due to basic lies on the lines.

    I/we have at times gone into agreement with tiny lies bit by bit. An example is that the Church or DM can take away our eternity. How can he do this? This is inherent into each and every one of us. Our dynamics are timeless. We control them. No outside person or group controls MY dynamics. They may have some input into other aspects my dynamics interact with but that ISN’T ME.

    This was not an easy concept for me to fully grasp. You must also be willing to accept the fact that you are the only one FULLY RESPONSIBLE for your dynamics. Take a big breath. Relax. Think about that for a minute. Think about what LRH had to say were our potentials and how we are as beings. Think of the Axioms and Logics lectures, the PDC, the Exteriorization and the Phenomena of Space lectures. We are not stoppable with our agreement. Implants, black Dianetics, reverse Scientology – none of this works without us granting the beingness it works and agreeing with it. If you can’t grasp that then clay demo a thetan with dynamics and try to make a clay demo of what can become cause over that thetan from external only and no internal agreement. I think you will find you cannot do that in clay. Pretty damn hard to be cause over another static without that static’s involvement in the game by their agreements.

    Therefore, all of the OSA and DM activities are like shadow puppets. There is nothing there. Lift the cloth and carry the cardboard box (stage) away and there is nothing. Even this stage will rot away in a few years and the mest particles be reused for something else.

    All who read here can change their decisions and look at the details. They will unbind the chains of agreements to false concepts. This will help make them free. I would like to second the March 13, 2011 as a day of freedom celebration. This would be very fitting for that date.

  122. George — Was that you sticking pins in a voodoo doll back in mid November 84??

  123. Dear u.r,

    I’m also in Europe. Got lots of adresses as staffs like to send E-Mails per cc:. cc: (carbon copy) sounds like admin tech, so they like to press that button. Pls. get in comm.
    My E-Mail address is:

  124. Sam,

    Yes there was a high degree of departmentalization in the GO.

    The only reason I got to see some of the holiest of holies or evilist of evils depending on your viewpoint was because I audited some of the staff in B1.

    In reality the GO in SOCO, PR and Finance had no idea what was really going on.

    I remember our AGPR briefing the staff and public (back in the days when the GO at least used to maintain a comm line with public and staff unlike you know who) about the raids in DC and LA saying that their crime was basically using Government paper to make photocopies!

    Some of us knew it was a bit more complicated then that but it sounded nice.

    If the new regime that took over really wanted to rehab the GO they could have started with a full invest of B1 which was actually the bureau that had gotten out of hand and busted Jane Kember to CF Files I/C or something and cut it back to its basic purpose of defending the org and enforcing policy they might have prevented the Leviathan known as OSA from rising.

    As far as I was concerned the “handling” was totally un-Scientology because it was a total not-is.

  125. “have more money than God”

    Thanks Marg.

    I knew there was a reason why I instinctively didn’t like Sky Dayton and Earthlink.

    Yeah if he gets involved with the big players like Brown and Root and the Carlyle Group he’ll probably end up having more money than God but he’ll be spending it in hell.

  126. I agree Sapere,

    The security section of B1 pretty much handled public with kid gloves compared to OSA and mainly worked in liaison with HCOs.

    OSA’s internal invest machinery is totally out of control and gone into overdrive because their are no longer any real external enemies to fight any more since the glorious sell o….er I mean “victory” over the IRS.

    So like any psycho they are too busy creating their own enemies.

  127. Mike,

    I remember rumors of voodoo “Scientology” being rampant back in the late ’90’s and early 00’s of the Freezone OTs and Squrrelotology OTs being involved in some kind of psychic warfare.

    My thought at the time were if this was true how far off the rails can you get!!!!

    I mean even the CIA when they were involved in RV didn’t think of an activity so depraved!

    It takes a really sick mind to come up with using Scientology in such a way.


  128. I’d disagree. It only takes one willing Scientologist in IT to support OSA requests; no management required. But, unrelated, wasn’t Earthlink a WISE company in its early history?

    Anyway, far more OSA controlled was Doug DeStafeno’s ‘Relay Point’ isp, which hosted many of the earlier ‘DA Websites and engaged in other skullduggery.

    Joe Lynn

  129. Erwin,
    Come on, I don’t know where you get your information from, but the Pentagon did not buy Google.

    Wikileaks’ Assange is not being prosecuted by Interpol, as they do not possess powers of prosecution nor arrest, only notifications and warnings to official law enforcement agencies.

    Furthermore, the charges against Assange by the government of Sweden are not for having sex without a condom but for sexual assault and rape. The possibility of the charges being falsely manufactured as retaliation for his leaks is evident in the timeliness of the charges and the nature of how the game is played.

    Last but not least, the USA and many other countries have been playing black ops and espionage games long before Davey Boy was ever a twinkle in his mother’s eye, so he’s not setting any precedent. The methods used by the big intelligence boys with their assassinations, destruction of economies, murdering of men, women and children, and every other possible form of sanctioned thuggery far outweigh Davey’s nasty little sandbox antics. His kool-aid drinkers may shake in their boots at the dreaded thought of losing their ‘eternity’ but his impish and amateurish attempts to intimidate ex-Church members he considers a threat to his fiefdom are essentially completely powerless.

    Let’s make sure we get the facts straight and not cloud our minds with false data, as truth is weakened by lies.

  130. There was a time that I wished Mike Rinder to get a dose of what he had done to others. Now that it has come to pass I must say it gives me no pleasure to see him hounded like this. Not to worry though, I think Mike knows them for what they are.
    If DM is so worried about bad PR how does he think this situation is playing to the public? I bet there is a good amount of disgust in the city where this is going down over the high handed antics of Scienology and their hired lackeys.

    Has this been covered in the press yet? If not I bet that it will be if it keeps up. I would be amazed if certain reporters were not reading this blog word for word every day.

  131. @Sara: YES!! THIS!!!
    Michael A. Hobson

  132. Well said. It does well to review the definition of robotism and its etymology. This is clearly what Scn has become:
    Definition of ROBOT 1) a : a machine that looks like a human being and performs various complex acts (as walking or talking) of a human being; also : a similar but fictional machine whose lack of capacity for human emotions is often emphasized b : an efficient insensitive person who functions automatically
    2) : a device that automatically performs complicated often repetitive tasks
    3): a mechanism guided by automatic controls
    — ro·bot·ism noun
    Origin of ROBOT
    Czech, from robota compulsory labor; akin to Old High German arabeit trouble, Latin orbus orphaned — more at orphan
    First Known Use: 1923

  133. Fellow Traveller

    Great game, Marty! Count me in.

    If you need or want to put me in as opposed me just to sittin’ here on the bench, kind of, lemme know.

    Bruce Pratt

  134. Fellow Traveller

    This says it pretty well for me.

  135. Margaret, I’ll take your word regarding the number of Scientologists still at Earthlink, but all it takes is one in the right position. What I do know is that someone with access to Earthlink’s spam filtering parameters had to be deliberately blocking information that OSA would consider ‘sensitive’. I did enough testing to be sure it wasn’t coincidence.

    And it’s possible this is still going on. I try to keep up with Marty’s and Jeff’s blogs, but I’m no longer scouring the internet for new data and trading it in emails with friends, so I wouldn’t know if the latest ‘hot buttons’ were being filtered.

  136. Dear Marty:
    I am so proud of the work you are doing to expose the fraud Scn has become. I have waited patiently for you to discuss the sensitive subject of black ops in the Sea Org and Scientologist not on staff and now you are. You are the only true expert on this subject and I can see like a snowball rolling down the side of a snow covered hill, it’s growing.

  137. Yes! to everything OTDT says above.
    Just Me

  138. Tory Christman

    I’ve said for years re OSA_—the “church” of $cientology could
    literally burn to the ground, gutted and destroyed completely,
    and they’d still have a sign that popped up: “We Won”.

    Delusion runs deep when people don’t want to look.
    “A Man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”.

  139. Tory Christman

    So true, Jesse! Thank you to both of you, and ALL here and elsewhere helping expose this insidious organization. 🙂
    Last night a Sea Org member called me, terrified they were going to get them.
    We had a long talk, and once they described 3 people holding one of the people down, I told them to a) Call the police and report it and
    b) Get the Hell out of there, last night.
    I just talked with them………they’re on their way!!!
    (And no, OSA—don’t bother coming here, as they are NOT coming here!)

    As they said, things have gotten *much* worse re people leaving—but guess
    what? They’re out of there! To anyone lurking, as I told them—just walk on
    OUT. Your freedom is YOURS to take back. Don’t wait one more day, please.

    Way to go—-Marty and all here and elsewhere who have helped people wake up. This ball IS rolling….Tick Tock, Tick Tock…..:)

  140. Leonore,

    I agree.

    Whereas most spooks don’t have a high degree of moral scruples they do for the most part have a high degree of analytical ability.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if many haven’t already turned and are keeping a cache a documents in a safety deposit box somewhere 🙂

    As Tory says

    tick tock tick tock………

  141. Love the smell of freshly brewed coffee! Good on you, Tory!

  142. One of my ten favorite songs of all time.

  143. Tony DePhillips

    Damn Samuel!!
    You got the vigilant thing down real well. I like guys like you who wear their hats so tight.

  144. Tony DePhillips

    Boz said: “It will never cease to amaze me, how someone who is OT VIII, can feel afraid to communicate. Fearful to reach out. Scared to get in touch with another being. If ANYONE has the ability to BE THERE and COMMUNICATE… it should be you. And yet you wait for “something positive” before doing so. Do you not know the Be, Do, Have cycle? Re-read that.”

    Now that is some truth.

    Under the radar OT8: You “sound” well intentioned. Why not get in comm with Marty and let him know who you are and then deliver an effective blow. To get to OT8 we KNOW you had to do a lot of lowers. Now just reverse the target and you got it!!
    Demonstrate some of that OT power!! You can do it!!

  145. Tony DePhillips

    Smells like ….victory!!
    Marty , do you know that movie?

  146. martyrathbun09

    And where is Stefano now? Let me guess, no longer toeing the white line.

  147. Tory Christman

    Me too, Karen! Good on ALL of us—-I was just the messenger. This is WHY.

  148. martyrathbun09


  149. Tony DePhillips

  150. DeStafeno, and, I have no idea. Relaypoint still exists, but, only as an email drop and is now apparently run by Paul Quanranto of West Coast Internet, who also host religiousfreedomwatch.

    Joe Lynn

  151. Barney Rubble


    Indeed you are correct sir, Jeff Walker is a loser.

    I can attest this from my Apollo days.

    And while we are talking about abuse….

    BTW, his personal word clearer on the Apollo when he was the Cram Off in 1975, was a homosexual that abused male teenagers. Truth be told.

  152. Barney Rubble

    TD. Me too, Great song.

  153. Maybe the Pentagon has not officially bought Google but their extremely unnaturally close financial ties make it impossible to act independently.
    Maybe Interpol doesn’t prosecute Assange in the courts, it definitely does so in the press.
    Look like you bought the media story, but it’s the same reversal tech that we’ve become used to. He is not wanted for rape but for an obscure Swedisch condom law.
    Please let me know if you know of any E/S where the USA tells its citizen that looking for truth on the internet is a crime. If you can’t, the credits go to Davey.

  154. Black Nots?
    I have no idea now and did have no idea of NOTs material then back in 84. Thus I could not use black NOTs in any way back then and today. I had been not on any OT level and did not have and confidential data to use positively or negatively.
    I told it might have been me. “might”.
    I only know that much charge had been around those days. I did not create that charge. I tried to as is that charge but had not much success with that. Call it third dynamic bypassed charge if you want. I had been sitting right in the middle of this charge desperately trying to resolve that riddles and black masses.
    As I did have OSA on my lines trying to delcare me SP I had to protect myself. Thus I pushed up the lines as much power as I could generate. Thus it might have been possible that Marty had been on that line too.
    In case (rare case) that I did have an effect on someone up there I can now come clean with that terminal. My intent had not been to demage someone but to protect myself and my job I had to do.
    By the way. I had been successfull. I did not get the delcare.
    And if any bad things happen then it has nothing to do with sticking pins into a voodoo doll. Sometimes I am very surprised reading those things. I am not very much up the auditing part of the bridge. But some basic third dynamic and life principles are really not to difficult to understand.
    If cou have an orgboard and the leader puts out an order, then this order is passed via a communication line down the org board. This goes from terminal to terminal down the line. And the original intention of the leader might be changed by a terminal a little bit and the next one changes that a little bit more. Then this intention through the lines arrives at the bottom of the org board. In case the bottom terminal duplicates the exact intent of the leaders intent then this bottom terminal creates a “elctrical shortcut”. If the bottom terminal is strong enough then much “currency” (juice) goes back up the line. The terminal that changed the leaders intent the most (which has the most electrical resitance) starts heating up and may start to “burn through” means he blows post. Finally the commline is clean again and the command intention can now flow free without resistance through the command channels.
    This is the basic principle. Has this something to do with NOTs?
    And back then applying these basic principles about life and third dynamic I came to the conclusion that the intiator of those orders and command intention could have been not LRH.

  155. “FBI Special Agent Hansen”

    Any relation to Chris “why don’t you take a seat right over here” Hansen ? 😉

  156. You should have stated that in your original post. Keep the tinfoil to a minimum please.

    “Maybe the Pentagon has not officially bought Google but their extremely unnaturally close financial ties make it impossible to act independently.”

  157. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    IloveSunshine and Splog,

    You’re not kidding. Listing hardware doesn’t make them professional. Check out their “Tech Support” and look at the listing of operating systems they support(or not)! How would you like to set up computer with their “up-to-date” instructions? Last decade???

    Sounds like these guys forgot to “detect” what century they are in. 🙂

    Half-truths and Half-hearted sounds like their lives and biz plan.

  158. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Excellent observation, Michael. Marty’s information about OSA’s overts both past and present ARE getting T/A action and helping to awaken those asleep at the theta wheel.


  159. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    The 70’s… Gettin’ down and gettin’ funky!!! Oh those flashbacks!! 🙂

  160. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Keen eyes, Just Me, Jim, Bruce and Sam!! 🙂


  161. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “I would bet my life that this target will be accomplished before the release of “Super Power.”

    Mike, I would bet my life that “everything” else on this planet will be accomplished before “Super Power” is ever released.

    Every day I think about all of the good that most people do for others and yet OSA and it’s kool-aid drinkers still WON’T LOOK! When it’s OK to harm someone just for the stats or to appease mini-hitler, you’ve lost your humanity, integrity and general willingness to help others.

    It’s one thing to ignore howling wolves, quite another when they are biting your ass! OSA and DM’s robo-bodies-in-pawn are lost in a hell that seems like survival to them but in fact are land-sliding themselves down the Tone Scale to solid NOT KNOW.

    Sanity and help are not what the Cof$/OSA/DM serve to anyone.

    Thank you Mike and Marty for your bravery and great help to us and LRH in protecting his freely given Tech.

    Gary (just a villager helping to “blaze” a trail to DerMansavage’s door.)

  162. Alan, post #45 in the same thread. Shane blew yesterday. 🙂

  163. It’s even getting worse with internet freedom in the USA; looks like they really have something to hide.
    But CD, you never cease to amaze me. In your previous answer did you mean that the dominating presence of RTC and Sea Org over stable executives and mission holders early 80’s came from their legal (corporate) papers and ownership?

  164. That’s awesome news!

    You know, I really don’t like that word “blow”. It means someone who sneaks away in the dead of night on account of their overts, usually leaving behind a mess that someone else has to deal with. But that’s not what happened here 🙂

    How about “told ’em to shove it and walked out the front door”?


  165. No I did not mean that. But the legal stautus was a nice vehicle for DM to wals over anything he did not like.

    The Dominating prescence and DM using that comes from the militaristic nature of the SO.

    On Internetfreedom, Yes Americans certainly know how to fuck up their own Human rights for their own populations.

    Wikileaks for the Win !

    In Anonimity we stand united !

  166. I find this extremely interesting on many levels. My experience with them was mostly legal and now the pieces are starting to click. From the scare tactics they used to the back and forth corporation filings and shady dealings. The only thing I question (while moderating this, please feel free to take this part out) how can you openly publish copyright docs, that has me concerned for you.

    The Intell this company used on innocent people trying to do the right thing, was beyond criminal. However, they aren’t that smart… little ole me busted them wide open….
    Great job here and I think you are really letting people see what they couldn’t believe for many years.

  167. I don’t think the basic nature of the Sea Org is militaristic; it’s confronting and handling MEST (objectives) thus increasing ability and safety. That all did change when somebody started an ever increasing alteration in the direction of (obsessively) stopping and condensing space. Truth is the exact time, place, form and event, thus by definition, anonymity, being an alteration of form, won’t do a good job of exposing truth. It can’t create power either as it has no location in space. All successful betterment activities, have an identity and legal position as operating basis. Even the media exposure by M & M and others, impinging deeper into Davey’s strongholds, wrecking more havoc and costing more on PI’s than ever, has a face, place, name and lots of form and event. By definition that’ll bring about more and more truth, thus gaining space and freedom.

  168. I would argue that the reality of the S.O. since day one is indeed militaristic, and that reality is so close to basic nature as makes no difference. It is evident in the most basic of S.O. policies – Welcome to the Sea Org tapes, FO 38, and more. I would also argue that LRH felt that this was what is needed in the mid 60s, he had experience with the tech of it – exploration surveys and WW II – and by all accounts was pretty handy with boats and crews.

    The initial S.O. members signed up for a tight disciplined crew with a known goal and ideals – the same viewpoint that caused astronauts to join the Apollo program and who will sign up for manned missions to Mars. Those same S.O. members likely agreed that the S.O. was a good way to achieve those goals. Who knows, maybe they envisaged something like Lensmen or Jedi Knights instead of what the S.O. morphed into. Either way, the sincere ones were betrayed. “You can trust your leaders and execs so follow their programs as they have your back” became the worst of militaryness – Do as I say, or be shot in the back.

    That militaristicness is ingrained into S.O. culture so deeply I doubt it will ever be removed. Better to see it as an organization who’s time has come and gone and disband it. Then the genuine members who genuinely want to help and know how to do it can band together in some new form that better suits the actual purposes and goals.

  169. “I don’t think the basic nature of the Sea Org is militaristic”

    To you the following policyletter may seem beautifull and very theta. To me a recepy for disaster.

    But remember the architect (EXPERT) flown in to refurbish the newly bought Freewinds ? His “alter-intention” was soon recognized. They tought he was a nuisance going on and on about the danger of bleu asbestos.

  170. Oops forgot the link to the policyletter.

  171. CD,

    You seem to be making a rather common mistake:

    Taking an isolated PL, then taking an isolated incident that superficially appears to somehow relate, and holding that up as proof of something. This is illogical as it ignores context, by which I mean the larger whole of which the PL and incident are a part.

    The PL means what it says, but it rests on assumed prior understanding of more basic PLs, which are not quoted as this is assumed not necessary. Humans do this all the time and there is nothing sinister about it – every time you sign a contract, it rests of common contractual law, but those laws are not quoted and explained it your contract – that understanding is assumed.

    Same with this PL – it is assumed that the reader knows what “stop” means here. It means getting in the way unnecessarily, introducing extra barriers that make no sense, and using an expert position to say why something can’t be done. I’m sure Larry and Sergey had lots of experts around telling them Google “could not be done” many years ago. Well that’s tough on the experts because PageRank works.

    A reasonable man would see straight away that an expert advising compliance with a reasonable law about health and safety is not trying to “stop” anything. He is doing his job, making sure something that must be, in fact is. The PL is not about that.

    We can argue this point if you like, but I can make you a very long list of laws, rules and so on in society at large that can make mean anything I want by ignoring context. Yeah, I’ve had a lot of practice – colleagues and I like to play these words games for fun (to see who can spot the error first).

    This subject of blue asbestos – that’s about as far as one can get from the actual intent of the PL, it’s a complete reversal. It thus doesn’t invalidate the PL at all in any way, but it does indicate criminal negligence on the part of whoever authorized leaving asbestos in the ship walls.

  172. correct, thats what I am talking about. But the rules given by LRH is far older knowledge. I think the above policy is his hat write up.ARC

  173. I was sergeant in the Dutch Army and I worked for the Sea Org twice on the ATF and twice on the Internship. I experienced the military as keeping your man busy cleaning clean rifles while waiting and getting drunk, having no purpose, no targets, no study, no improvement, no goal other than the pay check while being trained in stopping, carrying guns 24/7 and kill on command. The Sea Org was quite the opposite; study and enhancement 2- 5 hours a day, work 8-10 hours a day with full purpose, always with huge targets, never a pay check, never loafing, never time for fun, working continuously toward common group goals, helping your fellowman live a better life while becoming more able to do so. The main reason I left was the inability to toe the line while maintaining integrity. The difference between the Army and Sea Org couldn’t be bigger; I could see no other similarities than the command channels and discipline. I keep wondering how the Sea org would operate in a normal condition when discipline has no emphasis.

  174. LRH Communicator

    Your Birthday game plan is approved, Marty.

  175. Sounds like a reincarnation of Wireless Web Connect and Fortress Technologies:

  176. Pingback: Shelly Miscavige Is Not Missing! | OTVIIIisGrrr8!

  177. Abuse of the word “literally”. How pathetic. People — STOP using that word, ok? Thanks.

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