Freedom from Overwhelm


We have come to discover the crux of Miscavige’s Black Dianetics implant technique. My own awakening experience has been shared in greater or lesser degree by the many O.T.s who have made their ways to the Shack (the original and Casablanca). In my view, here is how Miscavige reverses Scientology to create the product of unquestioningly loyal sheep at the upper reaches of the Bridge.

First, as most of you know the ability gained from OT III is Freedom from Overwhelm.

How, then, are so many OT 3s, OT 4s, OT 5s, OT 7s, and OT 8s (not to mention Clears and Releases) finding themselves in the unmistakable condition of overwhelm?

If you look at what staff and public get a steady diet of from the very top in Radical Scientology the one overriding common denominator is overwhelm.

Overwhelming, implant-like stage setting events – six times a year.

Overwhelming diet of entheta about the state of the planet, and its populations’ insistence on destroying man’s only road to total freedom.

Overwhelming invalidation and evaluation as to individual behavior.

Overwhelming interiorization by way of unrelenting sec checking and evil purpose pulling.

Overwhelming demands for money.

Overwhelming demands for thinking in a prescribed way, and overwhelming punishments for thinking rational (redefined as ‘critical) thoughts.

Overwhelming auditing sessions by auditors taught an overwhelming beingness, and operating on the equation auditor plus meter can and should overwhelm pc or pre-OT.

Overwhelming family, peer and business associate pressure to toe the white line.

Overwhelming harassment for those who stand up and refuse to be overwhelmed.

If there is anything to be learned from the public disclosures of myself, Mike, Steve, Dan, Amy, Jeff, Marc, Claire, Jackson, Sarge, Karen, et al (ad infinitum) about the day to day conduct of David Miscavige, the common denominator of it all could be summed up in this description: “continuous intent to overwhelm.”

I think we can accurately state his overwhelmingly primary goal as “to overwhelm.”

Multiple reports have now been received and cross verified that Radical Scientology is routinely programming OT VIIs and OT VIIIs for objectives and even the Purif. A more suppressive, and reverse, general tech mis-programming is hard to conceive of.

LRH says this about the effect of incorrect programming in HCOB 13 June 70 I, C/S Series 3: Session Priorities, Repair Programs and Their Priority:

When incorrect programming occurs, then any auditing on it can add up to more overwhelm, which adds up to more errors.

There is that word again, overwhelm.

On top of all this is the overwhelming effort from staff and even public Scientologists to make the only acceptable beingness of a Scientologist to be overwhelming.

That this is the end result is not surprising given the following from LRH from HCOB 28 January 1966, Search And Discovery Data: How a Suppressive Becomes One

Search and Discovery is being made, and auditors are finding on one person and another, “myself.” Well, just among us girls, of course, you are going to find it. One of the best reasons you are going to find it is that it is part of the R6 bank. The other reason you are going to find it is that after a person is totally overwhelmed by a suppressive he assumes the valence of the suppressive. And a person you would find that on has actually been pretty suppressive…

That is the mechanism of suppression – overwhelming a person. Oddly enough you will only find it on persons who are suppressive and of course you’ve walked into the real mechanism of how does a suppressive become a suppressive. He becomes a suppressive by taking over the valence of a suppressive.

Is there any wonder why the overwhelming public impression created by Radical Scientology in the market place of public opinion is “Scientologists are overwhelming”?

Freedom from overwhelm is attainable and rehabilitatable.

The first step, as in remedying any disability, is recognizing that the condition exists.

It is quite amazing to watch how rapidly people blossom once this Black Dianetics process is remedied.

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  1. Stunning Marty, that blew charge. Yes, everything is overwhelming. Nice call.

    In addition I want to point out that old OT IV, which is now in limbo, took a thetan from OT III “Freedom from overwhelm” to OT IV “cannot be trapped again”. It was the next step after OT III to ensure that we would not be trapped and implanted again. Of course, Davie knocked this important OT Level out, with the rest of the OT (undelined) levels so that he could overwhelm and keep us overwhelmed.

    Never had I done an OT level with as much gusto as I did old OT 4 because I knew I didn’t ever want to be trapped again. I really gave that level all I could.
    Wonderful level as well: It is a beauty to run.

    ML Tom

  2. Freedom Fighter

    Wow! Wow! Flippin’ wow!!!!

  3. Spot on and cogent once again, Marty.

    I am overwhelmed with your knowledge and skills at undoing the overwhelming being done on the overwhelmed by the C of M.

    And that kind of overwhelm is nice, if you ask me. Once again, you are demonstrating that DM is truly trying to do people in. You are picking apart his insideous methodologies. And by the responses I am seeing, people from Grade 0 to OTVIII in the C of M are watching and reading your words, and finding in your approach the simple desire to affect the standard applications of LRH tech.

    They will be drawn out of the darkness and into the light of standard tech. Pretty soon, you are going to look at Mosey, and in classic Roy Schieder-esque fashion, are going to say,” We are going to need a bigger house”.


  4. I haven’t been near an org since 1992 – only once to watch GAT when i was visiting someone. I am very happy thank-you. I also detest the color gold. The whole event thing looks like a fair dramatization of incident one

  5. Tony DePhillips

    That is PURE GENIUS Marty!!!
    I know how you hate to be validated but I have to in this instance. It is for your own good…
    I have to go and pick up my jaw now…
    My needle is floating and I think it acually DID swing more than three swings now that the suppression is off!!

  6. Wonderful comments. 🙂
    I’ve done OT 2 and 3 twice. Second time taking the CBR comment that on OT 2 its good to look at the CC platens.So loved OT 2 and was very grateful to have an excuse to return, and then did a whole new run re OT 3.

    Please note I’m niether advocating RO tech nor denying it. This is all I’ve done with it.

    IMO I’m pretty free of overwhelm. Wasn’t even looking for that EP. Got it though, and that was in the independent/ Freezone area.

    Its easily and cheaply available for all ready for it. 🙂

  7. plainoldthetan

    Excellent, Marty. I have been mulling over the business of plus randomity in the whole irretrievable mess that is the current CofM. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

    But I can tell you that the constant cycle of “artificial emergencies” created at the Scientology company I worked at finally overwhelmed me. Overwhelmed me enough to say to myself that the “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” was for me to get the hell out of there. And that the “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” was for me to stop participating in the group agreement to commit overts on the product’s user base.

    I had this peculiar thing occur: when I escaped the oppressive environment of that Scientology company, I found I could program computers again, just for enjoyment. That whole creativity had been suppressed in the oppressive environment.

    And when I left that company, I re-experienced “freedom from overwhelm”. Too bad I didn’t quit the CofM soon enough.

    The other thing is that the abstract collection of writings called “Scientology” was not overwhelming. It was individuals and their co-agreements that were created, designed and enforced in order to overwhelm.

    No matter what someone’s misapplication and misunderstoods about Why finding may conclude.
    In the shadow of that orchestrated oppression, communication was forbidden.

    “Unless one can originate communications one’s imagination is in bad shape. The reverse does not happen to be true. The imagination is not that thing which is first imperiled and then results in failure to originate communication. Failure of communication origin then results in failure of imagination, so the rehabilitation of communication origin rehabilitates as well the imagination.”
    —————— Dianetics 55!

  8. Tory Christman

    Last night, when a VERY overwhelmed Sea Org member called me, terrified,
    asking for help–that is THE EXACT word for it: Overwhelm. After hearing his story—I told him to call the cops, and JUST START WALKING!
    Today he called: They followed him for 100 miles, he’s now safely way.
    Still overwhelmed? Yup—but *much* better 🙂

    And yup—I experienced it, also, for years. The enforced attempts to
    overwhelm beings tends to bring on guilt, also, which is another super negative emotion. No matter how much work you do, or how much money you give:
    IT IS NEVER ENOUGH! Again, overwhelm+ Guilt.
    I ****SHOULD*** be able to________________. (Fill in any demand that you know won’t be enough, and there ya have it).
    It’s a lose, lose situation: the opposite of why any one I know got into

    Thanks for one more excellent post, Marty. I’m very happy to be meeting each of you. Isn’t it amazing how opposite “SP’s” are from what is described
    when you’re “in”. That was a huge shock for me. Happy Week-end 🙂

  9. Thank you for a concise explanation of how a brilliant philosophy intended to free beings got twisted into a clever trap. The posh MEST and flashy events add whole track restimulation for even more effective overwhelm. I think these are micromanaged by DM to produce more than money extraction. Somehow DM’s greatest gift is the ability to create a better theta trap.

  10. Boooo F’in Yeah!!!!


  11. “Multiple reports have now been received and cross verified that Radical Scientology is routinely programming OT VIIs and OT VIIIs for objectives and even the Purif. A more suppressive, and reverse, general tech mis-programming is hard to conceive of.”
    This is incredible inval to guys on the upper levels. As a figure of speech, it makes me sick to my stomach.

  12. Tory Christman

    It was gross to live through. My state of “Clear” was invalidated while on OT 7, as were many others. One lady went screaming down the hall. I asked, “What happened?” “They just told her she isn’t really Clear”. It (in the 90’s) was a sick time to be on OT 7.

    Sounds like it’s gotten even worse. Objectives? Purif?
    If you’re lurking, and wondering why things are NOT working for you—no it isn’t YOU—what you’re experiencing is suppressive and sick. As I’ve said for 10 years now: Bail while you still can. I mean it.

  13. Your statement about “the artificially created emergencies” creating overwhelm sure brought to mind Thursdays at 2:00!!

  14. Consider what could be the product of using all these techniques to overwhelm OTs. Not just overwhelmed people, but overwhelmed OTs. You could have an army of powerful automatons at your command! Able to use immense power, but only “at the instigation of” and “in the direction desired by”, Command Intention!

  15. Has there ever been any LRH tech to justify the use of overwhelm on a PC, Clear, Pre-OT or OT in any situation?

    If there was, that could have been used as justification for overwhelm.

    There was another technique I’ve had run on me when I didn’t purchase something. The “it’s your bank”.

  16. I’ve got to hand it to you on this one Marty and then some. That is EXACTLY it.

    This sure explains why Clears and above would be de-attested and given NED auditing as well. It happened to me. In my case about the only thing it did was make me completely bull-headed, rather antagonistic and ornery. They tried to fix this new attitude of mine (I was always a rather gracious sort) but that didn’t work either – I just blew out on my own when I left and then became truly recalcitrant and virtually uncontrollable. Walked away at that point. I knew that they would not be satisfied until I asked how high when they said jump and I refused absolutely to go there. I also refused to act like they did, by searing them with a massive intensity of rage or hostility – I’ve got plenty of horsepower and rarely get angry but those I know tell me that once that cat gets out of the bag it is truly painful to experience. I didn’t want to go there as it violates my own sense of integrity to smash down another being just because I can.

    Wow. I read this twenty minutes ago and I am still blowing down with a massive bullpen emptying and cognitions galore, so fast I can’t even articulate them. The above is just a bit of it…


  17. And I hated OT IV. No interest. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Didn’t want it. Protest. Take it back. Go away.
    Could I get an ack here? 🙂
    Just Me

  18. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    Spot on, I agree completely. I lived in Clearwater for 10 years. I searched hard for the word to describe Scientologists, including myself, wife, kids, friends, SO Members, Staff, OT VIII’s, etc.

    I finally decided on the word FRANTIC!!!!!!!!!

    They are nuts, as was I. Every single action must be exactly and only laser driven by the need to go up the Bridge. Money was first, then time. Entertainment is out-ethics. Fun is out-ethics. DON’T YOU WANT TO HELP CLEAR THE PLANET?!! Going to the movies is ‘Frying other fish’.

    Hence, everyone is simply frantic. The OSAbots reading this are completely Frantic. Another EMERGENCY!

    Frantic and Overwhelmed are pretty interchangeable. I think the Franticness leads to the Overwhelmed. With ‘great’ TR’s, they try to look productive. Below, complete overwhelm.

    I can finally breathe and BE, not just frantically DO so that I can have a Cleared Planet.

    Ghandi said something like “The means ARE the ends” I concur.

    I think LRH would like for us to have a bit of fun, why go free if you can’t enjoy it? It’s OK to BE free.

    And OSA, take the night off and see a good movie, maybe even have a few beers afterwards……it’s not an overt.


  19. Scott Campbell

    Marty, you friggin’ nailed it.

    All of these overwhelms keep the being in a state of shock. When someone is in a state of shock they become highly suggestible. Only those who are virtually impossible to hypnotize are likely to be able to resist the effects of such overwhelm — and probably get out of the church’s grips immediately after first contact.

    However, Miscavige and Co. now know how to overwhelm even these types. The secret? The old bait n’ switch. Once one of these “un-hypnotizable” types is firmly committed to being a Scientologist, he is then subject to persistent overwhelm on a gradient scale –to the point of extreme mental and physical fatigue. This fatigue is caused by subjecting the “mark” to continuous lying, HE&R and de-facto sleep deprivation brought about by continuous demands to work without stopping until one produces whatever product is being demanded. Thus, even high-toned “impossible-to-hypnotize” individuals can be effectively controlled.

    By the way, for all of you Sea Org members out there, sleep deprivation is considered torture – a practice outlawed by international law.

    From personal experience, I can attest that no matter how tough you think you are, how in P.T. you think you are, how smart you think you are — you can eventually be broken down by these overwhelm techniques.

    And don’t fool yourself. They are specifically applied techniques.

    In my estimation, the ones that can resist and remove themselves from the influence of these overwhelms are the ones who KNOW that they are not bodies and love playing the game of life. In other words “US”.

    If you want a good example of anecdotal evidence regarding these techniques, look to a comment from Tony De Phillips on yesterday’s post regarding his experience with GAT training. Most of the people involved were trying to OVERWHELM and CONTROL Tony.

    And as we all know…

    “THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them. … He’s got to tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So, you can’t control somebody without telling them a bunch of lies. ” -LRH

    THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY IS LYING TO YOU! Wake up and get out before you find yourself at the other side of the bridge, broke and wondering what happened.


  20. WoW! Excellent post.
    I am ever grateful for getting OUT before it got this bad! Phew!

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  22. Tory Christman

    Just Me,

    I’d like to acknowledge that OT IV Sucked for you, you didn’t want
    it, protested it, and probably either didn’t need it, or got the EP
    early on, and were severely over run. Either way,
    never invalidate what you know to be true.

    I didn’t like it either, but knew I had to do it, to get onto OT V. Thankfully, neither of us died on V—which MANY of my friends within C of $ did…way too many, between OT V and OT 8. It was one of the many things that helped me wake up. Something was/is *seriously* wrong.

  23. Tony DePhillips

    To me this has the same impact that SURVIVE did in DMSMH.

    This is the polar opposite from an SP= SUCCUMB. And the action word for accomplishing that is OVERWHELM. A total dichotomy from LRH’s intention.
    This chrystalizes the whole game we are playing.

  24. Tory Christman

    ( I loved you having to pick up your jaw now…..:)

  25. Tony DePhillips

    Sorry but I just had a cognition.
    DM has been running this OVERWHELM for a long time and trying to get succumb happening. He has been blowing off OT thetans for a long while now too because of that OVERWHELM mania.
    It is like the whole 3-D of Scientology has been trying to run with the parking brake on. Can you imagine what could have been accomplished if we would have had a sane leader??
    Could you imagine if all or the cool powerful thetans here were all working together to create good?? I guess you can because we are doing it now right?
    Look at how much progress we have made in a year!!

  26. Never trust an Overwhelmer!

  27. You pretty much covered it Marty.

    I’d just like to add.

    It isn’t just out tech but flagrant and malicious squirreling to intentionally overwhelm a being thus making them more malleable and easier to control which is diametrically opposed to the purpose of auditing.

    You realize of course that any totalitarian Government , various vested interests and elitists would kill for this kind of “technology”.

    Those people Miscavige now calls his “friends”.

    Ron warned us many times about this sort of thing happening at some point.

    It’s interesting that these warnings have been edited out of the current set of lectures now being sold to the public.

    Fortunately this mental and spiritual havoc can be undone with Standard Auditing and Training.

    A program to handle this sort of thing would be a C/S 53 to an F/Ning Assessment (no three swing “F/Ns” required) followed by a 40X to F/Ning as well per C/S Series 95.

    No folders?

    This is handled by programing the case for blind repair according to C/S Series 19.

    Lack of auditors to handle such actions is covered in the HCOPL ‘What No Auditors’.

    Those who were “undeclared” Clear by the current Organization more than likely are Clear and the state has been invalidated.

    There are plenty of auditors out there who can rehab the state if you feel it is necessary.

    Their next step would be the OT Levels if they haven’t done them or the OT IV Rundown if they have.

    Also there is more than just endless NOTs after this point since there are several original OT levels that have been omitted from the line up since the early ’80’s that are quite phenomenal.

    Once we all get to that point we can figure it out from there.

    But I was thinking of forming a ninja team to breach the CST vaults at Petrolia.

    This will make what Meisner and Wolfe did to the IRS like sneaking into a kiddies matinee.

    Any of you ex-GO out there game for another covert op.

    We could call it ‘Snow White kicks the little Dwarfs Ass’.

    Just kidding…maybe…no really!


    Marty I just want to say you’re doing a great job.

  28. Wow! Thanks for the cognition.
    The perfect buttton for dissemination to staff members is overwhelm!

    When I get these emails trying to recruit me or reg me, I usually respond with a friendly acknowledgment of their hard work in spite of the abuse that comes down from management and ask if they have heard from Heber lately.

    I will now respond to these frantic requests for money and time by using a shorter response:

    Dear Staff Member, Are you feeling overwhelmed?
    We have a standard tech solution for handling that in the Independent field.
    Become an Independent Scientologist and survive on all eight dynamics! We can help you achieve freedom from overwhelm.
    Remove yourself to a healthier environment and unleash your creative potential.

    David St Lawrence

  29. A life of continual Hill 10s keeps staff (and, increasingly, the public) pinned to emergencies in present time, which is the condition of a neurotic. A psychotic is pinned in the past, but neurotics are pinned in the present by situations they cannot itsa. That’s the church of today. No one is looking toward the future, never further than next Thursday at 2:00. And the wider world sees it based on the way they view Scientology and Scientologists. This is what DM wants because then nobody will look in his direction . . . yet. As Tory says, tick, tock, tick, tock.

  30. Tory Christman

    One thing I’ve learned from living “in” and later facing a totalitarian
    organization is that you *have* to get tougher. You have to, or you will
    cave in. And one of the easiest ways IS movin on up a little higher 🙂
    I was raised on that, and it’s saved my ass through all of this. Joy and humor
    blow out overwhelm–and ol Dave hates that. Fish more, talk more, live more, love more. You know the policy 🙂

  31. Tony DePhillips

  32. Tom M is talking about Old OT IV, not NEW OT IV (OT drug R/D)

  33. dm is an IMPLANTER. Now and then.

  34. Tom. May I ask which OT IV you did, or what year? I believe I heard once that there used to be an old OT IV and a new one – the new one being the OT Drug Rundown. Would appreciate your clarification.

  35. This datum (overwhelm) is a very key datum to understand and opens the door to instant charge blowing should an attempt be made upon one to introvert, overwhelm and control. It is only necessary to understand the datum, spot when it is being used against oneself, and the charge being restimulated will blow, or at least diminish.

    One great reason to train as an auditor is that when the mechanics of the mind are well understood and one is armed with a datum such as the above mechanism of overwhelm, it is very, very difficult to become the effect of the mechanism. It is so easy to spot the exact charge and watch it blow or vanish. “When you know the tech, it will protect you.”

    I’ve gotta say that to get one datum that aligns so many charge producing mechanisms, and opens the door to a handling, is a stroke of genius. Wow!

  36. In my Christmas rush and deluge I have been slacking off being here with my friends, communing with all of you, my 3rd dynamic ~~ but Marty this post was too good and I have to respond.

    In private Emails with many I have heard these same words from others either stuck in, or recently beaten up spiritually and financially.

    It was overwhelm.

    These are not isolated or dissident voices in the wilderness – rather this is the culture in the Church.

    Overwhelming demands of time
    Overwhelming demands of donations
    Overwhelming family sacrifices for the CAUSE
    Overwhelming CHURCH enforced disconnections

    It still blows my mind that I joined a group that won me with the buzzword FREEDOM.
    Freedom from sadness, bank masses, depressions, bank overwhelm.
    I suffered from a false perception that this was an Ethical group, creating more better survival to those who joined and served. As I entered the Sea Org, I was under the impression that serving improved character, integrity, honor, competence. In other words, I thought Scientology and Sea Org would improve the world and while doing so would FREE all those who walked the pathway and did the journey.

    The last 20 years especially have greatly disabused me of those illusions.

    This is why I find it almost amusing to hear how Scientology is going to “clear the planet” Look at it now. And all those watching but unable to exit ~~ a sort of “While Nero fiddled Rome burned” phenomenon.

  37. Your humble servant

    A really smart analysis, Marty. Thank you. I can recall when I was last trying to have auditing at the AO that I felt overwhelmed all the time, and I couldn’t figure out why that was. You are right.

  38. You really nailed it, Marty! In reading this I realized what I hated most about working under DM’s influence: I found myself being forced by RTC to “handle” people with overwhelm on occasion. That is just not native to me and never will be, so when I had to use that mechanism (e.g. screaming at people to “impinge” on them when it was totally unnecessary) I started to despise myself. So Freedom from Overwhelm applies to Flow 2 as well – at least for me anyway.
    I also wanted to say something about the constant Nuremberg implantation events. I am sure you remember when these started: the LRH Birthday Event 1986. Do you remember how we were kept informed prior to that? By LRH EDs and recorded messages from LRH. They were always destimulating. Always clarifying. So, so, SO different from the Miscavige implanting machine that came out later.

  39. Yes this indicates! Miscavidges modus operandi – overwump ’em till they obey. Use force, MEST, effort, anything.

  40. Independent Scientologist

    I just want to vouch for the fact that at least some sec checking auditors are taught to adopt a no-sympathy, overwhelming attitude towards their preclears.

    I experienced it earlier this year at AOLA from a Class IX auditor.

    What amazes me ever more than the “auditing” I received is the fact that I gritted my teeth and put up with it – long enough to actually make it through the sec check (miracle of miracles).

    But now that I’ve officially resigned from the church I’m continuing moving up the Bridge with a friendly, un-overwhelming auditor: me!

    – Ron Matlock

  41. Independent Scientologist

    What I was guilty of for many years while I was still in the church was not-ising all the bullshit, including the constant button-pushing and attempts to overwhelm.

    So when I left the church in late June I decided that my days of not-ising outpoints was OVER.

    I had an interesting win yesterday when I was leaving my dentist’s office and noticed a blind woman who seemed to be having some difficulty crossing a busy street. This is something I normally would have ignored, but since my not-iser no longer functions properly, I walked over and asked her if she needed help. She said no, she was just waiting for the next green light, and sure enough she crossed safely when the light changed.

    It still felt good to spot something wrong, put out a help flow and try to handle it.

    And I find myself doing that with other independents.

    – Ron Matlock

  42. Nope. Wrong. It` s all about overwhelming SPs, and it seems to be working pretty good. Almost everyone feels overwhelmed here! ;)) I, personally, didn` t feel the slightest overwhelming in my church. And I am a person which can` t even tolerate a wry look…so think it over, and reform your theories, Marty.

    Scientology is still at the beginning of it´ s History, and you were Pioneers, before the Tech was compiled correctly, as LRH wanted it for us. Stopping to deliver, until everything is fine, was no option. So, in some cases, you had to do some Steps on the Bridge again.

    Besides: The Events are simply beautifull and pure Theta, I can` t understand how someone is able to see something else in it. David Miscavige is doing a wonderful Job, especially in giving us all the original LRH Materials, at unbelievable affordable Prices, so everyone can have it. (Compare the price of one Basics/ACC CD with a simple POP CD!)

    I repeat, it`s NOT overwhelming for US, it` s great, it` s fun, and it` s wonderfull projects to articipate, and ensure the future of Scientology. You are definitely not part of it, as far as I can see here. Trying to make yourself right is a laughable attempt, and it` s just whistling in the dark. My advice is: Take your wins and run away. Oh, I forgot: You already did! ;))

  43. Watching Eyes

    Have to wonder what was the event/point when the dwarf went into total overwhelm. Boy, something sure happened. Whatever it was, he’s been dramatizing it on others ever since. It used to be cunning & slick. Then that stopped working and became so “in your face”. What’ll he do when that stops working? Shoot himself?

  44. Just to clarify here, Tom M is talking about the “original” OT4 (which was dropped by the CoS in the early 80s), not the OT drug rundown, which is the current OT4.

  45. I have to echo that sentiment Marty. A masterful analysis of the current scene.

  46. After completing OT III in 1979, I truly felt freedom from overwhelm. Life was great. I noticed, however, that much of the effort of certain staff members (their own case) was dedicated either toward overwhelming others, agreeing with overwhelm or just allowing themselves to be overwhelmed. I would look in amazement at people who created their own miserable working conditions, etc. It was like being exterior. It was being exterior. As DM became more of a force, staff overwhelm completely occurred during the Mission Holder fiasco. Most everyone was willing to toe the line and “be good.” I noticed during this period that while OT III offered “Freedom from Overwhelm” the awareness characteristic in the middle of the Grade Chart (at that time) stated “Total Freedom”. I could see that “Freedom from Scientology” was included in “Total Freedom”. OT III is controversial with the public. As a trained auditor and trained solo auditor, I was able to get fantastic gains without either agreeing with or disagreeing with the data. I just ran out what was inside of me. Movement of the TA. I would also tell you that while the Bridge was being nullified and undermined (ultimately by stupid sec checks which I never was subjected to), there were other electronic transmissions being perfected (just as Ron talked about in Scientology 8-8008 where MEST beings used electronics to implant Theta Beings) and these were being experimented on and perfected at the Montauk Air Force Station at Montauk, New york. This became my life work. It is also not a coincidence that I left Scientology in 1983 and moved to Long Island right before these project climaxed.

  47. Scott Campbell


    I disagree. Anyone, (including “OT’s”) who have become the effect of overwhelm would not have the “reach” or “sphere of influence” needed in order generate or effectively use their “immense power”.

    Only true “Freedom from overwhelm” can rehabilitate a thetan’s native abilities.


  48. Scott Campbell

    I love this poem, Tony.

    The movie was excellent too!


  49. What a great blog topic! I have enjoyed reading the cognition comments already expressed; I believe many more cognitions are simply in the formulation stage or awaiting posting.

    I wish to share my cognition: The overwhelm presented through the various described actions is only effective if the person is other-determined or considers himself/herself other-determined. Most folks on this blog have already taken back their self-determinism, so the “overwhelm” should only be in the past and should be easily describable as such. This is what’s true for me.

    What an effective way to audit the 3D! Hallelujah!!

  50. Wow!!! What an indication…. The 5 tone hippopotamus sitting on my head ain’t there any more.!!! :o) Marty!!! R E E E E E S P E C T !!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Yes SOP in the current CoS and in some WISE groups: intentionally lie, to overwhelm to control and to demand one compromise to “Command Intention” only, the result: a frantic frenzy to comply, OR to feel totally guilty and below non-E as a being. The choices: to play on their field by the “new rules”/arbitraries, withdraw from the game, OR do lowers until one agrees. Another phenomena I’ve seen, is when one has become the effect of the frenzy to “help” it is strongly recommended THEN to have a change of environment. Let’s screw ’em up and cut ’em lose to dwell in their “overts”. I personally believe the current games are to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, one is just “bad” and the only way to get back to being “good” is buy more, do more until the end result has been achieved: serenity of beingness +40 know, becomes -40 total failure unknowable. Succumb has been/is the only “safe” beingness, if one wants to be an “active” member. It’s very very sad how well this “tone 40” manipulation tech is working within the active group. Another point, if I may, we “old timers” were raised/taught to believe, squirrel groups and SPs are to be avoided and not communicated to, as each is trying actively to destroy the Tech and LRH’s mission, KRs written will bring about correction, HCO brings order, Qual corrects the org, there is no hidden data line, all of the tech is in the HCOBs and on the tapes, Verbal Data Checklist was posted in the courseroom. So, what does this tell the “actives” about GAT? Where is the SO1 line? The Students’ Rabble Rouse Line? If DM can get Nibs out of a movie successfully what else can his peeps do electronically? When was the last time you had an unkillable F/N? How about a floating TA lasting for days? weeks? When were you last told to go, and enjoy your win?

  52. Watching Eyes

    I thought your comment was tongue in cheek, an attempt at being funny. Then I realized you’re serious. So, once again, I’m prompted to fulfill an earlier promise and that is when I spot a troll I will post the following for anyone wanting a refund and/or repayment.

    Trying to get a Refund / Repayment?
    For anyone wanting a repayment/refund here’s where you need to write. These are government agencies and WILL respond to you. Your complaint will not be ignored.

    For the IAS here’s the one to use. It’s in CA.
    Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    EIN number: 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail. Do it.

    For Flag or the Ship this is the one in FL. It’s under the Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    Go for it. If enough of these show up on their desks, the CofM risks an all out gov investigation. Know this, you will get your repayment although sometimes they drag their heels. A refund; you might not get it. Currently they’re being stinkers about that one and Kobrin is in glee writing denial letters. But, the key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to cc the above two agencies.

  53. Or Wednesday night for FDN staff!

  54. How great it is to hear this Sweetness and light life that you are living. Do you need some more lubricant for your …….. or is it way too large by now?

  55. Very good and accurate post, Scott. For the most part, I had managed to steer away from bad delivery and got the intended result from all my courses and auditing.

    I realize now that I was sucked into this vortex unknowingly by LIES.
    LIES that are close to the truth, enough to draw support but factually emerse you in an other determined reality.

    other-determined reality – someone has given him a facsimile and has really impressed him with it and so this looks more real to him than reality. (tech dictionary)

    I bought all of the IAS lies about what they were doing with the donos. I spent 17 years working in educating parents on the many areas of tech involved in raising children. The majority of these were non-Scientologists. So, the idea of outreach activities was very real to me. The IAS fronts itself as the outreach program for the planet but then they don’t deliver. The programs are promoted to get the money and then abandoned, leaving the project I/C with a HUGE problem. The first of many lies that kept me biting at the hook.

    There is just enough Scientology being delivered to lure you into the trap. As I mentioned, my auditing was great and naturally rekindled my interest in sharing this with others so I joined staff. My area of interest and experience has always been in 6B, new people. It started out great but by the second year I am being ordered to send all my new public to ALL events. Knowing what seasoned Scientologists think of these events, now imagine a neophite entering “the machine”. I remeber getting reamed several times about the blow rate in 6B. I would nervously watch the indicators of my students and try to catch any who needed special handling. In fact, part of the standard event handling was making sure any BIs students were handled before they left. And, do that while you are making your quotas on IAS donos. book sales and getting new staff contracted.

    Can anyone say…dispersal??

    Power is the ability to maintain a position in space. These events, targets (production and monetary), evaluations and invalidations are all efforts to remove power from the being. Add a heavy dose of force and you now have motionless, and powerless OTs.

    Marty’s blog (or someone else’s) has acted as a stable datum in all this random motion. Gradually we have had a chance to regain certainty, blow charge and regain some of that power we once felt.

    Even DMs power is a false power when dealing with real OTs. He can only control those who are weak and cannot fight back. Visions appear of him standing upon a crag, lightning bolts flashing as he unleashes his whip upon the cowed people below, red faced, eyes bulging, profanities bellowing from his spittled lips…STOP HIM (Marty, Mike, etc.)…his mouth beginning to froth as he loses control…destined to his own self destruction. DM is so powerLESS, he cannot even STOP anymore.

  56. ‘Snow White kicks the little Dwarfs Ass’

    RJ, I can’t stop laughing at you post!

  57. ☁ Overwhelm from the end of endless 10 Aug handlings when roller-coaster phenomena occur on the gains and the ‘item’ is too obscured to be found or forbidden to be voiced (add to that the wrong items ‘found’ and forced to be run).
    ☁ Overwhelm from the end of endless sec-checking when a doubt or reservation about a case state is voiced (‘did you falsely attest?’)
    ☁ Overwhelm from the end of endless ‘repair’ when an OT goes into crash and burn after completing an OT level.
    ☁ Overwhelm from end of endless regging to convince the OT that the ‘why’ for his crash and burn is the fact that he has ceased to move on the Bridge coupled with the widely propagated false datum that he is merely ‘dramatising’ the next level.
    ☁ Overwhelm when we suffer through a session secretly longing to just get it over and done with so we can get on with our lives.
    ☁ Overwhelm when we hold our breath at the examiner or the Success Officer praying for the F/N that is our ticket out of the org.
    ☁ Overwhelm from the ever expanding ‘TE’ that somehow becomes an almost insurmountable mountain to climb in order to achieve the next OT level.
    ☁ Overwhelm when the continuous use of Black Dianetics finally becomes to much and all of our dynamics crash under the onslaught.
    ☁ Overwhelm from the enforced stable datum that all problems in life must be handled in an auditing room and that one should cease communicating and living in the physical universe and rather stay permanently hooked up to an e-meter.
    ☁ Overwhelming confusion, disorientation, destruction, devastation, pain, fear, illness, heartbreak, sadness, and finally betrayal.
    If ever there was evil in the world, we have it.
    How powerful is this technology of ours that it can be so adeptly utilized to capture, enslave and control.
    Thanks for this Marty. I could ITSA on for a few hours about overwhelm coupled with it’s side-kick; the roller-coaster loss of gains.
    Well done to every OT who made it out alive!!!
    ☀ Correct indication. LFBD F/N.

  58. Ground control to Major Tommy….. Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong….

  59. I know what all those words mean, but what do they mean when you put them all together like that?

  60. While it’s definitely true that excess regging, bad auditing etc etc can really cause someone to utterly cave …

    I’ve found from my own personal experience that I was never free from overwhelm while IN — too many demands, no encouragement, lack of genuine friends etc.

    An enormous facade was my persona. I was whomever I needed to be to appear “with it” — whether in the SO or as public.

    At some point, the facade began to crumble. I could no longer keep up the charade and yes — overwhelm set in.


    I would say though I was unable to learn to relax and just be. I would try to TONE 40 my life — which in case, anyone is noticing Life just doesn’t seem to listen 🙂

    It seems to have almost a mind of its own — and thus the biggest lesson for me was … LISTEN to what my environment, friends, work place is telling me.
    It will echo EVERY TIME and I can make adjustments — slow down, work faster – whatever.

    But most importantly — I came to understand that my titles, my levels, my jobs held in the past are essentially meaningless.

    They don’t define me. I thought they did and when they collapsed, so did I — ergo overwhelm.


  61. Just Me
    I get you!
    The only auditing I really enjoyed was done solo.
    The rest was painful.
    OT IV was particularly laborious and slow and… well.. BORING!
    Ha ha – there! I said it!

  62. Liveswell — SO TRUE:

    “we “old timers” were raised/taught to believe, squirrel groups and SPs are to be avoided and not communicated to, as each is trying actively to destroy the Tech and LRH’s mission, KRs written will bring about correction, HCO brings order, Qual corrects the org, there is no hidden data line, all of the tech is in the HCOBs and on the tapes, Verbal Data Checklist was posted in the courseroom.”


  63. Or pretty much all night long for CLO staff

  64. ROFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨!!!!!!!!!
    You’re surely not living on planet earth !

  65. Tory
    For steering one more Sea Org Member safely to freedom…

  66. Thanks for the ack, Tory. And to those who asked, I did an OT4 that was a drug rundown related to issues introduced during OT3.

    Finally, Tom, I apologize to you for posting something related to me that certainly could have come across as an invalidation of your own OT4 wins. That was not my intention at all. I’m tickled about the benefits you obtained on that level!

    Just Me

  67. THE DIRTY DOZEN explained=
    Very Simple, isn’t it ?

  68. Tony
    Exactly! and the end product is death…

  69. Thank you, Sam. Isn’t it nice to just say what you think?
    Would love to see you soon.

  70. Wow. Tears. Thank you.

  71. Or even: making love with his ego Ziggy sucked up into his mind

  72. Dear Marty, Pls let me know where I can find the LRH on

    Dear Marty,
    Pls send me the LRH ref. Frgeedom from overwhelm is attainable and rehabilatable. There is a person in my life who has been on the wholetrack with me, Iwould like to help. Looking forward to hearing from you. It has been 30 years this life time I have been looking for the LRH ref.
    I like those who read your blod, am glad that you are there to keep Scn alive.
    Much Love,

  73. DFB aka Dfb99

    Metaqual, am I reading this correctly? Can you expand on this?
    You’ve got me curious…

    “..and these were being experimented on and perfected at the Montauk Air Force Station at Montauk, New york. This became my life work.”

  74. Snowhite thanks for the ack.
    Marty must have hit a nerve.
    Getting a post from Snowhite is like getting a ‘Hallmark’ card – when you care enough to send the very best.

  75. atcause,

    Of course not. The auditor’s code is pretty clear, and LRH was incredibly consistent about this.

  76. Speaking of LRH books being available at unbelievably affordable prices, I would like to share my experience with the new Amazon Kindle. As you probably know, older versions of the LRH books (from before the Golden Age of Alteration) are freely available on the net, either through our anonymous friends,, or Maxim Lebedev etc. Amazon will convert these PDFs to Kindle format for free, and send them over your WiFi directly to the Kindle. Anyway, I did this with a number of LRH books and the text looks great. These are even easier to read than the new Basics! Plus, there are two big dictionaries also loaded on the Kindle. So, it is a perfect tool for studying LRH anytime and anywhere.

  77. Great post, Marty. Very well explained.

    It is almost a test of OT to live through DM’s incredible suppression. It is almost like “Well, you are supposed to be invincible and be able to make the world spin faster, DO IT or DIE!”

  78. DFB aka Dfb99

    Thats great Snowhite. You are lucky to have an org that is different than any org I’ve been to.

    I assume you must have so much money that being incessantly regged for Ideal Org, IAS, Superpower, etc does not bother you.

    I wonder what an IAS reges “havingness” level for donations is? I mean if you had say a billion in the bank and you cheerfully had no ridge on giving donations they would be at your house like vultures. You would have to set up a waiting room for these guys. But they are generally working in the thousands, maybe hundred thousands on a huge donation, but what if that didnt even concern you and you handed it out like you would a spoonful of sugar for their tea? What would their reaction be?

  79. I have a book called “The Montauk Book of the Dead” by Peter Moon. Most of the book discusses the author’s experiences with Scientology and I really liked it. I believe I will re-read that one today.

  80. Davey boy keeps his troops busy (overwhelmed), so that they don’t turn on him (Simon Bolivar).

    Unfortunately, he’s mis-duplicated LRH yet again in that vein, by keeping people overwhelmed in the direction of producing a big, fat TRAP instead of freedom!

  81. Snowhite,

    I love reading your posts. They help me to not become complacent or take for granted the incredible, theta, intelligent, cog inducing, charge blowing posts and posters here.
    The comparison is mind blowing! Thank you…

    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  82. Marty-

    Thanks for another eye opening write-up that is spot on the money. The organization run by the insane troll has devolved into a spiritual and mental ghetto devoid of any sort of similarity to the founder’s purpose, intent and vision.

    Today’s missive prompted me to recall the letter from DM on RTC letterhead that was given to every Scientologist in the field following the tragedy of 9/11. In that letter there was a line that jacked my TA in a very sudden fashion. The line was (paraphrased) “Get busy, really busy”. I remember thinking “Why don’t we get smart, really smart and efficient?” As an on lines public you think I wasn’t already “busy”? Jeeeesh!

    In short, the CoM has taken on the persona of a flea-bitten dog chasing its own tail, i.e., going nowhere fast. Dramatized frantic busyness that’s a wrong interpretation of the concept of rapidity of particle flow alone determining power. Never ending Hill 10s and emergencies. All creating overwhelm. That’s my two cents.

    Once again thanks for all you do with the purveyance of sanity.


  83. Windhorse,
    ” They don’t define me. I thought they did and when they collapsed, so did I — ergo overwhelm.”
    I totally get that! Thank you.

    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  84. Brilliant observation.
    There are so many examples of it. Of course poor diet and lack of sleep keep an individual in a condition that is easier to overwhelm. Making a staff “rehabilitation program” (RPF) where the average person on it has been there for 7 years and some for over 10 years is only there as a tool for overwhelming individuals.

    Actually when I look back on the staff experience before I left, it’s obvious to me now that it was totally geared to keep the individual in a state of overwhelm. Very interesting.

  85. Tony DePhillips


  86. Hi Dave, ahem, I mean Snowhite! Looks like you’ve improved your spelling a great deal. Now you just have to work on punctuation.

    Thanks for the entertaining gibberish! A good chuckle’s always good for the start of a day.

  87. A few years back, I was touring the original “Founding Church of Scientology” in DC. The tour was given to a group by the 2 SO members on Garrison Mission there (they actually lived there and were caretakers as well as tour guides.) Now, there are many extraordinary opportunities in that setting to highlight key points in the developments of Dianetics and Scn…the first transistorized e-meters, the collection of LRH’s books from his personal library, some of the first organizational Policies, etc. While some of these were *noted*, the highlight was a viewing of “new dissemination videos” shown in the upstairs conference room. It was a strange vibe to say the least, as one of the Missionaires was on the phone to someone “uplines” while the vid was being shown, relaying the indicators of the people in the group after seeing the vid. I am sure that these were the “pilot” videos for the Div 6 “screen tech” panels that are being installed in the Idle Orgs.
    I only mention this as an indicator that the “overwhelm” is planned and intentional,, coming from the top and orchestrated to exist at all levels of the organization. It is INSANE by the LRH definition of Insanity, and is clearly Intentional. This “intention” was telegraphed (on the Div 6 lines at least) as early as ‘The Orientation Film” (with the famous ‘Jump off a bridge or blow your brains out’ statement) and the Success Through Communications Course (I will get flamed for this again, I am sure) which moved off of the very successful teaching of the Communication Formula and its attendant parts, and instead emphasized thought stopping techniques as “skills”. ARC was no longer sacred….Control as a substitute for Communcation became the order of the day.

  88. Operations Clambake lays out the differences if you are okay with seeing some words the CofS doesn’t want you to see. Just google something like “original OT levels.”

  89. Tony DePhillips

    Snowhite you rock!!

    I haven’t laughed that hard since that Peter Sellers clip from the movie Being There.
    You have a real knack for droll humor. Keep up the good work!

  90. Tony DePhillips

    Damn Sam!!!
    That is a powerful list..
    That blew charge for me thanks.

  91. Tony DePhillips

    You are good LO!!

  92. Marty..thank you so much for this blog. Everyday it brings to light thoughts and observations I have not-ised over the last 30 + years. “Overwhelmed” hits the spot!

  93. Anna said: “I’ve got plenty of horsepower and rarely get angry but those I know tell me that once that cat gets out of the bag it is truly painful to experience.”

    Boy oh boy can I relate to this. Having power is one thing. Handling power is another. Leveraging power is yet another. What a fascinating subject power is! Because overwhelming others is such a big overt it’s no wonder power has become so aberrated and that thetans withhold and minimize their power.

    Yes indeed, huge cogs on this topic are available just for the taking! Thank you, Anna.

    Just Me

  94. Re: I think we can accurately state his overwhelmingly primary goal as “to overwhelm.”

    Marty, in this and other statements I’ve read on this blog there is an indication that Miscavige is operating with an intelligent plan…yet, reading some of his verbatim rants here I have become convinced that he is nothing more than an ignorant bully. Is it possible he got to this “to overwhelm” goal simply by getting away with it and not due to intellectual ability?

  95. Great idea! A kindle will be on my Christmas list!


  96. Whiteness of Snow,
    Hmmmm…interesting viewpoint. You’re talking about the International events with the Galactic Golden Pillars and specially designed ornate height-enducing podium, the hypno-trance overwhelm music with the Super-Mesmerizing Powerpoint spinning statistic graphical extravaganza. Oh yes, very Theta.

    I too am a lover of fiction.

    The materials were not compiled correctly. LRH failed on that one and authorized that he be taken off the copyrights of the books as the author. He never noticed that his books were all wrong or if he did then he just let it slide, hoping that someone would come along some day to fix his mistakes.

    So many Scientologists failed to get case gain before implementation of the shiny new Golden Age of Tech. They were all DBs and this new approach was designed to weed them all out so the rest of mankind would no longer be hindered by their presence.

    The management tech, prior to the arrival of Mr. Miscavige, was simply not applied properly either. How could so many executives be so damned stupid and wrong? They were weak and lacked the skill and commitment it takes to beat and humiliate staff in order to obtain compliance! To pound and kick and choke them until they were honed for the job of saving mankind.

    L. Ron Hubbard must have been distracted to have missed the fact that all the auditors he trained over the years were not only calling FNs incorrectly, but were stumbling about incompetently with his procedures. He should have been comm eved for that. Where was HCO? Why didn’t they handle him? It took a great and rare man, one Mr. David Miscavige, a person who without auditing, did not let his lack of formal education or training in Scientology prevent him from rising above it all to obtain the necessary confront and skill to correct the flaws in the technology that Hubbard neglected to see or remedy. He surely must have been out-ethics, too busy riding motorcycles or writing fiction to pay attention to those things.

    Scientologists throughout the world should be eternally grateful, especially due to the fact that COB holds their very eternity in the palm of his benevolent hand, for salvaging the sacred scriptures from their corrupt and altered states, ignoring the mere fact they had already been prematurely preserved onto etched stainless steel plates, gold compact discs, nickel plated records and specially designed archival paper. Good god, I would hate to think what an unfortunate position I would have been in if in the future some global disaster dictated that I fall prey having to wrestle with incomplete and improperly compiled materials dug up from the vaults. We would have all been doomed.

    Yes, the SPs! The bastards! Overwhelm them! Double-black Reverse overwhelm them! Quadruple black reverse over-under-side whelm them! All those fake Class VIII’s and incompetent Class XII’s that Hubbard incompetently and irresponsibly churned out, who somehow tricked thousands of unwitting victims into believing they had wins…how could they have gotten away with that so long? It’s a damn good thing that Chairman Miscavige spotted these people as SPs and ensured their defeat through his ingenious overwhelming strategy! Good riddance to bad rubbish! Who needs them? After all, not a single one of them had trained on the superior Golden Age of Technology methods that have been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to produce auditors whose procedure is so perfect, whose TRs are so identical, so exact, so picture perfect as to be approved by his personally hand-selected disciples adhering to the highest of standards and expectations and without a quark of compromise.

    If it wasn’t for His Honorable Miscavige, it never would have come to light that PCs were being robbed of case gain daily through the failure of weak auditors who did not have the stamina to persist past a mere one or two swings of what they were trying to pass off as a ‘floating needle’, but alas simply bailed, rabbited out of the process, out of fear or laziness or evil intentions to do in mankind. What treacherously low confront these soulless impostors must possess. Never ever again shall anyone be cheated out of their full end phenomena gains.

    While we’re at it, let’s not forget the discovery of the gross misapplication of The Way to Happiness philosophy so deviously rampant throughout the cunningly lazy ‘Scientologist’ communities. For instance, the treating of others as you would like to be treated! Good god man, who knew?!? Who knew that everyone wanted to be called a cocksucker, a slit, a cunt, a DB, an SP, a motherfucker and other perfectly fitting and appropriate names? Who knew they preferred to be beaten, kicked, spit on, punched and choked? Only a Kurtz-like visionary, a messiah-like seer like COB, that’s who!

    Again, thank you for rising to the task, Mr. Miscavige, and having the courage, the foresight, the audacity to set the stellar example of how to use language to push the unseeing to greater heights of achievement and competence, all from an in-depth understanding and application of one simple yet powerful precept.

    Though some may see you as Yellow Snow, do not let this stigmatize you or weaken your resolve to hold your position of truth that Scientology is in it’s infantile stage, under-developed and unrefined. The suppressive executives that a dawdling Hubbard personally trained and allowed on post are no longer a threat, as they have been gotten rid of or defanged and rightly held in the hole of shame under close guard to ensure they no longer have the wholesale freedom to carry out the mission of the dark side.

    Finally, after defeating the insidious forces of planet-wide sabotage and skull duggery steeped in the stench of mutinous intent, Mr. Miscavige can continue on with his battle-plan for conquering death, unconsciousness, pain and entheta by assembling a worldwide force of unprecedented luxurious buildings and flawless video dissemination apparatuses that will shake the population of Earth to its rafters, culminating in a magnetic pull of entire cities and countries, grateful and filled with feverish desire for the opportunity of spiritual salvation, all for the highly affordable minimum donation of the equivalent of a $360,000 P. Diddy Maybach.

    Yes, there is but one man, wholesome and indestructible, a lover of Scotch and racing, firearms and cycling, a friend to all those who do not oppose him, who is not only the ecclesiastical leader of the most powerful religion in the world, but is the personal vanguard, guiding light, highest official authority and single-handedly the sole driving force for the exploding success of the Scientology Religion, the infamous Sea Organization, the Religious Technology Center, the Church of Spiritual Technology, the International Association of Scientologists, Narconon, World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, Writers of the Future, the Church of Scientology International, Golden Era Productions, Religious Research Foundation, Church of American Science, the Volunteer Ministers Association, the Freewinds, Majestic Cruise Lines, Cult Awareness Network, Flag Service Organization, Flag Land Base, Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Education, the Rehabilitation Project Force, Commodore’s Messenger Organization, Hubbard Communications Office, Applied Scholastics, Bridge Publications, Author Services, Inc., IRS Enforcement Division, Celebrity Center International, New Era Publications, Criminon, Church of the New Faith, Galaxy Press, World Literacy Crusade, Way to Happiness Foundation, Scientology Missions International, Office of Special Affairs, Association for Better Living and Education, Flag Ship Trust, Nesta Investments, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Hubbard College, IRS Church Tax Compliance Section, International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Parishioners, Foundation for Religious Tolerance, Freedom Magazine, Oklahoma Investments Corporation, best friend and biggest fan of Tom Cruise, as well as an independent consulting movie producer in his own rite.

    That one magic man, caring and benevolent, overworked and under-acknowleged, with his Kruggerand-colored hair will one day in the not-too-distant future, be looked upon as the true Mattreiya, the fullfiller of mankind’s dreams, Mr. David Miscavige.

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again, for reminding all of us here at this lowly blog, that we will never again be fortunate enough to be part of the fun of the “US”, that is, the YOUs of the underOverWhelmed forces marching in unison.

    Oh, for to be not-Doomed, I weep, I weep as I whistle, as I run like the wind with my gains.

  97. Marty, thank you for this post. That is exactly how I was feeling. LFBD!
    Thank you so much for being here and doing what you are doing. It really helps when others have the same reality.

  98. RJ,
    Spot on C\S instruct.

    I did the C\S 53 to F/N list and GF40 as my LAST step in the Church which lead to my confirmation that I will no longer continue on this path of overwhelm for myself or family.

    As aresult we are all out.

  99. Just Me, Thanks for your clarification as I did do the original OT4 and did get proofed up against being zapped as well as the incredible exteriorization that went along with it and now made stable after NOTS auditing.
    The result of this level for me was that my true will always overcomes the attempted impositions directed at me from whatever sources without much of a comm lag.
    My own consideration on implants is that they are a motivator one has received when he himself earlier sought to impose his will in opposition to a false impression and was successfully baited and drawn and trapped into to the mechanism of then “can’t withdraw from nor can he reach for” whatever the subject content was.
    The best refference I can think of is the Engram running by Chains Time track Bulletins 1,2 and 3 where LRH covers this.

  100. So Snowhite,
    Nowadays SP’s are handled by overwhelm…. When is Der Finder of Lost Tech releasing that PL? It would really explain al lot to me because I couldn’t figure out why all those OT’s died of cancer, committed suicide, divorced, got strokes and went bankrupt. Looks like together with the thousands of overwhelmed SP’s on blogs like this, you must have been pretty busy in applying your new overwhelming Tech. Everything is sweetness and light, so why bother telling us to go off and be quiet; don’t tell me your wonderful new standard SP overwhelming Tech has failed to overwhelm us; are we too loud? Davey wouldn’t be bothered anyhow because he is doing great and only 25 years late with the release of Stupor Power. And his prices are really not too bad either: only $12.000,- per set of Basics/ACC, only a couple of years savings. I would never download, copy or borrow them as free materials in the public domain. They’re as reasonable as his prices for the 6 months implant checks and the criminal donations for the Idle Orgs, International As Suckers and Library Dumps.

  101. Comment of the year.

  102. Tory Christman

    PJ, M&M and folks here who did their OT levels “in” C of $:

    Well, why do you think, within C of $, SO many people die (way too young) from OT 5-8? If you were any where near there, (which Marty and Mike and some here have) when I’m speaking of (the 90’s/Flag, Freewinds, AO), people were dropping like flies. Even my own brother, a non-Scio- said to me:
    “Tory, we’re less than 1 year apart in age. I know one person who is dead. Every time I talk to you, another of your Scientology friends has died. What’s up?” It did get me thinking. Still took a few more years to fully wake up, and leave-escaping out in 2000.

    I rarely hear of people out, using the tech, dying so young, but then I’m not in touch with everyone. I’d love to know what your take is on it. (That’s why I always say: “Bail while you still can”. Literally, I’ve lost TONS of my dear friends, who were “in”, and passed away to early deaths, or some suicide. It’s awful!)
    Any ideas here? (Or is that another topic? It’d be a good one).
    Luv to ALL and Happy week-end 🙂

  103. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Maurice! Please see my note above.

  104. Tory Christman

    Just Me,
    Thanks. And to Tom, or anyone else, me too! If you’ve had terrific wins on anything, I’m all for them, and my particular situation may be far different than yours. Which is why I try to mainly speak about the abuses of the organization, as those cannot be glossed over, by anyone, inmsho. I just spoke to a Security Guard yesterday, outside the HGB, telling him about the “Program” the very people inside had run on me (Gavino for one). As always, his eyes glossed over. I reminded him:
    “The very fact that you cannot today go read on the Net what I’m speaking about *should* help you think about the lack of freedom you are supporting”. I know–it’s a long shot, but my theory is ya never know….you just never know what *may* help someone LOOK.

  105. Patricia, I think your right about DM. He found that his bullying works to gain and keep control and has kept up his successful actions. Marty is explaining WHY it works, technically, in keeping many frozen and apathetic.

  106. Great job Tory. If you ever need a safe place to steer an escaped slave you know how to reach us..:)

  107. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Sam and Tony (and all here and around the world who are doing things to help people see the abuses they are stuck with). I post this as I know, unquestionably, these people are free because of what you all (and many others) are doing.

    If it were just me, certainly without the Net—many of us would still be stuck “in”. Thankfully, very thankfully more and more people get interested in exposing the very abuses C of $ tries so hard to hide. That curtain is pulled back, DM, and you have no where to run to. Remember:
    You can RUN but you CANNOT HIDE. 🙂

  108. OTDT,
    Wow, best response ever!

  109. Tory Christman

    Wow……… is this why SO many people died way too early within
    C of $, especially from OT 5-8? Please help me understand this more…
    it’s very important to me. Thank you.

  110. I might add my take on this to make it simple in that the not so well intenioned crews out there and beyond seem to know that if you give a Thetan enough of his own rope he is liable to and most likely will tie himself up with it.
    Of course this had to be the solution to not having enough rope to tie up all these beings out there that exist to serve “them” or “they “etc..

  111. Commenters all,
    Tom is talking about an entirely DIFFERENT OT IV. It is NOT the OT DRD. Totally, completely a different level he’s referring to.

  112. Tory Christman

    Having spent 9 days in court with some of their top attorneys, (morons, Inc) and they trying to dredge in one of my posts from the net as “proof” (which they failed at, utterly), please let me state this clearly:
    “But I was thinking of forming a ninja team to breach the CST vaults at Petrolia.”
    RJ is saying this as a Joke. So to C of $’s attorneys: Don’t even try to use this.
    I know you’ve ALL long ago lost any sense of humor, but we out have not.

  113. Snowhite. Your insights and observations make me ponder your potential . Imagine what you could offer if you had 2 eyes to see with, 2 ears to hear with, a brain to think with. If you were free to look and listen. Imagine.
    Grow a pair. Read this blog. Stop being a dupe or a schill. Feed your senses, your mind and your soul with the reality of what thousands are saying. Wake up, and do yourself and scientology a favor. Willingly or unwillingly, your in a blind. Its a stage we all went through, thats why we can see you in it so clearly. That doesnt make you a bad person, but it does leave you incomplete and unfullfilled as a being. The only other explantion is that your stupid, and i hope thats not the case as it cuts you off to a large degree from the fruits of understanding and leaves you an easy target for those skilled in manipulation.

  114. Tory Christman

    Thank you so much for posting that! Truly, perfect.

  115. I see. So for all those years, LRH released half-ass uncompiled tech with the hopes that someone like DM would come along and fix it all? I know LRH was not perfect, but he was not the moron you imply he was.

    I think you are overwhelmed with the implanted notion that you are not overwhelmed. Just like Marty outlined.

    If you think it was ethical to deliver unfinished, incomplete services to people who were later asked to pay for the same thing all over again, then you are truly LOST.


  116. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Karen!
    One thing I think it’s key to point out:
    “All those watching but unable to exit”—-please let me remind anyone lurking,
    as Andreas (who was never “in”, but very familiar with the abuses of this so called “church”) wrote to me in 2000 when I said, “If I leave, I’m going to lose ALL of my friends, and probably my husband of 27 years”…he wrote back:

    “I’m crying reading your e-mail. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this.
    But I have to ask you this one question:
    ‘What kind of friends could those be, if they’re going to leave you because
    you changed your mind?”

    My entire Scio-Truman show cracked with that question, and I escaped out
    within 48 hours of reading that.
    Don’t let mice (from mice and men) hold you “in”. It may feel like jumping off a cliff 1,000 feet high (as it did, for me). In truth, it is no different than walking across the middle line in the street.
    Come over! You’ll be just fine. Stop stopping yourself. You are free. Take it.
    Your *real* friends are for the most part out, already. The rest shall come, soon, also.

  117. captures the very essence of little Davey, BRAVO!

    I’d like my copy signed and framed for posterity, please.

  118. Wow–charge being blown all over the place on this one! Thank you Marty for boiling it down so clearly and giving all the examples of how it has been going on.

    When I left I realized the overwhelm, but I thought it was “overwhelm so that they can be controlled.” I saw so much more control and deprivation going on at the base (and being agreed to by everyone there) and could see that more was coming, so it was easy to decide now was the time to take off. So at least I got out from under some level of control. But the overwhelm thing runs deeper and I didn’t see that….once you slip up and buy in it really lessens you and what you think your value is as a person. Pretty evil. I’m going to have a nice, Bd-ing sort of day today!

    Thanks again, Marty, and I wish the same for the others!

  119. ‘The Orientation Film” (with the famous ‘Jump off a bridge or blow your brains out’ statement)

    My own experience was this great ARC and rise up the awareness charachteristics with a sudden slap in the face at the end. No wonder people walked out after seeing it. Yet, all public had to see it, were required to attest that they had seen it on all legal docs BEFORE they could get help.

    Interesting point about STCC teaching how to control a comm cycle. I hadn’t looked at it that way before. It certainly never got the results that HAS course did.

  120. Tory Christman

    Well, if it’s “all about overwhelming SPs” Tommy-the ultimate floor mat,
    you have failed utterly. This is very funny to me, as that’s exactly what the “Top Secret OSA Int Internet Program” was all about in the 90’s. I watched it, I opened up the phony accounts for Yaude to use, under Gavino. (and if this IS Gavino: You have long ago forgotten why you joined Scientology).

    Either way, that program, by itself, has done MORE DAMAGE to
    Davey boy M and his gang than any other action. Since Yaude had “10 different identities running and was on ARS since day one”—all I can say
    is thanks for your help.

    You thought you were overwhelming SPs. All you’ve done is expose your silly asses, daily, for years now. There are more of us OUT, than you have “in”. And there are thousands who were never “in”, who are exposing your abuses against free speech!

    I watch you—I see you—-it’s over, kiddo. Stop trying to run the HYPE…and go LOOK. See those empty streets?
    Forgot the basic tech? Come on out–someone will help you.

  121. BRAVO !!!

  122. Watching Eyes

    Great clip. While watching it I couldn’t help but think how the dwarf would love to arrive that way at an event.

  123. You have outdone yourself this time, OTDT!

  124. Sam said, “Overwhelm from the enforced stable datum that all problems in life must be handled in an auditing room and that one should cease communicating and living in the physical universe and rather stay permanently hooked up to an e-meter.”

    This is a huge one. After breaking free of the CofS, I noticed I had been trained into a habit of “hanging on to,” (continuing to create) upsets, problems, whatever, so it could be “taken care of in session,” when really I now have the tools to handle most things that come up in daily living and be done with them. Instead, this trained-in pattern perpetuates and aggregates the BPC that life can offer.

    LRH said we were working to make beings more cause, and everything DM has put in has been intended to make beings effect.

  125. JM;

    Understood I did New OT IV and hated it as well. To me it was just more laborious ditch digging. Hated it.

    I was referring to Old (original) OT IV – the one that DM is keeping from us and is probably saving for an “upper” OT section. This is a solo level that insures that you will never be trapped again. .

    The last time anyone auditied on old OT IV, V, VI or VII was back in 1982.

    Hope that clarifies.

    ML Tom

  126. OTDT! I may have this wonderful Ode to Billy Bob Davey Miscavige you ahve penned calligraphed on parchment and framed within a gilt/foam/faux/genuine leather frame on the wall in my library I reserve only for Things That Are Too Good To Be True!

  127. OTDT

    Now, just look at what you did! I leave my computer for two hours to run errands and you enter a masterpiece. If you are not a professional writer, you may have missed your calling. This comment is brilliant. My hat’s off to you!! H

  128. karola andris

    Hi Scott. Exactly. You brought it to the point.
    I had it in my mind and on my lips, exactly the sentence : “do you know, that sleep deprivation is a torture methode?? ” but didn`t dare to let it out at that time (sure, you remember the crazy pre-anniversary times on the “most theta” place on earth), when an OT 8 senior terminal was leaning totally exhausted on me, like a beaten up poor “WOG”. That sure made me puzzle about “Cause over matter, energy , space and time”.

    Overwhelm is exactly the right description!!

    Sleep deprevation is used in torture camps allover the world and since a very long time to break and punish people and to destroy their minds and will. May be CCHR (what is the name ? CC of ” HUMAN RIGHTS”) should clean up in front of its own door, too. Or would this be a case for Amnesty international? Like the Int prison camp for example.
    And the WTH – isn`t there a section about sleep? It is just one of the most commen sense observable facts, that overtierd people and drunks are prone to accidents and don`t get much things done in a decent time. And it is for sure for the greatest good for the gratest number……. when people are in PT, relaxed , awake and uptone opposed to being haunted, oppressed,terrified and simply tiered and OVERWHELMED.
    And steering for the opposit is stupid, shortsighted, uneconommically, damaging for all and simply an EVIL PURPOSE!


  129. Isn’t that him next to Laurissa ?

  130. Somebody compile this new S.A.M. correction list real fast. Looks like a keeper to me.

  131. LOL! I can only imagine his cleavage!

  132. ****applauds****

    Thank you, OTDT, for fully handling the initial gag reflex and ice cream headache that I got when I first read Snowwhite’s enlightening post. I am now handled.

    Without your ultra-logical and straight from the heart explanation of why DM is truly the Savior Of Lost Tech And Nawlidj, I would have continued my path of debauched CI and parrying of attempts to overwhelm me. Now I understand that I should embrace what we once called “overwhelm” and understand that it is really and truly the path of paths.

    Although I feel a heaviness descending upon me, I know that with ample ruthless sec checking I will find my inner suppressive valence and then be able to have myself made into the image of our great leader and humbly serve him.

    The debt I owe to the one and only leader of mankind cannot possibly ever be repaid, but I will endeavor to do so – despite the possibility of personal financial ruin – by giving my every last earning and asset to His worthy causes and ritual libations.

    Let the light of my candle illuminate Him and let me burn until He decides to snuff me out. And even then, let my flayed skin continue to serve in the carpet for his feet. On the backs of many He will rise to a greater height.

  133. I agree M6.

    I remember reading a recent “Success Story” from an “OT VIII” who said she had this recent upset in life.

    (I guess she’d never made it on Grade III.)

    Who had to go running back to Flag to get it handled and was so happy with the service there when she did!

    I thought:

    “Wow that’s causative!”


    Like these “OTs” who turn into a quivering bowl of Jell-0 in the presence of an “SP” or turn into a basket case after reading some “entheta” in the media.

    “Cause over life” ????

    Uh huh!!!!!

    I remember when I attested to Clear and you couldn’t come near me with an auditor or e-meter for almost a year!

    Had one of those “F/Ns” Ron says it takes an ax to kill!

    Unfortunately someone posing as a HCO terminal found that ax.

    But that’s another story.

  134. CD, very, very good!

  135. Part of the indoc of ” handling in session” is that having an original idea or even a protest on policy violation fell into the category of natter, CI or case on post. In session was the only place you could communicate…until that turned into the instant route to ethics for even having anything but a perfect allegiance everything going on in the church.

    After I left, it took me months before I could communicate a problem without going into heavy grief. Once I discovered it WAS safe to communiate, the healing came rapidly.

  136. Tory,

    Thanks for the disclaimer.

    I remember when they relentlessly pursued this guy as a “terrorist” because he made some joke about TC being a Cruise Missile directed at Scientology.

    My thought was:

    “RU serious!!!!!”

    Only a complete and utter moron could take such a line seriously!

    I’d say “Moron and Cobra” have proven that any “Spirit of Play” or any sense of humor such as a “flippancy about authority” (hey OSA use you’re SIR to find that one if it hasn’t already been deleted) has been long dead under the current puritanically fascist regime.

    So since pictures are sometimes more expressive than words.

    This one’s for you OSA:

  137. Tory,

    I won’t say anything confidential because I still take my pledges seriously unlike….the Church regarding the Auditors Code and the Code of a Scientologist.

    But I will write that NOTs is a very dangerous level if run incorrectly or backwards or endlessly.

    I’m sure you can understand why this is.

    In fact the reason why is given near the beginning of the NOTs Series if you have access to the original HCOBs.

    Not the altered “Golden Age of OB”.

    It is the reason why (aside from blatant suppression from the new regime) I believe Mary Sue contracted cancer along with quite a few other Pre OTs who were auditing on “the level”.

    In other words its designed to turn things on and if run correctly blow them.

    But if run incorrectly or OVERRUN which I believe is the more common error in this “Golden Age” of the three swing “F/N” will merely turn on the condition.

    (Actually the condition may actually blow but the Pre OT or “Class IX” who has been threaten with “Ethics” if they “miscall an F/N” will in many cases audit past this point and pull in other phenomena not necessarily related to what they are running.)

    Anyway Tory that pretty much covers my understanding of the phenomenon without getting directly into the “sekrit scriptures” and the “Advanced Technology” RTC is making so much money off of.

  138. This is the exact reason why Joan Lonstein OT 8 died just this year (5/10). She kept looking for this technical “Why” which completely overwhelmed her to the point of DEATH!

    side note: she did OT 7 & 8 twice .

  139. Thanks Because,

    Actually this is how we routinely cracked cases at the AOLA back in the ’80’s while Flag was doing all kinds of squirrel shit as part of their “Case Resolution” more like mind fuck handling.

    Proof in the pudding was while Flag was a virtual Calico (that’s a ghost town in California) we had PCs coming out of our ears.

    So many that Tech Services had to rapidly mock up an additional waiting room.

    Aside from servicing WUS public.

    We had EUS and WW public plus Flag “no gain” rejects , a few spooky cases from the dark side of the Intelligence Community and even a few Congressional Staffers.

    Needless to say those were strange days but they were fun.

    Until the wet blankets from the new Regime “moved in” and decimated the staff after we made Saint Hill size in this case for real.

    Yes I thought it was pretty surreal too.

    That they’d had out pink slips after literally kicking ass and managing to maintain an affluence trend for months which eventually went into Power just like Ron says in the Stat Interpretation HCOPLs that nobody seemed to notice except us of course.

    I mean we were getting close to 700 Hrs with only one HGC continually yet when we asked the oh so “clean team” if we should establish another one they pretty much ignored us and only got interested when we hit a paused stat.

    Yeah they assigned the area a “condition of emergency” which was almost as surreal.

    Like WTFO!

    But I digress….

    Anyway the C/S is pretty simple to do with good TRs and metering.

    Unfortunately this is more the exception than the rule these days in these lavish idle orgs.

  140. I had a wonderful time being a scientologist. Did learn a lot and felt being home. I experienced first hand with me „being in that movie“ of the conversion on lets call it the friendly scientology to the implant version of scientology. Whoever did this is for me not of the big importance. This would be important only to clear things up and the charge connected with it. I had been overwhelmed more than one time. The first big one it took me some months to dig out myself. The second one it took longer. The last one around 15 years ago I still did not come through and out completely. As I did never agree to this stuff I had big opposition. Never had been allowed onto the OT levels. I would like the idea that handling the effects of black dianetics is that easy. I got that much of it that I cannot grasp it right now, that this is easy.
    In case I had been a bit emotional in the past or may be a bit more emotional in the future beleive me that I am not mad at you out there. Beleive me, that I am withholding all my piss off as much as I can and be as friendly and positive as I can.

  141. Well actually there were a few “special cases” who received the original OT levels at AOLA up till the late ’80’s.

    My wife got her OT VII EP and IIIX in ’87.

    Then mysteriously in the early ’90’s they got rid of or RPFed or transferred the only auditors and C/Ses who could deliver them.


  142. Good stuff!

    People who DM considers “players” or “big beings”, are people who’ve slipped into DM’s role model suppressive valance.

    What’s even more evidence that DM’s an “SP” is that he finds so FEW people like him!

  143. I would like to make an observation and comparision here. I really never worked for DM (other than the RPF at Int) but I worked for LRH. Thank god I blew before I had to experience the Overwhelm of DM’s regime. LRH was not a controling task master. LRH would give me something to do and let me go. He would ask how I was doing. He would expect a report. But never, ever did he invalidate me. If he liked what I reported he would say ‘carry on’ and if he didn’t he would try to help me debug it. Best boss I ever had. He made me boss. He said there it is handle it. More often than not I did. He wanted me to win. I just can’t imagine ever working for the little maniac DM. LRH would not interfere unless I got stuck. I know LRH wanted everyone to win and I did and am. Love

  144. Talking about Overwhelm. The Game is Big. Fight the power !!
    “Wikileaks need help! Mass-mirroring Wikileaks ”

    “Chanology started as an attempt to stop the Scilons taking our shit off the internet. This is the same, but bigger.

    Everyone who possibly can should help with this”

  145. one of those who see

    Wow Tony. You wrote”It is like the whole 3-D of Scientology has been trying to run with the parking brake on. ” I am having one of the wins where you are not sure exactly why, but am keyed out & exterior!! Truth!! Ok thoughts are coming. This is exactly TRUE!!!!!! Well done.

  146. one of those who see

    Wow, what a unique thought. Surviving on all 8 dynamics!!!!!! Thank you for saying that out loud. I do love this blog.

  147. Go to
    I started writing books in 1991 and wrote The Montauk Book of the Dead in 2005 to explain my background to my audience. I got an email from someone who joined the SO as a result. That certainly was not my intention!

  148. Watching Eyes;

    My hat is off to you. I appreciate your persistence and diligence. Bravo!

  149. OTDT

    I love that I am on the same side as you – and others like minded. This is my group!!! I would have to look a long time to find another collection of beings with wit, intelligence and the ability to actually duplicate and know. We can see and know when we see truth. I look forward to a future celebration of all us when this distraction is over. WE win.

  150. Freedom Fighter

    Thanks, WE. I was looking for this data! 🙂

  151. Freedom Fighter


  152. I was literally crying with laughter. That was hilarious, OTDT. Thank you!

  153. And now his brain is locked in into that behavior. In the past he always got “rewarded” for his actions Pathways have been formed. Behavior learned is not easily unlearned. That rigidness will be his doom.

  154. That’s so real to me sargio.

    I worked on two special projects directly overseen by the Ol’man and that’s the way he handled us.

    Totally Fast Flow Management like it says in the PLs.

    Even when we fucked up.

    He was totally calm no HE&R about it just sent us to cramming instead of use any heavy ethics.

    You’re so right sarge.

    Best Boss I ever had!

    If I the chance came again I’d work for the Ol’man in a New York minute!

    I can’t imagine the AESPs connected to working with that walking engram Miscavige.

    I mean that’s gotta rate right up there with getting a root canal with no anesthesia!

  155. Chuck,

    Just a wild guess.

    I’d say probably about 2 1/2% 😉

  156. I know.

    The way I handled this as an auditor when the PC or Pre OT quote nattered unquote according to the fascist regimes revised definition was put down “PC Itsa” and move on.

    Though I know other auditors would waste intensives chasing down “overts” connected these so called “natter areas” and stir up more BPC than they’d “handle”.

  157. Great observation, M.
    I nearly died in a car accident after my L10 was (purposely) fucked up. I was in a coma for 3 weeks. I never in the 7 or so years got a correct pts item for that episode. I kept thinkingt it was “me”. 7 years of auditing and 100s of thousands of dollars and I kept saying “how can we keep on auditing over an unhandled pts sit!?” Never got a straight nswer from anyone! Obviously I just got worse and worse. When I finally had had enough it came from the realization (which I stated to ethics, RTC and my auditors) that “You guys are my PTS item! You’re suppressing me.” I told them that I could not maintain my integrity and continue as a member of the church. An increadible weight had been lifted.

  158. I hear ya, RJ.

    I’m jealous, too, because all I had back in the day was Life Repair and a bunch of TRs and Objectives through OpProByDup, and here I am 40 years later still chuggin’ along. That’s what real scientology can do for ya!

    I need to mention and acknowledge the “rehab” I have received from reading and posting here on Marty’s blog, too. I owe a lot to that. Some of the other sites and people associated with them also helped me recover my “gains” from back then.

  159. RJ .to add to that if you recall when everyone sometime in the early 90’s was called in and forced to read in the confidential course room that piece of garbage bulletin written by Miss Cabbage and Ray Mittensoff which gave an extensive eval and inval of all those who had completed Solo Nots .
    The point that disgusted me the most was that an OT’s ability to blow by inspection was not only severly challenged but nullified.
    At the time I read this I was called into a room with my Solo Folders and then they were opened the robot began to go over it at me(not with me).
    I did state that as I understood it this is New Era Dianetics for NOTS so as you are checking what was run are you not supposed to follow the procedure per the HCOB Filling Missing Flows from the 1970’s as wriiten by LRH in where you say ((not exact wording) “According to Session Records flow 3 of eating apples erased ” as to do otherwise the bulletin states you would be saying to the pc to go look around in your bank for what isn’t there anymore!
    Needless to say they never saw me again as it was very evident this was no longer Scientology to me.

  160. Tony DePhillips

    You are an evil genius!! LOL!!!

  161. Tony DePhillips

    +1 JM.
    I would like and assessment of those and take up largest LFBD to f/n VGIS. Then clean up all the other reads and shoot, I may be a dm release..

  162. Agreed! I cried when I originally saw this in theaters. Such a powerful poem and and movie. Thanks for posting it to see again. 🙂

  163. Exactly. 🙂

  164. Tony DePhillips

    Looks like an Int event…

  165. Tony DePhillips

    Good one M6.

  166. one of those who see

    Thanks Sarge and RJ for your reports regarding working under Ron. Very important and helpful

  167. Tony DePhillips

    Wow Jason.. That is heavy duty.
    I for years “knew” something was wrong and I got lots of PTS handlings while on OT7 and they never really indicated..
    Scientology came up once in a session, that I was PTS to Scientology, but like you I never got a real terminal.

    Well..I have the terminal now and I am at slight gentle cause over it but hope to see my terminal pillaried real soon.

    Coming soon to a theatre near you!!

    How is Daniel by the way??

  168. wow! And how many of us have thought that “it must be me”…
    yet, deep down , knowing that it wasn’t…

  169. You know, the way DM conducts himself, his whole modus operandi is Overwhelm. The way he talks to you, everything he does is an effort to push in your space, or rip your space away from you then hand it back saying how fucked up it is.

    He has been this way since he was a teenager.

  170. I think this post will do a lot help a lot of those who are lurking and wondering. When I was in the church I helped a lot of people on stalled ethics cycles and many, many of them felt ‘it was themselves’, ‘what’s wrong with me’, etc. I believe that -to varying degrees- everyone in the church knows that they are lying to themselves and others and are, deep-down, out-integrity (ie, not being themselves-ie, PTS).

    All things considered, Danny’s doing great. He has more than his fair share of personal integrity along with a great heart and a very strong mind. I am excited to see what he does with his life….

  171. Me too! Roll on 4th of July? 😉

  172. Watching Eyes

    Isn’t that him next to Laurissa ?
    Absolutely hilarious. I looked back up at the picture and laughed out loud. Yup, that’s the dwarf alright.

  173. Tony DePhillips

    Your needle is floating!!

  174. Watching Eyes

    Merci Sapere Aude. Although your name is Latin it brings out the French in me. Uh-oh, did I just give a clue to OSA? Am I French? Maybe Swiss-French? Oh my God, OSA, what are you going to do now; cull 15,000 more folders trying to figure it out? Quick, send a mission to France!

  175. Sarge,
    A truer friend Ron couldn’t have wished for.

  176. ☁ Overwhelmed by ‘It’s me. I’m all fucked up’. Yep. You can add that one to the list.

  177. RJ, Thank you. At Creston LRH called me his ‘ramrod’. Can you tell I miss him? Truth is he’s still here, red on white.

  178. Wow, I know another guy who almost died on L10. You are really lucky. This guy is permanently disabled and cannot get around by himself. While LRH says that when one assigns blame one instantly assigns cause, this concept needs to be applied intelligently.

  179. I feel that the purpose of life is to become more aware.

    Scientology processing done right is supposed to make a person more awake, aware and able.

    Reverse Scientology or Dianetics would have the opposite effect.

    How awake and aware is a person lying in a bed in a coma?

    This is yet another example of how serious all this is.

  180. Joe Howard~Exactly right. When I think back on my end times on staff, I really could only think in PT…it was psycho.
    Seeing the kids now of the staff that stayed, it’s obvious nobody thought beyond present time for them either. They’re floundering around in confusion. 😦

  181. Snowhite,
    YOU STATE, ” Almost everyone feels overwhelmed here!”
    FLUNK, that’s an alter is of the reality here. Re-inspect what’s happening.

    YOU STATE, ” Scientology is still at the beginning of it´ s History, and you were Pioneers, before the Tech was compiled correctly, as LRH wanted it for us. Stopping to deliver, until everything is fine, was no option. So, in some cases, you had to do some Steps on the Bridge again.”
    FLUNK. What is the reference you base your comment on? You are forwarding the enemy line. Re-inspect the truth. Read KSW and Tech Degrades.

    YOU STATE, “The Events are simply beautifull and pure Theta, I can` t understand how someone is able to see something else in it.”
    FLUNK. Your opinion means nothing. Where is the survey results? Why have the number of attendees at events been downtrending long term.

    YOU STATE, “unbelievable affordable Prices, so everyone can have it. (Compare the price of one Basics/ACC CD with a simple POP CD!”
    FLUNK, for your half-truth. Have you heard of iTunes, the last time I purchased at iTunes I was not required to purchase a library of CDs to listen to one CD. One at a time IS affordable
    not enforcing 1100.
    Anyway, you are very ineffective with your “enemy line” counter viewpoint as most here know LRH Tech & Policy. But you are quite effective at making us laugh and for that I thank you.

  182. +1 Bwhahahahahahahahaha

  183. Scott Campbell

    Karen B,

    Thanks KB. Sorry for the delay in response. I was up visiting some other super theta independents all day today. Fantastic conversation and rekindling of purpose.

    Your observation and comments are spot-on. Other-determined reality is the one that holds sway in the institutional C of S, that’s for sure. I have had the same thought regarding newbies being drawn into “the machine”. Most of the ones that “stick” are probably pretty degraded, with hope of change but little chance of receiving such.


  184. Scott Campbell

    LRH was probably taken off of the copyrights of books so that the profits could go (tax free) to CST instead of the author’s trust.


  185. martyrathbun09

    Jason, Thanks. You were the first that got me onto this line of thinking. I’ve since learned from visitors that you were not alone – quite a few were parked in that position. They too had incredible weights lifted when they realized for themselves what you did. You are a pioneer man.

  186. Scott Campbell

    Wha’ BOOM!

    That was one righteous smackdown Brotha”.

  187. aw shucks.

  188. Tonight at dinner at a nice restaurant I took one bite of the “fingerling potatoes” and my mouth was burned from too much salt. So I discontinued eating those.

    When the waitress came around and asked, “How is your meal?” I told her about this.

    She said she would report it.

    A bit later a manager type came over and told me she was sorry about this, that they had told the “sous chef” and he tasted the potatoes and agreed they were far too salty. She thanked me for telling them.

    If this had been the “Restaurant a la Cof S” the following would have happened.

    The waitress (auditor) would have KR’d me for being critical of what the “expert” chefs (C/S’s) had selected for my dinner (case level) and had prepared and delivered to me.

    The chef (C/S) would have instructed the waitress (auditor) to pull my withholds.

    The Manager (D/P) would have said she had a new TE for me—including a three-course meal (three intensives) of sec-checking.

    And the MAAs would have seen me for “dessert.”
    LOL, M6

  189. His power only has force over you if you give him your power/trust/admiration (which I did).
    True story:
    He came with me to a movie premiere once and at the after party I kept introducing him to people and they barely even acknowledged him–he was completely insignificant to them. One guy nearly knocked him onto the ground as he reached to shake my hand because he didn’t notice him at all (albeit DM is an itty-bitty fellow). I was sooo embarrassed! LOL!

  190. Scott Campbell


    Wow! Great to hear from you! My God. How are you? Where are you? How can we talk?

    Thank God people, we have one tough lady on our side.


    P.S. Just for future reference. If you want your reply to appear directly below someone else’s comment, just click “Reply” to the right of that person’s name and your response will appear directly below it if you are the first to reply. If not, it will appear below others reply’s to that comment. Don’t worry, I made the same mistake too until someone helped me correct it.

  191. Tony DePhillips

    That is a great idea Bryon. Thanks!

  192. Scott Campbell


    Man, that took a set of brass balls to state a correct indication like that to ethics, RTC and your auditors. I can imagine the waves of charge blowing off after you ended cycle.


  193. Theo Sismanides

    Ijustwantthebeatingsto stop, yes, indeed! Let’s have some fun and BE. That’s high on the scale and franticness is reaaaaaaaaly… LOW.

  194. Tony DePhillips

    Snowhite, I hope you find your prince one day..

  195. Oldfox that’s pretty close to how you verify unrun flows according to C/S Series 36 and 36=1 and any later revisions.

    The problem with Pre OTs that has been a problem since Standard Dianetics is that they’ll obligingly put something there to run. Especially if the auditor or C/S insist that there is something there.

    “Verifying” unrun flows in such a manner that have already erased or heaven forbid verified earlier can act like an invalidation since the somatic or condition could have been handled on R6 or OT III or even on later Dianetic auditing handling of a similar condition or somatic.

    I think this is what has been done on a broad scale to Pre OTs.

    It’s just simply supressive.

    No surprise there.

  196. I must say, if you feel overwhelmed about anything, it does not take any “technology” to get passed the issue that has you overwhelmed. I am not trying to “enturbyoolate” but really I learned as a child if i was overwhelmed or stressed about ANYTHING…just back off think about it and then do what **makes sense** it has ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS worked. And that lesson cost me not ONE single penny……no friggen “tech” !!!

  197. Scott Campbell

    HCO PL 29 Apr 65 II ETHICS, REVIEW covers this subject beautifully.

  198. WE,

    We need more missions ready to fire. Good god. You left off the other possible French speaking countries they have to cull. Not just PC folders their but anyone who might have come from there – better start checking passports for those in French.

    Need to check folders from Cameroon, Canada (Quebec), Central African Republic, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Algeria, Belgium, Benin, Burundi, Cambodia, Chad, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, French Guiana, Gabon, Guadeloupe, Guinea, Haiti, Laos, Luxembourg, Mali, Martinique, Mauritania, Monaco, Morocco, New Caledonia, Niger, Senegal, Seychelles, Togo, Tunisia, Vanuatu, and Vietnam.

    That should give you some productive to do for a while.

  199. Valkov,

    I’d like to acknowledge your gains as well.

    Auditing and training are very powerful when doe correctly.

    I also think Marty’s blog qualifies as processing as well under types of processing in Science of Survival.



  200. Theo Sismanides

    RJ, you know we share some common views on the Global Enslavers and that there is a possibility they want DM to be there. After all the overwhelming dwarf is the perfect man for their job.

    Only Standard Tech AND Standard Admin will bring it off.

    Today I was thinking that here in Greece there is NO auditor in the Independent field.

    So, I want to promote for that and call an auditor to come and make a mission here. I know that this is what is missing here. And if I and others postulate this it’s going to happen.

    So, to all the auditors out there: you can have a job here in Greece, hahaha. It may be tough in the beginning but what the heck nothing is worth it if there is no adventure in it.

    I am looking forward to working with such an auditor directly and get some people off the ground. There are many PCs here though the fincancial situation is no good, that can keep an auditor busy 24/7, if the auditor knows his Tech and Admin.

    Thank you!

  201. Hallelujah,

    Guess this makes me an “old timer” because I believe this, so where do I joint the line.

    (Just don’t put me behind RJ – he always takes all the treats.)

  202. sarge,

    You are so welcome and thank you for all your stories.

    I love ’em.

    Please tell us some more.

    I can tell that you miss him by the way you write.

    You put him there and make him more real for all of us who didn’t know him as well as you did.

    I miss him too.

    Yes he still among us in red on white and in your stories as well.



  203. Jeez, Snowhite, go grab a hold of a copper wire that’s buried in the ground and hold onto it for a good long time. Should help you out.

  204. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, now we are talking: Overwhelm! This is the word! This is the common denominator of what an SP does. This is absolutely correct and it indicated to all of us here. I am recently starting to get de(un)overwhelmed in a certain area of my life and I already see results. So it is a correct thing and now I can freely create once more. I am sure this is also due to the fact that I have been moving up a little higher maintain my hopes and comm lines with theta (sane) beings like all of you guys here. Pointing out all the insanities and getting things straight.

    This is a very valid thing. Out in this world, which is upside down, you get overwhelmed by the amount of insanity that exists. People cannot listen and observe. We have been taught by a great master to look and listen and observe and judge. The word Crisis, which is Greek also means Judgement in Greek (it’s the same word, other definition, from the verb Crino, written Kρίνω, Κρίσις) and what we are facing today, this so called “Crisis” is just false data, no tech (Tech tech and Admin or Ethics tech), a bunch of reactive mechanisms in full swing… you name it…. How can’t you be overwhelmed with all of this charge around, and no way to handle it.

    DM instead of making it his business to undo that overwhelming feeling of modern man by the society around him (a thing that LRH did), made it his purpose and goal (for reasons we need to examine further) to overwhelm the very people who could handle that society through the Tech. Too bad for him, he doesn’t know the nature of the Beast.

    We COME back!

  205. Snowhite, would you please do me a favour and tell David Miscavige that an RPF’er blew yesterday. Shane Kelsey – ANZO. The kid was in the RPF from at least the age of 15. He turns 21 next week. DM needs to know about this.

    Thanks. 🙂

  206. Sure. Even 2-year-olds can learn how to use tantrums to overwhelm parents. When it works, they see it and lock in the behaviour.

  207. Somebody help this guy.

    Georg, <3.

  208. yes. Jump and the net will appear. Very fitting video and lyrics.

    “Jump” lyrics Madonna | The Confessions Tour

    I haven’t got much time to waste, it’s time to make my way
    I’m not afraid what I’ll face, but I’m afraid to stay
    I’m going down my own road and I can make it alone
    I’ll work and I’ll fight till I find a place of my own

    Are you ready to jump?
    Get ready to jump
    Don’t ever look back, oh baby,
    Yes, I’m ready to jump
    Just take my hands
    Get ready to jump

    We learned our lesson from the start, my sisters and me
    The only thing you can depend on is your family
    And life’s gonna drop you down like the limbs of a tree
    It sways and it swings and it bends until it makes you see

    Are you ready to jump?
    Get ready to jump
    Don’t ever look back, oh baby
    Yes, I’m ready to jump
    Just take my hands
    Get ready to, are you ready?

    There’s only so much you can learn in one place
    The more that you wait, the more time that you waste

    I’ll work and I’ll fight till I find a place of my own
    It sways and it swings and it bends until you make it your own

    I can make it alone (repeat 7x)

    Are you ready to jump?
    Get ready to jump
    Don’t ever look back, oh baby
    Yes, I’m ready to jump
    Just take my hands
    Get ready to jump

    Are you ready to jump?
    Get ready to jump
    Don’t ever look back, oh baby
    Yes, I’m ready to jump
    Just take my hands
    Get ready to, are you ready?

  209. OTDT,

    Wow! Great duplication!

    Love the precision of your writing, too.


  210. Are you saying that you were called in and all the items you had run on Nots were questioned as to whether they had actually been handled or not? If “blowing by inspection” was cancelled, then was it only the items blown by inspection that were checked?
    Can someone tell me, is this the stated reason or “technical justification” OT 7s and 8s have been put back on the level? In other words, they supposedly couldn’t be complete on the level because all the items that the pc had blown by inspection were really still unflat, and so that became the justification for putting people back on OT7?
    Unbelievable! LRH specifically points out that blowing by inspection is not only possible, but one of the main ways this charge gets handled. Not only is this stated very specifically, but the violation of this principle goes against the very basics of how any charge blows, and how auditing works as stated in the Scn. axioms.

  211. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    G’day Jason, I was pts to the CofS too. I did 15 years on solo nots, getting worse by the year, it got so I couldn’t tell a good investment from a damn goat.

    I was pts to flag and the whole Cof$ and it was killing me. You can read about it here;, hell, I’ve been taking it out of their hides ever since.

    I knew better to answer a pts question with, “Why I’m PTS to you bastards!” . Now they can be pts to me.

  212. Tory Christman

    Thank you, RJ….that helps.
    Also, one more thing to keep in mind is what LRH’s Dr–Dr. Denk
    told me, re the many OT’s who did get Cancer. I asked him, also, why are *all* these people dying, so young? Here’s what he told me:
    “ALL the people who have come through the Shaw Health Center, using ONLY “Natural means” to fix Cancer, are d e a d.
    For those who used some medical, some natural—some have lived,
    some of those died to. But our “Stats” are ALL of those who tried to fix it naturally are dead”. (And many I knew were trying to fix it naturally, vs the medical route.
    I just thought that may help some people understand some of that picture, also. Sad…but true.

  213. Tory Christman

    You’re most welcome, RJ 🙂
    Yup—that was Keith Henson, who is a critic, and didn’t even write that joke–all he did was comment on it. They were after him as he picketed out at the dwarf’s home pad: Gold- at the time. (Pre SP Hall days).
    He ended up spending 6 months in Jail–after a long fight with them, losing his Home, etc. It was horrible. So I always clarify any “joke”–having lived through a lot of that, myself. Thank you!

  214. Tory Christman

    Isn’t it amazing, Jason, how each one of us, separate from the other, thought
    it was “just me”? When I first escaped out–I began to meet other OTs and we began to compare notes. The stories were *amazing*. Finally I told Mark Bunker he had to get this on film, and he did. It’s called: “OT’s Speaking Freely”. That was in 2000.

    Now in 2010, it’s SO great to read person after person, their stories, and what does it boil down to? We were PTS to the “church”.
    And you’re right! SUCH a huge load of mass is lifted, once you do maintain your own personal integrity and leave, which is the ultimate EP For C of $,

    Amazing you were in a big accident after L10. My then husband also had a huge accident after a De-bug of OT 8, and nearly totaled my car, while I was away at Flag. Phew—–overwhelm. Sadly, he stayed “in”, and is probably asking the same questions you wrote about.
    To anyone who is still “in”….please LOOK. Don’t believe me, but at the very least…LOOK at *both* sides.

  215. Alex Braverman

    Heck, let’s have it engraved on Stainless Steel plates and keep it in the vault.



  216. It’s just bullying Patricia, I think you’re right. He’s just the same as the guy who starts a dodgy Timeshare business to make a quick buck, disappears with the money and reappears later doing the same scam with a different company name. Or the guy who undertakes on you at 95mph on the M25 and then flashes you from behind to get out the way. Or the sharp-suited banker ripping off thousands with get-rich-quick schemes. I see these people often in my work. They present a slick facade but the only intention is personal aggrandisement. Bullies, pure and simple.

    Talking of overwhelm, the first time I met Dear Leader at an Int party; I was serving drinks at the makeshift bar. DM asked for some tortilla chips with his scotch. I rummaged around and found what I thought he wanted – he looked me close in the eye and siad “you don’t have a bleeping clue what you’re doing, do you.” I was OVERWHELMED with an urge to shove the chips right back into his little face.

  217. Old fox — you did exactly as one of my best friends did, who has tremendous courage and a beautiful smile.

  218. Good lord, what a story. Even I got a read on that. Good for you on seeing and acting accordingly.

  219. +1. The full interview is ESSENTIAL viewing, it helped me more than I can express.

  220. LOL,
    Next level on the Grade Chart:……DM RELEASE!!!

  221. George — You state:

    “In case I had been a bit emotional in the past or may be a bit more emotional in the future believe me that I am not mad at you out there. Believe me, that I am withholding all my piss off as much as I can and be as friendly and positive as I can.”

    I, personally, have found all your comments to be quite honest. I hope you don’t feel you must withhold what you would really like to say. You are among friends, you know, and we really are good listeners. Hallelujah!

  222. Thank you for posting Marty Sir. For the Cause !!!

    “Information wants to be free”

    – wikileaks

  223. x,
    “let my flayed skin continue to serve in the carpet for his feet”

    Ha ha ha. Good one.

  224. OTDT darlin,

    That was good for me…was it good for you?
    Does anyone have a cigarette?

    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  225. Marcotai is that you again ?

  226. And thy vault shall be guarded twenty-five hours per day for all days of eternity by permanently awake unblinking Ultra-RTC armed guards whose dedication and commitment is manifest through their voluntary COB-facial-replication plastic surgery and Senior Medal of Valor tattoos emblazoned on their chests.

  227. Watching Eyes

    After an evening of being ignored with nobody kowtowing to him and worse, not even noticing him, I bet the dwarf was an absolute monster when he returned home that night. Pity the staff.

  228. Love this website. Things we all should have known years ago. Funny though, we did know it we just couldn’t spot the SP! Thanks to all on this site who keep the truth gushing out! 🙂

  229. Tom,
    Totally know what you mean. That whole “Wake-up Call” issue comes across as some kind of a spanking and implies that the reader is somewhat responsible for 9/11 because he hasn’t been busy enough! Jacked up the TA alright.

    How about some words of comfort, reassurance or reflection at such a time? HA!

    Also in that issue was his remark about “suicide bombers at Pearl Harbor”. I remember thinking that nobody wanted to try to correct DM on his historical ignorance. I was reminded of John Bulushi’s line from Animal House,“…when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor…”

    I stayed away from the fray following that issue, but I do remember A LOT of people running around in a state of electrification about it. The 9/11 event was overwhelming in itself, then DM piggybacks HIS overwhelm on TOP of it!

  230. I nearly died of pneumonia on L-10 at Flag. Hmmmm….I also saw others breaking their backs, getting sick, dying, etc. If a terrorist organization in the Middle East really wanted to wreak havoc on whitey, they could just offer free Flag-quality L-10 rundowns and mess up the whole Western civilization.

    Whoops, hope there’s no terrorists reading this.

  231. Hey RJ,
    Snow White already kicked the little dwarf’s ass. Based on truth and based upon an eval is has always been more honest and valid that anything the little dwarf has ever said or written. No need for the ninja stuff – he just got blown off by inspection of truth. Ex-GO shouldn’t waste their time on distractions. We still have an indispensability of the tech to help establish.

    This distraction, err rodent,….What …..the wackamole …..
    hey little feller – meet my good friend Mr. Mallet O’Truth.
    … WACK! SMACK!

    There RJ, problem solved, enjoy the rest of your day and don’t you fret any. We are still out in the dark protecting you tech guys(gals). Carry on.

  232. I’ll bet DM was writhing with self-righteous indignation inside his wooden head.

  233. Scott Campbell


    Boy that “TR’s in Life” really works for DM, eh?

  234. In light of the Opening Piece and in particular the S&D reference, I ran across the following in the 2nd ACC, lecture Plan of Auditing, 20 Nov 53:
    “…if you turn loose too many good, functioning Operating Thetans in a society in a universe which is entirely conditioned to religion, you have an almost immediate opportunity for slavery on the part of one and all— almost immediate.
    “The whole machine is rigged, in this universe, in the direction of religion, superstition and so on. Well, it gets a certain distance, you see, and then unscrupulous, very uncleared, extremely fouled-up characters can come along, and unless you can produce quite a few—quite a few—Operating Thetans fairly easily, you just have no business triggering this figure-seven trap that is already set to trigger, called religion.” (‘figure-seven trap’ is a reference to a ‘figure-four trap’. Google that.)

    DM has played on various items sitting there ready to trigger, among other things – overwhelm.

    There, sitting in Scientology, are the means of freeing beings from these things. With that remedy, there is the means to restimulate as in Reverse/Inverted/Black use of the same material.

    Thorough training in and handling of these materials (auditing) is the solution that gets one ALL the way through.

  235. I saw something one time at the Lemon Tree restaurant at Flag that cured me of eating at Flag. I was sitting outside by the pool and observed one of their maintenance men walking out of a cabana, holding a plunger. He’d evidently just unclogged a toilet or sink. Some people may remember him, he looked like the character Goober from the Andy Griffith show.

    An hour or so later, I went into the restaurant for lunch and what did I see? Goober the maintenance man with the same dirty clothes, gripping the side of a large ham with his bare hand while slicing and serving it to customers. I never ate there again.

  236. Ha ha ha. Good ack.

  237. Marty, identifying the “overwhelm” mechanism is a brilliant piece of work. May end up being your finest contribution.

    I added it as the “Technical Why” to my eval of “The ‘WHY’ for Scientology” at

    I’ve been fortunate that all my Bridge actions were done pre-GAT. But this insidious effort to overwhelm has not been limited to the auditing room. As you and others have pointed out, it is THE modus-operandi of all administrative arms within Scientology today.
    So no-one has been immune from it. Including yours-truly.

    In the past 36 hours since you posted this item, I’ve spotted many, many instances and phenomena related to it.

    It fits the “litmus test” of “opening the door to a handling” as far as I’m concerned.
    Thank You!

  238. The MAA would have body routed you to the IAS reg for “dessert”.

  239. Jason, he was a Hollywood wannabe hanging onto the people who already made it, such as yourelf. I’m sure that is how he was viewed, trying too hard to look the part. We all know what LRH says about a certain kind of person who hangs onto artists of all types and brings them down emotionally, controls them, or works *covertly* towards their failure.

  240. Jason,

    Please consider doing a more expanded article about the L10 matter for Marty to post on this blog (if he sees fit). You mentioned in your interview with Bunker that your experience with your botched L10 was a story in itself. I am sure it would be of great interest.

    I for one am horrified at the idea that you advise us that your L 10 was purposely botched. That is one hot potato that I would love to know more about. I am sure many more would too.

    Many thanks for your courage and your dedication to these matters.


  241. Shane. Welcome to the real world. Madonna wrote a song for the likes of you and here tis. Enjoy music, ice cream and freedom. Take a free breath.

    Your heart is not open so I must go
    The spell has been broken?I loved you so
    Freedom comes when you learn to let go
    Creation comes when you learn to say no
    Walk away

    You were my lesson I had to learn
    I was your fortress you had to burn
    Pain is a warning that something’s wrong
    I pray to God that it won’t be long
    Walk away

    There’s nothing left to try
    There’s no place left to hide
    There’s no greater power than the power of good-bye
    Your heart is not open so I must go
    The spell has been broken?I loved you so
    You were my lesson I had to learn
    I was your fortress

    There’s nothing left to try
    There’s no place left to hide
    There’s no greater power than the power of good-bye
    There’s nothing left to lose
    There’s no more heart to bruise
    There’s no greater power than the power of good-bye
    Learn to say good-bye
    I yearn to say good-bye

  242. kinda crazy about you, christman.
    been too long.

  243. I totalled my car after completing my PTS rundown – how about that 😀

  244. yep. dare say it actually blew some serious charge for them, too. some of them ended up blowing from the church–but that’s another story some other time….

  245. my brother.

  246. I’ll have my agent contact Marty’s people-perhaps we can work something out….

  247. can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you found it useful. truly.

  248. This is a very good indication, Marty. On The Scientology Forum about a year ago I’ve posted the following, and for the sake of simplicity I’ll paste it here:

    “The CofS, to an exterior observer, appears dramatizing overwhelm. Overwhelm in selling, overwhelm in PR handling, overwhelm in pushing the public up a Bridge, overwhelm in stats, overwhelming command intention, … – you name it. OTIII was written the way it was to provide a game and induce the “Sea Org” cog, amongst other reasons. Sea Org members should then be OTIII at least in order to play that game without overwhelm.

    Freedom from overwhelm is stated as an EP on the Bridge chart next to OTIII. That and the consequences of this level restimulated or unflat are enough of a reason to not discuss those materials publicly.”

    How otherwise the Sea Org as a whole can be “three feet behind this planet’s head”?

    Yes, that why opens a door for handling. There is another one.

    Hubbard, amongst the many hats he was wearing, was the First Auditor. Much has been written about him, he was tough, but when studying his Administrative texts one can see that behind all that body of knowledge and its application there was ultimately an Auditor.

    This is not the case aymore since Hubbard went away.

    So – at the top of the body that would take the responsibility to deliver Scientology, and control it with full knowledge, there should be someone who is at least a Class VIII with a proven record of thousands of hours of great delivery. Failing to do that – such a Commanding Officer should be at least surrounded by a Council of Auditors at that level, which would care this person is acting as an Auditor.

    This why not handled, in my opinion, the Church of Scientology is doomed to fail.

    Fail for a while – The subject of Scientology wil still go on. This subjuect basically belongs to Auditors 🙂

  249. thanks, man.

  250. Freedom Fighter

    Sapere Aude, this was my theme song when I decided I’d had enough! Damn near wore out this track on the CD. Thanks for posting!!!

  251. Freedom Fighter

    Forgot to add: fortunately, it turned out I’m not alone. 🙂

  252. Jump was one of my theme songs. You Can Still Be Free was even more important to me. This is set to King Arthur.

  253. I totaled my PTS rundown after completing my car.

  254. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe a movie deal?
    : )

  255. I applaud you. Your life must be perfect!

  256. 😀 😀 😀

  257. Tony DePhillips

    Would have been funny if someone asked him to get them another drink. Lol..

  258. Tony DePhillips

    OTDT ,
    Come back when you need more auditing. LOL!!

  259. A friend of mine who field audits once said that the biggest primary stumbling block he had with cases was twofold. First, their nutrition was so horrible that they were not properly nourished to be audited. This comes under the heading of session rud “Have you had enough to eat?” but it became more about what they were eating. The second block was the preclear’s belief in God which has everything to do with what you just quoted. I am not talking about the 8th Dynamic or the Supreme Creative Force of the universe but rather an indoctrination to a model which the preclear thinks of as God. You are fighting a whole program inside of the person. I think belief in God (incorrect belief or uninspected belief in God) is more prevalent today than it was in the late Sixties and Seventies when were engaged in a rebellious culture and most everything “normal” was subject to rejection.

  260. RJ ,Thanks for your great acknowledgement on this matter of that Reverse Dianetics bogus issue doing a lot of damage on Solo Nots cases in my opinion.

  261. Johnny, that is a very good skill you’ve got there!

  262. Tory,

    Most orthodox treatments for cancer are just as deadly as well.

    Seems the FDA limits treatment to three types chemo, radiation and surgery.

    That said.

    There are now directed radiation therapies (radiation directed to the specific tumor without affecting the whole body) and surgery has improved over the years.

    Chemo still has the same lousy “success” rate which I think is 30%.

    However there has been a greater recovery rate in those who balance it with proper nutrition and exercise.

    Also there has been success with using lasers for the treatment of cancer.

    The problem with a lot of Scientologists is that they try to treat it exclusively with some wacky alternative “nutritional therapy” that only in many cases makes them weaker and therefore easier to succumb to the cancer.

    Like Dr. Pepi’s cruel gruel which I wouldn’t even feed to some farm animals!


  263. SA,

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the picture of the “Mr Mallet-o-Truth” wacking wack-a-mole Davy upside the head every time he peaked up from his one of his hidey holes.

    A fond picture indeed 🙂

  264. Tory Christman

    This is a bit off the topic, but something Fun I thought you’d all enjoy:
    Some of us picketed C of $ last night. At LA Org, cars were zooming in,
    kids would roll out and into the org, come zooming back out, into their cars,
    and OFF. I finally asked one: “What’s Up? Are you all Scientologists?”
    They: “Oh Hell no—we’re against them, too. But we’re on a Scavenger Hunt,
    and we have to get some of their stupid promotional stuff”.
    The security were pissed, but due to their HUGE sign saying “ALL ARE WELCOME” they couldn’t really stop them.
    Plus I realized no doubt some idiot will count it as a “Stat” per promo out,
    or bodies in the shop”—-even if it was for 2 seconds.
    They were from a Homeless shelter down town. That’s all I knew, but TONS
    drove in and out–last night.
    A new low for the “church” of $cientology. Outside of the scavenger hunt people, the joint was d e a d.

    One lady was going to walk in, asking for help. We explained no way would they help her,and what a con it was. She said she just needed $1 to get on the Subway, so one of the critics gave her the dollar.

    Lastly—recently that Sea Org member who just left—called and is doing just fine. 🙂 Congratulations to ALL who help expose this insidious organization and their sick abuses. T____T____T_____T 🙂

  265. For anyone who hasn’t seen Jason’s video series, his online interview is definitely full-bore, straight-ahead, Katie-bar-the-door!

    The thing that just blew down and down and down for me when I watched those videos was that here is a guy who is saying what has been so dangerous to say for so very long — and essentially all he is saying is what is true for him. Man, Jason, I still blow down just remembering a few of your bon mots, which are probably the same ones most who’ve seen your interview remember.

    Which brings me to the “overwhelm” portion of the program. Not being able to express your true beliefs, the things your group won’t allow you to even think, much less express, is just another version of being overwhelmed. If you cannot say what you believe, if it’s all bottled up inside you, suppressed, repressed, forgotten, not-ised, etc., pretty soon you will be in a big fat mess.

    Anybody ever been afraid to say something? Afraid to ask something? Afraid to look at something? Naaaah! 🙂

    I’m re-reading 1984 right now and am enjoying the heck out of it. That amazing book was published in 1949!

    Just Me

  266. Hmmm…interesting theory, the auditors. But in actual fact, haven’t there been a ton of good auditors in Int management all along, including during DM’s reign? When they compromised their reality they forfeited their freedom as they failed to pay the necessary price. You get what you pay for.

    The prior mistake was allowing all power to be concentrated into the hands of ONE individual, no matter how insidiously he may have gone about achieving that.

  267. beebercat, On yuor question” If “blowing by inspection” was cancelled, then was it only the items blown by inspection that were checked ” It was eval on the items in session records as such and at the same time a challenge to having them blown by inspection ass I recall.
    I did put the brakes on that attempted butchery as soon as it started though.
    I can spot more specifics on it but the main issue is as I have stated. It can’t get much more suppressive that that .
    I did not take the bait so the degree of going PTS to that was minimal and I did run for the hills with my case intact is all I can say.

  268. I agree!

  269. Oh BTW SA,

    “Mole” is an apt analogy for the little rodent in a figurative and metaphorical sense.

    As well as the common slang term used in espionage 😉

  270. Kevin, Just read your story (all of it, one sitting, two cups of tea). It’s riveting and you are a good and entertaining writer, for sure. You and your family deserve much happiness and I’m sure you’ve found that now after disconnecting from the suppression and overwhelm. I should tell you and your wife my story about being on the ship and it could only enforce what you already know–you guys were smart to end off when you did. Thanks for sharing your story.

  271. Thanks RJ.

    I did do the much maligned Purification Rundown when it was first released, too. It was just what I wanted at the time, coming out of the psychedelic culture of the 60s and 70s as I was.

    Huge before/after difference for me, like coming out into the air and sunshine after being trapped in a dark glass cage and unable to reach.

  272. 😆 Sounds right.

  273. And speaking of trying to overwhelm… is it just a coincidence that the DofP for OT VIII on the Ship is the SO member with the least amount of ARC? This woman (her name is Geri) has the personality of an SS member. She can kill a win in three seconds flat. I have never ever seen her smile in 5-6 trips to the ship. My best guess is that she has never been out of her own head, and so it’s not really o.k. for others to be out of theirs. So….why not assign her to slamming OT VIIIs back in the hive, giving them their TIPs and making them sign agreements that they will serve on the OT Committee at least 8 hours a week, be on course min 12 hours, and go to every event and mandatory meeting called. That’s right, think you’re free, and trusted to make the right choices of your own free will when finishing VIII? Guess again. The real control has just begun and now you have to sign a piece of paper attesting you will do as told.

    Probably just a coincidence.

  274. martyrathbun09

    Great obnosis on your part. And great evaluation at the same time. Thanks.

  275. Jim,
    Such a fitting reference. And the mechanism of this slavery is also aptly described. An example is DAB Vol2 No3 Sept 1953 Basic Reason – Basic Principles section entitled Interruption of Self-Determinism. LRH states:

    “What is the efficient way then of destroying the ability of an organism to reason? It is to prevent these yes or no answer from being arrived at. It is to prohibit an individual from reaching his own conclusions from his own data. It is to inhibit him from acting upon his own data and to cause him to act upon data which is forced upon him. This is the most fundamental level of aberration. …

    To aberrate an organism it is only necessary, then, to interrupt the reasoning process of this organism and force an arbitrary conclusion on the organism. This organism is then owned and must be moved and motivated by its owner if it is to survive. If it is not so moved and motivated, once its ability to reason is interrupted, it will not survive. …

    The use of overwhelm is part of the control mechanism. This, as you so aptly put, is also a trigger for other things. Your solution of training and processing is the answer. I heartily agree. You are astute is seeing this.

  276. martyrathbun09

    Thanks – interesting we both observed and noted the same phenomena independently with no communication between us.

  277. Mostly the OT’s in the church are discouraged to see a doctor I think ?

  278. Freedom Fighter

    Very nice!

  279. Low havingness. Redo your CCHs.

    Yeah, right, that is Grade I stuff.

    Oh, you are on OT VII? Well, then step one is SecChecks, followed by a donation to the IAS to make up for the dev-t you are causing and then you will redo your grades.

    However I’ll write a commendation as well: The guy you observed is on the RPF, and you should not have seen him. So your observation prolonged his RPF for another 5 years.

  280. I’ve never heard much about the original OT levels besides people saying they were very good. Does anyone know the events around canceling these? Is there something in writing from LRH or did DM do this on his own? Very hard to believe LRH would cancel freedom from being entrapped. If LRH didn’t cancel them then they aren’t cancelled.

  281. One of my all time favorite bulletins.

  282. Jean-François Genest

    Magnolia, unfortunately, this has all been planned for, several years ago, when he created his concept of the OT Ambassadors in the mid-nineties.

    The higher the public move on The Bridge, the harder DM’s Church works at turning them into modern-day Sea Org Miscavigers (Members) in civilian clothes. In his restimulating mind, he MUST keep y’all under HIS thumb and working FOR him to implement HIMSELF into those at the lower echelons of The Grade Chart.

    P.S. I wonder if that DofP named Geri is the same person who held the post of Establishment Exec Int. around 1994-95 ?

  283. Sapere Aude — We “old timers” may stand in which ever way we wish; not necessarily a line. My personal preference is side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder. H

  284. I know people who have recovered from cancer without doing chemo, radiation or surgery. Maybe at Shaw they killed ’em, but that’s not to say alternative therapies don’t work. But it has to be something sophisticated, not cruel gruel and coffee enemas, sorry, that won’t do the job. IMHO Shaw/ Denk/ Dr. Sheilds are completle in the dark, unless you’ve got something really simple, easy to diagnose and fixed with antibiotics. The Scn alternative doctors are just as bad with this totally unworkable “applied kinesiology therapy”. Don’t mean to stray off the subject, but there might be people reading this who, like me, became very ill from suppressive or out-tech auditing, and I want to point out that there is hope, both from physical handlings that are available, and in-tech auditing outside the church. Both are helping me a lot.

  285. I’m sorry to hear this. Joanie was a good person, and very dedicated. She pretty much started and ran criminon in the 80’s, getting TWTH booklets into prisons, writing to prisoners and giving them some sanity. She was a strong being, causitive, uptone, theta, smart, and aware of the BS in the church. They must have really done a number on her to get her to agree to doing double OT7 and 8.
    I console myself with the fact that she’s probably better off now, being disconnected from that suppression.
    Best wishes, Joanie.

  286. CD, no one in Scientology discouraged me from seeing a doctor — not during the 1970s – 80s. Besides, I would have sought and kept my own counsel on something that important.

    I always sought and received great medical care while in the CoS, including care from a couple of wonderful MDs who were also Scientologists — Drs. Denk and Shield. Dr. Shield (who was a Scientologist and not a surgeon) once stood by my side for two hours in surgery while I received an arthroscopic knee operation for a skiing accident. Rather astonishingly, she never even sent me a bill.

    Just Me

  287. Seriously useful interview, Jason. One of the first things I watched once I was out and began to look. Said to my husband, “Honey, come look at this!” Helped confirm for us that we were not alone in what we saw and experienced in the Cof$. Thanks, g

  288. Tony DePhillips

    Tory my friend!!
    You are like in ACTION on the tone scale! Talk about being there and communicating!

  289. Toocuteforwords

    This Geri has been on the ship since the beginning in 88 (unless she was musical chaired in 94-95). Every once in awhile she might warm up but she’ll also pull you out of your bunk while you’re trying to sleep to get sessionable on a Thursday before 2 if she needs to complete your intensive. That’s probably why there aren’t locks on the doors 🙂

  290. Which is a complete violation of HCOBs Physically Ill PCs and Pre OTs, Seriously Physically Ill handling on the 40x HCOPL DN Registration and few other sundry PLs and HCOBs.

    However it’s pretty much par for the course in the Church of Squirrelotology.

    Me personally.

    I always sent my PCs or Pre OTs to a competent physician (Scientologist or Non Scientologist) when they were physically ill or demanded that Qual do so.

    Seems I was an exception to the rule since most of the others to quacks like starve ’em till they drop dead Pepi and others who were into “holistic” witch craft who knew f*ck all about nutrition and never read the Pep bulletin.

  291. Jean-François Genest

    Yep. I was forced to be an extra in The Orientation Film, and I could not believe my ears that the end of that script was written to promote LRH’s Dianetics & Scientology. Made me lose confidence in the RTC AVC staff who “approved” it.

  292. Boyd,

    I’ve never seen any reference written by Ron canceling the original OT Levels just that they were replaced by “New” OT levels on the “New” Grade Chart circa mid ’80s.

    Pretty much a Tech Degrade.

  293. Jean-François Genest

    Great post Marty!
    Thank you for the dis-overwhelming.
    And thank you for continuing the Third-Dynamic as-isness.
    Θ Believe it or not, the 4th and 7th DO feel the good ripple effects this is causing.
    Θ JF

  294. Landon Carter

    Howdy Snowhite;
    Thanks for the post !!!!! Now I truly know ripped me off big time. Charged me $0.01 (for the book)+ $3.99 postage to get a “Fundamentals of Thought” (1988 Bridge Publications hard cover) . I’m sort of starting out with Scn – so many thanks for informing me that I can save $$ sending my book orders directly to CoS.

    BTW; ebay has a Mark V e-meter at $299.00 (free shipping, nice wood case, new battery) . Can you get me a better deal? If not, then how much to get it official (you know, the certification date stuff). mucho thks sno’

    THANKS MARTY & ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Such a Deal

  295. martyrathbun09

    Unwarranted attack on Shaw/Denk/Shields in my view. What did you observe them (and which one of them) directly do to you?

  296. Landon Carter

    Wonderful !! When can we expect the movie? Would definitly be a blockbuster; based on the screen play alone.
    Humor aside – Quite inspriring. Thank you for sharing.

  297. OTDT,

    That comment’s gotta rate a 15 on a scale of 1-10!



    You da man!!!

  298. No, he wasn’t RPF. You must be unfamiliar with the scene, man. Go to Cramming! He was simply on a straight Sea Org Make It Go Right post of Deputy Maintenance/Toilet Cleaner/Food Server I/C, Div 4 Tech Services held from above for the Flag Accomodations Crew Trouble-Shooter Phase I Missionaire of the CMO Why Finding Investigatory Department Temporary Emergency Condition Pilot out of the Office of COB Lost Tech Eval for eyes only confidential IRS Church of Spiritual Technology Church of American Science, Inc. turn left at Author Services Trust Crusade. Get with it, man.

  299. Run from OSA on the side.

  300. Works real good until it doesn’t.

  301. Karen B
    Along with a desire for freedom as a being, and the right to live and think freely, you and I have similar tastes in references. I studied this when I did my FEBC. I have always attempted to manage with these type of concepts in mind. I would much rather work with a team of free thinking beings that push and control the sheeple. That is why the people on this blog is the group I am part of. It is a pleasure to have been able to enter the group you were already part of. I was the latecomer to the party. Thank you.

  302. Karen B

    it should say “I would much rather work with a team of free thinging beings THAN push and control the sheeple.”

  303. Mag,
    When I did OT VIII, I could feel the dark powers huddled, heating their branding irons, conspiring on how to best tie the knot in the lasso they were about to throw over the necks of their OT flock. I was fortunate enough to escape from the corral before I was conditioned to pay reverence to the arrogance and control of the New Order. They tried to hunt me down and brand me, but alas my unwillingness to be trapped and my skills of predictive evasiveness outweighed my potential controllers.

    Ahhhhhhhh, the tactile pleasure of the refund check finally nestling into the curve of my hand…how gloriously redeeming.

  304. DM in his St. Pete Times interview of a few years ago, defined power as whether or not someone will listen to you, which is really an extension of its definition as the ability to hold a position in space. All ability is governed by willingness. Easy to be overwhelmed if one is unwilling to hold a position in space.

    DM has power because he was willing to hold his position of being a righteous suppressive asshole holding the grounding rods, whereas opposition in the ranks chose to not hold their position.

    Plain and simple.

    Moral of the story is don’t take no jive from no Honky.

  305. What a fantastic post Marty!!
    thank you!!

  306. Tory Christman

    Good one, SA!
    I’ve had that sign in my home for 10 years, and have been writing it to those still “in”:


    Thanks for the perfect music for that, too~~

  307. Tory Christman

    Yup—I know that re Chemo—-I just was pointing out
    what he told me. The people he was speaking to all went
    down to Mexico and did some “drip” that ended up with the stats he said. Sad…but true. For sure there are natural ways to treat Cancer, but they’re not what those people were using in the 90’s.

  308. Tory Christman

    I wasn’t attacking Shaw, or any of them, if you meant that to me. I’ve stood up for Dr. Denk for years…as he, and he alone backed me up on the medication
    I needed for Epilepsy. He and I fought Flag in 1999, when once again, they tried to make me stop my medication.

    Even with his note saying my medication “Wasn’t a mind altering drug, and I was OK to get auditing”…I still had to fight it all the way to RTC. The result? The entire Flag Land Base Tech Team were crammed on a Senior C/S Int Bulletin they wrote about medicine. Did either of you know about that?
    No, the people I knew did not die because of Dr. Denk or the Shaw Health Center. They died because they insisted on going down to Mexico, doing these IV Drips. Everyone I knew who did that, died. 😦

    I mention this as people are lurking, and it’s important to know what did and did NOT work, re medicine, as there are some *very* non-medically trained people within
    C of $, trying to run medical advice that is horrible, which I know from first hand experience.

  309. Tory Christman

    I didn’t know that, either, and I knew Joan. Damn, I hate
    that so many Scientologists seem to die on those upper OT levels.
    Truly—they should have some kind of disclaimer:
    Yeah—and that’ll be happening any day soon.
    R.I.P. Joanie.

  310. Many years ago I spoke to a class 8. I wanted to know what is about a Class 8.
    What he said was very impressive for me: “For every PC anywhere on the bridge, there is only ONE correct action to do, and a class 8 knows 100% what this action is.
    From this ideal scene you can evaluate all RTC actions regarding the tech and how they order orgs to handle cases. Think yourself. ARC

  311. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Thanks Magnolia, You are a fast reader!

    It’s funny, that you said that, about the ship, because my wife called her critique of the CofS “Why I didn’t do OTVIII”

  312. My post was deleted?

    “How, then, are so many OT 3s, OT 4s, OT 5s, OT 7s, and OT 8s (not to mention Clears and Releases) finding themselves in the unmistakable condition of overwhelm?”

    I had a question on this, now that post is gone.

  313. theystolemychurch

    Although I personally loved Dr. Denk my experience with his was abysmal.
    My son was a patient there for years (from 1987 through 1995). He was ill often with minor things like tonsillitis and other cold-like symptoms. We discovered that all during this time his body was fighting a tumor in his kidney, thus the lower immune system and frequently illness.

    The kidney cancer was discovered when it reached four pounds. Both Denk and Shield missed that.

    Shields actually screamed at me one day berating me for have a PTS kiddo! I was amazed ~ And left and found better medical care for him – resulting in the discovery and recovery of his cancer.

    Again, I personally really like Dr. Denk, but, now looking back at it, he probably did not give enough time to each patient and do prudent diagnostic testing to find out what was really wrong. Just my opinion.

  314. martyrathbun09

    BOzz, I haven’t seen it.

  315. Some Churchies have no idea what an out list or denied Item can do, even though it’s allover the HCOB’s. Auditing a PTS is a bigger crime than Idle Org regging. It builds up ever increasing charge which can’t be released because the Item will always be denied; it’s a dwindling spiral that can’t be fought, ending in total effect. I guess the OT levels restimulate lots of charge….. do the math.

  316. Tory, I can’t tell from your posts if you are anti-Scientology or anti-squirrel Scientology as it’s being practiced in the church. I mean no disrespect either way.

  317. Tory Christman

    Good grief–I’m so sorry to hear that! Nothing I can say seems like enough. I hope he’s Ok now, and you, too.

  318. Sorry for the dev-t, but I knew I had posted it.
    Quick question, though this may seem like a repeat of everything thus far: I’m still asking the question you originally proposed.

    How is it so many “OT’s” are still finding themselves overwhelmed by life?

    Granted, COB has done his fair share. I GOT that.
    According to the first commentor, the original OT4 should have handled much of this. Okay, that’s news to me.

    But still, with Scientology being all about communication and opening up flows, being able to confront things at be at Cause, how the hell do you make it up the bridge and STILL be the effect?

    I’m starting to answer my own question: omitted training?
    Is that it? I dunno, it just… how the HELL can you be “OT” and still be the effect? As one who wants to go Free, I just find myself offended, and lacking hope when those who have made it up… are no better off than me? Perhaps I have a miunderstanding on what it means to be OT?

    This must sound very judgemental and just plain shitty, and you’d be right. But I really gotta wonder. Please tell me I’m wrong for wondering this.

  319. Tory Christman

    “kinda crazy”?? Did you read my OSA Program? Jeeeeesh! These folks have been seriously busy, doing seriously sick things. Ok, we knew it, but as I’ve been saying: Seeing it in black and white is altogether different. Yes! It’s been too long. Let’s get together, soon! 🙂
    xxxxxx Christman 🙂

  320. Tory Christman

    Your name comes up so often…………you’ve helped WAY more people than you’ll ever know. Thank you.

  321. Tory,

    I didn’t get the impression you were attacking Denk/Shield/Shaw.

    Also I think Marty’s response was for beebercat not you.

    You are also correct that most of these people who elected to do these strange alternative treatments for cancer are dead.

    The ones who survived are the ones who got competent medical care and STANDARD auditing on the condition.

  322. Tory Christman

    Thanks for noticing, Tony! I love live communication, so picketing is the best! I’ve helped more people *not* join the C of $, or Sea Org—just by being out there.
    My favorite was an Afro-American looking quite sad. I asked, “What’s up?” He said, “Ahhh–my buddy just joined that thing”. I asked if he really wanted to? He said, “Not really—but he’s signed some long deal, so he has to stay”.
    I said, “Tell ya what. Go just tell the security guard you must talk with your friend, just for 2-3 minutes. His buddy came out. I asked him if he wanted to stay? “No–but I’ve signed that billion year contract, so I have to”.
    Me: “First of all, those ‘contracts’ are totally NOT legal. Tell ya what: We will form a line and block anyone who comes out—(which I knew would be no one). You both haul ass down the street, and JUST KEEP GOING”.
    They ran off, yelling back, ‘Thanks SO much! Thank you!” 🙂 🙂 Freedom has such a delightful ring.

  323. Tory Christman

    Very true, Jean=F! I posted this before, but it fits here, in case anyone missed it. In the 90’s I was on OT 7, my husband was OT 8—we’d given them *tons* of time and money. (Over $100,000—to start). I asked an Executive what did DM want–we were all there, on lines, doing the Bridge and volunteering. His answer: “David Miscavige is pissed”.
    Me: “Pissed? WHY?”
    He: “Because the OT 8’s are supposed to either Join the Sea Org,
    or buy a Mission and help expand Scientology. He feels like he’s made these people OT’s, so they owe him service”. I was shocked. Most of us were broke, from years on OT 7 (huge over run) and then we’re supposed to join the SO or start a mission? Oh yeah!

    How’s that workin’ for ya, Davey boy? 🙂 Don’t say I haven’t warned you.

  324. Brilliant, Marty! You have nailed the exact mechanism being dramatized by DM and those who are overwhelmed by him. Very Well Done!

    “…thus do I counsel you, my friends: distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful!”
    — Friedrich Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Chapter 29

  325. Than most are not like you ? Why do they drop like flies ?

  326. martyrathbun09

    I am not so sure we can generalize that much. I know of at least one person who did the Mexico treatment and beat cancer.

  327. Tory Christman

    Too funny, Jason, re the Premier and how the grand leader was totally ignored. I bet that had to be embarrassing to you! LOL!

    **re “His power only has force if you give him your power/trust/admiration”
    (which I believe for varying different times, is true for many, was for me…until he announced the reason ALL OT 7’s were screwed up was “We trained them wrong” and then tried to charge me another $60,000 to re-do it!).

    **This is a KEY thing that I believe needs to be posted, and re-posted.
    “His power only has force if you give him your power/trust/admiration”
    YOU have to give away your own power, and only YOU can take it back.

  328. Tory Christman

    You said: “Freedom from overwhelm is stated as an EP on the Bridge chart next to OTIII. ” This we all knew, from days past, but FYI: Davey boy has deleted ALL “EP’s” from the Bridge to Total Freedom Chart, as of 2000, when I escaped out. Have they re-put them in, or are you stating this from years past? I always thought that was a pretty good indicator that the train to freedom was OFF THE RAILS.

    The last time David Miscavige had auditing was in 1997—or this was true as of a few years ago, when BlownforGood escaped out. Anyone know of any auditing he’s had since? That also speaks volumes, imnsho.

  329. Tory, Jasons story is a perfect example of the fact that DM totally draws his authority from the church. Beyond that he obviously is a nothing . Non-scientologists could care less about him. That story is telling.

    We TRUSTED the church. With our finances, efforts, connections, reputations and secrets. BIG mistake. DM is living off that mistake.
    He may be everything folks here say he is, and sadly there is no biggger casualty in all this than our individual and collective TRUST.

    Count your fingers after you shake hands with the church. Its mostly been that way all along. Being on staff was like being in battle. Bullets, spies, forced marches and backstabbing, and all that on a day when there was no smoke to obscure the battlefield. Just not a nice situation. Its now become an even more twisted operation.

    Fortunately nothing stays the same.

  330. Hi Tory,
    “Freedom from Overwhelm” was listed in the column “Ability Gained” on an earlier Grade Chart next to OTIII, you’re correct.

    Whatever the justifications for deleting Abilities Gained next to OT levels from the Grade Chart – it might be a Tech Degrade or alteration or might be not – per the CS Series 2 “(To Case Supervise one has to accept the following facts:) … 6. That things which were true early in the subjects are still true.” Deleting this from the Grade Chart or rewriting original texts of Source doesn’t render them null nor untrue.

    So – “Freedom from Overwhelm” IS an ability gained at OT III.

    Now, I really don’t care about Mr Miscavidge’s personal progress on the Bridge. It might be relevant or might be not to the current state of affairs. I agree it might tell something, Tory – but beyond the answer to the questions like “does the person have Case Gain?” “Does the person ALLOW Case gain?” “Can he change?” I’m not interested at all where that person is on the Bridge.

    The questions which I consider as fundamental to the subject at hand, and that’s the main idea of my earlier post, is :

    Can an Auditor deliver rundowns to Full EP at levels ABOVE his competence level of training? Can an Auditor process someone at a Level on the Grade Chart which is higher than the Class of Auditor he’s trained for (especially if that Auditor doesn’t have a proven track of great results for thousands of hours on that level) ?

    Same for a CS, of course. Is it possible for a CS to give case supervisor’s instructions for cases above his level of training?

    In medical field, for instance, I believe all is well as long as an Administrator who’s NOT a medical Doctor (with proven record of great results) doesn’t give instructions to Medical Doctors about their healing practice. When those guys enter administrative considerations, Money, bureaucracy, … , it might downgrade the whole healing practice.

    So I believe as long as Mr Miscavidge is giving his advice regarding Tech delivery at a Level above his training and visible competence level, the Church is going to operate at that level. And never above.

    That means Independent Auditors will have more work having to repair cases and catch flubs in the field.

    That game might be fun, but it’s not the best level of operation. Again, my feeling is the Subject of Auditing belongs to Auditors.

  331. I believe you Ann. Maybe Tory resided closer to the center of power.

  332. Hi Bozz~Not to be evaluative to anyone specifically, but I realized as long as it’s about status and as long as the delivery of the tech has been messed up…no one has gotten the full EP of their auditing at any level.
    It’s been about a piece of paper proving a state you’re supposed to have attained but in reality, that state has not been achieved. IMHO

  333. OTDT,
    Your posts are fantastic. That “work of art” post, that was earlier in this thread was amazing! You have the golden touch as a writer, and without knowing who you are, I feel great ARC for you! On the subject of refunds, got mine too and it was a happy moment for sure…but now formulating my letter to the IAS. Did you get anything back from them? I did see the earlier post from another with the link and printed it, but just curious. Congratulations on not falling prey to the endless BAD CONTROL being run on one and all in the Church of Scientology. And congratulations on getting out of the TRAP.

  334. theystolemychurch


    Thank you. He is great.. fully recovered and is doing well in life. My husband and I recovered also. Truth is that cancer did not change him very much…. it changed us a great deal…. forever.

  335. plainoldthetan

    Actually, since the Macpherson flap, if you have a known medical condition that could get life threatening, you’re not allowed on the Flag base or the Ship without a local medico fully briefed on the condition and prepared to tend to you at a moment’s notice.

  336. Tory Christman

    loki……very true: “DM is living off that mistake”.
    I have to say, I don’t think for much longer. Most of the big
    money people have woken up and left. He’s killed the Mission network, which brought in the new public. You know the rest…..and yes, thankfully we’re all out here, doing just fine! 🙂

  337. Tory Christman

    I think we both agree, it is the “EP” of OT 3. My point, and I do think it’s very important, is that they no longer list ANY EP’s. I remember when it happened, and I believe it was due to legal issues. People were suing, and they were seriously worried. Thus—take it off. Then *nothing* is actually “Promised”. It’s all implied, told behind closed doors, etc. Hell, you can’t even give public “wins” anymore inside. They ALL have to be sent through “Qual” who decides what can and cannot be said publicly (very generic).

    Same for DM: I don’t care where anyone is at on the Bridge—but when someone is senior to all selling it, and that person doesn’t even use the products they’re selling—well, let’s just say this: I’m an auditor, and I’ve spent years in sales. For DM to stop getting auditing, long before OT 8—but shlep the “Golden Age of Crap” on all of us?
    Well, to me that told me a *lot*. It says, “I know this stuff doesn’t really work” and it didn’t.

    It has ***nothing*** to do with “Case Gain” or not. It has to do with a phony man, roping people “in”, suckering their money out of them, insisting they ALL go back to go, start over, PAY for it, and is laughing at those who do. You don’t care about that?
    That one is hard for me to wrap my head around. Maybe you had to live through what I did, and perhaps you didn’t? Even then, you’ve heard Marty’s stories, and Blownforgood, Amy’s, etc. Each one spells out who this person *really* is.

    When was the last time you were “in”, if I might ask? The fact that you call him “Mr Miscavige” is far more respect than I believe he deserves. Mr? Mr jack ass lock people up and beat others up, doing totally sick things to destroy lives. That’s Davey boy, imnsho. Sorry if you still respect him, but I do not.

    I am an auditor, and I still see it as I’ve described. I guess you see Dave as someone auditing or C/Sing people above his level, and just something the field will have to pick up? Well, sorry, I am reminded of Lisa McPherson’s torture and death, as well as numerous of my dear friends who died, way too young, under this man’s watch.
    I know personally 7 young people who killed themselves, one a dear friend who shot himself to death, and the horrors their families have had to live with, after, as well. This isn’t just “no case gain”. This is serious Suppression.

    Sorry if I’m taking this to a different level, it’s not meant against you.
    I understand you’re looking at it from a tech point of view, as am I.
    This man is 100% OUT TECH and destroying lives doing so. People need to know how deep this really is.

  338. Tory Christman

    I see you asking about IAS. I did get my money back from them.
    Key was at the time they were paying people back their “donations”.
    So I quickly sent my letter in (2000) saying that they did NOT deliver
    what they’d promised, re helping mankind, and thus I wanted my money back. They sent it right away.

    Later, I’ve heard they are not. My suggestion is keep pounding them, and ask Marty and/or Mike IF they know if the “church” uses IAS money to pay off legal bills, and X-members. (I’ve heard this is true). As both of those would be *seriously* key issues to push, if so.

    Lastly is check on the IRS agreement, as I am pretty sure there is something in there that says they have to shut down W.I.S.E. (which they have not) AND pay back money owed. I THINK. Check it out.
    I also got my money back from ASHO, too. If you have *any* money on account, get it back. It’s YOUR money. 🙂

  339. Tory Christman

    Bozz and Tara:
    One thing I realized after I left is that I had some of the EP’s before
    I ever entered Scientology.
    Exp: The ability to communicate freely with anyone, anytime, on any subject was taught to me by my parents.

    Also, I don’t know that everyone here is saying they’re overwhelmed.
    I am not. I am saying I observed what Marty is taking about being run by DM. Also, while “in”, I did, at certain times, feel overwhelmed. The DAY I left was the second that feeling left,
    and I’ve been free from it, ever since! 🙂

  340. Tory Christman

    Actually, Marty—you probably know about this, or Mike.
    Do you know why exactly they took off the “EP’s” from the
    Grade Chart? Can you fill in what that was all about? I think it’s a very key issue on the turning of C of $, from what it was to what it is, today. Along with the “Command Channels of Scientology”, where the entire chart went from mostly “Tech”—to mostly Management.
    I was on course when that one rolled in. How did you all feel about *that*?

  341. Tory,
    I hear you and I know what you went through. I’m on the net for years and your accounts and stories, also some other stories, are amongst “things that shouldn’t be” and brought tears to my eyes when reading about it all.

    Especially stories from and about kids, as we’re dealing now with 2d or 3rd generation of Scientologists – and while consenting adults might play any game they chose to play, I consider children shouldn’t be exposed nor forced into games they cannot easily win. Yeah, kids are thetans too but I consider it’s better to let them first come to grips with their experience and abilities from the whole track on their own self-determinisn, and they do it best when having a life first.

    Anyway, let’s not digress here – talking about overwhelm let me remind a definition here: implant “a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being with artificial or false concepts in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him.” Overwhelm can restimulate implants from the past. As such one can feel disheartened, it was meant to be that way. Out-ruds might then be present.

    I left when I felt the group I was part of wasn’t the group I joined which it pretended to be. I left when I felt I started to be granted less respect. You see – I respect myself, I’m my best friend, and per my code of Honor I don’t allow someone or a group to show lack of respect to myself or to my friends.

    One cannot live in this Universe on one flow alone, otherwise it might be a sure ticket to become mest. So I grant to others respect too. After all Mr Miscavidge is probably a Human Being too and Human Beings deserve respect. But I respect your decision to not grant him such a respect 🙂

    “No case gain” or “no change” is one of or even THE indicator a person might be suppressive. See relevant PLs about SPs.

    Other than that it’s “no case on post” and LRH was firm about that. Of course when such an Administrator attempts to CS above his level of training, alter Tech, etc, he’s liable to dramatise his case on Tech lines. The holes in Tech are then replaced by what the person thinks the solution is, and he is liable to consider the case in front of him as the only case he knows something about, i.e. his own case.

    Then the whole subject of Scn goes by the board. The whole evolution of Scientology in last decades says more about its Dear Leader than about the subject itself.

  342. Tara, that has been tapping on my shoulder ever since I posted. I know the answer is out there. Just bewildering. Thanks, you are right.

    thanks Tory, I’ve wondered that as well. Very interesting.

  343. Bozz, I think you have made an extremely important and insightful point about “omitted training” being the reason for so many “OTs” at effect & overwhelm.

    It would be interesting to do a survey of those who are “out”, to determine how many are trained and to what level?

  344. Watchful Navigator

    Thank you Marty, for a very correct and powerful indication. This has been happily reverberating throughout my universe all week long.

  345. Survey’s a good idea.

    But from my own obs.

    You’ll find most of the trained OTs out here among and the “untrained idiots” (as well used call ’em) concentrated in the Borg.

    These are the gulls who buy the idea that by some magical transformation of some kind that His Satanic Majesty assisted by Tom Cruise will drive public into these “Ideal Orgs” that are just waiting for public to be driven into and that these orgs will audit and train them with some magic wand.

    You think I’m kidding 😉

    No need for “zillions (of pesky) technical experts”.

    Ce’ moi or Marty or Jimbo or the dozens of trained auditors C/Ses, Course Supervisors, Cramming Officers who post here regularly.

    Yes Sgt. Fury and his invisible “army of trained auditors” will audit the public while the OTCs reg, reg, reg, reg, reg, reg…. ad infinitum..etc….

    Besides Davy shares the same sentiment as the CIA’s CI.

    And that is there is nothing more dangerous than a trained OT.

    (All the original remote viewers had some kind of training)

    Therefore his “philosophy” is KISS for Keep ’em Simple and Stupid which goes with his general Mushroom philosophy he’s learned to apply so well.

    Keep ’em in the dark and feed ’em bull shit.

  346. Bozz~I also feel this should blow charge for anyone wondering why they aren’t living at that full EP level too. I think everyone here at least realizes they didn’t really get what they were supposed to. It’s okay. The wins you got are real but imagine what the FULL gains will be like!!! I don’t think LRH was lying on these EPs, I really don’t. I personally have what Clear is supposed to be. And I even have what the Grades are supposed to accomplish…having gotten audited by old timers. I also got trained and audited a whole bunch, so I’m “level” on both sides of the Bridge, so I have an understanding of what I have case wise.
    I want everything LRH says I can get from this point forward, no PR, no BS. Until I can get that…I’m happy right where I’m at.
    I hope those who had questionable auditing will acknowledge THAT auditing as cause for not having the full EP of whatever level they’ve attested to and not blame the tech itself or some flaw or problem with their case. Make sense?

  347. Tory Christman

    I’m anti-abuses. As far as I know, many people I personally knew died way too young while “in” C of S. Why? Various reasons. I’m not an active FZ member, so I cannot speak for the entire community outside of the “church”—but as far as I know, they seem very happy and do not have the same problems as those “in” living with the stress and abuses have.

    Does that answer your question? I respect people’s rights to believe whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t harm others.

  348. Tory Christman

    Ok, fair enough–I see your point. And thanks for the indication
    re the “Things that should not be”. Amen to that! 🙂
    Happy Holidays to you—and hope to meet you some day, soon.
    My best, Tory/Magoo

  349. Tory Christman

    “Truth is that cancer did not change him very much…. it changed us a great deal…. forever.”

    I love that! Great job 🙂 🙂

  350. …and keep them grounded by holding on to a copper wire buried in the ground!

    That’s important. 😉

  351. I just remember in the Austin org, the old “Get Trained” posters on the walls. Didn’t Ron publish an ED or something on lack of training being a Why for slow progress up the bridge or something?

    Sorry, running off of memory here. But it seems to make sense. If all onne does is get auditing, never reads or trains, seems pretty logical they’d fall into the trap again.

  352. 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you too ! enjoy –


  353. Watchful Navigator

    Tara – makes total, 100% sense.

    And I would agree and also add, that training and tech know-how are key to differentiating between realistic expectations and the promises made or implied by others. All promises aside, the tech does produce miracles in my experience and this personal certainty for those who have experienced real help plus correct technology, is what separates them from the “hopefully illusioned” and “tragically disillusioned”, both in and out of today’s “church”.

    Any way that we can close that gap, salvaging the shipwrecked with competent and caring help, makes us stronger. Then more and more of us will be able to recognize the special mission and purpose – the same that LRH had – that is true Scientology, with a calm offer of effective help to the world in place of the current IAS warchest-funded madman’s war against the media and Independents.

    I too, don’t think LRH was lying, but I do think that somebody, somewhere has been hell-bent on convincing all of us that he was.

  354. Good point Bozz.

    I’d forgotten how grounded HSM was himself.

    Maybe he could move a little closer to the core of his power.

    Like straight to hell 😉

  355. Watchful Navigator~You stated exactly how I feel. Thanks!

  356. Tory Christman

    Interesting. In 1989 on my routing form onto OT 4, a young Italian MAA said to me:

    I did the Taxi Cab driver (movie) routine of, “You talking to me? (Looking around)..are you talking to *ME*?
    He finally went into Doubt, got the D of P who basically said I was OK’d and indicated “All of your earlier medical handling have been suppressive”. (And then about 1 month later, proceeded to try exactly what the earlier people did, saying I HAD to get off of my medication).

    I fought it, as I’ve said, all the way up to RTC and won.
    It wasn’t until I left that I spoke to Jesse Prince and found out that someone else, with Epilepsy, did get off of his medication at Flag, and died, a few months before I arrived.

    If that’s true re their new policy, that’s actually a good idea. Mine wasn’t “life threatening”, but their squirrely actions made it so for the gentleman before me, who followed their knucklehead non-medical advice.

    I apologize if this upsets anyone to hear this, but to me if I can save ONE life—telling my story, it’s worth anyone else who may get upset reading it. Love to all 🙂

  357. Pingback: Miscavige Brand Brainwashing | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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