Claudio and Renata Lugli are Free

Claudio and Renata Lugli, OTVIII and OTVII have left the Church Of Scientology. Claudio and Renata have been vital pillars to the start and growth of Scientology in Italy, they are internationally known as Scientologists and as Fashion Designers.  Here is their statement.

My wife and I have decided to leave the current Church of Scientology and to cease any kind of support and participation in it. We haven’t been able to find the spiritual attributes that once constituted the basics in which its founder L. Ron Hubbard had originally built Scientology on. That, and only that, was the determining factor for our dedication of 36 years in Scientology.

It has been for both of us the answer of a spiritual journey that took a few lifetimes.  The certainty we achieved throughout the enormous spiritual wins we gained from our Bridge progress was the reassurance that we did find what we were looking for. The teachings of Scientology have always been a landmark and a constant source of inspiration to enhance our existence and that of the people around us.

It has been several years that we’ve noted a deviation from its basic purposes, and a lot of things were not making much sense. We did not know however what was happening behind closed doors. We were accustomed to trusting the Management of the Church, thinking that they were operating on the basis of correct evaluations, strategies and programs that would have eventually brought us to the  attainment of the humanitarian goals of Scientology. But our efforts in trying to rationalize or justify the many reasons why these goals were never getting met dissipated as time went by and all that was left in the end was just a big fat failed purpose.

We slowly withdrew our presence from the active scene for we considered these various initiatives in complete opposition to the very core of Scientology. We did not however have an answer to the reason why all of this was occurring, we only knew that something was tremendously wrong. Almost ‘by chance” we were made to look at the St. Petersburg Times articles and videos, and there we found our first answers. The whole thing was gruesome, unbelievable, and really hard to confront…but it made sense, a lot of sense! And so our research continued unchecked for several months. Without any preconceived judgment, we evaluated all of the information that we were given by all sources that were up to this time forbidden and banned by the current regime. And then we reached our conclusion: the Church of Scientology was gone.

Although we were incredibly appalled by all this, finding the truth made all the charge that had been accumulating for years vanish, and right at that point we felt that our lives had to be rebuilt starting from the real values that had been crushed.

Scientology works, it is an amazing philosophy, and if correctly applied, will better conditions, interpersonal relationships, and lives in general. The legacy is here, it is ours, and no one has the authority to take it away from us.

We’d like to thank everyone that has contributed and is still contributing in exposing the truth for everyone.

We would like to end with this sentence from LRH’s PDC number 10, Dec 3rd 1952 For a thetan there are two very essential rights: One is the right to his own sanity, and the other is the right to leave a game.”

We feel that we are simply exercising our fundamental rights: we are getting our mental sanity back, and we are abandoning those “games” that the “Church of Scientology” wanted us to play, and that for us, are of no interest whatsoever.

Our very special gratitude goes to all of the Independents.

Claudio and Renata

160 responses to “Claudio and Renata Lugli are Free

  1. Very well done. Your explanation was clear and simple.
    Welcome aboard for the greatest game on earth.
    The Independents game.

  2. Tory Christman

    Claudio and Renata Lugli are Free!!! Congratulations to you both 🙂 🙂
    What a great quote re your sanity and your choice to leave a game.
    Great choice~! I think you’ll both find there’s a great deal more joy
    out here than “in”….and many of your friends, you’ll find, are enjoying
    life out here, too, at least I know I and many others found this to be true.

    It’s sort of a secret they keep from the members, because IF everyone
    “in” knew how many members have left, they’d no doubt leave themselves.
    Certainly they’d begin LOOKING—which is a great, first step.
    Excellent to you both on taking your lives back!
    Welcome to freedom, the true road to freedom. 🙂

  3. Very well done for spotting the trap that was set by those who need to cease what they are. Your efforts are brave and appreciated. Your first step of sanity and the ability to leave are game will expand and expand if you wish it so, freedom is such a delicious but elusive target… go for it!

  4. Theo Sismanides

    Si!!!!! Viva l’ Italia, et il libero spirito! Grazie tanti, signore et signora Lugli!

    Mio cuore e con LRH et con voi et i vostri figli.

    Grazie tanti per fare questa declarazione. L’ Italia et la Grecia sono avanti alla civilazione, SEMPRE et adesso con Scientology possiamo dare a LRH un grande regalo per il Mediterraneo et tutta la pianeta.

  5. Excellent write-up.

  6. Claudio and Renata,
    Congratulations 😀
    I know you have been free in your hearts for a little while but now you stand strong together for the world to see.
    Thank you for taking this step and being responsible as leaders to set an example of courage and integrity.
    It is obvious there is a deep love and special bond between you. May you continue on your spiritual journey together for many lifetimes to come.

  7. Well done and welcome out!

  8. Great news! V

  9. ooops… Very well done to both!!

    Love, Kirsi

  10. Amazing, clear and simple and the truth. Well done!

  11. A wonderful write-up. Thank you and welcome to free Scientology.

  12. Claudio and Renata, I salute and welcome you. First in Fashion. First in Freedom. Proud Parents. Bravo.

    You looked, you saw, you left. Very sane. Its happening all over the world, in greater and greater numbers, daily. Ones integrity is at stake. Again, Bravo.

    tick tock tick tock

  13. Wonderful!! I’m happy for you both. Now no one can dictate your roles as grandparents to be 🙂

    I’m thinking as the second generation begins to have children, the older sadly entrenched generation just might decide NO – this child is going to know me!

    You will be an inspiration for many.


  14. Independent Scientologist

    Thank you for your beautiful acknowledgement of the Commodore’s research. Yes, the gains are there to be had, but not within the current Church of Scientology. I, too, found what I was looking for by the time I reached the top fo the Bridge in ’69 – true spiritual enlightenment. I have also joyously witnessed the gains made by my pcs, which I fear will become invalidated as they continue to remain in the Church. Your declaration will widen that door for all of those, still held captive by Miscavige’s lies, to step through into the light of Truth.

  15. Independent Scientologist

    Athena8, Michelle Matlock (wife of Independent_Scientologist)

  16. Watching Eyes

    Congratulations. What a beautiful photo.

    The quote; so perfect! We won’t see the dwarf passing that around anytime soon. To the contrary, he’ll probably have it deleted from the PDC.

  17. Nicely done; nicely said. Thank you, Claudio and Renata.

  18. Fabulous! Fantastic! Awesome! I’m so happy you are now able to tell the world. I know this will have a huge effect. Thank you for all that you are doing in Italy. 😀

  19. Dear Claudio and Renata,

    Crystal clear and beautifully written! Congratulations on finding the truth and maintaining your personal integrity! Excellent LRH quote and inspirational write up. Thank you and welcome.

  20. Claudio and Renata welcome to the sanity world !!! I’m glad you were able to see the truth…. hope to see you soon and say hi again..

  21. So nice to meet you both! 🙂

  22. Independent Scientologist

    I am the genuine Independent Scientologist (Ron Matlock) and I am so glad you are out of the church but still acknowledge the amazing gains avaiable from the scientology religious philosophy, when it is applied correctly. I am currently auditing on the Clearing Course – without suppression or alteration – and having a wonderful time!

  23. Claudio and Renata,

    Thank you for the eloquent announcement and setting such an incredible example as OT’s. You both demonstrate the ability a thetan has to think and act on the data they observe. With true understanding of what LRH left us and love in your heart – you are so very welcome to our group, the Independent Scientologist group. None of us are slaves. We welcome all who want to be themselves and have the confront to do just that. I am proud to have you at our side – shoulder to shoulder. We are the future!

  24. Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty you’re free at last.

  25. Benjamin Cisco

    Welcome out! Now it’s time to DO SOMETHING and think of those locked away in SP Hall or RPF or RPF’s RPF. I love the fact that ex-members can love bomb each other on sites such as this and I support all those speaking out (I buy the books, donate to sites, etc.) BUT it’s time to do. If you really want to help people this is the time. Move! Let’s tear down Miscavige’s regime.

  26. Thank you two and too for this clear simple tone 40 statment of independance. When I see the wonderfull beings in the independant free field there a great to handle this planet and over. Welcome back !

  27. Dear Renate and Claudio,
    You have said it perfectly. Thank you!!!

  28. “a great HOPE”

  29. Claudio & Renata,

    Thank you for sharing this terrific news and beautifully spoken message. A decision based on comparison of values certainly simplifies and clarifies the issues and resultant decisions. Sanity.

    Welcome! It’s a pleasure to meet you here.

  30. Tory, thank you! Is a pleasure to find all those true friends.
    Claudio & Renata

  31. Grazie Theo
    il Mediterraneo è zona sicura e libera!
    Claudio & Renata

  32. Isene you have been of great help for both of us in finding the real truth that was covered by a bunch of lies and PR.
    Thank you for you courage
    Claudio & Renata

  33. Sam,
    thank you! Your words fill our hearts of joy, and our eyes with sweet tears.
    Claudio & Renata

  34. Congratulations to you both and wish you nothing but the best!

  35. Veni, vidi, vici!,_vidi,_vici
    Thank you Loki, that’s the spirit.
    Claudio & Renata

  36. Wonderful. I’ve heard about the “Lugli’s” in the “early days” of Scientology already, in another country than yours – which shows how far your reputation and influence goes. Congratulations on having solved the riddle and made your decision accordingly. You have selected a tremendously simple yet powerful LRH quote as is your communication and announcement.

  37. Yes we do hope that the door will widen, and that the light will be so STRONG that no one will pretend is not there.
    Claudio & Renata

  38. Wow Claudio! Great to see you again and great to have you in the ranks.
    We are better and stronger for it all around.

  39. Claudio and Renata,

    I enjoyed your well thought out and intelligent announcement to leave the church. Although it is sad that the church has gone in the direction that it has, it would be worse if it continued to be receive support in its altered state.

    You stated, “Scientology works, it is an amazing philosophy, and if correctly applied, will better conditions, interpersonal relationships, and lives in general. The legacy is here, it is ours, and no one has the authority to take it away from us.”

    This truth is what has made it possible for those who understand the tech to speak up about what is going on. What Ron has given us is too valuable to carelessly or neglectfully let slip away.

    Thank you for your support in preserving Ron’s legacy. Welcome to the Independents!

  40. Thank you so much for sharing your decision with us & publicly announcing on Marty’s Blog.
    A friend of mine recently told me: “Ironic how walking IN was the most liberating day of my life up to the point of walking OUT many years later…”
    That is so true for me also. Finding Scientology & walking away from the current Church were 2 very important turning points in my life. Both, changed my life tremendously for the better. Hope it does the same for you.
    Sending you both a hug from Seattle, WA


  41. It’s so liberating to leave a game you hate, isn’t it? Bravo!! 🙂

  42. DFB aka Dfb99

  43. DFB aka Dfb99

    I am working on new songs, but I have no product officer for that area.

  44. Congratulations to you both. Your message is beautifully expressed.
    Just Me

  45. Clearwater lawyer

    Claudio and Renata,
    Ditto what Christie says, and warm greeting from Clearwater! I sincerely hope that you are treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve as long-time devotees to your faith and that you are not separated / disconnected from friends and family as a result of the actions you are taking here. I especially want to thank you for refusing to support the institutionalized emotional and physical abuses that are inflicted on others in the current establishment. Hopefully others will follow your path.

  46. Fantastic statement. And congratulations on having the courage and integrity to break free from oppression!

  47. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  48. Dear Claudio and Renata,
    Congratulations on your new found Freedom and the rehabilitation of fundamental Scientology basics that it brings! I am sure this was not an easy decision for you, and I admire your courage for stating what you think is true, according to your observation.

    Having lived in Italy for four years as a child, it holds a very warm place in my heart, and I am encouraged that true Freedom reigns in this great country for the real Scientology philosophy. Thank you for what you are doing there.
    Love always,
    Catherine Von Ach

  49. Congratulations! Thank you for taking a stand and setting an example for others.

  50. Claudio & Renata,
    Great to see you come out – welcome to the Independents! Kudos to you for looking through the status quo and applying your own personal integrity as well as your “thetan rights”.

  51. Claudio and Renata,
    A warm welcome to you both. Your declaration is simple and elegant and exact. Oddly it makes me joyous and sad at the same time. That two such wonderful, dedicated and successful OT’s as you both are were put in a position to have to make such a decision in order to preserve the legacy of LRH’s gift to mankind is truly a grim statement. I admire you both greatly and know that we are hugely stronger with the addition of your power and theta. Thank you for standing up and telling the bully..NO!!!!.
    Much love, Eileen

  52. Floating Needle

    Claudio and Renata,

    Your ability to confront the current COS scene is tantamount to what it will take to clean it up. And really, that’s all takes; cognizant beings looking at the REAL scene.

    Thank you both and welcome.


  53. Claudio & Renata – We are so happy for you and wish you all the best.

    Your friends, Amy & Mat

  54. Tony DePhillips


    Viva La Revolucioni!!

    Thank You for your courage..

  55. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Claudio & Renata – VERY WELL DONE!!
    Welcome to the Greatest Place On Earth – Your Freedom!

    Ahhh… I love the smell of Independence in the morning.

    Love and ARC,

  56. Thank you Sapere Aude –
    Your name is the exact summation of what is needed:
    Dare to know!
    Lots of Scientologists DO NOT DARE. We are proud to have you at our side too
    Claudio & Renata

  57. David Franchi

    Era ora! Sono contento per voi!

  58. Dear Karen
    you say :”What Ron has given us is too valuable to carelessly or neglectfully let slip away.” This is really what is important to us both.
    Claudio & Renata

  59. I’ve got some sort of glitch in my posting to this article so a couple of earlier posts didn’t show up. If they do, then add to them. Hello!! and very nice to see you both.

  60. It is great to see you here!

  61. Thank you Amy & Mat,
    you are great friends to have!
    Claudio & Renata

  62. Hurray! You’ve reached escape velocity. It’s a wonderful Independent world out here. Welcome to it!


  63. Jamie,
    Greta …. Veda … Rita …. who cares this is also for her!!!!!!
    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Yes yes yes.
    Claudio & Renata

  64. Hello, Very nice to see you both indeed.

    “This is just the beginning”


  65. thankyou Jimbo


  66. Ciao Jim,
    Tiziano always talks about you! When we will meet we’ll play some Blues togheter! You have inspired us all the time with you comments, is very clear that you really understand LRH.
    Claudio & Renata

  67. Tory Christman

    You are most welcome! The more you’re out, the more friends you shall
    fine. Also, I found, to my great surprise, the more I have shared my story, the more it a) Stripped off implanted junk, and b) the more people it helped. I hope you share your story, when you’re ready. Enjoy!!! 🙂

  68. DFB

    You said…
    ” I am working on new songs, but I have no product officer for that area.”

    Well done on having more songs in the works.
    As far as the “product officer” aspect…
    Is this a call for applications or an observation of an outpoint?

    If you would like some assistance, I would be totally willing to work with you via e-mail. ( I will need an address)
    If you need a “fix”, do you see it is a “tech, ethics or admin” issue?
    I am somewhat trained in all three areas, but I gotta warn you that Ethics is my favorite, being as it is an integral part of any aspect of life.

    Anyway… Just a thought.


  69. Lady Minn
    you are right : “true Freedom reigns in this great country for the real Scientology philosophy” – We do not want any surrogate.
    Claudio & Renata

  70. Ciao David,
    Hai ragione era proprio ora. Siamo contenti di saperti con noi. Sono sicuro che un giorno anche i tuoi ci raggiungeranno.
    Claudio & Renata

  71. Claudio and Renata,
    Welcome! Carpe Diem!!!! So happy for you both.
    I had the great pleasure of visiting your beautiful country 4 years ago.
    Thank you for all you do!

  72. You’re welcome, Nos.

    You know what your weak point is, don’t you?

  73. one of those who see

    viva l’Italia!
    Grazie for your write up and for communicating so clearly your wins from Ron’s Scientology and your observation that the Church has gone off the path.
    Am I correct in that we also have a family united. Wonderful.

  74. Claudio and Renata,
    Clearly stated:
    “And then we reached our conclusion: the Church of Scientology was gone.”
    Also were the real Scientologists gone.
    When people do realize it they’re able to become real Scientologists again.
    So the motto of the Independents:
    ” WE ARE BACK” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  75. Jimbo, Is it appreciation of the real things in life or what ya say?


  76. Hi!
    Once you really see what has been happening behind the iron curtain, a lot of the “doesn’t make sense” and the resulting confusions immediately blow off. If you continue your research, here and elseswhere, you may find some very major gains to be had, not the least being that you can now say what you want, and dismiss what you want, and ignore what you want, without fear or intimidation. No more ‘thought stopping.’

    I am curious, as to what it was you were researching, was it this blog, Youtube videos, media articles … ???

    Usually it take a little time, or a lot, to ‘come back to battery’, and get moving again. Have you decided what your next steps will be regarding LRH and the tech?

  77. Ciao, It’s always very special when people wake up and do the right thing but when opinion leaders do and announce it publicly it’s HUGE! Congratulations and welcome to the independents. I’m sure LRH would be very proud of you and give you a very well done! Love

  78. Claudio and Renata,
    Wonderful news reading your story. Powerful OT’s who can, on their own look at the current scene within this criminal organization masquerading as a church, do some more research, get their answers and make a pro survival decision and then write the most beautiful good by letter to the Church of Scientology.
    The Italians have such a natural gift of be, do & have.
    Thank you for going public in such an elegant manner. This will help many sitting on the fence to make a similiar decision.

  79. I was on study today and something struck me. I wasn’t really getting what I was studying, it was just above my awareness level, not quite out of reach, but tantalizingly just within it. Then it hit me.

    I was IN the aberration I was studying about. I’d never even thought of it AS something that wasn’t right, was ‘off’, was in fact part of a Bank.

    So, what I applied was a Basic Law I’d learned way back when on the Study course, the Student Hat:

    And this datum from Study Series 2, CONFRONTING:
    “The first requisite of any subject is the ability to confront the various components (things) (parts) (divisions) of the subject itself.
    “All misunderstoods, confusions, omissions, alterations of a subject begin with
    failures or unwillingness to confront.”

    Applying the above, and willing to be there comfortably and perceive, I became aware of the aberration I wasn’t just moments before even considering as something to be aware of. It was just routine before this, everyday life, the ‘way things are’ and even, the way things ‘should be’.

    The body of the group, OSA, various publics, staff, Sea Org members are not even aware that something is aberrated about the current severe departures from actual Scientology, that the CofS has become. They don’t know that anything is wrong. If they do, it is not really a full awareness but just above the level of awareness to recognize they are IN an aberrated state. For some, they are like I was, it was within reach when pointed out, but just out of reach in the absence of a willingness to be there and confront.

    Like ANY aberration, the condition must be recognized as a condition before any resolution can occur. Nobody would be aberrated if they KNEW they were combined with an accurate viewing, with confront of that aberrated state.

    Each person, and today with two more OTs, willing to be there and comfortably (if not at first then eventually) perceive the state of the CofS under the real, bona fide, Suppressive Person David Miscavige as the correct Who is another person who has become aware of the aberrated organism, the Bank, that is the current fact and condition being dramatized by the CofS. Each person becoming aware, and then accurately spotting the aberration, is one more that can direct clear attention to the source of that bank and bring about its eventual resolution.

    Those within the aberration are not aware they ARE aberrated. Or they wouldn’t be. And they are.

    *HCOB 18 Sept 67, Study, Complexity and Confronting.

  80. To the Luglis all,
    Yes, we WILL someday soon meet and I would love to play blues, jazz, funk, R&B, fusion, rock, New Orleans Second Line, 6/8 Spanish tinged Celtic- West African, and the marvelous music Tiziano creates which is all of the above in a seamless aesthetic.

    I’ll bring my stuff, my music, and you can dress me so I look the part. ( I LOVE your clothes Claudio, the elegance, the panache, the dash.)

    My sincere admiration for your creative fount, Luglis all, and thanks that I’m priveleged to know any 🙂

  81. Claudio and Renata;

    Ciao and welcome. I know you have been with us for some time and your work is appreciated. Up the line we will see the demise of the demon midget and we will return to our native state. I look forward to working with you both up the line.

    ML Tom Martiniano

  82. Claudio & Renata,

    What great news!!! I´m very happy for you and your family. Your coming out will help many persons to move forward.
    Thank you so much.

    Karola Andris

  83. Kathy Braceland

    Claudio and Renata,

    Your announcement is beautiful. A huge warm welcome with lots of big hugs to you both. It’s wonderful to have you amongst us.

  84. Welcome to the Club!!

  85. Grazie Sarge,
    what you said filled our hearts – I am sure LRH would have stood for his freedom as we did, and we are honoured to have friends like you here with all the Independents.
    Claudio & Renata

  86. Grazie Jack,
    we really hope this will help. Your action did help us.
    Claudio & Renata

  87. “WE ARE BACK!”

    I really like this!

  88. Hello Claudio and Renata;

    Your statement is Crystal Clear Truth Revaled!
    Thanks for voicing your viewpoint, it helps sooo much to as-is the false PR of the Cof M. Another wonderful couple in a parade of OT’s who have said That’s It.
    And thank the CofM for helping Independant Scientology so much grow stronger.

  89. Hi Claudio and Renata,

    Welcome to the Independent field! It’s amazingly liberating to move from a place where Scientology IS NOT to a place where Scientology IS.

    That’s how it was for me 🙂


  90. Tom thanks a lot,
    yes we will definetly return to our native state, and I am sure we will meet and work togheter up the line, it will be an honor for us!
    Claudio & Renata

  91. You are very welcome 🙂

  92. Claudio & Renata,
    Very well done! I don’t know how much a public annoucement such as this affects the field, and I don’t suppose we’ll ever know the exact stats, but it’s people like you who will make a difference.
    Thank you.

  93. Tears of Joy at this reunion!! I am SOOOO happy for you all!

    I’m making chocolate chip cookies to celebrate this good news!

  94. So beautifully communicated!

  95. Jim Logan — “Those within the aberration are not aware they ARE aberrated. Or they wouldn’t be. And they are.” ASTUTE! H

  96. Claudio and Renata — What a well-written statement. Thank you and welcome!! Hallelujah

  97. The world just got majorly brighter. Welcome! And to use a worn cliche, this isn’t the end, its the beginning.
    Once one breaks through the barrier of unwillingness to duplicate, new abilities and viewpoints arise. You guys made my day!

  98. el lobo solitario

    Hallelujah David.
    Hello from Steve from the Our Secret Creations days.

  99. Claudio and Renata,

    Welcome home.

    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  100. Freedom Fighter

    Ciao Claudio and Renata!
    Welcome! Your personal integrity stands as an example for all.

  101. Claudio and Renata,
    Congratulations and warmest wishest to you both.
    You bring the famous Italian spirit of play and sense of style as well as your stature as opinion leading founding Scientologists to the Independent Scientology movement. We couldnt hope for better teammates!
    With love,

  102. What a wonderful addition to the independent field. I am sure with what you are going to save in just IAS forced extractions alone will get your entire family up to OT. And after all, that is what LRH wanted….OT’s in abundance, not a dictator who rides around in multimillion dollar jets, and palacial, empty orgs filled with air.

    I know even more are on the way to the independent field. Welcome again!


  103. Nos,

    Are you sure you’re Nosferatu?

  104. I look forward to our future of freedom – amongst true friends.

    Against the Wind by Moya Brennan lyrics

    A wall strong in numbers
    Burns the midnight candle
    The brave arm in arm
    Stands before them now
    Up against the wind
    Old ways up against the wind

    The game is in their hands
    Calling out the colour
    Togetherness their courage
    Recognize the power
    Make a stand before them
    Old ways follow the beaten track
    Against the wind
    Against the wind

    Defying their leaders
    Holding out for free will
    The strong dare to echo
    Nothing can stop
    Nothing can stop us now
    Up against the wind
    Old ways up against the wind

    The game is in your hands
    Reach for every moment
    In rising generations
    Capturing the change
    Make a stand before them
    Old ways follow the beaten track
    Against the wind
    Against the wind
    Against the wind
    Against the wind

  105. Scott Campbell

    Claudio and Renata,

    Well done on recognizing the truth!

    It’s a shame that the C of S had to come to such an end, but it is a blessing as well. No more top-down authoritarian control of Scientology and it’s parishioners. No more other-determined reality. No more forced disconnection…

    Just Theta, beautiful friends and Scientology. Congratulations to both of you and thanks for helping.


  106. “Ben”, that’s a nice make-wrong you have going there. Your post is notable for it’s lack of specifics as to what you think constitutes “really” helping people or exactly how you plans to tear down McSavage’s regime. In fact, if you had been paying attention to this blog and other related forums, you would know that McSavage is doing a fantastic job of tearing down his regime all by himself without any help from us.
    We are busy building the new Independent Scientology that is going replace the thoroughly dead Church of Miscavige. If you consider that doing nothing, well that is not our problem, but yours.
    Michael A. Hobson

  107. Beautiful!

  108. Amazing… This is very inspiring. Thank you for your strength and honesty.
    Also- for the clean statement of intention. Really, “less is more.” Powerful. There is no doubt LRH is smiling reading this one. It really is a heart thing. That sensation of following your heart no matter the price is so beautiful.

  109. Ben C,
    I speak as one who has been locked away as you describe. I can appreciate this may not be your understanding. I don’t post here and participate in order to “love bomb.” I do this to create a new reality. New understandings of how the hell did we get to this point; what should be changed and what is the future using the Tech as LRH would have wanted. I believe most on this blog want the regime torn down as quick as possible. But, please also remember, its not just a matter of freedom from suppression. We want freedom to move on up to something better.

    Communicating truth is part of what one must DO and the time for that is NOW. Force is not the answer. Words, thoughts, agreements and postulating a new and different reality is the answer. The current structure is being torn day daily – which every aberrated reactive action of the current structure – with every post, every person who reads and changes their viewpoint, every person who reads and withdraws support in person or in zero money support.

    Don’t underestimate any of us. I don’t need to post, I have other things in life to do. I do this to bring about change. I would say most who post on this blog have the intention that abuses stop as quickly as possible. Some of those in SP hall and on the RPF are my personal friends. Let’s just agree, between you and I, that we each work in our own way to make this happen as quickly as possible. I appreciate your help so don’t take this communication as attack on you, but do understand your comm to us is a bit short on accepting what we have done, are doing, and plan to do. Capice?

  110. In a word- Bellissimo!

  111. correction: Second paragraph
    The current structure is being torn down daily – with every aberrated reactive action of the current regime – with every post, every person who reads and changes their viewpoint, every person who reads and withdraws support in person or in zero money support.

  112. Alex Braverman


    You both bring such happiness and style to the world of Independent Freedom.


  113. David Franchi

    To Claudio and Renata, I have fond memories of when I was a child about the parties organized by the scientologist of Brescia org, the atmosphere was so theta , people were very nice and that was my first impression of Scientology a group of wonderful happy thetans.

  114. Claudio and Renata, Absolutely wonderful, welcome. I am so happy for both of you.

  115. Testing 1…2…3

    Congrats Claudio and Renata!!!!!

  116. Sometimes I just love the world. 🙂

  117. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    Thank you for speaking out and being counted.

    Hey, we aren’t scared to do a census…….is the Church?


  118. Sometimes I just love the world. 🙂

  119. Ciao Claudio and Renata!
    Wonderful to see you both here. Beautiful concise write up.
    May you find all the happiness you were ever looking for, in your new life…a blank canvas awaiting your loving brushstrokes.
    Sherry Katz

  120. Claudio and Renata congratulations on seeing the truth.
    Gosh Hobson do you really have to always be so grumpy and “no it all”?

  121. Claudio and Renata,

    What a wonderful write-up. So eloquently expressed and beautifully written.

    You are welcomed and embraced in this community.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience and decisions with us.

    You are both warmly embraced.


  122. Very well done on the amount of confront it took on your parts to follow through with what needed to be done! It’s a very difficult process to go thru and IMO it’s an ability to even confront it and willing to follow thru and all the emotional/family ties that become endangered as a result. For those holding back your announcement will make it easier and easier. As OT 8 Luis Garcia said in his announcement, ” And one person at a time, much like the drop becomes the trickle, and the trickle becomes the stream, and the stream becomes the river… you shall one day find yourself alone, no one to listen to you, no one to follow you. Alone with your wondrous empty buildings.” C’est la Vie DM your days are numbered!

  123. Two more OUT and 100 more who want to come out but wont for various reasons

    For every 2 out 100 more want to leave, maybe more

  124. Good Job! I think Italy will be the first country to tell DM to go quack a duck.

  125. Claudio and Renata,

    What a beautiful sight to see two more OTs standing up for LRH and his legacy. And said so succinctly and with such style and grace. You are an inspiration.

    I’m guessing this standing up will have had some backlash in your lives, as it probably has for everyone who has done the same so far. Seems we all, as Scientologists, have been so interconnected with one another, enmeshed in each others lives through business connections, family and friends, through being on course and OT Committees, through our kids’ schools, through being at Flag and the Ship and interacting with some of the most amazing staff and SO members along the way. Not to mention the SO members themselves and the bond they have shared between them. And haven’t we loved that–coexisting with others with the shared purpose of having others avail themselves of this beautiful body of tech and having similar gains? And then to have lose even one of these terminals for the “crime” of really observing what you observed and saying what you have observed, seems so ludicrous. And yet that’s the game as it is right now. But only for a little longer.

    You two standing up despite any personal loss makes the game that much easier to win. And that much faster. You have added that much more theta to this swell. And every bit more theta added is exponential.

    As Luis Garcia said… a trickle becomes a stream…

    Thank you for adding to the flow.

  126. PRINCIPLES OF SCIENTOLOGY: “The fate of any piece of knowledge man has ever been able to learn about himself, his society or this universe has been to sooner or later become subservient to some special interest with a curve on it to make more slaves.

    And this is one time when as long as I’ve got words in my mouth and breath in my thetan – this is one time that curve isn’t going to happen.
    And that’s all I want your help in. We want to make sure that what we know never comes to serve some special interest for the subjugation of man.

    All Dianetics and Scientology attempts to do is to undo the magic spell which has made people less than they want to be. And to do that it requires that some truth be known. And that the central and principal truths of man be know, merely as truths – not as pitches and curves to serve some different reason or purpose.

    And that information is its own best protector. If it is itself, if it is what is known, if it is what has been learned, then it undoes its own spells. And the only possible excuse we have for training anybody, for processing anybody is that Dianetics and Scientology will undo Dianetics and Scientology.

    And that’s the first time known in the history of man that a subject, if it ever curved down, could also go up – that a subject undid itself. And that would be true knowledge.

    We must never let what we know get into a state whereby it itself is a tremendous numbers of “now-I’m-supposed-tos.” ”

    L.Ron Hubbard, c59118c, Final Lecture

    Thank you, Claudio and Renata, for freeing yourselves from the spell. Thanks for helping by providing more truth which will help others “run out” what certain slave masters have twisted Scientology into.

  127. Would you please poostulate with me and call all the we-are-back beings to join the theta force to handle as quick as possible the condition of scientology on the planet ?

  128. Great point – and so true.

  129. Excellent point well communicated. I’m sure it will help in talking with those still sitting “within”.

  130. Grazie Kathy
    we love all our new friends!
    Claudio & Renata

  131. Marsha Home is home!!!
    The feeling is beautifull.
    Claudio & Renata

  132. Mike Grazie,
    we are honoured to have you and all the Indipendents as teammates.
    The air is fresh here, one’s beingness can be played with a real granting of it.
    Scientology works, and this is the place where it is shown.
    Much Love,
    Claudio & Renata

  133. Jettero Heller

    Ciao a entrambi.
    Sono felice che abbiate deciso.
    Solo NOI VETERANI possiamo cambiare lo “Status Quo”.
    L’Italia lo farà per prima….come al solito!
    Io Preferisco LRH

  134. Brilliant! Well done!

  135. Wonderful Post, which will start a new Tsunami in Italy. Too bad for the CO FSSO, she claims I’m messing up her field in Italy…. We are not alone!!!

  136. Smiling people are smiling, just as they were born to be. Good luck to the both of you.


  137. Yes David
    those were the times when Scientology was still Scientology – there was a goal to achieve, and it was a spiritual one.
    Now is MEST, MEST, MEST or if you wish more MEST.
    This is the difference is 8008 in reverse.
    Claudio & Renata

  138. Ciao Sherry
    we take this opportunity to thank you for your courage! You were one of the first OT VIII to reveal the truth …… other OT VIIIs I am sure will express the EP of the Level:
    Claudio & Renata

  139. Yes the buildings are definitly empty! Who cares about buildings!
    Claudio & Renata

  140. Amazing. There is no possible rebuttal to a truthful declaration such as this, from two well respected individuals.

    As predicted years ago,

    End game approaches for the COS.

  141. Ciao Karen
    me and Renata remember very well in late 70’s when the Ls were “THE Ls” and we were at Flag and we were seeing you in the FH garden looking after the cats! It was great! Also we were singing italian opera with Heber at the Hour Glass. Days of joy, of purpose and hope for a new world.
    Now we have no doubts that this very purpose is fully rekindled!
    Claudio & Renata

  142. LDW, What a quote!
    Sooooooooooooo much truth in it. Still blowing down.
    We hope what we did will help more and more to understand.
    Claudio & Renata

  143. Grazie Ignazio,
    now with what you are doing the field in Italy will once and for all be CLEANED of all the mess it has been subjected to. They turned their back to the tremendous amount of OTVII and OTVIIIs in need of help here, just to mention the upper part of the bridge. You don’t!
    Claudio & Renata

  144. Welcome to freedom,

  145. Ciao Magnolia,
    we agree the theta that is generated here is exponential.
    It will grow and grow, and will bring happiness again to the multitude of people that have been betrayed.
    Claudio & Renata

  146. @Sharon: Let’s see, a new random ID shows up crapping all over us Independents, I call him/her/it on it and you try to introvert me instead of the not-very-subtle propagandist.
    This is the usual pattern that occurs whenever I point out bullshit on Ex-Scn Message Board, Why We Protest and alt.religion.scientology (I don’t go there any more). Bullshit makes me grumpy and efforts to collapse my anchor points make me grumpier.
    Michael A. Hobson

  147. WOW! That was incredible! I’d never seen this before, thank you!

  148. Welcome out !

    No room for big beings in a decaying “church of lies, greed and dis-service”.

  149. Claudio and Renata,

    Thank you for your bravery. You are both beautiful souls and glad to have you in our team.

  150. Moving Forward

    Viva Italia! Nel mio cattivo italiano, posso solo dire bene per entrambi voi e complimenti!

  151. KWS: mi prendo la mia parte di Responsabilità:


  152. Thanks for the write up renate and Claudi welcome.
    Do you know MaurizzioPizzicolo he lives far as I know very near lugano
    and Marin Garcia was in Milano last I knew If you know any whereabouts is the email thank you

  153. Claudio & Renata,
    What wonderful news to have you two great thetans amongst the Independents! Thank you for taking the time to tell your story for all to hear. Our family continues to grow!

  154. Claudio and Renata,
    Congratulations on your decision. You have embraced the eternal and immutable TRUTH of the Philosophy of Scientology and discarded the temporal and corrupted MEST which the current Church of Scientology enforces. A most ratioanal decision and a cause for celebration tinged with a bit of sadness for what should have been. I wish you both continued happines and prosperity as you begin your next self-determined adventure.

  155. The email address Posted at the bottom of their posting left for Claudi @Renate seems to be un workable , Does any one have a clue why ?

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