A Postulate For 2011

Here’s a postulate for 2011: Freeing self and others from a low-scale, imprisoning moral to a high-scale, liberating ethic.  LRH, from the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture Chart of Attitudes: Rising Scale Processing, 11 December 1952:

Now, what then is your level that is an attainable level for freedom?  It would have to be a level which is so high that every man could reason and be responsible in his own right for his own acts and also for the acts of others.

Blame-regret, blame-regret is the course of a police state.  And its spiral dwindles down, and dwindles very rapidly. So there’s no halfway point on this scale.  You can’t cut it off here and say we’ve done a good job and reformed the whole world.  You can’t cut it off here at A: you can’t cut it off at B. You just got to go ahead and put the guy into shape so he can handle himself and his force.

You can patch up somebody and make him well.  That’s what you were straining against in auditing. You see, you broke agreement — with the first book, you broke agreement with the MEST universe to this degree — to about 4.0.  You said, “Look, it says I have to have engrams and I have to have things that force me to do various things, and look, I can run them out.  As fast as they happen, bad things happen to me, I can run them out.”  And you were disagreeing with the mandates of the physical universe to that extent.  But that extent ceases at 4.0.  And from there on up, it requires another process.

That’s why immediately Homo Sapiens can go to 4.0 on Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and the Science of Survival.  But he can’t go anyplace above that without having his self-determinism restored to him. (emphasis in bold supplied).  He becomes well, he becomes better able to reason, but I have not seen what I had hoped to see, because unfortunately it can’t exist — an ethical, strong Homo Sapiens. And if it can’t exist, let’s go up here.

Gee, you’re clear up to a potential of 36.0, 38.0 before you can get a full level susceptible to good ethic.  An ethic is that which is enforced by oneself, his belief in his own honor and good reason and optimum solution along the eight dynamics. That’s ethics.

And morals is somebody who sticks a spear into your belly or a sepulcher over your head, hides a bogeyman back of a chair, tells you nothing and says you’ve got to do it because the unseen gods…There’s no difference between a taboo and a moral.

Right here is the point where Dianetics has been blackened and Scientology reversed:  “But he can’t go anyplace above that without having his self-determinism restored to him.”

And therein lies the first step in remedying Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology in my opinion and beginning the process of moving folk on up a little higher, a little more higher, and finally a whole heck of a lot higher.  Fortunately, we are rich beyond imagination in terms of  tools to accomplish the restoration of self-determinism. 

One doesn’t need to be a priest or a rocket scientist to contribute to that motion.  Each of us can do it day in and day out with what we know.  We are also free to learn more so as to do it more effectively and more efficiently. 

Ain’t it great to be alive?

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  1. Shore nuf!

  2. Love this! And if anyone knows where I can get the PDC on MP3, answers on a postcard please…

  3. Great quote! Before I left the church I’d been studying the Basics. Had a cog somewhere along the line that, “gee, 4.0 is awfully low toned!” This quote really filled in on that cognition for me. How many times I’ve winced inwardly at reg events when the crowd is made to “drill” emoting 4.0 and keep it there! Always sort of resented coming down to 4.0, to be enthusiastic about giving money I couldn’t afford to give! Couldn’t figure out why until I read this quote. Thank you!


  4. Marty,
    Again another great post! Thank you for reminding us of the truth that LRH showed us.
    As opposed to what is happening in the Church of DM currently. Self determinism has no place there!

  5. Kathy Braceland

    Chart of Attitudes and Rising Scale Processing…beautiful…. Yes, it IS great to be alive!

  6. I told Linda that the other day – “What a time to be alive.” I swear, I started this lifetime out to be a vacation from the last two. Unfortunately in this life I had to fight my way out of the west side of Detroit only to be drafted and swallowed up by a war. Then pioneering in a Class 4 org and then onto the Sea Org where I learned abuse on all 4 flows.

    I really wanted to be a part of a group that would make a sane world and I worked my ass off to get it, only to find it snatched away by the little fellow.

    Now, it is time to take all of this “life of education” and turn it into a good brew of Scientology or the studies of L Ron Hubbard and finally realize that postulate of clearing this planet.

    I swear next lifetime is the vacation one.

    Thanks for the postulate Marty. It will be so.

    ML Tom

  7. This is exactly what is being worked on in an ethics program which exists in the Freezone. But please realize that all the “black ethics” experiences we’ve had–inval, eval, injustice, programming, demands for amends and propitiation–have made the very word “ethics” into a button that kicks in an adamant refusal to touch the subject again. It’s a real score for Miscavage that he can get such a shudder out of someone with just that one little word.

    Real ethics, which this program is uncovering detail by detail, is an amazing thing. Thanks for this quote because it goes so beautifully with what I am progressing through. If I’d had this change of viewpoint at the beginning of the bridge, it would have saved me a ton of money expended trying to handle my own counter-intentions to survival.

    Any Sea Org member still putting up with abuse of any kind could benefit from a proper first dynamic ethics sort-out. That’s of course why they are not getting it–Davey’s little game would be over.

  8. Thank you Marty.
    The Gods are smiling on you and so am I!
    I do believe 2011 will be a seminal year for the Independents and what you are doing here.
    And to all those that seek freedom and enlightenment.
    Just reach, and it will be yours.

  9. Thank you Marty – what a great postulate for 2011 from LRH. Thank you for all you have done in promoting source and helping reconnect me to something I thought was lost. And thanks to everyone on this blog who sees the truth and why we were all drawn to LRH and Scientology. The happiest of holidays and most prosperous of new years, to all of you.

  10. I will determin for myself if I can rise above that tone level thank you very much , or even determin myself if I even abide by such a scale.

    reactive comment isn’t it 😉

    Homo sapiens sapiens

  11. Great postulate. Great reference. Deep down beneath all the evil, DM knows this.

  12. This is what it’s all about, Marty!

    To me, to grant others the freedom to rise about 4.0 and be self-determined and in so doing trust they will do what’s right, as described in this quote, requires trusting oneself. And I believe that when beings are allowed to rise above 4.0 and be self-determined, they will divine new realities that no one could even attempt to foresee. That is how the world will change for the better.

    To quote LRH: “On the day when we can fully trust each other there will be Peace on Earth.”

  13. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Beautiful Marty… Thank you!!
    Wish you and mosey a Merry Christamas and another great year freeing beings…
    A big hug and love to all the IND

  15. Great postulate!

    What’s with this new course – KNOWING WHO TO TRUST Course. Is this one of DM’s machinations?

  16. Amen. You have my postulate right along there with yours. Feel the same way!

  17. martyrathbun09

    Never heard of it.

  18. martyrathbun09

    Merry Xmas Silvia,

  19. Marty, I’m with you on that postulate 100%! Thank you.
    And to all posting and lurking here: We can do it! Happy Holidays!!

  20. martyrathbun09

    CD, close your eyes for a moment and get a picture of a cat.
    Now, please describe the cat that you pictured in detail.

  21. OT III, with its many controversies, is the lynch pin of self-determinism. The awareness characteristic accompanying it (at least in the old grade chart) was “Total Freedom”. Total freedom is what you make it. If you don’t make it, it is someone else making it and it is not totally free. I remember doing the Solo Course in 1978 just before the NOTS boom. It was only a handful of us, like no one else was doing it. It felt like great freedom about to come and it did pan out into a lot of extroversion. Continuing to apply the principles of self-determinism only led to the realization that most of my mates were very other-determined. One self-determined fellow named Bruce Wilson utilized the policy of the HCO Book Account to create the original Library Donation Service. He had it booming and created his own unit using straight LRH policy. Everyone in the FSO thought he was controlled by the FB and everyone in the FB thought he was controlled by the FSO. He had created an autonomous unit using LRH policy because no one would own it. Norman Starkey got more than a little pissed and Bruce just left. Had he been awarded for his self-determinism and ingenuity, they would have retained a great asset. Pan-determinism is good too.

  22. I hope those who have to buy Fearless Leader presents with their SO wages pool together and buy a few cases of some really good Scotch. He’s going to need it for the New Year . . .

  23. I know, right?

    It’s like, before now was all the Theory.
    Folks, we’ve just started the Practical part of Scientology!

    PS: Merry Christmas! 🙂

  24. Here is a very short anecdote that illustrates the current situation:

    During a 1956 speech for his campaign of de-Stalinization, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was asked by an unseen audience member why, as an advisor to the dictator, he had never stopped Stalin from committing his atrocities.
    Khrushchev immediately lashed out, “Who said that?”
    The room grew quiet.
    Khrushchev repeated his query to more silence, waited a beat, and then said, “Well, now you understand why.”
    Thanks to everyone who is speaking up and fighting back, and persisting at Keeping Scientology Working!

  25. …waiting for the punchline.

  26. Black with a grin on a mat , cosey and selfcontant, tale curled around itself, amused at the goings on beyond him, part of the turmoil but still a bystander, never fully involved, good fur , warm not having a care in the world, looking , spectating, the mat is made of some rotanlike stuff. cat content culred up with a grin wiskers standing out.

  27. Marty, My friend you have the best postulates. They always come true.
    Keep on keeping on. Much Love and Merry Christmas. Sargio

  28. Marty
    Name of the course is Knowing Who You Can Trust. I found it after reading Whodat’s post by googling the name.

    The irony of this course coming from the C of M is killing me.


  29. Awesome!!!!!! indicates to me. Beautiful post and thank you Marty.
    To all of you, a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Here’s to Moving up, up, and up!

  30. “Fortunately, we are rich beyond imagination in terms of tools to accomplish the restoration of self-determinism. ”

    And the wonderful people who can implement those tools rightoeusly!

    Thanks Marty
    +1 postulate
    Merry Christmas

  31. one of those who see

    Marty, such a key, important post. Wow! This is where I have been going in my evolution, in my freedom. Need to listen to the PDCs too. Thanks for the quote.
    And thanks for your help in Moving on up a little higher!

  32. Yo bro, that’s the way to go…
    Makes me feel good to know I’m not alone, here’s to great 2011 & beyond.
    Ahh Freedom – that great smell of happiness first thing in the morning.

  33. funny that that cat is black too.

  34. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. My sincere advice is rather than do their course, read SOS.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Beautiful! Who created that cat?

  36. martyrathbun09

    And YOU – as distinguished from your body – ain’t no Homo Sap. Merry Xmas funky feline.

  37. Merry Christmas Marty, keep the candle burning.


  38. Marty,

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you ,Mosey and every one posting and lurking on this board,

    I think 2011 will be a great year.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Sweet. Thanks RJ.Merry Xmas to you and yours.

  40. These little black splotches on this computer screen aren’t fine enough to acknowledge the beauty of this Opening Piece and the wonderful, bounteous abundance of its intention.

    FN-A it’s good to be alive!

  41. Tory Christman

    That IS sweet, RJ! Yes, Marty and all here—may 2011 be an even greater
    year than this last one, which has been HUGE. I thank you all, as well as all who have helped, for years and years to expose this insidious organization, the “church” of $cientology. It’s happening!~

    To anyone lurking—see the street? See the door? Here’s your C/S:
    1) Walk over to door, avoiding calls to ‘stop’
    2) Open the door, avoiding “seniors” yelling orders to you.
    3) Walk out the door, again, avoiding those trying to stop you.
    4) Notice Freedom is in the air—it is for YOU. Take it 🙂
    5) Call your parents and/or loved ones–and come on home!

    Merry, Merry Christmas to ALL 🙂

  42. Is it bad that I instinctively read “MandM” as “Marty and Mike”?

    Merry Christmas, Marty and Mosey, Mike and Christie and all who post and lurk here (except DM). 🙂

  43. Marty and Cat,

    You’re cooool kats!

    Merry Christmas……………


  44. I love all of you good people!!!!!! Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year!!!

    Sincerely, Tom Gallagher

  45. Marty & Mosey;
    I’m on board with your postulate. Merry Christmas to you two and all those reading this post. Let’s all go a little higher up the tone scale in 2011 and beyond.

  46. I completely agree! SOS will lead one in the correct direction of Truth and Cause!

  47. Just had a realization/cognition that sprang at me just now – I love you Marty. All doubts I ever had about you have erased. Merry Christmas to you and those you love.

    You once told me on a phone call to be strong. Knowing you better I can be stronger.
    One’s strength is measured by one’s friends and one’s enemies. You possibly are very strong.

  48. What a beautiful post Marty.
    Absolutely perfect for this Christmas Season.
    I so highly value Marty/Mosey as a prized friendship
    Warmest regards to you and all my friends who are the posters on this blog.

  49. Great post, Marty. Great postulate. We now share it with you. Thanks for all you are doing, and thanks to the power behind the power… Mosey.
    Merry Christmas!


  50. Cat Daddy | December 23, 2010 at 10:04 pm | Reply

    I just posted this.

    Thank you for this Xmas present. 🙂

  51. Are there more married couples in the Sea Org and more lonely people among the Independents?

  52. There needs to be a “like this posting” button on the WordPress UI. I’ll go suggest it. Happy Holidays, and thanks for the tone raising!!!

  53. The “Based on the works” Life Improvement courses have all been revamped. New courses include “Overcoming Financial Stress”, “Knowing Who To Trust” and “Successful Parenting: Tweens & Teens”. (See the full list at http://www.scientology.cc/en_US/intro/index.html). The PE, STCC and HQS courses have also been “updated” in some capacity.

  54. Scott Campbell

    Hey Man,

    Just enjoyin’ the rain out here…

    And it’s great to be alive!

    L, Scott

  55. Raising my hand to change the subject….
    if you receive an email from “Eileen Clark ”
    DO NOT OPEN IT. It is NOT from me. That is an old email address not used by me for several months, it’s been hijacked.

    The real Eileen

  56. for some reason the email address did not show in my post:

    eileenclark58 @ hotmail.com — DO NOT OPEN IF YOU GET AN EMAIL FROM THAT ADDRESS

  57. Wonderful postulate, Marty. Count me in. You and Mosey have a great Christmas. Mike and Christie, you too! And to all the other whistleblowers out there, my Xmas present came in early…thanks to you…the truth is out and there is no going back, just whatever future we create. 🙂

    To all of my cyber family and friends have a good one, sharing love, laughter and lots of hugs to you all from Florida.

  58. Marty,
    Per usual, you have written a perfect communication that touches me in a personal way….this was lovely.
    Together we are all moving up a little bit higher, day by day.

    Warm wishes to all for a happy holiday season and a great 2011 !!!!!!

    Love, Eileen

  59. Thanks for another fine piece of communication, Marty. 2011 will be the best year of our lives, eh?
    I’m heading up to the cold, north country to spend Christmas with the kids and grandkids.
    I would like to thank all of you here for being here and communicating and being brave enough to look and see the truth.
    Wish you all a merry Christmas and may 2011 be truly blessed.

  60. Tony DePhillips

    Marty great post as usual.

    Thanks for all the incredible work Marty and Mosey , Mike and Christie.
    Thanks for keeping the dream alive. Thanks for having the guts to do something about the tyranny.
    Marie-Joe and I wish you all a nice holiday season and happy New Year!!
    We would also like to thank all the nice people we have met through your blog and hope everyone flourishes and prospers for real in the upcoming year. I feel that the upcoming year is going to be an even bigger and better year than this one. And this year was huge!!

    Tony and Marie-Joe

  61. Scott Campbell

    Merry Christmas Eileen!

    L, Scott

  62. Marty

    You’re talking my kind of talk.

    Best postulates for you and Mosey.

    And to all others here… Have a wonderfully Theta 2011.


  63. Scott Campbell


    Chop, hack, gouge and Burn!

    When’s this damn vacation going to be over anyway?

    I got it! Back to vacation “Phase I”. Time to sharpen the old tools.

    And I’m with you. Next time perhaps as an Orca…


  64. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks Marty,

    This is what I am working upon for many years now. To not be under the morals of a dying society but to keep my own ethic.

    This is wonderful to see happening here and the way we are heading. Cheers!!!!

  65. Theo Sismanides

    Beautiful picture CD you created there, hahaha,

    My wife just loves cats, we have three of those felines that you pictured, not black, on kind of pink-whiteish beige and two striped ones…

    Merry Christmas!!

  66. You got my second on that postulate (or 5th or 25th or whatever). It always confounded me that Scientologists I spoke to in te church, even and maybe especially OTs didn’t believe in their own abilities via postulates. I have found that ” intention with no reservations” is very workable, I just have to keep moving a bit higher so as to be better able to do the “no reservations” part. In any case I can surely give you a tone 40 postulate on a merry Christmas and even more amazing 2011 than 2010 was.


  67. Thanks Jack,

    I see BOTWO the Squirrel has been busy as a lil’ beaver over the Holiday season.

    Meet BOTWO and wish him a Merry Xmas.


    Just don’t get too close.

    I think the lil’ guy’s rabid 🙂

  68. You’re a very cool Cat CD.

    A Merry Xmas to you and all the Cats out there in the NLs.

  69. Thanks Marty, Tory and Heather and all those who responded in spirit.

    (Hey all you lurkers out there just type in a few words.

    Really the results are magical and you’ll be taking that first key stroke toward freedom.

    It’s part of the magic of Christmas 🙂 )

    Love ya guys


    RJ AKA Robin

  70. Thanks guys and gals, 2011 will be a rocket theta fun and eventful year for the Independents. Let 2011 ring in the New Year with real freedom and real ARC for your friends, family and co workers.

    Lets ROCK & ROLL our way to FREE-dom!!!

  71. Curious,

    Perhaps the best answer to your question is in this video by Sylvia, an Independent Scientologist. You tell us how “lonely” these folks look….

  72. Marty & Mosey,

    Thank you for this great post. You have both with your love honesty, hard work and standard auditing, made 2010 an amazing year for all of us. Thank you!
    Yes! 2011 will be even better, with more people moving up a little higher in the Independent field.
    Thank you for everything you have done and are doing.
    Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!! 🙂

  73. Whereas, Curious, within the Sea Org there may be married couples, but they are not allowed to have children and are coerced into having abortions if they get pregnant. And even the married couples are often separated and kept apart by Chairman Maoscavige or other management types, giving them no opportunity to be together. Because destruction of the 2D is a chief goal of the so-called “Church”.

    And even if they are together, they cannot openly talk with each other about anything real, because of fear it will be disclosed in the next security check either one of them receives, and then that person will be imprisoned or they may be forced to divorce.

    In the Sea Org, the system is just like the old Soviet or present-day North Korea/Chinese system,where anyone could be an informer and not to be trusted, including family.

    THAT sounds like the ultimate prescription for loneliness to me.

    Go troll somewhere else, OSA. And Merry Christmas to you. Where will you be spending yours?

  74. I asked you a long time ago if you were CAT DADDY because you have a cat. Turns out, you DO have a cat! (even if it’s only in your mind!) LOL! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ….I’m jealous, I never was able to describe one in that much detail, even though oat one time I had 22 cats! (Outside, of course; mother cat kept having kittens, and those kittens started having kittens – it got totally out of control!) If you can create that well mentally, you’re in for a wild ride when you get some auditing!

  75. Happiest Holidays to everyone reading and writing here!

  76. Miscavige fixed Scientology (again) my friend, This time by creating new Div 6 courses. The Orgs just need to wait for the mass influx of public and route them to the automatic enlightenment video kiosks.

  77. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Scott!
    It’s raining here in Seattle too. Love it!!
    Shweet tune selection. Doesn’t get much cooler than that..

  78. Tony DePhillips

  79. Mosey and Marty, Christie and Mike, and all the wonderful thetans (spiritual beings, as opposed to homo sapiens) who hang out here on this blog,
    I would just like to thank all of you for your help and support getting me through this most difficult year. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, a wonderful Holiday Season and an absolutely Happy New Year! 2011 will be the best year ever for us, because we are movin’on up a little higher every single day. I am happier than I have ever been, and I got my self-determinism back by confronting the truth, and little by little being willing to speak out for what I thought was really right! I never dreamed I would ever say the things I have said, and when you are willing to say what you REALLY think, you do have a rise in personal integrity and self-determinism. I had to overcome a lot of fear to say the truth for me, and to then be willing to have my identity known; but this has brought a freedom and a rise in tone level that is absolutely awesome. But, to be totally honest, I would never have had the courage to stand up for the truth without knowing I had your support, and that if I needed help, it would be there for me. And it was there for me when I asked for it. I sat out there lonely, for 10 years, not knowing there were others who felt like I did, and to find you as a community, has brought me peace, joy and happiness, and your friendship and support is the greatest Christmas gift of all.
    I know LRH is smiling at us, and proud of us for keeping his legacy alive, and my postulate for 2011 is that all our sons, daughters, and other loved ones come home to us, and regain their self-determinsim, too.

    All my love to the best group on this planet, and in the universe,
    Catherine von Ach

  80. Sorry to feed the lame OSA trolls again, but I would like to point out once again that the term “curious” is an indicator of an OSA troll. Thank you for validating my theory yet again. Someone who has read the blog would obviously not make a post like this. If you want to see something really wonderful and uplifting, please watch Marty and Mosey’s wedding video. Here in the independent movement is clearly a new civilization in the making.

    Marriage in the CofM seems to be a mixed bag. It seems like many of the married SO members I knew had one one partner on the RPF or EPF. On the EPF, they had the “2d room” to get a semblance of privacy for lovemaking. I have seen Scientology help married couples, and I have also seen it split them up, mostly from financial pressures.

  81. Tony DePhillips

    Have I told you all lately?

  82. 🙂 – yes, that’s what it takes 🙂

  83. I really enjoyed this post with LRH speaking on self determinism. It is truly a treat to see LRH quotes that highlight data that sometimes is bypassed in the C of M.

    And, in line with the above, today I had the pleasure of listening, for the first time, to a recording of RJ68. WOW! I had heard RJ67, the one where he talks of the breakthrough on OTIII, but I had never heard of RJ68. Now, you talk about LRH laying down the laws that govern what NOT to do in management of Scientology, it is found in RJ68. Never had I heard LRH so enthusiastic about Scientology advancements in tech and admin before. He even mentions work on OT7 and OT8. And man, the celebs he mentions joining Scientology in those days. Dozens and dozens of them.

    RJ68 was a wonderful experience. It made me further realize how warped DM’s approach is to running things. LRH mentions errors in management that he corrected, and even apologized for such. Now, when is the last time you heard DM apologize for his hazings? NEVER.

    Man, what a way to end the year. To read Marty’s posting of a wonderful LRH reference, and then hear LRH talk about wonderful things, including how Scientologist should always practice recognizing the right of others to believe. And the rights of others to accept or not accept anything in the Scientology philosophy. It was priceless. Damn exteriorizing in fact. If you have not heard RJ68. Do so. I can gaurantee you that DM will NEVER adhere to the spirit of RJ68.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, if I don’t get the chance to say so before Jan 1.

    Sovereign Scientologist

  84. Yeah, perfect quote from that treasure (PDC) “that contains it all”. Great postulate that sums up what this blog and “us” is all about. I’m certainly behind that one, all the way.

    To Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie, Steve, Amy, Jeff, Mark and Claire Headley, Jackson, Tory, Jesse Prince, … and many, many, many I’ve met on this blog.

    I started this year, half blind and pretty much effect, though fighting.
    I end this year seeing and playing.

    It’s been a year of looking, searching, reading, beginning with Steve’s blog (thank you man!! – your article “What Makes Us Different” was a turning point for me – for I finally had found a site I felt was speaking my language), the St. Pete Truth Rundown (all videos and my “key answer” from Marty in an interview: (paraphrased) “Do Scientologist know about what is going on at Int?” – Marty: “They absolutely have no clue” – that started a ball rolling down a hill so steep and fast that I even surprised myself – literally within 3 days I was a “new man” 🙂 for now I started to re-read almost everything from the viewpoint that I actually did NOT know it all already, followed by all the books (Amy, Jeff, Mark) and finally turned into my own little contributions on Steve’s and this blog and eventually starting what I call my “prank” (Marty knows what it is) and which still is ongoing.

    Not all is as it should be yet but compared to the beginning of this year its “a whole new world”.

    Thank you all and a happy holiday season and a 2011 where we end up yet a little higher again.

    Love, Samuel

  85. Hi everybody and Merry Xmas to you all!!! I’m totally behind this postulate. As a matter of fact I’m getting ready to more than double the production for the coming year with many OTs fixed and running as well as new ones done right in the first place!!!!

  86. Wonderful postulate and very fitting. Thanks MOMA and all other Scientology friends posting here. I wish you all a delicious Xmas and a spiritual New Year!

  87. martyrathbun09

    Tony, while we are on the subject of Van the man, our song:

  88. martyrathbun09

    Speaking of Jimi, and postulates:

  89. LRH Communicator

    Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday Season, guys.

    With best wishes to all of you
    (including OSA personnel. BTW,did you taste the coffee , my friends ?
    No more Kool-Aide, please, from next year on.)

  90. This is a funny thing to say, Tom. I doubt you will get a vacation next time around. 🙂 You are needed.

    This lifetime to me is the best. I will not rest …

  91. The Cat I described could be me. Images in the mind are powerfull stuff. The subconscious does not discriminate between what is to be seen in the physical universe or what is fantasy/fiction/dream.

    22 cats now that is a powerfull image too. Since man drew the first paintings in caves we came a long way, I hope some day we stop bashing eachothers head. Well Auditing and Imagery you say. Scientologists, Psychologists, Hypnothists, Bhuddists, Hypnotherapists, Psychiatrists, Religions and even Terrorists and Little Davey Boy share a common workable philosophy:

    The Imagary of the mind is powerfull, It can be your friend or foe.


  92. Happy New year and have a wonderful Nativety.

  93. I love the coloration of the cats of you and your wife Theo.
    Sounds that those cats are in for a great christmass time too. All the rich food scraps that there ought to be had for them. Ah the good life. Sleep and eat and play.


  94. Thank you you are a pretty fiesty cat yourself. I hope all your postulates come through but one just to keep the game interesting.

    Keep them honest and happy holidays


  95. Great quote, Great postulate. Thank you Marty!

    In my opinion one of the Basic Basic of the applied religious philosophy Scientology.
    ”But he can’t go anyplace above that without having his self-determinism restored to him.”

    LRH puts it very clearly right there in the Qs:
    Q1 The common denominator of all life impulses is self-determinism.
    Q2Q1 Self-determinism may be defined as the location of matter and energy in space and time, as well as a creation of time and space in which to locate matter and energy.
    Q4 Q1 Universes are created by the application of self-determinism on eight dynamics.
    Q5 Q1 Self-determinism, applied, will create, conserve, alter and possibly destroy universes.

    Thank you Marty & Mosey and Mike & Christie for keeping this Blog alive and holding the space for all of us.
    Thank you so much to everybody who participated to this Blog.
    I learned SO MUCH, it blowed a lot of charge for me and dissolved a lot of confusions I had.
    I feel much more confident now, relaxed, optimistic about life, Scientology and my Bridge.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2011 to YOU.

  96. Tom and a merry christmass to you, hohohoho
    Frederik Pohl on L Ron Hubbard:

    “There is one thing about Ron that I do remember. He was a chick magnet. He was pretty good at getting an audience of any gender to pay attention to him, but on this occasion the conversational partner he was attracting was Vida Jameson, and he attracted her clear away from me.”

  97. Stan the Man said it for me.

    Consider me on board this Caravan.

    Turn it up!

    Turn your electric light on…

  98. Merry Christmas and A very Happy and Theta New Year to all my new FREE and TRUE friends!!
    My Postulate for 2011 is for others to share in our JOY of real FREEDOM and TRUE HAPPINESS!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Much Love, Lori

  99. Not only are the courses revamped, the conglomerate structure is. Unsuspecting victims see automatic enlightenment video kiosks and walk in curiously. Then an automatic body router takes them to the automatic reg booth where they can’t get out unless they donate their credit card to the automatic paybot. They get out the other side where an automatic course sup enrols them and puts them on an automatic BOTWO course. After completion the automatic examiner checks if the success story is a perfect duplicate of the total compliance standard. If so, the FN is automatically indicated without need of a meter. If not, the automatic body router connects the nonconform students to an automatic SRAbot and if still an anomaly they’re connected to an automatic false purpose implant station without food nor sleep until the standard EP of 100% total compliance is reached. The huge savings in labour can’t be accomplished by any other technique and there’s no other known way on the planet that makes so much money off each and every student in so little time. The process is known to be accompanied by quite some collateral damage but it’s far more effective in reaching the aims of a total compliant society than any other technique in the history of mankind. If only that damn loud fall out could be automatically sued or silenced forever, it’d make the perfect new world order.

  100. What this blog means to me:

    1) Sharing heartfelt memories that remind us why the current c of s is not only dead but needs to fully crumble and thus free those entrapped

    2) Finding old friends, who had disappeared from my life years ago

    3) Making new friends, who share with me our common “heritage” of years in the SO or scientology

    4) An interesting place to visit, share ideas and memories – occasionally get rapped upside the ‘ead but a good place to see if I can not fire back a salvo defending myself. Ergo — a good place for growth

    5) A place to admire all the wise choices so many of us have made and to see how Marty weaves these choices into a place that welcomes everyone — (at least once 🙂

    6) A place where I learn about new music and revisit some favorites

    7) A place to see the fascinating way the curtain is being pulled on the emperor who has no clothes. Kudos to Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie for continued exposure. Must be getting cold now in CA, rain, more rain, mud and NO clothes —

    8) A place where I can wish all a very Merry Christmas and express my wish that everyone reunite with their families in the New Year — It’s going to be a magical one!!

    As “Van the Man” says: Into the mystic!!


  101. You’re welcome Terril 😉 Have a great one !

  102. This is a great post! My shift from “freedom from” (a viewpoint that had become static) to “freedom to” (a far more dynamic viewpoint) occurred during Daniel’s plight with the C of S. Since that time, I have continued to “move on up a little higher.” Merry Christmas, friends! H

  103. I postulate, Marty Ratbone will be stopped before 2011 ends.

  104. Independent Scientologist

    Just got out of session and plan to go back in session in a few minutes. Clearing Course. Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the holidays and LRH’s legacy than by taking advantage of that legacy – now that I am allowed to do that, after cutting my ties with AOLA.

    Merry Christmas!

    – Ron Matlock

  105. martyrathbun09

    Speaking of Van the Man, ain’t we all engage in this?:

  106. martyrathbun09

    Awwwwrriight. Now you’re talkin’.

  107. LOVE THIS Marty — see what I mean about sharing music — never heard this LOVE IT!!

    Big Merry Christmas hug to you and Mosey!!

  108. Tony DePhillips

    That is the song I dedicated to my wife when we first met. 🙂

  109. Tony DePhillips

    I’m sorry for the VM tent. But you HAVE to listen to this one, it is a masterpeice!!

  110. What a beautiful group! I wanna be part of the next reunion!

  111. Tony DePhillips

    Sing it loud! Sing it like you’re proud!

  112. I didn’t notice up until now that the defaul avatar on this website is a gravatar… Very smart idea to detect OSA trolls lol

  113. Scientology is great for sucking money out of people, and the life out of them as well. I saw a lot of faces like that when I was in Scientology, of people that really did not need and want to give money at the time but thought “Oh well!” and gave it anyway.

    My Christmas is so merry and rewarding not having to give my time and money to those people anymore.

  114. Scott Campbell


    You know it. You’re lucky enough to live in Jimi’s old stompin’ ground. Beautiful country up there.

  115. Scott Campbell

    Absolutely, Marty. Absolutely.

  116. My favorite movie scene on a Christmas theme.

  117. Scott Campbell


    You’re right. Those cats are wailin’!

  118. Once again, the source and authenticity of this latest leak cannot be verified. Read at your own discretion.

    (This goddamn well better not #%&$ leak out or someone’s gonna be #$%&! toast!)

    Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB

    Draft: Wish List for 2011

    1. Revise all books, there’s no bio of me in any of them.
    2. These new ones had better include a @#%! good picture of me.
    3. Cancel all my orders on FNs. There’s been too much whining.
    4. Prohibit the use of all dictionaries, they just use ’em to make me wrong.
    5. I want those $#%!& cameras installed in ALL the trees around Marty’s compound.
    6. Get some of those higher shoe lifts, like Tom’s.
    7. Thicker socks.
    8. Get some of that thicker French hair gel.
    9. Approve pending bust of me for all org reception areas.
    10. See if I can figure out that #$@%! OT IX and X stuff again.
    11. Let those #@$!%ers in the SP Hole have some of their X-mas presents.
    12. Buy that nice Adnan Khashog jet with the cool chair.
    13. More cars.
    14. Interrogate Heber again.
    15. Figure out better camera angles for my events.
    16. Bigger pillars for my events.
    17. Get shorter podium.
    18. Find out about that micro-chip implanting stuff.
    19. New uniform for the dog.
    20. Approve new IAS status: Diamond Gluttonus Imperial Supreme.
    21. New Triple Kha-Khan Ultimus pin for COB.
    22. Get some of that subtle sparkly make-up for face.
    23. Grounding rods installed on motorcycle handlebars.
    24. Pilot those new celebrity-only e-meters with 3-D HD cameras and neat sub-sonic frequency.
    25. Flowers for Travolta.
    26. Special uniform for Tom.
    27. New puppet of Heber.
    28. Count my money again.
    29. Check on Shelly.
    30. Make sure Farrakan’s new auditing throne actually points towards Mecca.

  119. Speaking of Jimi and how to really play the blues, I present toyou Red House:

  120. Hey Scott, I do believe I married you and your wife in Leb Hall some yrs ago.
    Where do I find your email address.

  121. Theo Sismanides

    Ah, you are a Garfield, I guess…

    Yea, to those little cute cats all over the world! Merry Christmas CD and thanks!

  122. Scott Campbell

    Now that’s what I call some down n’ dirty creole blues!

    Right on , Tom.

  123. Merry Christmas all!

  124. Scott Campbell


    Sorry, we did not get married in Leb Hall. Must be someone else.


  125. Scott Campbell


    I’m reminded of a time at a dinner party when a friend of mine stated, “I’m a chick magnet”.

    His son immediately chimed in with, “Yeah, but you’re facing the wrong way”.

    Badum, bum – tshhh!

  126. Used to listen to this one with my Dad. It was our favorite Van song.

  127. Scott Campbell

    My daughter just sent this to me. Enjoy.

  128. Cute! Next time lets see a real video of you and Tony doing that dance. 😉

  129. martyrathbun09

    Well, I guess it’s better than being called “Sue.”

  130. martyrathbun09

    One of my favorites too. You’re still the queen of the slipstream.

  131. Lady Minn,
    Your post reminded me how far I’ve come this year too. At the beginning of the year we could only talk behind closed doors, and we had many “possibilities” to worry about. Now we’ve come through the events–some worked well and some not so well, but we’re done and better off for it.

    Next year looks much better. So here’s to you and everyone for a great holiday and a TREMENDOUSLY AMAZINGLY STUPENDOUSLY GOOD NEW YEAR!!!

  132. Marty,
    We have a rare video clip of Snowit’s boss in action:


  133. Could you explain this? Thanks, M6

  134. There are a few good Christmas songs from Freddie Mercury and Queen, but this one really summarizes what we are trying to achieve. I sincerely believe we will get there. Oh, and the Swiss nature footage is pretty spectacular.

    This could be heaven
    This could be heaven
    This could be heaven for everyone

    In these days of cool reflection
    You come to me and everything seems alright
    In these days of cold affections
    You sit by me – and everything’s fine

    This could be heaven for everyone
    This world could be fair, this world could be fun
    This could be heaven for everyone
    This world could be free, this world could be one

    In this world of cool deception
    Just your smile can smooth my ride
    These troubled days of cruel rejection
    You come to me, soothe my troubled mind

    Yeah, this could be heaven for everyone
    This world could be fair, this world could be fun
    This could be heaven for everyone, yeah
    This world should be free, this world could be one
    We should bring love to our daughters and sons
    Love, love, love, this could be heaven for everyone
    You know that
    This could be heaven for everyone
    This could be heaven for everyone

    Listen – what people do to other’s souls
    They take their lives – destroy their goals
    Their basic pride and dignity
    Is stripped and torn and shown no pity
    When this should be heaven for everyone

    This could be heaven for everyone


  135. OMG–Too LOL!

  136. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Scott!!!!
    Eat, drink and be merry… 🙂

    L, Eileen

  137. Your postulates don’t work here!

  138. Bawahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!

    OTDT you definitely put the “Jolly” in tis the season to be jolly!!!!

  139. Tony DePhillips

    Oh yeah!!!

  140. Tony DePhillips

    I think your postulates are too weak to pull that one off.
    Maybe you can try to do an O/W write-up and see if that increases your horse power??

  141. Poor you snowhite!!! I wish you can spend time with family and friends for Xmas and New Year is fun and healthy.

  142. Oh, Jeez … Could someone please reply to my post so I don’t have to be by Snowhite? Thanks! H

  143. Marty, my PIs have finally discovered who Snowhite really is…..

  144. one of those who see

    Ha Ha Perfect Marty!!

  145. Tony DePhillips

    Merry Christmas OTDT!!
    Give that fertile mind as rest…
    How about some Brandy and a good cigar?

  146. Tory Christman

    🙂 Let’s hope some see this and call…..I had one 2 nights ago, so things ARE in the works! Happy Christmas Eve to all 🙂

  147. Freedom Fighter

    Great post, Marty! For you and all of my friends in the Independent field:

    Happy Holidays!!

  148. Sorry snowhite but there are more real OTs outside the church in the independents field so Our postulate wins… Be careful mean postulates works backwards…

  149. I can’t wait to go back in session.

  150. one of those who see

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry, Merry

  151. one of those who see

    Really? Is this the theta you can come up with for Christmas? I guess your present to us is making us right.
    Hope you will be surrounded by friends and family and can enjoy the spirit of the season.

  152. Actually I have to correct myself its called identicon


    I tried to post from a different location/ip address and got the same icon/avatar/identicon, but when I tried a different email address got the same unique identicon. Worldpress.com assignes me the same icon/avatar/identicon on the Italian blog, l’INDIPENDOLOGO. So any of you when posting on wp.com get the same icon unless you change email, you can individuate fakes when they appear to have a different icon never seen before of they try to post with your name but a different email address.

  153. I suppose that Marty is able to see the individual ip address of everybody posting on here therefore being able to individuate the person. I also suppose there’s some sort of icon translator that can decrypt informations from the icon like, ip address, email address.

  154. one of those who see

    Happy Happy Holidays everyone. This has been a wonderful year. Because of your help I am more me. Very inexpensive case gain, I have to say! I am so happy you are all out there and communicating. It is an honor to be communicating with such intelligent, articulate, theta beings. The havingness is huge and is my favorite present.

  155. I postulate Marty Rathbun will stop well before 2011 ends because his job is done, and Scientology is being applied freely by those who wish to do so.

  156. Thanks Marty for this very enlightening blog.
    I completely agree with that postulate.

    A merry Christmas to you, to Mike, to your families and all the rest of the wonderful beings posting here, love you all and every comment.

    May the black cloud over scn dissolve rapidly in the reassuring light of truth.

  157. Marty,

    You have my complete agreement for the postulate you wrote. “Here’s a postulate for 2011: Freeing self and others from a low-scale, imprisoning moral to a high-scale, liberating ethic.”

    Another LRH reference on this that is apropos is HCOB 7 May 1959 New Process where he states:

    “It never snows but it avalanches!

    Possessing now tremendous processes at lowest levels, we need a new understanding of processing and assessment.

    The broad tone scale is divided into three general parts. Highest is Pan Determinism. Mid-range is Self-Determinism. Low range is Other-Determinism.

    The fundamental difficulty is that something has so thoroughly overwhelmed the pc that he is it. This is Other-Determinism become the person. Mild locks use this route to further overwhelm him. A person doesn’t really find anything in this lifetime that would have overwhelmed him enough to aberrate him. It took great doing. Things like prenatals and operations and shocks just use the existing overwhelm channel.”


    I find the people on this blog, you, Mosey, Mike and all others are working on their Self-Determinism heading up to Pan-Determinism. We are rising above the tones and activities of those in Other-Determinism.

    This is the road to truth. This is the road toward freedom. This is the road we travel for the new year. Thank you for allowing us to travel together and have a common place to meet.

    May all who read this have a happy holiday season, with integrity intact, with clean heart and wonderful postulates into the 2011 year.

  158. 1, you are hilarious! Boy, did I need a good laugh! Thanks!

  159. Centurion,
    You wrote as though you read my thoughts. I just listened to RJ 68 this week. Thanks. Enjoy the holidays!

  160. Here you go H. A gesture in the spirit of the season. You are now no longer next to the adorable and always popular Snowjob.

  161. “Fortunately, we are rich beyond imagination in terms of tools to accomplish the restoration of self-determinism.”

  162. A song written just for you. I, for one, appreciate your being here and what you contribute. I too had that shift during this past year. Someday, you will know me a little better. Never mind the litte yellow snow guy. He will melt away as the sunshine of truth lights pierces into the dark recesses and spaces. We will still be moving up a little higher and he shall be but a dirty spot in the corner where he has been cowering. Have a great holiday season!!

  163. Tory Christman

    ‎*★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
    •。★Christmas★ 。* 。
    ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
    ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
    *° •˛• ☃| 田田 |門| ☃˚╰☆╮To all here tonight! Love this, Scott ~~
    Please tell your daughter thank you from me. Merry Christmas to all 🙂
    (PS: It says “Download this video” but when I tried, it looks like it’s just downloading to Marty’s site again. Is that true, or not? Anyone know? I love this and would like to download it).

  164. Snowhite,

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…
    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one
    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one


    Merry Christmas, Snowhite


  165. Thanks. M6

  166. My postulate for the freedom of those beautiful souls trapped in DM’s jail.

  167. one of those who see

    Wow. Thanks for this. She’s wonderful.

  168. Wait a minute. Lets not discount Snowwhites’ prediction so quickly.

    Ever heard of a traffic light?

    Thats right. Think it over.

  169. Grinch (Snowwhite),

    My god, just when I was about to enjoy my xmas for one of those rare times after 25 years of no christmas spirit in my time the SO- you just had to ruin it.

    You are officially a DM bot, and you should go to OSA Heaven (or hell?).

    F U.

  170. OTDT,

    This is your best post ever! Loved it .

    PS: Pay attention snowwhite

  171. Scott Campbell

    Wow. Cool card, Tony.

    Merry Christmas!

    Scott & Karry

  172. Snowhite,
    Merry Xmas to you too.
    What’s the common denominator of the following:
    1. The exact point where an individual begins to stop things.
    2. Continuous overt or covert determination to destroy.
    3. Inability to differentiate properly.
    4. Destroying things that assist survival.

  173. That’s so funny. …..pretty close to reality though.
    Merry Xmas!

  174. LRH Communicator

    Thank you for all wonderful music videos.

    But it seems like nobody here listens to J-Pop (Japanese pops).
    So here is my favorite song by my favorite singer,
    Mariko Takahashi (She is actually “Queen of J-Pop”).
    The title is “Last mail”.
    Hoping you will enjoy this up-tone music.

  175. Merry Christmas, Marty & Mosey, and one and all – the free and the not so yet. Love to all.

  176. Mike — Thanks for protecting my back! Happy holidays to you and yours! Hallelujah!!

  177. Sapere Aude — THANKS SO MUCH for posting this rendition of my namesake! I’ve been listening to Jeff Buckley’s version, but K.D. Lang has done a superb live performance. What a wonderful Christmas present to wake up to! Are you also Santa Claus? Or, perhaps a helper elf?

    Regarding “We will still be moving up a little higher and he (Snowhite) shall be but a dirty spot in the corner where he has been cowering,” perhaps we should postulate this person’s ethics change and moving up a little higher.

    Then we can all sing Hallelujah!


  179. Lovely … thank you for posting! H

  180. TD,
    I can hear the clink of my glass of Czechoslavakian absynthe against your glass of brandy as my near perfect Camel Blue smoke ring fuses with the cloud of smoke from your fine stogi.

  181. Enjoyed! Thanks for posting. H

  182. Hallelujah,
    I know you have followed my postings. My postulate is that all current OSA and SO members will move on up a little higher. I have many friends still working there. I know so many many SO members who work with dedication thinking they are doing what Ron would want. Hard for them to see they are being steered off course.

    I postulate little by little those working to misdirect this blog will see bits and pieces of truth that we write about. It will first create small doubts, then they can check the references we discuss, then they can move on up a little higher.

    I sincerely believe in Self-Determinism and then above that Pan-Determinism. Some, such as Snowhat, are still stuck at Other-Determinism – but they too, will someday move on up a little higher.

    Enjoy the holiday and so happy you enjoyed your song!

    Got to get moving on, my reindeer are getting excited.

  183. A holiday treat

  184. Reading down through all the replies to Snowhite I see that those who can truly wish her well, in spite of her current out-of-valence-ness, have as-ised her completely.

    So here’s mine, I truly wish you well, Snowhite, and may your holidays be filled with increasing amounts of time not as the valence, but as you, the being, enjoying the awareness that you are you a perfect being.

  185. Scott Campbell

    Merry Christmas Tory!

    My daughter says “your welcome” and “tell her I’m glad she likes it”.

    I don’t know a lot about this stuff but if I wanted to send it I would look it up on YouTube and click on “file” then “send link” and email it to my friends.

    YouTube also has other buttons for downloading and such but I’ve never used them. Maybe need to experiment.

    L, Scott, Karry and Kids

    P.S. How do you get the little symbols and graphics to appear with your post? That’s totally cool.

  186. I didn’t check my reply I mean the icon changes if you change email

  187. (Thanks, Sapere Aude – I didn’t know how to do that. Merry Christmas to you, too – lunamoth)

  188. Thank you for the acknowledgement Mockingbird 6. Yes, we have come a long way! Wow, when I think about Christmas Day last year: I was crying all day about my son, sad, depressed, lonely, stats down, no money. Now, this is Christmas, I am happy, healthy, stats way up, business being put back together and expanding, in comm, new friends all over the planet, and now I am helping other Moms through their disconnections! I feel causative, and have become an activist to handle this disconnection problem, not just for me, but for all of us. For me, I have gone from Total Effect to Cause by movin on up a little higher every day. Thanks for reminding me, I hadn’t really looked at how bad things were a year ago. Since then, I have gotten repayments back from FSO, the Freewinds, and the check is in the mail from the Manor Hotel. I have used this money to put my business back together, and 2011 will be the best year ever! Can’t wait for Independence Day so that I can meet you wonderful people in person!
    Much Love, Ctherine

  189. Thanks Cat Daddy, am doing it and you have a good one , too.

  190. lunamoth
    Instant hat. Find video on youtube page. Directly under video see the “Embed” box. Click that. A box of code shows up. Below that pick size 480×385 and click the black/dark gray just above that size. Now click in the box of code and copy all text found inside the code box. Post in your wordpress reply by pasting the code. The video will now show. Once you see the video there in your post before you send it you can click on the video and see if it plays. Then send to post. Glad to be able to help. Onward reindeer – more presents to give!

  191. Sapere Aude,
    I tried it, and it works. I am enlightened, indeed. Thank you!

  192. Tony DePhillips

    Nice mock up. Someday we will make it a reality..

  193. Yeah, Snowhite, me an’ all the other cats hereby pee on you. Yellow snow! We all had a great Christmas despite you, ’cause we were nowhere around the C of $. It was great to see family, come home, check out this blog and see all these guys tromping on you. Way t’go, cats! We’re gonna have a great 2011!

  194. Tony DePhillips

    Here is the latest IAS scam. I replaced Marty’s name for the one that was there, otherwise it is unchanged.

    Dear Marty,
    Happy Holidays!

    Did you hear about the Lifetime offer yet? For this holiday season only, you can now become a Lifetime member and the IAS will gift you a SECOND Lifetime membership for a family member or friend of your choice.

    This offer will expire on 31st of December. So visit our website today at http://www.iasmembership.org/iasa and take advantage of this Holiday Special.

    If you don’t know how much you need in order to complete your Lifetime membership, email me at contact@iasadministrations.net or call me (001) 323-953-3490.

    Your support makes all things possible!


    Selina Frick
    IAS Administrations
    On behalf of the IAS

    As a member of the IAS you automatically receive promotional materials and emails from IAS Administrations as part of your benefits of being a member. If you do not wish to receive further emails, please let us know.

    Unsubscribe yahoo.com from this list.

    Our mailing address is:
    IAS Administrations
    1311 N. New Hampshire Ave
    Los Angeles, California 90027

    Add us to your address book

    Copyright (C) 2010 IAS Administrations All rights reserved.

    Forward this email to a friend
    Update your profile

  195. Surprised no one has thought about a ‘last lifetime’ membership.

    You saw it here first!

  196. Thanks, S.A. My virtual world just got a little bigger!


  197. Marthy isn’t stupid. He knows that a troll can change this IP number with TOR or other free or cheap applications all the time. E.g. a troll can be in Florida but posts constantly with the same IP from another state or even country.

  198. You’re not an OT rather a person obsessed with trolling. People who have a life don’t bother with your stuff.

  199. lunamoth and Leonore
    You are most welcome – glad I could be of help to you.
    Sapere Aude

  200. Tony DePhillips

    Come on everybody step right up!! Buy one and get one free!! Limited time only!! Hurry get it while you can!! The planet is going down fast. Get your IAS lifetime membership and give your FREE one to that downstat friend of yours who could never make anything go right!! Now YOU can help save the eternity fo one of your degraded being friends or family members!! It’s fabulous!!

  201. Thanks Tony, I needed this data so I can continue to work on my IAS refunds! Any other suggestion on this?

  202. Marty – Excellent post! Here’s to continuing freedom and independence, and to scales falling from the eyes of the deceived!

    A wonderful 2011 to you and Mosey. I am glad I met you this year! It is refreshing to be with Scientologists who are real, and Marty, you put together a great medium for us all!

    May all of us have a great 2011. May all of you be reunited with your family and friends. May all those who are under the yoke of DM rise up and walk away to freedom. May we all practice Scientology in the manner it was intended – to free, and not to enslave. May we all keep love and understanding as the guiding star for all our actions.

    I wrote a little Christmas message in my blog for all of you. 2011 will be a wonderful and joyous year!


  203. A great quote and a great postulate Marty. Merry Xmas and a happy New Year to all!

  204. A very Happy New Year 2011 to you, Mosey and all Indies and free thinkers everywhere.

    It seems the new “promo building” in Commerce City will be the “new release” this New Years event. http://forums.whyweprotest.net/291-scientology-discussion/whats-being-released-2010-2011-new-years-event-75363/ Oh dear. My postulate for 2011 is that every attendee realises they have been scammed yet again and walks out of the CofM for ever.

  205. Over the top crackup!!

  206. Merry Christmas to MY group, MY family, MY friends.
    I love you all so very much and thank you for the most meaningful and beautiful Christmas ever.
    Looking forward to an amazing new year.


    IAS 2011 Multi-Lifetime Purchase Special

    Buy your Multi-Lifetime Membership during January 2011 and receive a special bonus of the new Between-Lives Membership at no extra charge.

    Yes, you will be covered for the next 100 lifetimes with no price increase and as a special bonus you will receive the new Between Lives Membership for free, allowing you to receive processing at half price while you are dead.

    Take even more responsibility by making a bulk purchase of Multiple Multi-Lifetime Memberships for all your dead friends and relatives and receive a further bonus of Priority Seating at all International Events!

  208. Well, Indie 500 is growing again. chuga chuga..

  209. The website has been loading real slow the last few days. I have to restart the browser half the time. That’s how slow it is. Possibly too many christmas cheer videos? You can always have too many of those. Oh and by the by, I never look at videos in the comments, or lyrics either. Ever. How does that make each of you feel?

  210. How’s that for a stat push? If the intent of the IAS is to build a war chest, how does it forward their purpose to give these memberships away for free (other than to have more names to reg for their “next level of meaningless status”?

    Maybe they are trying to boost the number of IAS members because they are afraid that someone will leak the ACTUAL number of IAS members and the hot air balloon of 8 or 10 million “Scientologists” will be well and truly burst when the number of IAS members EVER is no more than 30,000!!!

  211. Tory Christman

    Excellent! Love this song……..it IS the theme song of those stuck “in”, which most reading this are happily free from “Trapped!” 🙂
    Here is an excellent video on how good men/woman turn into “evil”. A great message for those lurking….this IS what happens within the organization called the “church of $/m”:

    My postulate, wish, goal for 2011 goes along with yours, Marty, and others….to rise UP and free the most we can, while educating others on why not to get suckered “in”. This series is an excellent education in mankind and how “diffusion of responsibility” takes place. May 2011 be even better than 2010! Love to all 🙂

  212. Tory Christman

    Excellent news. I’ve been saying for years their membership was far from the “8 million” they quote, and more like “about 25,000”, so
    30,000 is very close. Thanks, Marty!

  213. Boyd H.
    You can try firefox or opera for fast browsers. Website loads fast for me and I have many browser pages open and on an older slower computer. It could be your own internet access is slow due to others near you on the lines.

    Odd, you state you never look at videos but you personally posted one Dec 19th, for us to look at. Have a happy new year!

  214. Like a rollin’ stone.

  215. Tory Christman

    Sorry, I just realized this was posted by Mike—thank you, too 🙂

  216. Boyd,

    May I suggest a Christmas present to yourself: A new upgraded system.


  217. Tory Christman

    Super! Thanks, Scott, Karry and Kids.
    Here’s how: Copy/Paste 🙂 Amazing, eh? 🙂

    *★Happy★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
    •。★New Year 2011!★ 。* 。
    ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
    ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
    *° •˛• ☃| 田田 |門| ☃˚╰☆╮

  218. Tory Christman

    So you don’t look at our links? That’s your loss, not ours, imnsho.
    Links are either educational, or inspirational. I know when I first left, I was too paranoid to click on ANY links, myself, so I understand feelings like that. Either way, Hope all have a great end to 2010 and a delightful beginning of 2011!

    And Davey boy: Tick Tock, Tick Tock….Time IS on *our* side! 🙂

  219. Strong indications that the “release” for this New Years event will be the promo facility in East LA. http://forums.whyweprotest.net/291-scientology-discussion/whats-being-released-2010-2011-new-years-event-75363/

    Also, extraordinary story in today’s Mail (UK) that 9 UK terror suspects were observing the London CofM, among other targets such as London Eye (which coincidentally I was at today with daughter). They left after a while “before visiting a branch of McDonald’s” (presumably to try and figure out why the building was empty) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1342004/Plot-bomb-London-Eye-Nine-court-accused-planning-Christmas-terror-blitz.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
    Anyone shed any light on this? Why would suspected Islamic fundamentalists want to allegedly target Scientology?

  220. Marty, here’s to you and the conversation you’ve catalyzed and inspired on this forum in the last couple years. Love the music postings and how they reflect our individual tastes. I kind of like this old chestnut freshly rendered in this vid which in its own mystical way seconds what you are saying.

  221. martyrathbun09

    Really nice – thanks.

  222. Scott Campbell

    Extra amazing, Tory.

    Guess it was more of a “where did you get that?” kind of thing.


  223. Tory Christman

    Pardon me, but is that you singing? Lovely–whomever it is! Plus
    I love the video, the flowers, the jam, the different people…it is beautiful. 🙂

  224. This was once my very favorite hymn. Thanks for sharing it.

  225. “Oh and by the by, I never look at videos in the comments, or lyrics either. Ever. How does that make each of you feel?”

    Er….thanks Boyd.

    Is that your special way of saying “Bah Humbug”.

    BTW we got together and are sending you the Ghosts of Xmas Past, Present and Future by UPS to help in your seasonal attitude adjustment 🙂

    Just like Scrooge you’ll be wishing everyone a Merry Xmas within 8 hours of receipt.

  226. Sorry a little troll on me shoulder made me do it. I watch videos sometimes, I’ll shut up now.

  227. On my last trip to Flag,
    after many hours of MAA interviews,
    the MAA said, “Everything you said is true!”
    But, they refused me service.
    They wanted no one else to hear me.

  228. Did Freewinds illegally turn off its AIS tracker?

    What is the ship doing ? smuggling cocaïne ? hiding Miscavige ? dumping raw waiste at sea ?


  229. Did you wave at the two protesters ? Mark and Lyne (Exes not Anons Obviously).

    Wow the MAA “knows” hope he or she blows. It seems the numbers of the Independents can easily outnumber the “Still In”‘s”

    I love to see you all walk into an event some day

  230. …And *another* TV ad campaign. Just saw the last bit of one in the middle of the Kennedy Center Awards show last night. Said something about learning about life with their characteristic music and scientology.com at the end. Waited for another one later in the show but of course there were none. Taking bets right now that they will be off the air by Jan 2nd. Anybody? 😉

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