RS Puts Its Freak On for Amy and Mat

Here is some breaking news from my good friend of 33 years Mat Pesh.  It further illustrates a point I have been making to friends for some time now: the Ogre that is destroying the church of Scientology is not only its failure to practice the technology but also  its insistence on performing over-the-top freak shows attempting to shut people up.  David Miscavige’s primary collection line is based on his continued, off-policy advertisements of attacks against “Scientology.”   While painting himself as a victim he carefuly omits 100% of the “attacks” are brought about by his insane continuing efforts to control thought and suppress free speech, much like is documented below as occuring to this day (literally).

By the way, thanks Amy and Mat.  Mike Rinder and I got a whole hell of a lot accomplished over the past couple days. I was wondering why there was so little distraction from the mosquitoes.  Now, I know why.


by Mat Pesch

For those who don’t already know, my wife Amy Scobee and I were both in the Sea Organization for over 25 years before leaving in 2005.

Like thousands of others, we had to deal with our families being torn apart due to the “church” disconnection policy.

About two years ago, certain events occurred that brought us to the point where we needed to speak out. The first was seeing several thousand non-Scientologists (Anonymous) publicly taking a stand against Scientology’s human rights violations. The second was that the Scientology Spokesman (Tommy Davis) went on CNN, claiming that they had absolutely no such practice as disconnection.

Amy and I knew what making a stand would mean in terms of time, money and exposure to the infamous Scientology harassment techniques. But we also knew that through 2 ½ decades of service, we were part of creating this monster and felt we had a responsibility to take action.

A school bully doesn’t give back your lunch money just because you stay silent or act nice. Likewise, this lying, criminal, bullying “church” wasn’t going to give people back their families and their basic human rights without a fight. So, we knew what we had to do.

This decision led to our contribution to the Saint Petersbug Times stories and Amy writing and publishing her book, SCIENTOLOGY – ABUSE AT THE TOP.

For the past two years, we have made ourselves available to a never-ending list of media, religious scholars and leaders, government officials, authors and concerned citizens. We are always willing to drop what we are doing for this cause and have traveled to various cities, states and even countries to help expose radical Scientology’s abuse of human rights.

This brings us to our latest adventure.

Earlier this week, Amy and I flew to Los Angeles for a quick stop-over so Amy could meet with some people investigating the “church”.

As usual, tax-free religious donations were used to pay a number of private investigators to follow us around. They tried to intimidate Amy by repeatedly asking her how it felt to be “paid to lie” – a question David Miscavige should be asking himself personally on an hourly basis.

You can briefly see one of the PI encounters here.

The night before, after many hours of trailing by at least three cars and their ineffective intimidation attempts, it got pretty old so we called the police. The PI’s dispersed. Three police cars responded immediately and a police report was filed against Scientology. By the time we finished talking, three more people were interested in reading Amy’s book to find out what goes on behind Scientology’s facade.

The next morning, Amy and I went to the LAX airport to catch our flight home. We were in line to go through the security check point. There were about a dozen no-nonsense TSA personnel scanning and patting down passengers. Things were pretty boring (a bottle of water found in a back pack and a nail clipper in an old lady’s purse), but that was about to change…

Amy and I were almost next in line for the security check point when a middle-aged woman walked up to my wife and asked if she was Amy Scobee. Amy said, “Yes, and who are you?” She said “Who I am is not important. I was supposed to meet you and find out how much you’re getting paid.”

Knowing that criminals absolutely hate exposure, I went off.

At the top of my voice and pointing directly at the woman, I yelled,

Hey, everybody! This lady is from the Scientology cult, sent here to harass us for exposing their acts against humanity.”

This is how Scientology torments people in your community!”

The cult leader, David Miscavige’s wife Shelly has not been publicly seen – dead or alive – in almost three years!”

With that, TSA security was on the woman, asking her why she was there and telling her it was forbidden for her to harass their passengers.

The lady lied and told them she was traveling. Bad move. She had no luggage and no travel papers. Last I saw, the TSA staff were escorting her to who knows where…

Amy and I were put through the check point where one of the main TSA officers was very interested to learn how radical Scientology and their terrorist arm (OSA) use paid and duped agents to torment whistle-blowers.

If the “church” wants to continue acting like the criminal organization that they are, any remaining public support they may have will most certainly be lost – if not their entire status as a “religion” and any legal and monetary benefits that religious recognition may provide them.

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  1. Good going Mat. I had a similar experience at London Gatwick, at the Tower of London and at Melbourne airport. Tell security (or in the case of the Tower of London, the Beefeaters) who the people are working for and their instant response is antagonism. At Gatwick they confiscated the guy’s camera. The Tower of London was the funniest though as the Beefeaters in their top hats and red and black tunics shooed them away.

    The guy with the camera is making good money though. He was down here a few weeks ago, setting up his tripod across from my house, then Tom DeVocht’s and then my employers (he was LaBlow’s sidekick, though I didnt see LaBlow with you guys, I heard he is laying low as he got wind of what is coming).

    The point of all this is that these antics create antagonism whenever they are pulled. And its a self-defeating activity so long as you don’t feel effect of the clowns. Their intent is to upset and back you off. If that doesnt happen, the net result is more enemies for Dear Leader’s cult and some embarrassed (and sometimes scared) agents provocateur.

    Good job Mat.

  2. Mat, right move! You and my husband are built from the same strong stuff. Amy, as always, you’re one of my heroes and have been ever since I saw your sweet face on the St. Pete “Truth Rundown” videos, telling it like it so obviously is.

    Thanks again to you both,
    Just Me

  3. I for one wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of an angry Mat Pesch!

    He’s BIG!!! And normally extremely friendly. Always smiling. But if you fuck with his beautiful wife………watch out!

    Good for you guys!!! Way to stick it to ’em.

    Thanks for all that you do!


  4. “Last I saw, the TSA staff were escorting her to who knows where…”

    bwahahahwhahahahahahaa (gasp) lulz!!!!

    Way to go Matt, awesome maneuver was awesome (with calling the cops) and TSA bouncers was icing on the caek!


  6. Amy and Matt good on you! This is pure desperation on the part of the COS at this point. It is coming down…tic…tock…tic…tock There is NO credibility left.

  7. Tony DePhillips

    I can just see Matt going off on this psycho Bot!! Hillarious!! Well done Matt and Amy for keepong the pedal to the metal!

  8. Nicely done Mat and Amy! The C of S is known worldwide now as the “Church of Perpetual Harassment”.

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  10. Mat, I enjoyed that almost as much as your Mr. Peacock’s Little Dickie series. Well done.

  11. Fantastic. The Church is shooting themselves in the foot. Do they not realize they’re acting like a desperate ex-girlfriend when the guy just really doesn’t want them back??

  12. Excellent work chaps. You surely qualify for your RS harassment-swatting Gold Meritorious pin.

    Just think, one day we’ll all look back and laugh about these days. Hopefully soon. I had some interesting feedback from the creators of savescientology site saying:

    “The situation will not drag on, we assure you.

    The faithful will not remain that way once they are
    informed. We have been faithful until recently, and
    look at us now.

    A very large number of them see outpoints but don’t
    see any alternatives…”

  13. The following is OSA in action:


  14. This is the notorious scientology harassment machine? Really? The old grey mare, she aint what she used to be.

  15. Turn the light on the cockroaches and EVERYONE starts stamping on them.

    Very well done, Mat and Amy.

  16. yes, yes ,YES !!!! This amount of pure stupidity of lil davey ordering such an act can only be answerd as you did it. Thanks for sharing this adventures. I like this stories 🙂

  17. Got nothing to add!
    Balls of brass!

  18. Best. Story. Ever.
    I’ll have to remember that one. Nice job, Mat and Amy!

  19. Scott Campbell


    Fantastic handling. Shades of Mike Rinder when the C of S tried to ambush him by advertising a phony “Estate Sale” at his house.

    Mike’s handling was bold and ingenious in putting up a sign stating that the phony sale was a “dirty trick” being played on him by the church.

    Right on, right on, right on, my brother!

    We’re not gonna take it!


  20. I kind of wish there was a little more differentation in this story.
    I know thats not everyones top concern, particularly when you’re being harrased by these creeps. It’s just been a concern of mine. The differentation thing. I mean, Miscavige has done so much damage to the PR of Scientology that we might find ourselves in a world where we cannot practice Scientology unless we do some heavy duty “OT” style differentation now.

  21. Just Me, Your support has been repeatedly noticed and very appreciated!

  22. Way to go Mat!!! You’ve always been one to duke it out with the bad guys and finish smilin’ . I remember when you squelched the crime in Portland and brought that statistic from 13% to zero in one week. RS won’t know what hit em. Hopefully they’ll know better next time. And to think that someone thought they could intimidate Amy, what a joke!

  23. Watching Eyes

    Wow, great response to their bullying. You know that lady in the airport NEVER expected you to yell & expose her. I hope she’s still sitting in a security room. It’s very possible that she may find herself on the no-fly list. Wouldn’t that be divine justice.

  24. Mat and Amy, you make me soooo proud! I hate that you have to endure this type of treatment, but I love how you two handle it! What a Team!

  25. That’s one mighty fine 2×4 you got there Mat!

  26. Considering the interaction of sone of these goons – actually confronting Matt and Amy with delusional questions & accusations – do you think these were PIs, or just OSA staff, or a mix of both? Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like hired PIs just quietly stalk/annoy and try to avoid direct interaction however the OSAbots or other scientologists sent to do this dirty work tend to get confrontational and act quite batty with all the crazy SP propagand they’ve been fed about their targets? Watching some protest videos and other media by critics the confrontational situations & bizarre accusations come from
    scientologists – not hired investigators.

    In these cases is it always OSA bots or do random staff/ SO/ brainwashed fanatical publics get pulled in to do this type of thing too? I’m just wondering if there is any criteria for sending out harassers – if they must be OSA or any warm radical scientologist body will do if needed? Why are confrontational OSA types used as opposed to Non-confrontational PIs in some situations? Or even sending friends & family still “in” for other situation? Just throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks?

  27. Tony DePhillips

    That’s about it RJ.

  28. Amy and Mat, Good on you for standing tall. Since the first day I started to read the Mr. Peacock stories on OCMB I always wanted to know the story behind it. Getting to know your stories more have only added to how much I appreciate and admire your narrative, your courage and your integrity. I could not be more impressed. Sunshine, indeed, is the best disinfectant.

  29. Good on ya Matt & Amy!

    Man, I’m amazed these guys haven’t realized they have lost the game.

    The PR blunders are simply astonishing. They are so out-of-tune with the real world, they have no idea how foolish they look.

    Falsified statistics, lying to the public, staff & public leaving in droves, Ideal Orgs like ghost towns, worst PR in Scientology history … time to face the music.

    Miscavige & the rest of the thugs are on their way out – and the sooner the better!

  30. Great handling Matt. I wish I could do more to help the world see the injustices and criminality that has occurred in the C of $. When they send PIs and OSA people after you, you know your being effective. Very Well Done.

  31. Barney Rubble

    Yes indeed Thoughtful. I knew Matt a bit, on a 3rd flow as many of us did. And reading this and hearing this I believe him.


    I got another staff out of the C of S today!!!!!! This is his message to me:

    ” I just wanted to say thank you for making me realize that I can think for myself and be self determined and I do not need to force myself to agree with any group or anyone. I am no longer on Staff or part of the Church of Miscagive anymore. I do not like the fact that anyone orders me not to talk to someone. I am wise enough to decide for myself and what is right for me.”

    Thanks to Mat, Amy, Marty, Mike, Steve H, Dan Koon, Jimmy Rebel, Jim Logan, Sarge, Sam and many many wonderful beings who are making our world a better place to live in. We are creating a world with sanity, without war, peace, fun and uniting families and friends!!!!!!!! 🙂

  33. Here the church itself states it is not expanding and doesn’t need any big parking space because there are not lots of members. Buffalo org only needs
    about 39 parking spaces:

    Click to access RLUIPA-1-1.pdf

  34. That’s a nice image from the airport. Ha ha! I Love it!

  35. First of all, VVVVV W D Matt and Amy. Courage and Integrity on your part. Sleaze to the nth degree on thier part.

    DFB, it is so much easier now to handle people’s considerations on Scientology Tech. The new public on our lines generally cringe when they see all the LRH books at our center. We simply tell them the truth about the church and what it has become, and differentiate between the tech and those who abuse it. Because it’s the TRUTH, they handle very easily.

    As more and more friendly, on-source, Independent centers open up, the word of mouth will grow and all will be well. We’ve always been largely a word-of-mouth group. I personally believe that we probably always will be.

  36. Brilliant! This is another proof that Mr. David Miscavige’s little organization and its minions are insane. They are trying to solve problems that no longer exist.

    OSA: What is the purpose of having this video team videoing Mat and Amy? What, especially, is the purpose of sending this lady out and the PIs to ask how much she is getting paid? I’m a pretty smart guy, but I don’t get that. Could one of you enlighten me?

    How effective is this, OSA? What are the true stats? Google Scientology and you get “entheta” right away. Bing and Yahoo give you Operation Clambake at #3 position. Way to go OSA!

  37. Excellent !!
    Getting caught hands down and about time they actual listen more
    Hope the hell she got interrogated where ever she got tasken to perhaps more than likley is in hiding now or forever gotton

  38. Another BOLD and VERY effective move, Amy! Loved your book, loved your Little Dickie Stories, Mat….. and any and all you have done to expose DM and his filthy ilk.

    I deeply deeply deeply respect your honest attitude expressed by
    “But we also knew that through 2 ½ decades of service, we were part of creating this monster and felt we had a responsibility to take action.”
    With that you are role models to me and my heroes.

    …and as Tory uses to say: tick tock tick tock…..

  39. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Anyone else want to mess with Mat’s wife?

  40. DFB
    I hear you. It used to upset me that there was no differentiation also. It took me a long time to come to terms with the the church being called a ‘cult’ and I protested being ‘tarred with the same brush’
    But I think the best chance we have to salvage ‘Scientology’ is to focus on exposing the pretender.
    Marty mentions correctly in this post that ‘100% of the “attacks” are brought about by his insane continuing efforts to control thought and suppress free speech’.
    Regardless of any differentation we may try to make, the public knows DMs band of the subject and hates it. We can’t just pretend that it’s ‘us’ and ‘them’ when so many of ‘us’ used to be ‘them’.
    As a group (Scientologists) we cannot be trusted – the damage is very great now and many of us share a responsibility for having allowed it to happen.
    So we have to clean up our mess. Perhaps by doing this, our actions will prove us worthy of trust again. Yes, LOL, even to ‘Anonymous’!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You don’t have to agree but that’s my 10c worth anyway.

  41. I see your differentiation concerns; media and general public are not very good at it. The bad PR for the Church is huge and it’s easily conceived as bad PR for the Religion, which may harm us. The Catholic Church is attacked for child abuse but their defense cannels the attacks to the abuse and abusers, away from the religion. Moslims do the same; they cannel the attacks to a few extremists but differentiate those from the religion and majority of the group. Scientology is the great exception because the abuse is right at the top.

    I think our exposure should focuss on the abuse of power and policy of the top while differentiating the majority of Scientologists as either disagreeing, paid or duped. Amy’s book is a stellar exemple and this blog is also infamous for doing so, which makes it Davey’s greatest concern. However, there’re many blogs that don’t and indeed that could stand some improvement.

  42. Impartial English Girl

    Mr. Rinder, I totally agree.
    But, as a word to the wise, don’t mess with those Beefeaters (or the Chelsea Pensioners, for that matter). Like the English Bulldog dog-breed they may look somewhat comical in their traditional coverings, but they have a basic purpose to serve and anyone who they catch getting up to no good will be VERY sorry indeed. I’m glad to hear the TSA agents were up to the job and seemingly incorruptible. I must say, though, I do find stories like this (DM’s little wizards getting a rightful thrashing at the traditional hands of Beefeaters, airport security, etc, whilst the cops are largely ineffective) particularly satisfying (except the bits about the ineffectual cops).

    By the way, you and Mr. Rathbun have terribly comforting tones of voice in your clips – have you ever thought about recording story cds for children?!

    IEG xx

  43. RJ,
    Send me an email at as soon as you can buddy. Cheers, Jim

  44. The simplicity of just talking to Matt and Amy about the issues, resolving the egregious violations of common sense that exist elude these guys. It’s hard to grasp that elusive quality, since it’s as obvious as could be that their (DM’s) choice of handling is an attempt to put out a fire with gasoline.

    David Miscavige is a ridiculous farce of a man. His fair gaming of people a feckless fart in a windstorm. All the stinky poo nebula coming back to rest where it belongs, on him.

  45. Very well done Mat!!!!
    The COS continue to EXASPERATE the times when people speak out the real truth…which only backfires in the churches bad PR that they ( the church) are creating. We are not going to be quiet or be suppressed anymore!!!

  46. While it’s distasteful to think that I or you were members of a cult — well, how else can you define the goings on of this operation? You know the old saying …
    if it walks like a duck?

    And causes people to defriend someone because he now states he’s done with the cult — Hy Levy for example went from 80 friends down to 39 in short order once he stated his feelings against this cult.

    Talks like duck? See comments made by OSAlady at the airport …

    It IS a duck errr cult.

    Matt called it like it is. Not pleasant – no one wants to have been part of a cult but hey the great thing is waking up and leaving.

    No cult, no duck. Just seeing.

    Thanks Matt — gives me great encouragement that all little ducklings might soon be leaving.


  47. Yes its really totally crazy !
    But slowly we can get trough the whole craziness.
    In the last days I’d an experience which shows the power of PTS-Tech. It’s so simple and reviving the deads.
    In my whole career as a Scientologist I’ve necver seen such miracles as I’ll describe here.

    Since 30 years I knew a Scientologist. In 1980 she attested to clear and was a big theta girl with lots of power.
    I recruited her on staff and in the first week the Has of the Org heavely slapped her into the face, because she wasn’t willing to rehandle a new recruit to join before thursday 14:00, as she already handled him to join some weeks earlier.
    She was devastated and crying, so I handled her upset but failed to report the Has, that blew soon afterwards.
    From then on this girl was somehow a troublemaker, but always had high stats, but when she didn’t agree you better didn’t go near her. Sometimes she had some fits, where one could think of her being psycho, nevertheless in those 30 years she was always a high producer, but was continously stopped on her theta projects by the church and staff until she finally gave up.
    In 1980 once I gave her an Interview to find out the cause of her troubles and realized she’s pts to a family member and it should be handled. but the handling went nowhere and she stayed in comm. with that relative which was invalidating her continously, she was audited over it and casewise it was a big riddle. She didn’t feel pts to that relative ! So my solution was that she just continue up the bridge. I just wondered about if pts tech functions at all …..
    Now ..wait..comes … the…bomb…!..just unbelievable !!!!!
    She left the church some time ago and had a big release about it. She was exterior for a whole day and had many wins on it but not yet fully recovered.
    In her family she heard about an out-ethics sit. and she took responsibilty that ethics gets in, she didn’t have to ask the church or whatever to go into action. She asked for an investigation by authorities. The whole family exploded and the relative that she was pts to attacked her full blast with lies.. lies and lies…
    She was in a shock (never have seen her as white in the face) , as the only thing she wanted is that this outethics gets handled.
    Then she started to apply pts tech to it and realized she was 30 years long pts to that relative, she was line charging, cogniting, winning for 3 days in a row…and still is now. She is now a perfect clear, all her win back and powerful….and a very simple thetan.
    It’s long time ago I’ve seen such a transformation in a Scientologist and such a power of tech. Simplicity in itself !!!!!!
    The reason why she couldn’t find out her real SP 30 years ago was very simple. She was double pts !!!!
    If your Sp behaves like other staffs, why…then it isn’t a Sp but one has just funny case problems that nobody understands and probably ot3 will resolve….
    If you sp talks like your maa or Ias reg. then it isn’t a SP….:)
    A side effect of that pts handling was a whole family that I only knew as DBs and psychos ( I really hated them as they were doing nonsense in their life and talking nonsense and never stopped to talk, even you weren’t interested), they aren’t scientologists but were the effect of that out ethics and had themselves realizations about the SP of the family.
    Now this family became in just some hours totally NORMAL, with all craziness gone. Ican have total normal comm. to them and all their compulsions are gone and their psych behaviour too.
    I couldn’t believe it and thought that they’ll cave in in some days again. They don’t !
    Since 2 weeks I’m checking every second day if they are still normal…they are normal ….totally stable…
    I didn’t know and have never experienced the power of PTS Tech like this.
    So simple…
    So my message to any Scientologists under the radar …GET OUT NOW…Deptsing is so powerful, don’t care about the troubles you think you gonna have, you’ll not.. you’ll get your life back…and perhaps you can also now resolve the real pts sit, you never were able to resolve in the church as you were double pts…..
    I love this Scientology…my god what did we all miss the last 30 years !!!!!

  48. TroubleShooter


    What a great handling!

    Several osa moles have been discovered in the under the radar battalion…moreover (:D) such discoveries are easy when they send kids to do a man’s job…

    Please open pandora’s box osa please please please please please!

    Marty, Mike, Amy, Steve, Dan, Chuck, Jim, Mat, Sarge, Troy and on and on and on and on and on to all of you who are doing what you can to preserve LRH’s tech – it’s great to know you’re here and holding your positions in space to attack the source of suppression, the only sane thing to do.

    Let me close with this LRH, the last paragraph of LRH ED 65 INT OEC vol 6, p756-757 which IS written in full caps as below:

    I know you can’t wrap your wits ’round that misscavige because if you try you feel like your head will explode. Man up lil’ buddy and step aside like any SO member worth his salt would have done a long time ago because most I know would NEVER have put themselves before LRH’s road he mapped out for us something you have made into an art form – I truly do admire your balls, you must laugh your ass of every night before you go to sleep right? keep laughing…

  49. LDW, Sam and Erwin have addressed your point very well. LDW shows the simple handling with newer public, Sam shows the current is-ness and handle and Erwin directs us to the correct target! Excellent comments on all parts.

    I’d also like to add the idea that when one is putting in order, confusion will enter and blow off. That is why blogs such as this one are invaluable. Karen #1 linked an excellent article that demonstrates the parallel to what occurred with Martin Luther and Catholicism and what is currently going on in Scientology. In the end, if we look at that as a parallel, not only was there a clear distinction between the two but there was an understanding of why they separated in the first place. I think this will occur with Scientology as well.

    Knowing that my “track” is much longer than this lifetime, my goal is to ensure that Scientology as a technology survives and is available in the future. Having been on this blog for some time, I am assured that it most definitely has survived and is even stronger than that of the church. The church numbers will continue to fall as those wanting the pure tech get frustrated and walk away…expanding the Independent Scientologist movement. As truth enters in, charge blows, confusion blows and it is easier to communicate these differences to others. For me, most of the charge on this ARCX has blown off, I feel confident that this differentiation will sort itself out simply by telling the truth.

  50. Outstanding! This is a perfect follow up to Marty’s last post!

    Welll done! And to our recently freed being…welcome to the fresh air and sunlight! You will be surprised how quickly your space expands when you are out of the constant suppression of the church. Enjoy life!

  51. Well, it is too late now. OSA and friends can plot and scheme all they like to get even but Amy Scobee’s book has already hit the press. And no minor book at that, a look at “a day in the life of David Miscavige” from the viewpoint of a former very dedicated Sea Org member.

    All I can say is, I don’t know why ONLY SCIENTOLOGISTS from the church, never know how to just leave well enough alone and go about their business. Episodes like this at the airport will make all future books written by other exe’s more convincing to the public.

  52. Good catch LO. I read a bit of it, quite informative! Also, Tennesse during peak only uses 51.

    Especially love the “mandated” audio visual requirements for churches and the required expansion predicting buildings and that the church just can properly deliver without the minimum of 40,000 sq ft of delivery space. (HAVE before DO). I feel sorry for all the area Scientologists who are expected to pull of this latest Ideal Org, which technically falls short of the required 65,000 sq feet. With the congregation being so limited, how are they ever going to get that building to specs required?

    It is interesting to be exterior and see how the church tries to force its way into communities that really don’t want them. I went onto the official site to check out the “new churches” and the Meet a Scientologist ” was playing. After spending a few minutes on the site, I was hitting information overload. Hmmm…sounds like an implant station to me.

  53. My hat if off to you, Mat and Amy.

    It is of the highest importance to get successful handling methods of OSA harassments known to independents and free speech activists.

    OSA’s “tools” will get blunted slowly but steadily.

    Thanks for your involvement and your resposibility.

  54. Once again we are treated to the sad spectacle of the Miscavige airport gang- bang in action. I won’t go into a description of what I think if it, since the idea of a religion supposedly trying to foster understanding and peace in the individual acting this way explains it all and speaks volumes about DM.

    So, I will instead validate Amy and Mat for their tough, dedicated stance against the supressive enemies of LRH and gangsters at OSA.

    Amy’s top notch handling of these worms is no surprise. No niece of Dick Scobee is going to be a doormat. That is for g-dd–m sure.


  55. I totally understand as well. This is one of the main things that pisses me off about Mr. David Miscavige. The Media is not tarring us with the same brush, he and his minions are.

    The way to get over this and keep this identification from continuing is to get the church and its membership to stop DOING these stupid and ineffectual actions, and for us to continue to DO Scientology.

    It is wonderful how Marty, Mike, and other independents are positioning themselves as Independent Scientologists. There IS an alternative to the Church – in fact, there is only the Independents at this point if you want real Scientology.

    This is, of course, a shameful position to be in – we should not have to renounce the Church’s leadership and strike out on our own – but this is the condition we are in.

    So, what to do? Do Scientology, and let people know we are doing it, and that we are working to expose the abuses of the Church.

    That is the only effective strategy I can think of, and it looks like it is actually working.

  56. Tony DePhillips

    That is a true third dynamic Service facsimile. He will make himself “right” to the end. Didn’t LRH say that a ser fac was a kissing cousin with the evil purpose?

  57. Sam, I’m going to add my 2-bits here as your 10c worth was bang on the money.

    Labeling the dave as a pretender is wholly accurate ( “A pretender is a claimant to an abolished throne…”).

    Ron wanted an organizational structure that had no throne but davey has usurped that structure and placed himself squarely on a self-created throne.

    The dave is also a tech pretender – untrained, having no claim to make technical adjudications above his training level, yet doing so; claiming the title of Source.

    As far as being “tarred with the same brush”, Les Warren (LDW) notes that a new person’s considerations can be handled by truth and differentiation. Not an easy road, maybe, but not an impossible one either.

    Mat and Amy: nice job o’ kickin’

  58. LO, this is for Atlanta – but it is a very telling document! They need 40,000 square feet, and 111 parking spaces… for 100 active members of the Church and 600 total in the ‘local area’, which would be Atlanta Georgia, a city of over half a million people. This is actually another monument to insane thinking. CSI “mandates” this insane overkill, according to this lawsuit.

    This is 400 square feet and more than one parking space for each active member. Our mission had a larger congregation in the ’70s and we occupied maybe 2000 square feet – and we had people on course and in session all the time. I cannot ever think of a time when I went to the mission and there was no one on course AND in session.

    Hell, I think the old ASHO on Temple street maybe had, what, maybe 10,000 feet? And we had two hundred people on the BC and a packed HGC?

    This is the neutron bomb strategy in action! This is having to have in order to do – but, in actuality it is having to extract money from the minions in order to keep DM in scotch. That is all it is.

  59. Mat and Amy,
    I’ve always admired people who can think quickly on their feet and hold their own space when suddenly confronted by a situation. VWD!!!!
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  60. The true colors of Scn is in full bloom!!

    The tipping point is near

    Keep exposing

    Scientologists LEAVE NOW…

  61. Hi;

    If the “church” wants to continue acting like the criminal organization that they are, any remaining public support they may have will most certainly be lost – if not their entire status as a “religion” and any legal and monetary benefits that religious recognition may provide them.”

    I’ve opened up comm to the correct IRS terminals to report violations of the tax status of the C of S.

    All of us should do so. It’d cut down on the flees attacking others, particularly Mike and Marty, since the endangerment of their tax scam would absorb all their prorities.

    It’s also fun to be able to hit back! I believe it is called, ‘Lulz’, or something like that.

  62. IEG,

    I children’s story is a good idea but I’d say the following is a pretty close approximation of OSAs efforts:

  63. “escorting her to who knows where…”

  64. And sometimes #2 on Google.
    That’s got to hurt.

  65. Impartial English Girl

    Since discovering this site and learning more about the bigger picture, Amy has been one of my heroines for having the courage to put aside the appalling slurs with with DM attempted to silence her and being brave enough to speak out loudly, clearly and honestly. I am SO glad that Amy has an equally brave husband, with the b*lls to take the action he did; what a guy!

    I’m utterly terrified of flying – but I’d have given anything to have been on THAT plane!!

    IEG xx

  66. Impartial English Girl

    If there’s any TRUE justice, DM and his OSA goons will end up in Guantanamo, clad in those natty orange jumpsuits complete with wrist and ankle “jewellery”.

  67. lol

    “The lady lied and told them she was traveling. Bad move. She had no luggage and no travel papers. Last I saw, the TSA staff were escorting her to who knows where…”


  68. Great job Mat!!! I’m sure that lady had no idea what would happen to her – she probably won’t agree to any more OSA ops like that one….

  69. Thank you for sharing this Matt and Amy!! Incredible great handling!!!

  70. Well, that was a breath of fresh air! (Courage comes in many forms; Matt stands up to bullies, Sam stands up and speaks the truth. And jumps out of windows. And stands up to bullies…).

    Thanks, Sam.


  71. Well done, Mat and Amy! I laughed at that TSA encounter. Really? They want to try and intimidate Mat Pesch? Good luck with that!

  72. Grasshopper, it looks to me that the purpose is just to attempt to introvert the individuals, and rattle their cages. Obviously, it doesn’t work, but being spectacularly “cut off from the fruits of observation,” dm and his minions keep doing the same things, expecting a different outcome.

  73. Tony Dephillips

    Awesome job Truth!!!

  74. Very good points, LDW. I think you are right. Well put, and excellent handling for the new public!

  75. Quack quack!

  76. Ditto Steve! Perhaps stamping on the roaches to music like riverdance or flamenco might be good?

    Known Mat from ’78 and Amy from ’87 on & can confirm/back up their stories.

  77. Matt & Amy That was a superb right back in their face handling of the vermin!!! I have been reading a lot with more to read but I will make sure I get a copy of your book and reccomend everyone does the same.

  78. Truth, God I love truth!

  79. Thanks for doing what you do, it’s appreciated.

  80. My actual point is that it is far easier now to handle peoples considerations about LRH tech than it ever has been. We used to have to justify and make excuses for the outrageous behavior of off-source, money-motivated jerks in the COS, now we just tell the truth about them and the new publics barriers blow easily.

    Not hard at all.

  81. TroubleShooter

    Amy’s Mom, I love to see how you are clearly part of their team – it’s great to see the family support you’re showing. 😉

  82. “For the past two years, we have made ourselves available to a never-ending list of media, religious scholars and leaders, government officials, authors and concerned citizens.” (1 of more videos)

  83. TroubleShooter

    You’re close but the relationship is much closer:
    HCOB 6 SEPT 78, II

  84. Windhorse, If Hy levy went from 80 to 39 friends on facebook after sending them his resignation letter, that can also be viewed positively. It means 39 of his friends actually read the letter and the truth it contained. Most of them will be joining us at some point. The other ran in fear.

  85. Tony DePhillips

    Even better than the Keystone cops!!
    I love saturday morning cartoons.

  86. Welcome 🙂
    And thank _you_ for duplicating so perfectly and acknowledging so eloquently.

  87. TroubleShooter

    In the above HCOB Ron says:

    “A service facsimile is a brother to R/Ses and evil intentions.”

    The reference is a great read trained or not! It DOES explain cob’s intended mind you NOT accidental and NOT bank generated but INTENDED dramatization against mankind…this ref tells you how and why cob would rather die at this point than admit any wrong doing.

    sadly all he would have to do is to avail himself of the REAL tech of Scientology to unburden himself of that evil…kind of like saying pigs fly or rocks swim ain’t it…

  88. Thanks Lo. Great story and indeed, how much we have missed all these years…..

  89. TroubleShooter

    TRUTH prevails!

    couldn’t resist it

  90. Doctor, I’m a mess! Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs sent me to the airport to ask Amy Scobee a simple question and when I finished asking it her husband climbed all over me verbally thrashing me left right and center. I didn’t know what to do and then these Airport Security guys came after me and held me for all hours at their office asking me all manner of personal questions about me and my church ad I left their a bubbling mess. I was so strung out they sent me to see you for a 72 hour watch. They were afraid I’d commit suicide over the incident and here I am talking to you and I hardly know what I’m saying anymore and what’s worse, OSA says they don’t even know me! What am I going to do???

  91. Exactly – very good point, LM! Quite insane actions reflecting the footnuke nature of Dear Leader.

  92. I’ve been a Scientologist for 40 years and have never been in a cult. I was recruited to join the Sea Organization many times over the years but never wanted to join that cult. It turns out I was right. What should have been a short-lived “project” became, over the years, a destructive enforcement arm of a sociopath. Miscavige and his Sea Organization have ruined many lives and crippled a vital movement by destroying the reputation of L Ron Hubbard and Scientology and denying the people of earth access to a source of true help.

  93. Well done Matt and Amy!
    Hats off (instead of shoes for a change) to the TSA.


  94. Pingback: Top Posts —

  95. Mat and Amy, what a perfect handling.

    Sounds like OSA is getting stretched pretty thin these days. I guess they’re down to their “C” team thinking up such brilliant ops.

    Better watch out, I think the next trick to get you into an “amenable frame of mind” is even more sinister… they’re going to send a bunch of pizzas to your house that you didn’t order. That one works every time. (act surprised so they don’t know I tipped you off).

    P.S. Loved your book Amy.

  96. Big wet smoochy kiss!!!

  97. Sounds right. People know real Scientology when they see it.

  98. This is kinda humorous. I just received an e-mail from auto421. It’s an exposes’ of Marty written by ‘Joe’. It explains why Marty is an SP. I’m convinced it was written by a 5th or 6th grader. Really, they just aren’t putting any effort into these things anymore.

  99. Everyone’s support is very appreciated! This has been my theme song regarding my personal relationship to the corrupt Scientology organization:

  100. that is fucking funny!

  101. Tony,

    You’ll love this one too and like me are part of the tin foil hat brigade.

    Scene set up:

    Davy decides to do every one a favor by blowing.

    (Replace any reference to “Harry” to Dave 😉 )

  102. LDW

    Excellent! And I guess if there is still any problem they could always be directed to any number of “independent” internet sights to further differentiate the two. This site makes that differentiation abundantly clear.

    Keep up the good work Les and crew.


  103. Thank you Marty for posting this and thank you Mat and Amy for For the excellent display of “being there and communicating”.
    Excellent, absolutely excellent!


  104. The OSA ops people are definitely down to their Third string bench warmers!

    These pitiful cats are down to spamming, literally with slime and illogic, email addresses used to post to Marty’s blog from basically to somehow “dead agent” the Nanook posting of no stats available for Dear Leader and his RS. Anyone who has done KTL & Data Series would be totally appalled by this comm which totally insults any intelligence- thus making more determined enemies (should one be wavering or in doubt) and creating a much lesser image of Dear Leader and his flying monkeys if that’s possible. Even the steps to take (should all the illogic be real) as stated is totally squirrel! These guys make third stringers look like top tier, superstar Pros!

  105. I do report spam of this type (this is the 3rd) to Hushmail:

  106. Amy,
    My hat’s off to you and Mat. Totally agreed on the song & looked up the lyrics:

    Forgive, sounds good
    Forget, I’m not sure I could
    They say time heals everything
    But I’m still waiting

    I’m through with doubt
    There’s nothing left for me to figure out
    I’ve paid a price
    And I’ll keep paying

    I’m not ready to make nice
    I’m not ready to back down
    I’m still mad as hell and
    I don’t have time to go round and round and round
    It’s too late to make it right
    I probably wouldn’t if I could
    ‘Cause I’m mad as hell
    Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

    I know you said
    Can’t you just get over it
    It turned my whole world around
    And I kind of like it

    I made my bed and I sleep like a baby
    With no regrets and I don’t mind sayin’
    It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
    Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
    And how in the world can the words that I said
    Send somebody so over the edge
    That they’d write me a letter
    Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing
    Or my life will be over

    I’m not ready to make nice
    I’m not ready to back down
    I’m still mad as hell and
    I don’t have time to go round and round and round
    It’s too late to make it right
    I probably wouldn’t if I could
    ‘Cause I’m mad as hell
    Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

    I’m not ready to make nice
    I’m not ready to back down
    I’m still mad as hell and
    I don’t have time to go round and round and round
    It’s too late to make it right
    I probably wouldn’t if I could
    ‘Cause I’m mad as hell
    Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

    What it is you think I should

    Forgive, sounds good
    Forget, I’m not sure I could
    They say time heals everything
    But I’m still waiting

  107. We should also appreciate the anti-Marty-Websites.

    Those Co$-members who don’t know the tone scale or are in a hypnotic trance might fall for them.

    Those who know the tone scale ( especially about 1.1. ) and can recognize propaganda lies – i.e. the able beings – will not fall for these websites … and one day we might welcome them here !

  108. Seems to me Miscavige is craving for the next book to be published about his contributions to humanity.

    Keep going Mat and Amy, my hat is off to you.

  109. LM, That is true. But I have to think that some OSA operatives are actually sincere in their beliefs, and are sincere in trying to get a product, and sincerely think that their job is to protect Scientology. They do not get the desired product. Their programs are both grotesque in their design and ineffective in their execution. They are failing their mission.

    Production is the basis of morale, and so I would guess that since OSA is not making real products (nor is, for that matter, the Church), I have to think that morale is pretty low in their ranks right about now.

  110. Yeah, you made a big mess. Why the hell did you pull that in? I know a very good solution: 72 hours of sec checks for only 20.000,- Of course, if you can pay now, before 2pm, you’ll have a 10% discount and I’ll throw in a free membership for the first selectee that you bring in.

  111. Impartial English Girl

    RJ – Is this a documentary? Sweeney Investigates Pt III…?

    Seriously, I LOVE it – Road Runner is my absolute favourite. Wile E. Coyote is pure comedy genius! thanks for posting. A MOST apt simile, If I may say. xx

  112. I just want to savour those three words: “what is coming”. Aaaaaahhh.

  113. The Pretender

  114. I’d love to see the video of that encounter! Nice work, Mat.

  115. Yeah that’s 39 loyal friends.

  116. LDW, I agree there’s still lots of hope for a highly effective Indie div 6. That’s been my experience too. Be an open book and like magic, they get interested.
    Matt and Amy, I think it’s good you two are reducing DM’s “take”, illegally taken, by attracting PI attention. This IAS money used against you isn’t Scientology money, it’s scientology suppression money. It wasn’t collected via the workable finance system.

    This type of money will never be used to expand Scientology but only in fake ways to solidify Dave’s position. Like buying big empty buildings which take bridge money and convince everyone that solicited donos for things besides services and materials is here to stay as a new precedent. It’s pure evil. Anything done to hurt his personal slush fund is a good thing.

  117. Mat doesn’t afraid of anything 😉

  118. Amy, this is perfect!

  119. For those of you who, like me, got the hushmail (how ironic) DA material regarding this post, I suggest you complain to hushmail abuse and include full headers:

  120. test

  121. Yes, Sinar… I also received a long letter explaing that the woman DID have a case, I mean luggage. lol.
    It was pretty weak actually.
    Indeed it is spam, I mean exactly how and why do they have my email address?

  122. Interesting point, Victoria. In my case, I once posted it on Marty’s blog, and I’ve had the same primary e-mail address for over a decade. But not everyone has revealed their e-mail addresses, so I’d be curious to know how they got them.

  123. Today I got this email from “”:

    Amy Scobee and Mat Pesch are liars

    Written by Joe on 17 January 2011

    The woman who was at the airport last week and ran into Amy Scobee
    wrote to us her side of the story. Here it is:

    Amy Scobee and her husband Mat Pesch are liars. I am not surprised
    they ran to Marty Rathbun to get their lies published.

    First of all I am not a private investigator but a Scientologist
    who lives in Los Angeles. I was at the airport that day because I
    was traveling, in fact if Amy Scobee would have bothered to look
    she would have noticed that I was carrying luggage.

    While at United I noticed Amy Scobee.

    I went up to Amy and asked her if she was Amy Scobee and she said
    yes. I then asked her what was she doing in town. She didn’t
    answer. I asked her if anyone paid her to come to Los Angeles.
    Still no answer.

    Then a big guy (who I found out later it was Mat Pesch, Amy’s
    husband) comes over and gets in my face in a threatening way and
    starts saying something I couldn’t even comprehend. I am still
    looking at Amy and her husband swings in again on me a few inches
    from my face. I looked straight at him and respond, “fascinating!”
    He pulls away and changes tactics. I notice that he is becoming
    very agitated and goes totally psycho and starts shouting a bunch
    of anti-Scientologist rants.

    I am locked back in on Amy again and not distracted by what her
    psychotic husband was doing. I told Amy that she was a failed SO
    executive and that she was a liar.

    Amy could not look me in the eyes and kept looking straight ahead
    being very agitated.

    A woman from security walks over. She is very pleasant, wants to
    know what is going on. I am smiling, don’t say anything. She
    looks at Amy Scobee and Mat Pesch. He says something about being
    harassed. She turns to me and smiles back, wants to know what I am
    doing here.

    I told her I was traveling. Amy interrupts me and mumbles that she
    has been talking to the FBI.

    Then Amy and her husband went through security. I stayed behind
    and briefed the security person about Amy Scobee and that she
    became an anti-Scientologist after she was kicked out of the Church
    for being an adulteress. The security person was disgusted. I then
    apologized to the passengers in line and briefed them about Amy
    Scobee and Mat Pesch. They understood and several told me I didn’t
    need to apologize because the “big guy” (Mat Pesch) was the one
    shouting and acting crazy and he should have apologized. I gave
    them my Volunteer Minister card and told them they are welcome to
    check for themselves what Scientology is about. When I came back a
    few days later I was surprised to see one of those passengers in
    the org reception who had enrolled on a Div. 6 course. He thanked
    me for informing him about Scientology. I said, no you should thank
    Amy Scobee, we both laughed.


    Well, well, well, if this woman was just a fellow traveler and she is a Scientologist in good standing then I have the following questions to her:

    1) Why would she address a known declared SP?

    2) Why would she call Amy an adulteress if it wasn’t that she’d been fed “talking points”.

    3) Why would a “fellow traveler” ask if someone else was paying for their fairs unless she had had inside briefings.

    4) I would also really like to know who the fellow traveler was who ending up taking org services.

    Please also note that she was very upset that Amy and Matt didn’t notice she was carrying luggage. This can only be compared to inspector Clousseau and all his elaborate disguises.

    I used to call them middle-schoolers, this is more like 3rd grade level.

  124. martyrathbun09

    And finally, if it was she then why didn’t she provide her name?

  125. I agree Bodil the number of outpoints in this email is incredible.

    Who calls anyone an “adulteress” these days?

    Except some puritanical nut ball looney tune from the Farwell far right.

    She also “briefed” (meaning slander and third party) the TSA.

    Amy I’d file an FOIA request to see if she did and file a defamation lawsuit against the self righteous little bi…

    If that’s actually what happened but probably the truth is that they probably escorted her sorry ass out the airport waiting area and told her that this area is for passengers or something like that and this person is merely using this opportunity to spread third party and gossip.

    In which case it is merely an obvious indicator of where this person is on the tone scale and how low the organization has gone under the current regime.

    Which is one of the reasons why many of us left that swirling cesspool of covert hostility.

  126. Smart, impressive, excellent handling Matt!

  127. Oh…and I can’t believe they carry around those big boom microphones…

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