Gnats and Losers


Do you know what we call mosquitoes without peckers in Texas? Gnats.

Miscavige’s throes are becoming progressively more pathetic. He cannot even muster mosquitoes any more it seems; he has degenerated into utilizing gnats.

Despite having been called out in public by myself on this blog for his penchant for sending his resources to execute creepy encounters with women, he’s done it yet again, today.

Saturday morning, while I was on layover in Houston enroute home, Miscavige sent a couple gnats to visit Mosey while home alone.

Here is the braveheart he sent:

Gnat 1 - Ricardo Barrera


The gnat hollered up the outside stairs of our home at Mosey: “tell Marty to stop hurting pc’s. He’s hurting pc’s. And you’re helping him.” No specifics of course, because it is the CRIMINAL MIND in full blown dramatizaation. Mosey told him to come back in a couple hours to tell me to my face. She has no use for jive ass Western Union messenger boys, especially ones working for a putz like Miscavige. The gnat began to flee the scene.

Mosey followed him to get a photo of the car he came in and determine who else he was with.

The gnat pleaded to Mosey to leave him alone, claiming she was harassing him by following him down the street. After several hundred yards the gnat hollered into his cell phone: “leave, get out of here!” It seems the gnat was told by OSA that he was in deep shit if we got the license number of the car of his accomplice. Mosey spotted frenzied activity in the sole car on the road, a quarter mile away. She shot down to the car to photograph the accomplice. Here’s gnat II, covering her ass:

Gnat 2 - Ginger Lorraine Auel Paterson Zarafshani Barrera

Gnat I scrambled into the car driven by Gnat II. Mosey escorted their sorry asses out of town, the gnats scurrying like cockroaches.

Turns out the driver is Austin public, Patron Ginger L Auel (Paterson, Zarafshani) Barrera.  And gnat 1 turns out to be her latest husband Ricardo Barrera.

Ricardo Barrera reportedly works for “OT VIII”, Patron with fairy dust sprinkled Pink Wings  Dr. Juan Villareal, in Harlingen Texas.

For those who don’t know how OSA operates, they send out desperate public when Miscavige directs things be done that outside Private Investigators won’t be caught dead doing. When it raises ethical or legal or even public relations considerations such that a PI won’t do it, they bring in public Kool Aid drinking Radical Scientologists.

Evidently – and I’ll report whichever way the evidence falls in the end – this Op centers around Barrera’s avowed intention to win the IAS Freedom award. He makes no secret of his intentions. And Juan Villareal is apparently doing everything in his corrupt power to help him achieve it – no doubt to raise his own stock with his daddy Dave.

This Wednesday Barrera, who along with his wife as accomplice executed organized terroristic stalking today, is giving a seminar to Probation Officers in Harlingen on, are you sitting down?, Criminal Reform. Barrera did not establish this line, he did not pioneer in any way, shape or form. No, he got his foot in the door because another employee of Villareal has a brother high up the in Probation Office. That line is about to be blown out of the water in a quite unpleasant way. Villareal, who is coordinating all this is currently under investigation by the United States Department of Justice for his discriminatory, illegal employment practices.

I no longer can find much empathy for those who continue to financially support Miscavige and support him by way of their creepy intimidation games. I know what some will say: but, wait you all supported him in the past. Yeah, but we all didn’t have two solid years of dozens from the highest echelons of the church corroborating one another on the fraud that is Radical Corporate Scientology. We also didn’t have years of virtually all Scientology resources engaging in forcible, life ruining extortion for the most OFF POLICY, OFF SOURCE, and destructive anti-Scientology programs imaginable. And most importantly, we are decidedly not supporting the SP in any manner. One could not have a clue about the subject of Scientology, real Scientology, to be playing the only games Miscavige dictates be played these days.

Bottom line is, people who continue to avidly support Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Scientology dark ops are out- ethics losers. And when they mess with us, there are going to be consequences. This is no threat. Rather, it is simple, correct application of the technology of ethics. We’ll just be applying a little more pressure on them than the bank (read Miscavige) does so that they may regain their sanity and perhaps follow an ethical path.

Stay tuned for the full story on Dr. Juan Villareal – the perfect Miscavige OT VIII public, systematically manipulating, using, and abusing people in order to stay ahead of the Jones’s on the IAS status ladder.

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  1. After one person I tried to help left the church and turned to bite me after I made a error I decided most left in the church at this time are mostly lost causes.

    It turned out this person attacked another one in the Indie field as well so it was not just me.

    I will respect those who come out and wake up and are pleasant to others even if they make a mistake. But those who don’t do that are still stuck in the church think.

    Even then I still find some that are kind of stuck in it and can’t think because they have not read other things like you do Marty. Since I looked at other things my mind expanded and I can think with the tech and out of it.

  2. Wow!!!

    More unbelievable stupidity from Dave’s Church of Stupidology.

    Mosey you rock babe!

    Lookin’ forward to seeing you guys 🙂

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  4. Mosey, Queenpin of the century.

  5. Mosey, great job on pest control! They still don’t get that the church (and its minions) has absolutely zero impact on you!

    Marty, I completely agree with applying more pressure. Since the independents are the only ones doing any actual auditing and training we need to apply all the ethics tech necessary to continue to deliver.

    I have witnessed seemingly hopeless cases snap to and cease harmful and destructive activity by applying this aspect of the tech. This is just one more in an arsenal of tools available to help people move on up a little higher.

  6. Wow, go Mosey!
    I would definitely not buy a house in Austin through: supporter of Dear Leader and acting flying monkey or gnat.

  7. All of your collective bravery and certainty and willingness to take action to share your Truth with the world–while most people just sit around and THINK about changing the world–is the most inspiring part of your message!

  8. So a couple of pissant minions of Dentist Juan Villareal of Harlingen, Texas, are harassing Mosey. (Hi, Mosey. Give ’em hell!)

    You mean THIS Ginger Auel?

    My connections (not Scientologists) who are members of the business community down in the Valley tell me that Villareal (who has one of those mega-WISE-practices and all the scam’ness that implies) is widely known as a mal hombre that folks on the up and up steer clear of.

    BTW, the whole Valley (that’s the Rio Grande Valley to those not from Texas) is covered in FBI these days. They’re investigating and arresting and prosecuting long-time slimeballs for everything from insurance fraud to bribery and blackmail of public officials.

    Hey, FBI agents: Check out Juan Villareal and the Medicaid horse he rode in on. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    Freedom Medal, my ass.

    Just Me

  9. Marty,

    I cant help but comment on a few points here.

    First, the irony of them sending some public to your door who has never sat on the other side of the meter from you to complain about your auditing is like a witch doctor sending one of his devotees who still believes blood is stagnant in the body to an operating theater to rail against the techniques used in heart transplants. If he has been with the witch doctor he knows nothing else. Same with the KoolAid drinkers. They dont have a clue what an auditing session is these days. There are many, myself very much included, who have had our faith in the tech restored after going in session with you.

    Second, you note the irony of Senor Barrera giving lectures about criminal reform.

    How about Snra Berrera having the first line of her website read “Support Religious Freedom”. Religious freedom apparently means “Think and act like I do or I will drive hundreds of miles to try to stop you from deviating from what I have been told by the head witch doctor is Scientology.”

    Finally, once again, the pitiful spectre of the Witch Doctor sending his minions out to “confront” single women is about as pathetic an admission of utter failure as you are likely to ever see.

  10. YEE HAA! I think those rustlers have just been branded!

  11. Theo Sismanides

    Go Mosey! As a matter of fact to me, Mosey, you represent what the people on this planet could be if real Scientology and “Martys” where around without “Miscaviges”.

    You became a true Scientologist. Just by dissemination by one Scientologist who is now your husband.

    And look what you have to confront and go through.

    My God, I am ashamed of “Scientologists”. You guys stop this and support Religious Freedom if you have any inkling what Scientology is all about!

    Viva la Resistance. Go Mosey!!!

    P.S. Marty, I agree with stepping up the Ethics gradient. The outside pressure must be a bit higher than the inside pressure from the bank. Enough is enough!

  12. Marty,

    As pathetic as these attacks are now, there nevertheless IS a danger. Anyone public willing to go as far as they have to date for DM might be willing to take it a step further … murder followed by immediate suicide. About the only difference between that and a middle-east suicide bomber is the sales pitch … you get to meet L.Ron and help him with his research into advanced OT to be done without the confines of a body, vs. milk, honey, Allah, and 72 virgins.


  13. Tony DePhillips

    I like you. 🙂

  14. Juan Villareal… oh brother please.

    Sent you an email, Marty.

    Mosey, you totally rock girl!!

  15. This is pathetic.

    When you get amateur zealots like these two bozos (who have their own livelihoods to consider) harassing Mosey when their “handlers” KNOW that Marty is not in the building – well, all I can say to the Barreras is:

    Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!

    You’ve just been led down the rabbit hole by your friend Mr. David Miscavige. I really hope you are embarrassed. You should be.

    Good on you, Mosey!

  16. Doesn’t that take a lot of god damned nerve?!

    To come to YOUR house UNINVITED and UNANNOUNCED and yell up the stairs at YOUR HOUSE to YOUR WIFE and then complain YOU are harassing THEM when your wife investigates the commotion.

    The Church of Scientology, it just doesn’t get any better than this these days.

  17. Impartial English Girl

    JM – Must be her. She has the same cold, dead eyes of a DM-drone,

  18. Impartial English Girl

    Mosey is one gutsy lady – good on her. I wonder where Gnat A got the idea about shouting loudly and publicly up the stairwell what he’s “annoyed” about. DM WOULDN’T have been stealing ideas from Mighty Mat, now would he…?

    But on a serious note – there are many, many women out there who don’t have the courage that Mosey, Amy, and other herein-documented ladies are blessed with. And these appalling tactics would make those women literally sick with terror. The fact that a woman herself is complicit in these activities defies belief – though, I guess, Manson had HIS girls….

  19. If the wife is in fact the same as the Realtor posted in the link by Just Me, you should contact the Texas Real Estate Commission and file a complaint.
    The last thing she’d want is the Commission knowing what she’s up to.

    Secondly, Mosey you should have a can of 20 foot Raid Bug Spray handy at all times; in the car and a couple in the house.

  20. W.E
    It appears that a camera has the same effect and at least with a camera there is no chance for the wind to blow the spray back in my face 🙂

  21. Exactly!

  22. “They still don’t get that the church (and its minions) has absolutely zero impact on you!”
    Karen, It actually has the reverse effect, but they don’t seem to get that either.

  23. Mosey {The Mrs. Rathbun?}:

    What a pleasure. How are you and Happy New Year too!

    Now, to my point as I am sure you well know, NEVER, EVER, EVER trust ANYONE from OSA ever.

    My reason:

    1. With these pictures you have this person {and his accomplice} CAN BE, not maybe, issued summons’ for A. Tresspassing B. Harassment C. Disorderly Conduct all of which carry a MANDATORY fine but OPTIONAL probation, suspension of driving privileges and less than 30 days jail {not prison} term in some states.

    BUT…. As OSA goes:

    2. You need to hire a house sitter while you are downtown prosecuting them, because will sieze the moment that your house is vacant to work more dirty tricks, like plant a recording or surveillance device.

    It always pays to be one step ahead of OSA! 🙂

    I am proud of you and proud to have this communication.

  24. Mosey- you da WOman!!!!

  25. RIGHT ON MOSEY!!!!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!
    Exposing those gnats really shows us what a CHILDISH game DM and his Koolaid drinkers are playing.
    Come on people do you really want to be a part of this….stand up on your OWN two feet and don’t take this ridicules BS anymore!!!

  26. I, personally, spent a sleepless night after reading this posting. It really helped to read the comments this morning!

    To Mosey — Good job with the camera and telling what occurred with these folks!! Nice handling when you say, “Come back in a couple of hours so you can tell him to his face.”

    To Marty — Good job on accurately reporting this situation!

    To Commenters — Thanks for acknowledging and contributing. It really helps!

    To anyone causing trouble — I reckon you do have better things to do than harass others. While it may seem intriguing at the time, in the end it’s simply silliness … with repercussions. H

  27. Go! Mosey, Go! Yeahhh, that a girl!!
    Davey, you bleeper, a single girl, unarmed, home alone, not calling the cops, not calling anyone, chases out an OTVIII mission from your Temple of Doom, all by herself. Big boy, wonderful act of courage and persistence, very well managed and supervised; all my admiration for your stellar accomplishments. Great role model and super PR for all those who aspire to go OT. Looks like we haven’t put up enough trailers of cobs shooting themselves in the foot.

    I feel so deeply sorry for those OT’s still in your Catastrophedral to have to associate and justify themselves for your pity excuse of religious defense –sending attack teams at women when they’re alone. I feel even more sorry that this is all over the net, exposing them publicly as accessory to the most coward and detestable behavior imaginable.

    Next time you send a mission, please send them to my place; you know where I live. Make sure you send men only, at least 5. I promise I won’t make any pictures.

  28. You’re too cool Mosey!

  29. Well done! A thought for if any of these clowns show up again: these days most cameras will also shoot video. If yours does, practice the steps to do that so that you can do it smoothly when you need to. If there’s a red light on the front of the camera while recording, maybe stick a piece of tape over it or use a Sharpie marker. That way you can hold the camera casually while recording and they’ll be more open in their remarks. (As John Carmichael in NYC found out.)
    That’ll give you a continuous record of an incident to show to police, the court, or just to give them a Trial by YouTube.

  30. And, it is a complete violation of What We Expect of a Scientologists. They have gotten black Scientology for so long that they have forgotten what a Scientologist really is.

  31. This is ridiculously funny. Well done Mosey.


  32. Wow, Mosey you rock!!!!!! you go Girl!!!!! Juan, you used to be such a nice person what happened? I will tell you what happened, you believe the bullshit you are being sold…..the COS has gotten you to agree to practices that are completely insane.

    Freedom Metal, gawd there ya go …now giving out metals for stocking people. Barrera, you and your wife are bullies and you know what happens to bullies? OSA you are a sick, sick bunch of crackers…you just don’t get it!

    Mosey, high5

  33. I knew both Ginger and Ricardo. I also know from recent personal experience how ignorant one can remain, until they have been themselves caught in DM’s reverse Scientology machine. IF I were in a forgiving mood, I would say “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” But then, I don’t seem to be in a forgiving mood this morning.

  34. I would love to be given a chance to slam this creep’s ethics in. Good job standing up to him Mosey. He has no ground to stand on. Ricardo is standing in the way of case gain for millions of people because of his evil purposes and no-responsibility case making it somehow ok to not look.

    To still be on the cutting edge of OSA tactics this late in the game is plain out ethics and he knows it. He thinks there’s plenty of time for the adults to put his boots on for him and so he can get away with a seeking a little admiration from his circle jerk knitting club for the time being. When there’s more completions in the field than in the orgs they’re going to have to come up with a new strategy besides calling the majority of Scientologists squirrels. Next time please tell Ricardo he’s got some explaining to do in a few years to a comm ev, and pretending that he was an innocent little pts bitch isn’t going to be accepted, no one is that dumb. Ignorance is no excuse because we all know some basic facts of life but some decide to ignore that.

  35. Foundation Staff

    Ricardo Barrera was Executive Director of the Austin Foundation church. I could recount his suppressive antics on post. Knowledge Reports were filed; nothing was done. Eventually he blew his post. I don’t know what happened to him after that.

  36. Pete: This scenario, while a possibility, I believe is less and less likely. DM knows there is adequate and growing public record, witnesses, etc to trace any such attempt directly back to him and his history of ordering harassment. He knows that even if he didn’t order it directly, he’d still likely end up in a cell with Bubba for at least 25 years or so, if he couldn’t escape to his Columbia Base in time.

    DM also knows that his Precious PR, the only thing that means anything to him, would be damaged beyond belief if such an attack occurred with him being the leader of a church now declared a terrorist organization.

  37. Next time hire Terminix, they will solve your gnat problem as well as the cockroach issues.

    all kidding aside just how LOW will DM and the C of S go?

  38. Mosey is formidable!

  39. Hi Mosey!

    I guess it’s gotten to the point where if one is to be in “good standing” in the little tyrant’s Reich one has to go in the valence of a goon. Jeeesh!

    Here’s a tune that might fit the occasion-

  40. Do tell, do tell, Foundation Staff. I left before he had a chance to commit any apparent mischief.

    Former Austin Foundation Staff

    Second comment:

    My name is Ron Matlock. I am married to Athena8, and I post here as “Independent Scientologist.” As another former Austin Foundation staff member, I would be interested in getting in comm. You can contact me at:

  41. My guess for the reason why Ginger and Ricardo are willing to do this (where PIs aren’t) is that they for some reason have to “make an effective blow to the enemy”. Let’s hope there’s some doubt and this will further crack the walls of their personal Truman show – and there’s a heartfelt apology from them in Mosey’s and Marty’s future.

  42. Watching eyes, thats a good point. Thats why she was hiding. Her actions being now known and her identity as a realtor bring disrepute on the profession. Thats an actionable ethics offense under almost all professions which are licensed by any state. The fact that the issue was/is a religious schism and harrassment addss to the odious nature. She will NOT be happy when the commission calls or write to her. You will NEVER see her or him again.

  43. Mosey, your one tough lady. One has to say your marriage has its obvious share of excitement. And this is only year one. Your a great team. We all knew Marty was a player on the big stage, and its obvious that your suited for the game as well. I never liked the term “power couple” but I have to say that you guys are that and more. As are many of your friends here. Wishing you all the best.

  44. aka Loki

  45. Tony DePhillips

    Great job Mosey!!
    Marty is a lucky man having a partner in life like you!!

  46. IEG,

    Funny you should bring up Charlie Manson.

    I think him and Dave have some eerie similarities.

  47. Mosey,
    Admirable handling!
    The photo you got says it all! Hiding in not very high on the tone scale!
    I am so glad I found the nerve to start reading and learning what was really going on in the Church under the pretense of defense. The little messenger sent by DM (his mouthpiece) just reveals exactly what DM is doing. A complete and perfect demonstration of the LRH reference, “The Criminal Mind”.

  48. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    You know, that I know, what you know…. that I know , you know what I know and what I mean when I say…….


    I’ll bet you had iced drinks ready to serve also!

    Queen Pin Rules!

    Love Ya!! as always M!

    – Jackson

  49. There you go. Then he definitely should have a clue. He’s not going to get the freedom medal now that it’s known he blew as the ED. If you’re current foundation staff could you say what effect Yvonne and Ken created? Must of been a big deal if they ran the OT committee. Was there some kind of briefing?

  50. Perhaps you haven’t heard about OT7 Rex Fowler who killed his associate and tried but failed to kill himself (oh, excuse me, that’s “allegedly” nowadays, isn’t it, until the trial is over?) Well, his trial is scheduled for February. But don’t say it can’t happen.

  51. I second this motion. File a complaint. Folks down in Texas don’t like these sneaky underhanded slimey shenanigans.

  52. Catastrophedral !!! LOVE it!

  53. I looked at the Scio website shown above for the gnat woman–it’s her testimonial of course, like the ones we were all forced to write. Curious, I went to the main page and there’s an A-Z index of church members. I looked under H and there were Brad and Natalie Hagemo still listed! I guess the church doesn’t know how to “run out” their own engrams!

  54. Mosey,

    I just love how you turned around their pathetic effort to enturbulate/intimidate! They are the ones who ended up being enturbulated. Excellent display of courage and ability, which to you, come naturally.
    Go Mosey!

  55. One footbullet after another!

    Well done Mosey!

    Those goofs KNOW what they’re doing … they KNOW what is going on … they KNOW they will have to handle this at some point.

    This weighs heavily upon them minute by minute.

    How they sleep at night? Not very comfortably at all.

  56. BULLY:
    1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.
    2. A hired ruffian; a thug.
    3. A pimp.
    (From Middle Dutch boele lover, from Middle High German buole, swaggering coward)

    1. A person who shrinks from or avoids danger, pain, or difficulty
    [from Old French cuard, from coue tail, from Latin cauda; perhaps suggestive of a frightened animal with its tail between its legs]

  57. MOSEY:
    1. Someone you shouldn’t fuck with, even if you’re a full-grown man trying to intimidate her when she’s alone.
    (from Middle Dutch, braveheart)

  58. Ricardo Barrera was indeed Executive Director of the Austin Foundation Organization of the Church of Scientology of Texas, whose registered agent at the Secretary of State’s office for the State of Texas is Catherine A. Norman. Cathy Norman is the Director of Special Affairs for the Office of Special Affairs for the Church of Scientology International. As Ricardo Barrera was an Executive Director in her organization, they would know each other well. It is hard to imagine that he would have done this without co-ordinating with her and getting approval from her, as it appears to be an OSA type operation. Cathy Norman has held this post for many years, probably since 1981 or 1982. Before that, she was the Assistant Guardian for Legal affairs with the Church of Scientology of Texas, a staff member of the Guardians Office. So, she has been on these lines since the mid or late seventies. As far as I know, she has not held any other posts.
    I have been requesting my repayment from the Austin Foundation Organization, which was a check given to them for the Pro TR’s Course,given to them a few weeks before I was declared by the Austin Foundation Organization while Ricardo Barrera was the Executive Director. He actively paarticipated in what I will call my Kangaroo Committee of Evidence and the subsequent declare, done immediately after I had just paid for 4 intensives of NOTS at the Flag Land Base, and had received clearance from an MAA at Flag to continue my NOTS, after having been off the tech lines for some 15 years. I had been told that I had received David Mayo style NOTS (this was supposed to have been a horrible thing!) and that now I would now receive the updated version of NOTS, cleaned of David Mayo’s alterations and omitted rundowns of the technology of NOTS. As an aside, Hy Levy was my D of P during the time I received my first 3 intensives of NOTS, which were absolutely incredible! (Hi HY!) I had received this O.K. to go into session after an extensive metered interview in which I detailed problems I was having with the Austin Organization, mostly with Cathy Norman, DSA, and Dan McMurrough, Executive Director of the Austin Day Organization. My complaints were about an ongoing, 25 year long campaign of very vicious third party against me. Dan McMurrough would go around saying I was promiscuous and out-2-D, (meaning engaged in unethical activities in the area of love, sex, family and marriage) and Cathy Norman would go around saying I was a criminal. This third party was so bad, that during the Committee of Evidence when they called in a witness who was supposed to testify against me; this new public person, to whom I had been disseminating Scientology, revealed that the Chaplain of the Organization, who also held the post of Public Executive Secretary, in charge of all new people coming into the organization, told him that I was a “slut”. Of course, the Committee of Evidence was embarrassed, and they quickly dismissed him. What was amazing to me about this is that I had been working closely with this Chaplain to popularize the new “program” of re-instating and holding Sunday Service every Sunday at 10:45 A.M. I was attending every week, participating in the group processing which the Chaplain gave, writing Success Stories on my wins in Group Processing, and telling all staff and public how wonderful Sunday Sesrvice was for case gain and socialization with other public, and the attendance at Sunday Service was growing week after week. (Up statistics) I did this because I was involved in other programs of dissemination and I felt that the image of Scientology as a religion and as a Church needed to be improved and I was proud of my involvement and participation. It came as a very big shock that the PES would say something like this to a new public, since I considered him a close friend, and he never once said anything to my face about considering that I was unethical in this area. His name is Jeff Fischer, and he is also a REALTOR, and I am a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, so we had that in common, also, that is our respective real estate careers.
    However, it was just more of the same, that I have experienced there since 1974, when I looked through my ethics file, and another public had reported an incident in which the then auditor, Dan McMurrough, told him that I was 1.1 on the Tone Scale, meaning that I was covertly hostile. Well, if I was covertly hostile, then that situation is over, as I am now a very public and outspoken critic of the abuses that I, my son Chase, and countless others have experienced as members of this “Church”.
    Another aspect of my Committee of Evidence is that it was hidden from me that I would be receiving one. Apparently, they got approval for this in a very secret fashion, and one day, while I was home to obtain more accomodations money, before I started my auditing for which I had MAA, Master-At-Arms, the Sea Org term for an Ethics Officer) approval to go into session, I was called by the then Bookstore Officer, from whom I had purchased literally thousands of dollars of books, lectures, E-meters and hundreds of Way To Happiness booklets that I was actively distributing as an FSM. He had apparently been promoted or put on post as the Ethics Officer, and he wanted me to “drop by the org” to talk to me. I was very busy, trying to do things to get more accomodations money, so that I could go back to Flag, and I said, yeah, well, O.K. but I ‘m very busy, I’ll see what I can do. I basically forgot about it, and later received another phone call from him while having dinner at a restaurant, and he asked me to please stop by the org, that he needed to talk to me. I did go by to see him, at 11:30 at night, and I was escorted into a full blown Committe of Evidence, with all members sitting behind tables dressed in business clothes, pens in hand, tape recorder ready to “start” recording the proceedings. No warning, not a word of notice. And apparently, these people had been waiting to do this ALL DAY LONG, waiting for me to “DROP BY THE ORG”!!!!!!!! To make a long story short, a few weeks later, I was called into the org to be given my Burn Notice, my Suppressive Person Declare, my Badge of Honor. It was filled with many lies, innuendos, half-truths, much omitted data, giving a false picture of many events, and apparently, my metered interview at Flag was “nattering about the Austin Org”.
    What was really interesting about that metered interview, “I am not auditing you”, at the end of the interview, I asked the Flag MAA ( Ethics Officer), “Was I nattering?” She said, “No, you were not nattering, your needle was clean the whole time, and MY METER DOES NOT LIE!!!!! She then asked me to write Knowledge Reports on what was happening in Austin, and signed my Flag Routing Form as O.K. to go into session.
    I am telling you this story to let you know the kind of activites Ricardo Barrera was involved in, as an Executive Director for the Austin Foundation Organization. He wrote some reports on me for the Committe of Evidence, with extreme omitted data, copies of which I still have in my possession. I also have in my possession all the reports from the Committtee of Evidence, my Burn Notice (SP Declare) and my Flag Routing Form showing the approval I was given to go into session, and the copy of the Program the MAA gave me directing me to write reports on the Austin Organization, many of which would have been about the DSA, and the ED Austin Day.
    There is not one statement I have made here that I cannot prove with documented evidence. Many years ago, I was involved in a lawsuit in which I had “blown the whistle” on some criminal activity in a real estate deal, and I was sued in retalitation. I got a specialist attorney, who had been an Assistant Attorney General for the United States of America, who specialized in prosecuting white collar crime, and was now a Texas Real Estate attorney. I had to go to San Diego, and give a briefing to 5 attorneys and 5 other public, and 3 of those attorneys were out to get me. My attorney told me, “Don’t say anything you can’t prove” I took 40 pounds of documents in a suitcase, which my attorney had to carry to the top of a bank tower in San Diego, gave a 5 hour briefing to 10 people, 4 of whom were attorneys, and told my story, and after every pertinent point, I held up the appropriate document. I had also stayed up all night copying the most pertinent documents proving that what I was saying was true, and a dossier of docs was given to every person there. I proved that I was telling the truth, and that the criminals were lying. I also told all there, my true overts in the cycle, without justifications, (my attorney had urged me to do this), and at the end of a very long day, all lawsuits were dropped, an agreement was reached for the resolution of all concerns, and they started going after the criminals who had accused me of the crimes that they were committing. A few weeks later, the deal closed, and I received a check for over $42,000 and the developer buying the land who developed it named the park, Von Ach Park, on the plat mat that he filed with the county, to commemorate what I had been through to sell him this property. He then purchased another commercial property on which I received a check for $72,000.!!!! I was completely exonerated with official documents given to me in case I needed them.
    This experience familiarized me with all kinds of things, but mostly, in the words of my attorney, “Don’t say anything that you can’t prove”. I have tried to take care to do that in statements that I make on this blog. So, I have ample proof of every statement made above about my experiences with the Austin Organization. I have in my possession numerous knowlege reports written by myself and others, detailing the horrific third party promulgated by certain terminals at the Austin Org, and now I have recent evidence that this third party is being relayed to my son, Chase Von Ach. The things that he has been told about me are unbelievable. These were told to him in an effort to get him to disconnect from me “on his own determinism”, so that the Church could say that they didn’t make him disconnect, that he did it on his own determinism. Just as an example, one of the statements he made to me in this regard was that I had “insidiuously killed (name left out to protect a deceased person).” This is someone I tried to help for a long time after the org put him in a lower condition for doing drugs while on post as an Ethics Officer and kicked him off staff. I tried to get him off drugs and gave him lots of other help, and then when he committed suicided, I was accused and convicted during the Comm Ev of “failing to report his drug use” and all kinds of stuff in relation to this terminal, and there was an innuendo in the SP Declare that he had “disastrous consequences” because of his association with me. Apparently, this very tragic situation, which is a story all of itself, has been communicated to my son that I “insidiously killed him”. I did have to disassociate from this person many months before his death due to him hurting Chase in “play-fighting” and my son had asked me to never leave him alone with that person ever again. I basically disconnected at that point, and many months later he was found dead in a park, after a massive injection of cocaine, self-administered that exploded his heart. I had gotten this person a job with the former Attorney General of the State of Texas, Jim Mattox, now also deceased, and after the tragic death, Jim showed me cancelled checks which my former friend had forged and cashed and used to purchase drugs. There was evidence that he was shooting up pure cocaine on the job. He went to a wilderness park and took an overdose, and was found days later. His death came a few days before the bank statement was to come in with the proof of his crimes in the form of the cancelled checks. Apparently, the deceased person was afraid that Jim Mattox would prosecute him for these crimes. The tragedy is that Jim already knew about the crimes, and when I asked him what he would have done about it, he said, “I probably would have worked it out with him to work it off or pay it back. I don’t think I would have prosecuted him.” All of this data was given to the Committee of Evidence, but somehow I am responsible for the death of this person, because I “insidiously killed him”.
    The point of all of this is, that in the last week, Cathy Norman, has been put on notice that I have talked to an attorny and am seeking legal counsel to see what I can do to stop the interference with the comm line to my son, as there appears to be a conspiracy to prevent me from knowing and obtaining information about his condition when he has gotten in trouble, beaten by the police and ended up in a hospital. I found out through Facebook. I have asked her and named specific terminals to CEASE AND DESIST THE PRACTICE OF DISCONNECTION in regard to my son, and that I have proof that this has occurred while he was a minor child.
    I have no data to indicate that this is why there has been a recent infestation of gnats in Corpus Chrisit, but the date co-incidence is just a little too close for comfort. Also, my son informed me a couple of days ago that I was one of 25 constant bloggers on the blog of a major squirrel. How would he know this if not through Office of Special Affairs terminals? They are the only ones “allowed” to even look at the blog, much less be counting statistics. Oh, by the way, I consider this to be another badge of honor to be counted in this elite group, one of the top 25 bloggers here, as this is the only blog on which I contribute.
    VERY, VERY WELL DONE, MOSEY, ON EXPOSING THE IDENTITIES OF THE PEOPLE HARASSING YOU. I have offered to Marty before, that if you feel the need, I am willing to come stay with you at any time he needs to be away. One of my nicknames with my friends is COMMANDO GIRL., and for good reason. As the daughter of a military man with 30 years in the military, marching with Patton through the snow to Bastonne during World War II, and three tours in Viet Nam towards the end of his career, I have much experience with military matters as an army brat, and I don’t back down from things easily and I am trained in the use of small arms. My father was a small arms expert, and he taught me to shoot at age of 12 or 13, and gave me his semi-automatic pistol, a 22 caliber Ruger around that time. We do have the “Castle Law” in Texas, and these gnats should familiarize themselves with laws on trespassing and harassment. I know that you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, but if you ever need any back-up I am there for you, as Corpus Christi is “only a conversation away”. The mosquitos and gnats need to be reminded that yes, we may be women, but we have many past lives as warriors, military men, assassins, spys, revolutionaries, rebels, and when we become OT we “remember” and these past abilities we had as men, can suddenly appear in present time as full-blown abilities, augmented and increased by the ARC and KRC of LRH’s wonderful technology which seems to enhance past life abilities. I am certain this is one of the things that David Miscavige is afraid of, and why he seems to be reluctant to have true Operating Thetans in existence. In our case, true Operatin’ Texans!!!!!!!
    Mosey, I got your back,
    Catherine E. Von Ach,

  59. But not the one.

  60. Watching Eyes

    If Mosey saw her and can ID her from the photo at the link posted by Just Me, that lady has real cause to worry if the Real Estate Commission gets wind of it. You’ll never see her at your house again but you just might see her greeting customers next time you go to Walmart.

  61. Wow Lady Minn this counts as a post in itself.

    You kick ass Lady Minn !


  62. Tony Dephillips

    Hell ya Catherine!!!

  63. In Science of Survival LRH says:
    …”a human being does not seem to be complete without a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. This relationship is the vessel wherein is nurtured the life force of both individuals…”
    Mosinator – it’s quite clear that Marty has met his match and that the two of you will continue to nurture the life force in each other and grow from strength to strength.
    Alone you are each formidable.
    Together nothing could strike you down.
    Your alliance is a beautiful thing to behond.
    Watch you don’t breathe in too hard when the gnats come around. pesky things can give you a hell of a sneeze attack if they get stuck in your nose.

  64. 1 🙂 🙂

  65. What I fear most is trained Palmetto bugs. These are giant flying cockaroaches. Imagine…a suicide cockaroach!!!

  66. Marty,
    It appears to me that DM is following SOURCE. Applying LRH tech to combat his ( Cof$) enemies ( M&M). He appears to be “loudly countering” your threats. He is following LRH tech to the letter. please correct me if I am wrong, don’t just sensor my comment/question.

  67. Foundation Staff

    Unlike Lady Minn (Cathy Von Ach) I do not have any documentation. I can only corroborate and recall vague, general entheta. Not worth recounting. 🙂

  68. That was beautiful Sam and so very true!

  69. Mike Rinder wrote : “There are many, myself very much included, who have had our faith in the tech restored after going in session with you.”

    Incidentally I had stumbled upon a propaganda website stating “why doesn’t Mike Rinder want to go in session with Marty ?”

    Yet another lie exposed !!!

  70. I certainly would not like to have you as an enemy, Catherine.

    Strong determination like yours can overcome a lot of barriers …

  71. Great, Mosey, you have handled the hell out of it 🙂

    What I don’t grasp at all is this : Is there some OSA case officer expecting a scenario like this :

    1. Gnat shouting at Mosey : “tell Marty to stop hurting pc’s. He’s hurting pc’s. And you’re helping him.”

    2. Mosey tells Marty to stop auditing.

    3. Marty stops auditing.

    Is some OSA creature really expecting this to happen ? That guy must be living in hallucination country.

  72. Han — Just goes to show, you can’t always believe what you read on the internet. Actually… on those websites, you can’t believe ANYTHING you read.

  73. martyrathbun09

    Drink up while the Kool Aid is freshly spiked.

  74. “Correct me if I’m wrong”. OK. You’re wrong.

  75. CVA,

    I 2nd that. Having known you. I can attest you are NOT 1.1. Hell of a story.

  76. ‘He’ is????
    Funny because I haven’t seen or heard anything from the great leader for some time.
    Could you tell us when exactly this occurred? Time? Place? Form? and Event?
    It seems I missed this enlightening event.
    I’d love to hear what he has to say…
    Pardon me for being pedantic but many of us would love hear to DM explain himself and I’d hate to think we missed this momentous occasion.
    I’m sure there’s a perfectly ‘reasonable’ explanation for all the accusations leveled at him and for the mass exodus of OTs from the church.
    What exactly did he say?
    I’m all ears. I’m sure that being the wonderful, amazing, on-source, leader that he is he is fully capable of putting enough truth on the lines to as-is this whole mess for all of us and bring harmony and peace to all. Just as LRH would have done.
    By the way, you wrote ‘his (C of $) enemies’. Was that a freudian slip? Or have you been blogging for OSA for so long that it has become a habit to slip into our lingo?

  77. Here we go, reachin’ a higher ground…

  78. Yeah I guess it’s not such a big deal after all. He drove about 400 miles round trip to tell Mosey that Marty hurts people. I forgive you Ricardo. Next time just pick up the phone buddy.

  79. Operatin’ Texans???

  80. Ron says there is a condition worse than blindness. And that is seeing something that is not there.

  81. jive ass western union messenger:

    (may be the funniest thing i’ve ever seen on film)

  82. You may notice there is no provision to undo your site once it’s up. For all we know most of the people on that A-Z index could be disinfected by now, including several that I’m sure of. You probably have to be not only declared but noisy about it before they will take down your site.

    The original idea was to have all of these sites show up in a google search on “Scientology” and crowd out any of the ‘anti’ sites. Never did really work that well.

  83. Dear Catherine,

    Your account is but one more nail in the coffin of the little church run by the psychotic runt we know as David Miscavige.

    Doesn’t this say it?

  84. one of those who see

    “The gnat hollered up the outside stairs of our home at Mosey: “tell Marty to stop hurting pc’s. He’s hurting pc’s. And you’re helping him.”
    This comm is really yucky (technical word) and really suppressive. Add to that the cowardess in yelling this upstairs to Mosey, not to Marty himself and it is pathetic. I guess yelling at Mosey is now a requirement for new OT 9 and 10.
    I’ve never met Marty or have gotten auditing from him unfortunately. But I see the beaming faces on this blog from the people that have. They speak for themselves. Look don’t listen.
    Mosey, well done. You were the one at Cause in the whole scenario.

  85. one of those who see

    Just a side comment here. I have a friend who doesn”t have a computer. Been a Scientologist for over 30 years. He’s been off lines for awhile. I recently started filling him in, reading to him on the phone, sending him posts from this blog and others.
    He left me a message yesterday. “I’ve put my Auditor hat back on. Delivering a 2D co – audit. And maybe getting family to do TRs.”
    Another revitalized Auditor! Thank you all!

    Mosey, this is what you are defending! Hugs!

  86. Jim-

    Nice accompaniment!

  87. Touche….

  88. My Dear Lady Minn,
    What a great post. When I read a story like this it really puts in my feeling of kinship with the author. And I have had experience with Texans too–that spirit is very OT!

  89. Wouldn’t you think the senior data to follow would be honesty, decency, ethics? Doesn’t matter how many “LRH” data you pick out of context to bolster your own service facky ideas on how to treat others, it’s still counter to human decency. But don’t worry, you can get over it. I did.

  90. Tony DePhillips


  91. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Johhny,
    Are you the one who sent out that lame email about us Indies not being able to see the stats of the cabbage cult? Do you get to see them or any of the Kool aide drinkers, do they get to??
    I didn’t think so…LOL!!!

  92. I agree the Scientologist on-line thing was a total failure as far as a dissemination (decimation would be more accurate) tool but I don’t think that was the intention behind all those cookie cutter websites that created such a virtual Ticky Tacky Township of “Scientologists”.

    Nuff said.

  93. Is this the John McLean from Toronto who used to be aboard the Apollo?

  94. Luis,

    I’ve noticed since the advent of “Grossly Altered(and perverted)Tech” or GAT that most “Scientologists” who remain with the Church communication skills have been totally defenestrated.

    I’m sure there is some kind of GAT drill that they drilled before their little invasion of Mosey’s privacy.

    They seem to have one these days for every situation (the fact that it fails to handle said “situation” is beside the point) to instill false confidence in the person who “drills it to ‘perfection'” and allows them to overcome such things as good sense and conscience along with other “minor hindrances” that prevent them from carrying out “command intention”.

  95. Mockingbird,
    Yes, although something like that is a possibility I am just saying it is unlikely. The difference with Rex Fowler was that he was in his own miserable debt-laden crisis and his business partner wanting money was probably the last straw. It was his own personal mess he couldn’t find his way out of. It is a different thing entirely for someone to be in a jihadi state of mind like a suicide bomber, killing and dying for some “cause”.

  96. The gnats coming out is about what I would expect at this point. He’s losing power as anyone can only apply the same lame defense for so long. Its getting old. In the Wollersheim case, the CofS could wait out their opponent. Even though Wollersheim won a settlement, he really lost. It was a chink in the armor at most. The money was very little and he “should” have gotten a lot more. The situation now, however, is different. DM is in a spot where he knows the Independents will wait him out and it is like a game of chess where it is just a matter of time before he will be check mated. He has so many moves left. His Queen is gone. Maybe he has a rook or bishop left and a few pawns. In fact, he is probably looking into all the various escape routes he could take. This means making deals. It is not just high tailing it out of the country. It means making deals with government types or power brokers. It is likely he will try to sell out and treat it as a business. You will see how this plays out as OSA becomes dormant and/or very low key. It will suggest a change in leadership. The change of leadership will be interesting and will say a lot about everything. It will be invisible at first.
    It was cleverly pointed out that DM generates attacks and then asks people for money via IAS to stop the attacks. He is the classic leverage player from Battlefield Earth. He is stupid but not as stupid as everyone thinks or would like him to be. A stupid person with resources is more powerful than an intelligent person with no resources. He knows he is cornered and he has “competent” legal opinion telling him what he can and can’t get away with. The Nazis made secret deals with the Allies before WW II ended. When the Allies moved in, the first thing they did was made sure they covered up all the secret Nazi flying technology, including saucers. This was Patton’s actual mission and was why they didn’t send him to Berlin and let the Russians have the false prize. Patton was killed because he had all sorts of information that made him dangerous. The Allies that move in will free the people in the hole just like Eisenhower freed the Jews. They will hide the technology though as you are already familiar with.

  97. Philip C. Nasi

    Do to the terms of serves being violated on this page ( giving out information about one person with out permission) I am demanding for this page to be deleted or I will contact and have then band everone that visited this page IP address and you will no longer be able to post or make a page on wordpress, or comment.

  98. Scott Campbell

  99. Scott Campbell

    Here’s to you Mosey!


  100. martyrathbun09

    You mispelled your name by substituting an “s” for a “z.”

  101. theystolemychurch

    RESPECT! I salute you and your bravery!

  102. theystolemychurch

    Just get a medium to large size dog…. cowards are afraid of anything that might bite~ I have one … I can drop it by to you in Texas this summer… and I know how to train her… let me know.

  103. theystolemychurch

    Respect! Oh, the stories!

  104. Philip C,
    Hey, if wordpress is going to “band ever(y)one”, does that mean they’ll make everyone be in a band? Do you know if we will at least be allowed to choose the type of band? Polka? Rock? Country? Marching? Punk? Heavy Metal? Classical? Jug? Folk? Reggae?
    Let me know what kind of response you get from wordpress about this band thing. I’m also interested in this “terms of serves” thing you mention. Was this a tennis violation? This sounds very important. Please clarify.

  105. Those things will go kamikaze on your ass.

  106. I think it’s easy to be confused about some things in Scientology, but guys still in can probably draw the line before they get to murder and clear felony activities. I can see people flipping out and going psychotic lke this Fowler guy though, but thats something different. I always thought a Scientologist would flip out with Anonymous. I’m somewhat amazed that scene has been so peaceful so far as physical violence.

  107. Damn Marty. Take it easy on the guy. I don’t want to get band.
    It sounds painful.

  108. You wouldn’t happen to be related to Helena Kobrin?

  109. Great choice of musical comments, RJ. Thanks for that experience.


  110. Philip C. Nasi

    I didnt miss spell it thanks for the harassment all better reason for this page to be shut down now :p

  111. Floating Needle

    It’s off topic, but I couldn’t help to notice how far we’ve gone off the deep end of the Never Ending Reg Cycle. The Captain FSO spent New Year’s eve begging Taiwanese for money. Pathetic.

  112. I think you should at least take a 2nd grade grammar class and maybe some first grade spelling before you attempt to post a remark. Especially one of that character. Ignorance X 2.
    “I will contact and have then band everone that visited this page IP address”
    Give us a break will ya? God knows we all don’t want to be “banded”

  113. Barney Rubble

    Oohh, you scare me. Speak to the hand, and stop smoking the crack. It will save your ass.

  114. Philip,
    It’s not “have then band everone,” dear. It’s “have them ban everyone.” “Serves” should be “service” (using “being” as an adverb to modify “violated” which is past tense is also incorrect, but I’m not going to get into it) “page” should be changed to “page’s,” and “without” is combined, not separate.
    Your Scientology school education is showing. Unless you’re some high school dropout like David Miscavige. There is a reason the Delphi schools are not accredited by the Western Association of Colleges.

  115. I prefer conspiracy theories about Nazi flying saucers to your previous tales about the influence of astrology over the events in the church.

    I consider both to be examples of unsubstantiated pretended knowledge, however it is perhaps at least conceivable that the flying saucers existed.

  116. Johnny,
    Just like everything else in the Temple of Doom is reversed, your answer is found in your question. First you say: DM appears to follow SOURCE, knowing he’s not actually doing so. Then you specifically use: Co$ enemies. Well, by definition, those are the friends of Scientology. If he’d follow LRH, he’d expose the overts of Co$, just like we do but instead he’s attacking the very defenders of LRH Tech, which happens to be a High Crime. That’s just a High Crime but what really matters is the despicable way he does it: sending attack teams at girls home alone, harassment based upon outright lies, wishing off his own overts on Marty, defaming well intentioned people by dreaming up nonexistent events and other loathsome idiocies that have nothing to do with LRH Tech other than LRH having specifically forbidden those acts.

  117. It is not necessarily that the Rathbun’s should acquire a team of guard dogs but rather, that anything OSA does out in the open this way is always a cover, a smokescreen, for what they are really up to.

  118. Carol:

    Did you know that OSA has been medically proven to cause physical symptoms in people? Here is a quote from the site and a link to the article:

    “Snoring — obstructive sleep apnea. This condition, also known as OSA, actually causes you to stop breathing while you sleep; and often hundreds, if not thousands of times per night.”

    Here is the link to the article:

    That should give you a laugh.

  119. morelivesthanacat

    Did anyone check out Ginger……Barerra’s “website”? Is that really what I think it is–a cookie cutter website from the CoS, complete with pre-selected “favorite quotes”, etc.? It’s EMBARRASSINGLY impersonal and devoid of any real content. (But I guess that does fit the new definition of one of Dave’s status-seeking minions of inverted OTs–“at effect of life, matter, energy….”)

  120. Following your “logic” (which I’m not sure there is much left of) you surely will bring down all Marty & Mike & Independent Scientologist hate sites, the Freedumb Magazine etc. By their actions you may judge them. Amen.

    You “C.” probably stands for “camouflaged” (read together with the misspelling Marty has pointed out).

  121. Phil, Mr. Nasi,
    Wow, that makes sense. OK, this will be my LAST comment on this thread, unless of course I comment again, but we won’t think about that now as that is dangerous. You’re dangerous too. Heck, EVERYTHING is dangerous.

    What was that?! God (used by permission) I hope it’s not one of those flying cockaroaches!!!!!

    Hey Phil, if you called yourself Shil, you could be snasi. You know, cool, dashing, macaroni and such like.

  122. I’ve seen that same thing Mockingbird. I’ve emailed a few times letting the C of M know that David Miscavige is an SP and I no longer support the church. My guess is there is no one on post to handle removing or editing those cookie cutter sites. It’s hysterical that ours and others who have left and spoken out are still up.

  123. Did you really mean “sensor?” Or is this just some kind of doublespeak?

  124. johhny d, try to keep it real. Your example is way out of context. Similar things are not identical. You cannot compare the AMA trying to outlaw e-meters with Marty and Mike exposing DM’s use of church funds and labor to establish a special relationship with a parishoner. No one buys it, not on this blog, not in this universe. Desperate situation calls for desperate attacks. You way overreached. But it does tell us how the mind sees it. a=a=a=a. Wrong who, wrong, why, wrong everything. Its just so fucking wrong. Get out of there while you can.

  125. Removing names would be decreasing a stat. About the only time those 12+ year-old cookie-cutter pages get removed is when someone is in danger of a messy criminal conviction. (e.g. Reed Slatkin.)

  126. While I deeply regret that Mosey has been so poorly treated and Marty continues to be hounded by PIs — I have this feeling that if any of the people currently IN the church were to arrive at their doorstep and simply ask to talk, civilly they would be welcomed and perhaps even invited to sit on their deck and have coffee.

    I believe this because from everything I’ve read on this board — Marty is compassionate and understands that although it seems IMPOSSIBLE to understand other than through their own greed, and self-serving desires that anyone could NOW remain IN dms travesty … he would still open his door to anyone. Perhaps even dm.

    Yes, at the moment many are acting as gnats and losers but within their very hardened hearts beats a person who is basically good.

    Dr. King said it best — I’ve seen the promised land …

  127. martyrathbun09

    Raul, gonna need to change the image you post with as it is offending too many readers.

  128. Lady Minn:

    Your is one of if not the most integrity post I have ever read critical of the church’s ridiculous practices.



  129. This is unbelievable. He says he needs $5 million dollars in 2 minutes?

    Well that sounds like a real target right? A couple of the people that were there at the party they probably had this kind of money just lying around in their piggy banks doing nothing.

    The guests probably felt like running for the door after hearing instead of an elightening event it would be a fund raiser. I hope the didn’t raise the money. They aren’t worth it.

  130. Hey Phil Nasi, please write again. You’re a funny guy.

  131. Another Martin Luther King quote, Selma, AL 1965:

    “Deep down in our non-violent creed is the conviction there are some things so dear, some things so precious, some things so eternally true, that they’re worth dying for. And if a man happens to be 36-years-old, as I happen to be, and some great truth stands before the door of his life — some great opportunity to stand up for that which is right.

    “A man might be afraid his home will get bombed, or he’s afraid that he will lose his job, or he’s afraid that he will get shot, or beat down by state troopers, and he may go on and live until he’s 80. He’s just as dead at 36 as he would be at 80. The cessation of breathing in his life is merely the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.

    “A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true. . . .

    “We’re going to stand up amid anything they can muster up, letting the world know that we are determined to be free!”

    My gratitude to all of your for standing up for what is right, standing up for justice, and standing up for truth. It is the only way to freedom.

  132. I hated to do it, because I think I look so cool in my blue underwear with my muscular physique, but, I went ahead and toned it down.

  133. You need your head examined.

    Ask Marty if he might be in the mood to deliver 125 hours of FPRD to you, IF that clears up your issues, which I doubt. Sometimes, it is not a person’s case that bothers them, but the amount of brains they have.

  134. Yes, but what threats are those? I haven’t seen anyone from this BLOG threatening the C of S here or on You Tube or a couple of other hot spots on the web I’ve checke out. What threats?

    That is sad that some people like DM advertise they have O/W’s before anyone really takes them up on the subject.

  135. WordPress contacted me and said they like your non-use of punctuation, as it saves many pixels and energy. This is very green. Thank you for saving the Earth.

  136. Good Job Mosey!!
    You are truly wonderful!! and give them a good lesson of what a great team member does!!
    love to you

    Silvia Kusada

  137. I’m glad you didnt miss spell it use punctuation marks correctly. How do you know that the information about one person was given with out permission? Why should everone band for visiting this page IP address or comment does that also violate terms of serves? Why you so obsessed about harassment shut this page down now :p? that you Davey?

  138. Confidential * Top Secret Clearance Only

    OSA Dirty Tricks Field Bulletin

    1. Before any agents embark on their first caper, they must starrate and clay demo the ‘Halloween Tricks for Dummies’ manifesto. All operatives are to wear quiet sneakers with sanded soles for surreptitious and agile maneuvering, carry large pieces of paper for swift facial obstruction, practice sprint running down staircases, drill booming voice projection and have their peckers removed. It is hard won knowledge that peckerless PIs In Training are far less distracted during the long waiting periods in their cars while staking out the target’s home or business. This is a small price to pay for saving mankind.

    2. The new Yell and Run technique being piloted is starting to prove very effective. Several operatives have recently reported that their isolated and targeted females’ faces almost flinched. Chalk one up for us.

    3. All operatives are to be drilled on our new Walmart Stalk and Whisper technique that COB recently ordered into practice. That is, as the operative walks by the targeted victim they simply whisper as close as possible to their ear some form of intimidating comment like, “Stop breathing” or “No Kha-Khan for you” or “Did you steal something?” and quickly, but without stumbling, to nonchalantly walk away as though you are looking for Cheese Doodles, but get out of the store quickly, find your car if you can and leave the parking lot, saving yourself for another day of attack.

    Stay tuned for further bulletin updates on successful actions and wins.

    OSA Ops I/C

  139. Marty, while I am sympathetic to your anger with this ill-considered and inappropriate behavior on the part of one Scientologist, and admire your wife’s handling of it (God bless her), your rant illustrates why I mentioned quite some time ago on this blog I would not like to see you any position of authority in any reimagined Church of Scientology.

    This post if rife with wrong targets and invalidation of Scientology. This rather silly action was done by one Ricardo Barrera. Yet you attack his employer, Juan Villareal with extraordinary zeal. More likely Barrera is handling something in ethics and this was his imagined “effective blow”. Mrs. Rathbun, I guess you qualify as “personal danger” 😉

    You invalidate Mr Villareal’s state of OT 8. You attack the efforts of Criminon by threatening to blow them “out of the water in a quite unpleasant way”.

    I guess you make clear, here, your intention to attack anything done under the auspices of the current Church of Scientology; good, bad, or indifferent. You seem to be having a bit of difficulty with differences, similarities, and identities. I have noticed this trait in the past but you have never demonstrated it so clearly as now.

    That is all I will say on the subject. Anyone with eyes and a basic knowledge of Scientology can read what is there to be read. I guess you can say you were angry and this post reflects that anger. Fine, but my concern stands. I am not your enemy and am on my own walk with the concerns we have in common. I decided to say this to your face rather than post it elsewhere.

  140. These were not my tales. These were the readings of a professional astrologer who might be right or wrong. Astrology is based upon acausal factors as opposed to materialist cause-effect. Acausal is considered meta or superior to physical-like cause-effect. Like theta over mest. The is plenty of evidence of the saucers. Nick Cook, a British journalist was fed up with the stories so he set out to disprove it and ended up writing a book “Zero Point” which established that it was based on fact. The exact facts and all of their tenteacles, however, remain fuzzy except for the fact that the powers behind the confiscation of the German technology also opposed LRH. The main point of my post however has to do with the succession of DM and what it might bring. An assumed similarity at this point. We shall see in the future whether it is similar or not similar.

  141. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Raul.

  142. Hey — Chill, everyone. If you read Mr. Nasi’s comment phonetically, it does communicate what he wishes to say. I suspect he’s used to texting quite a bit. To OTDT, I’ll take rock. If there’s no longer room in that band, heavy metal will do. H

  143. TEG, YOU HAVE JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Thank you Cat Daddy! Kickin’ ass and takin’ names is what we do in Texas when we get sudden!
    ML, LM

  145. Thank you Barney, for the correct indication. I used to introvert all the time on whether or not I was 1.1 on the Tone Scale. Well, now you have terminatedly handled that!

  146. Hell On Wheels! and Boo Ya to you, too, Tony!

  147. The attorney that I talked about in my story was an Asst. U.S. Attorney directly under the Attorney General for the United States, in Los Angeles County for 5 years prosecuting fraud cases and white collar criminals. He then became a Texas real estate attorney. I had to go through 3 other real estate attorneys and finally got referred to him. He told me after the briefing with the five lawyers, “Catherine, I would never want to be on the other side of you in a court of law.” I considered this as the highest compliment he could have paid me, and this was my real “pay” for all that I went through on that cycle. I consider your remarks in the same light. Thank you very much . . . and yes, hopefully my determination will free my son from the harassment he gets to disconnect from me. That is what all this is about.
    ML, LM

  148. Sam, thanks for this. And by the way, I never got to tell you VERY, VERY WELL DONE on your center that you are opening up. I trust that it will not be on CHURCH ROAD or JACKASS LANE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love to you, Lady Minn

  149. Yes, Texans have that OT spirit. We like the big wide open spaces, or in my case, the beautiful purple hills of the Texas Hill Country, and we love our Independence, (Remember the Alamo!), and we don’t like people who don’t know any better, running our lives, or should I say ruinin’ our lives!!!!! When confronted with suppression, we don’t back down, and we handle it, or we die tryin’! Thanks for the kinship, pardner!
    ML, LM

  150. Thank you for your respect. I am very honored by that. And there are so many more stories — that was just the tip of a very large iceberg!
    ML. Lady Min

  151. Dear Raul,
    Thank you for your comment about my post. I don’t like talking badly about people at all. It is very distasteful to me. In my life, I try to concentrate on positive things. I am speaking out because I am a mother, who is desperately concerned about the safety, health, and welfare of her son, who has suffered greatly due to the ridiculus practices you have mentioned, and which were described in my post. I only want those practices to stop for him, and for all other children who are in a similar position. Whatever it takes, is what I will do to protect him and others from this abuse. On that, you have my solemn word. Thank you for your support in this effort.
    Much love, Lady Min

  152. I’m in the mood for accordions so I vote for polka. And a one-a an a two-a…

  153. I have to say something about this idea of “invalidating the state of OT8”. If a level of the bridge is effective, the results should speak for themselves and be relatively immune to criticism. Since when did a level of the bridge become a status symbol that could supposedly be invalidated by others? So now instead of moving to higher states of existence, we are simply moving to higher levels of approval and acceptance from others?

    Sorry, I’m not buying that type of bridge anymore.

  154. martyrathbun09

    Good observation, that is precisely what the RS is engaged in.

  155. Disinfected,
    “Rife with wrong targets” is not only a generality but a complete falsehood as well. Please explain in which way Marty’s post invalidates Scientology.

    If Villareal is Barberra’s boss and in his OT committee, he is fully responsible those despicable actions. I haven’t seen him nor Barberra apologizing nor making amends, which in your opinion should be appropriate.

    If Mr. Villareal is investigated by the police, it’s not Marty that’s invalidating him nor his beloved status; he does it himself by his own actions. If he’s responsible for Criminon activities, he’s in for it because the way Criminon is operated looks like the best crime school of the planet. It’s very big in America and a lot smaller everywhere else but America proudly presents its ever increasing incarceration rates to over 1% of its entire population; a top record in the Western world set during the micromanaged Criminon implementation by RS.

    It’s high time that the eyes of probation officers are opened so that true Criminon programs can be picked up and incarceration rates go down. If they’d done do a good job, they’d had the same problems with prison wardens like we had in Holland: they went on strike because 8 prisons were to be closed, effectively doing away with 10% of the total prison capacity because we ran out of criminals. We had to solve it by importing them from our neighbors to prevent close downs and lay-offs. The Criminon programs run by St. Dave’s Catastrophedral are completely reversed (as proven by our country where there’s no Criminon activity) and should be ended if you want a saver country with less criminals.

    I think the exposure of all reversed Tech is an essential requisite for improved conditions. You should be grateful that somebody has the guts to stand up and finally do something about it; America can’t stand too much more of it. I have the feeling that the authorities are following this blog with quite some interest.

  156. Lol, yes higher levels of enslavement.

  157. 🙂

  158. Disinfected OSA bot:

    Please don’t try to pretend to be an Indie. Your lines are so boringly rife (your words) with generalities and ad hom attacks so typical of OSA bots which isn’t really Scientology. How about applying “Way to Happiness” instead? The true LRH will bring a lighter and more pleasant taste on your and our palate, instead of the acrid bitterness and evil intentions which you, and the three envoys of DM bring to a woman on her own, happily minding her own business and wishing everyone else their own way to happiness.

  159. Byron, invalidating a person’s case state has always been considered an evil act in Scientology, way before Miscavige showed up. I don’t know Mr. Villareal but he was not the person who showed up at Marty’s house and no evidence is presented here as to why we should all hate him or consider his attestation to OT 8 to be a sham.

    Guess I broke my promise to not say more but I could not let that one go by.

    Kudos to Marty for publishing my original comment. I figured he would, though 🙂

  160. LRH put a lot more intention on promoting theta than combatting entheta.
    DM is using the small part of the tech that fits in his band of the tone scale.
    LRH, like most of us, had his bad days. He did occasionally write some things that might have been written differently had he chosen a higher toned moment to put his ideas into writing.
    I met LRH and saw him act in a very enraged and irrational way. I also saw his incredible granting of beingness and technical ability. The latter far more often than the former.
    I have not met anyone on this planet whose personal presence was in any way comparable to his.
    From my personal experience of being around him I do not think that there is a being alive on this planet today who is comparable.
    The identity he chose to operate with was one of quite authoratitive rightness. However that was just an identity. Some have chosen to copy that identity without having his intelligence and presence with varied success.
    What they missed is that they copied the outwardly visible without having the inner qualities to back it up.
    You are totally right – he was following LRH to the letter – but the letter is written in MEST and LRH is a theta being. DM copied the parts of LRH that were his worst moments and dramatized the winning valence as he was, and still is, stuck in fighting long gone enemies.
    He is trying to better a being so far beyond him that it is pitiable.
    So johnny d, I have to say that your statements are accurate. Perhaps not in the way that you thought.

  161. Possibly because if you posted it elsewhere no-one would read it???
    What you silly little people don’t realize is that Marty lets your pitiful squeaks get posted on his blog for a quite simple to understand reason.

  162. martyrathbun09

    Incarceration rates do not go down when an active criminal “briefs” probation officers. I don’t care what flag you wrap around that one. I will not salute it.

  163. Nobody on this board is invalidating anyones “case state” Disinfected.

    Though many are asking why an “OT VIII” would participate in such an obviously puerile activity.

    Also if you read the PL ‘Invalidation of Clears’.

    You will see that invalidation is a double edged sword.

    Clears and OTs are not supposed to get involved in actions that tend to invalidate the state.

    These so called “OTs” have definitely done that and more.

    Also don’t you find it rather hypocritical and disingenuous that someone who himself commits criminal acts like stalking and harassment would find time to lecture criminals regarding the straight and narrow?

    Or does this person just assume the typical elitist attitude that he is above the law while mere mortals such as ourselves are not?

    What is called elite deviance.

    Another thing.

    Anyone who is technically trained knows this guy is about as OT as a toaster or some other kitchen appliance.

    Obviously you missed the discussion several of us had about the phenomenon known as “by passed case”.

    Honestly I’ve seen so called OTs coming out of the Church’s squirrel cage these days that a comm course grad from the ’70’s could walk circles around.

    Never mind the actual OTs produced back then who were so far above what they call “OT” these days.

    So if there is anyone invalidating the state of OT these days it is mostly those who claim to be OT while committing despicable acts.

    While we’re at it.

    The Church has probably invalidated the state of OT and Clear more than any other entity since more than 3/4’s of all Clears and OT’s ever produced have been undeclared.

    So if you were looking for anyone who has invalidated the state of Clear and OT then you don’t have to look any farther than the Organization you belong to.

  164. I agree Marty.

    Erwin I don’t think the high incarceration rates have anything to do with the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of the Criminon program.

    That is a wrong target.

    The reason they are so high is because of the insanely stupid “war on drugs”.

    Also a correctly run Criminon program is quite beneficial just like any educational program that seeks to rehabilitate the individual.

    You surprise me with your anti-Scientology stance here Erwin.

    Are you sure the real Erwin wasn’t taken by aliens or something?

  165. Probation officers may cognite from investigations into the activities of Mr. Villareal and stop using his RS Tech, so rates go down. They’ll go further down when LRH Tech is used.

  166. Exactly Ralph,

    Everyone needs a datum of comparable magnitude every once in a while 😉

  167. Speaking of lil’ squeaks.

    Seems the SS (Scientology Squirrels) from OSA are trying to block access to your blog again Marty.

    I noticed that a couple of my comments posted through my webmail address never made it to your blog.

    (not that they contained any deep inner wisdom or anything 😉 )

    Anyway just a heads up.

    The squirrel cage seems be rattling again.

  168. It doesn’t matter how professional your astrologist tries to be. He or she is working with a system that predicts the future using a non-existent relationship between (a) an individual’s moment of birth, and (b) a package of mocked up significances about the planets and stars according to an outdated chart.

    I would like to speak up against this kind of unsubstantiated and shady postulated knowledge that only traps the individual in delusion. Instead let’s hear it for the ability of the individual to be able to make their own unencumbered future. The moment your present life body left your mother’s fleshy envelope has no meaning in this context.

  169. Oh good that bright blinding light I just saw wasn’t a hostile Marcabian spaceship taking you away.

    Had me worried 😉

  170. While we’re on Erwin’s possible alien abduction.

    On the lighter side.

    I thought I’d post the following:

  171. Not sure about comparable – more like the squish of a slug under one’s foot.

  172. Toby,

    Personally I think you are being an intolerant prig but that’s just my opinion.

    Astrology happens to be a whole lot more than “The moment your present life body left your mother’s fleshy envelope” and was a way the ancients were able to predict events using the stars and planets as guides.

    BTW the etymology of influenza comes from influenced by the stars.

    You remind me of those CIA contracted “skeptics” I used to debate.

    The one’s who pretended to know so much yet knew so little.

    I feel you could probably learn a lot by reading metaqual’s posts.

    He has a unique and interesting perceptive on things that seems to be lacking these days.

    And I appreciate his efforts to explain things from this POV.

  173. Rules? Real science (like your computer reading this blog) works because the technology behind it has proven workable. Go ahead, say all the bad things you want to about it – it will still work. Here in the USA, people are free to criticize the government (provided they don’t incite people to violence or other illegal activity). This is in the wog world, which Scientology is supposed to be far superior to. Free communication should be our highest ideal, because Scientology honestly cannot work without it.

  174. Ralph,

    Don’t you ever wonder what the thoughts and aspirations of that slug were before carelessly treading upon them.

    Like these gnats as Marty appropriately calls them for instance being the little tinsy tiny “beings” they are were still trying to create an effect of some kind.

    Though one isn’t sure exactly what that “effect” was supposed to be.

    I think it had something to do with preventing auditing or something like that.

    True a suppressive goal or purpose.

    But one nonetheless.

  175. Great posts Ralph, glad you’re back.

  176. Dear Dis,

    You said at the start of your soliloquy “while I am sympathetic to your anger with this ill-considered and inappropriate behavior on the part of one Scientologist” and then blah blah blah………..

    Let me point out that this was not ONE scientologist. His accomplice was his wife.

    This was ordered and orchestrated.

    The question is: By whom?

  177. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Hell I know I like you! 😉 You get them varmits, GF!!

    Gary (no flippin kimonos for me)

    (Top that Tony 🙂 )

  178. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Jim! The NIGHTMARES! The NIGHTMARES!! I lived in Clearwater for 11 years. The horror of los palmettos! I can’t get them outta my head… they’re flying at me…. they dive and buzz… the horror…. SPLAT! Got one. 🙂 hehehehehe

  179. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Gotta love the English language! Roll your own words!! 🙂 – Catastrophedral

  180. Kudos to Mosey! FYI, The church and it’s social front groups have long infiltrated Harlingen juvenile justice, police and drug court spheres and has ‘safe pointed’ with many opinion leader there, so beware. Here is one example of current activity:

  181. John McLean : Which John McLean are YOU PLEASE???
    Thank you

  182. NO, it isn’t

  183. I don’t see anything wrong with questioning the validity of Nazi Flying Saucers and astrology. If this makes me priggish and like a CIA know-it-all to you then I shall have to live with your poor opinion.

    Astrology is based on the date a person’s body was born, and this is meant to have some significance because of the position of the planets and stars. That’s the simplicity of it. For me, it’s a subject based on false premises.

    It’s fine for Metaqual to have to his own viewpoint, but let’s retain the ability to question wild claims when these are just thrown into the mix with everything else.

  184. Robin,
    I assume you skipped over my plea for true Criminon programs. You surprise me with the idea that a rehab program can be effective but can’t influence its main stats. I think quite the opposite: any program will influence its main stats, either for good or bad and in comparable volume to the applied energy.

    The war on drugs is driving new people in but if current Criminon programs were effective, those wouldn’t come back. However, we know that 70% of the prison population is recidivism which means they are coming back. Due to the increase of the population they’re coming back faster and/or recruit more brethren. Even if it’s all new criminals, totally created by CIA and DEA, the fact remains that criminals recruit criminals. That’s at least a Criminon failure which happens to give Davey a bigger market. To me that’s RS Tech in light of the fact that prisons can run empty in absence of his Criminon programs.

    Some Criminon programs are not corrupted (yet) and used for PR to lure authorities, exactly like auditing wins lure new public into the RS trap. It’s interesting to note that Narconon, which is difficult to reverse, remains small (12 Narconons against 1000 prisons with Criminon) as that really costs the CIA customers.

  185. Looks like fund raising to ha, help juvenile delinquency.

  186. RJ said;
    “…a correctly run Criminon program is quite beneficial just like any educational program that seeks to rehabilitate the individual.

    I agree. Criminon contains LRH material which has value. The old CREO program (Committee to Re-involve Ex-Offenders) was strictly PR, and of little or no direct value to inmates. Criminon is at least a the better program to promote. But due to its limited use, it would not effect recidivism rates, which have been in the 70% range forever. Even if all inmates in every jail were required to take the course, it would probably only reduce the rates by a few per cent. Its not a magic bullet. But it is something which is better than nothing. And I agree with Erwin it cannot compare with Narconon. In fact, the emphasis should be on Narconon, not Criminon. Push to get Narconon’s in every prison, and have a complementary Criminon program there as well. Criminon is a light touch, whereas Narconon digs into the case. If the church put its resources of funds and personnel into establishing Narconon, there would be a much greater difference made in recidivism rates. Drugs have remained central to the circumstances surrounding most incarcerations. Unfortunately, Criminon is attractive to the church as it has PR value and is easier to confront delivering.
    If I was trying to expand Narconon, I think I would sit down with the Nation of Islam reps and review the Narconon program and have them run with it. Thier connections could cause a proliferation of the program.

  187. I like your approach; in case you sat down with Nation of Islam instead of Davey, you might work wonders if Neocon policy didn’t stop you. And if Narconon was pushed in stead of Criminon, the scene could change quickly if you’d get around CIA policy. But don’t underestimate the power of Criminon Tech; I know for a fact that if taught correctly at a level that can be understood, incarceration rates drop also without Narconon. If a program used in 1000 prisons has no effect, the reason can’t be that it’s just too small because that doesn’t give you a WHY. First target is the policy.

  188. Well as we know Erwin.

    Despite the influence of the DEA and CIA.

    The leviathan known is the penal system is a beast that feeds on itself.

    At the end of incarceration the Ex-con is usually dumped outside on the street in a cheap suit and fifty bucks.

    (hmmmm… seems like a similar scenario elsewhere)

    His job skills are limited to making license plates and doing laundry.

    So he goes back to what he does best.

    And the cycle goes.

    Loki you are right about NN being more effective.

    In fact this was the former GO’s target when they ran SoCo was to place NN in every prison.

    Also they had the cred of an Ex-con running the program.

    Now under OSA and ABLE the attention shifted to Criminon which is basically a PR program.

    In the original NN program they had the inmates doing TRs rough tough and hard.

    Then they got ’em on coauditing their DRDs per C/S Series 48 with an objectives as the first step.

    Nowadays they have ’em reading WTH and writing up OWs.

    (as if overts are real to someone who’s in lock down.)

    And maybe have ’em do patty cake TRs.

    Then evaluate for ’em.

    By having some loser like the ‘white collar criminal’ in question moralizing to ’em.

    I think the problem is that they have a lack of trained supervisors, auditors and C/Ses who can really handle these guys.

    (Trust me robotic is not the way you wanna go when you audit criminals including the other ones you mentioned Erwin.

    Been there done that.

    Though they respond to live communication well and are easy to audit once you gain their trust.

    I audited one former gang member who used to pack a S&W 44 magnum for protection from his former brethren.

    Not a problem.)

    So they do this woozy flaky “Criminon” program which as I alluded earlier is really nothing but a PR action to pull in more “donations” from the IAS stooges and marks.

    No surprise that the program is *ineffective* though I wouldn’t say that as you suggest Erwin that it contributes recidivism.

    Though I do agree that CIA who is always looking for safe crackers, forgers, gun runners, drug dealers and hit men to complement their espionage requirements.

    I mean let’s face it.

    Spies are just criminals who are sanctioned by the State to commit crimes for the elusive reasons of “National Security”.

    This is understandable.

    Then you have the FBI and DEA who is always on the look out for informants and undercover operatives who know the biz.

    Not to mention that having a criminal who is enticed into committing crimes always has this Damocles sword hanging over their head.

    (seems the main concentration of their “crime fighting” or more accurately crime creating activities these days is to entice people to commit criminal acts.

    What would be known as entrapment is called a “sting operation”.)

    Lest we forget NSA who is always on the look out for good second story men or cat burglars and safe crackers to break into embassies on their behalf to look for cipher keys etc.

    (actually its a program jointly supported by them, CIA and FBI that used to fall under Department D of CIA’s Technical services)

    So you have plenty of Government job opportunities that are now available for an Ex-con’s skills set.

    Therefor you have the above in play.

    Plus the fact that I think that recidivism rates have been overinflated by the burgeoning private prison and security state who are always looking for a hand out from congress.

    Then you have this stupid three strikes legislation that states have adopted where someone can end up going to prison for twenty years for petty theft like stealing a loaf of bread ala Les Miserable.

    Not to mention mandatory sentencing requirements and all the other BS that legislatures impose so they can prove they are being “tough on crime” etc.

    Not to mention the other idiotic laws they pass every year that creates more criminals and crime.

    Never mind the fact that they stick more non violent offenders behind bars then violent offenders which leaves less prison space for violent offenders who are then allowed to roam the streets and commit more crimes.

    Like the recent one that occurred in Tucson.

    In closing to say that the Penal System is broken would be an understatement.

  189. Gee I’m sure it breaks ya up to think I have such a “low opinion” of you.

    Really I don’t.

    In fact I find many of these so called “skeptics” very skilled in the art of deception.

    Like for instance in wildly claiming that metaqual was making any kind of “wild claims” when in fact we both know he didn’t do any such thing.

    Psychiatry calls this projection.

    Also it seems you have a very limited view of astrology if you think its all about someone’s birth day which is the average dismissive view of the typical “skeptic”.

    Maybe you should actually broaden your horizons instead of forcing your “skeptical” views down people’s throats like it was some kind of religion.

    Dare I say that many “Scientologists” (a term that means knowing how to know) hold a similar view that nothing other than “Scientology” (as in their concept of Scientology) has any validity.

    As an aside it was never considered an ethics offense to study some other subject just out of interest.

    In fact Ron used to recommend that Scientologists study other subjects as well such as art, history, various religions and philosophical systems (which happens to be what astrology is) , psychoanalysis ,psychology and even psychiatry (since it’s always good to know your enemy 😉 ).

    Personally I think he was trying to avoid arrogant, self righteous abominations like say……David Miscavige.

  190. Interesting comment Toby made but the chart done for DM had nothing to do with his time of birth and apparently doesn’t understand acausal. One of the most damning arguments against astrology was written by St. Augustine who took two twins (supposedly) and demonstrated that they lived two totally different lives. Well, one can get into minutes in astrology, but the main point he missed was that twins are ruled by Gemini which is double-sided. Negative side is two-faced or two valences so to speak. Astrology can also outthink its opponents but doesn’t really care. For example, someone who doesn’t look to the stars could be a Taurus with their head in the earth and no interest in the air. An Aquarius on the other hand can be too interested in the stars and be an air head.

  191. RJ wrote:

    “Gee I’m sure it breaks ya up to think I have such a “low opinion” of you.”

    “Really I don’t.”

    The various comments you’ve made about me so far makes for a strong case that you are lying to yourself about this.

    “In fact I find many of these so called “skeptics” very skilled in the art of deception.”

    I am a Scientologist. I have seen no philosophical rationale for astrology and in my opinion it is simply a body of pretended knowledge.

    “Like for instance in wildly claiming that metaqual was making any kind of “wild claims” when in fact we both know he didn’t do any such thing.”

    You think you know that we both know that, but you are wrong.

    Looking back I quickly see two wild claims: that Patton was murdered and that the Nazis had flying saucers.

    “Also it seems you have a very limited view of astrology if you think its all about someone’s birth day which is the average dismissive view of the typical “skeptic”.”

    That’s the part I’m interested in talking about right now, but I will also object to any of the other unverified and ridiculous notions, such as how the future of mankind in general is determined by the position of the planets and stars.

    Let me quote from an October 14 Metaqual posting:
    “If anyone can give me DM’s date of birth with the time (exact time is very important), I can have an astrology chart done up. I am not an astrologer but I have friends who have studied it their whole lives and they’ve made me very educated on the subject. Pluto is Capricorn for the next 15 years or so…maybe a little more. You can look it up on the net but this mean a complete destruction and reorganization of corporations, institutions, governments and religions. Pluto moves slow and is the plodding planet but it transmutes whatever it touches. This is good news for real Scientology. Per this aspect (without further knowledge), it could take anywhere from 1-15 years for him to bite it.”

    “Maybe you should actually broaden your horizons instead of forcing your “skeptical” views down people’s throats like it was some kind of religion.”

    You are being hyperbolic. We are talking of a few objections to to what I consider false data.

    I have never really considered myself a ‘skeptic’ – I moved from a love of Casteneda and Richard Bach into Scientology. I do like to examine the evidence for ideas and I don’t like to go beyond what is there.

    “Dare I say that many “Scientologists” (a term that means knowing how to know) hold a similar view that nothing other than “Scientology” (as in their concept of Scientology) has any validity.”

    That may be true, but that ain’t me.

    If you would like to see a study which showed huge differences between a set of people born in one small part of the year and people born in another part of the year I recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers.’ This sounds like astrology, but it definitely isn’t. Amazon link:

    “As an aside it was never considered an ethics offense to study some other subject just out of interest.”

    Thank God!

    But let’s maintain the freedom to examine these things and call out bullshit when we see it.

  192. Here’s the art of communication art work; I already agree with 80% of your analysis but there’s still a question. I can’t see how having criminals read WTH in lock down, doing patty cake TR’s, evaluating and moralizing for them (after o/w’s!) by C/S’s with robotic TR’s, can possibly not increase incarceration and recidivism rates. To me it’s full blown RS Tech, the same that turns ethical dentists, doctors, businessmen, chiropractors, etc, into criminals.

  193. Awesome being you are…

  194. Actually, there have been a fair few incidents of drones getting physical with Anon. Mask-grabs, camera-grabs, shoves…

    Plus a protestor in Halifax getting punched in the face (with cameras rolling)

  195. Okay fair enough Toby,

    I agree that we should “maintain the freedom to examine these things” but to “call out bullshit when we see it.”

    Is just plain ol’ invalidation.

    Frankly I had enough of that “bull shit” from the current regime in charge of the Church.

    They call it a “Severe Reality Adjustment”.

    I call it suppressive villainy.

    Why don’t you just say you disagree with metaqual’s premise or theory?

    I’m not really into Astrology myself but I have many friends who are and they remain my friends because I don’t invalidate or discredit what they say.

    Also sometimes I find what they say to be very enlightening at times.

    Anyway I consider metaqual a friend and was merely defending him.

    Sorry if I stepped on your toes while doing so.



  196. Ricardo and Ginger<Take a step back and look at yourselves! I'm SURE that's not what you signed up for!

  197. Well Erwin I think that the Criminon program is a null factor because these guys already are criminals.

    Therefor in my opinion the current Criminon program is merely ineffective.

    Also contrary to all the self serving PR there are very few Prisons that actually have a Criminon program.

    Ask anyone who works in the criminal justice system if they heard of Criminon and most will ask you:

    “What’s that?”

    Whereas 30 years ago they may have been dimly aware of it.

    Same with Narconon.

    Like Sgt. Fury’s ghost army of auditors that were supposed to be produced by the Golden Age of Tech.

    Any Criminon or Narconon activity is merely an apparition.

    Both programs have been reduced to traveling side shows just like CCHR.

    Whatever influence they’ve had good or bad has been reduced to 0.

    Basically what they do these days is go to some state prison or county jail have some of the inmates do the WTH course or whatever.

    Take a few video clips and play ’em at these ostentatious “Triumph of the Will” events so they can get more funding which goes into the corporate black hole the Church of Scientology has become after achieving 501 c iii status.

    Much like this Volunteer Ministers’ program that’s basically faded into oblivion.

  198. We’d have to do some research to find out if it really is a zero. I don’t happen to think that’s possible; you can’t have criminals do o/w’s and invalidate them and think that you have a zero. You’ll have a 1.1 that’s educated in acting as if he’s moral. He has learned to lie better and be a better criminal, goes out, steals a gun and gets even with you. If you have 1000 prisons with let’s say 100 students during 10 years, you already reached half of the current prison population, so no effect is no option. But even if it’s a zero, it should be exposed and cut because Davey uses it to keep koolaiders in hypnotic fear trance with the idea that they’re the only ones doing something about the horrible crime while donating themselves into oblivion. It’s a very old con to ask $ to fight a problem and then using that $ to fuel the problem so you can ask more $, etc.

  199. I don’t generally spend any effort trying to educate astrology lovers or conspiracy theorists (“God bless ’em” is my usual attitude), but this blog is recording the gradual uncovering of the Miscavige takeover and just what has been going wrong over the years. As such, I feel it’s well worth noting when interspersed statements presented as fact are nothing of the kind.

    Astrology, let us remember, is basically deterministic, meaning that it denies the possibility of free will. I’m sure that you can find something enlightening by chatting with its practitioners, just as you can by talking to a coal miner or a dentist, but I would advise against changing your behavior because of anything an astrologer predicts.

    Also, pointing out that it is not a matter of historical record that the Nazis had flying saucers or that Pattern was assassinated is something that someone ought to be doing, surely?

    That you wish to defend your friend is laudable, however I have been offended by your ad hominem attempts at character assassination. These appear to be a key part of your rhetorical attempts to avoid looking at the actual issues under discussion.
    “Suppressive villainy (that one was in the last, more conciliatory message),” ” intolerant prig,” “very skilled in the art of deception,” “wildly claiming … when in fact we both know he didn’t do any such thing”.

    Ahh, well. If he is your friend, perhaps that justifies it. Perhaps.

    “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.”Friedrich Nietzsche

  200. Oh please Toby.

    To say that I have made “ad hominem attempts at character assassination” is being somewhat over dramatic.

    I suggest cooling down the rhetoric which in itself is ad hominem and stop acting like you’ve been mortally wounded because someone disagrees with you.

    Also I’m sure that your efforts to re “educate” “conspiracy theorists” and astrologists will fall flat with your current approach which in my humble opinion is an effort to make them wrong and yourself right.

  201. Erwin,

    Either way the amount of negligible harm that Criminon causes right now in relation to the potential good effects it can create if properly run and coordinated outweighs any effort to stop it.

    Its like saying that we should stop making OTs because CIA is using them as psychic spies and is still working on the elusive concept PK and influencing thought at a distance as part of their “non lethal” weapons research.

    This is a problem with any technology not just Scientology.

    However with Scientology we can counter the effect of Black Dianetics or “Reverse Scientology”.

    Something that legislation can’t do.

    You ban Criminon and all you’ll have is a Pyrrhic “victory” of sorts.

  202. Criminon should not be banned but correctly run and operated as I asked for in my original entry. The reverse operation of it should be exposed and stopped, exactly as RS is being exposed with great results: truth always wins.

    btw, your knowledge, skill and persistence surprise me.

  203. Don’t ever take ur foot off the throat of the😈

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