Confront of Evil


JB told me that just prior to his blow from the Int base last Spring that he felt particularly ill at ease after a brief encounter he had with David Miscavige’s father, trumpeter Ron Miscavige Sr. Ron stopped JB as he was walking across the base and asked him if he knew about me and others being interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN. JB knew little to nothing about it at that time and communicated as much. Ron, faced flushed red and trembling, said “they ought to be shot.” Mike and I know that Ron Miscavige receives his briefings about such “external flaps” directly and only from David Miscavige. When JB learned that, the incident was all the more chilling to him. He then connected the dots with another incident that occurred just prior to that, wherein Miscavige’s communicator asked JB to retrieve a .38 caliber pistol from the guns room for Dave. From the descriptions the pistol belonged to me. The church failed to send it along when I demanded all of my personal MEST after leaving. All of this was reported to law enforcement authorities and it has been investigated thoroughly. So that nobody get too excited about it, apparently, the intended op was not to have me murdered with my own gun, but instead to somehow link it to my brother’s murder thirty-one years ago, five years before the gun was even manufactured. To add irony to insanity, the gun was given to me as a gift by Miscavige and I had only shot it once on his exclusive target range at the Int base because I had to per protocol come there when invited by him. Law enforcement found out that the gun was in fact registered to Rick Aznaran, a former staff member who double hatted as Guns I/C on the base in the eighties. Incidentally, most guns – dozens of them – on the base were so registered, and David Miscavige is the ONLY person who controls, and thus effectively owns, all of them. His personal arsenal makes David Koresh look like a kid with a sling shot.

This op is typical of the buffoonery practiced under the “leadership” of David Miscavige. For those unfamiliar with the matter concerning my brother’s death, please see:

I tell you this not to frighten you, but instead to illustrate how apparencies projected by a criminal organization can appear far more sinister and threatening than they are in fact. JB – who had more than thirty years on staff – was pretty concerned about my personal physical safety (and bless him for offering to implement all manner of security measures at my home). I could have found a hole to crawl into. But Mike and I knew with certainty, from years inside the evil ops circle, that the facts JB knew were going to wind up fizzling in some comedic, albeit, sick dead end. And so, we reported it but turned most of our attention to getting the show on the road. And JB, holding his position in space against twenty coyotes sent to retrieve him, calmly observing events as they unfolded, decompressing, and learning to comfortably confront evil rather than let it get him, is living a marvelous and fulfilling life.

And so a half a year of one frustrated op after another exploding in Miscavige’s face, today Miscavige apparently is going bat-shit crazy with our success. He seems to react more violently than anything to abused pcs and pre-OTs of his group getting repaired, rehabbed and moving on LRH’s Bridge to Freedom down here. He’s on his third round of having PIs visit my preclears and Pre-OTs offering cash rewards to turn on me by saying anything bad. Two individuals, whom he believes are so newly out of the church they can still be intimidated with his bullshit, have been visited by no less than fifteen people between the two of them over the past week. He has non-tech trained people making all manner of wild stab case indications, along with single, out of context tech quotes to attempt to convince them they were “harmed” by me. One of them, Lori Hodgson, has had her teenage children used against her as missiles. They have disconnected from her with tremendous drama and stagecraft, including pleas that she make that unnecessary by turning on me. Their scripts have them try to make Lori feel as if it is Lori that is causing the disconnection. Reverse Scientology in action.

It occurred to me that if Corporate Scientology put 1/100th of the resources they do to cowing individuals busting out of their pens instead to servicing those same people in the first place, the church of Scientology would be an important, pro-survival force in society. Instead, it is a dwindling, repulsive cult.

I have told anyone wanting to come visit with me that there is a liability. The church has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to procure look out spots in my county so that they – from undercover – can spot those who come to visit me. They never show their cowardly faces of course. There is a pattern, shortly after their visit the queer disconnection ops begin on the visitor. The crime, literally is stated as “you visited Marty.” And the consequences have been largely precisely what I have informed every person in advance of their visits: they will pressure you with every connection to Radical Scientologists that you have, including particularly friends, family, and work associates.

Recently, several independents who have created a particularly large ripple effect on my blog have reported hacked email accounts and Facebook accounts. Surveillance on myself and other friends has been stepped up. Haven’t heard a peep of fear or concern on their parts. Independents are made of hearty stock. I tell them to do what they can to trace the source, but change their passwords regularly so it can’t recur.

Four of my pcs and pre-OTs have been threatened by the church with lawsuits for having been audited by me. This demonstrates just how weak Radical Scientology’s hand is. A year ago they promised prominent public members of the church that they would put me out of the running via lawsuit in short order. No suit – because they cannot even mock up a claim with even a scintilla of credibility not to be heavily sanctioned out of court. To threaten me was a joke and show trial for their fence sitting members. They intended all along to take me out via intel ops. And I guess even they know by now how nastily that has backfired. To threaten to sue the recipient of auditing is so freaking bizarre as to serve one purpose and one purpose only. To demonstrate how weak and desperate they are. Of course they swore to the St Pete Times, CNN, New York Times, and BBC that they would be sued. Where’s the beef? Right where Mike and I promised those four media outlets it would be about now – still deep within the dark recesses of Miscavige’s GPM.

The pathetic and empty nature of their threats serves as confirmation of my oft-repeated analysis: AS INDEPENDENTS BECOME MORE NUMEROUS AND COURAGEOUS, RADICAL SCIENTOLOGY’S RESOURCES TO HARASS WILL BECOME MORE DISSIPATED AND THEIR “ATTACKS” WILL BECOME LESS AND LESS EFFECTIVE. And so it has played itself out in that fashion.

But it ain’t over til the fat lady sings. And last I heard she was still tightening her girdle before making an entrance on stage. She’s a real diva at heart, but you got to love her.

The next few months are gonna get real bad for Radical Scientology. With more in-depth exposes around the corner by journalists with serious credentials , and independent Standard Scientology services proliferating, they are pulling out all stops. At this rate, within a couple months Miscavige will have virtually all of church management working on actively stopping Scientology training and auditing in the only place it is happening standardly and routinely, the Independent field.

What to do?

I can tell you what has been extremely successful for me. That may have some weight, since Miscavige has spent millions of dollars on publications and websites dubbing me the “kingpin”, and since everyone knows the “kingpin” is the only guy who can’t squeal to escape the heat, all ops are pointed in my direction. And he’s spent millions running those Wiley Coyote Ops. And in the face of that, I can’t make enough time or space to satisfy the demand for people wanting to come to Casablanca. Incidentally, that too tells me what an incredible group of strong individuals you are. Evil danger? Bring it on! Do you know how much impact Lori Hodgson, for example, has had on R/Sers by her calmly facing the atrocities they attempt to visit upon her? It is significant. And she is only the latest of dozens who have similarly confronted evil and came out stronger on the other end. I am in awe of you guys and gals.

Which leads to the handling, because my handling is what I see the likes of Lori, Christie King, Mary Jo Leavitt, Tony and Marie Joe DePhillips, et al, ad infitum successfully doing day in and day out.

They are all POWER terminals; and cannot be hurt by a pack of coward losers as exists in R/S.

Some people have debated which LRH definition of power is correct:

A. Speed of particle flow alone determines power.

B. The ability to hold one’s position in space.

In fact, they are absolutely consistent with one another. That is patently clear when one understands the woof and warp of the universe which we have jointly created. Energy and power are generated only by stable terminals. Listen to the PDC if any confusion remains.

In order for A to occur, one must achieve B.

That is why I believe LRH wrote that the World Begins With TR 0.

If you keep your eye on the ball and see their pranks for what they are they have very little impact. In fact, they can actually serve as entertainment. Don’t ever lose your sense of humor. Recognize, you are dealing with the bully at school who no matter how annoying he could make himself with threats and swagger, never could deliver a bloody nose. What happened to those types in your school? One day, they went a step too far and gave an ethical, strong person a grounds to ground the bastard.

And so don’t get all restimulated. The aim of an SP is to get into your head in order to enturbulate. The ONLY power of the SP is restimulation. If the SP can’t get in your head, he can’t restimulate and thus he is rendered POWERLESS. And you remain stable, and thus able to generate POWER.

And remain vigilant. Remember the price of freedom. And also recognize, the price of freedom does not include the injunction to “be serious.” In fact, “constant alertness” can be a lot of fun. It is about the healthiest advice anyone could give another, creepy cult bad boys lurking in the shadows or not.

And when the cowards creeping in the shadows accidentally leave their fingerprints… POUNCE.

Cause ya’ll know – and more and more R/Sers are beginning to understand – we’re sitting pretty, nine feet above their freakin’ heads.

Most importantly, do like the Old Man said to do when facing suppression:


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  1. Amazing !! Thank you for this information and for this web site Marthy

  2. Clearwater Lawyer

    I think the CofS knows that a lawsuit against the media or individuals who speak out would be futile and actually hurt their reputation even more. An absolute defense to a libel or slander suit would be that the spoken/ written message is the truth. This would require depos and in-court testimony about the various “slanderous” statements or “libel” articles. This would be sworn testimony, and it would have to be from both sides. In other words DM would have to testify and rebut all that he is claiming lies. His testimony would be most important. He is not a good witness for himself (having read a few transcripts of his depos). Given how much he tries to avoid depos, being named in a lawsuit or even being interviewed by anyone, I think he knows he does not come off as credible.
    A lawsuit would involve a long list of people testifying for both sides. All this info would be available to the public. And I’m sure there would be plenty of media coverage too especially if the suit involves another media outlet. A lawsuit would actually help get the truth out even more.
    I just hope there will soon be an end to the harassment that you guys are experiencing. Keep up the good work

  3. Marty, good advice and accurate assesment. False threats to sue the media and practitioners is telling. I believe their bluff has been called and everyone on both sides of the issue knows it. Paper tiger. And at some level the bulk of those still connected KNOW how off-purpose their ship has steered and the wind is leaving the sails. They are dead in the water and listing badly. Just a matter of time and continued holding of ones position and communicating. Scientology has tremendous value and more and more folks will be seeking it in the field. Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc.

  4. Ya know Marty, that is very sound advice. I have had the lurkers hanging nearby only twice and I have confronted them with LRH Policy and it appears that they are keeping back. Altho’ still under the radar, I think it is only a mater of time before they just throw up their hands and do what they do. As you advised, I am staying strong and will soon be totally free of their clutches. I keep up with you and Thoughtful on a daily basis and Mr. Peacock and I have fairly regular comms as I have found him to be Mr. Wisdom as there beats a strong heart and I love him for it. Its the cumulative wisdoms that you all put out that keep me going and of course keeping a daily infusion of LRH of one sort or another doesn’t hurt either. Thank you for all that you do because ultimately you do it for LRH.

  5. BTW, I copy and paste your and other’s treasures into word on my computer every day as a back-up file just in case your site gets shut down for one reason or another by the, as Harry Potter would say, “YOU KNOW WHOS”.

  6. Very good advice, Rathbun.

  7. Wasn’t there rape charges brought against DM’s dad? What are the details of that matter? Matter was dismissed?

  8. The curtain is closing on DMs nutty little play and there is no reversing it at this time.

    Unfortunately for DM the insanity will continue forever between his ears and that is about the worst punishment you could wish on someone.

  9. Marty, great blog. The time these morons spend chasing you and the Independents should be put to better expense of time…like delivering true Scientology. There tactics are flattening in the universes of many. We Independents are truly a strong lot!!!!!

  10. “BTW, I copy and paste your and other’s treasures into word on my computer every day as a back-up file just in case your site gets shut down for one reason or another by the, as Harry Potter would say, “YOU KNOW WHOS”.”

    Interestingly in the Harry Potter books, Harry always refused to say “he who must not be named” and AlWAYS said Valdemort’s name. Then he empowered others to say the name. That was the start of the end of the reign of terror by Valdemort. Same thing here, as more and more people say the truth about the abuses, the bullies in charge lose power.

  11. Hang in there Kingpin. Several years ago, I was the target of what could be described as a “black op”. It had nothing to do with scientology but rather was the result of an extremely sick individual that took advantage of a bad period in my life. The person who orchestrated this attack stood to gain very little other than the pleasure of humiliating me in a public forum. She didn’t even succeed at that.

    Throughout the ordeal, friends and supporters literally came out of the woodwork in my defense. I was truly humbled by the people I barely knew that would make a point to stop by on a daily basis to offer me comfort and support. I have no doubt that you, JB and the others are experiencing the same phenomenon as I see more and more “unlikely allies” jumping to your defense.

    As Confucius once said, “if you sit by the river long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by”. That is good advice although it never hurts to have others upstream removing any log jams that may be delaying the process. So, hang in there Kingpin and keep up the good work.

  12. Marty, you crack me up. “R/Ser’s” for Radical Scientology (Radical Scientologists)


    Don’t think that one slipped past me! Okay, maybe for a day or two or three. Hey! I got a two year old! Sleep is muchly needed here! But I’m trackin’ with ya!

    Keep up the good work!

  13. And with those eloquent words of wisdom, we see why Marty is not going to be thrown off his game by the little man from Hemet. Marty has LRH as his weapon of choice, and wields it with skill and responsibility.

    Thank you, Marty, and thank all the independents now, and those that will soon join us. It is because of you that we will have Scientology in the future.

    I hope you get your firearm returned to you someday. As a licensed carrier of a firearm myself, I accept the responsibility of my personal safety in the face of lethal danger, and if need be, the safety of those around me. Representative Giffords, I wish I could have been there for you (despite our political differences), and all those others. I would have put that bald headed, pot-smoking freak on his face for the last time.

    Once again, good work, Marty.


  14. The more glamour, the more disgust

    “Recently, several independents who have created a particularly large ripple effect on my blog have reported hacked email accounts and Facebook accounts.”
    It doesn’t probably need a large ripple effect on your blog. I definitely didn’t cause that with some random comments some months ago. But exactly at this time, my website has been hacked and destroyed. No big damage, it was mainly only a placeholder for things to come, that’s also why I didn’t care to apply high safety for it.
    This may be just coincidence, but I rather believe not.
    For who has something to lose on the net and posts here it’s probably a good investment to apply safety tools carefully, change passwords frequently etc. If his posts are apt to have big positive effect or not.

  15. martyrathbun09

    Big time! You all are creating something to behold.

  16. martyrathbun09

    “The person who orchestrated this attack stood to gain very little other than the pleasure of humiliating me in a public forum.” Describes the head of R/S to a tee.

  17. I’m interested to learn about the Int Base gun arsenal. Same for CST Twin Peaks and other locations.
    For those of you lurking here, what do you know about it?
    I often meet people in Hemet & San Jacinto and they usually have one story or another from years ago relating to guns at Int Base. Typically they’ve had to go on base to deliver something and were followed by well armed guards. Other times, someone is stranded on the road and armed guards show up.
    The testimony of Andre Tabayoyon refers to HK 91 assault rifles (full auto) capable of firing 300-350 rounds/minute, 45 caliber pistols, .380 automatic weapons and a stockpile of twelve gauge shotguns. Jesse Prince also mentions guns.
    I’ve heard that Miscavige once demonstrated a full auto machine gun to Tom Cruise to impress him.
    What part of this is true? Can anyone confirm this?
    If you want the three-letter agencies to act, that’ll do it. Please notify them if you have solid evidence.

  18. Marty, thanks for the “State of the Unity Address”. A good summary. We need more and more delivery centers up and running because Scientology is dead in the Church and real tech delivery is coming to an end there. LRH said people want Scientology and I found this to be true when I was down in Mississippi volunteering during the aftermath of Katrina. We did touch, nerve and Dianetics assists full time and people ate them up and demanded more. The General in charge of the Emergency Operations Command in Gulfport asked us to set up Nerve Assist tables in the county building so we could handle his staff. So we set up two tables with 2 full time auditors and we did nerve assists from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day for weeks. The General and the County Supervisor told us that it was helpng tremendously because it made his emergency operations staff more effective. This is what they told me to my face.

    PEOPLE WANT SCEINTOLOGY. The real stuff. We need to give it to them. The only problem we had was that we didn’t have enough trained thetans down there to deilver. And I didn’t see Davey down there and I didn’t see anyone from OSA there. But OSA was definitely off post for months to sell basics full time. Get the point OSA? No time to deliver Scientology, but plenty of time to sell books. Scientology is dead in your Church.

    Hey OSA, I am delivering auditing myself to two pc’s and even got an alcoholic off of booze (in coordination with doctors and nurses) and now he is getting rehabbed by myself and Linda. We are getting products in our community using Scientology to make conditions better out here. Please sue me.

    And hey, I don’t care what anyone knows about me. I have led a good life and there is not too much I am not proud of. And that’s already been exposed. I would love to see you attack a decorated veteran for helping other veterans. I’ll make headlines: Hmm…. “Church of Scientology forces family to disconnect from decorated veteran for helping other veterans. See this tragic story and other news about this Church. Film at 11:00”. I could run with that down here in this huge veteran community. Yeah.

    ML Tom

  19. Marty,

    I was one of those who had his FB account hacked. Luckily I don’t use it much and don’t have anything valuable there. It was discovered by FB’s security software as it saw a random location accessing my account. They alerted me to this fact and informed me that the location was “near Orlando FL”. Doesn’t take much to figure out whodunnit. I of course changed passwords on key sites. What became clear to me is that they obviously don’t consider this hacking as “out-ethics”. After all, I am “fair game” now, even though they clearly state there is no such extant policy.

    It actually is a bit disappointing, as I am ready to fight if they want to….but they just seem to be dabbling. I have no connections that they can use against me, thus proving your point that that is all they can use. So their guns, in my case, are loaded with “blanks”.

    Meanwhile, I am flourishing and prospering, and since I posted in Dec last year, my income has gone way up. There is something to be said for standing up for what you believe in, regardless of any consequences.

    Wait ’til they see my next move…..coming soon.

    I’m not a vindictive person, but this all reminds me of one of those “prison movies” where the warden and the guards are evil beings who torture the inmates. Well, I found my cell door open one day, walked out and no one has come to get me. This is good news for others “under the radar”. No reason not to come out in the open. Only good things will happen.

    Hy Levy

  20. Thank you for sharing this… it is very good to know and to have people know…
    Silvia Kusada

  21. Yesterday somebody called me, my secretary answered and the guy told her he wanted to talk to me about you…
    What do the Church of $ people think?
    Do they really thing it does matter to me what you have done while in the church? Do they think that I just forget about anything they have done to me (I was one of the people that was grossly abused and got plenty of Black Dianetics while in the Church) and go back to them?


  22. Tony DePhillips

    Not to be too melodramatic, but this is how I think of being an Indie. We have the right to be who we are and say what we think. I don’t think any bully wanna be has the right to shut anyone down.

  23. Eloquently stated, Centurion!

    Love the talk of weaponry of whatever kind, in light of the media’s recent efforts to ban all mention of it from our public vocabulary, in their ongoing attempts to wussifying the public even more than they already are.

    You’ve got to know that if DM were ever caught outside, in public, alone, without his phalanx of money, goons, PIs and celebs, that he would instantly turn into a cowering little bowl of jello.

    IMO this blog post was Marty’s finest to date. Though he is the Ground Zero target for DM’s wrath, he does not cower, instead stands tall, flourishes and prospers. And not only that, goes to great lengths to buck up others who, by taking a public position, have also found themselves under fire.

  24. Great news Tom! Very well done!

    You are so right about the little runt and his legal stooges Yingling, Abelson & Moxon et all not wanting any part of the civil justice system and the black-eye they would inevitably receive.

    Any fan of Mohamed Ali will remember the rope-a-dope technique. That’s exactly what those fat-wallet miscreants have been running into.


  25. Great post Marty. Yes flourishing and prospering with true LRH tech and policy on our side. Its a great game.

  26. martyrathbun09


  27. Excellent post, Marty. Excellent.

    FYI, I have a sense that they are trying to get to my blog (no proof) because I get kicked out and have to re-log in at the oddest moments.

    There are tools that can be used to help manage passwords and make it easier to deal with super-long, random passwords. like and keepass. Either one will let you auto-create hard-to-crack passwords of a long length. If you use a tool like this, use a rather long passphase for the master (and no, do not use “David Miscavige is a wimpy little girlie-man” no matter what the temptation!) and and (for Macs).

    Thanks for your exposing this crap and for detailing the actions being used against you and others. This type of exposure shows the world what a pathetically inept bunch DM’s crew is.

  28. Thanks to our friends providing these leaks, the fog is lifting and the picture is starting to become crystal clear:


    To: All OSA Field Agents

    Re: Acme Corporation Surveillance Survival Kit

    A new surveillance survival kit is available via mail-order from the Acme Corporation. It is now required standard equipment for all field operatives. You will each be issued one in the next few weeks.


    * A-1 Human Catapult: for getting over high walls, cliffs, small buildings or across chasms in order to get closer to your quarry in a hurry. Doubles as get-away-device.

    * Insta-Pop Dehydrated Boulders: an absolute necessity for creating instant cover to hide behind for when you’re at risk of being spotted. As with many of our products, this also serves a dual purpose of being able to be brandished as a defensive weapon in case you are physically attacked.

    * Ace Jet-Powered Roller Skates: when you can’t reach your get-away car in time, these skates will keep you on the ground whether you’re in pursuit of your victim or retreating.

    * Newton-Tech Publishing’s ‘Gravity Explained’ Handbook: cautionary training manual for ascending and descending staircases with more agility and confidence.

    * Create-A-Scene Backdrop Mat Painting Kit: when being suspected of being counter-surveilled or photographed, this collapsible collection of realistic-looking hand-painted backdrops will make is seem as if you were standing in front of your choice of a police station, FBI office, friendly neighbor’s house, picnic area, Niagra Falls or a church. For when you need that extra bit of collaborative evidence to substantiate your written reports or counter an accusation against you.

    * Perma-Stare Sunglasses: for those long hours in your surveillance vehicle or in a restaurant or anytime you need to squeeze in an extra forty winks without your target thinking you’re slipping.

    * Acme Quick Reference Intimi-Quip Quote Book: more of a personal confidence builder than a surveillance tool, but it comes with the territory that sooner or later we will be confronted by our surveillance target and we all need intimidating things to say. Sample quotes: “Everyone knows what you’re up to!”, “Same to YOU, Bozo!”, “Yo mama!”, “That’s what YOU say!”, “Na-Na-Na-Na-Na!” and over 200 more.

    * Acme Super-Butt Benzocaine Balm: sitting for long hours in your surveillance vehicle can reek havoc on your posterior. Why suffer in agony when this fast-acting salve can have you comfortably back in the saddle in minutes.

    * Acme Fiberglass Stake-Out Tree: while the Insta-Boulder may be fine for short periods of camouflage, long periods of undetected outdoor surveillance require our top-of-the-line covert personnel placement apparatus, complete with Quick-P Relief Bag, integrated digital 200X optical zoom HD camera with our patented Comfo-Seat and headrest.

    * Injury-Brandishment Bandage Kit: for when you need quick, photographic evidence that you were attacked or harmed by your target. Not irrefutable, but highly substantiative collaboration support to written reports or quick-claims to law enforcement.

    Details as to the acquisition, possession and use of these items are not to be disclosed under any circumstances under penalty of breakage of bond.

    OSA Field Agent Int I/C

  29. John Fennessey

    Marty, this post had the flavor of one of FDR’s fireside chats. “Nothing to fear but fear itself” sort of talk. Well received. Thanks.

  30. AO, Years ago before I went to Creston with the old man I was living at an RV park north of San Bernadino, Calif. I saved what little money I got from SO pay (I think $22 per week) and bought a Winchester 22 cal lever action rifle. It was beautiful. DM and Pat Broeker would come to the RV park for meetings. DM coveted my rofle and wanted to buy it from me. Then he told me to keep my eyes open for one like it but higher caliper. DM loved guns.
    When I went to Creston I brought the rifle with me. Then the first Xmas we had in ’83 Annie gave me a Ruger 22 semi-auto target pistol. It was beautiful. When Dr. Gene Denk came to Creston LRH bought Gene and I each a 12 guage shotgun. Every Sunday Gene and I would go to a box canyon in the back of the property and shoot sheet with our shotguns.
    At Creston on two different occations LRH, Pat and I went shooting. We had my guns, an AR15(M-16), Oozy, AK 47 and LRH’s Navy colt 45. LRH insisted I fire his Navy Colt. Had a hell of a kick but I couldn’t hit anything with it. After LRH left an order came down from Norman Starkey, who was executor of LRH’s will, that all firearms were to be confiscated and sent to Int. for ‘safe’ keeping. Norman was PTS to DM and we all knew the order came from DM via Norman. I know DM has my guns and I want them back!

  31. Centurion & Publius,

    Ditto! You two have stated my thoughts exactly. I’ll piggyback off of you.

    Marty, Thanks again for all you do.


  32. John Fennessey

    Tony, nice clip. If a persons eyes do not fill up when watching that, I dont want to know them.

  33. Tom, As you may know I am a Vietnam vet and I go to 2 VA hospitals in Michigan regularly. I always get into conversations with these old vets. We are all part of the same fraternity. We treat each other with respect and we all appreciate any support we get. Thank you for your support. I’m proud to call you my friend. Love

  34. Marty, This was a great post. I have a question. Why would a religious organization need to have guns. My God,’ Int’ sounds more like ‘ Waco’ everyday. It’s scarey. Love

  35. Tony DePhillips

    You made me think of this Hy:

  36. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Like Sarge I have more data for you. More later today as I’m too busy right now.

  37. Janette, I was speaking in terms of ‘Harry Potter Movies’ . how’re you doin?

  38. wow, whoa… wat?!!! Rick Aznaran as in the Vicki and Richard Aznaran’s from the big RPF lawsuit in 1988?? Id so WTF – There are still guns registered to him in the Guns room after all these years? Surely thats got to be illegal weapons handling (or stockpiling?) of some sort. Good job on getting that investigated, this harrassment is going beyond insane and its good to see these horror tactics are being put out here for all to know what dirty deeds are being done.

    And my heart goes out to Lori on the situation with her teenage kids being used as pawns – that truly is confronting evil in all its ugliness, and I hope & pray they manage to get out of the line of fire and find their way back to Mom.

  39. Theo Sismanides

    Marty for some time now, I have this feeling of re-honoring my Sea Org via this Independents blog. It’s so powerful what we are doing because it has to do with Communication (Dept 2) and of course, prior to that there has been Recognition of the Condition (Dept 1), that is the C of M is NOT Scientology. So what you have been doing for some time now is the Ethics thing (Dept 3) by mainly you and few others being involved in action about it.

    And now having somebod(ies) there (on this blog) who are unmockable, now we get our ABLILITY TO HOLD ONE’S POSITION IN SPACE! This blog is unmockable and we hold our position in space. And that Holding of Our Position is so strong that what happens is we create more Power. More and more people are declaring their Independence every day turning their back to Suppression.

    So, we move to Orientation (dept 4) and this is what has been happening here. There are so many things there…. on that Org Board. I can’t exactly remember what posts are there in Dept 4. If anyone can help me remember. Was it CF and Addresso? Boy, do we have that! Or are these in Dept 6? But anyway, then we get into Dept 5 Understandings and this is the publications Department and, boy, do we have Publications here and thus lots of UnderstandingS as LRH says. We made so many Understandings here for some time now, we have managed to create a whole new scene for Scientologists. We have so much stuff published here that we can fill many, many books. And each New Thread is like a New Book Published. Department 5, Department of Publications. We have and are doing that constantly. We publish much more than the C of M publishes. This is not a little thing. Each publication is a Book and each Book equals many, many, many UnderstandingS. That’s per Org Board and Livingness. So, the C of M is way behind us in quantity AND quality as publications. They don’t publish anything substantial, except some unintelligent publications… we do have some juice in our “books”, threads (publications) and each one new thread (book) is anticipated by all of us with great impatience. We are avid readers of those publications. Now our Library gets more and more attracted so they can read and get their UnderstandingS. So, the C of M is dead, the Independents are alive publishing away… making new Understandings now to really grasp the current scene.

    The only thing now is the next Dept which is the Regging (Dept 6), department of Englightment or Purposes in an older edition of the Org Board.

    And that is where now it’s going to start happening. People are going to be regging others to get on course or training but this regging is going to be natural and not of the kind of the vulture culture. People are going to get onto services and some Bodies (Groups) are going to be created (Treasury Division) who can then Deliver and Qual and then Div 6, new people coming in.

    So we have Disseminated Independent Scientology, after you Marty kept the position in space (Ethics, Communication about the Condition = the C of M is NOT delivering Scientology, which Condition we all Recognized at some point of time) and now is the era of the Treasury Division, the formation of more and more Groups which can deliver pure Scientology at affordable prices. Department 9 if I am not mistaken is Body (its Awareness Characteristic).

    So, I have a feeling and the feeling is I am re-honoring my Sea Org Contract here. I am just sharing it with you my friends. Putting Ethics in at least to the C of M, for the moment, which is the basic obstacle in our way.

  40. Perhaps the most heart-felt, helpful post you’ve written yet!

    Thanks for the cogs regarding Power.

    Now that I have the INDIES and the AUTHORITIES on my side….supporting JUSTICE, were a WINNING TEAM!!!!!
    The COS is not above THE LAW!!!
    Your Indy Spokes Tiger Lori

  42. It is incredibly short sighted. The Freedom magazine devoted to “annihilating” your credibility was idiotic, sophomoric and appeared to be penned by disturbed and spoiled adolescents. As could reasonably be expected, most people that read it were appalled that such vitriolic dribble would be published by a “religious organization”.

    As far as the individual that orchestrated the attack against me, she had a meteoric fall from grace that she has and never will recovered from. I can only hope Mr. Miscavige suffers a similar fate.

  43. Pat Gualtieri was in charge of the Vets Administration in New York City. I saw him a couple of years ago. It was nice. I think he is still on that job. Vets have been the biggest repository of abuse since the first war was started. Vietnam Vets faced a lot of scorn because of the unpopularity and poliitics of that war. It seems to me, however, that the returning vets from Iraq are scorned, at least to a significant degree, by the government itself in terms of providing proper or adequate care. The public certainly does not scorn them. Vets from the Sea Org also suffer a type of abuse but it is of a different nature. Collateral damage.
    When I first heard about the guns at Int (Rick Aznaran, et al), I knew things were off the rails. The Apollo had a much more justifiable rationale for having guns but I never saw one aboard. I’m sure there were some but out of sight out of mind. There was no need for them except in Madeira; but the crew used firehoses to repel the CIA instigated natives from boarding the ship.
    I wonder if any of those guns were used in the murder of Flo Barnett (Shelly’s mother). The DA sure whitewashed that case. If you read the data on it:

  44. Well said.
    I haven’t spoken to a cult memeber for some years now and posts like this one remind me of just how subtle some restimulation by the nasties can be. Constant alertness is an activity better served as a high tone fun game and used with much flourish. It may be a requirement to be tough as a Tiger but why not enjoy it indeed?
    I may be showing my age here but the antics of DM & his flock remind me of a 70s TV show, ‘Lost in Space’. I thought about that show title and chuckled as just how appropriate a term for that bunch. Also, “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!” sort of seems appropriate too.
    So, what you up to?

  45. Thanks for the report, Marty. I’m surprised there dedicating or rather HAVE that many resources to try and harass people from going to Casablanca Tejas. They have become guilty of the High Crime of accusing other of practicing standard Scientology. For DM Sr. to comment like that shows that he is completely brainwashed. DM Sr. is like Dr. Frankenstein. DM is the monster. Shelly is the bride. A lot of Ygors. Hung by the neck three times (reference “Son of Frankestein” movie) yet they live. In “Ghost of Frankestein” Ygor arranges a brain transplant between him and the monster. He is blinded and ends up tearing apart the lab in rage and the whole castle burns down. Norman is the blind man. TC is Dracula. I’ve been giving him lots of movie ideas lately. As the Old Gypsy Lady would say, “Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a Radical Scientologist when the false stats boom, and if they’re not quite bright.”

  46. Thank you Marty and Mike and Dan and et al for all you are doing. You have made it easier for all the rest of us.

    Tom Price
    Los Angeles, CA

  47. I would like to remind everyone that today is squirrel appreciation day.

    So, let’s flow some admiration to those fuzzy little critters, including the corncob. At least we can admire his destructive ability — kind of in the way that nuclear explosions can be really fascinating and beautiful.

  48. Jonathon Barbera

    Marty wrote: “The aim of an SP is to get into your head in order to enturbulate. The ONLY power of the SP is restimulation. If the SP can’t get in your head, he can’t restimulate and thus he is rendered POWERLESS. And you remain stable, and thus able to generate POWER.”

    Thanks for this excellent data!

  49. Are there any Indy’s around the Vegas area? I only have one book (the SOS, hardback) and would like to get some more or get together with some like minded people.

  50. Great story Sarge! I’m jealous or your collection and shooting partners. Hopefully one of these days there will be an opportunity for you to retrieve your guns. 😉

  51. Your integrity and your actions are so well written. This speech could have been made for just about any Independent Scientologist but at this time I say it fits you perfectly. It applys to the entire scene of those leaving the church to apply the true LRH tech and get the results Ron wanted for the peoples of earth.

  52. Actually metaqual Pat isn’t and never has been in charge of the Veterans Administration.

    He produces the Veteran’s Day Parade in NYC and has taken it from a small parade when he started in 2000 to the largest Veteran’s Day Parade in the US. This year it will be televised.


  53. Tony-

    That’s utterly beautiful! Thank you!

  54. TroubleShooter

    OMG was it you who hacked me?!!! that was MY password!!!!

  55. This rather shocking and yet not surprising post of Marty’s touched me deeply.

    Having been followed, maligned and scandalously attempted to be implicated in the tragic murder of his own brother — Marty continues reminds us to keep our sense of humor and hold our heads up.

    An inspiring film by a famous Hollywood director opened last night at the famous Sundance Film Festival. I AM. A documentary asking some of the greatest minds today, including the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu what is wrong with our world and what can we do about it.

    Science is catching up and now able to prove more and more how interrelated and interconnected we are – something LRH acknowledged and ancient wisdom traditions have taught.

    What dm does to others, he does to himself. scientology isn’t over there in a vacuum. It directly is affecting us and everyone. The happiness at Casablanca cannot be contained IN Casablanca, it spreads. dm cannot contain it.

    The more we remember to keep our sense of humor, our sense of humanity and our sense of helping the perpetrators of evil BY exposing them so that they can stop continuing to harm others — the faster all will have lives of purpose, prosperity and conviction in the goodness of mankind.


  56. We once had a situation in our neighborhood where out of the blue we get this “info pack” about how terrible one of our neighbors were and have good and benevolent the originator was. Of course it was exactly the other way around, which most neighbors would find out in less than 3 clicks on Google. Most neighbors went to the guy targeted and offered support any way they could and the culprits ended up leaving because of this whistleblower’s bravery, unfortunately not behind bars.

    In short, the truth will come out in the end and most people are much smarter than manipulators give them credit for.

    We, your neighbors in our little community here, are watching out for each other. When the going gets tough, you know, let us know what else we can do than offer moral support.

  57. AO, I do know that Andre T’s account of what I supposedly told him on his court testimony is pure bunk. Knew Rick Aznaran very well and none of the guns purchased for Security were “full auto” which is illegal. Those HK 91s were of .308 cal or .762 Nato and gotten before the assault rifle ban happened in Ca – they were semi auto and legal. The shotguns were 12 ga Remington 870 pump types which could be purchased at K Mart. There were several 1911 Colt .45s also purchased as side arms, the only security guard I’ve seen wearing one was Uwe (RIP) when he was security chief as he was the only one who had a permit to carry through Riverside Sheriff’s office.
    Perhaps others had gotten these permits since. There was also a .308 cal Remington 700 bolt action rifle with a scope on it. All the guards only carried Pepper spray & handcuffs & baton during my time – up to 2001.

    Rick also got me a 1911 Colt .45 pistol and .308/Nato 7.62 Galil semi auto rifle personally. Fortunately, I sold those guns off myself long ago and not under DM/Int Base control. However, the only firearm I had left, a .22 cal bolt action Ruger M77/22 with a scope on it has been kept (in the firearms locked area at the Gold main building basement), despite requests to Kirsten Caetano to return it to me. This is in my name, purchased when I was at the Creston Ranch. Perhaps what’s needed is to go see Danny at the Main booth personally to get it.

    Don’t know about DM’s alleged full auto weapon, didn’t see one, though he has an Uzi which is legal only if it’s semi auto only. Only have fired his Browning 9mm Hi power pistol and a Walther .380 PPK (James Bond gun).

    I used to take care of LRH’s guns (all of them totally legal) and turned that over to Rick Aznaran when I went to work for Pat Broeker & DM. Pat had me take care of and get some work done on a couple of his guns.

  58. Welcome Tom.

  59. martyrathbun09

    I gotta see that one. Are you at Sundance? I have friends there and would love for you to meet them. If you are there, email contact info.

  60. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this. I saw this movie with Miscavige. Afterward he denigrated me in front of several others when I originated that I thought it was a fabulous movie.

  61. SA,
    Great Clip and one of my favorite movies. I love when Al Pacino drives and how he handles the police officer. So fitting to the Independents indeed!

  62. Hello there, Tom!

  63. Sarge,
    I remember you and I shooting skeet at the back 40/boneyard area between the hills at Creston in ’86 with the 12 Ga shotguns, it was great!

  64. To anyone who has guns *in their name* that remain within the Cult. Write a letter and demand them back. If they are not returned, report them stolen, both with the local authorities and the BATF (which has interest in guns that may have passed state lines).

    A gun registered in YOUR name in someone else’s possession is dangerous indeed. In some places you are REQUIRED BY LAW to report them stolen. Get it on the record and do it now. Seriously. Do it.

    Please see this page —

  65. No — wish I were.

    Maybe next year you, Mosey and me can go — fun indeed.!!


  66. Tony DePhillips

    Love that!! Hoo haw!!

  67. I would say you were right and others also thought it was a fabulous movie. Al Pacino won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance; the film was nominated for Best Director (lost to Clint Eastwood for Unforgiven), Best Picture (lost to Unforgiven) and Best Adapted Screenplay (lost to Howards End).

    The film won three major awards at the Golden Globe Awards: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Motion Picture – Drama.

    This makes you a better film viewer and critic than he!

  68. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Tom!!
    Are you coming out with your real name?

  69. Scott Campbell


    Good to hear that you are booked to the gills with PC’s.

    I also want to acknowledge and thank you for continuing to provide such wonderful and useful content on your blog.

    Keep up the good work, buddy. You deserve all of our support.


  70. Not according to what he told me a few years back.

  71. Interesting – my brother disconnected from me three years ago. He is referred to as Lord Voldemort in my family . . . . .

  72. Dear Clearwater Lawyer,
    Just a week ago I consulted an attorney about libel and slander from the Church of Scientology and your comment was almost word for word on what I was told! Thank you for your very excellent second opinion!

  73. Tony, great clip. This is the kind of thing that drives us combat vets. Being in fierce combat exteriorizes one. You get to see the bigger picture. After I saw dozens of my friends under my command die horrid deaths, it drove me to turn my life into something meaningful. Vets are like this. Sarge knows what I mean.

    ML Tom

  74. Sarge; you and I are brothers. We are definitely from the same cloth. I know that LRH respected you and wanted you by his side because you are a vet.

    Email me at

    ML Your Brother, Tom

  75. Kingpin,
    Thank you for that – very much. You just TR3ed some of my favorite recognitions from our last visit and I needed that. The power of any entity (suppressive or otherwise) is only the power you give or grant it over you. We are in charge. Like my 4 year old son says nearly everyday: “It’s my day. I’m the boss.”
    Love you Marty.

  76. Yeah – his taste in movies frankly sucks. Miscavige hated this multiple award-winning movie (which many agree is brilliant and inspirational) while he was responsible for micro-managing the creation of Battlefield Earth. Dud. His product. Sucked.

  77. I will stand with you on that Theo. I have been under the radar for too long. Been out for years lost hope of getting up the bridge. I am still inside a Sea Org member. Never lost it always held on.

    I re-honour my Sea Org contract. I totally believe in the values of Independent Scientology. It’s such an exciting time. The lights have been switched back on. Thanks to Marty for such an inspirational post and for the deft comments from everyone for bringing it home.

  78. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Tom,
    War is not a popular thing and nice when it can be averted. Butwhen I think of all the men and women who have sacrificed their own lives over the years to combat suppression, I have to AT LEAST stand up to this chump who is trying to suppress us. I have to use my own name and say I won’t stand for anyone trying to cut my comm or make me afraid of their bullying ways.
    Thanks for fighting for our country Tom and for what you are doing now to fight suppression.

  79. Hey, Dave,
    You know where I am, what I’m doing. Wanna bet you can’t do a thing about it? Wanna try?

    Go on, ya’ pussylanimous li’l wanker.

  80. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I love it when Shane is the boss.

  81. great clip, great movie and Marty Miscavige just does not get it and never will. Actually he denigrated himself by even making a comment about your origination!

  82. Welcome Tom.

  83. Tony DePhillips

    You are a wild man Jim!! Lol.

  84. One word: “Guns I/C”
    Welcome to the insane asylum.


  85. Kingpin: I love that name. Whomever came up with this as a description of Marty should get a campaign bar or trophy or something. I mean what do these Freedom mag editors think we are stupid or something?

    The concept that David Miscavige has an arsenal of guns at his disposal is kinda scary. Now I am actually concerned about safety of Int Base staff. It seems like that shit is going to hit the fan anytime now and the evil leader is about to snap and who knows what he is capable of.

  86. Friend of Ron

    Thanks Marty for this.

    Here is a piece fo LRH that I believe is pertinent:

    “All right. Now we take entheta. There’s some weird attraction between entheta and theta. They seem to come together with a dull thump. Every time you put out a theta line, for some cockeyed reason, below 2.0 will attack it madly. Either below 2.0 is trying to bail itself out on the strength of the entheta or thinks everything that is theta has to be entheta. Therefore, you see the most confoundedly dull attacks on the subject of Dianetics and Scientology. You see the doggonedest things! And nobody could possibly think or believe those things, just nobody. There’s more rumors and more garbage thrown around on this line.

    “Well, the best reason is, is in this society today possibly about the highest theta line that anybody is putting out rather consistently happens to be Dianetics and Scientology. It says you have a chance to be free; it says you have a — you have a perfect right to your own sanity, it says you have a perfect right to your own life, it says you can help others to be free — it says a lot of things. It says there’s some hope, there’s a chance for us, and it says we might be able to do a lot of things with this. And it just says so consistently and it isn’t saying anything else. By this theory you would then expect and predict that it would just be machine-gunned from every quarter.

    “Now, they say there is a method of getting around this. And that is to say, for every good fact you put out, put out a bad fact. That is to say, for every piece of good news, put out a piece of bad news. You know where you find yourself if you do that? You find yourself at 2.0 on the Tone Scale. Who wants to be at 2.0? I don’t. Because those entheta facts are going to snarl up the theta facts. So you can go out on an overt line of attack against entheta and come off with clean hands? No, you can’t. What can you do with it? You ignore it. It won’t ignore you, but what do you know, if you ignore it, it’ll disappear. And so it does. So it does. Where are the attackers of yesteryear? New crops come up. They go down. Too bad. It’s not serious.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

  87. Ray,
    Thanks for the info. Am onto it!

  88. 1. They have very small penises.
    2. For defense when the Marcabians come
    3. They like the loud noise
    4. For intimidation of the neighbors
    5. They have very small penises
    6. In case the Marcabians have bigger penises
    7. To demonstrate speed of particle flow to themselves
    8. So they can kill themselves as an alternative to a comm ev
    9. In case the Comm Ev committee members have bigger penises
    10. As a tool for a Very Severe Reality Adjustment

  89. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    OTDT, This is GREAT news! Since I’ve just started my new Pseudo Arbor Manufacturing, Inc. plant (no pun intended) I’ve been swamped with orders from OSA’s Field Agent I/C and other Cof$ Secret Service Bureaus. I can just hear the “CHA-CHING” happening… 🙂 – BOOYAH!!

  90. Sarge,

    I agree that Navy Colt has a wicked kick to it.

    Like a Government mule!

    Prefer a Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum just like the one Dirty Harry has.

    On another note.

    I wouldn’t trust that little psycho at Hemet with a water pistol.

    I always wondered about Flo Barnett’s mysterious “suicide” that occurred at about the time she was threatening to depart from the Church.

    By the way OSA there is no such thing as a statute of limitations for murder.

  91. Tom,

    I’d love to meet you some day.

    You are one able Thetan.

    When people like you leave the Church.

    You definitely know there is something very wrong with the organization.


  92. Bawahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

    Another OTDT classic 🙂

  93. That’s ’cause the Miscavige is a paranoid wacko, Sarge.

    His mission is to collect every gun in the world.

  94. MQ

    I was thinking more ‘Young Frankenstein’.

    Miscavige caught in a candid moment after his last op failed:

  95. Jimbo,

    You forgot the obligatory na na na na naaa 🙂

  96. Theo Sismanides

    Gwydion, thank you teammate. When in the Sea Org I had a vision. That there would be ships in the Mediterranean patrolling the area and centers auditing and training on bigger ships and island bases. It was all white and blue. I have seen the picture, I know it will happen. The Sea Org is not a police organization, it is a cultural organization.

    With our Publications now, we do make it again what it was meant for. Uniforms or no Uniforms. And I tell you what: I read one CBO (Central Bureaux Order) where LRH said to the Management guys, “Why do you need a schedule? You don’t need a schedule” At our level now, we don’t need a schedule nor a common space, hahaha. We can honour our contract to LRH just by putting Ethics in from those freaking computers as vias for the most valuable things there are for a thetan: Communication and Understanding.

    So there you have it, DM. Catch us if you can! You haven’t written one decent thing in your life, I made No Understandings from you and your “publications”, it was all orders and stupid orders they were. Now we do publish Understandings here for thetans to grasp the scene. And that’s powerful, it’s the Org Board in action not enforced, it regges people left and right and at the same time put ethics in, like my friend Gwydion says we are re-honouring our contracts to put Ethics in on this planet and the universe. There is Power here as Thetans get more and more educated on what the hell is going on. Simple as that. Then we get to the what should have been done or what should be done and this is the Tech and we are getting there now, DM! You cannot stop us anymore. I have been waiting for this for 10 years now and my teammates are coming alive again. You cannot kill someone with suppression, you only introvert them. Now, we have escaped and we are on Creation again. Hasta la vista baby!

  97. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, go Jimbo, I’ll have a Heineken and a toast for you!!!

  98. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank you for BEING here, Theo! LRH’s Tech does work when men and women with good hearts apply it. 🙂

    Love and ARC,

  99. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    And we here are the villagers… with torches in hand to vanquish the Evil that haunts us.

    Have BIC, Will Travel.

    Gary ( 🙂 – Saying BOO! to the Evil that haunts.)

  100. TroubleShooter


    Thanks for the heads up . . . on the queue that’s backing up for auditing as Casablance. I intend to get in line sooner or later and now know to make my plans well ahead of time.


  101. Tom — Perfect!! ““State of the Unity Address.” Hallelujah

  102. Marty,

    Keeping up urging people who SHOULD speak up and tell history of such planning moments, is so important.

    I hope some PIs and these volunteers “turn” and voice these behind the scenes planning moments, and pre-planning moments.

    I remember Dan Garvin telling of hearing Mike Sutter volunteer to go and physically “kill” someone, and DM thankfully said something like “We’re not going there….” and like you said, I guess you and Mike have been/there–done/that on probably many more of these moments that you say turn into comedy fizzle out stuff.

    These pre-planning moments, showing DM’s mind at play, his impact on someone like his dad, who then translates the anger/frustration in his own words or intent, in that atmosphere of the top cliques of people around DM, that is very important to share.

    This all adds up, and DM’s thinking and reactions ARE making it through to the public domain, thankfully, through the people who were around DM, out to us who are interested.

    A scholar recently asked me if writing a book about DM would get that scholar being heavily targeted by DM, and I said yes.

    What do you and Mike think? Do you think it is “safe” for someone to take on a writing project on DM?

    I suggested that the scholar just read everything, and interview everyone with DM stories, and just become a DM expert, so that other media simply came to that scholar for that scholar’s opinion on DM.

    At some point, DM’s gonna become book subject matter, and the stories surrounding DM’s decision making moments, and DM’s impact on the people DM communicates to, is gonna wind up in a book.

    I am curious WHO DM listens to for advice. Does he listen to his lawyers, does he listen to any celebs or PI associates for advice?

    Marty I appreciate all you do to help get MORE of these people, including the PIs, any lawyers (remember Joe Yanni spoke up years ago), to speak up about working with DM.

    Eugene Ingram could likely write a pretty interesting book about his years working for DM I imagine.

  103. Thanks I agree it was very good movie to hell with DM

  104. Dear Clearwater Lawyer,
    Could you please contact me at I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask. Your analyses always seem to have so much insight into the Independent movement, I appreciate your “watchful eye”.
    Sincerely, Catherine

  105. Marty and Indies,

    If my visit to Casablanca would divert any of DMs and his thugs attention so to free you to deliver and if I would not be all the way in South of France at the moment, you´d be kicking me away. But the C of S is not interested in small fish. Since I left in 2007 I had couple of emails from OSA Flag and few from a Security Guard attempting to sell books and lectures. I have not heard from anyone in the church for over 2 years.

    You mentioned price of freedom. I personally am in a position where I can thank my lucky stars for having worked with you and Mike during my OSA years and have taken it for granted – thus far – that “of course Marty and Mike knows I want nothing to do with C of S”. That I am an Independent. This has been a subjective reality for me not needing to “prove it”. Well, do I actually “know” that you know this? I don´t. Recently a well-known Indie who I have not personally met, deleted me from friends list in Facebook setting the alarm bells ringing – I am a suspect. Possible OSA job. Do I now have to go on to “prove” that I am not? How the hell am I going to do that, really, if the person has never met me or seen that I have received auditing in the Indie field – my strongest argument, I suppose. I understand this phenomena as time to time I question someone´s intentions as I do not want to find this or that person turns out to be a plant.

    The best way of course is to “come out” in your blog, picture and all. That will shatter any doubts. Sure that is not the only way, but when you have Marty´s blessings you are pretty safe. I tell you, I really don´t like being a suspect and I dare say there are other Independents who are not sure about me. Not that I am an important player but I have myself to live with and I like to keep the record straight with all concerned. I hate the “aura of suspicion” as the communication with some is limited for that reason. Sheez, do I sound paranoid?? It gets so bizarre that I find myself withdrawing my comm to some of the Indies for this reason; he or she may doubt my intentions.

    I came to this blog with my name from the start completely extatic of the hope Marty´s move presented for Scientology. If anything, he has delivered what he promised at the beginning – and much more. Well just so you know, you will never find out that I was an OSA job. Ever.


    Kirsi Ojamo
    ex-SO Flag Land Base

  106. martyrathbun09

    Kirsi, I have no idea who you are referring to as having suspcions. A lot of intrigue is planted by OSA as you know.

  107. Thank you, enjoyed this a lot and it is my basic handling of entheta. I also find the tone level of boredom generally prevents the ridge that seems to occur with suppression.

    I think it was the Congresses where LRH talks about being unimpressed with winning or losing and I have found that to be very helpful in handling suppression as well. It seems that I only got stuck when there was a consideration that I had lost or failed connected to it.

    With those considerations moved out of the way, one can simply create, flourish and prosper. The threat is gone and then I can view it from an exterior point of view and the funniest thing is the suppressor always looks ridiculous. How often do you find that a person genuinely desires to be an out of control, stimulus response whack job and I’m not talking about dramatizing a winning valence. Most of the time when a “tough guy” is admired it’s because they kept their TRs in and handled with certainty, intelligence and just enough force to get the job done. Kinda like Marty and Mike! 😉

  108. Davey & his small pack of Curr dogs…

  109. According to Dan Garvin’s account, he didn’t say “We’re not going there….”, he just said “No, this is what we’re going to do.” without any comment on the craziness of Mike Sutter’s outburst.

  110. WH, thanks for the heads-up. I’m definitely going to go see this, and take some friends with me.

  111. Clearwater lawyer

    Thank you Lady Minn and Silvia, I glad that I can have some informative and maybe useful input.

  112. “Four of my pcs and pre-OTs have been threatened by the church with lawsuits for having been audited by me.”

    I’d love to know what grounds the threats were based on. “Waah, I don’t like it!” isn’t going to work on legal papers.

  113. Kirsi — You have nothing to worry about. You are about as transparent as anyone could be. Keep smiling — something you are an expert at! And if anyone doubts you or deletes you from FB, its their loss.

  114. Dear Sarge,
    The .22 Ruger target pistol is the gun my Dad used to train me to shoot guns when I was a teenager. Later, he gave it to me. I loved it. My Dad was a career military man serving in WWII marching with Patton, and towards the end of his career did three tours in Viet Nam. He was an Ordnance and small arms specialist. When I was a little kid he was always cleaning handguns on the kitchen table. He would have parts all over the table. A few minutes later, the weapons would be all put together. I would be amazed at how he could do that.
    I loved hearing your story about shooting guns with LRH. That is so cool! It reminds me of going out in the country to shoot guns with my Dad. Very fond memories.
    In my early thirties I was supervising sales on a land project out in the country. A team of roadbuilders would get together and drink a few beers after work, and one day they asked me if I would like to join them. It was a hot August day in Texas, and a cold beer sounded good, so I accepted their invitation. After a while they started pulling out handguns and asked me if I would like to shoot with them. I said, “Sure, but it’s been a while since I ‘ve done any shooting.” They said, “No problem, we’re just havin’ some fun relaxing.” They put a beer can in front of a boulder, and started handing me one gun after another. I would shoot the beer can and it would jump in the air. They would go over and look at it and it would have holes in it. They handed me a .38 special, a .357 magnum, and various other guns in succession. One of them said, “Lil’ lady, I sure wouldn’t want to be a burgler crawling through YOUR window in the middle of the night!” I laughed, knowing my Dad would have been proud. Another time, a friend of mine took me to a shooting range and we shot various guns. At the end, he handed me a special limited edition .44 Magnum with the extra long barrel, dark blue steel. He had it still in the box it came in. It is the most beautiful gun I have ever seen or fired. It is like shooting with a small cannon in your hand. I did O.K. and my friend was amazed that a woman could shoot like that. He didn’t know about my Dad. I would love to buy one of those .44 magnums just for the hell of it, and have been looking for one. I hardly ever shoot anymore, but your stories are reviving my interest. Knowing LRH was in the military, of course he would shoot guns, but hearing your account of it makes it very real, and it has increased my ARC with whom I would hear Sea Org members affectionately call, The Old Man. Maybe at one of the Independent get-togethers, we can go do some target practice! Apparently, a lot of you like guns and like to shoot, and that is great! It is a lot of fun. I guess what I like about shooting is the intense focus of your attention on a target — it just goes ahead and makes my day!
    Much love,
    P.S. I hope all of you get your guns back! It is NOT O.K. for DM to keep them!!!

  115. Sarge,

    That Ruger .22 is a sweet little pistol. Very accurate. Got one downstairs that I haven’t shot for twenty-five years. Gave it to my son.


  116. Thanks Tony and that was kind of you. I didn’t mean to derail this thread into a VFW thing, my point is that I am willing to be in OSAs crosshairs if it puts DM into the light. I’ll use what leverage I have available to bring his skinny little ass, with tiny little feet, down. So C’mon OSA, Bring it.

    And Tony, it is a privilage sharing this adventure with you. We are making history and it is important to the future of mankind.

    ML Tom

  117. Marty’s post shows a lot of great beingness; excellent validation and very encouraging. But I can’t see how people that very much agree with that want aussault weapons with 32 rounds within everyboy’s reach. Nor why they like capital punishment of a psych victim and even commit the overt themselves. As far as I can tell, any illness or accident occurs through PTSness. The usual solution is some sound dePTSing, not increasing the abberation by contagion.

  118. RJ,

    S&W model 29? Hmmm. If you really want to play mine is bigger than yours, why not just get a S&W 500. It’ll bring down anything walking. And makes a very impressive boom! And , depending on the round you use, it can have the same impact as a twelve gauge slug. Ouch!

    You will also be the envy of every testosterone driven lad in the land. Man look at the size of that thing!

    Even those older ones suffering from arrested mental development.

    Bet you Davie has one. Probably sits in his favorite chair, lovingly stroking the long barrel, thinking of hunting his favorite SPs. I’d love to watch him shoot it. Put about twenty rounds through it–with 500gr instead of lite loads. That wooood gib hims whoooge bwiceps m’ gooood wwwwooookout!

    But, in a firefight, that 44 magnum sucks for target reacquisition. All that power doesn’t mean much when someone has just put three in your chest. Give me the Berreta Storm, so you can switch magazines between the short rifle and the handgun. Handle all your self defense needs, be it zombies or aliens. 9mm or .40. Sweet, sweet gun.


  119. Skydog, I totally agree. When I received my copy of that freedom I told the OSA staff member, after I had glanced through it, knowing the targeted individuals therein, that I considered the whole content as infantile and not what one would expect of professionals. I added that I considered it an embarrassment. “Oh, I think it is great!”, she said. To which I replied, “Exactly!” as I drove off…..

  120. Yvonne Schick


    Thank you for this post. It is very helpful to a newly announced independent. I thought it might be useful to anyone considering going public to know a little of how it has gone for us.

    It has been very quiet. There has been no harassment and no hacked computers or accounts that we can tell. We have accepted that many old friends have decided to cut communication with us. We are intending the best for all of them and of course that would include their seeing the truth about what has happened to their church. The other side of that coin is the beauty of friendships where we can be honest about our viewpoint and communicate openly with filters on.

    Our finances are in better shape than they have been in years. Our health is excellent. Families are doing well. We have taken on new projects that we are enjoying immensely.

    We have had no regrets and continue with the certainty that our actions were consistent with the greatest good from our viewpoint. My universe has been very calm and peaceful. The sense of freedom and stability that LRH intended for me as a product of OT levels is now mine.

    Much love, Yvonne

  121. Yvonne Schick

    Oops, should have said “communicate openly with filters OFF”.

  122. When I worked for DM he did have a mini arsenal and loved his guns.

    Rick Aznaran purchased guns for him and took care of them when he was at the base. I remember one specific gun that Rick got for DM. It was a target pistol with a site on it called a Thompson Contender. DM let me shoot it with him a couple of times.

    DM also had a Mini 14 and he got for his birthday one year an AR 15 and an Israeli Assault Rifle called a Galiel. These were all semi auto. I remember when he got the Galiel for his birthday. We were all on a boat off the coast of Dana Point, California. I had photos of DM holding and shooting that gun. However wasn’t allowed to take the photo with me when I left. He said at the time that it was the one gun he would want to have with him if he could only have one gun.

    He also got an Over and Under Shot gun that he loved and of course had Remington 12 gauge shot guns.

    Handguns included the Walther PPK James Bond gun, a .45 pistol, Western pistols that I remember and he did keep a .38 in his desk draw in his office at Gold when I was there.

    When he met Tom Cruise, we were amazed that Cruise said he was not that famaliar with shooting guns and rifles and DM took him under his wing at the LRH rifle range behind BV. That is where I met TC at the time. We were amazed because he had done the movie Taps where he was a gun crazed military school kid and fired off some movie automatic weapons.

    While there is nothing wrong with owning guns in my opinion, DM definitely used his ownership of them as an intimidation factor with other staff. You definitely didn’t want to come after him knowning he might be packing a loaded weapon.

    As he gets crazier and crazier, I wouldn’t want to be around him with his weapons around.

  123. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Gary, thanks mate! 🙂

  124. A REAL VOLUNTEER MINISTER! Thank you for your work after Katrina. And thank you for what you are doing now. I 100% agree. PEOPLE WANT SCIENTOLOGY. I recently delivered a series of Touch Assists and Nerve Assists to a lady administrator to 5 of Michael Dell’s top managers at Dell Computer. The hardest part was overcoming her objections because of negative data she had heard about the Church of Scientology. She brightened up when she was told that the technology was one thing, and the practices or management of the Church was another. She had a bruised thigh from falling down in the parking lot where she worked. It was black and blue from her knee to her hip. After the first one, all the pain went away. She asked for another round a few days later. She told me that earlier that morning it was hard for her to get up out of the chair. After the assists, she kept sitting down and getting up over and over saying “It doesn’t hurt anymore, it’s not sore.” grinning from ear to ear. She gave me thirty dollars, and wouldn’t let me give it back. No one had ever paid me before. I copied the money before I put it in the bank. It made me feel like a real Field Auditor, instead of a volunteer minister, having given hundreds of assists in my lifetime.
    What is amazing to me, is that DM seems to have so much attention on stopping Marty and others who are delivering services, when he has huge buildings all over the world, lots of able caring staff who WANT to deliver services, unlimited funds to deliver the services with, and LRH’s wonderful technology to do it with. Instead, through various machinations, it seems like in a million overt or covert ways he stops delivery, but then when someone else does it, without the unlimited millions he has, and doing it in a “Shack” instead of a 50,000 Square Foot building, HE GOES NUTS!! IT DEFIES ALL REASON AND LOGIC. Apparently, there is none. (Reason or Logic, that is.) When I hear the lengths that DM goes to stop Marty with PI’s, Black Ops, Black PR Campaigns, I just shake my head in wonderment. If LRH hadn’t trained us that there is no Logic or Reason in a reactive mind, I would probably spend all my time wondering about this mystery. But, thanks to him, there is no need to wonder, because in a Reactive Mind, we have learned from LRH, all there is, is A=A.
    Tom, keep doing what you’re doing! The world needs it, the people want it, and they LOVE it. We all need to deliver the tech, where and when we can to the best of our abilities. And damn the PI’s, the Black (but ineffective) OP’s, and the Black, but ineffective, PR!!!!! (LRH taught us how to handle that, too!)
    ML, LM

  125. This didn’t post in the right spot. These are reasons why DM and his Mini-Me’s want guns.

  126. Tom, when we met in San Francisco at the San Francisco Mission(was that Van Ness?), I found you to be a no nonsense but very friendly kind of guy who just barreled in to get whatever job that needed to get done, DONE! I am like you in that regard to not shy away from gettin’ er done!
    I look forward to hooking up with you once again in the near future. I will be there for you and LRH. Just gotta get some things out of the way and done here first. I miss ya big guy! Give Eileen a big hug for me.

  127. @Sarge:
    “Why would a religious organization need to have guns?”

    When I was around 15, my foster family would occasionally attend Sunday services at the First Baptist Church of Pomona, California as we (although not Baptists) were fond of the preacher there. Although it had grown tremendously over the years, it was the first church in Pomona, originally in a big wooden one-room church like you see in old west movies.

    Well, at that time, there were many bandit gangs that were not above invading a church to rob the gathered worshipers on a Sunday and so, we were told , that the preacher of that time kept two loaded six-shooters behind the pulpit, and actually drove off a bandit raid with them during a service!

    Back early Medieval times, the Christian monasteries of England were often raided by ruthless, mean and vicious Vikings of one sort or another and so had to arm themselves in defense.

    Many other examples exist, but what they all have in common is that the religious group really *was* under constant threat of lethal attacks and armed themselves in defense of their lives.

    Can this be said for Int Base? I don’t think so.

    Michael A. Hobson

  128. Chuck,
    DM listens to his BANK.
    End of story!

  129. Michael, certainly you are correct. Only a church out in the middle of nowhere or one maybe in an East L.A. type area where 911 calls get slow response. In such a case, it pays to have members of the local constabulary as active parishioners. I recall a Chuck Norris film where two scats though it might be smart to rob a bar based on insufficient ‘intelligence’ and once in they are quick to realize they have tried to rob a bar full of cops.
    This is akin to DM intelligence. Intelligence based on a ‘NOBODY HOME’ frame of mind.

  130. Geeze, Ron Miscavige senior bailed out of a rape rap in Philly (with church resources under DM) and he gets indignant about Marty? Clearly his amnesia on the whole track is still going strong. DM ran off Hubbard’s daughter as “unqualified” and dragged a rapist in to replace her. DM has a private shooting range? O.K., these people are clearly “whimsical” !

    As far as Hubbard’s definition of power, I am afraid DM has thrown that one under the bus too (very whimsical!). DM has stated the NEW definition to power: “People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”

    When people stop listening to DM he loses power, by his own terms! I guess he thinks he can get his power back with force, that would make sense, since his defintion of power has to do with others listening to him, a confession that he operates in the enforce band.

    DM, Honey, set up your own blog! We will listen to you too!

  131. Chuck,

    I’m cross posting this item from Jeff’s blog.

    For anyone who wants to participate in the following survey for James Lewis’ upcoming book.



  132. Finally justice Davey, admiration galore!
    You did a marvelous job and deserve the most admiration of all who have walked this pity planet. You’re the only one in the history of mankind that has ever been able to totally reverse the only Tech that man has ever had to go free. You single handedly took out the complete management structure of a world wide religion. You’re the only one that has ever been able to take the brightest, most helpful and most aware beings of the planet and turn them into blind slaves that work 24/7 to destroy their fellow men. You’re the only untrained senior C/S Int ever, the only Scientology manager without completing any courses, the only monopoly dictator Scientology has ever known and the only auditor known to have hit his pc, girl of course, in session. You’re the only one ever to introduce CIA, SS, Psych, KGB, Mk Ultra, FED and other torture tactics of your best buddies into a religion. You’re the only one ever to have lived on this planet and turn the greatest amount of concentrated theta into solid MEST; never happened before and will not happen in at least half a century as it will take that long to first regain the 80’s theta levels and then get rid of us again.

  133. Non-Scientologist

    If you can prove a firearm was bought by you, or registered to you, and is at the international base, its retention/conversion after providing them with notice that you want it returned, would probably qualify as Grand Theft Firearm I would suggest sending a letter, with proof of ownership demanding the firearm back with a copy to the local Sherriff’s department. The Church may deny possession, but that may set up a search warrant for their gun locker, which would be a good idea anyway, to make sure none of this weaponry ever gets planted on an unsuspecting independant.

    If I were Moxon, I would inventory all the firearms, and return them to their rightful owners to prevent this from becoming a future issue. But of course the Church of Radical Scientology would never give in on a point to avoid legal trouble.

  134. Kirsi,

    Word is that Fail book has been heavily infiltrated by those opposed to personal liberty which probably includes OSA

    Seems they and google are folding from USG pressure to shut down Wikileaks.

    What it comes down to is cyber warfare.

    Word is that twitter is one of the few social nets resisting this effort to infringe on the First.

    Personally I wouldn’t go on fail book if you paid me to since they are notorious for turning personal and private information over to corporate and government interests.

    Privacy is a concept they have no concept of.

  135. figured it out while reading 6; don’t they already have marcabian penises?

  136. I’m comming also, just for coffee, so I can rub elbows with PI’s.

  137. Miscavige himself doesn’t have any power.

    Whatever “power” he has is merely a false perception that he has power because of the false perception created that he is the “Religious Leader” of Scientology.

    A perception that took years to create using perception management.

    The only reason people listen to his driveling idiocy is because they are forced to listen to it.

    The guy’s a walking talking implant station.

  138. Just leave out the comments section. You only want people to listen to you. Stay focused on your power formula. For your convenience:

  139. TroubleShooter


    I hope the nickname for your brother doesn’t mean that your family has decided to agree with his actions and thereby write him off.

    I’m sure that you all have good memories with your brother. Putting your attention on that and on his return to you as a loving member of your family is not about taking the high road it’s a total disagree with his actions his misguided beliefs.

    I’m not intending to lecture I’m feeling the need to share what I like to call wisdom that I gained the hard way.

    You get what you put attention on – a reunited family?


  140. Couldnt have said it better loki.

  141. A. Speed of particle flow alone determines power.

    B. The ability to hold one’s position in space.

    Way cool!

  142. If “power” means people are listening to him, he is in someplace else than the rest of us. I guess he has staff in the Church still listening to him. But frankly only those in his remote area and as you say, enforced listeners.

    There is no comparison of his power and Marty’s. The people listening to Marty do so because they are curious and desire to know. The opposite upper end of the CDEI scale.

    That in itself, has got to spell out H-E-L-L for DM.

  143. Yeah I know.

    I’d rather listen to a nail being scratched across a chalk board than listen to Miscavige’s bloviations for any length of time.

    For me going to a “live” event was pure torture like some kinda engram I used to turn him off specifically.

    Like a bad sit com.

    Imagine my surprise when I found out while on the TRD that the guy thinks he’s Frank Sinatra!


    Yeah WTF ever!

  144. Aah, TR-4 🙂 🙂

  145. Marty and all who post here, thank always. Informative, intelligent, sometimes hilarious, always cog inducing.
    I thought of a Tshirt that I think us Indies might feel proud to wear.
    It would say “Dances with Thetans” or “Dances with Theta.”
    Or, maybe, “Squirrels need love too.” (well,probably not)


  146. Awesome!

  147. Can’t wait to see that! And thanks for the theta reminder…

  148. Excellent post. More truth revealed. Thanks Marty.

  149. Thanks Marty. The Safe Point is always to take the High Road, and never stoop to their level. I appreciate your calmness and simple clear confront of what is.

  150. I thought of a t shirt that says “Piss Off Jenny” .

  151. How ’bout one with a picture of Dave on the front sayin’

    “Don’t feed the squirrels”

  152. One of your best posts, Marty.

  153. The church is right about one thing, Marty – you need an Org. Obviously you’re beyond mission status, stats wise, so when is House Marty gonna get an HCO?

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