Tom Cruise’s Scientology Buses

Actually Dave delivered two custom tricked buses to Tom Cruise.  There was the Silver Screen, see

And while the Silver Screen was in production, the Bluebird – a temporary custom tricked bus for Tom while he waited upon completion of Dave’s slave labor force produced Silver Screen.

See the specifics below in another progress report to Miscavige.

Realize Miscavige was coordinating all this – down to special fairy slipper compartments for his personal bus delivery presentation to Tom – at the same time Miscavige was carrying out his savage tortures of Int Management personnel in the Hole,  see

To those DM-bots who defend Miscavige with such vehemence, the likes of whom call Michael Fairman an “enemy”, remember, we know that you are basically good, and we are going to see that you come through this all right.

COB COMM RTC                                                27 July 2005



Dear Sir;

Thank you very much and I will continue to send the info reports.

Mr. Cruise arrived at the Bluebird yesterday on set and said that it was awesome – the interior upgrades and audio visual.

He really liked the message system and asked if he could have it such that he can send out messages as well – i.e. be able to type a message. This was programmed through the night so that this can be installed and tested today before he gets to the set.

He requested that a space be figured out for placement of slippers in the front of Silver Screen as he does not want any shoes on the carpet. This is figured out – there is a drawer right at the entrance which can be used for this. He also stated that no one will be allowed to enter Silver Screen other than his personal assistants.

Mr. Cruise also said that when Silver Screen arrives – he is not going to set foot in it unless COB has been in it first.

When he arrived at the base this morning at 6:10am he expressed how great it was to be here. That he went Clear and did his OT levels here and how awesome it was to have Kate here doing her Student Hat, starting her Purif – beginning her Bridge here. He was very pumped about this.

He also said that he has been listening to the Congresses and how incredible the information is and the basics he is getting as a Scientologist from them even though he has been a Scientologist 20 years, is Class IV and on OT VII there is such knowledge in the congresses it is amazing.

He will be leaving the base to go to the set in Fontana by helicopter at 7:15pm tonight.

This is ok.




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  1. This is ok, ML. What a joke. This is NOT ok.

  2. Leave a comment:


    I’m too nauseous.


  3. It pains me to read such reports this morning and I spare a thought for the writer. I know they could just leave the base but I feel sorry for them nevertheless.

    Reports such as this one are not dashed off at the end of the day. A sort of “Well Sir, we did this and this and TC said so and so” kind of thing. Oh no, it is very clear they are painfully and very carefully crafted. They report what happened and sound forthright but at the same time the writer is walking on egg shells, painfully careful not to say the wrong thing or the right thing in the wrong way. They gush out enthusiasm and stroke the recipient but never cross the line over into fawning false report. They never simply say something is done or not done but go to great lengths to imply it is being done in just the right way so that the recipient’s attention won’t get hung up at that point because god help them if it did.

    All these reports are written in exactly the same way, the exact same painful style.

    How many man hours were and are being spent crafting such reports to DM in an attempt to placate the dictator?

    It’s a lot and its absolutely nuts.

  4. Watching Eyes

    This is so sickening I decided to get a jump ahead of any trolls. Based on info I’ve received I’ve revised this info a bit.

    Trying to get a Refund / Repayment?
    For anyone wanting a repayment/refund here’s where you need to write. These are government agencies and WILL respond to you. Your complaint will not be ignored.

    For the IAS here’s one to in CA.
    Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    EIN number: 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail. Do it.
    Note: California Atty Gen’s office won’t ignore you but they really don’t do anything either. This is not what you want but at least it will be on file. That is NOT the case with the Florida Atty Gen’s office. They do get involved. If you were regged in Florida for IAS monies, I’d suggest you write to the two agencies below and skip Calif all together. Make sure you let them know that IAS monies went to pimp out vehicles for a major movie star.

    For Flag or the Ship there are two agencies you can write to. Both are in Florida.
    1. This one is under the State Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    2. The other one is the Pinellas County Consumer Affairs agency.
    This is a good agency and is in the same county as Flag and the ship office.

    Know this, you will get your repayment although sometimes they drag their heels. If they’re dragging their heels, file a complaint with the agencies above. The cult HATES being on the radar of a gov agency. The key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to file with one of the above two agencies.

  5. “and we are going to see that you come through this all right.”
    (Yes, all you misguided little tallywhackers are included in this as well.)

    For You
    On golden wings,
    through a silver sky.
    Exploding light,
    As clouds part aside.

    Yours is a place,
    of no space or time.
    You’re the windless thought,
    That you seek to find.

    In a world of dimension,
    You become part of it.
    Foregoing your power,
    Bit by bit.

    Til you find yourself looking,
    In faraway places.
    In search of the Truth,
    While forgetting your basis.

    So if I could tell,
    But one thing to you.
    It would be to yourself
    To always be true.

    Dean Thomas

  6. The boot liking of Tom to Dave and Dave to Tom is actually quite disgusting. That it is all done on the back of under-paid, fed, slept, etc. yet over-worked and abused SO members with the money of over-regged and defrauded publics makes it the more disgusting.

    Everyone can say “I didn’t know”. True, the vast majority didn’t or doesn’t know. However, there is another side to it as well: “Didn’t or don’t WANT to know”. For any as-isness to occur, one has to take responsibility for that as well.

    Scientology means “knowing how to know”. Before you can become a real Scientologist who travels that road you have to WANT to know something. Probably a questions that has to be flattened with those still “under the spell” before any real communication can actually occur.

  7. Again a violation of tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code:
    No part of the net earnings of these Churches of Scientology and their related charitable and educational institutions inures to the benefit of any individual or noncharitable entity.

  8. To Tom, you’re just as nuts as your partner in crime is and that’s about all I have to say to you…”you won’t set foot into the Silver Screen until DM has been in it first” …wow. Oh I get it, let DM grace the carpet with his tiny feet.

  9. martyrathbun09

    A bell ringer.

  10. Marty, do you know if this by chance was LRH’s Bluebird that DM so generously gifted to Tom?

  11. Gorgeous, Cowboy Poet. Gorgeous.

  12. martyrathbun09

    A different one.

  13. has anyone ever gotten a refund from the IAS or Ideal Org monies that were given until false pretenses and of course under major force and duress?

    also if yes how was it done?

  14. Thanks. Just sent this off to a recently declared sp.

    Nicest guy and funniest you want to meet.

    Hope he uses your helpful links. It will put a dent in dms coffers and boost up his own.


  15. Tragic;

    From HCO PL 27 October 1964R POLICIES ON PHYSICAL HEALING, INSANITY AND SOURCES OF TROUBLE (Revised 15November 1987, so Davie changed this somehow)..


    “G. Persons who claim “If you help such and such acase” (at great and your expense) because somebody is rich or influential or the neighbors would be electrified should be ignored. Processing is designed for bettering individuals, not progressing by stunts or giving cases undue importance. Process only at convenience and usual arrangements. Make no extra ordinary effort at the expense of other persons who do want processing for normal reasons. Not one of these arrangements has ever come off successfully as it has the unworthy goal of noteriety, not betterment.”

    “Ours are powerful communication lines. They are powerful because they are theta lines. Entheta (enturbulated theta) obtains all its apparent power by being parasitic on theta lines. Only when you add the power of our lines to the weakness of entheta lines can they then have strength.”

    ML Tom

  16. Definition of bootlicking: “Attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery.” Great choice of terms! H

  17. Propitiation

    Dir Vehicles, Qual Section

    Final Bluebird/Silverscreen QC Checklist:

    1. Monogrammed Fairy Slippers personally pre-grounded by COB.
    2. TC Slippers outfitted with custom toe-messaging twitter system so he can tweet COB hands-free.
    3. Bedroom pillows retrofitted with LCD Skype screens so TC and COB can stay in visual contact throughout the night.
    4. Katie Holmes ‘Time-Out’ chair for when she breaks TC’s Bus Rules.
    5. Tweak the Eye Retina Security camera software to recognize COB at least 50 feet away from bus, so that ‘Hail to the Chief’ plays over audio system while he enters bus.
    6. Triple-check the Red Carpet conveyor belt apparatus that will pull TC & COB into the bus without them having to move their feet.
    7. Make sure the TC & COB monogrammed Fairy Slippers’ shoe-lifts meet spec.
    8. Ensure COB scotch cabinet opens every time and only from the frequency generated by the snap of COB fingers. This is crucial.
    9. All-Hands Emergency Standby for instant handling of any outpoint brought up by COB on final walk-through before TC enters bus.
    10. Pre-printed SP Declare orders at hand for any CI to getting this checklist done.
    11. ‘Direct-to-COB’ script annotation collaboration and brainstorming booth needs faster syncing time.
    12. Extra set of gold-plated grounding rods for Katie.
    13. Extra-large Fairy Slippers for Katie.
    14. Get Heber released from Hole to polish the entire bus by hand night before final inspection.
    15. All TC’s assistants’ regular shoes retrofitted with proprietary Podologistic Taser-Foot Technology to remind them to switch to slippers before entering bus.
    16. Get crew trained on Golden Age of Tech Fairy Slipper donning drill.
    17. Complete R & D on mobile Insta-Purif Chamber for guests TC decides to let into the bus.
    18. Complete COB Insta-Permission Digital Routing Form for applicants wishing to gain clearance for bus entry.
    19. Ensure COB’s Mobile-Pod Auxiliary Apartment is able to noiselessly dock and undock, glitch-free.
    20. Complete CSW for new IAS status that includes a 1 minute tour of the Silverscreen (when TC is out of town). Optional highest-level status to include tour of COB Bus Pod Auxiliary Apartment, photo op with COB and lifelike poly-resin replica of TC, and Complimentary Take-Home Fairy Slippers.

    Dir Vehicles

  19. T. Paine’s comments above are spot on. This kind of comm to COB is plainly propitiative. Plainly well thought out with the emphasis being on ass-kissing and trying to look good to dear leader.

    More upsetting is my speculation that what makes all this SO slave labor “okay” in TC’s world is the probable fact that DM tells him it’s absolutely okay. “You are the biggest shining star in the world, Tom! The SO is happy to build these busses for you. You are in Power!”

  20. Yeah, wondered about this quite a bit recently. I guess we’ve all had A-J checks at some point asking the question whether celebrities should be given special care and attention. If you answer “yes” – you fail the A-J and you’re unqual’d for auditing! Go figure.

  21. Tony DePhillips

    This person who wrote the despatch to dm uses words like “pumped” and “awesome” as tc’s responses. Tc sounds like a high school kid. This at the same time that some of the finest Sea Org members around (or used to be) are “suffering up the conditions” at the Int base is enough to gag a maggot.
    The part where tc said that he didn’t want to go inside until cob had, really was sickening. It appears that tc worships cob.
    cob worship..unh..must run to the bathroom…

  22. Haydn – You got that right! A huge percent of my time while in the Watchdog Committee (over a decade) was spent answering despatches and writing daily reports to Miscavige. His replies were so vicious and foul-mouthed and condescending. WDC would sit around for HOURS trying to figure out what to say to prevent triggering another blast, condition assignment, amends or his sudden arrival and outburst (and some times physical assault). For a long time, WDC was sleeping an average of 4 hours a night because Miscavige said no matter how late we stayed up writing the DR, we had to be “on deck” when he arrived in the morning. We couldn’t go to sleep until the DR was done by every WDC member and sent through WDC Chairman. It was the biggest waste of time in my life.

  23. Horrible to behold. Even more horrible to know its exactly what is happening. Even know of certain people in a CLO (a hand-picked few who gained importance because of it) who were the “chosen” to write such report to COB.

    So very sick.

  24. A temporary smoking-hot bus, while he waited for his final grandiose bus? And he wouldn’t set foot in it until COB had been in it first, and christened it with his holyness. Barf. These two truly are unnaturally close BFF’s just like Mike said. It’s nauseating.

  25. Aaaaaahhh, the Poop (oops, “Poop oops the Dupe” [sorry, Betty], now where was I?… oh, yeah,) the Pope gets first whack at the virgin!!! Now, gays (oops) Guys don’t forget to use the secret rainbow mylar dispensers to cover everything…we don’t want you dirty little boys to soil the brand new Poopmobile!! (no oops!)

  26. This is actually NOT OK. It is fucking embarrassing.

    Just Me

  27. There was song composed to commemorate Lil’ Dave’s gift to his BFF.

  28. ditto me…

  29. Here’s to that Hill 10 FLAP you urgently donated $100,000 to…

  30. 😆 I can totally see it!

  31. Haydn,
    What you wrote struck a chord with me:

    …”walking on egg shells, painfully careful not to say the wrong thing or the right thing in the wrong way. They gush out enthusiasm and stroke the recipient but never cross the line over into fawning false report. They never simply say something is done or not done but go to great lengths to imply it is being done in just the right way so that the recipient’s attention won’t get hung up at that point because god help them if it did.”…

    Sums it up exactly what LIFE was like on Dear Leader’s lines, 24/7 and not just in crafting up a report. One of my realizations to GTFO of that insanity! My replacements probably had the same realizations and also GTFO!

  32. It’s disgustabarferating!

  33. OTDT, I’m a heavy sleeper & usually takes me 2-3 cups of coffee to wake up. But this morning, I am wide awake and in a state of electrification after having spent the last 10 minutes line charging and savoring every word of this, your best-ever post.

  34. wonderful, Cowboy Poet

  35. And to think that I once defended TC to my father-in-law (yellow couch incident). I should have looked more.

    ‘Scuse me, I need to puke.


  36. Tom Cruise’s Scientology Abuses!

  37. Exactly right. A writer of such reports is painfully aware of the RPF, SP declare and an expulsion if DM or Mr. Cruise are not happy with the slipper drawer. Think of the Committee of Evidences (if by chance one is held) where the members of the Committee have to scramble around to print twisted “truths” to RPF or declare someone, when the real reason was a slipper drawer which did not open when DM shouted at it, or something.

  38. Yes – the policy is and always has been clear on this, and yet we have Kate and Tom getting services at Int.

    Looking at this post from a non-emotional point of view, just as a datum to be observed, we have proof of David Miscavige violating basic LRH policies. The other Tom Cruise-related posts tell the same story:

    Mr. David Miscavige is violating basic PTS policies by pandering to a celebrity.

    One can argue that Cruise is a major force in celebrity-dom, and that power should be flowed to power (there’s that Bolivar PL again!) and that upstats should be given their Facility Differential (“Tom brings in billions of new Scientologists! That alone is worth a measily bus and airplane hangar!”)

    But this PTS Type G policy was put in place for a reason. There is a reason this is called “Potential Trouble Source.” No one can argue that Tom went from being one of the top box office draws in the history of cinema to a joke in a very short time, date coincident with this Bluebird and “Silver Screen” Bullshoi. Tom went from “Potential” to “Full On Trouble Source.” Five years later, his career is still suffering. Who knows what is happening inside the man himself (or his lovely wife).

    So, Mr. David Miscavige does not follow policy, and we see the result. Pretty clear cut.

  39. Frankly, Tony, I don’t think they are doing any conditions in the hole. I went from Treason to Non-E in about a week when I was at Flag (and I had to get signatures from over half of the land base, which was several hundred at the time, to do my Liability formula). People on the dreaded RPF when I was there were on for maybe a couple of months, and their conditions were not too much worse than the average SO member at the time.

  40. obsequious

  41. Tony DePhillips

    I know they are not doing real conditions. I am talking about the bullshit justifications that they must come up with to keep this dog and pony show afloat.

  42. Watching Eyes

    Let your friend know to keep his complaint to the State brief and to the point and don’t worry about invoices/receipts. If the cult is nothing else, they’re good at keeping records. The State will then write to someone in the cult. The cult will write back denying the request. At that point your friend writes again stating he disagrees with all the cult’s reasons. Tell him not to give up, that TR3 is key.
    If the cult has declared your friend, they’ve kicked him out. Let’s see them try to keep his IAS money.
    Don’t give up. Persist and make it a game; a fun game. It doesn’t have to be serious.

  43. OK, this really puts TC in perspective. In my military days I had to issue and collect very expensive radio equipment. I occassionaly got to see how the upper elite operate and to see how they treat each other on personal issues, comforts etc. The parallels between DM & TC are just as nauseating with the abuse of position. Complete disregard from the org structure below them as well as an almost complete obsessive (cumulative) desire to show off is a dangerous path. The hardships placed below them on the chain of command and any complaints generated produce all the phenomena of major MWHs and other destructive behaviour.
    This may simply be nauseating to some but trust me on this, those close to the comm lines of such abuse of power are the worms that can turn big time and may just be the brick in the wall for DM & TC as well. Self esteem eventually breeds retailiation.
    Thanks Marty, this type of exposure is very valuable – power to the ‘little people’.

  44. “So, Mr. David Miscavige does not follow policy, and we see the result. Pretty clear cut.”
    How true. For anyone who cared to look, back in the late 80’s just before I left the Base, DM seemed to not bother following simple org board command lines. It’s no wonder PTS policies don’t apply to him.

  45. becomingAware

    Beautiful poem.

  46. becomingAware

    “Mr. Cruise also said that when Silver Screen arrives – he is not going to set foot in it unless COB has been in it first. ”

    And the request for a slipper drawer . . .

    TC has got DM kissing his ass. TC thinks he is Entitled.


  47. ♥ Love it.

  48. Wait I’ve got a waste paper basket…..



    That’s better 🙂

    This takes obsequious to new heights or lows as the case may be.

    Guess the new tone level at int is propitiation.

    More telling is the fact that Kattie is being personally indoctrinated at the Int Base.


    Aren’t the facilities for staff?

    Yeah I know they had Fishead there for Super Power or more likely some squirrelly version of the rundown.

    (I guess now he’s persona non grata now that he’s filed bankruptcy.

    Another product of the Church of CIAontology )

    And of course Dave allowed Tom to use it for his tryst with Nicole while he was still married to Mimi while they were busting staff to the RPF for a love peck on the cheek and holding hands which is why OSA accusing Amy of being an “adulteress” ( a word I thought went out of use at about the time “The Scarlet Letter” was written) was such a touch of irony and hypocrisy.

    But I digress…..

    Well maybe one day when the public completely abandons the so called “Church” they might be able to turn Int Base into a custom Bus manufacturer.

    Anyway Marty.

    The above doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Much like pouring over redacted declassified dox revealing the depths of depravity of our “Intel” and “Law” enforcement agencies in the name of “National Security”.

    Meaning really the security of their biggest patrons and sponsors and to hell with the rest of us.

    Much like….

    The new Church which could be called the Church of Tom Cruise.

    Where he is worshipped and vetted like some kind of god every time he sets foot in the Int Base.

    “Mr. Cruise”

    Interesting what Ron says about the term mister when he abolished his Doctor title.

    Anyway as Marty says to paraphrase.

    This is what your tax….er I mean “donations” are going to.

    Do you really want to support this much blatant corruption?

  49. The descent into madness is quite something to watch.
    David Miscavige is nothing more than a street thug with no civility, no manners, no upbreeding, no conscience, no ability to see himself from any other viewpoint.

    To use his “International Event” hype~~

    DM takes the word NARCISSM to a whole new level

    Remember that scene in the movie THE UNTOUCHABLES?
    Where Al Capone takes a baseball bat and uses it on the head of one of his lieutenants at the round table.?

    Why do I get images of a private dinner in Manhatten of the highest high rollers where DM takes a fork and stabs a nearby person’s hand for mentioning Marty’s Blog ?

  50. Now you’re just giving DM ideas, you know he reads this !!!LOL…

  51. It has happened occassionally, that someone got a refund of their IAS donations. Here is a post on ESMB by a person who got a refund from the IAS:

    And here is some information from Tory on the subject of refunds:

  52. Watching Eyes

    This is a super helpful post and is read by more than you realize. Please keep this up. Good job.

  53. Tom cruise YOU willingly and knowingly are condoning and aiding Human Rights ABUSES.

    You are a dictator and liablke to become a human rights abuser yourself, IN FACT you are allready one,

    Tom cruise STOP abusing your fellow human beings.

  54. not surprisingly, these gifts to the cruise are inversely proportional to his recognition and credibility to the masses as a sane, wonderful talented actor and human being. His ratings are on the downward slide. But then look at who he’s connected to. He doesn’t have a chance unless he wakes up.

  55. What you have referenced here, Tom, is so spot on. Celebrities in general have a societal induced superiority that gives them all complexes. It cuts them off from the common man. “Let them eat cake!”

  56. Here’s COB’s reaction to your mocking song:

  57. OOPS on that Youtube link – hopefully this is the correct one…..

  58. GH,

    But even if “Facility Differential” were correct for TC driving people in it is still wrong because JT and Chick Corea have driven more people into Scientology than Mr Fairy Slippers has and never got busses built for them. Man I seen Chick, in the early ’70’s dish it out and get his ass kicked for disseminating Scientology, but he never stopped and his career didn’t tank like Tom’s did and now Katies is. And JT or Chick never got put through OT Sections at Int. So it is just PTS bullshit.

    We know DM is A-J. He is for sure Type B (Criminal) and he is Type D for sure (Responsible for Condition), Type F (Wants to be processed to see if Scientology Works), Type H (open minded), Type I (People who do not believe that anything or anyone can get better (especially Sea Org members – my own addition to this in parenthisis) and Type J (sits in judgement of Scientology).

    Can we refund him and send him packing? Oh I forgot – he never spent his own money on Scientology, not a penny. He is a freeloader of magnitude!!

    ML Tom

  59. All I can think of, when I hear of David Miscavige lavishing these very, very expensive gifts on Tom Cruise, and Tom’s adoration of Davy is “Gee, guys, get a room!”

  60. This hurts. It hurts my pride as an ex SO (I did have it!), it makes me squirm with embarassment for the current SO people, it makes me very very angry at TC and COB (corn-on-the), which I suppose is the right emotion, yay me.
    Glad to see the sanity of all of your comments, it is definitely helping my viewpoint and surely many others.

  61. Last time! COB’s reaction to mocking bus song:

    Please delete previous two posts with bad link!

  62. Tony DePhillips

    Nice Dean.

  63. I can take it for granted by your comment, and several other things you have written that there is more proof than was originally anticipated of DM being an unqualified executive. Add to that yet another customer bus for his good buddy TC.

    Having been out of Scientology for a while now and working in the so called “WOG World” one thing stands for sure. People do not, will not, tolerate incompetence like the kind DM displays. I have listened to several of your videos and you impress me as a very intelligent lady.

    It is almost unfathomable that the ethics of non Scientology society are higher than those of the Sea Org when it comes to “impeaching” dictator like rulers such as DM.

  64. Also add to that as more proof the steady DECLINE of new public into Orgs and Missions for services.

  65. Funny; when I first heard that Tom and Katie were expecting the “pitter patter of little feet,” I thought that was Suri. I didn’t realize it was actually Fearless Leader!!

  66. Fellow Traveller

    Amen to that!

    Bruce Pratt

  67. Fellow Traveller

    You are still entitled to your pride. As has been mentioned so many times, the SO one joined was so much not the SO one left behind.



    With utmost respect,
    Bruce Pratt

  68. McGins, Just so you know, LRH’s ‘Bluebird’ was not posh enough for DM and TC. LRH lived, worked, and died in his ‘Bluebird’. It was practical but definately not posh enough for TC. It would not have passed any of DM’s inspections even though it was good enough for the ‘old man’. Love

  69. GH,
    Quite right, Dear Leader transformed the Int Base at about ’89-90 to a Super CCInt whereby Scn Celebs were brought in for “case handlings” – JT, Kirstie, Lee Purcell, TC & assistant Andrea Morse, and Nicole Kidman. Bungalows called the “G-Units” at Gilman were staff berthing and the staff moved out & buildings renovated to Luxury Apartments for VIPs with full housekeeping amenities. This bypass/micromanaging does violate the command channels, hats & other policies as well aside from PTS policies.

    Coincidence: If you ask Exs who have access to viewing Int stats, these will tell you that the actual Int Stats peaked about ’90 and went downhill after that. Of course there were other factors like shutting down the successful Dianetics Campaign and ads, but it’s a factor.

  70. Anyone agreeing to pander to a schoolboy’s fantasy of having a movie star as his BFF ceased being a Sea Org Member a long time ago.

  71. Does anyone know how much $$$ TC has put into the donations programs, IAS, Ideal Orgs, etc?

  72. Azul,
    The stated purpose of the Sea Org is:
    “to get ETHICS IN on this PLANET and the UNIVERSE and fully and without reservation subscribe to the discipline , mores, conditions of this group and pledge to abide by them”
    L. Ron Hubbard FO 2912RA
    Look and see which group is currently doing the above and you may discover that the Sea Org has changed location and is now operating on a completely fabian sea 😉
    DMs ‘Sea Org’ is not the real thing. Never has been.

  73. Thank you Karen. I keep posting it because I figure there are bound to be newcomers who need the info. That in addition to others who are now to the point of demanding their money be returned. Based on what I’m hearing, today I “revised” my original post on it. That strikes me as pretty funny.

  74. Just my opinion but I see it the other way around.
    Tom seems to have some kind of God complex when it comes to DM. Most of the Bots do too. DM is the one pulling the strings here.
    Tom is hardwired in and PTS up the kazoo.

  75. Thanks Lucy. I was looking for a certain word…

  76. Tony,
    Dir Vehicles (Gold) is Yvonne Gonzalez and is pictured:
    with a striped shirt on the right. Her report on the Silver Screen is at:
    She is Ex RTC Internal Security and busted sometime in the 90’s to Dir Vehicles Gold, maintaining all of Dear Leader’s personal vehicles and bikes aside from being a Chauffeur and TC vehicles gofer.

    TC’s couch jumping episode on Oprah also occurred within months of this time in 2005 demonstrating the “high school kid” mentality! Wondering if he practiced jumping in the Bluebird or Silver Screen….

  77. OTDT, OMG I almost had a hernia laughing SO HARD! You have one wicked sense of humor!!! And I LOVE it!

  78. Marty,
    You are a strong being and I hate to see your power being wasted.
    How about putting 50% into posts about auditing and the wins available?
    LRH said Flourish and Prosper!
    GO/OSA activities are only 1 department on the org board even if they are 99% for Joseph Goebbels.
    TC is a pawn – why put attention on famous worms?
    I’d like to get OT9 and OT10 sorted out so that we can get on with what LRH wanted to achieve. I see that DM is a distraction from Scientology but I have the feeling that you grant his evil valences too much beingness.

  79. Another Knowledge Report on Tom Cruise. Hummm, that’s take a quick look at his recent ethics folder.

    1. Free use of tax exempt Sea Org members as personal household staff.

    2. Free use of tax exempt Sea Org members and their resouces to make nice buses, motorcycles, airplane hangers, office spaces, living spaces, etc.

    3. Free use of tax exempt Sea Org members to deliver over $100,000 of free auditing to family members.

    4. Extravagent parties paid for with parishioner donations.

    5. Free use of tax exempt Sea Org members to line up sexual partners, hat them as needed on what excites Tom (see the Jessica Feschbach hat write up), dump them for Tom, degrade them and finally legally silence them.

    6. Representing Scientology publicly in such a way as to further lower the repute of the most disliked “religion” in America.

    Oh, and here are a couple of reports that still need to be verified of him assaulting staff (Sea Org and non Sea Org, both female and male).

    Looks to me like this Tom Cruise guy doesn’t need a medal, he needs an ethics handling. He very well be the most out ethics public Scientologist at this time. Not surprising that his favorite boy friend is David Miscavige,
    the most out ethics and destructive Sea Org member Tom has ever met (and he met them all….).

    If I could give Tom Cruise any advice it would be to go see Marty and get his life back under control. Marty would and could help Tom and best of all – he just might do it for FREE!!!!

  80. No, Its a mutual admiration society. They kiss each other’s asses.

  81. I would like to know how Monique Yingling cashes her pay checks ~~ high six figures a year while protecting DM when is so abundantly clear that ~~

    ++++Brutality, Sadism, Unspeakable cruelty, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, inhumane 8-10 year RPF gulags, enforced disconnections between parents and their children, is ongoing, but hey, no problem ! A Paycheck is a paycheck !

    +++++How does Tom Cruise cozy up with Miscavige when there are 10’s of thousands reports in every kind of media that the “Leader at the Helm” is a predator ? BFF with a predator ?

    +++++Does Tom Cruise feel it is really okay to personally enhance his real estate, his Motor Home, his Telluride and other properties by Sea Org Members ?

    ++++++I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine. Tom Cruise’s interference with the State Department while he receives such personal INNUREMENT is scandalous.

    READ MORE (Wikileaks recent leaks)
    Wikileaks: U.S. State Dept. shills for Scientology

  82. Thanks Sarge. As I suspected. I once had a chance to see the inside of LRH’s Bluebird but for some reason was unable to make it. Wish I had.

  83. TroubleShooter

    “I know they could just leave the base but I feel sorry for them nevertheless.”

    I want to ensure I understood you because I thought that they weren’t free to just leave the base. ?

  84. More than nauseating is the fact that REAL Sea Org members have to be subjected to the possiblity of while on post having to take orders from Tom Cruise. WTF? There is a why there. That is not what Scientology is supposed to be all about. One does not take orders in the Sea Org from a public person.

  85. Oh, that is RICH!!

  86. W.E.,

    Thanks for this advice starting a few months ago. I had been trying to get a refund with a large CoS in SoCal, and they were dragging their feet for ten months. I finally wrote to the Attorney General’s Office witht he complaint form, and within two months I had the refund check in my hand.

    I’m planning to do the same thing with the “patron” money that I gave to the IAS under the false pretense that they were “protecting” Scientology and Scientologist (before being made aware of how the money supports the criminality at the top of Scientology). If you have any additional suggestions on dealing with the IAS, please pass them on.


  87. Tom, of course – Facility differential does not apply at all to Public, but I sure have heard it as a justifier for bending over backwards for Tom Cruise and other celebrities.

    People like you who can think with the tech see right through this.

  88. Right – missed the quotes.

    This whole thing reeks of high school. This is one big Tom Sawyer game, except that it is real, and Tom Sawyer was essentially a nice kid.

  89. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

    Thank you Marty, you’re truly wearing your IG Ethics hat.

  90. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic poem, Dean

  91. Scott Campbell

    Excellent post, Tom. The parasite is being true to it’s nature – killing it’s host.

  92. Scott Campbell

    Sounds like “man-crush madness” to me.

  93. Scott Campbell

    Who’s the mole, Dave?

  94. Ralph – My understanding is that the Casablanca site is to concentrate on wins, etc. like you suggest. I think Marty addressed this point. That being said, this blog has a function which is intrinsically wrapped up in Dept 20 (Existence) issues and it also spreads into Dept 21 (Source) and Dept 19 (Conditions). This blog, by its very nature, has a lot of fly paper to stick to and that has to do with unsticking what is stuck. Yeah – a lot of people are stuck and if they weren’t stuck they’d be doing auditing, etc like you suggest. I think stuck needles are a part of routine auditing. You just keep going and it will eventually loosen and F/N.
    And always remember, seriousness = mass.

  95. Maybe this has been stated umpteen times before, but isn’t this right out of the Leadership test? And if I’m correct (you know, it’s been a while since I’ve graded any of these) isn’t answering “Yes” to the question about celebrities being given special treatment and instant out-qual for an executive post?

    Good grief. It’d be more laughable if there weren’t real people being abused in the process…

  96. one of those who see

    Just beautiful. Thank you.

  97. OK, now THIS I have to hear:
    “Oh, and here are a couple of reports that still need to be verified of him assaulting staff (Sea Org and non Sea Org, both female and male).”

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  98. Matt,
    Good eye.

    Tom Cruise has an ethics blind spot at least as big as a Bluebird bus.

  99. TS,

    JB jumped the wall as did others before him. I think the prison walls are more mental than physical for many at the Int Base.

  100. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Sinar,
    Yeah, I wonder about a lot of things that may be going on in that bus…

  101. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe M-C-M is the real reason t-gun was jumping for joy!

  102. Watching Eyes

    Margaret, this is very good info to have. I didn’t know the Atty Gen’s office in CA was getting involved. I was under the impression they wouldn’t do anything. This obviously isn’t the case. People need to keep writing to them.

    I guess I’ll need to revise my revised info. LOL I’m happy to do it. And I’m delighted that you got your money back!

    As I keep saying, the cult HATES to be on the radar of any gov agency. Don’t give up, keep writing those complaints and don’t let it get to you.

  103. Look, I’ll give TC a break here. When I was running the Manor renos, TC cAlled me up and asked me if I needed money for the renos. I said “Of course, I always need money.” He said “Great, I’m sending you a check for $69K”. And he did. Two weeks later I got the same call from him and he sent me the same amount again. It’s not that he isn’t generous, he is. He has been horribly corrupted by DM. It’s straight out of the LRH tape of forcing mest on people so that you then put them in an out-exchange and then you can control them. Every time I met TC he has been genuine and sincere. But now DM has corrupted him so much, he is acting like an idiot.

    This is going to be hard to get folks to believe, but I always see the best in people, except DM – there I am blind.

    ML Tom

  104. Watching Eyes

    Regarding the IAS: here are some things to keep in mind.
    1. If you look at the CA Atty Gen’s site and pull up the IAS, you’ll see they haven’t filed a tax return in ages. Why is that?
    2. The IAS isn’t even registered in the state of Florida yet they’re raking in millions from their Florida offices. The IAS will probably say they’re registered in CA and just send “tours” to FL. Baloney! They had offices set up in the Ft Harrison building. That’s far from a “tour”. Florida will be interested to know what’s really going on.
    3. They have refunded money in the past; Tory got hers back around the year 2000. The Barnes’ got theirs. The point being by returning those monies, the IAS set a precedent so can NOT say those monies aren’t refundable.
    4. The IAS will say you signed forms agreeing that the money wasn’t refundable. Well, perhaps so. But, and it’s a BIG but, that money was given because of intense pressure along with certain promises of what the money was going to be used for: taking out the psychs, handle Germany, commercials etc. etc. Each individual will remember what promises were made and not kept. I don’t see how the IAS can hold it’s ex-parishioners to signed forms when they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain.
    5. Another thing, the IAS’ continual pressure to upgrade a membership status could be viewed as a bait & switch. It’s not totally it per the definition but it’s close enough and the beauty is that any consumer protection agency fully understands bait & switch so will immediately understand the intense pressure aspect.
    6. In your complaint tell the gov agency what the money has been spent on. By going back through this blog you’ll find a whole variety of things DM spent the money on ranging from his tanning bed, Cruise’s buses, Cruises motorcycle, and many other items supporting DM’s lavish lifestyle. In IRS-speak it’s called inurement and it’s not a good thing.
    Go for it!

  105. OK Matt:

    I need to quote you on just one thing here:

    “5. Free use of tax exempt Sea Org members to line up sexual partners, hat them as needed on what excites Tom (see the Jessica Feschbach hat write up), dump them for Tom, degrade them and finally legally silence them.”

    This is NOT directed at you, but anyone that feels as though Tom Cruise is sexually competitive or that by not engaging in sex with Tom one is committing an “overt of omission” of sorts. Holy mackeral. I would say “Go get your head checked out!” I know a whole bunch of foxy chics. I asked one of them what she thought of Tom Cruise. Guess what she said? “Tom Cruise? Not really my type!”

  106. Mat says, “Oh, and here are a couple of reports that still need to be verified of him assaulting staff (Sea Org and non Sea Org, both female and male).”

    Where? When? What? Who?

  107. TC: “So, Dave, man…..I did EXACTLY as you said. I hopped on Oprah’s couch. I ripped Mat Lauer a new one on national TV. I shut down that drugged-out slut, Brooke Shields and her postpartum-depression-look-at-me-I’m-a-victim bullshit. I told the world EXACTLY what they need to think about psychiatry. And I knocked-up Kate so that she’d have to marry my ass for all the juicy PR it would bring.”

    DM: “Yes, Tom, you were absolutely BRILLIANT! You were PERFECT! So…….what’s your point, my DEAREST friend?”

    TC: “Well…..I just wanna know…….when do I get my seventy fucking VIRGINS already!?!?!”

  108. 31 Factors, Marty you are absolutely right about:
    “Thirty One
    Miscavige’s out ethics has gone unchecked for so long that his behavior has become extremely depraved. In recent years he has directed the org that LRH formed to assure the ethical practice of the religion, RTC, to literally pimp and pander for his movie star friends. A number of women have been unwittingly lured into this scheme by being told they were working on a very important project to forward the aims of Scientology. In reality, Miscavige arranged dates with them for his personal friends. This activity was kept secret by violation of the integrity and security of Scientologists’ confessionals, threats, intimidation, and the attempted division of families.”

  109. “Oh, and here are a couple of reports that still need to be verified of him assaulting staff (Sea Org and non Sea Org, both female and male).”

    I am sure, Tommy Davis can attest to the number of times he was beaten by Tom Cruise.
    Tom Cruise operates in David Miscavige’s valance.

  110. thx Valkov much appreciated, I have quite a bit in both sectors

  111. In the wake of Michael Fairman’s announcement this week, I cannot help but think that this latest Cruise revelation will put a spark in the mind of another prominent Scientologist who will soon be appearing in this blog.

    I just cannot wait to see who that may be. One thing I am quite sure of is that there will be more. I think we are just getting warmed up on the celebrity defections. And at what point will the number of defections cause a group inside the church to force DM out? Despots rarely sit comfortably in the same place for long. If only Heber could address the staff at Int, and using his standing in the eyes of many, organize a walk out, or mutiny. The church would come to a standstill. Then they could put DM in the SP hall and get something done.

    Yea, okay, I know. It wont happen. But, I can dream can’t I? The other day I had a vision of Heber standing on a beach with Marty. Heber was happy.

    Long live the legacy of LRH, and its current guardians, the independent field.


  112. Watching Eyes;
    Can you tell me where to write if I gave money while aboard the FreeWinds?
    I also gave in California. I don’t what the IAS to have any of the money I donated!

  113. Karen,

    Why wouldn’t they shill for one of their best Intel assets?

    The Church of Scientology and a lot of other sects is a convenient cat’s paw for US Intelligence activities.

    Anyone who doesn’t know this hasn’t studied history.

    I doubt if the “Man Behind Scientology” is aware of this point.

    Since he isn’t aware of too much really and as far as history is concerned the guy is blissfully ignorant.

    So I’d say any participation on his part would be unwitting in the extreme.

    Not that I have any sympathy for the OPC former Gestapo or the FSB former KGB.

    Also I think her rhetoric about Scientology being a “terrorist organization” is over the top as in inflammatory hyperbole.

    When was the last time a group of Scientologist flew a fuel laden plane into a sky scraper or detonated a bomb?

    Plus she obviously has an A=A on what supposedly constitutes a religion by grabbing a copy of the “Hard Sell Pack” and assuming that this is the philosophy of Scientology.

    Wasn’t it just over sixty years ago that their predecessors claimed that Judaism wasn’t really a religion?

    Personally I refuse to include such people as “allies” since I find their intolerance odious in the extreme and I found myself more sympathetic to the State Department’s point of view than hers.

    Just because they are our enemy’s enemy does not necessarily mean they are our “friends”.

  114. “….without reservation subscribe to the discipline , mores, conditions of this group and pledge to abide by them”

    This sentence in som,ewhat a different form maybe is used by many a group in history.

  115. Just moments after reading this post I received an email from the IAS, asking for donations to help “mobilize hundreds of VMs” to the flooded regions of Queensland and Victoria in Australia.

    Sick just doesn’t even cover it.

  116. I disagree.
    Let’s not get the PTSes mixed up with the SPs.
    Tom if you or any of your family (Mary Lee, Lee Anne, Cass, Marian, Katie) are reading this out of concern for what is being said about Tom, the intention is to help.
    Again my opinion:
    1. Marty is using ethics gradients on Tom.
    2. Ethics is used to help a person cognite, not as a weapon.
    3. DM is the SP. Not Tom.

  117. In 2005 he was listed in the Impact Mag as “Gold Meritorious”.
    I think its 5 Million Dollars donation. Maybe they returned the 10%
    commission directly back to him. *looooool. (Or Miscavice received the 10% and gave it back).

  118. Ralph
    De PTSing bots and helping those in doubt come up through the conditions is every bit as valid a use of Scientology Technology as chasing the ever elusive upper OT Levels.
    I think the rave success stories and wins from people becoming DePTSed are testiment enough to the fact that:
    a. Marty is not wasting a second of his time.
    b. Many people are beginning to flourish and prosper as a result of being De PTSed and leaving the ‘church’.
    c. Exposing a persons crimes does not equal ‘granting an evil valence beingness’. That statement has no basis in fact. But I’m sure Marty enjoyed the evaluation.

  119. Sheesh …

    Slippers ?!?!

    What happened to creating a few AUDITORS & CLEARS/OTs??

    Reminds me of that line:

    ‘When SLIPPERS get important for us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up Central Headquarters’.

  120. Tom M — Some years ago, I was contacted by an IAS reg for $. This was after the COB/Tom Cruise IAS event. I was asked by this reg, “Don’t you want to be like Tom Cruise?” I said “no.” This, however, is an interesting point of view to present to a prospect. Almost like, if you give $ to the IAS, you might be on stage with COB. It’s really a different flow from G in the policy on Sources of Trouble you site above. It’s almost a reverse flow as we now see from further data. COB builds Tom Cruise so others can strive to be like him? Honestly, I don’t need a stage, a name in lights, a field of flowers, an airplane hangar or a bus. Hallelujah!!

  121. Ralph – We had a huge snow storm last night in NY leaving 10 inches. While I found myself shoveling at 5:30am, aided by a spontaneous Mexican who offered his help in these strange hours, I thought about your post after having posted the previous night. It occurred to me that you there is significant failed purpose with regard to the LRH doctrine of clearing the planet. While I do not want to be overly negative or even negative period, experience has taught me that this is not too far-fetched from teaching animals how to read. I could be wrong, but I think the majority of people who read this board will not significantly participate in “clearing the planet” in the sense we recognized as staff members. They might audit and help others but much of it will be recovery. In any event, it won’t be the same. I think the people who will be dedicated to the letter are very small. Eventually, most people will just “get on with life.” If that includes dyanamically auditing people, so be it. We are in a new paradigm. All that being said, I think the most magnificent aspect of the Upper OT Levels have not been properly recognized and certainly not evaluated for intelligent use. I believe the meanderings or Ray Mithoff and even the LRH notes that remain are table scraps that have been left from a magnificent banquet that was prepared for a Messiah or King who never showed up at the banquet. The magnificent aspect I am referring to is what LRH referred to blatantly in an HCO P/L one time and was reiterated in a confidential OT VIII issue (I believe it was green on white but not sure) that surfaced on the net and was typed by ldv (Lynn Visk). In the non confid HCO P/L, LRH talked about failed purpose being behind the original OT VIII (cause over MEST). In other words, rehabing the failed purpose. Each one of us has a purpose in life. When it is rehabbed and we are in alignment with it, we do not get too concerned about what other people might be doing or saying, etc.
    Some accuse of LRH of implanting goals or purposes into our lives. I would not go that far as that view denies one’s personal repsonsibility. I did realize, however, that I joined the Sea Org for three reasons. #1) It was my life’s purpose to be in that organization. I knew it. #2) The gains I had experienced with exteriorization (full blown) convinced me LRH had a remarkable insight and know-how and joining this incredible movement was the least I could do. #3) I decided to adopt LRH’s goals for the planet and purpose of the Sea Org as I considered he knew best.
    Now I would tell you that #1) was true but WAS is the operative word. It was my purpose but not now. #2) was logical at the time and I do not regret it. That was THEN. It ran its course and delivered me to my life’s currrent purpose. #3) I considered to be true for the time I was in. I even saw that when I left. Looking back, it is obvious to me that LRH miscalculated in several areas. That is not an invalidation of him or his work and my comment is not particularly targetted at the tech. I have not examined the Upper OT Levels with any sort of scrutiny. I took the OT III materials with a grain of salt with regard to being literally true (literal truth is not so high on the tone scale) but I accepted them with the creative/intuitive side of my brain and did spectacularly well with it. My biggests win occurred on that level. After DM took over, I knew the CofS was cooked and left sometime after you did. At some point, I realized that LRH’s goals were not quite exactly my goals. Yes, I would like to see everyone audited up to a certain case level, etc. You might say I became master of my own domain and this coincidentally happened at the same time LRH went off line. Of course, goals were a big part of Scn in the early Sixties and it has been suggested to me that LRH went off the rails with his own goals on goals processing. One of his old adjutants told me that. Not my assertion. In any event, when you spot the goal and rehab the failed purpose, the counter-intention flies away. I do believe there will be a “clearing” of the planet so to speak but it will not occur in the way that people might think.
    In any event, I hope the Cannibals don’t get in your way or eat you. And don’t forget, Christianity is based upon a cannibalistic rite of eating the body of the Savior. “A cleared Christian is a cleared Christian!”

  122. Tony DePhillips

  123. Tony DePhillips

    Sorry tc I’m not on board “just like the rest of you”.

  124. Watching Eyes

    For Freewinds money use the Florida gov offices because their main office is in Clearwater, Pinellas County. I listed two Florida agencies in my comment above. Either one will do. The agency will contact the Freewinds (or the cult’s attorney) and the Freewinds will reply to the agency. Just make sure if you’re not happy with the answer you get back that you persist, write back and let them know why you’re not happy. If you’ve got money on account they have to return it. Period.

    re IAS: use the info listed in the comment above.

  125. I laugh when you say they’re good at keeping records. Not in my experience, and they say they have records but if you look closely at the accounts you will find a lot of mistakes of things charged that you never received (10 dianetics books from an org that I never bought one item from the bookstore), an org that charged me for a Tr’s course that I have never taken nor even asked about. The finance system at any org I ever had contact with is pure madness and anyone who recognizes PTSness would know that one of the simplest indicators of a troubled org is problems in the finance area. It has only gotten worse through the years not better. My response to anyone getting a runaround in getting refunds or you feel like the amounts are not correct, ask for the signed receipts that you actually authorized a purchase whether it is a book or a service. If they don’t have that, they are screwed and cannot provide documentation to any government authority backing up their claims.

  126. Thanks, Tom, for that. The corruption and exploitation of genuine help flows is the hallmark of Mr. David Miscavige.

  127. No come on everybody! Tom Ctuise is entitled to his entitlements!!

  128. Reports or evidence?

  129. It might be worth doing the research and writing a booklet that provides information on points like:

    How to see someone in the Sea Org.

    How to effectively get off a Scientology mailing list.

    How to get a family member out of the Sea Org.

    How to get your various donations back from the Sea Org.

    How to handle various attacks from the Sea Org.

    Basically how to get you money and life back once Scientology has
    gotten its claws into you.

  130. Who here thinks, as I do, that other celebs are indeed studying this blog, secretly, in present time?

  131. VM’s who are not properly trained in disaster aid, will not be self-sufficient as to their own supplies and upkeep (as was the case after the Haiti earthquake) and will almost certainly receive no or minimal actual financial assistance from the IAS. According to reports I read, many VM’s in Haiti were stranded and had to finance their own return trips home, too.
    The Great IAS Scam continues.
    Michael A. Hobson

  132. Metaqual, nice treatise, however, I believe you are mistaken in your asseement on who wants to clear the planet. LRH said it is neccessary. Anyhone who has fully duplicated OT III understands the importance of such a task and why it is neccessary (25,000 Atom Bombs on this little planet??). Auditors have a drive to clear people.

    Auditors are the key. If you make auditors in abundance and make sure that they keep winning, the planet will clear itself. This I am sure of. One thing that real auditors love to do is make others well and happy. There are shitloads of doctors nurses, psychiatrists out there who are frustrated because their goal to help people is thwarted by lack of workable tech. These people would jump at the chance to audit once the wins of pcs were made abundantly public. You would have to personally clear another to see how easy and fun it is.

    Two and a half percent of this planet will try to stop the clearing of the planet. This is why they were put on this planet in the first place. This is what little Davie is all about and this is what we are trying to handle because he is the first obstacle. LRH devised the Sea Org to handle this 2.5 percent but Davie made the Sea Org into a joke to the laughing audience of the world.

    ML Tom

  133. I like Wikileaks, and I’ll settle for criminal organization in case of the Church.

    And the US always helps those organizations that are or have been helpfull to the CIA past or present.

    So let’s slap the US state departement on the fingers. how ? By being vigilant. With what ? The Internet damnit !

  134. Didn’t he buy that Title from a Californian diploma factory ?

  135. Another minor factor is that around that time Int management was supplanted by Der Leader.

  136. Can’t help……myself…….must post this:

    Jonathan Coulton – Tom Cruise Crazy – Austin TX

  137. Great post Centurion!

    Dittos all the way.

  138. “Mr. Cruise also said that when Silver Screen arrives – he is not going to set foot in it unless COB has been in it first. ”

    Are you kidding? How gay is that?

    Is this how he has handled his wives too? Sorry, bad taste, but it still made me laugh.

  139. DM is the SP but unfortunately TC hates SP’s the most and is thus most scared of them, has the least confront on them and thus goes most effect of them. The less confront the more overts, the lower confront, the more effect, etc. Thus he empowers the greatest SP to his utmost ability. Of course he is PTS but his antics create just about the most harmful effects imaginable.

    No government has been able to crush Scientology but huge donations have worked the effect. Most energy is devoted to making the upper Bridge completely unavailable to anyone while turning OT’s into spineless jellyfish. All those OT’s know something is wrong but their tools to correct the situation are wiped out.

    The only thing to fear is fear itself, the only thing that keeps one introverted is non confront. It’s in the Pro TR’s and any Scientologist knows that non confront is the basis of inability and suffering. Scared of their own inability to confront they put more oil on the fire and confront dwindles further down, etc.

    They’re so scared to loose the Bridge themselves that they are the very ones to loose it. It’s the same thing as war, terrorism, Mexican flu, etc. The horrible faith is so bad that it must be avoided at all costs, it must be non confronted or else; the very basic mechanism of the bank that got us here in the first place, the shades in the lake.

    Raising confront is just about the very best solution. Every day people recognize and confront the evil through this board and speak out. For TC to raise his confront and start his dePTSing cycle, a comm line should be found and he should be able to get the real PTS Tech while not being evaluated that his BFF is an SP.

    All dePTSing starts with education in standard PTS Tech which is of course wiped out in Davey’s Catastrophedral. Because he can’t look on the internet and is not allowed to even talk about super SP’s like us, let alone talk to us, we can only use the comm lines he can or has to listen to, like the courts and media; the first one setting up the latter which has the greatest effects.

  140. BLEED the IAS dry with claims and refunds please.

  141. Adding to the problem instead of being part of the solution.

  142. It’s the most effective implanted thought stopper ever, able to keep hundreds of millions in war.

  143. I agree with you CD.

    As far as I’m concerned Assange is performing a public service.

    Let’s not forget that many of these leaks are from frustrated whistle blowers who have tried to handle the matter internally and were rebuffed.

    Like many Scientologists who are posting here on this board.

  144. Idle Org — I think, as you do, that other celebs are indeed studying this blog, secretly, in present time. What got me doing so is an SO member said to me, “We’re under attack.” That was such news to me and it perked my interest to find out about the “attack.” Once I broke through that ‘you must not browse the Internet’ rule, I began an in depth study and found out lots of useful information (as well as not-so-useful information, I will admit). I’m not a celebrity but I am an Independent. H

  145. More disinfo CD.

    Actually anyone who graduated the Professional Course and who was ordained by either the Church of Scientology or the Church of American Science became a Doctor of Divinity which is the title granted to all Theologians of any particular religion.

    Ron was granted the title after being ordained by J Burton Farber the original founder of the Church of Scientology of California in 1954 and therefore he had every right to use it.

    Something the so called critics (many who seem to have the same historical acumen as say…. Miscavige) are either blissfully unaware of or intentionally omit because they have some ax to grind.

    Just as they either omit or are blissfully unaware of Ron’s service in the ONI when they post sheep dipping as if it were his actual “military record”.

    I suggest if they want any understanding of how this process works that they read WEB Griffith’s series on the OSS particularly the first two books in the “Men at War” series.

    BTW not everything posted on the internet is accurate or even true.

    Wikipedia is a perfect example of this fact.

  146. Yeah that was about the same time Ted Koppel was validating this insane delusion of his that he was the “Religious Leader” of Scientology.

    Think Joan of Arc in drag with a lower intellect.

  147. Stephan Akilati

    My new song to sing while in the Southern California traffic jams….’thanks!

  148. I gotta agree with some of your points, RJ.
    Germany is a different culture and for Caberta to assert, if she really did, that “Germany is a free country” by contrast to the US is ludicrous. Germany does not have separation of Church and State compared to the US. Yes, on paper it exists, but in fact the State supports the Lutheran and Catholic churches, and other churches are “second class”.
    Germany is not more “free” than the US in any way, at best it could be called “different”. Here is an article that touches on these issues:
    “While both the “Weimar Constitution” of 1919 and the West German Grundgesetz of 1949 formally proclaimed the separation of church and
    state, they also established a special relationship with the Catholic and Protestant (i.e. Lutheran/Reformed) Churches. For example, the
    constitution not only gives the churches tax-free status, mandates religious instruction in public schools, and permits the state to
    finance church-owned schools, hospitals, and charities, it also calls upon the state to levy special church taxes on members in lieu of

    It’s really not much different than in Russia, where the State under Putin has been a big financial supporter of the Russian Orthodox church.

    The US State Department may have “other reasons” in the case of the CoS, but freedom of religion can be of legitimate concern in many countries, as very few have the kind of separation of Church and State the US has.

  149. I used to really be attracted to Monique Ying Ling. I thought she was sophistocated, sexy, educated. It is evident she coaches Tommy Davis on what to say many times from the footage I have seen of him and her. Whereas I still admire her intellectually, she needs to come a long way in order to come to terms with the kind of corruption she supports.

    Especially at her income level in Scientology, reported to be a 6 figure salary.

  150. martyrathbun09

    So did DM. Try 7 figure by now.

  151. martyrathbun09

    Wikipedia has an accuracy rate equal to or higher than Encyclopedia Brittanica.

  152. I’ll add that to my dictionary as the concept is appropriate for this subject!

  153. Absolutely right, Marty. Years ago, Wikipedia was subject to one-sidedness. However, Wikipedia entries are now subject to much heavier peer and multiple-viewpoint reviews. Wikipedia is also updated many, many times more often then EB. Research librarians used to ‘dis Wikipedia. They now tout it as a valid encyclopedic reference.

    Just Me

  154. OT DT

    Your satire is quite brilliant.
    You could be earning major 6 figures as a writer for “Saturday Night Live”

    Please Carry On !

  155. One thing is for sure Marty, she certainly makes good money. But then again, so did Jim and Tammy Faye Baker! 🙂

  156. Regardless of the use of ‘Dr’ as a result of scientology and religion, LRH *did* award himself a PhD via the diploma mill known as Sequoia University. See the bottom of this section of the wikipedia article:

    LRH claimed at one point to be a nuclear physicist, which he was not. He flunked out of college after two years and never had a college degree.

  157. For those who would like all the details of what I wrote in my post:

    Realize that while an individual may feel comfortable telling Amy and or I things such as I have stated, it would be up to them to make the details of the incident public.

    Consider that working for Tom Cruise or having a relationship with him
    is most likely going to involve signing legal gag agreements. Also when a person is victimized it tends to be traumatic, embarassing and personal. Blowing the whistle on a celeb goes public and can really affect the victims private and personal life.

    My post was intended for David Miscavige, Tommy Davis and Tom Cruise. They will know exactly what I am referring to. They will know that their closet of dark secrets is spilling out. If nothing else it may act as ethics pressure to slow up their criminal acts. For Tom Cruise, maybe, just maybe he’ll confront how off the rails he is and take the responsibility to make a change.

    Don’t worry. All the cards will be played out at the proper time, as needed……

  158. @ 1:40 is where some Pete Townsend windmill chords should go.

  159. “Wikipedia has an accuracy rate equal to or higher than Encyclopedia Brittanica.”

    Not according to Emerald Research:

    Btw having a neutral POV.

    A claim that is contradicted by the fact that they label anything that is not an “orthodox” Science a “pseudo”science.

    But I guess you can get with that if you are a “pseudo” encyclopedia.

    Just like you can get away with libel as well:

    For the same reason.

    Actually it was the libelous assault against Daniel Brandt a parapolitical researcher that made me realize that the Wikipedia was less an “Encyclopedia” and more a battlefield for information warfare.

    Sorry but I’ll stick with the Encyclopedia Britannica or even better go to the actual source.

    On the lighter side of this debate:,200

  160. they didn’t allow camera in the room.

  161. Well said Valkov,

    Not much I can add to that except that I’m sure that everyone in the OPC isn’t a raving nut case like Ursula and do their job which is protecting the Constitution which is supposed to include religious freedom.

    Actually John Le Carre wrote an excellent story about such an officer in his novel “A Most Wanted Man”.

    We both know that FSB is composed mostly of former KGB (much like OSA is mostly old GO) but even so according to Max Hauri they tread pretty lightly on religious liberty.

    Anyway the more I read about Ursula and her blatant intolerance the more I’ve come to dislike her.

    Of course there are always those independents that think the best course is sign a deal with the Devil.

    Val if you want to get in touch with me for some heavy discussions you can always reach me at archangel88(AT)hushmail(DOT)com.



  162. Thanks Sidewinder. I asked because according to my theory of DM’s overall plan, he is looking for wealthy patrons for his “cathedrals” – the Ideal Orgs, and is quite willing to let all other orgs and missions go under because he doesn’t want any Auditors or Clears made. So all he needs are a relative few wealthy corporate donors who contribute yearly, to keep himself in the style to which he is accustomed as “Pope”. I thought TC might fit the bill as one of these kind of “patrons”.

  163. Mat Pesch says:::

    Basically how to get you money and life back once Scientology has gotten its claws into you.

    I have pondered long and hard at how DM”s CULT use octopus tentacles with suction pads on each tentacle to hang on for a dear life an ex- parishioner or staff member who is DONE.

    It is OBSCENE
    It is compulsive /obsessive and CREATES more animosty, more enemies, more Internet rah rah than anything I can think of.

    ++++People have left and written the kind of letter that should get them DEADFILED obsessively get phone calls to buy BASICS
    and continuous bulk mailings .

    ++++There is a DO NOT call number, but it apparently does not work, calls are made because the staff member is under SLEEP DEPRIVATION if he does not make his QUOTA.


    It if walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it is DUCK !
    ++++ If an SO member asks to leave or depart, FLAGRANTLY against LRH policy where it is explicitly stated that the route out is to be gone in 24 /48 hours, DM’s cult hangs on to them for MONTHS and MONTHS if not a couple of years. Carefully making sure that the internal abuses will not be broadcast. Every Sea Org withold must be covered up and the sec check and Pysch Ops on the route-out begins.
    ++++++Legal documents must be signed on Video cameras by enforcement with OSA Legal and others not visible by video camera, but there, nevertheless.
    +++++++If you do flee, Organized Packs of wolves are trained to pursue you. This is called “BLOW DRILL”. Dozens of staff are mobilized, and in some cases PIs (hey ! there’s lots of a Money $$$$$$ ~~ this is 501C3 TAX FREE Freeloader on the Public) PIs and other staff members are hired to track the person down and bring the person back.

    +++++It was much worse for a couple of decades where people like Maureen Bolstad was tackled to the floor by the thuggery of Security Guards and kidnapped back against her will.

    ++++When John Brousseau blew last year they sent 20 Int staff and unknown numbers of PIs to Texas to try to get him back.

    ++++++They sent a posse of INT STaff and Mike Rinder’s relatives to waylay him in a Parking lot YEARS after he had fled, still attacking, still carrying out the insane orders or the Reptilian

    ++++++Instead of casting me to the winds when I hooked up with Marty and Mike and made some anonymous posts, the Vampire Culture made sure they would connect with me by putting up hate websites on me, with fabricated hateful OSA feedback.

    +++++++They further connected with me by making an anonymous phone call to claim I was child slave trafficking to my CPA.

    ++++++As a result of that vicious anonymous phone call, I have made sure that every law enforcement agency known to Man or Beast knows the tactic of their DIRTY TRICKS and how they use LAW ENFORCEMENT for their despicable acts. I am betting these ANONYMOUS phone calls has ceased as a tactic.

    I loved Isaac Newton for saying


    I loved LRH for saying


  164. martyrathbun09

    The reference DOES NOT say that LRH awarded himself a diploma. Does one need to be recognized by a college to be a nuclear physicist? You’ve got an interesting lie factory working.

  165. Here’s some recently discovered footage that explains WHY they go to such lengths to placate DM. It’s what happens if he even imagines they might fail to please him:

  166. Good points Tom. Thanks for your astute response. With regard to OT III, these were very poorly duplicated by many key staff. By their very nature, these materials would be difficult if not impossible to duplicate. I wish you success in your efforts to continue clearing.

  167. Scott Campbell

    Ann Howe,

    While the wives and others did “put up with it”, they all had the same question:

    Is it in yet?

  168. one of those who see

    Wonderful DFB!!! I just love the artistic collaboration. Light, wonderful theta.

  169. one of those who see

    Hi Tom,
    You wrote “Every time I met TC he has been genuine and sincere. But now DM has corrupted him so much, he is acting like an idiot. ”
    I have to agree. Tom’s reputation was wonderful. His career was doing great. Then something changed. It does seem to me it is his close association with DM, that has hurt him.
    I believe DM has latched onto to quite the OT. I hope Tom can get enough space so he can begin to see the truth.

  170. As a side note: I am so glad, Yvonne Jentzsch doesn’t have to witness any of these going ons. But then, she never took any nonsense from some young “senior”.

  171. one of those who see

    Perfect. LOL!!!

  172. Martin,

    I see you spend too much time reading Wikipedia instead of going to the actual source.

    Do you actually have a copy of Hubbard’s college records that says he “flunked out of” GWU?

    (crickets chirping)

    I didn’t think so.

    I also doubt if you have a copy of his alleged diploma from Sequoia University either.

    As they say “It’s only rumors.”

    Come back when you have some facts.

    Which really means:

    “Hasta la vista baby”

  173. “Your fee is supporting and continuing the greatest hope that man had ever had and the orgs and people vital to its survival and increase. Your fee does what it takes to get the job done.” — LRH, What Your Fees Buy, Auditor #51, 1970.

    I have to admit that fancy motorcycles, an airplane hangar, and a pimped out bus with a fancy slipper drawer, all for a downstat Hollywood actor, isn’t exactly what I believed Church Management would have in mind with regards to “getting the job done”.

    “…we frown on money-motivation like a thundercloud.” — LRH, What Your Fees Buy, Auditor #51, 1970

    Where is Church Management on the Motivation Scale? Really.

  174. Ann – I always look forward to your measured comments. Your recent bluntness leaves me splitting a rib…

  175. Very expensive idea. BUT…there remains the question…will Tom pay for Dave or will Dave pay for Tom or will Tom pay him and Dave or will Dave pay for him and Tom?

    To be continued…

  176. 🙂 My guess? Dave pays with Tom’s money.

  177. If Yvonne were alive, DM would have been spanked (nicely! 🙂 ) and we would be in a totally different place.

    Yvonne was a ray of pure sunshine.

  178. Asange lives in a glass cage, always has people looking in. In a way he is condammned to be an atention seeker. Without the spotlight focussed on him he will disappear to reappear in a US prison.

    I deffiniatly do not want to walk in his shoes.

    remind you of someone ?

  179. And yes the Whistleblowers like that Manning should not be forgotten. Being disturbed in his sleep in his cell every 5 minutes.

  180. Well I’ll tell you what changed.

    Thanks to Miscavige’s insidious black propaganda he dumped Mimi who was a long time Scientologist and the daughter of founding Scientologists who happened to be personal friends of Ron and Mary Sue and took up with Nicole who was as PTS Type H as it gets.

    Not to mention the other practices she was involved in.

    Never the fact that her parents were antagonistic to Scientology meaning she was Type A as well.

    Not only that but Miscavige turned Int Base into a seedy motel by not only condoning but aiding and abetting the illicit affair the two were having.

    Even creating a field of daffodils using Int Base staff for the two love birds to romp in.

    Instead of the “Man Behind Scientology”. He could more accurately described as Tom’s pimp.

    And he’s been pimping for Tom ever since.

    The bus is just another example of Dave’s pimping.

    Sure Tom may be PTS to Dave but its because of his overts.

  181. I agree.

    I just scanned the comment the first time.

    Now that I actually read it I’m like….


    Good’n Ann 🙂

  182. Tory Christman

    Teamwork? “church” …..this says it all.

  183. Right RJ, the usual federal intel agents are quite clever amd well trained in invest (on their level). 14 years ago I spoke to some on a fecris event in France. Also Caberta was there. And she is really nuts. I checked some buttons while havin a trivial chat with her: Spritual freedom, self improvement, dissemination. Those items caused horrible pain in her mouse brain.*lool I could see the insanity in her eyes. If you want to meet a real SP, she is. ARC

  184. Martin Padfield

    Indeed he does. I was intrigued to see him say at the 2005 IAS event at St Hill that he “ruthlessly puts ethics in on himself”. Even at the time, as an uneducated bot it didn’t ring true, nor the menace with which he said it. I referenced his comment in a letter to him in 2009 with regards to his association with possibly the most ethics cat in the history of Scientology. I still await his reply… Back to work…

  185. Martin Padfield

    At 2.12 “…and I won’t hesitate to put ethics in on some one else…because I put it in ruthlessly on myself.”
    Maybe he’ll assign himself to the RPF.

  186. Thanks Cat Daddy, Austin is the “Live Music Capitol of the World” and it looks like you found some good “live music”. I love living in Austin and the wonderful music venues are a big part of it! Hope to see you here some time!
    ML, LM

  187. Dear Hewhowas,
    I knew Yvonne and loved her very much. Yes, she would be horrified at the current scene. She has a namesake with whom I have been in comm that looks very much like her. Yvonne was her grandmother, but this girl was born after Yvonne’s passing. She is a very lovely young lady, but I do not think she is a Scientologist.
    Does anyone out there have the vinyl 33 rpm recording of Yvonne Jentzsch doing “The Factors” and “What is Greatness”? I have access to a record player that digitizes sound from these old records. I loved this recording very much and would gladly pay to borrow it and digitize it. Please contact me at LadyMinn
    Much Love, Lady Min

  188. Was thinking of Yvonne recently. It wasn’t such a testosterone led organization those days, was it?

  189. ok, I also propose to our pope he disseminates to the TOP 500 (Billionaires Forbes List) richest people on the planet only. That would guarantee enough cash to waste for the next 30 years.
    P.S. I looked in my files and The Patron Gold Meritorius is just 1000 000 USD. (not 5)

  190. Scott Campbell

    L. Ron Hubbard stated: ” A being is only as valuable as he can serve others.”

    How have you served others, Dave? What is your legacy?

    A MEST universe with a bunch of other-determined MEST beings trapped inside of it?

    Good job. Way to go. Thanks for the MEST.

    Now leave.


  191. Corruption is such an ugly word. I think of it as more ‘ethically challenged.’

  192. RJ, are you saying that LRH graduated from George Washington University? Or that he graduated from another educational institution? I’d love to see this question cleared up.

    Just Me

  193. Lady Minn — the namesake that looks like Yvonne, is this Peter’s daughter?

    I knew and loved Yvonne as well. Was heartbroken at her passing in ’78-79?
    And more so that she’s been expunged from CC Int.

    Where is the shrine for Yvonne (her old office) ordered by LRH?

    Poof. Gone. And ask any NEW celebrities at CC who she is.

    You’ll get a blank stare.

    JT loved her. But TC never met her. It would be different if he had. Trust me.

    Sad. She built CCLA which became CCInt and the CC Network. It was her vision


  194. Looks very professional to me. Many people like to read books only in print.

    What do you say?

  195. W.E., I don’t think the AG did anything directly. But I informed the CoS what I was doing, and they seemed to get pretty perturbed / embarassed by it … and I think this ultimately lit enough of a fire under their a** to pay the refund.

  196. “Ruthlessly.” Interesting choice of words.

    What about: generously, kindly, lovingly, with affection and good intentions for all? Those are some word choices I would enjoy and appreciate.

    Just Me

  197. (Lie factory?)

    Yes, actually, in virtually every society on earth, the title of Scientist (X) indicates having been awarded a degree by some accredited institution of higher education. Otherwise, you simply “have read a lot about nuclear physics,” or are “an amateur nuclear physicist.” But the latter never have to engage with the field, publish, or be scrutinized by their peers.

    Scrutinizing the language of Wikipedia articles is sort of beside the point (though diploma mills would never go out of their way to bestow honorary degrees on anyone–diploma mills sell degrees…) The question is, did LRH have the educational pedigree he consistently claimed or implied? It seems he did not. Which is ashame, in a way, since he probably would have been more widely respected if he’d played up his considerable abilities as an autodidact. Americans love bootstraps and can-do pluck and stuff.

  198. You’re welcome. I found this song to be factual and acurate in it’s description. It is sad for the man in question.

    When troubadours are singing about you , one better pay attention.

    Wake up Tom. Dave is NOT your friend.

  199. Thank you for your kind words and Ithat would be an awesome thing you postulate there 😉 (me trying).

  200. Dead on RJ, dead on.

    ML Tom

  201. martyrathbun09

    As long as one remains fixated upon other people’s lives one’s own will remain a mystery.

  202. martyrathbun09

    Twenty years behind the times.

  203. martyrathbun09

    I disagree – TC’s problem is not that he didn’t meet Yvonne.

  204. I bet on an average day it is quite “Idle” too.

    Used bookstores, thrift stores, eBay, landfills and recycling centers are overstocked with Scientology books already from this place.
    Unless there is a plan to re-re-release the basic books I don’t see this place being needed anywhere near it’s capacity.

    It’s a trophy for COB. It’s PR.

  205. Tony DePhillips


  206. Is that where the porn mags come from ?

  207. Tony DePhillips

    The guy is a pompous asshole.

  208. Awwwww. The Video that lay at the beginning of the Anonymous protests.

    I have to ask Tom: What Ethics ?

  209. Oh, I thought this was the book and CD plant. This is the new promo plant. Seems like they forgot some other subproducts of Scientology or something. I wager allmost all of that promo is thrown away without even being looked at. It’s a big machine. Impressive MEST.

    So a guy is supposed to be guided to an org by a big machine and when he gets there shiny machines and video screens enlighten him. Then he is serviced by robotic staff in matching uniforms. I’m sorry but it’s a little creepy.

  210. Tony DePhillips

    All that and they still can’t take my name off their mailing list.
    Promoting into all the black PR lil dave has created will never work.

  211. What’s your point CD?

  212. plainoldthetan

    Arbeit macht frei. (Work sets you free). — Motto found at the gate to the Auchwitz and Dachau concentration camps.

    With themailing lists of the church declining, this means that that 250,000 pieces of promo per hour will end up in *one* mailbox: yours.

  213. Goverments around the world will agree with you RJ

  214. Harry,

    I say this looks like a perfect horse buggy manufacturing plant in the age of the automobile. Anyone who invested money in a “state of the art” buggy manufacturing building when everyone was buying cars would be laughed at. And everyone who isnt a DMbot will laugh at this folly in the age of electronic communication.

    Don’t you find it ironic that this is being “promoted” on the internet? Kind of like the buggy manufacturer putting his promo in car dealerships.

    It’s very quaint. Pity it cost millions of hard earned parishioner dollars to construct another one of Dave’s Follies.

    But what do you expect from the High Priest of MEST? “All bow down to bricks and mortar. Worship the machines! Robots are king!!”

  215. I have no problem with autodidacts. I do have a problem with the inaccuracy in the piece about radiation.

    Not that Hubbard wrote it. At that time it may as well be all what was known or believed about radiation at that point in human history.

    I have a problem with scientologists defending it as gospel or scripture.

  216. Terrific. While businesses are working feverishly to REDUCE paper, dm has rolls of paper 10 miles long.

    Amazing. Out of touch?


  217. It sounds like signing away ones self determinism.

    Once in you are at the mercy of the group(leader)

  218. What a waste of paper. Kindle anyone?

  219. Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB


    Printing & Publishing Program

    1. Buy forest in third-world country.
    2. Cut down all the trees to make paper.
    3. Print enough books for every man, woman and child on the face of the earth, with back-up copies for the next three generations to come.
    4. Print enough books for every library, college, high school, junior high, grammar school, kindergarten and pre-school in the world, with back-up copies for all suspected planets in the universe.
    5. Print enough napkins with The Way to Happiness in micro-print on them for every restaurant, bar, cafeteria, picnic area and food vending machine in the world.
    6. Print enough copies of COB directives to fill underground hermetically sealed vaults in each major city throughout the world, with back-up copies for remote storage on the moon, Mars and the asteroids we’ve leased for storage.
    7. Print proprietary Scientology Reserve Notes to replace worldwide currency for when global monetary system collapses.
    8. Re-print Goldenrod SP Declares on everyone who’s left the Church.
    9. Print enough Sea Org recruitment posters to attach to every single telephone pole on the planet.
    10. Print city-block-long banners proclaiming Free Personality Tests to display between permanently floating blimps over each major city in the world.
    11. Print enough copies of full set of new Scientology books for placement in every hotel room in every hotel in the world.
    12. Buy more forests.
    13. Buy futures in ink manufacturing stock.
    14. Continue lobbying for eradication of Internet as it is interfering with Printing Program objectives.
    15. Construct underground ink pipe-line straight from manufacturer.
    16. Get more paper.
    17. Research feasibility of using dyed Sea Org member blood as lower cost method of providing ink.
    18. Research Ecuadorian cellulose-chewing as alternative lower-cost method of paper manufacturing.
    19. Finish debate with Mithoff on proposal of eliminating all small words from publications in order to save printing costs.
    20. Recycle old LRH hand-written materials in order to capitalize on non-utilized paper resources.

    Captain David Miscavige
    Chief Ink Monkey

  220. It is an Egyptian monument built by slaves for a king.

  221. Your humble servant

    “This is o.k.” (which I have noticed seems to appear at the bottom of a lot of these dispatches) is an example of robotism at work. Proposals known as CSW’s end with a notation like that to show that the writer is attesting that his proposal is on-policy, and a good proposal. CSW stands for “completed staff work”,a process designed to require a junior staff member to do the work of proposing a solution to a described problem at the same time he or she describes the problem to a senior. This reduces the senior’s workload since he then doesn’t constantly have “problems” dropped in his lap for which he has to dream up solutions.

    Robotically minded people have now altered this workable concept to the point where it is commonly believed (within the C of S) that any request has to be in the form of a CSW and that any communication has to end with “This is o.k.” It is actually SAW–stupidity at work.

  222. Your humble servant

    Watching Eyes,

    Thank you for your continued attention to the IAS.

    It seems to me that the strongest point for refunds is along the lines of fraud. Parishioners who have been asked for donations have been continually told over a long period of time that their donations were urgently needed to combat suppression in Germany, to stop the drugging of children, to de-power the psyches, and to save lives. They were never told that there are vast IAS reserves, under the direct control of David Miscavige, possibly amounting to much more than a billion U.S. dollars ($1,000,000,000)– according to Mike Rinder and others who were in a position to know. . Instead, parishioners were continually told that the money was urgently needed NOW to meet immediate needs and was continually being wisely and effectively spent to meet those urgent needs. The fact that the funds were being spent on urgent projects as fast as they were received was supposedly the reason that fundraising was so constant and urgent.

    Parishioners were also never told that David Miscavige had anything to do with the expenditure of IAS funds. They were told that the IAS is an independent membership organization established to support the aims of Scientology. On the contrary, it appears that the IAS has no independence but is completely and directly controlled by D.M.

    There is a saying in the law that “fraud vitiates everything,” meaning that no agreements and no promises are valid if they were procured by fraud. This means that the statement that “I understand that this donation is not refundable” is meaningless if that statement was procured by means of fraud.

    I do not care if some of the funds were spent for stated purposes or not. If the bulk of the funds have been hoarded so as to build up DM’s personal war chest (not to mention spent on his personal luxeries) then that is outrageous fraud.

    I also wish to remind persons that in California–a community property state–if any married person makes a donation of community funds without the written consent of his or her spouse, the spouse has an unlimited right to obtain repayment of those funds because it is unlawful for one spouse to give away community property without the consent of the other spouse. Knowing this could be useful even in those cases where both spouses attended the IAS event but only one of them signed the donor card.

  223. Your humble servant

    Thank you, wonderful Karen #1! It is always wonderful to read your remarks.

  224. Tony DePhillips

    There is an LRH reference on people that join suppressive groups having to have some basic agreement with that SP group in order to become part of it. I feel that this applies to tc.

  225. JM,

    I never “said” any such thing.

    I am saying that saying that he “flunked out” of college is somewhat presumptuous.

    People leave or drop out of college or university all the time because they find the atmosphere too stifling or repressive.

    Just because the establishment calls them “institutions of higher learning” doesn’t mean that they are.

    Oh btw JM Einstein himself flunked out of college.

    Tesla ,Edison and Franklin never went to college.

    Many of the greatest inventors and scientists in the world don’t have an Alma Mater.

    Also Will here says that Ron has been flashing his creds yet he doesn’t give a specific instance of him doing so.

    Save one.

    Where he claims to be a nuclear physicist.

    I mean whooptee doo!

    Einstein never even studied nuclear physics (his major was theoretical physics) yet he is called the father of nuclear physics fer christ sakes.

    At least Ron took a course in “Nuclear and Molecular Science” while attending good ol’ GWU.

    Therefore he has as much right to claim he is a nuclear physicist just as much as Einstein nor even Fermi nor even Oppenheimer who never studied nuclear physics either.

    The latter two studied physics and yet the latter is known rightfully so as the father of the Atomic Bomb.

    Never mind the fact that Jack Parsons and Robert Goddard never even studied rocket science yet are both considered the fathers of that science.

    As far as I’m concerned pretentiousness is contagious especially among those who prefer to demand a college degree instead of a result.

  226. I’ve listened to a lot of LRH lectures and indeed he was very educated. I had to look up thousands of words that I didn’t even know existed. He knew very much about very many subjects which made me look into those subjects and even a couple others he barely touched. He was able to correctly judge the value of many sciences based on experience, research and logic.

    I think he was tremendously (self)educated indeed. However, I don’t think he would ever have accepted a title as Dr. in Nuclear Physics or Dr. in Psychology, etc. He had fundamental disagreements with subjects like those. Not so much with the irresponsible people that profess them but with their flawed logic. As soon as he found out that professors didn’t really know their subjects, he got very interested to find out.

    He came up with some interesting and workable answers (leading to Dianetics and Scientology) and became at least a century ahead of his time. Now, to accept a degree in an ancient science from which your knowledge is miles ahead, seems rather odd. LRH wouldn’t do it as he’d never recognize a science with flawed ancient logic based on wrong or false assumptions and without conclusive proof.

    To the contrary, he explained at great lengths why accepting illogic, continuing unworkable theories and practices or theorizing about situations without looking at the actual facts, is detrimental to mental health, improvement and well being.

  227. Wow, Mr. Croughs, that blew the air out of my chest. Thank you.


  228. CD still thinks that the discipline, mores and conditions of Davey are the same as those of the SO. Thus unwavering acceptance of them would make the original SO a tyrannical outfit like many other criminal groups in history.

    Right CD?

    If you’ve been following this blog you should at least have some inkling as to what Davey has done to the original Tech, Policy and Ethics of the SO and thus the whole outfit.

    OK, now, what is the exact opposite of the current SO?

  229. Dear Tom,
    I 100% agree with your comments here. ” Auditors are the key. If you make auditors in abundance and make sure that they keep winning, the planet will clear itself.” I believe this is true. Whether Main Street or Wall Street, the public wants a greater freedom, ability, and better conditions for themselves and /or others. After almost 40 years of disseminating, I have a personal reality on this. Only a suppressive believes he is at the height of his ability, or that he knows it all. It is auditors that deliver this most prized possession, a being more able to be himself and existing on a higher plane. It appears now to be up to the Independent Movement to deliver this to the planet. Whether the tech has been suppressed or not, the desire to improve will never be completely suppressed in mankind. The planet still needs to know that a greater freedom and ability can be achieved, and that there is a technology for accomplishing this goal.
    Thank you for reminding us of this, Tom.
    ML, LM

  230. Exactly Wind Horse.

    Back in the ’70’s and ’80’s Yvonne was remembered fondly by CC staff.

    Even Ron’s daughter Suzette when she took over as President for a short time was compared to Yvonne.

    Poor Suzette had quite a pair of shoes to fill but while I was there she filled them quite well by continuing Yvonne’s successful actions which included making a home for all artists not just those who had achieved the vaunted title of “celebrity”.

    Back then the celebs used to mix and mingle with the struggling artists.

    There was no enforced apartheid like there is now.

    Celebs used to wander in without their entourages and security all the time.

    Even celebs who weren’t even Scientologists found it to be a safe place to hang out and get away from all that celebrity worship that was occurring outside.

    Now the place has gone into a 180° reverse vector where any celebrity who walks in the door is fêted and worshipped.

    Their security is allowed to clear the lobby and public areas of all public.

    One time I was dropping off the folders of a PC I had audited in the field who had been “accepted” by the CC and the whole area was cleared except for reception for the anticipated arrival of Tom Cruise.

    His security staff where all over the place like the Presidential secret service moving all public and staff over the canteen so they wouldn’t be blinded by his brilliant presence or something like that.


    I was just happy to drop off my folders off and get away from all that gaudy pretentiousness.

    Needless to say it was different from the days when Michael Jackson dropped by unannounced to marry Lisa Marie and the Tech Sec called up the D of P to see if they could locate a Scientology Minister to perform the ceremony.

    Now its more like the Mayflower Club.

  231. Actually if they put Assange in prison they will just make him a martyr like Manning.

    If they assassinate him they will achieve the same result.

    Seems their efforts at character assassination were a dismal failure. In fact back fired.

    Either they have been taking lessons from OSA or more likely vis versa.

    They really have a problem with damage control and now walking back the cat.

    Now that they stupidly acknowledged the validity of the documents by claiming they are of no value. Not really important etc.

    (If they are not that important then why are they trying to charge Manning and Assange with a violation of the Espionage Act?

    Thus no one believes that fairy tale any more.)

    If they were smart they would have ignored the release and if anyone asked used the trusty Glomar response.

    But obviously they ain’t smart.

    (Just like OSA)

    Anyway he reminds me of Assange reminds me of Ellsberg:

    They are brothers in arms.

    The only difference is that Ellsberg personally “stole” the Pentagon Papers from RAND.

    ( A questionable point since in reality they are public documents paid for by the American public’s tax dollars.)

    While Assange has a network of Intelligence Officers, Armed Services Personnel, High Grade Government employees who are willing to “steal” the dox for him.

    Not to mention geeks and hackers that are more than willing to mirror his site.

    Never mind the big celebs that are paying his legal bills.

    If the USG or any other government plans to roll up this operation they are going to be playing wack-a-mole times infinity.

    Maybe they should have the brilliant cognition that they should be more transparent and law abiding themselves but I ain’t holding my breathe.

    Till then.

    Until the day when an open government and an informed populace as opposed to a disinformed, misinformed and manipulated populace magically arrives

    (The Church is sorta a microcosm of this)

    Assange is performing a public service by exposing Governments with their hands in the cookie jar.

    Unfortunately Assange is not the first.

    Nor will he be the last to be persecuted for shinning the bright light of truth on all these hidden misdeeds of State or corrupt corporations and religions.

  232. Scientology open day new Melbourne headquarters

  233. Thanks for validating my observation SW.

    I’ve met people who work in Intelligence (even audited a few) and Law Enforcement who are relatively sane who in fact if compared to this chick are paragons of sanity.

    How such a fruit loop holds such a position of power is beyond me.

    Then again we had GW and his off the wall f_ckin’ crazy and delusional Strange Lovevian neocon cabal and of course more pertinent we have that totally drooling psycho Miscavige running the Church of Scientology into the ground with the help of these jackals he calls “friends”.

    All and all it comes down to PTSness and the information covered in the HCOPL ‘Alter-is and Degraded beings’.

  234. Oh I see so that was “ethics” he was putting in Nicole while he was having an affair behind Mimi’s back.

    In that case maybe he can do what Woody Allen said in a stand up routine was “physically impossible” and do that with his own “ethics”.

  235. Dear Lady,

    I too would love to hear that recording again.

    One of my fondest moments in Scientology was listening to the Factors at a Sunday service and going exterior 🙂

    Maybe if you do get it digitized.

    You can have the big guy who runs this joint play it for all us patrons here at Marty’s Road House.

  236. True we had Mary Sue as the Controller, Jane Kember as the Guardian and of course Yvonne with Ron pretty much on research lines while the woman folk pretty much ran the place.

    Of course it’s hard to say the place is being led by testosterone when you have a eunuch running it.

    Maybe if Davy had a pair and actually stopped hiding behind OSA’s skirt you could say that.

  237. I think ability to evaluate data and also, get it from multiple viewpoints and sources are key.
    What you get on Wikipedia may not always be the whole story or 100% truth, but it is a source of information I use a lot. It can be a battleground of ideas, but I don’t know whats worse- a bunch of scholars telling you how it is, or the people coming to some acceptable compromise of truth. Like I said, ability to evaluate information is key.

  238. Good Catch, JM!
    It seems TC applies Dear Leader’s Ethics/Justice tech in that fashion as in terms of punishment, savagery, gang bang confrontations, severe reality adjustments, beatings and the like. That video was personally produced by Dear Leader – wonder how much of what TC says is scripted and how much is extemporaneous?

    This is as opposed to the concept in reading true LRH on the subject being applied with a light touch, just enough for Tech to go in. No references to hand right now.

  239. Harry,
    It’s a 185,000-square-foot professional tree wasting facility! For starters, it seems to be where the unwanted flyers and promo get sent to people who don’t want it and automatically round file them.

    For at least the past decade in the real world, print media like newspapers, mags and the like have been decreasing in sales. There are many E Readers being sold and used now: iPad, Kindle, Sony, Nook (Barnes & Noble), Sharper Image Literati E-Reader among them, in addition to the millions of regular PCs, Macs, netbooks and laptops.

    For more info as to why this facility is the “Trailing Edge” and a monumental waste, our friend Jeff Hawkins with decades of Dissem experience has written a great article:

    Not sure if you posted the YT video to troll, but it’s a bad joke as WE has already posted the Refund Repayment info.

  240. Tom,
    Thanks, that is something I hadn’t heard of. What year was the Renos done at the Manor?

    It’s very interesting that he was free with his contributions to mest, while there was no thought given onto the SO “free labor” given at all for his weddings, matchmaking, house, hangar, motorcycles, and buses!

  241. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, read all about his college career in the pdc. But if you read/listen to them for that you may as well be looking at a single blade of grass with a magnifying glass on your trip to Yosemite

  242. Felicitas Foster

    Welcome back online!!! Great!!! Hope you have been able to find out exactly what happened so you can prevent it in the future!!!

  243. I believe it was also Mimi’s Dad (Phil Spickler) who got Tom Cruise into Scientology in the first place.

  244. (CC) Manor renos were done in the early 90s, I believe. I was visiting from out of town and had a tour of the place in 1994, shortly after they were completed.

  245. And they (SNL) need it too! 🙂

  246. You missed:

    8a. Pre-print Provisional SP Declares on ALL Scientologists, to be overnighted to Tommy Davis for his new position of Provisional SP Declare Deliverer I/C.

  247. I tottaly agree RJ. and keen obsevation about the Church being a microcosm. me like very much.

    WWP has transformed(again)thanmks to the Wikileaks


  248. “Many people” is a generality. If you are actually talking about a specific person, then you might ask why they only like print books. The probable reason is they simply haven’t experienced the new technology for themselves. If they have, and disliked it, this situation will not last for long. The size, quality and flexibility of many types of electronic display are improving rapidly. So, the “buggy production” analogy really fits. Or movie theater film distribution on film reels.

    I saw this same lame video on the “other” Marty site, which I found looking for the downed “moving higher”. Once I got over my upset and anger at the tone of the language used at the site, I couldn’t help but notice the torrential flood of illogic. If you want to see a good illustration of the death of the church, this website is a good one. However, you will have to suppress your gag reflex as it really stinks.

  249. One of the biggest complaints I ran into while on staff was the amount of money that the church wastes on Promo. That comment was as frequent as comments about the prices being high.

    To build this ultra expensive distribution center puts the church even further out of comm with it’s public. Any idiot can figure out that prices would be lower, staff would be paid better if we didn’t send out so much unwanted promo and build Idle orgs. The church is communicating loudly and clearly that they don’t really care.

    Besides, excellent delivery is the best promotion. In most industries, word-of-mouth is the best promotion. Despite the fact that there hasn’t been one mailing, people are flocking to the blogs, reading the truth and declaring themselves independent.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ machines!

  250. You’re right. But until recently M&M, you, me and many on this board accepted that group as well. We all agreed to the idea of helping mankind. The main reasons we stayed being the idea that problems should be handled internally and the absence of data. To leave you have to be able to research and get correct data but TC is micromanaged to not even get close to it. In no way I want to justify the havoc he wrecks on the (upper) Bridge and I hold him fully accountable for it but I understand the condition he is in. I’ve dePTSed a lot of people and I tell you the relieve they can experience is huge. I think they really don’t want to be PTS or behave like an SP and actually want to be of service to their fellow men.

  251. Not fair, now I owe you for your internet laughing therapy.

  252. Wow—nice job!
    Perfectly executed product-right then and there.

  253. Its the usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. To say that “We set new standards in that sector” is a joke. They bought something EXISTING offered at the markets. And it doesn´t matter wether the machines are from Heidelberg, KBA, MAN or others. The only question is: Bought they new or second hand stuff? If you buy new its obscenely expensive. It costs endless millions. ARC

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  255. A hippy living in the woods growing his own weed ?

  256. Try again, a blowing hippy doesn’t survive either.

  257. You might find this very interesting!/dstufft

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