The Greed of Miscavige’s New Breed

The St Pete Times has just published an article on Nationwide Title Clearing.   It is a World Institute of Scientology Enterprises company right in the thick of the criminal robo-signing scandal.

I am disappointed that the Times took the lazy, low road on this “investigation.”   Outpoints abound.  Dropped out time is the biggest outpoint.  They place a bunch of emphasis on the founders of the company and statements they made about its success twenty-years ago.  They take a couple of LRH quotes out of context and position them as the why for the criminality.  And they conclude, infer/imply/insinuate, a contrary fact wrong why in the process. 

If the LRH quotes that Novitsky and his easy to attack (since deceased) partner allegedly had any bearing on the company’s criminality (ALL RECENT) then where was the Times twenty years ago?   They weren’t even in the neighborhood, because the robo signing and the over the top pressure are current affairs.  They are the product of Miscavige’s Brave New Breed of Bot.  The new “greed is great” era of Radical Scientology.

You can come to your own conclusions by reading the article. I am just weighing in up front.   Realize too, Hillman and co haven’t seen nothing yet.

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  1. I tried to access the Truthrundown online again. It’s one big mess. Links don’t work.

  2. LRH policy were never meant to create slavery conditions. The opposite, LRH wrote them to BETTER conditions. Who uses them to stress people out is using them incorrectly.

  3. One of the stated purposes of WISE is “to get ethics in on the business community”. As in every other aspect of Scientology, His COBness has managed to completely reverse the results – it’s no surprise that WISE companies have such a dismal reputation amongst the public.

  4. A very interesting point in the article about the actual owners of NTC was that they declared bankruptcy in the 90’s, and then got caught in the Reed Slatkin scheme in the early 2000’s. How can someone ethically donate large sums to the Church of scientology, declare bankruptcy for 500K – 667K, and then turn around and get involved with Reed Slatkin to the tune of 8.7 Million? I’d be curious to know how many other scientologist, especially those that have donated a lot of cash for services and all the other church projects have declared bankruptcy sometime in involvement with the church of scientology? how many credit card companies and banks have been screwed because of uncollected monies they had to write-off that were donated.

  5. I worked in forclosures in I believe the third hardest hit market, before and through the foreclosure “crisis”.

    “Robo signing” is the norm. It was just so busy that theres no way someone could sit there and look over documents. Everything is computerized. It’s an inconvenience to have to sign documents. Where I worked, the lenders gave Limited Power of Attorney so they wouldnt have to sign documents and they could be entirely processed with us. It’s bulk processing and heavily computerized. Anyone who might look at these docs doesnt really know what they are looking at anyway.
    Do people think that someone at their bank is sitting there typing up documents and reading them over to make sure they are correct?

    One of the big lenders might have thousands of foreclosures a day. Is a vice president of the company going to sign and read all those docs?
    At the foreclosure peak they were just scrambling to get all these processed by anyone. I’m sure there were lots of mistakes and bad signatures that would invalidate these documents if people knew what to look for.

  6. COB is like an Irish leprechaun – appearing anywhere but not fixing anything.
    Is that their website?

  7. If anything I would say they failed by not applying LRH admin tech and instead applied current industry out-ethics standards.
    But of course the SP times doesnt know that. The author just wants to make Scientology and LRH look “scandalous” and get attention for himself to earn his paycheck.

  8. Scott Campbell

    Ask anyone who has ever vetted candidates for an upper OT level eligibility or things that come up on six-month checks, etc. and see what shakes out. Some pretty horrible and downright criminal stuff, I can tell you.

    In the modern era of the C of S it can all be made right with a “donation”.

  9. My thoughts exactly. Follow the money…

  10. Scott Campbell

    Sorry, hit the “post comment” button too soon.

    … Sort of like how you could literally buy “dispensations” to sin from the old Catholic church without falling from grace.


  11. martyrathbun09

    If he is going to profit it from it he damn well better had “look” at those documents.

  12. Watching Eyes

    The title of the SP Times bothers me. It insinuates that LRH tech has something to do with the fact that the company is under fire. It’s the only conclusion any reader would come to……….until they read the article. I’m surprised Tobin allowed this. Surely he could have come up with a better title.

    I’ve very aware of the robo-signing mess and it’s a huge mess. It may have become the norm in the industry but smart lawyers are tearing things apart because of it and they should. Per the article, Nationwide Title Clearing was raking in the dough by robo-signing legal documents but the people “signing” them couldn’t even explain basic terms in a deposition. That’s a dream come true for any attorney representing someone in foreclosure.

    It looks like the bosses at NTC were only applying enough tech to keep the stats up and money flowing in the door and threw the rest of the tech out the window. Had they applied the tech they supposedly teach in their “training center” they wouldn’t be in this mess.

    Bottom line: it’s a crappy article and not fit for print. It reads like the reporters were all over the time track trying to MAKE a story. Had they just stuck with the people & events pertinent to present time it would have been an effective story. As it stands, it’s a confusing mess.

  13. But 20 years ago, when the quotes were made, it was the early 90’s. I guess I need something cleared up or at least Marty’s opinion on it. DM was running things by the 90’s and even late 80’s if not well before. When did things go bad? Was there a “good” time under DM or was it rotten from the get go? I know Marty left by 2004 but it seems had gone totally sour well before then, am I off base?

    As for these mortgage crooks, I can’t really think that obvious crooks weren’t obvious crooks 20 years ago, just got caught with their pants down. I have strong doubts things were ship shape early on, just maybe as the years went by their eyes were opened to how much they could possibly get away with when they may have been more cautious as novices entering the field. (also the bad economy or circumstances can push people to further extremes) Greed & sense of entitlement end up bringing them down in the end, but they were never pure.

  14. I believe that the 2 main blind spots within DM’s CULT is to not realize just how the


    comes across to the outisde. It is one predatory REG cycle after another, and those who have been drained financial, never want to set foot in the Church again.

    The other BLIND SPOT is


    While RPF Horror Stories, Staff War stories, rampant abuse and disconnection, David Miscagive beatings, punchings, battery abound on the INTERNET and in BOOKs and will be greatly pubvished more in FUTURE books, the current news releases :::::

    1) We have a new Printing Publishing Factory with a nauseating over the top video.


    Yes, that solves everything. All the reports go away because 150,000 magazines can be printed in .0003 seconds !

  15. What a shitty article. It hurts the brain to read journalism this lame.

  16. Well Marty, I think you can write what you think about it to the discussion below the article itself.

  17. You are right Marty. This article is full of outpoints. It makes it look like LRH policy and management technology were responsible for this company participating in robo signing.

    The fact is these banks nationwide are really criminal in regards to handling the foreclosures. Having worked in the mortgage field for almost 18 years, I can tell you that these banks do not have clean hands at all. They were dreaming up more and more exotic loan programs with high rates of return in order to sell them overseas to investors.

    When the foreclosure rates increased on these types of loans, the baby was thrown out with the bath water by legislators, regulators and the banks themselves and the foreclosure mess then snowballed to overwhelming numbers.

    Rather than hiring experience mortgage people to work in their foreclosure departments to review these documents AS REQUIRED BY LAW before signing them, the banks used these “quickie” solutions and hired people who had no business handling mortgage paperwork. Some not even able to read English. And experienced mortgage people were out there looking for work at the time and could have been hired. I and many of my friends were out there looking for work.

    Unless the reporters have actual evidence of NTC’s executives stat pushing these signatures based on following LRH policy, then their conclusions are very thin. Especially when the Banks nationwide think that there was nothing wrong with this “robo signing”.

  18. “It is a World Institute of Scientology Enterprises company right in the thick of the criminal robo-signing scandal.”
    Marty I personally had scary experiences with WISE and WISE companies, but I guess right now everything in a way or another connected with the $cientology many making machine it is forced into criminality…. even if just by the no exchange factor, to not mention the lies and misrepresentation…

    big hug to you and Mosey

  19. I worked for NTC for several years when it was in Glendale and will say it was one of the better WISE Cos to work for compared to say (non)Survival Ins or Executive Soft Heads.

    Anyway a lot of its greed but I think another factor is that the “Church”these days is run like a protection racket.

    Every week they’d have one of their bag men or women in there getting their spiritual protection money.

  20. I take the stealing of the TV’s from the sea Org members in 1983 or 1984 as a a symbol of the powerexchange. But I am sure the little weasel was very active before that. I call it “The TV Incident”


  21. Troll. And yesterday you seconded the request from Raul on information about Marty or Mike ever doing the kind of ops that shut down Marty’s site. Play off each other. But some will be along to welcome you to the independent field.

  22. They failed by not applying LRH and instead reversing it, like all R/S Tech. This poses an interesting question: did the WISE companies adopt an out ethics business standards or did WISE introduce an out ethics standard into the business world. Those still under influence of R/S pr would think the first, but close inspection may tell another story.

    Davey has adopted the psych master plan of infiltrating the business world. In the late 90’s WISE became real big and showed dentists, doctors, chiropractors, real estate brokers, insurance agents, financial advisors, etc, how to make a quick buck. The Greedy Age Tech became the standard as it showed leading income figures to the respective professions.

    The Neocon banksters loved this Tech as their psychs had only limited means of suppressing the middle class. Psychs were very effective in the collective tax paid markets but couldn’t corrupt the business world fast enough. However, WISE could and set a new standard to the health and financial arena.

    Obama admitted that over 60% of the foreclosures were related to medical bills. Those were introduced by Big Pharma and doctors turned snake oil salesmen inspired by Greedy Age Tech. But those bills alone couldn’t foreclose the million homes a year needed to impact enough on the world economy, so introduction of Greedy Age Tech in all professions became a requisite for planetary economic melt down and attempted take over.

  23. Having just now read this morning’s St. Petersburg Times article about NTC, I agree with Marty’s criticisms of ‘dropped out time.’ Perhaps a quarter of it contains relevant information. The other three-quarters reads like a book report written after a journalism student who has just googled “Scientology.” I fail to seen the hand of Pulitzer-prize-winning editors on this piece.

    For example, the story cites unrelated events as a causative preamble for more recent events for which the company really should be in dutch for. On the plus side, the quotes from the NTC employees’ deposition testimony are spot-on and completely relevant to the real story. But the end of the article closes with some comments offered (in emails, phone calls, etc.) by recruiters and others that are non sequitur and don’t even seem related to the point of the story.

    Although I would like to know more about the NTC scene, this article puzzles and disappoints.

    Just Me

  24. Looks like that this article tries to position home owner desaster to Scientology.
    I met not only one person here in Germany that has the opinion that the real estate
    crisis is tied to Scientology. Not to Scientologists but Scn itself.
    Just as a side comment: my wife worked for a company that did sell insureances for
    company loans. She (and this company) knew 3 month before ENRON fell that ENRON is
    bancrupt. She lost this job as this company barely found a company to sell a credit
    insurance. Most all of them had money troubles. Thus the financial desaster could
    be seen many month ago. And those companies had money troubles before the estate
    crash. We are told the general crisis had been caused by estate crash.

  25. Interesting…
    Deutsche Bank
    Deutsche Bank and its relation to NTC is mentioned in the article.
    There are some odd, very corrupt scenarios involving Deutsche Bank.
    Examples: Deutsche Bank has links to the CIA and also to the insider trading of “put options” the week prior to 9/11/01.

    An unprecedented volume of “put options” were made on airline stock (and other types of business) in the week prior to September 11, 2001. Millions of dollars were made. Some of the money was never claimed.
    Of course, the US government essentially never fully investigated the insider trading.

  26. Karen, very correct. The are oblivious to the outside worlds perception of their greed. They cannot correct themselves either.

  27. As I understand it, the entire mortgage business is based upon an out-ethics premise anyway so it is no wonder this is causing a huge motivator across the U.S. right now with regard to foreclosures. With regard to the out-ethics of the Scientologists involved, since when has personal integrity been a hallmark of members of the Church anyway? LRH’s lines as well as HCO’s lines (and one reason why WISE was created) were always overloaded with out-ethics Scientologists who were either doing the wrong thing or had the wrong thing done to them. Reed Slatkin is the penultimate parasite and I’ll bet he still has money hidden somewhere that they never found out about. Con men were always a part of the Sceintology environment. A lot of it goes on in the Catholic Church and Tibetan Buddhism too.
    With regard to LRH being insinuated into or being behind this nonsense, this is just routine classic misduplication as well as the effort to DENY who LRH really was or what he really did. People will continually focus on the “bad” stuff because that is what they resonate with. Quantum affinity. Like attracts like. LRH is like a piece of sand in an oyster. It irritates the hell out of the oyster and then creates a pearl. The world is an oyster. There were also pieces of sand in LRH and this goes back to the magick. They will make pearls too but not for a while, and it is a different story. Should not be forgotten but it not always necessary to emphasize. It will keep coming up in the future.

  28. “The title of the SP Times bothers me. … I’m surprised Tobin allowed this”

    He didn’t. In news reporting, the reporter has Zero say over the the Headline and, there is no appeal. It is a senior editorial decision, solely.

  29. “I have strong doubts things were ship shape early on”

    And, you would be correct. I remember when they were in Glendale at that time. Employee horror stories about missed pay, broken promises on pay/promotion and a basic sweatshop environment. It was a typical Wise business operation of the time.

  30. martyrathbun09

    glass half empty

  31. martyrathbun09

    I think that is an intelligent analysis.

  32. martyrathbun09

    exhibit one

  33. The more glamour, the more disgust

    Like all discoveries, consolidated findings and bodies of data, LRH’s can be used for good and bad. And he presented them along an aim of survival in the given scene – which is win-lose games. The former is unavoidable, and the latter he can’t be blamed for (well, he can, but he shouldn’t) – the focus on survival alone was and still is a win-lose games restraint, and he didn’t invent it, just expose it and give advice to help deal with it – similar to the conditions.

    But what could you expect from people with no real insight in his works, like at the St Pete Times? Some common interest lines with the Independants shouldn’t mislead into the idea that they are not blowing the general tune of aggression against non only radical, but every kind of Scientology. AND probably design their articles for the place in their heads where most of their paying readers sit. Behind that is more than slutty research and evaluation. They contribute, knowingly or instinctively, to the one disqualification of LRH which everybody can understand because everybody does it himself all the time: the heavy focusing on survival which results in inversions till suppression.

    More simply to observe in the urge to production which is blamed as LRHs receipe in the article. As if it were not the agreed-upon scene of all political and economic leaders and very most humans on the planet – and most of those who don’t agree are not above, but below the agreement.

    I bet the St Pete Times wouldn’t disagree to the need for production. It’s just handy to use this for a blame which gets them cheap agreement from most readers.

  34. martyrathbun09

    from a Data Series master.

  35. Miscavige’s message to the troops:

  36. Mark- Thanks for pointing out the story behind the story. Here is a short entertaining and educational video that gets into your point. I consider NTC a whore servicing their John.

  37. Of course you were out of work; would you have signed any those robo documents? You were kicked out so that the banks could mass foreclose and melt the economy. Too big to fail, they could then rip off the taxpayer again through bail outs. The only thing needed were criminal bots signing illegal papers and able to crush regg people into refinancing, second mortgage, etc. And guess who’s exemplifying that job description?

  38. F*I*N*A*L*L*Y found the blog again. Thanks for the help given to me in yesterday’s post about Attempted Suppression of Communication Lines! Yes, I have a comment about today’s post on the St. Pete Times’ article … totally confusing with no conclusion. Makes no sense. H

  39. I once applied for work at NTC and was told I was “too entrepreneurial”, which I took to mean they preferred the staff below top management to be robots. Looks like perhaps I was right.

  40. interesting evaluation on which came first and the overall purposes. If you look at the purpose of many of the COS groups: WISE, orgs, IAS, etc… their first motivation is about money and money only. The biggest stat in any org or WISE company at 2 Pm thursday is how much income did they get this week, its not about how many lives they saved, its all about the money.

  41. martyrathbun09

    Combined with their apparent fear of highlighting Miscavige. They received so much grief from the church for the Truth Rundown series they have been a weird sort of propitiation band since. At the expense of LRH and the tech. This article is really the work of Miscavige. Throw LRH under the bus so as to divert attention from Miscavige.

  42. I think the U.S. has fallen into a condition where our major industries are not about actual products. Too much of the “work” in our country is people sitting at desks pushing buttons for these big financial related corporations. Financial products are not actual products. You’ve got the investors and all the people who profit from financial markets, the lenders, the servicers, attorneys, processors, process servers, forclosure, evictions, all the people who work in deliquency, and collections is another entire area of people profiting for no product. Way too many people “making money” for no actual product IMO. It’s all on paper and on computer screens.

    What these guys are in trouble for is actually the norm.

    The problem with the above scenario is that if the winds change the whole thing collapses because theres no actual VFP.
    Maybe financial services is the next big bubble.

    LRH talks about world bankers a few times in lectures.
    In addition to getting every country in the world to owe them considerable amounts of money, I think they manipulate currencies to create trade imbalances and do other things to destabilize and control countries.

  43. I guess it doesn’t show up in a Google search anymore.
    Thats how I used to pull it up. I would search “Marty Rathbun” and it was the top result. Now I saved it as a favorite and get here that way.

  44. FYI: “penultimate” means “next to the last” as in “Spanish words are normally accented on the penultimate syllable.” Best Regards,

  45. Watwal, sorry you have trouble. Instant hat for you. Just go here and click and watch the video’s, write-ups, etc and the Truth Rundown will be before your eyes. Links all worked for me. Suggest you try them before posting they don’t work, clear your cache, cookies etc and try again. We know they work. Here tis:

  46. Maybe it was heavily edited by attorneys

  47. My experience with WISE was similar to dealing with mafia gangsters threatening you and extorting “protection” money.

  48. little by little the outpoints are being exposed

    then the sherman tank will appear

    abuse and force is common in the C of S

    attack and deny are the orders of the day

    the general public are ignoring all of the above and staying away like the black plague

    the church plays the shell game adroitly but it is backfiring big time

    the church has a front about them that is despicable

    the church is all about money, power and greed

    the church is a castle built on sand
    its time for a reform
    keep at it INDEPENDENTS
    many more people read this then u think
    good luck and may the tech of LRH be preserved as well as his original goals and purposes
    DM made it a power and money game and he will do whatever he has to to protect his little game

  49. Overseas Highway

    Don’t you worry about them troll, loki. They will be caught one day. 🙂

  50. Overseas Highway

    You maybe a troll but that picture of an Irish leprechaun is freaking funny.

  51. Thanks for sharing that video. Covers it very well.

    The banks are playing “Stall Ball” with the foreclosure situation. The longer they can spread out the foreclosure process, the more time they have to make back money investing in other areas including overseas, using the bail outs they got.

    They won’t make modifications and take months and months to approve valid short sales of properties, meanwhile the potential buyers move on down the road, tired of the banks taking so long to make a decision.

    In Las Vegas,where I live, they are saying it will be a couple more years for the real estate market to bottom out and begin to turn around. It is going to take much longer than that.

    It’s all about greed. Screw the consumers and tax payers. Let’s make as much money as we can and take our multi million dollar bonuses. When consumers then crash and fail, the banks just move into a different area where there is money.

    Kind of like the current state of affairs of the C of M under Miscaviage. Once a large donor gets in trouble financially, they are dropped like a hot potato and become persona non grata in the eyes of Scientology.

  52. Overseas Highway

    Agreed! Not just the employees but the boss is ultimately responsible.

  53. Overseas Highway

    Hahaha! Don’t worry Scott. Happens to me too after a some beers.

  54. Overseas Highway

    Maybe they aren’t as much on our side as we thought they were.

  55. Overseas Highway

    Wise decision to distance yourself from the content of that artice Marty.

  56. Overseas Highway

    The OPC machine doesn’t work always in Germany, doesn’t it?

  57. Overseas Highway

    Marty, I have one question to you and also to Mike Rinder that puzzles me. If DM would resign (I am not saying that he is and I have no influence over that) what would become of the C of S?

  58. Overseas Highway

    I am glad the blog is back. I am addicted to it. 😉

  59. Scott Campbell

    Vodka tonic’s in my case!

  60. martyrathbun09

    It would continue on as the inanimate MEST state it has become, unless what is left gets in touch for advice.

  61. martyrathbun09

    I’m not distancing myself. I’m speaking my mind.

  62. I think Overseas Highway works in marketing.

  63. Impartial English Girl


    I’m glad to see these comments – I worried that it might just have been me who couldn’t see much in it but a pile of old twaddle. I wouldn’t be surprised if it bears little relation to what the reporter originally submitted.

    IEG x

  64. Tom Tobin, if you are reading this blog today, then ‘blech’ on this article you’ve signed your name under. Blech, yurp, goffle and sundry such like.

    Unless of course it got you upstats at work and pleased your bosses. After all, you got a rice bowl to top up and bills too right?

  65. The overall purpose is to extract maximum quantities of currency from society any shape, way and means possible, so that shortage drives up debts, drives up interests, drives up loans, etc, causing a dwindling currency-labour-product spiral, just like in the thirties and everybody knows what happened. It made the Rock/Roth banksters filty rich but the world’s not enough for those guys. R/S Tech is the very tool to accomplish it. I’ve been a hardsell gold salesman and I’m familiar with the wog techniques used until the 90’s but those didn’t come close to the GAT crush regging.

  66. When I read about companies like Schramm Drilling Tools, who provided the technology to rescue the Chilean miners, or Tom’s Shoes, who donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell, or Newman’s Own, who donate their profits to charity, I think that THIS is the sort of thing that Scientology businesses should be doing. If a business were to do something that genuinely benefitted the world and THEN say they were a member of the Church of Scientology, then Scientology would have a much better image. But where are these businesses? Nowhere to be seen. Instead, the high profile examples you see, like Nationwide Title Clearing, like Reed Slatkin, like Dr. Juan Villarreal and others, are examples of corruption and greed. Sure, one can point the finger at Miscavige, but I also hold the individual Scientology businessmen responsible for not setting the example they should be setting. There is no mystery about Scientology’s poor public image – it comes from individuals who do not walk the talk, who do not hold the line of their own integrity despite the encouragement from Miscavige or anyone else to do otherwise.

  67. Heck, This has nothing to do with LEH tech. It has to do with slimes sliming others. Lots of members of this so-called church truly get into it under the justification of “the greatest good”!!!

  68. I agree Marty,

    You’d think Tobin would have done some more research on the scene.

    Instead he takes the easy route that a lot of critics take.

    Throw out a few quotes by Ol’man that are out of context and try to create the illusion that it must be the subject that is at fault instead of the individuals involved.

    Typical irresponsible “journalism”.

  69. Village of Islands

    You are my role model, Marty.


  70. Village of Islands

    I thought: did the church declare that paper? “SP” Times. One day it dawned on me. That’s their corporate name!

  71. Village of Islands

    That is so true. Deep down, they hate the founder.

  72. Village of Islands

    My friend Caliwog is just one example on how they throw LRH under the bus.

  73. I should say so. This is your ninth (9) post on this article alone and you havent even addredded the subject matter. One would think your stat was number of posts on Marty’s blog. Must be a libs week.

  74. I applied to work there too, something like 16-18 years ago, I was also turned down with a similar concept … too entrepeneurial, hansn’t sufficient stability (I had probably been out of the SO for 3-5 years and probably had 10+ different jobs). I forgot all about this, need to send Norm a thank you card.

    Marty, out of curiosity, do you remember if my attempt to get a job there at that time make it to RTC and do you recall if NTC’s decision was influenced?

  75. Kathy Braceland

    Talk about Wag the Dog. The manner in which the St. Pete’s Times article was written, reminds me of the disjointed, confusing and insane way that Miscavige speaks or barks orders. It barely draws attention to the criminal activities of the named execs at NTC but instead blames LRH and Scientology tech for it. No attention is given to Miscavige and the current C of S whatsoever. What isn’t written in the article would be way more interesting than what is.

    It looks like Miscavige bought his way into being able to dictate the news at the St. Pete’s Times. I guess money really does talk.

  76. I found the page for other reasons, but old guard critic Ron Newman put together the pieces.

    International Book Awards 2010 Results page. If you go to their about page, you’ll note they’re from JPX Media.

    Salon article about a the vanity awards from JPX Media, which turns out to be a different set of awards.

    Note: Scn-run URL: Pretty pictures of the “awards” they received paid for.

  77. Interesting hypothesis Erwin.

    My understanding was that WISE was initiated back in the late ’70’s as a solution to the undue influence that Scientologist owned businesses were having on Scientology lines per the HCOPL ‘Field Ethics’.

    Chaplain sections back then were being inundated with business disputes instead of the usual Civil Hearing between individuals in Chaplain’s Court.

    The purpose at the time was to keep these disputes off org lines so the orgs could get on with training and processing individuals.

    Also a secondary purpose was to prevent businesses from raiding the orgs for staff.

    Anyway as you can see like the GO WISE became a Frankenstein’s monster in many ways.

    Instead of getting ethics in on the Scientology business community.

    The orgs began to be corrupted by their influence.

    To a large degree they operated like many vested interests in the “wog” world operate.

    The most “successful” or “upstat” businesses were able to use their money and influence to evade ethics and justice actions.

    In the eyes of HCO they could do no wrong since they were the biggest “contributors” or “donors” to all these pie in the sky off line activities that began with the Safe Environment Fund which eventually morphed into the IAS.

    The truth is that they have totally corrupted the Church of Scientology as many of these business people were not interested in learning the tech on how to audit and help others but were more interested in learning how to use Scientology ethics and policy to manipulate and control others so that they could make them more “productive” so that they could exploit their labor for their own personal wealth while throwing their employees the crumbs.

    Some of these WISE companies have pretty much aligned themselves with some of the most suppressive elements in society like for example in NTC’s case the banking “industry”.

    Also since many of these upstanding WISE members have pretty much eschewed training in Scientology and in most cases have chosen the easy route of processing.

    (When I worked in the FES Unit at various upper orgs I had the opportunity to review hundreds of folders of PCs and Pre OTs of various “clients” sent in from Sterling Management and other WISE consultants and pretty much one for one with the rare exception none of them had any Scientology training.)

    Leaving them open to suppressive influences and easy targets for middle class PTSness.

    Something Ron discusses in the HCOB “More on PTSness”.

    In fact you will find that a large percentage of WISE members PTS to the Middle Class.

    What used to be called the “bousousie” at one time and who are the supporters of repressive legislation like the PATRIOT Act, the insane unending Wars on Drugs and Terrorism and who prefer safety over liberty.

    The same type of people who support repressive dictatorships because it’s “good for business”.

    Therefore the type who would support someone like Miscavige who while using the mailed fist on everyone else reserves the velvet glove on his patrons like for example Tom Cruise.

  78. Friend of Ron

    It would be kept in place by donations from public, no matter the no delivery. Here is an email which gives a clue of what is to come, how the pieces of MEST will be kept going in the future no matter what warm bodies are still inside:

    “From: Jenna Ringle
    Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2011 11:05 AM
    Subject: donations

    “Hello friends,
    I recently set up a monthly payment in my “bill pay” for my local mission. It’s where I really started in Scientology and where I was on staff in my early years, so there’s that home team bond.

    “This donation is not for any books or services, but is a donation to the church for their overhead. This is done by members of other religions. Heck I put mucho money in the basket at my Catholic church when I was a child. I consider that no matter the amount I give, it all adds up and contributes to the hard working staff. Here’s what LRH says about our donations:

    “Your donation keeps the church alive and functioning and the
    environment safe.”

    “Your donation is supporting the greatest hope that man has ever
    had and the churches and people vital to its survival and increase.
    Your donation does what it takes to get the job done.”

    Jenna “

  79. OH, No offense to you. But, the way you ask this question makes it sound like you know DM. Now I’m puzzled. 1 SP

  80. The investors were never investigated because Warren Commission II the 9/11 Commission failed to pursue that angle.

    Just like they failed to pursue Oswald’s connections to the CIA earlier.

    They were also bolstered by Neocon central the Weakly Standard’s conclusion that they were “unfortunately lucky investors”.

    Thus Shearson Lehman and other stock brokers with connections to CIA and have access to real time financial intel thanks to PROMIS software were given a free pass.

    Of course no one on the white wash commission bothered to ask how they came across this information and why they advised their investors to place put options or short sell UA and AA stock.

    It was just serendipity.

    Note that the standard was founded by a spook by the name of William F Buckley Jr

    However like Miscavige.

    I don’t think NTC had any idea that there were are covert influences involved in the banking industry.

    They all to me seemed pretty naive to me.

  81. CNBC American Greed had a show on about Reed Slatkin today called “Stealing $$$ from Scientologists”

  82. Marty, you are exactly right!
    Old timers who use LRH admin tech wisely are a joy to work for.
    New timers who do it David Miscavige style, based on greed are hostile and suppressive environments. Been there. Done that.

  83. +1 Mine too!

  84. More meltdown from the whole subprime mortgage fiasco…

  85. DM will be on American Greed someday.

    I’m certain of it.

  86. Thank you Jeff.

    Been troubled by this recent expose about National Title all day. But couldn’t articulate it.

    Where indeed is the desire to do good IN the world (not just obvious photo-ops or plugs to get the Freedom Metal) but genuine compassion. There is no scarcity of money in many of these companies to step outside themselves and DO something with NO wish to get something back other than helping others.


  87. i call bullshit

    i call bullshit ” where was the times 20 years ago???” they were under the legal thumb of scientology tech’s fair game policy that LRH put into effect not dm not just you or any other pawn of scientology. the internet has made it easier for the truth to come out…. i call bullshit marty BULLSHIT

  88. Tom (Tobin)
    I am disappointed.

  89. I agree. Has anyone taken a look at the Jensen Foundation 990’s and seen just how much money was given to Scientology? It’s easy to find on the internet. Just google it. Nothing designated to non-Scn activities, and minimal donations to activities facing outward into their communities. It’s really very sad. Over $1 million a year to various Scio orgs and activities, IAS and in one case almost $500,000 for LRH trumped up properties.

  90. Completely agree, well said!

  91. Overseas Highway

    Addredded? I have nothing to add to Marty’s article. He said it all.
    I love it here. It is my favorite blog. Can’t get enough of his articles. No stat push on Marty’s side.



  92. Freedom Fighter

    Wow! Just wow! Thanks for passing this on, Friend of LRH.

    Hey, Jenna just exactly what LRH policy are you operating off of? Oh, I see, you don’t follow LRH; you follow COB. So, instead of a Scientologist, that would make you . . . hmmm . . . a SQUIRREL!!

  93. Overseas Highway

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! You’re so funny, man!

  94. Overseas Highway

    I love vodka tonic in ale. Ever tried that one? But you got to be sober before auditing. Marty wouldn’t accept anyone drunk or stoned in session.

  95. Overseas Highway

    I blame that female reporter. She’s clueless. No insider at all.

  96. Overseas Highway

    Okay. Thanks for clearing that up. 🙂

  97. I wonder if Nationwide Title Clearance has any connection to another $cientology member-run business: Forclosure Assistant Solutions, LLC of Clearwater FL. They took $1200 to $15o0 from people who’s homes were about to be forclosed, promising to intercede for them with their mortgage holders . . . and then did nothing. 70% ended up losing their homes. FAS,LLC was indicted in Texas, Washington and Ohio and is no longer in business. However, I wonder if some of those mortgages ended up being processed by Nationwide Title Clearing? Is that something to be investigated?

  98. Isn’t this great? Our very own “Troll Spotter” Loki.

    Go get em’ Loki!

  99. Gak!!!

    Just like the lil’ Church in the dale Ron talks about in “Org Programming”.

    How cloyingly sweet.

    Like ether.

    Anyway I knew back in the early ’90’s that if you allowed the Winston Smith’s (with the exception of Dan of course) to rewrite Tech and Policy for “PR” purpose you’d end up with a complete alteration of intent.

    The original issue was “What Your *Fees* (as in training and auditing fees. You know in exchange for delivery of actual services as opposed to pie in the sky promises and useless Cathedrals) Pay For”.

    Obviously good ol’ Jenna here is unflat on her 40x and way out of PT because she thinks she’s a lil’ girl putting money in the collection plate so she can go to heaven with a clean conscience of something.

    Yeah that letter reminds me of Aspartame.

    Makes me wanna gag.


  100. Friend,
    Good lord, this idiot left off the most important part of the LRH quote re exchange for services. The ‘donation’ is FOR SERVICE. Duh.

  101. I was just discussing David Miscavige with someone today. Sea Org members are worked to the bone, deprived of sleep, hardly paid, verbally and physically abused, denied auditing and training, declared and RPF’d at random all under the DM policy heading of “The planet must be cleared now”.

    While staff are racing out of their minds on no sleep to do this DM is gambling, scuba diving, going to celebrity birthday parties, exercising, playing with his dog and a whole list of things that allegedly “vital to clearing the planet”.

    President Obama is President of the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with maybe 2 weeks off a year for vacation. That is the responsibility level needed for a person to run a nation.

    David Miscavige is good for one thing and one thing only sniffing the cracks of cattles rectums.

  102. As Siskel and Ebert use to say:

    Two thumbs up on that comment Jeff.

  103. Marty,
    I had some time to learn about this ‘robo-signing’ thing and get some background. Aside from the obvious slant of the article to equate the foul-taste of skuzzy banking practices and the nasty business of foreclosure with the use of LRH management principles on the Times’ part, there is another screaming illogic that I think they missed with the opting for the yellower aspects of reportage: what the fuck are Scientologists doing in bed with the bankers?

    NTC’s Bryon Bly was robo-signing for Citicorp, Chase Manhatten, JP Morgan, according to a Bloomberg Businessweek online report of Nov 2010. Huh?!

    Wasn’t there something in RJ 67 about the source of difficulties on this li’l planet that went back to a cabal of bankers?!

    So, it would seem DM’s public has opted to snap-terminals with the banks and to then pass the filthy lucre to DM’s coffers in the IAS. Wow. What an interesting string pull this is.

    THIS is ‘Scientology’ under David Miscavige. Part and parcel of and profitting from one of the most aberrated and suppressive entities on this planet.

    I’ll add to my previous post to Tom Tobin. Flunk dude, you missed THE story here and went for the grocery store trash.

  104. OH,
    Funnier picture is a Scotch leprechaun – one which is pickled in single malt!

  105. Thats very twisted.

  106. There must have been a lot of back and forth discussions on what he could leave in and must take out with editors and attorneys etc. That my guess anyway. It reads like random sections of a larger piece thrown together. Maybe others took out any part that had Miscavige’s name in it and this is what was left.

  107. Lucy,
    “If you look at the purpose of many of the COS groups: WISE, orgs, IAS, etc… their first motivation is about money and money only”

    Totally agree with the statement in terms of now and as created by David Miscavige, the Dear Leader and Vulture emperor.

    In the late 70’s LRH concept of WISE was different than what it’s become. He was concerned about businesses using and rip offs on Org public lines which would distract public (and staff) on progressing up their bridge, with these matters also tying up the Org’s Ethics and Justice resources. Org Bookstores were also carrying quite a lot of Non-LRH books at the time. Thus WISE was put there to handle businesses, but not as a money making venture. LRH Orgs were put there to get public up the bridge, unlike Idle Orgs which is just big chunks of shiny, luxurious Real Estate, only worth is in terms of Mest. The IAS was not created by LRH – it uses many LRH Quotes out of context.

  108. I’m mildly disappointed that Tom Tobin and Joe Childs have allowed their name to be used as part authors of this article, for whatever reason. The two have had much better products and standards.

    The article is at best- inconclusive-with too many inductions or deductions which are too far fetched.

  109. Amen Jeff. Full Acknowledgment…………

    Is it the chicken or the egg? Birds of a feather?

    I recall the old Greek saying: ” A fish rots from the head down.” DM has been that demented mind rotting from the top.

  110. On the other hand, I’m glad the Times didn’t lump this article with the rest of the Truth Rundown, which is of a much superior caliber series.

  111. Pax tibi, no need to explain. Marty word-cleared billions of words during his lifetime and so did most of the other Independents.

  112. What Wall? You talking about your Dear Leader, David Miscavige using them incorrectly again?

  113. I’m puzzled too, SquarePeg.

  114. It was kinda disjointed and vague seeming to be “objective” yet not quite making it.

    Maybe Tobin was stoned when he wrote it.

    Or maybe his editor butchered it before it went to press.

    Whatever the reason it wasn’t up to par with his earlier series “The Truth Rundown”.

    That was investigative journalism at its best.

    This has the underlying paranoia of the typical anticultist that it is the covert actions of the insidious Church of Scientology that caused this mortgage debacle.

    Typical wrong target.

    As if NTC is the only company involved in “Robo signing” mortgage docs.

    The fact is it is an endemic practice within the industry.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Worse it obscures an even more hideous practice which are electronic transfers or assignments between lenders by MERS that aren’t even signed.

    You missed the *real* story Tobin.

    I’d say you should return your Pulitzer Prize.

  115. Is is possible that Tobin and company do NOT realize that they are pouring gasoline on the fire? Every wrongly-targeted story, whether through lazy research, prejudice or plain evil intentions, gives the psychotic little dictator another opportunity to scream (probably sounds like a girl, he’s such a little guy) that the church/scientology/LRH are being attacked. Forget the fact that they look like amateurs for not doing their homework, and the article reads like it was edited with an eggbeater.

    Sorry, St. Pete Times, you took your eye off the ball. Now get back up there at the plate and do it the right way.

  116. Fellow Traveller

    And you post anonymously….

    Bruce Pratt

  117. Tory Christman

    W.I.S.E. was one of THE biggest wake up calls, for me. Bill Bowen (TRT: Title Recon Tracking) promised my husband, “I’ll never cut your commissions”. He then left for “Flag”—and his wife, Ruth, took over.

    Quickly she slashed all pay, and drove the company from 200 people, to about 10. We did an “Arbitration” with the Bowens, and Rosser Cole was the attorney. Even he saw the abuse, and decided yes, they had to pay $100,00 to Harold’s partner, and $50,000 to Harold (only because he’d signed some BS waiver that he’d never sue). Either way, it was all quickly squashed.
    I called “Flag” only to hear: “Oh THAT Policy on Arbitration? Well, that was canceled, last night”.
    That was the SECOND I realized Davey boy could be PAID OFF.
    I thought of all my trips to “Flag” and seeing “Top Donators:
    Craig and Sally Jenson
    Bill and Ruth Bowen

    And I could hear Bill dialing DM: “Either get me out of this, or the
    Donations to you are O V E R”.
    A policy CANCELED??? HUH?

    That was just the start of years of sick, out “tech” crap done by these phony
    “LRH Management Consultants” who couldn’t apply Policy if they tried, OR have ZERO Integrity. Either way, if you’re reading this, you know who you are. Get out…and make up the damage. And Bill and Ruth: You still owe $150,000 to the 2 families.
    WISE::: If you’re ANY part of it, get away from it as fast as you can,
    and if you need any more info, call me.
    Great to have the site back up 🙂 Ha Ha, OSA::: You BLEW it ONCE MORE!
    (818) 588-3044

  118. martyrathbun09

    I have no idea Michael.

  119. Scott Campbell

    Evidently this didn’t carry too much weight for Tobin.

  120. Scott Campbell

    A bit of a non-sequitur, there. Who said anything about Marty? I’ve never even met Marty.

  121. Damn straight Tory.

    I knew quite a few good on purpose Scientologists who ended getting screwed in a WISE arbitration because the person they were arbitrating against was a high rolling donor of the IAS Patronuptheiranus.

    These people really deserve someone like Miscavige.

    The Devil may not wear Prada (except maybe when he’s kicking back with Tom) but he certainly wears platform shoes.

  122. theystolemychurch

    I agree!

    MERS is the real scandal! And, most people do not even get how totally consumed the entire American real estate ownership is threatened by MERS….

    The whole “story” about robo signing is nothing compared to what MERS does and could do to the nation.

  123. Jeff brings up excellent points I agree. Well back into the Seventies Scientologists could demonstrate doing anything for money and it has exacerbated beyond belief. Jim Logan brings up another excellent point about the bankers. The people who figured out how to scam energy futures at Enron are supposed to be the ones who figured out how to scam the mortgage business and the derivative market scan. It is only natural that Scientologists could be vulnerable to dramatizing the environment around them. I also know some people love to take issue with certain things I say. But realize this. The BP scandal of last spring. What is not well known at all is that BP was the party behind Obama’s “Cap and Trade” which nobody really understood. It was an energy exchange trading board whereby if you had a car, machine, technology etc. that polluted, you would compensate by paying or buying credits on an exchange (an idea backed by confidence). So, if you pollute you have to pay for it. The exchange would then take that money and invest in solar or some green energy. The law firm that Michelle Obama worked at in Chicago figured this out with BP Chairman and I believe Ken Lay (the guy who did Enron). What is more obscure is that BP set it up so that BP OWNS the energy exchange (they sold ten percent to Goldman Sachs). BP also owns the same green companies that the exchange will invest in. Sound like a conflict of interest. It was suggested (though I don’t know know or believe its true) that BP did that oil spill on purpose. Why? Because if oil were to be heavily taxed as per above, BP would rake in trillions instead of billions. Suffice it to say they have preserved their financial future. While Obama took flack for being a shill for BP during the crisis, much of the above was orchestrated by John Browne, the Chairman of BP. John Browne stepped down when we caught lying about his homosexuality before the British Parliament. Browne was German born but ended up as a lord and did not come from money. How? It’s called climbing the homosexual ladder. People get upset about what they call “conspiracy”. Assassin squads killed the Kennedys, King, etc. and they change the fabric of our society. MK-ULTRA is often a part of this. The real schemers are quite Fabian. What I have noticed, particularly in my initial investigation into the Montauk Project were BOUNCERS and “DENYERS” with people saying “don’t look here” or “its not true” or “don’t look into this”. Same thing happens when conspiracy topics come up. “That’s conspiracy” is a dirty word and it is dismissed instead of LOOKING for facts. It is true that the conspiracy community is detestable (UFO Community has always been the worst) because it has been co-opted.
    And don’t forget to drink your milk and other “foods” pumped with female hormones. “Man boobs” are now much more “normal” than when I was a kid. You know, kids in high school on Long Island no longer shower in school (even after athletics) because you have to get naked. I always thought it was because of so many perversion scandals and to prevent this, etc. but now I wonder if it is to hide the man-boob craze. I agree that drinking up conspiracy can be hazardous to your mental state (operative word is “can”) but drinking up milk and the regular products of the conspiracies can be far worse for your health.
    On another note, Ralph Hilton’s comment the other day about sorting out the upper OT levels has interested me in something I have never thought or even care too much about. OT III is all about self-determinism which means you make up your own mind about things and live your own life. CAUSE OVER LIFE (the original E/P of NOTS – I don’t know if it changed) is a natural extension of this in that you are extending your influence. The former OT VI was not only stably exterior but it was bout pan-determinism which is the seeking out of other viewpoints and accepting them for what they are: viewpoints. No judgement. Just exchanging viewpoints. Very valuable. Hearing others views, etc. on this board (or in any area of life) has been beneficial to me. Most of the past posting boards or blogs I have seen have far too much judgement and people with overly self-determined agendas.

  124. DFB,

    I really don’t feel for the bankers in the situation they are in. Thousands of foreclosures per day were caused by thousands of loan apps per day only a few years before that were also unexamined. These poor bankers got bailed out BIG TIME. I have no sympathy for the lot.

    The people who took the “liar’s loans” and other crazy mortgage products knew they were overextended, but were told by God and everyone that if they could hold on for a year or two, they could “flip” their little house and pay it all back, AND get an RV besides. So, sure, they are to blame for their condition to a degree. But, so are the bastards that lent them the money KNOWING they were overextended, and the brokers who sold the loan, and the Real Estate agents who took their 6%, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to bought this crappy shit, and the investment banks who sold this shit to investors as AAA bonds, and the bond rating companies that rated this shit AAA. So, they are all culpable. Who gets the $? Not the poor bastard who took the loan – he is foreclosed, kicked to the curb with ruined credit and, perhaps, no job and no food for his kids. No, the bastards who supposedly are “experts” on all things finance get the TRILLION dollars of Fed pelf. They lost their bonus for a year. Boo hoo.

    So, if they can’t take the time to READ the paper they are signing that will throw a family out to the wolves, fuck them.

  125. An excellent book is Confessions of an Economic Hit Man that explains how moneyed interests like the IMF go about destroying sovereign nations by taking over their resources. Well worth reading. Guaranteed to turn anyone into a disaffected cynic looking for any substitute for the scourge of unfettered capitalism.

  126. The policies that Ron wrote were for running the Church, not for running businesses. They are applicable for running the Church, and not always applicable to for-profit businesses. A person who joins staff is joining for the Cause, joining to forward the common goal of a free world. The Church’s purpose is to free men and women, and create a new civilization. Yes, I know, Mr. David Miscavige has betrayed the hell out of that purpose, but it IS the purpose, nonetheless – at least in LRH’s day.

    A person who starts a company does so, primarily, to make money. It may be also to do some good in the world, and provide the public with valuable services and products, but the purpose is to make money for the owners, period.

    Therefore, applying LRH admin tech to a business has to be done with intelligence. Of course there is admin tech that applies to businesses. But businesses and Churches are apples and oranges. They follow different rules, and have different reasons for being.

    As a result, I think it is a mistake, and has been an ongoing mistake, to push admin tech on businesses. I think it makes absolute sense for a company owner to read the OEC vols and apply what is applicable, but it is a mistake for the church to be involved in business affairs.

    One of the key issues that creates a hell of a lot of trouble is that Scn businesses know that Scientologists cannot sue them. Scientologists cannot bring suit against other Scientologists. That cusses everything up. You cannot go to the Labor Board when the bastard doesn’t meet payroll. You cannot go to the Board of Equalization when the idiots renege on their sales taxes. Etc. It is an ethics offense to sue a Scientologist. So, we get this crazy world where people who forego meeting payroll because an IAS reg comes by gets to be called an “upstat” when their staff have not been paid, and have no recourse to get their back pay.

    To me, one of the best things about being independent is being able to look at policy and tech in a new unit of time, without having to kow tow to someone’s idea of what is and what is not “true LRH.”

    As for this article, it does not bother me. Scientology takes no hit from this – it is already in a state of death in the public’s eyes. All it means is that people who do practice real Scientology just need to do it, and let the press follow.

  127. Tory Christman

    PS: I forgot to mention Ruth (Bill’s wife) told all: “IF you tell Bill what I’m
    doing, I’ll fire you”. I told my now x-husband, “Go in and tell her FU and call Bill at Flag. This is insane and you and your partner are the only 2 salespeople.” But he was “too loyal”—and stayed quiet.
    Amazing that you can PAY OFF DAVEY BOY? Isn’t it? To me it was
    totally outrageous! And to think *I* left—and he’s still “in”. Argh! If anyone knows him, can you *please* help him WTFU?

  128. WISE used to service business which then pushed power to the Orgs, nothing wrong with that. But like all other Scientology Tech, its basic purpose of freedom got reversed into suppression and slavery so that the slave master could be ha, safe.

    Orgs didn’t get corrupted by WISE but by unreasonable $$$$ demands from the Reversed Technolgy Centre, forcing them accept any $, bribed, printed or stolen and rewarding them for it. I used to be asked how I earned my donations and people who weren’t honest got refused and had to work out their ethics first, but that was in the good ol’days.

    Of course people with great business resources would be kept out of training as on just about any course they learn about confront, integrity and dynamics; not good for keeping people in the R/S trap. The best way to do so is asking huge $ amounts and putting the biggest crooks up as an example for the rest to go out ethics as well and mire themselves in the same trap.

    As soon as a Clear or OT commits an overt for his $, his confront dwindles and he doesn’t speak out anymore; he becomes a controlled slave, drinking the Kool Aid. The unreasonable $ demands serve many purposes: keeping people busy, keeping them introverted, keeping blackmail on them, keeping them unable, keeping them from reaching, keeping them spineless and defenseless; all the major bankster and psych purposes, best buddies of Davey.

    The aligning of WISE with the most suppressive elements of society is a natural bonding of mutual interests; R/S delivers what the psychs couldn’t as it’s actually highly advanced Tech for the suppression of mankind. The trap is so smartly set up that the most aware, powerful and ethical beings of the planet bought it up to a couple of years ago.

  129. I think you’ve hit on something here about $cientologists and charities. It’s been my observation that the only charity that $cientologists seem to care about is $cientology. Not that there aren’t a lot of good $cientologists, it just seems that other charities are considered “distractions” or “other fish to fry”. Sure there are things like the Volunteer Ministers, but they seem very opportunistic and show up at disasters mostly for the photo op and PR purposes. In addition to that, the current church seems like a sponge which soak up all possible monies from $cientologists like Idle Orgs, Superpower, IAS, Basic Books, etc. In other words, individual $cientologists and $cientology businesses give all their money, and even money they don’t have, to the church itself. When was the last time you heard of a $cientologist making a large donation to cancer research or something like that? It just doesn’t happen..

    “Charity” and/or “pure donations” isn’t really consistent with the LRH idea of “never reward a downstat”. A homeless person is considered a “DB” from a $cientological point of view, one not to be rewarded in any way, and service inside a church is never just given away. Never. Also consider all the policies LRH wrote on exchange. A charitable donation is one for which one gets no direct exchange, and it is very off-policy for orgs to give anything away. It’s therefore ironic that everything in the current C of $ is now almost a pure charity because they can no longer deliver standard tech, they can’t exist without “pure donations”. Delivering service seems to have become subservient to delivering the tech. Does anyone remember the recent video of the CO Flag regging Taiwanese $cientologists on New Years Eve for the IAS? That says it all as it shows how off-policy things have gotten.

  130. Pax, Thanks. 1 SP

  131. Overseas,
    Wow, thank you!! I sure needed that 🙂 Now, I’ll waste it.

    Holy Highway, for a newcomer you’re interesting. The not-so-subtle waft of…what is that smell…

    I’m sure it will come out in the wash here.

  132. martyrathbun09

    The original intent of LRH and others in getting admin tech into use was to get LRH tech used broadly on this planet – kind like the definition of a Scientologist, no? I’ve got prominent WISE members on my lines who have been shot from Miscavige guns for attempting to forward the purpose primarily in recent years.

  133. Everyone would do well, I believe, regardless of religious or non-religious beliefs to follow this advice:

    “When asked by a Gentile to explain the entirety of the Torah while standing on one foot, the rabbi (Hillel) readily assented and gave the response, “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. The rest is just commentary. Now go and learn.”

    Shows the centrality of the Golden Rule. Which is found in one of LRH’s WTH precepts.

    Doubtful the CEOs with deep pockets would enjoy working for someone who treated them poorly, paid them badly and offered no benefits other than some misplaced delusion that their employees loved working for someone SOOOO upstat.


  134. Friend of Ron


    There is no LRH policy that I know of saying one can not bring suit as a Scio against another Scio. Yes, you have to inform IJC and get a reply but there is no policy saying you can not sue. It is a myth widely promoted by the big donors who exploit Scios — mainly ex-SO and ex-staff who do not know their rights, have no resume and are used to working very hard for nothing. Minimum wage for a job where an employer normally would have to pay double often looks great to them.

  135. Overseas Highway

    Sinar, check ESMB. A troll is looking for this blog using ID WhatWall. You are right! Dear Leader is KNOWN for putting up walls.

  136. Unfettered capitalism.
    Unfettered communism.
    Unfettered socialism.
    Unfettered monarchies.
    Unfettered theocracy.
    Unfettered feudalism.
    Unfettered meritocracy.
    Unfettered Scientology.
    Unfettered Catholicism.

    So what would “fetter” any economic / political / philosophical / religious system?

    Checks and balances within that system.
    Individuals’ abilities and rights to observe, report, criticize and protest events.
    An individual’s right to leave that system.
    Alternate systems.

    Just Me

  137. Overseas Highway

    Jim, you are smart, funny, open. I like that a lot. My kind of man! I have my problems but overall, I am a really kind guy.

  138. Overseas Highway

    Marty is one cool guy. Don’t attack me for saying that. He really is. Too bad that you never met him.

  139. Overseas Highway

    There will be always trolls but I’m kind to anyone who doesn’t promote Miscavology or satanic verses. 😉

  140. Overseas Highway

    Pickled in single malt? You made me laugh out loud, Sinar. Got picture, Chef.

  141. Overseas Highway

    Tory, I admire your insider knowledge. It is always a pleasure reading your posts.

  142. ohbuddy/icallbullshit

    what is your point???

  143. I agree GH,

    My wife and I at one time were thinking of getting a home in LA where a Tool Shed at the time would go for a cool mill and were told by a realtor who supposedly was a “Scientologist” how to correctly lie on your loan app so we could get the loan.

    We decided against it because it seemed unethical and are glad we didn’t.

    However this just proves your point.

    Not only that but you also have sharks who buy a home for half a mill make absolutely no improvements on the property flip it a week or two later for three quarters of a mill.

    One of the main reasons the housing market in LA was getting over heated was all the speculation involved making it almost impossible for the average person to buy a home at a reasonable price.

    Not to mention all the real estate derivatives being dumped onto the money markets and the greedy investors demanding a high return on their investment by driving home prices up and over inflating an already over inflated market.

    Then of course you had the banksters driving up servicing fees, points and interest rates making the average $100,000 cost close to a half a million dollars in interest and service charges.

    Talk about usury!

  144. Yes, a troll created the ID “Wat Wal” from alteration of my ID, “What Wall”, which I use on ESMB and here. I am not Wat Wall.

  145. I’ll check that one out.

  146. What do you think of that speech? I’ve always found it interesting, but I’ve never researched it much. I suspected he was talking about the “Cold War”. I just read the full transcript (I think), and parts of it are not consistent with the interpretation of it being about “NWO”.
    He was talking to American Newspaper Publishers Association urging them to take the threat of war from the USSR seriously and to act as if we were at war.

  147. Tory Christman

    What a great line:
    “The Devil may not wear Prada (except maybe when he’s kicking back with Tom) but he certainly wears platform shoes.” ROTFLMAO!~ Thanks for the laugh.
    Also, thanks Overseas Highway 🙂

  148. The more glamour, the more disgust

    Oh yes, I see your point. I tend usually to give more attention to the perspective of how is LRH involved in the scene and draw the lines back to “before Miscavige” (not blaming, but also not going easy with the old man). But even in the moments with the darkest sides in view, I don’t like to see him and his merits being thrown under the bus. I see what you mean Marty and concur.
    Just one tiny detail: Can the St Pete Time really do something “at the expense of LRH and the tech”? Do they have it, so that they could expend it? I guess rather not.
    And so the critical point is once again more on what is not done than what is done. That DM does not get the tech known and used is more of a problem than whatever shit he does instead. Somewhat nitpickingly seen, it’s not LRH and the tech there under the bus, it’s just dub-ins of them – LRHs intention and the tech have disappeared too much to be thrown anywhere in DMs vicinity.
    A small comfort, but at least some comfort in the mess.

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