Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult

The internal Church of Scientology documents reprinted below demonstrate Tom Cruise’s personal personnel are chosen, handled and controlled by David Miscavige’s personal office.   The originator of the communication is a Church of Scientology staff member.  She works full time on Miscavige’s and Cruise’s vehicles.   The recipients of the communications are as follows:

COB Asst RTC – Shelly Miscavige (since sent to a Miscavige gulag) was Miscavige’s personal assistant for two decades and his wife. 

COB Comm RTC – Laurisse Stuckenbrock in that capacity filtered ALL of Miscavige’s communications.  She usurped Shelly Miscavige’s position when Miscavige sent his own wife to the gulag.

As one can see from the second document all upper Scientology organizations and networks are involved in assisting Miscavige control Tom Cruise’s life.  

“CCI” stands for Church of Scientology Celebrity Center International

“ASI” stands for Author Services Inc – LRH’s personal organization when he lived, now reduced to serving as an arm of Miscavige’s celebrity control network.

“RTC Rep”  the representative of Religious Technology permanently posted in Churches of Scientology around the world.  The reps are trained and conditioned to carry out the intentions of David Miscavige, even when they counter the policies of Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard. 

I attempted to have this all play out in private, see:

However, Cruise’s personal lawyer didn’t want it that way.  Though one might not be able to comprehend such insanity,  lawyer Bert Fields is also controlled by Miscavige  along with other personal agents of Cruise, including immediate family members of Cruise.  

If this post can somehow be brought to Tom’s attention, I recommend the following to him personally.  Suggested first steps of the route out of the byzantine trap Miscavige has constructed around him:

a) Watch the original Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra.

b) Watch the remake of Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington.

c) Watch the entire Bourne Identity series with Matt Damon.

If you would like others to see this post – please disseminate this url,  .  The one listed as number one on google when searching “marty rathbun” or even the name of this blog “Moving On Up A Little Higher” was planted there by  Miscavige’s intelligence network to divert public from finding this site (that url dead ends).  That Radical Scientology operation was executed  the day after I posted another internal church document detailing Miscavige’s utter control of every aspect of Tom Cruise’s life,  

Again, pass this along to your friends, asssociates, and family,

Stay tuned; this is only the tip of the iceberg.  And judging by recent events the fall out from all this promises to be rather intense.

‘The truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails’ – L Ron Hubbard


COB ASST RTC                                                                                                    13 July 2005





Dear Sir; 

In a phone call approximately 2 weeks ago you told me to get Josh handled as he had turned in his resignation to Michael Doven and I am now reporting compliance.

What was ordered:

Get Josh handled.

What was done:

Josh has been handled so as to remain at Odin.

He realized that his actions were not greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and wants to stay at Odin, be the driver and get his exchange back in with Mr. Cruise and then ask for promotion.

He has been over this with Michael Doven as regards what he is qualified for at Odin and will ask for the promotion once he feels that he has his exchange back in as well as a suitable replacement has been gotten. He definitely feels he can do more for Mr. Cruise directly on films and has communicated this to Michael.

He really wants to ensure that whoever the driver is, is qualified and can handle the motorcycles as well.

In the last 10 days he has finished Personal Values and Integrity Course, How to handle relationships with others Course, UPS AND DOWNS IN LIFE COURSE (2nd time), and how to start a successful marriage course.

He is starting STCC this weekend.

He called this evening to tell me that is staying at Odin absolutely; 2 days ago he still was undecided when he talked to me. He also thanked me for repeatedly telling him in the last couple of weeks that he was full of crap for wanting to leave and it was not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics – as it wasn’t.

Based on his phone call tonight I wanted to send this compliance and let you know. He was extremely uptone and very happy to tell me he was staying at Odin.

This is ok.


COB ASST RTC                                                     14 July 2005






Dear Sir;

Thanks very much and I am answering your question to me concerning what Josh wants to be promoted to. CCI RTC Rep HFA is answering you separately on the questions to her.

Josh told me he wants to be Michael Doven’s Assistant i.e. be a Production Assistant on film production under him and take this load.

He feels he has experience to do this – he has been a Production Assistant on a number of other films such as One Time in Mexico, Terminator 2 etc.

He is still in a 2D with Jen Hammond in present time. She has been getting an overhaul and the RTC Rep is reviewing this and getting you a report separately on her handlings.

If anything else is needed – please let me know.


This is ok.



237 responses to “Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult

  1. Lordy, Lordy …Outpoints abound.

    I’m not sure who Joshua Harris is, but other than a cowed, suppressed individual, who in their right mind would – ‘thank me for repeatedly telling him in the last couple of weeks that he was full of crap for wanting to leave … ‘

    Oh yes – I love others telling me I’m crap – it really revitalizes my purposes. Sheesh!

    It is obvious that the originator is carefully choosing his/her words so as to communicate full robotic compliance and cover his/her rear. Talk about suppressed communication.

    No doubt Tom Cruise is unaware of how closely he is watched and the orders concerning his movements behind the scene.

    Freedom?? Not even close!

  2. Glenn Samuels has a blog which is quite excellent, IMHO.

    He was an auditor on the Apollo and cramming officer (I believe) at Flag. He left circa 1982.

    His analogy of the barbells is superb and gives a VERY easily understandable idea of HOW someone can slip into their suppressors identity (valence). I believe it is the easiest I’ve ever read that explains this.

    Scroll down to: Technical Post: Portrait of a Hitter …

    If everyone were to read this, who comments on this blog, fewer people would wonder HOW people can slip into such seemingly cowardly behavior.

    As Marty has pointed out in his advice to Tom — people who are in knee-jerk lock step with dm — are brainwashed.


  3. What kind of relationship does DM and TC have today? Lots of time passed since TC’s wedding.

  4. Village of Islands

    It’s such a satanic shame misusing our great religion Scientology to control or pamper celebrities. It makes me sad. The truest religion on Earth and a dwarf perverts it.

  5. I was thinking on the legal ramifications of this:

    If Bert Fields is being paid by the Miscavige & the CofS, it would seem really short sighted Of Tom Cruise not to have his OWN lawyers to advise him and keep him abreast of legal matters. Following that, Bert & the CofS are setting themselves up for one mega lawsuit.

    On the other hand, if Bert Fields is acting on Ton Cruise’s behalf, again Bert is setting himself up for a mega lawsuit for the same reasons

    Bad scene for David Miscavige & the CofS no matter which way you cut it.

    Time to wake up Tom and face the inevitable – it will happen – you will leave and life will be much better.

  6. All the “This is OK” sign offs always make me giggle.

    It reminds me of elementary school, when i used fight my way thru the crowd of kids at recess time to get one of the balls for us girls to play kickball and prevent the boys from getting it to play dodgeball. I got a bloody nose once from one of the bullies trying to wrestle it away from me, and when the teacher intervened we both had our arms wrapped around tugging different ways.

    The teacher took the ball, gave it too the boys and before sending me to sit in the nurses office for recess she said “You girls had the ball yesterday. Today the boys get it and you can have tomorrow. You (points to the bully) go to the principal office for hitting a girl. You (points to me) go to the nurse. (Hands the ball to the boys and fixes everybody with that stop-dead-in-tracks stare) This it OK? Yes? Yes? Yes. Good. GO”

    I was 7yrs old. Int comms strike me as being the same – silly grade-school shenanigans.

  7. Terrific Marty,

    Now the gloves are on the floor and it is getting exciting.

    Please, all who read this, pass this on to your friends and get this distributed far and wide. It will possibly save TC’s life. The reason I say that is because Sonny Bono died shortly after DM ripped Sonny a new one and calling him names I am not even going to post here. He invalled the crap out of Sonny and a month later Sonny died in a PTS accident. How do I know this? DM told me right to my face how he “handled” Sonny.

    Save TC. Disseminate this.

    ML Tom

  8. I was thinking if DM RPFed Shelly to be with Larisse. But why is Shelley taking it?

  9. Marty, as you keep coming with more stuff I keep repeatedly thinking: “Now, that’s the bottom of the barrel” and then another post! Where is the BOTTOM of this insane, criminal and fraudulent operation called DMology?

    Thanks for bringing on these documents as being told it’s bad is different from seeing that it really is very, very BAD!

    Anyone with an intact comm line to TC, JT etc. – please help them help themselves get out of this mud. Same applies to anyone else (and me, of course) with comm lines to on-liners. This insanity has got to end.

  10. Joe Pendleton


  11. Cruise is done. The only thing he has left is……..a TON of money.
    Integrity or the ability to obnose and confront? Zero!

  12. Founder's park

    Keep those postings coming, Marty. Can’t wait to read more about the iceberg.

  13. Quicksilver — May I quote you? “Lordy, Lordy …Outpoints abound.”

    Inurement, defn 2 — benefit. For example, the 501c3 prohibition against “private inurement” within non-profit entities means that individuals within that organization may not receive excessive compensation or benefit from their employment or association, because such arrangements would contravene the supposed mission of the organization.

    In the above docs, we see Dir Vehicles, COB Asst RTC, Dir I&R ASI, COB Comm, and CCI RTC Rep HFA, all involved in handling Joshua Harris for Tom Cruise.

    “Lordy, Lordy …Outpoints abound.” H

  14. What’s “Odin”?

  15. Yes, Glenn is a special person, a great auditor and has good insights. He was trained by LRH on the Apollo and his post on “thought stopping” and his technical comments were what inspired me to post on this blog. He is also an old friend and I got to see him in NY this past holiday season for the first time in almost thirty years. This happened thanks to this blog and it is really my first experience….well not totally….but what I would call my first enjoyable experience in social networking. I have hundreds of friends on Facebook I do not even know. One thing curious about Facebook was that when I signed up for it, it put up all these pictures of old Apollo crew, asking me to be friends with them. I still don’t understand how those dots were connected. Why not friends from the Fort Harrison or the Excalibur or Davis Mission or my high school? There was no one else but Apollo crew. No professional colleagues or anything else. Smacks of peculiar intel collection. I didn’t befriend any of them out of suspicion.
    I think what Marty suggesting that TC “cram” on these movies is funny. It might be too high a gradient however. Too heavy. Maybe the movie “Harvey” to start off with. Its pretty soft. Then I would step it up with the Caine Mutiny and follow that with Mutiny on the Bounty (the original with Clark Gable). Then I would go with Marty’s suggestions. This could be followed up with “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”.

  16. Founder's park

    DM is a control freak who doesn’t lead SCN as L. Ron Hubbard would. I wouldn’t compare him to Hitler. Hitler had a nation behind him.

  17. What, are you brain-dead, or can’t you read, or have short-term memory loss, what?

  18. Hot dogs and mustard

    I googled the name Bert Fields and found this on Wikipedia.

    He writes stories. Will we see them on the big screen with Tom Cruise in the lead???

  19. Joe Pendleton

    Re: two sides of this coin. As a parishioner, my reasons for getting involved in and working in Scientology had absolutely nothing to do of course with any interest in an uber rich movie star. (what dynamic is that?) Certainly all this stuff is an indication that the CofS has tons of money to burn/waste, whether on buttering up Tom Cruise or hiting PIs to “get Marty” and others. I mention here about every 4 months or so……here goes again….big money and big religion…a toxic combination – leads to attempted control and power over people’s lives (see history of Catholic Church).

    Re: “Mister” Cruise (who I don’t know and don’t have anything against by the way) – I agree with Marty’s viewpoint, and at the same time I have to point out that despite anyone else’s overts, Tom Cruise is responsible for his own conditon; he has I’m sure TONS of fun (besides his mega millions) and I’m more concerned about what I’m gonna have for dinner tonight (though I do see the bigger point being made here about Miscavige, church greed, etc).

  20. martyrathbun09

    Tom Cruise’s company.

  21. I see

  22. Tony DePhillips

    dm’s obsession with tc made me think of this clip. I believe that tc is sort of a lynchpin to dm. If we can get tc to see the light dm will crumble.

  23. No, Hitler had a cult behind him, too. It just happened to consist of much of a nation (not “most” or “all”, just the portion with all the guns).
    Michael A. Hobson

  24. OldTavenniers

    You sound just like Watching Eyes. 🙂

  25. Don’t dish on Satanism , grrrr But I know what you mean never the less

  26. Founder's Park

    Take it easy, Darla. Maybe he’s right and TC isn’t that close to DM anymore. Maybe he figured that DM isn’t that great guy that he says he is. And why do you sign with Spanky? I thought you are Darla. You are confusing me.

  27. Wow, thanks Marty. You are delivering what was promised. Mr. Cruise take the suggestions of Mr. Rathbun. It will save your ass. I know people who interviewed with church staff for jobs with TC. From what I know they were all intense interviews. Fortunately some walked away with their integrity intact and others well, lots of security checks, money, threats, bonds to sign and on an on.
    Tom, just know your EVERY MOVE is monitored. It is agreed upon.

  28. Founder's Park

    I love people talking about legal ramifications. You bet there will be. Bad hats don’t last long.

  29. Founder's Park

    Yes, Hitler had a cult behind himself and entire nation was in that cult. But we are independent Scientologists and we are no cult members. 🙂 We bring real Scientology to the real world and people will see the truth and resign from their false beliefs. Thanks, Mike for helping.

  30. Village of Islands

    I look up to Marty – more than to my own brothers because Marty is a hero. He’s like Martin Luther. He’s like that man who corrected the crimes of the Catholic Church and the Christians by publishing against it.

    Never heard Marty bragging about his past lives but maybe he was Martin Luther in a past live.

  31. Dude! They involved top SCN execs in handling the resignation of Tom’s chauffeur??? Wow. Get another chauffeur!

    The daily task of saving the planet is so urgent, urgent, urgent that SO members can’t even have Christmas off even when their childeren are visiting from 3,000 miles away (if you are unlucky enough to work for the SP Renee Norton), but RTC Reps have time to BS around with handling Tom Cruise’s DRIVER??? Holy SHIT!

  32. Its not hard to see how, with almost unlimited resources in terms of personnel and money Miscavige has been able to take over more and more control of TCs life. I can see that it might be hard for TC to spot the source of his dwindling career, popularity, relationships, etc. I’m sure Miscavige feeds him lots of wrong reasons like wrong wife, friends, manager, “SPs”, etc, etc.

    I have a very long and close friendship with someone who is high in the Hollywood movie management food chain. He has friends who are at the very top of the food chain. It turns out that when Tom Cruise meets with the top boys, Miscavige monitors the meetings and Tom is more or less just a puppet. The Hollywood executives find the circumstances “uncomfortable” knowing they are really dealing with a cult leader and one that micro managed “Battlefield Earth”. In order to better understand what they are dealing with – guess where they wind up going for their information? Thats right – to long term ex-members. The same ones Miscavige and his flying monkeys decided should be intimidated and ruined for wanting to leave the cult.

    Its funny what a small world it is and how what goes around tends to come around.

    My friends told me that he has been in meetings at various top movie studios that have shot down the names of proposed actors simply because they are “Scientologists”. Not only has Cruise (and his handler) hurt his own career, he has hurt the careers of others.

    At this point Miscavige has his tentacles so wrapped around every aspect of Tom Cruises life that it will take an effort to remove them. Tom Cruise has a bad case of parasites that he thinks he needs to survive, even as it slowly ruins him.

  33. Village of Islands

    I heard a rumor that Slappy is in Australia and that Graham Berry wants him arrested in Australia. Can anyone confirm that?

  34. Me at Bud'n Mary's Marina

    Signing with “This is ok” is by the founder and not bad when a person really DOES mean it. You gotta understand that this is sort of in lieu of an affidavit.

    But I wouldn’t trust DM’s or his cool aide drinker’s “This is ok”.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Get a grip.

  36. H,
    It certainly does appear as if Mr. Cruise is enjoying the benefits of a non-profit. Are they ‘excess benefits’? That’s a whole other kettle of fish to inurement, and one that is well within the reach of the law without threatening those in the Church that are abiding by the requirements of a 501 c (3) qualified entity.

    Tom Cruise is as subject to the laws of life, and the land, as any other being agreeing to them. The kind of sordid relationship and activities he’s participating in as laid out on this blog have their own peculiar results.
    I’m sure he’s feeling them or about to.

  37. “Lots of time passed since TC’s wedding.”

    Yes, it’s been a rough few years since the DM-TC honeymoon. My guess is that they now speak rarely, and only through several layers of communicators when they are forced to. At the rare Scn event that TC goes to, there’s an awkward friendliness when TC feels forced to act loyal to his manwife — “the most competent leader in the world” (actually most incompetent) — DM. After leaving the event, TC stays off the internet, never speaks of DM to his legal-wife Katie, and lets Suri be his distraction so he doesn’t have to confront the real world (i.e. the rest of his dynamics). And TC’s career remains in the toilet.

    The life of a PTS person.

    Bert Fields simply does what his client tells him — i.e. serves the wishes of TC and indirectly TC’s SP, DM.

    Tom, you disconnected from the wrong people. Paula Wagner and Pat Kingsley were the good guys. DM’s the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” in the henhouse.

  38. The bottom of the barrel is a long ways a way yet. Loki as not had her say:

  39. Tom, This sounds like a story that needs telling. Can you give more details?

  40. They all just “take it”, Green Turtle. That’s the tragedy of this whole thing. Defying Miscavige is the equivalent of “bringing down LRH and Scientology” in their minds.

  41. Not to do with this post sorry but Melbourne had their idle org opening and miscavige was there and so was the media namely Today Tonights Bryan Seymour. Here is the link..

  42. Impartial English Girl

    I think Windhorse said ” HitTer” (re. the post linked-to), as opposed to “HitLer” (failed architect/dog-lover/nutjob).

    Either way, I feel incredibly sorry for Joshua, whoever he is. Poor s*d.

    IEG x

  43. Mat,
    Yes, it’s been going on for a long time. When TC first came to the Int Base from services in CCI his assistant and office (Odin Productions) was Andrea Morse. They twinned up on KTL and LOC at the time and Michael Doven at the time was the Chauffeur. Miscavige worked out a whole different organizing board and staff for the office and introduced the Feshbachs (who were doing well at the time) for investments, meeting at the Int Base. Wife number one was replaced with wife number two as well. It’s come a long way in terms of Miscavige control – wonder if the couch jumping episode was scripted?

  44. plainoldthetan

    “what dynamic is that?” Ron sarcatically uses this phrase in several lectures:
    “The Ninth Dynamic — the almighty buck”.

  45. Wonder if Tom knows where Shelly Miscavige is?

  46. T-R-O-L-L

  47. T-R-O-L-L
    (where you at Watching Eyes)???

  48. Bon Appetit (please note use of dry somewhat derisive tone).

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  50. I am not sure what to think and who controls who. I googled TC’s name but there was nothing recent indicating that DM is still his best man. Didn’t TC say he wants to move to the UK?

  51. I don’t know QS,

    Sorta sounds like boot camp at Paris Island.

    Harris simply saying:

    “Thank you sir may I have another.”

    After his hazing by Sgt Miscavige.

    No surprise here.

    I am aware of OSA’s op to keep an eye on Ron’s kids.

    Of course since these are usually public being asked to spy for Dave’s lil’ Gestapo and the response is usually “fuck you” or something more euphemistic though I’m sure there are one or two who take the thirty pieces of silver in order to get on the good side of HSM.

    Anyway regarding Tom.

    I pretty sure Tom’s sister was involved in “Cruise Control” as well until she was unceremoniously dumped by her dear brother a few years later.

    She was the one that convinced her brother to dump Kingsley despite the fact that she made Tom a star and be more vocal regarding his association to Dave’s Cult.

    Something that Kingsley admonished Tom against doing.

    Well we can see where her new policy of glasnost has gotten Tom.

    Btw Tom’s Lee Anne is a piece of work.

    I had the dubious “honor” of attending an AO event where she had just attested to Audited NOTs (“New OT V” for those into Tech Degrades) and claimed basically that Ron didn’t really know what he was doing and if it wasn’t for Miscavige and RTC she wouldn’t have made it on the Level.

    Too bad they didn’t pass out airline sickness bags to all us public attending.

    But ce’ la vive.

    (The only other “win” given by an “Pre OT” that made me want to hurl as bad was the one where she said her biggest win on NOTs was that she quit smoking.

    Wow now that’s OT…


    But I digress.)

    Anyway at the time when I found out that she was Tom’s new publicist.

    I knew right then that Tom’s career would be circling the bowl.

    Well the rest is history.

  52. Those movie stars bounce back like rubber balls and people love them again.

    Media doesn’t write about him and DM anymore but just what a good kisser he is and that Kate Jackson is obsessed about him and his movies.

  53. Thanks for this reply, Jim! I personally believe it’s “excessive” benefits. I wouldn’t dream of having these above-named terminals get involved in handling an employee of mine or in any way become involved in my personal affairs! H

  54. He hit the wrong key.

  55. The Woo Doo Queen. Keep her away from my place.

  56. I ignore trolls, Sam. There is no way to completely get rid of them. Marty will make sure that they don’t take over.

  57. Thanks for posting this link, Lise, beautiful woman.

  58. “In order to better understand what they are dealing with – guess where they wind up going for their information?”

    bwahahahahahaaa (gasp)

    priceless karma is priceless! even the mighty eventually reap what they sow.

  59. Sam, You got that right but, it’s mores like trollsssss. 1 SP

  60. And lo, Josh has an IMDB entry as Josh Harris (#7):

    But the earlier credits mentioned? He’s not in IMDB listings of full cast and crew, so that makes me question whether he actually worked on those prior films.

  61. GT,
    Lou (Laurisse) is really close to DM and has been for over two decades, even working out, bike riding with him where Shelly didn’t. Lou traveled first class with him along with Shelly when commercial flights were used.
    When TC first came to the Int base, there used to be an LRH PPRO, posted in CMO Gold – Jeannine who was the hostess. She blew after a short time and Lou became the Hostess and terminal for TC before the bonding and unnatural relationship to DM took off.

    The RPF is a program with it’s own structure and run at big bases like Flag, Pac, Anzo, EU, EUS and the like. Perhaps the upcoming creation of the Canada and Africa CLOs will have facilities for the RPF built in. There used to be one at the Int Base which was disbanded years ago with members offloaded to the different locations, which leaves “the hole” as a substitute with no policy, tech or redemption for it’s members, just dear leader’s whims. All these are too public for Shelly, even the Freewinds. The CST bases are secret even from most Int base crew, but are not through the Web: with one less than an hour away at Twin Peaks.

  62. Yeah I know CD.

    Dave makes Anton LeVay look like a paragon of virtue in comparison.

  63. Darla, I red Hog Heaven’s post as sarcasm. Ease off a bit – makes a better party.

  64. Sorry for the confusion. I went from Dalra to Spanky over 6 mnths ago. When the Moving on Up blog went down, this new one defaulted to Darla for some reason.

  65. Monroe, there is a way to get rid of trolls. Its Marty’s choice if he wants to shut them out or not. The blog is loaded with them right now. But you know that.

  66. A hallucinating troll on top of it 🙂

  67. He probably did a similar “handling” on Isaac as well.

    Seems prolonged exposure to the lil’ SP Squirrel is hazardous to your health.

    You’re lucky to get out of there when you did Marty or you might have contracted rabbis.

    Even though I never met the guy personally I’ve had to deal with Dave’s chosen few and they take abuse of power to new lows.

  68. Impartial English Girl

    M – so did Tom Cruise, somewhere along the line. I guess that maybe he isn’t the brightest flame on the candelabra… but he doesn’t seem to be completely unintelligent – I wonder how he got so tangled up in all the madness, to the complete denial of rationality? How sad for him (seriously), if he didn’t have friends that he trusted enough so that he could believe their warnings about DM, etc. But I guess it seems so obvious to people like me, on the outside looking in. Perhaps the shallow, gimmicky, gold-spray-painted setting of DM’s insincere ‘comradeship’ offered TC some sort of affection or validation that was missing in his life beforehand.

    Alas, if it is true (and I believe that Mr. Rathbun, whatever he may have said and done in his past, is a truthful man) that TC has been knowingly complicit in DM’s schemes and twisted ‘ministrations’, it is hard, if not impossible, to have pity for the man now.

    IEG. x

  69. I laughed out loud when I read your comment because I was just wondering if I needed to repost my repayment/refund comment. I’m always on “troll patrol”, on the ready to repost it when a snake rears his head.
    I agree with Hallelujah on the inurement issue. I’m confident the day will come when the dwarf and his enablers (that includes his boy toy) will have to answer to the gov. I have no doubt. Maybe they’ll even have to sell off that new gigantic printing facility. Think Kinko’s will want it?

  70. I like the trolls. If Marty didn’t post them we couldn’t play troll spotting games. That wouldn’t be half as much fun.

  71. I doubt it.

    Kinko probably sold it to them 🙂

    Maybe they’ll get rid of it when the trustee takes over after the Church files Chapter 11.

  72. Wow this is another great example of what your donations buy in the C of M. Many Sea Org members and other Class V org staff are living below the poverty level, their kids are going without so that the “Church” of Scientology can make sure Tom Cruise’s employees don’t quit and he has a nice trailer to use during movie shoots!

  73. What a stupid lot they are. I know Marty holds out some hope for Tom. I respect that hope, but don’t know that I share it. There’s a Valley of the Shadow that needs to be traveled here, but I don’t know if TC is up for the trip.

    Just Me

  74. ΘTater/GaryLerne


    I think TC wants to go to the U.K. to see if DM would build him one of those London double-decker buses. (Fairy Slippers included!)


  75. Hey Tom,

    You’ve been lied to and deceived in the wort sort of way.

    Come on man, use thqt courage you have to stand up and do what’s right.


  76. TC’s been trying to do damage control for 5+ years now. But his movies keep doing worse and worse. Personally, I hope he’s distancing himself from DM and allowing himself to get de-PTSed. But I can’t see him ever rebounding to where he was, unless he starts being honest with himself about the real DM.

  77. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    Damn RJ!,

    I need to re-do OT8 and see if I can gain the ability to start smoking again!

    Now THAT would be a win! (hurl, barf, ralf, puke, cough cough, weeze)

    (RJ, would I have to un-declare my SP status?) (oooo! I can buy some new lighters and ashtrays!!)

  78. Really???? If this post makes its way to Tom Cruise your advice is that he watch 3 movies???? Is he, or anyone supposed to take that seriously? You finally lost me dude.

  79. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    (Sam, W/E will I’m sure, respond soon!)


    W/E where are you?
    GO W/E!
    GO W/E!

    Smack that Troll with some financial “love”! 🙂

  80. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    LOL! Get a grip is right, Marty! VOI probably has a little “marty” shrine at home to do daily brain-sacrifices.

  81. Scott Campbell

    Jeez Tony.

    Fun with dental tools, eh?

  82. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    Welcome to Planet Cruise.

  83. Michael Hobson

    “Notamember” what a shame your breadth of cultural education seems to be seriously lacking. Anyone who has viewed these films and understood them will also understand why Marty suggests T.C. view them to gain some enlightenment as pertains to himself.
    Michael A. Hobson

  84. Scott Campbell

    Good on ya’ Lise!

  85. ΘTater/GaryLerne

    Deported to the RPF Island in Australia? What’s happening there, the island that DM bought and no one can visit? (Hamilton Island?)

  86. Scott Campbell

    If you understood those movies you could see how that could be a correct gradient wake-up call for TC.

    At some point he’s have to go, “OMFG!”

  87. OldTavenniers

    Interesting posting, RJ. I love people with insider info. Is his sister is SO? Is TC SO on Garrison Mission????????

  88. Buh bye, dude.

  89. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Dud, those were movies about incorrect conceptions of good guys vs bad guys and the resulting damages done. TC=Brainwashed!

    Homework suggested: Watch the movies mentioned and re-read Marty’s blog dealing with TC/DM. That should help you get un-lost, dude.

  90. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    this was a reply to —>Notamember

  91. Not as far as I know OT.

    Unless she is “Honorary Sea Org” like her brother.

    Garrison Mission?

    More like Mission Earth.

    I’ll let you guess who’s Lombar Hisst and who’s Soltan Gris.

  92. Tony DePhillips

    I will cry myself to sleep tonight knowing we are going to lose you…

  93. Come on Gary,

    Ya know its a bad thing to mouth off ’bout the confidential EP 😉

    But ya gotta admit though that whether you smoke or not that achieving the level of non smoker has gotta be one of the flakiest “EPs”for an OT Level.

    I mean right up there with being able to find their car keys or tie their shoe laces.


    If I didn’t smoke before I heard that.

    I for sure woulda started again.

    Oh BTW if ya started smokin’ again they wouldn’t let you near one of their idyllic Smoke Free Orgs.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  94. Overseas Highway

    Relax, Loki. An independent Scientologist doesn’t fear any troll, and I haven’t read any DM endorsement by the troll. Did you?

  95. Keep it coming Marty and gang.

    The Independent movement is real and growing.

    Keep revealing the little and big outpoints.

    u r saving lives each day u do so

  96. Come on Tony let’s cut to the chase on this one.

    For can’t remember or whatever your name is:

    Now watch the rest of it.

  97. Overseas Highway

    I have a question: can they construe it as “all voluntary”? Like TC fan club?

  98. Overseas Highway

    Soltan Gris… When will we see him on the big screen? I pray to Jesus that this will not be a flap like BE.

  99. Overseas Highway

    It would be really boring when all agree and trolls wouldn’t amuse us with their stupidity. Thanks Marty for letting us play with the trolls. 🙂

  100. I don’t think it’s good or ethical on Tom’s part. At the least he should have a little humility and realize this is not something he should be receiving or wanting from The Church of Scientology.
    As far as the legal aspect. I doubt there’s anything could be done as he has probably donated a lot more than he has received. If he donates $5,000,000 and gets a $50,000 “gift” I don’t know how the tax law is for that. Maybe you can’t do that. But what about a charity auction? Everybody does those. You “bid” $100,000 to save the sea turtles and you “win” a vacation package or something. I’m not sure how the taxes work on that.

  101. Scientology has some really bad PR in Australia I guess.

  102. Tom Cruise is the most dedicated Scientologist…. What a joke. Kool Aid drinkers actually believe that and that’s how they justify the special treatments. IMO with his arrogant and bad manners on national TV, Tom Cruise ruined the reputation of Scientology. Ask pretty much any person on the street about Scientology and the answer will be: “DANGEROUS, CRAZY CULT” This image we can thank to a large degree to Tom Cruise.

    Tom Cruise: I believe you are a good person and a great artist and I enjoyed watching some of your work. However, you are connected to a mad man. Take a look at David Miscavige with a magnifying glass. Is he really the “leader of all leaders”? Why is it that he assaults his staff? Is this the behavior of a true leader? Why are his staff afraid of him? Why have so many high level execs left the church? What happened to church management? Why are more and more people coming forward and telling the most horrific experiences inside the church? Are these people all evil SPs? Start looking!

  103. Yep 😆

  104. Pingback: Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  105. My sentiments exactly. WTF?

  106. Every time some criminal DM bot looks at this site {as I am sure they do} their jaws must drop as they look at each other and say “Who us? Do they mean us?”

    The fact that Scientologists really have such a low opinion of people is why this BLOG is here.

    A question came up today in my inner circle regarding a former church Class XII auditor that frequently comments on this BLOG. The question is so obvious. “How could a Class XII auditor that pulled people’s O/W’s for decades have blown the church because of her O/W’s? It is enough to make a person hysterical with laughter.

    How can anybody look at David Miscavige as leadership? I don’t see how, I am sorry. And the fact that he boasts of being friends with a “big movie star” like Tom Cruise, doesn’t help the matter too much either.

  107. theystolemychurch

    Yes! And WE had some very good advice. We got a big check the other day! Just by following her advice and TR3, TR3, TR3… WORKED~

  108. TroubleShooter

    You’ve definitely hit a nerve Marty and every time you do it accelerates the motion of the independent movement. I couldn’t help but notice that the Michael Fairman announcement and James Lewis’ open letter to Scientologists were posted within a few days of each other. I’d like to re-post the link to religious scholar Lewis’ open letter from Jeff’s blog because I think it’s was the second of the TKO one, two punch days ago that pushed the desperation to a whole new level for cob (rhymes with mob) prompting the recent shameless attempt to take down this blog : (copy paste it if it isn’t live).

    Everytime I hear talk about cob and Tom Cruise I think of the intro cob gave at the ias event awarding Tom his medal of honor “the most dedicated scientologist I know…” blah blah blah but I didn’t get what was said right after that but I remember that moment when he made that comment like people remember where they were when Kennedy was shot or when news of Lennon’s death hit the airwaves. I will never forget the feeling, first it was a physical wave of heat and then my forehead beaded with sweat and I started to shake with anger – all I could hear was myself screaming in my head “Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!! NO REALLY YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!” “HE DID NOT JUST SAY WHAT I THINK HE SAID DID HE?!!!! I turned to a friend and asked “Did he just say what I think he said?!” My friend just sat there mouth open and shaking back and forth in disbelief. For several minutes we both sat silent and still, unnaturally still, sirens and buzzing sounds filled my head and white dots flashed on and off in my field of vision. Who knows, maybe it was calculated to create that shock, to restimulate and to implant. I mean was he so out of touch that he didn’t KNOW that comment was going to send a chilling ripple throughout the entire Scn community, SO members, Class V staff and public alike, REALLY?!? I was embarrassed and ashamed of cob that night and it never went away. How dare he, how dare he do that, how dare he do that to every SO member I knew, to US the Scientology community who saw the event around the world.

    The pressure if being felt soooooooooooooooo much, this blog, the auditing results you continue to create, the encouragement of delivery of auditing and auditor training, cob has met his match in this movement and of that I have NO doubts.

    I appreciate that you keep doing what you’re doing; it’s creating such an important effect, a cumulative one thanks to all of the people who are a part of this.

  109. No, the entire German nation was not in Hitler’s cult. The Kreisau Circle ( ) is just *one* example of groups in Germany, who were not “Kool Aid” drinkers, there.
    Michael A. Hobson

  110. WH,
    Thank you for this link referral. It was an excellent read.

    I had not seen Glenn Samuels’ blog before. You are right – great exposition of Glenn’s understanding of LRH’s briefing on the mechanics of how an overwhelmed, well-meaning staff member assumes the valence of the abuser. It does answer the question so many of us keep asking – how can this happen? That is, how can people we’ve known and respected as decent people who supposedly shared LRH’s vision carry out blatantly wrong-source, off-policy, out-tech, harmful, illegal, and cruel actions in the name of spiritual freedom!?! Great article.

    It makes me sad, though, because it leaves me with little hope that anyone in the hierarchy today could possibly do anything effective to help right the situation. I guess I’ve been hoping a couple of the brighter ones within might be noting that the gyroscope of ship C of S is spinning wildly and grab the wheel or call for help or something.


  111. It’s when Marty receives some custom-made silk slippers from a “Secret Admirer” that he should really start worrying……

  112. The Church of Scientology then : a group of beings bringing freedom and beings achieving freedom.

    The Church of Scientology today : a network of manipulators and the manipulated.

  113. As others who supports the dictator, TC is in TREASON to LRH.

  114. Stupid Hitler and his fellow Goebbels were perfect in propaganda.If you analyze their success you will find that the only reason why they got Germany in full agreement was the fact that they matched the citicens tone level in almost every speech they performed.(1.5) (Of course unwittingly because they had not the data about the tone scale). Once this was achieved he was able to establish everything he wanted. A cult, a war, concentration camps, and everthing else. It worked until May 1945. Miscavige is far away from being such a “genius”, because he assumes Scientologists and the rest of the world is on 3,5 or above. *loool

  115. I did on google an advanced search, exact phrase with “marty rathbun” and the second entry had been the correct link to this page. First had been the dead link. They even have this article in cache.
    I do have a privat page that has maybe 100 visitors a month. But searching my name with google the second hit is my page. Thus a very view successful google searches are enough to a higher ranking.
    I would suggest to find this page via google and a view hundred klicks on the correct link and and klicks on the dead link might handle google ranking. As the dead links are then recognized as dead by google and excluded from the ranking.
    Might require some days.

  116. Tony DePhillips


  117. Tony DePhillips

    Reminds me of dm’s desperation. Also the OSA bots who follow so “loyally”. Real sickening. Scum of the Earth.

  118. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for that. It is sick watching dm play this game and get politicians ans celebrities to help con the unsuspecting.

  119. Watching Eyes

    Village of Islands, maybe this will answer your question.
    Trying to get a Refund / Repayment?
    For the IAS here’s one to use in CA.
    Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    EIN number: 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail. Do it.
    Note: If you were regged in Florida for IAS monies, I’d suggest you write to the two agencies below and skip Calif. Make sure you let them know that IAS doesn’t appear to be registered in FL despite raking in millions from their offices within that state.

    For Flag or the Ship there are two agencies you can write to. Both are in Florida.
    1. This one is under the State Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    2. The other one is the Pinellas County Consumer Affairs agency.
    This is a good agency and is in the same county as Flag and the ship office.

    Don’t worry about invoices that you may no longer have. The cult has the records and will send you copies as your cycle moves along. If you find unauthorized debits, you’ll request that money be given back to you.

    Know this, you will get your repayment although sometimes they drag their heels. If they’re dragging their heels, file a complaint with the agencies above. The cult HATES being on the radar of a gov agency. The key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to file with one of the above two agencies.

    Persistence is the key here. Don’t give up. Keep writing back if you don’t like the cult’s answer to your request and don’t let yourself get too serious over the whole thing.

  120. Watching Eyes

    Monroe, I think an occasional troll is a good thing. It’s a reminder to people that Davey and the Kool-Aid drinkers are still around altering the tech and messing people up.

  121. Leonore: I’ve long been disabused of any hope or what I would more harshly say — delusion that ANYONE in the hierarchy within dmology will do anything to right the situation.

    Instead I believe there will be continued attrition within management and staff as well as more and more scientologists getting fed up and leaving AND more speaking out publicly.

    People leave because they individually see SOMETHING that finally connects enough dots that the ILLUSION is pierced. The emperor stands naked.

    Until that point comes — no matter how many dots exist, they cannot draw the line connecting them.

    Which is why — IMHO — it’s vital to 1) support this blog with commentary AND donations from time to time 2) let your friends IN the church know what is going on — on a gradient they can confront 4) read other blogs about this subject to gain a wider perspective 3) continue to always work to become the change you wish to see.

    May all beings connect the dots and SEE their lives as they are! (not someone else’s superimposed veil of reality)

    Good luck to all of us,


  122. Boo ya! appropriate ack 😀

  123. That’s a question for an attorney, imho.

  124. 3rd Reich is a touchy subject. Hitler was a nut. Anna Rosmus researched that in her rather big German town all were Nazis.

  125. Is DM back in the States now? Who did he travel with?

  126. I never saw any other country but my own. I missed out on the double deckers busses and settled for double whiskey.

  127. Being mislead doesn’t necessarily mean PTS.

  128. Don’t think that any troll is a good thing when he does nothing but trolling. Means he has no life but mental issues.

  129. These memos talk about how one guy doesn’t want to lose his job. I don’t see where you get that the Church is controlling Tom Cruise. I mean, it is – we all know that – but these five-year-old memos don’t prove anything, Marty. And they certainly aren’t going to send DM to jail. Come on, Marty, where’s all the hard criminal evidence you say you have? Co$ ruins lives and it needs to be stopped NOW. This is softball, Marty, and it isn’t going to accomplish jack shit.

  130. Quote from the commentator at the IAS event when TC recieved his medal “with that kind of influence also comes an individual responsibility experienced by only the rare few in history and for those who own up to it. Well, that’s the story of Tom Cruise Scientologist.” end quote. He’s the only person to ever win the freedom medal of valor, most dedicated scientologist and a member of the rare few in history to own up to such responsibility. How does a person ever walk away from that? And if he believes it, he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. I think he does. 1 SP

  131. I disagree. I believe that the German people were BELOW anger at the time Hitler came in. They were in apathy from being so soundly whipped in WWI and then the inflation and depression. To them, Hitler’s rousing anger speeches were like inspiration from a savior who would lead them out of the condition they were in.

    As always, relying on some inspiring guru, leader, president, or whatever, to save you, leads to the same result–you give up your right to control your own life and you get whatever the boss decides you will get. Period.

  132. Here’s a link to a list of TC’s movies and their gross sales. I don’t see a pattern that says he’s doing “worse and worse.”

  133. One thing that really needs to be remembered is, T.C. KNOWS that S.O. Members, basically unpaid, work VERY hard for HIS personal benefit. He KNOWS (from training at Int and auditing crew that, S.O. Members DON’T (for the most part) go up the bridge.

    THEREFORE, he is knowingly, being VERY out ethics. At this point, it is his personal choice to participate. Ergo, he IS an S.P., de facto.

  134. I analyzed the success of Hitler as well.

    If a group is in a secondary (Germany was in a great depression in the 30’s) it’s very easy to implant hypnotic suggestions. It’s an ancient trick, played over and over in history by dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Davey e.a.

    The 1.4 speeches broadcasted all over the country became standing order in the collective German mind. Most people were individually higher but taken down by the controversy and 1.4 mass media PR.

    When a group agreement on a certain tone and subject is established, the group recognizes the implanter as leader as it’s the one thing common in all, causative for the group which adheres to without analytical evaluation.

    The dictator then has politicians with opposing views executed or excommunicated to enforce the engrammic contend, a major power factor in keeping their cults brainwashed.

    Unlike Scientology the Western world has experienced governments that know what a sole viewpoint speech magnified by mass media sums up to and that’s why they don’t allow it.

    Open communication and dialogue without suppression of data, basically guarantees a free people. Most Western governments allow opposing views in parliament as a major stabilizing and learning factor.

    Davey will never do that as he gets his big dollars from crushing opposing views.

  135. Tony DePhillips

    Hi loki.
    I like the way you call them out. (trolls) If for no other reason than to bring up peoples awareness. You are a very cool person and I for one appreciate what you do.

  136. Tony DePhillips

    RJ I like the way you roll.

  137. Impartial English Girl

    This was interesting. Wish all reporters and TV networks had the b*lls of these Aussies. Good on them.

    Is it me – or is DM’s hair getting a bit sparse up top…? 😉

  138. Friend of Ron


    Other than trying to drag Marty into the dirt, what are YOU doing about the situation?

    Do you have a blog somewhere or some other account you can post here that details all your actions to correct these wrongs?

  139. Let’s not get into an SP witch hunt here. LRH said that making others guilty of overt acts is, in itself, a major overt. TC is just PTS. He cannot get ethics in on himself as he is connected to an SP in present time. He can “ruthlessly” get in craziness. It really upsets me that DM has done so much destruction that most people think that Scientology is what made TC crazy. This idea needs to be corrected.

  140. T- Thanks. I appreciate your straight forward approach to things and your holding your position, as if effortlessly.

    Re: the trolls, sometimes when a troll or mole has a long shore story its kind of interesting to spot the bullshit. At least they went to some effort and were creative. But most of them here are too obvious. Everyone can see them, and a few of us sometimes mention it. Today 2 trolls said we should not even mind the trolls. Trolls protecting trolls. But Marty has his reasons for allowing them.

  141. Watching Eyes

    Is it “softball” to keep people on forced labor for years on end?
    Is it “softball” to promote “Scientology” yet deliver Miscavige-tech?
    Is it “softball” to harass ordinary citizens because they’ve walked away from the cult?
    Is it “softball” to force Sea Org members to get abortions?
    You get my point Joe Wog?

  142. SORRY FOR THE OFF TOPIC comment but this could be important:
    Gary — on another message board, just a few minutes ago, someone said she is your daughter – Casey Lerner – says she is looking for you.

    Someone answered her – giving her Marty’s email.

    Thought you should know – in case she doesn’t email Marty.


  143. You’re not graphing. Here’s Tom Cruise and, for comparison, Johnny Depp. Tell me who’s got the better stats over the last few years. As I see it, TC’s in affluence to 1990, normal trend to 2006, then danger.

  144. With all due respect, Mockingbird, I can’t imagine how you could not see that TC is doing “worse and worse”.

    Up until 2005, TC was the 100 million dollar man with the most 100 million dollar films of any actor. Now look at the take on his films since 2005.

    War of the Worlds was not a TC film per se. It was a film based on iconic source material produced and directed by Steven Spielberg that happened to star TC and frankly, many think he actually hurt the box office with the silliness that surrounded the PR for the film where he promoted his relationship rather than the film. MI 3 made almost HALF of what MI 2 did (but it did break 100 mil – however, it was so expensive that it lead to his contract for CW Productions not being renewed at Paramount). Lions for Lambs was a total and complete disaster which didn’t even come close to breaking even (something unheard of in Cruiseland in the past. Even the worst of films would break even just on his name alone.) Valkyrie did just OK and finally, what IMHO is the worst of all, Knight and Day, a TC action film which in the past would guarantee over 100 million, struggled to get to 80 million. A Cruise action film with comedy thrown in and it didn’t make money!?!?! Totally unheard of prior to the last 5 or 6 years! It was a 150 million dollar film after marketing and it did 20mil on opening day. Fox had a cow! And finally, Tropic Thunder contained an 8 min cameo of TC acting silly. We can hardly attribute the success of the film to him.

    In addition, the way he’s thought of, not only by his peers, but by the general public, has changed dramatically (as I think we all know). In the past, his peers hesitated to say anything even remotely negative about him. I can assure you that is not the case these days and I say that from personal experience. TC was consider bulletproof by the mainstream press prior to 2005. Again, all one needs to do is look at any newspaper or mainstream magazine and the news is not good. He’s an object of ridicule. Google the news on TC on any given day and you’ll find that when his name is mentioned, atleast 75% of the time, if not more, it’s to make fun of him.

    In my opinion, and unfortunately for Tom being the talented actor he is, his career has indeed taken a huge tumble and we can thank DM for that. At this point, I believe TC is so insulated that he really doesn’t get why he has a problem. He lives in Daveyland and we all know how well thats working out for him, his integrity and the way we all think of him.

    Just my 2 cents.

  145. TC isn’t nuts. He just believes that DM is true.

  146. Why are you using that formal approach “Mr. Rathbun”?

  147. Below anger? They were on controlling and penalizing bodies! Get a grip and study the tonescale!

  148. It never can happen to us. Obama would never allow it. I feel good that he is our President.

  149. Correction: Knight and Day did 20 mil on opening WEEKEND, not opening day. Fox was counting on it doing that in one day.

    Sorry for the boo-boo!

    Also wanted to say Thank You to Mr Rathbun for bringing the issues with TC (as well as all the other garbage) to light. I sincerely wish the mainstream press would get ahold of this as a way of further informing them of the crap that goes on with parishners money. Mainstream press needs to look closer at The Church of DM and if Cruise is the catalyst for that, so be it. After all, this whole thing started when he decided to speak out in an idiotic manner (which was NOT good for Scientology). Perhaps it (and the church of DM) should end with Cruise being called for worshipping DM and vice versa.

    Sorry for the diatribe. When I do come out of the woodwork, I guess I don’t know when to shut up.

  150. Hamilton Island is a privately owned resort island in the tropics and DM certainly does not own it. A yearly WISE convention gets held there for 3 days. The RPF is at the Sea Org base in Sydney and is fairly hidden within the base (an old monastery). Noone driving past would ever realize those 2 crappy little dongas (shed like) were the living quarters. Check out my link further dowm for the update in Australia. Our favourite politician Nick Xenophon is just awesome and reporter Bryan Seymour just gets better and better.

  151. Spanky is a strange posting ID for a woman.

  152. Tell me about it. My troll alarm goes up all the time too!

  153. A refund? A refund? There must be some joke here. When I gave my time and money to the church I did it to go Clear. To become OT. NOT to later ask for a refund. Look at the results the church gets with the money they are given. It speaks for itself. I wouldn’t lower myself or invalidate my integrity by asking for a refund.

    They can keep the money and use it to finish knocking their own brains out of their own heads in public so everybody in the world can see how they put it to good use.

  154. Mystery solved. The troll is the Village of Islands idiot.

  155. Tattoo his face on your shoulder now will you 😉

  156. Look at stats, why is the amount of clears declining, why aren’t any auditors made, why are OT’s leaving faster than being made, why are your stats down for 5 years in a row, why is the amount of Scientology entheta in mainstream media increasing?

    Looks like stats are being held down, no? Someone must have been very busy, no? All the SP declares in a decade haven’t changed that. Looks like wrong declares, right?

  157. John Travolta looks sexy bold.

  158. haha, in spite of there being 4 “catogories” of satanists. If one would follow the teachings of Levay one would onley strike in anger in revenge.

    DM strikes in anger just for any reason at all.

  159. It is said by some that he turns into a bat to travel.

  160. Battlefield Earth was such a turkey because 1) they didn’t go by the original script according to the screenwriter:

    2) According to Marty Miscavige was involved in the production of it (as if a failed camera man knew anything about producing a movie)

    That’s two strikes against it already but probably the third was the fact that the novel was too intricate and involved to be a single movie.

    It should have been released as a mini series.

    Just like Mission Earth should be if its ever released as a movie which is doubtful thanks to BE.

    Actually when KMET (an old LA rock radio station) ran it as an audio series it did quite well because the story was very relevant then and in fact years ahead of its time since it preceded things like the X-Files by almost a decade.

    However as you know the SO especially these days has a problem with making the Ol’man’s postulates stick and under Miscavige’s titular “leadership” have become adept at altering his mock ups which is probably why he abandoned the whole lot and concentrated on researching the upper levels and codifying the tech.

    So that people who were truly self determined and not into following some Simple Simon leader over the cliff could use it.

    Anyway that’s my view on the whole scene.

  161. I’d say they were in unexpressed resentment or close, which is why Hitler’s 1.5 resonated so well (half a tone above).

    But I wasn’t there and few folk who were are still alive, so I don’t know for sure.

  162. I definitely see a pattern. Assuming that ticket sales are a good measure of how willing the buying public are to pend money to see a flick with him in it,

    Between Top Gun and Vanilla Sky, the numbers are all over the place. Every third or fourth movie does well, the ones in between stank at the box office – Far and Away, Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia – all movies surrounded by lots of opinion on the net about how they were Cruise vanity pieces.

    Vanilla Sky to Collateral are all in the same range, 100 to 130 mill. A sudden jump to a highest ever with War of The Worlds (234 mill) in Jun 2005 (think Oprah). Next two go back down to the previous range, the two after that plummet to the range in Days of Thunder in 1990. That’s raw number, not even corrected for inflation. So the reality is worse. The trend is the same for opening weekend sales.

    Now that’s interesting. Right around the time his most successful movie ever is released, he starts getting on couches, shouting at interviewers and insulting new mothers. That’s a huge character shift for someone previously renowned for being impeccable polite with the media. And after this character shift, his popularity declines steadily.

    The part of me that likes to analyze things is saying “I’m looking right at a classic violation of the Power Formula” and I’m wondering “what magnitude of effort did it take to pull that off?”

  163. Nothing about a witch hunt Byron. EVERYTHING about confront of evil. You need to do more ethics officer training. Pointing out suppression has ZIP to do with committing a ‘major overt’. Continued commission of suppressive acts creates the label by itself.

  164. plainoldthetan

    “…after q person is totally overwhelmed by a suppressive he assumes the valence of the suppressive.” HCOB 28 Jan 1966 SEARCH AND DISCOVERY DATA, HOW A SUPPRESSIVE BECOMES ONE.

    “If you look into suppressive person tech, you will find an SP *has* to be out of valence to be an SP. He does not know that he is because he is himself in a nonself valence. He is “somebody else” and is denying that he himself exists, which is to say denying himself as a self.” HCOB 17 July 1971R OUT OF VALENCE.

    “Man in his anxieties is prone to witch hunts.
    All one has to do is designate ‘people wearing black caps’ as the villains and one can start a slaughter of people in black caps.
    This characteristic makes it very easy for the antisocial personality to bring about a chaotic or dangerous environment.” HCO PL 27 September 1966 II THE ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY, THE ANTI-SCIENTOLOGIST

    The person I am currently worried about is not TC, it’s Katie. Tom left the reservation (of those people who could restore their perception and personality) some time back.

    If Katie gets up on stage and salutes DM, we’ll know she’s lost herself.

  165. martyrathbun09

    She’s British, and the Brits have class, imho.

  166. The little dwarf dictator is the real third party between TC and Katie.

  167. Trolls are getting sloppy. Raul, do you really think refunds are a bad idea. I know at least one person who thought you were legit. It think this last post would make even a blind man see.

  168. Tony DePhillips

    Trolls protecting trolls LOL!!
    I get a picture of little gnome type gobblins protecting each other and running their little bank driven dramatizations, straight out of the OT levels…

  169. It isn’t about the money.

  170. Watching, nope, none of what you said is softball, and that makes me think *you* don’t get *my* point. The Church is doing all the things you say, and we’re talking about Tom’s buses and assistants. How is that going to help get people out of the RPF? How is that going to bring and end to the tyranny of the Church?

    CHURCH: Forced labor, altered tech, harassment, forced abortions.
    MARTY: Memo about a guy who worked for Tom Cruise 5 years ago.

    This isn’t dragging Marty through the mud; it’s a cold, unemotional look at what is going on.

  171. In all ‘seriousness’ the trolls serve to remind me of the tone-level, depravity and insanity we’re are dealing with. It helps to keep me focused.
    And……… great target practice!

  172. I was thinking the other day, that there’s a need for a book with suggestions for young and old EX Sea Org members, with tips on what to do to get ON in life after leaving the Sea Org, particularly if one’s been declared SP.

    Scientology has their “Scientology Handbook.”

    Maybe someone should write the

    ” Ex Member’s Handbook: Suggestions for Life AFTER organized Scientology”

    Lots of Glenn’s articles, and Jeff’s articles, and there are decades of good advice on the internet, might be centralized in the “Ex Member’s Handbook” which might be useful.

  173. You need to look at the bigger picture. Those who paid tens and hundreds of thousands on sec checks instead of OT levels, should be refunded. Or even OT levels that have yet to be released.

    Anyone who paid into the IAS should be refunded, if for no other reason that false promotion for solicited funds. I never would have paid a dime to the IAS if I had known that the money was redirected towards DM’s luxury lifestyle instead of going to 4th dynamic reform projects. Same goes for Super Power donos. How many years has it been? Standard practice is to refund for false advertising, failure to deliver the promoted product.

    All Idle Org donos should be refunded for the same reason. Public were told their donations were going to pay for the org so that the staff didn’t have to have the constant PTP and could just deliver. Then when all was said and done, money collected – the orgs now have to pay Int Landlord. That is akin to being double taxed IMHO.

    Keep shining the light Watching Eyes!

  174. somewhere along the line you must have gotten your hands on some really good shit. Your a trip.
    And I liked the Morgana clip.

  175. Watwal, misled? Sheesh. Spend some time reading this blog and to get an idea of what kind of SP DM is. Or take the short route, and read the list of quotes from firsthand victims/observers of DM’s physical abuse here:

    DM’s an SP. I don’t care what kind of PR smokescreen he’s surrounded himself with.

  176. True, when correcting for inflation, he was probably in long-term emergency, not normal (as I said) or power (as you said). I like your take on the power formula violation, though. I think you may be correct, but it may have been even earlier when he broke up with Nicole.

    After all, as Spielberg said about War of the Worlds: “For the first time in my life I’m making an alien picture where there is no love and no attempt at communication.” Heh. WotW was successful not primarily because of Cruise’s draw, but because of Spielberg’s.

    We are also only looking at gross, though. If you look at other things like number of films and so on — his work’s been far more erratic than some other top actors, who’ve done smaller movies and/or smaller parts because they genuinely love the work.

    Cruise, though, he was holding out for The Next Big Thing, so he had years where there were zero movies of his released. (Release schedules aren’t something actors necessarily have any control over or say in.)

  177. Well, I’m officially labeled an SP. Therefore, I must be one.

  178. Looks like something happened with this one.
    Massive troll attack.

  179. Does anyone know if Jessica Feshbach Davis is still Katie Holmes Cruise’s Scientology “handler”? Jessica’s parents have been said to sell their Scientology centers or Missions in California and moved to Austin, Texas and living in a downtown condo, but I have not been able to find them through the tax records. This does not mean they are not in Austin, as the wealthy frequently buy their properties under trusts or other entitities. Just wondering what the current situtation is on these people.
    ML, LM

  180. I’m with you Raul.

  181. Like you, I traveled to the UK. Must be a very old maid 😉 because the younger folks are even more informal than ours here in the USA.

  182. You still don’t get it!

    Didn’t anybody ever tell you that the tonescale doesn’t end at “0”? Check those emotions under “Zero”. People who gas millions of other people do not just have a little anger problem at 1.5!

  183. Standard OSA line in a nutshell:
    ‘Hey I’m on your side Marty but’…

  184. The change is obvious.

    He fired the best publicist he ever had and replaced her with his sister who’s a complete idiot and has no street smarts

    Miscavige may or may not have been an influence on this decision but the fact is it was his decision to make.

    Personally I’m not at all convinced that Miscavige is Svengali and that Cruise is Trilby.

    Sure I have no doubt that Miscavige is playing Cruise just as Miscavige himself is being played but I think Cruise is playing him back.

    I don’t buy the Tom is an innocent victim line.

    Never did.

    Tom is somewhat cause over the scene.

    At some point Tom will have to take responsibility for his own actions or end up up the line being a pebble on the beach just like his friend Dave.

    The only thing I get out of this whole series of exposes’ is the amount of time wasted on making Cruise happy and propitiating to his every whim yet jealously watching every move he makes like some kind of pimp to a high class call girl.

  185. Oh yeah, Obama would never allow any of the harsh and dangerous Bush policies or wars to continue.

  186. One thing he did do was have his planners figure out what it would cost to rebuild the country. They told him 1 billion dollars (or some gigantic figure of the day) and he went and simply printed the money and put everybody back to work almost overnight. In 2 years Germany was at full employment and out of the depression while the rest of the world struggled for the remainder of the 30s until Hitler got the rest of the world out of the depression by trying to conquer it.
    Source; The Web of Debt by Ellen Brown.
    Any government could do the same thing today (issue their own scrip) and solve all their debt problems overnight. Debt is basically a false flag issue, imo.

  187. Katie’s already got two strikes against her due the fact that she worships Cruise and missed her opportunity to be a star by turning down the lead role in ‘Factory Girl’.

    (Tom convinced her she shouldn’t take the part because the pic had nudity in it.

    Gimme a frickin’break!

    Tom and Nicole did ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ with full frontal nudity in it and he’s worried about his wife flashing her titties in a couple of scenes of ‘Factory Girl’.

    Can we say hypocrite.)

    Also Katie is constantly under OSA’s watchful eye with a handler on watch 24/7.

    I think it was one of the Feshbacks at one time or it could be someone else now.

    Like Tom, Katie lives in a virtual cocoon which is impregnable to “entheta”.

    Also all services are done in the hyper controlled environment of the Int Base.

    In other words her perception of Scientology is being managed by Miscavige who though he is unable to comprehend the basic precepts of the subject he claims to be the leader of can apply on a limited scale at least the lessons learned from his friend CIA operative Robert Gray.

  188. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank you WH, I got the message from Karen#1 and it’s my son! I just sent him a message on the other blog’s postings “” and am waiting for a reply either here or there or email.


    Gary 🙂

  189. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Lise, Thank you for the update and info and I will check out your link.

    Say No to RPF’s 🙂


  190. Joe Wog, the memo doesn’t talk about a guy who doesn’t want to lose his job. It mentions a guy who wanted to resign from his job, but got talked into continuing so that he could be further controlled and be humiliated (so he “could get his exchange in”, i.e. be in propitiation).
    That is controlling people (bodies) for TC, isn’t it?

  191. Today at the Riverside BoS, I brought up the problem of DM’s private inurement and the general situation with illegitimate charities getting property tax exemptions. Read the text below, the speech flow was not too good:

    Board of Supervisors Feb 1, 2011
    Reviewing Property Tax Laws for illegitimate organizations
    The property tax status of Gold Base in San Jacinto is being reviewed presently.
    An organization that operates tax free is effectively subsidized by the taxpayer, since vital taxes must be levied against other things, or at higher levels to make up the shortfall.
    The purpose of a charitable tax exemption is because the government would have to do the charitable task instead. For example, the Salvation Army appears to be 90% charity, certainly deserves it’s exemption.
    Other countries have setup up a Public Benefit Test for charities
    The Australian government is to follow the emerging international best practice for not-for-profit entities to include a definition and test of ‘public benefit’.
    In the United Kingdom a public benefit test exists to make sure that organizations receiving support from the public through tax exemptions “do more good than harm”.
    There must be an identifiable benefit arising from the aims and activities of an entity;
    the benefit must be balanced against any detriment or harm;
    the benefit must be to the public or a significant section of the public
    not merely to individuals with a material connection to the entity.
    That a charity must have a dominant purpose or purposes that are charitable, altruistic and for the public benefit.
    The Australian proposal is wrong in that the charity “do more good than harm”. In my view that should be replaced by “do no harm”, period, decided by a single court conviction.
    If the high level management or officers of the charitable organization are convicted of crimes, then the organization must immediately lose it’s property tax exemption privilege for a number of years, maybe 5 or 10 years. That would be a good ordinance to think about.
    We also have the problem of Private Inurement. Senator Chuck Grassley recently issued a report indicating the abuses of 6 televangelists. Somehow much to our surprise, Scientology was not included in the list.
    David Miscavige should have no envy to the Benny Hinn, Copleans of this world.
    It’s high time that Riverside county put an end to this type of abuse and revoke it’s entire property tax exemption. Please support the tax assessor in this important job.

  192. The 4 of you are right. I was a little blind to the fact of people other than myself that have paid hundreds times more dollars than I have. But it wasn’t about the money it was just about personal integrity. So I would mean me only of course. I stand corrected.

    I forget sometimes how some people lost more than several thousand like I did, and lost millions.

    Carry on.

  193. May I change the order of things here:
    From: CHURCH: Forced labor, altered tech, harassment, forced abortions.
    To: CHURCH: Forced labor, forced abortions, harassment, altered tech.
    Many may disagree here, but “altered tech” is not a crime, at least in the wog world.

  194. Yeah I know OTDT.

    The last two years or more have been pretty much been ‘W’ the sequel though more Bush lite.

  195. RJ:

    I agree, but I just wanted to refine at least one point. I lost enough money to the church for a person to live comfortably on with for a while. I am not angry about it, why ruin my life with that. But, I just cannot see going back there and paying them a second time in the hope that maybe this time I will get what I pay for. I don’t understand why it wasn’t right the first time. They have certs? They are legally authorized to deliver what they promise and then don’t deliver it and deliver something else instead? I would rather sit back and laugh then ask them for the money back. Who the hell do they think they are kidding that this is what they deliver to people?

  196. That’s why Germany was hailed as the “economic miracle” why Hitler became “man of the year” according to Times Magazine.

    (and that was even before Luce started dropping acid)

    False Flag is right Danno.

    I think the economic situation in Germany was exacerbated to bring about someone like Hitler.

    People still point up the fact that he built the Autobahn and got the trains to run on time.

    Yet fail to mention the fact that a lot of the work was done by political prisoners and his regime outlawed trade unions.

    Or that his friends like IG Farben, Krupps and Mercedes profited the most from the burgeoning arms industry.

    Lest we forget IBM and Chase Manhattan.

    I know there’s a parallel somewhere……

  197. Very cool Gary.

    I’m happy for ya 🙂

  198. RJ – Who is Robert Gray exactly?
    I thought that when Nicole did that nude scene in “Eyes Wide Shut” that she was deliberately making love to every man in the audience because she was really tired of Tom. It was sort of obvious. It was very disrespectful to him as a 2D (I thought – by her particular body language and inflection, etc) and I think he’s learned his lesson. “Keep your woman on a leash.” I think it would be safe to add to the list of common denominators between DM and TC that of “Controlling behavior.”

  199. Tony Dephillips

    Where are you on the tone scale?

  200. Tony Dephillips


  201. Tony Dephillips

    I think you like to distract like an O S A bot would.

  202. Tony Dephillips

    I think OSA has a new strategy. Throw about 5-8 bots onto this blog at once. You can always spot them through covert inval, distractions and/ or this kind of weird propitiative flow. My question to the trolls is this: when did you first violate your own integrity?

  203. “this whole thing started when he decided to speak out in an idiotic manner”

    Exactly right, Charly. The funny thing is, if he had only jumped on the couch for Katie, the whole thing would be looked at today as sort of endearing. Instead, he had to go blab on arrogantly about the evils of psychiatry. Imagine if instead of trying to be the know-it-all himself, he had laid off on the insults against Brooke Shields or Matt Lauer, but instead had brought on psychiatrist Peter Breggin or neurologist Fred Baughman (both largely anti-psych drugs) to talk-the-medical-talk and make the anti-psych drug argument. That would have been the right way to handle it, imo.

    Instead, TC felt he had to do it all himself, and boy did he blow it. Big Time! One of those huge 4th Dynamic mistakes — made worse of course by the DM-edited cackling video of TC leaked on the internet three years later (2008).

    At this stage, if TC really wants to right the damage he’s done, only a complete disavowal of DM and DM’s SP behavior would handle it, imho.

    Until then, he can only hope that “the audience forgets”. We will see … if MI:4 doesn’t beat MI:3’s numbers, I don’t have much hope for TC’s box office future.

  204. Sinar, I really value your insights and info re: the celeb aspect

    I was looking at a picture recently of Katie walking on a street and Tom’s sister Cass was walking next to her and they were laughing like old friends. It struck me that it must be absolutely claustrophobic to live the hyper-examined life… She can’t even escape to the sanctity of her own home because she’s assumedly watched by minders or Cruise family members who report back to DM and/or TC. No privacy even in her own home. Does one sense that? There has to be some kind of back-and-forth where a person sees the people and environment change in response to something they did or expressed that leads them to the conclusion that their actions are being reported upon. It has to feel wrong.

    To many who had never even heard much about Scientology, Tom’s couch jumping did feel scripted, fake and forced. I’d like to think that after a certain point, we can only accept so much pretense and fakery before something hits us as innately wrong on a core level. I’d like to think that it was the stench of DM’s BS permeating even the outermost layers of society. 😉 After I saw Tom jump that couch, I was irreversibly hooked, and had to find out and understand WTF was wrong, what had happened to him, blah blah blah. Thanks DM!

  205. I got a repayment of unused monies for auditing/training. I didn’t want a refund on used money.

    For the IAS though, I want every damn “Patron” dime back. THAT was fraud in my book! And I’m goin after those bastahds.

  206. Well there those of us who feel that altered tech is the reason for the other three.

    If you eliminated altered tech and policy then the other two wouldn’t exist.

    Of course you’re entitled to your POV on the matter.

  207. I love your insouciance Raul.

    I feel the same way myself.

    The only thing I regret putting any money on was the Golden Age of Tech UNcertainty courses.

    But to me that’s water over the bridge.

    Only bought a yearly IAS membership a couple of times after I left staff.

    So no big deal.

    Never spent a dime on any other con.

    Though I feel bad for those people who spent thousands maybe millions on that money pit.

    So I hope they get every penny back that they ask for.

    But me to quote Rhett Butler:

    “Frankly I don’t give a damn”

  208. theystolemychurch


    It is called shining light on the problem… before you can fix a problem you have to *see* *it*…. get back under that bridge, will you? Or I am going to send my 10 year old to kick your ass.

    Thank you and now we will return to our regularly schedule ENLIGHTENING blog.

  209. 🙂

  210. Lady Lancelot

    RE: TC and his gifts. I used to work for a non-profit. We had autions. If someone bid $500 and “won” a dinner for two (value $200) then the tax deductable amount would be $300. Not sure this applies to TC as there seems to be no direct correlation between his contributions and his gifts.

  211. Yes MB6, Hitler communicated on 1.5, my statement implicates that
    (most) citicens were on 1.1 or 1.0 (in that bandwith) otherwise it would not respond. Furthermore the subject of communication is from interest. (economic situation and freedom from the Versailles contract). As far as I remember from the Marketing policy, a person is on a specific tone level regarding a SPECIFIC SUBJECT. So of course he wittingly picked the correct items to communicate, but matched the tone unwittingly. I watched a TV Documentation about Goebbles and he mentioned serveral times to his secretary that he could not understand why his speeches created so much success and agreement! Very interesting.

  212. Debt is a power and control tool.

    Germany, like the rest of the world, was in great debt to the international banksters. Hitler not only threatened the Jews and old government but also the financial predators. He went around them by issuing his own [money], sidestepping the huge interest burden on money that banksters printed out of thin air (the greatest still ongoing bank robbery of all times).

    Hitler became very popular as he temporary got rid of the financial predators, but all Germany got was the substitution of one SP by one even more barbaric and much more dangerous who solved the money problem to build a war industry.

    If other governments would have copied his tricks or got usurped, the banksters money-printing-and-subsequent-interest-charging-tricks (and thus their world power) would have ended. American owned companies like IG Barben, Standard Oil, etc, were send in to “help” the German people and the rest is history.

    The interest tricks survived and the Rock/Roth cartel still owns the world. Opening their books and strike out 90% of their paper currency would solve all government debt problems. Even though many governments want to do so, the complexity of money laundering schemes and off-shore shelters is so great, it still defies most inquiries.

    But there’s hope: Ron Paul may make a start in opening the books and our government invested heavily in additional investigators to track criminal currency, as for the interest tricks to work they can’t be taxed (in that case money would flow from the banksters to the State).

  213. You better study! I speak about Thetan+Body, not thetan.:-P

  214. Metaqual,

    Recently, you’ve been presenting your sexual opinions about thetans as men and women and as heterosexuals and homosexuals.

    For the record, I think your take is wrong. As in inaccurate. Doesn’t apply. Isn’t true. Generationally irrelevant. Out of date. Extinct.

    Of course, we’re all entitled to our opinions, and you’re most welcome to yours.

    Just Me

  215. “Continued commission of suppressive acts creates the label by itself.”

    Clear your words.

  216. 2.0?

    I was never really spot on in spotting tone levels. I mean, sure if you are there in person and can observe the person it’s easy, but a lot of the time it’s hard to tell without more data.

    Also, maybe somebody is generally at 3.5, but they spilled coffee on their lap before they went online. Or maybe the subject matter enturbulates them. Who knows.

  217. Impartial English Girl

    Um… thanks Lorelei. I am in my early thirties (I guess that’s open to individual interpretation as to whether I qualify for old maid-hood) and am confident, lively, outgoing and (if I dare to blow my own trumpet) popular with the opposite sex. As Mr. Rathbun is kind enough to imply, I was also brought up with manners. I don’t know Mr. R. personally and he is older than me. It is incredibly rude to address or refer to someone by their first name unless they tell you it’s OK, or if you don’t know them. Unless the person in question is a permanently-oozing little pustule like DM, then I think it’s OK to use any form of address.

    So I am VERY FAR from being an Old Maid – but I would rather seem over-formal and polite than presumptious and outright rude.

    I’d send you a link to my FB profile to prove my youth and beauty to you – but I suspect that would not be a wise course of action. 😉
    IEG x

  218. IEG,

    I thought Lorelei (isn’t that the name of a cosmetic?) was somewhat presumptuous calling you an old maid.

    Personally I think there may be some ethnic conflict here (or possibly jealousy on Lorelei’s part) regarding manners.

    Here in the US particularly on the West Coast it is considered unmannerly to address anyone with a prefix like Mr., Mrs, Mr, Miss, Ms. since titles violate the egalitarian precepts on which this nation was founded.

    The exception of course that the POTUS staff, advisors and cabinet call him “Mr. President” as a title of respect.

    We mainly go on a first name basis out here (along with the CIA who do it more as a matter of security than informality since first names are harder to trace than surnames) in the Colonies with the exception of the South which is very formal and polite.

    In fact that was the way it was in Scientology until *Mister* Miscavige took over.

    For instance Ron preferred being called Ron.

    Not Mr. Hubbard (an appellation he disliked) or LRH (which is the form of address used by someone who didn’t know him well like for instance Miscavige) though we’d occasionally use “Sir” especially if we screwed up.

    But for the most part we went on a first name basis.

    Mary Sue Hubbard the Controller was known as Mary Sue not Mrs. Hubbard. Jane Kember the Guardian was known as Jane not Mrs. Kember and Morris Budlong the AG was known as Mo etc.

    Personally I liked the informality for its egalitarianism and hated the formality foisted on us after the coup when you had some moron who just because they happened to be wearing braid demanded they be called “Sir”.

    Or when they started calling Tom “Mister Cruise” and the Execs started putting Mr. or Ms. in front of their names as if they were teachers in Grade School or something.

    Personally I find so much formality stifling which is what I found the Brave New Church of Scientology to be after the take over.

  219. Impartial English Girl

    Good luck Gary & Casey (I read the link). Sincerely wishing you both every blessing for your individual futures and a renewed life together.
    IEG xxx

  220. RJ:

    I hope I don’t create a trend here, a bad one by telling you this with people on the BLOG using words others have no definition for. But…I actually had to get out my dictionary to look up the word “insouciance” in your last post. Thank goodness I was able to use it in a sentence! 🙂

    Yes, I agree but Margaret summed it up a little better not in these words but to this effect “Why cry over money at the church already spent. Get what’s yours that’s still sitting there unused”. That is exactly the way I see it.

    Why fight them for money already spent and what is left there of mine is not worth fussing over.

  221. [Reply links seem to have hit the depth limit of 10 :-)]

    RJ said
    “Here in the US particularly on the West Coast it is considered unmannerly to address anyone with a prefix like Mr., Mrs, Mr, Miss, Ms. since titles violate the egalitarian precepts on which this nation was founded.”

    Agreed. UK is the only place I’ve had experience with that routinely uses Mr., Mrs. titles. Here in South Africa we almost never do it, as soon as you’ve been introduced, it’s first names. Including business dealings.

    I’m Alan to everyone, only telemarketeers and colleagues implying that I’m being a complete jackass ever call me “Mr. McKinnon”.

    It’s a local mores thing.

  222. It appears that most of his “gifts” are free Sea Org labor. I read (I think it was the blog post about the aircraft hangar) that Tom pays for the materials and he gets free labor to build things.
    If someone is very familiar with private inurement, please chime in. Should the labor be considered a gift? At what rate should that labor be costed at? Should it be free, or $50/week, or minimum wage or normal going rates? I doubt it should be free, imagine the abuse that high donors would benefit from in all kinds of non-profits.

  223. Just a shortage of orthodontists 😉

  224. Very true about Germans being in succumb post WWI. They lost a war and a wheelbarrow of savings couldn’t buy a loaf of bread. Hitler provided stable datums. This has been a “successful” strategy by 1.1-1.5ers for a very, very long time.

    What’s important isn’t the past, though. It’s using the Tech to stop the next Hitler.

  225. TC is in the valence of the little tinpot dictator MissCabbage, or at least he was the last time I dealt with him. Maybe the sit’s changed since but then, he was acting like a self-important condescending a/hole, forever ranting about how the future of Scientology rested on his shoulders and how no one understood his responsibility and – his favorite point, made often – how no one was helping! I think Marty and Mike will be able to testify that this is exactly the patter of the tinpot dictator.

    The people around TC who could’ve pointed this out have all been conveniently removed. I didn’t particularly like Ice Queen Wife #2, but it’s interesting to note that when she called BS on MissCabbage, she was royally shafted.

    I agree with the posters above who pointed out the violation of Ethics Conditions in disconnecting with two extremely loyal terminals who got you into POWER and kept you there, Paula Wagner and Pat Kingsley, who treated TC like a son.

    My guess is that over a fine aged scotch, MissCabbage identified them as SPs because they may have noted that jumping on couches and raging at Today show hosts and other actors is going to ARCX (Out-Reality) the 4th Dynamic. (Interesting to see that Affinity for TC has dropped since, and you could say Communication has been cut, too, with fewer people wanting to watch his films).

    And RJ, you’ve correctly identified Lee Ann as a naive, clueless f’kin idiot. To say she had no idea how to be a Hollywood publicist is to give her too much credit.

  226. Exactly Al,

    “Mister” is used here more as sarcasm than as a form of respect.

    Of course Dave being ethnically and ethically challenged as he is wouldn’t be aware of this.

  227. Impartial English Girl

    To RJ & Splog,

    Thanks for the explanation! I’d much rather be informal (you should hear some of the things I DO call people, hehehe). It just goes against the grain to refer to people I don’t really know by their first names!

    I’m just pleased I’ve been able to put on record that I am NOT a dried-up old biddy. You can call ME anything – EXCEPT an old maid! 😉

    Have a good weekend, folks,
    IEG xx

  228. @Huckleberry:

    “I didn’t particularly like Ice Queen Wife #2, but it’s interesting to note that when she called BS on MissCabbage, she was royally shafted.”

    Aaaaaaahhhh, now this clears up a mystery so let me guess. TC was once asked by a media person about the reasons for splitting. His cryptic answer was

    ” knows what she did”

    Am I on the money?

  229. IEG

    Can we call ya babe 😉

    As you seem kinda foxy to me.

    Not anything like an ol’maid at all.

    Anyway if you want to send a pic for us hopelessly heterosexual guys.

    We won’t object.

    Have a nice weekend and we’ll see ya back here soon.



  230. She was allegedly an SP or PTS, or in the words of a MissCabbage henchman at the time, a (rhymes with runt) … I don’t know what happened with her auditing, Marty probably knows better (someone routed to the RPF for life over that flap??) but she no longer wanted anything to do with CoS, and really resented MissCabbage.

    I don’t want to make her out to be a saint, because she ain’t, but she wasn’t going to live her life by a garden gnome’s “command intention”.

    She was close with her family and they weren’t on board. The shore story was that her father was a behavioral scientist and, as such, a wannabe psych who was … (drum roll) …. an SP!

    TC dumped her right before their tenth anniversary, which was significant in a community property state like Calif as the courts typically look at 10 years as a “lengthy marriage”, which gives her a much bigger piece of the pie. I’d guess her prenup stakes would’ve gone up too, and MissCabbage wasn’t going to let that happen.

    As part of the settlment, they couldn’t speak disparagingly of one another and she had to bite her tongue on the subject of CoS. She had trouble with it for a quite a while but since re-marrying, she rarely gets asked anymore.

  231. In fairness, what do you want him to do? You’ve got to take some responsibility (the US) for the mayhem created by the Bush-Cheney warmongers/carpetbaggers and the answer isn’t to just walk out of Iraq and Afghanistan. If Clinton hadn’t sprinted out of Somalia after those two-bit warlords dragged the corpses of US soldiers through the streets, there may not have been a 9/11. You want to be rationale and find a peaceful solution but there are those who won’t do the right thing unless it’s at the tip of a bayonet.

    That said, GWB will go down with Tricky Dicky as the worst presidents of the past century.

  232. Honestly, I’m looking for that enlightenment too. My point was that if TC was to find his way to reading this blog, Marty would hope that he would be directed to a more straight-forward or better articulated “enlightenment”. I find it odd that noone else would consider my point. I think its a shame that people would respond with “Buh bye dude” or that my cultural education is “seriously lacking”. My understanding of the films was beside my point.

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