Running with the Rats

An interesting article appeared today in the New York Observer.

 It addresses a posting I made on this blog a couple weeks ago concerning a Scientology Inc informant by the name of John Connolly,

The author John Cook did quite a bit of nifty string pulling. He provides an unique view of the murky underworld of spy work where much of Scientology Inc public’s money winds up.

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  1. Most people are quite naive. Most of us assume that if someone makes agreeable noises and gestures when we’re talking about something or they overtly say, “Right on, brother!” that they are in our camp, that they are share the same take on the topic we do.

    However, some people shouldn’t be trusted to mean how they pretend to act when we’re talking. Those people include interrogators, stooges, agents provocateur, detectives, intelligence agents, lobbyists, politicians, reporters and Southern girls on first dates. They all know how to employ these little subterfuges that get us to keeeeep talking!

    Sometimes, when sophpisticates are talking, it’s called “reciprocation.” That means, I scratch your back, you scratch mine. You tell me something you know, I tell you something I know, and we both leave this meeting a little more valuable to our employers, bosses and clients.

    And then there are dirtbags. They will take money or favors or drugs or sex from anybody willing to fork it over in exchange for their dirt. They will betray any client to offer an advantage to another client. They probably couldn’t define “conflict of interest,” and certainly would never let such a conflict alter their behavior.

    You couldn’t even call these dirtbags double agents or triple agents or quadruple agents, because they have absolutely no loyalty to anything other than the next guy who might be willing to hand him an envelope full of cash. Like long-time prostitutes, dirtbags have had thousands of partners. And continuing with that analogy, dirtbags are just about as “faithful” as prostitutes.

    Not saying I’m talking about John Connolly. Just saying that’s what a dirtbag is.

    Just Me

  2. Virgil Samms

    Ya know… What a real Scientologist would do is get into comm. Get a lawyer who knows how to communicate and see Marty and Mike and bang out a settlement or some sort of detante. Or if DM were an actual thetan, he would have a meeting set up to see about calling a truce or something. You know, work it out. “Communication is the univeral solvent” type of Scientology application of the tech thing.

    But then what is DM going to say at the next event? “So we were being attacked my a bunch of SPs, I got into comm with them and sorted out their main beefs and their situations, I cancelled the three swings HCOB and bunch of other stuff and now the attacks have ceased and expansion will continue.” Nope, no way. What kind of fun would that be?

    No, it is more fun to play Tony Montanya and hire “highclass” underworld thugs, PIs and newspaper whores for a lot of money and stir shit up. If he were a real Scientologist he would realize that these are SPs he’s giving money to who cannot complete cycles of action. Ya, DM “The Don” – the “Chess Master”. Ya, spend that fortune.


  3. Running with rats. That’s real fifth dynamic stuff today. Brings back lurid memories of the Pied Piper story. Although might be regarded as a fairy tale. There was a real similar incident I recall. One can be the Rats and have them move if you dig what I mean.

  4. “What Your Donations Provide.”


  5. I guess a real sophisticate could actually spell “sophisticate.” 🙂

  6. Interesting stuff.

    Also, there is a story out today in a Canadian on-line site called The National Post, mentioning Louis Farrakhan praising Scientology. It goes on to say that the Nation Of Islam leader promotes the idea of a UFO called The Wheel, which will wreak havoc on mankind or some crazy shit like that.

    A tid bit of said article. Just Google it and you’ll find the story:

    “Speaking for about four hours Sunday, Farrakhan jumped from topic to topic.

    He praised Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Farrakhan extolled the virtues of Scientology and its auditing process, which is considered spiritual counseling by its members.”

    “L. Ron Hubbard is so exceedingly valuable to every Caucasian person on this Earth,” Farrakhan said.

    “L. Ron Hubbard himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds. … Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people have to be civilized,” Farrakhan said to a cheering crowd.’

  7. Floating Needle

    Great post!

  8. Count, that little trick would not apply to Loki. You would bump into a counterfeit block remember.

  9. Fellow Traveller

    “Ya know… What a real Scientologist would do is get into comm.”

    You’re damn straight he would. So we know where it ain’t gonna happen. Ya struck a chord there, Tom.

    Bruce Pratt

  10. I wonder how much DM would pay Connolly not to write a tell all book about his employ for OSA these many years. Probably not as much as Connolly would make actually writing the book and getting a dustjacket kudo from TC or JT.

  11. And now, if you Google Katie Holmes or Scientology, uber lawyer, Bert Fields is representing her in a fifty million dollar lawsuit against the Star tabloid for a recent/current story slamming the e-meter and Katie’s involvement in Scn.

    Back to the the John Connolley story, I think it’s hilarious that koolaids still think that Marty and Mike want to take over organized Scientology.

    Wake up people. Why would folks who have moved on up a little higher want to dive right back down into destryoing their own brand and reputation by “taking over” Scientology?

    Well, it’s a good shore story to keep DM’s troops in psycho-enemy mode, I guess……..

  12. Quicksilver

    Yep … in the speech Farrakhan also praised Muammar Gaddafi … sheesh.

    Fine & dandy if some goof wants to support their favourite dictator, but what the hell is the ‘Church’ thinking … money, money, money.

    Nothing like dragging LRH’s name into the mud.

    It says a lot about PR area control by the ‘Church’, OSA, IAS, Tommy Davis & Miscavige.

    Constant footbullets. Constant failures. Glaring outpoints

    What a mess!

  13. Marty,

    No surprise that Connolly is probably playing both sides and maybe more.

    Personally I wouldn’t doubt that Connolly has Agency or maybe some other agencies connections as well.

    Read about the possiblity here in Daniel Brandt’s ‘Journalism and the CIA: The Mighty Wurlitzer’:

    As far as I’m concerned OSA operatives while pretending to be “super spies” tend to be somewhat naive. In many cases as naive and stupid as their “spy master” David Miscavige who probably dearly believes that every one they hire on their payroll is working for him.

    This all goes to prove that in the world of espionage things are not always what they seem.

    Nothing is really black and white and that it is truly a looking glass world.

    In the book “The Secret History of the CIA” by Joseph Trento he describes an agent code named “Sasha” who use to burn or throw some lower level agents working on his side under the bus to boost his cred with the opposing agency.

    This is just one of the tricks of the trade that makes the “Great Game” as it is called in Rudyard Kipling’s novel ‘Kim’ so interesting and what turns brilliant CI Officers like James Jesus Angleton into paranoid wrecks.

    Again to quote Kipling:

    “When everyone is dead the Great Game is finished. Not before.”

  14. Quicksilver

    It also points out the glaring misunderstoods that Luis Farrakhan has in this line:

    “L. Ron Hubbard himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds.”

    This is a good example of how tech can be perverted in the hands of the untrained. What a basis to start off one’s viewpoint of Scientology!

    I sure as hell hope they have a couple word clearers in their ‘academy’.

  15. So, Marty, when are YOU going to come clean on your patently illegal ops? Of course, you will not come clean. You have too much to lose, like 20-to-life in federal prison.

    Your time is coming. I suspect that, with your writings on this blog, essentially denying any complicity in the crimes of Scientology, your published records of denial, will be your undoing. Too many people know the truth. Too many people are cooperating with law enforcement. You are eminently screwed.

    Confess to your local FBI, and they might give you a pass with only 8-20 years. YOU WILL BE FOUND OUT FOR YOUR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

    You cannot run, you cannot hide. Too many of your compatriots will run to the courts to testify against you in recompense for y0ur crimes against them.

    In this day, with the internet, facebook, tweeter, etc., what can you hide behind? You cannot hide behind the smallest tree. There are simply too many people that know of your crimes for you to erect an adequate legal defense for your crimes as a major power of Scientology.

    Enjoy your short time in Casa Blanca. When you are in federal prison, lubing your anus, think back on what you might have done, instead of what you have done in protecting the ass-rape of Scientology.

    You are a lost soul. You have no personal integrity. You have no honor.

    You will eventually rot in prison hell. You were willingly and wittingly complicit in advancing Davie’s crimes. The truth will out. You are condemned by the world at large. It is only a matter of time before you are condemned by the federal court to more years in prison that you will live.

    Have a nice day.

  16. The only way to win this game is to quit playing. I did.

  17. In my personal opinion Louis Farakhangot bitter and spitefull about us whites because caucasion people denied him a carreer in classical music back in the day taking in mind the political and social situation,

  18. Thanks for the mass on that one, Cat Daddy.

    Farrakhan is just what DM ordered. A psychotic fear-monger.

    “We gotta get money in IAS coffers to build a ship that can destroy The Wheel!!!!!”

  19. The Star is talking tough on this one. The story I read concludes-
    “Star fully stands behind the editorial integrity of what we have published concerning Ms Holmes’ controversial use of the Scientology ‘e-meter.’ The physical effect of the e-meter on its users is a matter of significant public concern and we plan to vigorously defend the suit filed by Ms. Holmes,” said the spokesperson.

    “Our attorneys look forward to deposing Ms. Holmes about her experiences with Scientology and the e-meter, and expect that the case will be promptly dismissed by the court.”

    It is on!

    Read more:

  20. martyrathbun09

    She ought to win that suit. Fields called them out correctly in my opinion. He also did us a big favor. By suing for that blatant lie – and running from us like a stuck pig, he has as much as admitted to everything I’ve published in the past two year’s about DM’s BFF.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, the next carrot.

  22. martyrathbun09

    Thank you, Dr. Ruth.

  23. martyrathbun09

    That blows charge 🙂

  24. I love you too sweetheart

  25. Quicksilver-

    Collectively the ‘Church’, OSA, IAS, Tommy Davis & Miscavige remind me of certain cartoon scene although they are of a much more nefarious character……..

  26. It’s always good to know the posts that get Dear Leader’s goat the most. The ones that get the instant insane responses…

    Dear Leader and his minions are literally running around like chickens with their heads cut off. This morning they paid a PR service to get out a story on Keith Code and his motorcycle racing school — obviously they were worried that your Virus blog may go viral, so they tried to pre-empt it by placing a story that may catch some of the people who might search for terms mentioned in your blog post.

    Now, the Double Jeopardy bonus clue: Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige. Correct answer: Who is cause and who is effect?

  27. Well, it sure sound like John Conolly! I’d say you made a very accurate assesment of the guy. At least that was the impression I’d gotten as I was reading Mr. Cook’s article.

  28. Now fess up Quaoar.

    Did you just graduate Dave’s super new Golden Age of Admin Data Series Evaluator’s Course? Your mastery of the subject of logic is a sight to behold.

  29. WI think you may be onto something. “Scientology takes to the skies

    Donate for the Scientology Spaceship ! Sell your kidney and part of your liver !

  30. Gaddafi = Miscavige in Farrakhan´s mind.
    Instant ARC between high level SP´s.

  31. Katie Holmes story now picked up by Reuters quoting Bert Fields comments:

  32. Quaoar,

    I can tell you that this boy won’t be running to any court to testify against Marty or any other Independents.

    Now, crawl back under your bridge.

  33. Wrong comment target.

  34. Farrakhan has tons of O/W´s on white people.
    The dwarf (provisional class IV) will get busy as his “C/S”.

  35. “In this day, with the internet, facebook, tweeter, etc.,…”

    It’s Twitter you twit. One “Tweets” on Twitter.

    Jim, help me out here.
    How would Daffy clarify this for our guest?

  36. Quaoar,
    Glad to see you posting as a myth!

    According to Wiki: …”Like in most other creation myths, at first there was Chaos. Then along came Quaoar. He was sorrowed by the emptiness in existence and began to dance, whirl, and twirl all about while he sang the Song of Creation. God of the Sky, Weywot, was first to be formed of the creation melody. Next came Chehooit, who became Goddess of the Earth. These two new deities joined in the dance and created the sun and moon (Tamit and Moar, respectively).

    “Together these five sang and danced everything else into existence: animals, plants, people, and the other gods as well. His work finished, Quaoar faded into obscurity, perhaps returning to wherever it was he came from originally. “…

    Now is your time to fade into obscurity. Where is WE?

  37. Meant to say “How would ‘Elmer’ clarify this for our guest?”
    It’s so confusing sometimes.

  38. I was guessing they would settle for some large numbers, as the story really is “beyond the pale”.

    The slant is interesting in that in critic circles, one idea being pushed by some is that the small current that is passed by an e-meter causes the body to generate endorphins, which are “feel good” chemicals. Possibly the Star has someone who could testify as to the plausibility of this theory, as their defense.

    Or maybe it’s all the usual “we stand by our story” talk.

  39. Oh my God I can quote Hubbard from my head. Bléh

    “A Thetan has the right to leave the game”

    -L. Ron Hubbard

  40. 😆 Have a nice day.

  41. martyrathbun09

    That endmorphins theory-allegation is biggest crock of quackery I’ve heard in a very long time.

  42. That’s good Cat Daddy! 😉

  43. “He did it all for the nookie”
    His only allegiance is to the almighty dollar. Praise the lord and pass the beans.
    I’m glad to see the communication flowing on all this “hidden” stuff. It’s getting action and will eventually have to blow!

  44. Man, I dont know who you are Quaoar, but thank you for quite a laugh.. that “lubing your anus” part made me spit my green tea all over the screen.

    I would write more, but I have to go outside and give myself a locational. For a moment I thought I saw a big wheel in the sky, but it was two seagulls fighting over a sub sandwich.

  45. Daveeeyyy, you are so predictable.

  46. Watching Eyes

    Unlike my previous comments, when a little tiny troll raises his little tiny head, and I’ve posted links on where to write to get your money back, I’ve decided to make sure everyone has these links instead. The cult may be able to delay giving people their money back but they sure can’t stop the IRS from knocking at their door. Oh and Davey, if the IRS and FBI decide to subpoena your banking records you won’t even know about it. Think about that. Makes you a little nervous, doesn’t it?
    Here are a couple good links :,,id=178241,00.html
    If you want to file a complaint here’s a link for the form:
    Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint

  47. University of Wisconsin. Make it happen.

  48. Watching Eyes

    Here’s a link I almost forgot. The info on Whistleblowers. The IRS has an info sheet and a form where you can apply to get a reward for turning in dirty little skunks who misuse tax exempt funds. Anyone with info, especially pictures, go for it!,,id=180171,00.html

    Hey dwarf, getting nervous yet? Better grab a Moped and put-put towards the border.

  49. Watching Eyes

    Pretty funny. I guess the poster didn’t realize he what he was copping to. Specifically the part where he writes, “……advancing Davie’s crimes.” Nice admission.

    Also, ever notice how when insane, hysterical people make a comment they can’t stick to facts, because they have none, so instead resort to the crudest, most foul descriptive language. Who thinks like that??? I would not want to be inside the head of that person. What a pig. Oh pardon me, I forgot, he’s a religious leader. /sarc

  50. Watching Eyes, I really like you. I really do.

  51. Another interesting story from the AP: After an unfavorable article about some CoS treatments, Katie Holmes is suing Star Magazine for $50M. Star Magazine responds by saying the magazine stands by it’s story and, looks “forward to deposing Ms. Holmes about her experiences with Scientology.”

  52. @Quaoar: Has an Evil Purpose been restimulated ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  53. Virgil Samms

    I love it when these OSA trolls post comments and you never see them give a specific, only generalities while you and Marty post photos with time,. place, form and event.

    God, I was waiting for this today. I figured the troll patrol would be out in full force.

    ML Tom

  54. Bob Peterson

    It takes a fair amount of effort to get banned for life by SEC. People who would give any credence whatsoever to a scoundrel like that deserve what they get.

  55. Watching Eyes


  56. What the blazes is Farrakhan on about with “Caucasian” and “white” people?

    And why is a (presumably) majority black and/or Muslim crowd cheering him for saying it?

    Weirder and weirder….


  57. Friend of Ron

    Dear Lynn F,

    Last time I checked Marty was not denying but admitting.
    He was not running but staying — right there in Ingleside
    He was not hiding but revealing — lots of truth.

    But you got one thing right, your confirmation of “……Davie’s crimes….”
    You are right, he has lots of them. Except they do not need advancing.
    Davie does lots of that himself, in his inimitable Phase One style.

    I just hope that “tweet” you slipped in there had prior approval from Monique and Elliot and was not the Freudian slip of a twit…..

    But in any event — Thank You for that piece of truth.

  58. John? Is that you?

  59. JM, as a Southern belle, you can spell anything you want any way you want. I’m yours.

    Holy Cats!!

  60. I have a question/suggestion for Marty. Marty, when you post documents, why do you post transcripts instead of scans? I don’t doubt that they’re accurate transcriptions, but it seems like it would add to their credibility, particularly with journalists, if there were images of the documents themselves. (It might also help if you had a non-Scientologist go over them first and point out terms that might be unfamiliar, so that you can footnote the documents, or provide explanatory info; I’ve noticed lots of terminology go unexplained in the docs you’ve posted, and that certainly creates an unnecessary hurdle for reporters to get over.)

    Of course, if the communiques originated as e-mails & such, or if there’s identifying info on the dox that might “out” a recipient who wishes to remain anonymous, that would be impossible. And I realize that my question might be interpreted as a subtle attempt to cast doubt, so I won’t be distressed if you don’t want to post this comment publicly. Just something I’ve been curious about.

  61. Marty, I don’t know 100 percent, but MAN that Q guy sounds so much like David, and if not,it’s his speech writer. Isn’t good to know you are getting so much TA movemoent from a silly blog?

    Take a win, my Friend! That’s case gain on multiple dynamics!!!

  62. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, but I don’t need a boost in credibility with any journalists.

  63. ^^Bert Fields, lol. So figures. I take that as confirmation Tom Cruise didnt like the article and went apeshit.

  64. Unfair Mike,

    That’s one of those rhetorical questions that almost answer themselves.

    Like “is it dark out?” or “is it raining?”

    The answer’s so freakin’ obvious.

    How ’bout this one:

    Who knows Scientology 5 Press Policy and who doesn’t?

    Quaoar baby,

    After all those years working on such a credible cover over on ARS and to go in blow it in one comment on Marty’s blog just shows us how desperate you guys at OSA really are.

    Was Davy looking over your shoulder when you posted it?

    Anyway you have yourself a nice day too Quaoar and give us a call when you blow.

  65. Okay, but don’t you think it would help persuade those who might remain on the fence? All I’m saying is that scanned dox rather than transcripts would make your case even more strongly, and make it harder for the subjects of such dox (like Connolly) to say “It’s just a fabrication.” That’s why the photos of TC’s car & hangar, etc., were such a slam dunk. (I’m not a Scientologist, but this seems to line up with Hubbard’s definition of “mass.”)

    I detect some sarcasm in your reply, so let me just say that I’m not trying to impugn you as a source of documents, and, as I said above, there may be many legitimate reasons to stick with the transcripts. I have no doubt that what you’ve posted has been accurate, and I’m sure that no one here doubts that either. But we’re the proverbial choir; I just want you to make your case as air-tight as possible for those who may not be convinced yet — who are, after all, the people who need to be persuaded the most!

  66. martyrathbun09

    Has anyone you know questioned it? The church and Miscavige haven’t.

  67. Whether Katie Holmes sues, wins, loses or drops the whole thing, the foot-bulletry (thank you Just Me or was it George W. Bush?) is astounding.

    One would think that Bert Fields is a brilliant man, being in his position. Through reading this blog however, I’ve realized that he’s a brain-washed, money-motivated, short-sighted asshole. But, is he technically even a Scientologist?

    Just curious.

  68. Journey Continued

    I am guessing in the high 6 or even 7 figures. How much do you think that DM would pay Ingram who has been involved in Church intell for far longer and been involved in some of the real dirty operations?

    I think that Ingram could reap some very handsome rewards if he ever came out with a tell-all book on his involvement with the Church but then again, he would probably end up in jail if he did.

  69. Tony DePhillips

    He is as crazy as a shit house rat.

  70. Tony DePhillips

    Great point Marty.

  71. No, I don’t know anyone personally who has questioned the validity of your dox. But I don’t know anyone personally who reads this blog, either. (Which is not a reflection on you — I just don’t know anyone who’s as interested in the subject as I am.)

    It’s true that the CoS hasn’t questioned the dox (other than issuing blanket denials), and if all you want to do is make them uncomfortable, then fine. But if you want to broaden opposition to the CoS & Miscavige and provide an accurate picture of that organization to the world at large (who doesn’t know you or them), how could it possibly hurt to add that extra layer of credibility? I can tell you from my own experience with friends that rock-solid docs make their blanket denials sound even hollower to people without a dog in the fight.

  72. Scott Campbell

    Money is the lowest form of motivation.

    Boy, I’d like to see a string pull on this cat Connolly’s sources of income. I’m sure it would lead right back to people in the C of S’s employ.

    Also, any investigators and those in the C of S need to realize that Marty and Mike are not doing what they are doing in order to achieve some MEST oriented goal; they are doing it in order to prevent the permanent loss of Scientology Technology so that beings can benefit from it and go free. They are applying the Danger formula to the Church of Scientology for incorrect application of Scientology tech and policy. Marty and other Independents are also working to improve conditions on all dynamics by helping individual beings.

    I would hope that all Independent Scientologists have the same goals.

    Let me remind us of what LRH says:

    ” Getting the correct technology applied consists of:

    One: Having the correct technology.

    Two: Knowing the technology.

    Three: Knowing it is correct.

    Four: Teaching correctly the correct technology.

    Five: Applying the technology.

    Six: Seeing that the technology is correctly applied.

    Seven: Hammering out of existence incorrect technology.

    Eight: Knocking out incorrect applications.

    Nine: Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology.

    Ten: Closing the door on incorrect application.

    One above has been done.

    Two has been achieved by many.

    Three is achieved by the individual applying the correct technology in a
    proper manner and observing that it works that way.

    Four is being done daily successfully in most parts of the world.

    Five is consistently accomplished daily.

    Six is achieved by Instructors and Supervisors consistently.

    Seven is done by a few but is a weak point.

    Eight is not worked on hard enough.

    Nine is impeded by the “reasonable” attitude of the not-quite bright.

    Ten is seldom done with enough ferocity.

    Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten are the only places Scientology can bog down
    in any area.” – LRH

    One, “Having the correct technology” is what Independents are working to preserve. Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten is what Independent Scientologists are working to get in. The fact that we have to do it while being attacked by the C of S and under less than ideal conditions should serve to warn us as to just how close we have been to losing Scientology forever.

    To Illustrate how this effects us as individuals, let me ask a couple of questions:

    Is a mandatory 3 swing F/N correct technology? What are you doing about that?

    Is beating people correct application of the technology? What are you doing about that?

    Get the point?

  73. Tony DePhillips

    The only ass rape Scientology is getting is from the punk dm and the bots that support him.
    If dm is so good, why don’t they let all the paritioners hear both sides of the story and then do a survey of all Scientologists and see what they say??
    They cannot do that, because they already know what the responses would be. They would be out on their asses, where they belong.
    Specifically dm and his major hench-bots.

  74. JM, I’m yours too. Now that I know you’re a Southern Belle (thanks to Logan), I’d still go on that first date with you, subterfuges and incorrect spelling notwithstanding.

  75. Tony DePhillips

    Welcome to our world Cat….

  76. Tony DePhillips

    Haven’t you realizedyet that there is a method to Marty’s maddness…LOL..
    He likes to play the fiddle, and he has been playing some sweet tunes. The thing is he plays for himself and his friends, and he doesn’t rush, he can stretch a tune like no other.

  77. Tony DePhillips

    Damn Idle you don’t pull any punches do you??
    I like your style.

  78. martyrathbun09

    You ought to read this blog. Your premise as to my objectives is as far off as agent Connolly’s was.

  79. Fair enough. It was a small point, anyway. Play on. 🙂

  80. I needs more nouns or something Cat Daddy.

    What are you taking about?

  81. (Sorry, that was a reply to Marty too.)

  82. Mark Fisher

    Correct me if I am wrong Marty, but doesn’t this law suit by Holmes open the door to tons of discovery about her personal life and her experiences in Scientology and with DM through deposition and discovery? Same with Tom Cruise as her husband? Can’t the Star basically ask her anything they want in regards to the FBI investigation and the use of Church staff to do their business?

  83. If “David Miscavige” was superimposed over the name “Marty”

    Quaoar’s babble is quite * ACCURATE *
    QUAOAR outlines Miscavige’s fate and future.

    Mike, it is a lot of fun to send certain Emails to interested parties.

    ++++on INNUREMENT and Excess benefits from Sea Org Member Pay to David Miscavige Birthday and Christmas Gifts.

    ++++and the $500,000 Tax free gift demanded of Minton for DM which Monique Yingling sensibly advised against. (shows the mindset and the GREED)

    +++++Endless Tom Cruise benefits from Sea Org Labor.

    These are well received !!!

  84. Wew, wet me see. This twow, not vewy cwever, using genewawities, of da most spewious kind and type, should be gwanted da utmost beingness. Admiwation in abundance. Dat’s the twick. Hopefuwy dis is of hewp.

  85. martyrathbun09


  86. Nobody but nobody gets the upper hand on Bugs Bunny. Basically, he is my standard of what an OT is like. Spirit of play, comm level, emotional volatility, unkillability, he has it all.

  87. Fellow Traveller

    Blows. Just blows.

    Bruce Pratt

  88. Cindy Pinsonnault

    “You were willingly and wittingly complicit in advancing Davie’s crimes.”

    This entire (poorly written) comment seems to confirm what Marty has written about the crimes committed by DM and the church. However, the language seems to indicate it might not have been the writer’s intent.

    I appreciate the confirmation anyway. Thanks, Quaoar. You’re a peach!

  89. Mark Fisher

    Again that would be more independent confirmation of everything you have been saying. Seems like a big mistake for Katie, TC and Fields. This could give the Star story fodder for months.

  90. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Thank you, WE, for posting these links. I need this exact form and the information.

  91. Of course it is. But quacks are perfectly willing to testify to get their 15 seconds of fame. Then it goes into their “resume” on Youtube.

    In any case, I don’t think Katie will be in court testifying. It will stop short of that; TC and DM have nothing to gain by having it go to court, IMO.

  92. Bob Peterson

    A tell-all book might make him some real money. Hell, I would buy a copy. I wonder how much Gene has in his bank account after a lifetime of dissipation? On the bright side of things he only has a year left before he can get on medicare. He can retire then to Baja write his memoirs.

  93. But Mike – did you notice who WROTE the article: Karin Pouw …

    Her name seems familiar – now where DID I hear it? Refresh my memory:)

    The article I found has three pages of people commenting about the article — all “wonderful glowing reports” about Keith’s fantastic motorcycle school.

    Gag me.


  94. WH: Karin is the PR Aide OSA Int. She is supposed to be the main spokesperson for Scn, exceopt Dear Leader doesnt like her because she is a female and French. So, she does background things like putting her name on something like this and sending it out. It was written by someone else in PR.

  95. Sapere Aude

    I have decided to post some background data whenever a troll presents here. Maybe the troll can learn something or decide to leave that game. Either way the data will be repeated anytime a troll visits. Some new readers don’t understand why we don’t appreciate trolls.

    I know you are trying to understand how some of us feel. You can go to the following link:

    This is the International HQ for the church. This is where you find Gold, Int, RTC, etc. Abbreviations you may not understand but they are organizations with different functions.

    At that link about 1/4 down is the razor fence staff are kept behind. Almost half way down that page is a red outlined photo. The top left of that photo (click on photo and it expands larger) is the area marked “detention compound”.

    I want you to know many who post here have been kept behind that fence and in that detention area. Some still have friends/family located there. To an outsider it may seem bat crazy. To us, we want serious changes and freedoms for all Scientologists, inside the current church or outside as Independent’s. I want them to take that fence down and let our friends have the freedom to come and go as they please.

    If you are like me some of those photo’s on that link are shocking – in the US, in California, in 2011 – and this exists! Take with sincere understanding reactions you get here. The “trolls” we speak of are working for those maintaining that fence and that facility. We don’t have any patience or desire to be nice in that area. Hope this brings some enlightenment and more understanding.

  96. Thanks for posting the relevant sections of KSW and your very enlightening comments Scott.

    Regarding Miscavige and his gang.

    Pointing out the error of their ways is about as futile as pissin’ in the wind.

    I did it for several years and look where it got me 😉

    The fact is they don’t care.

    They are either so PTS or they are just plain suppressive and sabotaging the tech is part of their overall plan.

    It’s gone way past the point of even trying to get in ethics on the literal hell hole called the Church of Scientology.

    Those of who might have succeeded like you Scott have either eased out or kicked out.

    Thus they’ll keep insisting on three swing F/Ns because they are either afraid to do otherwise or they are dramatizing their e purps against PCs and Pre OTs.

    They will also keep on beating people because it is one of the few ways of forcing people to do non survival actions other than drugs and/or hypnosis.

    Which leaves the future of Scientology leaves it up to you, I and rest of us.

    One could say we must be in a hell of trouble if it’s up to such a motley crew as ourselves.

    The fact as you so well stated:

    We are!!!!!

  97. Huckleberry

    Connolly is typical of the beings in this low-toned game glorifyingly known as “intel”. They’re 1.1s, so of course they’re playing both sides. That’s what covert people do. Watch “The Good Shepherd” which depicts the low life losers who devote themselves to what’s laughingly known as the “intelligence” community.

  98. Clearwater Lawyer

    Karen, I was thinking the same thing. It sounds like a description of DM’s short-comings (no pun intended) and crimes. Apparently he is trying to transfer all his transgressions and inadequacies onto Marty. His desperation and panic are clear from both the tone and content of his post.

  99. scilonschools

    My understanding of Scientology is it is supposed to be about good “management”.
    Management of your life,buisness and society.
    Forgeting OT “Superpowers” for a moment, a good manager can see problems coming and implement remedies prior to their arrival.
    SO HOW ON EARTH did DM not see Marty and Mike et al?
    DM and “Golden Age Tech” seem to be to Scientology what the Ford Edsel was to the Ford motor company, but at least Ford management realised their mistake and scraped their errors!!!!!

  100. scilonschools

    DM and “Giolden Age Tech” , Scientology’s EDSEL

  101. Positioning Farrakhan and Scientology together is probably one of the most suppressive acts ever.

  102. theystolemychurch

    NO! His rant is to kill all the white, blue eyes devils ….. racist.

    He always has been. No change there.

    And LRH can “cure” the white race….. Mr. F. go F**k yourself. I guess the black race is just not aberrated ….

    If you are going to kill all the white devils.. Then let me give you your first …. start with that asshole – miss cabbage…. He is blonde and as far as I can tell that is his true color of hair and he has BLUE eyes…. go get him!

    Mr. Farrakhan you are quite a SP.. ..

  103. Quaoar is not OSA OSA OSA. He’s a long time critic of Scn that is completely bugfuck insane. He’s posted on ars for years. I know, I know
    it’s hard to tell the difference between just plain crazy and OSA.

  104. Here comes the wagon!!! Why don’t you pay a visit to your Idle org in Roma and do it on your own little coward!!!! We know who you are, little piece of human digested and defecated food!!!

  105. LOL, Joe. Good call.

  106. Tony DePhillips

    It’s your world, we’re just livin in it…

  107. Mark,
    The only way out is through. Tom and Katie need to recognize they are embroiled, not in the Star bs, but with DM and he’s an SP. They have to apply Scientology. That will get them through. And DM does NOT equal Scientology. That’s the vortex they are caught up in.

    Ain’t but one way out.

  108. TroubleShooter

    That is a great point!

    And as the media churns this lawsuit in front of us a major media outlet simultaneously runs a story on that very, very point. The result is desired to be charges officially filed on cob for inurement, human trafficking and other human rights violations, copyright violations and TC publicly disconnects from cob and rededicates himself to LRH. From within the church enough SO members decide that they had better apply some actual LRH policy to the debacle and comm ev this squirrel and send him to the RPF.


  109. Watching Eyes

    This is good. The group is evolving. Interesting to see how people have taken on hats. The “Troll Patrol” welcomes it’s newest member. This is good because sometimes I like to go out, eat etc. and if a troll appears at those times, I’d miss it. 🙂

    I went to your link. Every time I see that picture with the razor spike fencing it literally takes my breath away. To think this is in the US is staggering. Wouldn’t you love to show that picture to a jury? It wouldn’t even matter what the case was about, it would end right there.

  110. Tony Dephillips

    Hey Marty,
    I just got the title of this story: Running with the rats. Isn’t it a play off of : Running with the big dogs in the tall grass?
    It sure looks to me that dm, td,TC et al are the gutter rats.

  111. martyrathbun09

    Good telepathic reception my man.

  112. martyrathbun09

    The problem is in forums that accept and traffic in any wild, unsubstantiated crap you have no clue who is and who isn’t an agent of Scn Inc.

  113. Tony DePhillips


  114. One of the monks who has been an active participant in these experiments with fMRIs in Madison Wisconsin is Mingyur Rinpoche, who authored the book: The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Living.

    Highly recommended.

    Having been a scientologist for over 20 years, the idea that the brain even existed was a new one for me (slight sarcasm here) but seriously I learned a great deal.

    And to weigh in on the now broadly disseminated Holmes lawsuit:

    The Stars claim that Katy Holmes was addicted to the electrical charge is beyond bizarre. I’m surprised that the Star (owned by American Media Inc. also publishers of The Enquirer and dozens of other magazines) with it’s enormous legal staff allowed those words. Perhaps they figured the amount of $$ made from the magazine versus what they might have to pay out as an apology was worth it.

    It would help the Holmes/Cruise case though if Katy could possibly look a tad bit happier when out on the town. Just fake it if you don’t want to leave 🙂

    I agree that the fact that a mega million lawsuit is being filed against The Enquirer and not Marty’s blog is prima facie evidence that the Cruise camp wants to stay FAR FAR and AWAY from the microscope of the court.


  115. I found this definition of intelligence online:

    a. information about an enemy or a potential enemy.
    b. the evaluated conclusions drawn from such information.
    c. an organization or agency engaged in gathering such information.

    This definition reminds me of an example from my own life where it backfired.

    I was working in an Scn organization and an exec told me, “Mary Smith is an SP.” This is obviously a name I made up to protect the person.

    This statement was relayed to me as information about an enemy or potential enemy, so it was intelligence. It was also relayed to me in a manner that was supposed to handle me on something as it had apparently handled the exec.

    However, I knew Mary Smith, her family, and her products; she definitely was not an SP. I also was well trained and doubted this origination should have come from this exec and been told to me. Therefore, I could easily evaluate the information and draw my own conclusion. My conclusion was that it was pure silliness and only an excuse for some flap or inefficiency, thus I ignored it.

    As regards this topic, I doubt being a paid informant is a pleasant life. The person must deal with all kinds of suspect information, much of which he cannot evaluate as to its validity. But, to him (her), it’s a living.

    An overall observation on my part is that to traffic in matters of intelligence, one M U S T be intelligent in the first place. O N L Y in that way can we Move On Up a Little Higher. Hallelujah

  116. Expelled 4 Life

    Interesting. Several still in tell me they know I’m no SP. Others who I have not had the occasion to speak to likely can’t “think” with it. Seems this would cause the Church to slowly lose ethics presence by declaring too many “white hats”.

  117. Sapere Aude

    Gladly be your wing-man any day! I have seen those photos many times. It makes me sick to think that thousands think they are supporting a good thing. So good, they have to practically build a concentration camp to maintain the required crew to operate.

    Really sounds like a bunch of free beings forwarding a common purpose doesn’t it. I think the only common purpose is surviving day to day with some semblance of their sanity and their dignity intact.

    The stories told by those within that razor fence give a clear picture of the degradation of humanity that is possible, even within a group that joined up for such a highly ethical purpose. It is proof it is not the blind leading the blind – it is the suppressives controlling the blind, scared and downtrodden.

    I just want to help force the tear down of that entire suppressive control game – let the chips fall where they fall and the criminal minds can get their due reward according to a jury. They can route onto the RPF’s RPF after they have been paroled as far as I am concerned.

    Thank you for helping WE. All of us here on this blog are in this to make it better. We can at least do that to help LRH in his postulates for a better future for all of mankind.

  118. martyrathbun09

    Great observation.

  119. Sapere Aude

    I know what you are talking about. Neuroplasticity is one thing. Implying that the e-meter current will release endorphins is another. Changes occurring in the mind during auditing, cause physical changes internally with up/down regulating cortisol, hypothalamic regulation mediation and many other physiologic functions. These can change endorphins.

    Key point here is that the article tries to imply the addiction is due to the meter electrical field which there is NO indication or proof of. If this were true many would be addicted to their cell phone or their watch with a battery. I know I can’t wear electric watches as doppler units register heart change on me within 5 feet. But it didn’t change my endorphins.

    CD, you can get endorphin changes just watching a movie but endorphin change does not mean addiction. These are normal physiological changes.

    I really did like the article you linked to. Thanks.

  120. Speaking of rats, here’s the revised COB birthday wish list:

    (leaked from Base…)

    Office of COB

    My Birthday Wish List:

    1. A real Superman cape

    2. Some kind of real expensive trophy bigger than anyone else’s, and made out of rare stuff

    3. A new car made entirely out of that really cool burl

    4. Marty’s head on a platter

    5. $500,000.00 cash from someone, anyone

    6. LRH’s opera cape

    7. Nobel Peace Prize

    8. Diamond teeth grill that spells out ‘Leader of Leaders’ in blinking neon and diamond

    9. Michael Jackson’s missing sequined glove

    10. A big party on the Freewinds, but more expensive than Tom’s and with more ships

    11. New uniform like Ghaddafi’s

    12. Some kind of new trick to play on Pat Broeker

    13. More PIs

    14. Bob Minton’s mea culpa made into an illustrated coffee table book for my office

    15. An expensive new Rundown, something like the L’s, named after me

    16. A new ghost writer for the science fiction decology I’m thinking of writing

    17. My face carved into Mt. Rushmore, over the other faces

    18. Fresh affidavits from every Sea Org member swearing I definitely did not slap, punch, kick, choke, throw to the floor or demean them, ever, at any time

    19. A mere $10 per week donated to me from each staff member and Sea Org member’s pay forever, for my troubles

    20. Several of those scary bodyguards with bow ties like Farrakan has

    21. Marty’s blog site hacked and crashed again

    22. Moonies converted to Scientology

    23. One of those giant wheel spaceships Farrakan talks about

    24. Bicep implants

  121. E4L — Regarding your comment: “Several still in tell me they know I’m no SP.” It sounds like you are dealing with several intelligent beings. Cherish them! Hallelujah!!

  122. Posers! Children playing with their toys? Fine, except they destroyed everyone else’s toys to do so. And yes, DM is a mini-me.

  123. Well, his timing was occasionally off in the “scherzando(?)” but having studied the violin as a child I consider it only the second-hardest musical instrument to learn. (First for me is the bagpipe– hard on the learner, hard on the household, and hard on the neighbors.)

    It is sad that a creative urge could be turned into an out-of-valence desire to suppress another race.

  124. Addendum to Birthday Wish List:

    25. Stilts!

  125. WE & SA
    Good that you are teaming up on this troll thing.
    That razor-tipped fence with all its attachments just reminds me again on all the stories about the Int Prison Camp and “The Hole” and of some of the other places where many SO members get their treatment of behavior modification and of all the Human Rights Violations.
    So here you go:

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    Artilcle 3.
    *Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
    Artilcle 4.
    *No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.
    Article 5.
    *No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment.
    Article 9.
    * No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

    PS: And I like you (both) too. And I like your comm and comments.

  126. Valkov, I agree. That statement that they are looking forward to deposing her about her experiences in auditing is enough to shut down the church’s pursuit of the case. LOL

  127. TroubleShooter


  128. Sinar, from your link:
    “Star Magazine’s malicious claims about Katie are untrue, unethical and unlawful. Not only do they cruelly defame Katie, they play a cheap trick on the public, making ridiculously false claims on the cover unsupported by anything inside,” attorney Bert Fields said in a statement.

    LOL–when have you ever found an article in a tabloid that actually talked about the “hook” on the front cover that drew you to open the pages while you were standing in the grocery checkout line? LOL again.

  129. SA & WE,
    Thanks for the anti-Troll actions. Here are my 2cents worth as addition. The article is not quite up to date or accurate.

    “# Upper Villas—RTC offices and housing, where David Miscavige and other high level Scientologists live and work”

    The Villas is composed of 3 buildings: lower, middle and upper. The upper villas was LRH’s office, Music room, Photo room, and MonD office until Dear Leader took over the building for his operations when he took charge of RTC including a conference room and staff offices. During this period, the middle Villas had all the RTC offices and the lower was berthing & lounge for Dear Leader, 3 D/IGs, Guillaume, the Starkeys, office staff etc.

    Currently all three buildings have been renovated in the seven figures range and totally fenced & walled in to create another compound within a compound, with fully luxurious suites. The upper villas statement in the article is a lie as the entire building is Dear Leader’s berthing and personal space with his own tanning facilities. The middle is for guests and the BFF. Personal staff like Lou live in the lower. There is also an addition of a detached garage and separate full laundry facilities by the upper villas to clean those Egyptian cotton shirts. Even his dogs have air conditioned facilities for the hot summer.

  130. Double ditto both of you. Anyone up for quadruple?

  131. scilonschools

    In LRH’s terms=:
    Marcabian landing has occurred!

  132. Add: A bigger “nose”

  133. Addendum #2 to Birthday Wish List:

    18. (a) New brass knuckles and a heavy duty riding crop

  134. I was not backing the endorphine thing. Eating a bar of chocolat can release endorpines. Or healthy exercise.

    And yes the Sea Org members brain structure has changed under stress. Not onley the ability to counter stress has diminished under heavy barages of cortisol (stress hormone) but when under stress for a long time in a cult like that will make the frontal lobes shrink so capicity to think things through diminishes too.

    In Scientologees: The Thetan gets more and more trapped and can’t go exterior. ( I hope that makes sense lol)

    But somewhere in there is still the person we need to get out.

  135. Sapere Aude

    Thanks. I will reword some additional data for any future postings I make of this. I liked the link because it is not from any former Scientologist and not just our word for things. I had never been there so didn’t know any further details.

    Do you have details as to the size, facilities, etc of the compound he stays at near ASI in LA? I haven’t seen any pictures, diagrams, layouts or anything so don’t have any mass on that either.

    I know every inquisitive online public that peaks on here and sees and reads details has to have a least some ripple effect or doubt in their universe. That can lead to more looking, realizations, come up from the OMG stage through WTF strata and into AMF graduation (AMF – adios mother f……r).

    I know, personally, this was not instant and not really easy to confront the fact that you have been part of a big lie and not aligning with LRH’s intentions. That realization impinges. After ruin, need of change and on up the line follows. Until the shining sunlight of a free being, playing the game of life as LRH wrote about, as an Independent Scientologists. Then life is limited only by your postulates and intentions!

  136. Birthday Wish List Addendum:

    26. One of those cool side cars for my Vyrus so that Farrakhan can be taken for a ride……scratch that…..I mean……….Farrakhan can ride alongside my glory, as long as he knows his place…….lower and off to the side.

  137. Tony Dephillips

    Addendum #3: a copper plated cod piece so when im around tom and get excited I won’t get any standing waves.

  138. I believe he was about 15 in that clip. He tried a career as a calypso singer wich I find odd. Something drove him to be a Calypso singer rather than become a classical musician.

  139. Jethro Bodine

    “That endmorphins theory-allegation is biggest crock of quackery I’ve heard in a very long time.”

    I believe Arnie Lerma started that theory. Never made much sense to me as anyone who has had any amount of auditing would be able to tell that there’s a correlation between what’s happening in the mind (in terms of what pictures you’re looking at), and the result on the meter, not the other way around.

  140. Jethro Bodine

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. This lawsuit could turn into a PR disaster for Holmes, Cruise, DM and the controversial “church” of scientology. In addition to that, when they (the Star) bring “experts” up on the witness stand to testify about the e-meter, it will mostly be ex-scientologists like Lerma and psychiatrists. This can’t be good for scientology, though I think Cruise and Holmes really only care about their image at this point, and maybe squeezing some cash out of the Star.

  141. By John Cook
    March 1, 2011 | 2:05 p.m
    Was a Vanity Fair Editor Secretly Working for the Church of Scientology?

    Excellent piece is Excellent

  142. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  143. Thank you Clearwater Lawyer.
    How very religious RELIGIOUS to spout out THREAT THREAT THREAT .
    to create SALACIOUS TABLOID Web sites.
    The hate Marty web sites are complete fantasy ~~ fiction over the top LIES LIES LIES.

    This is the way DM’s Cult operates.
    One the one hand they want recognition as a religion.
    On the other hand they act like a mad whacko money-grubbing CULT that actually makes it public slowly go insane.
    The more extreme examples hit the media. Here’s an example:

    I was on the FlagShip Apollo with this guy George Baille. One of the nicest well mannered cool human being you could hope to meet.
    Now see him in this clip.

    A complete lunatic. A true testament to 35 years in the Church and achieving OT 8 !

  144. martyrathbun09

    Karen, that video is exhibit A for the next post, Miscavige Brand Brainwashing. Thanks.

  145. Sapere Aude

    Think you lost me there. I was taking your post of the article back to the original top of the article on Katie addicted to emeter current etc.

    Stress, cortisol, etc are all normal things. I don’t agree that Sea Org member brains shrink any more than the local gardner’s brain is shrinking. In a normal healthy body your adaptation to stress is continuous and well intact.

    My point was these things are always going on and not related to the current from the emeter. As an OT I can say I don’t agree that the thetan gets more and more trapped and can’t go exterior. That may be happening but I wouldn’t say it was just the stress doing it.

    Hell, if I jump out of an airplane, fight a fire, race a car, take a ship at sea through a bad storm, hurricane, etc doesn’t mean I am trapped as a thetan (being) and can’t go exterior.

    I appreciate your posts but sometimes I think you lack some personal experience with some of the terms and actions or you would clearly see – we have a body and we are a thetan. There is interaction between these that is rational and there can be interaction that is irrational. That irrational category is where we would be a person’s “case” or “bank” and we use tech, when applied correctly, to look at, duplicate and bring into view those things keeping it irrational. Included in that “case” or “bank” irrational stuff we could put one’s ethics or lack of.

    We can continue this another time. Thanks for your input.

  146. They’re excellent at foot bulletry but amputating all limbs in one fell swoop is not even done by Davey, let alone TC. The suit will never serve and all Davey hopes to achieve is fear by threat.

  147. John Connolly is gonna respond, apparently, in a few weeks.

    He said he had a major operation, and has to recuperate, and I grant him the time to heal from his operation, and then he’ll answer the article’s charges.

    I’m sorry for ALL persons who I gave their contact info to Connolly, as over the past couple years, I gave about 20 person’s email and phone numbers to John Connolly, and I also most recently connected Karen #1 to Connolly, I’m so sorry about that! (anyone want to email and scold me, or phone me, feel free, I’m very sorry.)


    I wish we had the exact money trail line.

    I’ve read many times online that the Scientology lawyers pay the PIs, the OSA gets it’s cut of FSO income, and that’s how Scientology’s parishioners’ money (donations) gets to the PIs.

    Mike, is there any kind of report done by Charlie Earl, or whoever else in OSA keeps tabs on the info coming in from the PIs, about how the PIs spent their money?

    Is there any reporting within OSA saying where OSA’s PI money goes specifically, to which PI, for which “operation?”

    When Connolly makes himself available once he recuperates, in a couple weeks, I think he ought to be asked a lot of questions how and if he was ever paid by Scientology.

    And in the meantime, I’d like to learn of ALL methods that OSA tacitly approves of, for paying PIs and informants and any other covert operations personnel.

    I’ve heard, for instance, that some ex critics were “paid off” by getting them a “house” the payments of that house being paid by Scientology is some way.

    And is there a precedent, like this one, when an apparent covert operation is “blown”, that the hired operator is paid off to remain silent when his cover is blown?

    We’ll see if Connolly goes actually public, and I hope he has a healthy recovery.

    I’m for exposing and pressuring this OSA era to an end. It’s a waste of money, and it’s simply irreligious activity, and obviously does NOT even help the person who likely MOST is pushing it, David Miscavige.

    Oh, Mike, how would the spy who smoozed Mark Fisher have been paid? Through Eliot Abelson, or through the in house Scientology firm that Moxon is part of?

    Anyone with info related to John Connolly, can email John Cook, who wrote the story:

    Again, I’m sorry about this situation, because over the years I’ve introduced and given all sorts of people’s email and phone numbers to Connolly, so if you want to email and let me have it, or call and scream at me a bit, I don’t blame you. Sorry again.

  148. OMG what a difference in skill level from the 16-year-old! I could love that man just for the beauty of that piece. In fact, I do, but I’m not sure he is to be found anymore.

  149. How about somebody gives this person an acknowledgment instead of all these refutations? NCSP, I read your comment and thank you. M6

  150. martyrathbun09

    Because his ack is 1.1 and condescending and he is doing some work for somebody other than himself. That is why I didn’t ack him. You can ask TOny why he didn’t either.

  151. Wow, looking at the Edsel now it looks so much like other cars of the era. But when it was introduced my immediate reaction was, “Ugh!” Funny how things change by comparison.

  152. Thank you, Lynne. I told myself I was going to withdraw from this since I don’t mean any harm to anyone and obviously miscommunicated in some way, but I can’t let your kind words pass without acknowledging them. OK, that’s all from me (for real!).

  153. Pingback: Top Posts —

  154. SA,
    This gives you and idea of the size:

    It was originally bought by ASI for their staff berthing so they didn’t need to commute to the blue building.

  155. Joe Howard

    Yes… “Spirit of play” and “no holds barred”.


  156. “In a normal healthy body your adaptation to stress is continuous and well intact.”

    LOL in the Sea Org ?

  157. gordon freeman

    Oh look, another leaked interview.

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