The David Miscavige Vyrus (Virus)

How does a guy who gives a whole new meaning to the term “religious leader” (per his own PR flak) keep up with the Cruises in his driven assault to hang in the ranks of the rich and famous?  Easy, when he has a cash cow like the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization.   About four years ago Dave decided that his custom Harley and other custom top-of-the-line street bikes didn’t quite put him at par with his buddy Tom Cruise.  Shortly after,  his personal staff  informed then-Captain Flag Service Organization Debbie Cook that the FSO crew were expected to foot the bill approaching $100,000 for a custom-hand-made, over-the-top motorcycle, called the Vyrus. Debbie protested the order recognizing that the forced collections of substantial portions of Flag staff’s meager $50 per week pay over several weeks leading up to Miscavige’s birthday and Chistmas each year to buy outlandish gifts from FSO to Miscavige was a morale breaker among the staff.  Debbie was informed in no uncertain terms that Debbie did not have a say in the matter.  And so for several weeks all FSO staff were required to cough up money from their $50 until the Vyrus ultimate motorcycle was paid for.

The David Miscavige Vyrus is simply one, relatively small symptom of the David Miscavige Virus.  The David Miscavige Virus is the reverse Scientology justified think that the acquisition of  ever lovelier forms of Matter, Energy, Space and Time is an honorable goal.  Of course, those who are not infected understand that the Miscavige Virus leads toward death and states far below and far more ugly than death. 

The David Miscavige Virus is pernicious and thus difficult to detect in oneself.  It is exacerbated by continuing to support the source of turning the road to freedom into the road to entrapment.  The remedy though is simplicity itself.  Find Out Who You Really Are, at which point an individual will come into valence.  A creepy synthetic identity will immediately blow, along with the impulses toward solidity that accompany it. 

Good Health!

251 responses to “The David Miscavige Vyrus (Virus)

  1. One word sums it up: INUREMENT. You don’t think so Davey? How may other staff members got to ride that bike? None? Oh, because nobody else was short enough, right?

    A Moped would be more fitting for Miscavige. A motorcycle? What a joke. It would look like some kid stole his father’s bike.

  2. Is that a 987 C3 4V? 70k to over 100k, depending upon if it has the supercharger or not. Vyrus is Italian made, using a Ducati engine capable of up to 211 HP.

    That is some expensive Bling for a wannabee Pope……

  3. As a bike rider myself, I weep tears of joy at what goes into building that bike. It’s truly a thing of beauty and engineering excellence.

    As a human being I howl in rage at the thought of how Miscavige came to have one.

    Miscavige, you little fucker, you’re going to pay for this. To hell with the bike, the builder can build another one (or ten or twenty). But FSO staff will never get back what you took. And I’m not talking about the money, bad as that is. You took their humanity, and you’ve done it many times over in many ways. Society is not going to let you get away with this for much longer.

    Stupid little fucker, you make me sick. You make me ashamed to be a Scientologist, that I have to be associated with the likes of you. I know I’ll feel different about that in 4 hours or so once real Scientologists start posting here and communicating, but right this very moment that’s how I feel.


  4. This bike reminds me of something a super-antagonist in a comic strip would ride, complete with their personal logo, striking terror in the hearts of all who see it.

  5. Looking at the images, and the letters “COB” the only word that comes to my mind is “embarassing”.

  6. this is just crazy! What is the history behind this DM birthday gift from the Sea Org? I thought that a gift was never expected but all ways appreciated?

    All LRH ever wanted for his birthday was all the orgs to reach the size of old saint hill. It seems like DM wants to fill St Hill up with them. Like he is source or something, how Delusional.

    Any lurkers here or people still in good standing THIS IS WHY !

  7. Sheesh …

    Forcing staff to hand over their pay, which is meager to start with, is simply unconscionable.

    Using one’s name in advertising their company, like ‘Frank’s Plumbing Inc.’, is one thing, but this is way over the top.

    It says: ‘Hey everyone! Look at ME! I’ve got real fancy expensive mest! You should admire me for it! I must be important if I have fancy mest.’

    This is just like: ‘Hey everybody! Look at ME! I have a famous friend, Ton Cruise! You should admire me too! I am important to (and control) Tom; I should be important to you!’

    Sick, sick, sick.

    The photo of the KNOB above with COB’s initials says it all … his valence on display for all to see.

  8. Marty,
    We need to exploit this by pushing DM to get on American Chopper and have the Orange County Chopper company build a custom bike for Davey, then get bipased in his own shop by having 3 dozen S.O. members come in to “do the job right,” get it all captured on film, find the end product is screwed up and have to be taken over by Paul Jr. (the son with the rival company to O.C.C., fix the bike right… deliver it to COB and promptly drive it right up his “tailpipe!”

    Follow that up with all of us walking by and spitting on the would-be pope of Int. That, and have him do a reality show marrying Kate Gosslin of “Kate plus 8” fame and she can show him the meaning of degredation. Lastly, on Survivor, we can send JUST HIM to an island in the south Pacific that has no inhabitants, and jus leave him there to fend for himself. The show never ends, has competitions, or anything else. Just leave the cameras on for us all to watch him suffer in solitutude for the remainder of this life.

    Nah… that’s all too good for him.
    I’ll keep working on it. 😉

  9. What a complete dickhead!
    He could have just as easily embezzled the money from one of a half dozen other accounts, but no, he decided to add insult to injury and extort it from the FSO staff. That way he could show them who’s the boss and make their Christmas even more miserable.
    Its time to cast Davey-boy and his cool motorcycle adrift on a very small ice floe.

  10. COF aka "Chariman of the Fraud"

    Altered importance of gargantuan magnitudes!

  11. Super-cob!

  12. DM is the head of the MESTapharian religion currently holding sway over the inhabitants of URTH. You don’t have to be a reverse Scientologist to belong. It’s just how they roll!

  13. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Marty,
    Thanks for keeping us briefed on all of this.
    The fact of dm having the gall to take the pay away from the Sea Org is truly sickening. I hope that at some point Debbie Cook has the guts to step up and speak out since she was somewhat a facilitator for dm’s fucked up little game.
    As far as the COB plate goes, well…. when he is in jail I hope he gets the cob that he deserves.

  14. Even a Lambretta is too cool for COB.

    Three cheers for Ed ‘Kooky’ Burns !

    Hip hip … Hip hip … Hip hip 😛

  15. Alan: “You make me ashamed to be a Scientologist, that I have to be associated with the likes of you.” Comment of the day IMHO.

    BUT — there is good news. As an Independent Scientologist, you no longer have to be tainted by the stench that emanates from the rotting carcass of the Vulture Culture.

  16. Splog,
    I know how you feel. This is extortion of monies from the staff on a mere subsistance income. So sad and inhumane!

    Extortion, outwresting, and/or exaction is a criminal offense which occurs when a person unlawfully obtains either money, property or services from a person(s), entity, or institution, through coercion. Refraining from doing harm is sometimes euphemistically called protection. Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups. The actual obtainment of money or property is not required to commit the offense. Making a threat of violence which refers to a requirement of a payment of money or property to halt future violence is sufficient to commit the offense. Exaction refers not only to extortion or the unlawful demanding and obtaining of something through force,[1] but additionally, in its formal definition, means the infliction of something such as pain and suffering or making somebody endure something unpleasant.

    The threats of releasing PC folder data from confidentiality of the confessional to a minister is a close cousin. That would be blackmail. The enforced buying of a persons silence on some topic.

    Another Definition:
    Blackmail is the act of threatening to reveal substantially true information about a person to the public, a family member, or associates unless a demand is met. This information is usually of an embarrassing, socially damaging, and/or incriminating nature. As the information is substantially true, the act of revealing the information may not be criminal in its own right nor amount to a civil law defamation; it is the making of demands in exchange for withholding the information that is often considered a crime. English Law creates a much broader definition of blackmail, covering any unwarranted demands with menaces, whether involving revealing information or not. However, from a libertarian perspective, blackmail is not always considered a crime [1][2]. Some libertarians point out that it is licit to gossip about someone else’s secret, to threaten to publicly reveal such information, and to ask that person for money, but it is illegal to combine the threat with the request for money, which raises the question, “Why do two rights make a wrong?”[3]

    Blackmail is similar to extortion. The difference is that extortion involves an underlying, independent criminal act, while blackmail does not.

    R.I.C.O. claims require commission of 2 of 35 listed crimes within a 10 year period. Included in this crimes are : fraud, theft, obstruction of justice, slavery, racketeering, kidnapping, extortion, and bribery.

    These actions as in forcing pay from Sea Org members pay, private inurement, forced incarceration behind razor fences, blackmail (threatened release of private embarassing information), forced control over other corporate boards causing other issues, and I am sure there is enough with the Lisa McPherson issue, other lawsuits, showing intent to obstruct justice.

    Even to a non Scientologist this is disgusting. To be the head of a “church” and hold yourself out as a standard bearer and example of the LRH tech is put fraud (even if not the legal defintion of fraud).

    I agree, Alan, I think he makes all of us sick!

  17. As the Treasury Sec FSO (Flag Service Org) for 7 years I used to HATE that the staff were being forced to kick back their pay to Miscavige.

    Staff “pay” is $50 per week minus taxes which works out closer to $45.
    Add to that the reality that there is no guarantee that you will get paid.
    When Miscavige tried his hand at C/Sing and over seeing the handling of Lisa McPherson (resulted in her death and a VERY expensive legal case)
    the staff were lucky to average $10 a week over a years time.

    It was not uncommon for most Flag staff to own 1 pair of pants and 1 shirt (2 if they were real lucky) and they would have to buy their own shoes.
    Leather shoes cost about $80 but the department store in Clearwater
    sold plastic shoes for $30 which is what 90% of the staff wore in humid Florida. Realize that a staff member wears his “uniform” 16 plus hours a day 7 days a week. I’m just pointing this out to give one example of the financial state of a staff member.

    While Miscavige had molds of his feet sent off to England for the finest shoes, had tailors driven out to Hemet from L.A. to measure and make
    shirts from the finest cotton, had sweaters hand made in Italy, had a closet of $5,000 suits, etc he had his flying monkeys extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the poor crew for his toys.

    OSA – is this what you want to work your ass off to protect. Is this what you signed for?

  18. Just about how I feel, word-for-word Splog. Difference between you and The Hopeless One though, is that you ARE a Scientologist.

  19. Would be nice to have the “COB fleet” (of bikes, cars etc.) ” lined up in a picture complete with a price tag on each. My hunch is that cool aid drinkers never would believe that this is what he “collected” as a Sea Org member while many didn’t even collect their 50 Dollars a week (I haven’t).

    COB not only has the audacity to specify the “gift” he wants from FSO staff but enforce collection thereof as well. Is MissCabbage certainly ever found cleaning, maintaining and repairing his toys?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if all of his cars and bikes get a weekly white glove cleaning – naturally, all provided for Der Leader by dedicated SO members. This is just guessing, of course – anyone who knows my confirm/dismiss my speculations.

  20. Tony Dephillips

    I hear you Dr.
    It would be like the Pope driving in a limo with a “Pope” hood ornament. Very tacky.

  21. Alan, I feel ya!

  22. This fu–er needs to come down NOW… ENOUGH! Those of you protecting this sob get up, pull up your boot straps and start walking.

  23. LMAO! I would watch that episode of Sr. vs. Jr. for sure!!

    I used to keep a Superpower brochure on my desk with a picture of a Vyrus and the dude who races it in Europe. It truly is a thing of beauty and makes my Ninja look like a bicycle.

  24. The dwarf is corrupt as hell and his minions close their eyes.

    Look forward to get info on how he is “surviving” in jail!

  25. This man has no soul.

  26. Whoa! It FINALLY makes sense why Dave ever permitted a raise in SO weekly allowance. Yeah, I know – sounds utterly out of character (or rather, valence) but he did. Back in the early 90s or so. Jacked it up from $30 a week to $50. But look: If he hadn’t, his yearly roomfuls of birthday gifts (and Christmas gifts, and SO Day gifts, and Maiden Voyage Anniversary gifts, and Groundhog Day gifts, and Just Cuz You’re You gifts) from every SO unit would have been merely lavish (eew!) rather than over-the-top oh-my-gawd three-cheers-even-though-we’re-on-rice-and-beans exorbitant.

    What a cog. Get me to an Examiner! (Not a stare-painfully-at-the-meter Godawful Age of Technoterror one though. Please.)

  27. Marty, thanks for publishing more evidence of David Miscavige’s extortion of Sea Org members’ meager paychecks and of him using religious funds for his personal benefit (inurement).

    There’s been much made of the similarities between the two dictators Qaddafi and Miscavige. Here’s a telling statement made recently by one of Qaddafi’s mini-me sons, which might have been said by Miscavige: “The people — everybody wants more ….There is no limit. You give this, then you get asked for that, you know?”

    Yes, we do know. We know exactly what you mean. There is no limit.

    Just Me

  28. DM: “Somebody forgot to put the fucking TRAINING WHEELS on it!!! Heads will roll!!! To the hole with all the cock-suckers who contributed, as they are the correct target!!!”

  29. looks like a typical bad guy m/c. that is all

  30. Putting this Christmas present in perspective:

    In 1977 I was posted at the Flag Land Base as part of the upper management of Scientology. At that time, there was no Int in Hemet. Just some people with LRH creating movies “over the rainbow.”

    All management staff were in the Lerner Building. Commodores Staff, the Bureau Heads and their staff, Action Bureau, AVC etc — somehow it feel on me and some others to find out what WE wanted to give LRH and then collect the money. We chose to give him an Opera Cape (think Sherlock Holmes)– as he was known to love to dress flamboyantly and he was, after all, directing.

    We had the cape made by a California tailor/seamstress and IF it cost $1,500 I’d be surprised. The money for this present was not TAKEN from our pay but asked if and how much we wanted to give.


  31. Unbelievable!





  33. I bring up Miscavige’s Vyrus at the Riverside County Board of Supervisors at 0:45 in this video. I should have been more specific by stating that it was paid for by the meager stipends of slave workers.

    I bet Miscavige is jealous about MY bike, now that being an environmentalist is cool! Write me on YouTube (AnonOrange) if you want to know more about the electric bike in the video. It’s called the eLlusion Model 54. It’s got 54kW and 340 ft-lbs of torque.

  34. Un-cussing-believable. Just un-cussing-believable. This is so outrageous, it left me looking for signs of photoshop, which, of course, are not there.

    I completely echo what you say, Alan.

  35. Marty,

    The stories are getting more and more crazy. I just ask myself how it could be that for 30 years I was walking around with blinded eyes and didn’t see. The accusation “the blinds were leading the blinds” makes lots of sense, when thinking about who uttered it. He is blind and blinded the rest of the Scientologists.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Yeah. Folks wonder why Miscavige EFFECTIVELY CANCELLED 339r? Stop wondering.

  37. Russki,
    Sha-ZAM! Look who surfaced and you are on your game today!
    Great post. Some good common sense advice that’s like biscuits w/ jerky gravy—you can put some miles on it.

  38. Holy Schnikees! 340 ft-lbs of torque.

  39. The seemingly erudite novice attorney Scott Pilutik has extensively reasoned for the hackers on WWP on this issue, and has concluded that this is NOT inurnment.

    Of course none of it makes any sense, like his other legal theories.

    The thread is called “The Case for Inurnment.”

  40. Marty,
    You just keep on pullin the rabbits out of your hat! (Must be one of those big ten gallon Texas hats)
    It has got to drive him batsh*t crazy when he sees pictures/his communications etc. posted like this.
    Hey DM–Are you the kind who just pulls the covers over your head at night or do you look under the bed for that monster??
    You need to take a vacation before a hand slips up from under the bed and grabs you by the tan line.

  41. (Rescued from COB shredder)

    Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB

    Personal Correspondence — Hand Deliver Only

    To: TC

    Dear Tom,

    I can’t believe those #%$&!ers posted a photo of my Vyrus on their stupid blog! Those %#&$! jealous %#&$?!ers!!!

    That bike was supposed to be just for you and me, for our rare private rides together. I’m so pissed!! And to think that I practically had to beg to get those losers at Flag to pay for it! I’ve neverseen a more ungrateful bunch of selfish penny-pinching SPs in my life! I mean, just look at all the new products and services I came up with for them to sell and make boat loads of money from. Do you think they thank me? No! They whine about having to give me a little gift. Grrrrrrrr! I get so mad!

    Anyway Tom, I’m sorry you have to be so far away on a shoot while I’m stuck here opening up yet another Ideal Org, just so an ungrateful public and staff can enjoy another one one my incredible PALACES that LRH would be so proud of. If only I were to be appreciated instead of constantly having my character maligned, but I guess this is the continual cross I have to bear. Well, at least YOU get it, Tom.

    This latest thing with Haggis, OMG! What is this man thinking? Doesn’t he realize that we practically own Hollywood? I mean, did he read Science of Survival? Why is it such a surprise to him what our stance is on homosexuals? Is he trained at ALL? OMG, he sounds like a wog. (hey, that almost rhymes! Could you use that line in one of your next movies?)

    I’d really like to smash him in his stupid out-ethics face for resigning publicly the way he did! The stupid out-ethics big shot Hollywood writer. He doesn’t even hold a candle to you, Tom, as far as influence in Hollywood.

    I mean, yeah OK, Tommy did mishandle the whole thing, the stupid little shit. I ordered him to get Haggis in for a sec check but he failed miserably. I’ll deal with him on that, believe me. I just may make the rich whiny mama’s boy personally pay for my next birthday present! (I’ve already got the bike picked out and you are going to be SO jealous! LOL!)

    Damn, Tom you’re so right when you say that the entire Hollywood entertainment community is completely out-ethics and practically are begging for us to wipe ’em out. Drugs, out-2D, lying, cheating, betrayal, homosexuality, orgies, gluttony, money-motivated, greedy, just dramatizing uncontrolled evil intentions! Good god almighty! We’ve certainly got our work cut out for us, don’t we?

    I don’t know how much more of this I’d be able to take if it weren’t for you. I swear I might have just thrown in the towel and moved to Bulgravia, like LRH says to.

    But I’m still in the game and I get such a tingle up my spine from smashing out-ethics turd brains on the side of their stupid heads. Did I ever show you that LRH reference I operate on for hitting people? Remind me about that later.

    Anyway, back to this Haggis thing…boy oh boy, is he cooked! I’ve got OSA going through all his PC folders with a microscope, pulling out the ammunition that we can use to shut him up for good. If he doesn’t play ball, then guess what? HELLO!…TMZ just happens to wind up with a complete narration of ALL his Os and Dubs. Bwahahahahahahah! Take THAT, Haggis, you ungrateful #%$!er.

    Well, Tom, I’d better get crackin’ on my Battle-Plan for the day. I’m dealing with that Marty thing and you know how that gets under my skin! Hey, by the way, those platinum grounding rods you gave me are something else! Wow! They really ARE more sensitive than the copper ones.

    By the way, how’s that slipper cabinet working out on the Silverscreen? It better be done right this time or I’ll have the incompetent dirty culprits crawling naked across broken glass straight to the RPF of the RPF’s RPF! I’m done playing Mr. Niceguy!

    I’m going to miss you terribly, not being able to see you for another four days. Maybe we can catch each other on Skype tonight?

    ‘Til then,

    Yours truly,


  42. @Mike, SA, Martin, Carol:

    Thanks for the acks, I feel a lot better now. I got real sudden there 🙂

    Sarge, you sure started something with this “sudden” thing!

    What got me most upset wasn’t that Davey got the bike (I’ve give my eye teeth for one of those – it can join the two I already have), but 1000+ Sea Org members at Flag got ripped off.

    I was in the Sea Org myself. I wasn’t very good at it – my stats sucked actually – but I wanted to help and make a difference. I also got to meet many fine beings who did make the grade, did have excellent production records, helped many many people and slaved their guts out making a real difference.

    I feel offended to my core because of what was done to them.

  43. Kathy Braceland

    A gift is something that someone gives to another willingly.

    Having money taken out of one’s pay without consent or willingness is called stealing or robbery. The way Miscaviage does it is called extortion.

    Extortion is illegal and private inurement is a major no no in a 501(c)(3) organization Miscavige. Oops. Didn’t your lawyers tell you that? Maybe they’ve been setting you up for a fall all this time while they’ve been collecting their enormous fees. Oh oh. You’ll have to do all the legal work yourself because of their obvious incompetence. Gee…looks like things aren’t working out so well for you after all….

  44. Stories like this one makes me wish for a jail sentence for Miscavige, so that people like him will be able to treat him accordingly.

  45. Beautiful.

  46. Colwell,
    Very good point, the Payroll Off is normally a very popular guy and he used to go around bringing pay (and VGI’s) to those who don’t make it to his office to collect. He was always very apologetic and introverted when collecting for Birthdays. Can you spell Inurement?

    One big presents org omitted is ASI. These guys, gave Dear Leader a BMW M6 for one of his birthdays, which costs more than the Vyrus, and definitely allows him to run around with the Hollyweird crowd and pals. Not sure if the Bimmer has a cheesy “cob” emblem degrade of the marque.

    This “tradition” is not something new – there was a birthday gift in the early to mid 80’s which was a very fancy hand engraved with gold inlays Italian Benelli over/under shotgun which was over $10K. Gas prices were about $1.20/gallon in those days. Gifts had to get better and more over the top each year as time went on!

    Perhaps this is also one of the games conditions that the Vulture emperor engaged in as LRH used to receive tons of unsolicited gifts from staff and public to show he was well loved and appreciated, until he started the Birthday game in the ’70s. Most of these gifts were stored and in 1980 filled up most of a building (2 story) on the Int base called “Del Sol”. This building has since been the CMOI building and now auditing rooms.

  47. Impartial English Girl

    DM must have a REALLY tiny winkie – why else would he need to compensate with such a ridiculous bike?!

    At my parents’ (Church of England) church, they don’t even give the vicar a card! And I’m sure he’s MUCH rather the value of that bike went to a worthy charity than a piece of metal he can whizz about on.

  48. Ya know, when I was uplines, I had to beg, borrow and do whatever to get down to PAC to see my wife and family on Saturday nights, actually Sunday morning. Even then I only had a few hours to spend because I had to be back to Int by noon on Sunday. Sometimes I woulsd pay $20 for a ride to PAC with someone who had a car. To give up a portion of that pay to DM for his birthday was complete bullshit. Why? Coz he is better than me?

    Lord knows we never got libs so I couldn’t take the run from Int to PAC like a normal human. No one else did either. We all had to remain in “emergency mode” bec ause there was an event coming up in two months.

    When I see postings like this and figure that DM gets perks and ALSO has play time to play with all of his toys, I get bloody minded. And it isn’t a good thing for me to be bloody minded. I have been known to get impulsive. I just get the picture of this little boy getting expensive toys from the backs of the people who strive to make him look good. And all DM does is wipe his feet on these backs.

    Anyone who reads this blog and is still on lines getting services in the Church or is still n the Sea Org reading this blog is in a lower condition on the first, third and fouth dynamics. There has been enough PROOF on this blog that DM is frying other fish ( whales, actually) and turning Scientology into a running joke. To sit back and “be in doubt” or “worry about disconnect” is minor compared to what is coming down the road for us if we do not get our shit together and form up Scientology and deliver it in volume.

    Forget the Church. It is compromised, infiltrated and is loaded with viruses just like and old computer without a firewall. To erase the existing program and reload the original program won’t work because the “registry” is still loaded with viruses, oddly enough. One has to build a new computer with a clean operating program that is immune to these viruses. And we need to get it going all over the planet.

    ML Tom

  49. Perhaps a ‘clinker’.

  50. theo Sismanides

    OTDT, come on, man! Are you DM? You must be DM, man!! LOL!!!! This was hilaaaaaaarious! Gets better and better into that sick valence Marty talks about!

  51. My sentiments exactly!

  52. Sorry for the quick derail:
    The electric motor is from these guys:
    I got interested in this motor back in 2006 when this 640 hp Mini came out:
    The battery pack is from 4 Toyota Priuses for a total of 160KW (~200HP) of instant punch (54KW continuous)

  53. OTDT,
    Just reading that to myself made my cat puke. Now I gotta clean it up, without thinking about it!

    No, Molly, no…not there….ucky.

  54. “Are you in good standing”…
    Now there’s a term that will go down as the grossest misunderstood ever to be uttered.
    I can see the prosecuting attorney now, using that as his opening line to a new witness, it’ll set the tone and put the opposition immediately on the defensive, it’ll make ’em squirm.
    Oh such damning evidence is surfacing. Getting nice and solid, pretty bike though?

  55. theo Sismanides

    Oh, poor Davey having to have gifts from your servants!!! Who, by the way, came in for planetary clearing not for Viruses.

    The DM virus is a very true thing. I almost got it, I felt it coming to me and just turned by back on it. Never wanted to be part of that team. Splog was right, DM you made us all ashamed of being Scientologists. This is not a philosophy, man, this is just kindergarden stuff. You are like a child, like my son, 9 years old who wants all the MEST he sees and cries, cries, cries until I buy it for him. You poor man, that MEST Virus is getting YOU now. Cause we are thetans and we can see through MEST.

    I hope some lurkers here will get the point. This is such a shame. The guy is playing with big boys toys while others are struggling for spiritual freedom.

  56. Russ,
    I don’t remember the $30. I recall that in the late 70’s regular pay was $17.20, so that if you were in the RPF you got 1/4 pay which was $4.25 per week (cigs at the time was $4.50/carton). It then went to $25 and then $50 (about $46 after tax) for the past 20 years or so.

    Purchasers and Stewards/cooks got $5.00 more as “hazard pay” as they were expected to pay for broken dishes or mess ups in purchasing by LRH FO from the Apollo days and not increased since.

    The staff in the “for profit” corporations such as ASI, CST and BPI got more but had to pay for their uniforms, room and board. The differences here are the bonuses paid – production (or reg & book seller) and end of year/Christmas bonuses.

  57. True, but it sadly doesn’t show that he’s so very well loved and appreciated, more so than LRH, in over the top gifts by the staffs! PR, PR, and more PR!

  58. Dir Vehicles Gold – Yvonne Gonzalez, car & bike cleaner, personal chauffeur, Tom Cruise bus handler and flying monkey.

  59. IEG: Perhaps the correct subtitle for the Church of Miscavige these days is: Church of PROPITIATION. These “gifts” are evidence that the whole culture inside the C of M revoilves around trying to buy off Dear Leader to think well of you. Whether with a “gift” for his birthday, a “donation” to the IAS or a lie told in his defense (“he never hit anyone”) these actions are taken out of FEAR. Not respect or love. We are witnessing the decay and degradation of a 3rd dynamic at lightning speed. You can trace the historical parallels in every civilization (3D) that has declined and eventually disappeared.

  60. Were it not for your access to COB’s shredder, the dark cloud would be without even the tiniest silver lining.

  61. School Of St Trinians

    Can he pull wheelies. Go on I dare you. Pull some wheelies.

  62. Right, Super-cob riding his Super cod-piece!

  63. What LRH has given us needs no expounding upon on this blog. His birthday gift to us is the Tech and the Bridge and I am profoundly grateful for it.

    I sent Ron birthday cards and wished him well. I knew it wasn’t much but including mine with thousands of others was, I’m certain, heartwarming for Ron. The staff asked one year what he wanted for his birthday. 5X the stats was his response. So what Ron really wanted was more Scientology delivery, more wins, more clears and OTs made.

    I don’t recall him asking for a motorcycle, even though he was very fond of them.

    LRH’s birthday was looked forward to. There was no angst. There was no thought of exchange as LRH had exchanged in abundance with each and every one of us.

    What a difference with Miscavige.

    Ron wanted Theta, Miscavige wants MEST.

    I am amazed so many refuse to see this simple and obvious disparity.

  64. I have a dream,
    I would like to know Dm only one time .

  65. LRH made an interesting observation on psychosis and valences. This is a comment by LRH on C/Sing folders concerning Expanded Dianetics research. It is from Board Technical Bulletin: 12 April 1977: Confidential, Psychosis Research Case 3:

    “He is in an only one valence. The justification is being so important overts don’t matter – a new way of justifying an overt. Nazi Officers, aristocracy and psychiatrists with their total arrogance, use this I see now…. Call it an arrogance valence.” (LRH as C/S folder comment)

  66. Love those in-wheel-motors, extremely efficient. Our technology lacked to get them small enough so we only build them in busses.

    Did you get them to investigate Davey and TC?

  67. Thanks, Sinar. Ha – maybe that “$30” is just what I was wishing we’d get, away back then. I do remember the hazard pay, and the “for profit” people’s pay.

    You mention reg bonuses – that brings to mind another writhing can of worms. It used to blow my mind seeing reges (particularly at the FSO) receiving astronomical rewards, by comparison to any other staff member. Reges driving nice cars, wearing Rolexes (just what every SO member needs!) and so on, all paid for with the enormous bonuses awarded for raking in the dough. Er…I mean, uh, doughnations. Were C/Ses, auditors, sups, execs, or anyone else similarly rewarded? Nope. Most of those others would have felt very uncomfortable flashing such “wealth” (as much as unethical “rewards” could ever be considered wealth) – it’s not what they were aboard for, as SO members. Might have been nice to have a burger with your rice and beans, but Corvettes and Cartier? No, thanks. Also recall a few top execs (EDs/Commanding Officers) doing as much regging “on the side” as possible – it was (or seemed, short-term) far more viable than trying to live on their regular pay.

    I believe there was some actual policy basis for reg bonuses, but it was carried to ludicrous extreme, IMHO. Perverting the system was most probably intentional – turn the reges into criminals, and (a) you OWN them, and (b) any remaining scruples about making shady deals or bleeding parishoners dry would be buried, fast and deep.

    And the solution to all of that? It’s right in policy.

  68. Thanks for the daily laugh session; they say it’s very healthy!

  69. IEG,

    Let’s not detract from the machine 🙂 The bike is a truly stunning piece of craftmanship, the skill needed to build it is up there with JB’s work that we saw a few weeks ago. It looks weird because it’s Italian and those guys love to push the envelope with styling. It also looks like it’s missing a huge chunk of motorcycle necessaryness between the wheel and the handlebars! That’s not a SuperHero Batmobile Hollywood effect – it’s cutting edge engineering – “Hub-Centre Steering”.

    As for bits of Dear Leader’s anatomy, I think you nailed that one 100% spot on 🙂

    Personally, I’d probably give the vicar a card though. It’s a nice gesture and acknowledgment for the selfless work vicars do. As you know, we Scientologists are pretty big on acknowledgments, especially the genuine ones from the heart and not the ones for sale in expensive boutiques.

    There are any number of wealthy people who can pay for a Vyrus tomorrow with money they *earned*. This is good, it funds new development and gives us exciting new things in the future. Sort of a “patron of the arts” thing in guy-speak if you will 🙂

    But as an ego-stroking personality crutch for the leader of a Church? No, I don’t think so. Not a good fit. I wonder what those Italian craftsmen think of where the money come from….

  70. COB Birthday Gift Routing Form

    Name:________ Post:________

    1. OK to deduct $__ from pay.


    2. Report directly to RPF.

  71. I think inurnment means “putting into an urn” as in the way they handle cremated ashes. This would be a good word for the CofS because it it cremating itself!

  72. The word Arrogance comes from “taking unto oneself” as in assuming that you are such a big wheel that you don’t have to follow the rules, you can just take what you want. I would say DM is arrogant.

  73. If he thought he could get away with it, I’m sure that he’d require a “downstat” to be a human sacrifice on his B-day.

  74. Don’t know much about bikes but this sure as hell totally pissed me off too…

  75. 😆 Totally!

  76. WH, I remember the cape. And yes, he did wear it and loved it. The ‘old man’ loved to dress for an occation. I also know that he was aware of how much staff were paid and didn’t want staff to buy him expensive gifts. Love

  77. 😆 You are one helluva channeler! OMG that scared me and made me sick all in one…fear and nausea.

  78. WE,
    The Int base is a 500 acre property North and South of Highway 79. All of the top execs and whoever could afford it had personal motorcycles just to get around. From the late 80’s Dear Leader had a JB customized Yamaha which he rode around the Int base property on, Lou had a regular version.
    Shelly rode a Honda, when she was around: When Marc Yager, Guillaume, CO Gold were on post they used to have similar Yamahas as well. So, you could see if there as a big “exec” inspection going on in various places or a conference happening due to the cluster of bikes at the building. Had a used one personally bought to transport and serve food for my job at the time.
    Marc Headley also had a Yamaha and his book describes his riding into the sunset one one. Bikes were very common for staff who had a range of Ninjas, FZRs, etc. and useful – Marty used one to get out of the Hole & get free.

  79. Good point, it’s been replaced by Dear Leader’s Ideal Mest birthday game!

  80. Splog, I found getting good and ‘sudden’ every now and then sure makes me feel better. Sometimes you just gotta let it out. DM is disgusting. He makes a fella want to spit . Love

  81. And although there may be detractors who say “But LRH had expensive cars, a motorcycle, many nice cameras, etc.”, just remember that his income from book royalties alone allowed him a few luxuries. I don’t think anyone would begrudge that…. some nice benefits of a lot of labor!

    Let’s see…… and DM’s best seller list would include??????

  82. Pingback: The David Miscavige Vyrus (Virus) (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  83. nice bike

  84. “The David Miscavige Virus is pernicious and thus difficult to detect in oneself.”
    And this virus is exactly what I perceived in those closest to Int management. The closer, the sicker with it.
    Rural Scientologists really never get close enough to realize what the sickness is exactly. They just go on hoping because they KNOW LRH is why they’re there, but they stay in a state of confusion for lack of the correct diagnosis.

  85. Marty,

    It is days like these
    Posts like these

    Where you dust it off
    That Suppressive Person Declare
    And read with relief: …… is Expelled !!

    If Hitler or Stalin, Saddam Hussein or Gadaffi
    Declared and Expelled you from their “church”
    Would you then be: Happy or Sad?

    It is days like these
    Posts like these

    Where you dust it off and smile……..:)

  86. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Brilliant! Exactly. Thank you, Mike.

  87. Yeah, Corbel, and you could take a tiny bit of satisfaction when you were not getting your pay that week for whatever reason that they couldn’t take out the 10 or 15 bucks because you weren’t getting any anyhow! Folks, these were the kind of little wins that staff privately rejoiced in now and again.
    (Oops, my motivators are showing.)

  88. It is also enforced Propitiation on all the Sea Org staff. Meant to keep’em “humble” no doubt.

    Where’s the revolt this deserves? It is literally revolting. Overthrow the bastard!

  89. Cindy Pinsonnault

    I hate to imagine what it must be like this year, with LRH’s 100th birthday coming up. Is there even a gift big enough to satisfy? Flashy MEST, ruined staff and public, a church in decline. Great gifts.

  90. I remember Ron used to bemoan the fact that he received all these unsolicited gifts yet he accepted them in the spirit they were given.

    Personally I think he didn’t want to ARCX anybody by refusing them.

    On the other hand it’s obvious that Miscavige is totally into enforced adulation.

    Like some despot who demands tribute.

    As SA noted *extortion* would be a good word for it.

  91. All FSO staff should blow tomorrow.

    And pity to the treasury people who accepted to carry out such a destructive order. People of honour would have just refused even if the alternative was the RPF. Why is scientology producing people so fearful, scared and lacking courage? Why is it producing people who cannot stand tall and keep their own integrity? Why people become accomplices to ripping off a few bucks from their fellow staff member?

    In the Sea Org there is a lot of talking about officers and navy, and navy procedures, etc, yet I have to say that even a US Navy swamper demonstrates more courage and more honour than any one of those fearful sea org members. They were supposed to be the “elite”, lionized, red carpeted, etc. Fact of the matter is they are just a bunch of DB’s.


  92. Ha! Good turn of the word!

  93. This is very true, Tara. The few staff left at the Battle Creek org in the boondocks of Michigan are mostly the sweetest most honorable, dedicated to LRH people who will do right by you or die trying.

  94. I remember it too. He walked into the make up shed one day before shooting on TRs 0-4 and he looked freaking fantastic. Now that I remember he also wore it the day we were doing practice shoots called “Get Your Feet Wet” and the CO, Wayne Marple, had canceled the shoot because it was storming. Hell, Wayne didn’t know what a storm was until LRH found out. A lasting image for me is LRH rushing up to the location with his cape billowing out behind him, palm fronds flying every which way and the Old Man screaming bloody murder to get production going. As soon as it did he calmed right down, as did the weather. The shoot took place despite the storm and after a rain shower in the early afternoon there was a perfect double rainbow in the distance. Incredibly beautiful sight to end a memorable day.

  95. No surprise Marty,

    The Rabid Squirrel has pretty much effectively cancelled all Tech and Policy.

    (Try getting RTC to enforce the policy known as “Drills Allowed”)

    By cross ordering it out of existence.

    He’s virtually reversed the Policy called “Seniority of Orders”.

    Making his orders and whims senior in importance to any Policy or Tech Ron’s ever written.

    However you can’t blame him entirely because most Scientologists within the org these days are pretty ignorant of Policy and Tech (and it seems the lil’ rodent plans to keep them in the dark by distracting their attention away from actual policy and tech with the False Flag known as the “Basics”) so doing what the boss says like contribute endlessly to this “Ideal Org” scam which itself is a reversal of the actual policy on what an Ideal Org as given in DS 40 is since there Ron is talking about something more abstract than a fancy building and referring to a series of actions that are required to make an Ideal Org that is the actual Theta as opposed to MEST than actually reading the policy oneself and clearing all those big words like say “Scientology”.

  96. In the Biblical sense?

  97. This Virus can be handled on any still in, with a good dose of Vitamin See.

  98. Many times I have sat in the HCG looking at the staff in their uniforms. Mostly women who you could tell had been issued one uniform that no longer fit properly. Everything from hanging off their bodies to way to tight. Shoes use to also be a big problem with the women, so worn out they were stretched and would barely stay on the staff members foot. I finally asked the receptionist one day about what was up with the staff uniforms. She said that they get issued one set of clothes and that is it. If you grow or lose weight that is your problem. Oddly enough that was one of the first things that started to make me think something was up and not all SO members were treated well.

  99. I think in the late 80’s or early 90’s the bonuses for the reg’es stopped at AO, CC int, ASHO,. etc.. not sure about Flag. Steve Kemper used to specifically complain about how he hadn’t seen a bonus in many years Maybe Hy can shed some insight on this being a reg from FLAG. I think something also changed with the book commissions that staff could make, not sure what but it wasn’t as lucrative.

  100. The greed of David Miscavige defies LOGIC.
    He damned well know that staff work LONG hours are most often do not even get $50 a week for 60 -80 production weeks and sleepless nights.

    IN SPITE of that he wants a rip-off amount from the pay check of Sea Org Members.
    He already lives lavishly and opulently.

    Does DM’s GREED have no end ?
    I recall when monies was automatically taken out of payroll for Pat Broker’s Birthday.
    Pat was to use his Birthday fund monies for FLYING LESSONS.

    Then in the internal struggle and battle and coup, Miscavige ordered all monies for Pat Broeker Birthday money to be swiftly returned to staff.

    No Flying lessons for Pat.

    But continuity in money gouged out of staff pay for Miscavige year in and year out. DM Birthday. DM Christmas Gift.

    Do they take money from Sea Org members for his “Anniversary” with missing Shelley Miscavige


  101. UD,
    Spot on.

  102. Undisturbed,
    There’s more to say on that LRH CS in EXDN. That comment is key to the “Sea Org Command valence” so-called. The one that is so obnoxious and which many of us are so familiar with, having adopted it in greater or lesser degree.

    I think that LRH CS comment is the pointer to the answer to lots of what ails the S.O. as a group and is important for its future reform and refinement. A better estimation of effort is in the offing for the Sea Org and manifested in the Independent Scientologist.

  103. FoR,

  104. While we are on the subject of INUREMENT, there is a question that I have that somone visiting this site may know (besides DM).

    Most people visiting his site know that there was a millionaire named Bob Minton that used to fund a radical Scientology protest group called the Lisa McPherson Trust. Church hired PIs found that Minton had financial crimes for which could be sent to jail for. The “church” used this information to blackmail Minton and to get him to meet certain demands, such as withdrawing his funding, paying some “church” expenses, testifying a certain way, etc. This is old news but here is my question…

    I talked to someone that was in the meeting after the blackmail information was gotten and the demands were being worked out. Per this person I spoke to, Miscavige added that Minton was to pay him (meaning Miscavige) personally $1,000,000. The person I spoke to did not however know if that order was ever complied with. Does anyone visiting this site have any information concerning this?

  105. ++++ Thank YOU Sarge for all your insights, comments and lively story’s about LRH. ++++

    This is exactly how I imagine “the good old man” after hearing couple of hundred of his lectures.
    PLEASE continue with the anecdotes.
    Your were there. You were a contemporary witness.
    We are curious.

    Nice bike DM, I like it.
    But ugly logo!
    How do you feel about it?

    Why did you forbade in the 90′s the possession of personnel cars and bikes from FSO stafs?

  106. You took the words out of my mouth!

  107. Sarge,
    Thank you for this. It shows the dichotomy of LRH and DM very clearly.
    It also brought a tear to my eye. 1 SP

  108. OTDT great again, just great again. One day I want to see your scetches on Video or comic book ! I would buy it immediately . Do you know asterix and obelix ? “These Romans are crazy!”.

  109. To OSA:

    Now is your chance to strike a blow for your COB. Just post the LRH reference that authorizes forced extraction of money to enrich an executive in the CoS. Simply do that, and I am sure Marty will issue a retraction, and, upon doing so, I will send DM $25 towards some nice accessory for his snazzy bike.

    As they say, the ball is in your court.


  110. WOW Sarge — I often wondered IF he liked it and IF he wore it.

    Great to hear this.


  111. Perhaps it’s called a nightmare and it’s free to those XSO who worked for/with him, occasionally.

  112. Mat — At some point the whole story of Minton will be told. It’s not quite as its been portrayed, and I was the person who dealt with him and in the end we considered one another friends. A man with a bigger heart you will never meet (except maybe Jackson :)).

    I am not sure where your information came from, but Miscavige did ask me to get money for him personally from Minton “for all the heartache Minton had caused him personally.” Miscavige told me it had to be in the form of a gift, as he didnt want to have to pay taxes on it. And he didnt want it known. He wanted half a million dollars. I checked with Monique Yingling. She said it couldnt be done. I went to Shelly and told her about the request and she told me to have Lyman Spurlock check into it as he is a CPA and to ask Tom Spring (another lawyer). I did so, and they said the same thing — it could not be done, and even if it was to be treated as a gift, Minton would have to agree it was a “gift” but of course that would not have been true and Minton could have later “turned”. So, it could not be done. Then Miscavige found out I had told Lyman SPurlock and Tom Spring about this and he hit the roof and canceled the order.

    This was one of the last things I was involved in before being sent to the Hole the first time.

  113. Dan, Sure brings back old memories. Wayne Marple was my very first senior in the SO. Great guy. He was in charge of security at the Fort Harrison in Clearwater when we were doing renos. I was his HAS. I didn’t know what I was doing but I got instant hatted and after a couple weeks I was security guard for the ‘old man’ at Dunedin. When LRH arrived at Creston he was well dressed and yep, he wore the cape. Love

  114. theo Sismanides

    Mike, spot on! Humanoids crave for agreement! This is what has happened. It’s propitiation, not love or respect. Thank you for spotting that Tone Level.

  115. Not exactly

  116. Brandon H-

    You said “Scott Pilutik…has concluded that this is NOT inurnment.”

    Huh? There’s hardly any ambiguity in his statement in his opening post, “Simply put, that’s inurement, and the IRS should investigate it.” He’s talking about both Miscavige and Cruise.

    While he outlines some of the difficulties in making the case for inurement (I believe this is the thrust of his post) he also concludes:

    “But the allegations of inurement have steadily mounted for Scientology and Miscavige and a picture is emerging that the IRS is negligent each day it ignores. One unique aspect of Brousseau’s allegation is that Tom Cruise—who is not a religious official—was a beneficiary of Brousseau’s services. Benefits inuring to Cruise do not implicate even a scintilla of grey legal space such as those benefits inuring to Miscavige, because no religious basis—not even a preposterous one—can justify the need for religious, ahem, “ministers” to customize Tom Cruise’s motorcycles and S.U.V.”

    Contrary to your statement, I find his comments make lots of sense. They are also well informed.

  117. Maybe sometimes it can be a nightmare also for him

  118. “A man with a bigger heart you will never meet”

    The fact that those words are coming from Mike Rinder about Bob Minton is another example of why this whole, recent (last couple years) turn of events is so completely mind boggling.

    I really do hope you will tell the story you know Mike. By the time Bob was out of the Scientology criticism business, critics were extremely polarized about how to view him. To some he was a hero who simply had been beaten down, while others saw him as a traitor and pariah.

    Your insight could really help set the record straight.

  119. Debbie Cook is just as big an SP as DM. Jesus! I wonder how many others there are still feeding the monster. For a religion who’s corner stone is suppose to be integrity…….WTF?

  120. A bit off topic, but I’ve heard that TC is actually a pretty good rider. I’ll bet he’s received training along the way from fellow Scn Keith Code, founder of the California Superbike School. Is DM any good at it or does he just like to pose tough for the pictures?

  121. There is an LRH lecture given on the 4th of March, 1952, about the discovery of Fac One. It is a fascinating lecture, as it gives great insight into the Modus Operandi of “implanters” and the effects created by that odious practice:
    “That’s why we started to go down the
    line in a hurry. We had a choice, then: we were either
    “them” and vicious, mean and degrading, or ourselves with
    somatics. From that point on, that was our choice: either
    to be mean, wicked, ornery, vicious, degrading your fellow
    man, but very thorough and ride over everything, about 1.8
    or 1.5; or if you wanted to be good, decent, noble or
    upstanding – lung somatics, nose somatics, bad eyes,
    headaches and general frailty. Because you’d have to take
    one or the other.

    Therefore, anybody confronted by somebody being good …
    You see, if a person is confronted by somebody being very
    good and very honorable, the valence is stolen to some
    degree you see, and they have a tendency to flick into
    this other valence. And when you’ve got somebody being very
    mean and very wicked, you have a tendency to flick over
    into the good valence. And this has been this endless drama
    going on, on, on.”

    I got some news for you Davey….copper grounding rods will NEVER get you out of THAT charge….and neither will fancy MEST or fast motorcycles.

  122. Exactly.

    In sharp contrast to that “SO Command Valence” is the way LRH portrayed SO commanders in film scripts. The CO FSO in “The Secret of Flag Results,” played by Norman Starkey, is one example. (BTW, I don’t seem to recall “3-sweep F/Ns” or “6-month checks” as being the secret, but it HAS been a while since I’ve seen the film…)

    Another example is the CO of the “Special Project” in the Auditor Beingness film, played by Jeff Pomerantz. Confident, cheerful, theta, encouraging – and you definitely got the feel that he was also competent and effective. The kind of person who’d inspire hard work and competence. LRH also covers the need for ethics presence in a number of references, including the ability to use force, get mad and be unreasonable – in the sense that one doesn’t buy excuses and gets things DONE. From my experiences and what I’ve heard from those who worked with him in person, LRH epitomized all this, in the most theta way possible. Just as you’d expect.

    Toughness was also meant to be an SO hallmark. But out-of-valence, suspicious, invalidative, intimidating, vengeful, control-by-fear? Nope. In fact, there’s even something LRH wrote about consistent use of anger and being mean as executive “tools” – and it wasn’t in favor of the practice. Warned against buying into the idea that you HAD to act that way. Someone posting here can probably recall the reference. Mr. Logan?

  123. Wow, that hardly sounds like an attempt to derail the thread AT ALL.
    Did you have to practice to get that good, Brendon?

  124. Brendon — Bob Minton was no traitor. Some took advantage of his generosity and his genuine desire to see wrongs righted. People persuaded him to give them money. But some of what he was told was not true. He felt badly as he had been misled and as a result said some things under oath that were not true. When he tried to set the record straight, some accused him of being a traitor. The last thing that Bob Minton could ever have been accused of was treachery. That was not in his nature. He certainly made mistakes in his life and he was man enough to admit it. Though he had a lot of pressure brought to bear on him (at one point his bank acounts were frozen by a prosecutor investigating his financial dealings) — that was not what caused his change of heart. It may have gotten him to originally reach out to talk to me — but he walked out of the first meeting in New York and refused to be intimidated. What gnawed away at him was that he had not told the truth. It was the pressure of his own conscience that changed him, not impingement from investigations.

    I was truly saddened by his passing as I genuinely enjoyed his company and I had been making plans to go to Ireland to visit him.

  125. Fellow Traveller

    omg! Truth is soooo much stranger than fiction.

    Thank you for a bit more illumination, Mike. There’s one deeep rabbit (or bodily excrement) hole that got dug. Man.

    Bruce Pratt

  126. Mike,
    I was pissed about SO members being coerced into buying his motorcycle. But when the FSO was paying 35million or so for his C/S overt product and the SO members were reduced to $10 per week during this time and DM wanted a cool half million for himself tax free. That really sets the bar to a new disgusting low on his part. He wants to be highly paid for his f… up. This almost makes inurement sound like a friendly word. This is extortion or exaction or really close to it.

    Exaction refers not only to extortion or the unlawful demanding and obtaining of something through force, but additionally, in its formal definition, means the infliction of something such as pain and suffering or making somebody endure something unpleasant. Minton could have been to the point that either agree to the request or the cost and anquish to continue this fight would be greater than the payment of the $500,000.

    Aside from possible legalities – the mere fact that DM pretends to be the head of a church and an example of Scientology and you want to profit from a death of a human being is sick!

    If you are one who monitors this blog please really think about it. Your boss wanted a personal “gift” of $500,000. I know, he’s part of the Sea Org on the same terms as you are – right – then you should believe that rotted pig shit is better than caviar and champaigne. Get real. It’s your integrity and your future on the line. We Independents still have our integrity and our future is looking bright. That is more than I can say for many current church members trying to toe the party line.

  127. You’d have to really stretch reason to conclude that my comment, currently 122nd in a thread, self-prefaced as being “a bit off topic,” and one that could hardly generate more than a couple sensical replies, could be construed by anyone as an attempt to derail a thread.

    And it’s particularly hard to question my motives in light of the two other posts I made earlier in this thread.

    It was an honest question born of curiosity – heck, the thread involves a high performance motorcycle that DM likes to ride.

    It could be argued your comment was a greater attempt to derail the thread than mine by creating some kind of antagonism by questioning my motives. But coming in (as I write this) as the 123rd post, I wouldn’t think that.

  128. Thanks for the comments…I look forward to hearing the whole story someday.

  129. Beautiful theta post, Anne!

  130. Friend of Ron

    Yeah! you are back and vm back on hat, MOQ!

  131. Hey, I’m still line charging from your last post and now you hit me with this one, which is even funnier (if that’s possible)!

  132. Or more like if the head of the Mafia had a “DON” logo.

    Not only a disgusting display of narcisism, but completely without class or taste. What a perfect example of douchebaggery.

  133. “Pose tough”? It’s called a crotch rocket because it the owner is trying to compensate for something, but it is still a beautiful machine. Nice bikes impress me, the riders don’t.

  134. Damn it Mike, we get so used to seeing someone as a total slimeball because the church said so and there you go blowing away the blinders again. Could you just stop and let us have our delusions? Just kidding. LOL

  135. All the recent dictators in the world have come down, Sadat Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, and now in progress is Gaddafi (took 41 years).
    Miscavige will be the next one to go down. Let’s wait and see it.

  136. markthehungarian

    Surely this breaks laws somewhere. DM’s too used to power and has far too little brain power to use it. To go along with this was suicide, so if it was DM’s idea, he’s just gilding the rope he’s extorted other people to buy him, before tying it in a knot and hanging himself.

    DM is mean little bastard. A really unpleasant c&^t.

    This can’t go on for too much longer.

    It’s only mildly satisfying that his enormous arrogance mixed with his vast ignorance will be his downfall.

  137. martyrathbun09

    Right on, Russ.

  138. Sapere Aude

    Your orders need a slight correction.

    “Those of you protecting this sob get up, pull your head out of your arses, pull up your boot straps and start walking.”

    I think that is a more doable target.

  139. martyrathbun09

    It is not as black and white as that. If you read the several posts from late 09 on Debbie’s story you’ll see what I mean.

  140. Whoa! Here I was just catching up with today’s thread, and Mat throws this “by the way” question into the mix, and Mike comes back with the news that David Miscavige tried to hold Bob Minton up for $500K! And then says he and Minton became good friends.

    Mike, if you’re taking requests, could we get a whole post devoted to these events, please?

    Just Me

  141. Mike,

    Thank you for clarifying that. I look forward to reading the true Minton story when you are ready to post it.

    Well if Miscavige hit the roof when you told Lyman and Tom Spring about his greedy and illegal order, than I’m sure he enjoyed this posting.

    Damn, it must hard on Miscavige to be sitting on so many crimes and dirty secrets and watch them being slowly exposed – day after day after day…… Heck, I say that if the scotch helps – pour him anothe one.
    dirty secrets

  142. Russ,
    Very spot on. I think that ref. you are referring to uses anger or wrath in order to get back into ARC, perhaps in the FO Ethics Presence. As you say, the MOQ would know.

  143. Freedom Fighter

    Yeah, instead of giving LRH the gift of all orgs St. Hill size for his [100th] birthday — what he actually asked for instead of MEST — DM continues to take a dump on his legacy and is giving him a bunch of empty buildings instead. Nice. Real nice.

  144. becomingAware

    Well Davey – The “Wall of Fear” has fallen in the Middle East where the citizens are finding their voice against the over-the-top indulgences of the ‘Ruling Class” – the “Entitled Ones”. Perhaps you know what I mean.

    I know you been very busy trying to prop up your “Wall of Fear” but it has been taking more time lately, hasn’t it? Less time left to ride your mechanical or human toys. What a $%*ing shame.


  145. My sentiments exactly. I was going to post that one day, and ran out of time, had to go on an appointment. Thank you.

  146. Mike,
    Thanks very much for those posts on the LMT days. Blows charge for me as I left at about that time, after some insane orders which would not have moved me up higher, be in Tech nor being possible to get done. Subsequent F/N misread by an RTC Rep sealed the deal. It is so obvious Dear Leader doesn’t consider his illegally C/Sing Lisa as the cause for this flap and her life. The further asking for 1/2 Million “for his troubles” is just over the top and priceless! Just unbelievable!

  147. I know at Class IV orgs in the mid 80s, reges never got bonuses. They (and everyone else) would get book sales commissions on materials (books, tapes and meters). But never on services.

  148. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, if you ever see me waver, please remind me of Mike’s post and your reply. Those facts alone as framed here make every vicissitude along this journey worth it and necessary.

  149. martyrathbun09

    JM, I asked him for the same after I saw that comment too.

  150. Fellow Traveller

    hope that links properly.

    Bruce Pratt

  151. I had a dream the other night (a real dream, not in the MLK sense), and in it, the Church of Scientology was coming apart, DM was getting his comeuppance, all of it was happening. But it was happening sloooowwwwlllyyyy. Kind of like in real life.

    The thing is, it wasn’t frustrating at all; in fact, it felt really nice, watching it all go down in luxurious slow motion.

    It’s certainly true that even one more day of SO abuse is too long. But when you start to feel impatient for instant justice, try to savor the slow fall of the “Church” as it happens, cut by cut, day by day. Because it is happening, it is irreversible, and it is delicious.

  152. ROTFLOL!!!!

  153. Brendon, thanks for doing the leg work on this.

  154. Yvonne Schick

    “… Most people confuse a ‘taut ship’ with a harshly led ship. Actually harshness has nothing to do with it. The right word is positiveness.” HCO PL 3 Nov 1966, Admin Know-How Series 4, “Leadership”.

  155. You know, Brendon, I’ve got apologize to you. I misread your post. I thought you were extolling dm’s abilities, which sends my troll antennae quivering.
    You are completely correct, and I am sorry.


  156. Sapere Aude

    One of the references may be an FO but I don’t have it to hand. The other that pertains is HCOPL 24 Feb 69 Justice wherein LRH states the following:

    “Harsh discipline may produce instant compliance but it smothers initiative.

    Positive discipline is in itself a stable datum. People are unhappy in an area which is not well disciplined because they do not know where they stand.

    An area where only those who try to do their jobs are disciplined encourages people to hide and be inactive.

    But all discipline must be based on truth and must exclude acting on false reports.” end LRH quotes

    What we see now is harsh discipline causing staff to NOT know where they stand and force creating further confusion. The reverse of LRH. Discipline isn’t being used to create stable datums, it is used to unmock beingness of any individual on a post. We further see discipline based on false data and false reports.

    LRH in that PL also states:
    “This then is the primary breakdown of any justice system – that it acts on false reports, disciplines before substantiation and fails to confront an accused with the report and his accuser before any discipline is assigned, or which does not weigh the value of a person in general against the alleged crime even when proven.”

  157. Thanks Mike,

    At this point I would like Daffy Duck to convey what I think of Miscavige at this point:

  158. Brendon, I agree that Scott Pilutek’s analyses are extremely helpful. The comments you’ve quoted are about the inurement to COB/TC for the aircraft hangar, the custom vehicle and the work done on the bikes.

    The Vyrus my fall into a different category, however. The money appears to have come from staff, not from the tax exempt church entities. There’s a crime there, but it’s quite possibly not inurement.

    Of course, the staff might also have worked on this bike to add the customisations, in which case that would have been inurement. But we have not been told that is the case.

  159. Fellow Traveller

    We’re missing an activity from Independence Day at the Ranch:
    Tall Tales from Those that were There (and have Lived to Tell).

    Bruce Pratt

  160. These two revelations – about Miscavige, in essence, wanting to do a shake down, bordering on blackmail, and about Bob Minton are truly fascinating.
    So, did I understand it correctly that Bob’s change of heart was not forced on him by what the PI’s found?
    If possible, could you elaborate on what kind of untruths Bob was upset about?
    Thanks again.

  161. Virgil Samms

    Russ, it is HCO PL Ethics Presence, OEC Vol I. I’m not going to quote the passage here because you have to read the entire PL in order to understand the entire concept of ethics presence. But you got the right idea on it.

    For your historical info on this: During the 81 FEBC John and Jay (lead sups) drilled execs on ethics presence, but they drilled them on being heartless, cruel and downright mean. This is where A LOT of the false data on ethics presence came from. After Jay and John were gone we found out that page 2 of HCOPL Ethics presence was missing in the mimeo’d copy. This explained John and Jays MUs. We redisdributed it to the FEBC students albeit too late because a good majority graduated and went to their orgs ripping them to shreds with their “ethics presence”.

    Without FPRD in, it was easy to get Sea Org execs to be mean and heartless. This is already loaded in the bank and simple to tap into. You take some of the sentences from the above PL plus “pitiless product officer” and a “make Captain Bligh look like a sunday school teacher” passage and dwell on those out of all of the rest of the datums LRH has given on being an exec and you got group bank at its worst. Its like OSA running with Fair Game as their main dish. Bank.

    ML Tom

  162. Sapere Aude

    I found it interesting within 4 minutes of each other, in different parts of the world, we found references to positiveness vs harshness. Too bad those now in charge didn’t study Ron’s policy and apply it. Seems, all those that know LRH policy are moving Indy! 🙂

  163. Tony Dephillips

    Mike you are truly a class act.

  164. Tony Dephillips

    I hear you Tom.

  165. No sweat. It’s an imperfect medium and misunderstandings abound!

  166. Tony Dephillips

    Brendon and Lunamoth.
    I enjoyed the demonstration of integrity from both of you.

  167. Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

  168. That is exactly right, RussW, and it permeates LRH’s fiction, too. Good case in point is The Lieutenant in “Final Blackout”, a positive leader who hardly raises his voice beyond what is necessary to be heard. “Final Blackout” is dystopian anti-war novel serialized in Astounding magazine in 1940. It is reputed to have been somewhat suppressed in it’s day inspite of receiving good critical reviews, but is now easily available on Ebay, Amazon, and Kindle, and well worth reading.

    Then there’s Doc Methuselah in the story series “Ole Doc Methuselah”, who can use a weapon when he has to, but mostly uses his intelligence. Like Marty, he loves to fish.

    In LRH’s fiction, it is the villians who display those harsh valences.

  169. “Nice bikes impress me, the riders don’t.”

    Valentino Rossi doesn’t impress you? Jorge Lorenzo doesn’t impress you? Max Biaggi doesn’t impress you? Or do you need to look them up?

    The phrase “crotch rocket” refers to the fact you’ve got an amazing amount of power-to-weight ratio between your legs. You can go faster than a production Ferrari around a track if you have the skill. But the bike can’t do anything without a rider.

    Which was my question, by the way: does anyone know if DM rides well or is he a poseur? I have, in fact, heard TC is a skilled rider. For example, does DM ever take his bike to the track?

    That said, I have no doubt DM is compensating for a lot of things for a lot of reasons in a lot of ways.

  170. Asumption: All WWP members are hackers.


  171. scilonschools

    Extract from Wikipedia below, Remind anyone of the actions of anyone else?
    “The Temple also asked adults to sign papers admitting various crimes and wrongdoings, including conspiring against the U.S. government, involvement in terrorist acts and molesting their own children. If such members attempted to leave the Temple, Jones threatened to release the statements”

  172. Remember that was once you

  173. “…bloody minded.” I duplicate that sentiment completely. Dark. But it’s not you – not me. It’s him – what this parasite exudes.
    With this additional revelation, I ask rhetorically, how much more perverse can it get?

    One notes a little infection, scratches the sore, finds some kind of malevolent flesh-eating disease has dissolved the corpus to the bone. That’s what David Miscavige is – a flesh (and-soul) eating parasitic bacterium. Sci-fi monsters just don’t get much more disgusting than this.

    I’ve got to get back to work. This infuriates me so much, I need to direct my energies…out-create this creep.


  174. Learning to stand in another person’s shoes is an important life skill, as is compassion. Try it.

  175. Tory Christman

    Having lived through 7 years at Flag on OT 7, I saw (and was part of) SO many people ripped off by this JACK ASS. One of my dear friends donated A QUARTER OF A MILLION Dollars. Why? “The OT 8’s are all broke, and *someone* HAS to give DM this “Patron Meritorious” Money, or else. She fell for it, coughed it up—and thank GOD years later realized how FOS they are.

    It makes me sick. He needs a better bike. F*** him. GD it. I remember ALL the people out, across the Fort Harrison with their golden shovels—all ready to break the ground for “Super Power”. I said it was a very bad joke then, (while still way “in”—but waking UP), and it remains to be so.

    The ONLY thing that keeps me going is knowing Karma *will* nail this jack ass, and that has ~~nothing~~to do with you, or me or anyone else. HE has done and continues to create his own future. Google “OSA in Hell” to taste a bit more of his life to be, as I saw it in 2000. (*I left because of all of Davey boy’s abuses).
    I wrote this back in 2000, a lonnnnnnnnng time ago, but it still holds true, for what HE does to members still “in”.

  176. scilonschools

    Another extract from Wikipedia “The Peoples Temple of San Fransisco”
    “Michael Prokes, who directed the Temple’s relations with several San Francisco politicians and media, survived when he was ordered to deliver a suitcase containing Temple funds to be transferred to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.[148] He committed suicide in March 1979 at a press conference he called”

    Tommy Davis take Note!!!

  177. Tory Christman

    Here’s one more, written now 11 years ago…but still pretty spot on re DM:

  178. With all the out-ethics DM has been busted with on this blog, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Starkey & Upper Management hasn’t “quietly” removed him from Power, and been posted as the Mouth-Piece for Events now only.

    If he is still running the Show, then at least in the Eyes of the Public & Media the Church is beyond the Scope of Reform, and won’t be taken seriously any longer.

  179. Beautiful Bike….
    what the gasoline tank cap says COB?
    Church of Bullshit?
    ha! ha!… at least DM he is honest!!


    Silvia Kusada

  180. Really ugly indeed.
    I would say in changing (borrowing) a line „life begins with the first dynamic“. If your first D, meaning you, is gone then you have no dynamics. But as staff we had been told that all other dynamics, especially the 3rd are far more important than you. I did not buy it. Consider you would be a monk and having no sexual activity all your life and then almost dead find out that your top monk crew had every sex they wanted. This creates by my opinion quite an evil intention. And COB is doing exactly that and he knows he is doing it. Cause then you withhold that evil intention and then you are in the trap.
    By the way, modern physcis is looking deeper and deeper into matter. Guess what, the deeper they look into matter the less material that forms matter they find. And they wonder if matter exists or not.
    Connect the dots: intention – energy – ridge(mass/matter)

  181. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Great post, Sapere. Your post just spurred me to realize how much the courageous and thoughtful contributors to this blog, by shining the Light of Truth on MisCockroach’s products, and by the act of readers duplicating and understanding their scope – clears many foul cobwebs, for self, others, our group and even, yes, for Mankind. Like ripples in the great pond….. Thanks!

  182. Sarge,
    The panache it takes to rock a cape!! That’s stylin’ 🙂

  183. I like Debbie. She was usually upstat and defended me. I think in the presence of suppression mistakes are made and she should never have “routed out properly” and never have signed away her free voice.

  184. WH,
    Vicariously, seeing as you got it for him, I was wondering that too.

    Now that I get the picture, and that he was so happy with such a simple, but unique and thoughtful gift, it really does give the measure of the man doesn’t it. To know he enjoyed so thoroughly such a relatively simple thing from his friends.


  185. Well! Look at all that! Many thanks, Virgil/Tom, Yvonne, Sapere, Sinar and Marty. A flock of spot-on refs, and insights to match. Dang it, there’s still another, though. I don’t have Tech Vols handy (shameful, shameful) but I know a certain Cowboy who’s got ‘im a set – will just have to mount up, head on over to his fine hacienda, and ask politely if could peruse ’em.

    For all you old Base denizens: Wouldn’t ya sometimes just give up a favorite body part to have access to SIR???

    For those not familiar with it, SIR stands for Source Information Retrieval. It was a database of all available LRH HCOBs, PLs, and other issue types, all his books, many, many of his lectures, and various other LRH materials. Making it complete and accurate was an ongoing project for years and years. Priceless, priceless.

    Imagine [wait – sit down before imagining this] imagine being able to type in any term or phrase or subject, and be handed back every LRH mention of it. Does that not spin your little thetan on its axis??? SIR’s contents were broken up into “libraries” such as “LRH HCOPLs,” “LRH HCOBs,” “LRH Flag Orders,” “St Hill Special Briefing Course Lectures,” “LRH Evals” and so on. There were different levels of access, depending on ones post needs and security clearance.

    I hope my speaking of SIR in past tense here isn’t inadvertently too accurate. Maybe all it offers now is “The Basics According to The Savior of Basics, COB” and “COB Speeches” and “COB Despatches and Transcribed Rants” (the latter being the largest library by far). Maybe it’s all still there, but access has been limited to base staff Dave hasn’t spotted and labelled as “out-ethics, utterly incompetent, counter-intentioned, degraded being, scumbag c-suckers, whose only purpose in life is to distract COB and make him wear their hat.” (Expletives deleted, for brevity.) I’m guessing there are only about 2 1/2 percent of Base staff who haven’t been so labelled. And even the 2 1/2 percent are under graaaaave suspicion.

    There’s a worthy project for someone, once the walls of Jericho/Gilman Hot Springs come a-tumblin’ down: recreate SIR.

  186. Soltan,
    Oh yeah, it’s a nightmare for him. Waxing a bit serious, especially since Danny got off on the ‘biblical sense’ issue and I’m suppressing the images that conjures, that little remark of yours shows me the real understanding, the What is Greatness type quality, you possess.

    Good on ya.

    Me, and knowing this ‘character’ and the idea of ‘never again’, well it falls under the rubric of confronting and admiring the ‘unadmirable’. It only persists due to lack of admiration, that valence DM’s got. He IS in a nightmare he won’t admire (he’s surely starving for that particle now in’he) and since I likes you Soltan, my suggestion, is you muster up enough, to help that poor soul find in him the first particle that will begin to break it up. Mind, you can’t do it for him, neither can Tom Cruise, and neither can admiration for Tom Cruise, parasited by DM, do it.

    No, I’m thinkin’ bout you my friend. Expanded Give and Take type stuff, waste, accept, kinda thing. Hell, it’s only a valence, and you don’t wanna play into the mechanics of flows to get it ‘snap’ on your own head now do ya?

    One last thought. Jeez, I’m sure tired of this valence Dave. How about you wewax and help yourself out, do step A of A-E kinda thing. (Just a shot Dave, I don’t think you’re quite ‘ripe’ enough to get up that li’l bitty mote of confront just now. Try though. The way out is through and ‘through’ is a LOT simpler than you think it is right now.

    Feeling magnanimous,

  187. Tom,
    Another brilliant reference. March 52, LRH getting the basic on GPMs and perhaps one of the key dichotomies and the mechanics of how these buggers restim into play. Wow. Thanks Tom.

  188. Firebreathing Frog

    Thank Splog,
    You write it so good.
    – “You make me ashamed to be a Scientologist, that I have to be associated with the likes of you.”
    Exactly what I feel. I worked for years to dead agent this type of enemy lines against the church and his “Top Exec”, to find out it was only truth.
    This little fucker have ripped off his own staff to buy this bike.
    I feel so sick today, but I still feel better and better knowing about the real truth.

  189. Russ,
    Perfect complement to the thread and the representation LRH was trying to get across.

    Not sure if this is the ref you’re thinking of but Model Hat for an Executive comes to mind. The only capital an exec has is the willingness of the individual. Anger makes it smaller.

    “Anyone will discover, in actually dealing with people, that these factors dominate:
    1. People are willing to do their best and will until hammered about it.
    2. Most causes for complaint are based not on misconduct but on misunderstanding.
    3. Only personal contact can restore understanding.
    4. Written criticism or anger is rarely repaired by more writing. A breach opened by writing is usually susceptible to being healed only by personal contact. The moral is, therefore, don’t open the breach with a distempered despatch.
    5. Don’t let a detected error drift. Take it up and correct it when found.
    6. Don’t accumulate “bad marks” against a terminal before acting. Forget old “bad marks” when they have been corrected.
    7. A terminal has his side of the story. As the person on the job he has
    more valid data than the executive. Listen and question before you
    decide you’re outraged.
    8. The only capital an executive has is the willingness TO WORK. Preserve it. No person can be driven to labor-as every slave society has found out. They always lose. When a man is whipped, that work he then does still stems from his willingness alone. Anger made it smaller.
    Terminals that are confused and have gone wrong are patched up just as an auditor patches up an ARC break. The terminal is also conscious of his own overt acts and thoughts.” PL 19 Sept 58.

  190. Yes, but – if statements and signatures are gotten by the use of blackmail and coercion they are void. And the ones coercing such can be prosecuted.

  191. I try to translate what do you wrote, im not sure if my english is understable.

  192. Not sure if it was true, but rumors were abounding at Flag late ’80s that dm had had a motorcycle accident, which explained why he was now speaking out of one side of his mouth.

    Maybe after that he took up with Keith Code — still very much IN. — sigh — he’s a good guy.


  193. Dream on


  194. You guys are absolutely hilarious! Hallelujah!!

  195. That’s another word: douchebaggery 🙂
    Let’s add these two:
    “erbärmlich” which is the translation of the former in my language.

  196. Despicable dinky Dave up to his usual despicable antics. In my opinion, he is a bad joke.

  197. Wonderful anecdotes and comments! Thanks to all for posting … H

  198. The Lieutenant is my hero! I always felt LRH wrote the character in his own image. H

  199. Sorry, misplaced comment! H

  200. I have been delighted to read this thread with all the Source references. Thanks to all who have contributed to the sanity! H

  201. Sapere Aude

    SIR – not that would something worth a large donation! I believe if LRH were here we would have a public version. We had a policy index and a tech vol index. Now with tapes and transcripts available why not a SIR.

    I still there of an FO. My memory may be incorrect but I believe he talks about command staff getting angry when needed. If you have to keep the ship off the rocks or emergency. The the tone was necessary for instant action. I believe he also talked about patching up any staff feeling abused as it wasn’t a personal thing. I may be mixing several FO’s here but the concept of a command personality and how they acted, was clearly communicated by LRH in a collection of references.

    LRH could get mad I am sure. That is a whole different thing than getting mean. The intention which emanates is different. In my opinion – only the mean intention also includes the intent to belittle, to unmock ones viewpoint, and to demean or debase the being. Getting mad, hell, that’s just a tone level and an free being should be able to move up or down the tone as appropriate.

    If I am offbase – sorry. Just my collection of thoughts from having studied the materials years ago. I didn’t have SIR. I remember how miffed I felt when I found the “Quick Reference Finder”. QRF was a program by a WISE company to search for words and terms and get the references in the OEC vols, books and even included the FEBC and ESTO tape transcripts. I was like – what the hell, I know staff had to sign away bonds, etc to listen to these tapes and now guys get to buy the access and search of the transcripts. It came in back in the DOS days. The closest little mini SIR I know of.

  202. I always thought a gift was something given voluntarily. This sounds more like a DM/MEST tax.

    Ugh, it’s obscene. I see NOTHING spiritual about him or any of his endeavours. And as leader, he is supposed to be THE walking “advertisement” for his Church, the epitome of Scientology (sic), in fact.

    A MEST worshipping whore…?? What a frikkin’ joke.

    You can take your bag of COBnuts, sir, and shove ’em up your asshole!

    Churchies, is this acceptable to you?!? How can you stand for this!?? Heck, how do you even sleep at night? Ever heard of K-R-C?

  203. Soltan,
    Write to me if you have any trouble on the translation. In simple terms – you’re a fine being. Glad to know you.

  204. Thanks, SA!

    One of the refs you’re thinking of there is “Sad Tale” – about a worthy bosun who has to do some yelling to save the ship, and someone who snivels and whines about the yelling afterwards. It’s a great one.

    You’re absolutely right about LRH there, too – he could get world-class megawatt mad, when that was the appropriate tone.

    Reminds me of something learned at the FSO, away back in ’76. I had recently read something from LRH about USING tones, versus being stuck in a tone or using tones reactively. I then saw the point brilliantly in action while watching Class XII Brian Livingston [is BL still around somewhere??] checking out an intern on a meter drill. The intern was doing a sloppy job of it, and BL yelled at her after it had just gone too far. I happened to be standing right next to him, and could see that although he was projecting high-volume 1.5, HE was calm, cool, collected and competently at cause. No animosity involved, no reactivity. Just as LRH laid out in the Supervisor’s Code: invalidating the student’s mistake ruthlessly, and using good ARC while doing it.

    And (please pardon my ramble) THAT brings to mind another little anecdote. I had messed up on a submission that was due to go to LRH. An exec on the approval line spotted the screw up, called me to his office and administered a royal blast on the subject, about 3 inches from my nose. I think my hairline receded an inch or so, right then and there. But for all the wattage, I was struck by the fact that the blast wasn’t meant as a personal attack. It was executive USE of a tone. And it was effective. Oh, and a few minutes later, the same exec came back and talked calmly with me about the submission, validating earlier good jobs I’d done, and wondering what had gone wrong on this one. We spotted where things had gone off the rails, and I went off and did the job right. Much to LRH’s eventual approval.

    The exec here was DM. He’s driven himself down a long, long way. And for all his multi-universe-class BS, I do hope he eventually can avail himself of the tech, and scrape his way back up the conditions. A thetan’s a thetan. (But hey – JIM started the magnanimous thing here – I ain’t takin’ responsibility for it!!)

  205. TroubleShooter

    If we haven’t seen enough craziness for the post yet then see this article published yesterday in the Daily Caller. It’s pr like this that reinforces my ideas that cob is in cahoots with others to destroy the church and more… If the link isn’t live then try to copy/paste it in your url because I know that will work. If you haven’t already seen it you are not going to believe your eyes. This news of cob’s disgusting, shocking and enturbulating actions of to build up a fleet of extravagant vehicles at the expense of his own “team” with a 100k custom bike is another symptom of a man with far more sinister plans than perhaps Hitler ever conjured up. The NOI connection – a group who does more to create fear in the masses of Muslims than even the media can do by themselves…

  206. SA, I like it!

  207. OMG… *WHACK!*
    I remember Chinese Schooling that at ITO! Wow… good stuff! Positiveness is absolutly right! You can yell and scream and demand the product, but you don’t have to demean the being doing the job. Tell him he CAN! He WILL! Got five minutes… START!

    Pats on the back are a good thing too. LOL
    CC Int, baby! The FEBC’s got some PRODUCTS over there during the landscaping! That was fun stuff, just prior to OC’s FEBC team firing back and booming the org… again! LOL

    Good times. 🙂

  208. Hey fellow traveler,
    “Tall tales” means lies or exaggerated legends. Perhaps you mean “Wild tales.”

  209. You wouldn’t be here posting if you didn’t believe some Day DM’s reign will end. And when it does, he’ll either be removed or blow the Scene. Since he still appears to be there, the former is a possibility.

    If you wish to effect remedial Action without any hope of achieving that, you might as well pack up your bags and put your attention on something more constructive.

  210. Mockingbird6

    Joe, It makes me sick to think you guys were having to take “wins” like that. Utterly f-ing sick! M6

  211. Mockingbird6

    FF–Wow, DM takes MEST in, changes it to enmest, and gives it back as a huge DUMP. I think I understand his method of operations now!

  212. Good word, McCockroach! LOL

  213. Oop! MisCockroach!

  214. Hey Lucy, I noticed that too. Does it remind you of slaves who should be glad “massa” gave them the hand-me-downs?

  215. KA–weren’t all the statements, confessions, writeups and signatures collected by the church done by the use of coercion–“if you don’t sign we will kick you out, you will lose your wife and children and friends, your eternity, etc. etc.” Wasn’t that coercion?

  216. Paulo

    I am guessing that your questions are a bit rhetorical but I offer the following…
    From ESTO Series 16, 24 Apr 72 (caps by LRH)

    Most beings are not there as a being as they are below existence. As a being plus body they have social responses and can do orders or will do at something when attention is called to it. Otherwise they are blind with their eyes wide open. They are not malicious. They just don’t SEE.
    If they are not there they won’t have to be responsible for what they do, will they? ”

    MY two cents”
    Due to the fact that currently the church lumbers under the weight of a Suppressive Person, who has twisted, suppressed, and invalidated those under his control, it does not surprise me that many have their dynamics badly misaligned, at this point. They have likely totally lost any solid grasp on their own goals and their own valence. As beings they are “wandering around in the dark”.

    This is why it can be so dangerous to be PTS personally (to be under the influence of a truly suppressive person). It is not only dangerous to yourself but also to others. ( for example look at the activities of David Miscavige’s “flying monkeys”, or OSA)

    Why do they do these things? Well I would have to say that it is either that they are “suppressive” themselves, or they are so PTS that they cannot even really confront that there is anything wrong with what they are doing.


  217. Marty,
    I got your back.

    This one, the above, it’s in the vault, ready as needed.

  218. Lynne,
    Ain’t you ne’er bin out in the wild frontier? Tall tales, that’s exactly what m’pardner B meent. You go n’ get litraul. Conceptual is more like what ya’ll be needin’. Haaayzeus girl!

  219. M6,
    Hey, I was there, took the li’l wins and I’ll take another one now knowing they made you sick. Take ’em where you get ’em. Raaaalf.

  220. Karen,
    60-80 hour work weeks?! Slackers. How about 140 hours, routine, and that was luxury. We had to ride in the RPF bus back and forth, UPHILL both ways. Never mind ‘event mode’ for the Music Dept. That was a whole other scene.

    60-80 hours. Piffle.

  221. Jim

    Excellent choice. I also remember something from my Management training, though I haven’t found it yet, where LRH says something along the lines of… “You have to temper the thunder with a little sunshine sometimes.” I thought it was in Esto Series 16, under “Third Situation”, otherwise known as “bait and badger”. Another piece of policy that has been misused in order to totally suppress and invalidate, by those shy in understanding. They have replaced ARC with FORCE and the “results” are highly nonproductive of the staff member actually gaining the ability to confront his area. Instead he is viciously slammed out of valence and turned into a cowed robot.


  222. Lucy,

    Reg bonuses for service sales (not book and material sales) stopped in the early 80’s at the FSO. At that point, only book and material sales by regges were bonus-eligible.

    FSM commissions for service selection/sales were not stopped, and as far as I know are still in force.

    IAS FSM commissions were still available to staff, but that changed in the mid-2000’s, when they went to the general staff pay float instead. I think that was to make all staff get involved in “fundraising” efforts, and has resulted in virtually every Scn staff member going off-hat to become a part-time reg.

  223. Annegreth,
    Fantastic. Thank you for this. Pounding metal with their bare hands, ha ha ha ha ha.


    – in 1996-97 they were working together with the Raelians and making PR with them for human right and had their boss as a speaker in Paris !
    – Some years ago they were doing lots of pr and funny religious ceremonies with the sikhs in Switzerland until their Boss went to prison for fraud about the ideal temple he was financing and in fact didn’t have the money for it.
    – some months ago they made PR at an event where people had speakers about that the climate change is a huge conspiracy to make money and Osa was celebrating big wins on it.
    – Some years ago DM was telling that the ias handled social security in Venezuela and Hugo Chavez would support the way to Happiness !
    – Some years ago they were telling that they handle Nepal together with the royal family until the whole family was killed !
    Farrakhan also said he had been spending time at Scientology’s “Celebrity Center” in Los Angeles and was impressed by their “auditing” program. “L. Ron Hubbard is so exceedingly valuable to every Caucasian person on this earth,” he said. “L. Ron Hubbard himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds… Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people have to be civilized.”
    While praising Gadhafi and Hubbard, Farrakhan reserved some harsh words for pop music star Rhianna, calling her performances “filthy” and her fans “swine.”
    Farakhan also touched on the Nation of Islam’s beliefs concerning UFOs, the invention of white people by a mad black scientist 4,000 years ago, and the Jewish oppression of African-Americans.
    Farrakhan won the Libyan dictator’s Al-Gadhafi International Prize for Human Rights in 1996. Previous winners include Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy.
    Next thing will be the Mafia on the way to hapinness and North Korea asking for help…………

  226. WW,

    HCO PL 4 October 1968 Issue II “Ethics Presence”

    “Man has been invalidated to such an extent that he starts to do *himself* in – that’s the secret of aberration. He denies himself, then mocks up pictures to do himself in with.

    “If you continue to invalidate and chop people, they will start to do themselves in even harder – so if you continue to use heavy ethics on someone, you play right into the hands of his bank.

    “Self-invalidation is merely the accumulation of invalidation by oneself by others. The point being, that you better temper the lightning with sunshine occasionally.”

    [OEC 0:248, 1991 Ed.]

  227. Geez Marty,
    Never seen you waver, but in case it ever happens, I sure will!

  228. Cowboy Poet

    Birds of a feather…

  229. 1 SquarePeg

    Thanks for the link. I’m speechless. 1 SP

  230. Thanks Jim Logan

  231. Fellow Traveller

    Jim is correct. So are you.

    Viewpoint is important here: There are the official CoM stories we were told.
    There are the experiences and reports from the troops on the ground where the action occurred.
    There are the recipients and their ability to “grok” either or both.
    There are the folks who would be spinning the appropriate yarn with whatever they choose and however they choose, which would be an entertaining and enlightening experience, if not downright electrifying.

    Finally my own statement, viewpoint, earlier that “omg! Truth is soooo much stranger than fiction.”

    This make sense to you?

    Bruce Pratt

  232. (leaked from Base…)

    Office of COB

    My Birthday Wish List:

    *Mink duvet cover with my face embroidered on the outside, Tom’s on the underside

    *Matching Dave and Tom pillowcases

    *Custom motorcycle handmade by that NASA crew that was just laid off

    *Some kind of real expensive trophy bigger than anyone else’s

    *Motorcycle helmet made out of a human skull and that special burl

    *Marty’s head on a platter

    *$500,000.00 cash from someone

    *LRH’s opera cape

    *Platinum permanent Kha-khan certificate (large)

    *Diamond teeth grill that spells ‘Leader of Leaders’ in blinking neon and diamond

    *Michael Jackson’s sequined glove

    *A big, big party on the Freewinds, but more expensive than Tom’s and with more ships

    *Abe Lincoln’s stovepipe hat

    *Some kind of new trick to play on Pat Broeker

    *More PIs

    *Bob Minton’s mea culpa made into an illustrated coffee table book for my office

    *An expensive new Rundown, something like the L’s, named after me

    *A new ghost writer for the science fiction decology I’m thinking of writing

    *My face carved into Mt. Rushmore, over the other faces

    *Fresh affidavits from every Sea Org member swearing I definitely did not slap, punch, kick, choke, throw to the floor or demean them, ever, at any time

    *A mere $10 per week donated to me from each staff member and Sea Org member’s pay for one month, for my troubles

    *Several of those scary bodyguards with bow ties like Farrakan has

  233. Tony Dephillips

    Were you ever in the Sea Org?
    I hope you were because that is awfully tough talk if you weren’t.
    You have to walk a mile in their shoes first.

  234. RussW,

    I remember that SIR was on line at PAC for a short time back in the Mid 80’s.

    It was one of those programs that mysteriously vanished along with ‘Streamlines’ and ‘Computerized Stats’ for some mysterious reason.

  235. MISS SIR?
    Here is a tip for you:
    1. Download any materials you can get your hand on, e.g. the red and green volumes, LRH lectures and books, etc.
    2. Download and install Google Desktop from
    It is a search tool that let you search EXACTLY the way you search on Google, but on your own HARD DRIVE. Its lightning fast, and very handy. You can even specify in what folders on your computer the search will be done.
    Happy searching!

  236. “Exactly what I feel. I worked for years to dead agent this type of enemy lines against the church and his “Top Exec”, to find out it was only truth.”

    Boy ain’t that the truth!

  237. I hope I made Miscavige hit the roof one more time by bringing up the 1/2 million dollar attempted extortion to the Riverside Board of Supervisors. See at the end of the video.

    That brings up a question for any lawyers present here. If AnonSparrow can be charged with “attempted stalking”, while clearly protesting peacefully, shouldn’t there be a charge for “attempted extortion” for Miscavige as well?
    BTW, I saw the Riverside DA Zellerbach this morning. I just said hi to him and he said hi back. That’s all. 🙂

  238. In any case, Janis Joplin summed up DM decades ago in this little ditty:

  239. Mike, I saw your comments reposted in a thread at and someone suggested they ask me or Jeff what we thought. I left a response there which I thought I would paste here along with a thank you for being Bob’s friend and helping him out when DM was coming down hard on him:

    I believe Rinder’s take on this because Bob did come to feel Rinder was his friend. I knew this from my conversations with Bob over the last few years of his life, both during the Lisa trial and after the settlement. I put them back in touch after Bob and Stacy settled in Ireland. Both Rinder and Rathbun were indeed invited to Ireland to visit. Unfortunately, since Rinder and Rathbun’s every move was being watched by Scientology, they decided the time wasn’t right for them to visit Bob who tragically died a very short time later.

    Bob felt betrayed by many of the people he helped over the years, chief among them was Dandar’s trial consultant, Patricia Greenway. After being hounded by both Scientology and his former friends, he had had all he could take. After the LMT closed it’s doors, I moved to New Hampshire to continue working on our website from Bob’s house. The pressure on Bob from both sides was immense and every day I wondered if this was the day I would show up to work to find that Bob had taken his own life. I remember Bob and Stacy’s first trip to meet with Scientology to discuss settlement. They didn’t tell me about it until they returned from the trip because they felt I would not take the news well. They told me they were shocked by how they were handled that day. They had successfully negotiated a settlement with these same people a few years earlier over the FACTnet lawsuit and they thought it might be possible to say, “Okay, we’re out…we’re going away…we won’t fund any more cases against Scientology.” Scientology handed them a new lawsuit for $10 million over Bob’s support of Gerry Armstrong and laid out the case for a $30 million RICO suit they said they were planning to file against him.

    Bob made mistakes as did Dandar. They were human beings and as such were flawed. Scientology exploited those mistakes to try to destroy them both. Bob and Stacy both told me how much they appreciated Rinder acting as a buffer against Miscavige’s attempts to completely and utterly ruin Bob. After the settlement, we never talked about any of the details. They adhered to the gag agreement, but they did tell me how much they personally came to like Mike Rinder. I was touched by Rinder calling Bob a friend in the St. Pete Time’s story about Bob’s death.

    Critics were torn apart by the Lisa case both because they felt Lisa deserved justice but also because many felt this was the case that would drive a stake through the heart of Scientology. My feeling was the criminal case was the one that really mattered. The civil one was a matter of money. The way the Lisa civil case ended was horrible and messy and unjust but weighing the case against Bob’s life was an easy choice for me. If Bob had never funded the case, it would have settled years earlier because Dandar would never have had the resources to withstand Scientology’s juggernaut. So it wound up with a settlement and another example of just how far Scientology will go to subvert justice. And Lisa’s story remains on the net for the world to see, with years worth of worldwide coverage of her treatment at the hands of Scientology available with the click of a mouse.

    Bob and Rinder were indeed friends. And I have to say that I can imagine sitting down and having dinner with Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun and having fascinating friendly conversations and debates. And I can say with certainty that I will never again talk with Patricia Greenway. When that thought dawned on me last year, I found it bitterly ironic.

  240. martyrathbun09

    You got me thinking. There is another chapter that must be told on how the injustice was accomplished. I am going to have to take some time with it – as since the implications are criminal so it is libel per se, and several years have passed, I’m going to have to do a little research to get my facts absolutely straight before publishing. Thank you for too for being Bob’s friend when so many turned on him and for being a voice of reason in the after-C of S field.

  241. Thank you Mark. I admire the fact that you have ALWAYS been willing to speak your mind as to your observations whether it resulted in wrath from the church or from anti-Scientologists. And I know Bob and Stacy always trusted and liked you a great deal. Mike

  242. Mark,

    Thank you so much for posting that – it’s one more item of truth in a stinking cesspool of deceit and lies. And it only takes a little bit of truth to undo a whole lotta lies.

    I’m halfway around the world in Africa, and way back when, the word in the Church was that Bob was the worst of the worst. You know how it goes. And for what it’s worth, I took it at face value and believed it.

    But none of it was true.

    Your post took away some lies, created a little more relief, made me feel a little better and let me move on up a little higher. That’s not a small thing in my world, its very profound – it’s exactly the same thing I get from good auditing. So thank you very much for taking the time to make that post.

    If you ever have reason to visit Africa, I have a beer in the fridge with your name on it 🙂


  243. Wise Beard Man

    His words are wise

    His face is beard

  244. Sapere Aude

    I will say NEVER has he been in the SO. Probably never even at FSO. I spent a good part of my life in the SO in many orgs. There is almost NO talk about Navy and even that had to do with ship procedures. “Navy procedures – none. Unless you want to call shining your shoes, wearing a uniform and a solute Navy. Paolo hasn’t a clue what goes through a SO members head when confronted with insane or illegal orders. He has never been in their shoes, never had the RPF held over his head and NEVER been in the RPF so doesn’t understand what he is writing. The Sea Org is not the military. Without an understanding of Scientology tech, admin and history the context of actions done by and in the Sea Org is lost to most who read about it. Scientology public have experienced the environment so have some understanding. Fully external non Scientology public can try and understand it.

    He wouldn’t last a mile in their shoes in my opinion. I have made errors in judgement before but he will have to prove me incorrect.

  245. I’ve been ut of action for a while but seeing Mr Minton’s name mentioned woke me up.
    I saw this quote”Church hired PIs found that Minton had financial crimes for which could be sent to jail for.”

    I’m hoping this is not refering to the Nigeria buyback issue they tried to smear on Mr Mintons name as that was played out to the full and even Fashanu hasn’t fully answered his supposed dealings in this matter.

    Govt buybacks/repos were done by all and fully known about.
    I commend Mark for keeping the public meeting videos alive so people can see the effect rumours can have on a patriotic public who care about their country.

    Considering the gentlemen has poltical interests still there I think it best that the record is made straight and true once and for all.

    No more stalling when someone’s integrity is in flux.


  246. To Mike Rinder: Agreed, Bob Minton was no traitor.

    On the day before he decided to do his recant affidavit, Bob called me.
    He had just been in court, all day, in a CRIMINAL proceeding, with Moxon acting as prosecutor, trying to convict him for CRIMINAL perjury.
    Yes, Bob was tricked into lying, “Bringing sufficient pressure to bear uppon a matter of no consequence, until the target thinks they have to lie, then move for perjury” is right out of the Titchbourn Eval on Gerry Armstrong’s site. Scientology brought an action in US Federal Court in Boston, that was remanded to the local court in Pinellas because all the documents were there.

    Moxon conducted a good prosecution, before Judge Shaeffer and then rested his case.

    Jonas, Bob’s lawyer in that case, did not say a word during Moxon’s lengthy presentation. When Moxon rested his case, Jonas stood up and addressed Judge Shaeffer, asking if Moxon had rested his case. Judge shaeffer said yes. Jonas then moved for dismissal on a legal technicality, you see under the Florida law for a conviction for Criminal Perjury (A felony, that would cause Bob to not be able to be an investment banker any longer or ever again) there is a statutory requirement that an Affidvait be filed in the instant case, Moxon forgot or did not know to do this, – he filed just the evidence of each of bob mintons perjuries… Judge shaeffer looked at Jonas and said something like, “You got me” paused and said “Case Dismissed”

    This was the moment Bob “saw god”

    The Florida law also stated that IF a person files a recant affidavit and rights all his lies, before the end of a court case, he CANNOT be convicted of Criminal Perjury.

    This was also around the time (weeks) that his wife got that phone call…. that stated “Bob and Stacy made love in your bed last night” after which she moved everything (millions) out of their joint account in the US.

    The night after the court case above, Bob Minton called me, I had not talked to Bob in a long time, and described these things, and said he was going to have to do a recant and that it would screw up the lisa case… He asked for my blessing to do his recant… I gave it. I told my freind, Bob minton, that I would stand by him no matter what, as long as he told the whole truth, and told him that by telling the whole of the truth he might walk safely through the valley in the shadow of evil…

    Then the personal attacks came to a head, Bob SOLD OUT, etc etc, as if trying to drive him to suicide… few stood by him.. but I did. I could not tell all these details then. But I can tell them now.

    And yes there is more, and what Mr Rinder has characterized above is truth,
    Mike, thank you for having the guts to state it.. finally.

    I was also around this time that Brian Haney settled with Zwan, Brian had promised Bob that he would help finance the LMT…. Brian got a load of dough from Swan and Digital Lightwave… but Scientology included a list of names to whom he could not give any financial assistance… those names included Bob Minton, the LMT, Arnie Lerma and a few others. Shortly hereafter Bob announced that he was closing the LMT.

    The other thing scientology wanted was a promissory note, between me and Bob, so that Scientology could brankrupt me by forcing collection on it. This is the same thing that was done to Ursula Caberta over some funds lent to her by an indvividual in germany. Bob bailed her out, when scientology moved to collect 50,000.

  247. I couldn’t believe that he actually had a medallion that reads “COB” put on there. I had to look twice, then think if it had something to do with the name of the bike, and then just realize what an utter douchebag Miscavige is.

    COB. Oh, for the love of God.

  248. Pingback: The Nullification Of Scientology Inc. Management « 31 Factors

  249. That’s really fucked up

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