Rex Fowler – Anatomy of a Miscavige “Win”

               “Religion without humanity is poor human stuff.”

                 – Sojourner Truth, speech, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1877

Rex Fowler was convicted of First Degree Murder in Denver a couple of weeks ago.  Here are some short news summations of the trial:

Here is what the jurors and the media did not find out about Rex.  Rex Fowler was manipulated into sacrificing himself for a First Degree Murder conviction to cover David Miscavige’s sorry ass.

I know the facts that follow from the several witnesses OSA took measures to make sure never saw the light of the court room.   I’ll continue to respect their wishes to remain unknown for their own protection.  However, if I am sued for libel, I know who to subpoena and  like the OJ case we’ll let play out in the civil arena what Miscavige made sure never made it to the criminal court house. 

Rex was an on-lines, active “OT VII” in Scientology Inc.   Rex was – like most on “OT VII” lines at Flag in recent years – under constant, intense, even extreme pressure to leverage his personal and business life in order to fill Miscavige’s coffers.   He had leveraged his own business much like “OT VIII” Dr. Juan Villareal of Harlingen Texas had.  See:

Exacerbating matters for Rex were two more factors.  First, he was also under mind-bending Scientology Inc pressure because of his contribution to creating a Gay Scientologist community on the net.  Second, he had Scientology Inc affiliated handlers directly on his business lines making the Scientology Inc financial demand even more up front and personal.

The victim of the murder,  Fowler’s associate Thomas Ciancio, was a vocal critic of Rex’s siphoning money from the company to keep up with demands from Scientology Inc.  Shortly before the murder Rex was commanded by a Scienology Inc bot to “terminatedly handle” Thomas.  Shortly after Rex put three bullets into Mr. Ciciano at nearly point blank range.

OSA sent a number of missions to Denver since the murder to be sure the above facts never saw the light of day.

OSA set up a “handlers” unit to keep constant surveillance on the acts and even the thoughts of Rex Fowler’s wife.   Knowing that Fowler was considered non compos mentis – particularly after having put a bullet into his own head after offing Mr. Ciancio – OSA figured Fowler’s wife would effectively wind up calling all the shots with Fowler’s lawyers.  Witnesses were influenced to stay quiet, stay under the radar, and make themselves scarce.

Two facts reported on in the stories referenced above demonstrate the success of Miscavige’s OSA Cover Up missions:

a.  Fowler plead not-guilty of First Degree murder, because he couldn’t have planned it since he had only ever expressed intent to kill himself, not another.

b.  Fowler’s lawyers presented NO witnesses.


The perfect cover up.  Fowler’s only viable defense was contained in the facts shared here; that he was under mind-numbing pressure by Scientology Inc to not only create the expressed antogonism of Mr. Ciancio but also at the same time to “put it to rest.”  The attorneys’ asses were covered by arguing a lesser  charge (2nd Degree Murder) applied to facts that were uncontestable: Rex Fowler shot Thomas Ciancio dead in cold blood. By keeping any truthful testimony from the lawyers about what really went down with Rex, the lawyers couldn’t present a credible defense as that would have exposed the destructive greed that Scientology Inc has become.  So, by making up an unsupported defense the attorneys could not be accused of not being in their clients’ corner even while they performed the absurdity of arguing a case with no evidence to support it.

Only one party to all this was happy with the outcome: David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc. This is the anatomy of a Miscavige “win.”   Who won?   Fowler?  His widow?  His family?  The deceased victim? The victim’s family? 

No, I am afraid that the game directed by Miscavige is the game in which everyone loses.

First Degree Murder requires premeditation and malice aforethought.   The only cold-blooded premeditation and malice aforethought that occured in connection with State of Colorado vs. Rex Fowler occurred between the temples of David Miscavige and his intelligence network (Office of Special Affairs). 

Rex, like everyone else on this planet, is responsible for his own actions.  But there is another contrary fact in all this that just makes the Fowler case not add up.  And that is this. I have heard from a number of people who knew Rex in better times.  To a one they described him as a loving, caring person.  To them, to Rex and to Rex’s family, and especially to Thomas Ciancio and his family and friends – our condolences and may peace be with you all.

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  1. Jeezus.

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  3. The only conclusion one can make from the fact that Rex Fowler was once a loving, caring person and after years of sec-checking became a cold-blooded killer, well….. I leave that to you.

  4. I wonder if Ciancio’s family can bring a wrongful death suit against Fowler. That should bring out all of the Scientology Inc’s secrets . . . . . . . .

  5. I hope he recovers his sanity in jail and lives long enough to right some wrongs along the way.


  6. Impartial English Girl

    What a sordid, revolting, morally-bankrupt affair. I sincerely hope that Miscavige gets what is long overdue to him via the means of a lengthy, highly-publicised court trial – so that everyone around the world knows his name and what he has done.

  7. Watching Eyes

    I knew Rex and his wife Jan back in the day, before they became so totally mind controlled. He was a nice, decent person. God only knows what went on in his head for him to “terminatedly handle” Tom Ciancio in such a way.

    How his wife can Jan can continue to stand by OSA is beyond me. They utterly ruined her husband, not to mention Ciancio. How can she not see Rex was hung out to dry? Reminds me of Pink Floyd song:

  8. Let’s see, Fowler is despondent over the failure of his company, and is an OT7, and we are to believe that he had NO pressure from Scn, Inc. to donate in excess of ability to pay? Ha!

    Mestsavage is a sick, demented, foul specimen of a thetan. His specialty is covert distruction along the dynamics on all flows. I think the Fowler matter is just a warm up for what is to come. As the economy continues to falter, the source of cash will decrease and the Scn Inc field will wither. Given that scenario, one can only think how intense the pressure from Mestsavage’s quarter will become.

    Look for more defections, more beakdowns, and more incidents like this to come. I can almost gaurantee it.


  9. This is heartbreaking for the victim and his family, along with the Fowler family. I pray for them all.

    This madness has to be stopped. All involved need to go down. How do those of you who have information and not come forward, live with yourselves?

  10. Watching Eyes

    It didn’t imbed. Lets try this:

  11. This whole episode is unbelievable in its tragedy.
    I sold Rex the Dianetics book at the Boulder Mission in about 1973-74. We became friends. I was a good friend of his wife Jan before he met her. Incredible people. I mean it. Warm, brilliant, artistic, high energy, so much theta exemplified!
    Almost 30 years later Rex and I both happened to be at ASHO and I coached him on meter drills. He was at that time off VII on a Class 0-iv training cycle. He was still a wonderful presence. If there was a hint of trouble I didn’t see it. This was around 2004. When I first heard of the murder/suicide attempt it was one of those “last people in the world!” things. Again, just unbelievable.
    How this could happen is as big an indictment of Scn Inc’s “Black Scientology” modus operendi as any I know of. Yes, Rex is “responsible”, but how could he be driven this insane from where he was when I knew him?
    Even though I’m highly trained as an auditor, trying to grasp this awful mess leaves me empty.
    Ultimately though, Miscavige has blood on his hands – that much seems clear.

  12. Fellow Traveller

    dumbfounded, eyes glazed over, mouth agape in horror

    Bruce Pratt

  13. Peace be with them all for sure, but I doubt it will come soon. LRH says in order for anything to as-is it cannot contain a lie. This cycle is immersed in lies.

    In the confidential rollback issue LRH explained a scenerio in how Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan would have been “recruited”. An order went out from the FBI or CIA to “hit” RFK. Two agents found Sirhan in a bar watching the bars TV while news of Kennedy was on. He was obviously bitching about RFK. The agents slid into seats on either side of Sirhan and nattered across Sirhan about RFK’s hatred of Arabs and how RFK wants them out of America. They suggested that someone should kill RFK. Sirhan went out and bought a pistol and killed Bobby dead. To this day, Sirhan doesn’t know why he did it.

    The secret in recruiting dupes like Sirhan is that they have to be PTS in the first place. You get someone like Fowler who is very PTS and has a very botched case (suicide is not an EP of any OT session) and tell him his item is his partner and tell him to “terminatedly handle” his partner would seem like an ingredient for relief of the stress to Fowler, but it actually is the order of a “hit” or a murder. Plain and simple. It was a hit ordered.

    This really is ugly.

    ML Tom

  14. Marty Rathbun has balls the size of planets.
    David Miscavige has balls the size of quarks, but gall the size of hell.

  15. If what you write is true, this case sets a very dangerous precedent. What is to keep Miscavige from sending another OSA bot to off anyone he fancies and has the assassin take the fall for it just like it worked with Fowler?

  16. …”the game directed by Miscavige is the game in which everyone loses.”

    This is the Why of this situation and most other major situations consisting of Idle Orgs, Out Tech, Financial Irregularities, Abuse, Abortions, lawsuits, horrible PR, blind leading the blind, and others which are too numerous to list as pertaining to Radical Scientology. Great eval, Marty!

  17. martyrathbun09

    WE, appropriate selection.

  18. Scientology Inc Stinks

    Rex Fowler Scientology Connections Mentioned Frequently In Murder Arrest Affidavit

    “Employees told investigators that Ciancio quit the firm in November because he was upset that Fowler had allegedly taken $200,000 from the company “without permission and gave it to a church or some type of charity,” the arrest warrant affidavit said.” – HuffPost Denver

  19. Impartial English Girl

    It’s hard to conceive of anything that makes this sorry tale any worse. But the knowledge that the money at the route of this case was partly-used to buy expensive gifts, car interiors, lavish parties, etc., for Tom Cruise just about manages it.

    Centurion is, I fear, absolutely correct in his predictions. 😦

  20. This ability to cover up the “Church of Scientology’s” complicity and involvement in criminal activity has been going on at least since Lisa McPherson possibly earlier.

    Creating plausible deniability has basically become an OSA skill.

    One of the few things they learned well from interfacing with the Intelligence Community.

    Another factor is the First Amendment.

    A place that Jurists fear to tread.

    Claiming the culpability or involvement of any religion in the commission of a crime here in America is unlikely due to this fact.

    I personally prefer it this way myself since it protects all religious freedom including ours as independents.

    Of course there is nothing that says that the court can not go after those who wrap themselves in cloak of religion who like those scoundrels who call themselves “patriots” in order to commit crimes.

    In my opinion allowing Miscavige a man who has committed blatant and obvious high crimes as its faux “leader” according to the Church’s own policies or “scriptures” to continue in any position of power within the Organization is an obvious indication of how *criminal* the Organization has become and that its failure to apply ethics by assigning the correct condition which is at best *treason*.

    The management ,CST and the entire organization have assumed the condition they have failed to assign.

    Thus refusing to support such an organization and refusing to be a part of it is probably one of the most ethical things one could do.

  21. Best song/video ever made.


  22. I’m suddenly UN-comfortably numb.

    I hope the FBI is taking notes on all this and more. Martians too.

    A civil trial sounds pretty good right about now.

  23. WE, use the”Share” code, not the “Embed” code:

  24. Would love to see a film written by Paul Haggis, starring Tom Cruise as the demonic David Miscavige (he’s probably quite up to dramatizing the persona). The film could follow the time, place, form and event of the “Implanting of Rex Fowler” and subsequent tradgedy. Cruise would either go psycho by the end of the shooting or, if the gods be with us, get de-PTSed and make his own public confession.
    Perhaps a few OSA-bots with a conscience would agree to donate some input to the script for factual accuracy?

    Then again, maybe Miscavige should be played by the guy who did the gollum character in the Trilogy?

  25. “Hello. Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone home”
    If this doesn’t break your heart and raise your confront of evil then I guess you really are ‘comfortably numb’
    WE – Try this: SA told me you have to press the share key instead of the embed key. It’s a beautiful message so I hope it works:

  26. Bingo! Thanks Sapere Aude!! 😀

  27. That’s a good idea. They did it to OJ, and it can be done to Rex.

  28. Thanks, Marty. A sad tale of woe but an all too familiar scenario…who will be next?

  29. Fellow Traveller

    The Miscavige Candidate?

    Bruce (slowly recovering some faculties of communication)

  30. Wow, you don’t hide your feelings much in your name, do you? LOL

  31. Confronting truths of this magnitude…
    Why oh why did I take the blue pill.
    Ouch 😦
    It’s OK people. I understand why you would want to stay numb…

  32. Of course, Co-Starring Jason Beghe as Marty Rathbun and Russell Crow as Mike Rinder…stalwart whistleblowers shining the light of truth on miscabbages evil empire.

  33. Kathy Braceland

    I feel for all involved in this tragedy. It’s so awful.

    The most glaring outpoint to me is wrong target…all around.

  34. Are you saying that you have evidence that officials of the Church 0f Scientology ordered Rex Fowler to murder Thomas Ciancio?

  35. I knew Rex only online through some email chats, back around 2003/2004. He always seemed very calm and rational. I was shocked when I saw the news … it didn’t seem possible that it was the same person.

  36. +1

  37. Alex Csatillo

    There is nothing is going to happen until the proper authorities get ahold of documented, clear (legal) evidence of miscavige breaking the US law. So far it seems the authorities haven’t seen anything illegal enough to warrant a serious call for investigation. The FBI may be looking into them just because they are sore about the fact they were once infiltrated by the GO boys.
    But I don’t think any of the recent escapees or otherwise have provided the authorities with sufficient information and proof of what Mr. Miscavige has been doing for the last 3 decades. Never mind the fact that he has, as of this writing, practically destroyed what was once meant to help the Human Race become a world without crime, insanity and war, and turn such a positive effort into a carefully plotted money making machine.
    How can anyone who really understood (I mean-UNDERSTOOD) the works of the old man, being a human being himself, decide to go in an entirely different direction, from positive to negative, from the choice of helping to provide Humanity with a workable system to help make the Human Race be happier an more prosperous…Well, you gotta be nuts to choose the side where it is all money and who gives a F.

    There is a tech that works when it is applied as LRH wrote it. In my experience, as I saw many times. it didn’t only just work. It created miracles.
    The miracles will continue to happen as long as there are people who are well conversed with and understand what Dianetics and Scientology in their original form are all about. The SO is NOT Scn. The ORGS are NOT Scn.
    The Org Board is NOT Scn. David Misvagige is not SCN

  38. martyrathbun09

    Alanzo, do the Student Hat and re-read it.

  39. I wonder how high the church will go to buy off a civil case? I guess we need another IAS event to handle those expenses. “Step right up, who wants to reach the new status of Patron Moribundis?” (From moribund, near extinction– root word mori, to die.) Use it in a sentence: The CofS is moribund. The Moribund fund will go to handle the church’s “needs” in all cases of PR flaps due to suicides, homicides, etc.

    But there will never be enough to pay that wife and those four children for their loss.

  40. Alanzo, there was data in the original news stories that the CEO of Fowler’s company had told Rex that he needed to “terminatedly handle,” Ciancio. This is a common phrase in Scientology, it does not mean you are supposed to murder someone. However, in an insane mind, it certainly could be construed that the only way to terminatedly handle someone would be to terminate him. And I AM saying that Rex Fowler was insane when he did it. Not that the church would allow him to admit that.

  41. OK, done. M4ed to f/n.

    1st question still stands.

    Next question: Do you have evidence that officials from the Church of Scientology tampered with witnesses and suppressed evidence in a capital murder case?

  42. This valance of my own...

    Me thinks the FBI is mulling this over, and trying to connect the dots, as they compile enough factual evidence to indict David MestSavage for some really serious felonies.

    Closing on a more compassionate note; It is a sad, sad commentary that both of these men lost their lives to the greed and corruption that has become the Church of MestSavage today…

    One can only hope that those still in, and under the absolute control of MestSavage and his DaveBots, will see the truth for what it is and be able to get out in one piece before it’s too late.

  43. Les,

    Never really cared much for the movie “The Insider”.

    Thought it was nothing but agitprop on behalf of the Government who was suing the “Big Tobacco” at the time.

    One of the movies I refused to see because it was recommended so highly by many of the staff and public back in the late nineties coincidentally around the same time John Coale Scientology’s Ambulance Chaser extraordinare was hammering out that extortive agreement known as the “MSA” with the various State AGs.

    At the time I felt an aversion to Coale and his dear wife Greta who I believed was part of the reason that Scientology was being dragged into the gutter and still is to the degree that he supports that fruit loop Sara Paulin.

    Association to such people in my opinion is one of the major reasons that the Church is in the condition it is in.

    Okay I feel better now 🙂

    However I did like Crowe in his role as the reporter in ‘State of Play’ and as DiCaprio’s control officer in ‘Body of Lies’.

  44. Another being takes the fall for Sp David Miscavage! There were prisons and graves loaded with people who did this for Hitler too! God, what a tragedy!
    We are so lucky we got out, so damn lucky!!!

  45. Lynne, I agree there will never be enough to pay that wife and those four children for their loss. It is a tragedy.

  46. Lynne, Rex owned the company “Fowler Software”, and was the CEO. So there may have been an order from someone, but it wasn’t from the CEO of his company.

  47. Oh the irony of it.

    Go to jail for murder to be able to decompress from what your church did.

    Mind boggling….

  48. This valance of my own – I can only hope that you may be correct, but I personally have my doubts about the FBI doing the right thing. I can only hope that I am 100% wrong and I do agree with Bryan U that a civil suit looks good about now.

  49. This is totally OT but where in the hell is Shelly Miscavige? I find it very disturbing that the Riverside County Sherriff’s Office have not investigated this. Is she even alive?

  50. Bert Schippers


    The entire album/movie is a Masterpiece!

  51. Bert Schippers

    I think that this horrible murder is likely the result of massive sec-checking. I read somewhere that on one of his recent trips to Flag, possibly prior to getting onto VII again, that Fowler received 20, yes TWENTY, Intensives of sec-checking. That’s 250 hours! If that isn’t enough to drive someone insane, I don’t know what is.

  52. Gary,

    Please contact me! I know you from Boulder and I stayed with you during the Portland crusade. I was the only male there besides you. Please google me and call me. I have been trying to find you!!!!!

  53. Nothing new here…unless you’ve only recently started to investigate the corruption of what Marty has coined as “Scientology Inc.”.

    I say nothing new because the tale of tragedy regarding the Rex Fowler murder case has been well documented all over the web.

    But it’s also nothing new because deaths being covered up goes way back. And I’m not talking about Lisa.

    Anybody want to shed more light on the death of Susan Meister on board the Apollo in 1971?

    Once one looks under this rock called Corporate Scientology, Scientology Inc, Miscavology or whatever…one finds some very slimy critters crawling roundabout.

  54. Marty, while I have no reason to dispute any of the facts that you allege, I disagree with your conclusions. There are two separate issues: 1) what pressures did the church place on Fowler before the crime; 2) what actions did they take following the event? Anything done by the church after the event has no bearing on Fowler’s state of mind at the time he pulled the trigger.

    With respect to the church pressure leading up to the murder, it is not legally relevant. Second degree murder requires proof that the defendant “knowingly” takes another’s life. First degree murder requires proof of premeditation and intent. If, as you claim, Fowler was ordered to “terminatedly handle” Ciancio, and Fowler understood that to mean kill him-that does nothing to mitigate the charge from first to second degree murder. In fact, if known by the prosecution, would tend to establish premeditation. While it would also suggest that there may be others responsible, that is another crime for another time.

    Three shots to the head is fairly conclusive proof that a person intends to kill. First degree murder requires proof that the killing be both intentional and premeditated. Premedication requires deliberation and reflection-meaning “that between the forming of the intent to do the act and the act itself, an appreciable length of time must have elapsed to allow deliberation, reflection and judgment . A premeditated act is never one which has been committed in a hasty or impulsive manner. “(Key v. People, 715 P.2d 319 (Col. 1986)). Despite everything the church may have done to push Fowler down the path he followed, the evidence is pretty conclusive that this was a premeditated act.

  55. I read an article today that really resonated for me when thinking about the Church: Moral Courage in Healthcare, by Colonel John S. Murray, PhD, RN, USAF.

    He describes moral courage as “vital to the willingness of individuals to take hold of, and fully support, ethical responsibilities essential to professional values (Day, 2007). Moral courage is a highly esteemed trait displayed by individuals, who, despite adversity and personal risk, decide to act upon their ethical values to help others during difficult ethical dilemmas.” Seems to me that moral courage is sorely lacking in the current corporate church and this case epitomizes that reality. The author then goes on to describe moral arrogance and moral certitude which again aptly describes the current church environment: “Morally arrogant individuals are condescending, dismissive of the thoughts of others, and primarily concerned with self (Baylis, 2007).”

    Sound like someone we know?

    “Morally certain individuals believe that they are correct in their beliefs to the extent that they have no reservations whatsoever about the rightness of their beliefs.” Again no question or doubt about the rightness of their moral stance. These stances eliminate thoughtful consideration of ethical dilemmas so when pressed the sheeples go with the majority rather than thinking for themselves or taking literally the command to “handle terminatedly”.

    The antithesis of what LRH had in mind as the thrust of his technology.

  56. Heartbreaking tragedy…

  57. So very sad. It’s the pits when such violence occurs, it ripples down the line devestating those with high ARC for all those involved. Prevention is indeed better than cure.
    You know, I may just be a bit too simple about this but who benfits from a free and roaming around DM? Is his ‘machine’ really that effective or is something ‘allowing’ this reign of terror from the shadows?
    Anyway, this episode of events has made me feel ill.

  58. This is just so incredibly sad for both families.
    What excuse are they making for OT7 Rex now? If you say he was just an out-ethics scumbag then how did he ever make it to OT7? You know, all those 6-month checks and BS that goes on and all. I know he’s up there with the best of the best glutius maximus honorarianuses in IAS. Throw him under the bus like everybody else who blows it or who caves under Black Dianetics as given in the Church of Miscavige.
    He was all that and a bag of chips as long as he donated the mega bucks but no more, no more.
    Those MF’ers.
    Nobody deserves this tragedy…nobody. Those kids did NOTHING to deserve this. The gun was turned on the wrong man…

  59. Marty,


    How was the judge in this case able to rule that Scientology could not be mentioned in open court by either side? I can see them paying off the defense, but the prosecution?


  60. Yes, I hope the Ciancio family reads this blog. Now is a good time to start the depositions. They will have to do plenty of cross checking to catch all the lies they’ll get.

  61. Yes, Marty has quite a set.
    While always remaining very stragetic; a formidable opponent.
    If the whole thing wasn’t such an over abundant misuse of trust and authority, it would be fun to watch. And I have to admit, even then, sometimes it is.
    Miscavige is out classed, out teched, out thought, out legaled and outta town before much longer.

    My heartfelt condolances to the Cianco family.

  62. Impartial English Girl

    Let us not forget the fact that a good deal of money and time was likely employed to control the outcome of this sordid affair. When it came time for “the church of scientology” to help and support their paritioner, and one who apparently gave beyond his means, their response was to “duck and cover” and throw these two families under the bus.

    David Miscavige undoubtedly had a “big win” over his own “handling” of this “flap”. In his eyes he likely feels Rex Fowler has caused him a lot of unnecessary trouble and expense , and deserves everything he got and more. Wouldn’t surprise me if he ordered an “SP Declare” on Rex, and his whole family.

    No, there is no room for humanity in David Miscaviges heart. As I believe Jim Logan puts it… “he has a clinker for a heart”. The only person on this planet that he cares a wink about, at this point, appears to be himself.

    And since I truly believe that “man is basically good”, as L Ron Hubbard said, then just try for a second to imagine how that truth and David Miscavige’s current activities can possibly be in existence at the same time in the same being. The conflict and turmoil, and sheer chaos of it, border on incomprehensible.

    The hell that David Miscavige has built for himself, and lives every day, is pretty much the worst punishment I can conceive of for a being, and it can only be created by the being himself.

    What we do here is not “punishing “him. He is taking care of that all by himself. What I feel we are doing here, at least in part, is hopefully bringing enough Theta (truth) and perhaps Ethics, to the situation to blow his dramatizations and start him on the long road to sanity and freedom. It may take a while, but we have the Theta, we have the technologies, and we have the time.


  63. A very sad story indeed.

    OSA’s missions to keep every person involved under control will be quite extensive and costly. Anyone reading this who donated in 2010 ? Your money might have gone into this “project”.

    This reminds me of the suicide of Dr. Rudolf Willms here in Germany. He had given Co$ a huge amount of $$$ and faced bancruptcy of his company. I was told he had asked to get his IAS donations back. Co$ refused, and he shot himself.

    Only then a mission was sent – to handle his lady who had also been a Scientologist.

  64. IMHO “they” got the shit on the judge.

    “Justice” goes to the highest bidder. Or is that blackmailer? Never-the-less, the psychotic pygmy thinks he’s gotten away with another caper. Boy-oh-boy is destiny about to slap him upside the head…………..

  65. redneck Janette from Detriot

    very sad situation for the victim and his family… no words can describe their loss. It’s extremely sad to sit back and watch situations like this and not be able to do anything about it… anyone secretly reading this blog, who has information on this case that the police do not already have.. YOU MUST step forward and be respoinsible!!

  66. Hi Margaret,
    Rex stepped down as CEO when he apologized to people for his misdeed in giving away the money. Another person then took over and was CEO at the time of the murder.

  67. This is all from the former newspaper articles. You can trace them back if you like.

  68. Raul Batista

    The tragic truth about the matter is that there isn’t any real proof that being OT VII {or on OT VII as in Rex Fowler’s case} makes and individual more stable.

    During the recent recession MANY, MANY Americans were left homeless, but did not resort to murder to get back on their feet.

    It is a by product of the Church of Scientology, the belief that people are above the law and being church member makes this more so true than ever.

    Those 2 points are why the Church of Scientology has a very bad name and nobody believes Scientologists any more?

    What about the victim? If the victim needed the money, and he did, why didn’t HE kill Rex Fowler instead of vice versa? How come Rex’s wife didn’t suffer the same “impulse” as mentioned here on this BLOG, to “kill for Scientology” [sic].

    The world is full of crazy people, some with evil intentions and Scientologists are among the lot of them, living proof Rex Fowler, one step away from L. Ron Hubbard’s “Cause Over Life” commits homicide.

    Bravo Rex! Maybe you need your L’s!

  69. Oops…”strategic”
    I never apologize in public but didn’t want you to chase down a deadend road on that one. 🙂

  70. Rex was not CEO. Several weeks before the murder, Laura Zaspel took over as CEO after Rex admitted to the company that he’d misappropriated the company money by giving it to the church. One of many refs: Denver Post:

    Fowler Trial Day 2: Ex-Fowler Software CEO Tears Up On Stand
    “In the weeks leading up the shooting, Fowler and Ciancio “were going back and forth” over Ciancio’s demand to be paid $9,918 in severance, said Laura Zaspel, who headed the company until she resigned weeks after the Dec. 30, 2009, killing.”

  71. scilonschools

    Marty i am truely taken back!
    Not in this entry in your Blog which did fill in some glanks in what I and alot of people “suspected”, but in your Strength, Courage and “Evil Confront”!
    Those Fireflies in Texas keep getting brighter!!!
    I hope you can get this blog read by Thomas Ciancio ‘s family and so they can find peace but also focus, and realise it is’t all “Scientology’s” fault, just a moraly corrupt practitioner (DM) and his power and greed lust.
    Extraoidinally Respectfully Yours.

  72. Scott Campbell


    “AUTHORITY, the degree of power or right to give orders, demand obedience or assume control that is vested in a specific job. Authority cannot function properly without responsibility. ” –LRH

    WHO is responsible for this tragic tale Dave?

  73. The only problem I have with that tale about a cover up and Fowler taking the fall, is why did he even contest the charges? If he was supposed to go down, why not plea bargain and avoid court at all? Why risk the possibilities of a lawsuit. No I think Fowler was under pressure, but was DM the cause of it? Probably not. DM is too busy with Micromanagement of Press and everything to be bothered with Direct Rex Fowler to kill someone and then kill himself, then suggest to him to contest for the charges to be lowered to 2nd Degree murder.

    Basically, Rex’s actions are more in line for someone still applying Tech after doing something stupid *cough Cough*. He committed First degree murder, and realising it was pretty obvious what he did, tried to kill himself. He isn’t contrite for what he did, hence why he still tired to contest, even though I’m sure his lawyer would have told him to plea bargain, since they didn’t even present any witnesses to defend their case. He’s not sorry for using R2-45, He’s just upset that he hasn’t dropped his body, and has to wear down this one first.

  74. Marty, can you explain what you mean by this?
    [..] First, he was also under mind-bending Scientology Inc pressure because of his contribution to creating a Gay Scientologist community on the net.[..]
    Keith Relkin is a longtime gay scientologist who in 2000 first brought to the internet and attempted to cultivate what is now a now short lived ‘gay Scientologist community’, not Rex Fowler. Keith was openly gay as far back as the mid 80’s and tried to get corrected for years ubtil he finally gave up. That was when this article came out:
    What did Fowler have to do with this?

  75. Spot on, Lynne.

    I found this on the web :


    This is from an LRH tape lecture of 24 July 1952, titled “E-meter behavior versus flow lines and patterns”. This is one of the tech 88 supplementary lectures and the transcript can be found in new R&D volume 11. This specific quote is on page 129.

  76. Scott Campbell

    I know, I know, I should have said WHOM.

    Needed a little creative license with my allusion to “The Who” in all of this. Speaking in the vernacular of… colloquial English… idiomatically… Ad infinitum.

    And that’s why…

    Cheers to ya, Tony


  77. Holy shit. This is sickening.

  78. martyrathbun09

    I don’t know Ted, I didn’t see his reasoning nor the arguements on that. I’ll wager the justification was because the mention of Scientology is either “too prejudicial” or for First Amendment reasons.

  79. Maybe he does. What do YOU think? Why do you want to know?

  80. I bet you did,three swings right?

  81. martyrathbun09

    Where did they come up with the defense that Rex was suicidal? And where were the witnesses?

  82. Raul,
    Nice piece of work on that one. Turd. Considering the Tech 88 lecture quoted above maybe I can help you with your dearth of motivator. I’m sure I can.

  83. Good postulate CD. Good on ya. Thanks.

  84. scilonschools

    The Screams seem to get louder and louder-:
    DM= Jim Jones!!

  85. That was a kind and merciful postulate.

  86. But everyone in Scientology knows Scientology was the issue in the Rex Fowler case. The Church can stop people from writing but not from thinking.

  87. I got to know Rex over several consecutive visits for services at FLAG as we were waiting for sessions in the AO. We had long, rambling, light-hearted conversations that I recall with fondness. There is no doubt in my mind that he was overwhelmed by the financial pressure from the Church and in a very dark place when compared to my time[s] with him.
    To his family and to his victims’ family I send my condolences.
    This saddens me beyond words.
    I truly considered Rex a friend after our brief, irregular meetings at FLAG.
    I have now lost two close friends to this blight on our religion.
    I have not posted here before, but this story compelled me to write something.

    Sad, Sad, Sad.

  88. Alex,
    Absolutely. Many more are needed to understand and apply the subject. Routine miracles occur when the work is known and done as it was written and intended.

    Rex Fowler is an Overt Product of the Church of Miscavige. This is a tragic fact. I’m saddened by this whole thing. I’m even more resolved to see justice served and those who think they remain undetected, handled and life restored where it has been so inverted.

    These circumstances are the products of David Miscavige’s Black Scientology nut house.

    I add my condolences to all the families so adversely affected.

  89. Well if this does turn into a civil case, I hope MORE people can help the parties who sue official Scientology.

    Another federal case right now is still ongoing, and should be helped:

    Anyone with firsthand info on life surrounding Kyle Brennan’s dad, and the plaintiffs, which include Denise Gentile (David Miscavige’s twin sister) and the FSO, when you get into the details of this case, the MAA FSO is the one who wrote that the dad must “handle” his son, and the tragic result was the son ended his own life.

    Any recent FSO defectors, PLEASE contact Dandar.

    Ken Dandar
    5509 West Gray Street, Suite 201,
    Tampa, Florida. 33609
    Phone: 813-289-3858

  90. I am not a member of the Church of Scientology, but I spend hours here reading the blog postings and comments and have to admit that I’m fairly “addicted” to the on-going saga portrayed here. One can only wonder when David Miscavige will be reading these words as I have no doubt that he lurks here regularly – someone with only a fraction of his neuroses would be incapable of staying away.

    Best of luck as you continue the pursuit of truth and transparency.


  91. Dave,

    Susan Meister’s death, Pat Prices death, the death of Quentin Hubbard and other mysterious deaths though they may have similarities are not the same.

    No effort was made exclusively by the Church of Scientology to aggressively cover up these deaths.

    In fact in the case of Quentin it was quite the opposite.

  92. He shot himself after killing Ciancio. It’s a suicide attempt by definition. Witnesses are not necessary when the facts and evidence support what happened.

  93. Scott Campbell

    Before we get too weepy over poor Rex Fowler, I would say only this:

    Apparently, neither he nor Miscavige can successfully complete a cycle of action.


  94. Yeah,

    Let’s “OJ” DM!

  95. martyrathbun09

    Having read your generality spewing hateful account at the link you provide, I can only say your comments here are hypocritical.

  96. According to the arrest warrant, Fowler had left a note dated the day of the shooting instructing whoever found it to “please give the briefcase to Jan.” Another note, found on Fowler’s work desk along with several keys, explained to “Jan” what each key unlocked. Taken in connection with his later attempt to end his life, one could reasonably conclude that he intended suicide. I may be mistaken, it was my impression that the police found these items at the time Ciancio’s body was found.

    I don’t have any reason to doubt that Fowler was under tremendous financial strain at the time of this incident or than the church played a major role in his defense strategy.

  97. Excuse me? That is not my site, nor my article.

  98. Axiomatic,
    Welcome to the blog . Your post struck a note with me. I, too, knew Rex in the day when in his universe the theta was predominate. I am saddened for both families and for Rex. He, in hindsight, probably wishes he had maintained his personal integrity when he started receiving non standard services. Auditor plus pc is greater than the bank. His world inverted to where non standard auditing plus bank was greater than Rex. He lost in that game.

    It is with no pleasure that I wish that he, in his life behind bars, can finally destimulate to the point that he regains more of his sanity back. There is NO winner in this hand. I must fully agree with you – Sad, Sad, Sad.

  99. Raul Batista

    Listen Jim Logan, maybe Rex Fowler could have hired you as his attorney and you can the jury Tech 88 Lecture {whatever the hell that is from your very jaded ignorant viewpoint}. Typical of an ex churchie.

  100. Raul Batista

    My apologies a slight typo:

    It should read: And maybe you can win over the jury with a Tech 88 Lecture.

    And the rest of course is history.

  101. Raul Batista

    And another thing. I should not even be posting to this BLOG {I could get in trouble with OSA you know, if the find out, and sent to ethics} but just who in the hell do you think you are kidding with this “Thetaness” that you have.

    All you are doing outside of the church is taking advantage of people that know nothing of the tech yet.
    Well isn’t that rich?

  102. Raul Batista


    You sure have a lot more “Scientology” tech under you belt that Rex Fowler does.

    I’ll bet you’re glad that you made it OT without that happening to you. 🙂

    I wonder what really could have caused it. No engrams. Virtually no implants and yet he takes another life? Maybe some people in the world are just crazy, and Dianetics and Scientology really can’t help them before they succeed in laying Hubbard’s church to rest.

    Especially the one’s that stumbled upon Tech Vol XIV on the web.

  103. scilonschools

    “Boulder Scientology mission evacuated after threat
    By Erica Meltzer Camera Staff Writer
    Posted: 03/08/2011 09:50:30 PM MST
    The Church of Scientology Mission of Boulder briefly evacuated Tuesday evening after receiving a bomb threat.Susan Gaut, director of special affairs at the mission, said the threat was a prank call and the evacuation was a precaution.”

    Connected? Retaliation or a DM “attention seeking/fair game” style set up?

  104. Tony DePhillips

    Raul you are scum.
    You are on OSA bot, I would bet on it. You try to impune Scientology with broad generalities and entheta remarks. You are a low life of magnitude.

  105. Well the church didn’t try to “cover up” any death in the Fowler case.
    Deflect blame, obscure facts, suborn potential witnesses, use pressure and intimidation tactics on those involved, delay, …anything to change the focus or minimize the church’s culpability or responsibility.
    The playbook was written and perfected many, many years ago and is an art form today. I’m sure Mike R. could dictate it from memory.

    That was my point.

    Susan Meister died at Flag (the ship) when LRH was on board. (a bullet hole in her forehead from a long barreled pistol that was claimed to be a suicide? Hmm) And by accounts the playbook was in full use then. Arte Maren was running point for the GO on that one. Arte, are you lurking?

    If the accounts are wrong, then please speak up. That’s why I asked.

    If not, then this culture of disposable people has deeper roots than most want to admit.

  106. Social Personality

    Fowler Trial Day 2: Ex-Fowler Software CEO Tears Up On Stand

    “Ciancio had resigned, partly because he was upset that Fowler had made an unauthorized $175,000 donation with company funds to the Church of Scientology, colleagues told investigators.”

    “One bright emotion shines through the grim murder trial: people adored Tom Ciancio.

    His family and close friends fill three rows in the courtroom gallery.

    A Fowler Software employee, who testified about Ciancio returning to the firm the day he was killed, said: “As always, he was smiling.”

    The employee, Emily Witt, described Ciancio as “very outgoing, very friendly …. (He) always wanted to know how you were doing.”

    Ciancio’s personal connection has drawn people to the trial, like Christine Jacobsen, who worked five years for Ciancio when he was a middle-manager at MCI WorldCom.

    Why did she come?

    “Cuz I miss him,” she said, choking up outside the courtroom. “Because he had the kind of impact on people.”

    “He was a great boss. He had an interpersonal relationship with everyone he worked with,” she said.

    “Tom was always about what’s fair,” she said.”

  107. Eileen Clark

    This one is unworthy of you.
    Rex Fowler does not deserve comparison to dm.
    I didn’t notice anyone being “weepy”, merely compassionate.
    L, Eileen

  108. @Jim Logan: do you *really* think calling somebody a “turd” is going to help raise anyone’s understanding of these issues?
    Really ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  109. I want to say something but I won’t. Or did I? Nevermind.

    You’re the best Raul.

    When I think of you I hear this song.

  110. Thanks Joe.

  111. (It may be inappropriate to try to inject any levity into this thread, but the thought of this guy, or anyone, having to endure 250 hours of sec checks of the Miscavige variety is just too much. If I offend, my apologies.)

    Miscavology Sec Check Procedure:

    0) Tell the dirtbag you’re not auditing him.

    1) Dirty the guys needle by cutting comm, inval, eval and any other means that would be a GAE (Gross Auditing Error) if the guy was being audited. (Remember, you’re not an auditor during sec checks, so ANYTHING goes.)

    2) Clean every tick until the guy has totally lost it and is laughing hysterically and has a proper ARCX F/N.

    3) Never run havingness as that could decrease his post-session proptitiativeness when told to pay a reg for more sec checks.

    4) Send all properly-embellished session KRs to the MAA.

    5) MAA is to get a book package purchased at each MAA visit. If he is absolutely unable to purchase a book package, he is to write KRs on not less than 3 individuals who are known to respond to an ethics summons. MAA can supply a list of names.

    6) Reg is to let the guy know in no uncertain terms what a complete dirtbag he is. The only good thing about him is that he is a dirtbag receiving sec checks, so he is slightly less of a dirtbag than anyone not receiving sec checks.

    7) Allow him to complete only when he has confessed material sufficient to get him to return at a moments notice or face threat of having his misdeeds published. This is not blackmail, it is immortal incentive.

  112. Your humble servant


    Thank you for this valuable information. What you have said explains a lot of things. This is a truly tragic situation for Rex Fowler, the victim and his family, and all others involved. I have no doubt that pressure was brought to bear to protect the official C of S and David Miscavige in particular at the expense of whatever defenses Rex could have raised. There is no other explanation for why his attorneys offered no defense. In effect, the group that Rex had dedicated himself to so extremely simply abandoned and betrayed him when he cracked under all of the pressure, acted insanely, and became an embarrasment to them. Really disgusting.

  113. Watching Eyes

    Thank you Sam for the tip. It was driving me nuts. I even posted it twice thinking it just didn’t take the first time.

  114. Steve Larson

    Well said sir.
    “They locked up his medicine, but not the loaded .357 Magnum. That’s the story line,” Dandar said. “I think that’s the case.”
    Stay tuned…

  115. No, indeed, WHO is the correct usage.

  116. I would like to know more about that remark also.

  117. Isn’t TOTAL FAILURE right near the bottom of the Tone Scale? I would say that trying to commit suicide and failing fits that term perfectly.


    How should Rex Fowler have been handled at his last six month check?

    Would the following have been the Scientological way to have handled him?

    A) QUESTION: Rex, for you and for your business was it out-ethics to give away all your company’s money?
    B) HANDLING: Money to be given back to Rex. Reges handled with ethics tech. Rex handled with ethics and finance tech.

    A) Q: Rex, was your executive Ciancio correct in objecting to your stripping of the organization’s funds?
    B) H: Validate him, apologize, pay the money back, rehire him, buy his son a birthday present, give him a bonus if his stats warranted it. Get off any other O/Ws you may have on Fowler.

    A) Q: Rex, no busllshit, how are you REALLY doing on OT VII?
    B) H: Handle protests, inval, overrun, verbal data, hidden data, confusions, BPC, wrong data. Fly ruds to VGIs, etc.

    A) Q: Rex, is there anything going on in the Church you object to, disagree with, feel is wrong, needs to be fixed?
    B) H: Get reports written. Apply ethics gradient tech to situation. Apply PTS tech. Word clear and reread Code of Honor.

    A) Q: Rex, any other whacky stuff going on in your head or in life?
    B) H: Get truthful answer by caring about him and getting fully into comm, not buy PR and bullshit and play footsie money games and book donation bribery games. Handle what answer reveals. Get proper program written to address unhandled case, ethics and admin points. Use proper repair lists, confessional tech, and training to put him back on the rails solidly.


    The Alternative Reverse Scientology Inc. Method:
    a) Grind for years on VII
    b) Receive expensive torture sec check for years
    c) Overrrun
    d) Bypass charge
    e) Enforce false F/N data
    f) Institute squirrel drills
    g) Assert more thought control
    g) Alter mindset to accept Greedy Manipulative Gestapo Thieving Bloodsucker environment.
    h) Get him to betray his company and mismanage his funds by giving it to the Church which doesn’t need it.
    i) Get him to mishandle the overt
    j) Demand he terminatedly shut up the one person with enough balls to object.
    k) After Rex shoots and kills his business manager while executing the terminated handling, move agents in to cover up Church implication, exert control over court, control wife, spy on judge and prosecutors while coaching defense attorneys behind the scene.


  119. Tom,

    I was also trained in doing RB’s back when Marty and Greg Wilhere were on Int ethics lines getting all us MAAs trained up on metered PTS and Ethics Interviews, and know the issue you’re talking about. However, here’s what Sirhan Sirhan has to say about that incident in his own words. More like Machurian Candidate. He wasn’t “recruited.” He was a pansy. LRH apparently got data that CIA was involved (which seems to be the case per testimonies and other evidence and research), probably through GO lines, but who knows what was reported up to him in regards to this and by whom?

    Here’s a link for that rabbit hole:

    LRH used that example in the Rollback Series to explain how all “Enemy Lines” towards Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard always (ul) traced back to an SP. I don’t know if the RB Series is available online anywhere, but from what I remember, LRH also explained that many, if not all enemy lines if followed far back enough to it’s source, would certainly be connected with an outside suppressive person, group or agency such as the FBI, CIA, Psychs, Government, Press, Criminals, etc… In other words, Scientology per LRH’s own point of view, had a lot of hefty and powerful enemies in it’s time.

    As well, the Int/Pers Data Base system as powered by INCOMM was and is an “efficient” tool Miscavige, Dept. 21, and the Dept 3’s of the base ( and possibly middle management?) utilize from RB interviews and other interviews to track enemy lines and get to the source of “Who’s spewing those lies about us!?!?!?!?!” (Davey chugs another 5th of Scotch…)

    So, I’m guessing that it’s being suggested by the OP that Fowler was a “pansy” for the Co$ and DM? Interesting. How low can this “Church” go?

  120. Agreed. First time, though, I ever heard of any speculation/suspicion about Pat Price’s death! He was probably in his 60s – healthy in appearance, but it is not unusual for 60 year old men to have surprise heart attacks, which is, I think, why he died. Besides his many special talents, he was a very nice man, and I always wished I’d gotten to know him more.

  121. Ask yourself if Rex Fowlers Lawyers acted on Rex Fowlers behalf.

  122. Robert Adams

    Was that a veiled threat towards Raul? Who or what are you defending? These days, you might want to re-think any kind of threat made over the internet.

    FWIW, Raul brings up an interesting question – how could an OT 7, let alone a Clear, be capable of killing another human being? That’s simply a non-optimum survival computation and we all, both scientologists and wogs alike, need to understand how this is possible. FWIW, the only scientologists I know who have committed acts of violence are all OT 3 or above. Take OT 8 child abuser Wally Hanks for example. Lets get these kinds of questions answered rather than swept under the carpet as that is what the church of miscavigology would do.

    OT 8 child abuser Wally Hanks in action (warning: this recording is difficult to listen to):

  123. Yes, I believe Rex was suppressed and damaged terribly with massive out-tech. I knew him as an enthusiastic, warm and friendly staff member. He worked at least for a time at the US GO back in the days of telexes and Wang computers. He was a nerdy but nice guy with a sparkle in his eye – especially when you talked technical stuff with him. I was stunned to hear what his life had come to and what he did.

    The dramatic suicide of OT VII (or VIII?) Steve Brackett, whose company similarly imploded, to me is a close parallel.

    It’s just sad: out-tech, out-tech, out-tech. All for greed. This is a product?!?!?!?!!#$%@#$%? Yes, I guess the answer is. This is ultimately product of the you-know-who.

  124. Right,
    It’s not the religion that is culpable of the crime; it’s the individual members. Not Scientology but some who claim they practice it should be prosecuted. First Amendment rights should be respected and groups shouldn’t be prosecuted for individual crimes.

    But this hit job was ordered by Church leaders who now walk because they’re deft in escaping justice; Davey covers his misdeeds and gets the blame laid on a scapegoat, not unlike the front men of the mob. He then silences any and all witnesses and keeps his name out of the courts.

    His crimes far exceed the realms of ethics and have long since traversed into the justice department; we’re talking organized crime under the cover of religion. This latest foot bullet in which he has committed so many additional crimes makes beautiful fodder the FBI investigation.

    They can and should use the data of this blog to decompress Rex and get him to testify against his SP’s. That may not be so easy and could have to be assisted by Ethics Specialists like Tony or Garcia.

  125. I also knew Rex, and studied with him at ASHO. We became good friends and spent time off course as well. When I read about this on the net, I was thrown for a loop. It really didn’t seem like it could be true. As the tale unfolded, I saw the tentacles and knew who ELSE was responsible.

  126. Of course they can, but it’ll have to be done in such a way that the probative value exceeds the prejudicial value, which is the general legal standard for admitting controversy into evidence.

    There are people who could do that, and I sure hope Ciancio’s family’s lawyers are among them.

  127. If you want to know how high the Church will go to buy off a civil case, remember the Lisa McPherson civil trial brought on by her family. The Church finally paid them off to shut them up. I don’t know what the award was, but my guess is it was in the many millions. So, we already have our “precedent” for a wrongful death suit, and I am sure that is why DM had OSA work so hard to prevent Scientology from being brought up at this trial. DM could at least “see” the consequences of this one. I know the last thing he wanted was another “wrongful death” lawsuit. But, what you resist you become! So, get ready, DM!

  128. Wow! Realized I have been “Comfortably Numb” most of my life! I am finally WAKING UP! Thanks to all here!
    Much love, Catherine

  129. Independent Scientologist

    I felt a need to comment regarding what suppressive, squirrely sec-checking can do to an individual.

    While on my Elig cycle at AO last year, I only had to suffer through a series of horrible individual sessions that amounted to about one intensive, and in two of those sessions I felt like I was on the verge of a psychotic break. The memory of it just about makes me shudder!

    So I’m having a hard time imagining what 20 intensives of that crap would do to a person. I guess the answer is: turn them from a very high-toned being into a murderer.

    – Ron Matlock

    – Ron Matlock

  130. martyrathbun09

    Robert, Have you read the entire blog? It is chock-full of answers to your question. Nobody is sweeping anything under any rugs around here.

  131. martyrathbun09

    CD, excellent question.

  132. martyrathbun09

    JP, good point.

  133. martyrathbun09

    Briilliant, as per usual.

  134. martyrathbun09

    Diving wholetrack is a symptom of the lack of confront of evil in the present in this case. To even imply, as you have done, that a woman was murdered on the ship “when LRH was on board”, with what that implies, is such a diversion.

  135. martyrathbun09


  136. Sorry but I don’t buy the insinuations that Miscavige was behind the Rex Fowler murder at all.

    “Rex Fowler was manipulated into sacrificing himself for a First Degree Murder conviction to cover David Miscavige’s sorry ass. I KNOW THE FACTS that follow from the several witnesses OSA took measures to make sure never saw the light of the court room.”

    Why didn’t you mention these “facts” to the prosecution BEFORE the trial, instead of waiting until it was over and leaking what amounts to gossip & tittle-tattle on your Blog? If you are in possession of these “facts”, Marty, then you have a perfect, golden opportunity to see Miscavige carted off in the back of a police van and do us all a great favour and possibly get that violent, lying, psychotic bastard sent to jail.

    I think you’re suffering from a bout of wishful thinking, Marty.

    I’m pretty sure 99% of the people that visit this Blog despise Miscavige (and rightly so) with a vengeance, myself included, but that doesn’t mean you should can claim to have “facts” about a very serious criminal act that has allegedly taken place, and do nothing more about it than offer it to your readership for a bit of light relief.

    Do the right thing for once. If you have the “facts” that a serious criminal act has taken place, then nail that psychotic little bastard by having him dragged from his cult hideout and prosecuted.

    Ain’t gonna happen though, is it?

  137. martyrathbun09

    Sorry – most who put links with their address are promoting their own spots. But not you, I guess.

  138. Something is very wrong. How many more need to die before the last decent man or woman walks away from this squirrel shit. Heart-wrenching. 😦

  139. martyrathbun09





  140. How did you know it was him? 😀

  141. Marty, I have a question: How seriously does DM take the actual practice of Scientology as it pertains to his own case? Does he actually give a shit about his bridge or is his sole aim to just milk as much cash out of the subject as he can? I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that his actual level of training in Scientology is very low, is that true?

    And before I’m accused of trolling, I’m not in any way connected to the Church, and have never set foot inside an Org. I’m more of a fascinated lurker around here than anything, as I’m sure there are many of.

  142. Mike,
    Do you ‘really’ think Raul has any interest in understanding these issues? Do you actually think this ‘turd’ IS ‘Raul’?

    Me NOT Buddha, not Mother Theresa, not ‘angel sent from heaven’. Wrong paradigm.

  143. Watching Eyes

    Hey “Mike”,
    This is for you:
    A couple of good links :,,id=178241,00.html
    If you want to file a complaint here’s a link for the form:
    Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint

    Have a nice day,
    Watching Eyes

  144. Geez ‘Raul’, you’ve nailed me. Ouch. ‘Taking advantage of people that know nothing of the tech yet’. That IS rich.

    You’re pretty ‘tough’ over there, fake name, no postition save behind a keyboard, anonymously working the 3P lines. Why not come down to Havana, Fla. in person like, sit down, pick up the cans and we’ll have a li’l chat. You might spot some lies you’ve got and even lift some blackness. From there, the actual road might appear in better light.

  145. Watching Eyes

    Sometimes you gotta call it like it is. And if “turd” is the right indication, then so be it.
    After reading Raul’s nasty replies to Jim Logan I’d call him an *sshole.

  146. OTDT,
    And there it is. Black Scientology’s product sucks.

    Sue Wilhere didn’t have it quite right, David Miscavige IS Black Scientology.

  147. Hi Leonore,

    Pat Price was arguably one of the best “remote viewers” at the time of his death, according to some in the Remote Viewing community.
    There is an account of the circumstances of his death here:

  148. Tony,
    Just beneath the veneer of ‘Raul’, is David Miscavige. This 1.1 ooky is uptone for DM. Push a particle at a half to a full tone above, and sploosh, out comes some more of the bilious bletch.

  149. Jim is practicing free speech and uttering on anothers writings. Turd is kind. Derailer and OSA Bot is more like it. I actually think Raul is Charley Sheen.

    Carry on Jim. You are in the top 5 of productive Scientologists on this blog. Your stats are out the roof.

    ML Tom

  150. “What is to keep Miscavige from sending another OSA bot to off anyone he fancies and has the assassin take the fall for it just like it worked with Fowler?”
    The VAST majority of people wouldn’t end up killing anyone. Only a tiny % of people MIGHT. To put three bullets into a person’s head who isn’t attacking you takes a real psycho.

  151. Winning! Duh!

    But better than any of Charlie Sheen’s recent cute utterances is:


  152. Mike,
    After removing my brain, shooting myself up with steroids and acid, slapping, punching, kicking, choking and throwing a few people to the ground, invalidating and humiliating them, befriending a few powerful celebrities to hide behind, building myself a golden alter in my home and switching some pieces of the tech around, demanding others buy me expensive gifts, having some former co-workers stalked and harassed, and threatening everyone around me, and swigging some gourmet Scotch, I think I’m starting to agree with you.

    I just needed to get into the right mindset.


  153. Tony DePhillips

    Mike H you are pretty naive on this one my friend. Raul is an OSA plant I would say. He spreads crap and tries to scare people away from Marty’s blog. That is his hat.

  154. Jethro Bodine

    One interesting fact in all this is that by the time of the trial, Fowler was so poor/indigent (having given all his personal and business money to Scientology Inc), that he had to be represented by a PUBLIC DEFENDER. If he had had money to be able to hire a good “Johnnie Cochran” (OJ trial) type of lawyer, perhaps they could have gotten it reduced down to at least second degree murder, even perhaps manslaughter. But in order for that to happen, Fowler would have had to have been portrayed as a VICTIM in all this, which IMHO he was (not to imply he’s not responsible for his actions).

    When you look at how Fowler was regged to the point of insolvency, combined with being pressured to rob his business’ coffers, combined with the out-tech of OT7 at Flag, combined with intense pressure to give more money to all branches of $cientology, combined with the pressure of not putting $cientology in a bad light, one could easily come up with some mitigating circumstances in this case. In order to do this, one would have to put Miscavige and Scientology Inc in a very unfavorable light, because it would involve exposing what’s really going on today in Scientology Inc. Perhaps Rex Fowler was convinced by someone that for “the greatest good for the greatest number”, the best thing would be for him to take “full responsibility” and take the full rap. Look at it another way – if Scientology Inc really cared about Fowler, they would/should have at least provided him with good counsel. Fowler gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Scientology Inc, and at a time when he really needs their help, he’s told to take it on the chin. And by the way, here’s your SP declare, and don’t call us again or we’ll break your legs.

    (Does anyone know if the church had to give back that last donation of his? It sounds like it was practically embezzlement. I can’t help but think of Reed Slatkin. It sure seems like Scientology Inc produces a lot of financial irregularities.)

    It also goes to show that anyone, no matter where they are on the bridge, is capable of murder given a “perfect storm” combination of high pressure regging, out ethics and out tech on their cases, assuming one was prone to murder in the first place.

  155. I just feel like Scientology got away with another murder or suicide. Do they really have that many P.I.’s????
    Or government officials under their control???

  156. I meant the other murders and suicides that happened before this one..

  157. I agree with Mike. I would have just passed by Raul’s comments but Jim turned it into a trollfest. LOL

  158. Tony DePhillips

    Yoe better go to cramming Raul. You are getting so 1.1 it is hard to see your point. It is obvious that you are very keyed in about something. Tell your handlers that you don ‘t want to do this anymore. Why don’t you stop bothering us and go find something else that you enjoy doing. Why don’t you get a puppy or something, maybe start a barbie doll colection. Come on man, you can do it.

  159. And I actually like Raul’s sarcasm in asking if Rex needed his L’s.

  160. It’s not. I want him to fully understand what he did and what has led to his actions. I do not want him believing the Evil SP’s or Psychs are responsible for the situation he is in. Alsoo for the family of his victim he can do some good by revealing the truth when he has found himself again with the counsel of his own conscience.

  161. I cannot imagine anyone ordering the hit on a guy who just wanted his money back. Even if he intended to make a PR mess of it, all the church had to do was say, “Rex Fowler was too far gone, we didn’t know he gave that money to the harm of his company and employees, here’s his case folder to show what a scumbag he actually was.”

    No, the need to kill someone to cover something up or get revenge was brewed up in the head of an insane person. The question really is, what drove him insane, if he wasn’t that way all those years? I go with the belief that it was the 20 intensives of sec-checking.

    And how does sec-checking do this? The most likely answer for me is, when you are being asked to dredge up stuff that isn’t there, you mock up a synthetic valence to answer the questions just to get it over with. And once you are operating out of valence, your humanity can turn off, just as when the psych drugs turn a kid into a school killer.

  162. Thomas Merton (
    was a spiritual writer who coined the phrase “The Unspeakable”. The Unspeakable refers to “an evil whose depth and deceit seemed to go beyond the capacity of words to describe.”

    It appears that the “leader of the Church of Scientology” (who amongst many other things denies people the right to be governed by their own chosen leaders) “gets off” on Unspeakable crimes.

    How sick is that?

    Here is how DM would really like to stage the next event:

  163. You are a scream! I especially love the “immortal incentive!” ROFL

  164. Thanks Mary and Lynne, I had missed those articles.

  165. Rex Fowler is a good man driven to insanity. What caused it was pressure by a cult. You came to sling mud, congratulations. Now dig deep into yourself and find your humanity again.

    Did you salivate from the side of your mouth when you posted this ?

  166. You mean patsy, not pansy, right?

  167. St. Pete Times coverage of the McPherson settlement:

    Michael A. Hobson

  168. Also, there are always people with bad intentions who rise as far as possible in an organization in order to use the credentials of “altitude” to give them freedom to harm others. The CofS is no exception–look who made it all the way to the top!

  169. My husband suffered through the same and I had to watch from the sidelines as he went down and down the tone scale. When I attempted to make a report to the C/S that something very negative was going on, the Board I/C said that was not allowed as it was some kind of case interference (I forget the exact words used.) Shudder!

  170. Raul, you’re priceless!
    For us there’s no way of knowing how we’re doing if it wasn’t for your valuable inside information. I didn’t know we were destroying LRH’s Church but due to your invaluable data straight from the top, I now know that we’re on the right track and thus, if only to do you a favor, we’ll just keep at it. LRH ordered us to blow up headquarters as soon as MEST became important and if you look at he latest Gold promo, MEST importance has just gone out the roof.

    You accuse us of taking advantage of people that don’t know nothing about the Tech yet. That’s remarkable as, unlike you, we don’t get paid nothing, we give people all the data for free, have them look at both sides and have them make up their own mind without duress nor regging. If your remark was only directed at Jim, he’s just helping people that have experienced it all. So if we’re obviously not guilty of your accusations, where do they stem from? I faintly remember someone saying something about SP’s dealing in recrimination.

    So please keep opening your mouth and keep us briefed on the MO of the Church. Tell TD to do the same; the insane amounts of help you guys give us are tremendously appreciated; you can expect our help in return. Tell your master that something can be done about it, even for him.

  171. If you are being reverse audited to the point where you say, “Oh what the f.., I might as well destroy my personal integrity and just go along with this to get it over with,” it is only a few more degrees of pressure to, “Oh, what the hell, I might as well destroy my company and give the money to get these reges off my back,” and then further down, “Oh well, I might as well just off myself and get this whole shitty mess off my back–and oh, I might as well take him with me.”
    So the first step for ANYone getting auditing is to realize that the auditing is screwy and to REFUSE to go along with it. “PUT DOWN THE CANS!”

  172. Tony DePhillips

    Makes sense to me Jim. Some people ar not up to confronting the evil that dm throws out and want you to be “nice” to be “loving” with them. Turn the other cheek so they can ram a steel bar through your face. No thanks.

  173. Mike is not David Miscavige althoug he dispises you almost as much.

  174. Lets Try this again.

    Mike my friend, I know you couldn’t care less if Marty walks under a bus tomorow. I suspect you probably have a chuckle about it.
    Knowing something doesn’t mean you will be able to prove it in court. Miscavige would love having Marty in court and I know that you would like to see that too. If Marty makes 1 mistake in this Life and Death Chessgame The Church will have him for dinner and yet you would have him go the way like a lamb to slaughterhouse. Cult goes Omnomnomnom. Again for you too: Ask yourself if Rex Fowlers Lawyers acted on his behalf. Alsoo from Marty’s reaction on your insunuation that he directly blamed miscavige to have ordered such and such, have you ever considered how much the cult loves to sue for liable ? All he said was that Rex was manipulated to cover Miscaviges Ass.

    Your friend AK

  175. Humans are Humans and Humans under imense pressure do snap.

    You allready know all the answers to your own questions.

  176. @Marty: Excuse me, but that is just plain wrong.
    It is customary on the Internet to post links to supporting documentation for one’s claims, if they wish to be taken seriously.
    Just because the “documentation” happens to be poorly written, blatantly biased and/or somebody’s propaganda (in many instances) does not mean the person linking to it is the author thereof.
    I know many of these pages are written by persons apparently seeing everything through distorting lenses of hate and the resulting untruth burns me up, too.
    From all that I have seen of her postings on ESMB and elsewhere, Mary McConnell is a well meaning person who is angry at the abuses of Co$ and McSavage and wants to put an end to them, as do we all.
    However, angry people are subject to manipulation by other people with agendas by means of such altered and biased information, as you know. The entire history of the “critics” versus Co$ is overflowing with such malign manipulation and not always from Co$, either.
    As a side note: I’d say most of these “critics” coming after you and Mike Rinder are products of these info war operations.
    Michael A. Hobson

  177. scilonschools

    There may be a bit of confusion here, I know that “Mike” (AKA The Evil of Scientology) has had posts that were placed on other blogs. modified and placed here, or indeed it may be straight but drop by his channel and check it out.(link below)
    “Indies”, Critics and Anonymous dont agree on everything, but everyone agrees the abuse must stop!
    The CoM should be recognised as the common foe, for crimes against humanity, and not benefit from misunderstandings between those agreed on opposing it’s abuses

  178. martyrathbun09


  179. martyrathbun09

    Quite the contrary, Miscavige will (and has) move mountains to keep me away from court.

  180. It’s worse than you think

  181. Every post that I’ve read- sometimes a slight bit higher, but generally 1.1.

    I don’t know what he’s like in person, but here it’s 1.1.

    I think what you guys are calling 1.1 now is a hair above 1.1 as it’s been 1.1 since the thong issue.

    Now, in response to this blog entry he is motivated into action slightly above 1.1

  182. martyrathbun09

    CD, man you are on today.

  183. Rex Fowler is a late on the chain incident that is all too common with the CofS. There is tremendous collateral damage generated when an unstable person is subjected to reverse SCN or SCN that is out-gradient for their particular case or condition. As noted in this blog Lisa McPherson is a text book example of a preclear audited above her case level and then treated roughly and wrongly. Her death and the resulting fallout almost brought down the CofS before massive and costly damage control, and ultimately dumb luck in the form of the coronor’s incompetence (Joann Wood) got the church and DM off the hook.

    Lesson learned, because with the Rex Fowler case potential damage to the church was contained although the collateral damage was severe. Tom Ciancio and his family suffering the greatest harm. But poor Rex Flowler too; what a sad, pathetic end for a being who aspired to spiritual enlightment and sacrificed so much for that goal. So disabled in the end that he couldn’t even successfully commit suicide (sometimes death is a solution when theta/Mest become too enturbulated).

    And what of Jan Fowler? What has to happen to a woman for her first thought and action, upon learning of her husband’s deeds, is to demand his OT VII briefcase confiscated by the police? She was already far, far gone even before the murder/suicide attempt. And in her ignorance she doesn’t even realize that no matter what she does, no matter how much her lies and ommitted data assist the church to cover up its involvment, she will never, ever be allowed on advanced org lines again. Never. She is damaged goods and a serious source of trouble should she ever come to her senses. I am sure DM would just a s soon have her dead too; dead men (and women) tell no tales.

    This church is a bone-chilling, cold organization that ultimately cares only for itself and will willingly sacrifice any parishoner in its pursuit of power and public reputation. Back in the 80’s a close friend attempted suicide and failed. This person wound up with irreversible brain damage and lives to this day in a nursing home in a persistent vegetative state. The family went after the CofS, blaming the church for the suicide attempt. PI Eugene Ingram was sent in to handle the scene. He got the dirt on my friend (and there was dirt to be gotten) and the church was able to threaten exposure of said dirt if anyone went public. The CS on the case was declared. Lives and reputations were ruined. The matter was then settled quietly, money was refunded, any needed pay-offs done. Case closed. Except for a lost and wasted life, a devasted family and the loss of a brilliant Class VIII CS.

    And here it all is again. No ability for self-examination and correction by the CofS; just damage control, pay-offs, threats and throw a couple parishoners under the bus. No one asking what did WE do wrong? How did an OT VII, recently on-lines, go so off the rails? How can we prevent this tradgedy from ever happening again? No, Thomas Ciancio, his family, Rex Fowler, Jan Fowler, the employess of Rex’s now defunct company and how many others don’t matter, are meaningless, are disposable. Only one thing matters; how does the church cover its ass and walk away free and clear.

    Rex Fowler should be an existential crisis for every single person on OT VII and VIII. But how many of them even know about him?

  184. Than I am horribly mistaken. I thought along the linesof your comment to Mike who is not Dave but a long time critic who affiliates himself with Anon and has helped protesting the Cult.


  186. Well, maybe my opinion is not humble enough. I suppose that is one of my faults.

  187. Ax and SA, both your posts ring very true to me:

    “. . . this blight on our religion.”

    and “His world inverted to where non standard auditing plus bank was greater than Rex. He lost in that game.”

    These two eloquent yet simple statements pretty much sum it up, IMO.

    I never knew Rex, but one thing is for sure: he is a FAILED CASE.

    All those who played a part in the MISAPPLICATION of tech and policy to this guy bear some responsibility for what happened.

    If there is one thing I am tired of hearing (not here, but from other places) is that “there are lots of well-intentioned, hard-working people on staff who are trying their best to help people” – usually stated as a reason to continue supporting this dictatorship.

    Just to give one example, every auditor and C/S that ever went along with the “3 swing F/N” arbitrary, to say NOTHING about going along with the unbelievable arbitrary of endless sec checks, bears some responsibility for the resulting case failures.

    I knew a highly trained Flag auditor who blew immediately after the “3 swing F/N” squirrel arbitrary came down. He fought back against it, realized he could not win, and so blew rather than compromise what he KNEW to be Standard Tech. That guy was a HERO as are those who sooner or later followed his lead.

    Lest I go more “sudden” than I already am, I will restrain myself from characterizing those who, knowing better, continue for whatever reason to support in any way this insane perversion of a beautiful, liberating technology.

  188. Sugar Plum Fairey

    Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with “malice aforethought”, and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter). As the loss of a human being inflicts enormous grief upon the individuals close to the victim, as well as the fact that the commission of a murder is highly detrimental to the good order within society, most societies both present and in antiquity have considered it a most serious crime worthy of the harshest of punishment. In most countries, a person convicted of murder is typically given a long prison sentence, possibly a life sentence where permitted, and in some countries, the death penalty may be imposed for such an act. A person who commits murder is called a murderer.
    Murder Routine according to LRH, “A slang title for the “worse than” technique. One gets the pc to give off his overts by inferring he has done very bad things, including murder.
    Auditor, “Did you murder your wife?”
    Pc, “Oh no, I only cheated on her!”
    Fowler, apparently so wrought up by his many intensives of sec checks, massive stealing from his company to pay the IAS, did the only “sane” thing he could do by comparison, kill an employee of the same company he was ripping off to make everything even. This validates Flag that he must be bad because he not only ripped off his company but HAD to kill off a company employee as well…..”If we had only given him more sec checks…….”

  189. Pometheus- Merlin- Rasputin. May lightning strike.

  190. Floating Needle

    And to add to these facts, they kept local Scientologists “busy with Fund raising” so their attention was diverted off the case as “one unfortunate incident.”

    Now the Denver org is over 1.5 million in debt on a loan so that they can (divert attention units) expand into yet another empty building.

    (Guess who the lender is on the loan…)

    Of course, there are still the renos that have to be done first… so if the Super Power building is any indication of how long it takes, it will be like 20 years or more likely… never!

  191. Robert,

    Simply stated, it is a fact that some people have gone through the levels of auditing without really “making the level”.

    There are a number of reasons for this, including inadequate training, poor oversight, and improper application.

    The fact that someone has a certificate that says “OT 8” or whatever, means nothing in and of itself.

    The upper levels especially, if poorly done, can mess up someone’s head big-time.

    No system is perfect. Even when the most stringent safeguards are in place to guard against case failures, a few will slip through the cracks.

    In defense of Scientology (its auditing procedures, NOT the current “Church”), it has always bugged me that psychiatric failures rarely even make the news. Or if they do, are swept away by excuses. Even worse, the “therapist” whose “patient” later committed suicide or even murder sometimes becomes a media celebrity – Marilyn Monroe’s therapist Ralph Greenson was a regular guest on the talk shows for years after her death.

    Scientology has always been held to a different standard. That’s just a fact of life. All the more reason to deplore what the current Church “management” has done to degrade and alter a workable technology, thereby greatly increasing the likelihood of even more case failures in the future.

  192. Lynne,
    Good call. The Introspection RD, the points of looking for something that isn’t there, and the godawful turmoil that ensues. Pounded incessantly for non-existent this, that and nothing. This is DM’s ‘tech’. This is the contagion of madness manifested in this poor soul Rex Fowler. This is ‘evil’. No being truly, a valence only.

  193. Mike,
    If it’s any consololation, it’s one of mine too. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

    Damn, gotta remember to please all the people more often.

  194. As an additional note to the point of Fowler being sec-checked for untold hours, there is an important factor in the alterations of the the way the FPRD is done on OT’s that is very damaging. I would say it results in amass confusion of thought and no-understanding that does not dissipate easily. And takes some expert auditing with someone with actual understanding of the materials to begin to unravel it. Thanks to Glenn Samuels, Marty and others who can apply this data for the improvement of their fellows, not to extinguish them.
    And these alterations trace directly back to dm and his minions. Miscaviage is not just an SP; he is hallmark SP.
    Do I have any questions of how Fowler, Brackett, etc went over the edge? No, I am just glad I and others have stepped away from the precipice when we did.

  195. CD,
    One day you may get the concept of ‘snapped terminals’ and the identities involved, the A=A=A of the GPM. One is the other, back and forth, now it’s one, now it’s the ‘other’.

  196. Impartial English Girl

    WW – that was a very thought-provoking post; thank you.

    As for me personally, I know that I could not live DM’s knowledge of what I’d done to others or my own culpability. I am in no way perfect but I just know that I would seriously rather die than have whatever passes these days for DM’s conscience in MY head.

    But then, someone with such monumental self-delusion is perhaps dead inside already… That said, every time I think that DM should be pitied for his obvious psychological difficulties, up pops something even MORE heinous with his sticky pawprints all over it to disgust normal, right-thinking, folks yet again. I wouldn’t even let my dog get away with treating ANYTHING the way DM treats human beings.
    IEG x

  197. ANY auditing on cases at or above OT III can do this, if the comm cycle is sloppy and ownership is not properly addressed. Visio and Sonic turn off, the track becomes occluded, TA goes high, they see no pictures, get emotionless and become “significance” cases incapable of confronting and re-experiencing overwhelming forces. They have had their ability to “be there and perceive” cleared out of them, effectively rendering them incapable of TR 0. It is “Reverse Scientology” in the extreme.
    I guess under GAT it is “SOP”.

  198. Sec Checking alone doesn’t cut it. As far as I can tell from this blog, Rex was ordered to handle Thomas terminatedly. To the public this can be done several ways but by someone under heavy duress, guilty of many financial irregularities, made to confess to non overts, black mailed by OSA, basing decisions on false data, trained into blind obedience to command intention, burdened with the responsibility to protect the Church at all costs, devoid of the fruits of observation and brainwashed by any other means at Davey’s disposal, orders are taken quite literally.

    Mind control and hypnotism are very well known subjects and leaders that profess to know all about the mind, bear full responsibility for the robots they themselves produced. If they ordered someone like that under heavy stress to “Handle a person terminatedly”, they are fully accountable for all consequences.

  199. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Lynne, SO spot on! OMG! Sec checking overrun to the point of mocking up synthetic valences so solidly one’s humanity turns off.
    What an analysis! Can we mock up the Sec checking overrun repair rundown?
    I can’t believe the number of faces I suddenly see that are surely products of this. Thanks for helping me [us] confront this that much more fully.

  200. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Great casting!

  201. This whole situation (and the standard operating basis of Miscavige) reminds me of this quote from George Orwell’s book Nineteen Eighty Four:

    “How does one man assert his power over another…
    By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

  202. Lynne,

    It is covered over and over and over in HCOBs that when a pc is audited and FALLS on his HEAD, there is immediate glaring OUT TECH.

    ++++He was forced into constant Sec Checking ~~ a 6 month interference
    intensive after intensive mid Solo NOTS ~~ a DM tech invention nowhere in Red on White.
    +++++Forced into massive over-runs by new definition of 3 needle swings
    where he would end sessions with more charge stirred up than before he started.
    ++++++brainwashing through bad out-tech Flag MAA cycles.
    ++++constant forced unwanted phone calls and Regging into his business.
    Scientology business have REGGES invade the business property to gouge for $$$$$$
    +++++forced Regging for money for everything under the sun i.e. Ideal Orgs, Super Power Building, IAS Scams, etc. etc. etc.

    I understand all too well on how deeply “CHURCH” actions were embroiled in Rex Fowler’s fate of Life in Prison without Parole.

  203. People post the weirdest things

  204. The simplicity with which the whole thing could have been averted is staggering. And I know from personal conversations with Rex four years prior, that the above steps, honestly applied, would have almost certainly handled the situation and averted this outcome.

    It lays bare the present perversion of real Scientology in today’s CoM, like no other post. I don’t think I’ve seen a better side-by-side comparison, OTDT, of what should have been done vs. what was done.

  205. one of those who see

    Thanks for posting the quote Han. Important to know.

  206. I hope you consider Rex Fowler a part of your group, one who needs help.

  207. If ever a murderer deserved a better defense it is this man who’s own group has thrown him under a bulldozer.

    While the world mocks hinm and need to make him into oddity I will see a man. He will do time for his deed but it is so much bigger than just this man.

    His day in court didn’t bring justice, well maybe just a little comfort for the family that lost a father.

    As I take it he has a chanche for parole along the way if he behaves himself. Maybe his öld”friends can assist him with that.


  208. I can still understand something and not agree with it thank you very much.

  209. Clearwater Lawyer

    Agreed, I had the same thoughts. All those factors that you mention go to a motive which can be important for the prosecution when there a question as to who committed the crime. In this case there was no question as to who did it, so I understand why the prosecution wouldn’t care if evidence regarding the church’s influence was kept out. I just could not believe that the defense (or Fowler himself) would agree to keep such evidence out. While it would not be an absoulte defense, it certainly may go to his state of mind or his ability to formulate intent – maybe would result in a conviction on a lesser included crime (2nd or 3rd degree / manslaughter). Apparently you are saying that he may have willingly given up his best defenses to save the church from being brought into the picture. Right? If that is true, it just makes the entire situation that much more tragic for all.

  210. Well said Karen.

    I agree absolutely.

    The Church of Scientology again is acting irresponsibly once again regarding any out tech that was perpetrated on Fowler’s case which proves that they don’t really take the subject of Scientology seriously enough to be the custodians of the tech.

    I mean if I found out one of my Pre OTs committed murder as a Senior C/S I’d be screaming for a Board of Investigation to find what the hell went wrong?

  211. I agree lookingin that FPRD procedure has been altered beyond any workability.

    In fact the way it has been altered it would be easy to start a PC or Pre OT on an inadvertent self list.

    Read again what Ron says in C/S Series 78 about the “concentrated hell” of an out list.

  212. I think Cat Daddy makes a valid point. Considering how the vultures descended on Marty’s mugshot post N’Orleans and splayed it across their joke’o’websites attacking Marty and Mike, I’m sure the same vultures would love to find some legal attack point against Marty and Mike.

    Sadly for DM and his insta-vultures, I suspect that Marty and Mike would love nothing more than to take on DM in court.

    In the meantime, with each blog report from several witnesses laying Miscavige’s actual behavior, degradation and criminality bare — and no legal counter-attack by Miscavige denying those reports — it becomes more and more obvious who would win if DM challenged these guys in court.

    And thank you, to both of you (Marty and Mike) for not going the way of Mayo, and accepting a pay off.

    And thank you to everyone else who’s had the courage to blow the whistle on Miscavige, despite personal comfort and even danger. In light of how destructive Miscavige has truly become (ala Rex Fowler), you guys are the real heros in this saga.

  213. Very true Tom especially when you approach the FPRD on the assumption that it is the Pre OT’s overt or Ev Purp which could equal one out list per every overt or e purp run.

  214. Jethro, it appears to me that for certain Rex was into the “greatest good, for the greatest number of dynamics”. He felt he was nothing and the church was all. This from what I have seen was brought on by the out tech. When GAT came out wow all I had to do was look and I was out of there.

  215. crashingupwards

    Raul. How can I say this delicately? Never mind. I cant. Your a 1.1 ro 1.5 tone level Troll. From day one. Dont try to take on Jim Logan. your outmatched at every possible level of comparrison and competition. Take your hate and get lost. Crawl back under that rock.

  216. One of the main things I’ve found with this kind of suppressive auditing is that when they finally get their “three swing F/N” what they are actually looking at is an ARC X needle, which they then magnanimously announce to the PC or Pre OT as an F/N. The pc is soooo NOT in session. But they learn how to “beat the system.”

  217. Lynne and Scott: While failure and the bottom of the tone scale do go hand in hand …

    Where is your compassion for people who do fail? Utterly in life.

    Or is compassion only reserved for those who “deserve” it?


  218. Fellow Traveller

    Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

    Abraham Lincoln

    Bruce Pratt

  219. “Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

    And then once done, DM can covertly and innocently state: “Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you.”

    Of course they’ll “listen to you” Miscavige — you’ve just inflicted pain, humilation and tore their minds to pieces with reverse auditing.

    DM: bringing 1984 to life since 1984.

  220. Operatingwog

    Mr Rathbun,

    If I understand correctly, you are alleging that a Church of Scientology member instructed/encouraged Fowler to commit murder, and that OSA then acted to prevent this fact from becoming apparent during Fowler’s trial (in part by tampering with witnesses). And you’re suggesting that Miscavige was behind these actions.

    It’s stating the obvious to say that these are INCREDIBLY SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS, and that if they are true then it is a matter of pressing importance that those people within the CoS who played a part in instigating this murder should be brought to justice. I don’t understand why you are making these allegations after Fowler’s trial has been completed. Why didn’t you notify the police investigators? Why didn’t you draw this information to the attention of Fowler’s defence team? Why didn’t you endeavour to make this information available to the press reporting on the case (who would presumably have gone wild for it)?

    The witnesses you refer to can presumably be afforded police protection if they come forward to confirm your account of events. Please do the right thing and bring these alleged criminal actions to the attention of the relevant authorities.

  221. I had personal conversations by email with Rex on this matter, and I will vouch for the accuracy of Marty’s statement. Rex Fowler did indeed contribute to the ongoing creation of a Gay Scientologist community on the net. I will also say that I have personal knowledge that it was OSA that put the kabosh on it in 2006.

  222. Vulhala,

    I’d never accuse you of being a “troll”.

    To answer your question as far is I know Miscavige has had very little training in the subject he and the media claim he is the “Religious Leader” of.

    (Personally I never accepted that BS story but I digress)

    As far as I know according to a sworn affidavit he’s never done an Org Exec Course and it is doubtful according to same affidavit he knows what one is.

    He allegedly did the Scientology Levels but according to rumor he was busted off the internship for an excessive violation of the Auditors Code.

    An incident of slapping his PC.

    (Frankly I don’t doubt this rumor as it explains the future course of his behavior in “handling” others)

    Anyway the fact is known that he never completed an internship for his provisional Class IV certificate and therefore it is currently invalid.

    So the guy is an ignorant moron who knows nothing about administrative tech and can’t even complete a cycle of action as far a Scientology training is concerned.

    Moving on to his case.

    Again this is rumor but as far as I know the last level he completed was OT IV back in the early ’90’s and hasn’t had any auditing since this point again according to inside sources because he doesn’t feel there is anyone good enough to handle his case.

    More likely he’s afraid that all they’ll find is all case and no thetan 🙂

    Not only that but according to recent posts on this blog. The guy uses what we call squirrel tech what is called facetiously “grounding tech” where the lil’ rodent “grounds” himself by hanging on to two copper rods buried deep within the earth.

    In the guy is about unqualified as it gets to “lead” the Church of Scientology probably the only one who would be more unqualified would be Jolly West if he were still alive.

    Though since he’s dead he’d actually be more qualified than Dave 🙂

  223. Watching Eyes

    I have to say that many of comments on this particular blog topic are simply some of the snarkiest I’ve ever seen here. Right down to posting that revolting video of Wally Hanks brutalizing a child all the while telling him to look at the picture of LRH……..while he instills an engram. Was that comment meant to tell us that was standard tech? Hardly. But it sure was meant to divert attention as were some of the other off the wall comments. You know who you are; I don’t need to name you.

    The trolls have come out of the woodwork on this one. That tells me one thing: DM is scared witless of the Rex Fowler case. What’s he afraid of? Could it possibly be that he’s afraid the Ciancio will file a lawsuit? You bet it is! Well, dwarf, I’m tired of scrolling down this blog and seeing those nasty comments. Two can play your game so now I’ll make a comment of my own…… the murdered man’s family:

    To Tom Ciancio’s family
    I hope you’re reading this blog. I hope by now you realize where the deep pockets are. I hope you do file suit against this rotten to the core cult. Don’t worry about having to go through another trial. It ain’t gonna happen. I’ll be surprised if it even makes it to depositions. I’m serious. The cult will want any lawsuit shut up, paid up and forgotten asap. You’ll get all the money Tom’s wife & children need and then some. At least she won’t have to stress over money while raising their children without their father. Go for it!! You’ll prevail.

  224. I was shocked to see that Rex Fowler, after making hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of contributions to Scientology, Inc. was represented by a Public Defender. He either had no money to be defended by an attorney that would fight for him, or his family was simply manipulated by “handlers” to go with a bare bone level of legal representation that sought the easier way out. Despite his hundred of thousands of dollars of contributions to the “church” at the end of it, they just washed their hands of him. Did they take up a donation drive to help with legal expenses? Did they offer to just give back all the donations they sucked up? What Rex did was a terrible terrible thing, but even more terrible was the COMPLICITY of Scientology, Inc. to this crime, as evidenced by the fact that they had to send out so many “handlers” to keep Scientology Inc from being dragged into this. And also by the fact that his wife was clearly way-too-much concerned about the security of his briefcase and its content, and how that damn briefcase was so important to her “church” (per the police report). This is such a heartbreaking story: a man who is driven to murder because he can no longer cope with the harassment, the invalidation, the assault on his intentions mixed with the pressure to “terminatedly handle” WITHOUT BEING GUIDED TOWARDS A CONSTRUCTIVE SOLUTION FROM HIS CHURCH (who have ALL the answers, and THAT is what they are suppose to do- to provide succor and aide a member in need, to help guide) . And then they turn their back on him, and MANIPULATE the wife and family to go along with their strategy on how to handle the case so that Scientology, DM et al are kept out of it…..My heart just goes out to the Fowler and Ciancio families. He was relentlessly pressured to give his family’s and his company’s money to the “church”, and the “church” failed him when he was obviously struggling with how to keep himself an active contributor to them and yet struggling with his responsibilities towards his family and employees and partners. Thomas Ciancio’s – instead of suing and getting all legal about it, he elected to just leave, and negotitated and settle for a paltry $10,000. I say to to them all: LOOK OUT FOR YOURSELVES. Don’t be fooled by the reassurances, the “help” or the expressions of sympathy from Scientology, Inc. They are not ultimately interested in your welfare. They are ONLY interested in theirs. There are false prophets who are pretty good at wielding their shields of deception.

  225. Tony DePhillips

    Just got an OSA bot hushmail saying how Marty hates LRH, blah blah blah.
    This made me think of how OSA is using stooges on this blog to try to create the image that Marty supports LRH bashing, so when newbies come here and lurk they may get scared off of the site and start drinking the kool aide again.

  226. Jethro Bodine

    Yes Clearwater Lawyer, that’s exactly what I’m saying. One additional point that you might not be aware of is that since Rex Fowler committed an act of murder, as well an apparent suicide attempt, regardless of what he’s actually convicted of in a court of law, Rex would have been labelled what’s called an “ILLEGAL PC” in Scn. This means that the guy is too high risk and too much of a liability to receive church services anymore. People who have heavy psychiatric histories or who have worked in certain parts of the governemt get this label and are not allowed to participate in Scn. So, Rex Fowler could never go into a Scientology church to receive services ever again. EVER.

    So perhaps from Rex’s twisted (and manipulated) point of view, his life was over anyways as he could never finish OT 7 and OT 8, nor any other OT level if and when released in the future (according to Marty, there are no more OT levels anyways, at least while Miscavige is in charge).

    The fact that Fowler was going to be kicked out of the church anyways, could have been one of the many reasons that he was convinced not to vigorously defend himself, which as you point out would almost have to involve bringing $cientology Inc into the picture. Based on the intel from Marty, it appears that OSA was all over this to ensure that this wouldn’t happen. I think one would have to have been in a cult-like environment of $cientoogy Inc to really understand the mindset of why/how someone would put the “church” ahead of their one live.

    Does anyone remember the movie “Godfather 2”? Towards the end of the movie, one of the key government witnesses who was ex-Mafia and was going to testify against Michael Corleone, was convinced by Tom Hagan (Corleone’s attorney played by Robert Duvall), to commit suicide by cutting his wrists while taking a bath (I forget the name of the character). This ex-Mafia don was being held by the government in a very high security military base, yet Michael Corleone was able to convince this guy (via a lawyer) to kill himself for the “greater good” of the well-being of his family. Eery similarities I think, though a lot of people here have compared corporate Scientology to organized crime.

  227. Tony DePhillips

    Sorry, hit the wrong button.
    Marty is making huge effects against the suppression of the cult of cabbage. I realized in a new unit of time how dm has infected the tech delivery of the church to prevent OTs from becoming strong and independent. He is AFRAID.
    Let us pour on the coals and have more and more people come out of the shadows of fear that dm has created. It is beautiful in the light.

  228. dm and scientology inc. have tried their damnedest to dictate the ways of its followers and failed and failed again.

    Starting, IMHO, where dm “made his bones” with the Cristopherson case in Portland — the famous Battle of Portland. (1985) Here dm, after a rather colossal fail at the initial court case, pulled out all stops, money, and glam and marched on the streets of Portland. Only to finally settle.

    LRH was still alive and it could look as if Miscavige WAS the golden boy because of the Battle of Portland. How soon after LRH’s death, did the dm Inc. settle with Cristopherson — I don’t know but I’m betting it was pretty soon. (not that parishioners were told – Marty did post something about all the settlements that DID occur quietly after LRH’s death however)

    While all this was taking place, behind the eyes of his “adoring” public, dm was living the high life at the Benson Hotel. Portland’s landmark 5 star luxury hotel. Except back in THOSE days, these luxury accommodations were NOT paid out of Sea Org Reserves, rather through the largesse of Marshall Goldblatt (RIP), public pc (who years later was denied services at the FSO – another story, another time)

    How do I know about dm in Portland? Auspicious coincidence. My ex and I would sometimes spend weekends in Portland and stay at the Benson and WOW — there was dm, Starkey and two attorneys. Chatting away at breakfast. We introduced ourselves and dm was CLEAR to say that our wins in court were imminent and certain!! He was SO proud of himself. YIKES — quite the reverse happened.

    So … thanks to Heber who is the quintessential public relations person and the help of Pat Gualtieri and dozens of celebrities, the Battle of Portland began and with it thousands of eager and helpful scientologists flocked to Portland.

    Did dm leave the Benson? No way. He stayed for weeks in the lap of luxury while scores of scientologists bussed all over the US, slept in their cars, in the park to defend their church.

    And dm drank his expensive scotch at night, walking from the Benson bar and through the lobby, drink in hand. I saw this only once but it was enough to send shock waves through my system. I mean — how does THIS work? (still having a Sea Org standard regarding drinking and being on post)

    Yet, somehow dm became a hero to many due to his “brilliant” orchestration of this campaign. (pardon me while I gag!!)

    And thus — was born (IMHO) a man who took the glory from his staff, set himself on a par with LRH and started to believe his own BS. And dm has continued unabatedly through the years.

    LRH passed away about 6 months after the Battle of Portland.

    The rest is history.

    Culminating most recently in the discard of Rex Fowler.

    Make no mistake. Rex Fowler has been discarded. I believe by his wife, his children and surely everyone still remaining within dm Inc.

    We cannot feel compassion for a murderer. For someone who goes insane and becomes psychotic. For someone who commits suicide or adultery, or steals FOR his church or commits UNSPEAKABLE evil.

    No indeed. Compassion in dm Inc is reserved for the high and mighty, the rich and perfect who have no sins yet are willing to give everything and more to stay within this ice prison, lest they be cast out among the unwashed.

    Yet it is the unwashed who are free. Or as LRH said in recounting an Italian folk story: the kings son was dying and the sages said that only the shirt of a happy man could cure his son. Finally they found a happy man but alas, he had no shirt.

    It is my deepest wish that ironically (as CD mentioned above) Rex Fowler find in prison the peace he sought, that he somehow finds himself again. And not unlike the Bird Man of Alcatraz finds some means of redemption before he dies.

    And that each of us remember — there by the Grace of God, go I.


  229. Alex Braverman

    “DM: bringing 1984 to life since 1984.”
    How true.

  230. I like what you say, CD

  231. Jethro Bodine

    One other defense that Fowler apparently gave up – the “insanity” defense. It would be extremely bad PR for a high-level scientologist like Rex Fowler to plead insanity because he was at almost the top of the bridge. Also, it would have to involve Fowler being evaluated by and perhaps even treated by psychiatrists – a concept abhorrent to scientologists since they believe all evil and crime and decaying civilizations are the result of “the psychs”. So that door was closed to him as well, though this may have been his own choosing.

  232. And your friendly acknowledgement makes me happy once again that I did not put censure into my answer to you. Sometimes I do that in the rush of the moment and I regret it later. LOL

  233. Publius, I am torn by your answer. Yes, I see your point, but I still love those people who are in there trying blindly to make it go right. When they wake up they will feel just as stupid as I did for letting it go on so long. SS(Sad Smile.)

  234. You’re right WH, I have distanced myself from Rex and therefore feel very little compassion for him. I acknowledge it as a flaw in your eyes, and I respect you for your viewpoint.

  235. And I also acknowledge that I got into this habit in the CofS.

  236. I’ll bite: Who is the lender on the loan?

  237. Pingback: Top Posts —

  238. Tony DePhillips

    Oh yeah!!
    Thanks Scott!

  239. Excellent summary of the events and also the attitude of the church.

  240. I don’t know if this has been posted, but this ABC story deals with the Scientology angle in the case, and of Janet’s behavior at the hospital:

  241. @Tony, I have received a few of those about ExScn Message Board Posters and one about Marty a couple of months back. Seems I don’t get them any more since I wrote the bot back and told them directly I don’t like third party email campaigns and how sorry I felt for them having to work for OSA.
    Michael A. Hobson

  242. Yes, exactly. Three swings and an end to the endless ruds, or sec checking or whatever it is, is way more important than PC indicators or auditor awareness.

  243. You’re not the only one. 🙂

  244. It’s a presumption, and a wrong one at that. Mike is not DM. Mike has been posting on the internet for at least 3 years now . He’s just as critical of DM as many here are. You can find his posts over at OCMB. His nic is TheEvilOfScientology

  245. Thank you. I’m so glad you are here.

  246. Tony DePhillips

    Sort of the “icing on the cake” after many “no” f/n’s and overrun f/ns to then call the ARCX f/n as a real f/n is the final stabbing thrust to the pc or OTs heart. The kill shot, if you will.

  247. Tony DePhillips

    Try wearing a horse hair shirt for a week as ammends..

  248. Thanks Han! That is really good data to have.

  249. Tony DePhillips

    Very Aesthetic OTDT.
    I loved the “THE END” part too…

  250. Alanzo,
    Rex Fowler is a PRODUCT of the current church of DM. You need to word clear the word Product. Then word clear OVERT PRODUCT. That should clear it up for you. Since DM is the head of the church the buck stops with him.

  251. @Tony: I’ll wager I’ve been dealing with the anti-Scio critics *and* the Internet OSA Bot squad for many years longer than you. Yes, crap up this blog and every venue where DM’s crimes are being exposed with enough entheta to scare people away is exactly their desire and agenda. So why help them by responding to the trolls with such (“right indication” or not, well deserved or not) ?
    Kindly retract that “naive” insult.
    Michael A. Hobson

  252. Fellow Traveller

    oh wow.

    i lack words to express my gratitude to you for this piece of history.
    i can find a few to thank you for being, being here, and contributing. you are an incredible being and we are soooo fortunate to have you here.


    Bruce Pratt

  253. Fellow Traveller

    Interesting, Tony.

    You have any idea what’s the comm lag between dear leader’s characteristics being revealed here and the accusation of Marty, et al (you included 🙂 ) having those very same characteristics? It is one for one if my possibly faulty memory serves.

    Dude — you rock.

    Bruce Pratt

  254. Scott Campbell

    Dear All,

    Ask anyone who knows me and was there , I was literally driven to the absolute depths of insanity with Black Dianetics while in the Sea Org. Some of the acts perpetrated on me while in this state were to literally provoke me to commit suicide by the most profoundly heinous means, including a prolonged administration of a deep narcosynthesis drug and another drug that causes retrograde amnesia, both prescribed by scientologist doctors (one of whom did her residency in a psych ward) – all the while with auditors performing actual Black Dianetics processes on me. The Implant/Cave-in to commit suicide was then further facilitated by Sea Org members physically taking me to a place in the dead of night where I could have easily jumped to my death and ended it all, TWICE – with no one the wiser – yet I did not.

    Should I have chosen to, during this time I could have easily hurt or killed others; Spider-Man had nothin’ on me. Yet I did not.

    I guess that’s what happens when you tell the Top Brass over your org that the Sea Org has become a snakes-nest of lies, deceit and corruption and that you will expose it.

    And this is only a fraction of the story.

    Why did I not hurt or kill myself or others? Simple, I’m not an SP. No matter how insane, at some level a being still knows the difference between right and wrong.

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone but, I have no little sympathy for Rex Fowler or anyone else who commits murder.

    I also have no sympathy for people who purport to be the arbiters of dignity from a high horse – who know not of which they speak.


  255. OK, then. So where is the evidence that such exists or existed on the internet? I’m a good researcher and the internet is a big database for many things. I don’t like heresay unsupported without some evidence. I found nothing to support that such a community ever existed on the internet. Can you please provide some evidence? A link of some sort? This would benefit everyone. Thank you.

  256. Fellow Traveller

    I cannot take credit for making the following analogy/connection. But consider this, sourced from wikipedia:

    In a 60 Minutes interview that aired during May 2000, Farrakhan stated that some of the things he said may have led to the assassination of Malcolm X. “I may have been complicit in words that I spoke”, he said. “I acknowledge that and regret that any word that I have said caused the loss of life of a human being.”[39] A few days later Farrakhan denied that he “ordered the assassination” of Malcolm X, although he again acknowledged that he “created the atmosphere that ultimately led to Malcolm X’s assassination.”

    Bruce Pratt

  257. Alex,
    We are still “In Session” – running out this 3rd Dynamic engram. Theta is abundant and the confusion is blowing off.
    I appreciate your post.

  258. Tony,
    Got one as well, I guess we’re on the same OSAbotemailwritingflunky trolling list.

    Perhaps Danny Sherman is moonlighting and writing these unbelievable, illogic sentences with totally weird structures.

    I’m wondering how anyone could possibly think these stupid Hushmail emails is supposed to cover David Miscavige’s sorry ass or have any type of effect other than bringing one down to 1.5 while reading it, getting more disgust and contempt for David Miscavige and his losing game.

  259. Clearwater Lawyer

    Thanks for the clarification Jethro and Carol,
    I was wondering about the insanity defense too. I now see that how that option would undermine the integrity of the spiritual path that he was working toward, in addition to being bad pr. Its ironic that after forfeiting his rights and probably his life for the sake of the church he gets kicked out, and at a time when he most needs the support of the church and the church community!
    @Carol “he felt he was nothing and the church was all” – looks like that
    was his self fulfilling prophecy. It did come true in this case.

  260. 2xr

    When I routed out of the SO I got a Sec Check. At first there was some clean up to do – and then it was done, but it was not over. The Sec Check ground on. I told the Sec Checker (who was a friend of mine and still is from my view) “that there is nothing there”. He persisted and “the grind” was really on. Finally, I was at peace with his viewpoint of “digging to find something – anything” and he got the idea there was nothing to find and it was completed.

    Your point #1 above reminded me of this Sec Check. This is well before GAT and 3 swing FNs – THANKFULLY!

  261. Operatingwog

    MR appeared to me to be making an allegation of specific criminal conducts, not an allegation concerning the creation of an atmosphere conducive to a crime occuring.
    To quote:
    ‘Shortly before the murder Rex was commanded by a Scienology Inc bot to “terminatedly handle” Thomas.’
    ‘Witnesses were influenced to stay quiet, stay under the radar, and make themselves scarce.’
    I have subsequently read on another site that ‘terminatedly handle’ has a specific scientological meaning, viz. handle for the last time before disconnecting. In that case it’s completely irrelevant whether or not Fowler received this command. (This should be cleared up, though. Someone not versed in scientology terminology would get the impression from MR’s original post that Fowler was commanded to murder.)

  262. Brian Culkin

    I am going to be posting my story soon on this blog. I was only involved in the church for less than a year but managed to ‘donate’ several hundred thousand dollars. I am trying to recoup at least some of my money but Flag is really being as dishonest and unethical as possible. I am looking forward to posting and adding another voice to calling these guys out on the carpet.

    This was a sad story. Hopefully things will change for the better soon.


  263. I can only say, Wow, Scott. You leave me speechless.

  264. Perhaps you haven’t read my earlier comments. I do know whereof I speak … as an OT VIII who “suffered” a severe psychotic break/nervous breakdown, was suicidal …

    And I didn’t KILL anyone either. I

    By the grace of god, the circumstances DID not come together which MIGHT have led me to do so.

    Rex Fowler is NOT an SP (IMHO) — the circumstances of his life, his past lives (AKA Karma) came together in such a way that he did commit murder.

    So Mr Campbell — why not call a spade a spade … call ME arrogant and coming from a high horse of dignity. Rather than say “people” — since your comment comes AFTER mine, I can only assume you mean me.

    And watch EXACTLY the words I use — I didn’t say I had SYMPATHY for Rex.

    Rather I said I had COMPASSION for him.

    Those words are NOT the same.


  265. That was a nice note on Marshall Goldblatt WH ~~ thank you.
    I recalled with affection and old and wonderful man called Marshall Goldblatt,
    often nicknamed “The Godfather” of the Church, purely out of generosity.

    Marshall gave and gave and gave millions upon millions to the Church. He almost could not say NO.

    He purchased superfluous things such as LEATHER BOUND LIBRARIES for RUMANIA and RUSSIA
    (who knows if they were ever delivered ?”)

    Entire course rooms of books for FSO multiple times for the students.

    Translations for the books into languages, countless donations for Way to Happiness, CCHR, ABLE, NARCONON, SUPER Power auditing, SUPER Power Building, IAS, funding for countless Ideal Orgs, you name it, Marshall coughed up the bucks$$$$$$$$$$

    I did not know Marshall footed the bill for the BENSON hotel at the Battle of Portland for Miscavige.

    Marshall went in and out of the Illegal pc category.

    The problem with Marshall was that he was an electric shock case. This is not private case data, Marshall discussed it openly and often ~~ he had a series of over 50 electric shock treatments and this made him an ILLEGAL PC.


    Marshall was Mr Gotbucks, $$$ and most rules and regulations and bended when you give Mega bucks to the Church.

    He first called me when I worked at OSA INT because he was not being accepted at Flag. He asked if I could “help.” These were days in the early 1980s My title was Presidential Aide, I was Heber’s Assistant and I made a flurry of phone calls to the FSO.

    “Did you know, ” I said with an authoritative tone that Marshall was the Realtor that acquired the PAC Complex for the Church ?

    Did you know, that he acquired the entire BIG Blue for a mere $3 million in cash, now worth at least 10x that ?

    Did you know that Marshall has donated millions, probably the highest roller of all time in terms of sheer generosity ?

    Did you know that Marshall has never caused a single problem for any Church …and has been on lines for several years at Celebrity Center Los Angeles ? ”

    There was silence the other end of the comm line while FSO personnel calculated the $$$$$$$$$ that could be forthcoming from Marshall. I could almost hear the cash registers clinking as calculations were made.

    Marshall was accepted by Flag Service Org and spent the next 25 years on and off Flag went all the way through to OT 7.

    Electric shock be dammed !
    He was a generous donor!

    Marshall never forget me through the years, he kept in touch.

    So in 2009 it pained me greatly to get weekly Emails from Marshall where FSO refused to service him once again.

    After the Lisa Mcpherson death, the lines on ILLEGAL Pcs, had pendulum swung to ridiculous criteria.

    Marshall was older in 2009 He had body problems, he was on some drugs and once more FSO refused to service him while regging him huge sums for the Basics.
    Just about every Org on the planet regged him for the Basics.

    Marshall developed some cancer, had it removed and in remission, but once FSO heard that, he was told he was no longer ELLIGIBLE for Flag.

    This is modern Taliban Scientology: We will relentlessly suck out every last penny from you, but you are on your own to die, we just don’t want the BAD PR of it at the Flag Land Base.
    Marshall weakened over the years and was regged and donated for humongous sums of money, week in and week out. He would get calls directly from GOLD and INT ~~ Sandy and Greg Wilhere was one of those was always able to close cycles on him.

    It became his entire goal in life to have a review and handle what he felt Flag messed up in an earlier session.

    He sent me via Email all kinds of references ~~


    Flag would not accept him. Even to simply repair what they had messed up in his case.


    Marshall felt more and more rejected and dejected in 2009.
    FSO had scooped in the millions and refused to let him return and CSed him to get touch assists from a travelling AOSHUK auditor.

    The fear was he would die on the base. This went on for 18 months. He died after 18 months of trying.

    Over the top of a HUGE ARC break with Flag and his friends dumping him with an “Illegal pc” label, he died in 2009, lonely and abandoned by the Church he had poured his life and finance into for 40 years.

    It is only about the money in this Vulture Culture

    Fly High with the Angels dear Marshall Goldblatt

  266. Amazing WH and compassionate. Thank you.

  267. “Please do the right thing and bring these alleged criminal actions to the attention of the relevant authorities.”

    Oh please OW your naivety defies serious consideration.

    I guess there are different flavors of Kool-aid.

  268. – Puhleeze! What you lack is the ability to apply logic. Stick around and read up, de-PTS yourself and perhaps you too can come to see the illogics you espouse in the name of LRH.
    I see you for what you are.
    Find out where you are.

  269. Free and Clear

    Since DM took over from LRH, it has been one landmark achievement after another. Few $cientologist$ realize how much DM has done to create a distraction free environment where the bad news of this crazy planet cannot impinge. Yes folks, think about it. Its been one over the top disaster after another successfully kept from the delicate eyes of the public. Mr. R and Mr R. know about these incidents, but never mention them. They figure DM has done enough to discredit and defame the reputation of OT and the SO without them mentioning some of the truly nasty shit that has gone under the carpet. Who heard about the the AOSH UK tours reg that was raped and murdered while on a “reg tour” in EU? Sent out alone, and never came back. Anyone heard about that one? I guess not. What about the crazy dude that walked into Portland org and shot up several staff members with a handgun? Hmm… not mentioned at any events I guess. Don’t want to get any one’s nerves jangling do we! Of course Steve Brackett – another super powerfully regged OT threw himself off a bridge when the reality of what he had done with other peoples money sank in. And now we arrive to the grand finale- Rex Fowler. A living testiment to the power of the Scientology carpet. The shit that has gone under the carpet would blow the minds of any Scientologist living in their perfectly sculpted worlds. DM=SP. Period.

  270. But now that I’ve caught my breath, if you have already published your story, please point me in that direction.

    And if not, please do, if you are in a position to make it public.

  271. Simple – Black Dianetics and reverse Scientology. Dig a little deeper Robert, these things exist.

  272. Tony~Barbie doll collection ~ LMAO 😆

  273. Mike,

    “Do the right thing for once” ?????????

    I have an evaluation about you – You are an asshole. Period.

  274. Marty,

    You have a heart of gold and the patience of an extrordinary auditor. Thans for all that you do (and put up with).

  275. Wow Windhorse,

    Great post!

    This line says it all

    “Compassion in dm Inc is reserved for the high and mighty, the rich and perfect who have no sins yet are willing to give everything and more to stay within this ice prison, lest they be cast out among the unwashed.”

    So true … and as quickly as one falls in disfavor, the church discards you like a piece of garbage. Protecting their ‘image’, continuing to prey on the obedient parishioners that are left, staying out of court and spinning every bad report is the grist that turns the mill.

    These guys only care about control, dumbing down the existing parishioners to the point of blindness, & money.

    They care nothing about enlightenment at all.

  276. Jim is your training center still open?

  277. Bizarre behavior for a wife in that situation:

    Here you have a business colleague murdered, her husband in the hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and all she is concerned about is his freekin’ briefcase!

    Man … talk about goofball priorities

  278. CD, You are a good man. Thanks.

  279. Scott Campbell

    Thanks to my buddy Karola for this inspiration.

    Only one way out of this mess. LRH’s entreaty to use the tech:

    L. Ron Hubbard

    LRH ED 348 INT

    Birthday RJ
    13 March 1983


    And thank you for your good wishes on this 13 March 83.

    I am well and doing very fine indeed and I sincerely hope you are the same, and, believe me, earnestly, that is the only reason I have done the work I’ve done this last half century.

    If at a breath I could wish the whole universe right as you too may have dreamed, it would be wonderful. But it takes a lot more than breaths or wishes to accomplish that and it requires that you also do your part in it if you and those dear to you are going to make it fully.

    So I have a Birthday gift for you to return the flow of the avalanches of good wishes and remembrances that you send me. And as I accept them gratefully, so I hope you will accept this legacy.

    It is the tech.

    You see, despite inferences to the contrary, this tech has not been available before anywhere and was not even known.

    I say this as no boast, but with something of amazement for you see researches by most others in the past have not been aimed at bettering man but making him more suggestible and obedient.

    As a proof of this, any trouble Dianetics and Scientology had is traced to those who engage in suppression of individuals and man.

    They use numerous ways to attempt the eradication of this tech. Denying it is the first. Invalidation is the second. Corrupting it is the next. But all these efforts in whatever guise, boil down to just one thing: to prevent people frnm achieving and enjoying freedom.

    Those who attempt to suppress our tech do not themselves have the faintest clue of how to better anyone. This they cannot do. And this is your ace in the hole.

    You see, truth must exist before lies and truth blows the lie away as it is later on the chain. And any suppressive person or group seeking to dissuade you or invalidate you deals only in lies. These lies are quite easily spotted if you know the Data Series.

    Most people get so confused by all the lies around, they come to believe anything they’re told and that’s the reason the suppressive lies. But with the Data Series, one can spot bad data so easily it is itself a sort of relief to know it.

    And as you burrow your way down through the layers of lies, you come to truth. And truth blows the lies away.

    So we come to this legacy of tech. It is the route, which if purely used, uncorrupted and unperverted, will bring you at last to the vast free vistas of freedom and truth and the glory of being really you.

    But this is not all, and this is my true message to you this Birthday: IF YOU KNOW THE TECH, IT WILL PROTECT YOU.

    You do not even have to believe it works. If you really know the true tech, no one and nothing can hurt you or demean you in the ages to come.

    So it is not just freedom that is the goal; it is the maintaining of it one must assure.

    Those who do not let you have it, twist it, invalidate it and pretend it is something else that’s meant, are seeking to deny you not just the road out but the armor of knowledge that will guard you.

    So this is my gift to you this Birthday in return for all your well wishing: the legacy of tech.

    The policy is there to guard and deliver the tech as well as to help make a better society and this is also yours.

    It means of course that you yourself must more than whiff at the bouquet of tech. It means hard and earnest study and precise application for only those will bring it into full bloom in your life.

    It is true that paths are sometimes rough and that travel can be tiring and long. But wait!

    There are vistas never dreamed of, there are joys never even known, there are glories no past glory ever surpassed.

    These wait for you but only if you accept my legacy and help bring these things about.

    And in the years to come and the ages that follow, the hosannas will be for your Birthday, not mine.

    My Love,




    by L. Ron Hubbard

  280. Publius~Quite a right indication!
    It was here on this blog where I realized (10 year comm lag 😉 ) that immediately following the GAT meter course is when I didn’t want to audit anymore (my absolute purpose in life which my entire life had revolved around) and then getting ridiculous auditing where the auditor couldn’t tell an ARC break F/N from a real one (the joys of GAT again) that I knew it would only get worse inside the CofS.

  281. Tony,
    I think Raul is more into being a body than being a thetan plus body – if the former icon and Raul’s own description of his profession have any accuracy. If one takes that at face value, it accounts for a lot of his jock vs. nerd viewpoints and expression of those viewpoints, also his high self-esteem and rightness.

    I’m not for just turning the other cheek if a guy takes a real swing but when cheap shots are really nothing more than a passing of wind I’m inclined to just hold my nose for a moment and let the air clear.

  282. Scott~I got your joke 😉 I even chuckled…relief from the pain I know the families are feeling…

  283. Tony DePhillips

    Lighten up man…You are not the blog police.
    I don’t agree with your viewpoint on this.

  284. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Mike.
    I have written them back before, but no joy. I don’t really mind getting them. It keeps me in tune with how friggin lame these guys are.

  285. Robert~Yeah dude…read up on the blog of the specifics of how or why those OTs went whack.
    The closer to the top, the more whack they are. It’s insane. I observed this myself being all lowly and out in the boondocks for the most part. The closer to David Miscavige people in the church are, the crazier they get.

  286. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Sinar,
    Ya I was wondering what they were supposed to be trying to accomplish? Did they think I was going to run into my Org and beg forgiveness or fly to Flag and ask for a sec check or FPRD. Please allow me to be suppressed by you fuckheads some more!! I love abuse and you guys specialize in it. Duh…These guys are friggin idiots led by the king of all idiots, DM the king TURD!~!!

  287. By the way Mike.

    Love the icon 🙂

    Hey I’m not into the lone Miscavige theory myself, so I agree with you somewhat though I have to say that Marty presents some compelling facts and does make some interesting connections.

    I personally never believed it was *all* Miscavige because most importantly I don’t think it is and because I don’t ever want to assign the lil’ rabid squirrel that much *cause*.

    I never accepted the “fact” that he was the “Pope of Scientology” or its uncontested “Religious Leader”.

    To me the guy never had any legitimacy.

    However that said.

    There are people who believe this guy is the second coming of Christ or something.

    So they follow his insane batshit orders.

    It’s also possible that he is being manipulated and controlled from the outside.

    Who knows?

    That said you gotta admit that Miscavige by falsely claiming his leadership has dragged Scientology down to a Jimmy Jones like cult even if he didn’t do it alone.

    Therefore he is an obvious target for our wrath.

    Maybe too obvious.

    Since those things that are most abberative are those things which are hidden.

  288. Tony DePhillips

    MH: You are still my homeboy though…

  289. So in conclusion, his aim is to milk as much cash out of it as he can…

  290. This post comes close to answering some questions I have. I’d be grateful for people’s thoughts:

    1. What is the etymology of the expression “terminatedly handle”?
    2. Is it fair to assume that to terminatedly handle a problem or a person does not mean to kill them, but to deal with it/them unequivocally?
    3. Where would a public person in Rex’s position previously have come across the expression?


  291. My thoughts exactly. Well said, freespirit.

  292. Been There~You nailed it 100%.

  293. Bryon, I sent the link to this blog to a member of the Ciancio family. One of the lawyers.

  294. Since I always like to entertain or speculate on deep dark possibilities.

    Is it possible that Fowler was ordered to off Ciancio and then kill himself?

    Another one of those hair brained schemes hatched by the (lack of) Intelligence Community like Mk Ultra or Artichoke?

    Who knows what might have happened at the Mecca of Technical Implantation.

    However we do know that by using narcosynthesis or Pain Drugs and Hypnosis it is possible to achieve a similar result.

  295. Scott, your story sounds horrific. I’m glad you survived. If/When you’re ready to share any details, you will have a large group interested in your story. I hope you find more and more peace and freedom.

  296. Setting someone up to do a midnight Spiderman audition has got to be the acme of evil and cowardice. A formula for plausible deniability? – get a guy to off himself? How disgusting. Such a failed Black Dn attempt at a solution to someone’s disagreement truly begs the question, though – “How long before they begin to give a ‘helping hand’ with the Spidy audition?” How much Kool Aid would the helper-guy have to drink before a figurtive push-over-the-brink became an actual push? A scary question to have to ask, but in the shadow of a story like your’s, it needs to be asked.

    Another consequence of your story is that it actually adds credibility to the possibility of similar, or more refined, “influences” on the behavior of Fowler. They tried to drive you insane, but failed; Fowler was driven insane.

    There’s no question that the murder was an insane solution to the problems Fowler faced. Weakness of character in his case? Perhaps just a weakness that was exacerbated by the overwhelming demands and force he had on his lines, and pushed to the ultimate limit, to insanity? If that was the case it would be a “simple” matter of gross out-tech on the lines. That would be preferable to the alternate implication which is that there was deliberate, criminal intent to cause mayhem through Black Dn, through an advanced Spidy program.

    Whether or not he was an SP, or simply didn’t have the mettle to maintain his integrity, or was the subject of a failed Spidy program we may never know. On the other hand, only dead men don’t tell tales, so the possibility of a future Rex-revelation is still there. The dim one should worry.

  297. barneyrubble


    Great comment. What is interesting is VA (Vicky Aznaran) was the IG RTC during the battle of Portland, and DM was not part of this at all. Marty and Rinder will no doubt explain further.

  298. Well…… I wonder what is happening with Alex (Rex’s son). He is or was the Treas Sec at ASHO Foundation. Great guy. The gun was his and apparently he gave/offered it to his dad (Rex).
    Alex is a great guy, caring, funny….. Hoping he is now out of the SO and that he will find the truth.

  299. Mike Hobson,
    How comes your comments are ALWAYS aimed towards good intended people on this blog, ie: Jim L?
    Can you ever leave a theta comment?

  300. You didn’t “ask’ you conjectured some conspiracy theory about Susan Meister’s death and claimed it was somehow similar to the current scene with Rex Fowler which it isn’t.

    Also what does Arte Maren have to do with all of this and what is the exact “play book” you are referring to?

    Do you think that there is some special drill or procedure to handle some death or suicide.

    I don’t know what Mike will say but I can tell you that you are full of shit.

    No confidential GO Directive, no secret PL or special drill on how to handle the body.

    That’s all covered on the CIA manual on Assassination.

    Care to read it:

    People like you give Scientology critics a bad name.

  301. Amusing that they think these campaigns will work on REAL Scientologists.

  302. Thanks for answering my question RJ 🙂

    Seems like an insane situation really. Akin to the Catholic Church having a Pope that had only skim-read the Bible. I would ask the question of why the rest of the senior management would listen to him, knowing that he’s talking out of his ass, but I guess that’s a situation you would have to be a part of to fully understand.

    Still, if this blog keeps growing as it has been and people keep leaving the ‘Church’ in droves, pretty soon he’ll have no one left to listen to him anyway. Except TC 😀

  303. Oh, and I apologise for the ‘troll’ comment. What I meant to get across was that I’ve seen you guys having problems with bots jumping into the conversations, and I felt that because I know very little about Scientology, my ignorance might come across as suspicious to you guys.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to respond 🙂

  304. He’s also afraid of what else we’ll find out about him. I’d stake my life that DM has far more blood on his hands and Marty is only picking away at the scabs so far.

  305. ‘Operatingwog’
    OSA where do you come up with these handles?

  306. Dear Scott,

    Your story is one of the worst I have ever heard and I have heard a lot.

    As you know, I want to be sure that it is told in length and breath, head to toe and I will help you write it if you need to dictate it or need any other help.

    This is a story for future books ~~ to be memorialized in history of how dark the Sea Org can get.

  307. “In other words, Scientology per LRH’s own point of view, had a lot of hefty and powerful enemies in it’s time.”

    It wasn’t just per Ron’s POV John.

    We did have and probably still do have “hefty and powerful enemies”.

    The problem is they now either run the Church through Miscavige or are allowing him to take the Church in the direction where they want it to go which is straight to hell in a bucket.

    You can read all about it in such policies as Counter Espionage and Infiltration.

    Anyone who thinks this is just Dave’s soliloquy is just being naive or really doesn’t see how the tech can affect the status quo.

    Ron and a few others were able to perceive that factor.

    The only difference between being paranoid and constantly vigilant is knowing who is really out to get you.

  308. Dear Paul,

    I don’t know who you are but the reason “Raul” is asking these questions has nothing to do with getting any actual *answer*.

    Obviously the reason why Rex would commit such an act is because his case was *bypassed* due non standard as in *squirrel* auditing and Black Dianetic procedures.

    The kind of “auditing” that is delivered on a daily basis in the Tax Exempt Government Approved and Certified Scientology.

    I mean who needs Camp X-ray or Abu Graib when they have the “Church of Scientology” just down the street?

  309. “you-know-who”

    That’s funny Leonore.

    That’s what Ingo used to call the spooks that came to SRI under the transparent cover of “East Coast Scientists”.

  310. Sorry Erwin,

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on any G-men visiting Rex.

    That’s about as likely to occur is a visit from space aliens.

    Dave’s got juice because he’s got backing from some very powerful SPs who run cover for the lil’ shrimp.

    Though I think time is getting nigh to hang Davy out to dry because he’s becoming such an obvious embarrassment sorta like Manual Noriega.

  311. Thank you, Michael Hobson. It was interesting to me that Monique Yingling was present at these settlement negotiations. I wonder how much involvement she had in “running the show” for OSA behind the scenes in the Rex Fowler case. She is not a criminal defense attorney, but she certainly would have had an awareness of the implications of this trial for DM and the Church, and the possible future wrongful death suit that the Thomas Ciancio family could bring, to the Church, for their involvement on pressuring Fowler for more money and for “terminatedly handling the situation” with Ciancio.
    In the Lisa McPherson case, the Medical Examiner changed her wording on the death certificate, taking away the possibility that the Church would be charged criminally. The only avenue left to the McPherson family for justice was a civil suit. There were stories on-line about the pressure put on the Medical Examiner by the Church to get her to change her statements. If true, it shows how far the Church will go to cover things up when there is a potential legal threat. On this case, a civil wrongful death suit was a relief for the Church, compared to the damage a criminal prosecution would have been.

    A wrongful death suit by the Ciancio family would probably be settled very quickly, due to the very adverse nature of the publicity about the Church intensely pressuring the business people in their ranks to rape, pillage and plunder their businessness for more money for the IAS. That, plus the urging to “terminately handle” Ciancio, would put the nail in their respective coffins. I am sure any Ciancio attorneys would have to come across the McPherson case in their research for a prosposed wrongful death civil suit. Hopefully, Mrs. Cianco has someone advising her on these matters. Just my two cents.

  312. Scott,
    I am thankful. Pushed to the brink, you reached and found the strength to face torment, and have come through to a higher state of being. To be there for others who face similar.

  313. Very well stated, Scott. One day I’d love to hear the rest of your story.

  314. Sirhan Sirhan
    I am glad to see that he was mentioned…
    PDH’d government style.
    Recent news stories…

    Ballistics and forensic evidence show that Sirhan Sirhan did not fire the kill shot to RFK.

    His attorney, William F Pepper, was a personal friend of Martin Luther King, Jr. In December 1999, Pepper proved in court that the government conspired to assassinate MLK.
    ~~(Click my name for the video story)

    Bill Pepper was a friend of Martin Luther King in the last year of his life. Some years after King’s death, Bill Pepper went on to represent James Earl Ray in his guilty plea, and subsequent conviction. Pepper believes that Ray was framed by the federal government and that King was killed by a conspiracy that involved the FBI, the CIA, the military, the Memphis police and organized crime figures from New Orleans and Memphis. He later represented James Earl Ray in a televised mock trial in an attempt to get Ray the trial that he never had.

    He then represented the King family in a wrongful death civil trial, King family vs. Loyd Jowers and “other unknown co-conspirators.” During a trial that lasted four weeks Bill produced over seventy witnesses. Jowers, testifying by deposition, stated that James Earl Ray was a scapegoat, and not involved in the assassination. Jowers testified that Memphis police officer Earl Clark fired the fatal shots. On December 8, 1999, the Memphis jury found Jowers responsible and found that the assassination plot included also “governmental agencies.” The jury took less than an hour to find in favor of the King family for the requested sum of $100.

    William Pepper is heavily involved in Human Rights Law.

    William Pepper will be speaking March 26th at an event about World Trade Center Building 7.
    Exposing Building 7 can dramatically help to change the world.

    I personally suspect that the Underwear Bomber of Flight 253 also had some type of mind control manipulation. (No one sits still and quietly while their groin and testicles are burning.) Kurt Haskell witnessed a government agent assist the Underwear Bomber board the plane without a passport…and there are many other media censored aspects to Flight 253.

  315. Mike,
    I’d like to see Raul’s point of view… but I can’t get my head that far up my ass.
    Oh! Oops! was that not ARCful enough?
    Damn! There goes my halo again.

  316. Oh No! OSA’s gonna get you! Be afraid! Be very afraid!

  317. Mike,
    Why not respond to the trolls? Obviously they want to ‘communicate’. When I was at Flag I was constantly ordered to ‘ignore’ the Anons protesting outside. Tell you the truth I often wondered why someone didn’t just go and get in comm with them. That’s what LRH would do, and that’s what I did. There is enough STOP on communication in the church. It doesn’t resolve anything and in fact it’s done only to cover up crimes and suppress knowledge. What datum are we operating on here? ‘ignore them and they’ll go away’? Never seen that work (doesn’t seem to fit in with communication being the universal solvent either) – reckon I’ll just throw that one away as a false datum.

  318. Perhaps we (Scott and I) are a tad bit raw about these subjects and at least my comments come across rather hard, I think.

    It’s certainly not a contest of whose horror story is the worst. Anyone who has suffered, for themselves at the time, their story is pretty gawd awful.

    In any case, perhaps we need to remind ourselves what LRH talked about concerning “long distance comm lines” — not to put entheta on them.

    Hmmm — how does that work when a great deal of what we share IS entheta in that we are recounting pretty horrific stories in an effort to expose dm and show the truth.

    My take on this is: I need to be extra careful that my words to those reading this blog and specifically in response to what someone may have said — does not come across in a harsh way. It seems MUCH harsher on a long distance comm line and “flame wars” could erupt.

    Scott — I marvel at how you’ve recovered from what was without a doubt a long nightmare into hell …


  319. martyrathbun09

    Thank you for posting this. Thank you Marshall for all you did.

  320. + 1


  321. martyrathbun09

    Thank you WH. I heard and you and I knew exactly what you meant.

  322. Oh Karen #1, this bums me out. I knew Marshall since the 70’s. I tried to made contact with him briefly when I left just to stay in touch. He was warm and embracing and then the line went cold. I was so saddened because I knew that his story would have the sad ending you just described. RECRUITS-MONEY-PR that is ALL the vulture culture want. If you can’t contribute in any of these categories you are useless to them.

  323. martyrathbun09

    Wow, what a piece of prose. You are something WH.

  324. 1. To “handle” something is to deal with it, be in control and make it go the way it should. If you do your job well, then you can be said to “handle it”. It’s slang, been around since the 60s. “Terminatedly handle” means to deal with a problem or situation such that is is fully fixed for real and will not recur.

    2. Yes, it definitely means the latter. In Scientology, as with all things in life, you have to add a big dose of simple intelligence into the mix and we tend to assume that other’s can at least think and come up with an *appropriate* way to deal with situations. I’ve told many people over the years to “terminatedly handle” something, or words to that effect. Not once did I ever mean someone should die. But conversely, if I were an army captain in combat and the enemy had a sniper rifle aimed at my company’s position, I probably would expect the sergeant to kill the enemy sniper to “terminatedly handle” it. It all comes down to intelligence on the lart of the listener and appropriate action.

    3. It’s a slang term, part of the everyday vernacular so it would be as familiar to him as “eat your vegetables”. The difference with Rex is that he was likely so far gone that bullets into heads was the only action he could even conceive.


  325. Operatingwog

    Hello RJ & Sam.

    I’m not OSA, Sam. I’m not sure why you would think I am. My view is that the CoS is a harmful cult which should be attacked in whatever ethical ways are available, including legal action in the case of crimes committed.

    If I am indeed naive, RJ, it would be kind of you to explain to me the nature of my naivete.

    I’d be very grateful if someone could explain (as in just clearly explain, without name-calling or casting aspersions) why clear evidence of criminal activity — if that is what is being alleged — should not be brought to the attention of law enforcement agencies? MR says witnesses to the activity exist.

  326. Really?
    From where I sit, you are the one showing your true colors here.

    My “stats” and contributions go far beyond posting random comments on Marty’s blog. And I’m not afraid to use my real name. So I really don’t need your blessings nor you inval.

    Sorry if you can’t see similarities in the “damage control” drills the church has employed over the decades. Anyone with an ounce of an ability to evaluate data should see the linkage.

    And since you chose to get into ad hom…your constant ranting about spooks under every rock or behind every event…is not only tiring, but has now alerted me to your possible interest in diverting and/or derailing efforts to end the abuse.

    Get yourself some help or get lost.

  327. Tony,
    DM/OSA and the inversion of ARC to the polar opposite of what the average, decent human being conducts themselves with, IS pretty hard to confront. It’s nasty.
    It’s unreal to most. That’s one of the reasons DM/OSA post the things they do, such as ‘Raul’ has done here.

    Recall the earlier OSA Op Pgm and its low-scale methods, the intent is to restimulate and disperse, or introvert. That’s ‘Raul’.

  328. Tony DePhillips

    Except if the guy keeps “passing wind” and thinks it’s funny, that gets me pissed.
    I get your point.
    The guy is an irritant. If he is going to dish it out, then I will give him my views from time to time.
    Personally I wish that he would join the army or something.

  329. Sara Finning

    So so sad to hear about Marshall. Will always remember his great sense of humor and describing himself as a, ‘Jewish Scientologist…’ I asked him what that meant and he said, ‘LRH with a bit of kosher….’

  330. Thank you Karen for posting all of this. I saw Marshall last time in 2003 during a trip I made to the UK — we spent a few days together. But I lost track of him as he went to an island off Greece for the weather and sun and his secretary wouldn’t give me the number.

    I didn’t know about how things ended for him regarding services. I just knew it had been going badly for years and years and his “FSM” didn’t seem to be making any headway.

    Marshall was ALSO the money behind the Feshbecks when they started back in 1980 or so.

    He had the heart of gold, LOVED Darius Wilhere as his son and was his godfather.

    I could tell Marshall stories forever. I believe he was an enormous contributor to getting Heber out of prison in Spain.

    He was part of the planning committee AND THE MONEY that bought the new London Org a few years ago.

    Bet you didn’t know this about Marshall — he and a couple of buddies started the utterly famous key club in England. It’s name escapes me at the moment but it was THE go-to place for the jet setting crowd. Marshall was about 25 at the time. (late 60’s and was famous at least through the 80’s)

    He also was the youngest person to have a SEAT on the London Stock Exchange … a very coveted position. He played like the big boys and was booted OFF and ostracized. BECAUSE, he was TOO young to be so good.

    May he find peace and love in his next life!!


  331. Tony DePhillips

    The “Pro” metering course almost snuffed out my desire to become an auditor. Now that I am out and have theta people around me I am getting rehabbed on the possibiities of actually doing it.
    Get some good auditing and it will rehab you, if you are not already.

  332. Tony DePhillips

    You are a good man Scott.
    You don’t need anyones license to survive.

  333. The Mother Ship, I mean church. At usury interest rates, I am told.

  334. DM is the Word. And it is Turd.

  335. Sorry to keep on going on but Marshall’s “key club” was really THE first of its kind.

    Rich but untitled people did NOT have access to the private posh clubs in London. Those were for the hierarchy … not the common (but successful wealthy men and women).

    Marshall was born within the sound of “Bow Bells” meaning he had a very lower middle class beginning. Not posh at all. Cockney. (he could do a mean cockney rap, let me tell you 🙂

    BUT — his genius with money was something to behold at a young age.
    He dated gorgeous models, even marrying one for a short time.

    So — his other rich and title-less buddies said — let’s start OUR OWN club. And the concept of a key club (membership) was born.

    Only the VERY rich, very jet-set, very celebrity were given keys.

    His club out did the private clubs.

    He was then booted from the London exchange, his wife divorced him and his depression began – culminating with his shock treatments.

    He recovered and moved to America. Started in real estate and the rest was Marshall’s history. He had the Midas Touch indeed …


  336. WH and Scott, That is an important point re sympathy versus compassion.
    One point Scott, as horrid as your situation was, I am assuming that you were able to distinguish between you and the enemy (enemy being those perpetrating the insanity you were subjected to) and defend yourself to your best. And you have my respect. Truly.
    Re Fowler, he was slowly broken down to what he became by those I am sure he considered to be friends, thus he dropped his defenses. His auditor, his C/S, MAA’s, reges, etc. These are people messing with the human mind who have no f’ing clue what they are doing: Robots with a meter and a bulletin, out to save the world. It is a scary scene actually.

  337. Thanks, Scott, for posting RJ 37! This specific portion brought me to comment on this topic:


    I have been through a similar disaster — no, not murder and attempted suicide — but just a similar disaster. It can be incredibly unstabilizing for those who are associated with it. But then to add unstable execs, lies, distrust, and unusual solutions into the equation, only make it worse.

    As quoted above, LRH gave the optimum solution which would be to do the “usual” and “standard” to bring about the optimum resolution of the disaster. However, one must know the tech in order to do so. Hallelujah!

  338. CD

  339. AMEN!!!!!reading that keyed me out…thanks for posting it.

  340. Karen,
    Thank you for this story.
    I use the term “disposable people” when I think of the culture within the CoS. The treatment of Marshal is a very high profile example how this cultural attitude, that anyone and everyone is disposable, permeates the group.

  341. Karen#1, my heart hurts. Marshall, thank you for you.

  342. In that case we just have to expose a little more. Putting a magnifying glass on sordid details defies even the most powerful (the Neocons had to reorganize their global agenda because someone exposed them). From the legion of flaps, Rex would be a high profile and for authorities easy to prove case with great PR value.

  343. Scott.
    Your story infuriates me. It is true that no one has a ‘right’ to demand compassion, forgiveness or understanding or even good behavior of any of us and we are not obliged to give it. Vent here any time you like friend and take some comfort in the fact that we get it and we won’t stick the knife in even further by evaluating that it’s ‘all you’ or ‘unimportant’… at least the non-troll variety of us won’t.

  344. Excellent, I love to see all the Brians coming out. “Giving” that kind of dough in a short time is very common – Scientology can be used for help or for mental manipulation and betrayal. The intention behind it is everything.

  345. Vulhala,
    Don’t worry about the troll-jumping. It can get a bit out of hand sometimes but it gives us a good outlet to vent. I guess Marty has gotten too many children playing on the blog 😉

  346. Hi Operatingwog!!
    What’s your real name?

  347. Tara & Tony,

    Seems like there’s quite a bit of “R” amongst the 3 of us.

    I was an auditor for years too. Though I did not have a full grasp of what was going on behind the scenes at the time (1982), it was clear that some sort of massive psychosis was spreading through the church. My desire to continue auditing evaporated as I saw good people being declared, great missions destroyed, high producers subjected to gang sec checks and their income confiscated. With someone calling himself a “Financial Dictator” running around maniacally wreaking havoc on the entire scene.

    It was as clear as skyrockets that something had gone terribly wrong. Now I know who was behind it all – David Miscavige.

    Regardless of all that, as a result of what is happening today, most of which I’ve become aware of via this blog, I too am getting rehabbed on the possibility of auditing again. It has been so long since the dream evaporated, a dream of a wide open door of help, through which walk a steady stream of people from all walks of life and income levels, all of whom have the means of learning this great tech, both receiving it and giving it to others, in safe, calm spaces all over the planet.

    What a contrast this dream is, compared to the existing nightmare horror of the scene today.

    For God’s sakes, today it is even possible to receive affordable training and auditing from people like Dan Koon & others who worked with and were trained by LRH.


  348. Correction – what I meant to say in the next to last paragraph was:

    What a contrast this dream is, compared to the existing nightmare horror of the scene inside the CofM today

  349. WH and Karen, Marshall had a real sense of class. Upon hearing that Heber was getting released from prison in Spain, Marshall (who had sent money to keep the prisoners cared for and fed and warm) offered: “I’m sending you $5000. Get Heber a great looking suit and anything else that he needs. My President needs to look presidential when he meets the press.” There was a great photo of Heber in one of the Spanish papers – full page. He was wearing the suit, tie, shirt, shoes. And he did look elegant. I sent Marshall the article. He was pleased with the result: “Very nice. I’d say he looks rather presidential”. Marshall loved Heber; he was loyal and true to his “church” and in the end he was abandoned by them and F_____’d over.

  350. Operatingwog

    Hi Sam

    If you can give me a good reason for thinking it might be relevant I’ll be happy to tell you my name.

    In the mean time maybe you can help me with this question, which I’m not having much luck in getting answered: Why shouldn’t clear evidence of criminal activity — if that is what is being alleged — be brought to the attention of law enforcement agencies? MR says witnesses to the activity exist.

  351. Thanks!

  352. It seems like Margaret saying she had personal interaction on the matter would be enough evidence. The fact that data has been removed or destroyed does not mean that Alexander didn’t reach some town in Afghanistan in 328 BC. I believe Ptolemy’s journals (in fact someone else’s report of them since the originals were lost) which says Alexander did reach that town. That’s my view on it.

  353. martyrathbun09

    Don’t bother trying to answer for me. I already did yesterday to the other literal fellow with no name.

  354. Tony DePhillips

    Well said Publius.
    I hope you do get rehabbed.
    You would make an incredible auditor.

  355. I heard about the Oregon incident. My son was the tours reg that would have been taking that bullet, but he had just been replaced on that post by the kid who still has a bullet lodged in his body, as I heard it. The pregnant woman who was paralyzed went on to give birth but I haven’t heard anything more for years.

  356. Operatingwog

    I can’t see the answer you refer to. (I don’t know who the other ‘literal fellow’ is.) I’d be very grateful if you could either copy & paste that answer or else point me to where I can find it.

  357. Carol
    “Rex was into the “greatest good, for the greatest number of dynamics”.

    Hmmm… He may well have been told that that was the case but, in my opinion, he certainly wasn’t operating from any actual awareness of what that actually meant. I would have to infer that he would have had to have done a very uninformed and poor data evaluation on the issue, to have come to the “handling” that he chose.

    Personally, from my exterior viewpoint, I cannot see how his actions actually helped any part of any dynamic at all. Ultimately, not one, including the “church” or David Miscavige. On the other hand, I cannot see anywhere on the dynamics where harm was not done.

    This concept of acting “for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, and the least destruction”, is seemingly wildly misunderstood and viciously misused by some people, most often in order to exercise control over them.

    I personally believe that to the degree that one is operating from this viewpoint of “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” is the true measure of an Operating Thetan (whatever level one may have “officially” attained”. This is a fully “pan-determined” viewpoint.


  358. Mary, There are still mentions of the group in various comment sections of the time period (2005-2006). It was called “Clear Rainbow”, it was a Yahoo group, it was indeed started by Keith Relkin (who last I heard was still in the CoM), and the group was later disbanded under pressure from OSA, around 2006/2007. I lost contact with Rex around this time, but he had met and gotten to know Keith.
    You can see mention of the Clear Rainbow group in this archive discussion called “Gay Scientologist?”:

  359. WindWalker, well stated.

  360. Fuck you LaCroix,

    I’ve audited thousands of hours when I was in the Church and I continue to audit in the Field.

    What massive “contributions” have you made besides posting arrogant bloviations about some half baked conspiracy based on little proof.

    At least I have documentation of these “spooks”:

    What do you have?

    Just a bunch of conjectures and unrelated “facts” that really go nowhere and have nothing to do with the current scene.

    Purely speculative on your part or possibly delusional.

    If anyone needs help its *you*.

    Now go get yourself a fuckin’ life.

  361. @Raul: Watch careful, OSA is EVERYWERE……and one day they come and get Y O U, at night………*g
    By the way do you have permission to use daves Photo? or is it public licence?

  362. RJ, in Abu Graib, they improve the tech and then return the new developments to Flag and the int base.

  363. Welcome Brian! Go gettem on that money. I just got a refund from a large LA CoM … it took a year, but it eventually came through. It was money for services that I never fully received, but was just sitting on account. Good luck and let me/us know if you need any help.

  364. LOL. Same here Tony. I’ve gotten a couple over the last few months, and always write back but never get a response.

  365. Publius~Another plus point I hadn’t realized…we can get auditing from and train with people who actually trained with LRH! That was not possible for me back in the 80s and 90s. The closest I ever got was my examiner on KTL/LOC Brian Livingston (I think that was his name).
    To our benefit, they’re pretty much ALL gone from CofM.

  366. This is truly heartbreaking to hear. I am very glad that you posted this as it just re-inforces my belief in the souless greed that encompasses DM’s motives and actions. By the way, has Rex recovered in any significant way from his self inflicted GSW to the head? Was he able to participate in his defense in a meaningful way?
    FreeSpirit – Your comment about says it all.

  367. Scott Campbell

    I just got home from work (west coaster) — Wow.

    Thank you very much guys. I will tell my story in detail one day and Karen, thank you for that offer and I really might take you up on that. I think it would help.

    Windhorse, My response was not meant for you at all- it was meant for the one person who didn’t respond here – Eileen Clark.

    Believe me, I know of you and know what you went through. And you have my compassion. While I was never suicidal, I can only imagine what it must have been like to contemplate taking one’s own life in order to find relief. I’m glad you did not.

    You are a beautiful being who lives in the aesthetic band. And as you know, “The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” – Siddartha


  368. Thanks for clearing that up SW 😉

    I guess GAT really means the Golden Age of Torture. They were going to try GAEI ie Golden Age of Enhanced Interrogations but GAT I guess surveyed better 🙂

  369. O/W,

    Anyone who thinks that the forces of “law and order” will correct the scene or bring about an equitable outcome just hasn’t been paying attention.

    Especially when dealing with groups that are considered off the mainstream.

    Many examples like the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, the Peace Movement, the 7th Seal, our own Church etc, etc demonstrate their ham handed and sometimes fascistic approach to “law enforcement”.

    Really if you want the situation to go FUBAR call in the cops.

    That’s the way it has gone historical.

    Those who believe otherwise are *naive*.

  370. Operatingwog

    Hi RJ.

    I’m not aware of the details you’re referring to, but I’m sure you’re right that police intervention can be ham handed.

    I guess I think that there’s a duty in a basically (imperfectly) free and democratic society to report serious crimes to the police. The Rex Fowler murder situation is already “FUBAR”. I can’t see how/why drawing police attention to serious crimes committed by the CoS would make things worse.

  371. I never heard about ANY of that till I was OUT…EVER. Whoa.

  372. That’s in response to Free and Clear…

  373. Awesome Awesome Awesome! I could hear it over and over.
    but the armor of knowledge that will guard you.
    I have my own proof of this being soooooooooo true!

  374. O/W,

    Actually the man who fired the shot paid for his crime so to an extend justice was served.

    However if you want to go deeper and believe this was indeed an ordered hit of some kind.

    Or as Colonel Haki of the Turkish secret police says in A COFFIN FOR DIMITRIOS

    “an assassination is not who fired the shot, but who paid for the bullet.”

    Then in my opinion all you and whatever law enforcement agency is involved will be doing is chasing shadows.

  375. Eileen Clark

    I certainly did not mean to start such a rough string of dialogue. My apologies for coming across in a way that made you feel I was unfairly critical of you.

    My thought was merely to point out a difference that WH made a better job of than I did. Compassion is not pity or sympathy. What you wrote of your own story prompted compassion from me and others, not pity or sympathy. It was horrible to learn that such things had happened to you. That is all I meant to say about Rex.

    I know Rex and his family. He is not here and able to defend himself so I did. Rex is not an SP. He made very bad and ultimately very destructive decisions as a result of years of gross out-tech and devastating ethics handlings.

    You did a better job of it in your own situation and that is truly honorable and commendable. I respect you for it.

    L, Eileen

  376. Well HG to add to splogs post .

    “terminatedly handle” does not mean “terminate with extreme prejudice” or anything involving wet work of any kind.

    It’s really slang for completing a cycle of action on something.

    According to the Scientology Admin Dictionary:

    when I say terminatedly handle I mean finishedly handle. That is handled and that’s all boy (HCOPL 4 May 68)

    Anyway that would be the genus of the term.

    As you can see there is nothing in there about killing someone or even suggesting that.

  377. Driven to murder.


    Lurk moar

    “That’s right, I’m a Scientologist living in West Hollywood. I’m also openly GAY, very involved in the GAY community, GAY civil rights and AIDS activism… in case you were interested.

    In fact, there are quite a few of us happy little Scientologists here. And considering that this community is confronted by the same problems of drugs, unhappy relationships and the stress of living which all communities are faced with, Scientology is likely to continue to catch on here… because those are the things Scientology addresses and has answers to. “

  379. LOL at F****try, (no ofence ment)

    “There are several points on which Scientology and the gay community totally agree: (1) Human Rights. There is zero tolerance in Scientology for any violation of human rights and you always have recourse in the Church if you feel that your rights have been violated. As I’ve said, I’ve used these on more than one occasion myself; (2) The committment to fight the drug problem in our communities. This is obviously not just a problem of the gay community, and pharmaceuticals are offenders as well as recreational drugs. Scientology has solutions to not only drug abuse, but to the toxic residuals which stay in the body for years afterward and can cause lasting physical and mental effects.”

  380. Operatingwog

    MR says there are witnesses (from who he has got his information). So I’m assuming there is solid evidence.

  381. Facebook attempts to silence Jessie Prince

    Facebook have shut down Jesse Prince’s notes about his time in the cult. According to Jessie, Facebook has told him the content of his story is deemed to be “abusive”!/permalink.php?story_fbid=208993505781492&id=100000125333302

    Undeterred, Jesse has transferred the telling of his tale to a blogspot site:

    “Jesse is not a tech-whizz so its looking a little ramshackle at this stage. Come on over, have a read of the story and, if you can help with formatting or even put Jessie in contact with someone who can video his story for uploading to Pootube and mirrors, don’t be shy.”

  382. Scott Campbell

    Thank you Eileen,

    I’m sorry too. You know me and you know what I’m capable of accomplishing. The reply you made to me just set me off – and in light of the other subsequent comments, I suddenly felt that I needed to illustrate how someone can go through hell and not do what Rex did. And I’m not saying that Rex was an SP. Merely that he went 100% PTS and into the valence of a suppressive organization.

    During the time of my “incarceration” (after routing out of the Sea Org mind you) the first two people assigned to watch me were both Martial Arts experts and Sea Org Members. For any perceived untoward behavior on my part, I was rewarded by one or both of them with painful blows, painful submission holds or even being rendered unconscious by suffocation or choking. They nearly killed me a couple of times, one time so harrowing and on the very edge of death that it raised my necessity level to move the entire machinery of the Sea Org from what was being done to getting those guys out of there and getting a standard PAB 6 handling.

    Immediately afterward, one of those guys became COB’s personal bodyguard. The other one left the S.O. not long after.

    I don’t know how they were briefed or what they were told about me, but once when I complained to one of them regarding why I was getting all of the physical abuse and punitive attitude from them, he replied “You have no idea what you have done!” with such vehemence that I felt as though he must have been told that I was a NAZI war criminal who did medical experiments on his family under the direction of Dr. Joseph Mengele.

    I could have killed either one or both of them had I so chosen, (and believe me I wanted to) during and after the ordeal. To prove my point to them, once when we were outside of the cabin that we stayed in, I went over to an exposed water pipe coming across an open room built onto the side of the cabin. I jumped up, grabbed it and clicked off 30 pull-ups – touching the back of my neck to the bar each time. After I dropped from the bar and my gaze met theirs, I felt a new assessment come over them as one of them tried to play it off with the faux macho comment “Pretty Good.”

    You know me and you know what what happens when my necessity level gets high. The point that I’m trying to make is that it was not a situation of disposing of an SP, quietly and without sorrow. So I did not.

    Metaphorically, Rex Fowler was faced with the same situation. He however did abandon his last inhibition against pulling the trigger and killed someone who by all accounts, was a good man.

    I feel for his family but can’t bring myself to feel anything for him other than I hope he learned a lesson and will strive to get better.

    L, Scott

  383. Cat Daddy,

    These quotes by Keith Relkin were made before OSA stepped in in 2007, gave him sec-checking (Keith actually ended up in the hospital for a week or two afterwards), and effectively ended Keith’s desire to disseminate to the gay community. The community of gay/lesbian/bisexual Scientologists (ClearRainbow) that Keith had previously created and fostered, then died slowly thereafter.

    The only reason OSA allowed it for as long as they did was for PR purposes. Once it became known that Rex Fowler — who was on OT VII — was coming out of the closet as a gay or bisexual man, they quickly tried to suppress and cover-up the whole thing.

    You can see Rex’s own words on the subject at the link I provided above. He was posting as “Lost Cowboy”.

  384. Margaret, a couple of points. According to the post by “Smurf” at Rex Fowler posted as “OT Cowboy,” not “Lost Cowboy.”

    I’m not happy about discussing anyone’s sexuality. But in the spirit of dox or stfu, at “Smurf” also said, “Rex was a straight, gay-friendly Scientologist….”

    Just Me

  385. Margaret, never mind … have since realized you were talking about posts made by “LostCowboy” at the site you provided a link to above. Got it.

  386. So true 🙂

  387. OK, I think I’ve got it now. If you’re gay or bisexual and a Scientologist and you are committed to being true to your own sexual self-identity, you will be given destructive Scientology auditing which will drive you around the bend and either put you in the hospital (like Keith Relkin) or drive you psychotic and lead you to murder and other destructive acts (like Rex Fowler).


    Unfortunately for David Miscavige and his partners in crime, I don’t think this is even close to the end of this story.

    Just Me

  388. Good find, CD.

    Personally, I long for the day when no-one feels the need to even form a group like that at all (because it just won’t be necessary).

    I’ve read (of course) what LRH said about homosexuality in Science of Survival in 1951. I’ve also read what he wrote much later, about sexuality being as important as sneezing and any issues someone may have about it are all resolvable in auditing.

    To illustrate, I had a personal epiphany moment a few months ago. It was at a work function and the whole company was having a grand time. I walked past the bar with my girlfriend and met up with someone (a male) higher than me in the command channels – he is the one who approves my annual wage increases. Anyway, he ptoudly introduced me to his partner whom I had never met, and the partner was a man. We shook hands, had a few jokes and I wandered off in search of my usual crowd of mates.

    Then it struck me – I had had no idea for 3 years this chap was gay, it didn’t faze me, and it completely didn’t matter at all; if I’d just been introduced to a woman the outcome would have been the same! This had a profound effect on me because I’m South African and grew up with the whole “men are men and pansies are flowers” thing and took it seriously. What caused the change?

    I put it down to two things. I believe in ARC for other people and that tolerance is a good thing. When done correctly, one doesn’t even have to practice tolerance anymore, it becomes something higher – acceptance. And, being South African, I have a whole host of role models to look up to.

    It saddens me that ordinary folk who consider themselves Scientologists would have to fight for their right to be part of their own group..


  389. “OperatingWog” *lool I like this term. Genious neologism.
    🙂 . And its very good that Operating Wogs exist ! Imagine
    there won´t be some. Planet Earth closed.

  390. Sadly Just Me, even the folks in the CoS who are/were trying desperately to reform their organization from within, are running into a brickwall. And in this case, it ended in this horrible tragedy with Rex Fowler, Tom Ciancio and their families.

  391. I recomend the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” to really wordclear the term Wog

  392. Your accusation is, of course, utterly false and easily shown to be so by anyone caring to review my posting history on this blog. All the long-term posters know it, so why are you attempting this lame propaganda smear attack against me? Let’s see, false propaganda smear attack against a long time poster from yet another new pseudonymous identity? Doesn’t fit any pattern we’ve ever seen here before, eh?
    Michael A. Hobson

  393. It’s Beautiful, Thank you for sharing.

    If such thing as a “bank” exists Homofobia is part of it.


  394. Baloney. The website link is a place to put a website link. Does not mean you must put your own website link. You can put any link you like and that is what I do and have been doing. Others do this here, as well. I put whatever link I would like to share at the moment or whatever I think people should see. Go through all my posts and you will find different links, including my blog, which I occasionally write at, which I have linked this time. It’s called free speech, Mike.

  395. JM, Rex posted as “OT Cowboy” on ClearRainbow. His email at the time began with “OTCowboy40”.

  396. Hi Margaret, Belated thank you for the name of the group and link, which a search of then lead me to Smurf’s Oct 2010 post, about it and Rex, at the link later posted here by Just Me. It’s a shame that Keith Relkin and Rex were oppressed by the church in this matter. So much for Free Speech. NOT!

  397. Mayo got a well deserved pension

  398. I worked with Rex and Tom personally at Fowler Software. I saw them both on a daily basis, I attended meetings with them every morning. I am not going to judge or say one way or the other what happened or didn’t, but I just wanted to say that knowing them both, I never would have thought something like this could happen. I knew both of them to be caring, generous people, and whatever events led up to this were not ones that were known by me, and it is a tragedy. If it is twisted into an agenda against one group or another, I think that is losing sight of the fact that lives have been lost and others have been ruined. I won’t pretend to know what really motivated this, because I don’t, but I do know that this never should have happened.

  399. This is why a lot of people are concerned about getting involved in Scientology. Because if Dianetics and Scientology are true then it was a well and happy high IQ human being that was becoming much more OT that did the deed. Most people will look at this and say “You can get rid of your reactive mind and go OT and still murder people?” It is curtains for the Church of Scientology at their current tugboat speed.

  400. Pingback: Marty Rathbun Tells Why Rex Fowler Murdered Thomas Ciancio -

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